Friday, October 3, 2014

                                                  NOW WHAT?

freeacre & Murph

Ebola. Probably the most fearsome disease ever has arrived in the U.S. That wouldn't be so bad, considering the “advanced” stage of our medical system and it's ability to deal with contagions – except that just about every proceedure from the CDC regarding contagion has been blown along the way. First, Duncan was allowed on the plane, having lied about being in contact with a women dying of Ebola while transporting her to a hospital in his cab. So, then he flies to Dallas, stopping at three cities along the way. We are assured that this did not endanger anyone, since he was still asymptomatic. Once in Dallas and at the apartment complex his family lives in, he goes another four or five days before feeling ill and going to the hospital. So, despite telling a nurse that he has been in Liberia the week before, he is told to go home. Then, he basically exposes his whole family and their friends and all their contacts to the strengthening Ebola virus before he once again returns to the hospital. By this time he is throwing up “wildly.” The vomit sits outside the apartment complex for days before it is washed away by some guy who wears no protective clothing with a power hose that projects the germs into the air – and the video shows a woman walking past it at the same time.
Are any of these people being monitored or quarantined? I think not. The stupid exposed family gets tired of staying home and sends one of the children to school once again. Can you believe this???

Now, the CDC “orders” them to stay quarantined, not just “instructing” them. Is this lame or what? Then, they learn that the contaminated bedsheets and towels are still in the apartment. And, the outfit that is supposed to clean the apartment is delayed because they don't have a proper “permit” to clean. OMG!!! And, the CDC says it doesn't have the money to deal with all this. Oh, but we have billions to spend on “homeland security.” Except when it comes to an actual threat, they can't respond. Reminds me of FEMA taking five days to get water to the Super Dome. Check this one out:

Then, there is the unsecured Southern border with Mexico and all the illegal aliens streaming in.... all these children. And, now, a pandemic called enterovirus 68 that has infected hundreds of children all over the country – now accompanied by paralysis like polio. Anybody see a connection there? Nobody in Washington DC, apparently. They can't seem to find their ass with both hands.

The government no longer seems to work for the citizenry. The regulators don't regulate and protect us from the Banks, the Pharmaceutical companies, the food industry, the war-mongers, the police, or much of anything. Christ! Even the Secret Service can't seem to protect President Obama! The mainstream press is controlled by six corporations, who regularly suppress the news. The only reason we know anything about all this is due to the alternative news on the Internet. But, that wil be curtailed next.

What do we do? The following is the beginning of a new post that the Murphinator was beginning to write before this Ebola thing jumped off. I think it is pertinent...


I’ve done some head scratching over some questions that are important to me. Namely, how does a society change how that society is organized and operates? There seems to be two distinct camps on this; those that advocate change by using the system and those that advocate change outside of the system. The outside the system folks want to do this by force of course.

Lets examine how our current system is set up. Currently, from the absolute top of the power structure down through the levels of power to the folks that have little to gain from the current system, there are layers upon layers of bureaucracy that make the rules that have the force of law. I’ve lost count of how many pages of law this constitutes. This points back to the upper layers of the power that form these bureaucracies. Obviously, those manning the bureaucracies have much to gain by stopping reforms the will change the essential structure. They might have to go out and get a real job that produces something other than piles of paperwork and misery for those they affect. Those folks at the top of the power structure gain immense financial benefit from this. These folks reward the folks manning the bureaucracies rather handsomely for maintaining the status quo and penalize those folks that accurately report on their gains and subterfuge (the whistle blowers) and also the folks that are not happy with this system. The bureaucracies also make it difficult to impossible to live outside of the system. All of this is reinforced by having a significant amount of the working age population working in the bureaucracies, their livelihood is dependent on that job because most of them are completely unfit to do anything else to make a living. The bureaucracy also manipulate the educational system to make it appear that this is completely normal to the students and is to their benefit to participate.

Whew! Just had to make that rant.

