Wednesday, May 13, 2009


From Murph

I keep reading new stuff nearly every day concerning the government entities at nearly every level, but concentrated at the federal level, proposing what sure appears to me to be insane legislation. In our state alone, this year, there have been introductions into the state legislature of over 150 new taxes, including one specifically aimed at taxing bird seed. Just lately, the feds have introduced legislative action to take ownership of ALL surface water in the U.S. There are parts of the country where the states have installed water meters on private single family water wells, and collecting fees for usage. Some states and regions do not allow the collection of rain water for garden use. Did you read about the guy arrested by the state pigs for having a bumper sticker with the old “Don’t Tread On Me” rattlesnake. The no fly list just keeps on expanding, (seems like I’m on that one), the wanton display of raw power by the cop’s indiscriminant use of tazars. Or how about the naked power grab for absolute control of the food supply. And then there is the good old standby, gun control. God almighty!! The list grows daily.

Some of this stuff happening at governmental levels is so outrageous that it is hard to believe it is happening or being proposed. No sense in getting into denial on this. The problem for me is to try and speculate/understand why they would be doing it.

So, putting on my specially designed custom fitted foil hat to shield my brain from the mind control rays emanating from the eastern side of the country, I commence to thinking, which may get me into all kinds of unforeseen difficulties. I just can’t help myself.

Seems to me there are several reasons for these insane pieces of legislation;

1. The power hungry assholes figure that if they just take a piece at a time, the population won’t rebel. After all, this is what has been going on for a very long time now. If you ease into control with lots of fear and justification given, people tend to swallow most any restrictions on their lives.
2. The power hungry assholes figure that there isn’t a damned thing the population will do about any insane power grab because they are too stupid, too ignorant, to lazy, too scared, too insecure, or any combination of these.
3. The power hungry assholes figure that they have all the big guns and hi tech control shit that even if we poked our heads up above the ground and objected that they can suppress this uprising with ease.
4. AND HERE IS THE KICKER. They are doing this crap because they are purposely goading us in active rebellion. Then they will have the immediate excuse to incarcerate, kill and intimidate with a vengeance.

I suspect the first three are a pretty common elitist position, but the fourth is something else. It is hard to imagine wanting to provoke 350 million people into active rebellion. It would be a very dangerous proposition in my opinion. If dealt with successfully, it would speed up by generations the complete take over of the world, or at least this country, by a handful of elites. If unsuccessful, the commoners would be dining on the carcasses of a bunch of fat-ass elites in quick order.

The reason I propose #4 is because I suspect that the elites see a potential for control being taken away if they don’t do something fairly drastic pretty soon. It is a form of poker bet where the mortgage, diamond ring, the car and slavery of the wife are now in the pot and it is time to show all the cards. Win it all, or lose it all.

This wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a bit about who compromises the elites. I am using the term to group the relatively small amount of people that have enough money and power to force events to their liking. At a local level, the amount of money involved is quite small. At the international level, it is huge. So there are going to be these small groups of elites at every level of society, and as one investigates upward from the local level, it is seen that the power structure and the wealth involved increases dramatically. It also becomes a question of just how tight an organization the elites subscribe to. It appears to me that at each level, the groups are very tightly knit. So, who is at the very top of these elitist groups and what is their nature? We can read and speculate about that, but out of necessity, these groups are/have been very secretive. The internet abounds with information about the top of the pile being the Illuminati, and all the layers beneath this are elite minions in service to the very top. I still wonder if there is indeed the ability of the supposed 13 families to control that many layers of power. Rockpicker put up a link in the last post that insists that they can and do control it all. That article postulates that the Illuminati are at the final position and are now proceeding to depopulate the world by 80% and that would leave about 1 billion population world wide, and intend to own the complete world. Personally, I am unable to fathom why that would be desirable. One billion people are not going to be able to sustain a high technology society, it simply depends on way too much division of labor, in my opinion, that cannot be sustained with that few people scattered around the world. So I am left scratching my head over that one. If this is true, than the Illuminati must be figuring on going back to pre industrial and pre hi tech living. I find that hard to believe. Maybe they have dreams of being feudal kings in stone castles again?

