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Weird Dreams
By freeacre

This has been a rather odd week. Everything seems distant to me both in place and in time. Lots of suffering and challenges with the earthquakes and tsunamis in Samoa, Indonesia, and the Philippians. The whole Pacific Plate seems to be moving and raising hell all over. It could be just doing what it does, or it could be the beginning of something even bigger, like part of the process of a magnetic pole shift. At any rate, it seems far away and there’s not much I can do about it, except sympathize with the people involved.

Same goes for politics. The drama over the health care proposals seems almost tedious to me despite the importance of the issues involved. Blah, blah, blah… blah, blah, blah…. Insurance companies, Big Pharma, maternity care, abortion craziness, a bunch of old men arguing that pregnancy should not be covered, while their Medicare pays for Viagra enhanced hard-ons. I grow tired of their crap.

The Flu disinformation campaign is seemingly to be just another annoying thing. Are we going to be forced to take the shots? Can we choose to opt out? Is the flu a really big threat? Or, is the vaccine worse? I wish I could just trust the government to do the right thing. I wish we could take the damn shot and be happy that we did the right thing for the protection of the people as a whole. But, of course, we can’t. I mean, I remember when the polio vaccine came out, and what a blessing it was. Same thing for the measles. But, it is different now. I see the agony my neighbor goes through every day with Gulf War syndrome. I see my nephew tragically damaged with autism. Is it the vaccines or some other toxic poisons the FDA has allowed into the environment that is making them so sick? All you can count on is that somebody is making a shitload of money off it and probably writing the laws regarding it as well. But, until they stop my car in the street, or come to my door to administer the shot, it seems far away for now.

Then there is the debacle on Wall St. In the latest Rolling Stone, Matt Taibi s evisceration Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner and the SEC as he did Goldman Sachs and the “Federal” Reserve in the previous issue. He analyzes the gargantuan fraud by the Boyz in charge of our financial system and lays them bare. This article coupled with the new Michael Moore movie on capitalism should completely destroy any vestige of legitimacy that the American banking system has. Anyone who continues to invest a dime in securities after this is simply a hopeless moron or a flat out criminal. But, then, we already know that, and Wall Street seems very far away. The savings and pensions of working people all over the world has been evaporated with the trumped up financial froth created from Frankenstein derivatives and collateralized debt obligations. Fractional banking ran amok with the complicity of the regulatory agencies and the bought off congress. One can only imagine the consequences in the international community once this congeals into common knowledge. We are so toast.

But, for now, the money still buys stuff and the electricity is still on. The football game is in the background, and I’ve got spaghetti going on the stove. Everything seems pretty normal (except that the chickens just laid six eggs in a towel on the porch and it’s been snowing for two days).

“Normal,” I say, except for this disturbing dream that I had yesterday:

I dreamed that Murph and I lived in a forest of huge trees next to a river. The trees were Sequoias or Redwoods – really huge. That element probably came from watching the new Ken Burns series on National Parks. (I started talking to myself with the voice of Peter Coyote since watching that as well, but that’s another story…) Anyway, we were planning to climb one of these very tall trees with some sort of parachute and pulley thing. But, when I looked up and saw just how tall this tree was, I told Murph that I figured it was more that I could do. So, the plan got put off, and then the wind came along and blew the gear into the river.

I jumped into a boat and went after it. The current carried it a long way downstream. Eventually, I ended up in an unfamiliar place on the river where a small community of people was gathered. I was hanging out with them and we noticed a cluster of small clouds roiling in the sky. As they approached, the clouds began to disappear revealing luminous space ships within each one. It was broad daylight. Bright sunny day with autumn leaves on the trees by the river. Then, a few fighter jets whizzed past the space ships. We, of course, were dumbfounded. Then, amazingly, additional planes began to appear. But, they were not fighter jets. They were planes that seemed to have been there all along. It’s as though they had just uncloaked and were stationary in the sky, facing off with the flying saucer space ships.

Additional planes began showing up with a sliding door on the side that you could see military guys standing in the doorway trying to reach out and grab some stringy things that the space ships seemed to be dropping. The planes were unusual, in that they could maneuver and hover, much like the flying saucer types. The sky began to fill up with these ships and also larger support ships from both sides. They appeared to be toe to toe and it seemed like an ominous battle was about to begin. This stranger came running up and sat down and called his wife on his cell phone. “Honey,” he said excitedly, “It’s actually happening! It’s an alien invasion – going on right now!”

Well, I was feeling pretty amazed and vulnerable because I realized that I was down the river and away from murph. So, I woke up, and was happy to have him at my side.

Now, what the hell? I do not, as a rule, have dreams like this. As much as I may like to, I do not see auras, have visions, or channel any messages from anywhere. So, I don’t think this is any vision of something that is actually going to happen.

But, I think that it is a manifestation of generalized anxiety about being threatened and vulnerable and basically a spectator of things that I have no control over…like the frigging flu, like the frigging economy, like the frigging earthquakes.

We are surrounded by very big forces (like a forest full of giant trees) that are beyond our pitiful ability to affect. What we can do is stick together and hope for the best.

Anybody else having weird dreams?

We hope Baz doesn't mind us sharing a picture he took of the a sick little Razorback piglet that he found abandoned and attempted to save it. Sadly despite his best efforts, the little guy (named Snorky) succumbed.


Anonymous said...

Hey Pam, it's Gabe.

Interesting dream, haven't had one like that however the dream has similarities to a popular warning post by a one D4rk Kn1ght.

It's definitely a page turner :)

freeacre said...

Good Morning, Darlin'! Nice to hear from you. I'll grab another cup of coffee and read your link. (Gabe is my "like-a-son-to-me" guy who's been my son's best friend forever. He's very smart and he's family.)Stop by more often, Kiddo.

nina said...

Eventually, I ended up in an unfamiliar place on the river where a small community of people was gathered. I was hanging out with them and we noticed ...

