Tuesday, December 18, 2012


4th of July parade of the horse mounted deputies.


Our last post was November 4. Way too long in between, but neither Freeacre or I have had blocks of time to spend on it, and we also are again feeling tongue-tied. I was really reluctant to write on this latest insanity but succumbed to the temptation. We had around 12” of snow the other night, finally got the essential areas cleared, working outside is nearly impossible, so lets see what we come up with.

Highlighting the news, of course, is the latest shooting spree at a school that left a bunch of grade school kids dead and several adults. I have been reading a whole bunch of contradictory stories about what happened during and after the killings. We’ve been warned that any repeating of non-official information was punishable by jail time. Mainstream reporters typically aren’t doing their jobs in checking up on the facts of the case or calling out officials that seem to be giving out deliberately misleading and out right contradictory information. And of course, the hue and cry for gun control is going viral on the net. Every liberal I know about is screaming at the top of his lungs for gun control and even some of the more conservative folks out there in the Disney land concept of living.

I am going to postulate that we are watching extreme insanity at work, taking over citizen’s common sense and proposing all kinds of draconian remedies so this never ever happens again. These remedies include;

1. Hardening the public schools so that no one unauthorized can enter the premises. Of course they do have a tendency to completely minimize the cost of this, and, they seem to think that making schools even more prison like than they already are is a good thing.
2. Taking all assault types of weapons away from all civilians
3. Limiting clip fed firearms to a max of 10 shots clips
4. Various schemes for completely disarming the civilian population in total. Australia and New Zealand are their favorite examples
5. Making the acquisition of a firearm more difficult, to the point that you would have to prove that you need one.
6. Advancing the idea that if we can save just one child from such a horrendous fate, regardless of the cost and effort, it is worth it.

There is more, but this seems to be the worst of the lot that I have come across so far. And, of course, there is the deliberate avoidance of dealing with many of these crazy mass killings that were the result of stolen firearms, not purchased ones.

New advocates of trashing the second amendment are writing furiously for a variety of reasons. And, of course, government officials are screaming in a high-pitched voice that we have to do something, right now, as if that will cure the problem that has definitely not been defined. All they want to talk about is how bad guns are, across the board.

There are some folks out in writers opinion land that are advocating a bit more of a rational approach to a problem of crazies doing crazy things. They include;

1. Arming teachers and school officials. Personally I like this one.
2. Examining how we are dealing with individuals that are exhibiting psychopathic tendencies.
3. Examining our legal drug culture and its affects on the brain and what people do around being on the drug and what they do when they get off, for whatever reason.
4. Taking a good hard look at statistic and comparing government mass killings as opposed to the crazies mass killing.

American culture for a long time now has increasingly progressed toward dependency on the government to solve all problems. Personal responsibility does not enter into their observations, and freedom definitely does not. Throughout our history, every time a citizen says, “there ought to be a law” for or against something, we loose another bit of our freedom. Now, do to the rash of crazies shooting up some folks, they want even more government control. Of course, they discount the loss of American lives in wars that were started from lies, nor do they consider that the 9-11 tragedy and the official version was also a lie, and they definitely don’t want to deal with the wholesale death by government bombs and troops on the civilian populations in those illegal wars. After all, our government is right and we must not question that rightness, and besides, those folks aren’t good American white folks and, they are over there and we are here.

Very few of the writers on this subject are dealing with the fact that there have always been a certain number of folks that do crazy things, like mass murder, or the bankers and financiers stealing citizen’s money, or out of control governments that do whatever they want to regardless of the damage to the population.

Another observation. Notice that most of the rampages and killings happen where there is no one to oppose them, gun free zones and lots of folks around to target in on. Mon. and Tues Carl Denninger made some pretty interesting comments on this. http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?singlepost=3091627

Most of our population likes to talk about our freedoms, except when it threatens their lives or livelihoods, they’re being wards of the nanny state. In essence, we are a nation of irrational dumbed down hypocrites.

Currently, according to stats I have seen, there are on the order of 300,000,000 firearms in the hands of civilians, getting pretty close to one for every man, woman and child in the country. Of course, many folks don’t have firearms, so some folks have a bunch of them, mostly in the hands of collectors and preppers.

Now those folks that are advocating the complete collection of firearms from civilians don’t seem to understand how massive and expensive an undertaking that would be even if the government takes only a certain classification of firearm, you know the drill, we’ve been through it before. The “assault type of rifle”, all full autos (for which there is a nation wide, hard to get, and expensive license for them), large capacity semi auto pistols and god knows what else they would want to take. Maybe all knives over 2” blade length and all other edged battle weapons too. Coupled with the large percentage of corrupted police departments I would suspect that their gun and edged weapons collections would increase substantially. Hell, it happens now without wholesale confiscation.

Of course there is the argument that a disarmed citizenry is helpless to aggressive states, governments and genuine outlaws that could give a shit about laws to begin with. Statistics abound concerning how disarmed countries are much more peaceful and don’t have these kinds of incidents of mass killings, with guns of course. Most of these stats have some serious problems. I’ve been looking at civilian gun violence for years now and what I am hearing on the MSM is flat our wrong. And additionally, the gun banners don’t want to deal with where these mass killings take place; Where guns are banned and nobody is going to shoot back.

The gun banners don’t really like to deal with the mass confiscation of guns (and other weapons) that have taken place and the results of the like of Hitler and Stalin. Pre gun periods (Japan) where there was a state ban on civilians having battle weapons resulted in other means of civilians fighting the state powers, most of them lethal too. What’s this with China banning sales of any knives last weekend?

