Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Freeacre has been decorating ducks.  Exercising her artistic mood.

From Murph;

Yup, I know, it's been nearly 2 months since we have put up another post. For both Freeacre and myself, we have been caught up in more projects, meetings, and activities than we can easily handle. We had the holidays to get through also. Plus, every single day, there is new stuff to talk about and the next day something else takes its place to pay attention to. It sure enough feels as though events are accelerating and becoming more severe and having more consequences on our society, our nation, than we can keep up with. It is also happening at the local level in our area.

I have a box of around 20 books to read sitting on my desk concerning all kinds of events , conspiracies, and political chicanery. I don't know how many of our readers have waded through tombs of political analysis and conspiracies, but I find them nearly impossible to read. If you aren't conscientiously taking notes and categorizing the authors information they are next to impossible to get through with any comprehension of the details outlined by the author. Frankly, I have too many other activities that demand my attention to take notes and categorize information of this sort. I can only come away with a general impression and have read about it before over the years. From the conspiracy writers and the whistle blowers, books of this nature are flooding the “must read” alerts by bloggers and political analysts. Frankly, I find it overwhelming and I sure as hell don't have 10 hours a day free to try and keep up with it all. I have all kinds of notebooks and note pads with tidbits to pursue and I simply don't have the time (or I refuse to take the time) to pursue all but a small amount of the notes.

Even at our local level of government, the state and county folks in charge are doing the same thing. At the county level, they are now talking about passing an ordinance that has a fine of $2500 if your property has any of the state classification of “noxious weeds” on it. The claim from the state government web site is that the economic impact is beyond belief and is and is an emergency, has no public input and is draconian as hell. So now I guess we are going to have a “noxious weed” informant policy with economic rewards for turning in your neighbor, and have tax supported folks that drive through the county peering on your land in order to identify “noxious weeds” growing on your property.

I went to the web site that lists all the “noxious weeds” that are supposed to have been found in Oregon and neighboring states along with potential weeds (with potential of invading our state and county). The list is extensive, big time. Now I am not a botanist nor a plant taxonomist and frankly am lousy at identifying weeds. I'm doing pretty good to identify the plants in our garden. I wrote to one of the folks that is close to this kind of stuff and asked if the state or county was going to have public courses on the taxonomy and identification of “noxious weeds” so I could earn money driving around the neighborhood and turning in my neighbors. Haven't gotten a reply back.

We are also having a push to form a “sanitary authority” (nicknamed the “authority”) for our area. I went through the state regulation on forming such an entity and frankly it raised the hair on the back of my neck.

Have any of our readers had experience with such an entity? I'd really like to know what you have to say about it.

Without getting in conspiracy ideas on it, it sure appears to us that the U.N. Agenda 21 is ramping up and insinuating itself into all levels of government. Please share your experiences and details of local agenda 21 implementation. Use of the Delphi technique, implementation of ICLEI, NARC, and any other manifestations of this agenda.

On the home front, I now have a building I can work in and have been organizing it so that I can fix or build what is needed. Due to my own naivety and trust, the building is not satisfactory and we got screwed out of (what is to us) a significant amount of money. We are about finished with the insurance company that is avoiding paying us about $2000 in compensation and we can't do a thing about it. The contractor of note has taken us for around $3000 and not much can be done about that either. I could pursue the contractors board but that would be opening up a can of worms and time expenditure that would be severe, not even considering the filing fees for a complaint and pursuing of legal battles. Paybacks can be a bitch.

I truly don't have any idea what is going to transpire in the near future. What I thought was probably going to happen, hasn't, or is happening so slowly that it becomes the new normal on a daily basis. I sure don't have to like it.


Anonymous said...

i came to comment on rp's rhyme to find this new post. so i'll post that comment here and then on to read your new post FA.

RP wrote... ..

You who choose
to lead, must follow.
But if you fall,
you fall alone.
If you should stand,
then who's to guide you?
If I knew the way,
I would take you home...

toward which i borrow from the pen of my latest obsession... the works of mary gauthier (pronounced go-shea)...

Everything you do to me
I've done to you before
There's beauty in the symmetry
Of evening the score

I know it's hard to know the truth
So we live with points of view
I'm counting on my lucky stars
I used to count on you


its pretty clear, for mary it was relative to another busted relationship. from my view of observing the larger view, it just as well serves to follow rp's lead... p

rockpicker said...

Oh, Palooka, how I wish I could take credit for that verse, but alas, I must admit error by not including attribution when posting those lines.

Robert Hunter wrote the song, on a rainy morning in a London hotel, and Garcia and the Dead made them famous. One of the greatest little songs to come out of the sixties, "Ripple,". You can hear it on American Beauty.

Anonymous said...


Murph, I realised I was getting in a state of being overfaced with information about a year ago which is probably the reason I went quiet on you. It sure wasn't anything against yourselves or any of the contributors. I concentrate now on only a few sources and then only sporadically. There is this blog, of course and I dip into “Once Upon A Time”, I just like the way Arthur thinks. Jim Stone is a first class investigative journalist who is prepared to walk the talk but I fell out with his hangers on and don't go there anymore. Jen Lake is always worth a read. Apart from that I took the view that I am aware of the overall plan and prepared to interperet current events in my own way. You could say according to my own prejudices but if we don't have a personal view then we don't have any view, in my view :). I suppose this depends on whether you are ever prepered to change your mind for whatever reason. This of course doesn't prepare you for up and coming developments before they become public knowledge. But you have to draw a line of how much of your life you are prepared to give up to stay ahead of the game. If you regard this as burn out okay, in a way I suppose it is, to a degree. I am sure that those making the rules of the game rely on this but hopefully there will be stronger people to take the lead as I am gradually overtaken.

The various levels of state, from the executive branch to the local level have become a cult. Instead of representing the overall consensus view, as representative democracy is supposed to work, they have learned the trick of keeping people engaged. If you stay on the outside you are not a problem but once you step inside the jaws of the whale, you are kept so busy you don't have time to think anymore let alone question what you or they are doing and what is getting by you on the blind side.

Let's have lots of rules, lots and lots of rules and then everyone will know exactly where they stand and what is expected of us, them and what we expected of each other. As we have previously noted every rule limits your freedom by defining what you can't do or what you must do. But hey, this is new modern democracy, you sure don't want to be an old stick in the mud that gets left behind do you? And the group will make our mind up for us and tell us what to think but there again where does the group get its ideas from? Not from within itself, that's for sure. This is essentially what the weeds thing is all about. Keeping people busy is not the same as keeping them vigalent, in fact quite the opposite. The only rule our local authority has in that respect is that if your garden decides to grow thistles you are required to heave them out. When we take our dogs for a walk on the lesser used public land and they come back covered in sticky buds, I can see the logic behind this one But why make it compulsory to do something people are going to do anyway? I wonder if anyone will turn in Monsanto for supplying noxious seeds? No, I don't think so either.

