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From Murph

To start off with todays post, here are some pictures of our gardening efforts in central Oregon.

Squash taking over part of the garden. So far, beautiful plants

Murph doing the retired gardener thing

coconut peanut sauce with garden vegies and shrimp

Egg bagels, new recipe

Close up of artichokes and fennel

Todays post is from Belgium, who has been doing some examining of the abiotic oil controversy that has yet to heat up. This is for your consideration and discussion. We have talked about this a bit before, but this is a more in depth examination. Interesting stuff.



We have read in the comments of a recent post that “Carbon Capping” will be the next artificially created financial bubble. I am not altogether sure what Carbon Capping actually is, it sounds to me like the public is being ‘invited to participate’ in financing carbon emission reducing technology however I am not going to speculate any further on this. A few years ago Al Gore was the Olympic torch bearer of carbon emissions related to climate change awareness. Today, with alternative theories circulating which have gone largely unchallenged, rather ignored, his message, which still has a noteworthy following, is looking increasingly jaded.

This post is not primarily concerned with the climate change issue, as important as that is but goes back over old ground, at least eight years to my knowledge, probably longer, to examine whether the holy cow of peak oil is real or not.

I found an internet article dealing with this a couple of years ago but for whatever reason the link became lost before I read it out. I recently found it back again and this is the main source of what follows. Some embedded links in the article have been included in the ‘sources’ to validate supporting evidence. I am of course referring to abiotic oil. This is oil claimed to be formed deep within the earth’s magma which then finds its way into the near surface layers of the crust through deep fissures and is then trapped beneath mainly sedimentary rock.

I first became aware of this as a result of a most unseemly and petulant spat between Mike Rupert and Dave McGowan. At least it was unseemly and petulant on Mike Rupert’s part. There had obviously been a history between these two before the contretemps came over my horizon. I do not wish to dwell on bad feelings but it is important you should know the background to each parties stand. In his blog CIA (Centre for an Informed America) Dave McGowan writes so:

“On February 29, 2004, I received the following e-mail message from Michael Rupert of From the Wilderness:”

“I challenge you to an open, public debate on the subject of Peak Oil; any time, any place after March 13th 2004. I challenge you to bring scientific material, production data and academic references and citations for your conclusions like I have. I suggest a mutually acceptable panel of judges and I will put up $1,000 towards a purse to go to the winner of that debate. I expect you to do the same. And you made a dishonest and borderline libellous statement when you suggested that I am somehow pleased that these wars of aggression have taken place to secure oil. My message all along has been, “Not in my name!”
Put your money where your mouth is. But first I suggest you do some homework. Ad hominem attacks using the word “bullshit”, unsupported by scientific data are a sign of intellectual weakness (at best). I will throw more than 500 footnoted citations at you from unimpeachable sources. Be prepared to eat them or rebut them with something more than you have offered”.

“Wow! How does high noon sound?”

I think Mike Rupert’s arguments are fairly well known to many of the readers here. His first blog From the Wilderness was a subscription journal. For those who are not familiar with him his current blog “Act 2 From the Wilderness” can be found here:

Rupert’s argument is that since oil is a fossil fuel derived from plant and animal degradation it can be found only near the earth’s surface and since its quantity is finite then someday it will run out. This will result in loss of transport; loss of agriculture; loss of water purification and pumping, in fact the whole infrastructure of modern society. Since this society is dependent on oil, when it finally runs out society will collapse with it and there is no real alternative.

Dave McGowan called his post, the first paragraph of which is reproduced above, his ‘opening statement’ and if Mike Rupert wished to pursue matters further he was agreed to a debate without a purse but with both parties publishing the substance of the debate and its results in their respective blogs. So far as I am aware this is where the matter ended although Mike Rupert is still making the claims which he reneged to debate after his challenge above. Mike Rupert in my view should either accept his own challenge or, if he has experienced a peripatetic moment, quit himself like a man and say he now believes he got it wrong, has changed his former point of view and now believes something else. Maybe the pull of the lecture circuit is too addictive?

What follows is a little one sided however my purpose here is to summarize McGowan’s arguments in order for the still relatively unknown abiotic oil question to reach a wider audience. The decision of who has the stronger argument I will leave to the individual reader.

Firstly to deal with the libelous / semi-libelous statement that Mike Rupert is promoting a war agenda, the argument runs as follows. Since those calling the shots are following a war agenda against largely Muslim states, the pro war lobby does not need convincing, it is only the anti war following that needs to be brought on board. If they become convinced that their whole way of life is about to collapse with no alternative, no way out and the (Muslim) nations that still have oil will then effectively rule the world, then they will reluctantly be persuaded to give their support to wars against those countries which do have oil. That these oil producing countries are aware of the peak oil argument and are still willing to sell it to the west does not seem to cross their horizon. Thus Peak Oil is being marketed to those who want to bring the troops home.

One of Mike Rupert’s arguments is "One of the biggest signs of the reality of Peak Oil over the last two decades has been a continual pattern of merger-acquisition-downsizing throughout the (oil) industry." To which McGowan replies: “Really? And is that pattern somehow unique to the petroleum industry? Or is it a pattern that has been followed by just about every major industry? Is the consolidation of the supermarket industry a sign of the reality of Peak Groceries? And with consolidation of the media industry, should we be concerned about Peak News?”

Rupert’s arguments are persuasive -- a non-renewable resource consumed with a vengeance obviously can't last for long. The only flaw in the argument, I suppose, would be if oil wasn't really a 'fossil fuel,' and if it wasn't really a non-renewable resource.

Before 9/11 (or 11/9 if you are reading this outside USA) peak oil was a known but sidelined subject. After then nearly every major newspaper has been beating the drum and a plethora of books on the subject have hit the shelves. It seems the train was shunted out of the sidings and onto the express line. Most of us know how the established media works and nothing gets onto the main line unless a bill of goods is to be left under Joe Public’s nose.

Coming back to the origin of the black gold itself, we have previously been skeptical of the dead dinosaur theory. If we concentrate only on the Middle East’s estimated 660 billion barrels of oil and assume each individual dinosaur yields a very unlikely 5 barrels then that means that in excess of 130 billion dinosaurs in one of the worlds most arid areas got snuffed and buried before they decomposed or got eaten by scavengers and we are panicking about six billion humans spread over the whole planet. Apart from Nigeria and Venezuela the other areas are just as unlikely, Alaska north slope, north eastern Russia etc. Trying to fathom the real origins of oil, a paragraph in the Encyclopedia Britannica ends thusly: "In spite of the great amount of scientific research ... there remain many unresolved questions regarding its origins.”


This is not an island at all but rather an area of sea bed in the Gulf of Mexico about 80 miles from the Louisiana coast. Compared to other oil fields it is described as ‘postage stamp size’. It was discovered in 1972 at a depth of about 6,000 feet (1 mile) below Eugene Island 330 and shortly thereafter peaked at a production level of 15,000 barrels /day. Following the normal depletion pattern this declined to 4,000 barrels / day by 1989 but then a remarkable thing happened. Suddenly and inexplicably fortunes reversed and the field is now continuously pumping at 13,000 barrels / day. Geologists have established that it is not seeping sideways from adjacent oil fields so there is only one direction it can come from, upwards from deep below in the magma. That was quite a feat for all those dinosaurs to accomplish. Estimated reserves from this tiny field have been revised from 60 million barrels to a finger in the wind figure of 400 million barrels. Not only that, geologists say that the oil that is being presently pumped is hotter and from quite a different geological age than that pumped ten years ago. This has led scientists to consider the possibility that Eugene Island 330 is refilling itself and moreover that oil may not be the limited resource we have always assumed it to be.

