Friday, May 8, 2009


Those darned chickens got into the spray paint again!

These are the raised beds all ready to plant. Now, if the weather would cooperate...

It's nice to have fresh greens again.

The Greenhouse. Note the smoke stack.

This is the woodstove Murph put in the greenhouse

By freeacre

I have been having a difficult time coming up with new posts lately. Thankfully, ras took up the slack last week. But, last night we watched the movie, “Doubt,” with Meryl Streep and Philip Seymore Hoffman, and it just came together for me. Funny how the Universe works, isn’t it? The movie, by the way, is well worth watching.

It seems that I am once again, in a state of doubt. I watched the interview with our Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, on Charlie Rose the other day. Although Mr. Geithner does have a rather disconcerting habit of leading with his furrowed forehead when he speaks, there didn’t appear to be any signs of sawed off horns on his head, and there was no spittle running down his face. He did not seem, in other words, like a reptilian cousin of Dick Chaney. Maybe he is actually trying to stop a total meltdown of the global economy, not just funnel all the possible money from the next two generations into the pockets of his friends on Wall Street. I don’t know. Maybe it doesn’t matter much at this point.

Because, when I read the posts and links to articles on climate change from Survival Acres, we may have already added enough crap into the atmosphere that the tipping points may have already been reached. Here’s an example of a recent report:

“… New evidence not only suggest that we are headed for catastrophic climate impacts, with the near-extinction of most life on Earth, but that our only hope for survival is to reverse our past emissions.
Those studies showed a 550-p.p.m. world as warming quite a lot. In 1979, a panel of the US National Academy of Sciences led by Jule Charney, a prominent weather and climate researcher, estimated it would be 1.5 to 4.5 °C hotter. That estimate for what has become known as ‘climate sensitivity’ has stayed remarkably solid ever since: the most recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change pegged the sensitivity as being between 2 and 4.5 °C, while adding that higher values could not be excluded.
Although early policy discussions focused on the 550 p.p.m. mark, researchers and politicians soon concluded that such warming would be too much. In 1996, the European Union declared that “global average temperatures should not exceed 2 °C above pre-industrial level and that therefore concentration levels lower than 550 p.p.m. CO2 should guide global limitation and reduction efforts”. Over the following decade, 450 p.p.m. became increasingly cited as a level to aim for, because some studies associated that concentration with 2 °C of warming.
In their 2008 paper, Hansen and his colleagues offer a number of reasons for arguing that even 450 p.p.m. is too high.
Hansen, though, sticks with the new low figure. He argues that realizing the world is already in dangerous climatic territory “completely changes the story. When you say 450 or 550, you’re talking about what rates of growth you are going to allow. When you say we have to get to 350, that means you have to phase down CO2 emissions in the next few decades.”
Failure to reverse past emissions can result in some very long lived, but unlivable results:
Solomon and her colleagues tested what would happen if CO2 emissions immediately ceased after concentrations peaked at various values, starting with 450 p.p.m. (ref. 3). What they found surprised them. CO2 levels subsided so slowly that they remained substantially above pre-industrial levels 1,000 years into the future. Global temperatures also stayed up, and had declined only slightly from their peak by the year 3000. In fact the simulations ended before temperatures dropped anywhere close to their starting point.
The take-home message from his and other studies, Lowe says, is this: “If you do end up somewhere you don’t want to be, it’s probably going to take you a long time to get back to lower temperature levels.”
Unstated in Climate Crunch is what it means for life on Earth to endure for a long time. But that’s been covered here before from other research. The sensitivity for Earth’s biodiversity (including humans) is such that we cannot endure for a long time, or even a short time, GMST increases of even 2C, let alone the probably higher estimates. The impacts upon species, food production, fresh water, sea level changes, catastrophic storms and such like are too severe for us to assume our civilization will remain even remotely intact.
James Lovelock is giving us a final warning — Final warning from a sceptical prophet
Lovelock argues that model projections of the climate a century ahead are of little use. The models of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) extrapolate from a smooth trend of warming, yet the real climate system, complex and fully coupled to the biology of land and ocean, is unlikely to change in this simple way. It is more likely to flip from one state to another, with non-linear tipping points that the IPCC models are too simplistic to capture. Lovelock fears that the climate will shift to a new and considerably hotter regime, and that once underway, this shift will be irreversible.
This view is not officially sanctioned ‘IPCC-speak’, but he is fully within the envelope of scientific consensus when he warns of the possibility of rapid and irreversible change. Other climate scientists — notably Wally Broecker (see Nature 328, 123–126; 1987) — have said much the same for a long time, although Lovelock uses more graphic language and his popular voice will carry further. Palaeoclimate records show that rapid flips have happened before, so this must be a strong possibility for the future if we continue to force up the levels of greenhouse gases at the current rate.
What is controversial is Lovelock’s vision for humanity: rapid climate change will lead to the deaths of most people on the planet, and to mass migrations to those places that are still habitable. He does not spell out exactly how this might happen, but is convinced a hotter Earth will be able to sustain only a few per cent of the current human population. The implication is that Gaia and human society are close to a cliff-edge, and could unravel rapidly and catastrophically.”
SO…. Have we been wasting our time trying to “be the change we want to see?” Is it all for naught? Should we have just taken the money from the sale of our home and become urban apartment dwellers? We could have gone on a cruise. We could be sipping lattes at a streetside cafĂ© in Portland and going to the theater. Damn! Sometimes that doesn’t sound half bad…
Who’s in charge here? Does the collective or individual consciousness of human beings have an effect on what manifests on this planet? If a whole bunch of us began meditating and visualizing and living the new paradigm of simple living in harmony with the earth, would it make a significant difference? Maybe there is something to that story about Noah and the Ark or Lot and his wife that got turned to a pillar of salt. Maybe this has happened before…
As the earth once again travels into the middle of the galaxy and encounters Hanab-Ku (sort of like “The Destructor” in Ghost Busters, only worse), it might become clear that the Universe is thoroughly in charge, and the stupid problems that we have created are all going to be wiped clean no matter what. It will be like we were never here. “Impermanence,” the Buddhists advise. “Get used to it.” (I’m paraphrasing here.)
So, once again, I find myself in doubt about the future and forced to deal with the here and now. Coming full circle from the 70’s when I first read Ram Dass’s book, “Be Here Now,” I find myself becoming quiet, and remembering one of the early lessons in “A Course in Miracles.” “My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.” And, another one, “I am determined to see things differently.”
“When in doubt,” the Hindus say, “chop wood and carry water.” Yeah. Murph is tending the rabbits. I am baking a loaf of bread. The sun is finally shining. The chicks are growing. Right here and right now, things are good.


