Friday, July 24, 2009


I will begin this new post with some photos of Rockpicker's garden and a couple of how we are doing.

The Spanish onions

Raspberry plants and scarecrow

Garlic bed in the summer, about 600 plants

Our Squash bed is looking good so far. Having to hand pollinate them

One day of early produce

On to todays post.
from murph

You know, it is very often a distinct advantage to be living with someone that pretty much shares your perceptions when looking about at the world outside of ourselves. Freeacre laid on me a term that is being bounced around a lot that somehow I completely didn’t pick up on: JOBLESS RECOVERY.

Now you want to talk about an oxymoron, this is an excellent example. So, as an exercise to show this economic idiocy, put ‘jobless recovery’ into your search browser and see what come up. You should show around 3 million possible sites to go to. I was just a bit astounded, oh hell, I was enraged. What in hell are these moronic economists talking about? Do you realize that according to these Bozos, every recession we have had ended up as a ‘jobless recovery’? I also remember back a bunch of years reading a transcript of a Greenspan’s talk somewhere that we must have at least 4 ½% unemployment to have a healthy economy. Translated that means that you must have at least 4 ½% unemployment to keep wages down to keep funneling money to the top of the pyramid, and, you must have, at least in this country, in the neighborhood of 15-16 million hungry people out there in the greater society to make enough money to justify the sharks existence.

These mental midgets of the economic realm want to treat the economy as a discrete entity that has only equations, mathematical analysis and stats to describe where the money goes rather than what is happening to real humans in the society. I’m not sure whether I should accuse them of ignorance or treat them with utter disdain. Of course if your being paid a 6 figure (or more) income to put out such propaganda, I guess there is no incentive to look at it differently.

And now, the Obama administration is hyping the idea that we tax the wealthy a rather hefty sum (those over the 250 grand a year income) to pay a massive health care reform (that isn’t a real reform but further channeling more profits into insurance companies and the medical establishment) and pay for no less than 2 running wars, and pay for the real probability of another or even a world war, and pay for the massive government intrusion into the citizens lives, and to pay for a really meaningless green technology bubble. Those folks of that income bracket and higher couldn’t generate enough revenue to pay for all of this, even if the administration is successful in implementing it. Alas, remember, DEBT DOESN’T MATTER. Or, at least that is what we are told. According to the information I have been seeing, the national debt will soon exceed over 50% of the GDP. That is insane policy.

I read about the fix that California is in. Notice that there is lots of talk about cutting services to the residences of California but no cutting of the exorbitant pay of the legislators. Same thing at the Federal level. The top dogs don’t want to give up anything and at the expense of the middle class and below.

But I digress.

Through manipulation of the economy, this country, and for that matter almost all of the worlds economies, are now consumer economies, that is, if the people aren’t buying, Oh God in heaven help us, the top dogs (and I am using dogs as a pejorative) will have to take a cut in profits. So, since we have almost no manufacturing ability in this country anymore, resources are becoming more expensive, energy is becoming more expensive, and disposable income for the majority of people in this country is decreasing, just what in hell does it mean to have a jobless recovery? I have to conclude that in essence it means that we have a nation of jobless slaves to the corporate entities. Although that has its contradiction also, for if we have over a 20% mass unemployment, just how do they plan to keep everyone alive? Soilent Green revisited?

So, I have to conclude that there is no desire to keep most of the population alive and healthy. What the PTB need is just enough population world wide to keep them in power and wealth. This has been tried before by other empires. In the long run, unsuccessfully I might add. Revolution, die off, poverty and empire dissolution is always the end result. Whatever knowledge and study these power insane groups have in their mind about history seems to have bypassed them. Not content with being at the top of the power pyramid, they keep grabbing for more, ever more power and entitlement, and always with the caveat that it is in our best interests.

