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The New Great Game in the Old Russian Empire - (Part 2 of 2)

The Dilemma of the Caucasus

In the spring of 2010, Secretary of Defence Gates paid a visit to countries within the Caucasus region. This was followed a couple of months later by a visit by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who covered much of the same ground. At the time it was reported that not much was expected to come out of these talks and in fact, not much was achieved. The question then comes of why did such high profile players go at all. A sufficient time had elapsed for the dust to settle since Putin hammered Junior into the long grass in Georgia. The situation left over was an uneasy stalemate and the last thing anybody wanted was to have another Yugoslavia in the Caucasus so the visits were essentially showing the flag and calling for cool heads. The area is quiet for now but quiet is not reassuring anybody. Before 1989 Russia had control of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia with its southern border running alongside those of Turkey and Iran. In the confusion of the fall of communism, these three states declared their independence and pushed Russia's border north by between 100 – 200 miles. Russia still had control of the mountains proper but it has lost its first line of defence before the high ground. Also, it had lost its direct bargaining power with Turkey and Iran. In the nineteenth century, these borders were a dynamic area but froze during the Soviet period. Now the ball is in play again. None of the primary powers completely control the region and there are competitions between the secondary powers and between the secondary powers and the primary powers. Given that the region involves the Russians; the Iranians and the Turks it is inevitable that the USA would also have an interest, hence Hillary's visit. Thus, seven players are involved in a very small space. Think of it as a cauldron framed by Russia Turkey and Iran which is occasionally stirred by Washington for whom each of the other three major powers poses some special challenges, to various degrees.

The Caucasus comprise two mountain ranges. The Greater Caucasus lie within Russia's domain. The lesser Caucasus are in Georgia and these ranges are separated by two plains, a smaller one on Georgia's Black Sea coast connected by a valley to a larger plane which is essentially Azerbaijan.

The Caucasus have always been an important stronghold for Russia. North of the mountains lies Russia's agricultural heartland, flat and without any natural barriers for hundreds of miles. The mountains are virtually impassible, especially to military vehicles so as long as Russia maintained a presence there it was secure from invasion by Turkey or Iran. Currently, maintaining a presence in the mountains is as much as Russia can hope for because although it owns the land it is a moot point whether it has full access to what it owns. The high mountains contain several semi autonomous regions and each of these regions are home to a bewildering number of nationalist insurgencies, more on these later. The majority of Russia's southern border is with Georgia, the remainder is Azerbaijan. From Georgia's point of view, Russia represents a threat and in fact in 2008 Russia recovered about a third of the Georgian territory it had formerly lost. This followed Saakashvili's expansionist military adventure when he was acting as a proxy (read patsy) for the USA. From Russia's point of view, Georgia represents a double threat. Firstly it accused Georgia of aiding Chechen rebels in their 1990 bid for UDI. A charge which Georgia denies. Secondly the USA chose Georgia as its ally in its program of the encirclement of Russia. Russia needs to hold the mountains otherwise one of its great agricultural areas is not secure. If it stays, it is in for an interminable ethnic fight with rebels who hold the high ground. Previously, these areas were enclosed but now many of them have common borders with independent states. Russia is damned if it does and damned if it doesn't.

The Russians also maintained a close relationship with Armenia, where they continue to station more than 3,000 troops. The Armenians are deeply hostile to the Turks over demands that Turkey admit to massacres of large number of Armenians in 1915-16. The Armenians and Turks were recently involved in negotiations over the normalization of relations, but these talks collapsed, probably because of Russian interference. The issue was further complicated when a U.S. congressional committee passed a resolution condemning Turkey for committing genocide, infuriating the Turks.

One of the counter-charges against Armenia is that it has conducted its own massacres of Azerbaijanis. Around the time of the Soviet breakup, it conducted a war against Azerbaijan, replete with the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis in a region known as Nagorno-Karabakh in western Azerbaijan (see map), leaving Azerbaijan with a massive refugee problem. While the U.N. Security Council condemned the invasion, the conflict has been frozen, to use the jargon of diplomats. Azerbaijan, for its part, cannot afford to take on Russian troops out of Armenia, in order to recover this area whilst it shares a northern border with Russia and Armenia finds it politically impossible to give the area back.

Even though Georgia and the USA have formal ties, Azerbaijan is also pro Western, having formal relations with Israel. It has supported the war in Afghanistan and made logistical facilities available to the USA. This is another one of Russia's woes but this does not mean that Azerbaijan is not without its own problems. Before WWll it was a lot bigger than it is now. Most of what was Azerbaijan is now Iran and that is where the majority of Azerbaijanis now live. The Imam Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was an Azaibijani but whereas he was a Shi’ite nearly all Azerbaijanis are Sunni Muslims. Shi'ites are more sacred and take literally the word of the Koran, whereas Sunnis are slightly more secular and model their behaviour on the way Muhammed conducted his life. If it helps, you can think of the Shi'ites as being more akin to the Catholics and the Sunnis more akin to the protestants. An important issue Azerbaijan has with Iran is that Iran is sending clerics into their land to open Shi'ite schools and thus dilute the beliefs of their country. Adding to the complexity, Azerbaijan has long been a major producer of oil and has recently become an exporter of natural gas near the capital of Baku, exporting it to Turkey via a pipeline passing through Georgia. From the Turkish point of view, this provides alternative sources of energy to Russia and Iran, something that obviously pleases the United States. It is also an obvious reason why Russia sees Azerbaijan as undermining its position as the region’s dominant energy exporter.

Moscow, for its part would welcome the installation of a pro-Russian leaning regime in Georgia to link up both with its 1998 gains in the region and its position in Armenia. They would then become a force to harass Turkey and to Face Azerbaijan. The USA would oppose this for the same reasons that Russia would want it. The Russians would like to be able to integrate Azerbaijan’s exports into its broader energy policy, which would concentrate power in Russian hands and increase Russian influence on Russia’s periphery. This was made clear by Russia’s recent offer to buy all of Azerbaijan’s natural gas at European-level prices. Any gains by Russia in the region would disadvantage Turkey so whether they want to or not, Turkey must support Georgia.

Iran would like nothing better than to re-establish its pre WWll dominance over Azerbaijan but such a move is not in the offing and is very unlikely to happen. What would be a problem for Iran, so far as it has one, is that the opposite would happen and Azerbaijanis living within Iran would try to link up with their former homeland. Consider this from the American side. When we look at the map, we notice that Azerbaijan borders both Russia and Iran. That strategic position alone makes it a major asset to the United States. Add to it oil in Baku and investment by U.S. companies, and Azerbaijan becomes even more attractive. Add to this that its oil exports support Turkey and weaken Russian influence, and its value goes up again. Finally, add to it that Turkey infuriated Azerbaijan by negotiating with Armenia without tying the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh to any Turkish-Armenian settlement. Altogether, the United States has the opportunity to forge a beneficial relationship with Azerbaijan that would put U.S. hands on one of Turkey’s sources of oil. At a time when the Turks recognize a declining dependence on the United States, anything that could increase that dependence helps Washington. Moreover, Azerbaijan is a platform from which Washington could make the Iranians uncomfortable, or from which it could conduct negotiations with Iran.

The Kurds are the worlds largest ethnic group without a homeland of their own. Although not directly in the Caucasus theatre, the land they lay claim to extends across Northern Iraq; South East Turkey and into Iran. The Kurdish military the PKK has for some time been making forays into Turkey out of Iraq. If they, at some future time, caused problems in Iran and laid claim to the lands occupied by Azerbaijani groups this has the potential to cause a domino effect into the Caucuses proper. Since this land is in the region of some of Iran's richest oil fields then Iran would make this potential problem go away before it became a real problem however it is another factor to be built into the equation.

As mentioned earlier, Russia has its own ethnic problems. The Greater Caucuses are home to a myriad of ethnic groups. STRATFOR (The Office of Strategic Forecasting) identifies 16 separate groupings however The Joshua Project, who have given themselves the task of selling Evangelical Christianity to peoples who have had 1200 years of Islam, identify 24 so theirs is the map I am going to go with. I have not looked into all 24 groups myself but I will give you a few to let you see the type of peoples they are. The Chechen people are definitely the stone in Russia's shoe. They are the Russian equivalent of the Taliban, the same ones who saw off the Red Army from the mountains of Afghanistan. Remember that Russia cannot afford to loose its foothold in the Caucuses so it must contain the situation at all costs.

Chechen Peoples (Population 1 431 000)
The Chechen live in the remote valleys of the Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. They are a strong, determined people with a long history of fighting for their independence. Soviet rule dominated the Chechen during the first half of the 20th century. For years the Chechen had based land tenure upon joint-clan ownership. When the Soviets introduced the idea of property ownership by society rather than by clan, the Chechen fiercely opposed it.

When World War II broke out, most Chechen opposed the Germans and fought alongside the Red Army. Despite this, in 1944 many of the Chechen and their

neighbors, the Ingush, were deported to central Asia. They were allowed to return after 1968. On October 27, 1991, the Chechen Republic declared its independence. Since then Russian troops have invaded Chechnya to regain control, and as a result much of the nation lies in ruins.

The Chechen span a variety of occupations and income levels. Most grow grains, vegetables or fruit; others work in oil refineries or are stockbreeders, particularly of fine-fleeced sheep. Chechen women work outside of their homes daily, as do other women in the former Soviet Union. The Chechen generally marry outside their own clans. Marriage between blood relations is forbidden within a span of three generations. A dowry is paid by the bridegroom's family to the bride or her family as a guarantee against divorce. Traditionally, a Chechen wife is not allowed to eat with her husband or to speak to his relatives; her role is one of subordination.

The core of the Chechen society is the taip, a clan-like organization whose members descend from a common ancestor. An assembly of elders, with their own court, rules each taip.

Ossetian Peoples (Population 529 000)
The Ossetians call themselves "Irons" or "Digorons," and are one of the oldest Caucasian peoples. When the Iranian speaking tribes (Alans, Scythes and Sarmats) settled there, the local population took their language and many cultural features. The Alans and the Ossetians started the formation of the Ossetians. This alliance was destroyed by the Mongol-Tatars, and the Alans were driven from the plains to the mountain ravines, part of them moving to the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus where they still live. Like other Caucasian peoples, they preserve and develop their traditions, customs and holidays. These are remembered in tales, proverbs and songs that depict the centuries-long history of the Ossetian people.