Here is a snippet that is going to upset the environmentalists amongst us so if you would prefer you can jump to the next paragraph now. The seabed in the region of Eugene Island 330 is described as ‘unworldly’ consisting of deep fissures and crevasses in the earth’s crust. These fissures continuously belch out crude oil and gas and this has been going on since before humans knew about the existence of oil. The quantity is estimated to be greater than all of the oil corporation’s spills combined; more than the Exxon Valdez, Tory Canyon and the others whose names do not immediately spring to mind. Larry Cathles, a chemical geologist at Cornell University conducted a survey of 9,600 miles of seabed off the coast of Louisiana including Eugene Island 330 and reported that rocks at an average depth of seven miles down have already generated approximately 184 billion tons of crude and gas; that is about 100 billion barrels. If any of you are like me and have trouble visualizing big numbers, we are talking about this relatively small area of seabed generating about 30% in excess of all the oil humans have consumed over the whole petroleum era. Cathes says “If this is going on worldwide then that’s an awful lot of hydrocarbons.”

The obvious question is how can any of this be explained by a theory that insists that oil is a fossil fuel created in finite quantities by a unique geological process that occurred millions of years ago?


In August 2002, the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a study authored by J.F. Kenney, V.A. Kutchenov, N.A. Bendeliani and V.A. Alekseev. The authors argued, quite compellingly, that oil is not created from organic compounds at the temperatures and pressures found close to the surface of the earth, but rather is created from inorganic compounds at the extreme temperatures and pressures present only nearer the core of the earth.

It would seem then that we can safely conclude that what Kenney, et. al. have presented is valid science, since it definitely was published in a peer-reviewed journal. And what that valid science says, quite clearly, is that petroleum is not by any stretch of the imagination a finite resource, or a 'fossil fuel,' but is in fact a resource that is continuously generated by natural processes deep within the planet.

Geotimes also noted that the research paper "examined thermodynamic arguments that say methane is the only organic hydrocarbon capable of being formed within Earth's crust." Indeed, utilizing the laws of modern thermodynamics, the authors constructed a mathematical model that proves that oil can not form under the conditions dictated by the 'fossil fuel' theory.

The team led by J.F. Kenney of the Gas Resources Corporation in Houston, Texas, mimicked conditions more than 100 kilometers below the earth's surface by heating marble, iron oxide and water to around 1500° C and 50,000 times atmospheric pressure.
They produced traces of methane, the main constituent of natural gas, and octane, the hydrocarbon molecule that makes petrol. A mathematical model of the process suggests that, apart from methane, none of the ingredients of petroleum could form at depths less than 100 kilometers. By now some of the non chemists reading this may be wondering where the carbon for the hydrocarbons comes from and the answer is from the marble. Marble and limestone are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate which on heating breaks down to form calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. Most chemistry teachers tell their students that nearly all chemical reactions are reversible; all you have to do is bang enough energy into the system to make the reaction work backwards. I know one teacher who didn’t appreciate the smart assed kid who asked how you go about un-boiling an egg. I think he said something about it being a complex system and us not yet having enough knowledge to comprehend the intricacies properly. At least that’s probably what I would have said if it had happened to me. The hydrogen obviously comes from the water. At the extreme temperatures and pressures involved the science says that hydrocarbons can form. We all know that a fine spray of gasoline; a bit of compression from a piston in an engine cylinder and (usually) a bit of energy in the form of an electric spark and bingo – the process is reversed – back to carbon dioxide and water.


A year or so after the end of WW ll, Stalin recognized that the possession of oil was the precursor to military strength. Since he had to defend the greatest land mass with the longest border in the world, the USSR needed more oil than it appeared to have. He was smart enough to recognize that it was not enough to send teams of geologists into remote areas to search for it. He needed to know everything about it, from how it was formed, how reserves are generated and how best to explore and extract it, in fact the total knowledge of every aspect of oil that mankind was capable of discovering. To this end he assembled the largest number of geologists; chemists; physicists and thermodynamic experts the world has ever seen working on this topic. The project ran from 1946 and is still in existence today. What resulted became known as the Modern Russian - Ukrainian Theory of Deep Abiotic Petroleum Origins. This theory has been accepted as established fact by virtually the entire scientific community of the (former) Soviet Union. It is backed up by literally thousands of published studies in prestigious, peer-reviewed scientific journals together with as many books as the peak oil subject has generated. But not one has ever appeared in the English language. Not that is, until J F Kenny, an American who works for the Russian Academy of Sciences and is CEO of Gas Resources Corporation of Huston Texas, the only westerner ever to take up the abiotic cause, published a report in 2002.

As a result of this massive project Russia has pursued exploration not only in sedimentary rock areas but also in areas where geologists predict deep crystalline deposits of marble and iron (ferric) oxide. Eighty out of ninety fields in western Siberia have been discovered in this way and eleven major and one giant field have been discovered in this way in the Dneiper – Donits basin. Exploration is currently underway in Azerbaijan; Tartarstan and Asian Siberia.


The petroleum corporations and the geochemists that rely on them for their pay checks were out and out pissed. The usual parade of experts were trotted out but try as they might, they could not refute the validity of the research, so they resorted to an unusual tactic. They admitted that oil could be formed in the lab by such techniques but took the view that just as common salt can be formed in the lab by reacting caustic soda with hydrochloric acid and saying this has nothing to do with the salt that is found in the sea, similarly this oil formed in the lab has nothing to do with the fuel we put in the tank of our car. Showing that oil can form without a biological origin does not disprove or discredit anything about the fossil fuel hypothesis. They did "concede," however, that oil "that forms inorganically at the high temperatures and massive pressures close to the Earth's mantle layer could be forced upwards towards the surface by water, which is denser than oil and will therefore sink. It can then be trapped by sedimentary rocks that are impermeable to oil."

What they were acknowledging, lest anyone misunderstand, is that the oil that we pump out of reservoirs near the surface of the earth, and the oil that is spontaneously and continuously generated deep within the earth, could very well be the same oil. But even so, they insist, that is certainly no reason to abandon, or even question, our perfectly ridiculous 'fossil fuel' theory.

One article in the Economist gave the abiotic question a fair and reasonable airing but most of the others in the western MSM who pick up the subject every year or two run it like an “is it real or not” Loch Ness Monster story.


This post is essentially a summary of Dave McGowan’s reply to Mike Rupert. A link to the original article is included in the sources. Space did not allow me to discuss in any sort of detail J F Kenny’s report so for those wishing to follow the science I have included that link also.

You can judge for yourself. You can choose for the dead dinosaur squashed fish and cabbage theory which, apart from methane is alleged not to be thermodynamically feasible at the temperatures and depths involved or you can choose for sixty years of peer reviewed research which has resulted in the discovery of many major oil fields together with a single giant one.