Not sure if I got taken today, going to have a think about it and let you know later.

freeacre said...

" .. The various levels of state, from the executive branch to the local level have become a cult. Instead of representing the overall consensus view, as representative democracy is supposed to work, they have learned the trick of keeping people engaged."

Ain't that the truth, Belgium. I keep wanting to walk away, and just paint my ducks and work on figuring out my Geiger counter business. But, "they keep on PULLING ME BACK IN," as Michael Corleone said in Godfather III.

Now I just spent days responding to this outrageous noxious weed issue. They are using noxious weeds to enable Monsanto to further take over the food and make growing it locally more difficult. The evil motherfuckers!
I'm going to share the letter I wrote to the county commissioners as Ceres, of our local Grange. They are, probably, going to consider me a wing nut, but I don't give a rats ass anymore. Talk about rules and rules and rules - there's just no end to it. I will e-mail it to you as well as to the regulars around the campfire. If anybody else wants to read it, just ask and I will send it to you. I'm sure this noxious weed thing will be used all over the place soon. Seems to be part of Agenda 21 to drive us out of rural areas.

I've been going to Godlikeproductions quite a bit. It's fringe, often racist and stupid, but for breaking news, it's pretty good. The saving grace is that it is not politically correct.

Anonymous said...

Correction FA...Godlikeproductions. It's fringe, often racist and stupid. and [url=http://disinfo.com/2013/09/godlike-productions-and-the-science-of-shill/]often hosts shills, and is full of spyware, not to mention the owners dodgy links to security services etc.[/url]

hope that helps GD :)

spooky! wv=associations helpfedv

Anonymous said...

opps try again :)

often hosts shills, and is full of spyware, not to mention the owners dodgy links to security services etc.

mrs p said...

Hello Ducks!
Just wanted to send some love your way. Another pretty photo of your many talents!

Amazing words from murph. My sentiments exactly.

love and colours to you, mrs p

Anonymous said...

sats... what u said bout what some may consider burn out... sounds more like wisdom ta me.

the only rule of law i'm abiddin to is no rule of law. let consequences be da judge and karma the attorney general! ...p

Anonymous said...

the big day has arrived for the big money game. for some, its already been played.

it mighta been 1500 to zip but the madden machine bled to death late in the 1st quarter... http://www.sbnation.com/2014/1/30/5351052/breaking-madden-super-bowl-broncos-seahawks?utm_source=sbnation&utm_medium=nextclicks&utm_campaign=articlebottom

255 to zip beats the real all-time route record; ga tech 222. cumberland 0.

back in the early 60's when i was hangin out in chi-town the local laughin stock was northwestern. it was said to be a real place but i suspected it was merely mythological. truth was they were real and they'd lost some phenominal number of games in a row.

like new yorkers, chicagoans have to have a fall guy to beat up on. northwestern was it and there were all sort of jokes and anecdotal evidence floatin around to prove it. like, i was drivin on the turnpike and there was one of those road signs they put up to help ya know where you are. all this one said was...


and right below it someone had taken a big fat black magic marker and scribbled..



rockpicker said...

Speaking of Jim Stone, here's a piece of work...


Hotspringswizard said...

Freeacre, maybe your colorful ducks would find a nice home paddling around here:


Mrs P checks in, been a while, time for So Cal earthquake reports :)

I just watched the documentary Chasing Ice tonight, amazing high def filming of retreating glaciers and ice calving!

An epic drought starting to take shape for our state of California. Jerry Brown I heard is talking about a proposed new pipline to supply the troubled cities with water ( from where? ), and the lakes on the Colorado River are real low too, getting close to Ration Regime I for Lake Mead. All of this likly to spike food prices.

Kunstler's latest ends with this " When do people seriously start to starve and reach for the pitchforks? When does the action move from Kiev to London, New York, Frankfurt, and Paris? ". Yeah, just when, hard to say.

Good to see Murph is still alive and kickin, I was starting to wonder, no comments, no post for a while :)

2,500$ for having weeds in yer yard, as Randy would say, we are so doomed :)

Where is Otter?

christina melton said...

Otter is freezing in sub zero weather, under the gun to leave my sanctuary by April first, and trying to swim through channels of intense change and stress with transition income and no safety net.
I am in marathon mode...again... and soul tired.
Triage decisions being made with a shot at a good ending,but too many body blows with no healing time in between. I am presently encased in ice, yearning for water, music and
A good life lived a little bit away from the wall that I keep getting slammed up against despite my best efforts.
My 11 year old beauty stands strong by my side and there is a good future out ahead of us but so many obstacles to overcome to reach it. I am back to taking life 5 minutes at a time.
Will have to revisit your photos ,hot springs and live vicariously through your images and revisit what makes love stay on Palooka' s denial blog to keep up my heart.
Thank you for thinking of me.
Regards to you and yours.
Otter and pup.

christina melton said...

Otter is freezing in sub zero weather, under the gun to leave my sanctuary by April first, and trying to swim through channels of intense change and stress with transition income and no safety net.
I am in marathon mode...again... and soul tired.
Triage decisions being made with a shot at a good ending,but too many body blows with no healing time in between. I am presently encased in ice, yearning for water, music and
A good life lived a little bit away from the wall that I keep getting slammed up against despite my best efforts.
My 11 year old beauty stands strong by my side and there is a good future out ahead of us but so many obstacles to overcome to reach it. I am back to taking life 5 minutes at a time.
Will have to revisit your photos ,hot springs and live vicariously through your images and revisit what makes love stay on Palooka' s denial blog to keep up my heart.
Thank you for thinking of me.
Regards to you and yours.
Otter and pup.

Anonymous said...

love your duckwork sis,did
you make them?they are really nice looking. if i HAD to paint ducks my talented self would just go to the hardware store grab a can of candy apple
green and hose those suckers down, and spread them around the lawn.
i mean whats a mother to do when he has so many thumbs on each hand
glad to see you guys here again...and hale to all that attend this sacred site.
for we are blessed for some fucking reason that titters my brain , we have been here for how long? can't count that there length of time

peace all



rockpicker said...

How doomed are we? To answer that question first we need to know what we're up against. Intent requires knowledge.


Anonymous said...

rp: I saw that the other day and wasted an afternoon chasing it up, my conclusion was that it's a colossal waste of time and of zero value. Gd.

Anonymous said...


@Gd Wifey surprised me the other day by asking to take a few days break on the big island, maybe March / April or so, weather permitting, no fixed plans yet. I must admit this was a bit of a show stopper since it is almost 12 years since I was there. She wants to go somewhere she remembers which is by a small river or a large stream where there are some rocks or cliffs nearby with shops roundabout. I took an inspired guess at Bourton on the Water but when I showed her Google pictures, that wasn't it. Since I know for sure I haven't taken her to Scotland, I have narrowed it down to somewhere in England or Wales. Will probably take in some old haunts on Merseyside / Cheshire. I will take a complete flyer that where she remembers is somewhere on the A6 between Buxton – Bakewall – Matlock Bath. The Peaks were always my head to bit of the country. Maybe we could meet up for a few beers. I have a feeling that you are somewhere in fen land. Since I have no firm plans, everywhere is good for me. If you are agreed then maybe you could suggest a pub or other meet, best for us if it is or is near a B&B. At this stage, just let me know if you are agreed with a meet, if so details can follow later. If it is not possible, no offence taken.


rockpicker said...