Most Ossetians live in North Ossetia (capitol is Vladikavkaz) and a large number also live in the Republic of Georgia. A smaller number are in South Ossetia (surrounded on three sides by Georgia). The Ossetians and Georgians have a long relationship and share some of their customs. There are also numbers of this group in Kabardin-Balkaria and the Stavropol Region of Russia. North Ossetia and South Ossetia straddle the northern border of Georgia. Most of the Ossetians professed Christianity that came from the Byzantine Empire and Georgia during the sixth and seventh centuries. Islam spread into Ossetia in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.Most of the Ossetians are Orthodox. A large number profess Islam (Sunni).

Kalmyk-Oriat (Population – 183 000)
The Kalmyk of Russia are Mongolian in origin. In the 16th century, the Kalmyk, or Oirat, left their homeland, now known as areas of north-west China, to avoid political and economic pressures. They had hopes of settling in the rich pastures of the northern Caucasus Mountains.

In 1771, the majority of the Oirat decided to move back to their homeland in order to escape the Russian dictatorship, but only a few survived the long journey. Those who stayed behind in Russia became known as the Kalmyk, which means "to remain." As Kalmyks looked for their identity, they discovered it in Buddhism.

In 1943, Stalin had the Kalmyk descendants deported to Siberia for allegedly uniting with occupying Nazi troops. About half did not survive the Siberian cold; others were so dispersed that the Kalmyk language and culture suffered irreversible decline. In 1957, after Stalin's death, they were allowed to return home. Modern day Kalmykia is located north of the Caspian Sea and west of the Volga River. Animosity still remains between the Russians and Kalmyk.

After their return from Siberia, many Kalmyk were forced to conform to the Soviet lifestyle, living in traditional grey, five story apartment complexes of the 1950's and working in industrial plants. After Perestroika, or the collapse of the Soviet regime, the economy disintegrated and factories closed, leaving many unemployed and causing widespread hardship.

Kalmykia is composed of steppes (treeless plains), semi-desert, and desert. It does not have good soil for crops. In rural areas, there are herdsmen who raise cattle, sheep, goats, and a few camels. They are known for their love of fine horses and horse racing. Those who live in the narrow neck of land with access to the Volga River are fishermen. Many have a small garden plot in the yard, growing melons, corn, and potatoes for their families. Some are employed in the trades, earning barely sustainable wages. Others continue to live as nomads, their lives characterized by seasonal migrations. Their dwellings are portable tents called yurts.

The Kalmyk traditionally lived in extended family units with a mother and father, married sons and their families, and unmarried sons and daughters. Today there is a growing tendency toward nuclear families. Couples usually marry in their early to mid-twenties. Kalmykian law still allows polygamy. Sadly, divorce is becoming more common, and legal abortion is the principal means of birth control.

The traditional Kalmyk dress includes velvet hats, loose fitted coats, and heavily padded long pants. Men often shave their heads, except for one small area in the back that is reserved for a ponytail.

Oral history in an important part of Kalmyk culture. It is traditionally recited by a poet and accompanied by a two stringed lute called a dombr. Favourite past-times include storytelling and singing.

Their diet is largely one of meat and milk. At social gatherings, the Kalmyk enjoy drinking kumiss (fermented mare's milk) or Kalmyk tea made of tea leaves, milk, butter, salt, nuts, and sometimes even meat.

In the late 1500's, the Kalmyk adopted Tibetan Buddhism. Many were later forced to convert to Russian Orthodoxy. Kalmyk Buddhism is a mixture of ethnic beliefs and Shamanism (belief in unseen gods, demons, and spirits). The people continue to depend on shamans, or medicine men, despite laws forbidding their practices to cure the sick by magic and communication with the gods. The obo, a heap of stones thought to be inhabited by local spirits, often serves as a site for performing various rituals. Occultism is occurring as Kalmyks have the custom of going to a Buddhist temple and inviting the gods to live inside them. Many are possessed by demons. Some are now being persuaded to join the Muslim religion.

Now that Russia has lost the foreground of Azerbaijan and large parts of Georgia, the peoples of the Greater Caucuses are its first line of defence. Many of these peoples have suffered directly as a result of Russian policy and are antagonistic towards the people whose land they occupy. The above section is intended to be representative of the immense cultural differences that must be reconciled within its own borders before it can be tempered with its expansionist ideals.

An American strategy, on the other hand, should include Georgia, but Georgia is always going to be weaker than Russia, and unless the United States is prepared to commit major forces there, the Russians can act, overtly and covertly, at their discretion. A Georgian strategy requires a strong rear base, which Azerbaijan provides, not only strategically but also as a source of capital for Georgia. Georgian-Azerbaijani relations are good, and in the long run so is Turkey’s relation with these two countries.
For Azerbaijan, the burning issue is Nagorno-Karabakh. This is not a burning issue for the United States, but the creation of a stable platform in the region is. Armenia, by far the weakest country economically, is allied with the Russians, and it has Russian troops on its territory. Given that the United States has no interest in who governs Nagorno-Karabakh and there is a U.N. resolution on the table favouring Azerbaijan that serves as cover, it is difficult to understand why the United States is effectively neutral. If the United States is committed to Georgia, which is official policy, then it follows that satisfying Azerbaijan and bringing it into a close relationship to the United States would be beneficial to Washington’s ability to manage relations with Russia, Iran and Turkey.

A problem for Washington is not allowing itself to be divided and ruled. With the dollar and more particularly the petro-dollar becoming weaker by the day it is imperative for the US economy to protect its illicit drug trade out of Afghanistan from Taliban interference. It is hard to see what the USA is getting out of still being in Iraq except that it is very close to Iran. I should imagine that it is a case of getting out to be more difficult than getting in. Washington would reap benefits from committing in deeds as well as words to Georgia and pro-Israeli Azerbaijan. Perhaps American intentions, as its economy declines, is to turn its military attention inward. If this happens we can only expect Russia to come out of its Caucasian lair.
It is all a game of cat and mouse.

Main text - Looking for Trouble by George Friedman Reprinted from STRATFOR
Map 2 - The Joshua Project
Ethnic Profiles - The Joshua Project


murph said...


From the last post you said we are electricity. I agree, but aren't humans more than that? Reductionism is fine with me, but exclusions limit conceptualization.

LOL done preaching? Not likely for any of us. When we ascend the pulpit what are our responsibilities to the audience, if any?

freeacre said...

That was most edifying, Spirit Across the Sea. I am amazed at the ethnic and cultural diversity in the area. What's wrong with Russian TV? How come it hasn't been able to dilute the cultural differences and re-define the natives as "consumers" like we have done here? Get them behind soccer teams, going to sports bars, shopping malls, and public schools, which would re-write their histories to something more compliant? Don't they have the internet?? What the fuck?
Boy, if you ever wanted to get away from it all, that sounds like the place. Of course, once you got there they would probably hate your ass because you are living in a different time zone and have no ties to them. Jeez. Good luck with that, Russia.
But, Russia would have better luck than we would. Hillary probably bugged out of there once she realized how incapable of dealing with these people we are unless we just blow them all up.

freeacre said...

Also, aren't the Caucauses where the term Caucasians comes from, meaning White People? If so, white people just got a whole lot more interesting to me.

Anonymous said...

The wind is soughing through the trees dappled sunlight flickering across my face and shoulders. I am so tired of feeling like I am in the last two tenths of a 26 mile marathon.
Being in the water just makes his absence that much more all encompassing. I am trying to keep the box of his going away open, but the heart hurt is so intense that it is crippling me in my daily endeavors.
Sometimes my will is strong enough to overcome the pain. Most times not.
I made a promise to myself that this year I would face his death and find a way to reconcile his loss, but what if there is no way through.

Palooka's Revenge said...

murph... more than that? absolutely!! to say we are something does not necessarly reduce us to the confines of that something. or so i see it.

responsibilities? all around the tables in the brotherhood and sisterhood of the empty chalice they have a mantra... share our experience, strength and hope. this is one way we help to keep each other sober.

but i've thought about it. its my experience strength and hope. and there are right places for that when it comes to this format. and so, on my blog today i posted my most recent thoughts on FA's (and mine) beloved hunter gatherers and the origins of GMO's.

sats... don't mean to derail right here at the onset of pt 2. i just needed to answer murph's question first... p

freeacre said...

I don't know if this will be any comfort, Seeker, but this is what I choose to believe about "death." We are energetic beings who, when we transition, change from particle (material) form to wave form. Once in wave form, we are able to be in several places at once. We are freed from both time and place (quantum theory). We live in people's hearts and minds. We live in differing spiritual realms. We are held in the loving embrace of our Great Mother until that time when we are born again into our perfect karmic place. He is not lost to you. One day, or perhaps many days, he will visit you again. Maybe in a dream, or while meditating, you will hear his voice, feel his presence, know that he will always remember you and love you. He left before you, perhaps because his purpose here was fulfilled and he has something else he needs to do now. Perhaps he is scouting out a new place that will include you as well eventually, when the time is right. Until then, it is best to transform the pain of loss into the gratitude for the time you had him here and appreciation of what you gave to each other.
Love and attraction seem to be what brings life to the whole universe, whether it is the interaction molecules, of cells or galaxies. So, in such a loving universe, I can't believe that death (common to us all) would be a terrible experience. Allowing your grief to turn into a sense of peace would be doing both of you a kindness, I think. Perhaps your task now is to learn how to do that. And, then you will provide a good example from which your other children will learn. It will be a blessing, then, for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Sats, just finished the second half of your post. I am amazed at the diversity in cultures ,races and religions . The kamlyks and all they have been through remind me of what was done to the native Americans in the U.S.. Total destruction of culture and belief systems, leading to fragmentation of what was once a viable society.
I like the Chechen' s attitude and determination. They remind me of the Greeks versus the Persians.
The commonality that I see in all these different people's is that Russia proper has trumped on their collective necks , but because they are so varied in their cultures and belief systems , they will never present a united front against their oppressors and thus are most likely to become disposable pawns in this chess game of power. I always prefer the underdog and would hope for a sea change,but such hope is idealistic and naive. Seeker

Anonymous said...

Freeacre, I have a very similar belief system and I know that my son was an old soul. He touched people's' lives in significant ways,the short chronological time that he was here. But regrets and association of blame cannot be forgiven or overcome. This might sound crazy, but I was holding him when he passed and I felt him go through me. His leavetaking was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Part of me went with him and there is now a dearth in me that I cannot find a way round.
I have not given up. I am trying: coming at it from different angles
I just have not found the way yet.
I am searching for redemption, but keep circling back. I feel my son, and the bittersweet ache when I feel him never fails to bring me to my knees. I do not know what else to say. I am doing the best I can and for the first time in my life, I do not know if it is good enough. Seeker,but thank you freelancer. Your kindness and gentle but firm nudges in what I know is the right ideal direction are well taken. I just do not know if I can achieve them in my reality ,such as it is, at this time.Too much is coming at me right now. I am overwhelmed and alone in my soul and tired.seeker

freeacre said...