Even those who are mystified by economic arguments can appreciate the simple concept of supply and demand, the less there is of something that is desirable the higher the price goes in order to eliminate some people from the market. Peak oil produces the illusion of resource depletion but it only slight of hand on the part of the oil corporations so that they can price gouge you at the pumps and swell their already obscene profits. It certainly seems as tough the intent is to run the dwindling supply story well past the point when the last drop should have dripped from the nodding donkey’s mouth, always grabbed at any price by an unquestioning public. And then like the rabbit in the magician’s hat, the suppliers will produce this recently discovered ‘new oil’. But we may have to drill sixty miles down for it - and we will do it for you but it does bear a cost.

If oil is always and readily available then it follows that wars of aggression in the Middle East which result in hundreds of thousands of deaths are fought for greed and not need. To put this another way, if oil supply does not have a peak then those who would wage such wars on your behalf against the largely Muslim world for their own purposes, would have to find a totally different excuse.

There are two final points I would like to make. Firstly there is a truism that just because you have managed to silence someone, it doesn’t mean that you have got them to agree with you however you may wish to question Mike Rupert’s current stand.

Lastly, if we really are off the hook so far as oil is concerned, its continued accelerated use will have an increasing knock on effect on world-wide pollution and on other resources.


Main article from Dave McGowan:

Further reading:

A link to scientific; economic and political considerations regarding abiotic oil:


Anonymous said...

Nice yummmy stuff you got there Murph. Made me trek up to the snack bar in our building and see what they had in the way of actual nurishment. But, they only had some narly pre-packaged, processed, hydroginated, high-frutose, GMO barf, so I drank some more cold coffee instead.

You know, I always thought something was not quite right with the "fossel fuel" label given to our energy sourse. I mean, was there really that much organic stuff around that got crushed and heated to the point of forming billions and billinos of gallons of light, sweet, icky black stuff? Hmmmm... I donno. But then, why is Canada destroying massive amounts of their landscape to get another form of thick, icky black stuff when there might be another way of attaining the light sweet stuff? Could it be a part of the PTB's plan to spew an illusion of oil's scarcity, which gives them the ways to screw with it's costs enabling them and their buddies to attain mega-bucks? Do the PTB want us to beleive we destroyed Vietraq to get the oil when the real reason was to do the bidding of Israel (i.e. future land grab)? Now if oil ain't that scarce and expensive, then who knows what would happen to the human population of this planet. Geez-yoi! All this crapola is making my head spin. Time for a beer!

And today I've been reading way-too much stuff on the swine flu -and a not-to-distant-future scenario of massive mandatory vacinations. Vacinations that WILL turn us into zombies -or get us seriously killed! Geez, man, sometimes I wish a big-ass asteroid would just hurry up and smack our asses out of our missery. Well, maybe it could wait to hit us after football season is over.
Up -gotta go!


murph said...


I'm with you on your conclusions. All the controversy out there makes my head spin too. Freeacre and I have been into this concept of peak oil for so long that having a completely contradictory set of information about it is unsettling. I have come on the abiotic oil stuff before but what information I did read about it didn't seem creditable at the time. Belgium's digging into it gives some pause, at least for me. In todays high information pile, just who is more believable? As I understand it, the whole dinosaur origin of oil is way off track to begin with and never heard of it till the last few years when the religious right started that bit of nonsense. I understood it to come from far past when vegetation was rampart over almost the whole land mass of the earth. I also understand that there is a whole lot of unanswered (supposedly) questions concerning how the conversion took place. And, was it possible for land masses to be pushed down so deep where they are finding the goo. Way too many questions and no hard answers. Maybe this shows just how little we really understand about this planet, it is much more complicated than we think.

This flu thing sounds like it is going to be one huge mess. I have no intention of getting shot up with the crap that is reported being pushed off on us.

Anonymous said...

yum yum. then, whooosh... big new post. haven't read yet.

just wanted to alert baz re his lennon ? at prev post... p

Anonymous said...

There's this guy named F.W. Engdahl who was writing about the subject a few years ago.

The case seemed pretty compelling, what with the reputable scientific references and all. At the time I asked a geologist friend of mine what he thought about abiotic theory, and did he think it was bogus... he replied that he had never heard of it. It has apparently been a well kept secret.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!! you have certainly gotten my attention sats. not over the question... i've been well aware of the biotic/abiotic pissing contest... but not aware of the pissin contest between ruppert/mcgowan. MR got tangled up with jerome corsi, co-author of 'black gold strangle hold', in similar fashion.

on that one i tended to disregard the issue and was poised to lean toward ruppert since i'm no fan of corsi - a particularly nasty mouthpiece that makes me puke. however, in similar fashion as with mcgowan, the showdown never happened with each accusing the other of not showing up at the designated time and place. which was... ta-daahh... a live coast to coast broadcast. pretty sure this one that didn't happen either was post the mcgowan challenge.

corsi is, btw, the guy who led the swift boat smack down of kerry. that was funded behind the scenes by t boone pickens who now presents hisself as the new messiah riding in on the winds. oh, the tangled webs...! not that i'm a fan of kerry mind you but, well, thats a whole 'nother story that probably could have turned out quite different if kerry'd had any balls. which is just one more dot in a series of connected dots in the matrix that makes one go hummmmmm.....

anyway, not so w/mcgowan. though my knowledge of what he's published on his CIA site is limited to his ongoing series titled 'inside the LC: the strange but mostly true story of laurel canyon and the birth of the hippie generation', the guy strikes me as possessing a praticularly rare brand of recognizing what i understand to be and call * the gap *... the place where energies, often nefarious and moving along well established lines, operate on the sub-conscious levels. not that there isn't motivation operating on the conscious levels as well as there certainly is.

to us old hippies, particularly if you hold interest in music, the ones who make it, the ones who made them, and the back stories that were their influences, motivations, and behaviors, whatever the hell was going on back then seemed almost otherworldly. read mcgowan's extensively researched take on it and we can begin to understand why. from there its not that hard to begin to connect alot more dots to otherwise seemingly unrelated events that are this dispicable history we are writing for our children and the future to see.

but i'm straying afield here from what is, as usual, a brilliantly presented piece of writing stats involving a comples and highly charged issue. kudos.

is it or isn't it? i don't know fer sur but i'm damn sure suspicious of what could very well be a well orchestrated snow job. have been ever since mr smith... errr, i mean simmonds went to washington to huddle up behind the closed doors of darth cheney's energy pow wow. national security my ass!!

what i do know though is there are many well intentioned folk been and being co-opted by and operating under the influences of particularly nasty forces operating from the underbelly. riding on the tail of a bengal tiger, living on the edge of the plate. from this particular layer of the cake, much-o becomes explainable. in the words of carl jung... when an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.

peel the onion back on is-it-or-isn't-it as mcgowan does on laurel canyon and we're likely to discover that truth lay a whole lot closer to that from which we run than we care to look at. thing about it is, most of what each of us are is operating down there. we just can't bear to look. can't say as i blame us. nasty place!!!

but you've opened a damn good crack in the door to the underworld that lurks in the shadows sats. even of the very fire dancing in the circle before us. 'preciate your hard work... p

freeacre said...

