Saturday, June 22, 2013

poles against the sky

Summer Soltice 2013
By freeacre

Happy Soltice

It’s the first day of summer, a time for renewal. I guess that is especially meaningful this year, considering the devastating fire that destroyed much of what we had accumulated over our lifetimes. All the firearms, re-loading gear, tools, hides, traditional Indian blanket project that Murph had two thirds completed, money, tool sheds storing collectables, writings, photos, you name it – all gone. Dealing with the mess and the clean-up has been daunting, but we are finally making progress. We still have a lot of work to do to get the property looking decent, but at least we’ve got the tipi up and the land is cleared and ready for the installation of a new shop and car port. We are not putting in a garden this year, but we do plan to harvest the Swiss Chard and Kale that wintered over, and we planted potatoes and herbs, lettuce, and some Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower that should produce a bit this year.
 Here’s a picture of what we started with:

This is what the area looks like now:
Renovated and painted shed from fire. 

Here are some more pictures of the tipi and grounds as it looks currently:
The on top of floor fire pit
Looking at sky through smoke hole

UPS just delivered a new foam sleeper/sofa that we can sit or sleep on in the tipi.  When we get the liner, carpeting, and furniture all in, we’ll take another picture and publish it on our next post. Soon, we should have some money from the frigging’ insurance company to re-build buildings and begin replacing tools and things we need to get going again on our favorite projects.

I’ve been thinking a lot about collapse. I find myself feeling unusually emotional. I cry at the drop of a hat over just about anything. I also have been even more grumpy than usual. I came almost un-glued at the Grange Potluck/business meeting when we were told we have to post a no smoking within ten feet of the entrance to the Hall sign outside our building. I got all red in the face and began ranting about how stupid and infuriating this was to me, especially in light of the FUCKING RADIATION in the air that nobody seems to give a shit about! I probably was appalling to many of my fellow Grangers. I just couldn’t help it.

What I am realizing is that in many ways, the collapse that we have been anticipating for the last eight years has already happened to us personally. It just doesn’t look like we thought it would. We anticipated a financial collapse based on Peak Oil and other resources. We could not have imagined the bazaar lengths to which the Federal Reserve and the IMF would go to forestall the inevitable. We could not have imagined the police/surveillance state that has been developing over the last twenty years or so. We had no idea of Agenda 21, the world-wide program to depopulate rural areas and funnel us into cities. We didn’t know how many millions the governments of the world would be willing to sacrifice, kill, incarcerate and displace in order to keep their personal fortunes and power bases.

It is becoming clear now, however. I watch in wonder as the people of Turkey and Brazil mobilize in the streets to protest the policies of their out-of-touch governments and civil servants.  Their protests began over rising bus fares and destroying a city park in order to build a shopping mall – and have grown to include general dissatisfaction with the lack of freedom to express themselves and heavy-handed, unresponsive central powers.

This country has even more to protest against, but has done very little so far. We, of course, have been distracted by one questionable outrage after another – Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombings, Whistle-blowers, wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and potentially, Iran, Sudan, and on and on, as the relentless natural resource grab continues. And whether it’s the mind-numbing drugs we are collectively on, the mind-control shaping our limited attention spans by the mass media, the desperation of at-risk jobs, the indebtedness - the population of this country seems to be in a virtual coma.  Mumbling and hand-wringing are about all we can come up with as conditions deteriorate and the world slides into a full-on global corporate police state.

No wonder I am sad. I have not just lost my stuff. I have lost my country. I have lost any semblance of faith that I would have any influence over national or even local politics or policies. We have jumped through every hoop they threw out there for us to repeal the Local Rule and put a moratorium on mandated ATT septic systems due to them being unworkable, unaffordable, and ineffective for seven long years. And, after all this, we find that yet another agency, the EQC is in charge of the DEQ, and they won’t even hear our petition. There we are – flat up against Agenda 21. Screwed and tattooed.

It’s “Hunger Games,” “Le Miserables,” “Elysium” for us, and the “Great Gatsby” and “Anna Karenina” for them. You know me. I speak in movie metaphors. Think of every martial arts film you ever saw and how much the peasants’ opinions affected the Emperor, and you get the idea.

The only thing potentially leveling the playing field would be the intervention of Our Mother, the Earth, Herself and our sentient Universe. Therefore, I find myself backing away from the fray out there and shifting my focus to the inside link to the collective consciousness. Whether it’s due to global warming or a coming Ice Age, the acidification of the oceans, radiation from Fukushima, a kill shot from the Sun, drought, famine, volcanoes, floods, or whatever other natural disasters that seem to be piling on, the end of life as we know it seems to be upon us. Personally, I am going to spend more time concentrating on those desires that I still want to be met within this incarnation. I’d like to be more artistic, more at peace, healthier, more loving. When up against the globalist agenda, I admit to being powerless. I ask for divine intervention.

So, I turn within and celebrate the Summer Solstice. Despite the apparent clusterfuck, I will beat my drum and be grateful for each day that I have left on this wondrous planet.



Anonymous said...

Slept in after solstice evening at the river with my girl. We laid back in the warm,silky sand on the small beach and held hands and stared at the heavens above. My boy was all round us and energies were shimmering and caressing the air around us.

Saw that others of our clan had been similarly affected. How wonderful.
Came back to my clan one more time before heading out for horse medicine and sanctuary and saw your new communication.
You are super people to have accomplished what you have. The teepee is wondrous and powerful.
I can feel it's clean, pure, circular power from here.
I sewed teepees for Blue Star, and ha e lived in several. Yours is a beauty. I lay back on my bed and drank in the photo of the sky through the smoke hole and willed myself there in my mind.
Rebirth is a traumatic time, fraught with deep emotion, but cleansing with an opening and ,I believe, deepening of perceptions.
To me, since I have been here, the two of you are examples of what is still right with this place of being .You have taken your stand, and it is a good one. To affect positively,emotionally and by example and action ,your world and its community and surroundings, will by the very nature of its make-up, shift the warp and weave of the larger.
I admire the balance and action with which you live your lives. I am proud to be a member of such a gathering held and gently but firmly led by two,such as yourselves. You have my fealty,and of course, the use of our horses. I laugh out loud for joy ,for this summer, this beautiful Mother Earth, and these beings, these wonderful beings,who I am a part of.
I am happy for you, Murph and Freeacre.
Again, a rounded song for a rounded day...
Wagon wheel, by Darius Ruckerx

freeacre said...

Speaking of healing - I just ran into this on La Jun and Pai-Da. I can do these practices in the tipi, and see what happens.

He finally gets to the practice towards the end.

Glad you like us and the teepee, Seeker. Ours is from Nomadic Tipis. They made all the tipis in "Dances with Wolves" and "The Last Samari" and they are about an hour's drive from our house.

Anonymous said...

We spent afternoon and evening until 8 ish up at our sanctuary. It is so nice up there. This space of water, stone and wild is where my daughter and I will take our stand. It will be our home base of security. The land has been in the landlord's family for 4 generations so, hopefully with a little bit of luck on the draw, it will stay that way for another 4.
I will work through to the end of this year. After that, my daughter and I will be self - employed and home schooled. I am going to create a freer more fulfilling lifestyle for me and mine and I am just the woman that can make it work. It is in my nature to rise to challenges and I refuse to spend the rest of my life, pushing against the wall of mediocrity and triage lifestyle choices. I am coming into my own alnd creating my own light at the end of this long desert tunnel that I have been in. Coming into this community has helped bring me back to the power and drive that is inherent in me. I have been dormant on survival level for years,but I am awake now and I choose to live free, but with accountability. I choose to live with music,creativity,taking care of our Mother Earth and the people that I am committed to.
In street parlance, I owe you, you are family and in thanks, I have your backs in any way now or in the future that I can be of help or support.

Sats, I am still searching and I will find it, even if I have to recreate it myself, because I just know that it would be perfect for the space that you described and I am a firm believer of interior greenery for a vibrant space and herbs are so delightful in so many ways.
I hope the Strawberry super moon finds you and yours well and invigorated.

Gd, that was the most romantic thing that happened with you and yours. I know that every female that read it was happy that the romantic ideals that their mothers told them about really do come true.

Freeacre and Murph, sending you solstice, rebirth gift. That was an intense, true piece of writing and feeling. I can feel the balance shifting... back to the earth, back to human interaction, back to a viable life of individual honor and ethics. Good begets good..

P.. your flow of belief and endeavors to find a way back to an interactive balance within this synchronistic world, inside of love, have made my perceptions and belief systems bloom and take new root after being shut away in intricate boxes for years.

Rp, your opening blessing for the solstice opened the door for all the wonderful openings that I know occured. Your poetry and artistic creations in stone enrich all that they touch.

Montana Freeman, I would like to talk to you and get to know you. You have made me laugh, think,and at one point cry. You are an iconoclast. I was thinking about my son today and how I wanted him to know his father at some point in the river of time. Oh, almost forgot, Regards to green eyed Langosta.

Songs to go to... Home, by Blake shelton; Landslide, by Fleetwood Mac and Wide Open Spaces, by Dixie Chicks
Nite, Clan.... Energy will be flowing tomorrow. Reach out and access it. I' m going to.
After all, I've got to get my shine going for Thursday night. I hope there are men out there that like to dance.

Anonymous said...

Morning Clan. Murph & Fa, be proud, the clean-up is a credit to you guys, a tremendous effort indeed! I'm loving the space you created with the tee-pee....eyes closed... I'm seeing the whole clan gathered in there, slouching on comfy cushions, I'm picking out S&Gs Sound of silence - Randy is tapping out the harmonies on his Zagdrum, seeker lightly thumb-strumming the chords... there is cake too, it's Fa's rebirthdaycake :)

Seeker: "Rebirth pains" brilliant insight, see, I would have never thought of that!

Back in the real world, looks like the big 'O' will be decreeing a carbon tax for you guys on Tuesday, that's bound to work(!Not)

Seems this week I will mostly be flatpicking "momma don't low" which I think is an old Doc Watson tune, I've been challenged to join in and play the guitar solo round our campfire next weekend, got a new player coming who's a bit hot on the banjo! Sore finger time!

our broody hen has been sat for 20 days today, expecting some fluffy balls of new life Tue or wed :) Everywhere is so green, I'm feeling GREAT! strawberries are ripening, what a fabulous time to be alive! Gd.

Anonymous said...

...forgot to mention, been reading H. P. Blavatsky's occult writings for some time (written before 1891, arguably the spiritual grandmother of the NWO) seen multiple references to NWO preparations needing to be done by 2025, considering who she was, I'm thinking the year will be relevant in the grand scheme of things. Gd.

Anonymous said...

fa... once again, u put words in an order copasetic with the way things are. thank you. that little skill of artistic expression can be summed up in one word... alignment. with the way things are.

and thank you for being forthcoming bout how you been feelin lately. i'm crazy and this next thing i wanna say may sound like why but it ain't... yer feelin what momma and all 'a us been a'feelin for eons. in my book that is the intervention. to get all that pent up energy movin. so, i predict more of the same which will be inclined to be interpreted as worse 'cept it'll come with a way 'a makin it better.

cuz its a lot worse what we and she been a'holdin. holdin cuz we been conditioned to not feel and filled with judgements that tell our feelins they are unlovin. it ain't the feelin that's unlovin darlin, its the words in the form of judgements against that say it is so when it ain't. those judgements, jes like the thoughts thru which they express in mind and are felt in body have a way 'a hangin round long enuf to become to our belief systems the way it is. and to our wills. which is jes another way a sayin the dynamics of energy interacting. jes doin what its spose ta do as a part of the perfection of creation

downstairs we got this little padded room liz and i call the gap room. where we can go and let it all hang out in a safe space. in private. where what we be doin ain't bein done in front of a somebody else who might get trigger into ignition jes by innocently hangin out on the walls that surround us. somethin like that might blow em right off the walls and into some place they been holdin themselves back from goin. where they act out zactly what they been a'holdin... cuz, well, thats the way it is. accordin to memerex. might turn out to be a 30 second clip on the local news tonite where somebody went crazy and killed their whole family and then themselves. or, or, or...

so ya, it can be nasty. but, once again, it ain't the feelin thats nasty, its that unlovin light thats only nasty cuz thats what it is. anti-lovin. anti-life. the stuff of the gap. all twisted up in our magnetic centers. but hey, there's good news. when the twist was invented so was the un-twist. i think thats why some folks are callin this the time of the untanglin.

anyway, yup, it can be a dangerous thing ta do in pub. and now i'm wishin. wishin we had a teepee like yers. or, better yet, like one of them seeker sewed her magic into thats now yers and murph's. set up here in our back yard. with a sweat house right next door on the banks of the little stream that meanders along to make the back door of our little paradise here in the 2 acre wood. i'd make it the new gap room.

i can see it now... get in there and let er rip. jes let body go crazy and give it the freedom to move however it wants ta move to express itself and what its holdin short 'a hurtin ourselves or somebody else. and express in sound however it feels like expressin. and all that pent up energy thats inclined to go out there and act out can, instead shake lose and move toward freedom. and all that unlovin light infused within it is freed to move too. up thru that smoke hole, out into the ethers and back to the godhead from whence it came eons ago. or, ...and get this cuz this is really kewl... sometimes what was unlovin all that time can turn around and come inside of love. a love that carries us along with new understandings that only it, only what that original experience that made it what it was, can bring to us. i think such might be called evolution. whatever it is, its a good thing...

s... nice words you layed on the fire. i'm happy to have rubbed up agin ya. i'm smitten with this songs to go meme u started. gets me ta movin 'n one thing leadin to the next. and right now i'm moved ta lay this'un on the campfire

i luv this campfire and all who hang here... p

Anonymous said...

gd... the big O. hummmm, never thought 'a callin him that. i be 'a thinkin and dreamin of that other big O. cuz that what the s word is all about inside 'a love where it belongs.

and hey, u see i figured it out? i got this page bookmarked. ..p

Anonymous said...

