Monday, October 19, 2009


Be prepared, storms a comin'.

from freeacre

Almost daily, articles are pushed into my face on sites like Jeff Rense or Steve Quale’s that announce that President Obama is a Christian, a Muslim, and just recently, a Jew – sometimes all on the same page!
“ … I suspect his mother’s father Stanley Dunham was Jewish,” Henry Makow writes from Save the Males. Obama’s mother Stanley Anne Dunham, certainly looked and acted like a communist Jew…” he opines.

And, on another site a writer decries the “fact” that the little girl who asked President Obama “why do people hate you?” was a “plant.” Like the six year old was supposed to have independently hopped on a bus and gotten herself to the town hall and into the room full of political wonks to ask a question. Since she arrived with her mother, an active Democrat, he refers to her as “the moonbat mommy with Julia and Comrade Obama.”

Obama is also (depending on which hysterical and polarized site one reads) a Kenyan or an Indonesian. I don’t know why they are making such a big deal about this. There is the letter of the law, and the spirit of the law, after all. The constitution rightly attempted to halt the disturbing habit of British Kings ruling by bloodline despite what country they were from. They were sick of their kings being Germans or French or Austrian or whatever. They wanted to insure that the President of our country hailed from this country. Obama’s mother was an American, and he was raised by his American grandparents, and has lived and worked for Americans all his life and his loyalties are here. I don’t give a rat’s ass where he was born. I’d like to have the president who was duly elected be allowed to serve, for once. Those “birthers” don’t seem to give a shit that McCain was born in Panama – and well they shouldn’t. It doesn’t fucking matter. If the Constitution is so important, start looking at the Patriot Act, not the stupid birth issue, for God’s sake. So, what else is going on here?

Some people say he is siding with the fascist takeover by the oligarchs (and, to tell the truth, I find that argument compelling), others think he’s a socialist as he attempts to provide universal health care. Others write that he is part of the global cabal of Illuminati overlords. It is said that he is nationalizing the banks. Conversely, he is accused of siding with the banks taking over the government. Others scream that he is a Godless communist, and ultimately - the Anti-Christ. Oh, yeah, and he’s bi-sexual to boot.

So, I have to ask: Does this seem really strange to you? Unless he is some sort of shape shifter from some cheesy science fiction movie, I am beginning to think that none of these sightings have anything to do with President Barack Obama. And, I have to admit, I am disturbed. Let me explain why:

Let’s go back to the bad old days. Sometimes you can sort of pinpoint a time in history when things began to go seriously awry. Like when Edward Bernaise began to apply his cousin, Sigmund Freud’s, ideas of the structure of the personality to sell products. He used his insights on what motivates people, their desires and their insecurities, and constructed a form of powerful manipulation that has morphed into what we now know as “Marketing.” Or, when a little known resentment-filled house painter got tossed into jail and used the time to write a creepy little book called “Mein Kompf,” - thereby mobilizing a bunch of his compatriots to rise up and feel good about themselves after they lost WWI by telling them that they, as Aryans, were the superior race and their destiny was to rule the world. Or, later, when an economics professor at the University of Chicago named Leo Strauss taught a group of overachievers including Dick Chaney and Donald Rumsfeld that the future of America was to advance the cause of global domination by a fiendish, but tidy, philosophy called “neo-conservativism.” Make up a story, he said, that the sheeple will follow. Never tell them the truth. Make them fearful and ignorant, and never lose site of the goal of power and control of global resources and military might to build a stable empire.

Which leads me to the slimy, but clever little maggot – Karl Rove. As a Young Republican, Karl Rove took up the neo-con standard and merged the money and power of the Republican military/Chamber of Commerce coalition with the energy and paranoia of the Fundamental Armageddonists. Beginning in the Nixon days and running through the first Bush administration, he really got going during the Clinton years. By that time he and his foam-at-the-mouth Christian Coalition minions waged an unrelenting character assassination campaign against Clinton over the heinous “crime” of getting a blow job, of all things. This is when the rest of the world began to suspect that the American people were going nuts. Meanwhile the neo-con agenda really was being advanced with the complicity of Clinton. It was during these years, after all, that NAFTA, CAFTA, and the World Bank began to export the manufacturing base of our land and the regulations on the banking industry were shit-canned with very little fanfare.

But, the Liberal contingent (including me) we so outraged by the outrageous demonizing of Bill Clinton that we began to absolutely hate all things Republican and were distracted from the financial agenda. So, when Bush II got elected, and then really DID do heinous things like bomb countries that had done nothing to us and torture and kill civilians and systematically dismantle the Bill of Rights, we criticized the asshat President with as much or more vitriol as the right-wing minions had used against Bill Clinton. For eight years we despised and insulted and struggled against each other in a no-holds-barred brawl of the “right” versus the “left.”

I would submit that one of the unintended consequences of this on-going national dog fight is what we have now: nobody believes anything that anyone says, nobody knows what is really going on, and the country is polarized beyond anyone’s imagination, leaving it totally dysfunctional. We have driven each other mad.

Enter Barack Obama. I suspect that he is a true centrist. I suspect that, due to his rich heritage of cultures, he is compelled to attempt to heal the divide - much like a child caught in the middle of two parents who are constantly at odds. I fear that he truly desires to be inclusive, to bring out the best in people of all sorts, and probably in denial of their flaws. I fear that he may actually be trusting people around him (even if they are corporate and financial psychopathic scum), and expecting that he can resolve our differences, much like his hero, Abraham Lincoln. And, let us not dwell upon what happened to Mr. Lincoln. It is too scary to me.
And, for his effort, I am afraid that everyone on every side is turning against Barack Obama, except those darn Norwegians. Maybe we’ll find a way to attack them next. Perhaps the next Republican administration will bomb their seed bank in retaliation for the Nobel Peace Prize. Karl Rove is probably working on the plans already.

It’s an old story and one that has been repeated in our lifetimes. Christ was nailed to the cross because he pissed off the Pharisees when he threw the money changers out of the temple. But he also angered his dispossessed followers when he refused to be their militant King. So, when the time came to be judged, nobody stood up for him.

Martin Luther King was assassinated after he over-stepped his role as a racial activist and attempted to enlarge his message to that of peace and freedom for all working people and spoke against the war.

Robert Kennedy, another cerebral, eloquent speaker who wanted to stop the war and work for social justice was shot and silenced.

Are you familiar with the term “racket feeling”? It’s a transactional analysis term that refers to a main bad feeling that people find themselves experiencing over and over due to decisions that they made when they were children. It is usually due to some sort of abuse or discount of themselves. It may be hurt or anger or humiliation, helplessness, rage, inadequacy, betrayal or a plethora of painful feelings. But, whatever one’s racket feelings are, a person often sets him or herself up to feel them one way or another. And, the kicker is that it is done out of their awareness. As Palooka’s Revenge would say, they are in “denial.” They don’t own the feeling. Instead, they project the bad parent or situation onto somebody or something else and then struggle against it and end up re-experiencing the racket feelings over and over.

Barack Obama, it seems to me, is the perfect foil for people’s projections. He is calm rather than emotional, thoughtful rather than reactionary. I don’t think any of us knows what the real deal is with him because we can not see beyond our own projected perceptions, and we have learned not to trust what any of our leaders say. That’s why he can be judged to be everything from the Messiah to the Anti-Christ, a Christian, Muslim, Jew, commie, fascist, corporate tool or bankster overlord. People can comfortably dwell in their favorite emotion of hate, outrage, fear, disappointment, confusion, or even devotion. Will the real Barack Obama please stand up?

