Tuesday, May 26, 2009


from Murph

We got a copy of the new Michael Ruppert book, “A Presidential Energy Policy” and I just finished reading it. The first 14 chapters are primarily concerned with recapping what has happened in the last 15 years, peak oil and discussions on alternative energy. He also emphasizes that he had been predicting since his book “Crossing the Rubicon” what has now manifested. He does admit that some of his timing was off.

I have to admit that Ruppert has been pretty much right on and his first book, “Crossing the Rubicon” which was a large influence on the decisions we have made. So far, we are satisfied with those decisions, that is; Getting out of a large population area, getting into a small community that has the potential for sustainability, getting our personal sustainability going, largely divorcing ourselves from the greater society, learning to live a post collapse life style, cutting way back on spending (out of necessity, SS is not a lot of money), getting out of debt, you know the drill.

One of the things that interested me in the book particularly is his discussion of alternative energy sources. He examines them pretty closely, not to the extent that some other writers have, but a good synopsis. I agree with him that the hydrogen substitute seems to be a stone cold dead end. He also talks about wind, wave and solar energy, all of which are not going to replace oil and gas. He talks about some of the more esoteric stuff too, but emphasizes that these are mostly on paper and scalability is an almost insurmountable problem, even if they work. Infrastructure for all the alternatives is also a huge problem. If we had diverted resources 30-40 years ago to these things, they would have had promises, but we laughed Carter out of office for broaching the subject. It sure appears that he was right about at least one thing during his presidency.

Ruppert goes into considerable discussion about peak oil and oil wars and sites a lot of research concerning this situation.

In chapter 11 he hits on localization pretty hard, insisting that this is going to be absolutely necessary.

One of the interesting aspects of the book is his tying money and energy together. He also sites how money has been used in the past and in some other societies. He insists that we have to change our method of using and distributing money in our changing society.

I was somewhat disappointed that he didn’t get into more of the ecological damage done by money and energy. Guess I can’t have it all.

Here are his 25 suggestions by title for the president without his elaborations.

1.Create a second strategic petroleum reserve of 750 million barrels of refined
products for state and local governments.
2.Create a new and uniform crude oil reserve accounting system for the U.S.
3.Enact the oil depletion protocol.
4.Immediately declassify the May, 2001 national energy policy development group
records (NEPDG)
5.Impose an immediate moratorium on all highway and airport expansion, including
NAFTA superhighways.
6.Completely rebuild and expand America’s rail system.
7.Implement a feed-in tariff.
8.Prohibit energy sources speculation.
9.Enact a national speed limit of 55 mph and strictly enforce it.
10.Eliminate all federal subsidies for ethanol and biofuel production.
11.Create feed-in tariffs for local food production point of origin labeling.
12.Stimulate and strengthen local food production through federal and local
governments, make vacant urban land available for cultivation.
13.Immediately make an agriculture soil assessment and restoration.
14.Create a federal clearing house to track and report on all state and local
initiatives/progress with respect to relocalization and energy use.
15.Draft and pass a new public utility holding company act
16.Rebuild the grid and energy infrastructure including oil and natural gas
17.Create a public energy oversight board to police and monitor advertising and
public dissemination of information about energy.
18.Redraft the tax code of the U.S.
19.Re-do nuclear power and take material from weapons.
20.Draft new federal building codes for home and office construction.
21.Re-do the educational system. More vocational training for one thing.
22.Reduce federal government energy use by 15%.
23.Drastically reduce overseas military deployment.
24.Decriminalize the hemp plant and encourage widespread domestic production.
25.Open a rational open and ethical domestic and global dialog on population growth
and reduction.

I have not, of course, included all the supporting arguments for each. Some are interesting rationales. I suppose there would be heavy debate of the wisdom of any of these. And no matter whether you agree with all of them or not, and no matter how rational they are, I try to imagine just how many of them would ever become implemented. I honestly can’t see any of them becoming policy, too may of them make too much sense and too many big money people would have to bite the bullet. I just don’t see them happening.

I also notice that they all increase the control by the federal government, which I think is a great deal of the problem to begin with. Just what we need, more elite control of more stuff. But, if you are of the liberal persuasion, I would imagine you might agree with most of this. Me, I bristle at more government control of anything.

It is a book worth reading though.

