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Prophecies and the Temple of Doom Prophecies

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from SATS, aka Belgium

(apologies to SATS for posting his interesting report so late on the Georgia Guidstones.) 

Prophecies and the Temple of Doom


I am not going to talk about the musings of some new years eve TV astrologer discussing the implications of planet alignments, astrological houses and all the things we don't really understand but like to pretend we do and are used to hearing at such times. What I am more interested in are those who have have given themselves the task of making our future, their reality and the signs that they are giving us. Do not be alarmed, I can assure you that this is the only time the words 'black helicopter' will appear in this article although there is a section on numerology. Whilst some of the clues they have given us are out front, others are extremely convoluted and may just as easily be misdirection, especially the numerology. A subject I want to address here is the Georgia Guidestones, what they are; what they say and where they came from. The reason I am addressing this subject now is because within the last month there have been two separate incidents concerning these Guidestones. Firstly a new addition was made to them and when this had come to public attention it was removed and destroyed. I will discuss what might or might not be behind it.

The Guidestones are shrouded in mystery and the derived curiosity is part of their attraction. They may not even be prophecies or even predictions, they may be exactly what they say they are, guides for the rebuilding of society for survivors of some post apocalyptic event. At first, I thought they were some NWO artefact for ramping up fear amongst the informed. Then I thought they were commissioned by some wealthy esoteric but benign organisation. The new addition which was later removed has its roots in numerology which switches us back to the NWO unless the monument was hijacked from its original designers. First let us have a look at what they are.

This description of the Guidestones and their inscriptions comes from Wiki.

The Georgia Guidestones is a granite monument in Elbert County, Georgia, in the United States. A message clearly conveying a set of ten guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages, and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts: Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian hieroglyphs.
The structure is sometimes referred to as an "American Stonehenge".[1] The monument is 19 feet 3 inches (5.87 m) tall, made from six granite slabs weighing 237,746 pounds (107,840 kg) in all.[2] One slab stands in the centre, with four arranged around it. A capstone lies on top of the five slabs, which are astronomically aligned. An additional stone tablet, which is set in the ground a short distance to the west of the structure, provides some notes on the history and purpose of the Guidestones. There are also some geographical alignments and astronomical features built into some of the stones.


A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.
  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.
Author: R.C. Christian
(a pseudonyn) [
Sponsors: A small group
of Americans who seek
the Age of Reason

Is there anything we can glean about the authors from the inscriptions. Even though the stones were defaced with graffiti some years ago with slogans such as “Death to the New World Order” and similar themes, I don't think it was them who sponsored it.
No.1 is the attention grabber and is probably the source of the half a billion world wide inhabitants attributed to the NWO. If this was so it would mean that nearly 14 out of every 15 of us would have to go. If on the other hand it is advice for the survivors of some post apocalyptic event then probably what they are saying is don't get yourselves into the same runaway mess that we are in today.
No2 smacks of eugenics which points to the banking dynasties and an overseeing authority but also has connections to Nazism and the super race.
No 3 has the Christians up in arms since the Book of Revelations warns against the Devils plan for a one world language so it sure isn't them. This one world language seems at odds with the diversity mentioned in No2 and the multi polar world view of No6
No's 5,6 and possibly 7 indicate the authors have a multi polar world view which is an anathema to the NWO unless it is them and they are lying.
No8 I don't have any problem with unless 'Social Duties' involves conscription or some such.
No10 The world's present elite are letting thousands of animal species die every week and promoting their GMO's and so called Frankenseeds, so if it was them then why put such emphasis on nature?
No's 4, 9 and again No10 suggest some naturephilic group. Ones that would fit the bill would be some sort of hippy, New Age group, possibly the Deep Ecologists. In general these tend to be rather rag-tag loose groupings of variations on a theme, not an organisation that could afford a monument such as the guidestones. Anyway, they would spend their money on planting trees or saving the whales, not on erecting grand monuments. This leaves us with established nature worshipping groups such as the Pagans the Druids and maybe Gnostics but not confined to these. One researcher has suggested the Rosicrucian's and these would be an ideal fit. They are not a religion in the sense that Paganism is not a religion. They believe in Mysticism, Metaphysics and claim knowledge of the forgotten truths of nature most of our ancestors knew but are now largely forgotten. They use the word 'reason' (No4 and The Sponsors) often in describing their beliefs. Except, they have been rejected by the one living man who knows the truth but is respecting his vow of secrecy. His story can be found in this article:
There is an small incident in this story where when 'Mr Christian', the designers liaison man, makes initial contact with the owner of the granite company and tells him of his plans. The owner regards him as a 'cook'. To discourage him he asks for a substantial deposit of $10,000 as a show of good faith. Christian asks if there is a trustworthy bank in the neighbourhood and then goes off to find the branch manager. If Christian was from a banking dynasty, he would not do this.
'The Sponsors' also mentions 'A small group of Americans. The WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) certainly would have no problem funding a monument such as this. So maybe it is them and not the NWO as such although there is a degree of overlap. I am considering possibilities here without coming to any firm conclusions.
Sometime early in September 2014 a corner was cut out of the English language slab and a cube inserted into this space. Two numbers were visible on this cube, they were 20 and 14. When the cube was removed, all faces were found to have either numbers or symbols representing numbers on them. Many people believed a date for some future catastrophic event could be deciphered from these numbers. The story is continued here in this article from Before its News. The author took the very unusual numerological step of subtracting the numbers on the bottom face of the cube and came up with a date of 3 October 2014. Well that one clearly didn't work. A video referenced at the end of the article uses exactly the same derivation but instead uses the more customary step of adding all the numbers together and comes up with a date of 24 October 2014. Incidentally, both dates happen to be Fridays.

Georgia Guide Stones – Cube deciphered
With little ceremony the stone, that was only recently inserted in the top corner of the slab  with the English text on the Georgia Guide Stones, was removed again. Supposedly ‘unauthorized’, thrown down and cut to pieces. I believe however that there is a purpose to all of this as well as to the seemingly amateuristic video that showed the whole thing. Whoever filmed it made sure that we could see every side. One of the first things that catches the attention is the fact that there are other inscriptions apart from the 20 and 14 that were initially visible.
We also find the numbers 8 and 16 as well as the letter combinations MM and JAM. Before we could only read the year 2014, now if decoded, we can find an exact date.

The cube was tossed down like a dice and this brought me to the idea of understanding the code. A characteristic of a dice is that the dots on opposite sides always add up to seven; 5 + 2, 3 + 4 and 6 +1.

Likewise it is the opposite sides that match up in the ‘2014-Cube’:

If we assume that the MM side is the top and we view it from that side we can display the four adjacent sides around it. This is the diagram we use:
Now we simply add the numbers in the opposite sides:
8 + 20 = 28
14 + 16 = 30
As is customary in numerology, we keep adding the digits until a single digit number is left (except for 10 which is a
pure number and stays as it is):
8 + 20 = 28 → 2 + 8 = 10
14 + 16 = 30 → 3 +0 = 3
We now derive the numbers 10 and 3. Likewise we add the top and bottom. Here letters are used and we need to translate them to numbers.
This is easy, letters are numbered according to the alphabet (A=1, B=2, etc.) Thus:
MM = 13 + 13 = 1 + 3 + 1 + 3 = 8
JAM = 10 + 1 + 13 = 1 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 3 = 6
8 + 6 = 14

The tree numbers we get are 10, 3  and 14. I believe a date, being October 3, 2014 ! (March 10 is ruled out because the stone was placed after that date.)
I am not going to speculate what could happen on that date, but it is likely that it has everything to do with the (start of the) ’New World Order plan’ as laid out on the Guide Stones. This is driven by dark forces and one of the things they need to do for their events to become rituals is ‘reveal’ them in advance (lesser magic). All this might very well be part of this lesser magic. The occult uses numerology often and this goes into extremes. Here we see that there is much more to the coding than that which is shown above:

In the following diagram I have added the numbers in the neighbouring sides and written the result in the squares on the respective corners. Again I’ve added the single digits and written those results in the circles. For example the 34 on the top right corner is the sum of 14 and 20. The digits 3 and 4 add up to 7:
Now we add the opposites again, but in this case diagonally (the numbers in the circles). So the 6 and 7 add up to 13. The 4 and 9 also add up to 13. The two times 13 are represented by the M and M thus showing a perfect relation between all the numbers. You might explain this away as coincidence, but I’ll show you that the very same applies to the bottom side.
Since this is the reverse side, we have to use a reverse method so we will subtract instead of add. And we don’t add single digits but we split up.
34 – 24 = 10 → J
36 – 22 = 14 → 1 + 13 →
A + M
The total of all the numbers and letters is 108 which can be translated in either 18 or 9. Whichever you choose, in occult numerology both are the replacement for 666 (6 + 6 + 6 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9). This brings us to the deeper spiritual battle that is going on and of which this is part.
I believe the removal of the stone was very well planned as well as the filming of it. It seems almost ridiculous the way it was removed, thrown down and then cut to pieces and divided among the bystanders. The latter by the way seemed to be completely uninterested in the meaning and origin of the cube. Unrealistic. The ignorant ‘sheeple’ the controlling ‘elite’ so much desires. Just a side note: the man who removed the stone asks “who wants a chip?”, this could be interpreted otherwise and may be a hint to the implantable chip which the people will probably wish for just as eagerly.
The man acts as a literally mason with his hammer, but most likely shows symbolically who is behind all this. Let’s also not forget that the cube has the inscription MM (Master Mason). He is also kneeling on his left knee. An unnatural position for someone who is right-handed and has the stone he is chiselling in front of his foot. However it is the exact position an entered apprentice has when taking the Masonic oath. The right leg forming the square and the left hand supporting the Bible (in this case represented by the stone).
The stone was never meant to be there for a long time, just long enough to get our attention. No glue or cement had been applied, of which the man who removed the stone apparently was very well aware. He went up the ladder without tools and without hesitation lifted the stone out right away. He stated that it was unauthorized. He also mentions in the video that, quote: “we have the original piece”. Showing that he was very well aware (or present at) the removal of this original piece (and possible placing of the ‘unauthorized cornerstone’).
Seems to me a very well orchestrated symbolic repetition of the rejection of the corner stone:
The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone,” (Ps 118:22 / 1 Peter 2:7). Even in some Bible translations this cornerstone has been replaced. The New International Version (NIV) renders the above verse as follows: “The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone” (emphasis added). Hasn’t this been the plan all along of the secret societies, inspired by Satan himself. To dethrone Jesus Christ, the cornerstone, and replace him with the Antichrist, the capstone.
Heads up for the 3rd of October and above all, let’s keep our eyes and hearts on the true Stone. After all He will have the last word:
Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces.
… and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth.
(Daniel 2:34, 35b)

