Tuesday, April 21, 2009


from Murph

GOOOOOD MOOOORNING AMEEERICA!! How ya all doin’ this morning? Stocks doing well? Taking out another mortgage today to pay for another car? Oh yeh, for those old farts, how’s the retirement funds doing? Just fine you say? Well that’s just great. Hope it stays that way.

Obviously the economy is recovering due to the efforts of our beloved leaders, or at least so they say. Of course, I expect the tax structure to increase drastically down the road to pay the $100,000 + debt the financial system has imposed on each and every person in this country. But what the heck, win a little, lose a little in the great crap game called the American nonnegotiable way of life. After all, we have absolutely nothing to apologize for, do we? Again, according to our beloved leaders. Well, 4 months into a new leadership and things are really changing course, and the effects will just take a bit more time to show up down here at the bottom of the financial ladder. So hang in there folks, it is all going to get better by this fall, or at least early into next year, or maybe into 2012.

Ok, enough of that.

On the home front, dig the pics of the chem. Trails from a few days ago over us. Such interesting cloud patterns. If I had a longer attention span, I could stare at them for hours, seeing the profile of Buddha or Jesus in them I guess.

Here is a pic of Pam’s recent skillet corn bread to help feed the hungry multitudes that showed up to help out a neighbor.

This month, got a few projects done. Here is the conversion of an old upright freezer and some salvage windows made into a cold frame plant starter. Need to do some repositioning in relation to the sun light. Sure wish I could round up 6 more of them. Would bury a couple and start worm farming too.

I got another rabbit hutch built, and we have a new litter of bunnies.

The greenhouse is starting off well. Lots of new plants to put out as soon as we think there will be no more hard frosts. Probably by the middle of next week.

I was going to put this military tent multiple fuel and wood burner in the greenhouse but have put off till fall. It is getting warm enough that the greenhouse shouldn’t have to have any more supplementary heat till then. Plus, the vent pipe is 4 in. diameter. Almost no steel 4 in. smoke pipe available and what I did find is prohibitively expensive, so going to have to make the conversion to 6 in.

Between those projects and trying to get some more firewood things have been a bit hectic as of late. Freeacre is in Nevada for her son’s funeral and memorial service, and I feel like I am ass deep in gators trying to stay ahead of everything till she gets back, hopefully by the end of the week.

Have a good productive end of the week. I think it’s time to take a nap.


freeacre said...

It's nice to see a new post up, My Dear! I am still communicatively challenged here in Carson City, despite being surrounded by multiple computers, etc. I can't seem to access or use Micah's e-mail, because I don't know his passwords, etc. And, I can't use the temporary cell phone that I bought here a couple of years ago, because for some reason it doesn't pick up a signal. And, I can't use their land line phone because it doesn't have "long distance." And, I can't use Micah's phone because he is unavailable for a variety of reasons. So, there it is. All these innovations, and I'm stuck not being able to call you or anything. So, I am commenting on the blog. Maybe it would be better if you call here.
Meanwhile, I am doing well and I think the service tonight will be very lovely and moving. Hope all is well with everyone.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should sit quiet
under bee-loud trees
and pick up on each other's
vibes. Death frees us,
sons or mothers, so we be,
to evolve, in amnesty
from requirements of the flesh.

Let the scent of pastries glaze
our mourning air. Let this year's
cotelydons curl under miracles
of awaited green. I will sit
buzzing with my bees,
under an, as yet, unleafed elm,
swelling with a burdened sister's
hurt, and bouyed by a brother's
sight, (to loss, inert.) Among
our cold frames, compost, cakes
and starts we are all right.

We're as right as fertile dirt.


stoney13 said...


When I lost my mother to bone cancer, I learned death is nothing to fear. Sometimes, it's the greatest blessing of all.

Your stepson is beyond the reach of any pain. Nothing can hurt him now. His soul is at peace. He made it to the other side clear.

I grieve with you for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sorry about your son, fa.


freeacre said...