On to more domestic stuff. I have decided to record the progress of our attempt to grow our own food as it progresses with photos. Here is a few of them plus some photos of Montana’s neck of the woods and Belgium’s garden area.

Two pics of Montana's big sky area where he lives. Quite a valley there,beautiful isn't it.

What the garden looks like in the morning with the frost covers on the beds.

I think rhubarb could care less if it frosts at night.

Potato bed. 14 plants, experiment this year to see if we can keep them alive. Have special plastic film to cover them with every night and then frost blanket over that.

Three types of onions and garlic beds. They are doing real well. Strawberry bed in the back corner along with carrots and some other types of onions. The walking onions will be interesting to watch grow and reproduce.

Greenhouse starts. Doing well since put in the wood stove.

Belgium's new garden area.

Have a good week folks. The weather here has been all day clear sky (except for the chemtrails)and bright sunshine and down to freezing at night. Been fetching more firewood as I have time. Busy time.


nina said...

Good books, good plans, none of which will be implemented. The lobbyists, the forever paranoid criminals and the ever fearful wealthy will see to that. You would think a community organizer would get a handle on at least some of these things, but we're not seeing it. If we depend only on big picture news, we'd never know how massively paid representatives of corporatism have infiltrated at the county levels.
I am in agreement with Mr. Ruppert on Peak Oil being the tie that binds. It makes it all the worse knowing the exponentially multiplying catastrophe was, simply stated, preventable. When you go through Ruppert's list, you see how they've blown every opportunity for real progress. This makes us vulnerable and weak.
I know I am not saying things other people have not said already, but every time it comes up, its so absurd its boomerang trauma. Well, enough on that. Your photo presentations are always healing for the soul. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

That was pretty interesting Murph but when has the government ever done anything that long term benefited the people? Yes local is good and I have just found this blog site, the first in a series, which deals with an aspect of survival gardening no one else seems to touch. That is ‘essential’ minerals and how to get them. Later articles are going into which are the most nutritious foods to grow for survival. We shall see how the series goes.


Anonymous said...

Just got my copy in the mail over the weekend. Can't wait to jump into it, though it doesn't sound half as interesting as 'Rubicon.'

I'm doing the quackgrass extraction thing, and waiting for the nights to warm up a bit more. We're still freezing out. Potatoes are up. Just transplanted asparagus into new, permanent beds.

Yes, we can 'hope' Obama will do the right things by the people, but, realistically, what are the chances he will go against the grain of the banksters and the military/industrialists?

Can you say "prolonged, preventive detention?" Rachel Maddow is all over it, and she's right!

I agree with you, Murph. I see no reason to expect Obama's team to work in our best interests.


murph said...


We are very aware of the influence of
the corporate influence at the county level. We have been battling this for nearly 3 years now. Won some small victories but the crush is still there. The county people figure this economic setback is temporary and want in place the laws that they will benefit from when it goes back to normal. The fight goes on.

murph said...


I think your will find his book a good read. Rather neatly puts everything into perspective that we have known about for years now.

How in the world are you keeping potatoes alive when it freezes? We are having to go to extraordinary steps to keep them going.Asparagus is starting to show.

The boys over at half past human says its going to get real nasty later this summer. lol. As if it wasn't now? Going to be an interesting year I think.

murph said...


Went to the website you mentioned. That is a good one for the people concerned with growing their own food. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


We had spuds in five ga. buckets in the cellar for winter storage. This spring they had sprouted 18" eyes. I prepared a bed as normal, mixing two inches of compost into the top layers, raking smooth, etc. We planted the whole seed potatoes about five inches deep, and laid the eyes out on top of the soil. Then we covered them with plenty of old hay, watered and waited to see what would happen. In about two weeks, they began to grow leaves. I pile on or pull off the hay, as temps dictate. We've lost some leaves to frost, but it's not cold enough to damage the plants themselves. My hope is to continue heaping hay around the vines as they grow, providing a clean medium in which the new potatoes can form. And, hopefully, harvest with a minimum of digging.

Any news on the global coastal event? I have a daughter who wants to fly to Kauai in July.


freeacre said...

OK, this is not on topic, but look at this courageous testimony and confrontation of this Irishman who was raped by priests...wow.

Anonymous said...

This is an exerpt from an article on rense.com concerning the latest Bilderberg meeting in Greece.

Holy Shit! They're really going to put the foxes in charge of the henhouse, and nobody's gonna say a word!