All in all, this system is well insulated, by law, from making reforms that are significant and to the benefit of the general population. Supposedly, our constitution was set up to facilitate needed reforms that would benefit the general population. I have written before on how that concept has been a major failure. Those folks that claim to be absolute Constitutionalists need to make a detailed study about how that document was formed and by whom. But, in addition, (as G.W. Bush expressed) it is just a damned piece of paper that can be worked around with a big enough legal staff. Direct violations of its concepts and direct passing of more laws can negate statements concerning limiting of power. Even when these laws are challenged, the final decision on such issues is by the supreme court of the states and the federal Supreme Court. These decisions can be and are very often politically motivated by the top tiers of power.

As Carl Denniger has stated over and over; how long are we going to put up with this?”

Now, back to me. I have something to add. Chris Hedges spoke to the Green Party, and I thought his criticism of them was brilliant. Here is the link to his speech: Thanks to Rockpicker for turning me on to this. Basically, he says that the Green Party is a failure. It has not attracted participation on any large scale after all these years. Seminars and workshops and articles don't get it. They need to support those who do direct action. Make themselves useful. I figure that this concepts can be applied to every organization that wants to attract membership – whether it's the Green Party or the Tea Party, the Grange, or whatever.

Clearly, the CDC can't handle the Ebola situation by themselves. Maybe they keep fucking up because it is actually part of a plan to reduce the population. If so, we are truly doomed. But, if not, they need help. I would suggest volunteers to assist those who are quarantined – talk to them by telephone and purchase their groceries for them, for instance. Assist the overwhelmed CDC workers themselves. The point is to not just depend on the government for help. Organize yourself and your neighbors to prepare supplies of food, water, disinfectants, etc. in case we need to stay home for a few months while this thing passes in our area. Store enough to be able to share with those morons who have stored nothing.

I have to admit, this one's got me scared. I'm not so much worried about Murph and myself. We have lived longer than I ever figured to. But, it's thinking of the young ones that tears my heart out. It didn't have to be this way.

So as not to leave you with zero respite from this doom and gloom, let us share a picture of the new outdoor dwelling we have completed for the rabbits. We have “free range” rabbits now. So cute.


Anonymous said...

Another thought provoking post guys. On change, I just can't see it happening. The sheeple are just too well programmed, every movement with potential is already infiltrated, any new movement will be usurped (a la occupy) maligned (freemen) even any new meme/trend of thought that has possibilities will be controlled or have new laws put in place to crush it; like the alternative media now, or all the all encompassing "threat to democracy" rhetoric we're getting from Cameron et al at the UN recently. Nope, change (for the better) ain't going to happen, change (for the worse) well that's a dead cert, maybe literally.

Ebola? if it ain't killing hundreds of thousands in the shit hole countries it started in already, it ain't going to be that bad, certainly not in countries with decent healthcare & sanitation etc. not unless they want it to be "that" bad. The rhetoric will be turned up for sure, they'll use it for their advantage for sure, maybe marshal law, certainly some new laws that make the current batch of oppressive stuff look tame.

The sheeple will be so scared of the new ebola bogey man they'll be clamoring for something to be done!

we're so doomed LOL

Oh yeah, cute bunnies! Do you give them cute names before you snap their necks?

your friendly neighborhood cynic GD.

murph said...


I tend to think along the same lines as your comment. I have however been reading reports on just how prepared our country is for dealing with Ebola, and applies to most other countries also. It is not a pretty picture they paint. I also would presume that you have seen the reports on the blocking of shipments of a controversial cure for Ebola was returned to sender, it utilized colloidal silver. Also, from what I have been reading, Ebola has a spreading rate of 2. Most of the influenza viruses have 10X that rate.

I do think it is possible that this could spiral to literally "out of control" situation despite whatever policies the governments impose. Sure would make a good excuse for martial law wouldn't it? I have seen wildly different mortality rates depending on the health of the individual.

I do know that we are prepared to go into lock down mode if we feel sufficiently threatened. We know precious few others that are prepared to do the same.