Only in novels have I seen an honest appraisal of what happens in a society where everyone over a certain age has the right to be armed, primarily for personal and loved ones defense against those that choose to be aggressive and end up killing folks. IMO, history has shown that those with the inclination to do mass killings or just individual assaults are going to do it regardless of laws. And, while disarming the civilian population would perhaps reduce, to a small extent, the incidents of mass civilian against civilian killings, it would never eliminate it. Our police are not able to protect against these mass killings, only to catch and punish the culprit. For me, I want the ability, freely given, to protect myself, my loved ones, my friends and innocent bystanders from these kinds of attacks. I guess I’m just an anachronism living in a society of mostly woosies.

This will probably be the last post for 2012. Both of us wish for you all to have a pleasant holiday period, and we are looking forward to 2013 continuation of our relationships. In our view, 2012 was a pretty tough year for a lot of folks and quite frankly, don’t think next year will be any better. Keep, through the holiday season, some prayers and thoughts for the folks that through no fault of their own, are having a really tough time of it. There but for the grace of God ……….


Anonymous said...

Well said, I wrote to my representives today about this. The media really needs to understand how many people don't agree with these views on gun control being the solution.

murph said...


I think there is a question about what percentage of folks in this country would opt for gun control, or not. Unfortunately, there appears to be a pretty good percentage that think it would be just fine. Personally, I have some intense negative labels to put on them.

freeacre said...

It seems to me that we are facing a problem that is becoming acute, as these kids with various autism or psychosis get older. Bake in the 7's I worked for one of the most prestigious children's mental hospitals in the world. An eight year old was admitted who acted so strangely that it took two months to get a diagnosis. Autism. Nobody had ever seen it. Now it's one in 58.
Schizophrenia often blooms when the kid is about 20. Those few kids who get to go to residential treatment get thrown off the books on their 18th birthday, ready or not. Unless they've got rich parents, the "treatment" after that is often jail. Or, a mostly unsupervised prescription for some psycho-active drug. Pathetic.
Our culture is going to have to go to a Plan B to deal with all this increasing brain/mental impairment. Don't forget Alzheimers. That's another epidemic coming soon.
The best residential treatment center I ever worked in was in Portland. I was about 6 square blocks with lovely trees, big old houses, schools, park-like setting. All kinds of kids of all ages lived there in different homes for different problems. They didn't have to deal with the town kids, who would bully them or make them feel isolated and rejected. The staff were all professionals who worked 8 hour shifts, 24 hours a day. The kids could stay in the same, safe place for years. The staff would change some but the setting would not. They used to call the place, "Mother Perry."
In my perfect world, the kids would be able to grow up and stay in a protected setting like that, taking on more and more responsibility as they could handle it. Have pets, grow food, work, contribute, and be permanently welcome. You would be surprised what a difference it would make. Some require more structure than any one or two parents can possibly provide. Since you have plenty of staff, that need can be met. Some require less, and may even decide to move out and be independent.

But, trying to adapt to the crazy culture we live with is adding a shitload of misery to an already difficult situation.

Anonymous said...


Just stumbled upon this video.


What do you make of it/


nina said...

As far as putting a stop to violence, 3 D printers will put a stop to that effort. If anything, there will eventually be no control that isn't overridden by weapons enthusiasts with a little technical savvy. That little movement is already, unfortunately, well underway.

All violence, including domestic violence, animal cruelty and more, relates directly to one entity, the example setters claiming higher ground. You can't raise children to become decent, human and compassionate adults on massive contradictions, OR threats, ambient abuse and SSRIs.

In our society we are forced into existing as islands unto ourselves, reeling from one absurdity to another. This is incredibly profitable media fodder. Shall we ask how many swaps ride on how many violent events that may or may not take place?

None of what ails us can be fixed by throwing more violence inducing remedies at the problems. The misconception that creating more mental health programs will take the edge off increasing violence because those programs make elaborate and mandatory use of violence inducements.

The common false idea that success in life is measurable by one of a few rigid yardsticks is ridiclous, thus complexes, insecurity and anxiety show themselves practically from birth. This problem can only be healed by rerouting the perspective of an entire nation, that mother and father united at home bear responsibility for the morals of the child, especially through home schooling, back to the land, living with love and kindness to all beings in the forefront, etc.

None of this can happen now, if the world is going to continue somehow, a lot of changes and reversals will have to come about. We won't see it in our lifetimes.

nina said...

BTW FA, your park environment is a very realistic solution, but its impossibly expensive in these times and not on the public agenda, if financial chicanery wasn't part of the American way, it would be possible to support places like that, it would be an honorable thing. But when the dishonorable bickering of the example setters hanging themselves on the fiscal cliff remains a priority, we are never going to see therapeutic communities as a worthwhile vessel for tax dollars.

whitewater fraggle said...

Randy, that video is very strange. I am the type to laugh at a funeral to keep from crying, but that is bizarre behavior for a man whose 6 year old daughter was just murdered. WTF?

rockpicker said...

The omission of truth is often the most serviceable lie.

Since 9/11, I'd wager, we at the campfire have become experts at detecting the lies of omission official handlers wield with such dexterity.

When we talk about the damaged soul responsible for horrendous carnage resulting from some inexplicable act, we're signaling to the real perps, the ones we're not supposed to know about or discus, that we buy what they're selling.

That's a mistake we can't afford to make this time.

"Fool me once, uh, shame on you. Fool me twice, uh, can't be fooled again." Or, something like that. 'Member?

There were at least two other suspects involved in the Sandy Hook shooting police took into custody. This is not rumor, not conjecture, not subversive misinformation. We have the video and audio tape evidence to back this. What we don't have is investigative reports explaining who these people are and why police decided to let them go.

And now, the fact that these other persons of interest were apprehended, and subsequently faded into oblivion, means we have a deepened mystery.

The real perps of 9/11 got away, so far, partly by availing themselves of the "fog of war."

One responsibility of those of us who are awake and aware is to notice when things aren't right, and remember.

