Tuesday, February 3, 2009


from Murph

Every since this blog and it’s origin with Cyclone, we have been forecasting a pretty much doom and gloom scenario for the future. We aren’t alone of course and I am seeing many blogs and commentaries shifting in their emphasis. One of the most notable, Survivalacres, has been dooming and glooming for some time, and has declared that further writing means nothing. His last post is worth the read and contemplation. Those that are preparing are doing so, and those that aren’t, will not. Further writing (words) will accomplish nothing.

Now of course that statement assumes that the original intent was to convince people that really bad shit was coming down and better get ready for it. This blog has done its share of this. When it becomes obvious that it is a hopeless task to convince more people, do you have another reason to continue?

This last Sunday morning, Super Bowl day, we listened to some of the morning news programs. It was sickening. Most of what we heard was trivia in the extreme and the rest was so full of bull shit I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The talking heads seem to actually believe we can fix the situation and return to more growth and prosperity. What utter nonsense. I felt like I was listening to news of another planet, not this one certainly. There was not one word about other factors affecting societies on this earth other than the financial fix. If that is accomplished, we will return to our happy prosperity. Of course all of them are in the 6 figure income range and seemingly have absolutely no grasp of the real world and what is going to affect all of our well being.

So it surely appears that we are living in a society of utter denial. The very few people that perhaps understand the true situation are already doing something to increase their chances of survival from the train wreck we are a part of and helped create. Oh yes, even those that understand what is happening, contributed to the problem, every one of us. We have become part of a death culture in its extreme. Every thing our culture does involves death in one form or another, from genocide to ecological death, and there is no sign of it decreasing, rather seems to be escalating. Words, more words will not halt or even slow this. So what is the point of writing more on the subject?

We might point to the ever changing and worsening situation which for the people that realize what is happening might alter their preparations. I figure that insight is always a good thing. But, will it change anything? Probably not. Will more words convince more people? Probably not.

All of us writing on the internet, making comments and trying to understand our situation may be just preaching to the choir and perhaps it is self catharsis, a need to put into writing what we are thinking at the time with no anticipation of changing one damned thing. I know that for myself, it is becoming increasingly difficult to write anything but rants concerning the situation, repeating myself endlessly. Not that there isn’t new developing stuff to rant about, but what’s the point. Most of you reading this post on a regular basis tend to keep up with some of the latest insanity driving insane decisions and seeing insane consequences. That is not going to change. Freeacre and I have been writing of our preparations along with a couple dozen other web sites we visit regularly. Lots of similarities and a few differences, mostly concentrated on personal food production and attempting to become as self sufficient as possible. We figure that with no previous experience, it will take a couple of years to get ready for this cataclysm coming at us. I further figure that we no longer have a couple of years to learn a whole new way of living. I do not see this as a long protracted fall with ample time for people to prepare when they realize that their very existence is in question. I do think that we will have brief intervals in the next couple of years that will be proclaimed as the bottom and that it will only get better now. However, if all the data I have been exposed to has any validity at all, the proclamations of getting better will just be another lie. There is no way to be able to return to what we had going on in the 90’s. I see no way there is going to be a gradual (generation) soft impact. It makes no difference if there is some giant pool of oil or natural gas to be tapped. It makes no difference. There are too many other factors at play.

To be frank, I don’t really know what direction to take with this blog right now. I feel as though I have run out of things to say. In many aspects, I am loathe to discontinue the blog. But today, right now, I don’t know what further to talk about. This blog offers a support for people to vent out their frustrations and thinking, provides a kind of emotional support.

Got any suggestions?

Anyone want to contribute a post?


Jacques de Beaufort said...

I'm taking a break from blogging myself.

Looks like"Survival Acres" signed off recently.

It could be that dwelling in disgust and pathos, however valid, is not the most Zen thing.

Everyday is a beautiful gift.

Civilizations rise.
Civilizations fall.

Birds still sing in the morning.
The sky is still blue.

We all die eventually.

Maybe it's time to enter some sort of chrysalis and absorb everything.

We all know how shitty everything is, but there still is some great beauty, not only in the human spirit, but in the oneness of everything.

Dave said...

I understand what you mean about running out of things to say about the collapse. And you are correct: those who recognize the onrushing future are preparing for it; the rest are not. I doubt anything we say will change that equation.

So why not change the tone and focus of the blog? It seems the original intent of your blog was to create a virtual community, presumably of like-minded people. Well, we're here.