Thank you, one and all, for your kind thoughts. It was a healing experience to attend my step-son's memorial service in the home of a friend. So many testimonials and memories of co-workers and friends to whom he was a very special influence. Nice to hear - swelled my heart. I do believe he earned himself an easier trip next time around. I do feel "as right as fertile dirt." Thank you, Rockpicker, for your poem.
While in the area, I am catching up with friends that I have not seen in years and attempting to place my book in some local stores. I should be home this weekend. But, I still check in at the campfire daily.
Stoney, I am worried about you. Are the wild fires in the news close to your home?

RAS said...

FA, I am so sorry about your loss. Words are not adequate at times like these. While it is a good thing that he is not in pain, it is a bad thing that he had to die to acheive release.

My house passed the home inspection. Now it just needs to pass the termite inspection. Things are picking up around here.

RAS said...

Hey everyone, I just want to make sure everybody has heard of the swine flu. No one knows yet if this will turn into a pandemic (or even an epidemic) but precautions might be in order.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Hi guys, just checking in. I have been really sick for a week but I am tons better now. I had a mild bronchitis but the real problem was a gut virus which laid me low and for best part of a week I just moved between the bed and the sofa then back to bed etc. Vicky got me into a state where I could at least make it to the doctor. The non house visits were just unresolved confusion. Anyway, things are looking up now.


Most of us have suffered some personal loss. I lost my parents years ago. Dad died at 60 with kidney failure, Mum made it to 92, a respectable score when she just stopped living. What makes your situation different to mine or mf’s or many others is that nature designed things so that children are supposed to survive their parents. When it happens the other way around it is especially poignant. I am so sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Well it seems as if spring is finally shaping up here in the Montana wilderness,but if its thrills ya want,, well we've yet to experience our first drive by shooting or rape or any of that city slicker stuff, however i saw a bumper sticker on the back of a pickup truck that had a huge set of horns mounted to the hood and a bumper sticker on the back that said Montana foreplay, ''get in the truck'' .
Course the driver was probably a sheepherder. hummm.

Hope those that read my advice towards the end of March about getting their marijuana seeds planted by the end of the month, mine are up and doing nicely and will be ready in three weeks to determine sex, raunchiest male with all the attributes of a three peckered goat in mating season will be the proud daddy of next years Montana super stone, uh, i ''mean legal medicinal pain reliever'',complements of the good folks here in the land of the mostly free, (it seems that 38% of Montanans couldn't tell time if they had an armful of watches and a college degree. Course those cuties came from somewhere else and brought their need for anal salve and Bush with um.
o well, our 62% said have at it stoners, they are the same ones that say fuck the feds and just try to take my guns cocksuckers, not much love lost between us and the feds as you might well perceive,
Ran into an old friend of mine at the post office yesterday and we talked about the mandatory class we took a few days ago to obtain a concealed weapon permit and he being a typical mind your own fucking business type of guy informed me that there was good money in being a body guard for some of the unluckies that end up with to much money and need someone around to watch our for their ill gotten gains, and we discussed the danger in this endeavor, well it seems that there isn't much and that the pay is enough to offset the relatively rare blood leaker syndrome.
i am pondering this for some strange reason, i mean why would this be somewhat of a stupid assed idea to actually partake of.?
Death wish? fuck that really sounds crazy, o well.
Ok, its something i haven't done yet and maybe its a balance for being called a tree-hugger wonce to many times;
hell who knows?

if i stop giving up all my truly wonderful thought provoking comments you all will know why,
o, my new allies? have renamed them, (the male, el cucaracho and the female lap dancer, no its not what you think, i haven't been in Montana that long., she just can't set still when she crawls up on your lap and tries to make her self comfortable, hence ''bailarin del revestimiento'', lap dancer! so there all you snickerers.
They are Mexican Chihuahuas after all.

Holy crap the day before yesterday it snowed a couple of inches and everything was covered with white, that evening the whole place was green again, fantastic! Damn i love this place.

The consensus of opinion around the village of late is that the new cop out to make his mark has indeed made a mark and that he should be tarred and feathered, i of course have joined in with the overwhelming majority and declared my self in the running for mayor and my very first act would be to get rid of the rotten son of a bitch!
i am sure to get elected on that promise alone.
let me see now, where does one take corruption lessons anyway?
i could also promise to swindle the village only on really miner items.