I hear you, Seeker. I'm glad that you are with us, and can express your grief. No pressure.

Anonymous said...


Don't be sensitive anyone, everybody knows the post is an excuse to keep on talking amongst ourselves. Still, I found it interesting and learned as much from the original as some of you have from the re-write.

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle, why not? I am not smart enough to call it but it sounds all right to me.

Seeker, sometimes one person can feel the pain of another but they don't know the best way to respond. It may make them seem poor on emotions but this is not always the case. All I will say is collectively, the Clan will do its best not to let you fall and we are always here, albeit at a distance, for you.

Back to the post, yes, I guess all people are interesting just different interesting. The Chechen people have a more anarchistic mindset. With the clan system they tend to look after each other. The Russian system of ownership by society sounds really good but when it is organised from the top down people feel isolated from the decisions that are made on their behalf and belief in the 'revolution' peters out. When folks can identify with a way of life they can comprehend and play an active part in maintaining and furthering that way of life, then their community will thrive.

Incidentally, I heard a great story that supposedly happened about the time of the first Chechen war. Unfortunately I can't confirm it but It is such a good story I am going to tell it anyway. Russia was giving all it had to the Chechen people and the USA, fearing a mass evacuation into Georgia sent a 'Look hear' letter to the Chechen Administration. Unfortunately someone in the State Department sent it to Czech Republic instead of Chechen Republic. The Czech Republic bounced it straight back with a message saying 'Not us' and gently suggested that if they really wanted to know where the Chechen Republic was then perhaps the United States should buy itself a map of the World. Don't it just make you feel proud?

murph said...

Sorry Seeker,

I can't figure out how to include a photo in the comments section either. I tried and couldn't do it.

Anonymous said...


Murph, is it possible to include a photo on the end of the post or can that no longer be done? If it can be done then I for one am not sensitive about it. I wrote the post and you two are the administrators but the blog is for everyone. If it can be done then do it but save the post first – just in case. Other than that, put the photo up with the next post.

Re the Chechen people, From the Joshua Project I got the info that the Chechen lady folk fulfil a subservient roll to the men. This may have been the case historically but in the second (Putin) conflict (as opposed to the first Yeltsin conflict), the Russians could not win against the Chechen fighting men and started to target mothers and children in a general ethnacide. This was an epiphany moment for many of the women who then took to the front line alongside their men folk. After that, things could never go back to the way they were before.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Power of women unite. Given a chance,and a decent man, I would revel in fighting alongside my mate.
I feel a deep need to go dancing. To blow all my chakras open. To feel the sweaty exhilaration of emotional and physical release.
The portrayal of wants and what ifs through a primal beat that hums in the blood and sings in the heart.
A reaffirmation of self.
I am tired of being marginalized, so that others can rationalize and be comfortable with their actions.
If you depersonalize someone and

belittle them into anonymity, it is a great psychological excuse for doing harm under the guise of love.
A shimmering mirage of abandonment and betrayal, couched in the gentlest of terms, so you don't even feel the knife until the damage is done.
I truly thank you for the kindness and patience that you ,of this clan have shown me.
My hurts are all piggybacking on each other,but I also know that some of you have felt the stings of life that I have felt.
It is a human need not to be alone and I thank you for your community shown me.

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot,,,
Song to go to.
Neil Young , the damage done

Anonymous said...

Sats, In looking back over this article,I am confused about what type of government rules all these separate people or do they rule themselves ?
Are they tribal in their laws or is there oversight and if so who is in charge or are they wanderers?

Anonymous said...

Read it carefully a third time and am still confused. The Chechen republic infers government,but the land is Russian?All24groupsunder Russian oversight? The Kurds without a homeland and allied with...themselves covering 3 different countries
You are right sats.I am totally at a loss
I also find it offensive that the Joshua group is trying to convert these disparate groups to Christianity. It reminds me again of the total destruction of many native American cultures, destroyed, all in the name of Christianity at the expense of cultural individuality. I

am a strong believer in live and let live. People scare me who are so blind that they think they know answers and impose their arrogance on others. A tunnel vision perceptual belief system that is terrifying in its shortsightedness.

murph said...

I am hesitant to edit the post. I could put the picture in but have no idea if it loses the comments.


I rather expect that all the diverse groupings under the Russian authority gives the bureaucracy gigantic headaches.

I recently was sent an article from a friend about a fundy christian group in Michigan that has sent experts to Costa Rica (no less) to teach the police force how to deal with kidnapping. Also upgrading their hardware from donations to the church. Costa Rica has no army, has had two kidnappings in the last 20 years and they were embassy personal and done by folks that did not live in Costa Rica. They are literally trying to militarize the police force. For God and Jeeesus I presume. What bull shit IMO. Their public statement about why they are doing this revolved around all the kidnappings in neighboring countries and just want the local cops to learn how to deal with it when/if it happens there. The country has 4.5 million folks and is a constitutional republic. I guess that the Christians want to get a police force down there like NY city police. sigh

freeacre said...

This is totally from left field. But, we just watched one of the best documentaries from Netflix I have ever seen. It's called "Searching for Rodriguez." His story is truly jaw-dropping. He was a struggling poet/songwriter and singer in Detroit in the70's. But it's more than that. It's about being working class, and being brilliant and in integrity, and fulfilling your responsibilities heroically, and, well, you have to see it to appreciate it. Excruciating and mind-blowing. I highly recommend it. In fact, I bought it on Bought the CD, too.

Anonymous said...


You are right Seeker. When I wrote the piece, I wondered about this myself. I thought it was a good subject, for me at least although I didn't and still don't know all the answers. Even so, not being able to cover every base shouldn't be a discouragement for putting up what you do know, especially if some others find it interesting. I am looking into this question now but a lot and by that I mean nearly all of what has been written, is by academics who give a brief abstract and then the full article is subscription only. I started into one longer piece but the author knows lots of long words and it is becoming a bit of an academic and pretentious slog. I will keep looking at what is available and try to find better answers. In the meantime, my personal view would be that it is something like this: Imagine some part of the USA, an area that does not now exist and in the middle of it place an indigenous American reservation. Surrounding this are three other enclaves of people but without formal borders and each of these are occupied by Amish; Cajuns and Black Panthers. Each of these groups has its own agenda. Generally they leave each other alone but all of them are governed by the laws of the USA. The USA wants ultimate control of the land but so long as everybody stays where they are and doesn't cause trouble with each other they are left alone to do whatever they want. Only when serious crime, like murder occurs does the state become involved. That is one view, in the meantime, I will keep on looking.

I largely agree with what you say about the Joshuas. If you regard it as advertising, telling people what is available and then leaving them to make up their mind or not make up their mind, then I guess it okay. If it becomes like the Spanish Inquisition or the Kalmyks being forced to give up Buddhism in favour of Orthodox Christianity then that is definitely not okay.

Anonymous said...


Freeacre, found a DVD called searching for Sugar Man by Rodriguez, Is this it?

If it is, it will be in for next time, just done my cash with Amazon. Not bought anything for three months and then spent more than I should on some rare / hard to find stuff I have been thinking about for some time. Strangely for me, the motivation was a purely knee jerk emotion and not at all logical. I went to Holland about a month ago and got a €63 parking fine. I thought it was a permitted area but it was for resident parking pass holders only. I thought why not spent stupid money and get something I want instead of this. Sorry, I should know better, there again I am only human (I think).

Following on, I have just watched The Wave, (German with English unders). It is based on a real USA incident from the 60's. A high school teacher was given the assignment of 'Autocracy' for a week long class project. Neither the teacher nor the pupils wanted to do it until he showed his class how easy it was to get everybody caught up in the idea of forming an autocratic movement. Within a week the project had completely taken over the town and ended with tragic consequences.

Anonymous said...

The analogy that you gave was perfect and gave me a very interesting graphic in my head. WOW! The mind boggles.
All of you are 're- opening up my mind to larger,diverse issues,some of which make me want to turn tail and hide in some willow bushes, but I know that knowledge is a power of the best kind
I believe in faith but not religion. By that, I mean a faith in one's own belief systems,and knowing there are many roads to honoring that which you believe in and to let others have the(what should be) an innate right to find and travel theirs.
Petty,self serving and political, or special agendas, often define religion, but faith is an ephemeral, infinite,immeasurable state of being that defies definition or man made expectations.
Freeacre, I have Netflix on this wonderful little device and after work today, I am gong to lay in the sun for a bit,(all the looming deadlines can wait) before the rains come back and watch Rodriguez. Maybe it will give me inspiration and new resolve. I look at the time and I have to Gisele to get to work. Doggone it! The free flow runs were starting to roll and I was ready to go swimming down the currents of tangents.
I will have my notebook and pen in apron pocket today at the ready t
o catch the fleeting creative will o' the wisps that whisper intensely in my mind at odd moments. I am writing a song and I am stuck but I know it will come at the least expected time so I am ready.
I hope that things are green and growing and progress is flowing in all your ways.

Anonymous said...

I do not know who Gisele is, the word I wrote was huddle. This
device tries to help me spell at times. I have no idea how it came up with Gisele, but I send Her back into the ether from whence she came.

Anonymous said...

HUSSLE! Arrgh!

freeacre said... bad. Yes, it is "Searching for Sugarman." Jeez.

murph said...

There is a very interesting article at;
that goes along with SATS posting. The specific article (among many long ones) is located down a ways on the site.

Anonymous said...

Running this morning and was at horses with Nick yesterday,thinking on my boy and his goodness. A great document to watch...Buck... A film about one of the second recognized waves of horse whispererers. I say recognized because my great grandfather on my father's side was such before the philosophy, as such, had a name.
Buck Brennaman: an intense backstory.

Anonymous said...

Seeker, I got into animal behavior a good while back, read a lot of stuff on horses, Bob Miller & Rick Lamb spring to mind, wrote a cracking book on the history of natural horsemanship between them, well worth reading if you've not already.
I work with dogs nowadays, pack animals are quite different to herders, though I use a similar philosophy of non confrontational methods, more Jan Fennell than Cesar Milan. I don't think you can go far wrong if you are using techniques that look at it (and see it) from the animals perspective :)

Murph: last post you asked about living without electricity, my only issue at home is the freezer, for which I have plans to super insulate a chest freezer so I'm covered, if it wasn;t for the freezer I could switch off tomorrow and not look back, much!