Contrary to your assertion, I have very little faith in our medical establishment to take measures that will be highly effective. Just too much info out there indicating the opposite. We also have the problem of the information coming in from the countries where this all started. How accurate are the stats? If the epidemic was far more widespread and serious than we are being told on the MSM, would we be informed of it? Personally, I have little faith in the various governments of the world informing or acting to our benefit.

We do not use "neck breaking" when butchering bunnies. I tried it and it didn't work as well for us as our present method. No, we do not give names to the ones we know will be butchered. Only to the breeding stock and Freeacre is the one of us that remembers the names, I just can't seem to remember them. Hell, there are days I have to stop and think about what my own name is.

Ditto on being a cynic.

Anonymous said...

hey Murph, don't get me wrong on the effectivness of our healthcare, just compared to Africa there ain't no contest, a lot of folks died from lack of hydration/salts before the hemorrhagic stage, and even then, over there, there seems to be around a 50% mortality.

If you're expecting the worst and/or you want up to date accurate info on it, I recomend as one of the best sources for info on any potential pandemic virus, get to know the fourm so you can see whats what when you need fast info as the site may slow down if it gets bad, there are a lot of clued up posters on the forum and it has strict moderating policy so it's not full of dross.

I wonder if all those pictures of disposable coffins in the alternate media not so long back was forward planning, also wonder what any potential vaccine would have in it seeing as though everyone would be demanding a shot if the rhetoric is truned up a notch, and for sure it will be ;)

maybe we could get some change by encouraging anyone with a temperature to shake hands with anyone in power! I'm only part joking there LOL Gd.

rockpicker said...

Jon Rappaport on ebola:

Read this th's'morning. My feeling is government will always do what is expedient, and as Richard Hoagland is fond of repeating, the lie is different at each level.

I think it suits the Centers for Disease Creation to appear to be incompetent boobs, because they can still get the job done, which is to spread contagion, while pretending to fulfill their mandate of protection, in a lovably under-funded and inept fashion.

Now they've been forced to admit that ebola can be transmitted through the air. Well, duh! The whole country had that figured out weeks ago. It's almost as if everyone lies all the time and everyone expects to be lied to, all the time. The new normal. Fantasyland.

rockpicker said...

Hey, guys. Myron W. Evans. ECE Theory. Any words on the subject?

Anonymous said...

RP re ECE, the math is too heavy for me, but it strikes me that if E=MC2, and one can reduce mass, it explains many things e.g. a lot of the observations NASA explains away as "ice crystals" on the lens, and Teslas contraptions ;) GD.

Anonymous said...


Hi guys, I keep signing up for feeds and they keep not working so maybe I am doing something wrong (again).

Murph, Fa, I know life can be frustrating but I can explain what is going on in one sentence. If you wanted to crash the system, would you make it functional or dysfunctional? That was it.

The thing I could never figure out about your system was why lobbying wasn't outlawed from the very beginning. I think you have worked out by now that was a rhetorical question, I already know the answer but why didn't the little guys put a little foot in the door at the time? That's what I really meant to say and what I really wanted to know.

Re Ebola, I remember seeing a video clip a few years ago now where there was a guy, can't remember who he was anymore, saying AIDS didn't get the job done, it was too slow and they should try Ebola instead. Looks like they might have taken heed for once in their miserable lives. Strange isn't it, if it is something bad it gets done, if it is something good it doesn't. I know the answer to that one too but it is for another time.

Re changing of society for the benefit of that society, the within option doesn't work. Your local exercise concerning water run off is proof positive of that. Wherever did the expression “You can't fight city hall” originate from. And then when you get into higher levels of administration.... You also know that if you try direct means then 'they' (whoever they are) have bigger guns and newer and better toys than you have. They just keep poking you with a stick because they want to try them out. The one thing you didn't mention was the Gandhi option. Just plain non cooperation with the system. Stop buying stuff apart from the tainted food on the supermarket shelves. It won't take long for them to get the message and then 'they' will want to negotiate with you instead of the other way round. Unless, that is, they really are in for crashing the system and blaming the victim but that is another thing. Problem with ignoring the system is that everybody has got to be in on it and societies 'bad' sponge is nowhere near full. Still room to soak up a bit more yet.