GD; That's because you're more tuned-in than the average bear.

rockpicker said...


Is this a colossal waste of time, and of zero value?

Anonymous said...

SATS: I know the A6/Matlock area, used to do the boxing day raft race at Matlock many yrs ago, it fits the bill for shops nearby, but I would call it a river rather than a stream! Maybe more towards Buxton it's more stream like, tho you could easily have been in both places on the same day.

If she likes picturesque cliffs and streams, take her to visit Malham Cove & Gordale Scar (just round the corner from Malham) in the Yorkshire dales, definitely no shopping opportunities nearby tho! It is one of my all time favorite places, spectacular countryside views all around there, I remember it well from my "Pennine way" walk :)

We're not quite in Fenland in Northamptonshire, if FA and Murph could pass on my email addy, I think we could work something out depending on the dates :)

RP: we could talk about MSM duplicity all night and still only scratch the surface, suffice to say I don't believe anything from the "system" and I'm very choosy about which sea food I eat ;) Gd.

Anonymous said...


Hi Murph and Fa. When Gd sends his details over could you please send him mine. Thanks in advance for playing postman.

Cute doggy pics btw.

Hotspringswizard said...

Hello Otter :) Sorry to hear about your travails of the heart and mind. I've always valued and appreciated the unique way you have expressed your thoughts. For you, I just put up this photo at my Flickr site, and its one I took this last Thursday evening at Deep Creek Hot Springs, a place so dear to my heart, and I've had so many memorable experiences visiting there for 30 years now. I know a good soak in the Serenity Pool ( its name ) would find your soul feeling such bliss : ) Glad your still checking in here at TCC : )


Hotspringswizard said...

And to go along with the photo Otter, imagine yourself listening to this as you were embraced all over by Mother Natures soothing pure warm water. It really captures the feel of it for me : )


Anonymous said...


Murph, When the conversation went about weed control, I forgot to mention a tip I got from my local neighbours. They are not into commercial products either, instead they use acetic acid otherwise known as strong vinegar. You can pick it up from your local supermarket for hardly any money at all. Just the plain stuff the alcohol sort is not necessary. It is just a feeling but since it is a natural product I should imagine it will go back to nature better than its commercial equivalents. I regularly do the paths with this in the growing seasons. This will get 95% or more of your weeds. It is not so good on that one which smells like cats pee, don't know the botanical name but vinegar is quick, cheap and if you are only left with 5% to do by hand, that is not so bad. One thing I learned by experience is not to leave it stored in a spray container that you pressurise with a hand pump. When you have finished spraying it is normal not to deliberately release the pressure and the acid in the vapour attacked the O ring seal after a couple of months. In the model I had the O ring was partially set inside the lid housing, the ring swelled until it no longer made a seal and because it was now thicker, it was impossible to dislodge and replace so I finished up throwing the pump away. Those simple devices that spray as you squeeze the trigger are ideal and I have used one for some years now both for weeds and cleaning dirty DVD's and other small cleaning jobs.

Gd, Got a feeling it is Dovedale. I saw a light of recognition when I mentioned crossing the river on stepping stones and walking along the river canyon on a boardwalk next to the water. No shopping opportunities there though but well in Matlock or Buxton which are not far away. One of my favourite fun things to do in that region is driving through the ford at bradbourne Brook.

rockpicker said...


Up the gully past the end of a dead end road
in my mind a hound goes on alone in hills
like sounding boards, resolute and compelled
to tell what he knows is true. Who strains
to hear his muffled oath is of no concern.
Though a little wind will carry his voice away
a little while, he will stay nose-to-ground
and sounding from inside the deep tangle
consensus has become. Once

I went out with a huntsman's horn to blow him off
and call. I learned he will not come to me, bleeding
and happy to be carried home. Bitch or dog,
the dogged can't resist corrupting musk. A whiff
informs the DNA, inflames the nostrils; the voice
explodes, an acoustic rainbow over sodden hills.
There is no spent fuel pool. The tsunami, man-caused.
I squint into a slurring wind. I hear the soft scrape
of running paws in rotting leaves and know
this running in my bones. It's in the blood.

Anonymous said...


Gd Yesterday we had a news item about flooding of the Thames in London and the surrounding counties. I thought that you would be okay since you are centrally located and not in any flood plain. Today they led with the news that most of England is underwater as far north as Shropshire and it is the worst flooding for 350 years. Cameron has got his ass into gear and is promising disaster relief to more or less everyone, both private and businesses and tax concessions for incorporating flood prevention measures if rebuilding is necessary. If it is like this then it must be really serious. How are you and yours and how is your permaculture project. Is there much damage around you. Let us know something.

Anonymous said...

Yeah if you listen to the news, we're all sat on our roofs over here LOL it's been a bit stormy, and pretty wet, but talk of "unprecedented" is of course BS, looking at the records 1910, 1930, and a dozen more yrs were worse including 98 and 01, last yr was worse for us flood level wise, they must be talking about averages/means or something to come up with the ridiculous headlines I've seen.

What caused it if it wasn't unprecedented rain? Our old friend Agenda 21.. read on.

http://www.spectator.co.uk/features/9137131/instant-wildlife-just-add-water/ (note the MO has yet to release Jan rainfall figures, so how can anyone say it's a record since whenever?)

I do indeed live in the middle of a flood plain, last yr our house (effectively on stilts) was surrounded by water so deep it came over the causeway, another 4" it would have been in the house. I prepared anyway, gave us another 2ft by making flood boards to seal all the doorways, they were never tested thankfully! Not so bad this yr, just "normal flooding" which we're used to. 5 of our 8 acres sit under 4ft of water, not the best of gardening conditions! It will delay the major tree planting scheme I had planned, but I recently made a contact with a community group who will be helping with the planting (and tree supply) so it may go better than expected yet!

The PC project looks more like an underworked allotment, real life overtook it in too many ways to go into, it will take a much longer timescale to get to the final plan, but due to good design no work is wasted, it'll all keep growing on it's own :) email sent to Murph & FA to pass on.

Tks for thinking of me :) Gd.

Anonymous said...