P, That song; that version of that song, was what my daughter Arliss and I sang to my mother at her memorial with my brother Doug, doing the beautiful acoustical accompaniment.
We were brought up on that song, among others as life lessons to be infused into the growth of our souls.
Than you for going there on this Sunday morn.
Another song that all of of us girls would sing in rounds and harmonies was the song 5 little pennies. My four sisters and I could flow and roll with that song. The message that it gives has stood us in good stead and the limitless permutation of harmonic and round variations make it an a capella joy to sing.

Any way, thank you... you sent me back to my childhood and years of beautiful, musical interaction with my 8 brothers and sisters.
Dear gd, I wish that I was in that teepee right now,making the music flow. I would love to hear you play and ...sing perchance,sometime. Maybe it will come about.
Ryan and I are working together on learning flat picking techniques via the kindle device, and I would appreciate any direction that you could steer us towards for good learning videos that can be accessed via Kindle. We tend to prefer finger picking techniques. I like the freedom of that style of playing.
I would also like to work into using the body of the guitar for for synchopation accents in combo with the picking.
Good luck with your solo, I know that you will soar.

P, thank you soooo,much for using those hyper links. Now I really do have a magical finger that I can access info and music with immediately, without stopping the emotive or intellectual flow.
Tonight ,if possible, I am going to practice and master this piece of web magic, so that I can roll better when I am talking to my Clan.
I gotta get going. A quick, kiss visit to our horses,and then up to the cabin for putting up Nick's driftwood statue and planting his garden around him.
One of Nick's last things that he did for me, that Mother's Day eve, 5 Years ago, was to plant 5 Stargazer lilies in the garden that we had created together, thru the years.
One for each of us in our intense, iconoclastic ,Clan against all comers. He kicked into a blood sugar seizure and lapsed into his final coma because I had left town and was not there to hear him. The horrendous world of what- ifs, indeed.
And so, today is for my son.
The last of the strawberries, and the lilies.
I will figure out a way for the Clan to see the garden, when it is done.
A tribute to my son. I can't let him go, you see, he is holding a piece of my heart and a chunk of my soul followed him.
Songs to go to...Wild Horses, sung by Susan Boyle,Safe and Sound, by Taylor swift, from The Hunger Games, and Oh what a beautiful Morning, from the musical,Oklahoma.
Seeker,otter...missing her seal.
Wv- officers electric

Anonymous said...

My kindle,my kindle..on one hand a bane of frustration..
On the other, my magical connection to people that I care deeply about.
Whatever magic has been done. I thank the synchronicity that brought me here.
Anyway- correct wv, before the device's arbitrary correction was ofricts electric.
Wv- the onneope( the one hope)

Anonymous said...

fa... in that spirit of where i go from one moment to the next its now time to apologize. cuz i owe ya one darlin.. i's me and you's you and i ain't got no say in definin what u be feelin. and more's the worse, why and what ta do bout it. thus, my apologies for such arrogant treatment.

what i won't apologize for though is what we do bout such over here in our little neck of the garden. cuz none's called for. not in this minute anyway... p

freeacre said...

No worries, p. Back in the day when I was a crisis intervention agent, we had a group therapy thing going on for the staff. It was all about Gestault and Primal and Transactional Analysis therapy - not just poppin' pills to keep everybody quiet and compliant, like they do today. I did my share of beating pillows and screaming and negotiating with all my ego states (Parent, Adult& Child). It's made a huge difference in the rest of my life.
And, yes, gd, the tipi will be a place to heal and drum and be with each other one day, I am sure. You are all welcome whenever you can get here. Adding the music and dance elements is cool. I'd love it if Randy brought his zagdrum. Remember in "Dances with Wolves" when he was dancing around the campfire at night with abandon? We can do that...

Anonymous said...

This little penny is to wish on
and make your wishes come true

This little penny is to dream on
And dream of all you can do

This little penny is the dancing penny
See how it glitters and it glows
As bright as a whistle,light as a thistle..quick, quick as a wink, up on its twinkly toes

Oh, this little penny is to laugh on, to see that tears never fall

This little penny is the last little penny and the most important of all
For this penny is to love on
and where love is, heaven is there..

Songs to go to...The Five Pennies, by The great Danny Kaye
Goodnight ,Sleeptight, Lillian in Ragtime, Five Pennies Melody, by the incomparable Louis Armstrong

I sang these to my children at bed time as my mother did so to me. I think it will touch heartstrings when you hear these.

Seeker-a mama who was once a daughter, for my mama and my boy

Anonymous said...

So with just five pennies,if they're these five pennies, you'll be a millionaire.

freeacre said...

Check this out:

comet ISON... NASA fail.

rockpicker said...

Haven't yet had a chance to peruse the text of this post, but the pictures are great! Came on this last night, thought you'd all enjoy this...

wv= the icessile

...for P

Charles Hugh Smith said...

Great post, you guys have accomplished a huge amount, congratulate yourselves and bask in the accomplishments of the present. The ultimate resistance is building a life outside the madness--that's what I see you doing.
Thank you for posting the excellent series on the Great Game in the former USSR/Balkan states.

Anonymous said...

Seeker I kind of know where you're at with fingerpicking style flatpicking. I played a classical guitar for years because I never could get on with a pick, so when I switched to steel strings I carried on with a kind of hybrid fingerpicking style, but to be honest I just couldn't get the speed up enough using my thumb on the bass stings, so I went through a phase of trying different techniques trying to find direction. Closest I can describe the best style I found is similar to Doc Watson, who has a style using a thumbpick (and steel finger picks like a banjo player uses) I couldn't get one with the thumbpick so I just used my nails in a similar manor. But... I couldn;t keep up with the flapickers, so I bit the bullet and made myself use a pick, took around 3-4 months of frustration, but I got there, and I do think it was worth persevering. Do you play a classical or steel string? I play both but save the classical for Spanish style stuff, which incidentally is a good style to start to use percussion on the sound box, got some good links for Spanish stuff, let me know. Banjo Bens channel on youtube is good for bluegrass stuff, good guitar stuff besides bajo, but he also uses a pick! This Dueling Banjoslesson is where i started into bluegrass, I'll dig some more links up next time ;)Gd.

Anonymous said...

P: yeah, well done on the links! think of the tags as opening/closing tags, so for bold open the (substitute greater/less than signs for brackets) tag like so (b) close it like so (/b) so this "(b)bold text(/b)" comes out like this "bold text on the blog....

great song too, and what a voice! I loved it! Gd

Wv =unfold mmobasi ... who/what is mmobasi? I'm wondering :) night all!

freeacre said...

OMG, P, that rendition of "Over the Rainbow" by Iz is my favorite tune of all time. We played it at my late husband's funeral when we put his ashes into Lake Tahoe. More tears.

wv: divine escolde, whatever that is.

rockpicker said...

The cat,
consummate opportunist
that she is, naps
in my shadow
as I weed the sides
of a raised bed
that will trundle
cucurbits when night
sheds flannel sheets
for percaline,
and dreams me,
not clear cutting
the miniature rainforest
of lambs'quarters,
field bind weed,
goosefoot and such,
terrorizing spiders
who scatter
like poachers
before the uprooted
mayhem of my
efficient hands, but
sees, on the backs
of her lids, my hands
digging liver and bacon
dinner bits from a can
she can't quite understand
but loves

Anonymous said...

Cooool,Rockpicker, I love your poetry and your style, the way your cat loves your hands.
You paint pictures with words that flow and turn in one's head.. I love the experience..

freeacre said...

Beautiful, Rockpicker. Thank you.

rockpicker said...

"Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passin'?"

rockpicker said...

"Thank you. Please stop. Sit down. This is bein' filmed, ya know..."

Anonymous said...

Rewind... I remember talking about something on the blog, think it was climate change, one response (Randy?) went along the lines that this stuff is always on Fox News, and Fox is a disinfo platform, so the info must be disinfo. Now then, not watching Fox I couldn't really respond in depth, but I just came across this deconstruction of a Fox news item on 9/11 - the video is 30 mins long, deconstructing a 2 min news item, this is how they program the sheeple, watch it and learn to spot the NLP, break the programming :)

Total Breakdown of The Media's Use of NLP & Mind Control

Came across this quote today too:

"You must realize, that Fear is not real, it is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me, Danger is very real, but Fear is a choice."

Don't know who said it, but it seemed worth repeating (like on every billboard LOL) Gd.

Anonymous said...

will smith in after earth.

an axiom? or bullshit wrapped up in an axiom... p

Anonymous said...

its just a movie. but in real life, its a life or death question... p

rockpicker said...

If Hastings was hacked, unable to brake, steer or shut off the engine, I bet he experienced major fear after realizing the danger he was in.

Anonymous said...


Hi guys, what an incredible job you have done. I am with Gd and the rest, you should be proud. I am a little bit dissatisfied with that first sentence, it doesn't seem to express enough and my brain is out of gear today. I was thinking of something I read a while ago that scientists have discovered new, probably mutated, life forms in the lagoons of the Chernobyl plant and also on a ice covered moon of Saturn at less than 100°K above the absolute zero. The point is about the unknowing drive nature has for regeneration. I have always been at a loss to define what nature is. We know what it does but why it does it is one of the great unknowns, without invoking the hand of God at least. You guys have literally risen out of the ashes to improve on the previous model. Resurgence and regeneration is some sort of primordial force I guess. The only disappointment is that the land you are building on is such tainted fruit. This is only a matter of degree, we are all in the same situation to some level or other, unfortunately.

I saw this post not long after it came up and there was only one comment from seeker. I was just checking in before bedtime and thought I will write something in the morning. Brother in law took over the morning and the rest of the day. When I got this lap top I am using now I gave him my 22” flat screen. For the first time ever he switched it off and didn't know how to switch it back on so it was about a 25 mile trip to switch his bloody screen on for him. I guess some things are not that easy?

I have to tell you that last night I went to see Lenny Cohen live at the Antwerp Sportpaleis (Sport Palace). The guy is now 80 years old and in the fifth continuous year of the Unified Hearts Tour. To see him jumping and skipping on and off the stage was unbelievable. All I will say about the evening was that I felt humbled to have been in the 'company' of such a great presence. I have never seen a performer who kneels on the stage with his eyes closed to sing to the audience. To quote his opening remarks, “The tour seems to be winding down but tonight we are going to give it all we've got”. Sharon Robinson and The Webb Sisters compliment his 'singing' style perfectly. And for those of you who have mentioned guitar picking, check out Javier Mas, a true virtuoso on the guitar; laud; archilaud and banduria. The whole tour ends in September in Rotterdam so I might see if I can get up there for then. After that, who knows, it may be the last chance, forever? I was still living the experience at 3 am this morning so that is why I am a bit out of it today.

Wouldn't it be something to all meet up in the new tepee. After what I have said about your country, I think Uncle Sam might let me in but they might be so overwhelmed by my presence they wouldn't want to let me go. Ach, the quandaries of life.

VW man yptsat

murph said...


That link on mind control was very interesting to me. I don't know if you have experienced this in a one to one conversation but I have. A few years ago, I was engaged in a conversation with a guy and he did the same thing to me. He also admitted that he watched Fox news all the time.

I suspect that what makes this so effective is that they mix up facts and lies with abandon. It is very often difficult to separate the two. What makes this all so insidious is that often the "facts" are manufactured just like the lies, all to further some agenda. The consequence for me is that I remain fairly cynical over any presentation for which I have no personal experience. Unfortunately perhaps, this appears to be true on every single issue that I have looked at.

Take one of your favorite issues, climate change. Is the planet warming or cooling? Depends on what data you are looking at and what veracity you assign to it. Lots of data out there that "proves" either side of the argument. Of course, there is also the integrity of the folks compiling all the graphs, data points and conclusions, let alone all the variables that are not taken into account, and, whether there is an agenda that depends on what you believe is true.

murph said...


Yup, would be a gas to have the campfire meet at our tipi for its dedication ceremony. I have to admit that I find sitting in the tipi (which is not totally finished yet in the interior) has a whole different aurora from being in a different kind of structure. So far, I haven't found the words to describe that feeling.

The question of whether the universe is sentient or not, has an agenda or not, still is being debated as it has been for around 5000 yrs of history. "Primordial forces" is another means of admitting we just don't know, no workable definition of it.

Anonymous said...


I guess you caught me out sounding good without actually knowing what I am talking about, sigh – no getting one past you guys. Do you think I could get a job with Fox News. Problem is they do know what they are talking about. I think the word is deceit.

I have only been in one real tepee before, it was in a clearing on its own in one of these theme parks of the centre Parks type. I also had a strange feeling I found hard to describe. I knew I was in the present but it felt like a calming connecting with the past experience and I wondered what it would be like to live your life in it rather than just be there for ten minutes or so. Then the spell was broken and it was gone.

Here is Javier Mas using Who by Fire as an excuse for going rogue. Some interesting, fun, double bass work by Roscoe beck at the end.

Anonymous said...

Dang! That is one awesome teepee, guys! Love the rug, too. Glad things are looking a bit better there. The 'before and after' pics really showed how much work's been done. Man...

How long did it take to set-up the teepee after you have a platform/base to set it up on? I'm just wondering if, say you had to bug-out, quick-like, what the process would be, if two people could do it, etc. Hey, how hard would it be to rename the blog to something like, "Trout Clan Teepee" or "Trout Clan Fire in the Teepee?"

GD -can you play that rapid-fire Flamenco style? Man, that's stuff is totally cool. Wifeepoo drags me to every art gallery and art show in the area and at this one a few months ago, there were these two Flamenco guitar players playing and man, I was mesmerized. The art at the studio was good, but these dudes were great! Wish I could play like that, but...
tapping on my Zagdrum is just as cool. I take it outside to the garden and play all the time now. I figure the garden plants would rather hear the calming sound of the drum instead of me yelling at the carrots, "GROW! GROW!" Took the little video camera out yesterday and was going to videotape my playing again and post it on Youtube, but instead, I videotaped one of our "Attack Kitties" rolling around in the catnip patch (Kitty Doobage), which was funnier 'n shit until she took my credit card and tried to call-out for pizza -with extra anchovies!

Next to the catnip, I have a bunch of mint growing like crazy, which is great for putting into sun-tea -AND, making Mojitos! Yeah bay-bay. So, once I placed the order for their large anchovy pizza, I placed an order for my own pizza -with mushrooms.