I've worked in some dismal places without power, but I was living out the back of a Landrover for 3 months at a time, I had shortwave and an inverter on it I could power a stick welder with, so not exactly powerless! Gd.

Anonymous said...

Murph and Freeacre,
Did mail come yet? I can track if not, just give me a highsign.

Horses are one of the most glorious creatures on the face of this earth.
By all laws of science, they should be unable to carry their weight,much less, thunder across expanses of freedom and jump tall fences in a single glorious leap toward the blue.
They are subtle and intense,with trust and respect not easily confered,but once given is single and unwavering in its regard.
By contrast, many of the people that you will meet in the horse world, are tightly knit cliques of exclusion and entitlement with few of the wrong pedigree or income level allowed to the inner circle of prestige and oneupmanship.
The horses are often looked upon as objects of status, rather than beautiful running expressions of open space and wild dignity.
The only way one less pedigreed is allowed access is if you and your horse have better skill sets than the rich and moneyed.
My older sister and her 14 year old daughter,want me and my 10 year old to join them next summer in the gymkhana competitions in the western Montana area and for my niece and myself to try our fit together as a roping team. My skill sets are 28 years rusty, and my 14 year old mare is an unknown quantity as far as having been roped off of,but she is quick,likes to work and I think would tolerate it well.
My girl's three year old gelding has been trained by myself and my daughter since he was 9 months old.
He is ready to go to the next level and so is Ryan.
So the answer is practice,practice,practice.
We are both equal parts excited and scared in a good way.
I used to be pretty good and I wonder of I've still got what it takes.Ryan has a natural seat and an affinity with August, that is returned in full.
So, we are going to go for it.
Why not. Might as well. It will be challenging and intense.I love the partnership and interaction between horse and makes one feel intensely alive.The give and take.The dance that evolves if both are in their zone. One more step forward into the light.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that I am part of a community that is so proficient in alternative energy methods.
My beautiful generator is still on the back of my van,unawakened as yet.As full transition nears, I know that I will be coming to my clan with questions on how and where and best way to accomplish my setup.
My sanctuary gets closer every day if I can just keep going and clearing goals. When my mind is ruminating on things,the arms of Morpheous are elusive, but I am going to turn in early and try my best.
Nite clan,

Anonymous said...

Be as gentle as you can,but as firm as you need to be because all beings imprint on the first touch.
Touch is the provenance of trust and trust is the precursor of love and love is a conundrum within an enigma.
A state of being that can open the way to a multitude of potential and hope or tantalizingly just out of one's reach,causing some to lose their way,as they reach for that beautiful brass ring.

Anonymous said...

Have to get Rollin. Dogs are out of food and work looms large today.just keep running,,just keep running,, just keep running.Run fast and focus in on my girl's.
Song to go to,,,
Simple twist of fate,by Bob Dylan and
Come on in, the water's just fine,by
The Sirens.
Wv- Isetai over...only time will tell

Anonymous said...


That was an interesting article Murph. I was particularly interested in the part that dealt with the fact that in 2008 Russia had the means to capture the whole of Georgia, which is true enough, but instead chose to stand back and settle for Abkazia and South Ossetia. It would have been advantageous for Russia to have gone the whole hog and link up with its forces in Armenia. I am only guessing here but what they did was enough for a show of strength without taking the USA's new toy off them and provoking a retaliation in some other theatre. I don't know why the USA is not cosying up Azerbaijan more although cosying up doesn't seem to be what they do best. Look at some of the countries they have been best friends with in the past, Iraq and Iran for two. Perhaps it is best for Azerbaijan that they don't become too close.

Anonymous said...


I am certainly not claiming any special qualities for myself but I seem to be a person that animals, both domestic and undomestic, don't feel threatened by. If I go to someone’s house for the first time, I am usually the one the dog or cat comes to sit by. This just seems to be the way it goes.

It must be 35years since I have sat on a horse. The stables I used to go to in England had one stallion named Sultan, amongst its collection and there was great competition for it. I had my fair share of turns riding it, mainly along the grass verges of country roads. There were woods to ride through but they were so far away you had to book the horse for at least three hours to make it worthwhile. This was not always possible both financially and because of other bookings. I will tell you one thing, as you will know, the horse is by far the stronger animal (than the rider) and you have to get inside its head to make it understand which of the two of you is the boss. But , hey, there is no feeling quite like dropping the reins on a big horse, letting it have its head and hanging on for dear life. Once you know that experience you can keep all your Ferrari's.

One Sunday, I found out it was the birthday of the lady that ran the stables and since in those days the shops were all closed, I decided to go into a country pub and see if they had a box of chocolates behind the bar, which they did. I tied Sultan up to a six seater cast iron table with a solid marble top. When I came out, said horse and table were 50 yards down the road. That was a Holy Shit moment. Then it was back into the pub and beer for favours:)

freeacre said...

Yes, Seeker, we have received your beautiful coral fossil. Spectacular. It will look very nice in either the tipi or the livingroom and always remind us of you. Thank you so much.
Cold rain right now. The last 3 nights have been below freezing. I am giving up on growing squash this year. Have already frozen them 3 times, as well as cucumbers - even in the greenhouse because the wood stove got burned up.
Good news: the tipi base and poles are all set up. If all goes well, we'll have the canvas on Saturday.

Palooka's Revenge said...

maybe they be some folks in russia could use this guy...

A New Orleans lawyer sought an FHA loan for a client.

He was told the loan would be granted if he could prove satisfactory title to a parcel of property being offered as collateral.

The title to the property dated back to 1803, which took the lawyer three months to track down.

After sending the information to the FHA, he received the following reply:

(Actual reply from FHA):

"Upon review of your letter adjoining your client's loan application, we note the request is supported by an Abstract of Title.

While we compliment the able manner in which you have prepared and presented the application, we must point out you have only cleared title to the proposed collateral property back to 1803.

Before final approval can be accorded, it will be necessary to clear the title back to its origin."

Annoyed, the lawyer responded as follows:
(Actual response):

"Your letter regarding title in Case No.189156 has been received.

I note you wish to have title extended further than the 206 years covered by the present application.

I was unaware any educated person in this country, particularly those working in the property area, would not know Louisiana was purchased by the United States from France in 1803, the year of origin identified in our application.

For the edification of uninformed FHA bureaucrats, the title to the land prior to U.S. ownership was obtained from France , which had acquired it by Right of Conquest from Spain .

The land came into the possession of Spain by Right of Discovery made in the year 1492 by a sea captain named Christopher Columbus, who had been granted the privilege of seeking a new route to India by the Spanish monarch, Queen Isabella.

The good Queen Isabella, being a pious woman and almost as careful about titles as the FHA, took the precaution of securing the blessing of the Pope before she sold her jewels to finance Columbus 's expedition.

Now the Pope, as I'm sure you may know, is the emissary of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and God, it is commonly accepted, created this world.

Therefore, I believe it is safe to presume God also made the part of the world called Louisiana .

God; therefore, would be the owner of origin and His origins date back to before the beginning of time, the world as we know it, and the FHA.

I hope you find God's original claim to be satisfactory.

Now, may we have our loan?"

The loan was immediately approved

freeacre said...

lol... that's FUNNY! Thanks.

murph said...

Hey P,

That is a funny story. Love it.

Anonymous said...


But, I was actually expecting them to turn down the loan because of some other technicality because, well... it's the way bureaucracies work.

But DANG -the IRS-gate, Bengazi-gate, NSA-gate, Snowdon-gate, AP-gate, State Dept.-gate fecal matter is hitting multiple fans! And, the soon to be war with Syria (can you say,"Wag the Dog?") means WHAT?


Remember... if it weren't for venetian blinds, it'd be CURTAINS for all of us!


Anonymous said...

Sats, the image of that stallion, cantering down a green English country road with a wrought iron table clattering along behind him was quite compelling. It was as if I were watching from the verge as he cantered by.Lol.

Gd: what kind of dogs? I love dogs,and have several of my own.

Murph and Freeacre, I am glad that you like the coral. It will infuse good energy in whatever space you put it in.
I was wondering if you would be interested in starting a heirloom seed library within the Clan. I have been fiddling with the idea in my head in various forms but I think that it could work and create an inventory of bounty with known provenance that we could use add to and enrich each other's viability while doing so.
Rockpicker??? Sending a hey out into the ether. Missing your input. Hope things are well with you and yours.
I might be dancing tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed.

seeker said...

Song to go to...
John Doherty,,,Mystic Highway.

freeacre said...

An eloquent call for resistance from Chris Hedges:!

Anonymous said...

seeker... i c you've figured out how to be anonymous. its a comfort isn't it? like a cave of safety we can retract into even as we expose ourselves in the comfort and warmth and safety of this campfire where we reach out to one another for love, compassion and empathy.

thats a good idea bout the seed bank... p

wv... sank umentcEl

Anonymous said...

rp... i rise with seeker. no demands. but, just to say, i miss your presence bro and stand in saying i hope you and yours are well in this silence... p

Anonymous said...

I haven't figured out how to be anonymous. The device went maverick on me and I cannot figure out how to get it back to the way that it was. This is an extremely frustrating communication genre to learn.
My father told me to always be proud enough to stand in front of your name.
I don't like anonymous, I just can not figure out a way to get this device to turn around.
I am really intent on the seed library idea. If the Clan could get back to me on whether or not they are interested, I would go into more logistics of it.I have been thinking on it a while now, rolling it around in my head and have some good ways . To make it work.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and just to add to my frustration, I look up and see that my song's artist was respelled by the machine.
John Fogarty, mystic highway.
Murph and Freeacre
Blue Star teepees are the best.
What brand is your teepee and and how big is it?
Where are the pictures of the set up?
I could not find them

Anonymous said...

ahaaa! u made it back!! and i'm glad 4 u if anon does not feel good to u. which looks to me like would align with what yer daddy passed on to u.

and oh yeah, i hope u find yer dancer and dance tonite. it can be incredibly grounding. but then, i spect u already no that and such is what u b up to... p

Anonymous said...

Kicked into the archaeological dig, that is my mother's garage. Worked hard.Am tired.
Reading Jane Smiley' s "Georges and the Jewels", to my girl and then calling it a day. Going to try and get Nick's sculpture up to the cabin tomorrow, along with the composter,more dirt and rocks: The rest of the plants and the materials for the set-up of the rainwater catch system.
Dancing is going to have to wait.
Brother called and extension was turned down, so everything has to be out by July, 25. The amount of work left to do is prodigious. I have to switch into a higher gear to get it all done, but ,at least it has stopped raining,except in my head, so Ryan and myself should be able to rock and roll our way through this.
Hopefully, everyone( including Sats and Gd), is enjoying beautiful weather and even better productivity. Have a wonderful evening. NITE.