End of article

I wanted to put this article up since it uses the same logic as the video and those interested can follow it in written form however it comes up with the later date of 24 Oct 2014. Maybe some event of world significance will happen on this date. Having taken you through all of this my own personal feeling is that whoever is behind the placing and removal of the cube are not the same people that commissioned the monument. After the monument was erected, the sponsors transferred ownership of it to Elbert County Authority with their local trusted and sworn to secrecy banker acting as escrow. How easy would it be for some other group to approach Elbert County Authority, claiming to be the original sponsors and asking for a modification to be incorporated in it? The one possible exception to this could be the WASPs. Alternatively, it could be an elaborate hoax designed to ramp up fear amongst the informed in a similar way to the Lagarde magic number 7 speech.

Here is the link to the video kindly supplied to me by Gd.

The Temple of Doom

Thomas Maltus was not so popular as philosophers go, he was regarded as a bit of a snob. At least what he had to say was not directed for the benefit of the ordinary folk. Moreover it was delivered as a warning to the elite, of what would happen if the great unwashed were left to their own devices. Simply put, his message was that population would increase until the food supply ran out and then it would collapse. He spent a lifetime adding bells, whistles and embellishments to his theory but in a nutshell, that was it. As Thomas might have put it “We put all our emphasis on a persons breeding”. And one of the unwashed might have replied “Sometimes we devote a little of our time to other activities”.

The recently deceased Professor Emeritus, Albert Bartlett delivered much the same sort of message but because he did it in a non judgemental way he was immensely popular amongst his peers and those who saw his lectures. His most important subject was how people in general shy away from the exponential function because they believe it is too hard for them to understand but he had a simple and direct way to cut through all of that and explain it in a very simple way. The exponential function is a fancy way of describing the compound interest law. If you borrow $100 at 10% interest a year and don't pay it back immediately, after one year your debt will be $110 ($100 + 10%). After year 2 it will be $110 + 10% = $121 and so on. Many things in nature follow this pattern.

As well as bank interest, population grows in much the same sort of way. The more people there are, the more of them there will be to have babies. But so far as population is concerned, how much is enough. When should we stop. One example he liked to give was the bugs in a bottle scenario. On a particular midnight you put two bugs in a bottle and seal the cap on. There are two things you know about these particular bugs. They double their numbers every minute and after one complete day the bottle will be full. A question he liked to ask was when will the bugs realise there is a problem and they are being crowded out? Maybe when the bottle is a quarter full. What time of day will this be? The answer is two minutes before midnight. Even if they are feeling a bit pinched when it is only 1/32 full this is only five minutes before midnight. The message from this example is clear, if we do not have foresight, by the time we realise there is a problem it might be too late to do anything about it. Let us have a look at some things which affect population increase and some things which affect population decrease. Most examples are from Albert Bartlett with a couple of mine throw in. I am sure you can think of others yourself.

Increase Population Decrease Population

Procreation Abstention
Motherhood Contraception / Abortion
Large families Small families Chinese expt India expt
Immigration Stopping immigration
Medicine Disease
Public health, Sanitation
Peace War
Law and Order Violence Murder
Scientific Agriculture Famine GMO's frankenseeds
Accident Prevention Accidents
Speed limits No speed limits
Clean Air Pollution / Smoking
Clean seas Dumping toxic waste in seas
toxins in food chain through eating fish
healthy food pre-prepared foods which contain GMO's
Codex Alimentarius
Heterosexual marriage Homosexuality
Libido Impotence

Ignorance of the problem

Everything we regard as good and wholesome makes the problem worse.
Everything we regard as bad and unacceptable makes the problem better.
Is that not a dilemma?

Here is a good question. In which column would you put education? Up to now it has been firmly in the left hand column but is it right that it continues to reside there?

A couple of things from the list require further explanation. The two countries with out of control population growth are India and China. In the early days of technology the Indian government offered a transistor radio to anyone who agreed to be sterilised. It was a nice try but I doubt if there many still buying into this one. China has now effectively abandoned its one child per female policy because of public resistance to it. Without an effective welfare policy it is still the duty of children to look after their ageing parents. Traditionally, this is the duty of the eldest sons. Daughters go with their husband to look after her in laws. This left parents of daughters without care in their later years. In order to safeguard themselves against this possibility, many mothers-to-be would terminate their pregnancy if they found out it was to be a daughter or even worse cull the infant after birth. The knock on effect of this was that some years later, there were whole townships of men who could not find a wife. This was not hugely popular as you can imagine even with the availability of 'comfort girls' and the policy, if it still officially exists is no longer being enforced.

Immigration might be regarded as a strange one to include since it does not affect world population as a whole. The fact is that the indigenous population of every European country is falling but is being kept buoyant by immigrants breeding more prolifically than local folks.

A lot of modern research has gone into extending human life but is right to continue this? Especially when we consider the inescapable facts below.

Currently, the world population is increasing by 80 million people per year.

If this increase in population continues at the present rate, every living person will occupy one square metre of the dry land surface of the Earth in just 780 years.

The total mass of the people will equal the total mass of the Earth in 2400 years.

You might find this as amusing as I did, clearly it is nonsense but there is as serious underlying message. Zero population growth will happen whether we like it or not. Nature is going to see to it and decide things for us. However, not all is lost. We still have one last trump card to play, we can choose something from the right hand column for ourselves. So now it is over to you, which one are you going to pick? Are the folks that are spreading disease and picking wars with other countries really doing us a backhanded favour?

(skip to part 2)

There is one thing not accounted for in the above and it is that oil will run out before this happens. The big cities will die and rural life will will become commonplace again, for example to the extent it did in Cuba. But what will we do with all the people? Is it a case of mother knows best and those who have, for example, Ebola under their control, really have everybody's best interests at heart. Well, population growth, at the level it is today is an oil generated disease but those holding the 'cure' have been manipulating events behind the scenes for thousands of years, long before the age of oil was thought about, so clearly they have a different motive driving them.

I am reminded of a scene from the film Educating Rita where Michael Caine (The literature Professor) was explaining to the class the difference between a tragedy and something that is merely tragic. He says something like, “Thousands of Greeks die in a war, that is a tragedy. Tree falls on man, that is just tragic.” July Walters (Rita) pipes up “It is a bloody tragedy for the poor bugger underneath the tree”. And so it is in all of this that even useless eaters don't want to be so tragically disadvantaged. There is however, nothing inherently wrong in longevity so long as the population can be stabilised and a balance is maintained whereby there are enough young to provide for the old without incurring debt.

I don't know where the answer lies, I wish I did. Is providing infrastructure to the NWO a variation of the “Better red than dead” scenario or can we come to our senses whilst there is still a little window of time left? Is there a bright ray of hope in the future because all I can see are rainy days ahead? I am going to be interested in where the comments section goes with this one.


The Bartlett article has a lot more certainty about it than Guidestones piece. It is always possible that those who commissioned the Guidestones were aware of Bartlett's arguments by an independent route or their concern was of a more astronomical nature such as long term massive CME cycling activity from the sun. Whatever their original intent, it is my belief that a different actor was responsible for the theatricals with the cube. An event of world significance could happen on Oct 24 but it is also likely to be a move to unsettle the informed. If so, such manoeuvres could come to be regarded in the same way as false flag events.

One thing is clear, the human race cannot go on increasing itself indefinitely. Something in the future will happen to curtail this and whether it is a natural, manufactured or planned event is up for speculation.


freeacre said...

I must apologize again, Belgium for the format not being right. We could not get the spacing right to separate your increase and decrease population columns separated. Rats.

I hope the Guidestones are there to be guides after a near extinction of some sort. Seems like good advice to me.

I truly wonder if forces are at work to greatly reduce the population before we become like those insects in the bottle. What with AIDS, autism, contgion, vaccinations, Monsanto trying to gain control of the world's food supply and feed us GMO's, false chemicals in our food and water and air, gender-bending additives, and all this emphasis on gayness and transgenders all of a sudden... I read that animals who eat GMO's become sterile in three generations. I could see a world like the movie, "Children of Men." And the ones who put all this in place would already be dead and gone, so would not suffer any consequences of their actions. Clever.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry. We might actually need all these extra people to survive the natural disasters that may be coming at us.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me that doesn't buy the too many people meme? I can see SATS has considered demographics, but it only get a cursory mention because it doesn't fit the meme in the West, hence we see massive influx of immigrants, or otherwise there would be too many old folks to run the countries.

please spend some time looking at the altrnative reality concerning population and challenge some of the elites deep programming...