Wow -how 'bout all of the numerous scheisse (one of the German words I learned from "The Bourne Identity") hitting the fan. Man, you wonder -what's next? Wonder when we're going to attack Syria? Wonder when the stock market is going to tank? Wonder who else will be assassinated? Etc. -but the sad part is that the sheeple will be wondering who's going to win on "Dancing With the Stars" or what Justin Beiber wore at the Grammies.
Man... talk about doomed.



Anonymous said...


Gd, Forgot to say, word on the street is Obama personally invested heavily in carbon trading until Copenhagen rightly but unexpectedly stuck a finger up at it so he had to protect his investment some way. Follow the money.

Also oil supplies may be well out of kilter by 2025.

Anonymous said...

The use of the word "sentient"when used in conjunction with the universe is a "catch 22"phrase in that most humans immediately put their own limited definition of the word and apply it with all of its human limitations and prejudices onto a vast complex,nonhuman natural evolving process.
I personally believe that everything in this process is interconnected,down to the smallest piece of antimatter and that maybe this is what some mean in this long running debate when the terms sentient or primordial are used.
Don't attack me too hard on this stance as it is only my own and based on instinct alone.

Tried to call one of my loved ones this evening to talk and reconnect and had the most frustrating time of my life. I don't know if it was the weather or the towers, or the furies
but I could hardly get a word or two in, before the phone would disconnect,become garbled,or go silent, while the phone would still show that the line was open.
An exercise in ARRGH!!, and disappointment. I have noticed that when I call to the east, I have a much larger incidence of bad or garbled connections than when I call to the west.

Gd, thank you for using blue links. I went to Doc Watson, watched, marveled and sighed with appreciation.
The little to no time that I have had to practice and increase my skill level, has been on my son's traveling guitar, a Washburn Rover.
My son played it with 150 SL,nickel wound. My girl's acoustic is also light gauge.
I have always just used my nails, but I am willing to try a new discipline and become a better player with wider range.
It will be good for Ryan, also.
We have always been singers, first and foremost ,so it is past time to raise the proficiency level in pur playing. I am also pushing my piano playing to the next level. I am driven to emote and create and I'm going to go with the flow and follow where it takes me.
The next 3 weeks are are hard running to complete this transition and then, I can direct my full attention to my musical goals and aspirations.
I have a lot of things Riding on my shoulders and I'm trying to just keep centered so that the life that I am aiming for, for my daughter and my self can be achieved. Visualization, goals and strong will and drive will get the job done.
Got to go, my Longmire is on.
Have a good eve,
Wv- ifionson appears(if I own son appears)

Anonymous said...

Gd@Murph: not experienced NLP in person as such, but I was sort of hypnotized in a weird way 30yrs ago, in the middle of a crowded street by a woman carrying a baby, I remember being stopped by her, I remember her face, and the baby, I don't remember anything she said, I know how long I was stood there either, but I was suddenly aware I was stood alone in a confused but peaceful state. I had gone out to get a hair cut, when it came time to pay I found I had an empty wallet, I later checked my bank statement and found I had withdrawn money before this woman stopped me!

Randy: Rapid fire Flamenco? I wish mate LOL Nah, I just learned one Spanish sounding scale and got real fluent in the one scale, I can do some of the fancy strumming techniques, triplets, the odd 8 beat rasgueado with hits, tried to play "gypsy kings" type stuff but it was just too fast for me, I can come out of the scale a bit, more emulating Flamenco styles than sticking to a strict 12 beat discipline, but I don't know enough music theory (lots of scales) to pull off Flamenco in the true sense of it. I think those guys who are really good spend 5 or more yrs in one of the flamenco schools dedicated to the music, immersed in the flamenco culture. People who know little about flamenco think I sound fantastic, but a flamenco player wouldn't be impressed at all LOL as an e.g. I can play this rumba, rumba el porompompero at a similar standard to this guy, but most of my Spanish stuff is more romantic, it's known as knicker wetting music round here ;) in: I was round the campfire after a few drinks and close familiarity with Mary Jane getting lost in my music one night, after a while I realized everyone was lost in it too, so I did a dramatic stop (where you might imagine Spanish lyrics come in) and asked in a whaling spanish accent "are your knickers wet yet girls" everyone rolled around laughing, maybe you had to be there LOL

Seeker: You never know, maybe you can pull off a finger style flatpick, I presume you can play country stuff? If you can play the alternate bass johnny cash style you might be able to pull off some flatpicking, but I do think you'll get to a point where lack of a pick prevents you speeding up. Have a look at this lesson Man of Constant Sorrow Guitar Lesson it sounds good played slowly too, it's in open tuning so not too taxing, and he walks you into it in nice (relatively) easy steps, if you can play that with the hammer on's etc. flingerstyle you may be able to pull it off, if you do decide to bite the bullet and get a pick, start with a relatively soft pick, something like a dunlop 0.65/0.85mm and start with the alternate bass thing, do 15 mins per day and you'll get there in a few months, it does get frustrating as your string accuracy takes quite a while to build up and you constantly want to throw the pick away because you know you can be more accurate with your fingers LOL, stick at it for 15 mis per day tho and it will come :)

SATS: Yeah, didn't the whole US carbon trading thing come out of the same Chicago cesspit where 'O' appeared from? Gd.

Anonymous said...

Seeker can you play anything like this? ? It was the tune that made me want to play guitar in the first place, and after all these yrs I still can't play it all the way through, too mant different paths took me away from it LOL one day I will finish learning it :) Gd.

Anonymous said...

there's a pre release of 'O's climate action plan out there, it's embargoed til 6am EDT so not got all the details yet, but word is there is no sign of a carbon tax/excise tax increase on gasoline, it'll be interesting to see WTF is in it. Gd.

Anonymous said...

on hastings... i missed it cuz i'm short on time. but i'll use it this morn as a name that could be substituted with any name. everyman. or woman. and i b guessin a course... guessin, cuz we're all jes sorta guessin eh? his instincts, aka primordial forces, got triggered.

sur is nice to start my day by comin here and seein all this interaction. aho peeps.... p

Anonymous said...

oh yeah... and here's another way a sayin it... when i'm on the river, not jes floatin along but in hair water, ive found there ain't much time ta think about it. ya jes do. i wonder where that comes from... p

rockpicker said...

Resistance is futile? We'll see about that...

wv= freeUS authentic

rockpicker said...

Yeah, I'd have to agree with this writer's assessment. The engine and transmission didn't just fall out of that vehicle 100 feet from the crash scene. It was murder.

murph said...

SATS and Randy,

We have had 3 consecutive days of rain and I determined that the tipi was not set up right. So, when everything dries out we have to take it down and start over. And, I thought I was following the directions so carefully too. The first try at putting up the tipi after the base was done took 3 days, and that doesn't include putting in the liner, which took another 3 days. We got the 9 ft liner instead of the the 6 ft one. Much more work plus I did a customized installation anyway. Normally, multiple light rope at the correct height is wrapped around the poles and the liner is hung from the rope. Because the rope is wrapped around the poles, it dimples the skin, which IMO is not a good thing, it abrades the canvas with the wind. So, I used heavy fence staples (round so doesn't abrade the rope) to run the rope from pole to pole. Also, if you wrap the rope around the poles, you have to put two small sticks under the rope so rain will run down the pole and not drip on the liner. Lets see now, 15 frame work poles, 4 ropes around the frame work means 100 small sticks under the rope. A real inconvenience to putting it up. I originally thought about using eye hooks but figured they cost more and would hold the liner too far out from the poles. As it is, it took just under a pound of staples to put up the ropes.

If you want to see the directions I used, go to
I also have the hard copy of that PDF file.

The major problem with put up and take down of this tipi is that the 20 ft size has a very heavy skin. Thank goodness it isn't made of hide or it would weigh a whole bunch more. Wife and I alone couldn't get the lifting pole in place, had to have a friend come over to get it into position. The lifting pole is the last pole to put in place after the framework is put up. The skin is tied to the pole at the correct distance from the ground, and then you have to pick up the pole with about 100 lbs of canvas attached to it (a 27 ft pole) and set it into position. I simply was not man enough to do it even with even with Freeacre's help.

All in all, there is a great deal of experience needed in correctly setting up one of these. I often wonder how long it took for the tribes that used them to perfect the dwelling. We have a borrowed book, "The Indian Tipi, it's history, construction, and use" by Reginald and Gladys Laubin. They spend a lot of time living in one and travel around showing folks how to do it. Very informative book and appears to me to be very authoritative.

We are still hassling with the insurance co. over the pay out. They sent us a check so we can now rebuild the shop/garage anyway. The co. wants us to take a 50% depreciation on the contents instead of replacement costs. Of course we are going to fight them on this. It is not in the contract that they can do this. If they are successful in this 50% depreciation then the adjuster gets a year end bonus. Needless to say, it really pisses me off. It means that to get replacement cost from them, we would have had to double the cost of the insurance for contents. This is real life bull shit folks. Be sure you check whatever content insurance you are carrying with your agent. It is a super deluxe screw job.

rockpicker said...

"Ya don't need a weatherman
to know which way the wind blows..."

Anonymous said...


Murph, you say you had bad weather and now the tipi looks wrong but you don't say why it looks wrong. If the poles were wrong to begin with, then the skirt would not be an even distance from the ground, which in the photographs, it clearly is. The tipi is supposed to lean backwards from the door. This can be clearly seen in the photo near the end of the instructions showing the positioning of the wood stove. Is the skirt of the outer skin now uneven around the circumference? If it isn't then I can't see why it is wrong. High wind is supposed to drive the butt ends of the poles into the ground slightly instead of blowing the tipi over. You have set yours up on a concrete base, which I would have done for choice but now high winds will have the effect of spreading the poles as far as the canvas will allow. Is it the outer canvas which looks wrong or just the inner liner which is giving problems in which case the whole structure doesn't need to come down? Do you think a pole could have slipped in the hitch whilst you were banging the staples in? The photographs in the post were before the liner was in and everything looks good. If it is a pole that has moved, you should be able to adjust it without taking the whole structure down. Are the distances between the bottoms of the N; S and D poles still correct in which case the structure is not wrong? Without more details it is difficult to call it from this end.

Anonymous said...


For those of you who were saying how difficult it is to play flamenco then check this out

And when you are blown away by that try coming to terms with this one

I have just eaten my heart out.

Anonymous said...

HA! It ain't REAL! -all special effects, man! Or.. or they're robots! Yeah, that's it.

Ok, yep, they're purdy darn good. Yep.

Gotta have to practice, I guess.


Anonymous said...

You can't have the liner in a fixed position on the poles. It has to be able to move and adjust with the bending and arcing of the poles pursuant to weather conditions and wind. Water follows the path of least resistance so look at the teepee and liner and trace back to the point ,where the water started flowing wrong. The fabric will tell the story. Are the smoke flaps being closed properly? Is the topstitching or seams in the body facing the sky side, so that the water will flow along the seams to the ground.
If you you have the teepee on a concrete base, did you allow for the water to be able to flow away from the circular base with a slight slope and escape route, so that the water won't pool? If not, a slight(4") raised wooden base might be a good idea.
The skin and liner have to be able to move on the skeleton or the skin and liner will not stay fit properly and the lifespan of your structure will be shortened drastically.
A pulley system attached to a solid base(ie, tree, building, vehicle) ,makes the raising of the lifting pole easier, in conjunction with a blocking pole to wedge under the lifting pole with the wedge going closer toward the base as th angle of lift is expanded
There are many different methods, bit in this circumstance, I personally,always stick as close to old school as possible.
HOPE this helps,,,Wish I was there to look at the construction of your skin.and to help.
Fluidity is the key to your teepee. It is s structure made to move with nature.
P.S. got your teepee dedication gift in the evening mail by the skin of my teeth. Should get there in a couple of days. Sun is coming your way. As per the insurance company, deny, delay and obstruct and then rake in the profit for those end of the year bonuses and protected hedge funds. I am sorry that two such as you are having to jump through the pointless hoops of frustration and pointlessness that is beaurochrocy beurochrocy it's worst form.

Anonymous said...

so i had this idea today. rode in on the wave from somewhere right after another saw bit the dust.... (i'm an old framer and, didn't make much matter which brand, the cut man wore the saw plumb out sometime between 9 and 10 months). they last longer for us now cuz been long time since framin. well, some of em anyway. its a familiar sound that began long before i ever heard a saw go haywire. the whole inside turns into somethin that suddenly sounds a whole hellofa lot like a haunted corn sheller. throw it away and go buy a new one.

so here's the idea... on first thought the biz model kinda represents the way an ap is built. don't know why i say that cuz i have no idea how an ap is built. anyway, you somehow make propriety claim, and thus, license enable, an exchange program. drop the old one off at yer tool supply vendor and they'll hand you a new one at discount. what makes it work is you set it up so its easy for everyone. nobody ends up without a chair. the whole thing goes back the local repair who's gettin paid to refurbish it by the OEM who supplies the parts. and hey, that one u got a discount on? its new old one a'course.

the rub... pitch this to every brand most notable in the trades til the buzzard makes the rounds and they won't let ya in no more. which is only gonna take one call if anybody's at home. so what. yer expecting it. yer way ahead of em anyway. ya did yer homework and ya know u got a couple wanna bes waitin in the wings cept they don't know it yet. don't know the wings part, not the wanna be part. they got that in spades. its called desire. not jes ta make saws or capture a market but to make the world a better place.

anyway 10 to 1, big know-it-all guy throws ya out. he'll be nicie nicie bout it cuz thats how human resources trains em these daz. based of gov recommendations a'course. which come more otta the torts records than any sense of fair play.

the last thing you say to em before headin out the door is this... ya turn around. reeeeal sloooooow. kinda like that big sky wyoming sheriff fella. and look em dead in the eye. then ya kinda get a determined set to the face jes before ya say.... ya know joe (as u light a cig)... and btw, thx for lettin me smoke in yer office. somewhere right outside this door is somebody who's gonna look at this and know they're lookin at the future. and they're gonna take a chance. they're gonna roll the dice and go all in on it. cuz they know the wave has begun. and they know ain't no thrill quite like riding the surge on the cuttin edge. thats jes a small part of why they all in.


i got a place inside me got had a damn good time writin that first draft of the exit scene and wound up feelin some primordial sense of sweet justice was served. the kinda stuff i like to feel. but i'm sur it can be a lot better with some help from the clan. think i otta leave the cig in me pocket?

or jes maybe, its the kinda thing ya jes put out there as open source.

or maybe i be jes dreamin again...

ridin the ocoee river's surge is an experience unlike any other. as guy clark wrote, the kinda stuff you dont hang on the wall thats jes one of a gazillion sacred things have happened to me that add up to all in. what's comin is gonna be a bad thing all the way down but, 'for its over, it will be a better thing. and thats a good thing. ride the wave ya'll. we're all on the damn thing anyway so we might as well try ta figure out how to have some fun. com'on, lets paddle... p

Anonymous said...