Anonymous said...

Song to go to..
Billy Carrington
God is great,beer is good,people are crazy.

rockpicker said...

I have bitterroot seed. Lots. And I'm in.

Anonymous said...

damn!! if'n it never got any better'n that, it'd still be a good life. i'd take every day feelin as good as this song makes me feel. thx seeker. i needed that!

and people?

hell... two, three, four...

crazy'd be jes fine with me
if we'd jes quit killin, you 'n me
cuz i'm damn sick and tired, ya see
of it never turnin out ta be...

corn fields and old guitars
have a way'a mendin' scars
sometimes i gotta wonder why
been such a damn hard fight...

cuz i'm a sucker for the bittersweet
plays to the romance in me
the way life's sposed ta be
champagne and harmony...

but i'll take the bitterroot
dance a jig and give a hoot
cuz nothin's finer than ta be with poot
when every damn things gone down the chute...

god is great, beer is good...

and people are crazy...

Anonymous said...

Seeker, can't believe you made me listen to 2 country songs this early in the morning, and neither of them were Johnny Cash ;) I'm trying hard not to flatpick this one, need to speed up my finger-picking... Simon & Garfunkel - Sparrow great harmonies, and the beat will put a spring in your step :)

Our pack is currently a little on the large side, our resident Working breed Springer Spaniel girls Meg 13, Willow 5, Lucy 3yo; then boarding Ruby a rather large Ridgeback, George a border collie, Max a young Springer, and 4 special (special needs!) little show dogs, Miniature Yorkies all dressed up in crackers!

Seedbank is a good idea, not sure on rules for importing seeds so I may not be able to join in, calling them out my be good enough inspiration to source some locally though :) Gd.

Anonymous said...


Yeh, Seeker, some funny things just aren't that amusing at the time :-) :-)

If you flick back here to a post on August 14 2012 there are two pictures of our pooches. For me, a real dog is about the size of a small horse. A dog of choice for me would be a Samoyed (Sammy) which is a pure white reindeer herder from Lapland or a Newfey which is primarily a rescue dog. There again there are limits to what you can in a one bedroomed apartment. And dogs like this would flatten Chris, particularly after her stroke, even if they were just being playful.

In principle, I am with you on the seed bank but there are practical difficulties, for me at least. I live in a ground floor flat, which actually looks like a house since there is only one above. It has a tiny front garden which is just good enough for a few ornamental things and not practical for veggies. In the back there is a common grass area which is looked after by the local authority. Behind this are a line of shrubs followed by some very old willow trees interspersed with small conifers. For two years I tried to put a veggie garden behind the willows and even though you can be fooled because your eyes adjust to the available light I am afraid the shade cover was too much for the plants. I did think of putting sprouts in last year as a winter crop to see what happens when the leaves from the trees are gone but I forgot and missed the season :-(
I was thinking of suggesting to the local authority of starting an allotment site somewhere outside the village proper but these things never look good, they take time for permission to be granted and like Murph now I am in two minds whether I would want to start it at some point down the road. Anyway, all the local authority is interested in doing is banging up as many low rise flats as it can on any spare green space there is, even gaps between houses is good for them. I appreciate that more people and more green space don't go together and flats give them more council tax per square foot but even since I have been here things ain't like they used to be. Isn't that what they say about nostalgia, - it's not like it used to be? If there is anything I can do to help with the heirloom seed bank from this end then just say it and I will do my best.

Since the general subject of registering vs anonymity has come up, I will tell you why I post anonymously. It isn't that I have anything to hide because I don't. If there is anything you want to know about me then you ask it and if it is not intensely personal then I will tell you. First a bit of history. Before there was the Trout Clan Campfire there was Cyclone's Real Deal. You can search it, it still exists. Cyclone was not part of the USG but he had an inside track to people that were. He found things that were not for general consumption and posted them on his blog and he had quite a following. It seems that gradually his personal life became stretched between different interests and the blog began to suffer. Murph put up several guest posts to keep the thing going and I seem to remember I put up one. Eventually Cyclone gave the blog up and it morphed into the Trout Clan Campfire. When I first started commenting on the Real Deal I said I disliked posting anonymously but my output was not prolific enough to be a regular blogger. Cyclone put up one post a day in the early days but this reduced over time and I wasn't capable of doing this. One of the regular contributors at the time gave me two options: 1 register as a blogger but never do one; 2 post anonymously with an identification handle. I went for the second option. Over time I have been From Belgium; FB; Belgium. Since Montana Freeman honoured me with the given name of Spirit Across the Sea I now usually sign myself as SATS. With this you know it is me just as much as Rockpicker, Murph or Seeker.


Anonymous said...

Hey,Rockpicker, that sounds lovely to my ears. The bitterroot is one of my favorites. You are really helping both my informational base and my computer and typing skills when you put up places to go on the net because I have to type them in to get there. I will write them down in my notebook, type them in and then pull hard on my hair when it says video or article not found and I have to start all over again. I have given myself a five minute limit before I leave it and come back later. The upside of this is that my delayed gratification has become so much more intense, when I succeed. I feel as if I have found a gold nugget in the middle of weeding my garden.
Life can be good. Not only have I been accepted into an intelligent eclectic clan of beings, but they are also musical and poetic and lovers and advocates for the beautiful animals that surround us and make life so worthwhile
Rp, May I transfer that poem to my leaf,yin/yang journal?
Gd,.. What a mixture, both in size and personality traits. I looked up Jan Fennell and read her monthly letter. I am going to have to go more in depth to get a better feel of her philosophy. I like Cesar, except, that I think that you can achieve behavioral goals with less technical support, but it takes more time and that is the sticking point as they say. I love his backstory. I am a sucker for the dark horse, being one myself.
When I am working with animals that phrase that I wrote in a previous post is Always in the front of my mind. Be as gentle as you can, but as firm as you need to be.
The soft,subtle cues that you start with, will be the ones you can return to, whereas if you start with a push, you will never be able to achieve a caress.
My youngest beauty has used this premise beautifully with her 3 year old gelding,August.
At this point, she can back him up,yield front and hind quarters,stay at a distance until she calls him,load him into a trailer and do all of this with nothing on him,using hand cues.
It does help that she has that natural affinity that Sats talked about, and that all 3 of our horses
are wonderful,intuitive beings that love us.
As far as my pack, my 18 year old partner in life,Dakota, a cream malamute chow, died three years ago and Nick had always wanted a Great Pyrenees, or Akita. Well,I now have a coming 4 year old 3/4 Pyrenees,1/4Newfoundland(you know my predilection for water). His name is Eli, only 120lbs. and he defines the word high maintenance,but we are bonded, so it is a done deal.I am watching my west coast girl,s 4 yr old, white and black Akita,Kayla. Good dog all around. When my east coast girl went east, I sent my now 10 year old malamute/arctic wolf, female,Shivalia with her and my youngest has a 4 year old chi-pom,Tink,and her chi-pom-yorkie,daughter,Thumbelina. So our pack is a little unwieldy at present also.

Anonymous said...

Will wind this up. My mind ran away with me. The akitas name is Layla, not Kayla.
I will look into the restrictions concerning seeds. Was already wondering about that
.Got to start running, but I had a really nice time around the campfire this morning.
My mother was a wonderful classical pianist,with beautiful translations in her music, so to change the pace a little...Music to go to.,
Clare De Lune, by Debussey. Again, having to do with two parts of my belief systems, water and the moon.
Dance in the sun and Sing to the Heavens. Seeker

Anonymous said...

First my mind and now my day is running away from me.
My girl is still sleeping beside me and I ended up staying in bed sipping on good coffee(a weakness of mine) sand watching back to back episodes of the series Longmire, on the arts and entertainment channel. I am hooked on the plot,mysticism and characters.
It is based on books,Walt Longmire, a Wyoming sheriff. I think that I will go to the library and see what I can find. I need to live a little vicariously.
Sending out a "hey" to all the good fathers on this earth. Did not realize it was Father's Day.

Anonymous said...

Sats am running ,but willquicklysay,
Have a wonderful window herb garden that utilizes small space beautifully, is an enclosed system. Is aesthetically pleasing and brings a surprising amount of green,aroma,great cooking accents and psychological cheer.
Will find it, after I get some things done after a lazy Sunday morn

rockpicker said...

I like to hear Max on Sunday mornings.

rockpicker said...

And, Mike Ruppert, on Sunday evenings.

Ruppert, I'm sure most of you remember, was the ex-L.A. narcotics detective who uncovered CIA drug dealing and blew the whistle in D.C., to no avail, then started From The Wilderness, out of Portland, Ore., on-line news alternative news zine after 9/11, and wrote Crossing the Rubicon, laying out in detail how the Bush neo-cons pulled off the coup against Amerka, and got away with it. So, done with all that, Mike now is exploring his spiritual side, getting in touch with his feminine half, playing music and attempting to deal with collapse as a full=hearted human being.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the backstory on Mike Rupert,rp. I am always intent on what roads or experiences have made some one who they are. My youngest let's me take her kindle to work if I ask nicely and I am going to check out both men on my breaks to see how they are. I am a sentimentalist and always watch Charles Kuralt and his eclectic Sunday motning program,When I am not on the run, or Longmire doesn't appear on the horizon.
Running a little late so I bid you adieu...

Anonymous said...

Seeker: Jan Fennell is all about getting the dog to see the owner as leader by it's own volition, her whole method revolves around various non-confrontational techniques to achieve this, the owners get more training than the dogs. I like some of Caesar's methods, he's good on boundary work, but every time I see one of his shows, he's getting bittern LOL I find the simulated bite to the neck thing he does far too confrontational, I use other "dominance down" techniques I find less confrontational, but to be honest once the dog accepts it's place in the pack by it's own choice there are rarely any dominance issues. I'd rather get a dog to behave a certain way of it's own volition than make it do it by domination, as you say the "quick fix" rarely works for long. Jan's son is called Tony Knight he has some youtube stuff up too, I've read all her books and have a few CDs "The Practical Dog Listener" covers her method very well. She identified certain times when a dog is asking the question "who is leader" time the pack is under threat, reuniting after separation, feeding times, on the hunt etc. then teaches the owners how to show leadership at these crucial times.
Most of the issues we deal with are leadership related - separation anxiety is the main problem we get, and a whole host of issues I categorize as "bad manners" or lack of boundaries ;) A 3 - 4 hour session in the owners home, and a few follow up emails is usually enough, some owners take longer to train ;) Gd.

rockpicker said...