stoney13 said...

Everything looks great in Oregon, we've had nothing but rain for the last fucking month! GGGRRRRRR! If this shit keeps up I'm building a fucking ARK!!!!!

All the weather patterns are royally fucked up! Here in Saluda I'm seeing March weather In May, and October weather in August, and that's just this year, and last! There's no gradual moving from one season to the next, it's just WHAM! Here it is!

Well it's not the first time, and it damned sure won't be the last! All of our wonderful "marvels" will disappear really quick when the glaciers start grinding away!

Maybe we aren't the first to achieve Industrialization on this scale. Maybe it was a culture just like ours that brought on the last big ice age! Who's to know?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ice ages, stoney, we're having a cold, wet spring here in Montana. Browning, a little town up north on the east side of the Rocky Mtn. front, east of Glacier Park, got dumped on last week--four feet of snow. Out on the plains.

Here, in southwestern Montana, the sol is beginning to warm, but nights are still too cold to plant anything but spinach and chard, etc.

Talked to my brother in upstate NY today, and he is reporting wacky weather similar to Stoney's comment. Winter turned to June over night, and things are very dry. He digs live trees, so he's tuned in to the weather, and it's beginning to freak him a little.

Apparently there has been a solar flare, reportedly on May 6. That may signal a change in earth's weather. We are in solar cycle 24, and so far, it's been eerily quiet. As I understand it, sunspots and flares are somehow related, and the solar wind created when flares explode effects earth's climate. During the Little Ice Age, when vineyards in England were destroyed by cold temperatures and farms in the Swiss Alps were gobbled by advancing glaciers, solar flare activity was at a minimum for an extended period.

(Nice looking raised beds, guys, btw.)


freeacre said...