I wrote this poem about a month ago.
Only one other person has seen it before now.
It is pouring rain outside,so I thought, why not...

The horse and I

We stand facing each other
Yards apart
Taking each other's measure

The mare eyes me calmly
She knows who has the upper hand

She can feel my disquiet,but she likes me
And so
Waits patiently for my qualms to subside

Twenty five years have passed since I've had this particular pleasure
But my muscles remember
And I know they will stand me in good stead

Taking a deep breath, I move toward her
Measured stride
Hesitation hopefully hidden

Both of us know that faint heart won't win the day,and so...
I stroke her once,down her her velvety neck
Then, I turn the stirrup, grab the pommel and and swing over onto her back

Upwards, toward freedom.


Anonymous said...

thank you rockpicker this is one of the most amazing things i have ever seen. out side of a really good hit of acid.

Anonymous said...

thank you rp, this is the best
thing i have seen other maybe
then a really good hit of

Anonymous said...

rp: I read the pdf before watching the video, got to the end and wondered where the meat was, wasn't far into the vid before it looked like she'd cherry picked a few bullet points and skewed context. Some interesting stuff in there for sure, but not the promised smoking gun.

those kids on guitar were great, the Korean kids were real tight, looked a bit odd all nodding at once, someone shoulda taught em foot tapping to keep time LOL Gd.

Anonymous said...


Ha p, I saw a very early Paul Newman film years ago, can't remember the title now, black and white film I think. He was a boss in a logging company but the bigger logging company had dammed the river further downstream to stop PN's firm getting their timber to the sawmill. PN walks into the office of the top man in the bigger company and gets a sneering WTF are you doing here look. Without saying a single word, PN starts up his chain saw which just happens to have a four to five foot blade, lets the protective sack fly in the guy's face. He then saws the bosses desk in two, steps through the gap and pins said boss against the wall with the blade of the saw spinning about an inch from his gonads.
I have always fancied that as being an effective way of negotiating;-)

Gd Randy thinks those Korean kids were robots, he bmight be right. Bloody clever whichever way it was:-)

Anonymous said...

P, definitely, light the cigarette,but don't mention it,just alpha it through and go straight on to the shot to the heart.
The idea is a GOOD

one and costs so many good,needed bases in our throwaway society mindset.
I love the " stuff" song that you had on blue link and I accessed another of your links and the song and video flowed like honey...It just flowed.
I'm up for a paddling trip. I can see all of us on the river...that is of course if you do not mind an otter playing in the rapids and windsurfing the waves. I like to feel the water on my skin.
Gd,Sats,Rp,Randy and Montana Freeman, I have things to catch up with you, but I am out of time(so I will catch up with you after work)
Nice double post,Mf, I thought that was a singular anomaly only seen in my neck of the woods. LOL.
Wv- Silvai swered

Anonymous said...

s... yup. stuff. kinda has a way of sayin it all for me. paddlin trip will hafta wait. but, i'm anticipatin. mind? are u serious? hell, body surfin? like an otter? sur looks like fun but i could neva quite get thru me fear far enuf to shed the protection of the boat.

meantime, its a good day here today. strippin off the trappins of work and every day related stuff and loadin up the van. headin out tomorrow to join 600 hippies in the woods oozin down into memories of daz lived long ago together in pan. kinda like a re-enactment. kinda like a cross between woodstock and burning man. boogyin with the family to some of the best damn music on the planet. this years theme... pirates!! arrrr...

liz came home from the good will with another score. somethin for me ta wear. baggy pants with a rope pattern that makes these loop de loops as it criss-crosses itself round n round. she found it on the pajamas rack. a buck ninety nine.

and one of them balloon shirts. big puffy sleeves that tighten down at the wrists and then explode into lace cuffs that flare out.

she said, hey, you can take the lace off.

i said, no way babe! don't wanna beat meself otta a fuck-em opportunity!!

pull over. no buttons. big sweepin V front cut open to a point midway between the N's. that'd be the navel and the nipples. two red patterned sashes. one for a sky piece and the other round the waist. on top of that, this 3 cornered thing they got a name for that eludes me. with a big feather flyin on the side a'course. its perfect. she rented that thing from eddie's trick shop. same place we got the duds worn by our weddin party 14 years ago. a trip back into rennesance times. king arthur and all that. last night she takes me by the hand to the bathroom. she blindfolds me and then dresses me up in this thing. she's wearin one of her pirate get-ups as well. then the blindfold comes off and i'm off. off on an adventure down memory lane...

man, i'm stoked!! and gonna find me one of dem lone ranger masks to put with this thing. mysterious... arrrrr.... p

rockpicker said...

UK slaps moratorium on "smart meters!" Cites health risks.

Anonymous said...

Ha..P just put a right big ol smile on my face :)) I can see you now!

Arrghh P lad, I been known to dress up in me Pirate gear once or twice, first time was when Long John silver had an egg on his shoulder and an acorn strapped to his knee Arrrghhh shiver me timbers! ;) It was somthin of a tradition in the Royal Navy when we crossed the line ;) Gd

rockpicker said...

More coronal weirdness.

Anonymous said...

rp, I think that news item is BS, nothing in the MSM at all, and it would have been covered by at least 2 of the climate blogs I follow. Here's a news item reportingnews item reporting the comments made during the select committee session in the video, note the quote by the MPs, and here another reporting UK introduces obligatory Smart Metering via backdoor which reports the gov circumventing the moratorium on smart meters that was supposed to be in place. Gd.

murph said...


About the tipi.

Seeker, I am aware of all that you wrote. From what I have read, it is undesirable to have the skin be loose on the framework, the wind would then cause the skin to abrade on the poles. That is why I did not wrap the liner rope around the poles, the skin would then abrade on the rope.

As for the liner, it is not fixed to the frame poles, but rather hung from the liner ropes so it can move to some amount. The problem with the liner is that I installed the first of three incorrectly, starting at one of door poles instead of centering it at the opposite side of door.

It appears to me that I laid the first poles incorrectly and also the skin has big gaps around the tie off of the poles. I also suspect that the tripod is not set exactly right.

The tipi is on a crushed rock bed that was leveled with the center just slightly higher than the perimeter. I considered a wood platform but rejected it because of lumber costs. The crushed rock base seems to be performing as it was intended.

It was good that we had the days of rain to be able to examine exactly how the tipi was handling it. Way too much direct rain coming through the smoke hole even with the flaps wrapped around it, too big a gap. I think what I have to do is take the skin off, (including the liner) unlace the liner rope, reposition the poles and then make sure the skin goes up to the anchor rope. That will minimize the opening and hopefully limit the direct rain intrusion through the gaps between the skin and the anchor rope. I had water also dripping off the anchor rope, no idea how to stop that.

Keep in mind, this is my first experience in setting up a tipi and it is a learning curve concerning what you have to be aware of in potential problems.

As for raising the skin on the lifting pole, there is absolutely nothing I could attach any kind of pulley system to. The forked lifting assist is a possibility. Doing that has the risk of abrading the canvas on the pole or even putting a hole in it. I do know that 2 men lifting the pole with the help of a third person pulling on a detachable rope does work. It is a heavy sucker.

There are some mistakes in set up that I will not make twice, it is the "what else" can go wrong lol.

Palooka's Revenge said...

aye matie. im right beside ya brother right here on the plank. there's a new day a'comin in the land'a the sun... don't let the bastards getcha down...

speakin a'crossin the line the supreme court crossed the line into the sunshine this mornin and hopped the wave striking down the defense of marriage act and ruled SSC's are entitled to fed bens.

Justice Kennedy wrote. “By seeking to displace this protection and treating those persons as living in marriages less respected than others, the federal statute is in violation of the Fifth Amendment.”

and another... liz been havin a blast with this pirate prep thing. its good to hear her laughter. she brought me a soft cloth satchel with the word ecuador screened on the front. sewn below that is a little pocket where i can keep me coins and that map with the X on it. and an herb garden. screened on the pocket are the words... lat: 0 0 0 and the image of a temple.

its yellow trimmed in black n white. on the back screened in light blue is a mayan glyph symbol.

how bout that clan for another of them coincidences? don't pay no mind ta me ya'll. i jes be gettin me boogie on... p

Anonymous said...


Murph, I am no expert in these things and I am commenting from a distance but if the three main poles are slightly out of alignment and the base is crushed rock then why not mark where theses positions should be exactly. On the outside of these positions drive say a one foot length of 3 x 3 angle into the ground so that only about 2” is exposed above ground level. The poles will then sit inside the angle and be in their exact position. You may be able to do this without de-constructing the whole thing. Even if you do need to pull it down and start again, the angles will act as a foot to help pull the thing up and the poles will not be subject to small movements out of alignment during this part of the process. After this is done, there is no reason not to do it for all the other poles if this is thought to be necessary. That is my brainstorming two cents.

Anonymous said...

Sending out a call to my Mohican wherever in the Universe that he happens to be rollin...

Anonymous said...

Song to go to...
Come a little closer babe, by Dierks Bentley
The current is flowing

Anonymous said...

8pm, Montana time. Had to go straight from work to clean house and get all 4 dogs out of house and leave so that house could be shown by real estate people. Apparently, this is going to be a daily thing to where I have to be gone from 4:30 to 7:30.
I told my family that I at least need the weekends open, so that I can achieve my deadlines. This is driving me crazy. I can't move anything with 4 dogs in the van. I can't do any packing and moving until after 8. The storage place shuts at seven. I am back in the familiar territory of a rock and a hard space and I am tired. We have no help. I am tired of running into brick walls.
I need to get my girl dinner and then I will catch up with everybody.
We did take all the dogs up to the cabin for the first time and took them on a long walk up the mountain road. That was nice.
See ya in a bit.

murph said...


I'm new to this tipi business for sure. I won't know until I get the skin off what the pole problem really is. I think I have it identified but if we are going to leave it up all winter, I want it to be as right as I can make it. I know I have to redo the liner no matter what. I put it up in the wrong sequence. Anyway, until we get warm dry weather and someone to help, not much I can do besides take down the liner anyway.

Anonymous said...

Gd, I would have to say, after listening to you and playing your musical links, that you are flying high above me in the air currents,at this time, as far as playing ability.
I can play "country", as you put it and other genres also,but only enough to accompany myself. I am ,first and foremost,up to this point in my life,a singer and have let my voice hold the people. My son Nick was both and my brother Doug, is elegant and gorgeous to listen to on the guitar. Classical Gas is one of his favorites.
On another subject... the kind of music that makes a woman,'s knickers wet? What a turn of phrase to have at your fingertips,so to speak. I can almost picture that campfire and the fun that was had.
Sats, What wonderful events and music you have been experiencing lately. I think the next thing that you and yours should do is to come to America and see the wonderful,company ,music and beautiful waters that we have to offer. Plan a rendezvous with the Clan members at Murph and Freeacre teepee. Think about it. I am going to be asking Gd to think about it also. If it could come about with all our clan, it would be a lifetime experience. I personally think that a rollicking ,intensely cool time would be had by all.
I will even trailer the horses over. So that everybody could meet them and form a bond.
Randy, Sending out a hey to you in introduction. I hope your garden is thriving, the trout are rising to your flies,hour beer goes down smoothly, and your view that the world is going to "hell in a handbasket" is lightened by the antics of your cat and the beauty of your territory.
Rockpicker, build us some more word visions to roll around our head and enjoy.
Montana Freeman, don' be so scarce in your visits. I would like to get to know you.
And P,
I hope you have a boogie to end all boogies. May you and yours have great music, company, interaction and closeness with the life force of the Mother. I wish I could be there to experience it and I know that if my son were still on this plane, he would be right in the middle of the revelry. Go create lifetime memories. Be sure to come back with a small taste of Pan that you can relate to us, sitting at the campfire.Be safe and run wild if you can achieve such oxymoronic goal.
Best wishes, Seeker
nite, clan
Song to go to, I am a poor, wayfaring stranger,I've traveled far , from parts unknown...

Anonymous said...

seeker: hope that didn't sound too uncouth to your ears :) Here's a tune reminds me of horses (walk/canter/trot), I tried to learn it but found some of the chords a bit too stretchy, got the first bit down with the hit/strumming (might be a good hit strum to try) and I use it in my spanishy style wanderings but couldn't get the full tune down, might suit a fingerstyle player To Live - John H. Clarke I've got two of his albums, really good music (I can't play any of his tunes all the way thu LOL)

I wish I could sing and play at the same time together more, I've got 5 or 6 songs nailed, but I have to practice for weeks to get the music down enough so I can sing too, and even then I can't concentrate on the singing as much as I'd like as too much attention goes on playing, this even with songs I can nail on the karaoke, so I ain't that good by a long shot... yet... maybe a few more yrs :)) We had our regular Wed night guitar night last night, managed to keep up playing "moma don't low" but I fluffed the solo LOL now only got 4 days to get it down ! :) ! My mate brought up a blast from the past for old hippies last night, remember Donovan - Colours? nice easy open chords (G,C,D) hammer-on's and accents were a bit tricky at first, but sounds ok without them, a good one for the songbook. Gd.

Anonymous said...


Here is another blast from the past from Paul Simon. Anybody prepared to make a brave attempt at Anji.