Ha. Ha.
"Maybe they have a different constitution over there at the NSA."

Anonymous said...

looked up that longmire guy this morn toward which seeker, on more than one occasion, has expressed a draw of fascination that seems to have a thread of admirality of character woven in and drippin from her words. words that can't help but reveal a character and a grit of her own that by my observation has brought a human element to this campfire. the really kewl part of which has been how thats been received here and repsonded to in kind. the stuff of community. the stuff i personally thirst for.

so, thank you seeker. thank you for coming here and reminding us and stirring the pot that is the grit in all of us. its as if you, sometimes quietly, sometimes with guns a'blazin, rode in on a quite ease and confidence and softly blew a whisp of fresh air onto the fire and it has responded in kind. the ember taking on renewed life.

ya'll scuse me for bein so bold as ta think i may speak for all of us on what appears ta me ta be hidden in plain site. its a good thing by my book.

anyway, the blurb said its a series on a&e and plays here on mon nite @ 10. a modern, intense crime drama. the sherrif, a dude with dry wit and carryin the first name, walt. my daddy's name who had an uncanny command of dry wit hisself. delivered, mostly soft, easy, and non-threatening which is a trick in itelf to read tea leaves on the fly and apply. and sometimes as a dagger where the aim may be appropriate to the mark. it ain't the sorta stuff one sits around and dreams up. it jes sorta oozes out from somewhere primal and drips.

there's an ever present nostalgia in me that carries me along always lookin for something or someone to remind me of him in that way and settles me into a quite comfort. mostly. cept for the part thats always runnin. to get away from what? hell, i dunno. maybe its kinda another way of searching for me who, im told, seems to have inherited a bit of the same.

then it said there's heart-wrenching emotion often woven into and drivin the plot as no other can. another thing i'm a willing sucker for, for therein lay the passion that makes the cheese more bindin. thats that human element. at least for me. and i spect for others too. the stuff of connection and hope.

then it said its set under the big sky of wyoming and that this has a do doo do doo way of throwin ya back into the late 1800's. thats a time i have faint memories of. roamin there with a legendary gang who's guarded and always successful safety lay in a close-held secret hidden in a hole in a wall. until the deeper layers of the cake took em down. like they always do.

think its mon today and if 2 + 2 still = 4 then tonite spose ta b mon nite. i need to find out if walt has found it. the hole that is. it will be metaphoric of course but have a way of changin history maybe. at least for me.

sez this episode has walt on the trail of cattle thieves. duh! given the nature of these bittersweet synchronicities i think i'll watch. all irresistable draws notwithstandin, or, to put it another way, if for no other reason than the title of tonite's episode: the road to hell... p

rockpicker said...

Articulation of an argument FOR truth the mainstream doesn't want you to hear.

rockpicker said...

If you're interested in your privacy...

“We need more whistl blowers,” Waters wrote in a statement. “Blowing the whistle on our behalf is not just brave, it is heroic and it is our duty.” - Pink Floyd lyricist Roger Waters

Anonymous said...

sometimes, well no, damn near always, i find i've pressed the publish button before i was really done. which is okay a'course cuz thats the way it is when ya find yerself in the next moment. were i over on me own blog i could jes press the edit button and blend the current current right into the river of old. might change a tear to a smile or viseie versie but its still the same eye. thats important in the land of seekin change without loosin yerself and drownin in the river.

anyway, wanted to add this moment to that where this was said...

i need to find out if walt has found it. the hole that is. it will be metaphoric of course but have a way of changin history maybe. at least for me.

there's a message there. couched, crouched, within. no, not necessarly for ya'll in the land of take what ya need, if anything, 'n leave the rest. but for me fer sur. whats me aint you but then it is when the human element gets stirred and the wanderin philosophers, aka preachers, take a side seat to the story tellers. and thats a good thing. cuz the story tellers can only tell their own stories while the philosopher waxes on 'n on bout what might be causal from his pov and what might be were causality to be seen for what it is. programmin. some kinda sin qua non runnin the show.

when we have a safe space to share such stories, exchange them and then pass the stick, its the stuff that has a way of touchin a place within where we're runnin on empty. its a hungry place. know what i mean?

anyway, what lay couched there, for me anyway, is the story of a process that, truth be told, has a way of changin truth. which is jes another way of sayin changin history. it ain't the sorta thing ya sit around 'n dream up. it jes kinda oozes that which it is.

watch the show, follow the lead of the triggers that are sur ta come if'n yer able ta feel anything anymore and then move into where ever they may go. cuz there's a story there and it ain't filed on the fiction shelves.

we're all lookin for a way ta change this hell we find ourselves in the midst of eh? cuz it sur as hell ain't gonna get changed by the hell makers... p

Anonymous said...


Keenly observed p, I second all of that.

Just installed the plug-in we will see how it goes.

Don't know anything about Longmire but Warner Bros have not so long ago released the first series of Maverick on DVD and I am working my way through them.

Also got 12 classic episodes of the Lone Ranger. That Tonto has some serious explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

sats... don't no bout u or ya'll but i'm gettin the feelin ole lyle's cryptic message in the 3rd verse has been activated by a higher wisdom seekin sweet justice...

ole tonto ain't the only one got splainin ta do. hug yer pony ya'll... p

ps... gd, how'd you make that link live?

pps... was bout to push pub when smack, the electrical storm moving in off the western horizon blew me right otta the saddle. from there to the time i got booted back up and recreated a loose rendition of what was blown from saddle along w/me, its now pourin cats 'n dogs. the hits jes keep on a comin. where's me tinfoil hat?

Anonymous said...

and if i were like lightnin i wouldn't need no sneakers
i'd come and go whenever i would please
and i'd scare 'em by the shade tree
and i'd scare 'em by the light poles
but i would not scare my pony
on my boat out on the sea...

Anonymous said...

sats... and btw, i can't take the credit. it was jes this feelin i couldn't put to word. then this little birdie flew by with the words trailin in its wake.... the human element... p

Anonymous said...

Can I 3rd all of that too P? nicely put my friend, seeker has definitely been a breath of fresh air around the fire.

I keep this page bookmarked to save typing the html tags for hot links
Creating Hyperlinks
blogger also accepts bold, and italic html tags as shown under the text input box. Gd.

Anonymous said...


Now I am willing to bet that all of you thought that PRISM and related programs and operations were directed at the likes of you and me. No so, in the closed world of state paranoia, states activities are directed towards each other. Well we always knew it went on in the background and every so often the system throws up a Quisling or Blunt Burges and McClain. The super powers play the game of tit for tat expulsions but never before has espionage taken place in real time with hosts of an international summit being briefed on communications of other delegates whilst they were actually taking place.

And what were the contents of these real time spying operations? Well, here they are for you all to see:

Don't you feel a whole lot better for knowing that?

And as for the ones who provide us with this knowledge, and don't forget that knowledge is power? As the song asks “Whose side are you on”?

Anonymous said...

It has been raining hard in my head the last two days. I am trying to set difficult new boundaries and achieve emotional transitions as well as physical ones.
I went to ground like a honey badger cub, when it's tough love mother
leaves it for a couple of days to teach it self reliance.
I come home from work today and sit down for a moment to gear up for moving territory. I'm in my marathon mind mode( you can do this. Just keep going,just keep going).
I open up trout clan and receive a beautiful gift from my clan members.
You touch and give me renewed heart when I most need it.
I give you a most sincere and heart felt thank you.
I am going to settle and communicate with people that I have grown to care about. Moving can wait.
I found out yesterday morning, through an unanticipated synchronicity, that a trust issue and deep promise made to myself and my ten year old old has been broken,hidden,and then lied about.
It was a hard hit on an already decaying belief system.
I am unable to look at it directly, because the ramifications are deeper than I can deal with right now with everything else going on.
I have gone back to old coping habits to enable survival and forward movement.
I have boxed it up and stuck it in a corner of my mind with the key turned.
I have until August 1st to take it out and decide whether this is that famous straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. I will borrow a mindset from Scarlett O'Hara and think about it tomorrow.

Rp, I see that I am getting behind again. Thank goodness for my notebook.
It is good to have you back, throwing wide ranging information into the pot from every which way, including loose.

Gd,Sats and Palooka,
What do you mean,when you say, live or hot links and hot mail icons?
I can not follow because I am an inept neophyte in this area.

I looked at your dog's...Nice,and obviously in a good place. My daughter's dog, Tink, looks a lot like your Papillon,except that she is Butterscotch in color. Ryan loved them both. I bet they vibe well in your household.
Maverick is another of my favorite western characters and James Garner plays him to a "T".
A movie you and yours might want to watch is "Murphy's Romance.
It stars James Garner and Sally Fields in a May,September romance.
It is one of my favorites. James Garner has always seemed such an interesting man with a great sense of humor and easygoing charm.

I will finish this post in the next box, because I don't want to run out of room and I still have things to say.

Anonymous said...

Hey, to the Clan. Back again

Gd, I had no idea that you actually counsel people about their interactions with their dogs.And you are another musical member of our clan. How very cool.
I am a firm believer that the error is always on the human's side of the equation. Animals are pure in their approach to most situations involving interaction with us.

As time has gone by in my life, I have found myself spending more time with animals and less with humans,but it has been soooo nice to be in a space where I can again exchange ideas, viewpoints and connections with some of of my own kind.
Being welcomed into this group of wonderful beings was like coming into a green, glacial valley with pure water all around, after traveling through the desert for an interminable amount of time.
I have bonded with this community and it feels opening.
I know that times are up on us where we need people that have loyalty,trust, belief and support of each other.
Even though this group is far flung,geographically, we are still clan with all the original meaning attached.
In realization of this,I choose to walk the walk, that my father instilled in me.I open to you.
My traveling name is Seeker.
My birth name is Christina Marie Melton,with Cantrells running down my mother,s side.
My web address,should anyone need to get hold of me, is

P.S. I will take one more step of thank you and trust.
If things get tough and I think they might. I pledge my horses to the support of the Clan and I have two hardy, beautiful,breeding females as well as Ryan's strong,intuitive and willing Augustus.
I send you our regards

Songs to go to...
Lady Antebellum, Good,-bye Town
Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift.
Highway Don't Care
Hunter Hayes, Wanted and Faith

Anonymous said...