That article at; does point out something I do really agree with. If we don’t want what is happening to proceed, what needs to take place is a mass movement of non compliance world wide. I don’t really expect to see that happen, but I dream too of a better world. It is interesting that the article also asserts that there is no world wide population problem. How they justify this assertion I find childish and unthinking. They break it down into a simple calculation of land mass to population acreage. Way too simplistic. Gives me pause to giving any validity to the article at all with that kind of nonsense. .

We all know that the class warfare in this country has been intensifying to almost unbearable tensions. We very well might be coming to an important crossroads on the question of distribution of wealth and the winner takes all situation. It is possible that there is a general awakening going on and the elites are concerned about losing some or all of the pie, and we know that they aren’t going to give in to this gracefully. In their view, they are very close to absolute control, and it is time now to go for the brass ring. It is now time to goad the general population into active rebellion and the use of overwhelming force to squash it for the final battle. Not a bad tactic if the strategy is well thought out. However, logistics are going to be a problem for them. If the elites can control the larger population centers, they have to deal with the very large land mass and the demographic dispersion of snarling, angry, well armed groups running guerilla operations against their military and police. Unless they are willing to do the mass murder/mass incarceration, salting of the earth trip, they could lose it all, including their precious fat asses.

Of course, the goading of the population into active rebellion might not work and they just continue to take piece meal everything that is left to loot while the population grovels at their feet, thanking them for every little scrap they throw out, which with a few notable exceptions, is exactly what history indicates has been going on for 5000 years. Will the American public in particular do it any different? The jury is still out in deliberation. Personally, I would hope we have the balls to stand up and win this class war once and for all. For that to happen, we would have to have some kind of mass understanding concerning just what the elites have been doing to us for those 5000 years and be willing to draw the line in the sand and mean it. A bluff isn’t going to win anything in this struggle. Perhaps that is what the mass consciousness change is really about, a desire for freedom from oppression and some form of an egalitarian society without elitist control.

I am of the opinion that the elitist class is in either denial or know something we don’t know concerning all of the supposed calamitous situations coming at us. I’m opting for denial. I think that they see resources, all of them, as their personal property and even with a drastically reduced world wide population and declining resources, there will be enough left for them to retain control and privilege. Climate change? What do you think they have all those underground cities are for? Pandemics? Again, those underground cities for isolation until it runs out. I truly believe that they see themselves, as a class, as invulnerable to any of this stuff or, they have an escape plan we don’t know about. Lots of SF stories around that theme. There will be individual casualties of course, but survival of the fittest and best prepared you know. The elitist class really do consider the rest of the population as ignorant useless eaters, fit only to serve their wishes and desires with the cost of just enough rewards to keep the subservient operational and relatively satisfied.

On a much smaller scale, we have the same situation where we are living. I have periodically written about our fight with the county elites for over two years now. Their attitude mirrors the elites that control almost everything, that is; we are too ignorant, stupid and unmotivated to resist. Well, a small group started by some pissed off women showed that there can be resistance and with some success.



Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Moving from the richest nation in the World to one of the poorest, the elites tried this trick of taxing the rain water in Bolivia and what they got was Rumsfield’s Bechtel amongst others thrown out of the country and Eve Moreles. The difference, in case you have not already seen it, is that the Bolivians had nothing left to loose whereas the Americans still have a ways further to fall.

With regard to point 4, I figure that ‘they’ don’t think that 350 million people are going to take to the streets. They probably reason it will start with isolated pockets of resistance and what they plan on doing is the equivalent of lynching a few insolent niggers and then planting burning crosses in the gardens of those who are left. On the other side, as Catherine Austin Fitts once pointed out, “there are 350 million of us and there are thirteen families of them, and they all have names and addresses”. Anybody out there got a clue how to make a beam weapon?