This blog and its community? Bringing in new reflections/revelations in comments? A part of you, perhaps consciously unacknowledged, leans toward alien theory, and we really do live in a time of amazing turmoil, much more so than we comprehended as children. The elder Sequioa, knowledge you could count on, surety, is no longer dependable and you drift sometimes alone, sometimes blogging, sometimes with murph, into inexplicable alien apocalypse where there is to be no resolution ...

RIP Snorky

freeacre said...

Thanks, Nina, for the insight. Of course! The "small community by the river" is us! I'm beginning to like this dream.

nina said...

Oh, its an excellent dream! Its really right on.

PS I saw the Harvest Moon, thought of you, wished I was there, but I was warned not to try to photograph it because it seemed to POA, the dude here, it was dangerous, it was to him exactly as it was the night of the Northridge quake. So I got good quake lessons instead. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

freeacre-- Larissa here:

I think you're right about what your dream means-- finding your way through all the powerful forces all around us, discovering you can't trust what seems to be happening, and finding others in the same situation to deal with the overwhelming craziness of it all. I see a really positive note in it as well, with the staid, tall powerful NATURAL component/witness to it all as well. Giant trees were "world trees" connecting all things in many myths around the world. I think the people by the river is a positive symbol for sure-- your community.

Most dreams and nightmares are about our mental or physical health and the issues surrounding those things. Paying attention to them and the messages your own subconscious mind wishes to tell you can be a very useful skill.

freeacre said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Larissa. I think it's a good idea for us to be aware of our dreams, especially now. I don't know what to think of the abovetopsecret link that Gabe sent. But, if there is some way that micro-waves or some other damn thing is affecting the way we think, I'd like to know. Weird-shit-o-meters should be checked regularly. Insanity would seem to be something that is difficult to self diagnose...

Baz said...

It's a $billion 26.5 per-anum Pharma / farming Operation: 25 lgst Drug companies: Pfizer, Novartis etc—industry. All of the doctors and medical reviews board, on the Pharmaceutical companies payola! And the criminal justice system, which exemplifies our modern western civilized society—knot. In the words of NZs Justice Minister, Simon Power - Minister of Justice, "Our current justice system is broken, and needs radical overhaul — Reform is coming! Expect an announcement, end of next week concerning large end, and expensive crime defendants, where dis-advantaged users of our present justice system are often confronted with extremely high legal costs, relative to ability to pay—inforcing expensive loans, impairing rights to a fair trial."

{a href=""}Iti to open 'terror raid' exhibition{/a} Swap all the stupid-looking theatre brackets with angle brackets < > - Hyper-link code: Palooka.

Here's another, to practice on: {a href=""}Beans and Banks{/a} Excellent advice on survival—incidently. But then hey, preaching to the choir. We's all doin' that now!—beans and all, surely—learning how to live self-sufficient lives, free from govt constraint, well the best one can, under the current fascist circumstances. Viva La Revolución !

The oscar award of the times goes to, tah-dah, 'collaterized debt obligations', has now achieved it's zenith of astonishment with the ability to purchase future options on betting how many old people will die next week, in state/corporatized rest-homes, coupled with major indices of drug companies. The age-old technique of bait'n'snatch applies interestingly also — provide the 1st hooch 4 nuttin', then extortion. I'm talkin' bona-fide legit govt/corporatized companies applying street'creed principles of extraction—complete with militarized contractors fulfilling "obligations".

'Generalized Anxiety Disorder' is now a fast growing, officially recognized medical condition, along with hyperchondria. Bipolar diagnosed in 2,half—year-olds has increased %4,000 since the same time 5 years ago. Wow! Explains tremendous realized profits. Sure bet on old people dying. They got drugs to prolong their useless lives, then drugs that'll kill'em quick, or slow—complete control—over dyin' / killin'—every which way. On the battlefield. Off the battlefield, at home. And abroad — to be amazed at the skill levels achieved in chicanery / extortion / concealment of truth. And no-ones the wiser. Fooled again! Just start the programming young—that wuz the secret behind Hitler's Youth Movement, success! Blietzen nein juden! Die kunst — verbotin frucht.

to be cont ..

Baz said...

We're all just bein' farmed—like Soylent Green, or sumthin'? Crispy jurky—fooled again ! From cradle 2 grave—consumer products, and customers, fulfilling statistical corporate targets quotas—hah Perfectly, or imperfectly measured demographic information projection forecasts—bet on, over and over, until not over. Newer and more elaborate means of sophisticated highly-leveraged, easily done sold as investments, "coupons", 4 chris'sakes CODs / DOA !

"Humans are the only animals incapable of feeding themselves." ~ saying by, maybe Satre—maybe, forget. Heavily dependent upon mechanisized complex systems of operation for survival / owned and farmed by the State. Capitalist form of social sharing in corporate profits, as bottom-feeders / useless eaters or worse ; only a number, 9-digits x3 triplicate ! All corrupt state owned, normal agricultural farming methods apply. "in yuh cage son—horse goes into a bar —"

Solution is obvious — a proper and correct / thorough understanding / diagnosis of the problem — of itself, yields / offers up the natural solution. "How obvious !"

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~ George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

WV: mistses - haha

Anonymous said...

Glad you pointed me this way today. Good read.

Very strange dream. My reaction was not inspired. Don't know why, but I feel the message may be look out, the times are going to be getting a little strange but not to worry. Go figure.

Sat down and allowed your words to digest. The thoughts that arose were strangely not directly connected. What follows is an overview. We can discuss more later if you like.

Maya of the Hindu kind came to mind. Illusion and all its ramifications in this dualistic world we live in.

As I see it, this can be applied directly to the "Great American Republic". Americans playing their roles in this great melodrama called life have let the world and the creator down. We surely have not lived up to the worlds expectation that seem to be apparent for the "leader" the "free world". Rather than accepting the responsibility of leader and behaving accordingly we have acted like children in a candy store. We have tormented the world rather than led it.