Just when I think I know at least one thing, Belgium, you present me with a very cogent alternative like abiotic oil. Gaaaaaah! I don't know which is worse, but it seems things are still gonna go down whichever way the oil is formed. Because they wouldn't be drilling miles down into the ocean and fucking up the whole landscape and using up outrageous amounts of water and gas in Canada (like Randy said) if the previous oil fields were filling back up at any appreciable rate, it seems to me. And, anyway, if we did not experience an oil crash, we'd just kill the oceans with acidification and other species with development and pollution even more than we have already. So, I hope they fill back up slowly - say, in several more generations when the survivors of this mess might be a tad wiser than we are now. The Russians are no dummies, and if they are using this analysis to discover more oil, then it has to be taken seriously. I still think that what is left is rare and expensive to get to. And, with the financial collapse and the imminent collapse of other minerals and resources that are also very important to maintaining civilization, I still anticipate that it will all fail as it should. I hope the Earth will prevail.
I tease you, Spirit Across the Sea, but I am really grateful to have your excellent mind at work on our site. It gives us more information to attempt to figure out just whose bags they'll be wanting our offspring to carry in the next generation or two.

I am reading Carolyn Bakers book, "Sacred Demise - Walking the Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization's Collapse." She really nails the Empire and the evils of civilization. Takes no prisoners.... just drives a stake into the hearts of the blood-soaked vampires that rule the world, and shines light in all the corners so there's no place to hide. It's well worth the read, because once there is no denying the shit, one can see how it can become the compost to cultivate a better world in the long run. Or, at least we can go out with some dignity and sense of purpose and not be pathetic whiners twisting in the wind. I highly recommend reading her book.
We're going to be really busy the next two days picking produce and preparing for the Farmer's Market on Saturday. Plus, there is a big picnic get-together that the Citizen's Group is having. And this frigging HEAT WAVE is just so fucked up. 107 in Portland??? OMG. Reminds me of earthquake weather...
Hang in there, Brothers and Sisters.

Publius said...

It is proven that some oil and natural gas come from abiotic sources, but very little that is commercially viable. Most oil seems to be biological in origin, and this has been shown by the carbon isotopes in the petroleum, as well as the molecule types.

Mainstream geologists do NOT claim that oil came from dinosaurs... that's a way outdated concept, if it ever was a real theory. The source of the biological carbon was likely plankton and algae growing in warm, shallow seas over eons... the plankton dies and drops to the bottom, forming a goo. This is still going on in our oceans today, but at a lower rate than would occur in primordial, warm oceans. It is this biotic goo that was likely converted to oil under pressure. The temperatures and pressures required are not high: under 200 degrees C. This has been shown to occur in the lab.

I'm sticking with the biotic theory of oil for now... The Russians are notorious for crazy theories that don't add up to much.

Baz said...

Hah, I knew it! fuckin' Sgt. fuck'em Whatever—his—name—was died for no reason. Maybe g r e e d . Aargh .. and a hundred thousand like him? And mothers, and children, and all the wounded .. and lies, and cover-ups. The ramifications are enormous! Time/energy mis-placed! For what?—Patriotism, Nationalism, Religion, whatever you want to call it. Governmentalism. What about just deceit?

A tank will run on cabbages. Did you know that? for miles! Unadulterated—just pop 'em in. But why would we even need one (the tank, not the cabbage)? Ethics, I guess. Sociopaths don't make a study of this high priority. It's not in their best interest. Hell the knowledge is aggressively suppressed. Assassins hired. An accident, an incident, a suicide. No-one notices. The mind-less masses are continually entertained / distracted, occupied with their lives. And even if some-one did notice .. what could they do, anyway? Tell who? The Govt, hahahaha

Yes, Oil Corporations are the Loch Ness Monster. We know they're there .. just can't touch them!

stoney13 said...

The abiotic theory makes more sense to me now, as that I have evidence that it has been replicated in a lab.

The biotic theory makes less sense to me now for the reason that I have seen NO evidence that the process has EVER been replicated in a lab!

Science is a system of educated guesses,(Hypotheses), which are put to laboratory tests, (experiments), then by using the knowledge gained, conclusions are drawn (Theories).

If we look at the biotic petroleum theory, we find the entire experimentation step, quite profound in it's absence! Petroleum has never EVER been produced in a lab using organic compounds.

In my opinion the abiotic theory, (which has the results of experimentation to back it up), should be far more acceptable, than the biotic theory which does not!

Now I love old Mike Ruppert, and I know he thinks he's right, but when you read the reports, and do the leg work, at the end of the day, I have to go with proven results.

As far as the powers that be go, I'm sure our friend from Belgium can find reports of how, during WW2, (when all the oil reserves in Belgium were being used for other things), internal combustion engines were run quite efficiently on "wood gas" which was made by heating wood chips, and piping the resulting gas into the air cleaners of aforementioned engines! You won't be hearing a lot about this process from the mainstream though, because there's no money in it!

murph said...


I don't know if I still have it in my files somewhere, but I had a whole bunch of information on using wood chips and coal for running an engine, diagrams on how to do it and all. I think I remember England doing that too. I had stuff on how to make a tractor out of a VW for the farmers. Double transmission. I didn't think I was going to need all that information 10 years ago and sold a stack of it to a buddy of mine at the time. sigh. Now, wish I had it all back. Shit,lots of stuff I wish I hadn't gotten rid of now.

Baz said...

Flying Jets on Cabbage fuel !!!!

WASHINGTON: Jet fuel's grave carbon emissions can be reduced by about 84 per cent by refining it from the seeds of a lowly weed, which is a cousin to the cabbage, says a Michigan Technological University researcher.

Hydrocarbon green jet fuel that meets or exceeds all petroleum jet fuel specifications.

.. the fuel is a "drop-in" replacement that is compatible with the existing fuel infrastructure, from storage and transportation to aircraft fleet technology.

"It is almost an exact replacement for fossil fuel. Jets can't use oxygenated fuels like ethanol; they have to use hydrocarbon replacements," — life cycle analysis for a subsidiary of Honeywell.

More articles from World News Network (including nice pic of cabbage!): Change for the better—With no substitute for petrol invented as yet, the world is gradually adapting to a new kind of fuel called Bio-Diesel.

Oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp. is making a major jump into renewable energy with a $600 million investment in algae-based biofuels. Pond scum is no longer a joke.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I didn’t know the post was up already, I have just got back from a week in the Ardennes. It is the first break away we have had since Chris was taken ill in Easter 08. We needed the quiet time and yes it was good.

Murph and Freeacre, I read your interview on Carolyn Bakers site and was very impressed. Even I didn’t know all those things but there again there is no reason why I should. We all seem to have grown up with Mike Rupert and all other things seem to have followed from his premises. When you find that his message may have been built on unsound principles it makes you stop and question all those other things too. I do tend to go along with Freeacre here and believe that if it is not oil depletion that gets you then there are plenty of other things stacking up behind.

Publius, this piece was presented as a discussion document and not as a definitive all encompassing answer. A theory like this shakes everything you have been taught to believe in although the last four or so years has been like that. I am tending to come down on the abiotic side though, especially with the thermodynamic arguments.

If fields in the Mexican Gulf are refilling themselves then why aren’t fields in Texas doing the same thing? Maybe they are and we are not being told and maybe they are not. I am only guessing here but maybe different geological regions operate on different geological time scales. It could be like a lift in a tall building and when the lift goes up the counterweights come down. It could be that there needs to be a mechanism whereby water has to be able to get down in order to force the oil up and if there is a blockage or restriction then it won’t happen easily.