Have you noticed that the Jewish / Muslim confrontation (a la Albert Pike) seems to have taken a back seat to a direct assault on the American people? So what has changed? Could it be that all those years ago, Amstel Meyer Rothschild didn’t foresee the advent of the internet with the consequence that more and more people are not relying on Fox News for their information.

As has been said, the best resistance is non compliance with the system although here I am as guilty as the next. When birthdays and anniversaries come around it is kind of hard to say “Sorry luv, no pressy this year, we are having a war of attrition on Wally World”.

murph said...


The Bolivian uprising over the water issue was fascinating to me. I also noticed it was not treated in depth or for long in the press in this country.

Yup, examples will be trotted out and hung as a reminder of slave status.

In my observations, even if a vast majority decided on non compliance, the ability to stay alive doing it is impossible for most of them. That kind of self reliance is most conspicuously missing. But on reflection, if most went into mostly extreme self denial mode, it would have pretty much the same effect. It's consumption of other than basic needs that fuels the status quo. Going to be a rough hoe to change that.

freeacre said...

Well, if what they want is a fight, let's not give them one! I suggest a different route: magic and ceremony. Sort of like reviving the Ghost Dance with some Abby Hoffman mixed in. We need to get our sense of personal power back. Laugh in their face. Eschew fear. Street theater. Shun them. Skip away. Wear personal power costumes and make insane gestures while cutting up credit cards and sending back junk mail. Let's keep in mind that one antidote to fear is fun.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

I will come out front and say that I have no idea what it means but the GCP Real Time Dot has been bouncing around in the red for a lot of today. Usually I don’t subscribe to this sort of stuff but this one has piqued my interest and I really don’t know why. The After Armageddon web site which can be found on this sites blog list has included the present moment dot between the Blog Archive and the Blog List. For an explanation you can scroll down to an AA article titled “You Can Know the Future”. You can also go to the Global Consciousness Project site at

Clicking on the dot on any site will take you to the real time graph of activity over the last 24 hours. This is one of those things where I can’t decide if there are things going on I just don’t understand or whether it is all Emperors Clothes.

nina said...

It seems to me our innate and learned spirituality is waxing while satanism is on the wane and however long its taken us to be here now is how long its going to take to get out of this mess. Its my opinion that this civilization took a wrong detour a long time ago and is for the most part hopelessly lost. Even our language reflects the inside-out nature of this immoral convergence of false desires spawned by the Illusion. Burying it in a manner of their invention, using their methods, is enabling them to build evermore ego glory, torture camps and roadblocks to true human potential and real prosperity, serving only to extend the bloodshed and misery. It may be that there are as many solutions as there are minds determined to find them. But for starters, we need to find out where the hell all the money is going, anyway. Is it all going on these in-sane wars? Is that sane? Thus it becomes totally ridiculous and as such, is not worth our attention or participation.

nina said...

Thanks Belgium for bringing this to our attention. It does not seem to be affecting the Trouts, (as appearances go) which leads me to think its damage is moving in alpha order. Google says they have a glitch. Hoh Kaaay. This gives us a rare opportunity to see the extent of the worldwide web. Some things are working, more are not. The picture being presented is one of extreme fragility. You get the idea anything could happen. Anything.

freeacre said...

Interesting dot thing, Belgium. Seems like a sort of "weird shit-o-meter".

Anonymous said...

I think it'll take a lot of rude awakenings for the 'Murikan sheeple to wake up to the elitist's plans of death and destruction. The PTB are probably ready to set-off 9/11, part deux and just like the last false flag, the media will spew lies, fear, lies, fear and more fear to the ignorant, knuckle-draggers of 'Murika. And the vast majority will buy it -hook, line and sinker and do whatever the PTB say ot the point where they'll zombie-walk into camps for their Soylent Green. The sheeple have been conditioned to believe that if something bad happens to them, it's their own fault -or Islamofascist. The majority of people I meet believe everything muttered on the propaganda network.

I don't know... maybe I'm jaded. Or it could be due to a few years of watching the Mormon lemmings do things totally against their best interests just because their LDS Ward or Elders told them to. They make me want to hurl. Goddamn mouth-breathing dickweeds.