I remember 98 and 01. I was between there and here but mostly there, living in that God forsaken town of Luton. No don't ask, sometimes life deals you a bum hand. We had some floods too. I was not affected personally but lots in the east and south east were as memory serves, especially around equinox time. Then in the summer we have a heat wave, the newly privatised water companies feel they have to give their investors a fair shake at the expense of the people they are charged with looking after so instead of putting investment in, they pump the artesian wells dry. The land looks like an African river bed, house foundations fall into sink holes and those in authority do the trick of shrugging their shoulders whilst sitting on their hands. And Agenda 21 was only a twinkle in some bankers eye. Too much water or too little, can't seem to even it out, thats the problem. Actually the problem is too many people, got to get rid of the people, that's the answer. Either drown the buggers or we all become boat people without even leaving our own town. Ah well, sometimes I get one on me, many a true word and all that :) The first flood I remember was when Lynmouth got hit in 53 and it has been ramping up ever since. Where we are now is no different, flat as a witches tit, as the saying goes and the further North you go the flatter it gets. In truth we are no higher than the Dogger Bank. In North Belgium and Holland there isn't a perpendicular church spire or water tower in either country. In our village the top of the church spire is 1,15 metres away from where it should be. Fortunately it is falling into the rest of the building which is the only thing that is keeping it up. Hasn't anybody had the bright idea of pumping the levels into a resivoir instead of out to sea? Makes you wonder what you are paying these folks for.

Anyway, I have had my little tirade now and feeling much improved:) I really am thankful that you and yours are alright. I will keep an eye on the reports and whan the SNAFU resumes normal levels we will come over.


freeacre said...

I'm wondering if Palooka has felt the earthquake that is reported to have occurred in Georgia tonight?

We have been getting non-stop rain and sleet for days. Big pond in the street in front of the house. Water ran down the rope in the tipi, but nothing serious. Made a fire in there to try to dry it out. Dismal weather.

The drought in California is going to be a disaster barring some miracle.

GD and SATS, it would be so cool if you guys could hook up.

Anonymous said...

nothin here but some ole paddlin buds down macon way (100m so) felt it... p

rockpicker said...


"That's right: at a time when America's two largest foreign creditors, China and Japan, went on a buyers strike, the entity that came to the US rescue was Belgium, which as most know is simply another name for... Europe: the continent that has just a modest amount of its own excess debt to worry about. One wonders what favors were (and are) being exchanged behind the scenes in order to preserve the semblance that "all is well"?"


Anonymous said...

Hot springs, I thought that I had left a thank you for the water and the music, but I had the other big "C", cortisol, runnin all around my brain and it makes everyday tasks that much more difficult. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. It makes my belief in the goodness of humanity stay alive.
Slogging through the slush of hard times to reach a better path. Stay fluid, for only those of us who stay lithe and supple will flourish in these coming times.
Seeker/and always otter

Hotspringswizard said...

Thank you Otter. Speaking of lithe and supple, I love to swim for excercise, and it helps me be that way. I enjoy sliding through the water with ease, like a fish, or an Otter even : ) Here is some more beautiful waters that inspire me. I find the most wonderful colorful smooth stones there, and many of them adorn my room. Fantastic sculpted works of art from Mother Nature they are to me : )


And the image makes me think of this music:


I wish you well in reaching that better path : )

Anonymous said...

ok, this is freeky... was here yesterday and saw that seeker girl's latest. i was certain she had responded to wiz the other day but when i scrolled up there was nothing. now there is. its not only back but its duplicated. WTF??

Anonymous said...

can you fee the change yet? the change i'm talking about is not simply a defined moment in ah hah like a light bulb but a gentle loosing of the past as a shedding of inner coating as winter reaches out for spring. it is something not quite full focus but tangible enough to know the reality of it is unavoidable and the mind envelopes it as a flower opens its petals to the sun.
we are a free people and the baggage of the past fades and the light of now seems brilliant to eyes that have seen mostly evil walking our mother's garden for so long.
it seemed there was no way out at times and it took only one slippery moment and a rare staring at something only slightly coming into view and the change happened. it was gentle like a feather floating along some ancient pathway that was ours long ago but lost in the disillusionment of longing .. this longing for the purity of our essence, smothered in ignorance, hatred and a plethora of unfocused minds aimed only on at the current distraction of popularity.
this is fading as the something barely felt wiggles its way into being.
the new is not shy, it feeds on the love that has been cast aside by those that would see evil as an old friend, something to emulate and hang on the trophy shelf of conquests.
this is the past and its time has come and gone for those that have seen even a glimpse of the new light that growing pains are welcomed as the strength of it along with them grows also.
one cannot say that this is not an actual physical mutation of the brain nor that it is simply a manifestation of a normal rate of growth provided of course by spirit which has created us. either way it makes no difference because the main thing is is that it is happening and it is with great pity that there is at this time so few that it is happening, so it seems, maybe not.
good morning brothers and sisters.i love you.
the stick is passed

rockpicker said...

On-going event involving plutonium releases in New Mexico, folks.


freeacre said...

Oh, yeah, but there is "no danger" to health according to the EPA. There's a comfort.

Montana, nice to hear that you are experiencing something new and nice. You are waxing eloquent again, my brother.

Mike Ruppert has a 6 part UTube documentary that shows him in his digs at a reservation in Colorado. He seems to be healing and coming to terms with his spirituality and the immanent demise that he figures we will all share sooner rather than later. Nice to see him smiling.

rockpicker said...

"Hello in there. Hello."

Anonymous said...

Anyone know who Doug Lewis is?
The chap MCR is living with, what's his background, who is his family, does anyone know anything more about him than the recent NWT stuff? Gd.

comrade simba said...

Look up "seedballs". Then get really invasive and prolifically growing "noxious weed" seeds and a sling shot. Drive around town and guerrilla plant them, preferably in spaces occupied by gov't offices. Vacant suburban lots. Highway crossings, "green" spaces... you get the idea. Industrial hemp added to the mix just 'cuz.

Anonymous said...


Propriatery cage bird seed contains canabis seeds, it is what makes them sing in captivity.

Anonymous said...

shingshot, yep,built them as a kid always had on in my rear pocket. now that i am older and have studied physics could build one that would travel further then a country mile,,, lets see now , o yeah a road trip to humbolt county to see some ole friends come back with a friggin bag full, mass produce the slings pass them out complete with ammo to all the little mini=people scurrying around the village and see what happens...
thanks simba and sats.
great blessings come straight from .. well you know where...

more love and care for the things we hate..she said.


rockpicker said...

The "real deal" on Ukraine...


freeacre said...

Here's another good one. I like Mike Whitney.


Anonymous said...

Gd@SATS can you forward your last email again please matey? My PC blew it's MB, it was so ancient I can't plug the HD into a new PC and read it, so I've lost all of my email contacts, and everything else on the machine Arrrrgggghhhh!! I have yet to manage to configure the new box to access my home email account *rolleyes*
I'll reply when I get it sorted!

on the plus side, my IT disaster has prompted to sort my office out, so I'm moving out of my broom cupboard into a bigger room with windows and everything! I've ordered a New workstation desk with 2 sets of same height matching draws, a book case, and a new executive swivel chair!