We finally had a sunny day today, after two weeks of clouds, rain, and sleet. No chem trails, for once, so it stayed nice with small puffy clouds. Supposed to freeze every night for the next week, though. Was 20 degrees when I got up this a.m. Hence, the woodstove. I talked with my friend who is an astro-archeologist today and who recently attended a planetary convention of astronomers. He said that they were presenting papers and talking seriously about the data that has been studied since the comet impact on Jupiter. Now, they are taking life ending events seriously and have launched satellites to study rocks coming our way and special studies of the Sun. Weird shit going on that they are real concerned about. Sounds a lot like what Half Past Human is saying about the sun being sick and strange rays emanating from the center of the galaxy. We just might be in for a hell of a ride.

RAS said...

Nothing but rain here in Alabama too. We had four inches of rain in one day this week. Then there's the heat -it's been Junelike temps all ready. The more sensitive greens have all ready begun to bolt.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

I read somewhere that it is not necessary to totally melt the Greenland ice cap to stop the Gulf Stream. It is only necessary to melt enough water on the surface to seep down to bedrock level and float the glacier free of constrictions.
Temps here have been about 66°F and reasonably good with a bit of rain forecast for next week.
I read a while ago that the Germans are building a small either a coal or oil (can’t remember) fired power station; maybe 20MW which is predicted to have zero CO2 emissions. It is large enough to be serious but small enough to prove the technology. I do remember at the time they did not quote an estimated energy audit, so we wait and see. As Randy said in the previous post, what can the individual do as an individual except to exert his right not to contribute to corporate profits?

Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like what Half Past Human is saying about the sun being sick and strange rays emanating from the center of the galaxy. We just might be in for a hell of a ride

thats very interesting info to have. thx fa. damn we're an arrogant lot aren't we?

ya, alot of extrodanary stuff going on as reported in the bots. i.e., the climate duality as stony pointed out... flipping from one exteem to the other without the usual gradual transitions that were the seasons. its as if there are only two now and even they are extreem compared to themselves historically. we're going to see alot more.

the phrase * tipping point * is used frequently by the time monks. so let me ask you something fa... is it just me or does it seem those words are showing up a whole lot more frequently... out there in what the bros refer to as model space?

for what its worth here's an update on the bot project. the last report has been published to subscribers. there will be no more for the forseeable future. sidekick and chief pie muncher and data cruncher igor is tending to pressing family bid'ness midst personal preperation projects. chief tea leaf reader clif is tending to preparation projects and been spending alot of time doing interviews in between modifying the project for whatever will become its transition point in near future. he's also having to write a bunch of code around a poltergeist that took place recently when someone published parts of the lastest report in their entirity out on the web. those have been taken down but the damage was done. this was NOT the reason they had decided to take a hiatus. they decided it was time to transition the project based on where we are in time space given all that is happening now. into what? they just aren't sure yet.

preparation for what? well, basically for what fa has described as whats coming. whatever that will be. they've been out there scanning model space for years. have their predictions come to pass? in some cases yes. many others, no. or at least not per the actual forcasted event. but as to the general direction the wind is blowing? well, in my view, they've pretty much put it into the right "tone". its this general direction the wind is blowing and the tone of it that i think they've nailed it. not necessarly the predicted events. thats a function of interpretation to a large extent. and it follows that the interpretaions would be influenced by the interpreters own personal world view and thus skewed to that view. clif does have a very wide view but still there is personal bias involved. particularly in how he interprets U to operate. i.e., the dymanic of karma and how he sees that have an influence on his interpretations and thus predictions.

so to me, what's more key here is the tone of the data they've been gathering up that comes from millions of "reads" out in cyber space. over the years those millions now count in the gazillions. from my view i look beyond the predicted events to the actual energetics that fuels model space. the bots were, after all, programed to look for and identify emotional tones in the linguistics and collect that data which was then fed into (a pro-logic type if i recall correctly) a 3-d model where it could interact and likes could "glomp" onto likes. this, if my interpretation is fairly close to right, is how they went about organizing the universe of collected data.

if there's any interest in hearing some of the latest clif interviews just pipe up and say so here and i'll put up a comment with 3 or 4 direct links to certin key interivews. key from my perspective at least.