There was one guy captured in the woods, wearing camo pants and a dark jacket, and he was hand-cuffed and sitting in a patrol car, shortly after the shooting.

According to the little boy who was interviewed, another man was lying face-down by the fire station when his class walked by.

I want to know who these people are, and why no mention of them has been made by the evening press!
What happened to them? What were they doing there? Why have the media refused to asked these basic questions?

I understand the narrative we're supposed to regurgitate says another single nut gunman killed all those children, and then killed himself. Well, why did he wear a mask? And why did he wear body armor? And what sort of drugs were involved?

For my money, it's just as reasonable to think that what really happened is that the real killers, the pro's, shot the kids, shot the patsy and made him appear to be the shooter, and then walked.

After all, we're dealing with the Libor scandal here, gun confiscation and the Bush Cabal. Is there any level they wouldn't stoop to?

murph said...

Here is another really good Denninger article on this incidence that I agree with.


Anonymous said...


Well, there is only one day to go before the end of the Mayan Long Count Calender. Are there things that you can't quite put your finger on that are beginning to feel a little bit out of kilter? Or will it be just another normal day in Gotham City?

I think all of us who attend here are real but more and more, I am beginning to have doubts about the rest of it. I have been thinking for some time now that all of us are living inside our collective Trueman Show. When things start appearing out of kilter for Trueman he asks “ What is real” and is told “You are real” Wanting to know more he carries on “What is this life” and is told “Life is the reality we are presented with”

I believe we are being presented with a false reality. The global debt crisis; the Pentagon's excesses; the doomosphere including the Long Count; the you fuck 'em and we'll fix 'em attitude of NATO working hand in glove with the UN Peacekeepers, none of it is real but is put there for our distraction. So I am betting on tomorrow being a day like any other and will be so until we collectively walk through the exit. But just in case I am wrong, “Good morning and If I don't see y'all again good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.

Anonymous said...


I too saw Obama on TV wearing his solemn face. So to postulate on rp's questions of who was the guy in the camo jacket and dark pants and who was the guy lying by the fire station? Is it possible they were the same ones who were on the grassy knoll and behind the picket fence? Or could they be cohorts of Mark David Chapman or Sirhan Sirhan? The thinking public knows who perpd 9/11, and if others go on from there to question whether this present incident was an attack on a class of school kids or an attack on second amendment rights then the government have brought it on themselves. There again, maybe it was just a bunch of crazies but it is only natural for people to assume it was a case of the Increadable's meets the Expendables.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's what I was thinking, Whiteater. I mean, I think if I lost my little 6=-year-old daughter -in any kind of situation, I probably wouldn't smile for an entire year and it might be two years till I'd laugh. But this guy, who is supposedly from 'round here (Ogden) and supposedly moved to CT a year ago for a job and then his daughter is killed at this school last week - he's nice and calm, smiling, chuckling moments before he's supposed to talk to the press, getting all choked-up 'n stuff? Something strange, man.

This video of OWS protests in NYC -staged?


And the Berkley protests -this is the one that aired:


But there's another one I stumbled across a while ago that I can't find that showed one of the kids in the front of the protest line signalling the camera guy to start then he sorta signals the protest/resistance to begin.

Creepy, man.

I am just so tired of living in The Matrix.

I want to be 'unplugged.'


rockpicker said...

Duff charges Mossad with the killings.


I'm afraid a dangerous polarization has been initiated by the gun-grabbers, one whose momentum threatens all of civil society. Even the cops and military who will be called on to enforce the coming gun confiscation are divided on the issue.

Stewart Rhodes has certainly taken an unequivocal stance.


rockpicker said...

Fasten your seat belts!


Anonymous said...

Hey, we're still here! I guess that's good, right?

For the past couple of days, our local paper and TV stations have been reporting on the story of the guy from Ogden who moved to CT and whose child was supposedly killed at the school, well, I've postied the video link of him smok'in and jok'in right before he's to get all choked-up a couple of times in their comments section of the story and it gets deleted by the site's monitors each time.

Things are crazy, man.


Anonymous said...

deffo two other shooters, listen to the tape of the police scanner...gd


rockpicker said...

Our local sheriff says he's not going along with any federal gun-grab.

rockpicker said...


Did you ever have to finally decide?
To pick just one and let the other one ride? It's not always easy, it's not always kind. Did you ever have to finally decide?

freeacre said...

Interesting comments and links, Everybody. I apologize that murph and I haven't been in the conversation much. We've been sick with horrid chest colds. Had to sit down with hot toddies and Kleenex and watch all three movies of The Godfather, hacking and coughing. yuk.
I am sick at heart with the CT killings. That it could be another psy-ops thing or have LIBOR implications is almost too horrifying to imagine. unintended consequences of arming teachers, having 'guardians" in the schools, and all the differing ideas of how to keep the kids safe,could lead to kids and teachers shooting each other and the situation getting worse and worse. Add in nina's piece on the 3D printers, and you've got a seriously out of control social fabric. The Kali Yuga. FUBAR'ed. Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.
But, then, here we are and we made it through Friday without any 8-10 point earthquakes, despite all the astrological calculations on the internet. now, we're back to the slow slide scenario and I'm about ready for a lobotomy.
I think times like these are what forgiveness and a sense of humor were invented for. Something to change the channel. hit the re-set button.
Anybody else have the feeling that it's going to be a very strange Christmas?

Anonymous said...