Plus, they've militarized the Canadian border, so we're sealed in.

As Dave, in the Salt Lake Valley is fond of reminding us, 'we are so fucked!'

Time to buy beer making supplies.


Bloomberg reported that, “The Obama administration may call for stripping the Securities and Exchange Commission of some of its powers under a regulatory reorganization,” and that, “The proposal, still being drafted, is likely to give the Federal Reserve more authority to supervise financial firms deemed too big to fail. The Fed may inherit some SEC functions, with others going to other agencies.” Interestingly, “SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro’s agency has been mostly absent from negotiations within the administration on the regulatory overhaul, and she has expressed frustration about not being consulted.”

Palooka's Revenge said...

good review murph. speaking of reviews MCR has one up on the blog re baker's new book. most everybody here checks in w/her at least now and then. quite a review. and coupled with quite a rant by jenna on spirituality.

global coastal? i'm still coming down on the rise being the "event" w/multiple causes contributing. at least in the near term. to borrow a recent pun from geo ure... i'd get lei-ed while i still can!

keep the dry side up... p

Anonymous said...

What the fuck?
my envy bone is at high mast i can tell ya that, i know, there is a speed reading class going on and i was not invited, hell i don't have the time to fart let alone read an entire book.,soooo its good that you guys can do that and give up its good guts to us that are challenged in that direction,

been gone for some time, busy as a beaver in heat and also having to spend some time in the woods with the mother and the whispers of trees telling me what the fuck is really going on in their world. as near as i can fathom they say that there is really nothing that can be gained by freaking out!, that mother nature (wakan tankan) as the mother of us all along with every other creature great and small is busy preparing something that is to be a new beginning unlike anything that has ever been experienced by the two-legged's, and that the fear being generated has purpose , what that purpose is i could not understand but that it would be understood by anyone with half a brain at some point.;
o yeah, the offspring of langosta are in the back yard singing their asses off and what a lovely sound it is, she smiles alot, yes i know, but she smiles regardless, even though it resides in my mind plain as day.
the nets don't scare me,

o yes we had a deluge a couple of days ago that left 2 and a half inches of rain in about 30 minutes!! some damage, the compressors at the only store in town with groceries were drowned and that put a lot of perishables up for cheap;
that amount of rain was = to three months of rain this time of year.

you know murph, most of the 25 seemed so out of focus to what is actually about to happen and that it seemed a distraction when that might be waste of time, maybe not. its like ''we have time for a lot of plans?'' no!
not long range it would seem, people are going to be to busy just trying to comprehend the mushroom to have time for schemes of cloud fluff. maybe not.

SATS, really good link,
thank you for that, being a veteran pot grower of 20-30 years i was very pleasantly surprised at the mineral take and how much more it enhanced the garden if they were all in place,
where i learned the trade back in ''82'' it was already an intuitive game wonce the initial directions were in place.
so, to get quantitative and scientific about it is very cool and something that will spill over into everything else, love new stuff.
the picts of montana were very nice pam,it was thoughtful of you to put them up for folks to see, it really is a beautiful place to spend a few years, or whatever one has time for,
another thought, while on the state thing, the politicians here have given Obama the finger and told him basically where to go in regards to the right to bare arms and that the guns and ammo manufactured in this state will have ''made in montana'' stamped on them and that the feds might even be arrested if they interfere with that process, also the right to obtain said articles will have no bullshit background checks, registering and other nonsense attached to it.
so like they say its in obama's court now.
should be quite a show.
seceding from the union is being talked about by some folks, me one of them for damn sure.
fuck the feds./

anyway just ducked in to say hello to everyone that attends these sacred meetings of like minds, or unlike, hell so what people have something to say even though it might fringe a bit, not unlike myself,(:

o yeah rockpicker, i missed you on this link that came along and so here it is,


also mayan calendar stuff ----

The risks of believing that the
Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012!http://mayanmajix.com/portal/

long life and prosper brothers and sisters

ps how about the oregon tripp?

RAS said...

murph, ireland is a damn cold place and its my understanding that potato growing there involves deep mulces of hay and straw that are increased as the plants grow.
Potaotes don't grow that well here; too hot. Sweet potatoes on the other hand -I can grow enough sweet potatoes to feed me for a year in a very small bed.

I have to agree with murph on this one. Even if those recommendations had a chance in hell of becoming policy, I don't want the feds to have more control over anything.