Anyone else Spring Cleaning? I never knew we had so much junk! 5 car loads and two trailers gone so far and we're only half way through! Not started in the garden yet besides mowing... got to rebuild my front axle... sheesh I've got jobs piling up and Springs is upon us!

Anonymous said...


Hi Gd, I thought that was a special tallent reserved only for my lady wife. On the old computer she managed to take out two hard drives simultaneously. I put it down to class, I sure couldn't have done it! It must have been microsecond timing, she put a language disc in during boot up and instead of throwing up a non system disc error as you would expect, it must have been just on the point when the BIOS hands control over to the keyboard. It received an instruction that flumoxed it and whilst it was trying to decide what to do, it managed to frazzle both hard drives. I finished up giving the thing to my brother in law who re- disked it and I went laptop. If the new computer is new, I hope you got an Apple or went Linux because the alternative of Windows 8 is bloody horrible. Chris bought one that was on offer when they first came out and now it sits in the cupboard under the stairs and never sees the light of day. If it is then you are in for a big learning curve, don't plan on doing that front end job until May;) When you get your new office it looks like we will have to make an appointment to see you, exec chair, huh ;-)

If there is a local computer shop nearby then they should be able to put the contents of your old hard drive on to temporary storage and transfer it onto your new machine. Such things are usually possible, except in my case above, sigh.

People in general, fall into two catorgories. Either they are hoarders or they are chuckerouters. I am a hoarder but in this little place we have now I have to keep it under control. When we came to Belgium, I put my whole world into a one trip Renault Traffic High Top van and the rest I either sold on car boot (garage) sales or I gave it to charity shops. Now I can't even remember what all this stiff was that I couldn't live my life without. That sort of moving on is an odd experience.

I will send all our communications over to you but it looks like the trip to England is on hold for the time being. Someone quite close to us, half family in fact (that's a local expression for family of family) is very ill and it is not looking too hopeful. Until the situation becomes clearer we are not going anywhere we cannot get back from quickly.

Anyway, I am pleased it was only your computer that blew up. I will be in touch shortly.


Anonymous said...

gd 'n sats... its a pleasure, plain n simple, ta read some intelligent chit chat. thx 4 the update and damn soory bout the blow ups. i have w8 on my lap and its miserable!!! i swear, those bastards know how ta fuck with a whole lotta folk in a hurry!!!

spring cleanin? well, sorta..

'n sats... sorry ta hear bout yer loved one. i got me heart crossed for um... p

rockpicker said...


Your ducks are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

picker man... yer poetry rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

picker man... yer poetry rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it me?

Decided we want a new automatic cantilever gate (industrial sized thing), sent out 5 requests for quotes, got one response, they came out to survey, never heard from them again, so sent out another 8 requests for quotes, got one response, very nice chap comes out to survey, we get the quote... £8k !!

So I spend best part of a week pricing up all the metal/galvanizing/components and getting my head around how all the automation/safety stuff fits together, and work out the weight of it, and how to install it, I struggle to get the bill over £3k

guess 100% profit is not enough these days, so it looks like I'll be making a new gate myself this yr.

Tried to order new office furniture, first 3 firms just messed me about, never rang back, wasted a week, 4th firm no probs next day delivery.

Recession? Sheesh, it's like they want their customers to beg for a response!

To top the week off, seems I've caught the dreaded lurgy, If there is a world record for the worlds snottiest nose, I win. Gd.

rockpicker said...

GD; How many hours will it take you to produce said gate, and what are you worth an hour? Don't cut yourself short now, on either time, or hourly rate. The missus won't want to hear any of it.

It's a constant struggle, a gamble I've never enjoyed making. A man figures how much fiat currency it takes to get him through the year comfortably. Then, the times change. Money gets tight. New construction drops off. A little remodeling keeps some of the better craftsmen skipping along as the wheels slowly grind to a halt. To stay afloat, fewer jobs means each job has to provide more profit, not less.

It's like, when you go out to eat in a recession, in deflationary times. You can ill afford the extravagance of the meal, to begin with, but it's a special occasion, so there you are. After the meal, which, of course, is awesome, now it's time to settle up, and you're stuck with what seems like an exorbitant bill AND having to add in an ethical tip, ostensibly, some socially, consensually agreed upon percentage of the original total. But you look at it, and wonder, with the value of the currency dropping like a stone, how's this enough? It doesn't compute.

So, as things tighten and incomes get squeezed, just as it becomes more difficult to afford old tendencies, ethics demands we pay even more for those old tendencies.

Anonymous said...

well said rp! oh, but there's more... on the way to handle this little nasty twist in the american nightmare dream. the 'instruction booklet' provided by the dynamic of capitalism and endorsed, beginning at the top with capitolism and filtering on down from there to and thru the silent majority sez.... hey grasshopper, jes pass it along to the consumer!

which is whom? ...p

Anonymous said...

rp & P: I think there's a few issues here, overheads is one, too many middle men taking a chunk is another, greed is another.

My main gripe is that jobs are not priced on costs +reasonable profit anymore, they're priced on what they think they can get, "what the market will stand"!

I was brought up with a work ethic along the lines of "an honest days work, for an honest days pay"

How many bricklayers get to mark up the cost of the bricks on top of their honest days pay? None, unless they call themselves a house builder and disguise it as a business model, and they still call it ethical.

If I supplied the gate, hardware, and all the automation gear, these guys would not be interested in quoting for the installation alone, they effectively want £5k to cover their 2 man crew for two days. When everything is marked up by the next man in the supply chain, the 20% tax starts to look extortionate.
Ironically if I doubled my prices (which the market could stand, but I consider extortion) my company would cross the VAT tax registration threshold, my customers would have to pay 20% tax on top, but I could claim back 20% on all the inputs.

The system is designed to increase prices by default IMO.

If I buy the steel, in pre-cut lengths to fit my design, I reckon there's 2-3 days laying out & welding, 1 day to prime & paint it. 1 day for the first fix, putting in the concrete pad and running the mains cable, and one day to install & commission.

If your only overheads are 1/2 a day for the salesman/site surveyor, 2 men for 2 days, & 2 cube of concrete, then £5k profit seems extortionate. (OK include .5/365 for office/vehicle overheads)

There are sellers on ebay (fabrication firms) offering these gates, supply only, including all the hardware (but not what I want in the way of automation) for £1k +delivery.

It's the same with everything, I've just bought parts for £400 to rebuild my front axle, there's 2 days work to do the job (10 hour job in the book) Now if I had just drove the truck in to the same garage I got the parts from, and got them to do it, the bill would be £1200, the markup on the parts is c.300% as it is, the parts actually cost the garage about £120, so for 10 hours for one mechanic they get over £1k (less 20% tax) - and this is acceptable? Not to me it's not :lol:

If you want something done right, and at a reasonable price, you have to do it yourself. Gd.

rockpicker said...