With all the usual family fun, we are having Christmas on the 29 this year, how strange is that.
You two take care of yourselves now, what a shitty time to come down with something like that what with everything else that is going on. Yesterday was in the low 50's with heavy low grey cloud and bits of rain here and there. The sun made a token effort once or twice before deciding against it. I was pleased when it went dark, I thought at least we are facing away from the sun now. Coming home from town there is a long section where the buses ride in the center on the tram tracks until we get to the tram terminus at least and there is a lane for the cars on either side of that. A minute or two before we got to that point a youngster was knocked down by a tram coming out of the terminus. I don't know how bad it was but the tram lanes were blocked by police, paramedics and emergency medical response team. In front of us was a double tram trying to get into the terminus then another bus and behind our bus was another bus and a double tram so there was no chance of getting out forward or backwards. The transport company put on two emergency buses which came on the normal car lane and transferred the passengers over. That was the last I heard of the situation but the 21st was not a lucky day for someone.

Anonymous said...


I read that article rp put up about the Mayan Long count calender. I now realise all the concern is about astrophysics and not about the calender itself. Although I have only read it once it raised more questions than it answered. Why is it significant for planet Earth that Saturn and Jupiter are opposed and not for the other inner planets? What is the chance of a random blast from the centre of the galaxy happening just as we are passing through its plane (again)? There seems to me to be an inconsistency in saying the cosmic dust and gamma rays need to be contained in the magnetic bottle for between thirty seconds to ten minutes to be able to glaze the Moon rock and then say the event lasted for between two to three years in order to thaw the last ice age and for pre historians to make representations on their cave walls. Some time ago Murph directed me to a video called Symbols of an Alien Sky which dealt with this subject or rather an interpretation of cave drawings from around the world. They correctly deduced that it was a plasma event which was probably responsible for the damage to the surface of Mars. Where rp's article made more sense to me was that it pointed to an event in the galaxy centre destabilising the sun which then caused a plasma event which zapped us. I always had a problem with Symbols of an Alien Sky's postulation that Saturn was originally positioned between Earth and Mars but got knocked outwards by the plasma blast. The inner planets are rocky because of the gravity of the Sun so it made no sense to have a gas giant in this position. Getting back to the 21st itself, this is the most likely date for something to happen but I wonder if there is an hysteresis effect which may delay things so we may not be out of the woods yet. An example of what I mean by this is that the coldest and warmest weather are usually half a season (6 weeks) out of sync with the shortest and longest day. In the case of Winter the lower layers of the Earth's surface are still following their cooling curve as the sunlight hitting the surface increases. Eventually the cooling curve stops because of heat flowing downward from the surface but there is a lag. Sorry to be introduce an uncertainty into this. On the other side, there have been lots of 14,000 years in the history of the world yet so far as we know this has only happened once. Is anybody aware of how the Sun is behaving lately? Changing subject slightly, cave dwellers must have had a counting system of some sort to correctly represent the scientifically correct number of plasma strands on their walls. If so they were a giant step above the rest of the animal kingdom at that stage. Secondly, the Mayans had such sophisticated knowledge it takes out best brains to work out what they knew and yet their civilisation disappeared. We should not have such hubris over our own invincibility.

The CT situation is unravelling at rapid speed. The more we see of this type of event the quicker it is to recognise the pattern. Both Duff and a US Senator are calling Israel out on this. It is a start and gives some sort of credibility to Kissinger's remark that in ten years time Israel will not exist . If it is them, they seem to have so much hubris they don't care if they get sloppy. There again, why do something to make a point if you don't want anybody to know it is you?

Murph said...


It is an interesting mental exercise to speculate on where all the events we are aware of are going to end up. If enough folks do the speculation on the data they have available and there are enough differences in conclusions, somebody is bound to be right on. Hmm, elect them ruler of earth as a consequence due to their ability to correctly predict the future? lol. I can envision that as a possibility too.

It sure does appear that the official explanation for the CT events is unraveling. Much quicker response time than for 9-11 it appears. Probably because many folks are becoming very suspicious of motivations and methodologies of officialdom. It appears to me to be one more dot to connect in observing the unraveling of the power structure.

It sure has heated up the gun debate over here. I get a bunch of emails every day concerning gun grabbers and gun defenders. Some of the folks out there are succumbing to character slicing, ad hoc and straw man arguments and in some cases outright data cherry picking and made up stats. The gun grabber crowd is using one interesting straw man argument that if we don't want to regulate guns, then should we regulate chemical warfare weapons and atomic bombs? Oh yeh, an atomic bomb in every home gun safe, right next to the Ak rifle. sigh. Yup, I'd like a fully equipped Abrams parked behind my garage too. The gun defenders are doing much the same kind of arguments, like: since autos kill more folks than guns, we should ban them too then?

I truly think that American society is becoming fairly evenly divided between the truly insane and the little bit insane. Not sure where to put the dividing line if there is one. I do think that these kinds of divisions are distracting us from the reality that is all around us. And even if society started to agree on that reality, not so sure we could reach an agreement on what to do about it.

It seems that modern societies have become so complex and so diversified that we can't agree on ANYTHING, and I mean that literally, even on the most basic questions, much less the really complex issues like gun control. Because I have disagreed with some folks on this issue, I have been accused of being a primitive thinker, a "tea bagger", a gun and violence worshiper, not caring for the sanctity of life (whatever in hell that means) and, of being completely illogical and unreasoning.

If the situation does not change, it is not going to end well at all.

Anonymous said...


You are too kind Murph :-) I guess there are as many entitled to their opinion as there are people. The ones who got up my nose are ones who set themselves up as knowing it better. I recognised them in that link you put up called Guest Post as No 6 the Zealot. More than this I do not want to say.


Distract and divide rules OK ;-)

Talking about guest posts, I am thinking about it. You know mine often come in two's and I always tackle the logically second one first so wait and see.

Btw, I know pdf's are supposed to be final versions of a document and are not supposed to be messed with however I found a way to C&P out of pdf using Open Office Draw. Trouble is I don't know if this converts the text to bitmap in which case I may finish up doing it the long way.

murph said...