Stoney, I tend to agree with you and I will check out the wood chip fuel; and if wood chips then why not cabbages? Baz, we have kicked this one around before and although there is nothing wrong with the theory we recognised a conflict between land usage for food production for the rising population against land usage for bio diesel.

P, thanks for the compliment but all I did was take McGowan’s piece, chop it down and put it into a readable form. The chemistry lesson was mine though :- ) I did give McGowan credits though and I don’t want to be accused of plagiarism.

Btw, I have only read parts of Laurel Canyon but after you have got through with that, read McGowan’s Peodophocracy. It is in six parts and I personally was in Belgium at the time and remember the White March. After that I will give a link that will truly blow your mind away. I was toying with a post but it is too big to know where to start with it so I will put the link up in a little while. However, back to the oil………….

rockpicker said...

Yes, back to the oil.

The rocks in west-central and northwestern Montana, and westward into Idaho, and northward, into Canada, are known by geologists as the Belt Series. They are preCambrian in age, meaning they pre-date any sophisticated life forms. And, they are all marine sediments.

From top to bottom, geologists think there is approximately fifteen miles of these sediments. It's hard to say for certain, as the Rocky Mountains now are pretty jumbled -up.

But think about fifteen vertical miles of sediments, collecting in an ocean environment under changing conditions. How long would it take?

Remember, we're talking about pre-Cambrian, or proterozoic times now, which means no vegetation. Earth is just a rock in space, totally exposed to erosional forces. Storms might last years at a time.

Geologists say the Belt Series rocks accumulated over a period of about 900 million years. No one has ever found a fossil in the Belt.

The northeastern portion of Siberia, where the Russian's hit gas and oil in the 1980's, is made of the same proterozoic rocks of which I speak. It seems that long ago, before Washington State boiled up out of the ocean, western North America and Siberia were joined. Tectonic shifting accounts for the current geographic displacement.

So, when the Russians found gas and oil in Belt rocks in Siberia in the '80's, it was big news among geologists here in Montana.
Companies were suddenly drilling all over the place. Locals were hired to do seismic exploration. Data was collected, for a while, and then it kinda petered out.

Nothing much is said about it now. No one I know can say what became of all the data. Who knows what they found? I can say no new nodding donkeys appeared in pastures around western Montana as a result, as far as I know. Doesn't mean 'they' didn't find something.

But it's always made me wonder about the traditional explanation of oil being of biotic origins.

On another note, Project Camelot is bouncing around Europe and doing a great job connecting us to our European cousins. I encourage all to keep an ear tuned to their website and radio broadcasts, as they are doing the work our lamestream media refuses to do.

Anonymous said...

so lemme see here, were i a PO cherry picker i might take baz's headline and marry it up with a kenney quote to draw a convenient conclusion: flying jets on cabbage fuel refute kenney claim that its nonsense to believe that oil derives from squashed fish and putrefied cabbages.

b... as you gave credit where credit due so was i... the brillance is in your presentation... p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

p. Shucks



Dave said...

Personally, I continue to believe that oil is produced from organic sources. However, it's not necessarily an either/or question. It's possible that a small amount of oil is produced abiotically.

The more important issue, though, is the amount of oil being pumped from the wells. Even if oil is being magically replaced from abiotic processes, the fact remains that most major wells are in decline right now. Obviously, they are not being replenished - if at all - as fast as they're being depleted.

See Is Peak Oil Real? A List of Countries Past Peak.

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

Baz said...

ah, from the wilderness?

Hey FB, you're back! .. missed you. Hope you and the missus are refreshed. Your post triggered some latent, partially buried (brain) bio-mass. Sorry I wasn't around in previous discussions—I might've had somethin' to add!—haha. Us NZers have been considering 'green' alternatives for awhile now—and doin'it! There are whole fleets of vehicles up and runnin' around on bio-fuel.

Nothing wrong, also no conflict—land usage. Already vast tracts of under-utilised/abandoned farm-land. Outside Bakersfield, you can drive for hundreds of miles and see nothing but abandoned farm after farm—no crops. No water! Just lots of yellow signs which inform you: 'Congress did this—to you'. Dust-bowl.

My chop-shop piece—chopped too much eh? Here's the kicker: known as gold-of-pleasure, it thrives in the semi-arid conditions of the Northern Plains .. used for the research was grown in Montana .. Given that—needs little water or nitrogen to flourish, Professor says that it can be grown on marginal agricultural lands.

"Unlike ethanol made from corn or biodiesel made from soy, it won't compete with food crops. And it may be used as a rotation crop for wheat, to increase the health of the soil, its low fertilizer requirements, high oil yield, and the availability of its coproducts, such as meal and biomass, for other uses," the researcher added.

"Can create jobs and income opportunities in rural areas"—it's all good baby—new and improved!

Key note: infrastructure of modern society. Since this society is dependent on oil,

Just some examining to heat it up! ;-)

Picking cherries aside—yum! Honeywell (NYSE: HON)—aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, major corporations and governments—are no dummies.

There are appearances, and then there is reality.

So whad-da-we-do when we hollow out the earth completely? Do we just implode in on ourselves. Will this be the real collapse?—and our monetary one a mere illusion?—haha.

".. none of the ingredients of petroleum could form at depths less than 100 kilometers." ?????

At some point here tempted to say, “bullshit”, just unsure where?

Oh yes, there are alternatives, there are always alternatives—A wise father once told his son, "Don't let anyone tell you, you can't do something—not even me". He recently sold his minority share in the Investment firm he founded for a multi-million$ amount. Oh, and along the way .. he slept in homeless shelters and public bathrooms.

I live alternatively! People told me I couldn't do this, or that—OK, can I say bullshit now? I'm typing words employing one of my electricity back-up systems generated from a stream—for free. And I didn't even have to kill anyone!

I have already 'put my money where my mouth is'.

Eventually I'll run my truck .. on moonshine! We have the technology Jim. No need to be stupid or believe nonsense, no-matter how smart-sounding some-one claims he is! If it flies—it flies! Or dependent.

The dead don't need scientific evidence .. on the origins of black gold (deep or wide, shallow or high), men lust after in their hearts. Doesn't affect them anymore. Only their widows and orphaned children.

"Scientific material, production data and academic references and citations for your conclusions like I have."—no longer concern them, .. if they ever did?—Here is a strange and bitter crop .. producing Strange Fruit, with Blood on the leaves, blood on the roots .. wars of aggression in somebody's name!

And while we wait .. for Presidents, and Scientists, and Corporations, to get a ethic, we die. Sometimes quickly .. more often, gradually .. a little each day.

Meanwhile we wait for the games to cease—can't see it myself. I don't have that much 'faith'. Not that religious.

Some survival tips: Well, you asked — man, I need a blog!

murph said...


Hell man, you can describe what you are doing here with no problem. You want to write a guest post? Keep in mind that your environment is rather special in many ways.

You are right, the proof is in the pudding. It either works or it doesn't. What works where you are doesn't mean it can work in another environment. For instance, in our location, the ground is so poor and the growing season is so short, oil bearing plants or the very high starch plants to make bio fuel I doubt could be grown, at least in amounts to be locally or individually significant. Have to find other alternatives. In our own case, age is going to be a factor anyway no matter what we do. So we just keep chuggin along doing our best and trying to have a good time in the process.