Peak Oil is another elite meme: The oil fueled population argument has some serious flaws too, sure oil fueled the current population expansion, but that's as far as it goes, doesn't mean pop will crash without oil as..
a) oil ain't running out any time soon, although this elite meme is well propagated, there are massive reserves being hidden/controlled and with some research you might find abiotic oil is a fact. Just look at how the Peak Oil meme was started...

b) there are alternatives already being used in the black budget space program,

and c) the alternatives are already being rolled out into the mainstream

It's not heresy, just a few links to challenge the elite memes :) I doubt anyone will even find the time required to look into the alternatives, it took me years of digging to de-program after being taken in by FTW, even a cursory look into the subjects covered in these few links would take hours of follow up, hours nobody wants to spend challenging what they already "know", so I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree, again ;) Gd.

Unknown said...

I've been traveling this year. EVERYWHERE I've visited is overcrowded, overnoisy, overdone and overpopulated. This includes whats left of protected wilderness areas. Everywhere within 5 miles of any highway in the middle of Nevada bears the same imprint of too much.
Someone needs to open their eyes and see the obvious. This is happening faster than it can be stopped by willful control.

Denial is futile.

Rain Waters

freeacre said...

Welcome to the campfire, Rain Waters.

I'm trying to find a good site to see what happened to the atmosphere of Mars when the comet passed close to its atmosphere. Looks like it blew up or something.

Anonymous said...

tick tock... tick tock...Gd.

rockpicker said...

Ben Davidson at Suspicious Observers is a good place to start.

He says they cut the feed in the middle of the event, but is confident more data will be available soon. Yeah.

Anonymous said...


Out of sequence comment, BoE system failure could be as described but with the money they have got to throw at solving the problem the down time seems suspiciously long and they should have a parallel system in place to switch into inn order to eliminate such eventualities. Could be another in the series of Boston bomb or the Cyprus haircut, something that is done to gauge the reaction. 728

Anonymous said...


Feeds are still not working, I suspect they never will - sigh. In case anyone is wondering the significance of 728 it was the VW – rats.

Don't worry about the formatting Fa, I actually foresaw this and considered doing a table A with table B underneath but once I had sent it over I didn't want to confuse you with alternative versions and also I didn't want to appear too pushy: )

I would like to take the time to deal with Gd's long comment. I was pleased with the response. We are largely dealing with opinions about the unknown so the post was largely intended as a discussion document rather than a, this is the way it is, document. In fact the conclusions were fairly open and were not conclusions at all in the absolute sense. And don't be so negative about nobody putting the time in to follow up alternative opinions. I, for one am going to do it. I want to know what you know. However I can't put the years in that you say you have before putting a comment up so I will admit to so far, only doing a crash course on the ten minute 101 video.

Okay, dealing with the points in the order in which they come, let's have a look at demographics. If population were to reduce and this was deemed to be desirable, we would have to suffer a short term loss in order to achieve a long term gain if the people as a whole were deemed to be too old to run the country. This is a novel concept, usually we are presented with taking a short term gain for a long term loss. Eg, we will give you 1000 bucks just before Christmas if you agree to forget about index linking future pay rises to the cost of living. 3% unemployment is regarded as theoretical full employment. There might be a road sweeper looking for work when somebody is looking to hire a brain surgeon. Unemployment rates for all Western countries are way above this 3% level so there are people to fill the jobs. There is a move in Western countries to increase the retirement age by two years in the next few years rising to five years eventually. This, in essence is only taking money from the retirement budget and putting it into the unemployment budget but I see it as a move to tax the useless eaters. People are just living too long. Let's not forget Colonel Gaddafi's comment that Islam is going to take over the world without a single shot being fired, Muslims are just going to out breed everybody else. That and Western families preferring stuff to children.

So far as overall population increase is concerned, the population site you linked to, is using different arithmetic to Albert Bartlet. He claim figures of 3% increase per year compounded which means the population will double every 24 years or so, forever. That is where the statement that everybody will occupy one square meter in 780 years, comes from. And that either people themselves or nature or somebody else will decide things for them. I will have to look deeper into this arithmetic progression which somehow turns itself into a sine wave, to see what it is they are claiming.

Anonymous said...


I didn't say population would crash without oil, Cuba's didn't. I said there would be a shift in population towards agriculture. It was Thomas Malthus who talked about a crash. I have an open mind about abiotic oil, as you seem to have. I don't know what I don't know. Russia as admitting to massive oil fields it is keeping in the ground and I have heard wildly differing estimates of the Alaska North Shelf reserves. One thing to bear in mind is that lifetime of reserves are always quoted as Present Rates of Usage not as exponential rates of usage. Increases in rates of oil usage have historically shown to be 7% per year. This means oil usage will double every 10 years. If you believe the Hubbard Peak was not manufactured data, it happened right on schedule after taking the OPEC hiatus into consideration.

Cheap technology is not new. When Tesla said he could produce free energy, JP Morgan should have listened instead of going into a rosy faced rage. The cost might free but the price could be anything they wanted it to be. People have always made innovations. It all depends on what we are allowed to have. The patent for the carburettor that vapourised 100% of the fuel was bought and burred but we are allowed to have solar panels on our roves. It depends on what is financially expedient at the time. There again it doesn't seem to make sense to bury a more efficient carburettor and then keep the oil in the ground.

Finally, everybody has the right to change their mind even though most like to stroke their prejudices. It is all a matter of finding your own version of the truth.

I also happen to agree with Rain Water, sometimes you just can't get away from folk. The Japanese are a gregarious lot. There was a time when I sometimes met Japanese businessmen and I would always ask them the same two questions. First one was “What countries have you been to”, and they would reel them off. Second one was “Have you ever been to Hokkaido” and they always said “No”, so perhaps that is the place to go to get away from all the others. If you can stand the radiation, that is. Ain't there always something?

So what do you figure, if anything, is going to happen at the end of the week? Think they will stick a big nuke down Old Yeller. That would get the debt crisis off the front page and Ebola too. Just kidding, don't have nightmares Fa. I would hate to think of you floating off into the Pacific ;-)

freeacre said...

lol That's the one thing my body is good for - a floatation devise!

gd - I am looking into the population argument as well. If both overpopulation as well as Peak Oil are mistaken myths, it pretty well destroys 2 of my mental "corner stones."

If this keeps up, I'm going to die dumber that when I was born on this rock.

I'm watching the giant sun spot. ...

Anonymous said...

fa your comment about dying dumber than when we were born made me laugh so much (in agreement) I've so been there lots of times :) I've been bitchslapped by new info (after a lot of research) so many times I now kind of think anything/everthing that is a main stream meme/accepted knowledge has been manipulated to one degree or another! Literally nothing is as it seems!

SATS sorry if I sounded combative :) hence the wink ;) on demographics, think about why the west is de-industrialising/offshoring, this short vid will help...

I think the too many people meme is a cover for the elites, it projects their destructive MO onto humanity, it ain't humanity doing the environmental destruction, it's the controllers! Humanity didn't cause jack shit, they did. Poverty is the main cause of humanities burden on the environment, the elites maintain poverty, every other type of environmental destruction, everything else, is a direct impact of the elites MO.

I drove all over Wales this summer, didn't see a soul for 100's of miles, did 500 miles round the peak district, saw a few walkers, ever been to Scotland? And this is a small overcrowded island? I view a lot of overland travel blogs, much of the world is uninhabited. When they crowd us into their cities, they crowd our minds.

The good thing about that link I gave debunking overpopulation, even tho the vids are a bit toy/cartoon, they do link to the science backing their point, worth reading the comments and replies under each one too IMO, heads off a lot of fixed meme stuff.

wtf will happen? who knows, whatever it is will be well planned, it could be the start of something financial on slow burn, or it could be another 9/11 type trigger. Cheney put the willies up me with his comments this week tho...

peace Gd.

Anonymous said...


Just followed up on the Cheney link but not the others yet. Don't forget everyone, Cheney still has a missing nuke and he knows where it is. How do I know this? Because 10 went out and 9 came back. There was never a song and dance about finding it in the MSM, it just went quiet and and they hoped everyone had forgotten about it – Not everybody. Finding it is something the MSM would have got their sharpened pencils out for.

“We didn’t know a lot about al Qaeda. We knew about the organization. We knew bin Laden,” he admitted.” Oh no, the CIA invented them and ran them during the Afghan War and nobody told the executive branch. My, this is shody. It seems to me terrorist organisations should be careful about whose money they accept. They may be our friends today but the time will come when the debt is going to be called in – one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Maybe best to stay confused. Free will, and borrowed time is a hell of a thing. Some stay, some go. Hell is some collective, the other thing is a howling desert.

Probably degrees of comfort. Maybe be careful who shows up. Some agree, some get dirty. If the world of Man wants to kill, so be it. Maybe do not play with the consensus that agrees to take you out at the proper time.

There is such a thing as too late, and close enough.
Lot find out the hard way. And Job, and way too many to establish some damned consensus. It is hard to watch. No conspiracy. Just not really about your world. Facts be damned, and all that.

rockpicker said...

Free will. Here's a chance to exercise yours:

number verification= 3232

Anonymous said...

rp: so these ETs know all our history, about all our technology, about our various seperated societies, about our controllers contact with other ET's? And yet they choose to communicate via some etherial method, to one relatively unknown French dude (even tho they say they can speak to lots of folks), telling us all to answer their question "should they show up"?

