Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seeds of Change


It’s a rainy day, and I am working on several projects at once. For one, I am chronicling my efforts today for this post. But first, a peak at some of the recent news from the web regarding the financial collapse, er, bailout. It would appear that the honeymoon is over for the President’s team of financial wizards, despite the G20 mutual admiration society’s posturing in Europe last week. If you listen hard, you can hear the swine grunting vigorously at the federal trough as they gobble up what is left of the credit extended to our offspring, just as Geithner intended. Just trying to garner the last crumbs into the financial swill to be fed to the uber-rich before they bunker down in their gated communities as the lights go out for the rest of us. Not everyone is amused.

From Mike Whitney on Counterpunch: “…Bernanke's approach to the crisis has been wrongheaded from the get-go. It makes no sense to commit nearly $13 trillion to prop up a grossly oversized financial system while providing less than $900 billion stimulus for the real economy. The whole plan is upside-down. It's consumers, homeowners and workers that create demand (consumer spending is 72 per cent of GDP) and yet, they've been left to twist in the wind while the bulk of the resources has been directed to financial speculators who are responsible for the mess. Middle class families have seen their retirements slashed in half and their home equity vanish, while their jobs become increasingly less secure. The Fed and the Treasury should be focused on debt relief, mortgage cram-downs, jobs programs and open-ended support for state and local governments. Rebuilding the financial infrastructure for extending more credit to people that are already underwater is beyond shortsighted; it’s cruel. The financial system needs to shrink to fit the new reality of a smaller economy.”

From Charles Hugh Smith on Of Two Minds: “Like superstitious cargo-cult believers in remote South Seas islands who hoped to spark a return of the World War II plenty with appeals to stone radios and other talismans, the U.S. citizenry hoping for the return of debt-based, cheap-oil "good times" are doomed to the bitter realization that superstition is no substitute for an appreciation of the extreme fragility of the supply chain--both physical and financial--which feeds our consumerist economy.

Chris Hedges, from Truthdig, writes, “America is devolving into a third-world nation. And if we do not immediately halt our elite’s rapacious looting of the public treasury we will be left with trillions in debts, which can never be repaid, and widespread human misery which we will be helpless to ameliorate. Our anemic democracy will be replaced with a robust national police state. The elite will withdraw into heavily guarded gated communities where they will have access to security, goods and services that cannot be afforded by the rest of us. Tens of millions of people, brutally controlled, will live in perpetual poverty. This is the inevitable result of unchecked corporate capitalism. The stimulus and bailout plans are not about saving us. They are about saving them. We can resist, which means street protests, disruptions of the system and demonstrations, or become serfs.”
The New York Times is talking about a Great Depression. And, everyone has pretty much laid the heist of half the world’s financial assets at the feet of the most prestigious banks and financial institutions on the planet.

Even the San Francisco Chronicle opines that “ The Goal of the Bailouts is to Keep the Elites from Losing,” in a recent headline featured on LATOC.

What?? Mainstream newspaper questioning the fraudster brain trust?? What’s going on? I sense a disturbance in the force. Bernanke and Geithner announce more details of their plan, and everybody reacts as thought they just cut some cheese. The scorn is just beginning and, let’s face it, it couldn’t happen to nicer guys…

Well, we can’t spend too much time imaging the financial criminal class reaping their just rewards because the lights are dimming for the rest of us. In the long run, that’s okay. After all, as was pointed out in “The Day the Earth Stood Still” if the earth is to live, we have to declare the party to be over. But, “living simply so that others may simply live” has not, so far, been a message that the dumbasserie has embraced. Much remains to be done, if we are to survive this holocaust… er, transition. George Ure referred this morning to the electrical grid being invaded by foreign software. Just a reminder that it could all go down anytime. Have you prepared for what you will do when the lights go out? Will you still have heat? Be able to cook? How about water? The public water systems run by pumps, don’t they? The stores, banks, gas stations – all run on electricity to add up the bill, order supplies, pump gas into the trucks that deliver the food. It would all get real quiet, too. And nobody would be telling you what was happening on the television news. No television. Newspapers don’t get written or printed without electricity either. So, what could be causing the outage – somebody tripped the wrong switch? Cyber warfare? Nuclear explosion? Alien invasion? The Second Coming of Christ? Who the hell would know and how would they get the word out?