Maybe gold-for-pleasure? We are researching this now to see what is possible.

Baz said...

ahh nuh, was only joinin' in the pissin-contest with .. ah, what-was-his-name .. Kenney? Thanks for the offer though Murph. Was really only wanting someone/anyone to say, Baz Hell man—You are right. As petulant as it may sound, means a-lot to me! OK, everyone—laugh! If I had a printer—I'd might even frame-it—haha

You know—relative newcomer to the PC, still mesmerized by what it can do—search engines, etc. But one thing I have discovered .. it can chew through a LOT of your time. Have been reading about this around the web—and that takes time! And doom cometh !!!!—those 4 exclamation marks represent the 4 horseshit-I mean men, of the apocalypse. Not sure whether characters are necessarily confined to their mythological cells. I suspect they could fly out any moment! I know, baz—stick the moonshine in the truck.

Anonymous said...

BAZ.... YOUR RIGHT! ONCE AGAIN!!! ...a fan

freeacre said...

Just a REMINDER that tonight is the full moon. This moon is known as First Fruit or the Merry Moon from what I have read. Anyway, we are going to be having a fire in the firepit and drumming and maybe dancing around the fire to celebrate the bounty of the garden and be grateful. Think we'll take the opportunity to remember all those people who have been close to us who have died this year as well.
Anyway, all those who want to join in, feel free. We all look up and see the same moon.

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies and Gents,

I don't know if anyone checks out Joe Bageant's blog at all, but he's had some pretty darn good rants posted these past couple of weeks to the point where I'm thinking on getting his book, "Deer Hunting With Jesus." Might be a good read.


rockpicker said...

Also you can tune in to American Freedom Radio and catch Clif High, from Half Past Human, talking with Jeff Rense tonight, the last hour of the show. Here, in Mountain Standard Time, the show begins at 8:00 p.m. George Filer, with ufo stuff, is on first. There's another guest on at 9:00. And from 10 to 11, Clif will be on.

Also, Project Camelot's Whistleblower Radio has a Richard Dolan on today. It's archived, so you can listen any time. That is also on American Freedom Radio.

Oldensoul and I will be out later to moongaze.

murph said...


We got his book. Loved it.

freeacre said...

Well, getting picked up on Carolyn Baker's site, and then on LATOC has sped up this site hitting 50,000 hits. Welcome to all the new readers out there. Feel free to join the conversation.

I did listen to Clif High on Rense Radio last night, Rockpicker. In terms of "death to the dollar" it was news to me that the Chinese are telling their people in their local newspapers not to purchase any American treasury bonds that mature beyond 30 days, as they worry that our economy is too risky.
Uh, now would probably be a real good time to stock up on things like bleach, peroxide, Vitamin D, disinfectants, anti-histamines, etc. (in addition to food) just in case we need to quarantine ourselves for awhile to avoid exposure to the flu...or the flu shots.
We had a real enjoyable full moon/garden celebration last night. Details later..

Anonymous said...

poem below, by Marianne
Williamson (and often misattributed to Nelson Mandela).


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant,
gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is
within us.
It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously
give other people permission to do the same.

Spirit Across The Sea,
you old dog, most excellent read, its good to see you posting again, your words just adds fuel to the'' its all bullshit what cha get from the mainstream info'', man there's just no end to it is there,,?
To this one being raised in a society of absolute denial and being gifted with the ability to tell when someone is lying has had some serious ups and downs as the truth is death to the scaly ones as much as it is to the eyes of light.
The solution seems to be grounded in the value of ones own self=worth in a world where one is shown to be worthless even if elevated to god-hood,( black football players for instance) we are used and discarded like a starbucks coffee cup.
The notion that we are composed of the most serious star stuff is never given the time of day and it is only the very few that get touched enough to seek out this wonderful world on ones own,
langosta says that if it were not for the habits that we call life were not so heavy-laden with the good book, (gag), of which this society is composed of,, well, you know, there might just be more of those that feel that the inborn freedom that is our natural issue would manifest..and perhaps that time is now, not tomorrow for there is no tomorrow is there,? another escape from reality, thats all.
to be continued

Anonymous said...

Greetings to all, its been awhile since this one has held the sacred stick, the times being what they are, full of fantastic changes and the end of all that has made our mother earth such a delight to pass on to the coming generations..looking into the face of the new granddaughter i see light there, not the light of a newborn, but the light of a newborn, as in right down to the dna which has served its purpose and now is metamorphosing into something that will realize and actualize the need for the truth, the magnificent truth of ones own nature, and thats all that is necessary according to langosta, this healing will heal the earth, nay the universe.!
fuck the christians, they are a doomed dinosaur, even though they have made of them selfs tragic victims it gives them no right to kill the rest of life on their march to spiritual suicide, how so much of the world has bought into this nightmare is beyond comprehension when its so plain to see that you are me, and me are you, and together it is we.
i refuse to wear pain like a halo anymore as if it had value, it does not. the excuses for ignorance lies in the pages of lies thats in almost everyones homes and is brought out on sunday to but the believers back in their reminded place. born as swine, stick your nose in the trough of blissful illusion and be on time come morning bitch, ha!!!
and all you children, the absolute horror that awaits you on your sacred journey, the first grade and giant crayons, the smell of oranges and the slap of a ruler at the hand of some giant of a mind dead whore whose only purpose is to terrorize children as it was done to her.
i tells um like i sees um.
do we ever get tired of making excuses for that which is in direct conflict of a natural born life,? i think not, i hear it in every single day of conversation, people, including myself, endless saying well ''he or she just had an awful time of it as a child so its alright, he or she is just off their proper medication but soon they will be ok. gagggggggm/
what the fuck is wrong with us that a river catching on fire because of industrial pollution is, well, it kinda sucks but just look at all those cooked fish just floating by ready to eat!!!

its raining this early am, after many days of heat and watching the moon come up last night through the forest fires orange and beautiful it came, the warm evening, the south american pipes coming from the house along with the drums and sacred incense hanging in the still air, the full moon, the time for transplanting, for rebirth, a new beginning , langosta says there is no such thing as a new beginning, she says that there is only beginning period. ok, i can see end,? nope she says, no end,

man this fire is growing ain't it? i wonder how many feel comfortable in this place of honor and feel honored to be here as this one does.
we struggle together to find meaning in a meaningless world and this place seems to be fraught with sincerity of mind and the right to speak your mind without conditions, we are a free bunch you know, even if its not apparent it is so and will become, (kinda spit on that word) how about are sitting on the edge of the now? ok,
for the now is all there is, ain't that neat? sure is a fucking healing in that notion.
dumping our habits, o fuck, this is big medicine and not for the timid of heart, but entirely suitable for those that long for home and are starting to stare at their own graves as if that was the only solution, it ain't/
probably should of stayed away today but i was invited and what the hell, what is a mother fucker to do when something as fine as this comes along,
i love all of you,most beautiful of two=leggeds.
montana freeman&langosta

freeacre said...

Good to hear your words, Montana Freeman & Langosta.

Somehow I got a day off in my reckoning. Thought Tuesday was Wednesday... oh well. Now I have an "extra" day!