Palooka's Revenge said...

god damnit seeker... tell em to go fish!!! they have no claim to this property until after said date. u do NOT have to accomodate them!!!! i'm not certain on the legalities but i'd just about bet the farm the law will back you on this. no need though. work a deal. tell em they can show if you want but under yer terms, not theirs!

okay ya'll... so much for that. now, to the bid'ness at hand. here i am gettin me boogie on. leavin later today. i check my mail and what do i get? the greatest news!! news from a bud. a bud with whom i share a luv for another bud. i'll call em bud 1 and bud 2.

bud 1's luv for bud 2 is dif than mine. cuz bud 1 be a she and bud 2 be a he. get me drift?

anyway,they've both regarded by me as special. but i wanna say more bout bud 2. bud 2, to me, is like the poster child for differentiation. iow, he's really different. walks to his own drum. that kinda thing. but he's been... well, kinda lost. strugglin. out there in the cold. got this great big ole beautiful heart that jes don't fit into the pix of what the eyes see. the pix of this fucked up world we live in.

but, from what bud 1 tells me this morn, somethin special has happened to bud 2. this might be a stretch but my impression is one of comparing whatever happened to the story of the return of the prodigal son. cept, the return is NOT to the classical biblical story. its a return to the real story!! the hidden story.

yeah, i know thats cryptic. best i can do. but i had to say this cuz its the best news since sliced bread. had ta share it with the family. and i couldn't ask for better news to send me off to the boogie.

divine intervention? probably. but not the divine we've had shoved down our throats. more likely with mom in the lead. its all part of the wave. it is the wave... p

wf... recklrso FAMILY. i kid u not!

Palooka's Revenge said...

here i am again. in the next moment goin back to the last to say the part i really wanted to say there...

which is kinda hard ta do. so, let me put it this way. what she said was that bud 2 is lookin toward a direction she's hoped he would do for a long, long, time. now he is and so far, stayin with it.

now, here's where it strikes home with me. she described his reaction in one word. i won't say the word but will say his reaction is EXACTLY the same as mine was. the one i had 20 years ago when i first began to respond to some distant call to come in from the cold.

damn i luv this road home. this road filled with so much horror and uncertainty. but there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it damn sure ain't another train comin at us this time... p

Anonymous said...

Gd, uncouth? Not at all. If anything I was a bit envious. Thank you go for the input , you are giving me . I write down everything, so that when I am away from my kindle I still have things to work sing also, cool and even have a weekly get together. I am glad that you appreciate the difficulties of playing and singing together. I love, as ,I said before to get in the zone, and I have never been able to hit that emotional vocal groove, in tandem with myself doing anything but the most simple of self accompaniments, but I want to spread my wings, so to speak, musically, an d you are giving me good direction.
Coming to America? I think that you and yours could have a wonderful time. Something to think about. Maybe synchronicity will find a way.
Sats, I have not given up on finding that herb garden setup. I will persevere and triumph. The seed library also. I have just had to table it for a little while ,while I wrestle this situation into closure over here. FRUSTRATING!

My girl will be gone from the 2 nd to the 5 th on a trip to Seeker Lake with a schoolgirls' s family. She is excited and I am happy for my beauty. She changes people around her with her kindness and emotive perception. I will miss her . We are a team, but it is good for her to get away from this stress,and have fun with dependable,good people.

P, Rollin toward the Boogie and feelin GOOOOOOD! Give out a couple of whoops ,wolf whistles and yee haws for me. Living vicariously through the experience in my mind.

Tonight is the night. Have not been out like this in eight years. I have been very isolated in a lot of ways. I hope there are some good dancers out there feeling my call and ready to get sweaty and have a blast. One can only hope.
Gotta go.

More people coming to see house this after noon. Maybe today,we will go to horses and try to introduce the Big dogs to them. That is going to be a challenge, to say the least.
Have a beautiful day ...
Songs togo to.. there's gotta be someplace better than this, from the musical Sweet Charity and Pachobel' s Canon( just when I need this device to show me correct spelling, it goes silent on me)..Anji? I'm look it up after work and exile from house.LOL

Anonymous said...

Sats, did you get photos ,I sent? I am not very good at the procedure yet,so they sometimes don't get to destination sent some to our clan leaders an d would like to send some to gdand rp if they would honor me with their email addresses.
The hat Is a stricken, p

Anonymous said...

TRICORN, Damn device.

Anonymous said...

TRICORN, Damn device.

Anonymous said...


Seeker, the photos came over bright and clear, what a lovely family you are. You should be proud of those you have around you and the steps you are taking to move your life along. I will send something back, a bit later. And no, I don't mind you filching my e mail address from a destination header, if I didn't want you to have it I wouldn't be nice to you on the blog ;-) From the photos it looks like you are bringing your daughter up to be a really nice person.

Put the herb garden on a back burner but keep looking occasionally, don't let it become a frustrating obsession. On a very slightly related subject, I got a couple of 10” pots and started a moss and lichen garden. This stuff is everywhere around and nobody looks at it so I thought it would be a little bit of fun to elevate it to the prominence of a pot plant. I brought some samples back from the Black Forest in Germany and took some locally. It is my intention to add different varieties to it from different areas I visit.

Gd / Seeker I have given up learning the guitar a number of times now. I did the usual thing of learning some chords then giving up when I got to F :-/ I started with a classical style nylon string guitar, one of China's best, not too dear but okay for learning. I decided that some chords were too difficult to stretch and so I bought a Strat. That was better and even though the chords needed practice I found that I could learn scales and could then pick out tunes up and down the neck but not from chords, never got the hang of that. All this talk of guitars has given me the inclination to give it another go but my fingers are soft now so I will have to go through all that business again, sigh. I did notice in that J H Clarke piece you put up, he was bridging the bar chords on the actual fret, not in the fret space, this is not a usual technique is it, or have I missed something? Those Korean kids have shown me what a wuss I am, GRRRRRRR.

Anonymous said...

Coming to America? Very unlikely, nice thought, I would love to attend a gathering, guitar in hand, but there's no way I could justify frivolous expenditure of that magnitude! If you guys manage to pull off a gathering of the clan I'll see if I can make a DVD or something to send over you can play so I'm virtually present ;) course you're all welcome to come over here and gather round my campfire ;P

SATS ahh the love hate relationship we all have with our guitar learning curve LOL (I may ramble here bear with me LOL) I played sax for 3yrs before switching to guitar (sax is not popular at parties once you've played the pink panther theme 10 times LOL) so I first picked a guitar up in 2002 during a family camping trip, my SIL was having lessons and made a particular chord progression look easy, so I got her to show me how to do it, various books/videos later like "10 easy lessons on finger-picking guitar" 10 easy.. rhythm etc. etc. I got to the dreaded F chord too, big problem for yrs, I'd learn bits of songs, loads of little riffs, but never quite put any together, I'd play loads of stuff I just made up because it was easier than actually learning to play properly LOL did this for yrs, never really got any good, until about 4yrs ago when I discovered lessons on youtube, I did Justin Sandercotes "free beginners guitar course" which is absolutely brilliant, I keep meaning to go back and do the intermediate course, but that starts with barre chords which I'm still struggling with (only having half a thumb) and then about 3 yrs ago I got a new player move in nearby, 2 yrs of playing with other people and I have come on in leaps and bounds :)

Doing the course really taught me how to practice more than anything, work on something new for 15 mins per day, don't play what you know cos that's not learning, learn how to learn chords, how to speed up chord changes etc. and you'll come on in big leaps mate :) bookmark Justins site and you won't go far wrong, check out some of the beginner song lessons, you'll love it, he's a really good teacher, ethical businessman and all round good egg :)

Oh on J.H. Clarke he's probably had the action (height between srings/fret) adjusted lower so he only has to touch the strings softly, usually you'd have to press harder, in which case your skin presses out further down the string, and if you're right on the sweet-spot just behind the fret, then your skin will mute the string slightly, so normally you'd be directly behind the fret, that's my take anyway :)

On the F chord, do a short F, only use first 3 fingers (index on E+B 1st fret, second finger on G 2nd fret, ring finger on D 3rd fret) and only play the bottom 4 strings, makes changes to C easier too, it works for me, it was the only way I could pick House of the rising sun, still is ;) Gd.

Anonymous said...

Gd@SATS on guitars, my first guitar was a gift from a mate whose band I was recording to make their CD, 11 yrs ago, it was a real cheap 3/4 encore classical, but it had steel strings on, so it was sounding progressively worse the longer I had it LOL the neck was coming away from the body as is wasn't made for steel strings!

So about 5 yrs ago, while mooching round the re-cycling center, I spotted a battered looking no badge classical guitar with no strings on, "how much mate?" "Fiver" bargain, got new nylon strings on it and BAM sweetest sounds you've ever heard LOL that put me right into my Spanish phase :) Then 3 yrs ago there's more than just me playing round the campfire, I have to start strumming a lot more, lots of new songs from other players, I had to print the songs out with chords above lyrics and make a book up so I could play along their songs too, (find any song to print this way with chords/tabs/lyrics at Ultimate guitar When I first started with the book about 3 yrs back I had about 15 songs I could join in on/strum along, could only sing House of the rising sun and play at the same time, now I've got over 80! course all this strumming and not sounding quite like you know the record on my classical, as they're played on steel strings, I had to buy me a new steel string guitar, not knowing jack about guitars and feeling all intimidated in music shops (don't know why) I hit ebay, I was looking for a real good guitar for round the campfire on the cheap, decided I wanted a big box for plenty of bass/volume, I saw a nearly new EJ 200 in sunburst with a hardcase had my name on it :) I was all excited when it arrived, I fought it for a few days, but it just didn't feel right, so I kept going back to the classical, then 18 months back my back went out bad, was in hospital over new yrs eve on morphine for 2 weeks, as it was holidays the hospital was empty, I was bored to death, so I asked my Mrs to bring in my guitar, she brought the EJ as it was the only one in a case, I used the time effectively :) got to love my new guitar, played in 4 different wards during the holidays to cheer up the other patients, I must have been a right old sight off me tits on morphine LOL :)

If you do a planned/structured [i]practice[/i] for 15 mins per day, and [i]play[/i] whenever you feel like it on top, keep your guitar out all the time, next to your chair, you'll be a different player in 3 months ;)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that Gd, you have given me a bit of reassurance there. At least I don't feel like such a bone head. I am going to check out that course that you recommended and get the beasties out and tune them up tomorrow providing wifiepoos doesn't put something else in between it.

Just watched the Summer of 42 again after about a 30 year gap. It is a very hard to find cult movie which still cost me a lot even though it was 'cheap'. It is a rights of passage movie which starts off excruciatingly cringe painful and finishes up bitter-sweet. Every kid of my generation remembers something like this on their learning curve. Nowadays kids are streetwise before they get their second teeth – sad. What was it I said the other day about nostalgia not being like it used to be. Ah!

Anonymous said...

Sats did not find herb set up yet, but did find something that I think you and yours will like and it will go well with your lichen collection.
Go to
They are beautiful,will do well in small space and are low maintenance and extremely inexpensive to assemble.
I am going to create some for my Cabin They caught my eye and entranced me.
HOPE you can utilize this.
You can use bicycle tires,cooling racks,branches.

Anywhere your fancy leads you to.
Hang the frames,decorated however you want,with the tillandsias( airplants) in bright filtered light and dunk in water,overnight, once a week.they need air circulating around them for best results.

Anonymous said...

All right gd, have Washburn Rover, will travel. am taking your advice on the 15 minutes. Relieves my stress to be working on chord changes,progressions and old riffs that Nick and I used to work on together,while I am running around and hit unexpected breaks in the flow of my day. I think that I am going to try the thumb pick and my four fingernails for a while and see how it flows. Will keep you up to date on progress. Thanks to both you and Sats. Your musical interaction with each other and the previous avenues you have shown me have given me a template to work with.
Maybe if a clan get together happens in the synchronistic future, You,Sats, and your significant others could Skype into the gathering. Just rolling balls around in my head.
Hope these posts find you well.

Rockpicker, there is a rainbow gathering happening in your neck of the woods. Are you and Oldensoul going to check it out? Could be interesting.

Freeacre, I just yesterday was able to access photos sent a couple of weeks ago. I had seen one,but not the others. I love your smile and your energy comes off the page:)

Going to start getting ready to go out. Have not done it in so long that this part will be as exciting as the actual event.
When I went to that benefit for the man that got burned out of his home, I lasted approximately 10 minutes. Just long enough to put money in the jar and listen to one song. That band is good rp. Anyway, here goes.

freeacre said...

I am amazed at how much this conversation has changed from what it has been for years. Seems like much emotion and music has been liberated. I wonder if it is because Mercury is in retrograde. Supposed to have a large influence on emotions and communication. Anyway, it is interesting to hear of our more artistic sides.
I am a big zero when it comes to music, I guess. I can't even get my CD player to work.
I am planning to paint some decorative things, though.
I like your moss pot idea, Spirit.
And, yea, on the Gay Marriage ruling. Finally, beating back some of the Fundies bullshit.
One trip down the page of "Blacklisted News" is relentlessly appalling (still).
Next week is the 4th of July. I am already gagging on the faux "freedom" we all share. What a bunch of crap.

Anonymous said...


Enough of this self effacing stuff Freeacre, you are not fooling anyone. We all know you were in a drumming band and therefore have musical ability :)

You can also put your CD's in the DVD player and play them through the TV.

So far as homosexual marriage is concerned I am going to hang my opinions on the line and anybody that wants to can shoot them down. I am a believer in the theories of Thomas Maltus. He is not a popular philosopher because he predicted doom and most people like happy theories. Although there are volumes on it, what he said can be wrapped up in one sentence. “Population will continue to increase until the food runs out and then it will collapse.” That is essentially all of it although there are a few riders. We all know what we mean by 'nature' although we have not come up with a consensus definition. Don't forget that Maltus lived before the age of oil and what he added to his theory was that nature would take steps to retard population increase to prevent the situation becoming critical. Tricks nature had up its sleeve were wars (also an unpopular view but not unnatural in this consideration); earthquakes; volcanic activity; floods; even plagues of frogs AND also homosexuality. In the sense that nature has planned this eventuality and its purpose is for population control I personally draw the line at homosexual couples of either sex, adopting children.
As for them wanting to make a commitment to each other, both emotionally and financially, I don't have a single problem in the world. I am not of that persuasion myself, but just to demonstrate my commitment to what I have just said, if there is such a thing as reincarnation then I wouldn't mind coming back as a lesbian ;-) ;-)

freeacre said...

lol!! Can't help it. The visual of you as a lesbian is hilarious! Reminds me, have you seen "Cloud Atlas" yet? Pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

god damn sats, i was thinking the same thing , if we both came back as lesbos would you dance in my wigwam ?/?
montana freeman

Anonymous said...