Over my life time I have belonged to various groups, and different folks in a group will often display the characteristics listed in that article. Doesn't take preppers and survivalists to have group problems. However, under emergency or high stress conditions, the problems rapidly amplify. It is of concern to me. If you are in an area where folks generally are eager to look for leaders to tell them what to do is where the problems are going to come to the fore and soon. I would think a more independent attitudes by a community would resist these kinds of problems more often.

I understand there are different levels of PDF documents. The ones that allow you to edit, as I understand it, cost money. Most of government pdf docs are this "professional" version and can't be altered.

Looking forward to your guest posts.

rockpicker said...

Maybe should go check out Steve Quayle alerts for conversation with DHS whistleblower with Doug Haggman. Hope you've got some preps layed 'way.

Merry Christmas, everybody.


murph said...


Yeh, I read that 2 part article. If true, we are so doomed.

rockpicker said...

25 points the MSM would rather not discuss:


Anonymous said...


Hmm, when the Lone Ranger sorted out the Clancy Gang he did it with a little help from Tonto against overwhelming odds. Now we are being told that if we are to have any chance of winning the present battle we have to throw our weight behind God and let him do the work for us. We all know that God wears the white hat and all these problems that plague mankind are the Devil's work, right. Seems to me that we are being told to loose confidence in our own ability to do anything.

According to Zengardner 60% of Americans have little or no faith in the main stream media. Also: Trust is hitting historic lows. Just a third of Americans have a favorable view of the federal government, a decline of 31% since 2002, according to the Pew Center for People and the Press. Gallup has Congress’ approval rating is in the low 20s, after nearing single digits last summer. And the news media aren’t much better off.

It seems to me that the casserole that was designed to soften the meat has been left in the pot a tad long and it is now starting to boil dry. 2013 should have some interesting tidbits but we have been saying similar things for a while now.

I keep reading of what is going to happen by 2016 or 2018 etc as though the future has a future. When the US national debt is translated into a stack of $100 bills and that stack is approaching the size of the twin towers stacked one on top of the other, common sense tells you it can't be stable for too much longer. Ask yourself why lenders are adding pallets of $100 bills like Lego bricks to the top of the pile when there is no hope of repayment. What is in it for them? With the sheeple savvying up, when push comes to shove there could be a core greater than the magic 3 – 4%. That is when it could get interesting.

rockpicker said...


Considering what we think we know about the elite's preparations, ie. D.U.M.B.'s, Svalbard seed vault, seeming immunity for almost continuous fraud and theft since the collapse of 2008, this Devil-May-Care attitude exhibited by the enlightened ones would suggest they know something the rest of us don't. Like, whatever we surface dwellers do in the near future will be made moot by impending events?

murph said...

RP, Strange, that zengardner link refuses to load. Hell, I have 4 working browsers and I finally went to TOR to get to the site and it wouldn't load either. Went to an alternative site to see the information. This is nuts.

murph said...


I can feature multiple scenarios for why the elite would head to the underground cities they have put together. One of them would be active revolution pretty much world wide. Or perhaps some kind of natural catastrophe.

Got a feeling 2013 is going to make 2012 look like a walk in the park. sigh

Anonymous said...


Yes, I have been in major companies who had a requirement to reassess their personnel portfolio (I used to be surrounded by this marketing junk language) and the first assault on the situation was to create a feeling of demoralisation and disillusion. It is a feeling of, they are bigger than you are and they are going get you in the end so why not jump ship before you are pushed overboard . But as you point out, if the problem is worldwide so where the hell are you going to go. I am sure all bases have already been covered and they are relying on gut reaction instead of a cool head. Even then it is hard to imagine what could be done against a problem so huge.

As far as weapons go, it was the Russians who discovered that with nukes, the way to cause maximum loss of life with minimum fall out is to set them off underwater to cause a tsunami. Perhaps the most fearful thing about nukes is their stigma. There seems to be something so last year about them. I think there are beam weapons we know little about that can do a more effective job. This isn't very hopeful at all I'm afraid.

rockpicker said...

Yeah, I'm afraid, too...

freeacre said...

Personally, I am experiencing a bad case of doom fatigue. I have been anticipating collapses of finance, resources, and the environment for years now (as have you), and although it has partially happened, the lamestream is still mostly in denial. I have spent so much time compulsively reading about all this stuff, that I fear I have lost touch with the present. And, now there are commercials on the internet, which is why I stopped watching T.V.
The freaking globalist agenda is reaching even into the daily affairs of a jerk-water place like La Pine, OR. I feel more and more like a peasant or a cooli. I know it is hard to believe, but I am becoming grumpy.
The 2012 predictions have been a spectacular dud so far. Now I can't even count on one type of deterioration being replaced by disaster of another sort. Stuck with the same old creeping fascism and police state. What a bummer.
I am still thinking that I have some modest control over my own life, and I want to include more pleasurable experiences. I want to go fishing, site-seeing, possibly creating some things, getting more exercise. I think that the difficulties in 2013 will be acute. But, fuck it. I intend to have some fun anyway.

Anonymous said...


Well sister, I got there about a year ago. Living in the doomosphere is a bit of a bummer so I decided to sprinkle life with a few more pleasurable things. It doesn't make the doom go away, you are always aware of it and are able to give give MSM events a personal twist. Now I am dipping my big toe in and out of the doom water. When you are not fluent in the language of the country where you live it makes participating in cohesive community a whole lot more difficult. The other day I was accused of speaking Vlengles. I said it was a beautiful language. Now I reckon to be one step ahead when things start to fall apart and just get on with my own stuff. Remember there is nothing wrong with panicking so long as you are not the second one to do it.