Thus, I return to my often and perhaps overused theme, STOP HONORING THOSE WITH POWER AND WEALTH. Stop giving them support at any level you can possible cut out of your lives. Stop supporting the Frankenfood industry, stop supporting the professional politicians of any school of thought. Stop supporting the corporations that are eating you alive (Wal Mart and McDonalds sure come to mind) and stock up for a siege that is surely to come in some form, and get community organizations going for mutual support. Maybe even befriend your local crack head. You don’t want him rampaging your assets when the shit comes down.

I think deep in my heat that the Obama campaign to create jobs at least realizes that a ‘jobless recovery’ is an impossibility, but is going to be doomed from the opening bell. It is true that a massive federal spending of money (they don’t have) could result in a lot of jobs, but simply not enough of them. The private job sector simply can’t absorb enough that the feds can’t create. It seems obvious now that all the money that is being thrown at the financial markets in an attempt to create jobs is failing miserably, as we should have known it would. Those recipients of this federal largess are only being used to further the power and wealth at the top, not create more income for the ‘useless eaters’ down below.

It is somewhat troubling and amazing to me that the general population goes blithely along ignoring how the gaping mouth of the top sharks are about to swallow them whole.
It further amazes me that the minions supporting this do not realize that they also will be thrown under the bus, and with no golden parachute either. But, when you have a society that is dependent on government largess (in one form or another) to stay alive, what can I expect? If your lively hood is dependent on this largess, are you really going to oppose any policies that threaten your largess? Probably not. To do so demands a personal ethics that is not very prevalent today. I remember a story about Daniel Boone that was running for congress and doing some campaigning in the country side. He stopped at a farmer’s place that was out tilling his fields to ask for his vote. The farmer asked if it was true that he had voted for the government to donate money to a widow that had her place burn down and Boone answered yes. The farmer then told him that he couldn’t vote for him then as the government had no business allotting other peoples money for that use. He further emphasized that it was up to the civilian population for such charity, not the government. My how attitudes change over time. A society of entitlements has some real problems. Even Freeacre and I depend on Social Security to stay comfortable. An example of a government enforcing a non sustainable dependency that is in practice a pyramid scheme. Remember when it was widely circulated that no democracy could last more than 150 years because when the population realized that they could dip into the public treasury the democracy was doomed? Who was it that wrote that? I can’t remember. Maybe some Greek philosopher? I remember so much stuff these days but not where it came from.

Hmmm I guess I’ve worked off my anger again. Time to cut up some more firewood for the fall greenhouse.


rockpicker said...

Yeah, Murph, I came on that phrase in my readings last week and dismissed it as patently absurd, without giving it much thought. Kudos for picking up on it and giving it a look-see.

Not only is the rest of the world preparing to dump the dollar, but the dollar is actually sliding in value. Look at this:

Like Celente says, "you can't spend your way out of debt. You have to produce your way out."

And our means of production were shipped overseas by the criminal, fascist corporate/politico elites years ago, so now what have we?

A jobless recovery. Recovery for who? Not the twenty percent unemployed since last summer. No recovery for the millions that have lost their homes and health benefits. Does working America plan to simply go on, as if nothing has happened?

Whew! That was a close one, aw'right!

DJIA closed up again today, at 9,093.24, up 23.95 pts. Don't these fools understand the game is rigged? People I read say they'll take it to 9,500, or so, and then jerk the bottom out one more time. They just never learn.

What good will a lot of dollars do you, when no one values dollars?

rockpicker said...

Went looking for today's Max Keiser fix and ran into this on his blogsite.

rockpicker said...

Anybody seen any of these yet?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Great post Murph. There comes a point when what you know should be outrage gives over to mental numbness; maybe that is written into the plan also.