Anonymous said...

and while ramblings are the flavor of the day langosta said to me that life has no problems only challenges, and that the response to challenges by the two-leggeds leaves them looking like,,, well, she's to nice to say it but, say.. slightly
fucked up.
i asked why and she said that we respond to things according to the past experiences and never look at a challenge or anything else for that matter with clear uncluttered eyes. that we always view life through the useless baggage of the past. and that that is the leading cause of the nasty conditions of our pathetic little self enclosing lives.
i said what the fuck are you talking about, she disappeared into the night with tears in her eyes,, i never knew bugs could cry.


Anonymous said...

from a current interivew w/chief web bot monk clif...

clif: it all comes down to the same meme: 'there is something outside of myself that is going to save me, i need not trouble myself.' i find that very disturbing and very engineered and selectively put out in society and i don't buy it. i'm a soverign individual. i'll make my stand naked and alone in universe. i'll take my lumps but i'll also give them out because i'm not looking for an external savior. i'm going to do it myself.

interviewer: you have to save yourself.

clif: emperical evidence suggests you're quite correct, yes. its never as it appears so why should i assume that i'm so special that thats ever going to happen. and in the meantime i get to learn some really cool stuff about my place in universe and my soverignty as an individual and defending myself and so on. and we also have to understand too that this is not american patriotism against corrupt government run amuk. this is not revolutionary ferver trying to restore our constitutional republic. this is much deeper than that. this is about a feud system so to speak thats been set up by these people that believe that they are our masters. and that we are their slaves by birth. and that it is their right to do with us as they choose. and this has been going on for hundreds of years and pre-dates the forming of america. this battle is at a global level. and so from TPTB viewpoint its going to be the inter-related terrorism that they try to sell."

this interview is his best to date imv as it includes ideas on how to prepare.

Anonymous said...

from the same interview. clif on future predicting...

interviewer: ... your final thoughts so everyone's not running around screaming with the hair on fire...

clif: well, everything that we've got suggests that the future is not written. that what we actually see is language that could appear in a number of different ways. so, for instance, we could wake up on nov 8th and see on the headlines everywhere... boy, hey, we missed it. we by-passed that iranian war. we've settled it. peace and everything right? and that same language would basically be discussing the horrors of that potential war. and so we would be right that the language is going to show up but we would be wrong about the cause. instead of the war showing up we'd be discussing that, oh, pheew, we dodged a bullet there. we did everything right and there's no war. so, it can turn out either way. its up to us.

not to defend clif and his work but they do get alot of flack when predicted events don't manifest. and they are definitly seeing some very grave events. point here being the bots are more about talk of coming events. identifying language that indicates events on the horizon. how they turn out has alot to do with what happens between here and there...p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Hi Mf long time since we talked. The problem with clear and uncluttered eyes is that because everything is new we never learn from experience so that history keeps repeating itself. Then we have nothing to draw on to form wisdom.

Did I ever tell you the story of Apollo 14 and the Navaho Indians? It was supposed to be Apollo 13 but they didn’t actually make it. When NASA was preparing the moon shot someone said “The Navaho Indians believe their ancestors came from the moon so wouldn’t it be a bit of good PR if we got the chief to record a message and we will play it when we get up there”? So off they went and explained to the Navaho Chief what they were up to and asked him to record a message which he obligingly did. A long time after the moon shot someone said “I wonder what the chief actually said” so they went to a linguist at the local university and when he heard it he started laughing and of course everybody wanted to be in on the joke. The linguist told that what he actually said was “From the Chief of the Navaho people on Earth to the Chief of our illustrious ancestors on the Moon – Greetings. The men who bring you this message will ask you to sign a peace treaty, have nothing at all to do with them”.

So clear eyes are the order of the day but definitely not uncluttered;-)

rockpicker said...


I love a good hunting dog. Thanks, man.

freeacre said...

Good gravy! Last week we were dying of heat and tonight it's supposed to freeze! We're out covering up everything in the garden and building a fire in the greenhouse. Picked a bunch of Swiss Chard so they wouldn't get ruined and have been busy 'till ten pm blanching and freezing 6 quart bags of 'em. It's going to be a major bummer if the squash get killed tonight.
Meanwhile Murph had to deal with a blocked exhaust pipe in the greenhouse which filled it all up with smoke and was a bitch to fix. I was working with the chard and saw him staggering out of the greenhouse coughing like mad and smoke bellowing out all over the place. Gads. Things seem to be pretty much under control now though. Got the young rabbits covered up in the wire cages so they wont' get too cold in the wind. Can't hardly believe that it's supposed to be 32 tonight, and it often runs several degrees
colder than the forecast.
We watched the movie "Knowing" last night. It's available now on Netflix. Funny how it coincides with HPH projections of increased solar flares, ET interactions and "disappearances" in the not too distant future.
Well take care, Dear Ones. Almost cheery news on the lamestream media about how the economy is getting better and the Dow is up, etc. Oh, yeah, and how we just bombed this Taliban dude and his wife while she was giving him a leg rub due to his legs being sore from diabetes. I feel so much safer now... yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium


I finished up with the Murph’s copy of Deer Hunting with Jesus and I have searched the apartment out over the last few days and I can’t find it otherwise I would put it in the post for you. I know that it came over in the house move because I saw it when boxes were being dumped all over the place but where it went to after that? Isn’t it always the way that you can find all sorts of crap you wonder why it wasn’t thrown out at the time but things you want is another thing? Anyway if I find it in the next few days I will let you have it.

Anonymous said...

Spirit Across The Sea,
yes the story of the hopi elder is well known and laughed about among the tribes,its kind of amazing that the genocide that took place and continues to this day at the hands of the christians is overlooked and in its place is the use of Native American symbols as honor, courage, bravery and such, the white people admire the attitudes of the ''skins'' but they just really wouldn't want their daughters to marry one..
anyway its old hat and today is today,
many sisters & brothers are regaining their own sense of self-worth and the internal knowledge that they are the keepers of mother earth and all their relations,
its not been easy and still a long? way to go but its happening,
when the absolute brutality of a beaten race remains as a daily reminder of how inferior they are according to the all powerful whites.. well they are not the only ones to come to hate there own being, the whites come from the same nasty assed book of lies, the mother fucking bible.
being forced at the end of a gun to conform generation after generation with the old ones either killed, starved, or dying of diseases ( still very much a source of death on the reservations, diabetes, alcohol, meth labs running openly, and many still with no means of substance except for the rotten shit that passes for food given by OBAMA, and his henchmen,this stuff is slow death for many people dna raised on buffalo, diabetes is rampant when there was no such thing before the whites.)
These are just facts, not judgements, it does no good to judge the past, its gone and what is happening now is all that matters, like bug says life is a challenge and having the courage to see it for what it actually is instead of how you would like to have it must come first, the solution will become super apparent and the wonder of how easy this takes place is a marvelous thing indeed.
so much for that.

RAS. i was just reading the NZ has legalized marijuana, is this true.?

Also the day of the mayan calendar ending on 2012 is wrong,

i think this is way more important then what may be indicated, regardless, for some obscure reason it makes me feel like there will be a massive shift in human consciousness and that only those that are ready? humm and what the fuck does that mean.
i think it means the ones that are aware of their internal nature and have cleared that out of the way so as to have the vision to receive the creator, or some such shit. right p?
whatever,its close, so soon we will know and won't have to fantasize about it.

here to Freeacre, air conditioner running full blast all day three days ago and then the rain storm more or less continuous since then and almost ice this morning, it seems as if the only way we are going to be able to raise food in the future is to have a really good controlled environment, the weather is really going sideways, hope thats a good sign.
or just a natural cycle?