GD; I appreciate where you're coming from, but what we in the west will have to start dealing with is the change from economies of infinite growth to economies of negative dynamism. We're no longer expanding; probably will never experience it again in our lifetimes. Too bad for the kids coming up.

An entrepreneur working for himself might have had a handful of craftsmen hired ten years ago. Now, he's had to let them all go, and he's back where he was when he started, only he still has all the equipment he's collected over the years and a building to store it all, and an office, but no secretary, and he's doing what little work that comes in, himself.

He still has to make a living, or get out of that line of work and find something else. If he's got employees, how does he keep them if he can't keep them busy?

Like riding a bicycle. The slower you go, the more unstable the ride.8536283 608

Anonymous said...

rp, if there was not enough work to go round, you'd expect a competitive quote from all of the 13 firms I requested one from, 1/13 replies does not suggest a lack of work.

While we were having a cup of tea I asked the chap who did quote weather the recession is affecting his trade, he said it hasn't effected the amount of work he quotes for, but 10yrs ago he would have charged 10k for a job he now quotes at 6k.

Which kinda points at "what the market will stand" being the norm for pricing. He was driving a brand new van too, hardly cash strapped IMO.

TBH I'm not really seeing "recession" lately, beside the educational gate quoting shenanigans, I know 4 people who have recently ordered brand new cars, two of them are 48k motors, one of them is over 60k! Last yr I knew 4 people who lost their jobs, all 4 are back in similar level jobs now (these ain't the same people buying cars tho!)

My car will be 20yo next Feb, I firmly believe it will last me the rest of my life LOL I was at a scrap yard earlier this week weighing in some scrap, I was stunned by the number of 10-12yo cars being scrapped, a lot of them looked very serviceable!

I must be getting old LOL

liking the new WV number thing, I can actually read them first time LOL

rockpicker said...

Here's a heads-up from Steve Quayle's website.


freeacre said...

I'm copying a comment from murph and attempting to post it. He has been unable to get past the "prove you're not a robot" after about 20 tries...

Reading the travails of the gate construction problems, reminds me of what has happened to us in rebuilding after the fire.

The problem we had was that we were induced to trust the contractor in the deal. Big mistake. My bad for not doing due diligence. We have ended up with a half assed poorly designed and poorly made building that was way over priced.

It took me months of investigation and learning about building a garage/workshop to find out how bad we were fucked. I've never before had to deal with something like this and I was way over my head and lacking information. If it comes around again, I am now much better prepared to deal with crooked contractors and material costs.

We are still hassling with the insurance company too.

To top it off, the contractor actually filched small items from the job site and from us personally and blamed it on the druggies. Smart, since he can't be accused of large scale theft, even if it could be proven in court, which it can't. The penalties for petty theft are generally not worth the effort of accusation.

For god's sake, it is snowing today. I thought we were done with winter, sigh. Sure puts the outside jobs on hold again.

Talk about extravagances, I finally finished the blanket. Took around 500 hours of work. It is eye candy for sure, but way over what I figured in out of pocket cost and time to do it. Upon investigation, it is unique as hell, nothing that I can find even close to it. It took 254 full sized rabbit hides to build. Will post photos when I can get around to it.


This is the site page with photos of the one finished block style blanket and the partial other blanket made Indian style that got burned up in the fire. I was obsessed with making one in the Indian style of construction and paid dearly for that obsession. I guess I will view it as some kind of heirloom.

Take care folks

freeeacre said...

This is another subject, but I just want to recommend a documentary that we watched last night: "Inequality for All." It was really good. The former Secretary of labor, William Reich, has been doing everything he can for years and years to make people aware of what a danger income disparity is to our country. if you have Netflix, it's also on streaming. Additionally, I ordered Chris Hedges book, "American Fascism," which is also really good. I think we need to be aware that a lot of the doom info is from right-wing fundamentalists who have their own Apocalyptic agenda, the Rapture, and all that. Funded by big money, like the Koch brothers, bankrolling fundamentalist movements all over the world to destabilize and sell arms, etc. Very interesting.

freeacre said...

I meant Robert Reich. Jeez.

Also, I'm glad you like my ducks, Rockpicker. :)

rockpicker said...

Missing plane update?


Anonymous said...


That was interesting Rp, has anybody come up with a motive of what is the root cause of the hijack?

It may come as a surprise to some to learn that the island of Diego Garcia was itself hijacked by the Americans and the rest of the Chagos Islands were “Swept and sanitised” with enforced repatriation of indigenous people to Mauritious. See this remarkable documentary by John Pilger entitled Stealing a Nation.

A long time ago I was concidering this as a subject for a post but then I did something different, don't know which one anymore.


Ps Fa, never said how good the painted ducks are. They must be really satisfying to do.

Anonymous said...

fa... that tactic is as old as god!

have a coke for the kochs everybody. they need our help.... p

wv... raging!


Anonymous said...


The more things change, the more they stay the same:


Anonymous said...

I am going to be leaving Montana on Easter and was wondering if I could prevail upon you to send me a small amount of bitterroot seeds for my heart. I have a beautiful cloudy purple Crystal rock that my girl found up Wallace creek. I figure that I could leave the rock with your son and maybe you could send him the seeds, of you are open to it and he could get the rock to you to add to your collection. It would mean much to me as this big sky country is near and dear to my heart,will and soul.
Hope this request finds you and yours well and living in the flow and beauty that this life can realize and experience.

Anonymous said...

Hot Springs
Wanted to say thank you again for the beauty of your waters on your site. I am heading southeast and will be on the lookout for new liquid territory.
Will keep you up to date. My girls and I are in interesting states of change. My deep water selkie girl on the east coast starts at Southern University of Maine this coming fall.She will be taking a major in Environmental Sciences and 2 minors...One in Applied Energy and Sustainability.
My Wst Coast girl, an Aquarian in California, is thriving in her career with her company and is getting great personal growth as a personal trainer.
The water is running fast but true in all of our lives and I look forward to the thrill of the upcoming rapids and current changes.
My youngest daughter and myself will still be pushing for the genesis of my gardening/landscaping business and the creation for a local, grassroots, interactive, heirloom variety, seed library.
Ryan will be small free seminars to the younger children on different subjects,pursuant to soil viability,crop rotations and different ways to compost and naturally protect against pests.
I think that it will be beautiful.
Wish us realization of our dreams.
I have turned my girls onto your site and will keep visiting your waters.
Hope this finds you and you family thriving in the gift of this existence

Anonymous said...

Aho, Trout Clan

Hotspringswizard said...