Maybe he already has. And, maybe we are so blind and crazy that we can’t see him. Maybe he’s just a guy who is in an impossible situation and he’s trying to do the best he can against enormous odds. Maybe not. I am afraid that we will never know. I think that if I were in his position I’d tell us all to take the job and shove it far into where the sun don’t shine. But because he is part of a larger dynamic, I am afraid that he will be used as a reluctant player in our national game of Doom as we all declare war against each other. Because, we are doing the same thing on other issues as we are doing on Obama. It’s getting to be like the Tower of Babel – nobody understands anybody else on anything.

So, I ask myself, “How do I stop at least the part that I am playing in this insanity?”

I think that I need to identify what my racket feelings are. Personally, I know that mine involve helplessness and betrayal with a good dose of anger. I need to know what I come to the table with, for openers. And then, I need to learn to just stop and put them aside. Look with new eyes. Admit that I don’t know what is going on. Get sane.

Maybe it is time for forgiveness for all our shortcomings. Maybe it’s time to just try to make things better where I can, and attempt to cultivate a peaceful place inside of me. .. some natural place that was mine when I was born, but got lost somehow. And as far as the President goes, I wish him well – whomever or whatever he is. Maybe someday we will get to really know him. Let’s leave the mental door open to the possibility that maybe we and he can do better this time. After all, as John Conner says, “The future is not yet written.”

Birds in back yard, chicks have grown!


freeacre said...

It seems that Rockpicker posted a comment around the time that we put up the new post. So, I am copying and pasting it here, so it won't be missed:

freeacre said...

Guys, that link on youtube might be inaccessable from the copy I made. If you can't get there from it, please go back to the one that Rockpicker originally posted. This is a very good example of what I have written about. The man asserts, very articulately, that the world leaders are about to sign a treaty regarding climate change that will transfer mucho wealth from the U.S. and other rich countries to the poor countries that have not used up as much carbon as we have. He goes on to state that the treaty establishes a one world government with no elections and that is essentially irreversible. Very scary stuff, if true.
But, does that sound logical? Since when would the rich countries do that? I mean, come on! We got rich by exploiting the poor places. Suddenly we are going to reverse the process?? I think not.
If the idea sold, though, to the gullible populace, it would surely seem to justify a coup d'etat of a shadow government of some sort, wouldn't it? This is just the sort of emotional chaos that I am warning us against.
There is another ominous warning on the Quale site that warns of the possibility of a nuclear attack on several American cities this week. Some real scary scenarios are being thrown around right now, that I just wonder if it is to produce chaos and fear so that clear heads will be disabled. I would caution us all to not panic, but stay centered.
What do you think? What are you observing? This may be a good time to pool our thoughts so we have a more comprehensive perspective.

rockpicker said...

Brasschecktv titles this clip America's Growth Industry. In recent press releases, the military has reported having met all its enlistment goals for this year, both in terms of quantity and quality. Funny how a little economic downturn can enhance persistent miserable enlistment figures.

Obviously, the country is mired in a deep pit of debt. Since we've outsourced most of our industry, we have no way of 'growing' our way out of this hole. What do we make here, besides war materials?
(In an earlier post, it was suggested that most of what comes into this country from China is fluff. Really? What about your shoes? I'm buying a couple pairs next week to store away, against the time when shelves are empty.)

Let's look objectively, at what has taken place in this country of late. Since Bush seized power we've had a domestic false flag event that traumatized the country and the subsequent introduction of the concept of 'endless war,' as well as an acceleration in erosion of our civil liberties.

The exporting of our manufacturing base, instigated under previous administrations, continued unabated or was sped-up during the Bush years. (Talk about national security risks!)

In 2004, when disillusioned voters elected a democratic congress to end the war, and the madness, our unrepresentatives chose to continue funding an illegal, immoral and baseless war AND they ignored calls for presidential impeachment. The impudence of these duly elected criminals is breath-taking.

Now that we've secured a foothold in the oil-rich mid-east, and we've managed, at the same time, to create enough enemies to last us most of the next century, time for a little financial shake-up, redistribute the chips, everyone take new seats before the game resumes.

Notice, the BANK is still dealing, but it's almost hidden now behind its chip stash.

Globalists are accused of many things, but 'patriot' is not an epithet I recall hearing.

In sum, the country has been taken down purposefully. For what reason, I can not say. But I know this. The rich and powerful don't just let things happen. They make things happen.

I don't believe Oswald killed Kennedy. I don't believe the attack on the USS Liberty was a mistake. I don't believe the official story of OKC, or that 19 Arab hijackers, with boxcutters, took down the twin towers because they hated our freedoms.

And I don't believe it's rational to expect substantive change through evolution.

rockpicker said...

Here's a must read.

murph said...


The reference you made to the statement that most of the imports are fluff I still stand by. The figures I have been looking at indicate that the largest dollar imports are in electronics, cheap furniture, as well as cheap knock-off designer clothes. When I bother to go into big box stores with lots of Chinese imports, I notice isle after isle of cheap shoddy fluff that neither I nor most other people really need. That is not to say that essentials are not shipped in because obviously they are. When I start looking at quality though, many of the imports fall way short, they support the throw away consumer economy.

The rest of your statements I can agree with. However, who is really in charge here? If we accept that the political party and personalities elected and appointed are in charge, then I think we would have to assume your statements are totally correct. If they aren't actually the decision makers, as I suspect, then we need to focus our attention somewhere else.

Since I am of the opinion that a shadow government is really in charge, I am going to have to also assert that any true 'patriot' is not going to have a voice in much of anything and if those in the government that are concerned about the situation (including Obama) start rattling the cages to hard, they will be taken out. If this is so, that is the situation that Freeacre has alluded to, it is an impossible situation for any person in the government to be really effective.

It appears to me that the only viable solution to the corruption and control is a mass popular uprising. No efforts within the system is going to work.

In the past, no uprising had even 60% support by the population. It is always a distinct minority that by determination have affected some kind of radical change, not those that attempt the change within the system itself. Unless we wish to assert that the situation is completely different from the long history of top down governments, working within the system is futile. It is up to the population to make the changes, not the elites that are in top positions of the government. If that assessment has validity, then expectations of the Obama administration to affect real change is simply not going to happen. The population is simply going to have to get off their asses, stop watching the tube and rebel. Most of the populace will not do this because they are too afraid or figure they have too much to lose by doing so. This is why popular revolts are such iffy things.

Personally, despite whatever Obama and his people have as morales, ethics, or intentions, they will not affect real change without the support of the population which they do not have at the present.

lol WV bucchem

rockpicker said...

I support that assessment. And I think violence is not far off, as many of those who, until recently, thought they had too much to lose, discover they've lost all but the fear of protest. That fear is transmuting into anger.

As the dollar tanks and the fraud on Wall Street is exposed, the banksters are in increasing need of a diversion. Thus, the false flag alarms sounding. A nasty little explosion somewhere stateside would provide cover for a quick succession of life-altering events, while dissipating political heat for those who might otherwise be held accountable.

If that happens, I think we're in unscripted footage for the unforeseeable future.

-wv strait

freeacre said...

Taibbi's assessment of the fraud on Wall St. is second to none. I recently subscribed to the Rolling Stone to demonstrate my support. God, he's good.

rockpicker said...

from 'comments' to article on vaccinations in Germany, sourced here:

"Wolf Dieter Ludwig, head of the medicines commission of the association of German doctors, called the decision by the government to take a different vaccine from the untested and toxic swine flu jab destined for the rest of the population a "scandal" of a dimension that can hardly be communicated to the general public. "The health authorities have fallen for a campaign from the pharmaceutical companies, who just want to earn money with an illusory threat," Ludwig said. Vaccines with adjuvants have not been tested on pregnant women and children even though the German govenrment has said these are priority groups. Among the government officials to get the "swine flu" jab without mercury and adjuvants will be the employees of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, the government drug regulator which ordered "swine flu" jabs with mercury and squalene to the rest of the population."

rockpicker said...