The American dollar was supreme and we wasted it. Sad but true. When we couldn't satisfy our lust for more we borrowed from our neighbors. They trusted us and we let them down again. We literally took money out of their hands and wasted it on candy.

The ideals of our forefathers have been prostituted for the sheer fun of it. From our government to our corporate leaders, all are guilty of greed. Money, power and fame has been our game. Our failure has been that we were not mature enough to have reached that oft written about point where we collectively realize that it has all been vanity. We haven't had the common sense to realize that a country where everybody is either rich, powerful, and famous (or all of those) is a fool's paradise.

At some point we should have had the courage to ask the simple question, 'Is this all there is to life?"

What we are facing is a grand awakening. I fear that there will be much pain and suffering to follow. I think you see that coming too and the vision is really bothering you. Seeing the majority of your fellow man ignoring the warning signs makes it even rougher.

God gave us a magnificent opportunity to prove ourselves and we squandered it on toys and games. Sad but true.

Are we doomed? Only if we continue to ignore the realities behind the illusions. Can we redeem ourselves. I think so. But we are going to have to reach that point where we all scream and cry "Vanity, vanity, vanity, has it all been vanity?

At this point the Hindu sages would say "at last" you are ready to go in search of those things that you truly desire most of all. Infinite Being, Infinite Wisdom, and Infinite Joy. All these things have been yours all along, however you have been too busy to know it. Hopefully somebody will point the way.

Is it going to be easy? Hell no. We have let down the people of the world, their dreams and their wishes. We have sold our children and their children into slavery, without even a misty feeling of shame. One only need ask, what can we do to redeem ourselves and then have the guts to face the music.

The music I prefer is the Om chant that we once shared.

Anonymous said...

The music I have been hearing lately sounds like

Strangly I found it by looking here


freeacre said...

anon 11.35 -Yesterday, Charles Hugh Smith had a guest essay (10/06) that presented the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as a truly inspired philosophical leap in the evolution of ideas of governance. After reading that, I am even more saddened by your observation that we have "let the world down." We surely have. Not just financially, but in terms of the dream of freedom for all that much of the world aspires to. We had the infrastructure for it, amazingly, and we have blown it.
"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" and the obligation to defend those ideals with one's life in necessary, has been miserably co-opted by the pursuit of the almighty dollar.
I wonder how long it will take before the rest of the world gives voice to their disappointment at our disgrace. I believe it will fuel their disgust and anger at us. It certainly won't be "they hate us for our freedom" - what a laugh.
Perhaps we will pick up the mantle again and have that Hindu moment of "at last." But, I doubt it because we are so stupid now as a nation. The Chinese seem to be better at trying out new ideas of governance in a big way. Perhaps they'll carry on eventually, or somebody else. Who knows?
I continue to be inspired by the concept of disorganized resistance. Individuals or small communities just committing random acts of resistance as a personal lifestyle. Nothing to fight against or infiltrate or co-opt. Just an individualized and creative commitment to those principles of life, liberty and happiness that our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us as Americans. And, I'll take heart from those Trees.... those big trees that were old even before the constitution was written and are still growing today. They spring from the same soil that we are standing on, so maybe there is hope for us yet.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I get busy for a day and there is a new post up with 12 comments. My life passes by at increasing speed. Fa we could pick this one apart for a long time and yes the group could be your biological family far away or it could be us. The battle in the sky could be the culmination of the uncertainty that has been building for so long. That is one interpretation of what Murph was asking in his last post about (paraphrased) which way the mot will flop. Anxiety increases about when the clock will stop ticking when we become aware the countdown has begun.

Baz I started writing a comment on the last post which I left half way through and then it got superseded, part of which was to say how pertinent your obs were. Btw, do razorbacks get swine flu?

Anon 11.35, what you say is mostly true but I feel you are a little hard on the American populace. You know, give a monkey a banana and what are they going to do with it? Its not often they are going to throw it back at you. Through the guile of Edward Bernaise the American people had every luxury and new toy imaginable thrown at their heads. In fact the Amish and some of the indigenous peoples are the only ones who spring to mind who resisted the temptation. At that time most were relatively well paid and could afford to start the habit of indulgence. As the People bought like never before the already rich took their cut and became even richer. Now fast forward to a couple of years ago when the people had been nearly sucked dry. It was the so called market makers who had the money but how to take it off them? The market was deregulated so they in turn could wallow in every kind of indulgence. It really was a financier’s wet dream and as they threw caution to the wind in their clamour for more and in so doing passed their cut upstairs they sucked it out of those below, even taking it off their future generations but that was not the doing of the people themselves moreover it was those who represented them that were responsible. But how many future generations can you put in hock before the whole system starts to wobble. You wrote, “What we are facing is a grand awakening”, the really big question is will this happen before or after the people can do anything about it? And yes “"Vanity, vanity, vanity, has it all been vanity?” (From the Song of Solomon I believe) but not always the peoples vanity I think. It does seem to be proportional to wealth. One way or another, those who are left may well ask the question “Is this all there is to life”.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Peter Coyote have a great voice? When the historians, writers and employees spoke of their knowledge and experiences in our national parks, they spoke in absolute beautiful prose, especially Shelton Johnson. That dude was totally cool.

I know I have dreams, but I never seem to be able to remember them when I wake-up. Now, a dream about aliens making a pit stop to do some whoop-ass on our collective hides, well, that would probably put it into the "Pretty Cool Dream" catagory. But, a dream about things continuing as they are: driving to work, working for the man, paying bills, paying taxes, buying "stuff", living in "Glenbeckistan," well, that'd probably put in the catagory of "Freak'in Nightmare!"