I don't have cable so I rely on documentaries on PBS for my entertainment so last night I'm watching a "Nature" program on the plight of the world's frogs and how human activity is screwing them over (like the rest of the Earth's creatures) and I'm wondering if depopulating the earth of humans is such a bad thing. Granted, I might be one of those who gets his ass wasted by the PTB via false flag attack, flu, war, police -or Boy Scout Enforcers, etc., but sometines I think we Homo-Erectus-Boneheads are a mistake, an anomoly, some alien experiment -a test tube planet with aliens telepathicly saying, "Let's see what the human virus does when...." kinda thing.

What ever. Enough of this rant.

Hey Murph, fa, how come you settled in eastern OR and not the more furtile, the more temporate climate, western OR? Out of all of the US locations I've lived in (10 states so far) Portland, OR is my favorite place and I'm hoping I'll be able to get back to western OR to live some day. Hopefully. We'll see. Later.


freeacre said...

It was a matter of money, mostly, Randy. Central Oregon was a lot cheaper. Plus, I had chronic bronchial/sinus infections the whole time I lived close to Portland due to the humidity. So, as much as we bitch about it, we find the high desert to be healthier for us. I love the Western side, too, though. All those berries, the coast, the Tillamook cheese, the Columbia, the waterfalls, etc, etc. Yeah, it's a good place. Not so many Mormons, either. But, at least the Mormons stock up on food...

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Hey Randy, I hate picking people up, it just makes me look as though I want to be clever, but Homo erectus was the original bipod knuckle draggers. We are Homo sapiens, sapiens but what is a sapiens or an erectus between friends?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Nice article by Derrick Jensen on After Armageddon today.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Back to serious stuff, like the post. One of the sites I go into regularly is the blog of “Nobody”. Nobody has a certain slant on world events, he is anti establishment at the highest levels and on worldly event levels he is vehemently anti Jewish administration. He is the sort who calls a spade a bloody shovel, for example with posts entitled “Australia Sucks Israel’s Cock”. Although his style is sometimes blunt his points are always well argued. His latest post “The Hundred Flowers of the Matrix” seems relevant to Murph’s current post. In this he compares the Matrix trilogy to China’s Hundred Flowers Campaign and then on to how history repeats itself and how we keep falling for the same three card trick played out by those above.

freeacre said...

Speaking of serious stuff, I was so depressed yesterday reading more about the torture that has been and probably still is going on in Gitmo and Iraq and Afghanistan, that I could barely function. I can't believe that both the Republicans as well as the Democrats refer to the situation as a political problem. Fuck the politics! It's a problem with our morals, our ethics, our soul, our humanity. Those poor fuckers are being hideously and unconscionable abused by guards that are sadistic thugs, and it goes on and on. Where is the outrage from the churches? The citizenry? Is this who we are? Is this what we do? Is this the legacy that we leave our children? From what I read, this isn't to get life saving information - abusive tactics are used simply to punish and throw their weight around. And, once adjusted to, the tactics are used by police on civilians as they taze people and spray mace into protesters eyes and beat people who are being arrested. We continue to bomb women and children. Christ, no wonder our soldiers are killing themselves in record numbers. Too bad the congress and whomever else is responsible for these heinous crimes don't follow suit. Apparently, they have no shame. It makes me want to puke.
On a much happier note, we received your package, Belgium. Can't wait to watch those DVD's!
Also, summer has arrived. It is 85 degrees in the shade today, even though it will still freeze at night. We cleaned out the chicken coop and sprayed it down with bleach and water to kill germs. Fresh hay installed, and now everybody's happy. The new bunnies are starting to jump around, even though their eyes are still closed. So cute.

Dave said...

Fantastic essay! I am in agreement that the elites see the world’s resources as their personal property and see us as using up their property at a torrid pace. That’s the rationale they employ for reducing the population of the “useless eaters.”