"Iran threatens U.S. and Britain after Guard bombing"

The smiles spreading in central bank boardrooms are almost audible...

Hotspringswizard said...

Rockpicker and Murph, what you have expressed resonates with my feelings and thinking on the subjects you have commented on. Regarding Obama Freeacre, thus far I view him given his performance as just another similar player to what we have seen for decades, in the whole corrupted system that is engineered for the benifit of the elites in their various forms ( finacial, political, royalty, etc ).

He doesn't strike me as one who's inner intentions are to " try " and truly change things away from the gigantic corrupt cesspool that is the reality of this country. I think his action have shown that he is working with the PTB. Like Murph said, even if he had these more noble intentions ( which I don't think he does ) he would be eliminated quickly if he ever started to make any consequential progressive towards developing a more sensible and sane arrangement of affairs in this country that actually was constructed to benifit the people, rather than the extreme minority elites.

I went on a four day mini vacation with my wife this last Fri-Mon back to San Antonio, Texas. On the flight back I was finishing up the book by Daniel Estulin, The True Story Of The Bilderberg Group, an entity that I think clearly is in a pre-imminent postion ( along with the CFR and Trilateral Commission ) to control the political realities in these coutries and the geo-political moves they will make. Its membership of US and European super elites also clearly arrange things to their benifit, at the expense of all other folks.

Anyway there was an afterword section in this book done by Estulin which went into in part the reality of the energy crises and the fact that these collections of elites have know about this looming catastrophe for decades.

I noticed the guy next too me was reading the latest copy of Rolling Stone Magazine with the article in it Freeacre mentioned that was done by Matt Taibbi ( I think his stuff is spot on and killer too ).

I asked this guy if he new much about the very serious problems for energy coming our way. He did not even though he mentioned that he worked for a company that does energy trading. I suggested he read a short four page section about this subject and offered him my Bilderberg book to do so but he didn't take me up on the offer. I expanded on some more of the basic points of peak oil and referred him to check out the site which has a decent summary at a link there of what Peak Oil means. Maybe it sparked his interest a bit and he will check it out later.

The vast majority of people just tune out and their eyes glaze over when you start trying to tell them about any of this stuff. Thankfully my brother and I are essentially on the same page across the board and we discuss by phone our many thoughts and feeling about where things are headed. I really don't think there will ever be enough raised awareness to the extent that a significant amount of people might cause any changes that could stop this collosal societal trainwreck we appear to be headed for, perhaps very soon from the looks of it.

Flying over the huge cities, and looking down at it all, knowing what we know, its just one big ridiculous unsustainable timebomb waiting to explode. We can hope that there may be some kind of less dire transition, but looking at all the fundemental problems of huge proportions, it seems more likely that very rough times and dramatic social disruptions are in our near term future.

As alway appreciate reading all of your thoughts on these worrisome issues.

freeacre said...

We appreciate yours as well, Hot Springs. If the worst of the possibilities actually happen sometime in the near future, the net could go down. I consider each day from here on in as a privilege to hear from everybody who contributes and know that for everyone who comments, there are ten more who are reading. I appreciate all of you and hold you in my heart.

palooka said...

in defense of rp i don't recall reading him mentioning the word 'quality'. the way i read it he's talking about the necessities.

i absoultely agree with murph that 'It is up to the population to make the changes'. gvtmts are a reflection of the people. period. the same stmt can be applied to the shadow govtmt, our economic system, our health care system, our laws, our law enforcers, our military, our food, our water, overpopulation, religions, cultures, social structures, and on and on. the unseen role of denial is the operative dynamic here. in order to be able to understand this we have to begin to see this unseen role and in order to do that we have to begin to understand a little of how energies interact. to do so is not easy. and to do that we have to begin to understand what energies are. there are no books on it in the mainstream. not that deal with this layer of the cake. most of what is written on it falls into the esteric and/or the various dogmas and none of them has a clue about what i just wrote re denial. everything else that is written or ever been written is ignorant of this dynamic that has everything to do with the way life plays out. collectively AND individually. and btw, it is also true there are forces that are not ignorant but have an agenda to keep it behind closed doors.

there are many ways to give power over but none more certain than to deny it.

where i would disagree with our good friend RP is in this stmt... 'And I don't believe it's rational to expect substantive change through evolution.' under the current conditions i do agree. but, by definition, i disagree. here are 2 reasons...

first, if we don't believe something is possible its not. which is not to say something we don't believe can happen can't. it can. if for no other reason than one's personal power relative to collective power can be and often is, in the minority. and not to overlook, a conscious belief can be and often is overpowered by a deeper, more heavily charged, unconscious belief.

second - and this is the one we have little understanding about - reality here on earth is there has been little in the way of evolution on the will side of the equation; the feminine polarity. the spirit side, the masculine polarity, of this equation has experienced evolution. we can see reflections of this out there. our huge advancements in tech is just one example. but at the same time, much consciousness has been lost and most are merely operating on imprints. there is another dynamic in play contributing to evolution being frozen in its tracks and that is fragmentation. but again, this dymanic where aspects of energy split off from the more parental part of the whole is mostly a result of denial. i'm not talking about differentiation here. thats a different thing. no pun or redundency intended.

the equation not only has everything to do with the way energies are but also has everything to do with the way energies interact to manifest realities. if you were going to bake balance pie would you leave out half the ingredients? what would you get if you did? you'd get a fucked up pie!! if there is anything to the idea that, energetically, we are EM and those are the 2 polarities of the one AND IF there's anything to the idea that the magnetic, the will polarity, the feminine, communicates in body as feelings then, suddenly, much begins to make sense of the nonsense that is the human condition manifest. we cannot expect evolution when half the receipe has been left out to lunch. still frozen in and acting out the realities of the past. the only thing that ever changes in this scenario is form adjusting to the environment its experiencing.

freeacre said...

Jesus, p, I think I am beginning to grok what you have been talking about. If you explain it forty or fifty more times, I might actually get my mind around it.... yeah. Leaving out half of the ingredients makes for a fucked up pie. That's what I have been alluding to when I have stated before that the women's movement got sabotaged before it hardly got started. We got to where we realized that we didn't even know what it was to be feminine and had just begun to explore the concept, when it morphed into this bullshit about being "liberated" so we could act like men. Oh, great, now we can join the army and play basketball and crap like that. Stopped us in our fucking tracks. What a heinous rip-off.
What is EM?

neptune1 said...

He is plain and simple the current person put in charge by the puppet masters, who they think is the best front man for advancing their agendas.

Anonymous said...

the electro and the magnetic
the male and the female
the plus and the minus
the yin and the yang
the spirit and the will

Anonymous said...

Stopped us in our fucking tracks.

its a multi-layered cake. oh the time we would have sitting around a real campfire instead of this virtual one. pealing the layers of the cake back. in the process we could begin to see why it turned out as it did FA.

RAS said...

I don't know what to think about Obama, except that I know a lot of people are projecting their hopes and fears onto him. Usually that doesn't end well.