I saw an old movie from 1988 yesterday which left me a little bit numb all day today. It is called "The Incredible Lightness of Being" Its partly erotic in the real sense, mostly a love story and partly documentary. It is set during the the time the Prague Spring was crushed. Did you know that making love in private is an act of rebellion because it is an act of defiance the authorities can't control :-), well that was one line from it. It is worth a watch if you can get it.

rockpicker said...

Freeacre, Pilar, mother, anchor, Venus, nurse/protector, wise old grandmother and protector of us all; we will sit with you, and hold your hand, until the loud booming goes away. Forever.

Anonymous said...

3 part piece from Dave Hodges: Gd


Anonymous said...


I am with rp on this.

What a stupid time to make a typo. The film was called The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Briefly the heroine is deeply in love with a man who is a womaniser. He is holds his love for her on a high pedestal but regards sex with other women as a pastime like football which has nothing to do with love. She leaves him a note saying she is going away because instead of being his support she has become his weight and without her, he can be as light and free as he likes. That is the lightness of being part. But this lightness only lasts ten minutes before it is all over and that is the unbearable part. He then makes a life changing decision which completely alters his status and puts him in great personal risk. That is all I am going to tell you for now.

Btw, On your recommendation I have just received the extended version of the Millennium Trilogy. I have not played it yet but I will let you know later.

Anonymous said...

Gang: This "Awakening" meme; "spiritual awakening" "transformation of consciousness" etc. we've all heard something along these lines, maybe connected to 2012, Mayans or something else.

Question: Where is the origin of this meme? Who started it? And more ominously, is it part of an agenda?


freeacre said...

... " Freeacre, Pilar, mother, anchor, Venus, nurse/protector, wise old grandmother and protector of us all; we will sit with you, and hold your hand, until the loud booming goes away. Forever."
Aw, Rockpicker, that is a great comfort. Thanks.

Spirit, can't wait for you to view the Swedish version of the Millennium trilogy. I'm ordering the Unberable... right now.

Man, I hate that we had to put the word verifier back in. is seems even worse than ever. Rats.

freeacre said...

What say we kick this 2012 to the curb! Happy 2013. I'm ready for a different year. Love to you all.

Anonymous said...


Let me know one way or the other how you get on with the film freeacre, hope you get as much out of it as I did.

Gd, I think the calender came from the Mayans. I think astrophysical interpretations were discovered by astronomers and I think all the spiritual reawakening stuff was astrologer / Wickan / New Age types jumping on the bandwagon. Personally I thought the PTB were going to organise some event for the 21st to lower the curtain down on mankind and blame it on the Mayans. However we are here to live another day. I think the whole thing falls into the category of never let a good potential crisis go to waste. Its purpose was to give those who consider themselves informed, yet another thing to worry about. In a way it is similar to planet X and so on. A small verifiable fact is embellished out of all proportion to spread despondency to divert the informed from looking where they should be looking. People made much of the fact that the Mayans stopped at the end of the Long Count but nobody asked the question that once the Mayans had shown us how their calender worked then how many times should they have gone around the Long Count?

If it is true, I think the exodus of top brass from Washington DC is more significant.

Anonymous said...

thks SATS, it seems the "awakening" thing originated with the "new agers" made popular in the 1900's by Alice Bailey, who is well wrapped up in originating a lot of the early NWO stuff.

I wonder if proponents of the "spiritual awakening" (a lot of so called "truthers") realize this was started by architects of the NWO meme.

Some clues here...


(if you can get over the christian fundamentalist spin) Gd

freeacre said...

Here's a pretty jaw-dropping video about the correlations between the Nazi take-over in Germany with what is going on here today.
[link to youtu.be] This guy, David VanDerBeek ran for governor of Nevada, apparently, but did not win. I think he is really courageous.

rockpicker said...

Free your mind now while you can. Give it a chance to thrive on its own without Wolf Blizter, Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow and the others telling you what to think. You are better than these pre-approved mainstream corporate media talking heads, and you don’t need to know what their teleprompter is telling them to tell you. Your brain comes fully equipped with all the survival tools you will ever need to thrive while alive on this earth. Take this moment to end the teleprompter-brain circuit now and cut the line. You need only to make the choice..."

-Bernie Suarez


I remember a reading comprehension test given to one of my junior high school classes sometime between the Kennedy murders. You might recognize the parameters, and recall taking the same exam.

It consisted of a series of twenty, or so, commands. The first directive required the reader to peruse the entire list before performing any of the subsequent actions. The last command was to disregard all the above statements, except for the first one.

Of course, as you can probably imagine, the twenty or so commands were designed to playfully emphasize upon us the consequences of not paying attention to detail.

I remember reading down through the list of orders, such as, "bark like a dog," and listening to my classmates' woofs, and wondering, 'did I miss something? Should I be barking?'

Fast forward fifty years, or so, and I'm still wondering if attention to detail trumps consensus group-think.

On the evening news, reporters refer to unexamined, but official, narratives, in order to explain subsequent addenda to said narratives. Though the original story wobbles and leaks like a sieve, the shameful lamestream media goons pretend not to notice a hundred glaring inconsistencies no one in their profession feels any responsibility to clear up.

This is a pattern we've learned to recognize and anticipate. Maybe that's why so little comment has been made on this site concerning Sandy Hook. Been there, done that.

What pisses me off is how the media seems to assume the majority of its listeners buy its line. I think arms and ammunition sales would not be spiking through the roof if most people were swallowing the kool-aid.

murph said...


Perhaps the intention is to get folks out panic buying firearms and ammunition. And then take it all away. I can't believe that they are so disconnected from the greater society that they didn't know this would happen. They aren't that stupid. Are they?

To my knowledge, none of the readers at this site were at Sandy Hook. So all of the narratives are going to be second hand or third hand information that is repeated by links. I covered a lot of that in the posting. I haven't seen anything new about it since.