I also believe we have reached the limits of the carrying capacity of our system, consisting as it does of the Earth’s finite limits and the limits of our Ponzi system of governmental finance. So now we find ourselves competing for a finite and perhaps shrinking pie, so to speak. Naturally, when people, or any animal, have to compete for finite resources, whether it’s food, water or money, they get nasty. I think that’s what we’re seeing right now with respect to government. It recognizes that its jig is up, that tax revenues will decline from here on out. That means their budgets, and more importantly their retirements and personal survival will be threatened. So they’re pulling out all the stops to maintain the flow of revenue and resources to themselves.

Possibly they are goading us into rebelling as well, but that is only in order to expedite their acquisition of the shrinking pie of resources. As you point out, it may also be a desperate “last stand,” which if not pursued will see the end of the elites’ control over the world posthaste, as civilizational collapse spreads like a pandemic.

I’m doing everything I can to avoid supporting the existing system, for what puny difference that makes, in the hope that it will wither away and die. I have virtually stopped earning money in order to avoid paying taxes, I spend very little and own almost no taxable property. Furthermore, I don’t vote or otherwise participate in their rigged game. At the moment I’m playing a waiting game, waiting for a sign as to whether to remain in this country or move to some remote island in the middle of the ocean.

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

murph said...
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Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


Glad they got there ok. Pico, the small caged cockatoo made a bid for freedom and flew the coop. Now he only exists as a magnetic image. We left his cage outside for a few days in the forlorn hope he would get hungry and come back for seed, but no. I told Chris not to leave the door open but she said “He won’t go he likes it here”. I couldn’t help making the analogy on a world wide scale.

RAS said...

FA, I've stopped getting depressed about that stuff. I am not involved in it and I refust to support it, and I recognize that at this point in time that is the best I can do, aside from working to make this a better world so that someday, such things never, ever, happen again and people look back with shame on the ones that did happen.

Summer is tentative here this year. We are having massive weather problems. It is STILL raining. It hasn't even broken 80 the past few days. Some more of this, and I will need a boat to get around.

murph said...


I had written a reply to your comment and did not check it before I posted it. It was so poorly written I had to delete it. So, trying again,lol.

Freeacre and I are doing all we can to get out of the mainstream economy also. Our sole income is SS, and of course that can be threatened now too. We describe our life as living the post collapse life style. It will be real interesting to see what the baby boomers do when most or all of their retirement income goes away. It might be a real mistake since many will be against the wall with no place to turn and having lived most of their lives now, and nothing much more to lose.

Heard about the Montana legislation giving the finger to the feds over guns in the state? There is still plenty of 'the south will rise again' thinking too.

Remote islands in the middle of the ocean might be a bit risky too if we get the expected sea level rising. lol.

My thinking is that there won't be anyplace safe and removed from our crazy capitalistic paradigm. Not for quite a long time anyway while this power plays out. I figure the elites would rather wipe out the earth rather than give up their privileged status. What to do around that, if true, is the question for me. We keep muddling through I guess, and await events we have no control over.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Murph, Dave,

Many South Sea type coral based islands and atolls rise only a few feet above sea level and could be easily swamped as you say but many others are the tips of extinct and sometimes active volcanoes which can rise hundreds of feet above sea level. There is a quiz question which routinely comes around about which is the largest mountain on earth. Of course the usual answer is Everest which happens to be the highest point on the earth’s surface but in terms of physical mass it is Maui in the Hawaiian Islands which is measured from the sea bed and rises high above sea level. The biggest problem you have with an island retreat is water availability. Many islands have a windward and a leeward side with the volcano acting as a block for onshore clouds. Tenerife in the Canary Islands is one such island with the north being green and lush and the south being a baron dessert. Some islands are not like this and this needs to be carefully checked out before any decision is made.

There is also the other point that if all the world’s ice caps melted then the sea level would fall because ice is less dense than water; that is why it floats. Of course this does not apply to ice on the tops of land masses such as Greenland so I have no idea what the overall situation would be.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Sea level is measured from the mean level of the sea not from the mean level of the floating ice so if ice melts the level has to go up. What a lame brain, at least I said it first.