RAS, how are you doing sweetheart,?
Alabama treating you good?

and Miss P,, you to, have not heard from you for some time, either that or the crapy glasses i wear are on the blink.

to all the new folks that are probably not new but are only now starting to take the sacred talking stick, its really good that you have joined with this little band of malcontents, there is much love and understanding at this council of fire.
and some really smart mother fuckers too!!
in peace

RAS said...

Murph and FA, I'm sorry about the problems with the greenhouse. I hope they get fixed soon.

MF, I'm doing well. I've got a part time job now, which is helping tremondously with money. The weather here has gone batshit carzy. It's been way too cold and wet most of this summer. The past few days have been warmer and today we're going to hit the triple digits with the heat index but in Alabama, in August, we should be going into the 100s without the humiditiy just about ever day.

The garden is popping. We've got lots and lots of squash, peppers, and tomatoes. The sweet potatoes will come to harvest in a month or so. I've made all kinds of stuff this summer -jams and pickles mostly, plus filled the freezer.

Anonymous said...

"i think it means the ones that are aware of their internal nature and have cleared that out of the way so as to have the vision to receive the creator, or some such shit. right p?"

actually mf, i wrote a comment to a thread on the web bot forum that goes to this just this morning. its against the rules to quote comments outside the forum but since i'm the author its mine and i'll do with it what i want.

but i first need to set the stage. that done in my own words... a subscriber put up a post wherein they revealed that it had been revealed to them that lithium oratate, aka the 'harmony crystal', would become 'more valuable than gold' (okay, so i just broke the rule and quoted. but this is good info to have perhaps). this person goes on to say how they have, for many years now, been guided by an inner 'voice' and the conjuct is thru their 3rd eye. not only that but its been very acurate and saved their ass on many an occasion since.

and the message was? in short... get lithium oratate and start taking it. of course, thats relative to that individual so DYOD. but they were also inspired to pass along the info to the forum in much more detail than i'm allowed here.

so whats lithium got to do with things? there is some evidence that lithium levels are directly proportunate to ability of the body politic to process energy flows. and more specifically, and more to the metaphysical layers, as an agent to the opening of the 3rd eye... the pathway to connecting to one's higher consciousness and human potential. perhaps even higher.

someone else was familar as they are reading something by one louis kervans who suggests that
'hangups or subconscious fears lesson the lithium production by the anatomy and various forms of self destruction replace the higher consciousness possibilies.'

oh my... there's that self destruction thing you've been writing about eh? i'm on board with that dynamic. iow, if we could peel the cover off the shittiest depths of the shit hole what might we find? our own self-hatred? would we also find the past from which we run? toward what? why does it seem to be our fate to repeat it? we've certainly never gotten away from it no matter how far we've tried to rise above it or how much further into hell we've tried to shove it. that useless past keeps coming back to haunt us. to become the now. to be re-enacted again. again and again. albeit often in differing forms. why does it have us under its spell so? have so much power over us? could there be some lesson, some fundamental understanding missed along the way?

i'm not suggesting what i wrote to be going to that fundamental understanding but i do think the process of energy flows has everything to do with our survival in the comming times. and so, FWIW, i share it with this council. that comes next...

Anonymous said...

reference to names have been changed to X, Y, Z to protect the.... innocent? i was actually responding to one of the commenters, XXX, who said something to the effect that whats going on now is the transformation of parallel realities on an energetic level. toward singularity.

to which i said...

if i grok XXX correctly i'd say they are dead on. with perhaps one exception and this is really more a function of semantics probably... 'alternate realities'. you have one. i have one. is your's alternate to mine? from my view, yes. just like various emotions and/or thought are realities. shift vibration and reality shifts. looking at it from this layer of the cake there are gazillions of realities. infinite probably.

this is a great thread! balancing energies is at the core of it and exteeem imbalance, both on the macro and the micro of the metaphysical and the physical (and this includes the shadow... particularly the shadow) are more than likely what these times are all about at its core. iow, the balance point has been gone past so far the future of life itself hang in the balance. and U is intervening. the greater cosmic forces seeking balance is intervening.

and we need all the help we can get! the interactions of energies in response to experiences is at the core of manifestations. the states these various energies, that are us for example... iow our thoughts, emotions, etc... are in and interact have everything to do with it.

one source of help available to us is from the 'see-ers'. the indigos. walking, talkin third eye creatures. what the hell is that? the chakra line is universally recognized as one of the main 'flow of energy lines' in the body politic. indeed in U itself. which includes the most upper of the upper realms, the lowest of the lower and everything in between. indigo is positioned between purple and blue. iow, the balance point, aka the heart position, between purple and blue. the upper realms of the chakra line. just as orange is in this position between yellow and red in the lower realms. with green in this balance/heart postion between the upper and the lower. all of which extend out in all directions btw. as in a hologram.

how does this play in here? indigo has been ravished in the war between purple and blue (ala church and state for example) for eons. not to pick on YYY but their reaction to ZZZ's post and resultant thread could be an example of a typical reflection. then again ZZZ might have presented a better read on it. i offer it as an example only of what it could be and not as a judgement of what it is.

anyway... i'd say we're coming into right time for right place for indigo. we all have indigo. its just that some are more 'home' there. iow, their right place. likely a result of position at emmergence. and they have much to tell us that many of us have been opposed to listening too for myriad reasons for far too long.

but indigo is not alone. i think we are entering the period of right time for the form of right place. that means there's alot of untangling to do in the energies. energies, even twisted ones, move along well established lines. the chakra lines are just one manifestation. the earth's ley lines being another. channels in the ethers too. kinda like roads we all travel. including the shadow btw. and TPTB. everything that is energy... and thats most everything... moves along these lines. interacting. communicating in various forms. we know its connected by magnetics. the electro and the magnetic interacting. could these polarities be the very core of our being? polarities. as in opposition. but also attracting/repelling. polarities of a ONE iow. are we seeking a balance point between these?

continued next comment.. damn this character limit!!!

Anonymous said...

so how do we stay safe? survive this untangling? this transformation? the operative word is frequencies. thats the level, tone, speed, color, etc of the vibrations of the energies. vibrations are life. life seeks balance. finding this balance point within us as we move along now is, hands down, the very best survival tactic. probably the only survival tactic.

how important is it? i like to use this analogy... its as if your on a plane filled with people. the plane crashes and you're the only one who walks away. there would be reasons. and like i said... we need all the help we can get. so thanks everybody. 'specially you ZZZ for this thread.

Anonymous said...

Man I listened to that Clif High talk on Malitia radio last night. It was the best talk I've heard him give. Even better than on Rense. The host stayed out of the way and just let him speak. It was great.

Put that together with Calleman's notes on the Mayan long count calendar, via Freeman's comment, and you start to get a clearer picture of what to expect in the near future.

Thermometer on the back porch, (in the shade), reads 70, but the breeze coming in the front door makes the house too cool to sit in. Had to go harvest some garlic in the sun to warm up.


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