Anonymous said...

re murph's post... i'm sure this comment does nothing to resolve the issue but what i see here is both sides are scared to death. but neither puts it in that context. its nothing new. thats been the driver all along.

to the toters, safety is wrought at the end of a gun. to the baners, safety is no guns. neither are realistic. yet, both sides call this reality.

happy new age everybody... p

Anonymous said...

fa... more than a little grump seems to me more than called for.

sats.. i can fully understand the the short 10 minute before the unbearable.

rp... luved yer forever mantra.

blogger... hate yer damn robot solution but, not as much as i hate the damn spammers... p

rockpicker said...


Question is, safety from what?

The toters' position is that 2nd Amendment exists to allow the American people to be armed to some degree of parity with the government, because the founders felt, at some time in the future, we just might be oppressed by our government.

Ta-dah! Here we are. Tasered. Groped. Listened-to. Our economy 's been destroyed by governmental and industrial criminals. With impunity. We debt slaves have lost our jobs, our houses and our means of production.

And now DHS is buying hollow-point ammunition as fast as it can. What's that all about?

The graffiti is on the wall, for anyone with eyes to read. "They" fully intend to disarm the American people, one way or another.

Criminalization of gun-owners and confiscation is tantamount to civil war. If government is serious, and all indications are that now is the opportune time to move, then I feel we should expect full-spectrum dominance and ruthless behavior on the part of the feds, in order to insure a quick success.

Confiscation may begin with a buy-back program, but before door-to-door maneuvers start, you can bet the power grid is going down. That will eliminate the opposition's, (our,) ability to communicate.

So, prepare for that eventuality, at least mentally.6 dsxprec

Anonymous said...

rp... exactly. but thats not the safety i'm talkin bout which goes to another layer of the cake.

however, i agree on your point. thats the legal argument and its valid in context of rights. and its right to defend that.

probably the first declaration toward that was made in 1775 by the 2nd congress as the 'causes for the necessity to take up arms'. who were they making that declaration to though? as to the right, it was directed to their fellow 'gov by the people' people as 'fellow free men', officially declared a yr later by the same congress. as to the cause, it was to the king.

who's the king now? that'd be the same gov we now declare cause to right? and the people are far from united. as you say, the grafetti is on the wall. we have every reason to be scared in this context. back in that day opportunity existed to make it a reasonably fair fight. not so today.

i'm not saying acquiesce and give up the right but really, the basis of the argument is a moot point cuz we have no teeth. even if the military mutinied.

there may be another revolution but it will be put down. fast!! thats the reality we're faced with as you've pointed out.

so what do we do? i don't have a short term answer.

rockpicker said...

P; You raise some good points, and when considering the situation rationally, I would have to agree with you. Our position appears to be hopeless.

But then, I remember the dire straits our forebears found themselves in, having dared defy the King of England, and his army. I'm not sure I can imagine the bravery it took to stand up to the Crown, and believe the revolt had a chance of success.

Yet, men and women of courage, with good and just intent, did believe. They stood up. They said "no." And, by God, they succeeded.

It's a real shame these assholes have brought us to this point, but the fact of the matter is, conditions are deteriorating under this current system, and no political will for remediation seems to exist anywhere.

The only answer offered by those who govern us is to demand more control. Isn't that what Chancellor Hitler told the Germans?

I think the time is quickly approaching when all of us will have to decide whether to go along to get along, or to actively, if carefully, resist.

William O. Douglas said this:

As nightfall
does not fall at once,
nor falls oppression.
With both
there is a twilight
when all remains unchanged.
It's in such twilight
we all must be aware
of change in the air,
however slight,
lest we become
unwitting victims
of the night.

Man, what's a mo'fo' t'do?

murph said...

Palooka and Rockpicker,

The arguments you put forth I run into all the time. These arguments for gun control morph into the context that if we think, as civilians, that we can go up against the U.S. military might we are kidding ourselves and therefore, the idea of an armed civilian population to stop a tyrannical government is stupid and self defeating. When I ask what is the alternative, they shrug their shoulders or talk about working within the system to change the system. I have had presented to me that there is nothing wrong with the system that a few tweaks in key areas won't solve.

Now, my picture of "the system" says those arguments are just plain nonsense. If it was possible to change the system from the inside, it would have been done already.

I think it really comes down to on the bottom line is; What are folks willing to live with or under? I think we have enough data now that positively shows that those in power are being successful in paring down individual freedoms of the population while retaining those freedoms for the power folks. Almost all efforts to reverse this has not worked. If this continues, the population will quite literally be serfs, slaves, to the power elite with little or no meaningful freedom of decision on how to live their lives. Private property will be rented to the population and can be taken away at will, you will not own anything of importance at all. When an individual bothers to look critically at the last 50 year trend this becomes very obvious that this is the goal.

Most of our population is concentrated in high density urban areas and to some extent into the suburban areas. This country is large in land mass and a radically variable terrain. Do we actually have a military large enough and dedicated enough to try and suppress all of it? We probably have enough to suppress most of the the high population urban centers. But all of it under determined resistance?

If the goal of the PTB was to pacify all of the smaller countries we have engaged in war over the last 100 years, all of smaller land mass, all of lower population, they have failed. The carnage on both sides was extreme but the countries were not pacified, that is, completely bent to the will of the PTB with no further resistance.

The question I ask, is the American public willing and able to offer significant resistance to what I would consider an untenable state of living, that of being a serf, a slave to the desires of the PTB. If they aren't, I do not see any kind of happy future coming down the road. If the majority of folks are willing to live that way, just to be alive, we are doomed.

rockpicker said...

Murph; The fact that gun and ammunition sales have accelerated since the latest false flag in CT is a testament of American will. It's a vote, of sorts, and a line in the sand. If you listen to the voices of older law enforcement officers who are coming forward on various talk radio shows, the consensus I'm hearing is that clear divisions are appearing among both LE and the military.