I saw something on the news yesterdady that made laugh. Coyote may still be roaming the world after all. Or roaming it again.
Here's what happened:
A brother and sister from Arizona decided to go on a road trip, to help 're-define' their lives. As they were leaving out they hit a coyote. They were upset, but what are you going to do? So they went on. Six hundred miles later, they stop at a gas station. The brother sees fur sticking out from the front bumber. Uh-oh.

The coyote was trapped, alive, inside the hood of the car between the radiator and bumper. Rescue crews were called out and there was footage of them removing the front bumper to get the coyote out. They then took him to a vet, where it was discovered he wasn't injured. Not a scratch, much less a broken bone. He was taken to a kennel to recuperate overnight.

Sometime during the night he escaped.

Here's the story from CNN:

The whole thing made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. And it made me wonder: if Coyote has come back into the world, what else has?

freeacre said...

... So, what do you think of the announcement that the Obama administration is going to reduce the compensation packages for the Big Bucks Financial CEO's by 90%. Whoa!! That's BOLD! Hope it holds.
wv: inners

stoney13 said...

OOOHHH! My poor head!!! As to why, back up a post and read of my nocturnal adventures with the pharmesuticals! I seem to remember something involving a Raccoon, and something about....toenails?

Oh well! Back to the world of reality (where something very large tried to hatch my head by sitting on it)

Now! Here's the ugly truth! The election of The President of The United States is when we, as a country, come together to chose the lesser of two lunatics! That's what it is! Who but a lunatic would subject themselves to the microscopic rectal exam that is a Presidential campaign? Who but a lunatic would want a job which ages the applicant twenty years in four? Who but a lunatic would want the job of steering this ship of fools between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea, while half the country kicks him in the ass, and the other half pats him on the back?

Of course we can't have a barking moon dog with his finger on the nuclear trigger, so we have this election thing every four years so we got the idea that we actually have some kind of say in this circus! So when it all goes bad, we have someone besides the Powers That Be to blame!

Dig this people! The Presidency of The United States of America is the only job that the very act of applying for it is proof positive that you are unqualified to fill it!

The Powers That Be run things from the back ground while Our Dear Leader suffers the slings and arrows! THAT'S THE FACTS, PEOPLE!! I know it sucks, I know it is a terrible thing to consider, but those are the facts as I see them!

Every four years we pick the human shield for the 1% who controls 90% of the money in this country!

Oh what was that? Did I hear something about rights? You thiink you've got rights? Okay? Reading assignment! Go to Wikipedia. when you get to Wikipedia go to the search bar and type, "Japanese Americans 1942"! Now read all about your fucking rights!

Not enough? Alright! Type "Jim Crow Laws Mississippi" in the Wikipedia search bar! Read more!

Oh what's that you say? "That happened a long time ago!"? Oh! Did I hear, "We're better than that now"? Ah I see this is goping to be difficult, but no worries gentle friends! Stoney is up to the task!

Still on Wikipedia? Okay! Go back to the search bar, and type "New Orleans Disarmament 2005 Hurricane Katrina"!

Oh! What's that you say? "The story says that was illegal!" Okay! So tell me! Who went to jail for this illegal act? When you do something illegal in this country, you have to pay a fine, or serve some time! Who served time? Who paid fines? I'll tell you who! NOBODY!!!! Why? Simple! Because we who the law is supposed to serve are held to a different account than those who wear the badges and robes?

What's that you say? "That was an emergency! It doesn't happen every day!" Okay! Still on Wikipedia? Oh I know you are! Type in the search bar "Kathryn Johnston Atlanta Georgia"

See? YOU DON"T HAVE ANY RIGHTS IN THIS COUNTRY!!! Rights means nobody can take them away! "Rights" means that when you need them the most, they will be there to protect you! Where were Katheryn Johnston's rights when the Atlanta Police kicked her door down, planted drugs in her house, and hunted up a "confidential Informant" to lie? The MOST any of the cops got was ten years! TEN YEARS!!! For shooting down an elderly woman in her own house!

Rights my ass!

neptune1 said...

stoney13 has summed it up right. This is how it is and always has been. my only disagreement is we don't really get to pick them - we only get to choose what is offered.
I am not impressed with the thing with the CEOs. On the surface it sounds good but in the scheme of things what does that really accomplish? It is just a token effort to make it look like they are actually doing something about the problem to try and keep the masses from becoming totally disgruntled after realizing they have once again been duped. The song remains the same......

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Stoney, “The Presidency of The United States of America is the only job that the very act of applying for it is proof positive that you are unqualified to fill it”; Ron Paul & Denis Kucinich? Otherwise I agree.

One of my favourite films of all time is ‘Snow Falling on Cedars’, is a murder trial story and is the only film I know that deals with the effects of American internment of nationalised American citizens of Japanese descent following Pearl Harbour.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Most of you who have been following my comments on this blog will know that I have a great respect for the author and documentary film maker John Pilger. He has consistently throughout his career, championed the cause of the ordinary man against authority. In the last few months he gave a speech about President Obama. I am going to take some quotes out of it and add a few observations of my own. For those of you who want to see it first hand, it is here.

“Obama’s presence in the White House emphasises the moral nation. Race together with gender and even class can be very effective tools of propaganda. He is a marketers dream but unlike Calvin Kline or Benetton he is a brand that offers something special, something exciting almost risqué; as if he might be radical; as if he might enact change. He makes people feel good; he is a post modern man with no political baggage – and all of that is fake.”

He later goes on to say “During his brief period in the Senate, Obama voted to continue the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. He supported the death penalty. As a presidential candidate he received more corporate backing than John McCain. He promised to close Guantanamo as a priority but instead he has excused torture; reinstated the Military Commissions Act; kept the Bush gulag intact and opposed Habeas Corpus. President Obama does one thing and Brand Obama gets you to believe another.”

And for this, those noble Scandinavians gave him the Peace Prize which simultaneously rewards hypocrisy and devalues their institution. I have seen a few comments here and there which I have put down to loose blog nonsense which suggests that he was awarded the Peace Prize because in the middle term future he is going to get whacked, probably by a mind control subject. Then Brand Obama will become Martyr Obama. I have dismissed the possibility of this as a real future event but it is an intriguing thought none the less. Maybe Biden was the non electable choice all along? What do we know about him apart from his ‘Gird your loins’ speech? Up to now Obama seems to be all things to all men and honest to – well maybe there are a select few he is honest to.

freeacre said...

You guys are supporting my contention that I have a blind spot when it comes to betrayal...
Robert Reich has a good article on Huffington Post explaining that regulating the financial industry has gone down the tubes, due to waiting for the masses to forget about it and upping the bribes, er, campaign contributions, to Congress.

Baz said...

leftover residual monarchistic anachronism!

“No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Transactional analysis wise, it is my assertion we've made a very bad deal.

Either way, probably the most excellent advice a person can live his/her life by—be prepared, storms a comin'. That way, you've covered all the bases. Including the biggest 1 of all—Will it, or won't it, Oh the worry of it all? By preparing for the worst, you've eliminated the biggest concern of all, personally, from the equation—no need to worry anymore. You can rest content, knowing you've done the very best you possibly can. What else can you do? You've done it! Now accept whatever else fools do, are outside your sphere of influence.

Personally, I believe this single denominator will enhance your life immeasurably. 'Tis optimally best for psychic and physical health. What else is there? Now, to achieve this successfully, you'll need a mature view of nature—all of nature, including the true nature of man. I'll spare you the dissertation of re-inventing the wheel, however, so the abridged version will have to suffice. I've noticed something which I formed an opinion of a-long-time-ago, i.e. people persist in child-like faith akin to religion—dependency to government, and now to corporate masters, in spite of alleged protests to the contrary. There's essentially little point in railing against superpowers, when they essentially hold little to no power whatsoever over your life!