we don't need clif and igor to tell us that we're in very unique times and that it appears that something very big is in the wind. is it survivable? do we as individuals have any personal power in the midst of it? fa has written a veeeeerrry poignant essay with this lastest entry. one of your best yet fa. and you've written some doozies!

she's asking questions and those are valid questions. the evidence is mounting and as it does it begs the questions even more. i believe there is more going on than most of us are aware of. and more going on than what we might posit as our near future outcome based on past historic records. geologic (ice cores, rock data, tree data, fossil data, etc), archeologic (read "forbidden"), anthropologic. astrologic, astrophysical (sun/earth data, etc), metaphysical (this is a BIGGIE) and so on though that is directly involved as a very big part of the reflection it is giving us.

its not that i'm "aware" and know something most everyone else doesn't. its just that i'm perhaps open to possibilities mostly heretofor unimaginable. and causal factors mostly heretofore not seen as fueling U. certainly not verifiable. except speculatively. abstractly. and, to a large extent, subjectively as opposed to objectively. but in my view reasonably pragmatic given certain "understandings" as potentially valid. pseudo-science as opposed to classical science. metaphysical as what leads to physical manifestations. thus its all just opinion. personal world view. it goes to cause and effect. it goes to predictablilty. it goes to possibility given certain heretofor unachieved, potentials. it goes to evolution. but NOT in the context of whats his name. that was mostly form change.

going back to clif and his world view and how that is in play in the reports... when it comes to "why" questions he refuses to "go there". in publishing the reports there's no back and forth communication. in the interviews there is. when we read fa's essay its logical to ask these questions. and eventually that goes to "why". as least from my view. and from that view, if we never ask why can we ever be aware? interviewers ask clif why questions. clif won't answer why questions as, from his view, this leads to intent. and he won't speculate on intent. i can understand this. but at the same time i posit that if we are ever going to play a role in effect, and if we are ever going to able to influence that, then we have to identify causality. and yes, that does imply an intent. well damn it, don't we all operate from the view of what is the intent? and, knowing what we know that to be, doesn't that shape our reactions? isn't that in play in nearly everything we do? isn't that at the very core of fa's doubt?

one of my fundamental core views is that intent has everything to do with outcome. if thats the case then we have to go there if we're ever going to have any power as to outcome. i don't mean power-over outcome. i mean power IN outcome. our personal outcome as it relates to the macro outcome. clif is certainly entitled to his view and my intent is to not judge it one way or the other. i'm just stating how i see it differently. more important to me is my own views. that we differ is just that. we differ. no prob.

if time allows i may try to write down what i see as going on now and publish on my blog with a direct link back to fa's comment here as a pre-requisite pre-read of my entry . might even send it to fa and murph for consideration as the next entry as sort of an answer... well, not an answer per say... lets just call it a response, to fa's current entry. one that takes fa's questions and puts them into a perspective that can perhaps explain or speculate at least what might be going on and what we might do for ourselves in the midst of it. how we can empower ourselves. how we might survive. is this just another time in the cycles where life is thrown back to its beginnings only to arise from the ashes for another go at it? or is it the end of time as the end times interpret it to be in their various ways.

one things fer sur... its sure beginning to look as if we are in very challenging times to say the least. a time where we've perhaps come to the point of self-destruction? or a time when U has perhaps come to a place of phenominal force of change? are we playing a role? have we been here before and will it turn out the same?

suffice to say that, though i highly suspect we are in the very beginning stages of what may ultimately appear for all the world as the end of the world, i am wildly optimistic! may well not be able to allocate the time to write this so maybe its not appropriate to even suggest at this point. its a vast universe of issues i just outlined and addressing them all in a way that is linear is a formidable task to even try to think about much less put into one essay.

but i did want to say that, though i may not be able to find time to give you my reasons, i'm at least optimistic. and want to add that, though there is certainly validity to what we can create, there's another very important part in play that is not being taken seriously. that in itself is in play and part of what's going on is it's crash into consciousness. so to speak! having said that, from the spirit polarity position, intent is the key. thus fa, yes, what we do and why we do it does matter. and so do the energies fueling how we go about it... p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