For some know it all ET's they don't really seem very bright do they?! Hell yeah show up, lets crack a tinny and roll a fat one :p

Meanwhile, tptb are practicing for a flase flag to start ww3. Gd

Anonymous said...


The Virgin Mary could have showed up on Calvary or appeared in the Sistine Chapel with no verification necessary but instead chose to appear before a bunch of impressionable school kids in a French village no one had ever heard of before. How can one explain such things in normal terms. Unless it was another Whistle Down the Wind ;-)

Hold onto your ass folks, today is the day. :) Maybe.

Anonymous said...

looks like same shit different day, so far. Time to cut some logs, nothing like a bit of hard graft to clense the mind :) Gd.

Anonymous said...


Ha, You know about the guy who fell from the top of the WTC building on that fateful day? Every time he passed a window on the way down they heard him say "So far so good, so far so good..."
I know - poor taste.

It is still Friday in Alaska until 10am Saturday European time. 11am in Hawai. Snafu.

rockpicker said...

Read this in the Alerts on Steve Quayle's site this a.m. Passed it off as too "out there."

"Have you noticed the number 33 and Ebola are connected with so many official announcements from WHO and CDC etc. Is this the illuminate passing messages or letting us know they are behind it.

Hi Steve,

Have you noticed the number 33 and Ebola are connected with so many official announcements from WHO and CDC etc.

Is this the illuminate passing messages or letting us know they are behind it.

33 Ebola outbreaks over decades … why no vaccine?

Ebola Death Toll Surpasses 330 in West Africa

WHO: Ebola death toll passes 3,300

CCTV America Insight: 622 of 3,330 Ebola deths are in Sierra Leone

Thirty-three (33) Survivors from Hastings Ebola Treatment Centre

Ebola death toll rises to 4,033 out of 8,399 cases – WHO
So far, 133 patients referred to the city's Health Department with Ebola-like symptoms have been cleared and the city hasn't yet had a confirmed case.
US Troops Begin Efforts to Combat Ebola in Africa (U.S. Navy’s 133rd Mobile Construction Battalion)
Ebola Strikes NBC News Cameraman in Liberia - 33-year-old American.
CDC has looked into approximately 100 Ebola scares in 33 states, as of Oct. 1, the agency said.
Shoppers who visited the store from noon to 3:30 p.m. that day are being told to call the Summit County Ebola hotline, 330-926-3939, for instructions.

Gray Bird 333’ comes through during Ebola epidemic

Ebola Vaccine in Sight?; The Doctors Season 7 Episode 33
There is many many more, any thoughts?

Oct 24, 2014"

Then I stumbled on this new story.

Anonymous said...

the 33 thing is odd rp, funny (peculiar) the latest Dr proported to have caught ebola in the news this morning was aged 33 too!

Interesting fact for the day... aparently the 24/10 is a male/female sacrifice day in the satanic calender.

seems there's been another school shooting, doesn't seem to have the usual false flag MO atm, be interesting to see how the MSM cover it compared to the AM...Gd.

freeacre said...

X3 solar flare today from that giant sunspot. Nothing to speak of in terms of a CME, though. So, no "kill shot" today. There's always tomorrow...

All those 33's are really strange. I have never given much attention to numbers, but that is weird.

If these ET's are really attempting to disclose themselves to us and get our permission to show up, I imagine that they would be appealing to all sorts of groups in a way that they can relate to. I just spent over an hour watching Greer's disclosure presentations from 2001. Over 400 retired experts and military with secret clearances, etc. all willing to testify to Congress that extra-terrestrials are here and have been here for years and years. At the National Press Corps.! You'd think the word was already out. But, no. What does it take to change the Matrix?
Then there is the take from Carol Rosen, assistant to the late Dr. Von Braun, who says after terrorists, pestilence, War, will come a false alien invasion.. to unify the world into a global government. Maybe not a bad idea, except that they will be a batch of evil, greedy, bastards and we'll be royally fucked. I keep seeing "Elesium" and "District 9" in our future. But then, that's just me.

Anonymous said...


Well the 24 is over, everywhere in the world. What a load of nonsense that was, and life carries on as if nothing happened. In fact nothing did happen, I am almost disappointed, nearly but not quite. Still, it was an engaging little exercise with the cube. It seems a lot of trouble to go to for a no show. Probably designed to get the informed to be afraid or drop out and whoever it was thought it was worth the trouble. How long will the financial situation continue on life support? When the time comes, I think they will just flick the switch and bugger the lesser magic.

Are these Aliens any better or worse than say Bosnians or Eskimos? Don't know why I picked on those two. What is so special about them? Are we being fear of unknowned - Again?

Egypt is interesting with Sissi taking the unusual step of finger pointing. Is it a case of, we ain't going down the Tunisia; Libya route so back off or we will name names and stuff the consequences because they are not going to be any worse off than what is planned.

rockpicker said...

Here's an interesting bit of info from Plug this into your expanding equation...

Anonymous said...


It is all perfectly simple Rp, positive population growth, like phlogiston is actually negative. It has been scientifically proven, believe me. On the other hand, why don't you ask me a question I ncan answer. There again, and there is always a 'there again', has an Obama Executave Order given the USG permission to force mandatory vacinations and RFID implants onto the public in the wake of the Ebola scare. Is that what it was all about? The wording is loose and all encompasing. Any opinions?

Anonymous said...

That's some scary shit rp, the Deagel (note sp) info is still up on their site, some background research links here....

wonder if they'll use the eboa hoax to bring in martial law? Seems to be a lot of waffle in the news this morning about "Ebola quarantine policy could be unenforceable" which sounds like rhetoric designed to move the conversation towards making it enforceable. Gd

Anonymous said...


Re Deagel article: Any opinions?

Anonymous said...


It seems that Deagel was hidden in plain sight but it is feeling uncomfortable now it is in the spotlight, hence the hacker notification.

I have some random thoughts with largely no clear answers.

From the original post:
“Having taken you through all of this my own personal feeling is that whoever is behind the placing and removal of the cube are not the same people that commissioned the monument.”
And, “Whatever their original intent, it is my belief that a different actor was responsible for the theatricals with the cube.”
This is still my feeling and the guidestones are are a venue for announcing the future plans that have been made on our behalf. What we should be focusing on are the plans themselves and not their relationship to the guidestones.

If Deagle are as powerful as the BIN article indicates, their servers would be adequately protected against hackers. Even allowing for the unlikely event that it had, Deagel would not leave the hacked information in place with an announcement, they would simply put the original information back again. Since Deagel have been making similar announcements in previous years, the hacker theory doesn't fly.

If the information is so secret or even sensitive then why publish it on the web?

Who is the intended recipient of this publically available information?

Interestingly, Israel's population is predicted to reduce by 43% and its military spending by over 90%. I am reminded of Kissinger's throw away remark that Israel will not exist in ten years time. Curious.

Is there a thought progression between PNAC; Agenda 21 and America 2050 or are they different aspects of the same thing?

Is it a fear ramp and a stick poking exercise? My feeling is not. There is no point in doing this without an underlying motive.

What should be and will be public reaction to this new information?

Finally, thanks to rp for bringing this to our attention.

Anonymous said...

The deagel story is a dead end.

The "hacked" bit of the story originated on google search results, googles results said the site "may have been hacked" since every conspiracy site going has retold the same story, as it's gone viral, it's not beyond imagination the sites stats have gone from obscure to through the roof in no time, triggering googles automatic "may have been hacked" warning.

The original story seems to have been on "before it's news" (BIN) tagged with Dave Hodges link, who appears to be the author. In BINs version there is some exegerations and unverifiable assertions:
1) He claims Deagel says US pop is forecast to drop to 69 million by 2025 - reality is a forecast drop of 69mil
2) He claims Deagel is a front for the CIA - unverifiable
3) He asserts "his sources" claim Deagel is the modern day Zapata Oil - unverifiable, and unlikely given the lack of professionalism exhibited on the site.
4)He lists Deagels "partners" to lend credibility to it being a gov site - This list is taken from Deagels directory listing, anyone can submit a site to Deagel for listing in their directory
5)He claims Deagel is "one of the most prolific arms dealers and sellers of intelligence information on the planet" seems bogus, the site looks to be little more than some arms geeks amalgamating a wiki of military hardware. The who-is info names the site contact as "Gas Deagel" which is a nickname of the Desert Eagel gas pistol, the only other time this name comes up is when it's used as the nickname by some RPG players for various online shootemup type games. Their forum is dead as a door nail in 10yrs of activity, the moderator seems to be a clueless 20 something with naive views on the global picture, he claims to be based in Australia.

Thoughts: Dave Hodges better come up with some answers soon or he will be written off as a nut job /scaremongering shill. He owes me 4 hours of my life.

I bet the kids who run deagel are shitting themselves at all the attention LOL their claim that the stats have been up for 10years is true according to the wayback machine. I won't be wasting any more of my time on this story, or anything else Dave Hodges says. Gd.

freeacre said...

Heads up. They just discovered an asteroid that is supposed to pass Earth tomorrow (the 27th) at .04 Lunar Distances. They are not real certain of it, however.

Anonymous said...