Speaking of localizing, I have a reather interesting problem. I caught my neighbors spraying roundup on sections of my property yesterday. I mean, they were quite clearly over the property line and I am not certain it was them who sprayed my lambs ear last year. Obviously, this can not go on. I am going to have to speak to them about it. The only reason I didn't do so yesterday is that my immediate reaction was to grab a rifle and go outside and tell them to get f*ck off my land with their poison. Not the best route since I'm still in the city. Any thoughts?

murph said...


That is indeed a bit of a sticky situation. Definitely got to try the be reasonable approach first, expressing that you are not interested in having your ground poisoned with round up, nicely, very nicely said. If belligerence and or aggression follows, that's a whole other problem. He's probably trying to kill back far enough from his property line to keep weeds from invading easily. Oh my, it's why I don't like to have really close neighbors.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


Yes, Murph is right on a couple of counts there. You know that weeds are only flowers that are growing in the wrong place and he was probably killing back far enough that your flowers were not a problem for him. Since they are your plants it is up to you to keep them in your area. I think the usual rule, although I can’t speak for individual states, is that the neighbour has the right to cut off anything that is on his side of the dividing line but he must give what he has cut off back to you since they were your plants to begin with. That is the law being pedantically ridiculous. Boundary problems are the biggest source of contention between neighbours and one of the biggest sources of income for lawyers. Murph is right; first try normal diplomacy before you try American diplomacy.

murph said...


Yeh, when you commit to the shades, cameos, and updated armaments, you commit all the way. Don't take a knife to a gun fight and leave the room when you toss the grenade. Been in these situations myself.

RAS said...

Don't worry, guys; I'm going to be diplomatic. Which is why I didn't talk to them yesterday. My temper would have gotten the better of me.

Baz said...

leave the room when you toss the grenade. Excellent advice! Now if we could only apply this wise adage to the larger room we all inhabit! Seriously, men have been killed 4 far less! Where I live there are vast tracts of under-utilised land (such a waste from a sane perspective), often owned by absentee landlords (american'ts, not uncommon), 100 acres or even 1,000 or more. Where are they? Why back in Amerika of course, working in some BS job like counselling, dispensing advice? Huh? As if the've anything worthwhile 2 say about living. Meanwhile their 'properties' are commandeered by drug dealers and their pathetic little gun battles over what? (weed) territory. I have observed this personally from my vantage point (concealed). Cowboys--wished they'd kill each other, so maybe the indians would get their stolen-land back! OK, maybe starting 2 sound like Montana here, been drinking a-bit 2nite--stream of conciousness stuff, but we're on the eve of destruction right?

I've heard all the theories why men go 2 war, lust of the yellow stone, silk & spices, land & oil. In my more lucid moments, I suspect if you stripped all this away we'd kill each other outa nothing more than mere boredom! A just cause, sure as good as any, why not? My old gunnery seargent used 2 say (bless his fragged heart), "ours is not 2 question why..."I forget the rest.

I don't think society realizes just how much we have all been recruited (knowingly or not) in the servitude of the Military-Industrial-Complex. Think about it, the huge expense and yet no product--in a consumer driven society! But there is a good-bad reason why they only want kids 2 sign up, after the age of 25 you begin 2 think 4 yourselves, & are fairly useless 2 obey orders.

'The ink of scholars is more holy than the blood of martyrs'--The Qu'ran.

Gotta go, my glass is half-empty.

Baz said...

Oh--and 1 more thing--last 1 2 leave the room, turn the lights out!

hahahaha, just kidding folks. 1 more thought b4 I go about a pet hate of mine--Government--an oldie but a goodie which I feel is altogether dismissed too easily/not taken seriously enough--and needs to be examined more thoughtfully more than ever in these perilous times we now live - 'Too many cheifs, and not enough indians.'

With the democratization of knowledge & 'the internet changes everything'-Timothy berners-lee, why do we even need them?

murph said...


Where you from?

I don't see the problem of too many chiefs, but of too many incompetent chiefs. There are plenty of indians out there, but have no direction other than what they are told on mainstream media, and the indians have lost the ability to do critical thinking about what they are told. They don't look for confirmation of what they are told. They just blindly accept it.

Part of problem is feeling of entitlement that has been programed into us and seriously influences how we do things and the decisions we make. Yup, I think we are doomed alright. This will be an interesting year to see how things are going to develop.