It’s all grist for the mental mill as I plant my seeds in little plastic cups. I can’t wait any longer. I’m getting them going inside to transplant later out in the garden or the greenhouse. Cold hardy broccoli, lettuces, chard, kale, carrots, onions, garlic, asparagus, artichokes, peas, and beets are already started. Companion plants that enhance their growth or ward off insects are my next project: chamomile, lavender, marigolds, basil, coriander, dill, mint, thyme, and rosemary. Cold sensitive tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and squash will have to stay in the greenhouse or get put in the cold frame.

So much to do… so little time.

Got to check the chicken coop.

How did this get in here? It's a loaf of cheese bread. Thought it would be the hen house. Oh, well...

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And, finally, a picture of Belgium's perfectly beautiful meat pie!


freeacre said...

That's a fine looking pie, Belgium! It's the only picture I could open because it's a JPG, but it is a good start. After all, I can't be the only one to show pictures. It's not, after all, all about me. So, thanks. I'm going to make a pie like that, but with rabbit. One hopes this will inspire a poem by Rockpicker...

psychegram said...

"So, what could be causing the outage – somebody tripped the wrong switch? Cyber warfare? Nuclear explosion? Alien invasion? The Second Coming of Christ? Who the hell would know and how would they get the word out?"

A really excellent point about a very likely scenario. I like to think people would be level-headed enough not to panic but ... nawww.


Very interesting about the companion plants. I hadn't known that (haven't grown anything since I was about 10, and I wasn't exactly in charge of the details then, so....) At any rate now that spring's setting in in earnest it's getting to be time to be doing what you're doing. Isn't it?

word verification: ectivagy. Just let your mind chew (hehe) on those latinate syllables for a while, in the context of this post....

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

It is not only in childrens’ cartoons that dogs bite postmen; it happens in real life too. Statistically, postmen (and ladies) get bitten by dogs more than any other class or group of people. It all seems a bit of a mystery, why should this be so. Well it is not such a mystery when you start to think about the situation from the dog’s point of view. The dog thinks “My job is to be here to guard the house”, so on the days the postman comes to deliver the letters, the dog recognises the postman’s foot fall, barks; the postman delivers the letters and goes away. The dog thinks “Ha, that scared him off, I have done my job”. The problem comes when the postman needs to deliver something that won’t go through the letterbox or needs to have a paper signed and then he needs to step into the house. The dog thinks “I barked and he wasn’t scared away, what happened? I will have to escalate the situation” and so he bites the postman. Where this is going is that we should recognise that the ‘bale out’ money was never intended to benefit we the people. It was given to prop up the failing banking system, which in turn means it was for the benefit of those who control the banking system. So when Mike Whitney et al complain about the upside down economy they should recognise that the financial elite can no more represent the peoples interests than dogs can represent postmen’s interests. It’s just not in their nature.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

As to the possibility of the grid going down, I just don’t know. For a nation that is exploring the far reaches of the solar system with probes and the far reaches of the universe with the Hubble Telescope, the grid is reported to be archaic and just about functional. It sure would be a way of tripping nationwide panic. Is this what is planned? In the insurrections which have occurred throughout the world, one of the first battles is for the TV Stations to reassure people and prevent panic. In the few SF films I have seen on the subject, subliminal messages are flashed during the rolling news programs, like:



And as was said, TV does need electricity.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, this totally off the wall but this morning a rage came over me that just had to be spent, i put the same message over at stoney's house with something that might be of value and it goes like this.

Hey brother,
been awhile since i got around for a visit and really don't have much to say about your post cause i just don't have the knowledge of big gluttonous mental cancer ridden cocksuckers that take advantage of people that just want to take care of their own and try to find a little happiness in a society that frowns on happiness as a way of life and tries to and succeeds in making it what it is. NASTY!
Personally for this one i am not to much concerned about the collapse of civilization because what's to lose?