Instead of dwelling on the collapse, which is disheartening, why not share your own experiences and acquired insights as you adapt your life to the future? Horrified as I was by the rabbit execution piece, it was informative to those of who have contemplated such but never done it.

I'd hate to see you go "off the air."

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

Anonymous said...

Murph -- A couple of weeks ago, I had a very positive experience, and thought of sharing it here as a way to remind us all that there are bright spots -- maybe more than we are aware of.

What happened was that a senile old man fell on his way to and from our local grocery store. People immediately stopped what they were doing to run over to help. No one seemed to give it a thought. I certainly didn't when I helped him up on his way back, and walked him to the next corner where more people got out of their cars to see what they could do, and stayed with him til his son could come get him.

Like Montanta's neighbors who helped out, I think we all have an instinct to help each other, and maybe we need to post more of the positive things we see around us.

I realize this could get cloyingly cheerful, but maybe a few rays of sunshine will help keep us going? At least lighten our spirits and remind us that most people are inherently good (altho some are seriously misguided).

Anonymous said...

fuck, i step out for a little personal spiritual grooming in the snowy mountains of my beloved montana , come back and it sounds like its time to put our pants back on and go home, yeeeeks!
banish the evil thought, let this sacred council of one be forever as a place to come to for whatever reason,....... your dog sick? let us know maybe we can help, your aunt susie got hemorrhoids,there are healers here at this council, although i personally am not a hemorrhoid man per se, i know something of the healing arts, more to their actual factual as opposed to the superstitious bullshit that goes on in the AMA, Those COCKSUCKERS, vampires,... ever leave a doc office without a prescription? ever have a doc ask you about your diet,sleeping habits,job,kids freaking you out, do you hate your neighbor? and what really prompted you to come to me anyway? what? you want to fuck my secretary ? hummmm. how about a bag of OXY-COTTONS instead, or maybe a few PERCOCETS or maybe some Midal for those change of life thingies that male menopause guys are having these days, breast reduction to make you feel more like a man?
Hell yeah, anything but to keep from finding the truth!! Hey !!!!fuck healthy people, they are no match for separating folks life's saving from them then like a realllllllllll goooooooood disease, man you can almost see the hands rubbing together when some poor sole mopes into the clinic, i know this cause the clinic is right next to the local watering hole,of which i have been known to slobber at in my day, but no more, the new kick of wondering what it might be like to be sober clicked in real good folks, i will be clean? and sober for two BIG YEARS next month!!!! YEAHHHH, lets hear it for Montana Freeman and Langosta for this fucking miracle , actually bug had the most amazing influence on this one for taking the plunge, don't know if i would of made it without her council, i think i literally owe my life and the sweet wonderful life that now stands along side of me, i meannnn there are still motherfuckers coming at me from all directions but it gets easier and easier to deal with um. all you got to do is get our a goddam bible and start preaching the godliness of your holy temple and they scatter like cockroaches at a rock concert.
you know i found use for the bible wonce ( bet i think of SATS every time i write this word for the rest of my life ) or twice, , in jail of course, makes semi-decent rolling paper for cigarettes!
yep! bet ya would never hear ole montana say a good thing about such a fucking evil assed thing as that book!
Anyway yesterday it was sunny and warm so i went to the Flathead river which runs through the reservation, parked at a beautiful spot and watched the ice flows that have broken up and line the banks of the river, and as i sit there pondering the meaning of life as usual it occurred to me that what if i were a city dwelled finding himorherself in this location with nothing to eat, how long would i last, well i look around and see nothing etable other then a small bird walking amongst the leaves behind me and several Canadian Honkers that are hanging out across the river, and that was it/ there for all practical purposes is NOTHING TO EAT here in the great state of montana unless one has done some SERIOUS survival practice, i don't mean reading a fucking book i mean actually do it , it ain't fucking easy, and the people that are fleeing the cities thinking that buffalo burgers grow on montana trees are in for a real awaking. They don't , just ask Rockpicker.