Hello Otter :) Thanks for taking the time to tell me how things are for you and your girls. I have been having a wonderful time enjoying the waters of Deep Creek this winter and spring. The flowers on the hillsides around the stream and in the desert have been just amazing this year! Hope your girls enjoy my pic site :)

One of the places I enjoy spending the day at when I go to Deep Creek is a hotsprings I found that no one else knows about. Its tucked away in a little nook next to the stream, under an Alder Tree and I did some cement work there which allows me to capture the hot water and build a temporary soaking pool for the day using plastic and driftwood logs, and then when I'm done I take everything down and hide it away so it all looks natural again. I named the place Ori Hot Spring, which is what I call these little heads I make out of natural earth clay, and the name relates to the constellation of Orion, which I love seeing in the night sky :)

I don't put pics of that place at my Flickr site since at the Deep Creek Hot Spring Forum where I am one of the moderators, there is a link to my photo site, and people look at it alot and I don't want them trying to find Ori :)

My e-mail is hotspringswizard@hotmail.com
I don't know if you have a smart phone that can receive pics, or and e-mail where I can send some, but if you would like to see my little secret springs spot I'll send you some photos. Just let me know at my e-mail if your interested in that :)

The two small hot sources at Ori are 115 degrees, and when I was there a couple of weeks ago the temp pool I made ended up being 103 degrees, a very nice temp for soaking and so very relaxing just being in those pure clean hot waters positioned right next to the gurgling creek flowing by. That hot water comes right out of solid granite cracks and I always put some in a water bottle, and cool it off in the creek for drinking, it tast wonderful. I also take three water bottles full of it home each time I go, such fine water, I'd carry more home if I could :)

Good luck with your endeavors with the landscaping! The family and I are all doing very well, thanks :)

I don't know where you will be Monday, but just thought I would mention that here on the west coast there will be a full eclipse of the moon that night into early Tuesday morning. Interesting to see for those that get a chance :)

Take care Otter, good to hear from you :)

Devin Marcus said...

If I knew the way I would take you home.

This should be on every therapists door

Devin Marcus said...


rockpicker said...


Cliven Bundy. Cattle. Nevada. BLM. Grazing fees. The desert tortoise. Solar panels and centralized electrical generation to be built by the Red Chinese on 9,000 acres in southern Nevada. Who's the company's American contact? Dirty Harry Reid's son, Rory, a lawyer, (wouldn't you know,) and ex-county commisioner for Clark County. BLM established in 1946. Bundy family's been grazing cattle on same ground since 1877.

Regardless of where you side on the main issues, the fact is, this is a major news story here in America, and especially in the west. My guess is most people around the USA haven't got a clue about it because of a concerted effort on the part of the mainstream news media to comply with gobmint wishes, and keep the lid on, tight.

NPR hasn't mentioned a word of it. Do a search using "Democracy Now and Bundy Standoff", and see what comes up.

It's important to take note, this is a clear indication of the depth of depravity to which the lamestream has sunk. If you needed proof, here it is.

Hundreds of people from all directions were stopped by authorities along the highways leading to the Bundy's ranch on Saturday morning. They were attempting to lend support for the protestors standing their ground in Bunkerville, (you can't make this stuff up!) Roadblocks and searches prevented hundreds from reaching their destination. Still, the feds perceived enough support was in place to warrant backing off, at least initially.

Infowars, Steve Quayle, Jeff Rense, Gary Franchi have all been covering the story since last weekend. National Public Radio? Nada thing...

BTW, welcome Devin Marcus. I hear ya. You sound angry, almost like one of those tax protestors I've been reading about...

rockpicker said...

Oh yeah.

The revolution will not be televised...

rockpicker said...


Sorry. Been busy working two jobs, trying to keep ahead of the mortgage and bills. Will send seeds off. Good luck in your ventures. Southeast sounds like a long way from home...

rockpicker said...

I've been sorting potatoes at the local seed potato farm.

Anybody here ever try Powder Milk Biscuits made from potato flour? Heavens they're tasty, and exspudicious!

rockpicker said...

What do you call a nerdy potato?

freeacre said...

You gotta watch this. Guys!


It's about the Bundy's and solidarity. It's really heavy.

Going out now to check out the blood moon.

Hang in there.

freeacre said...

Mike Ruppert put a gun to his head and killed himself last night. No real details yet. I just wrote to Carolyn Baker.


I want to hear that Mike went out happy. I want to hear that he had a great evening at a campfire surrounded by loving people. He felt at one with our Mother, the Earth, and he chose a happy time to leave. I imagine that he believed that he had done all he could do here, was pretty tired, and wanted to see what the next incarnation will be like for him.

I wish him so well. He is a scout for us. I hope he finds us a good place and we can all eventually join him there.

I am immensely grateful to him and for him.

This is a sad day for us, but I hope it is an awesome day for Mike.

With love and grief,


Anonymous said...

I just heard. Wow, just wow. Gd.

Anonymous said...


Hi guys, I wonder if you would care to express an opinion on these articles linked to below, re imminent collapse of the dollar.

The first embedded video is important even though it is somewhat dated now as it seems to have some credibility since it is expressed by a senior tresury official. It is only one minute long. The second is pure doomosphere and the third we all have seen similar monetary and economic explinations before.

These links are to a religeous / political site. The religeous aspects of whether the second coming of Christ will be the salvation of all those who truly believe, is in essence belief and opinion. Whatever you decide on this is whatever you decide. I am more interested in your opinion of his political analysis.



Btw, the document below was linked in one of the comments in one of the above articles.


Tragedy about MCR. Maybe he had an inside track on the truth and couldn't handle the level of depravity it held. If it was depression, this is a real sickness and not an excuse for swinging the lead. This is speculation and I guess we will never really know.

Hotspringswizard said...

Discussion of MCR's death here:


And if you scroll down the page you will find apparently MCR's last video titled:

Apocalypse, Man: Michael C. Ruppert on World’s End (Part 1)

This video is in six parts, and you can access each succesive part by finding the next video in the set in the upper left hand corner of the video image when a part is done.

You can really see in MCR's demeanor just how heavily all that he has dealt with was weighing on his heart, mind and body. Sad it came to this for him, but as the info at Collapsenet shows, he has been struggling with this for a long time.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to take this opportunity to wish Seeker all the very best in her new adventure. I hope the new chapter in your life is all you want it to be. You mentioned Ryan giving small lectures to other school classes on horticultural subjects. Have you seen this 14 year old girl beating Kevin O'Leary into the long grass on the subject of GMO's. She started giving small talks to other classes in school. The video starts off with her challenge to Kevin O'Leary at some interschool conference. You can imagine O'Leary thinking that taking on a school kid will be a walk in the park. The second clip is the same video presented on the Majority Report with the commentator noting each time O'Leary has retreated his position. It would appear that Rachel Parent has been well trained in the art of debate. She is not drawn off into blind alleys where she can be ambushed. She always returns to her main point and she makes sorties into O'Learys arguments. Enjoy.



On the subject of youth taking on the big guns, have a look at this 12 year old talking truth to power and getting a real ovation for it. Did it ultimately do any good? I think it is a bit like sinning again after going to church, everybody agrees with the sermon until the next temptation comes along.


Once again, best wishes to Otter and Ryan.

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for a "big picture" take on the news, CAF nails it IMO. Gd.