Well fellow travelers,
its sunday and the vibes are really good, the day is slow and peaceful, and sleepy with lack of activity, the mutant bats are the only thing moving and they most always are either sleeping or play snapping at each other.

So happy sunday and may peace and prosperity be to your liking this beautiful day.

mf,new allies, and of course as always my dear spiritual guide langosta who almost always tells me when i'm making a nuisance of myself., almost;

Anonymous said...

We truly love you freeacre.

Anonymous said...

Neat little story told around the campfire of long ago..


Long, long ago, when the two-leggeds first rose up from the Earth, they were stricken with awe by the beauty of the Creation that gave birth to them. Everywhere they went, they looked at, smelled, touched, and listened to all that surrounded them; the trees, plants, insects, birds and animals with which they shared their home on this Earth. To travel only a short distance often took much time, for there was so much beauty to be experienced between here and there. It was in this time that the two-leggeds mapped the travel of the stars in the heavens, listened to the spirits of animals and learned the medicines of the plants that grew upon the Earth.

And for ages, harmony existed betwixt humankind and Nature.

But as time passed, the two-leggeds became ever more involved with their own deeds and thoughts, and less did they delve into field and forest to learn from their Elders, the plants and animals that dwelt there. Now, when they would walk from this place to that, they would without notice tread upon the delicate flowers and small creatures that once they marvelled at. They would hunt and kill without offering thanks or expressing their gratitude, and they seemed to see the Earth only as theirs to be used for shortsighted ends.

So it was that the plants that grew upon the Earth called council with the Creator, deep in the Center of the Earth where all roots meet. And they asked the Creator what should be done about the youngest of the Earth's children, who now walked without respect upon the Earth's belly, who took of them without asking and without listening, and who now seemed to think nothing of their place upon the Earth. The Creator said to the plants that in the morning they would know of the descision to be made.

That next morning, as the sun rose it shone upon a new plant that grew among the others. Distinct it was with three jagged leaves, white flowers and berries, and like Ivy it climbed up trees, stood on its own and covered the forest floor. Surely believed the plants, the two-leggeds would see this new plant and wish to learn of its medicine.

But, alas, the Creator's children saw it not, even as it spread before them throughout the forest. They walked upon it, tore it away from the logs they wished to burn, and pulled it from their gardens without seeing it as new.

... and then, they began to itch, and a reddening rash, like the flush of anger, spread over their bodies. Only then did the two leggeds see this new plant; only then did they learn of its medicine. But time and again, they would fall into their own minds and again forget, until again they were aflicted with this new "medicine".

Some, though, did become aware, regained their respect and wonder. They learned that this plant, this poison Ivy, had come to them to call them back to attention, back into their bodies, back to the present moment to see what lay before them, and to watch closely where and how they walked upon the Earth.

So it was that Poison Ivy came into the world.

pretty nice story
ps great poem Rockpicker

freeacre said...

Well, let's review preparations for a potential epidemic. 1)Stock up on supplies in case you need to avoid people for a few weeks 2) When you are in the grocery store, use those anti-bacterial wipes to clean the part of the cart that you hold on to as well as your hands. 3) Go to the hardware store and purchase some good masks. To boost the immune system: vitamins C & D, zinc, colloidal silver, garlic, food with anti-oxidants, like broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and fruits like blueberries, oranges, pomegranates, etc. Cut down on the sugar. This may be a bunch of hoo ha, but we just don't know yet. The findings that the virus is a combination of swine, bird, and other human flu is disturbing to me. Sounds like it could be a weaponized virus, but how the hell do I know? I don't. People do seem to be able to get over it, though, so hold that thought if you get it.
I love you all. Be well.

freeacre said...

Gee, Belgium, I'm glad that you are feeling better now. So.... can we say this flu thing started with you then? lol

freeacre said...

I don't know if you guys have checked out After Armageddon lately, but he's got some really thoughtful posts up. Kinda nice to hear others that have one foot in the present and the other in the imagined future. It's hard sometimes.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Well gee, doesn’t it feel good to be a prime mover in something. I am not going to describe the symptoms on the internet but let’s just say that the bronchitis I could deal with but the gut flu wasn’t very nice.