Wow, the fog is socked in and turning the naked limbs into white crystal art forms, very beautiful, also have went through 90 #'s of oiled black sunflower seeds so far and have a huge amount of potential cat food flying around the yard, those things are really a nuisance but i have friends that think they are just gods best handiwork, eck!, however as this village is overrun with the varmints they will be good as a last resort if the larder gets to bare. (man i can hear the cat lovers giving me shit about this, its alright i know it will be in fun jest, right guys?)
honest, i have never made a pair of gloves from one of those things yet.

and speaking of butchering the rabbits, when i turned 21 years of age i found myself, younger brother and friend working in the middle of nowhere Colorado working in a uranium mine and survived the winter by eating deer and rabbits, of which in those days were thicker then fleas on a coon dog, and were quite delicious to boot. i would of liked to of had a little something to go with um but man it was scarce as hell to just live in those days,but i know what you mean brother Dave, it is a serious matter when it becomes necessary to take the sentient life of one of our relations to preserve ours and our family, but Dave what you do when this occurs is also a sacred act, and you really take nothing, you are presented with substance by the spirit to further your days, the children must be fed also, and all of this can be understood but not if its gleaned from anything other then our connection with the great spirit.
there are those that kill for the trophy, the big rack to show how little and inept their penises are, ever heard or seen the hunts that have actual relations tied to something or in a cage and the mighty hunters with their elephant guns just mosey up to the tie and blast away!!
These cocksuckers will pay. and they will not like it,

Anyway, what do you say folks, ? can't we just keep the council fire open and burning without much hassle? and how about the good idea of the Murfinator to garner up some posts from our clan pool, i would help if i was smarter but i ain't cause my schoolin was a tad undernourished and people would just get to bored with it.

However SATS writes good shit and so do others here that i know would pile good stuff on the plate so to speak, what do you say guys, there are closet novelists among us i just know it, come on clanies give it up with some of your special interests, whatever or however off the wall they might seem to you, fuck we're all consensual adults and piss on the government, tell us about your dreams or whatever, i done some shit in my life that diffidently would not be told in mixed company but i'm not talking about that. i think,hummmm

anyway, lets hear some ideas, me and the bug will stay and if its a matter of cash for the blog keepers let us know and we will pitch in.

speaking of pitching in, a locater of things would be appreciated, such as good deals on whatever, especially sustainability stuff and the like , pie making harness making, hell anything.

ok thats it
have good wonderful day brothers and sisters , and o yeah , got a call from Stoney the other day with the free long distant calling plug in and am getting one to try, sounds great,its called Magic Jack, here

stupendous peace

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

My guys, we have come a long way from Libby which, as memory serves, is where this little tale began. The journey has had as many twists and turns as a South American river but it always seemed to take us a little further forward. Many of the indigenous people we met along the way seemed to have found the magic secret of happiness. It was only our non negotiable lifestyle which turned us into a nation of Prozac poppers and the constant attrition of trying to resolve this addiction with simplicity that has inevitably led to burn out. Burn out is a condition which is no stranger to me so I recognise the symptoms well. The Prozac makers and their friends never lost their resolve or purpose and the successes they chalked up were occasionally at each others expense but for the main part resulted in a corresponding disappointment for the majority. The burden of holding up alternatives to that which is unsustainable and at the same time non negotiable, went by largely unseen, and frustrations compounded to a point where there appears no way forward. All that is left is a feeling of being a ship adrift on the ocean where every direction, or none, is the same. But people, like the Prozac makers, do not burn out on success; they go from strength to strength at the expense of the majority. Sure, some resistance like Seattle and Miami, made them break step but they never abandoned their relentless march.

Despite the fact that those who visit here know the message, they still need a rallying point. The Christians have been doing it for 2000 years and the Jews even longer and they kept going against the odds. The Murphinator and Freeacre compliment each other exactly, each taking up the others slack when the other loosens the load. Sometimes the cycles which should be out of step, come in step and when the highs become lower and the troughs deeper, maintaining the blog can seem a futile exercise. This is when the twin questions come into mind of what you will do with it and what you will do without it, especially since it appears to have been loosing a bit of critical mass of late. It has already been said that it is largely no longer the coconut shy of the early days and it is right, every now and again to stop and question its purpose. For me it is a meeting point where similar but diverging viewpoints can be thrashed out to try to find a common way through. I live in the burbs and I am neither a slicker nor a bumpkin and there are still things I need to learn for what is coming. It would truly be a great pity if it were to go and I also know it is wrong for everyone to sit back and let the Murphs take the weight on their own shoulders since it belongs to all of us. Let us act like the community we are supposed to be and perhaps some of the regular bloggers in their own right can divert a post in this direction. I will try to put something together over the coming weeks. I am not a regular blogger but I try to put in 2 – 3 posts a year here, not on topical subjects but more questioning things our culture makes us take for granted, so I will see what I can come up with. In the meantime, let us believe that we are better than our rivals, even if they want to own a greater part of our lives. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.


RAS said...

I would hate to see this blog go. It has been a great source of community in my life. I would be more than willing to write a post or two, if anyone is willing to read it and someone will suggest a topic.