The fervor of us as cockroaches on a treadmill ain't all that much fun as near as i can tell, so in as much as there will be massive groaning about living in a tent, well, what wrong with that, some of our people lived in teepee's as have i and it was the sweetest dwelling i have EVER lived in.
the state of todays gross and obscene life style (for the most part) comes at the expense of a continual and ongoing rape of our tortured earth mother and boy when the earth shake comes i for one will jump up and down for joy.
People are pretty much a scourge in the evolution ladder at this point as any thinking person would agree if thinking were allowed in our upbringing.
Which it ain't!
how the few that get it, get it is just another one of those great mysteries, at least for this one.
i think that some are just born as being dissatisfied from the beginning, and this would be a mutational jump because it means that the act of consideration is implied in that birth, right?

now this is a whole new ball game, and the mutant would look around and say
''what the fuck is going on'' and immediately start to stop and start doing the things that would bring harmony and peace to himorherself and to our mother earth of which without we would not even exist..!!!

Golly do ya suppose that is just way to complicated for the average joe or jane of which revealed cleavage is at the top of the list of things to contemplate?

My brother, we are in deep dodo, and that sick fuck OBAMA is just another little smoother to get the sheep all up and teary eyed because even though he's a black fuck he wears a white dick.
and thats no hay.
the dirty little bastard is a fucking lawyer, !!! is not that a clue??
AND if we cruise over to mr google and type in '' THE OBAMA DECEPTION'' there is a little ole movie that explains it much better then this one.

so on that note i go, but before that i just want to say how much i appreciate your taking the interest and time to post what needs to be posted on this place of sacred council.
montana freeman

7:36 AM

Anonymous said...

Project Camelot is carrying an odd little story about the grid going down, not due to cyberspies, but because of some coming cosmic event.


murph said...

Psychegram ,

Panic, hmmm. May have some survival value under extreme conditions. Sort of like 'fight or flight' responses. If the immediate threat is survived, then some thinking will kick in.

Companion planting. Got a couple of books on the subject. An example, potatoes don't like to be growing next to much of anything else, according to the books. Some kinds of garden plants will actually kill or be killed by certain other kinds of plants next to them. Some kinds of plants compliment the growth of others. It is an interesting concept and going to institute it in this years garden.

murph said...


Oh yes, I don't recognize your handle. Welcome to the campfire.

murph said...


Good rant my man. Ever notice the differences in how all of us express our frustration and anger? Pretty unique ways of doing so.

I am operating on the assumption that Obama really doesn't have much of a choice in what he is doing. I think he should be doing different, but the PTB wouldn't allow it if he was inclined to do so. There is also the possibility that when this shit doesn't work he will say, ok boys, it's time to do it my way. Who the hell knows what is really going on? None of us are part of that crowd, we are not in the club, and they sure as hell aren't going to tell us what their real agenda is. Never have, never will. All we can do is surmise the agenda by the actions taken. None of which do I approve of, but then I'm just a cranky old fuck and who the hell in power cares what I or the handful of marginalized malcontents think of all this. Maybe our day will come.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm.... pie.....

And my little indoor greenhouse looks just like your seedling counter, fa. I still have to figure out what plants go with what and what plants help ward off pest 'n stuff. I have a book or two but haven't delved into them as of yet. Gotta get to it!

I think it's been more than a decade since I've had cable and since then I've been a avid viewer of PBS's broadcasting of "Nova", "Nature", "Wild" and other shows on our natural world. Last night's "Nova" was on the Beluga whales and how humans are screwing-up their habitat. A couple of weeks earlier, it was about humans destroying the habitat of_________. A story I saw the other day was of hundreds of whales and dolphins beaching themselves due to the fucking Navy sonar-pinging their brains into jelly.

So... I think I've come to the conclusion that humans suck. And the sooner this collapse kicks our homo-erectus ass, the sooner the world will breathe a sigh of relief.