Eventually, of course it is hoped the child grows up, and the necessary dependency upon parental figures (govts) diminishes with maturity into adulthood. We no longer need them for our intrinsic survival. We've been equipped with the tools and skills to be independent.

I suppose I might be a purist by actually believing, even taking to heart the words of the constitution ... about being free, from tyranny—including tyrannical rulers, Jefferson had the foresight in writing into law ... on behalf of the world—so call me naive. Nevertheless, if it was good enough for 1 president to find important enough to make provision for, having obtained the highest position of office in the ... world—then it's good enough for the baz to adhere to! Yes, I live my life according to constitutional law, which means, a duty in deciding who and what to be tyrannized by. Indeed forsaking this duty, I'm in fact enabling / encouraging / contributing / permitting / endorsing / supporting—corruption endemic throughout the whole capitalizm—demography.

So, therefore a lawful right to civil disobedience from despotism, nepotism, which is all the same as fascism, nazism. Concepts like Oligarchies, Elite, Politburo, bespeak of an attempt at removing power from the people, to the point where people no longer believe anymore in the inalienable right to be free. So long and successful has the programming been, since these true words were made law—for the people, lest they forgot them.

Ultimately it is both distracting, or even unnecessary to worry about whether the holocaust really happened, or Idi Amin, or Stalin killed 50 million of their own citizens. Maybe this or that? But, how am I going to live, in spite of—they did, or didn't? The answer, I believe correctly divined, is the same. I take responsibility for my life, regardless ... and look, not even a sniffle! Also, being a hunter—both preying and being preyed upon, are familiar well-worn, i.e. to say completely accepted, time-honored vestiges intrinsic to nature. I've learned to rely on my nose, might mean the difference between life and death—survival. If it smells like bullshit ...

So yeah, I'm goin' with the, some sort of shape shifter from some cheesy science fiction movie.

freeacre said...


Baz said...

sorry, couldn't resist ... stole this quote—another illustrious prez. I'm a lover not a fighter—OK, he didn't actually say that. “You can put wings on a pig, but you don’t make it an eagle.” ~ Bill Clinton (1946-) OK—now I better go and recycle some tin, or somethin'.

freeacre said...

Well, my fantasy is that everybody is hunkering down and making last minute shopping runs to get supplies in preparation for whatever is supposed to jump off any minute. The Time Monks advise that some sort of emotional release is projected to happen early Monday morning, as near as they can figure. I'm amazed that they are narrowing it down so much. At any rate, I'm mostly prepared for nothing much to really happen, as every time I think something is immanent, it happens about three years later, if at all. We do have bug out kits ready, food stored, etc. But, we've been doing that forever, it seems.
Additionally, I am starting a rigorous detox and anti-inflammation program/diet. It's billed as the "Ultra-simple Diet." HA! Went out and got about a hundred dollars worth of supplements and food that I have been preparing all afternoon. It does not seem so simple to me... It also suggests that I do yoga, keep a journal, and relax a lot. Be easier if I were at a nice spa for a week and somebody else was running around doing all the work. But, if I am to survive I simply must get myself in better shape. So, here goes..I figure that all this structure will help me to stay centered in case the shit really does hit the fan.
That new TV show, V (the re-make), starts tonight, I think. I am thinking
of watching it if it is on a channel that we can get. We watched the BBC series, "Torchwood," which was quite entertaining. Seems to be in keeping with the "aliens coming to earth" meme. Got it from Netflix, per Allissa's suggestion. Surprisingly good.
Stay tuned, Dear Ones... and fill up your gas tank. Let us know if anything weird happens where you are.

Hotspringswizard said...

Freeacre, regarding your interest in dieting/getting in shape, from this time last year ( Oct, 2008 ) I've lost 58 pounds and now enjoy a fitness level I haven't experienced in decades. As far as considering how to achieve this goal, I considered that animals in the wild stay fit, do not get overweight because of simple realities, like the fact that they get lots of exercise, and eat basic foods in their natural form.

With all the myriad methods ( diet programs ) people use to try and lose weight, and all the vast array of highly processed food options man now creates, weight reduction in reality can be acheived in a healthy manner by simply just eating less, eating good, and getting excercise.

I changed vastly what ate. Basically put, I only eat two meals a day, no fast food, no in between meal snacks, no milk products except for nonfat milk, otherwise I only drink beside that coffee and water ( no sugary drinks like juices and colas, etc ), very minimal intake of meats, low intake of breads and pastas, as much as possible fruits and vegetables, lots of nut varities, eat as much as possible whole foods ( uncooked when reasonable ), I also stopped my intake of alcohol which helped in many ways to increase healthiness.

I weighed myself once a week and saw immediate progress, in the early stages roughly a couple of pounds a week. Of course weight reduction will slow down as you approach a healthy weight range. Being disciplined is key.

We live in a society in which the normal interaction with food is completely skewed in countless unhealthy directions. We are constantly exposed to the temptations to eat far to much, and to eat foods that in truth are bad in so many ways for the natural functioning of our bodies.

Just keep cutting back on the daily portion size until you see progress on the scales. Even now that I have achieved a healthy weight range and a very good level of fitness, to maintain it I of course will have to continue what I have done, permanently.

What I have suggested above is not easy, but the benifits far outweigh the difficulties, and in time it all just becomes your new healthier way of living which is far more wholesome and satisfying. Like you said Freeacre, being fit will be an important asset for us to have as we face the many challenges of the times ahead, trying conditions that will test us all.

So those are just some ideas to consider. Above is what worked for me. I used to remember how having all that extra weight felt like I had some big heavy coat on that I had to carry around all the time. My back hurt, my knees hurt, I was tired alot but now those days are gone and its real nice to be able to feel the energy and the ease of movement of living in a healthier body :-)

Hotspringswizard said...

And I forgot to mention that I excercise much more than I used to. I swim laps ( for 50 minutes ) twice a week at the local public pool and also do a couple of vigorous hikes each week up the steep desert mountains near our home. I used to run alot until I was about 35 but I then shyed away from high impact exercise like that wanting to save my joints that were beginning to hurt.

Things have become so easy in so many ways in modern society that it can certainly be a challenge to get yourself out there and take the time to excercise enough for good general health. I just approach each week at a time and seek to do my best in regards to diet and excercise :-)

Anonymous said...

~ Larissa here ~

Another great post, freeacre!

Yes, I think a lot of people are projecting onto Obama-- for sure! And for many of us, Obama's compromises seem like selling out to an enemy who refuses to be reasonable and reach back.

We're in such a nightmare right now, and we all know that things have gone wrong and are about to get worse-- the problem is everyone's idea of what is worse (fascism or socialism? climate change or peak oil? end of empire or total global domination?) is up for debate.

All we can agree upon is that no one is happy. Everyone seems to feel like they're losing... So who's winning? The 'distract and divide' thing is working real well, and I think we're already quite conquered. I just get the feeling that some reactions from the current collective destined path is set to pull off some surprises.

I have to cultivate a 'quite zone' for myself, or I'd go nuts. I use humor and fantasy to give myself a break, and then go back to facing the truth of things (and staying prepared to be utterly wrong).

Anonymous said...

And, don't forget a daily dose of beer (or wine)!


Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot something. This past Saturday, a good many F-15's and F-16's buzzed over our area heading south from Hill AFB which is in Ogden just north of SLC. Kinda strange.


Anonymous said...