I do have a feeling ones financial information is just a tad out of date, unless a zero has been lost in cyberspace. I won’t be unkind and suggest Daniel Boone times but certainly pre 1960’s which is the furthest back figures I have when debt was running a fraction over GDP. With today’s bale outs and using a plastic ruler pressed against my flat screen to measure histograms (these modern toys do have some practical purposes), debt is now running at approximately 535% of GDP. The histogram was plotted using Federal Reserve and Bureau of Economic Analysis figures. If insane was the word used to describe 50% debt to GDP what is an appropriate superlative for over 500%?!-Global-systemic-crisis-in-summer-2009-The-cumulative-impact-of-three-rogue-waves_a3359.html

This monetary hole created with a nuclear ploughshare will need to be filled in by hand by generations to come. Let’s face it they are not going to have much else to do; unless the debt is forgiven of course. I do have a streak given over to black humour. Now that American families are devoting more of their real terms dwindling incomes to staying alive, consumer spending is falling. This has a knock on effect on China and third world countries whose factories operate on the thinnest of margins. These are now starting to fall in a domino effect with the loss of all those exported jobs so that Jobless Recovery is an even sicker joke there.

Taxing the wealthy is a novel concept. Whenever it was tried before, the multinational brand of wealth just declared their profits in Romania or Bosnia or some such place. For those who couldn’t export their assets there was always the Huey Long alternative.

In days of old, the aristocracy together with industrial and shipping barons supported the arts but ultimately something was either made or grown to underpin this cultural largesse. Today, we cannot support ourselves by selling each other insurance policy’s, it just doesn’t work like that. But is this the yellow brick road that China will ultimately be forced to take or will they continue the great wall full circle? I am sure somebody has a plan but it is not on the road map that I have.

Sorry Murph, I do hope you understand that my style of expression was not directed personally; if anything it was rage against the machine or rather lack of it.

murph said...


I didn't recheck some of the figures to make that statement. It was what I remembered from some financial columns in the last week or so. I decided to check up on what is currently batted around on the subject.

U.S. GDP supposedly is $14.2 trillion.

Tarp is $12.8 trillion

Total U.S. debt (all government large and small) is $57-$65 trillion depending on whose numbers you take on.

Current Federal government debt is at $12 trillion.

I think when I wrote that I was thinking of the TARP at half of GDP. So yes, I misspoke on that issue. And, yes, these figures indicate U.S. governmental total debt exceeds the world GDP. And, this does not take into consideration credit card debt.

With these figures bouncing around, what's a few 0's among the complicit?

Anyway, when I look at figures like these, no matter how much they vary depending on who is doing the figuring, and then hear the happy talk about our working our way out of the financial debacle, I cannot help but sneer in their face.

I attended another of the interminable meeting on Wed. having to do with the battle with the PTB in our area, and all I heard was 5 years or so and we will be back to normal financially. Now this leads me to the conclusion that I am either completely out of touch with the reality of the situation we are in or they (the PTB and supporters of this point of view)are operating on financial acid on a daily basis. I suppose that they feel forced to take this stance because to take the contrary position would be politically disastrous and they would completely lose control. Public confidence of governing bodies large and small is eroding at an accelerated pace. Those in power must take the stance that we can recover financially. For to do otherwise would bring the wrath of the population down on them.

My apologies Belgium, Once more I didn't recheck figures before posting. Thanks for reminding me.

freeacre said...

Financial Armageddon is running a good post that was picked up on Huffington Post about how Wall St.'s gain is Main Street's loss. Pretty much substantiates Murph's point that all this money funneled to Wall St. is not being reflected in any sort of job creation. Far from it.
We watched most of a surprisingly good documentary on ABC last night on Oil Addiction. Charlie Gibson linked the U.S. dependence on foreign oil to our policies in the Middle East, etc. I am really torn - I do want to conserve energy, and we do. But, the weather forecast is for upper 90's and into the hundreds for all next week and could be beyond. I gotta admit that all I want to do is jump into the car, go to Bend, and buy a portable air conditioner. May have to sit in the dog's plastic swimming pool...

Anonymous said...