I was just surfing through some old TED talks and came across this one from 12 years ago entitled Dangerous Memes by Dan Dennett:

I started thinking about the Middle East situation which seems to have been going on for living memory in one form or another and the way different groups or actors are used. For example Al Qaeda seems to have been lured into prostitution and then tossed asside when they have passed their sell by date. The Moslem Brotherhood seems to cycle between tarrying with the West and then withdrawing into its roots and then gets blamed by both sides. Now Isis is the latest invented enemy. As in 1984 we need a constant supply of enemies to both create wealth for the war lords and to engender a sense of loyalty in your own people. The three groups I have mentioned have fundamental views. JFK once said the problem with fundamentalists is not that they are fundamental but that they are always so intolerant. The question that was not asked is if they have a right to be intolerant or how much tolerance should be accepted by each side. We always assumed that anyone that was intolerant was automatically bad because they would not consider an alternative point of view but how many Shaiara principles are we prepared to accept into our way of life and then tell me which is the most intolerant group. There is much about Shaiara law that gives Western minds pause for concern, its treatment of women is one of them. And there we are enforcing our flawed democratic principles on those that don't want them and using any group at hand, to fight our proxy wars. We have perfected the art of adopting the moral low ground in our rush to speculate to accumulate. When other cultures say “So far and no more” we are shocked at such affronary and dismiss them as terrorists. However, by way of example, was what Morsi's group doing in Egypt essentially different than what America was doing there?

Just some random musings.

Anonymous said...

Since we've touched on the "too many people" thing, I've been looking into Eugencis again. I came across a piece by Zen Gardner with a quote that encapsulates how I see the issue.

"The Cauterized Mind of Dystopians

While humanity doesn’t share the bestial mindset of the elites and their occult driven agenda, these pounding programs wear on people. Over time the continued onslaught of these nonsensical anti-truths start to wear a groove in the mass mind.

The psycho-trauma tool of choice? Cognitive dissonance.

Resistance subsides as seemingly contrary understandings–in this case, “I’m a sovereign human being who deserves life and freedom” vs. “I’m a parasitic organism killing my host planet and need to be eradicated”. Screwy but that’s what it boils down to.

And what gets synthesized in the mind to reconcile the two? “I guess they know what they’re doing. Gee, we are bad and something needs to be done.” It doesn’t really make sense so the overload causes a shutdown and back to the TV and ball game they go.

Once again, the intended solution being foisted on society gains traction."

he has some other good posts on the same subject, search his site using Eugenics as the search term for more.


Anonymous said...


I have just read that over, 214,000 doctors are to withdraw from Obama Care. Not one of his better policies it would seem. Can anyone name one of his better policies? Mind you he talks a better policy than Bush, I will admit.

It is important that a light is shone on little known subjects such as eugenics and people should become aware of all the implications of where this research is going. Zen Gardner is bringing this subject to the forefront and all power to him. For a who is who and a blow by blow account of who did what and when in this field then Jen Lake is a serious deep researcher in the medical field. She has turned up many things I was previously unaware of.

Just a note on her blog practice, I will use Eugenics as an example. All posts are tagged, all the ones with the same tag are grouped together and are presented in date order within that tag. If a post is for example tagged with Eugenics and Cancer, the same post will occur both in the Eugenics and Cancer tag group. The advantage of this is that if you are following one particular tag line, then you don't have to go searching all the blog articles for the subject tag you are interested in. The disadvantage is that from post to post, a particular piece may be 95% Cancer with just a mention of Eugenics. I would prefer this all in one place method since you can skip the bits that don't apply to your interest of that moment. At the top of page 2 she tackles the subject of programmable DNA computers. Where Eugenics research is going is truly scary.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for that SATS I'll check her site out.

Here's a piece with some insight on how the ptb get these memes going..

OK not the most reliable of sources so I followed it up...

Note the link to NSF with details of the grant, it was on their site 2 days ago, since it's been highlighted by infowars it's been removed, you can read the abstract on googles cache of the NSF site here

Your tax dollars at work! Got to have the sheeple paying for their own brainwashing eh! Gd

Anonymous said...

Tenous links and syncronicity

Well, I started on SATS link and I've not been able to drag myself away from the screen for most of the day! Way down the second page of eugenics tagged articles, I come across this piece...

It mentions two Dr.'s Bill Deagle(BD) and Henry Niman, sets the scene that they're likely CIA disinfo agents, in an interview on Camelot BD states "I was the exit examiner for the 5 Special Op Team of the Oklahoma City Memorial Building. I have been trying to do radial toxicology testing on the World Trade Center debris, and I’m writing the position paper which I’m going to present at We Are Change, New York City, on the eighth anniversary of 9/11." and suddenly I'm thinking... now who do we know involved in that area? And then it comes to me, our old friend Jenna Orkin! So I do a search on these two disinfo agents and our Jenna, on the first page of results I get this site tagged "who rules the world" and this link...

since it's a very long read, do a page search on that link (ctrl F on firefox, or "Find" or "search page" on some other browsers) for our old friend Mike Ruppert, and look at the context as it's laid out!

And don't shoot the messenger LOL. Gd

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that by Jenna steering the survivors of 911 towards litigation for medical expenses, they were steered away from chasing the perpetrators? I dunno, but by ending her talk laying the blame on Bin Laden it certainly takes the focus off the real culprits!

"...when it comes to population reduction by which, I should make clear, I do not mean anything more sinister than a gradual decrease brought about by a decline in the birthrate. Population reduction is not in the interest of the powers that be. Jenna Orkin.

wv is getting tedious, 8th attempt!

Anonymous said...


Ha, if you can't post then you are probably on someones watch list but don't be paranoid, it doesn't do any good ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hate to be a nudge, but MM is Roman Numerals for 2000, so you could read the numbers as 2008, 2014, 2016, and 2020. I am at a loss for JAM.

rockpicker said...

From a mason's perspective, interpreting the word JAM to mean a corner stone along the edge of a doorway or window opening, as Jay Weidner did on Rense a couple of weeks ago, is probably a stretch, as that term is spelled "jamb." As in door jamb, or window jamb.

Anonymous said...

look up symbols and codes shaped like capital J,A and M. interesting results falling out of Pandora's Box

Anonymous said...

look up symbols and codes shaped like capital J,A and M. interesting results falling out of Pandora's Box

Anonymous said...


Dflecting my own subject now, here is a list of 12 everyday cancer causing products likely to be in your own home. Now you know, why put yourself in harms way – and these are only the first 12.

Anonymous said...

Voting Machine Caught on Camera Casting Ballot for Democrat when Selecting Republican

whatever, the people lost the election, the government won again ;)Gd.

Anonymous said...

this is a serve distraction .
How do you look at a tree? Do you see the whole of the tree? If you don't see it as a whole, you don't see the tree at all. You may pass it by and say, 'There is a tree, how nice it is!' or say, "It is a mango tree," or "I do not know what those trees are; they may be tamarind trees." But when you stand and look -I am talking actually, factually- you never see the totality of it; and if you don't see the totality of the tree, you do not see the tree. In the same way is awareness. If you don't see the operations of your mind totally in that sense -as you see the tree-you are not aware. The tree is made up of the roots, the trunk, the branches, the big ones and the little ones and the very delicate one that goes up there; and the leaf, the dead leaf, the withered leaf and the green leaf, the leaf that is eaten, the leaf that is ugly, the leaf that is dropping, the fruit, the flower;all that you see as a whole when you see the tree. In the same way, in that state of seeing the operations of your mind, in that state of awareness, there is your sense of condemnation, approval, denial, struggle, futility, the despair, the hope, the frustration; awareness covers all that, not just one part. So, are you aware of your mind in that very simple sense, as seeing a whole picture, not one corner of the picture and saying, "Who painted that picture?" - Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

stoney13 said...

Well I'm not dead! Nearly, but not quite! I got COPD, but I quit smoking and the doctors tell me if I keep exercising, and watch the weight I got a few more good years left!

The old computer died, and I just got this one as a barter from a neighbor, who's an IT guy. Works pretty good, and he likes his freshly refinished table and kitchen chairs!

Couple of years ago I wound up in the hospital with pneumonia, and I seriously thought that was going to be the end of me! Quit smoking co0ld turkey, lost 45 pounds, and started getting more active! Now I'm at a 235 pounds, down from 295, and I feel 10 times better than I did a couple of years ago!

Just found out about the fire you guys had, and I'm glad you made it out alive. As bad as it was, it could have been worse!

Well here comesw the boss! Back to work! See you guys later!

rockpicker said...

Hey! Hey! Stoney, you old dog, you. Great to hear from you! Kudos on smoking cessation and the weight loss. Been wonderin' what became of you two. Throw another log on the fire...

Boom boom boom boom Boom boom boom boom High yi eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...!

freeacre said...

Stoney!! SO good to hear from you! We've missed you a bunch. I'm happy that yu are feeling better. I quit eating gluten and I feel somewhat better. No more indigestion, and I lost some weight, too.
The fire really sucked. We got pretty famous with the neighbors as eight years worth of re-loading and all assorted things that go with it all blew up. A neighbor made a video and it got on the Bend news.
Pretty much got a functional, shop going now, finally. Still battling with the county and DEQ over the groundwater/septic issue. I think they are delaying until we all get too sick or die off.
Things just get weirder and weirder, eh?
Hope Hazel and the boys are well.

stoney13 said...

The boys are doing fine, but Hazel has been sick with an infection called "C Difficile that plagued her all summer. No doctor could find it until a gastroenterologist took a stool sample, and found it. The treatment was a pain, but she pulled through just fine!

All the raccoons are still around, and have adopted several of the cats. I'll email pictures, as soon as I figure out this camera.

Grats on the legal weed, but remember! If you go to Klamath Falls, Oregon it is still illegal to kick the heads of snakes!

stoney13 said...