Maybe you guys should considder changing the name of the blog to the “Out cynicing each other club” :) :) Yes I know it is a serious subject.

Btw, happy times and cute bunnies, that is what life should be about. We had a bunnie once called Bennie. White and cute as hell but used to shit around the apartment as I remember. Still I have heard it said that life is not about getting evrything you want. Don't know why not though.

Hey, pleased to hear someone has come up with a Unified Field Theory that works. Standard Theory was very clunky. I once saw a pop science program where there was a astro physist who claimed that everyting fitted if you broke Einsteins holy grail and assumed that light could slow down over time but what do we mean by slow and what do we mean by time. What do we mean by mean :)

murph said...


That link for Jon Rappaport didn't work on my computer so I did a search for his comments on ebola. I came up with 6 short essays on the subject. I found his comments to be very interesting. It has caused a pause for me in concern over the "epidemic". Maybe, just maybe it is another false flag operation to divert our attention.


You said "Still I have heard it said that life is not about getting evrything you want. Don't know why not though." Might have something to do with the "what is wanted?" question.

Had a conversation yesterday with a fellow I causally know. Got to talking about the middle east problems. He constantly referred to the Muslim folks as "rag heads" and condemned all of them most heartily. Without his saying so, I figured out he is a staunch hard line Christian. We talked about a great variety of subjects and I was left with the conclusion that he has bought into most of the propaganda that we are hit with all the time. Most of it from the hard right of the political extreme. Sure seems to be a lot of folks of that persuasion running around and they vote too. Although I have no sympathy for the hard left extremists either. We got enough of them around here too.

So, I just keep working on the garden, the chickens and the rabbits and repairing systems and making things work that break. Here it is Sunday and I have a full page list of "need to take care of" jobs. There are times that I wonder why we chose to live like we do. Then I look at the alternatives. Oh yeh, that's why.

freeacre said...

After reading some Rappaport pieces, I don't know what is going on. Really confused. Hope he's right.

It seems there is another virus that is going around here. My sister-in-law had it and now my brother has it and my son's girlfriend may have it too. It's a respiratory infection that leaves you so weak that you can't feed yourself.It may be that enterovirus. Damn. WTF is going on??
SATS, I agree with you about putting one's money where one's mouth is. But, we can'[t even get people to stop going to Walmart. Impossible when the media is complicit. Damn. We seem to be a flawed species.
I'm just going to process beets and do the laundry. Can't think anymore.

How'd you like that picture? I couldn't resist it. The owner of our local prep store gave it to me. It's a Russian gas mask that was too tight to fit on his head. lol

rockpicker said...

Freeacre, the pic was great! Wish I had a setup like that for grinding stone watering holes and birdbaths.

Belgium, I would guess you're up on your polio shots? This is from Global

"Belgium – As reported to ECDC by Belgian authorities, on 2 September 2014, following a human error, 45 litres of concentrated live polio virus solution were released into the environment by the pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), in Rixensart city, Belgium. The liquid was conducted directly to a water-treatment plant (Rosieres) and released after treatment in river Lasne affluent of river Dyle which is affluent of the Escaut/Scheldt river. Belgium’s High Council of Public Health conducted a risk assessment that concluded that the risk of infection for the population exposed to the contaminated water is extremely low due to the high level of dilution and the high vaccination coverage (95%) in Belgium."

You got it, pal. CynicsRUs. I keep sayin', everybody knows, and Oldensoul keeps reminding me, "Not everybody."

I figure, those who don't have a clue by now will never get it. Aren't enough lifeboats to go around anyway. Correction coming in the gene pool.

How soon before the stock market collapses? My co-worker said, "Tomorrow, after the eclipse." Oi.

Can you imagine ANYBODY still being invested in the stock market with funds they need for survival? It's all going to evaporate, like frost on grass...

Anonymous said...