Palooka's Revenge said...

rp... very interesting. emp's in the right circumstances could definitly do it. seems they can form in an infinite number of ways from an infinite number of cosmic sources and forms.

various potential cosmic events is a story i first encountered over 10 years ago when i started looking into cycles. you had to dig pretty deep to find such prognostication with any credibility behind it, any science behind it, and evidence in the geologic, archiologic, etc records. there were a handful courageous folk doing some incredible research in the background. at the same time the whole thing was justifiably suspicious as every whaco and nut job motivated by crazed ideological interpretations and fanatical end-timer belief systems had some version of it hooked into their story and would use it to peddle their wares. and we know damn well that many stories are cooked and planted intentionally to divert attention or get it and move mass sentiments in a particular direction.

though nowadays a lot of it is still considered pseudoscience at best by many the chatter is getting very close to going ballistic and one of these days will begin to populate MSM on a regular basis. expecially the closer to 2012 we get.

and its becomming more apparent that many classical scientists and engineers have been aware of our vulnerabilites to uncontrolable and un/mis-understood forces all along. ie nasa. that too will begin to see more of the light of day as the "secrets revealed" dynamic becomes more an every day thing fueled by the clamp-down from above loosing its grip of control. the more this loosens up and what have been the minions of the power-broakers begin to compare notes, the more will be revealed. it will likely become something akin to the proverbial snowball rolling down hill.

question is, what of it will be credible and what of it will be the stuff of red herring and other various and assorted dis-info and or propaganda designed to get specific reactions from the masses. this latest thing on pc could be no more than that. and then again...? ... p

freeacre said...

A thumbnail sketch of what to plant with what goes like this:

-marigolds around asparagus
-rosemary with beans
-chamomile with beets
-mint, chamomile, or thyme with kale, turnips
-carrots with sage, chives, dill, coriander, and leeks
-lettuces with marigold, carrots, onions, beets, wood ash
-peas with petunias
-potatoes with nothing but horse radish (NO garlic or rosemary)
-tomatoes with basil, mint, parsley
-cucumbers like beans
-bell peppers with tarragon
-ants hate bone meal
-dill keeps away cabbage moths
-DO NOT plant garlic near peas, beans, cabbage or strawberries
-to repel caterpillars, spray with garlic and pepper tea.

That ought to keep you busy for awhile...


Anonymous said...

Definitely! Thanks mucho, fa!!!


RAS said...

Here's another companion planting tip: marigolds, particularly french marigolds, planted near nightshades (tomatoes especially) and roses help keep away nematodes. They don't like the smell.

I have an odd feeling of rage this morning. Everything is falling apart (which is a good thing in a lot of ways) but at the same time in other ways its not.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


I used to be undecided too but now I am not so sure;-)

freeacre said...

ras, hang in there, Kid. Selling your home and all the details of moving, etc. is about the most stressful thing next to death. Combined with the financial and political and resource depletion, etc. you can expect rage and all sorts of stuff. We sympathize.

murph said...


We have covered before on this blog, and talked about the Codex Alimentarius. If you have not seen this information before, take a look

When and if this codex is adapted as recommended by the U.N. the ONLY way a person will be assured that the food they eat is not heavily adulterated with toxic substances is if they produce it themselves.

This should be of concern.

Anonymous said...


You are right this should be of concern .... trouble is for most it is and will not be and that is the sad part.

Still the NWO agents know that the planet population needs to be reduced and this is possibly just one of the many ways that it will be executed.


freeacre said...

This doesn't have anything to do with the topic, but we just watched the movie, "Milk." I guess I'm always late on these things because I wait for most of them until they are released on Netflix, but WOW. That was one powerful film. Sean Penn's performance was just amazing. Do yourself a favor and see this film. It gives me hope that a small group of people really can make a difference. Nice to be reminded of "the good old days" as well.

Ras said...

I saw Milk a few weeks ago and you're right, fa. It is just amazing. Especially Sean Penn.

freeacre said...

Just to let you know, my step-son, Greg, died peacefully in his sleep last night in his home. He had been dealing with multiple procedures, surgeries, interventions of all sorts since he was 13 years old due to a hideous form of cancer. He would have been 44 next month. So, he suffered way long enough - as did his family. Thank the Mother it is over.