Murph... "JOBLESS RECOVERY... an oxymoron."

'bout as oxymoron-ish as the term 'toxic assets' eh?


this goes much more deeply than most of us are aware of. all the way to understanding where i might be aligned on an emotional level. where playing their game can be a form of approval. i.e., i fear i cannot survive outside their system, i have no other choice. or... i know the paper money chase is a monster designed to eat me alive but what the hey... i fuckin deserve mine and by gawd, i'm gonna get it one way or another. with money i'm in control of my destiny. besides, i'm one of the good guys.

"Maybe even befriend your local crack head. "

this make more sense than most of us can possibly imagine!

B.... "what is an appropriate superlative for over 500%? "


how was it bageant put it? (the underclass) knows that when your fucked, your fucked. they don't need scientific evidence.

the underclass... soon to be the majority and the majority no longer rules. never did really. so much for democracy!!

FA... "...all this money funneled to Wall St. is not being reflected in any sort of job creation."

catherine austin fitts called it at least 10 years ago... the MO is to highjack the cash and move it out of the country. but at the core of this is the denied fear, rage, guilt, etc of the masses. for anyone who might question that just read her red button story. mere anecdotal evidence? not hardly. this is exactly what empowers the power-over mongers. the mongers know it and use it. too bad the masses don't get it.

RP... no offense on quayle and his side-kick down there in texas stirin up the natives but i'm with clif on this one... cease and desist. iow, withdraw quietly and take care of oneself.


freeacre said...

On a happier note... I just blanched and froze 15 quart bags of kale and 10 quart bags of Swiss Chard - and that just thinned it out so lots more can grow! Snap peas growing like crazy, wax beans blossoming, potatoes looking good, carrots, on and on. It seems like a real miracle that one can just plant these little seeds and all this food happens. And look at Rockpicker and Oldensoul's glorious garden! Great stuff this year (knock wood). And ras, too! I think that when the sun goes down, I am going to go outside and drum a song of gratitude and wonder. Wish you guys were here, we could dance around the fire pit and tell stories of how it's going to be.

Anonymous said...

Wish you guys were here, we could dance around the fire pit and tell stories of how it's going to be.

pick a time and let us know FA. i for one have a fire circle in the back yard. i'd love to stop whatever i'm doing, fire it up and join the force... p

Baz said...

reporting from my 'underground' lair: OK, so I had 1 or 2 already, but no more than 3 orificer!—but it's TEOTWAWKI.

Rockpicker, came across this article in my local, and thought you might be inspired: a poet who just received a laureate and .. $100,000!, and she ain't all that! Your poems are infinitely better; copy that! <—ah, feeble attempt at rhyme—OK!

Fuck—haven't managed to check-out all the links provided, but read all the comments .. and those box-cars, on the tracks, look ominously like pictures I've seen in history books, of box-cars on tracks, in Germany, circa 1940!

Experimental swine flu vaccine known to contain the dangerous ingredient squalene, which has been directly linked with cases of Gulf War Syndrome and a host of other debilitating diseases.

If the mass vaccination program mirrors the previous swine flu outbreak of 1976 then the vaccine is likely to kill more people than the actual virus.

Furthermore, since the swine flu vaccine includes squalene, a dangerous adjuvant that contributed to Gulf War Syndrome cases, there’s little doubt that it will lead to debilitating lifelong diseases far more deadly than the swine flu virus itself.

According to Meryl Nass, M.D., “A novel feature of the two H1N1 vaccines being developed by companies Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline is the addition of squalene-containing adjuvants.”

“Research shows that squalene is the experimental anthrax vaccine ingredient that caused devastating autoimmune diseases and deaths for many Gulf War veterans from the US, UK, and Australia, yet it continues in use today and for new vaccines development in labs.”