FroM: "They call me Mr.Bill"
In regards to Mr. Obama, Ya got to give the guy a littl credit, or he's got nuts the size of basketballs, out of ingorance or intension, some "exposures" are brought to light. We'll never know the truth, cause they are so caught up in self profit/power they dont know whats going on either.
Dick Cheney should shut his pie hole when it come to the troops, why is he speaking out? He's losing income thats why.And if the troops come home, we would lose a significant amount of tax dollars, becaus they couldnt find a job either.
The elaborite game of cat & mouse, The only consern Queen Elisibeth has is what currancy we will make our next payment in for the Am. Revolution and the war of 1812, the Dollar or Yen?
We all bitch about imports but where has the skilled workforce of the US went, THEY DONT WANT A SKILLED WORKFORCE, get it!
Then comes it the Illegal aliens, from my viewpoint , come over legal, or you might find your carcass hanging over the great wall of Texas!
in opinion: Seletive isolation, self sufficentcy, and a "dont tread on me" attitude are the only way a persons gonna make it. But preparation takes big bucks and is labor intensive.Be prepared for it. the day will come.

Hotspringswizard said...

Perhaps related to Randy's comment about the flights of F-15's/F-16's, I've noticed in the last couple of months flights of these huge military ( dark colored )jets with four engine flying very low through the desert terrain and mountains around our home and also have seen them flying the same way in the San Bernardino Mountains. Makes me wonder if it might have something to do with possible preperations for some kind of action regarding Iran. Before this I've seen these same giant jets flying paths much higher up around our desert area, many times with two following eachother with some type of smaller lead plane in front of them.

RW said...

Obama has nothing to do with anything that really matters. If he cared about any real change, why are Bush and Cheney still running around loose?

Or are we supposed to forget too?

So tell us then, what is your idea of the so called "best" the big O can do?

"Hes doing his best" ????

what does that mean?


freeacre said...

I don't know what he is doing, RW. I share your frustration that Dick Chaney is still running his mouth in Washington D.C. and God knows whether his still has an influence with the shadow government and the seemingly reptilian minions. And it galls me to no end that Rumsfeld is making millions from his investments in Baxter Corp. and other pharmaceutical companies with this swine flu debacle. And, the banksters are still running the financial industry and looting the treasury. And, on and on... Gitmo, Afghanistan, FEMA, Patriot Act, insurance companies... you name it. It all sucks, to be sure.
I just wonder if any person in Obama's position would have any chance of making a significant dent in the process even if highly motivated to do so, given the realities of what he's working with in Washington and the pathetic disfunction in the population as a whole. Maybe the best we can hope for is small changes like not putting people in jail for smoking pot, developing a better relationship with the Muslim world, and baby steps toward progressive legislation. But, when one considers, the larger long term picture of dealing with resource depletion,climate change, death of the oceans and contamination of the food supply, etc. it looks like we are pretty much fucked.
We sure can't wait for the feds to fix things or we'll all be treading water like the people in New Orleans during Katrina. We are on our own.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Fa, I don’t know how much sway Obama really has. Susan Ford said that Kissinger once told her that presidents are not particularly important people, ambassadors have more real power. I think that most of now know that the motto that Harry S Truman had on his desk saying “The buck stops here” actually wasn’t true but it was good enough for the people at the time. And then the dysfunctional dummed down population is another thing; or is it another aspect of the same thing – presidents with no real power and populations who believe they have no real power.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from montana my brothers and sisters,its overcast,wet and chilling to the bone outside, in here around the campfire its warm as usual and the words spoken bring much clarity in a world that has gone completely fucking nuts for the most part it appears.
i've always wondered when i chose to think about it how the change would take place because left to its own devices nothing would happen, but now its getting clearer, at least for some how it might be happening, and that each person must be effected personally how rape actually feels. what constitutes rape of course will differ from individual to individual but the rape must occur.
actually this will be a re-rape because its already been done as children and forgotten, well maybe not forgotten but put into the category of ''well it wasn't all that bad was it?at least i still have my automatic toaster to let me know i am a special functioning human being, otherwise i wouldn't have the toaster now would i?''
so now homeland security comes to your house, breaks down the door and takes your motherfucking toaster, now you have been touched, raped as it were.
now you think where is my gun and ammo.? that toaster was my connection with the appointed one and sure fire ticket to the eternal kingdom. and now the bastards have taken my only reason to live, now i have nothing to loose.i will get it back.
ok so thats childish but the point is is that seems like the only thing that is going to wake up the sleepy ones into a state where some questions might emerge, like a deep remembrance of the first raping,and that ones entire life has been one continuous rape. not one single solitary day with out that rape guiding each and every movement and thought . eternal rape, just think about it and see anything different. for the life of me i cannot and i have made this more or less a life's quest, to uncover this initial causation.
it has fruited my brothers and sisters, it is a light in the darkness that we have accepted, maybe not accepted but tolerated, simply by living in a manner of compliance that would at least mean the physical would survive, what a laugh.
like the physical and the mental are two separate items.
anyway the point is that each of must i think be touched in such a way to initiate this longing to be whole human beings once again and i see this happening, slowly like a chicken pecking its way out of an egg. or as i have witnessed, a dragon fly emerging from a ugly crawling thing which has just emerged from the river, setting on a warm rock and the back splitting opening and something crawling out this split, pulsating, the wind blowing gently upon it,drying it, and slowly the folded wings beginning to unfold, until they are spread, then flapped a few times and then a breeze assists it and up into the sun it flies, its transparent wings glistening in the sun, sparking rainbows
showering from them for us to see.
i see this in my minds eye when as a child before the great rape occurred, i see this in all the children of the creator,i see this place where we were this dragonfly and we all had gossamer wings and minds also.
we will fly again brothers and sisters, it only takes a tiny bit of intent and the great spirit will do the rest. just a tiny bit.
i know this is so because langosta told me
i love all of you i honor you and the greatness that awaits each and everyone of us.
we are the future,


freeacre said...

Awesome, Montana Freeman. You are a blessing. I look out at the snow, but I am warmer now.

wv: hopedd

Anonymous said...

Reading the post again...

I voted for Obama (somewhat reluctantly, I guess) because I was hoping for a change from the disaster of DICK Cheney! I was hoping an executive order, closing Gitmo and its torture chambers, was on the agenda for February or March.
I was hoping a re-deployment of soldiers from the quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I was hoping the ending of illegal wiretaping.
I was hoping for an end of the Patriot Acts and the re-establishment of Habius Corpus.
I was hoping for a REAL investigation of 9/11 and a REAL investigation the lies that lead to our current wars.
I was hoping that the perps who caused the financial melt-down would be doing their "Perp-walk" to the "The Big House."
I was hoping that our environment was going to become something we would vigorously try to protect as apposed to something to destroy for corporate profit.
I was hoping that lobbyist were not going to run our government agencies.
I was hoping my tax dollars would stop being used to kill Palistinians.
I hoped for a lot of things when I pushed on that touchscreen.

So far, my hopes have been dashed. Yeah, I know. He's only been at the job for 9 months or so, but I think a lot of my hopes could have become reality with a few quick swipes of a pen.

Instead, things have gotten worse. Gitmo is still open for torture. We're now killing people in Pakistan. We're giving MORE money to corrupt banks. Healtcare for the rich will continue. Mountaintops are still being blasted off. We're letting Isreal make homeless and kill more Palistinians. And, it looks like Iran is in the US/Israel's crosshairs -for some unknown fucking reason.

Yes Obama is a great speaker, I'll give him that. But in my book, actions speak louder than words. Maybe Ralhm won't let him do what he wants to do, I don't know.