One Republic,
Taylor Swift
Susan Boyle
Wild Horses
Johnny Cash
Bonnie Raitt,
Angel from Montgomery
Ricky Lee Jones-pirates(so long lonely avenue)
Lucky guy
Traces of the Western slopes
Last chance for Texaco
We belong together
Jackson Brown
The Pretender
Opening farewell
In the shape of a heart
That girl could sing
Load out and stay
Mickey Newbury
Wish I was a Willow Tree
Willie Nelson
Rancho and Lefty
Dan Fogelburg
Leader of the Band
Take it to the Limit
I can't tell you why

Lowell George
Patsy Cline,

Anonymous said...

Sats, still looking for that herb garden. I had someone download it for me 2 years ago at work and have not found it yet. Went to Google but have not found it yet. It involves 3 -4 vertical rows of herbs, aquarium air tubing a fish pump and a plastic liter pop bottle. I will find it.

Anonymous said...

As per the seed library, I am going to be getting drought resistant native plants and heirloom varieties that Earnhardt and have a shorter growing. Season. There is a place up in Victor that specializes in veggies and fruit and flowers that can thrive in Montana growing seasons which make it ideal for what my future objective is on this project.I will set down this weekend and write out a detailed prospectus.
Have not checked on parameters of other countries yet. Will get on it Sats and gd.
I keep thinking about all those bitterroot seeds. A little beauty.
Bitterroot, turned into brotherhood on this device. I found that a good sign
Wc- FATHER rafasts

whitewater fraggle said...


Here is the site I used to build my window garden:

Anonymous said...


Seeker asked: “What do you mean,when you say, live or hot links and hot mail icons?” Haven't got a clue. For someone who studied the C++ introductory course you would think I should know better but it became obvious to me, and some others, that the course organisers were only interested in collecting the government subsidy for running the course instead of transferring what was in their heads into ours and they reacted indulgently when students ran into the inevitable problems. Anyway, all the smart programmers live in India now. Never bothered with HTML either. The link Gd put up, I guess is good.

I can give you a couple of short cuts to save you doing what you are doing now.
Option 1
1. Open the desired link - -I am assuming you know how to do this, if not ask.
2. On the newly opened page right click. You will get a dialogue box up
3. If you are in Internet Explorer left click Add to Favourites, If you are in Firefox or Opera it will say Bookmark this Page.
4. It will give you a suggested title, I f this is suitable click OK otherwise type in a title that is more suitable to you and click OK
5. The internet page or article will now be in the Favourites or Bookmarks menu
6. Open the Favourites or Bookmarks menu and right click in a white area. A dialogue box will pop up and select Add a New Folder
7. A new folder will appear – give it a name like TCC Articles
8. Drag and Drop the newly archived page or article into this folder
9. In some browsers you have to select Manage Bookmarks before the drag and Drop process.

Option 2 (probably the easiest)
1. Go into your text program MS Word or Open Office Writer are the two most popular
2. Open a new page and write a title at the top such as TCC Links or Rp links or whatever.
3. Save this file and give it the same title.
4. Go into your browser and place the mouse cursor at one end of the desired link usually the RHS and with the left button depressed, run the cursor over the link Take care not to include any more characters than the link has.
5. The link will appear in a blue box
6. Place the cursor anywhere within the newly formed blue box and right click
7. A dialogue box will appear and left click “Copy”
8. Come out of your browser and go into your newly saved page in Word or Writer
9. On a new line right click and select Paste
10. The desired link appears on the page without the need to copy it into a note book.
11. To open the page there are two options (1) Place the cursor or arrow on the link, press the control button and left click at the same time (2) copy the link off the page and paste in the browser address or search bar This is the reverse of what you did before.
This sounds complicated but it isn't once you get used to doing it.

Looked up Murphy's Romance in the Antwerp library system which is the central library and about a dozen associated regional librarys and none of them have it. Amazon has it but only in region one (USA and Canada) Fortunately I have a region one DVD Player so it is for next time ;-)
Btw I found Searching for Sugarman by Rodregus in the Antwerp system. Unfortunately it is out with one reservation against it so I wrote myself in as a second reservation, Should have it in about a month.

Saw on the news tonight that Obama is going to reduce the US's 'nucular' arsenal by up to 33%. It occurred to me that just decommissioning one weapon is a figure up to 33%.

Anonymous said...


Seeker, Sorry to hear life has thrown a curve at you. If only everybody had the same values as yourself (sigh).

Here is a song along those lines : Break Your Heart by Natalie Merchant, hope it is not too poignant and there is a real unexpected kicker in the last line.

People down-cast in despair
See the dis-illusion everywhere
Hoping their bad luck will change
It's a little harder everyday

People struggle, people fight
For the simple pleasures in their life
The trouble comes from everywhere
It's a little more than you can bear

I know that it will hurt
I know that it will break your heart
The way things are
The way they've been
And the way they've always been

People shallow, self-absorbed
See them push and shove for their rewards
I, me, my is on their minds
You can read about it in their eyes

People ruthless, people cruel
The damage that some people do
Full of hatred, full of pride
It's enough to make you lose your mind

I know that it will hurt
I know that it will break your heart
The way things are
And the way they've been

I know that it will hurt
I know that it will break your heart
The way things are
And the way they've been

Don't spread the discontent
Don't spread the lies
Don't make the same mistakes
With your own life

You never will let love survive

I know that it will hurt
I know that it will break your heart
The way things are
And the way they've been

Don't spread the discontent
Don't spread the lies
Don't make the same mistakes
In your own life

And don't disrespect yourself
Don't lose your pride
And don't think everybody's gonna choose your side

Oh no...

Here is the original and the best video of it.

Incidentally the browser plug-in kicked in and overlaid Ms Merchant with Pink Floyd which I guess means that someone in the NSA was having their heart broken too.

You may also get something out of this one too: Motherland.

Anonymous said...

wf... what river is that in your bio photo? ...p

Anonymous said...

Someone told me, Google is my friend, and so, I started cruising through arbitrary subjects last night. Looked up myself but could only find me in conjunction with my mother,Betty C. Melton. Saw a beautiful picture of her at 24, that one of my brothers put up on her obituary.
I saw that there are a lot of Christina Marie Melton' s in jail, down Texas way.
There are two Christina Meltons in Missoula. One has to pay to find out more,and I don't have a credit card or the inclination to throw money after vicarious interest.
I am still trying to track down my old dance partner(western swing, two step, jitterbug)Lost track, when my mother got ill, but he is supposedly in Missoula and has a general delivery address.I'll try it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
The weather here is raining. It is gray, overcast and windy. Supposed to stay like this for the next 3 days.
The place that I work at presently is like a Montana style Shining.
The memory care people are restless.
The two Indian boys are back.
This place has spirits roaming around it.
Residents that are usually quiet and withdrawn, perk up and become lively. They talk to the boys.They tell them to play nice with each other. They tell them to come down from the beams,etc...It is interesting that this has been going on with a plethora of different residents,only in memory care, for the last seven years.I had heard about this but now I have seen it.
When I leave this life, I want to go fast and clean. This lingering half life is not for me. Plus, I am poor, so I would most likely be stuck in some hellish,Medicaid corner.

I hope that they don't catch that man, leaking all the spy info.
The government has egg on their face and I feel sorry for him, if they catch up to him.

Whitewater fraggle, thank you for that web site,I will access it as soon as I finish this.
Sats,appreciate the song. I am always looking for good musical therapy. Also thank you for the instructions. I will try to convert them to the Kindle. I am learning more about this device everyday, through trial and error.
They are making a new Lone Ranger.
Johnny Depp plays Tonto.
Today, in real life, he got trampled by a beautiful black and white pinto, while filming. Don't know how bad he is hurt,but it did not look good.Rock, pitcher scenario.

Palooka, keep watching Longmire.Let the characters develop in your mind. It will be worth the effort.
Am going to go read another chapter of George's and Jewels to my girl.
Nite, Clan

Anonymous said...

Oh no, indeed...
I have heartaches coming at me from several directions.
When you put yourself on the line of love as collateral and roll the die, betting everything you are; against the odds; chances are that you are going to get in a train wreck. The first wreck is one of what might have been and plain bad timing.No one is to blame but the cut is deep as an abyss and goes to cause.
The second wreck is one of illusion. You throw your love, will and loyalty onto a non-existent ideal for 5 years,while the reality is right in front of you, showing you again and again and again what he is not, if you would only open your eyes and SEE.
The third wreck is one of infinite loss. A solitary sojourn through the convoluted canyons of grief.
Literal heartache is like chronic pain.It grinds you down and creates a drag on even the strongest of will.
At rock base, I stand in a seige state of vigil. But I had a tantalizing glimpse of a reality that I did not even know existed and now, the word "alone", has a changed definition in my heart.
Wv- cut-off nkscin

freeacre said...

We are doomed. Time to focus on what we want to do with the rest of our short time on earth, I think.

rockpicker said...

A huge coronal hole has been opening on the upper hemisphere of the sun, earth-facing. It's now humongous. Not a good sign.

Anonymous said...

FA I stopped watching at 3 mins when Hansen appeared, you can tell he's spouting propaganda because his lips are moving, here's some pause for thought...

Search Results for: Arctic Methane

Look at the second graph in this post, it compares reality to the climate doom model "projections" every climate doom scenario is based on.
No significant warming for 17 years 4 months

If we are facing climate doom, it won't be warming that does it, it will be cold, when it comes to humanity, cold is bad, warm is good, as gardening teaches. Gd.

Anonymous said...

I am determined to find that window herb garden idea.I looked on whitewater fragile,s site, but no luck.It would be good for the cabin also.
I am spreading my search on web and have also called MUDD, our local green co- opening center, so I know that I am closing on on results.
Coronal holes and unprecedented glacial melt. Erratic, short growing seasons, here in Montana.
I am doing what I can to help. I kiss every bee that I meet and tell him what a wonderful job he is doing.
I plant a lot of blue flowers and I am stocking up on natural sunscreen( thank you gd) and heading for the hills. I will live as green as I can, wait for the luck of the draw and go with the cards I've been dealt, when the time comes.
Well,I've got to go see what the Indian boys are up to today. I'm going to be listening for names.
It is raining here...still. I send out a call. Seeker
Wv- nentaes was

Anonymous said...


Seeker, if it has become an obsession to find it than I will not stand in the way. If it becomes a lost cause then let it go. Thanks, I appreciate the effort.

Freeacre and Murph

How is the cleaning up project and reparations going? I have not had a progress report for some time. Just because we don't ask all the while, doesn't mean we have lost interest.