Had really nice time last night.Got to sit in with house band and sang "Angel from Montgomery", and "Runaway". It was cool to be back in front of an audience, performing. I have missed it.
Danced all night. Was designated driver and made sure everyone got home safe.
My girl will be camping next week, and I am using that time to finally open "The right use of will" and see where it takes me.
I am hoping l will find a way ,through to my son and creating a viable,creative,emotionally secure future for my daughters and my animal family. A journey of manifestation and a sort of sea change if you will. I have to find a way back through to my origins and break patterns of past incarnations that I believe have kept me mired at a certain point of lost in my soul. My will is strong. I just have to channel it differently, so that I can finally come to shore and travel onward in my journey.
I have made a point to go to running waters and make offerings to the Mother. I have been carrying the book with me,and now the rover. It is nice to sit on the banks and fiddle with musical concepts after my offering is made. I got a thumb pick today and my finger pads hurt a little less each day.
With this heat,my girl and I are going to get up at 5am and do the garage until 11 or so. After that,we are going to our horses and then water. The beautiful thing about the Missoula area is that there is so much water to go to.
I have started using the sound of the running waters to be a focal point for meditation and visualization of things that I am leaving openings for..nudging the warp and the weave as I say.
I hope this missive finds everyone in a state of balance and good energy.
I think that emotion and sharing are an essential part of any evolving community in conjunction with the exchange of philosophies,opinions and making a little piece of our mother earth a positive and emotionally rich place to be.

A man was walking down a long stretch of beach covered with star fish that the tide had left behind to die in
the sand. Occasionally,but with quiet purpose, he would bend down, pick up a starfish and throw it far out into the water and then continue on his way.A man walking towards him from the other direction watched this and as they came abreast of each other, asked the man why he bothered. " Look at all these dying starfish...What difference can your action possibly make in the larger view of things?"
The man looked at him calmly,then turned and threw the starfish that he had just picked up as hard as he could out into the water.
"It made a hell of a difference to that one," he said, and continued on his way.

Anonymous said...

Come a little closer baby,Dierks Bently and Longer than, by Dan Fogelburg and Summertime from Porgy and Bess

Anonymous said...

Last song of this night to go to...
Bones, by Ginny Blackmore

Anonymous said...

seeker...back in the saddle on the stage...Go Girl! Had to look up Angel from Montgomery, stumbled on a live version by Bonnie Raitt that's one soulful song, noted she used a thumbpick with finger-picking, so I had to tell you about that synchronicity ;) I bet you nailed it :)

If your finger are hurting less, I must be doing something wrong, mine are killing me LOL was hammering my solo last night, still not quite there, it has a C run in it very similar to the beginning of Steve Harley - Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) and every time I got to the C run I broke into come up and see me LOL... this is not the cockney rebel/bluegrass crossover style you are looking for... LOL Gd.

Anonymous said...

I am going to bed early. Got a lot done after a rocky start.
Just got back from Rattlesnake creek, for my daily pilgrimage to running water.Sent up my openings and put them at the Mother's feet.
Been playing around with "Don't Think Twice", by Bob Dylan. Have been working on the picking and choosing,doing variations on themes and a translation is starting to come together that I like. My hands are sore. Both for different reasons. I have been stretching my ring and little fingers on my left hand reaching for 1/2 note variations on existing chord structures for a fuller more intricate line. Playing around with different picking combos with my right. Am starting to zero in on the sound that I hear in my head and even with the cramping and soreness, it feels gooood, as P would say.
I have got my 10 minutes of obliques out of the way( guaranteed to take an inch off of your waistlineevery week and then maintain optimum personal genetic waist measurement if done daily and it works, because I have achieved goal before. My girls and I are doing it together for mutual encouragement. It feels good and increases limbreness. Going to hang upside down on my invert align and then go to bed and do it all again tomorrow morn.
I like that Steve Harley song,gd. I downloaded it onto my personal playlist,along with your contribution of Wonderwall, and Sats "The promise" and Motherland.I love the music of this world and love being shown new songs and artists. Was listening to Joe Bonnamassa and Doc Watson and Johnny Cash and Adele and Joni Mitchell and Nirvana and Marcy's Playground. My mind is full and my body tired.
Nite Clan
song to go to, What a wonderful world, sung by Louis Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Does anyone of the clan know any effective, homemade mosquito repellents? I could really use some and I don't use the OCT counter spray or ointment yet I would like some protection against the critters with all the new diseases they are carrying.
Song to go to, Golden, by y morning jacket

freeacre said...

Murph and I are going to be pretty socked in next week. Got his sister and her husband visiting Mon - Wed. Then, it's the 4th with the parade. The Grange Hall opens to accommodate the parade crowd, and then we have to clean it. After that, we have two days of volunteering several hours to the info. booth for the Chicken Coop and Garden Tour (see: LaPine Chicken Coop Tour website, it's pretty cool.) Anyway, we are going to be busy.
So have fun, Kids.

Anonymous said...

Seeker, I've not found anything 100% effective as repellant, but a tincture of Plantain is supposed to be more effective than DEET (toxic chemical repellant found in most commercial brands) when trialed by the military, I think it does reduce bites, but it's more effective as an after-bite poultice IMO, if you apply a poultice in quick time after a bite, it hardly comes up, if the bite has already swelled it stops it getting worse and soon stops the itching too. I know Lavender works as a repellant to some extent too, when I get my greenhouse finished I'll be propagating 100's of lavender plants to line the driveway and help keep the mozzies out (I think lavender attracts momzzie predators so the mnozzies know to stay clear) , a tincture of Lavender and Plantain would be a good choice IMO. Gd.

murph said...

Seeker and all,

For some reason, mosquitoes have almost been completely absent this year. Not sure why, weather has been wonky though.

Have you tried the home made mosquito traps? They actually work. So does the home made fly traps. We have eliminated 90% of our fly population using them.

Since mosquitoes are attracted to co2 the key is to limit or eliminate co2 around you. Try stopping breathing for a half hour or so and see if that works. Maybe wear a carbon filter mask to eliminate expelling co2? I've tried about everything out there to repel them. Moth balls are great to repel ticks,noseeems and fleas, not sure would work with mosq1uitoes.

I'm also not so sure about the scare stuff being put out on the diseases carried by them unless you live in a malaria prone area. Remember that the corporate way of making money is to create a problem, sell the solution and make lots of money.

I also have just a tad of scepticism concerning the dangers of some of the solutions applied to the skin. I'd have to do some research on just how toxic it really is, particularly deet. I suspect that the areal spraying to kill off mosquitoes is a whole lot more dangerous. Also, there is some non toxic commercially available stuff I've tried (deet free). Works, but not as well. One of the Avon products that actually works was Skin So Soft. Not sure if it is still available.

Anonymous said...

Murph, I tried your solution of holding my breath, but just when I started to see results,I had to gasp for air and start allover again.:-)
Gd, I usually wear Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea fragrance, but had gone to Rockin Rudys and ended up smelling all of their oils and organic lotions.
I ended up buying 1 vial of lavender oil and one of sage/sandalwood mixture. I also got a 1oz. Bottle of lavender lotion.
I got these scents to help me center in at the river.
I haven't even used them yet. I was waiting for Tuesday afternoon, when my girl leaves me until the 5th.
I have always loved the distinctive smell of true lavendar and was pleased after I read your info, that through luck of the draw, I had achieved two disparate goals with no planning. Synchronicity at its finest. Worked HARD on the garage and is about 2/3 done. Entropy evolving into order. Paring down to spare aesthetics and utilitarian needs.
I want to be able to move freely after spring of next year with the cabin as our home base.
That x equation of work onto yield is finally coming up to the apex. I feel like I might be reaching the edge of a new way of being,so I work hard to stay centered,play my Rover(it is really helping on many levels)and meditate to the running water. I am also adding improving. I found my training ropes in the garage today and decided to use them for my aerobic base workout. I always do better when I am working out regularly. I hope everyone is well and music and creativity are flowing.
Going to finish up George's and the Jewels tonite. I also found my copy of The Hobbit, out in the archaeological dig and we are going to read that together next. I read one chapter,then Ryan reads the next. It works well.
Wv- ssitur(2? I think only 1) 154

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone here could point me in some reference directions on the Bp oil spill and how much residual and continuing damage is being done to that ecosystem. All you hear is sunshine and smiles through the public meme, but I know there must be someone out there trying to assess the damage and warping of existing micro and macro ecosystems.
Tons of crude was pushed to
the ocean floor with a blanket of chemicals,that no-one knew or cared what the long term effects would be.
I wanted to be a marine biologist a long time ago, and I am theorizing that drastic damage has been done to the bottom building blocks of the food chain and who knows what genetic anomalies are occurring with what increase or regularity. The mixed land, water systems are dying off at speed of light extinction rate.
Please, if anyone has good credible, but non- corporate knowledge on who is studying this, push it my direction.
One of my brother-in-law, in Washington, is a marine biologist and my sister is a plant,soil scientist,as I mentioned before. I put this query to them also. I am doing grassroots gathering of information and working off the premise of six degrees or points of separation ,so anything tossed into my basket will be appreciated.


rockpicker said...

Seeker, Deborah Dupre wrote a ton of stuff about the on-going disaster we call the BP oil spill. If you google Examiner articles on BP oil spill, you'll find lots to read.

I just ran into an article castigating Dupre for unprofessionalism, but when I googled the complainant, Maurice Ellsberg, turns out Wikipedia has no mention of him.

Mike Ruppert, From the Wilderness, was friends with Matt Simmons, who was an oil industry analyst who said BP was lying about the blow-out and covering up the clean-up. He died of a heart attack in August, in his hot tub, after making damaging claims as to BP's honesty.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the start Rp. Still waiting to hear back from sister and her mate.
Every time I see one of those Bp commercials, it makes me frustrated that lots of people are actually believing the misinformation.
I have also, basically stopped eating
Most seafood unless I am sure of its provenance, which I rarely am.
And I love seafood, but not enough to play Russian roulette with my long term health. Lingerie is coming on in 15, so I'll cut this short, but thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Meant Longmire, but my device grabbed the spelling ball and took off running.

rockpicker said...

But, when is the lingerie coming off? That's what I want to know.

Anonymous said...

Murph said "I'd have to do some research on just how toxic it really is, particularly deet."

Deet (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) works in the same way as paralysing nerve gases used in warfare. In work on rodents at the cellular level, deet blocked an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase, whose job is to control one of the main chemical messengers used by the nervous system. researchers also found that deet interacts with carbamate insecticides, used in agriculture, increasing their toxicity.

The big issue is the unknown combinations of other chemicals in almost every commercial product interacting with deet, anything that adds to your personal "chemical load" over a lifetime is a risk you should avoid IMO.

Hmmm... some highly promoted, nay propagandized, chemical called N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide developed from nerve gas, or Lavender oil?

This is a no brainer is it not? Gd.

Anonymous said...

we might say that google is fickle. cuz sometimes its yer friend. but at the same time it's gettin in yer lingerie and yer underwear and all sorts a private matters and boundary violations.

so, be careful and keep yer hat on! at least you'll still look like ya still have some control even if ya can't feel that way any more when ya push the magic button.

if we can believe what some who have done extensive research or studied the extensive research done in the public interest rather than special interests who's interests include an agenda to deceive should the results prove destructive to their... well, interests, then we can know we didn't need the spill to find out its no longer safe to eat any food from our oceans and many of our fresh waterways.

but then, we can say the same thing about most of our food cuz the entire system is toxic to sustaining life.

there is an antidote, albeit temporary... jes go to a boogie in the hundred acre wood and, for a few dayz, all's well with the world... p

Anonymous said...

dunno what's in skin so soft (avon i think) but its handy and often what i use.

here's one i haven't used but if'n i did i'd trust it cuz i know the guy's stuff and i know his integrity and, by extension, the integrity of his products which have been proven over and over.

jes like our food and water its gotten imperative to good health to know where and how whatever we put in our bodies, minds, and spirits comes from and is grown along with where and how the grower comes from.

another thing i like about the doc is he'll tall ya how to make yer own using his formula and where to buy clean goodies.. p

Anonymous said...

FA... ya, mercury turned around may be part of it. lotsa stuff is part of it includin us. but hey, mercury could dance with the moon and would it do any thing any good if'n there was nothin there ta receive and respond in kind?

apply the same cryptic logic to what's happenin here at the campfire. its jes another way a sayin if'n the great god in the sky were really the perfection we project upon it and we all got together and asked... no, prayed for a missive healin of ourselves and our home, it wouldn't do a damn bit a good if'n we can't receive what is given. cuz, thats the thing bout love, if'n it ain't received it remains unrequited. and, sooner or later, the light goes out... p

Anonymous said...

Thank you for recipes. My oils and lotion have been working and I love their smell but in pure form ,they are going fast,so will get some witch hazel after work and experiment a bit. I am sending my lotion and oils with Ryan and told the Mother that I don't want bug spray or sunscreen applied and to use what I sent along.
I also sent along the original sunscreen,my straw gardening hat with cowrie shells around the brim and fresh sage woven thru them.
We came up to the cabin yesterday to find a whole hatch of butterflies adorning our entire front porch. Driving up to our porch, it looked mirage like,because all the butterflies were drying their wings and the porch looked alive. There were hundreds of them if not more.
They looked somewhat like monarchs, but with less orange in their wings.
I'm going to look them up after work.
Haven't yet because, been running with work, house showing and getting Ryan ready for trip. We didn't disturb them. We just got out of the van and went quietly over to Ryan's boulder and sat and watched them for a beautiful while. I have never been graced with a sight like that. It is one that I will never forget.
Gotta go, Calling work to tell them I'll be in an hour late. Want to spend a little bit of love time with my girl before she goes.