The National Socialist German Workers' Party (NAZIs) con-vinced without resistance govt 'undesirables' (Polish, Czech's, Gypsys, homo-sexual germans, anyone it determined) to willingly board trains bound for 'Health' centers, even disrobe for Zygon B 'showers', all without knowledge of 'the truth'! The acrid smoke coming out of those tall chimney stacks was only from heating the nice hot water! Einstein narrowly escaped, and he was german and a genius! This is how govts have treated their own citizens in the past—even genius scientists!

Bush said, it was an act of war, and then a raft of executive legislature changes .. for domestic enemies .. internal—lockdown. The 1st casualty of war is truth, and war by nature, is deception. Civilians are always the last to know .. anything. Hell, even soldiers are told jack—on a need to know basis—and fuck laws and the Geneva convention—they ONLY apply to civilians—who are only a vast 'holding pen' of 'reservists', for available recruitment—who otherwise, pay the (expendable) soldiers' cheap low-incoming-wages (without overtime), and provide them with the luxuries of their trade—(♬ with their tanks, and their bombs, and their guns ♫). The fodder are entertained and distracted, handing over the responsibility .. to Criminals in Assholes (CIA) to do the thinking for them. Even the govt are kept out of the loop! They pretend to know what's happening, to look and feel important, needed, .. a job. Look at them naked, if you don't believe me—penis challenged, even the women! Fools—all. And no-one noticed.

freeacre said...

How about the night of the Full Moon, August 5th? Just for fun, and to honor the bountiful Earth, we could all make a fire (even if it's just a patio BBQ) and some "joyful noise" and dance around it. That would be a part of ending our worship of the rich and powerful and turning to honoring something that really does sustain us and is worthy of our gratitude. I remember when we went to the pow wow in Montana - the parade of elders and then the rest who danced in a stately procession in a circle. It was beautiful. Ten o'clock Pacific Time, 9 o'clock Mountain, 8, central, and 7 Eastern would co-ordinate it all, if we all wanted to do it together. Out of country folks, just figure it out. When I used to go on women's campouts, we used to pass a pipe or some firewater around, write down our fears, and throw them into the fire. Then, we'd give each other new camp names. Just a thought.. Full Moon Ceremony - what are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Murph, we are too good friends for apologies to be necessary for something like this. We all do it, just not usually on a post (smiley winky thing).

Freeacre, I figure that is about 1pm at GMT +1, sounds about right for an early barby. I will have to put the tent up with the beer fridge in it.

Anonymous said...

Full Moon Ceremony - what are your thoughts?

perfect! ...p

oh my... another of those syncronicious WV's?

* megatest *

Anonymous said...

And, let's hope that the BRIC countries do some serious threatening to thwart any attack by Israel/US on Iran, 'cause if Israel drops some bunker nukes, all hell will break loose - and we'll be frigg'in DOOMED!

Oh, and I really enjoyed the interview of Murph and Freeacre on Carolyn Baker. I didn't know that much about your journey. Sorry about the pain your having, FA. Is there anything from the plants/herbs you grow that can help? Have you tried mass quantities of beer? Just wonder'in -'cause it works for me, donchaknow. Ha!

Anonymous said...


freeacre said...

Thanks, Randy! I'll try that beer... lol.

Baz said...

Copy that! ~ Randy.

arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphadenopathy, rashes, photosensitive rashes, malar rashes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, abnormal body hair loss, non-healing skin lesions, aphthous ulcers, dizziness, weakness, memory loss, seizures, mood changes, neuropsychiatric problems, anti-thyroid effects, anaemia, elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, ALS, Raynaud’s phenomenon, Sjorgren’s syndrome, chronic diarrhea, night sweats and low-grade

OK, enough already .. give me the vaccine. Ah, this is the part I left-out: Micropaleontologist Dr. Viera Scheibner, who conducted research into the adverse effects of adjuvants in vaccines, wrote the following about squalene.

Squalene “contributed to the cascade of reactions called “Gulf War syndrome. (GIs developed) arthr..