There is some good news here lately. A local alternative newspaper is doing an entire issue on living 'green' and while most of it is greenwashing, I was interviewed about food security and eating locally. It'll be out in a few weeks.
Also, I have a website for my crafting business now! There is nothing on there yet, but there will be in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Yeah -what everyone above said!

No really, it would suck der big vienerschnitzel if this blog went bye-bye. I read and brouse through tons of crapola on the internet all the time, but this blog is the only one that seems real -I mean, with real people, with real ideas, suggestions and usable information. Not shills or Keith O/Bill O wannabes fighting for attention. Granted, it's sometimes like preaching to the chior, but I kinda like being a member of the chior listening to everyone else's voices. Makes me feel that there are others out in the world that have similar attitudes, ideas, hanker'ins towards the world's problems as I do.

As many of you know, I live and work in an area of the US where people believe a horse thief found a book covered in gold with pages that could only be read with some really cool magic glasses that had to be put back where they were found because.....

Right. So, needless to say, there is pretty much no one, no one in this place I work at (@ 100 people or so) or live near that has any clue as to what's actually happening in the world around them. Which means,

I talk to my cat. And what does she do? She yawns and give me the "Talk to the paw" pose.

So, if you can. I'd really like for this here campfire to stay lit. Maybe even put a few HUGE-ASS logs on it once in a while to get it really fired-up would be great, too. It's winter and I'm freaking cold!



freeacre said...

Well, guys, it is very gratifying to hear from all of you. I, too, go from site to site and read the same old crap over and over... and then I come to the council fire and read the thoughts spoken from the heart from one or another of my cyber tribe. I really don't know what I'd do without you.
I have just been especially bummed because I just recently learned of the accidental death of my sister's son in Washington, and then I learned that my step-son who has been fighting cancer is losing the battle big time. I know that Montana is in the same boat with his brother. It is so difficult to say good-by in incremental steps over a long period of time...or all at once. Either way, it's just 'way painful.
This year is going to present us with so many sad events. Even though not many people have figured out that the economic and ecological collapse is unavoidable and nothing is going to be the same again, compassion is going to be called for in measures heretofore unheard of.
And, laughter, and irony, and rage, and creativity.... all of which, come to think of it, we have at this campfire in abundance. Thank you, Dear Ones, for valuing this place and do not abandon us and we will not abandon you. We'll just share whatever day to day tales we have and hold each other's hands as we face this godforsaken ruling class inspired shit storm that we find ourselves in.
The Grange Farmers Market and Trading Post starts this Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes.
Oh, yeah, I find myself amused by the fact that they don't seem to be able to find anybody to be in Obama's administration who isn't a fucking tax dodger or corporate scumbag. Maybe they ought to look outside the government - tap the Amish or something. lol

Anonymous said...


Every civilization carries the seeds of its own destruction, and the same cycle shows in them all. The Republic is born, flourishes, decays into plutocracy, and is captured by the shoemaker whom the mercenaries and millionaires make into a king. The people invent their oppressors, and the oppressors serve the function for which they are invented.
- Mark Twain in Eruption

I have been reading the morning paper. I do it every morning--knowing well that I shall find in it the usual depravities and basenesses and hypocrisies and cruelties that make up civilization, and cause me to put in the rest of the day pleading for the damnation of the human race. I cannot seem to get my prayers answered, yet I do not despair.

Blog on soul mates.

Do not piss off the Muses!

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


The 24 May was British Empire day back in the days when Britain had an Empire and was not ashamed about it. The reason I remember this is because my late father shared his birthday with the British Empire and when I was an infant schoolboy, I was told that all the shops and public buildings put their national flags out for my father’s birthday. Being easily influenced and not having a reason not to believe them……… Of course it eventually morphed into Commonwealth day and as we gradually handed the Commonwealth back, it was quietly forgotten about. I fully realise that you probably didn’t want to know this but being the sort of person I am, I thought I would tell you anyway :-)

Ras, I wish you every success with your new venture and really don’t want to come between it but I also don’t want you to make an easily avoided mistake before it has even got going so I think you should at least be aware of the following; then it is up to you:


Every best wish with the venture.

murpph said...

Interesting site. My AVG program does not like that site and advised not to go to it. hmmmmm.

I have read of complaints about pay pal. I've never had a problem with them but don't use them all that much either.

RAS said...

Belgium, regardless of paypal's problems, I have no choice but to accept it. It is *the* primary source for money transfers online and if you are going to sell anything online, you have to accept it or risk losing at least half of anyone who would buy from you. It sucks, but that's the way it is.