Baz said...

a brief morality tale/history of the development of the modern world as we know it in 3 paragraphs?...

Quite a while ago now as the crow flies backwards ... a large army gathered outside a byzantium town, it's venerable leader inspired by visions in the sky coursing through his syphilitic mind, by this sign--conquer. As with so many ambitious young men, he without exception had something to prove, a legacy to leave. Progeny named in his own image. Constantine II, Constantius II and Constans would ensue an abiding legacy for this kind of emperorial work.

Descendants of Romans--western civilization churches are inculcated to obey their leaders, unquestioningly without reservation, helped along by the ever-present punitive threats and corresponding rewards appealing to our lower natures. Governmentalism relies solely on adherence to these fundamental beliefs--No exceptions.

'Resistance is futile'--you will be assimilated, regardless of whatever you believe/know/truth. 'Your culture will adapt to service ours.' In the face of such overwhelming odds, what can we do? Sign up?

The moral? Be safe--wear a condom.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Nice example Baz. So far as the modern World is concerned, Istanbul has never been anything else unless those concerned are into old songs. We always like to kid ourselves that successive empires are progressing to a higher form of society but the society of your parents was a lot freer than ours today and how much ‘higher’ will we be when the New American century has its day. People have to get it into their head that simpler is freer.

Anonymous said...

Is this who we are? Is this what we do?

damn straight it is! its not this or that. its people. the condition of the human condition. nothing will change until the people change themselves by changing that which motivates them on an energetic level. most of us view passion as a positive but the reality is its passion fueling all the nasty chit too. when it comes to nasty we americans possess a rare brand... nasty presenting as nice.

could this be why the native am peoples say... white man speak with forked tongue? pbs has been running a wonderful doc titled WE SHALL REMAIN. one story of the native american struggle for survival against all odds as its been playing out for over 300 years. or however long its been since the white man came to claim new lands as their own. the story of struggle to sustain life and culture against a developing then, developed now, nation of self proclaimed god lovin, god fearin, theivin people hell bent on what can only be seen as genocide in the name of civilizing primative savages. not to mention poisoners of air, land, and waters and annihilators of flora and fauna in the name of progress. and in the name of nice.

we're about as "nice" as our stinkin ass! and for all viewers who might be inclined to say.... well, that was then and this is now, that was 100 years ago and we're different now, the final episode is simply sub-titled WOUNDED KNEE. story of the so-called last indian battle to end all indian battles? not! though that is part of the story line but today, site of the recent modern day stand-off. today! thats what the story is about. caught in the middle between the white man's law and the fat man cat appointed to enforce tribal law.

they were damned if the did and damed if they didn't and they still are. but they shall remain! hallejulia!!

its obvious! its clear. the battle still wages. nothing's changed. and we're still the great self proclaimed humanitarian, compassionate american people. bullshit!!!!

thus... "Is this the legacy that we leave our children?" ... it is! and they shall remain to repeat it just like we taught 'em!!

"I suggest a different route: magic and ceremony."

i second that. and all the suggestions you made to follow FA.

"Let's keep in mind that one antidote to fear is fun."

now thats a prayer i can smoke a pipe over and say amen to... p

Anonymous said...

"when it comes to nasty we americans possess a rare brand... nasty presenting as nice."

and so i said to myself for all to hear... but its them others that are doin it! my gawd, not me for goodness sake!!

and the echo can back... oh ya? whats even nastier than the nasty being perped by others is a people who personally and collectively elect, appoint, and annoint or otherwise empower others to do their nasty for them. if it were any other way it would look different than it does!


Anonymous said...

hummm.... shakers showing up on the list in rare places...

new york
northern texas
saudi arabia? 5 today of 4.5 or greater


murph said...

Montana & Palooka,

Your truth stands against the lies and hypocrisy of the European white man. That series on PBS called "We Shall Remain" is great isn't it.