The groundwater/septic issue will work itself out, when they finally figure out big tanks of shit, sitting above ground is not an improvement over a nice clean septic tanks buried in the ground!

Of course when you consider, that in the town of Portland, Oregon, it is illegal to roller skate in a restroom, when that might come about is anybody's guess!

murph said...


Nice to hear from you again after so long an absence. Sounds like you are making some fundamental changes in life style.

Last growing season was a real good one for our area. A couple of months of warm nights did wonders for the plants.

I find it interesting how there seems to be planned obsolescence in the computer market, component failure or intrusion by hackers and malware to end it's useful life. I've had 3 crashes and three computer replacements in last 2 years. Bummer.

Glad to hear Hazel is back to health. It's a struggle as we grow older.

As Freeacre mentioned, I finally have a functional shop going again. Just not enough money to stock it like I want to or like what I had. One good thing, don't have near as much stuff to find a place to store anymore. We really do miss the bigger greenhouse though.

freeacre said...

Happily, I was not planning to kick any snake heads, or roller skate in the bathroom. Nice to know Oregon is so on top of these serious threats to our well-being. They have made it legal to kill ourselves, however. That's one reason I moved here, actually. Oh, the irony...

Anonymous said...

Eugenics in Kenya.Gd.

Anonymous said...

wrong link, don't know how that happened!

Anonymous said...

SATS (used to be FB)

Hi Stoney, the last time I talked to you the old pres was carelessly loosing nukes and you were fixing your bathroom up. Must admit, I thought something heavy had fallen on you in the bathroom. Either that or someone had stuck an anvil in you hand as you tried to run back onto the top of the cliff : )

It is good to hear from you again although it is a bit shitty both you and Hazel have been ill. I appreciate the problems. For what it is worth I have been in hospital four times in the last 12 – 15 years with related problems. Twice with asthma and twice with preumonia. The first time I ignored it too long and it was on the point of turning into a liver infection. Fortunately everything is okay now, it is a while since I had an attack of anything. Asthma is a strange one, you just never know when it is coming. I helped the step daughter move apartment last month, all the small stuff in boxes, down one flight of stairs then up another three by foot and not a single problem all day. Then other times I am buggered taking the dogs for their morning walk. There doesn't seem to be any logic to it but as I say, its been a while now. That's enough of me I sure hope the problems with your and Hazels health are past you now. And respect on the smoking, it is not that easy.

What are you doing with yourself these days? I know that since I have retired there aren't enough hours in the day to fit it all in and I can't figure out how I did it when I was working. I have started neglecting people I should be keeping in touch with and that is a bad one. Going to have to make the time for that. Will leave it here for now, let us know something.

rockpicker said...

Minus 12 F in southwestern Montana this a.m. Air is still. Mountains coated white from their tips to their toes. Valleys straw-brown and dry, except for the irrigated croplands. We were away from home, visiting relatives, when the vortex descended. Happily, no frozen pipes, as far as I can tell.

Last week we still had two beds of carrots to dig. They looked great. I even watered them before I left on Thursday. Not sure if there's any way to save them now.

Stoney, you mentioned C Diff. I watched an interview Jeffrey Smith did with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, in which she talks about that in conjunction with problems associated with glyphosate in the food. It's a great informative exchange.

freeacre said...

Good luck on your carrots, RP. We had the worst carrots we've ever had this year. Planted them in a place with less sun, and it seems to have stunted their growth. Will dig them up today anyway. It's been freezing every night for awhile, so we gotta get 'em before the ground is too hard to get at them. Better pick the Brussels sprouts as well. BTW, Spirit, do they call "Brussels sprouts the same thing in Brussels?
I'm excited to watch the on-going efforts to land a probe on the comet today. Here's a good place to keep up with events:

Terrance said...

Hello fellow travellers.....just popping in from Nina's and thought to share this little adjunct to the temple of doom.....

What a crazy time to be alive on this water planet!


rockpicker said...

Excerpt from Dave Hodges on the Trans-Pacific "free trade" agreement:

"...As if it is not egregious enough that Congress is not allowed to view TPP documents, the 600 corporate officials, who form the TPP panel (e.g. corporate officials from corporations such as Monsanto and Walmart, have complete control of the developmental process of the TPP. Obama can view any part of the process, Congress and the American public cannot.

Further, a leaked chapter of the TPP speaks to the creation of a TPP Tribunal Council which will have the authority to force member nations to transform its laws, its civil procedures, its criminal procedures, even its electoral process, in order to abide by the TPP Tribunal dictates. The bottom line is that we are witnessing the destruction of the Constitution and the entire legal code of the United States, because once the tribunal makes a ruling with regard to a national law, there is no appeal. The Tribunal consists of unelected bureaucrats who are appointed by the creators of the TPP. The term of office for Tribunal officials is unlimited.

The most disturbing aspect of this agreement is that the TPP totally eviscerates the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution. If, for example, the State of Arizona wanted to outlaw fracking, the TPP could overrule the local legislation if it so desired. To illustrate how far this unconstitutional corporate power extends, the TPP could declare cocaine trafficking to be legal and this could not be challenged by any level of government, nor is it subject to review by the Supreme Court. Obama and his TPP cronies are writing the obituary for the U.S. Constitution..."

rockpicker said...

"One thing is clear, the human race cannot go on increasing itself indefinitely. Something in the future will happen to curtail this and whether it is a natural, manufactured or planned event is up for speculation."

-from above post

Somewhere I read or heard recently that the problem is not so much the number of people on the planet, but how resources are distributed and used. This voice suggested that if the planet were inhabited by 7 billion zen Buddhist monks, we'd hardly be aware of their impact. Perhaps an exaggeration, but it illustrates a good point.

I think what is equally clear is that human life is more and more being dictated to and controlled by organized corporate evil. From tainted food to tainted vaccines to tainted information, life on this planet is being manipulated and directed by the powers that be in every meaningful avenue to guide human energy in a direction favorable to the elite agenda.

Anonymous said...


Ha, Rockpicker, I sure agree with your last paragraph. The problem as I see it is the Fabians idea of change by small increments. Each step change is a trifle and anyone who complains over such a small thing is going to make themselves look ridiculous but over time all those small disadvantages one bears along life's way, add up to something sizeable and significant. Call it drips in a bucket or straws on a camels back, it is all designed to make the machine run slower and slower. As you already know, the machine operator is working to a different scenario.

The quotation you referred to came as a result of the Albert Bartlett lecture where he said that historically, population has been increasing at about 3% per year, compounded. The way the exponential function works is that you only need to divide the annual percentage increase into the number 70 in order to calculate the time necessary for the subject under consideration to double in size. In this case 70/3 = 23 years approx. So what he is saying is that 23 years ago the world population was around 3.5 bn and in another 23 years it will be around 14 bn. It is not just a case of where are the people all going to fit, it is a case of them consuming finite resources. I am not just referring to oil here, for example, not many people plumb a new house in copper pipe anymore. This is a major consideration of the population meme. The alternative view is that most world populations apart from the Muslim world and large parts of Africa are already in decline. As a result of oil and the baby boomers there is presently an imbalance of old people but as these die off, the population will peak at somewhere about 9 – 10 bn and then begin to slowly decrease. I do not know which of these world views is the correct one. The latter seems to have a certain logic to it. It seems unlikely we will go down to zero and start again from the Garden of Eden but, without interference, whether it will stabilise or cycle, I am not sure. All power to those who live the lifestyle of Zen Buddhists but even here the monks rely largely on handouts from the less devout so there will be a balance between those who have a bit more and those who have a bit less. Ideally, everybody contributes and everybody shares in an un-skewed system.

Anonymous said...

I would like to go back and talk a little bit about issues around the Guidestones. Freeacre sent me a link, here it is:

This is claimed to be from the man who originally installed the cube. This is most likely true since the video has the same distortion effects as that of the original removal of the cube. The image is vertically compressed and then expanded to fit the screen resulting in the loss of some horizontal image from the sides. This was probably done to give authenticity to the second video. He says the cube was a birthday present for his wife – does he really think we are that stupid? Like Elbert County Authority is going to say “ If it is for your wife's birthday, that is okay, you go ahead and carve a chunk out of a public monument and our biggest tourist attraction” Although he claims to be an independent researcher who is on our side, it is my view that he is an agent for somebody – whoever organised the defacement of the monument. He gives many examples of numerological connections between events of the last century, most of which seem obscure and which we would never have connected by ourselves. Whoever is informing him wants us to know what a thorough job they have made of their project. What he undoubtedly is, is the agent for delivering the next possible date of numerological significance which is April 2015. These things seem to be settling into an approximately six month cycle; first the magic number 7 speech, then the Guidestones and now this latest announcement. It seems that whoever is organising these events is playing a game of catch and release. But take care. Just when the mouse believes the cat has no teeth is when it is at its most dangerous.

Mr R C Christian, the liaison man between the commissioners of the guide stones and the builders, is not so obscure as he would like to make out. He has written one book in that pseudonym which answers many of the questions he tried to obscure from the world in relation to the Guidestones. The answer to the beliefs of his group he represented, is that they are Deists. This is a new sect to me I had never heard of them before. Essentially they look to the heavens and see the wonders of the firmament and to the many varied moods of nature on Earth both beautiful and otherwise and conclude that all of this did not happen by itself. There must have been a hand that organised all of this. That is the total extent of the sect's beliefs. They, under no circumstances are prepared to be drawn into any church or organised religion. They mean all religions, particularly the Abrahamic ones, who they believe have defiled the intent of the creator. They are very critical of the Bible as any sort of historical document on which to base a faith, pointing out all of its inconsistencies. The third part of the book has an interesting section on Freemasonry, saying on what basis it was founded and also what their big secret is. There are thirty three degrees of Masonry and three levels. The secret is revealed only to those who attain the highest level of Master Mason and it concerns the sects origins. Although the secret was hidden for reasons of survival, I suspect that in this multiculturally tolerant age it is still protected because anyone with a secret is more intriguing than someone without one.