Anyone have an opinion on Joel Achenbach? My daughter Tess wrote an opinion paper on the article he wrote in 2008 for the Washington Post titled "The Future Is Now, But We Never See It Coming". Some of the points that he made resonated very strongly with me and made me interested in him as a result. I have done some researching on his background but figured that I could get a better "skinny" on him by asking the clan, as he might have already blipped on some of your radars. Musically, I am dipping into Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, along with Etta and Billie Holiday. also rising to the celtic ballads and instrumentals. Striking deep old memory chords. regards, Seeker,Otter

Anonymous said...


Murph :)

Fa, You are one of the few people I have come across who can choose exactly the right picture to compliment the subject of the post. It must be your journalistic training – well done.

If aeroplanes can operate without any mental input I don't see why we can't either.
There again things can be taken too far. I would sooner have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. These are the jokes folks :-)

Seeker, I am the wrong person to answer your question. I had to look Joel Achenbachs bio up on Wiki so you already know more about him than I do. Sorry.

Rp Why do I have to rely on you to tell me what is going on in my own country? No need to answer that, I already know. Unfortunately I was done in the late 50's when we didn't have a reason not to be trusting. I sent an article, not the GR one, off to Chris's daughters. One has already replied saying (in Dutch) no need to worry, my kids were done when they were little. Remind me again what it was Oldensoul was saying. Same daughter has a really big thing about passive smoking but she 'sometimes' stuffs all sorts of prepared foods into the kids. Busy mums and all that. That and not having a reason not to be trusting. Remind me again what it was Oldensoul was saying :)

As to when the other foot will fall, it could be the solstice but those who like fulfilling their own prophecies are pointing us to Oct 24. But maybe not, who knows.

Gd I knew there was something I wanted to reply to from earlier and I kept forgetting it. You are the only one who might remember this cameo. Late in the Thatcher admin when the AIDS meme was scaring the hell out of the populace Thatcher decided the situation needed defusing and packed her Health Minister off to an AIDS ward to meet the deseased, together with the regulation news crew.
It was either Tony Newton or David Mellor, can't remember now but when the shaking hands moment came said minister looked on camera as if he was trying to telekenisis his hand off the end of his arm. A truly priceless moment. Of course of if it had to be done again today, they would just get a doctor to don a pair of pyjamas and jump onto bed.

Anonymous said...

Blood moon can be seen in all its glory in early morn for about an hour. 6:24a.m. eastern time, U.S.
Lunar eclipse in other parlance.

Anonymous said...

SATS: I remember Mellor feeding his grand daughter a burger in front of attending MSM at the height of the mad cow thing, but I missed the Aids pantomime - incidently there's a very good doc on how aids was "discovered" unfortunately I can't remember the name of it, non of the ahem "science" was ever replicated, went straight from gov lab to political meme with the scientist promoted beyond his dreams, turned me into a "denier" LOL (what ever happened to CJD we were all supposed to be dieing from?) can anyone say "fear meme".

Seeker: Joel Achenbach is playing for the wrong team IMO, trained in politics, yet he promotes all the club of rome memes from a sciency pov as if he's a scientist, too many red flags for me, including being a staffy in the MSM.

I've been looking for new songs too recently, trying to get a rather annoyingly simple strum down from The Jams "That's entertainment" I'm also revisiting some of the songs I have down but missed out all the twiddly bits, donovan - colours, and more simon & garfunkel - sparrow (lovely song) and the twiddly bits in sound of silience :) GD.

rockpicker said...

Big moon high in the southwest sky,
southwest Montana, 4:29, full occlusion, Orion, Sirius, somebody bright in the east, (Jupiter?), Polaris and the dippers, all there, too! Lovely.

proof number: 406 (area code for entire State of Montana)

rockpicker said...

More evidence of weather modification:

freeacre said...

Unfortunately, this link pretty much sums it up for me:

Anonymous said...


Something needs to be done to protect us from ourselves but the ones who have appointed themselves the task are not the ones who are suitable for the job. Who will protect us from them?
If we say ourselves we are entering the world of circular argumants.

freeacre said...

Protection? Uh, at times like these, I feel like some peasant during some dynasty in ancient China. War Lords, monks, magicians, shamans, and neighbors come to mind. Can't trust the ones who created the problem in the first place. I think our immune systems are the best protection. Eat healthy and stay away from crowds. We are lucky to live in a rural area. How about you, Belgium? Got stuff stored up?