The universe consists of pure energy and energy which is condensed in the form of particulate matter. Sometimes they interact in ways which we mostly understand and sometimes in ways which we are yet to understand but always in accordance with the laws of nature. Stars by their nature will emit energy and it seems reasonable to assume that there will be a net energy flow from the more densely packed parts of the galaxy to the less densely packed parts. Since our sun is on the edge of the galaxy and in the slip stream so to speak it will be an absorber of energy even though the sun itself emits energy. As it goes through the twelve ages of the galactic year the net energy absorbed will vary depending on how many stars are in the way at any particular time and according to some theorists this has an effect on how our sun behaves in terms of sun spots and how much energy it transmits to planet Earth resulting in extended periods of extreme warmth and extreme cold. Solar flairs are an everyday part of the suns behaviour. Sometimes it will appear to ‘simmer’ for long periods and then all of a sudden it will erupt in a period of high activity and send out flares almost as far as Mercury but this is normal and what it does.

I do not have hubris to think Earth has the only life form in the universe, clearly that is nonsense but I do not believe that the universe or the galaxy has a collective consciousness which is reigning down retribution on earthlings for being bad people, if that is what is being argued. If you follow this line of thinking you can make up any plausible story. For instance it could be argued that since planet Mars has deep canyons which could have been formed by water and yet it is now arid, that former Martians invoked the wrath of the Gods who orchestrated some galactic event that took away their water and maybe our dinosaurs got caught in the by goings.

What I do believe is that here on earth there is a class of old money which is morally bankrupt. They are the riders who dangle the carrot and we are the donkey that willingly follows without looking left or right. Both the civilised world and the dependant world, but strangely not the primitive indigenous world, have done exactly what Thomas Malthus said we would do and shit in our own nest. Since we have done it, it is up to us to clean it out before we become buried in guano. As for the phrase “Tipping Point”, the GEAB people use it all the time.

freeacre said...

Great comments, Guys. George has more woo woo stuff on Urban Survival today regarding a new crop circle that may be interpreted as pointing to 2012 and trans-dimensional beings. Damn! Whatever happened to the "normal" space alien invasion that I've been looking forward to throughout my life? Is that just too much to ask?? Crikey.
Murph has a new post idea, but we don't have anything new to add in terms of pictures. So, I'm requesting that somebody send us a picture or two (or 4) of some project that you've got going. Ust e-mail them to us and we will include them in the next post. Must be JPG format.

Anonymous said...

I'll second that comment, fa! Great comments by P and Belgium!

Rense has a piece by Clif High concerning the May 9 crop circle; he's calling it a time map, with detailed explanation.

P, I've been looking for an update on the global coastal event. Anything new? I was given to understand May was a critical time.

Just watched an interesting video about the Illuminati, they're plans for us useless eaters and what we can and should be doing about the situation.

P, the Oath Keepers business provides me some real hope. I would genuinely like to go to Wash. for the June 13th rally. But I'm not leaving my garden now.


Anonymous said...

"I do not believe that the universe or the galaxy has a collective consciousness which is reigning down retribution on earthlings for being bad people,..."

me either! :-)

"follow this line of thinking you can make up any plausible story."

and those that do... do!

agree with you on U is energy and the morally bankrupt old money albeit i suspect at least some of that never had anything in the morality tank to begin with. personally i prefer to use the word ethic over morality as the latter is far too often associated with interpretations that follow the various lines of rightous religous thinking such as you referenced. not to mention the vast majority of the fragmentation has been co-opted by conditioning to go right past what would have been their own gate keeper fail-safes. i find this in myself all the time.

that U is energy is exactly my point. yes, much is misunderstood. and by that i do not mean by classical science though there is certainly misunderstanding and misinterpretation within the various schools. not to mention misinformation being peddled for myriad reasons both conscious and subconscious. we must assume some with the very real possibility of diabolical intent attached.

the cern project's most recent escapades under the guize of searching for the god particle comes to mind. in anti-matter? my contention is that the energy(ies) in U IS/ARE the god particle(s). but in order to make that plausable one has to consider the possibility of god in a state of denial. which would be more what cern is really about. among a gazillion other things thrown into the collective evil box.

geab? would that be the global european anticipation bullitin? was looking for a reality check of my perception that the term has gone msm. seems to be prolific now as a part of everyday rhetoric.