Anonymous said...

too many indians (figure of speach of course so, no offense meant mf) that... "have lost the ability to do critical thinking about what they are told." i suspect many never had any to loose murph. they merely, sometimes merrily sometimes madly, move along as automatons driven by an imprinted auto-pilot they have no concept of.

"too many" can be explained by the concept of fragmentation if one is open to explore outside the box ideas. fragmentation... a very real dynamic that happens when essence splits off energetically. there are myriad reasons why it happens... p

Anonymous said...

"have lost the ability to do critical thinking..."

what makes those long, white lines in the sky?

You get the darnedest answers from people when you start asking?


Anonymous said...

Anybody catch the recent discussion of crop circles possibly indicating a coronal mass ejection may occur on July 7th?

7/7 is a full moon, and a luner eclipse, to boot. It was on either rense or steve quayle.

Photos of the circles are compared to photos of CME's and solar flares. The comparison is startling!


Anonymous said...

That should be 'lunar.'


Started reading Ruppert. Looks like he's hit another one out of the ball park.

Thanks for the synopsis, Murph.

MF, Devin says you should move your rain gauge out from under the eaves. Ha ha ha. Was in Camas Prairie Friday. Tried to make it up, but couldn't work it out. Man, it's mighty dry here, despite the high runoff.


Baz said...

Aaarrgh Murph, why split hairs? I for one am beyond trying to differentiate the good ones from the bad. Secret-> they're all bad! I mean how long are we going to allow the experimentation (at our expense) to continue? They've had long enough to prove themselves (to me at least in my lifetime). My critical eye clearly see's what is plainly in front of me--that is they clearly benefit themselves, while ostensibly claiming to be 'for the people'. BS--Off with their heads!

I'm from the same global village you're from and through the democratization of knowledge via the 'talking wires' we can easily have this discourse.

I would have thought your previous 'Commander in Chief' GWB quite adequately demonstrated my words? 8 years not long enough for you? Hell, it's pretty much a consensus both in the mainstream and alternative news-feeds that he damned near bankrupted the whole world. Some say he did!

Other presidents? Nixon was indicted for lying. Clinton technically didn't--(He's a Lawyer!)

More evidence your honor? -- the Chief Economist at the World Bank (IMF)--wields enormous political power, non-democratic functions much like the medieval Church, relying on rigid doctrine, hierarchy rejecting dissenting views is incompatible with it's professed goals of helping the poor & protecting the enviroment.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at... well, take your pick from maybe any Company in the American Corporate State (ACS)--'Widespread Crime, Corruption and Fraud' or 'The New Federalism of the American Corporate Governance System', without being too alarmist!

Well anyway .. there is always Hope.

We are all Indians now brother--Peace, love & mung beans. 'Power to the people'. Hey I'll send you a pic of my garden & maybe you'll put it up!?

murph said...


Sure, send a pic of garden. We'll be posting pics of our also as things develop and encourage others to do the same. Need visual confirmation of what can be done.

We visited some friends of our yesterday to see their gardening efforts. The wife spends 10 hours a day at it and it shows. Took some pics we will put up on the next posting. She is really good at it.

Personally, I agree that the time is long past for those in power to prove themselves and they have failed miserably. I no longer have any belief that working within the system will make things better. We have a broken system and need a different way of doing business. What does worry me is what will take it's place when things fall apart. I have no faith in the good sense of the majority of the population.

For those interested in making your day, take a look at "The Wrenching Transformation of America". Put that in your browser, it's all over the web. It will churn your stomach it is such a bad commentary. The guy is a certified nut case.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

I had a moment of insight on the bus today; they do seem to come at the most unlikely times and places. It suddenly occurred to me what the bale outs are all about. If money is debt and debt is necessary to keep the worlds financial systems functioning and if also if it is planned to reduce the world’s population then the bale outs represent compensation for the known bad risk offered by the banks which will never come to fruition in order to maintain an air if normality until the time is ripe to pull the plug.
Edwin De Vieira almost argued this but merely said internment and population reduction would happen without giving a reason for the bailouts apart from primitive greed. If my argument is the case then we should be able to calculate the final planned population of the USA at least. Murph, you are the mathematician amongst us, if the above argument applies, is this correct: Rough final pop USA = 340,000,000 x ( 1 – (total bale outs / (USA GDP + Bailouts))).
Could this be an additional reason why the US treasury stopped publishing M3?