Something's gotta give, man. The Webbot's say that doggus poopus (that's Latin for dog shit) is going to hit a moving propeller in the 25th and keep hitting it for weeks afterward. Hmmmm.... Seeing is believing. Right now I'll just wait, watch -and wonder how long I have till they tell me I have to get the toxic jab or it's the cheese line for me. This sucks.


Hotspringswizard said...

Hello Troutclan :-) Caught up on all of your latest musings about the sorry state of things in this ol world. As usual I found it all interesting and the content resonated well with the many thoughts of these things bouncing around my nogin :-)

Regarding Murphs previous entry, I think Mr Greer made an excellent point in his piece about peoples fantasies about collapse, many thinking that after the wheels come off we will all be dancin in the daisies livin the simple life. We surely can't keep goin on like we have because we are wrecking the planet but life won't be a cake walk to say the least either once this Titanic really starts goin under.

Interesting dream you had there Freeacre. My brother remembers and tells of his dreams like they were movies, full of details like yours. For me its just snipits I remember. The mind is truly enigmatic beyond comprehension, capable of storing so much of our experience, and putting it back together in the myriad mystery of dreams. I've thought that perhaps dreams are a manifestation of a process within the brain that allows it to keep active the untold amounts of synaptic conections between its stored information. In this regard its like the idea that if you don't use it, you lose it, in terms of stored information in this case. It seems that there is also an organizational component of dreams, an assesment process of new information that goes on while we sleep, where the brain works on arranging in memory storage all the inputs of past and present.

Our current thinking, feelings, and emotions filter into the dream. Interesting that our basic sense of self is sythesis of many differant functions within the mind in that what we conceive of as our self really derives from many points in space and time. We mentally exist nowhere in particular. Without our ability to remember, and to decipher patterns in things, we would have no sense of self.

Even though the content of a dream remembered may change your conscious course, your thinking, your path, because of its content, I think they are not structured by the mind for that purpose. I do think the workings of dreams can and do alter our mental workings while conscious, because they are changing in ways the very content and relationships between the information, ideas we have stored. Just some thoughts of mine on this fascinating subject.

To be continued ......

freeacre said...

We seem to be on the same page, Randy. I sure hope the jab doesn't go mandatory for you. Maybe you could move to Oregon. We need health workers here. Don't know yet if it will be compulsory for medical staff here or not. What a bitch.
We saw Michael Moore's movie, Capitalism - A Love Affair this afternoon in Bend, and were somewhat disappointed. He presented some good stuff as far as it went. But, for my taste there was too much whiny sounding "Ain't It Awful?" voice-overs that sounded like someone resigned to losing. Guess that's the Michigan in him.
The highlight of my day was getting a call from a collection agency wanting me to pay some relatively minor credit card bills that my late step-son owed before he died. HA! I asked what bank his card was from. Citi "Oh, CITI Bank!" The same Citi bank that charged me $700 in late fees that they ran up because they paid themselves late for the catastrophic medical insurance they were supposed to cover our bills with while my late husband was DYING? That Citi Bank?? Hahahahahahah. I'd sooner die than pay you guys a dime, says I. And, if memory serves, all of us taxpayers have just handed Citi several billion dollars in the last year, haven't we? In fact, if you have a Citi bank card, I'd advise you to rip it up. Then I hung up.
Made my day. What part of "unsecured loan" do they not understand?

Hotspringswizard said...

So Freeacre and Murph, you got some snow. My family and I went on a trip up to our property near the Pit River Arm of Lake Shasta. We arrived in Redding on Sat the 26th and that day it got to 111 there, a record for that date. Like Pangolin mention by Tuesday a big cool off began, thankfully :-)

A Deep Creek Hot Springs friend of mine and his girlfriend came up to our property for a visit and we all headed over to the little community of Big Bend which is northeast of Redding. Roughly a mile north of this little town are a couple of hotsprings, Hunt and Kosh. There is another much larger hotsprings area nearby called Big Bend hotsprings but this property was purchased recenty by a new owner and they are currently working out the details of opening these springs for public use again ( closed for now ).

Hunt and Kosh Hotsprings are very close to eachother, about 150 yards or so as the Hawk flies :-) Very scenic setting for both of them and you can check out a few pics I took while there by googling " hotspringswizard " to find my Flicr photo site. If we ever move to our property up there its nice to know there are some beautiful hotsprings like those fairly close by :-)

Well alot of talk on the " internets " about the bad JU JU maybe coming soon. So much information to pour through to try and keep up. I'm pretty much reading just headlines on the many sites I regularly frequent, looking for anything new that adds to the puzzle of these daunting and precarious times. What is valid info, what is bogus.

Well we will continue to try and figure it all out and prepare as best we can. So much of it all is realistically beyond any or our abilities to change the course of, like a gigantic wheel that just rolls on, immune to our consciouness of its errant path. For me, I find great peace and content in simple things, like the flight of a Dragonfly, seeing Orion in the night sky, or watching the ripples of wind on water. I think we all need to keep place for such things always in our lives, in our dreams :-)

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I remembered what it was I was going to say in the comments of the last post. It was about making the flu vaccine compulsory in Belgium and it occurred to me that it was a similar situation to the then proposed European Constitution. In that case there was to be a Constitution which gave the European Parliament everything and the national governments were to be demoted to the equivalent of local authorities. This was an argument of power is best fitted to those most capable to exercise it. But instead of just imposing it, it was felt that the people should have a token say, so that at some future time when controversial issues evolve then Europe can say “Well you agreed to it”. Well the people didn’t agree with it and after referenda in two countries voted No the whole thing was abandoned. Now we have the Lisbon Treaty or Accord, whatever it is called which has much the same effect. Last week the Irish people, the last to vote, gave it a resounding Yes. Now Europe has the same thing by a different route. It is the childrens’ technique of keeping asking and asking until the adult finally gets tired of hearing the question and gives in. It was like that with capital punishment in Britain. Every year there was a vote in Parliament to abolish it and every year it kept getting knocked back until finally the abolition bill got passed and then they stopped asking. There were no more yearly votes to see if we wanted to bring it back. I seem to have drifted a long way from the flu but it occurred to me that it was a similar case of try it out in one small country first and see how the people react before it is compulsorily applied Europe wide. With 29% of Germans saying a flat out “No way” then it is easy to say “Well the Belgians went for it”.