Anonymous said...

and hey... i'm jes rappin me stict. but i'm feelin a callin from somewhere distant and lost, yet primal and with direction. the kinda stuff that kinda feels like the stuff of home. or maybe the kinda stuff of seeker's mohican guy.

which begs the question, guy? maybe he's an it. like that ember you unassumingly dropped onto the fire when you dripped in here with all the magic that is you and it mixed jes right with all the magic that is us... p

Anonymous said...

still drippin with sweet boogie i took me a little walk this morn out in the forest out behind our little corner of paradise. object, to connect. or, better put, to stay connected with whatever part of the greater mohican in all of us may be callin to me. cuz, damn, its a sweet feelin!

and suddenly, guess where i find meself? standin slap dab in the middle of a patch of chanterelles. and then i found another. and another. in all their usual places. and not jes fragments of the fruit which is opten the case when they be tryin to be what they are in the midst of an uncooperative environment. but these be full and spread wide open in all they're majestic glory.

some of ya'll will remember me writin bout these before. haven't seen much of em in last 2 seasons but now, they're everywhere. a quick visual assessment, at least a 5 gallon bucket full. at 25 bucks a pound down at the whole paycheck store, thats a lotta good ju ju right here in me own garden. with more rain and tropical heat n humidity headed our way. i'll be out there collectin nectar from the gods. receivin be the operative word. we be in 'rooms for the next year!

and, oh yeah, somebody came up with this observation somewhere along the line during the boogie... the birds, the insects, and some animals... they're the fae.

we have a mascot at the boogie. this huge blow up panda who stands on a hill overlookin the main stage. ya'll know dem pandas be seet lovable little bear elves. they be that at the boogie too. but they be somethin more... they be the reminder (as if we needed another)... its pan! duh!!

some might wanna know what be in the herb garden? here's what i say... lost consciousness. and lost will. and lost heart.

is that the way ta get it back? nope. unless ya count rememberin what ya've forgotten as a kinda doorway. sometimes gengle and mellow, others times, right in yer face... p

Anonymous said...

here's that next moment thingie again... maybe it be one 'room callin to another. and we all get ta join in the dance... p

Anonymous said...

Because my girl is gone, having an adventure, I have autonomous use of the coveted kindle fire. I am on my lunch break and I always tend to hang alone,but it is way too hot in the van,so I am up in the chapel on the third floor of where I work.
Ryan and I were talking about the phenomena of butterflies that we experienced and we decided that it had to be Nick.
When Nick was alive and it was summer, he always had butterflies either around him or actually on him. This was not a singular experience but started when he was barely walking and continued until his death, so whenever we see groups of butterflies, we think of Nick. My daughter Tess, had a cool experience with 8 butterflies about a month ago ,down by the river in Connecticut,and what Ryan and I saw yesterday was unparalleled in my lifetime experience,up to this point. Some people might think that this is self delusion or wishful thinking on our parts, but I know that my son knows that I am hanging onto him like a lifeline and he is telling me on his most beautiful way to keep going and that I am on the right path,even though it is such a hard path to travel without him. I have been crying a lot of ocean tears and they hurt. I think that I can let go and find a place to grieve while my girl is gone.
Have to get back to work. At least I picked an appropriate place to feel.

Anonymous said...

Gd, just a quick note to say good luck on your solo. It is tomorrow,is it not?
Have stayed close to home this evening but am thinking of you and your music and hope you get in that elusive beautiful zone. There is nothing like it, if you can achieve that sweet spot of flow.
Rp, delayed reaction to your remark. You make me laugh and I like the way true laughter makes me feel.
I think that it is going to be a long ,hard Rollin night, and so
songs to go to... One of those nights,Desperado and I can't tell you why, all by The Eagles.
Seeker; out of the west

Anonymous said...

The most important song to go to...
Seeker/Miracassandra,otter,she-wolf and never forget,the most important aspect: that of mother and protector.

Wv- hersCE 336

Anonymous said...

seeker: tks for kind thoughts, however a week to learn my first bit of "lead" was a little over-optimistic, I fluffed it, having tried hard for the whole week to get it down, I think a month may have been more in line with my learning curve LOL the "D" run is a bitch, still trying to train my fingers to move fast enough! I practiced so much I'm not even sure I like the tune anymore LOL on the plus side, I did bang out "Make me smile" for the first time singing it on my own with other players, and that was really a result of trying to learn the flat-picking solo :) The session turned into more of a songwriting workshop, learned quite a bit, and some other stuff fell into place on top, it was a good afternoon, so much so we agreed to make it a regular jam, so that'll be 2 sessions per week if it comes off :)

Loved reading your experience with the butterflies, simply magical, or not so simple when you really think about it :)

I saw Dizzy duck this morning, nature being what it is she has managed to get 4/12 chicks past the Pike in the river, looks like these 4 are now big enough to make it through without becoming lunch for the Pike. One of the Indian runners has just had 3 chicks too, so we quickly made a temporary run for them hoping to get them through the first few weeks without feeding the Pike ;) Gd.

Anonymous said...

just dropped back in to leave this link, gota love synchronicity ;) Gd

The Power of Subtlety

rockpicker said...

Gd; I enjoyed reading about the medicinals in that link. Thanks.

Found this on that blog:

I wasn't aware of this latest outrage.

Anonymous said...

Pick myself up,dust myself off and start all over again.
Looked over my wall at unaddressed issues, but the landscape was desolate and non-functioning territory,so I turned away and brooded for a while, before deciding on a course of action.
I have written a list of all the deadlines that I have to clear,before July 25. My personality is such that if I don't clear physical issues right in front of my face in black and white that I cannot enjoy my reward time, such as going to the river,offering up my openings and meditating,playing my son's rover my horses and animals,my youngest beauty and this clan. People who I have grown to care about.
I wish that I had a red willow staff at hand for balance and fulfillment,but I will have to make do with the sage and lavender sprigs that I am carrying in my apron pocket.
I am looking at this beautiful, orange sunrise paint that is spreading out all over my mind's hardwood floor and wondering what to do about it.
Gd, I am sorry that it did not come off as you liked but am glad of the ancillary effects that were brought into your life because of that experience. Thank you for the subtlety article. It helped bring me back in from hanging out on the edges of some of my mind's envelopes.
I'm up in the chapel again. It has become my space to reflect,when not Rollin at work.
I'm going to call my girl to see how she is doing. I've got to play catch up today because of yesternights mind travels and grievings.
Mickey Newbury' s Nights when I am Sane ,and I wish I was a Willow
Tree, are running through my head.
Catch you all later tonight.

Anonymous said...

I am here. I am true. 5 Years on July 1, of a dual experience. No acknowledgement. 5Years on July 11, of a loss. Such a small word for such an abyss. No acknowledgement. At what pivotal moment did I stray from right use of power and will and wander deep into the ether of marking time? In climbing back up to the true way,my spirit path,the ways to lose myself again beckon. To settle for ambiguity and mediocrity. No. I am gathering. My current and flow tell me that. I am awake. The pain that I am fighting through tells me that.My Spiritual quest is not resolved. I am built to run the hard race, to push through. To enable other realizations. I just have to center and feel the subtleties and nuances that brush by my intuitions...warp and weave ,slight inclinations of truth trickling down from the mothers lap.and so I still myself in my deep and open. My call has been sent out.
I keep faith by my waters and dare to rise up and put my openings in her lap. The center and power of creation.
Wv- 140 quevisu(what do you see; What do you live?)

Anonymous said...

Tears in heaven, Eric Clapton
Firework,Katy Perry
Can't find my way home,Bonnie Raitt and Lowell George
Willin,by Little Feat

Anonymous said...

June 11

rockpicker said...

Here's an idea for a T-shirt.

YES we Can!
And we Ferment!
And we Dehydrate!
And we Freeze!

rockpicker said...

Stumbled on this gem on Kerry's blog, Project Camelot:

Oops, can't get it to load. You"ll have to go read it, if you're interested. She's quoting Donald Trump, on Obamacare.

Anonymous said...

America’s Coming Guerrilla War

Interesting take on things. I think any "revolution" would be crushed, denounced by MSM & Sheple, but post financial crash who knows. Any thoughts from the colonials amongst us? Gd.

Anonymous said...

yes n no gd. to begin with a rev today is in an unprecidented time from the view of both offense and defense. the cards are so stacked agin the peeps they don't stand a chance really in an arms war.

the way i see a rev being orchestrated is as a divide and conquer technique that could be played to huge advantage as a first step. l & o factions holding firm as defense only until the peeps get to tearing each other apart. then, step in for the kill with a bonafide police state. my 2 cents... p

rockpicker said...

Ruppert recently suggested that with revolt against the status quo occurring world-wide now, what we need is one unifying issue, something everyone can get behind, even the cops and militaries, to say no to fascist tyranny.

Deliberate contamination of our food is maybe a good candidate.

rockpicker said...

Here's something I was aware of, but have not yet to seen. Been too busy.

Thrive, the movie.

rockpicker said...

From Steve Quayle's Alerts page, this Monday morning.


On July 3rd I was flying out of Newark, NJ on my way home from a business trip. While waiting near my gate to board the plane I noticed a uniformed TSA agent and her supervisor were talking about 5 feet to my right. The sentence that caught my attention was when the supervisor, who was in a nice 3 piece suit, said to the agent, “Things like that end up with guys wearing black suits and dark sunglasses showing up and you’re never seen again.” At that point I began to pay less attention to my phone, but still kept staring at the screen so it didn’t look like I was listening to them:

Female Agent: “The shirt he was wearing, what did it say exactly?”

Supervisor: “’Shoot ‘em up!’ An agent at the checkpoint asked him if he could change shirts with another one in his carry-on bag. He said he had the right to wear whatever shirt he wanted.”

Female Agent: “Some people just take the freedom of speech TOO FAR!... So they let him on the plane?”

Supervisor: “Yeah, but once everyone was on board the pilot locked down the plane until THEY got there.”

Female Agent: “So they apprehended him in front of everyone? How many of them were there?”

Supervisor: “Oh yeah, it was like 3 or 4 of them. They came on the plane, the flight attendant pointed him out, and they surrounded him at his chair. They told him that he needed to come with them, RIGHT NOW. The passenger said, ‘well what about my bag?’ One agent then asked ‘Which one is yours?’ The passenger started to raise is arm to grab his bag and immediately the agent behind him grabbed his arm and cuffed him all in one move.”

Female Agent: “What happened then?”

Supervisor: “The one agent tore the bag out of the overhead compartment while two others grabbed the cuffed passenger and carried him down the aisle. They dragged him out like he was a piece of luggage. His knees were scraping on the steps as they left the plane. It looked like they tore a hole in his jeans.”

Female Agent: “How old was the passenger?”

Supervisor: “Just a kid. Looked like he was just out of high school.”

Female Agent: “Where did they take him?

Supervisor: “Who knows? Some deep dark hole. People gotta learn, you don’t f—k around with these guys.”

At that point, another TSA agent walked up and they changed the subject and my plane had started to board.

Jul 6, 2013"

rockpicker said...

Anonymous said...

Wondering if Dizzy' s four survived and if any of the Indian runners made it through. Your musicality is probably growing by leaps and bounds with the new interaction.
I think that when push comes to shove, in this country that groups of people will shear off from the main strata,form tribal units and withdraw into the hills along the turtles backbone. That is my plan of action anyway.

Anonymous said...


Any of you American guys know a tax expert or someone who can talk intelligently to the tax and who is willing to do an hours pro bono for a worthy cause? The IRS have just snatched Arthur Silber's Pay Pal account. Firstly, he wants it back and secondly he wants to know what else they might be going after him for. The guy is almost destitute and in a very poor state of health. This sort of thing just isn't right but that has never stopped them before.

Anonymous said...

seeker, I've not seen Dizzy for a while, she's moved up river because another pair of mallards have moved in, the male seemed particularly amorous chasing both females, the male holds the females head under water during copulation, which freaked out the chicks ;) If I'm over her way I usually have the dogs with me, so I steer clear or the dogs might snaffle one of the chicks.

The runners are HUGE almost as tall as the adults when they stand up straight, still being kept in a pen watched constantly by "mother goose" a friend of ours, she was up at 4am because the chicks were making a racket :) mother goose is planning to set them loose in about a week once their adolescent feathers come through fully. Gd

Anonymous said...

Gd, my west coast girl drove up from San Diego, to pick up Layla, her Akita. She will be going back on Monday, but will try to get to the river on Sunday with a friend that we haven't seen in over a decade. It should be fun. I am so glad that Dizzy is still in the picture and that the Indian runners are thriving. This will put the dog population down to three. My great pyrenees,newfie Eli and the chi-pom, Tink, and her daughter, Thumbelina, or Scrap as I sometimes call her.
A much more manageable pack. Both Ryan and I are working on public socialization and different stimuli with Eli. He is a handful,but he loves us and is a very smart boy.Have a pretty good handle on Don't think twice, by Bob Dylan. Now I can start really getting into it and working on variations of a theme. Hope your songwriting,musical evening's are stimulating and mind opening.Sounds like life is good.

Anonymous said...

seeker if you're working on don't think twice, you'll love this lesson, starts pretty basic but there's some tricky picking examples later onBob Dylan-Don't Think Twice It's All Right GUITAR LESSON played on a gorgeous Taylor too :) Gd (still struggling with that mama don't low break)

Anonymous said...

sats... sibler is a hero of mine and it's obvious he needs some home cookin. i will put out some feelers... p

Anonymous said...

Interesting observations from the "anti-new york times" who reckon
Julian Assange (Wikileaks) and Edward Snowden are NWO con-men! FAKE AND FAKER

have to agree anything the MSM hype in unison is usually someone shouting "check" on the grand chessboard. Gd

Anonymous said...