My stuff should be up tonight. Part of it, anyway. I've had trouble getting pictures up. I don't have a digital camera so I borrowed one. That was fine, but then my system wouldn't read the memory card so I know I'm trying other avenues of getting them up. (As in: I'm going to go to a friends house, upload them there, burn them onto a disk, and bring them back to upload onto my computer. Complicated much?)

I would like to reiterate how much I care for this campfire, and my willingness to write a post, if anyone would be willing to read it, and someone would suggest a topic. (I could do the food crisis, easy, but we may too much on that lately.)

Anonymous said...

i will be clean? and sober for two BIG YEARS next month!!!!

well that calls for a toast! here's to ya mf... p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


I have never used Pay Pall, all I know is that the ‘anti’ site exists and if there is any validity to it then it is a caveat situation. Jeez Ras, I don’t know but I don’t want you to get hurt for a situation that could have helped prevent. Perhaps one idea might be to keep one bank account just for Pay Pall and another for the business and a third for your personal stuff. Any bank would welcome a new account walking through the door right now so it should not be too difficult to arrange.

The things Survival Acres had to say sent me into a real downer yesterday, I finished up playing Cohen’s more morbid stuff. I couldn’t get “A Thousand Kisses Deep” out of my head. This according to the song is the place you go when you realise you are in complete denial but don’t know what to do about it. I am feeling much improved today so the denial seems to have worked.

Ras, if you are looking for a subject to write on, what about something loosely based on, the value of crafting in small communities. It is just a suggestion that seems topical.

mrs p said...

Murph...I too feel your,"what's the use feelings." Yet...this blog has always offered some insights and alternatives to ponder that almost always inspire in some way...and so I think you and freeacre have already been doing the "now what" and the "what now" and the "what next" all along. If all we got from you here was a weekly or monthly report on whatever...ie how the snow peas are blooming, we'd be happy. I think it's more about just coming here and being here than finding all the answers. I think everyone is feeling like crawling into the closet right about now. Sure would miss you guys and the "trout clan"! "Baby don't go!" Love you, mrsp

JW said...

To each their own ends. I live each day with the knowledge of reality, yet feel powerless to do anything about it. Life has become a trap we can not extricate ourselves from.
But we continue to put shoes on everyday because the alternative is lacking.
Plunge forward, until the air escapes our lungs, or our virtual campfire goes up in smoke.
We must turn to solutions, each other and hope, because the future depends on us, and failure is not a option.

RAS said...

Wow mf, I must have missed that. Congrats!

Belgium, I've used paypal off and on for years (I used to sell things on ebay a lot when you could still make money that way) and have never had a problem. Whether or not I write about anything at all is up to our wonderful blog owners. ;-)

It's going to be 69 here today and tomorrow. While I'm really grateful, especially considering the winter we've had, I mean, it's February!

freeacre said...

Montana, I rejoice that you have been sober for a whole two years! Very GOOD FOR YOU!!! It takes so much fortitude to make that huge of a behavioral change, and I am really proud of you. Thanks also to the bug, for her spiritual inspiration and support. Yea!!

Anonymous said...

Dear brothers and sisters,
this am about 3 my brother whom has been sick for a long painful time with cancer decided to return to wankan tankan and our earth mother, i thank all of you that attend this place of honor for your gracious attitude of caring for those of us that experience great loss.
this brother and i were the last two of our original family and now only this one is left with ashes of the past for company of a time gone forever.

He and i shared fifty some odd years of more adventure, mischievous and frivolous conduct then any human should have a right too. we did it anyway.
to write the full exploits of our time together would fill a huge book so thats that,
he went quietly and in peace
i shall wipe the tears from my eyes a few times i reckon before it finally settles in that he's outta here but thats the way of it for all of us i guess/.
one thing that is really spooky though is this, and this really made the hair on the back of my neck stand straight out.
shortly before hearing from the hospital, (it was sudden from a fall he took the other day) i was standing on the deck looking at the nearly full moon, all was quite except for the howling of coyotes in the distance and suddenly the sound of huge drops of water begin to resound on the little metal table sitting in the yard near the deck, loudly! ok so there was not a cloud in the sky!!!! and no other rain of any sort was happening!! there were about a dozen or so big drops and then stopped.
very freaky, it was then that i knew that he was gone and this was his message to me.
Goodby for now my brother Jaye. i shall see you sooner then later i expect even though i'll miss you in the meantime.