We went to a Salt Lake Bees baseball game this past summer and my wife got ticked-off at me for not standing up and putting my hand over my heart during the national anthem. I said to her, "When this country stops torturing people, stops waging wars for corporate profit and brings those responsible for those calamities into a court of law, then, maybe I'll stand up straight and show some respect for Murika." She didn't have much to say after that so I went back to sitting in my seat, drinking my beer.


Anonymous said...

no offense to anyone who still plays the game in whatever form but for the life of me i can no longer consciously put my energy into any form of expansion (which is what our systems are all about) that has no heart in it.

having said that the systems are not causal. i can put it in a word but i've already done that a gazillion times so consider yerselves spared from one more. for now anyway.

mf... only you my brother can dream up such amazing anecdots to begin your point. and point taken. in fact, anyone who missed or anyone who got it w/out sheding a tear... well... as w/your point, hope springs eternal... p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Mf - beautiful, we are still brothers in heart.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Where the bailout money is actually going and how it affects Obama's 2010 budget.

murph said...


Your observations stand as readily observable. No argument. I also agree with your wish list.

Again, I make two assumptions that may even have some combination to them.

1. Assuming that Obama really does have the state of the country
t heart, and is indeed truly concerned with its citizens, could he have done all on the wish list? Or even some of it? I have some real doubts about that. And by the way, mine is much longer and I assume you mentioned only some of your list too.

2. Assuming Obama is just another player in the plutocracy, with the primary concern of preservation of the truly wealthy and powerful, how could we have understood that by election time? Those really well thought out and delivered speeches were either from the man's heart or they were not. When Bush spoke during his campaigns, I knew he was a lier from watching him and how he delivered his speeches. With Obama I couldn't tell, I just suspected that all politicians lie most of the time.

If alternative 1 is the predominant truth, our anger is misdirected. Need to get on the ones that are causing the havoc because they have him blocked all the way.

If alternative 2 is predominantly the truth, what action do you propose? In either case we are up against a very powerful bunch of people who don't care about the citizens beyond how much loot they can squeeze out of us.

We are so doomed either way I think.

That is a great comment my man. I bow to your wisdom.


Yes, playing the game is self defeating. Unfortunately there are way too few of us, at least yet, to make a difference. The denial of so much, personally and externally, is going to cause havoc I think. Discouraging.

lol WR ruffn

Hotspringswizard said...

In reference to my 10-26 / 8:27 PM entry regarding the big military plane flights in my area, and my wondering if it might have anything to do with possible upcoming actions against Iran, I came across this yesterday at Information Clearing House:

By Paul Craig Roberts

There’s no word in the Western press, but Al Jazeera reports that the US and Israel are conducting tests of the high altitude missile defense system that the US has provided to Israel.

The anti-missile system is useless against the short range rockets of Hamas and Hezbollah. Its purpose is to protect Israel from longer range Iranian missiles.

Everyone understands that Iran would not attack Israel except in retaliation. It is logical to conclude that the missile defense system signals an upcoming Israeli attack on Iran.

If the US were opposed to an Israeli attack on Iran, the US would not provide Israel with protection against retaliation and would not engage in war games with Israel to test the system. The best way to prevent an Israeli attack on Iran is to leave Israel open to retaliation.

This decision by the United States government is irresponsible in the extreme. It enables Israel to spread aggression in the Middle East. By signaling an attack, it would encourage a less cautious country than Iran to strike first before the Israeli missile defense system is operative.

The joint US-Israeli war games involving 2000 troops from the US European Command, the Israeli Army, and 17 US Navy ships is further indication to the world that no matter what crimes the Israelis commit, the US will protect Israel from being held accountable.

In the world today, the US and Israel are the two threats to peace..........

Just something to consider.

Hotspringswizard said...

Randy your 10-28 / 12:13 PM entry is spot-on! Thats the way I see it too. Its all a Gigantic Worldwide FUBAR Circus! The way me and my bro see it nothing is going to stop things from going from bad to worse regarding all of this long list of human travesties so best you can do is get your self prepared as best you can with hopefully some other like minded folks and do what you can to weather the coming storm of troubles.

Anonymous said...

murph... i'm w/ya on obama. w/bush we could tell in an instant. w/obama... well, he touched the hearts of many. which brings credence to mf's point. heart still beats. but barely heard thru the weeping and anguish. and in a time where there is no place for it in the halls viewed as hallowed by eyes that then deny that very same heart and defend those halls at the cost of their own soul. too pre-occupied to know that same heart. too fuckin scared to do the right things. too far gone to even know any better. were it any other way history would not read as it does... p

Anonymous said...

please she says, obama santa claus will not save you, what will save you is the eternal light that remains covered inside,
the external distractions are walnut shells and you continually look for the one which has the nut, this just has to be dealt with, it is a great hinderance to the eternal, this childhood illusion is so persistent that the very foundations of your lives expose is encased in it,but cracks are beginning to appear like the first trickle of water issuing forth from a swollen dam, it is thundering rain, the dam cannot contain it. it is cracking and the boats remain hidden inside. we must get in these boats she says.
this sounds selfish i says, she smiles and says of course it does,you have been trained to say that, like all the rest of the training that facilitates the wondrous nature of your leaders.
there is no savior, there is no savior there is no savior.
why are we so frightened of that which you say will save us, this is a paradox she says because the saved and the savior are one and the same. this is not a concept,this is what actually exists beyond the illusion of self, obama will walk a mile in your moccasins and will keep the moccasins, one of your great chiefs has reminded you of this before.why is this profound fact been pushed out like it had to much salt.
what will nail this illusion along side your favorite pissing post? to allow your favorite priest to fuck your children without a whimper? he is a man of the one god is he not? this is obama, my god she says this man cannot even save himself, he is as lost as the rest of the mind controlling rot than relies on your denial to stay one step ahead of your much needed chicken eyed look. that look that has behind it suspicion that something is terribly wrong!!
what are you waiting for she says,the scales on the eyes are breaking loose, there is a quite deep look and listening that is somehow aware that just maybe,maybe the world is a giant fucking lie and we give it life by our participation of it.
the folks here have figured this out,and it is growing, this figuring out thing, and soon it will become so obvious that even the most unloved will see it,
love, my priorities begin with seeking this spark, no not seeking, this is to easy, this is distraction, this is santa claus dressed up like the easter egg and saying i have found the truth.
it is more profound then this she says,
explain so i can understand i say, she sighs and says the words are a hinderance, they can only go so far and after that the abyss is your only ally.
this is what keeps us enslaved,
have you ever talked it over with your creator she asks, of course i says, you know that, why do you ask,
because it seems like there is something missing in your arrogance she says, arrogance i says? yes,this dependance on the language you speak and the understanding that occurs is a ballon of maybes and what ifs.i am taken aback by this and ask what do you mean,? she says every word in your language is a judgement, in fact your entire language is a judgement, and to attempt to understand that which cannot be understood by words shines on you.
explain i says, she says the language is a tool that points in a direction, it is useful to a point but only to a point because for instance when the word god is said each of you have over the years formulated a picture image of this concept and it is only a concept, this is important because your world is entirely conceptual, these concepts have conditions attached to them and people will kill you defending those concepts. this is simple i says, that is right it is simple but what is not so simple is to be aware of them in everyday life as you talk to your neighbors and friends and listen to whatever is said by anyone on the glaring stupidity called tv. which by the way actually contains much truth if it can be dislodged.
part one

Anonymous said...

i have listened to this i say and i see it, over and over, to listen to two people talk and suddenly the conversation will go from friendly to war,and the reason can be gleaned from the difference in conceptional experience and real experience which becomes conceptional in the relaying of the experience.
so a basic understanding of how fucked up language is in communication is paramount , right? yes she says.
then how can we communicate i says? she replies that to communicate is simply to be aware of this fact and listen with an intensity of desire to actually understand what someone is actually saying not what your definition of the words say.
this is arduous she says but possible, and is absolutely necessary in the mutative beginning that is taking place among those that choose to see.
mutative i ask? yes she says,there is a point which is taking place even now that will usher in the peace that is longed for by the ones of certain advantage, and this is not an exclusive thing but one of, could not grasp this one, this point is a communication that goes beyond that which you call language and it is the actual seeing of the same thing at the same time and this is the one that is talked about by the ancient ones, =telepathy if you will.
the synchronistic happenings and instant manifestations occurring within the framework of your lives is no accident, it is being brought about by your own inner longings. to return to the source,to return to that which lies deep within and which without makes your miserable existence a colossal joke.
i can take no more, she smiles and does her disappearing thing, my mind is hammered.