I heard one officer characterize the situation, (and I'm certain this is an over-simplification, but also, accurate to a degree,) that the people he serves with are in two camps. One group is comprised of "the droid-heads" who are gung-ho types, pumped-up on steroids and willing to carry out any orders. The other group remembers its original objective, which was to honor its oath and serve and protect the American people.

I woke this morning thinking, though Palooka's point of federal government military superiority is undeniable, still, the government is afraid of us. Otherwise, why do they keep lying, and obfuscating the truth? What's the point, if they can take us any time?

Then, as you suggested above, I am reminded of the many successful resistance movements we've engaged, and eventually wearied of until collective will ran out and we simply withdrew, having accomplished nothing but bolstering our weapons industries.

Will we end up good serfs by day, and resistance fighters by night? Will the temperature be turned up so slowly under us, that most will remain oblivious to the threat until it's too late? We shall see.

As you are fond of saying, prediction is troublesome. But, my gut says people don't buy guns and ammo in Jan. with the intent of surrendering those same arms in March and April.

Anonymous said...


Just a couple of observations Murph, one or two of which I have voiced before.

Country areas could be controlled by beam weapons from space. I believe Russia has been giving Canadians sleepless nights for many years now and I am sure the US has been doing similar. The ones I heard about were bounced from the ionosphere over the pole but I expect satellites could do a similar job. Probably there is lots about the Starwars project that did not see the light of day.

The Jews in the Polish ghettos that were armed apparently fared a lot better than those that were not.

In wars which the USG has indulged itself over the last hundred years the object was not to prevail but to prolong. What is required is a rolling stalemate. Victory does not sell armaments. Remember about war being a racket. It is common knowledge that in the second Gulf War for example, Rummy would not give our boys the tools to finish the job. A short term loss for a long term gain is never a bad deal. Jeez, if they ever won anything they would have to take some sort of responsibility for it and that is the last thing they want. If they truly want control, the modern trend of fostering civil strife is a preferable method.

I know you guys are the ones with the more immediate problem but do you ever give a thought to the deteriorating economic situation in Europe?

Anonymous said...

murph... and it appears to you that RP and i have come down on the side of the shruggers and helpless? RP has spoken for himself and so it should be. my only comment to that is, so what else is new? nothing! except that the current tech created by that same will of the people does not lay under his control. any combined will of the people to rally to defend themselves has never faced such an opposition to it. buttons now exist to take him down in a heartbeat in ways we can't even imagine. sats point on starwars is just one example. frankly, it may not even be necessary to push any of those buttons. just leave him to take themselves down.

as for me, we are helpless only to the extent of this conundrum of an entire peoples powerless to take up arms against the man as a possible solution to re-claiming our personal soverignty given the present reality. to do so is a form of attempting to do exactly what is being done to him. figuratively, the guy with the biggest gun wins. once again, the political principle of a self governing people is being called to question. we could say that this time its different cuz the man is our own. 240 years ago when the founders made the causality declaration it was no dif. the man who sought to suppress and hold power over them was their own. an ocean removed but still their own. until they declared otherwise a year later. thus my argument that such manifestations are re-enactments of underlying, unresolved energetic dynamics.

i've argued ever since coming to this campfire that the system is not the problem. and argued as well, that gov is not the prob. if we want to put it into the context of blame (and we usually do) then, people are the problem. i've argued further that, the condition of systems, govs, and so on are glaring reflections of the condition of the peoples. but hey, nobody gives that much credibility either. i see the same shrugs and resignation to helplessness that you see when you ask for alternative ideas to the system. i hear the same self-limiting, defeating judgement from almost everyone that the reality is that nothing can be done about the human condition. the evidence for the validity of the conclusion being that nothing has ever been done in that regard. we have been and probably always will be a collective we call humanity where one vies for power over another in the name of survival. and when it comes right down to it each will move to kill his neighbor to preserve himself. such is anything but in alignment with the idea of sustaining life inside of love. it was only made to look like that and thus, the con game. nearly everyone has bought into it.

walking hand in hand with that attitude is a staunch smugness that, any suggestion that mankind was not left to flounder in a continuous war for power of one man over another or one group over another by its benefactor as the only means to that survival, is, at best, laughable. at worst, an unprovable, fallacious, and merely subjective POV. yet, when it comes to this country at least, these same peoples' ancestors were all in on the idea that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

(to hell with the character limit)

Anonymous said...


we can debate the existence of said creator but fact remains, thats the sin qua non principle upon which this country was founded. and, the argument that there is no such thing as a benefactor notwithstanding, the words of our founders declared this benefactor to be a self-evident truth. even his enemy, the king, could not deny such a truth least he deny his own legitimacy and, by definition, that of his country's heritage. suffice to say such a legitimacy is claimed by nearly every side on every war ever fought who all proclaimed to fight those wars, as dylan put it, 'with god on our side'.

point being there's overwhelming precedent for the argument that most peoples, despite the appearance of extreme differences, believe in the existence of a benefactor as their creator. no one, no side, no extreme, not even those who call themselves atheist, can prove a damn thing to support their belief. therein lay a commonality. most digress to their beliefs that they exist due to a higher scheme. another commonality. such a commonality is in the vast majority.

this then begs an even deeper question: did this same creator, to which our founders attributed the self-evident truth and certain unalienable rights, then abandon mankind of his further benevolence and leave it to mankind to flounder helplessly, powerlessly, in the misery of one man or group of men vying for power over another least he may not survive? or is there more bestowed upon man in the way of human potential to rise above his vulnerabilities to be taken down? to be rendered helpless to suppression by anyone who would seek to, and gain power and position to, control him against his will without his expressed permission?