I hold forth the expectation that the native Americans will have much to teach when things get bad enough. One of the problems with the tribes is that some of the leaders have totally assimilated into the white culture of greed and seem to have forgotten or lost the sustainable thinking that kept their ancestors going for so long. Russell Means I have mixed feeling about. How far over the line has he gone? I do like his talk about forming a new nation based on freedom though.

freeacre said...

Here's a really good synopsis of the pimp job that the congress has foisted upon us all...
the site, and then an excerpt:

"...Consider this: the $9.5 trillion already committed to the banking industry is more than the cost of all wars America has ever fought. It was reported to be enough to pay off virtually every mortgage in the nation, which would have stopped all the defaults, foreclosures and subsequent pain cold. Sharon Astyk adds: “It could have paid for free health care for every American, cradle to grave for a century. It was enough to build renewable energy infrastructure that could have softened the crisis, to re-insulate our houses, to provide basic food and health care to the world’s poor. The same trillions we were told we didn’t have when it was needed by those who wanted educations, basic medical care, decent shelter, a home, hope, a decent life, but we had a plenty for the banks and the wealthiest people in the world.”

Ilargi of “Automatic Earth” put it this way in his Feb 12th post: “We just hope for things to get better, and prepare for a year or two at most of doing with a little less, while our governments turn our economies around and the party can start anew. We simply refuse to ask ourselves what happens if the turnaround never comes, just as we refuse to act as if that were even possible. So we sit around and wait while our money is wasted on doomed rescue attempts for long since lost institutions that have hurt us all our lives to begin with, and we can't get ourselves to rise up and do what must be done to minimize the suffering of our children and friends and mitigate the disasters looming on the horizons of our lives.”

And, regarding those shakers, P - I say "bring it on." If we can't change ourselves, maybe our Mother will change it all big time.

RAS said...

I expect most of the native peoples are going to be just fine through this. Or at least, more fine than the rest of us.

I'm going to be staying where I'm at for now. Not that I have much of a choice, mind you. My gf is moving in with me, so it's not all bad. ;-) And we'll be able to make the payments, that way.

Anonymous said...

Home for the holiday. Just ran into this article on Steve Quayle, thought I'd share.


Anonymous said...

Hey, brasschecktv has a good one here!

I'd like to see the rest of this speech. I would guess there's more to it. Jordan Maxwell claims that each of us is traded on the NYSE as a security, using our ss numbers.


Anonymous said...

You know all that is happening right now might not matter in the not too distant future if what is shown in the following video is true....


freeacre said...

Ho ho ho! I just watched that video, Ely. "It says that it is a "call to action." What sort of action, I wonder? Before we get all bent out of shape and think that it calls for some sort of crusade against Muslims, let's think about it a bit. Are Muslims going to continue to have 8 or so children in societies that educate women and have access to birth control? When resources and food are going to be more and more scarce? I doubt it. Also, won't the new immigrants become Americans, Belgians, Germans, etc, just like immigrants have all become pretty much like everyone else in the new country?
It seems to me that the "Christian" dominance is coming to an end because it has been discredited by their pedophile priests and hypocritical and moronic Holy Rollers. It can't come soon enough for my tastes. The next generation is going to have to decide for themselves what makes sense to them and what doesn't. But, in light of the imperatives of the earth and life on this planet, I think some sort of new metaphysics will be created no matter what ethnic groups are around then.
The Chinese have a strict reproduction code, but there sure doesn't seem to be any shortage of them.... Who knows what the future is going to be like? They might be eating hummus out of a taco shell with chopsticks. At any rate, it will be their world by then and we will have nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Yes FA... a call to action, but what action is right? To have more non Muslim children in what a lot of people are considering an overpopulated world? Ahhhh no thank you...

I guess I am struggling to identify what the video is really driving at... should we all be alarmed that while the norm for a North American and looks like a European society has been for a family size of around 2 children the Muslim world still sees importance in having large families? Could that be it? Was it a diabolical plan all along that the Muslim world knew they could eventually dominate the world if they just overpopulate it? What is it exactly?