Palooka's Revenge said...

oh my fa, i'm sorry for your loss. that death has to be the way freedom comes is bittersweet to say the least... at least in my mind. i can rejoice and give thx that the suffering is over for a brother or another but there's something about the deal that just pisses me off! i cannot justify that life was meant to be treated so harshly and a vehicle for so much pain and suffering...p

RAS said...

I am so sorry for your loss fa. We are all with the two of you in spirit as you go through this tough time. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. At least he is no longer suffering.

"All life comes from my womb/All life returns to my tomb"

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Freeacre, I second what p & Ras have said. Eloquence leaves me on those times I have to give words of condolence. I am sure you know that our thoughts are with you. I am sure Greg is now in peace and although it has become a cliché it is also a truism that time is a great healer. Even though there were many years of suffering there must be lots of memories of the good times you shared. These are the important things to focus on now.

freeacre said...

Thanks, Dear Ones. I know that you are with us. If you want to do something, refuse to give a frigging dime to the American Cancer Society. Refuse to fall for the lie that they are looking for a "cure" for cancer. Cancer, as well as the illusive "cure" is the most lucrative disease of all time. If they gave a rat's ass, they'd be yelling at the top of their lungs to STOP PUTTING KNOWN CARCINOGENS IN OUR AIR AND FOOD AND LAND AND WATER. End the corporate state that subsidizes and protects the cancer profiteers. Am I pissed off? Oh, yeah....

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Yeah Fa, The industry is too big worldwide for the golden Goose to be killed off by the simple expedient of a cure. What beats me is how so many dedicated people can investigate something for so long and not even come close. Or to put it another way, how many times can you dream up plausible lines of inquiry which are destined for the bollox bin at their inception. Monkeys, typewriters and the works of Shakespeare come to mind here. What is so disgusting is the continued cynical ray of hope which is offered up to those who are close to the patient. I am so sorry it was one of yours who got caught up in all of this slight of hand.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I decided to follow up a news item on Belgium TV station VTM and according to the Huffington Post it is true that President Obama wants to bring freedom to Cuba.

It would seem that since invasion didn’t work the US in now trying to overcome the Cubans with niceness. To realise how this would play out, Cubans should look no further than their own history, in particular the many twists and turns of the Platt Amendment and its aftermath.

The Eastern Bloc behaved itself no better. Following Che’s Algiers speech, the then USSR had the opportunity to embrace Cuba but instead decided to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. But when they eventually decided they needed Cuba as a base for their own Missile Defence Shield, Fidel decided to establish the nature of their relationship by leaving Khrushchev standing with his finger up his poop for an hour on a Havana pavement. Would Raul have the resolve to do the same to Obama?

Not everything is hunky dory in Cuba, as in many other parts of the world but this is not the Cuban’s fault. Against isolationism from many other countries, Cuba has some remarkable achievements including virtual self sufficiency in energy and a clinic within walking distance of every Cuban citizen. After this monumental effort, do Cubans really want to trade this for a return to the Batista days and be run by Mafiosi out of Miami? How long would it take the Cubans to learn to spell RICO?

freeacre said...

I think it would be great if Americans began going to Cuba for health care and medical school. They also have localized, organic food production. I think they will know better than to go back to the casino days. Hope so, anyway.

billherbst said...


Just wanted to check in, since all my emails to you and Pat are coming back to me labeled "undeliverable." I have no idea why, of course. Mailer-daemon says "too long in the queue, giving up."

I'm still kickin'. Chronic post-stroke nerve pain is worse than last year, but I'm coping.

Sorry our communication via email has been disrupted.


Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I was re reading the comments since there is not much activity lately and in the last comment from me about Cuba I seem to have traded brevity for obscurity. There is no reason why many of you should be up to speed on the Platt Amendment. Essentially this is an insidious treaty between the USA and Cuba which formally recognises the establishment of the Guantanamo Bay naval base. In one sentence it was the price Cuba had to pay America for getting rid of the Spanish. Originally there were to have been four bases but the plans for two were a abandoned as a matter of expedience and the third at Baha de Honda was traded for increasing the borders of Guantanamo. Curiously, Cuba still retains sovereignty over Guantanamo but permanently leases the land to the USA. The reason the Platt Amendment is insidious is because it was not agreed out front. The Americans presented the Cubans with a Fait Accompli and said “We have got rid of the Spanish” and then they gradually let their conditions for doing so seep into the Cuban consciousness. It is a bit like modern day health care. Someone who is seriously ill will give anything to get better but it is only when they are recovered they realise the price they are going to have to pay. Here is an article giving the full history, for those who are interested, even going back to the days of John Quincy Adams who described Cuba as a “Ripe fruit ready to fall” and continuing to the present day.

I think I would have been inclined to break off diplomatic relations with the US and ask the Spanish to throw the American’s out. At least the Cubans knew where they stood with the Spanish. But there again, why should the representatives of America speaking with forked tongues surprise anyone, it seems to be what they do.

freeacre said...

Our poultry never cease to amaze me. This morning Murph left early to go to a neighbor's and help out with a big project splitting firewood before the neighbor's scheduled surgery. So, I went out and fed the rabbits and collected eggs and such. Then I made a big pan or cornbread and a batch of my father's "Depression Kidney Bean soup" to feed the helpers. When I was done, I left to bring the stuff over. Anyway, the point is that when I returned, our dog as well as ALL TEN CHICKENS were all laying down with each other by the gate waiting for my return. That is really unusual. Normally, you can't get them all in one place unless it starts to get dark and they want to go to bed. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Freeacre, having just lost my brother a few weeks ago to cancer of most of his body i really don't know what to say that will have any meaning except that thank god its over and the suffering is gone from them.
Its been a while since i've checked in so did not know of your loss even though i knew of the illness.

You know what,? after his adios from this rat infested planet of two=leggeds friends and people that knew him would come up to me and council me for my loss and i didn't really have the urge to say that i felt nothing at all for his passing, nothing, this is a man that i spent about 50 years with getting ourselfs in more deep shit then any normal ten people on earth could possibly get into in several life times. i wondered why i never felt and still do not feel that he is gone! i mean he was such a part of my earthy existence to the point that i am him and he is me.
don't know if this can make sense or not but he is still alive!! in me!

i think of him often, every day something will happen that makes me say something as if he were standing right beside me and i know that this will always be so, if i'm cutting a board i'll say what do you think jaye like hold the end of this board for me would you and stuff like that.
probably sounds weird but thats the way it is, and i like it.
the love between us was and is an unbreakable bond that transcends the bodies fragile grip on this earthly plane i can tell ya that for sure.

it does set me to wondering about the next place thats and sometimes i can hear him laugh just as i am about to do something really stupid as i go about constructing some project or other, cause that was one of the things that he was really good at, keeping my ass out of deep dodo.

so i swim with you miss freeacre, we are all in the same pond anyway and the next trip around will probably have us riding dolphins somewhere together/
in peace and sweet remembrance

freeacre said...

I know, Montana. Our connections do transcend time and place, life and death. I am in Carson City right now for Greg's memorial service. Went through lots of country around here taking "short cuts" that changed my travel time from 8 to 11 hours... beautiful though.

Anonymous said...

White Lines Over the Ruby

Since oxygen and hydrogen combine
when kerosene is incompletely burned
at thirty thousand feet in crystal air
to form a gaseous water we can't see,
but know it's there because it changes
state, cooling in the rarefied minus seventy degree
Montana sky to first, (briefly,) liquid, and then to ice,

fine particles, yes, but solid enough
to refract a wan sun. " Contrail,"
we say, looking up over garden walls,
over the ridgelines of neighboring houses.
We follow the silver bird, and its vapor,
across the sky, the two small enough
to hide behind raised fists

because ice reflecting sunlight
takes on heat and changes back
to states we only dream. So what gives
with these spreading trails in tick-tack- toe?
Is it rocket science I'm not allowed to know?
White skies replace our deep blue days.
Shouldn't we expect a little say?


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