Every day when I am out walking the dog, I pass a field full of cows. They all appear to be happy eating the grass, giving milk and being friendly to the bull that drops by now and again. No one has ever given them cause not to be contented with their lot. Then one day a large wagon turns up in the field and the farmer herds them in. They don’t know why it is there or where it is going, maybe to a field with longer grass, maybe to a field full of bulls or maybe they don’t even think about it but they all get on.

Baz said...

Belgium—thx, ye olde dogge!—haha, sorry—couldn't resist. Just wanted to say something sensationalist, and ah, provocative. Don't know why .. boredom maybe? Or feelin' left out—the olde dog fraternity! Anyways forgive me. Asperger's, Tourette's, whatever—I'm off me meds today. Yesterday wuz weed-day, so grammatically imperfect. Maybe even got the minister of justice's name wrong—hah, can't even be bothered checking. Pertinence—merely stating the obvious—any damn fool with half a brain, and suspicious of fool leaders. We've been down this path before—looks the same. So what's different? Smells the same—bullsh*t.

Razorbacks—genuine vicious bush-pig. Found "snorky" wandering alone, in a bad state—pneumonia—not uncommon apparently, if separated from mother too young. Alas, did best for a few weeks—antibiotics, but died during night in his straw box with hot-water bottle, in the bathroom. Just wouldn't recuperate ... shame, wuz looking forward to having a 400lb friend. Follow me everywhere, but the poor fella's heart would be pounding after only 100 yards. Amazing how quickly you can become attached to a wild animal. He would sit on the sofa while I watched Friends and stick his snout under me arm-pit.

Swine flu is a biologically created weapon, along with it's adjuvant vaccination chrysalis, designed and deployed by the U.S. military in many countries in various forms, and names over the last 50 years, for population control / genocidal purposes, and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with porcine creatures. Blame-shifting deception. Deceive all the blindly trusting fools still clinging to last vestiges of pathetic faith in undeserving leaders / systems. Mein Kontrol—101. [Myths and fables promotions]

I've been diving on top of wild pigs, attacked by them, cuddling them, carrying them cheek to jowl, hunting them in all weather, eating them—smoked, roasted, stewed, bbq ribs — for 7 years, and never even had so much as a sniffle ... since moving from the big city!

p... this is how hyperlinks appear, once you've replaced { } brackets with < > brackets, using the same previous examples:

Iti to open 'terror raid' exhibition

Beans and Banks

P2TP—Viva La Revolución !

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Baz that reminds me of the old adage, ‘you can call me anything you like but don’t call me early’ :-)

Rp Thanks for the heads up on PC in Brussels this coming Sunday, I will try and make but I have half promised myself out cutting roses for the brother in law, I will see if I can rearrange that one. Btw Les Visible is waxing poetic over at Smoking Mirrors, I thought you might appreciate it, I did. It mentions dreaming too.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I have come across two current Alternet articles which over time, in different ways signal the serious impairment of the American Central Government system. One is the plan by China; Russia; Japan; France; Saudi Arabia; Abu Dhabi; Kuwait; Qatar; Iran and possibly Brazil to ditch the petro dollar for a basket of currencies which benefit all parties concerned. Currencies include the Yuan, Rouble; Yen; Euro and a new Arab currency similar to the Euro. Time for the change over is seemingly a long way into the future 2018. Will there still be oil by then?'s_dominance_uncovered

The second article deals with the amazing number of Cooperatives which are springing up all over America. Most are operated as non profit or shared profit basis. It would seem that more American workers are becoming disenchanted with the standard top down corporate model. One nagging question which occurred to me is how long this creeping success will be tolerated?'s_just_not_on_wall_st._

Any comments on these?

hugger said...

Hey folks:

I'm no Nazi fan, but I'm tired of the igorance I see on all forums, a Christian influenced ingnorance. That is, our runaway vampire system of Capitalism is so like "the Nazis," and fascism. Like the Nazis and Nazism is the eternal polluter of good people, that is, Satan.

Look--before the Nazis were the Bolsheviks. Without the Bolsheviks there would not have been Nazis. What would you do if Stalin was your neighbor? If your neighbor rounded up the middle class ("the soft hands") and put them to work digging a canal with shovels, working them to death (400,000 of them)? And killed 5 million Ukrainians by stealing their food, in order to sell it on the international market, to get machinery, to "industrialize"?

And how would you react if you learned that all but three of the central committee of the Bolshevik provisional government were jews?

Would you have a problem with so-called Communism and jews?

So let's cut all this idiot Christianized vilification of Nazi Germany as the industrial-capital Satan, and think like adults. Huh? Ok?

Sadge said...

Hi Trout Clan,
Just thought I'd let you know your son M helped us press apples into cider today. You raised a good kid.

murph said...


Howdy, don't think you have commented here before.

Got to admit I fail to understand what point you are making in your comment. And, I don't recall anyone at this site emphasizing the Christian 'Satan' in relation to Nazi Germany.

Your comment contains some assumptions that I think are a bit shaky and need to be addressed. ie
"Look--before the Nazis were the Bolsheviks. Without the Bolsheviks there would not have been Nazis."

I also suspect that many neighborhoods have "Stalinesc" types as neighbors. I doubt anyone with the sufficient power base to do the damage you describe is not going to be living in any neighborhood I can afford.

Your statement "
And how would you react if you learned that all but three of the central committee of the Bolshevik provisional government were jews?
Would you have a problem with so-called Communism and jews?" Are you assuming that all Jews and communists are bad people? That would be a pretty far stretch don't ya think?