Anonymous said...


Fa, we live in the burbs about 9 – 10 miles outside the big city. When we came there was pleanty of green around but now apartments are going up on every green spot between existing houses. Not so bad but not so pleasant as it used to be. I heard recently there was a community allotment project about to start so I put my name down but was really rushed so didn't give it the attention I should have. We were rushing to look after a sick grand daughter that was sent home from school whilst the mother was at work but we had to call at the city hall anyway. I will go to the city hall and find out more about it, I lost the web site address in the rush.

I read an article a long time ago about mistakes typically made by preppers. The first one was not making an inventary and that is me. I go on the principle that whatever is there a bit more is not a bad thing. Got about 40 -50kg rice; 20 – 30kg in beans. Chris doesn't like rice but she will have two choices over that one. Some powderd and tinned potats; tinned vegies for a few months and crap food in tins, corned beef, sausages, salmon etc. It is not food but it will keep us in the game if needs be plus whatever is in the freezer. Problem is, should I feel sorry for those around me who are not making it through. One view says they have had the same oportunity as I have, on the other hand...?

freeacre said...

Yeah, I know. It would probably be best to attempt to bring up the idea of prepping to your surrounding neighbors. Ask them whether they would like to all be on their own or be in the position of having pot lucks or sharing if TSHTF. I would rather view my neighbors as resources than threats. So they all should be encouraged to stock up. Nobody will be able to anticipate everything one needs, so sharing would be good. Bartering is good, too. Maybe have some extra things like liquor, chocolate, tobacco, toilet paper, etc. to trade.
Hard times can bring out the best in people as well as the worst. When the tsunami and floods happened in Asia, people shared. Old women would be given rice and stuff. I think, given a choice, people would rather help each other than rip each other off. That's what I hope, at least.

Anonymous said...

Shakey Graves, Built to Roam...
This guy is good, avant garde, outside the box singing and performance

Anonymous said...

what if the whole ebola thing is a complete Psy-Op? The story regarding the mayor visiting the nurses apt looked well dodgy, they were pushing a lack of response, contaminated puke on the sidewalk, contaminated blankets still in the apt etc. yet the mayor walks into the scene to check it out? wtf? Pay particular attn to the footage in Africa, clearly some of it is staged, pretty badly too. I'm starting to doubt there is even a major outbreak anywhere! Gd.

Anonymous said...


A guy is rolling around on the floor outside the door of a hospital (we are led to believe) apparently dying of Ebola because there is no more room at the inn. A sign - printed on a sheet - tells us the 'hospital' is named after America's best loved president JFK. A woman bystander is giving the dying man water from a plastic bottle and a man bystander is saying how bad it all is. Then the urban spaceman arrives, starts disinfecting the grass around the dying man and clears the other two contacts off home, one of them clutching a wad of money. Then a kid of about eight or ten skips over to within a few feet of the dying man, flops down on the ground and acts comatose. Jeez, I have seen porn clips with a better plot. I guess the only thing left is to replace the dying man with an apple pie and that will really pull at the heart strings of the folks back home. Here is an interesting question, if the disease was really so contagious, do you think the cameraman would still be there?

Ha, here is another one:²

When you start looking, the hoax story is all over the internet. I hope it goes more viral than the disease. Then, with any luck, the dog will start wagging its tail again. Bit shitty isn't it, the cover story is busted but the dollar is beyond being resussertated, I wonder how they will play it now.

Anonymous said...


Want to know what causes Ebola and what cures it just as easily with easily available substances? This from a real but rogue to the system doctor who has worked with such diseases.

freeacre said...