A wise man once said .. "It's not that bad .. it's much worse." — A fool once said, "Do it to me one more time .. oh, baby."

Look, the greeks have a saying .. for whatever it's worth: that only from the drunk, and insane—do you learn the truth! OK?—Got that! Probably muddying the waters. It's not a question of whether you're paranoid—it's whether you're paranoid enough!

freeacre said...

Baz, yeah, I started getting fibro about the time that I used to go outside on my lunch hour and look at the funny tic tack toe grid pattern of "contrails" that lingered all day in the air over Tahoe. It was also the area where "chronic fatigue syndrome" was first identified. Coincidence? You decide. During those years, I also got two flu shots. That won't happen again.

Dave said...

Excellent post! Of course, I totally agree with it, especially the part about starving the beast of what it needs to survive: money. The beast cannot force people to spend their money, not yet, anyway. I’m sure a law will eventually materialize demonizing savers as “terrorists.”

What amazes me about our economy is that it has devolved into a smoke and mirrors charade, like some kind of carnival house of mirrors, and yet the MSM looks at the warped reflections from the mirrors and proclaims that all is well, despite the fact that tent cities are popping up all over, residential and commercial buildings are being boarded up, unemployment is 20% and so forth.

It’s as if the people in charge have successfully fooled themselves into believing that cooked books are a perfectly satisfactory substitute for a real economy, a delusion that allows them to coin with utter seriousness the oxymoronic phrase you observed of “jobless recovery.”

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

They call me: Mr.Bill said...

Its just any faux intent to fool the public. Just wait, unemployment benefits can be extended to 18 months. Wait till they get foreclosed on. Then weekly after that.
Continual downward spiral, to separate the reform...... subjects rather than citizens

stoney13 said...

Jobless Recovery, eh? well! that must have been what the unfortunate individual was experiencing when he/she parked his/her car on the Green River Bridge,(less than a quarter of a mile from my driveway), left the engine running, and dealt with his/her struggles in life by swan-diving three hundred feet into the Green River Gorge below.

No mention of this was made on the local television news, even though it was pretty much the talk of the town here in Saluda. Nobody knows who it was, or whether it was a man or woman, but SOMETHING should have been mentioned!

I guess it would have been too much of a buzz kill during all the celebrations of the wonderful "recovery" the press is all hopping up and down about! I guess when the big boys are making money, it just don't matter whether the rest of us eat, or starve! What I can't figure out is how do you have a recovery, when all across the country people are losing their homes, and are one paycheck away form total ruin?

I'm totally fed up with the news! From now on, the only thing I'll be watching on television, is Gorge Carlin videos, and Bugs Bunny cartoons! If I'm going to watch bullshit, then at least I want a laugh out of it!


Anonymous said...

Damn straight, Stoney!

And, check-out some "Sponge Bob Square Pants." Now that shit is funny!


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through Carolyn Baker's blog-- Pagan anarchists doing sustainability in central Oregon?? Right on!

My husband and I are very much of the same mindset, though we're 38 and 39 and currently living in an apartment on the edge of the Portland area. We're almost totally out from under our debt (car only has months left to be paid off) and so far both of us are working. We've begun saving towards our goal of living as you do.

We saw this coming for years (long story there) but it took that long to work our way out of debt on our modest wages (which periodically ended during layoffs or illnesses-- I have fibromyalgia and CFIDS, and we only just now got health insurance again after a decade without it.)

In the meanwhile, we're networking, researching, and preparing as best we can. I don't know what sort of time we're going to have, but we're doing our best.

We've made some like-minded friends and we get together about twice a month to discuss possibilities and plans and share knowledge and resources. Some of them have a large house and acre of land not too far away and have already begun to convert lawns and scrub-vegetation to edible gardens while beginning to stock extra food and gear. We've been helping them out while we get ourselves into position to do the same.