Your last statement is interesting. Please define what adult thinking is and are you accusing someone in particular of not being adult? Sorry, that makes no sense to me.

freeacre said...

Thank you, Sadge! A mother cannot hear that enough. He is my pride and joy. Stop by the Campfire anytime.

And Hugger -
"... So let's cut all this idiot Christianized vilification of Nazi Germany as the industrial-capital Satan, and think like adults. Huh? Ok?"

lol... you must not be from around these parts.

I vilify Nazi's and any other totalitarians, authoritarians, neo-cons, Bolsheviks, intolerant Fundamentalists of any religion, the KKK, corporate globalists, or any other group that endorses killing and exploiting people, and all forms of tyranny. So, that means that I don't "think like an adult," by your measure. OK, I can live with that.

Anonymous said...

Bodies gathered in the sky,
hovering, midday, we seperate into theirs and ours. His and hers. Science and myth.

Bright ropes belayed from trees
in vivid green technacolor cloud
a memory of butterflies, or was it bats, or cicadas?
I cannot now recall...

...That morning we stood shivering in Katyn, you tried to calm me. "Routine. A chance to stretch.
Relieve ourselves and lose the stench." You only said these things to keep us brave. Even
the birds knew better than to sing. I made a nervous joke.
You looked astonished. Then levers cocked
behind our heads and I awoke
in deep grass in a foreign land.
Again, I was a child, and you were gone...

Baz; Would you send me half a dozen hits?


Anonymous said...

what rockpicker is referring to i think with the Katln word is a movie about russia and the poles that got dead at the end of a pistol behind the head. right rockpicker?
if it is it is one of the shittiest movies i have ever seen, nothing could actually be that way in human experience, but there it is..20,000 dead that way if i remember right, or maybe the flashbacks are just acting up again.
hugger i feel ya man, life is a bitch and then ya become one, welcome to the fire, good place to let go of what needs to be got let go of; the stick knows no such thing as proper, that is our secret to friendship. so feel friended, and speak your soul.

rockpicker said...

MF; I'm impressed. Hitler did indeed acuse Stalin of murdering as many as 25,000 Polish military officers, policemen, border guards, professionals and intelligensia at Katyn Forest, as well as other locations. The German army uncovered mass graves in 1943, verifying the suspicion.

Apparently, Lenin's Bolsheviks under Stalin figured these largely Catholic Polish patriots would never accept communist rule gracefully, so they decide to off them in the most expedient way.

Ever look into who funded Lenin, where he came from and how he succeeded? Pretty interesting stuff.

Hugger; For an interesting read into the 'evils' of totalitarianism, be it administered through fascism, socialism, communism or whathaveyou, look up Naomi Wolf's End Of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot. You can read about it here:

Belgium; Thanks for that link. Went there and read it today. I wrote something in an e-mail to a friend last night that I believe fits in here.

"Yes, we are fucked...because payback is a bitch...karma is not concerned with denial...and our's isn't even remotely plausible...a million dead in Iraq, a million displaced domestically and another two million scattered in neighboring lands...and that's not our problem 'cause we didn't vote for George?...oh yeah, that's our's alright...your's, mine, we all own this black oozing wound...this collective unspoken shame...this festering gash ...we cannot absolve ourselves of the stink we are responsible for.

The whole world knows. Only we pretend to be ignorant. We feign innocence. Soon we will beg to be held unaccountable for our primal satisfaction of vengence. " Please. Be reasonable. We are compassionate people. We only did what we were instructed..."

Yes, we are fucked, because every living breathing thinking human mind on earth recognizes the absurd disconnects required of the rational mind to accept Washington's official 'explanation' of 9/11.

It's a pile of shit. You know it. I know it. Europe knows it. The arab world knows it. Israel knows it, especially, with a very large grin on it's face. And we 'Murcans look like total dumbasses for letting the real perps get away with this shit, in our worth less names.

We deserve everything we get, and believe me, we're about to get plenty!"

Anonymous said...

freeacre-- Larissa again:

Read that link from Gabe you mentioned (didn't check it out the first time I read your latest entry.)

My take? Personally, since I KNOW that there are real aliens, and that they're here and doing as they like with impunity, I wouldn't count on any sky shows being fake. Anything's possible, of course, but the aliens (Greys and Nordics, at least) have been hinting, or even outright telling abductees for years that one day they might just show up in the skies all at once. Don't know if I believe it-- but there you go.

There are a lot of lies out there regarding this type of thing, so- though I've had direct experiences, I'm still skeptical of all this stuff. I don't know what to believe-- and have concluded that just paying attention to everything while believing nothing is the best vantage point right now.

Anonymous said...

this is a test

Anonymous said...

well i'll be damn! magic! thx baz. now i'm dangerous! ...p

freeacre said...

Sometimes I just have to stand back and be grateful that we have such a wealth of input on our blog. It is truly breathtaking to me. As I have said before - none of us has all of it, but together as each contributes what is true for them, we share a more complete vision and can make better choices. It's also nice to know that we can change our mind or have a different opinion or experience and not be castigated for it. We're not perfect, but we're pretty good, I think.
Larissa, do the aliens in "Knowing" look like the Nordics? And, would the Nordics dress all in black and seem weird, or would they just show up in jeans and a t-shirt and a pair of tennis shoes and you couldn't tell them from any blond person? Do they talk or just use mental telepathy? These are probably really dumbass questions, but I am new at this.

Anonymous said...

Also, are there real "Men In Black?" That'd be cool. So, when I get fired for not taking the squaline jab, maybe I can apply for job at "MIB." Things are looking up!


Anonymous said...

Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize? WTF?! Are you shitt'in me?!

War is peace. Lies are truth.

And we are doomed.


rockpicker said...

Here's another confirmation, with an explanation of the mechanics.

Baz said...