The book is called Common Sense Renewed and is in reply to and quotes extensively from The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine who was also a Deist. R C Christian's book has been converted to PDF format and can be found here.

Finally, if you have got through all of this, welcome in Terrance, pleased that you left us a comment. That is an enormous read you have left us with. For now I have bookmarked it for later. What free time I have had has been taken up with the book linked above and GD's link on Who Rules the World.

Anonymous said...


The above comment was from me, I thhink you worked that out.

Anonymous said...


Harking back to Murphs previous post on Ebola, two similar related posts from 8 October which were not picked up by most sites:

rockpicker said...

Has anybody taken the time to listen to what this woman is saying about glyphosate, and how it undermines human health?

Dr. Stephanie Seneff. She's awesome, and dangerous to "the Company."

rockpicker said...

And, what the Hell is a "benign virus?"

stoney13 said...

Benign virus? No such varmint! Ain't been and never will be. The common cold is as close as it gets. The cold virus does nothing! It just sits there being itself! All the sniffles, runny nose, sneezing, aches fever, and so forth is your body trying to kill it!

Now let's say you get an influenza infection. It's a cold with a racing engine! It goes forth to destroy cells, to make copies of itself. It does this until the body develops the tools needed to kill it or it kills the host.

Sometimes the body kills the bug, or sometimes, (Like with the Spanish Flu) The bug kills the body!

Long story short, there is no such thing as a benign nature. Of course with all these pot-stirring witch doctors in white coats, God only know what they've hatched out!

freeacre said...

That's interesting info on the viruses, Stoney. I don't want to get shingles or pneumonia, etc. But, I guess I'll take my chances rather than be contaminated by the vaccines. Well, I did actually get the shingles vaccine, because I'd rather be contaminated than get the fucking shingles.
It seems like a new way to kill us all off seems to come along almost every day. Plague, methane releases earthquakes, ELE from the Sun, WWIII, GMO food, fracking,radiation from Fukushima, false chemicals in pharmaceuticals - I mean, you name it. And, I have very little control over any of it.
The only thing we really have control over is our attention. And, what you pay attention to, you get more of.
I think I need to pay more attention to reasons to be alive and things I am grateful for rather than focusing on the plausible end of all things. It's just too sad to think of all those nice starfish turning to goo and all the animals and forest people and wondrous plants disappearing.
Our Earth appears to be fighting back, though. All the best, to Her.

Anonymous said...


Ha Stoney, That's what folks used to think until the new theory came along and turned the world on its head. Now it appears virus's are actually the good guys and influenza isn't actually a virus at all. Stranger and stranger, said Alice. Check this out, you probably missed it first time around.

Which version is the correct one? Believe me, I have tried with microbiology for dummies and not just once either. I have come to the conclusion, for me at least, that to understand it the way it has to be understood, it has to be learned with language. Having said that, I believe Jen Lake to be an extremely honest researcher and I am prepared to go with her version.

Anonymous said...

interesting parallels. Gd.

Anonymous said...


Very interesting parallels indeed. In the case of the article between Global Warming and Eugenics. Here are the authors main conclusions:

“As we have seen in this brief sketch, the interaction of science, advocacy and politics in both the global warming and eugenics cases share a number of characteristics:

Powerful advocacy groups claiming to represent both science and the public
in the name of morality and superior wisdom.

Simplistic depictions of the underlying science so as to facilitate widespread

‘Events’, real or contrived, interpreted in such a manner as to promote
a sense of urgency in the public at large.

Scientists flattered by public attention and deferment to ‘political will’ and
popular assessment of virtue.

Significant numbers of scientists eager to produce the science demanded by
the ‘public.”

That sure is the case wrt the IPCC The trouble is that not many are regarding the IPCC as trustworthy. Many recognise that they are producing the science that is most personally beneficial to those in charge of the political process.

The author goes on to add that a body of scientists hold that the political decision will be amended as the science is further developed. This is rarely the case and certainly not when money in the form of carbon trading is involved. Once the politicians have got the result they want with a bought and paid for fall guy, in this case the IPCC, then that is the end of the matter as far as they are concerned.

In totally different circumstances I remember the issue of capital punishment in Britain in the 1960's At that time the British public wanted to keep the “eye for an eye” system for those found guilty of murder. Year after year parliament voted on the issue and it was always turned down until on one occasion the more liberal elements won the vote and after that they stopped asking.

Gd, on the original subject have you seen the (UK) Channel 4 docufilm “The Great Global Warming Swindle – the definitive answer to Al Gore?” It is very interesting, with climate scientists quoting all the pseudo science of the global warming group. They also mention the IPCC was a grand scheme to have 2500 eminent scientists backing the CO2 meme but they were unable to get that number of scientists, eminent or otherwise to agree on anything. As more and more scientists became disenchanted and left the IPCC the numbers were first padded out with archivists and researchers and then with secretaries.

If your word “ Parallel” was intended to include my comment above re the apparent eradication of polio, then that again as a similar story. In this case the politicians got the results they wanted, the world population were the patsies and nucular testing continued. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

rockpicker said...

GD, that was a good find. Amusing, and instructional. Ben Davidson said today on his "Suspicious Observers" morning news update that the "IPCC has failed to predict anything in the last twenty years."

SATS, I looked up your old post. Apparently I read it at the time it was posted, but I have to say, much of it did not register. Having recently listened to a number of Dr. Stephanie Seneff's YouTube presentations, I'm more attuned and receptive to this line of information.

I also went to Jennifer Lake's blog and did a search for Seneff, who, btw, is an MIT researcher, as well, but found no mention of her. I'd be interested in seeing if and where their research work overlaps, as both Seneff and Lake are discussing many of the same disorders.

freeacre said...

I'm taking a doom/despair break and getting ready for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Of course, I am not celebrating the Pilgrims etc. I am just taking the time to feel grateful, which I really enjoy.We're going to have a big feast with friends and my son. Making egg nog sweet potato pie, bean casserole, and a killer dip made with cream cheese and Thai pepper jam. Roasting a 20 lb. turkey, making oyster stuffing, sweet potatoes, etc. I imagine most of us are doing the same. Good friends, good football game and dog show on TV, good food, great day. Have fun, guys.

freeacre said...

I don't know if it is worth commenting on the situation in Ferguson and assorted places that are rallying against police brutality. Normally, grand juries are presented with enough evidence against the accused to show that a trial is warranted. In this case, however, it seems the prosecutor presented evidence that the accused was not guilty and allowed no cross examination arguments to the contrary. So, it was apparent that he was actually working in defense of the cop.
But, there have been 244 shooting deaths of black teenagers in Chicago since Brown was shot. But, not a peep from anybody about it, since this was black on black crimes and nobody seems to care much. The looters discredit the protesters, and who knows how many of them are for real and how many are provocateurs. It's a clusterfuck.
The best thing to come from all this would be if the police were mandated to wear cameras and film all interactions between them and citizens they interact with. That would help a lot in my opinion.

rockpicker said...

Here's a link to Clifford Carnicom speaking about his research into aerosols and geo and bio-engineering. Maybe another important piece to the puzzle.

Anonymous said...


Fa, for what it is worth, there was an item on the Belgian “TV One” this evening where they showed the security camera thing everyone has seen with the telephone call in voice over, then the police car drawing up and and a few seconds later the guy dead on the ground. After this there was a newsroom interview between the news anchor and a local professor of politics. I missed some of the fine details in Dutch but the broad gist of what he said was that there was roughly one publically held legal weapon for every citizen in the USA and this number was fairly stable. Under the Obama Admin, the police has been militarized far beyond anything in the past. Traditionally it was a gun and a truncheon, now the police have tazers; assault rifles; machine guns, granade throwers and tanks. The response is disproportionate to any increase in threat. At the same time the economy is going to hell under his watch. The attitude of the professor was one of, “If that is what you are going to do, then what else do you expect?”

There was an implication that some police do not have the personal responsibility to be in charge of such weaponary. It seems to me that the military have a chain of command in any operation which can occasionally be lost in the fog of war but generally is far more structured than the police. Whilst the police act singly or in two's their structure, it is looser than that of the military. At the same time the weaponary is being made comprable. There is far more opportunity for a police man to make individual decisions than a soldier who even if he acts alone, has a military code to which he is accountable. I thought you would be interested to know what is being talked about over here.

Anonymous said...


Just an observation. Over the past couple of years there has been an integrated push within many countries to increase the retirement age by a couple of years for men and women, even though many of the young can't find jobs. Where is this coming from, do you think? Yesterday, the Belgian bank Belfius announced that in a cost cutting exercise, it is going to get rid of all its over 50's. Talk about wanting your cake and eating it. What hypocrisy.

rockpicker said...

Ask not for whom the planes spray.
They spray for thee...

freeacre said...

Spirit Across the Sea, it kinda reminds me of Prince Charles. By the time he gets to be king, he'll be old enough to retire.

Re: the airborn vaccines. It would seem that distributing vaccines or whatever drugs through the air would make accurate dosages impossible.Some people spending more time outside would be exposed to a lot more than people mostly staying inside. Doesn't make much sense to me.