Well wouldn't you know,just down the road apiece last nite about 8 PM my new granddaughter arrived without hassle within the confines of a child's plastic swimming pool at home and is doing great.
Her name is Lilly, i immediately started kidding my son the father, his name is Meko about the fact that he would now have 3 women telling him what,how and when to do everything.
he just shrugged and laughed and said bring it on.!

Sooooo. one spirit arrives, a few hours later a spirit departs, coincidently ? hummmm.
am on the way over shortly to view and take pictures of the new arrival and later on this afternoon travel to Plains to take care of the cremation of my brothers remains, we will have a ceremony next week at Eagles's nest of which i'v mentioned many times and the ashes will be placed on the upside of a culvert of about four feet in diameter and of which only about three years ago this same brother in the dead of winter with much snow took all of his clothes off and jumped into the water and shot through the culvert and out the other side and liked to croaked from hypothermia,
thats kind of what he was all about. try anything/ yes those days are gone.
peace, family
and thank you just for being here.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

mf Our quiet thoughts and prayres and hopes are with you.

Love and peace (it will come soon, The Great Spirit will not abandon you)


RAS said...

MF, I am so sorry about the passing of your brother. May he rest peacefully and be reborn with the lambs in the springtime.

Congratulations on the birth of your new granddaughter! Babies are the greatest of miracles. One light leaves the world and another enters it. The ancient wheel never stops.

I got drunk last night. I really shouldn't have, but I did it anyway. Now I'm hung over this morning but amazingly I feel better. I just do not need to make a habit of this.

Here is some good news: The Amish in Kentucky have been helping out their neighbors who are without power. It goes to show you that we're not all without hearts.

Anonymous said...

"The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

How about at least speaking to what it is you WOULD like to see?

murph said...


Your comments have given me some ideas on direction to pursue. Freeacre has to go to Nevada for a few days next week and we both are going to be a bit busy getting her on the road so a new post will be later in the week from me, unless Freeacre decides to put up a post before she leaves. Right now, I don't have the time and I need to mentally develop some ideas.

I want to thank you all for the support and desire to keep this blog going. I really don't want to end it and when I wrote this posting, I was experiencing a real lack of any inspiration at all.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

This one's for you, Montana.



Anonymous said...

Thank all of you for your kind comments on the recent sadness that came to our family in the form of my brother departing for parts unknown, we knew it was coming but that doesn't mean a thing, does it?
All my love to all of you,a wounded heart does seek solace in friends and family and here are found both in one.

As you circle the Medicine Wheel
which is even more than this life
the past
the tests
the ancestors
the visions
come round and round and round again.
As you circle the Medicine Wheel
Graces adorn you.

Author Unknown


Baz said...

This is my 1st post/comment ever anywhere--except for a BS one just to check to see if comments on me missus' blogsite was working when someone complained she couldn't comment--and was soon deleted afterwards.

Quick note at this junction (amazed how easy it is to be anyone online--I pretended to be a behavioural therapist! before 'fessing up. Probably a lesson there somewhere--I am evil?

She is a weaver incidently and we live a semi-self-sufficient lifestyle--growing beans, salad stuff, alt-energy, hunting wild pigs (me)--she has written all about it on her new blog-site, which she has for the momment run out of things to say.

Reading this post reminded me of her most recent post--To hunt or not to hunt--which she wrote. She wrote all the articles (only about four I think sor far!) and already almost run out of things to say!

She says she'd rather be in the garden than wrestling with her computer which she's only just learned how to use-almost.

I'm the one wrestling with the wild pigs in the photos. Anyways--I feel your pain brothers & sisters, and thought perhaps I could tentatively contribute something--maybe how some other freestylers are doin' it over here in New Zealand--I've eaten freshly killed wild goat straight off the campfire over 30 years ago. I only mention this--not sure really? I'm an authority on campfires? also eels, fish, abalone cooked in the shells.

It's all-inspiring anything alternative to the mainstream brain-washing sychophants lie to themselves about (have to to belong) So--keep the faith, soldier-on. This is what I tell myself everyday with varying degrees of success. 'Life was supposed to be easy', just aint written nowhere man!

PostScript; This comment might appear a bit dated on account I tried to submit it about 14 comments ago, and waited patiently for a couple of days without success, and then realised I had mis-spelt the URL. Dumb-brain attempting new stuff--so I hope this will display.

nuh--that wasn't it either, just shows how wrestling with new technology is still (just bear with me folks) difficult for them which have still yet to acquire those IT skills you-all take for granted? Maybe, this time?