Anonymous said...

if'n i was standing into the wind'n pissin at the same time you might wish u not be with on me with this'un. cuz here's where i at.... they're both right! yup, the big ole cold artic fart from hell was there and then it wasn't!! and that ain't all the mighta beens that weren't.

which means what? means we ain't alone from where i'm lookin! and it means maybe, jes maybe, dem scattered somebodies and small groups i mentioned the other day that i been hearin 'bout been movin der chit!!

and then again, it might be a case of the big'un ain't here yet cuz there ain't no amount'a movin or anything else gonna stop it from takin this stinkin... i, i, mean sinkin ship down.

but im all in on the first idea... p

Anonymous said...

One of my go to men, who has influenced my adult belief foundations greatly.
Chief Joseph, or Hinmatoo`yalahtq'it,which means thunder traveling to heights.
Google is your friend.
If you have not experienced this human being, I urge you to sit down in your armchair and read up on this being of trueness and power and tenacity in the face of insurmountable odds.

Two females that I work with are taking me out for pool, which I am very proficient at, and dancing at the one western bar in town. Live country music and large dance floor.
Next Thursday, which gives me a chance to find a sitter and clean my boots.
The Terrapin man, 1/2 mile above me has offered to let us pasture the horses on his land during the weekends for easier access on my days off work. It is providential and perfect.
I told him that I will need to scout the area and perimeter to make sure everything is safe and secure for our horse family, but the offer is wonderful and quite unexpected.
Going to get Coleman Stove, camp shower and padlock so I can unload the generator up at the cabin and have it be safe.
Songs to go to I DON'T WANT EASY, I WANT CRAZY, by Hunter Hayes and classic cut to the chase, I'm sure that sats and gd will appreciate for its pure western campiness... IF SHE'S LONELY NOW, SHE WON'T be LONELY LONG.
I have decided to kick off the traces, at least for a while and go play in the currents. I am after all Otter, lithe and bendable.
I am not ignoring the earth news that you shared today. I have been rolling it in my head all day at work an decided to take freeacre' s advice . Life is short , and I am going to get busy living.

Gd, I have been studying the hyper link info and I think I am starting to get it. Thank you, and thank you sats, for your computer info also.
Have either of you heard of the CHROMEBOOK Laptop? It is only 249.00 and I would like to get it for my next step forward into modern technology if it is not a piece of shiny trash.
I have to run before the banks close.
It has been a pleasure, as always.
Wv-our iansistr

Anonymous said...

Looked back and realized that I dif not put down the artist to the second song ...Clay Walker, she won't be lonely long.

Anonymous said...

im gettin a powerful picture that a powerful loving force has been unleashed upon a world desperately in need of such by both. apparently triggered by the impact of what must surely have been the stuff of bittersweet and worse. far worse. what a blessing for her and what a blessing for this campfire.

the rest of us, all gathered 'round this fire, have been graced to be present for the rise of the true spirit of the otter. a spirit that was always there or it could not rise to reach toward its destiny path now or ever. to watch this unfold right here before our eyes and in such a short time.

and, yes to have been minor instruments toward, i suppose. someone told me recently the major riser from the minor. little did i know of such wisdom. such is the spirit of this space. a space of safety and compassion. a space i like to think of as our mother church. where good things rub off on each other. quite the contrary to the typical church where the lost come to be told how to find their future via the interpretations of some guru or preacher according to memorex.

there are lessons here as i see it. the kewest one being a walkin, talkin, lovin, cryin, laughin model for what can happen when one accepts and embraces their own beautiful self. for such is contagious and the stuff that keeps the dream alive. from that, thru that, we all live.

this was an answer. an answer from universe. that could only come when a bundle of true hurt oozing from a true heart makes the all important decision to choose life despite all the perceived evidence and hellish experiences to the contrary.

i can say this to ya'll cuz i've seen it happen. unfortunately far too rarely. but, i declare, the gift of being able to see it for what it is, is wrapped up in my own blessed experience of the same having happened to me many years ago... p

such is the stuff that calls for the next thing to happen. the stuff where stories are made yet words can only envy to describe. the stuff of the core. the stuff that stirs, is heard, by the likes of the mohican. for there is a mohican in all of us who's right place is life inside of love. the stuff where the poet and the poem meet. the stuff were the otter embraces her own mohican. risers up from the ashes of the wreck to declare: yes, now i can SEE. and so, we all can see. thank you seeeker. for showing us the way... p

rockpicker said...

A spirit-filled Solstice to each of us, this holy mid-summer's day...

Anonymous said...

It is the super moon tonight. A once in a lifetime happening, at least in our lifetime. Get out in the lunar energy tonight and dance and open yourself to new balance and revitalization of aspirations and dreams.

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot...

Songs to go to..
For fun,save a horse, ride a cowboy, by Big and Rich
And of course, for tonight ..moondance by van morrison
Hey p,..knock it off, you are embarrassing me(smiley face).
I consider myself a train wreck woman. Interesting, intense train wrecks to be sure, but train wrecks all the same.
I love you guys. I hope all of you in this beautiful clan have a wonderful moondance night with your loved ones.
Ryan and I are going to Marcos Flats, on the river, to send up prayers to the Mother for my son and her brother that loved her so.I will also send out a call from the west to my Mohican, on the water and through the air for tonight, anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

s... ty for telling me. had me heals dug in and the hat i don't ever wear pulled down tight in anticipation of the border crossing... p.

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot...
Songs to go to...for fun,Save a horse,Ride a cowboy, by Big &Rich.
And for tonight, of course, MOONDANCE,by Van Morrison

Hey, Palooka, knock it off, you are embarrassing me(smiley face).
I consider myself a train wreck woman. Interesting, intense train wrecks,to be sure,but train wrecks all the same.
I love you people in this Clan. I hope you have a stellar evening in this,once in a lifetime, moonlit night with your loved ones.
Ryan and I are going to Marcos Flats on the river to send up prayers to the Mother for my son and her big brother that loved her so. I will also send out a call from the west to my Mohican,on the water and through the air, because, tonight, anything is possible.
Song to round off the evening...Wagon Wheel, by Darius Rucker

Anonymous said...

I swan; sometimes this device makes me want to tear my hair out. I thought that the post had got lost on the ether of the net, so I rewrote it from memory and publish, only to have it show back up, with a post from Palooka in between the two.
By the way Palooka, what in the Mother's name do you mean? And I always picture you in a soft, Brown felt hat with your personality stamped into it from long days in the hot sun,so, what with the holes in the ozone and Sun irregularities, maybe you should start..
Wearing a hat, that is.
Seeker,otter(smiley face). I would make a smiley face but I haven't figured out how to yet.
Oh well, I am so far out on my deadlines now, I might as well put down more songs to go to.
Funny,See you again just came on,by Carrie Underwood.A go to song of mine about hope.
Another good one,Call me,call me,call me,..crash my party,Luke Bryan..
A little bit stronger, by Sara Evans
Billie Holiday, Sunday kind of Love
Ava Gardner,Someday he'll come along, from Showboat.There's a place for us, from Westside Story.
Can you tell that I've been working musical therapy? Do not know if it is working, but it sure rolls me through emotions.
I have the coolest 10 year old being on the face of this planet.I had downloaded the Joe Bonnamassa concert from the Vienna Opera, 2009, after Palooka raved about it. When I picked Ryan up after work, I asked her to pick some music off the kindle to listen to. She got excited, and said, "Wait till you hear this, mama!",and went straight to Joe. She said that she had been playing it all day.YES!!! My mama would be proud.She brought all nine of her children up, inundated with music, art,literature and beauty to be found in all things. Another child ,in a new generation filled with love for the intricacy and magic that music can bring into lives. So, thank you, Palooka' s Revenge, for opening that door for my daughter
As I have said before, " Actions beget actions...micro affects micro,affects macro and balance is restored...My prayer for this beautiful creation that we are a part of...interconnecting circles of synchronicity,sending out ripples of change and hope and belief in the good,against all odds,overcoming the power of negativity, in spite of itself. In this, I believe and try to live by for to do any other would be a sacrilege to the wonder and beauty that is still all around us.
Seeker,otter,Miranda,she-wolf. All comes together to live this short life with balance,truth,integrity and accountability for action.
I use this phrase for the first time with full meaning attached...Aho

Anonymous said...

We are heading to the water and I have one more thing to say.
I read your post again P.
That was the most beautiful affirmation and compliment that I have ever received. I am humbled by your belief in me.
Thank you for being you.
You make this life an opening and for that, I am enriched on this summer solstice,super moon, once in a lifetime day.

Anonymous said...

s... border = boundaries. i'll think bout the hat.

meantime, liz and i went out and set up an alter in the dappled shadows of grandmother and grandfather oaks who flank our deck and, together with them and blackie cat, had us a little ceremony. times like these is a good time to cover more'n one base at a time so liz took the opportunity to cleanse her crystals too. thx for the reminder. has a way like no other of kickin the solstice occasion up a notch or 10.

ya know girl, i sat round a lot of tables back in my day where folk, 'specially the female version, found safety to talk bout the horrors of what happened to em so i kinda, sorta got an ear for anything with a familar ring to it. and one of dem train wrecks of yers had that ring to it. i could be way otta line and have been before but. in the spirit of songs ta go ole kris nailed it with this un...

i can't think of a better way ta go when the time comes. if'n the socks fit a'course.

how bout ya'll? anybody do anything special tonite they wanna talk 'bout? ... p

Anonymous said...

Anything special? We ate a nice dinner, walked it off a bit with the dogs, played guitar a while, then went to bed early intending to watch a DVD, but we ended up making love like teenagers until the small hours when we fell asleep entwined, Yeah pretty special :) Gd

wv= scryomn this (must have got that wrong, 2nd wv= yovrtem decomposing

Anonymous said...

well damn! thats the stuff most worth sayin gd! thx... p

Anonymous said...

gd... still haven't figured out how to make hyper links here in comments. i see this below the comments box...

well crap, i'm gettin a warning that my html cannot be accepted: tag is not closed" A

anyway, its sez below this box i'm writing in that i can use such as b, i, a. with each bracketed by the greater than and less than icons

none of it is live. nor can i seem to engage it. i don't see anything anywhere else here that looks like a solution.

read the link you inserted and could not grok anything there helpful in this specific manner.

i used to know how to do this back when i wss writin text for my blog. iow, insert hyper links which turn the text into a clickable live link without changing the text as you did in your comment on 6/18.

have never been able to do it here in the comments section. help! ...p

Anonymous said...

ok, maybe i got it. testing here to see. nanci griffith doin prine's
speed of the sound of loneliness