Where are the friggin' space aliens when you need them?

Anonymous said...


Prince Charles huh. Being king is a job for life, a bit like being Pope. Doh, suffer the little children to come unto me.

And now for a complete change of subject:

freeacre said...

Yikes! Are they implementing this RFID chip thing in Europe too? This is just too much. Another link that supports yours:

This is going to be like a Black Swan event for people.

rockpicker said...

"From my mother's sleep

I fell into the State,

and I hunched in its belly

'til my wet fur froze..."

-opening line, The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner, by Randall Jarrel

rockpicker said...

And another thing. How could any elector in his or her right mind vote against a GMO labeling law?


If GMO's are all the companies claim they are, shouldn't the producers WANT the GMO label proudly proclaiming their 'enhanced' products?

rockpicker said...

Randall Jarrell. My bad.

Anonymous said...

sats, even the GGWS is dated nowadays, getting on for 20yrs of no global warming should be enough to stop the carbontaxors, but I doubt it!

re the rfid thing, they'll sell it in such a way as everyone will be screaming for it, they'll be different brands of chip, you'll get "10% creditback" and extra loyalty points and pay for your slavery with a smile on yer face, it'll be ubiquitous, and then they'll start turning people who don't conform off.

Check out some of the recent posts here... he provides quite a good perspective on the whole NWO/single currency/rfid/globalist shinanigans thing. Gd.

freeacre said...

I am so bummed by the New York cops getting away with murdering Eric Garner for the victimless "crime" of selling individual cigarettes to poor neighbors on the street. The cop just choked him to death right in front of the EMT's and everyone. Nobody stopped him. The only guy in jail is the one who filmed the crime!
Too bad they don't turn their venom of Wall St. criminals who loot and impoverish millions of us.

rockpicker said...

Too bad someone didn't put a pistol muzzle to the cop's temple, and stop the tragedy in mid-act.

Anonymous said...

I want this holiday season to be beautiful for everyone. Solace for those who seek it. Joy for those who need it. Hope for those who have lost it. Perseverence and strength for those of us mwho are walking the long road. Regards and best wishes to everyone. Seeker

Anonymous said...


I thought of that one too but to make it work at all he would have had to take out four cops, then wipe the gun clean, leave it with five bodies and hope the person that was filming had not got a shot of his face before doing a runner.

Do not skip over this latest Redefining God link from Gd, IMO it is one of the most important sites I have come across since I have been involved with the internet. I have been busy going back into it off and on for a week or two now since Gd passed it on to me. Do not look at the blog title and dismiss it as another Bible thumping exercise. It is not that. His view is similar to that of Clif High where “God” exists as some sort of collective conciousness between all living things. It is the political aspect of this blog that should be looked at. His view makes an awful lot of sense to me and he never makes a statement without a source to back it up. His view is that the BRICS are a PR construct of the elite. Even though there have been numerous motions submitted to the House, neither Bush, Cheney or Obama has been impeached. Yet a bill to audit the Fed looks as if it will sail through unoposed. You have to ask if there isn't something that looks a bit odd here. The Fed audit will conclude that it was really them who crashed the US economy which will result in a second, bigger, Lehman moment as he calls it. At this point the Bricks ride over the hill with hand outs for everybody and everybody lives happily ever after – well, for a while at least believing the mantra, West Bad, East Good. There will not be an immediate change to a one world currency. Large construction projects will be financed in SDR's (special drawing rights) from the Bricks banks and everyone else will keep their local (multipolar) currencies. However, and there is an however, SDR's will be cheaper for all manner of things. A similar situation will exist to cell phones whereby at first very few could afford them but within a couple of years even school kids had them. At that point there will be very little call for local currencies and the switch from analogue to digital will occur. Everybody will be happy for a while, before the screw starts to tighten.

Given the time it will take the Audit the Fed bill to pass and the other things to click into place, he is sticking his neck out for Friday 11 September 2015 as being the nearest occult orientated date for the 'Second Lehman moment', give or take a couple of months.

I know this summary is a bit of a sketchy outline, you will have to read the blog for the details.

rockpicker said...

WTF? Anybody know anything more about this?

Anonymous said...

rp: did a bit of digging. It's a fake site IMO, more adverts than info. They're not too smart either, hid their site registra stuff, but run the site on their own named server (schoolboy error LOL) which turns out to be a fake weather forecast site, seems this site is a rename jobbie from multiple fake weather sites, they had to keep renaming the site as each got known as fake, there was even a twitter campaign to get them banned NOAA had to get legislation passed to prevent them issueing severe weather warnings!

Looks to be a bunch of fake sites targeting traffic driven advertising revenue. Gd.

rockpicker said...

Thanks for that, GD. That giant low pressure system hovering over the north Pacific looks real enough. Suspicious Observers had a good view of it this a.m.

freeacre said...

I am finding the Redefining God site interesting. More later.

freeacre said...

OK, I keep reading and reading. But, so far I have not come across his assessment of the Middle East destabilization, ISIS, Taliban, and such. Where do they fit in with the NWO?
And, is there any hope of the failure of the NWO, short of a thermonuclear drop on the U.N.?

Anonymous said...


It is in there somewhere fa. Generally I think it is part of the West bad, East good Meme. When the USA is where Russia was 20 or so years ago and they are broke and can't fight any more wars, Mr Putin et al will ride over the hill saying “You will like us, we are nice. And by the way you can forget about all these bullshit wars the US can no longer afford to fight we don't want anything to do with them.” Can you imaging the effect of instant world peace on the planet? What heros these guys will be. In the meantime some will make lots of money and even more will die. I think it is as simple and as callous as that.

As for defeating them, a full frontal attack won't work. As he says, it is a bit like drug dealers, even if you killed all of the top layer, the second layer would just move up a place. The best way is just to pretend they are not there but how many do you think will shun the bringers of world peace. Looks like they sure have done their homework. 428

rockpicker said...

GD, Check this out. If that was a fake weather site, they sure got lucky.

ISIS is an American/Israeli creation. It was incubated in Jordanian training camps. It is continually resupplied by the Turks and the Americans.

If it was a real Islamist terror group, it would not be attacking Chechnya, Iraq and Syria. It would attack Israel. At the Golan Heights, Israel is providing protective cover for ISIS. It's all bullshit, fomented by the West.

Anonymous said...

rp: Piers Corbyn at weather action forecast this on their 100day ahead forecast, it's been pretty obvious on the weather models for over a week. When you don't know how they did it it looks like luck, or magic, but when you're in on the trick, not so much ;)

This is the model I use...,60.82,436 see the "weather bomb" (massive low) I've been watching to the North of the UK with those settings? Change the settings to suit your requirements.

click on "earth" in the bottom left hand corner alter parameters, if you want to get the most out of it, watch this video...

really useful model, and way cool :) Gd.

Anonymous said...

torture being topical atm, here's a likely angle you don't see promoted at all...Gd.

Anonymous said...


Torture, just like polio never went away, it just went further underground. A hackneyed phrase but the more things change the more they stay the same. Is this really how some people get their rocks off? They were probably bitch slapped as a child or retalliating against student loans.

Wizard Oz said...

Time for a new post perhaps, that's a long scroll down to the comments ;) The big show is getting ever more crazy by the day! I have a large supply of popcorn ready :)

rockpicker said...

Friend of mine sent this. Sounds pretty serious...

Anonymous said...


Seen this?

rockpicker said...

What? They don't want new and improved bananas?

rockpicker said...


rockpicker said...

Not good...from Steve Quayle's alerts page.

"CORRECTED -SACRAMENTO--RADIATION HAS JUMPED FROM 42-769 CPM -15 TIMES NORMAL For the first time since Fukashima I have personal knowledge that radiation levels have finally become significantly elevated.


I live in Sacramento CA and I have been monitoring local radiation every
since Fukushima. Basically, the background radiation has not changed. I
monitor in my home and the car filter in my car. I have done it annually.
The background radiation (gamma) has been: Mean: 42.56 cpm StdDev 7.07,
Min:24 Max 63.0. These reading were gathered on 11/22/2013. My wife told
me that Drudge had an article on elevated beta levels in San Diegs. I said
that is relatively insignificant and most reports have been consistently
wrong since Fukashima. However, I turned on a GM-45 counter from You can go to their site to get the specs on this

Todays readings were: 769.7 cpm StdDev:24.76 Min 706 Max 804 of GAMMA
radiation (not beta or alpha) Gamma radiation is hard to shield from.
Steve, this is a very big deal. It has jumped from normal background
levels of 42 to 769, about 15 times normal. For the first time since
Fukashima I have personal knowledge that radiation levels have finally
become significantly elevated. I plan to monitor weekly. If I see
additional elevated levels above this, I will inform you. This is a major
coverup! D.K.

Dec 17, 2014"

freeacre said...

Well, I've been reading about spiking radiation levels, too. I just went outside on the front porch and took a reading. 72 microseverts in 5 minutes, or .128 per hour. Exactly what it was on Sept. 4. It keeps to between 60 and 76 m/sv per 5 min. the whole time I've been measuring. I'll take it more often and let you know if I detect any changes in the air around here.
Maybe it is some sort of radiation coming from contamination from many sources - like dirty bombs hidden away or something. Man, I think more people ought to be getting Geiger counters for Christmas.
Just sayin'....

freeacre said...

Howdy, Wizard! Yes, we could use a new post. I'll try to get something up. I just don't know where to start. The weird-shit-o-meter is just about tapped.

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