rp... hate to fess up but i had to google oath keepers. sounds like an re-enactment of the nam era. good for them but i think we're so far past the balance point here that its time to re-eval and consider backing off completly and not playing their game anymore. just go about our bid'ness of getting our own chit together. we'll keep ourselves safer with low profiles. there comes a time when the only way to win is not to play. what's a fear monger to do if nobody shows up? starve em off the damn planet i say! and energetically, there is definately a feeding off of fear. especially sub-consciously.

which leads me to issue a caution. we're hearing alot about this now and we're going to be hearing alot more. many advising to not let fear take us down. i agree with that but with the caveat to not deny it either as that can produce some very nasty results. most advice will amount to some form of denial. some intentioned. some not. the last thing we need to be doing are a bunch of positive affirmations designed to get rid of fear. if fear gets triggered, move with it. we need fear. it warns us of dangers. so there's a balance point here. accepting that my terror has been triggered is just that and no more. unless we make more of it. talk to it. acknowledge it. move with it. catch and release as mf sez. feel into it and pay attention to what thoughts come up. is that the fear's pov or my head's interpretation of the fear's pov? it will have one but often not in words. and its likely it may not even apply to the current experience. it could be memory of a previous experience. the will has been so conditioned it often is not giving us a response to the current experience. clearing those old charges opens space for feeling responses that have legitimate connection to what's happening in the now. raw, pure fear approiate to the current experience is not going to takes us down. but denial of it sure can.

you'll get better with it as you move along. the key is intent. and vibration. vibration allows for evolution of feelings and broadening of pov and a softening and/or release of the charges. not the same as giving in to it. and certainly not the same as denying it out. and damn good info about what to do next can come from it.

remember, the door can swing both ways which means it can come back and kick us in the ass. the emotional body is magnetic. ever play with magnets? when it does come back it will be in a state of denial.

why do you think we have a war on terror? cuz we demand our protectors hold the line against it. there is much hatred of terror in nearly all of us so we have a long way to go here. that hatred needs to move too. whatever comes up, move with it. do it privately without acting it out and without harming yourself but let the charges, whatever they are, express in whatever way they want to express. thats movement! vibration! vibration is life!!

okay, maybe thats more than you wanted to hear so i'll stop. i hesitated to post this part but i feel the time has come to "come out" so to speak. i'm convinced this will go a long ways in helping to keep ourselves safe in the coming times. alot is going to be moving and it ain't gonna be pretty.

as for the global coastal... can't remember fer sur but the time line could be this month. the smart money is saying the current most likely candidate is that tonga area volcano which broke surface about a month ago. its hard to get good data particularly on undersea vol activity and i just haven't had time to keep my finger on it. i'm not so anal about the details anymore either. grapevine sez activity up. but this is same-o gossip that claims shaker activity is up and personally i don't see the evidence in my watch data. yet! unless it involves the under 4.0's globally and under 2.5's US and territories. tracking that takes more DD than i've had time for too. here's a pdg daily disaster link that i do keep an eye on...

i do see some visual reporting of anomalous high tides in isolated areas. i don't think we've had a bona fide tipping point event yet. and we may not. but before its over there will be lotsa things involved in this that, collectively will likely produce inundation of heavily populated areas. hell, with all this rain we may not need an event! ...p

RAS said...

Hey, the sun's out! It's a friggin' miracle! I haven't seen it for so long I almost forgot what it looks like. We're back to rain tomorrow, though, or so the forecast says. Yesterday the high was only about 65 and the low was in the lower 50s. Which would be nice, if it wasn't mid-May. It's never been that cool this late in the season. Of course, we'll be back in the upper 80s today and tomorrow. I can't believe how badly the weather is yo-yoing.

About the global coastal event -do the markers indicate one single, massive event, like a tsunami, or they point to something a little more gradual? Like, say, most of the Wilkens ice shelf sliding into the sea over the summer and causing the sea level to rise by several meters before winter. That would be one 'event', but it would last for a while. Or do the markers not say?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

p.. Apologies, I guess I just read your first comment wrongly, I get easily confused these days?

Btw, ethics is what we have; morality is what other people have :-)

Jacques de Beaufort said...

hope you have a productive growing season !