For some time now American citizens have lived with passport or visa restrictions; hassles at airports and no fly lists but lately I have read that the US / Canadian border has been sealed. To me this is the most worrying news of all. It seems to me that the trap is about to spring shut. Have any of you got thoughts on any of the above or is it a load of hooey?

On a separate subject, this is for those of you who are into signs and omens. Yesterday, fifty five whales beached themselves on the South African coast and had to be euthanized. Such occurrences are said to historically precede a major ‘incident’ for the country it happens to.

Anonymous said...

BAZ, you came to the right place to speak your truth,the continuation of the insanity and the attempt to break free of the retards that cling to it like it was anything other then a non-desrcript whiff of fluff circling around a corpse really can bring out the truth of ones own howling at the moon in return.

the latest here in hot water usa is the gentle old cop we had has hired a sidekick straight from the sand dunes of this gov's latest attempt to make every one in the world eat christian sandwich's
and the new ''ptsd'' has convinced the old cop to give up his cowboy hat (for real) crop his hair and now acts like a german gestapo on crack, no shit!!!
the new mayor (appointed by the fucking city counsel ) seems to have gotten connected to those that are coming to small town usa and now have advanced weaponry with night vision scopes and surveillance equiptment, !! what the fuck, there are five hundred people in this little backwater place.!

ok what is driving this madness? well there is a thing called ''growth policy'' going on by some outsider convincing various town so-called leaders that this would be a good thing for the village, well the village has already told them fuck off no way. well they are still going at it and will not give up, the outsider still acts as though it will be put in place whether the village likes it or not.!! whats a mother fucker to do? its illegal to do what i have in mind but hey, laws are made to be broken, right ?
the new young honcho in black water tights has already harassed me twice with traffic tickets, tossed in the waste paper basket by the tribal judge i appeared in front of (he don't care for white people much) and thrown in a threat that if i knew what was good for me i would just bend over and take it up the ass with no grease! no grease??
thats serious folks, any ideas?
something is going on here that really stinks to high heaven, there are several new cars floating around with strange looking dudes that are said to be government fucks. could be i guess, which leads me to think what is so special about this place other then it's obvious beauty and a super hit for high level developers,its a little square place bought (stolen) by the white eyes and on the edge of the "res'' with the natives only control is the water on it.!! ha ha , as if that has ever been a problem for the lying bastards in suits.
any way its getting close to crunch time here and with only a few of us that choose to see the real world its a little scary as to the outcome. i have already started thinking of maybe seeking higher ground in which to engage the scaly ones.

don't read books ordinary but amazoned a copy of ''The Art of War'' and have begun it. humm, good stuff, may make it out alive after all.

thats all for now, hoping good pickin's for all you folks that show up at the council,

rockpicker, tell devin he should of been here it was a hoot.\

peace all

ptsd, none taken p, the native brothers that have chosen to copy the whites in smothering their grief in alcohol are in the minority as the tribes awaking taking place and seeing that what was a world of beauty still is and walk in it as part of an ancient legacy come alive. i walk in beauty.
i walk with them.
the illusion is cracking greatly.

Baz said...

Hey Montana, I ain't no wolf brother. I just have a few fleas is all. As for the rear-guard action you're being asked to endure, you'll just have to stitch it shut. It's gonna hurt .. and you'll need a mirror!

Aahh, as for the G-men, well they probably just want to build a new Military base (somewhere remote off the beaten track--and without too much resistance), and re-name your town Fort-something-a-rather, where the only jobs in town will be bagging groceries at the 7-Eleven, or a U.S.fuck'em-marine-Hoorah!

Sooo, the choice, serving-in the military, or, serving the military! Any guesses as to what 'Real' men will be compelled to do? Sorry to any female readers (who might have read this far) if this all sounds like a bunch of macho BS, hey .. you got-it!

The way to tell if it's all Top-Secret, is if they're (the G-men) wearing sun-glasses!

Or it's just some mormons looking to expand their polygamous empire--nothing to worry about! The way to tell if it's mormons, is .. sun-glasses and little books!

And no, I didn't get any of this from Sun Tzu.

freeacre said...

Hey, did anyone else watch that ABC special last night, "Earth 2100"? I thought it was awesome! For the mainstream media to foresee such catastrophe in the next few years was jaw-dropping. Wow.