Man, there is a lot of conflicting info out there on Ebola. Godlike Productions has a zillion of them both pro and con regarding a psyops diversion.
I wish I could say that I believed one thing or another. It is more uncomfortable to simply not know and know that you don't know.
Maybe we are all just supposed to be scared to death and not notice that the International Trade Agreement is trashing the sovereignty of nations and will impose global corporations to rule the world straight up.
Or maybe it will be blamed, along with Russia, for crashing the economy. Or WWIII. I admit to being clueless.
At the least, it is certain to sell LOT of vaccines. It will be interesting to see what happens after that.
In any case. I would say that the shit is actually beginning to hit the fan.

murph said...

Now that is an interesting post you linked to. However, long before the Ebola thing arrived, many years ago, I was reading stuff that insisted that colloidal silver also killed viruses. I have used it to defeat irritating viruses, Canker sores and cold sores that are caused by a virus. Linus Pauling would be chuckling over that post too. He was the doc that gave intravenous massive doses of citric ascorbic acid (vit C) to cancer patients and cured a lot of them.

I can't defend or contradict that post, but it has a lot of the same flavor of other post and papers insisting that colloidal silver was effective against ebola, or for that matter any virus.

This is the problem with the internet web. You can read and/or listen to contradictory stuff on just about any subject all day and end up completely confused by it all. Then it's a simple matter of deciding who you believe is giving you the straight info.

Lucretia Heart said...

Hey Murph and freeacre!

Over in my apartment on 2 acres, 1 larger family just moved out (outgrew our tiny townhomes.) But there are 2 couples and 2 single people who work the garden and keep chickens here, and we are having a "Ebola prep" meeting this week.

Essentially, we are sniffing the wind and have all come to the conclusion that we'll need supplies when/if our area becomes a hot zone, and further, that by that time-- there is no way we can just go to the hospital and expect quality care. They will be overwhelmed. Therefore, we're prepping for home care. We're all going to chip in to AVOID getting sick, but have a protocol in place should any of us get sick. Hubby and I have already begun laying in supplies: bleach, garbage bags, canned food, etc.

In West Africa, this strain of Ebola seems to be more hardy than some (hence ease of transmission) but only 50% fatality rate. Some strains of Ebola are harder to pass, but have 90% fatality rate. Still, we haven't had anything with a fatality rate of even 10% in so long, I don't know that our culture will handle it well. Even with better general health, a fatality rate in Western countries of 20% or 30% would be devastating.

On the other hand... if one can survive to the other side of that, some pressures will ease for a time. I'm making the effort to get to that point myself!

Anonymous said...


Murph and Lucretia

I think all you can do is be aware of the threat and also be aware of the hype. There are honest people out there and there is also an army of people with an agenda either promoting an opposite view or more insidiously, appearing to be an honest advocate of an alternative view. Deciding what is what is the devil's own job. The best rule to follow is the precautionary principle. In this example, if you think vit C and colloidal silver will be helpful then stock up on it. Even if it is completely wrong it won't do you a whole lot of harm and it might do a whole lot of good. In a way it is like proverbs, many hands make light work or too many cooks spoil the broth. You can always find an opposite view if you go looking for it or want to confuse yourself.

What I do think, regarding the first video, is that all incidents or happenings from 9/11, through Boston bombings, Sandy Hook and Ebola, wherever the truth lies, the presentation to the public has become increasingly sloppy. With all the machinery of government available, it looks as if they don't even care about making a credible story that will stick together. It is as though they think no one would even suspect the government was not on their side and people have to believe whatever it is, just because they have said it. To quote Oldensoul “Not everybody”.

Anonymous said...

A little bit of musical respite from this aching world, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Based on numerology (georgia guidestones), syncronicity between some historical financial doom (black thursday was 24/10/29) and historical financial cycles (The big collapse risk zones come around 27 days and 55 days after major peaks, with 52 week S&P intra day high being 19/9/14) and while reading some financial doom this afternoon (linked below) I broke my wierd dream from last night, everyone was offering me gold for my prepping supplies with panicy faces all telling me about "black friday"! I am starting to get a spidy sense about 24/10/14, which happens to be a friday, I could be nuts of course, so I just put it out there to documant it just in case LOL. GD.

PS wv=Specificaluaeo so I googled aluaeo, and got a page full of financial gobbledigook! syncronicity or more nuttiness, time will tell!