I found the video interesting, yet it left me with more questions in the end. What was it that the producers wanted me to think and act on? Could this be why the USA has now such a vested interest in the middle east? The reason why a GWB can say that the world of the future would look back on his time a president and realize he was one of the great presidents? He could see that the Muslim world was increasing in size and he was setting about to influence that growth? What is it damn it?

I do not really know. I do know that as a species if we continue down our present path we will not have to worry about the size of the Muslim population, Christian, Indian, Chinese etc etc as we are on track to destroy the very systems on this planet that support our existence.

In the end who cares if you are King Shit of turd Island..... it is still a dung heap you are lord over.


Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Very succinctly expressed Ely I couldn’t have put it better myself. Yes this call to action is puzzling. Is he asking us to breed faster than the Muslims or declare jihad on them? We can only ponder on the action he is asking us to take. It does however explain the Pope’s continued ban on contraception but as Freeacre said or nearly said, stuff is replacing children and as the economic belt tightens, Catholics are effectively tipping a finger at the Pope thus altering the balance of power. Maybe Rome might once again discover the third world.
I think Iraq is about oil but Muslims might be a side benefit however the US military has been stalemated and there are too many other Islamic countries to be beaten by conventional means. I hope that the alternative is unrealistic even to the PTB unless, of course, the plan is to unleash Israel against them.

freeacre said...

It's interesting to me that several of the richest people in the world gathered recently to put their heads together around how to work on reducing the population of the world and bring clean water to more people, etc. Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Oprah Winfrey, etc. I would like to think that some decent people with big bucks might actually be attempting to help out the world. I don't want to get so cynical that I can't recognize a good thing when I see it. On the other hand, I don't want to be a gullible dumbass, either. Hard to tell the difference much of the time...
The more I think about that video, the more I sense that the main message was simply fear. Fear of Muslims, fear of change, fear of differences. Fear and separation. It's such a bummer because it is only when we know and feel that we are all one with each other and with the planet that we could possibly begin to overcome the mess we have made.
Got to admit, right now I am not optimistic.

Anonymous said...

FA , I think you are right about this being a propagandist piece and the intent is fear.... fear toward a particular people that by enlarge remain unknown by most Americans and possibly Europeans as well and chastise them to be the enemy in the distant future. Lord knows they are portrayed at present as evil terrorists. Maybe this is not working as well as it did after lets say 9 11 so we need a new reason to hate them?

I still haunt back to a statement made By George Bush, something to the extent that future generations will look back at what he is doing and see that he was doing things in the best interest of mankind and that he will be judged by those generations as one of the best presidents.

Could this be what he is supposedly talking about. Is/was this the plan for the USA to have a presence in the ME to keep that part of the world destabilised, fighting one another and the the rest of the world?

Just seems there is more and more of this type of crap coming out, and it seems to me that its only objective is to paint a bad image of a people of whom we do not know let alone understand.

I admit I have only known one Muslim person in my life, and for his part he was a honest and as trustworthy as any I have ever met. Yes he did have a deep belief in his god and his traditions and though staunch in these he did not try to impose any of that and those beliefs on me. I have had more affronts by the local JW's than what he believed in.

All he ever expected was to have me respect his right to his belief/s and I did. There were a lot of so called Christians around him that were less in character than he....

So if this is the next stage, the ramp up the fear against those evil Muslims they are taking over the world!! ..yadda yadda yadda...I ain't buying.

I just wish we could all get along....sigh


freeacre said...

I'll tell you, Ely, if the time ever comes when G.W. Bush is considered to be the best President we've ever had, this will be a country that I no longer wish to live in. That's one thing I know for sure.
Try catching the Rick Steves travel piece on PBS on his trip to Iran. It's really good. He went all over the place there and met tons of regular people - all of whom were exceptionally friendly. They all said that it's a shame the governments aren't getting along, because the people would like to.
So much of this crap is trumped up by the military-industrial complex who just see big bucks to be made from warfare and strife.