Rockpicker—half a dozen hits? Ah, not sure you're asking me to send you earthquakes, or maybe songs by the Rolling Stones, or the Doobie brothers? Possess few, if any seismic powers.

p... hahaha, Oh no! freeacre—hahaha, or would they just show up in jeans and a t-shirt and a pair of tennis shoes and you couldn't tell them from any blond person? Got me thinkin' now—Oh no! Hey while I think of it:

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

“Dreams are the shadows of something real.” ~ Plato

and my favorite, the belief of the ancient Mayan—Dreams are memories ... of the future !

OK, now what I know about the origins of Nazism, and it's founder—A.Hitler—hahaha. Apart from he wuz a schweinhund and a dummkopf who wore geputzte Fußbekleidung—advocated for Germans a form of the Christian faith he called “Positive Christianity”! Christian fascism! “As a Christian I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.” A christian who convincingly managed to obtain the support of Germany's free churches, to finance his national workers party, in the fight against Stalin whom he called Satan. Evidently a gifted orator, the same churches also viewed him as the messiah. Many of his speeches were heavily imbued with biblical language or even lifted directly straight out of the New Testament ... “In mein Führer's haus there are many mansions ...

Gott-im Himmel! God in Heaven! Gullible naive fools (and whole nations!) are so easily deceived through credible rhetoric, by charismatic and fine-sounding Dummköpfe ... are they not?

Then of course there wuz that conflict between the Master race and the Jews Chosen race, in direct violation of Adolph's sensibilities. They killed Christ after all. The only solution—Nein Juden! Ignoring his own jewish ancestry of course! Probably the real reason for such racial hatred Xenophobia—Self-loathing, and the immature oedipal desire to erase origin of birth—ashamed. Ahh, what complex creatures megalomaniacs are.

Ich möchte nicht in seiner Haut stecken. I wouldn't like to be in his shoes. I believe in Karma, Oh and judgement. Consoles my sensibilities. The more I consider Cause of War, the more I'm suspicious, that behind the opportunities for spoils—Oil, gold, trading advantages—aback of it all, lies a plain old-fashioned, ancient egoism tradition. Defending one's beliefs, erroneous or otherwise ... about God. I mean, what the hell wuz GWB doin' with the Pope in the Bohemian grove anyway?—huh?

Research gleaned from The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich—A History of Nazi Germany, by William L. Shirer—about 20 years ago, before I threw it against the wall. Thinking, I had read enough.

“No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Om mane pudme hum—Tibetan prayer for the dead, still living—dreaming they're awake !

Hotspringswizard said...

Freeacre, I like your sentiments in this you wrote, " Sometimes I just have to stand back and be grateful that we have such a wealth of input on our blog. It is truly breathtaking to me. As I have said before - none of us has all of it, but together as each contributes what is true for them, we share a more complete vision and can make better choices. It's also nice to know that we can change our mind or have a different opinion or experience and not be castigated for it. We're not perfect, but we're pretty good... ". The sharing of a variety of viewpoints without castigation I think is a very important aspect of your blog. People will always be more apt to share their ideas when they feel they will not be dis-respected simply for doing so. Differant minds coming together in considerate conversation/ communication about all our varied thoughts of the coming troubled times is something I feel is definitely benificial in many ways. I have no illusions that discussions on any blog will stop what is coming but if nothing else it can help one mentally prepare to face the reality of it all, become more informed about the various aspects of the changes, and also give the comfort of sharing our experience and thinking with others with the same interest.

On another subject looks like there may be a significant storm headed for the west coast, arriving around Tuesday. Models currently are suggesting because of its tropical connection there could be very significant rain for Northern Cal, Oregon and Washington. On my recent trip to Northern Cal/Redding I took a picture of Lake Shasta ( as seen at my Flick site ) and the lake is quite low right now. Its been a very hot summer up there and a good downpour would definitely help alot. Down here in the southwestern high desert we most likely will see little to no precipitation from this storm. Well thats why it looks like a desert outside, being on the dry side of the mountains around here :-)

freeacre said...

Hotspringswizard - I'm happy that you concur with my take on the blog. It's like we dug the firepit and all you wonderful people have come along and we share whatever we have that day. I feel mentally wealthy, and very grateful.
If there are any positions in this tribe, I vote to make you the Keeper of the Hot Springs. You seem to have a gift. Mt. Shasta is not so far from here. Maybe you could mosey up here sometime, or we could meet at one of your hot springs. Hummm... let's leave the mental door open to that one, at least. As it gets colder, those hot springs are going to sound better and better.
It's getting colder here, but REALLY cold in Montana. And downpours in the SE again. So, a lot of us are going to be experiencing wild weather. Hopefully not as bad as where they are getting earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions. All hell does seem to be busting loose. Hope everybody is all stocked up on supplies and all weather gear. We were scraping ice off the windshield this morning, but still I think we are the lucky ones. I'm glad that you are inland, baz. Those intense earthquakes in the ocean off the coast of New Zealand are really something. I like to go to the USGS map that shows all the latest quakes. The whole Pacific Rim seems to be moving. Yikes!
We got a lot of new pictures to put up soon. So, if anyone wants to send more for the next post, get them in asap. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

HSW and Fa you are absolutely right. For many years, before I new better, I used to work for Big Chema and took part in many brainstorming meetings. Anybody could say anything they liked and everybody had an equal say; the only rules where no laughing; no ridicule of anybody else and no personal attacks, apart from that anything was allowed even if it was only a half formed germ of an idea. The number if times I have seen somebody take somebody else’s half formed stupid idea and stand it on its head and come up with a solution is unbelievable. So yes, if it works within big industry then I guess there is no reason why it would not work for us too. An example of how it works was when NASA found the grinding machine that had been set wrongly to grind the lens of the Hubble telescope. They held a meeting which included everyone from the directors to the sweeper uppers and ideas ranged from sending a shuttle up to capture the telescope and bring it back to earth, to sending the grinding machine up with astronauts to regrind the lens in space. So with the images to telescope is now producing we know it is I good system that really works.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Hey Hugger, you didn’t come back in and I didn’t say it before but welcome to the Clan. Pull up a stump, bask in the warmth of the fire and make yourself at home.