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Aluaeo translated from portuguese =

'Aluaeo' sounds like 'moonstruck', you meant moonstruck when looking aluaeo ?

1 (a) which is influenced by the Moon; lunatic.
2 (a) What is madness hits; balmy.
3 (a) is in oestrus.
4 (a) Madcap.
5 (a) does not have a clue walks with his head in the air

which makes me laugh either way, so i thought I'd share that to LOL GD.

rockpicker said...

Looks like it all boils down to: Do you trust your government to tell you the truth and act in your best interests, or not?

There's no way to tell what the real truth is.

So we're back to relying on belief and intuition. Religion, if you will.

Is it mutated Zaire? A bio-weapon hidden in the vaccines? Are any of these people really sick at all? How long have CDC and the medical community had to prepare for this "inevitability?" Duncan's test samples were sent through the hospital's vacuum-tube system?

You've got to be shitting me!

Are they trying to scare us to death, or just into taking the shot?

No answers at this point, except to say some of the richest people on Earth have publicly said they're in favor of depopulation in a major way.

And some odd things happening at the Georgia guidestones...

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Went to the doctor yesterday for a repeat prescription, and I asked him about Ebola. The first thing he said that there were two suspected but unconfirmed cases in Brussels airport (Zaventem) that morning. It turned out to be a minor panic. Two passengers from West Africa got separated from their luggage. Either there was luggage and no people or people and no luggage, not sure which way round it was but it was all sorted out. I heard that what was done was a proper response but it demonstrates the precautions that are being put in place if doctors are being informed of such things.
I asked him what Ebola was and he said it was a viral infection resulting in hemoratic fever which stopped blood clotting and thinned the blood so much it could pass through blood organ barriers. I said I had heard it was a disease similar to scurvy and acts in a similar way to what sailors had in the old woooden sailing ships by loosing particularly Vitamin C resulting in body legions. However as they lost vitamins over months by not replacing the ones that were used up, Ebola could cause vitamin C deficiency over a day. He said he did not know the mechanism by which the virus caused the observed effects. I could see he thought it was an interesting theory but wasn't prepared to comment any further. All in all it doesn't clarify the situation any further.

Belgium has a new government. Or rather we have four new governments, one for the Dutch speakers; one for the French speakers; one for the capital Brussels and an overarching Federal government over the other three. What a mess our system is. So rather than not getting into the stalemate we had last time where we had a National Government for about two and a bit years because no other party would form a coalition with the party with the majority vote it was all sorted out more amicably this time. They knew what would happen and took steps beforehand. HOWEVER, when the person the new Federal Government selected as Prime Minister, tried to make an inaugural speech in the House, he was booed down by the rest of representatives who accused him of being a Nazi. This was quickly followed by the leaders of the three biggest unions in Belgium calling a National strike for 15 November unless the policies were seriously revised. We have just had an election to represent what policies the people have chosen and now the policies no longer reflect that choice. I wonder who had input into selecting our first minister. Can you imagine the American Unions calling a national strike because they didn't vote for Obama's policies?

Today, I received an e mail saying our new lady Justice Minister, has skeletons in the cupboard. I have no idea if it is true or not but it is claimed she was once a practising advocate and was married to Moroccan drugs trafficker. His first sentence after arrest at Zaventem airport was somehow disappeared. He later did time in Turkey for the same offence but diplomatic moves had his sentence reduced and he was repatriated to Belgium instead of Morocco. His wife, now in government distanced herself by divorcing him and later married a Lawyer from Brussels. After several years they are still married but live apart. Now she is Minister of Justice she has chosen her former drug trafficking husband as her personal assistant and liaison officer with Foreign Islamic Groups. Why does the Belgian Minister of Justice need a liaison officer for Foreign Islamic Groups? Curiouser and curiouser said Alice. What a bloody nonsense all this is.

freeacre said...

I'm feeling sad today.

John Prine tune.

Anonymous said...

Hope you've managed to cheer up FA, I found this story rather uplifting, I wondered if the world would be a different place if everyone had this experience...GD