What happened to the number wv thing? the word version is as pants as ever :/

freeacre said...

Sorry to bring this up. But, we may be living in a much more toxic electro-magnetic environment than we know. I just watched this video and it is mind-numbing. Seems to have major suppressed research behind it.


Anonymous said...


we love you brother, you made the world a better place as dumb as that sounds.at least for a few of us with your courage .

happy hunting


rockpicker said...

Quack Grass

It's comical, how long it takes to wrest the ropes
of intrusive roots from a bed. In the time it takes me
to slide my spade in, lift, shake the dank earth loose
and move along down one side of a twelve foot mound,
starting at path level and working up- slope to crest,
one spade width at a time, picking out the worms
and placing them out of harm's way in finished ground,
pinching the broken fronds of purslane, the feathery mustards,
the catnips with their grand plans for conquest, the pliant
cheat grass starlets and the hard red winter wheat starts
(brought in on last fall's straw to buffer garlic,)
between the index finger and thumb of worn-out leather gloves,
tossing them, expendable, into piles at the ends of the bed,
and then, of course, the rhizomes of quack grass,
leading, and what's lead me here, one spear trending
to another, zig-zag, transversing the still-winter-drowzy medium
silt and sawdust and garnet sand and horseshit makes,
the magic duff you take in your ungloved palm at dusk
and feel the goodness of, loose, receiving, like a lover's smile
in lengthening shade, one might forget where one is,
sliding his steel shank in and lifting earth at twilight
but in the time it takes to circumnavigate the bed,
she's gone over the hill to another valley with friends,
had lunch and viewed slides of someone's trip to India,
driven home in snow, dropped people off, fed cats
and come home to me gathering roots at dusk with a smile.

Anonymous said...

rp: nice way with words. I think you're talking about what we call Couch Grass.

An old Biodynamic farmer gave me some instructions to make a recipe for controlling Couch grass (or any hardy invasive perennial in the wrong place). Take the rhizomes of the unwanted plant, put them in a biscuit tin (or similar non air tight sealing tin, or pin hole it with a nail) and chuck it in the fire. Recover the tin after the fire goes out, grind up the resulting ash/charcoal, add this to water and water the undesired plant once a month, this "Biodynamic weedkiller" is supposed to weaken the plant with it's own toxins.

I have tried the recipe on Devils Ivy (AKA bind weed) I have running through my Asparagus bed, it did weaken it, but it's an ongoing battle, mite be my fault it's not working faster as I skipped too many treatments ;)

The Joys of Spring eh! Gd.

Anonymous said...


Rp, that is nostalgia from a former time. I think I said some time ago that the few feet above the ground that a modern farmer sits in his tractor has made him loose a real connection with the land. Sure, how are you going to feed 7bn people doing it the old way but there is a loss ascosciated with the gain. It is like the difference in taste between produce ripened on the plant instead of ripened in transit. Fruit and veg looks better on the supermarket shelves but it sure aint the same. Ach, nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

I think I said recently that I spray my weeds with acetic acid and hope that the overspray goes back to nature. Anyway, it works for me.

Someone once told me an interesting use for paraquat, the active chemical in roundup and weedol. It hasen't got that many interesting uses but this one ammused me. You take an empty single malt whisky bottle, put about half an inch of paraquat in the bottom, fill it up with cheap whisky from the supermarket and put the cap back on. Then you leave it on a high shelf in your living room, on view but out of the reach of kids. If you ever have the burgulars in, that is going to be one of the first things to go. So the thieves take it and then they drink it and then they die. There is no known cure for paraquat poisoning, that is why everyone is so careful with it. Paraquat related deaths are so unusual it is sure to make the local papers, then you find out who it was, go around to their house and get your stuff back.

VW Oppression


rockpicker said...


...Land a million peasants hoed subsides
while dying aspens turn a silver he can't save
and nations crash in gardens like the sea...

Fuck, talk about info wars...


Anonymous said...


Rp. So far as the average US Joe is concerned, I think it is a matter of not being able to see the wood for the trees. That and wanting to have their beliefs stroked. They have been well trained to be afraid of the 'other'. A bit of trumpet blowing going on here; remember this from the way back machine:


murph said...


I re-read that posting you put up on Cyclone's site clear back in 2007. Wow, well done.

I haven't had the time to go back and review or scan the older posts during the time of the Bush admin. It is interesting to look back on what the discussions were then.

I might even have the time to write a new post this week. I got back from the hospital late last night. I managed to come down with pneumonia, been sick for a week at least, not able to get things done that needed to be done last month. Rehab is going to slow me down for at least a week. sigh.

rockpicker said...

Wasn't the chemtrail flu, was it? Sorry to hear that, Murph.

Anonymous said...


Murph, sure hope they have caught the lung infection. In the last six or so years, I have had it twice. You get this heavy numb feeling under the rib cage when you breath in deeply. The first time I said if I ignore it, it will go away by itself, just work through it. That was until I got a liver infection which nearly caused jaundice, so you take care of yourself and don't put yourself back to work too quickly. The jobs will still be there even when you are not. The only problem with hospitals is that they are full of sick people. When I had my hip replaced I caught a bowl infection and apart from the hip, I was in a bad way. Really poorly ill sick not well. The surgeon pumped me full of as much antibiotics as the bod could stand. He was really scared of the infection getting into the system and then inside the new ball and socket. He said I didn't want to know how bad that was and then he told me and then I wished he hadn't. He then started me on a second course in tablet form and then a third course for when I got home. That was how much he didn't want to take the new hip out, clean everything up inside, leave me for six weeks without my leg properly attached to my body and then do a second replacement, which never quite works as well as the first. The reason I am telling you this is that even though you can become accostomed to any drug, you can do multiple courses of antibiotics just as a belt and braces exercise and the older you get, the more help you need. Yes, a new post might be just the thing, keep the brain active and give the bod a chance to recover properly.

Rp, what you say is true. If you can't see it you don't believe it is there and then there is the Fukushima factor too. Wrt our leadership, there is a belief that the higher up the ladder you are, the further you can see but nobody ever told you that the guy at the top has myopic vision.

murph said...


Docs said it was called community pneumonia but didn't do enough tests to make sure. Having me take an antibiotic that was described to me as being equivalent to killing an ant with a sledge hammer. Said at my age, I better get rid of it NOW, it could kill me. sigh. So many damned things could kill me these days. Even got a KAT scan.

Since I am forbidden from finishing up the 5 trees I've put down and need to put down 2-3 more, and haul the brush to the burn pile, It's gonna be ugly for a while.

At least I have some rabbits that should kindle this weekend sometime and I have pelts to work out and put into the pile to smoke tan. Wonder when I'll get to that, a big time investment.

I finally did finish up the Indian style rabbit skin blanket I was working on. Like how it came out but would have downsized it a lot if I had anticipated the time and out of pocket cost. $2000 and 500 hours on that one.

This being sick is the shits in life. sigh