I did write a reply to your piece which is still sitting on the hard drive and I am willing to put it up but then I re read your comment again and you know I couldn’t call it. I don’t think you are from anywhere the rest of us are familiar with, I reckon you are from a place with a three letter name, am I right? Is the naivety feigned or real or is the muddled thinking there just to elicit a reaction and to see who is popping their head up above the parapet to give it. Maybe it is to see how pro or anti, established systems various people really are. Anyway, nice one, I was within a whisker of going for it myself but a long experience with the nose has taught me to read the lines in between the broken thought lines.

If I have got it all terribly wrong then I will apologise, put up my piece exactly as it stands and write out ten times the words to He’s a Jolly Good Fellow. Now I can’t say fairer than that, can I. One way or another we would like to hear from you again; you have an open invitation to stretch out in front of the fire.

In the meantime – aho.

The talking stick is passed in your direction.

Hotspringswizard said...

Hello Freeacre, So you vote me Keeper of the Hot Springs. Your notion actually hits the mark quite correctly. I have been frequenting Deep Creek Hotsprings since 1984. Can't tell you how many big trash bags full of trash I've hiked out of the Deep Creek canyon from those springs over the years, junk left by thoughtless visitors. Cleaning up firepits, raking, picking up flood debris, cleaning out the hotpools with my 25 foot pool hose, pool maintenance and repair, etc, all part of things I did because of my caring for the magic and beauty that oasis brought me countless days and nights.

In early 2000 some of us DCHS naturist soakers formed a group we named Deep Creek Volunteers. We were active for about 5 years, having monthly meetings at DCHS on the last Saturday of every month. We engaged in similiar projects as mentioned above while we were there for the day. We also developed an information brochure for handout to visitors and my good friend Ralph created a website for our group ( still to be found at ).

People have since gone their seperate ways but Ralph still maintains the groups website, and questions about DCHS sent to the site are still passed along to me for answering. It is a wonderfully scenic springs and there are numerous photos of it at my Flickr site ( google hotspringswizard to find it ).

to be continued.....

Hotspringswizard said...

In 1992 a long time DCHS friend and fellow caretaker of those springs and I found some undeveloped hotsprings sources at Deep Creek. One source was 114 degrees and the other location had a number of sources, the hottest being 106. During the next four years or so we along with another naturist friend built two beautiful hotpools there. The projects involved many hundreds of pounds of cement, all hiked in to a thousand foot deep canyon. I've never seen these hotsprings sources on any maps, in any books, and anywhere else on the internet. We have done our best to keep the secret of that very special place for all of these years. Since its close to the Pacific Crest Trail some folks have found out about the pools over the years but the location is remote which keeps the place pristine and visitation very sparse.

I started taking each of our daughters there since they were two months old. My name for that place is Shangri La :-) So many great memories and inspiring times spent there. Actually the very first day I saw and spent time with my wife, our first date in 1993, I took here there. Just downstream, three years later, we made the decision to get married :-)

I go there regularly, and am going sometime next week. I have metal barrels hidden in a cliff with all sorts of cleaning supplies, cement, tools, etc and I continue to take care of Shangri La as I have done since we built the pools. My friends that were involved with the initial building have moved on, one living in Safford, Arizona now.

In the last couple of years illegal moto riders found out about it and were riding down there and spending time. I worked with the USFS who gave me " no vehicle signs " to put on the trail they were using and it was a battle for a while but of late it looks like the most current signage I put up ( 4x4,s in concrete ) which discuss no vehicles because of " sensitive species " has finally turned away the reckless illegal riders. They were leaving some trash down there and one time rolled a huge boulder into one of the hotpools in retaliation for us putting rocks on one of their illegal trail leading down there.

The place is still like magic and pristine and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to help develop those soaking pools. I think now of laying in the warm water at night, by myself, looking up at the vivid stars above, and feeling what a treasure of an experience it all was, embraced in Mother Natures comforting liquid, feeling such peace :-)

I have never shown any photos of the hotpools at Shangri La on my internet photo sites, and never will. There are some photos of the areas around the pools at my current Flickr site. I could send you a couple of beautiful current pics of the main hotpool there Freeacre, if your interested. If so, just let me know how to send them.

Hotspringswizard said...

Also Freeacre I would love to hook up with you and Murph some time if we get up that way. On our recent trip up north we did one evening make it up to the town of Mt Shasta to visit an old college friend of my wifes. Speaking of Mt Shasta, back in the early 80's I worked as a Forestry Firefighter out of the Ash Fork Ranger Station which is 10 miles west of the community of MCCloud, very near Mt Shasta. Its a very interesting and beautiful area with lots of volcanic feature to explore :-)

Hotsprings are a great place to spend time visiting and conversing. There are actually a few real nice natural hotsprings generally west of your location in the cascades. Terwilliger which is next to the Cougar Reseviour is off of HWY 126 out of Eugene, and Mccredie is more south west of you off of HWY 58, and nearby those is also Wall Creek Warm Springs. All of these are in beautiful forest settings. Maybe you will get the chance to visit them sometime :-)

freeacre said...

It's nice to know that you have been taking such good care of the hot springs over many years. I bet you've earned some good karma with the Great Mother. I can't think of anything more wonderful and soothing than lying in a hot springs on a cool evening looking at the stars. About as close to heaven as you can get on earth, I reckon. I think there are some hot springs close to us. I am inspired to find them now. What a great place to experience a trout clan gathering someday. I'll take a look at your pictures when I get the chance, for sure. Thanks for sharing those great stories.