Songs to go to...
Imagine dragons, Radioactive
Steve Hull, Love don't run
Gd, thank you for that link to picking variations on Bob Dylan's Don't think twice. I have to type it in and have not found the time yet ,but am looking forward to it. Found one of my son's guitar books with his footnotes throughout. It was a wonderful find and I cannot wait to spend time inside of it with my son looking over my shoulder.
Started reading the Williams, but will have to finish it at lunch break. Hope that Mama don't low break is progressing to your satisfaction tion. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Steve Hull, not Holy and wikileaks, not Williams.
I have noticed that mainstream media is extremely selective in what they cover & how, often leaving obvious questions of the " who, what, when, where and why", minimally answered or totally unaddressed, leaving large deductive holes in their coverage .
Then, when power and slant are applied; the saga of the American Indian Movement and its struggles and the BP oil spill and ongoing consequences being 2 good examples, the story and coverage disappear into the ether,never to be addressed or elucidated on.
Just today, I saw an obviously contrived(to me), interview release with Snowden, stating that he had blueprints for the entire running ops of the NSA, but that he had no intention of releasing them because it would impact national security. Well, duh..
What the neck was the point of that agenda release, I would like to know.
Anyway, that is why I consciously turn away from news and just concentrate on positively affecting my people and my environment
I like to think of it as the starfish effect.

Anonymous said...

I want to share something that happened in our starfish world recently.
Ryan and I experienced a beautiful piece of synchronicity, when a friend sent us a stained glass butterfly light to remind us of Nickolas.
8 or 9 months ago, I had bought my Ryan a stained glass butterfly light of the exact same type but made up of different colors to remind her of her brother.
Now, we have a pair that we set on each end of my mother's piano, mfacing each other.
It is so cool and they make us so happy..
This world is still beautiful and the people that are in my microcosm are wonderful.
Life is good. I am blessed. I send my thanks out to my water,my people,my music and the Mother that sends down her love and grace to all on this earth.
Tonight, I will be watching my fictitious Mohican, Longmire, and experiencing the developing characters and the thread of mysticism that runs through the center of each plot.
Songs to go to...
Tom Petty et al..Free fallin and While my guitar gently weeps

rockpicker said...

Can't argue with Paul Craig Roberts on these points:

Everyone must be busy, busy. Mighty quiet 'round the campfire...

Anonymous said...

Song to go to...Last chance Texaco,by Rickie Lee Jones
Diamonds and Rust, by Joan Baez
Running through my life and trying to be in it.
Greetings sent out to the silent clan.
Rickie Lee Jones, We belong together

freeacre said...

Sorry, Folks, for the lack of interaction. True, been busy. But also overwhelmed with the bad news on-going regarding the relentlessly advancing police state, et al. Plus the heat.

Good stuff on Carolyn Baker's site.

She has been blowing me away lately with her insights. Gotta get her new book.

Anonymous said...

Required song to go to....
Same Love, Macklemore
ROCKPICKER, I like this message, and that is an understatement.
To my clan. Seeker

freeacre said...

I went to the youtube video where it showed the lyrics. It was good. Very tastefully done, and lovely.

Anonymous said...

Freeacre, When I recommended the song, I had not yet seen the video. I had just heard the song and been captured by the lyrics.
The statement about the whole of our society, and the way that the inherent hypocrisies that are operating in the system, creating a false front , if you will, with an ugly underbelly, not even Making a pretense of hiding anymore. The violation of our inalienable rights. The twisting of the beauty of our Mother and translating natural states of being and inherent differences into things that should be shunned and reviled, when in doing so, it lessens our humanity and effects the larger picture of balance in our macrocosm. The various political agendas and power structures encourage this base translation of life and interaction, because societal structure that is led and encouraged to operate in a state of hatred, fear, and divisiveness, is one that can be easily swayed to the egocentric, self serving , short sighted and destructive agendas of that powerful 1 percent at the top that encourages apathy, prejudice and a crushing of the collective spirit of the whole.
I wish that the video had portrayed the larger issues that were addressed in the song, as well as just that one aspect.
I would encourage people to read the lyrics... soak on the song... and let your own video play out in your head, to see where it takes you, individually and see how it strikes you then.

freeacre said...

Here's another good one..

Anonymous said...


Yes Seeker, they are good lyrics. I have hung my views on homosexuality out for everyone to see further up this page. Just as a side issue don't you think it is kind of unfortunate that you can't use the word 'gay' to mean happy and carefree any more, although I guess it is kinda neutral, one word in the language and one word out. And pity anyone who was christened with the name Gabriel. Fortunately I don't think it is all that popular these days.

I am probably going to hear howls of protest here but the whole homo , abortion etc issues should adopt their rightful position in the scheme of things. They are just side shows thrown in front of us and designed to keep us engaged so that we don't notice the slow but unrelenting progress of the tanks from the other end of the street.

I don't quote many people these days so you can probably guess who the author is. No agricultural or horticultural implement here, to him a spade is a bloody shovel and always will be. Here is the latest chapter in the ongoing reproduced in full.

“Yay, Transparency!
To think that only two days ago, I wrote: "[J]ust as was true of the deliberately 'leaked' stories about the State's Murder Program and Kill List, the ultimate effect [of the surveillance revelations] will be resignation, acceptance and even, in some cases, enthusiastic approval. As the murderer in my story says: 'we decided the publicity was a great advantage.'"

Now this news:
The U.S. government said on Friday a secret court that oversees intelligence activities granted its request to continue a telephone surveillance program - one of the two data collection efforts leaked by former security contractor Edward Snowden.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, or ODNI, said its authority to maintain the program expired on Friday and that the government sought and received a renewal from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court.

The ODNI said in a statement it was disclosing the renewal as part of an effort at greater transparency following Snowden's disclosure of the telephone data collection and email surveillance programs.

A top official said earlier on Friday that intelligence officials were working to declassify information on the programs that Snowden had already partially disclosed.
So the government's massive surveillance program has been renewed by the superduper secret court -- but we know all about it now. Some critics will strenuously object, saying that details of this kind alone aren't what they mean by transparency. They want to know more of the inner workings of what the government is doing, and the legal reasoning on which it bases its activities. But the story indicates that the government is diligently working to provide that sort of additional information. Imagine that, some months from now, we have been told a great deal about the State's surveillance activities, and the State has released all the legal memos justifying that surveillance. And all the surveillance programs continue exactly as before. Would that make you feel better?

Anonymous said...


"The endless harrumphing about the critical importance of "transparency" is one of the more ridiculous fetishes on the part of many of the State's critics, and especially as voiced by many "dissidents." A monstrous criminal, who rapes, tortures and murders an endless number of people -- women, men and children -- tells us all about his crimes and how and why he commits them. He continually manages to elude the authorities, and he goes right on committing his heinous crimes. But we know every single detail about what he's doing and why. Explain to me why that represents some kind of moral improvement.

I've been over this ground before. I was writing about the Murder Program, but these general principles also apply to the State's surveillance activities:
But about the question of oversight, and the related pleas for "accountability" and "transparency": keep in mind what the Murder Program is. The executive branch claims that it can murder anyone it chooses anywhere in the world, for any reason it wishes. Someone needs to explain to me how oversight, accountability and transparency will make such a program better. But they can't explain that -- because it cannot be done. A program that is evil in the manner the Murder Program is evil cannot be "improved," or "managed" so as to make it decent and humane. The Murder Program is an abomination. You don't "fix" abominations of this kind. You end them. You end them this very moment. As I said about this issue last November:
Evil does not become less evil because people are "open" about it. It is not miraculously transformed into good through some mysterious process of alchemy. Evil becomes only worse, infinitely worse. ...

So if certain "critics" of the Murder Program get what they want, the State will be blessedly open about its programs devoted to evil. It will torture and murder regularly, perhaps every day, but in broad daylight, with all of us watching.

And a lot of people will be very pleased indeed. Pleased, hell. They'll be goddamned thrilled.
With regard to the State's Murder Program, its surveillance activities, and every other means by which the State seeks to subjugate and control all of us, I am not the least interested in oversight, accountability or transparency. I want all such programs and activities to stop. That's it. I want them to stop.

But you mark my words: the State will make additional, continuing efforts to be more "transparent." Many of the State's alleged "critics" will herald this important change in how the State functions. The "critics" will trumpet their victory, and talk endlessly about how this proves the importance of "constructive engagement" with the State.

And while the State is being so blessedly transparent, it will not only continue all its present programs: it will expand them -- but now with a touch of transparency added. The programs will expand and get progressively worse, and any criticisms that are still to be heard will steadily grow softer and more infrequent.

The State is far better at this game than its critics. The State knows all about providing a sufficient illusion of oversight and transparency to satisfy those critics -- while the State proceeds to do precisely what it wanted to do all along.

So now you are beginning to know more about the evils perpetrated by the State. Bully for you. Hoofuckingray.”

freeacre said...

You nailed it, Spirit. I am so horrified by the whole mess out there that I am just stuptified. All hope for things getting better is off. Inmates are starving themselves in prison protests in California and being force fed, there and in Gitmo. Where is the outrage? I guess it's OK because we know about it. Right. A black woman receives a 20 year sentence when she fires a shot in the air in self-defense, while Zimmerman goes free. Where's Al Sharpton?
What a bunch of shiit. The generals and deputies of defense are leaking horrid secrets all over the place, being incarcerated and hounded, and all we hear about is fucking zimmerman. The only good thing is that Monsanto is getting kicked out of Europe, but the new TTP treaty will make certain that their influence around the Pacific will more than make up for it. And, of course, we will continue to be fucked every which way.

Anonymous said...

could be worse guys, you could have the royal birth filling your news for weeks as if it was gods gift to humanity and the only baby ever born...d'oh Gd

rockpicker said...

Michael C. Ruppert, who wrote Crossing the Rubicon and made the movie Collapse, has a radio show each Sunday evening. Archived here:

Anonymous said...

PRN's database collapsed, love the irony LOL

MCR lost it a long time ago IMO, I'll sum up his show since the db is down...

"We're doomed, financial collapse will come this week it's so obvious even a gorilla can see it, environment collapse came last week, puff puff pass, I saw a UFO, did I mention we're doomed, please send money, puff puff pass, here is a guest who agrees with me, we're so doomed, here is some music about doom, puff puff pass, my other listener who agrees with me is on the line, please send more money, this week is the end of the world, puff puff pass, tune in next week when I will come back reincarnated as your spiritual guide, puff puff pass, please send my dog rags some money" Gd.

Anonymous said...


I wonder if he ever played cricket, being American I highly doubt it. Cricketers are the only regular guys who use their middle initial or in fact all their initials as a matter of course. MJK Smith as an example for those with long memories. There again it is normal practice to shorten their last name to its stem and then put 'ers' on the end. So MJK Smith would become Smithers; Brian Johnston was always Johnners etc. Does the great MC sound like a Rupers to you? Probably not. We should not take away from him the good work he allegedly did from the Rubicon times and also the Wilderness times. I say allegedly because at the time I could not get the Rubicon in Belgium and the Wilderness was a subscription site and then I had no means to pay for it. Others whose opinion I respect had good words for it. I think he had a couple of faults, he became increasingly fond of himself and he started believing all his own material. He set himself up as the paternalistic arbiter on all things oily and doomy, decrying these upstart new kids on the block like Rense etc. He then became infuriatingly supercilious with people that flat out disagreed with him, offering to debate matters for a high purse before an eminent jury. As an asset to the cause his influence diminished, probably under the weight of his own pomposity although he still has a loyal core following.

Oh Gd you have gone and spoilt it now, I was completely unaware of any Royal birth until you let the cat out of the bag – Rats! By the way, did you know we have a new king. He can't be any more useless than the last one. When we couldn't form a government for nearly a year and a half , all he would say was “I'm terribly worried, those separatists are going to split the country and throw me out of a job so just go away and sort the situation out”. Makes you wonder what we were paying him for? The new king has represented our country at Bilderberg so it is reassuring to know we have someone in power who is batting for our side.

Anonymous said...


Since the conversation has touched on matters homosexual I thought I would share this internet find with you. It also posits the intriguing question of why you can't own a Canadian.

Why Can't I Own a Canadian?
October 2002
Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a radio personality who dispenses advice to people who call in to her radio show. Recently, she said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22 and cannot be condoned under any circumstance. The following is an open letter to Dr. Laura penned by a east coast resident, which was posted on the Internet. It's funny, as well as informative:
Dear Dr. Laura:
Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some of the other specific laws and how to follow them:
When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord - Lev.1:9. The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?
I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?
I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness - Lev.15:19- 24. The problem is, how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense.
Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians?
I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself?
A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination - Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this?
Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room here?
Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev. 19:27. How should they die?
I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?
My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? - Lev.24:10-16. Couldn't we just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)
I know you have studied these things extensively, so I am confident you can help. Thank you again for reminding us that God's word is eternal and unchanging.
Your devoted fan,
As you have gathered this is mainly a bit of a fun poke at Leviticus. I have always wondered why this particular bit of the Torah found its way into the Old Testament.

freeacre said...

lolololol... "Why can't I own a Canadian?" I love it!

Anonymous said...

GD@SATS LOL too funny, I wonder if we could purchase your King, the Germans we own now seem about as much use, but a change is as good as a rest, and ours seem to breed faster ;)

on sexuality: Seems to me there is a scale for physical sexual expression, in all humans and animals, with 100% female at one end and 100% male at the other end, I guess 100% hermaphrodite fits in the middle. There is another similar scale for emotional sexuality, with a preference for female partners at one end, males at the other, 100% bisexuals in the middle, this scale seems totally unconnected to the first scale. Why some people think they can denigrate, or take offense at anyone who does not occupy the same position on either scale as themselves, just because the ratios are different, is a mystery to me. Under natural law one's own rights end where anothers begin, I could never see the crossover regarding sexuality.

btw, it's a boy! seems now is a good time to watch for the real news to sneak out under all the royal fuss ;)

This post is punctuated with a G Run ;)

freeacre said...

I note with sadness the toll that has been taken on Mike Ruppert. Personally, I will always be grateful to him for informing us of the potential housing market collapse. If we had not sold our home in Tahoe and moved just in time to central Oregon, we probably would have lost our home and be in very sad shape today. His book was the vanguard for learning about peak oil, peak resources, financial collapse, surveillance computer programs and the money-laundering bank/drug cartel entanglement. So, kudos to him. Carolyn Baker, Jenna Orkin, and Catherine Austin Fitz, too. Bless them all.