What I was wondering-- since you're only a car trip away-- is whether you would welcome a visit from a few people who would love a "learning field trip" to pick up some practical advice from people who are doing what we're just beginning to do? Perhaps there is something we can help you with as well in exchange?

Feel free to contact me at if this seems at all possible. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying reading your blog and have added it to my list of regular reading!

Anonymous said...

Oops-- didn't leave my name-- sorry about that! It's Jayna, and my husband's name is Jerry.

(And we'd be up for a full moon ceremony sometime for sure!)

~ again

freeacre said...

Jayna & Jerry, et al
By all means, come visit! We've got a great big tent, a medium one, and a small camper trailer. Kinda rough, but do-able. We'd be happy to have you...might put you to work picking veggies or chopping wood! Nothing serious! We'd feed you. This full moon or anytime you can make it. Welcome to the campfire.

Baz said...

"You were born with a soul .. then they take it, and re-structure it." ~ Mother of dead soldier.

Who killed him? His mother wants to know. She is understandably distraught—she raised him. He died stateside, apparently suicide? Well, that's the Military's version. The Military lies. Always has, probably always will. That is standard MProtocol. Business-as-usual. The Govt lie too. How can they not? They're only told the 'official' version. They don't know any other. There is an understanding between the Military and the Govt—a tacit agreement: they don't look any further. Damage-control, they call it. It's just a job, like any other. Dirty at times—accepted .. someone has to do it. Nothing personal.

Ah, so why didn't Sgt. Whatever his name-was, do something else with his life? Good question. Bad answer, he was brain-washed .. by his Mother—No. By his culture — Yes!

They wanted the fuckin' oil, or gas, or gold, or poppies, or whatever .. maybe fuckin' nothin'. That's right, fuckin' Sgt. fuckin' whatever-his-name-was, died for fuckin' nothing! No reason, doesn't have to be a reason—does there? It's 1965 again. C'mon—back .. Copy .. that!

Anonymous said...

10-4 copy. soul pirates! u been readin my mail? ...p, over

freeacre said...

Dig this:
Thom Hartman quotes a Wall St. Journal piece that states that CEO's and highly paid executives now collect one third of all the money of all the paychecks in the United States.... grrrrrrrr

Baz said...

Nuh .. wasn't me man, must've been the feds! Whaddayou — p a r a n o i d ? but then it ain't really paranoia .. when, they really are after you! Some jobs, you don't ever recover from. The newly intended enlisted would do well to remember that. Maybe shoot yourself in the foot 1st, just 2 get a taste of what-it feels like .. b4 you deploy!—hahaha—or better yet, head out into the woods and take-out all your child-hood ruff on some poor defenceless squirrel.

Hey ...p, "Lennon—guess what made him do it?"—That's you right? So why? I dunno.

RAS said...

Good interview with Carolyn Baker, murph, freeacre. I haven't read all of it yet, but what I've read is good.

NPR just reported that new jobless claims last week rose to 500k+. Why can't they just say what they mean? HALF A MILLION PEOPLE GOT LAID OFF LAST WEEK.

Oh, right. That would shatter the illusion of the matrix. TAKE THE BLUE PILL PEOPLE!

(end of rant)
I'm glad to see new people at the campfire.

freeacre said...

There seems to be a new aspect to the "jobless recovery:" big, new, expensive enterprises related to the swine flu. That ought to help boost the stock market, much as did the dropping of the Twin Towers and the resulting ramp-up of the "security" trade. Time will tell, eh?

CAM said...

Great blog, I enjoyed it.

Re: the farmer approached by the man campaigning for reelection to Congress, the farmer would be Horatio Bunce and the Congressman Davy Crockett.

Anonymous said...

Hey ...p, "Lennon—guess what made him do it?"—That's you right? So why? I dunno.

3 words... denied guilt reflection. lennon's. not chapman's. chapman embodied it. bang, bang! hint, think hitler!!

Francis Bell said...

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