Anonymous said...

mf... ahhh yes, this is why we hide the history books.

"...., could not grasp this one, ..."

insert.. 'interactive sentient knowing'...

observe... countless winged, finned, 4 legged... shift direction in unison.

and we 2 legged call it heard mentality and view it as primative...p

Anonymous said...


Totally freak'in doomed.


Anonymous said...


Good interview on Carolyn Baker this morning.


freeacre said...

I feel like we should come up with a new post real soon, but I have to admit that we're having difficulty coming up with anything new. Anybody else out there got something in the works?

freeacre said...

A good Samhain to everyone. Samhain is the Wiccan version of Halloween. It's a time when you gather together with candles, honor the Directions, and remember your dead. Not being an official Wiccan, I get my info from Wicapedia.. But, that is good enough for me. Murph lost his long-time best friend and his mother this year, and I lost my step-son and nephew. So, we will put aside some time to focus on them today.
In the evening we are attending a party and going as wind nuts in tin foil hats....
Have a good one, folks. Next week the party may be over...

rockpicker said...

Here's Clif High and George Ure talking to Militia Radio on Oct. 29.

wv gasess

stoney13 said...

I voted for Obama, because I was given the choice between an articulate, intelligent, not completely insane, and well-educated man and his less-than-treacherous running mate,on one side, and The Cryptkeeper, and Carrie's Mom on the other!

I don't know, but the only rational choice seemed obvious!

stoney13 said...

Montana Freeman,

One can only be raped if one submits to the rape. I shall NOT submit! They can kill me if they think that will do them any good, but they can't rape a dead man!

When they come for my toaster, they shall find their way blocked. If they come for my neighbor's toaster, they shall find their way blocked.

They shall not have our tasters, because there must be toast, and toasters are required for the toasting!

If they tell me that they must have my neighbor's toaster, because he is Latino, liberal, left wing, right wing, centrist, libertarian, pro gun, anti gun, drug addicted, or Communist, I will tell them they live in The United States of America! They can only take your toaster away if you let them, and I give them no leave! They shall not have my toaster, nor my neighbors!

They can't take my life, but SCORCHED BREAD WITH BUTTER IS NECESSARY TO MY HAPPINESS AND WELL-BEING! I shall not be denied! Neither will my neighbor! Fuck 'em! Shoot me!

stoney13 said...

Montana Freeman,

The art of communicating is lost in the communication! That's why The White Man has a horrendously complicated book called "The Holy Bible" to get across the message to love The Great Spirit above all things, and to love your neighbors as you love yourselves.

Ever wonder why there are fifty different words to describe "Pain" and another fifty to describe "Death"? Yet "Love", and, "Truth" Only require one apiece! ... Unless you're a lawyer, and nothing a lawyer says makes any sense anyway!

rockpicker said...

"...we have this circuitous little thing here where the Fed tells the Treasury, 'yeah, we'll buy your Treasury Notes.' Treasury creates the Treasury Notes. The Fed uses those Treasury Notes to issue dollars with which they buy the Treasury Notes. I'm sure there's a couple of nasty, rude words for that."

-Clif High

And doesn't the public end up paying back the Fed interest, through the collected withholding taxes, on the new dollars used by the Fed to buy those Treasury Notes?

Gotta love a system everyone has confidence in, but nobody understands.

wv lastrat

Anonymous said...

From Belgium


Michelle Chausodovsky understands it.

DIYer said...

He's a politician. Has nothing to do with Xtian, Mslm, or Pastafarian. A politician.

So, sometimes I've wondered, if I hold up that convenience store, and manage to make it around the corner with the loot, can I tell the cops "let's look forward, not back"... but anyhoo.

Love your little blog here. Cyclone used to make my hair stand on end. Keep on keepin' on. That's all.

DIYer said...

As for Karl Rove: he may be a maggot, but he'll never make it to fly.

rockpicker said...


Great clip. I've been reading him for a couple of years. I like Max Keiser's On The Edge program also. Comes out each Friday. Last week he was calling Goldman-Sachs 'enemy combatant, and holding up a map of Manhattan, showing Oath Keepers exactly where to hit G-S headquarters. He's funny.

Jane Bergermeister, on the other hand, deserves a Pulitzer, or whatever the european equivalent might be. She's very serious, and humanity owes her a debt of gratitude. You can listen to her speak here:

freeacre said...

Hey, DIYer! Nice that you're adding your thoughts. Nice to know people are out there. Have a seat.
Rockpicker, I wonder if Burgermeister is getting much play out there. I don't find much of anyone outside of Camelot that is quoting her. Maybe Europe is. Do you know? I enjoy Kaiser, too, by the way. lol

rockpicker said...

Freeacre; Burgermeister has gotten nowhere with her lawsuit filed against Baxter with the FBI. Neither will local authorities in Austria pursue legal action against the company. Failure of these law enforcement bodies to bring these pharma criminals to justice is a crime against humanity, and all the peoples of the earth should demand Baxter be brought to trial. They knowingly mixed swine flu virus with avian flu virus and then sent out vials to sixteen laboratories worldwide. If that doesn't constitute a bio-terrorism event, nothing does. She has documentation linking Baxter's actions to WHO.

Jane will not be getting any major amount of airtime, because her brand of muckraking is not in the best interests of the handful of elite who owned the West's media outlets. That's why I say Camelot has become one of my main news sources, especially with all these conferences they're attending and sponsoring. Lots of people are tuning in to their streaming videos.

Here is a link to a must see movie I just watched. Picked it up on the Natural Solutions newsletter.
The Calling. Check it out.

DIYer. Glad to make your acquaintance. Cyclone is sorely missed around this campfire. But there's plenty of stumps, and the talking stick moves around the expanding circle pretty freely. Welcome.


rockpicker said...

Christ, if you've listened to Jane Bergermeister on the Project Camelot website, Brussels Conference, and then watched The Calling, you'll have a great context in which to view this latest development.

RAS said...

FA, give me until Wednesday and I'll come up with something. Has anyone seen this post by the Archdruid?

Anonymous said...

my brother, and those that have commented on the inadequate and jumbled up meanderings that fall off the fingers of an over the hill hippy that dreams of Mexico and the mountains south east of Mexico City and the tiny Setas that grow there high in the clouds.
the mushroom people, and the magic they bring to your empty plates,these once hidden and available to only a few seekers are now a curiosity to be purchased like a Mcdonald's shit burger.
its one more place that has been trampled into obscurity by the television watchers and the death of a once incredible race of people turned into a nightmare of trade. once more the baubles of the colonization dealers
scored a direct hit upon one of the last places on earth that seemed immune to the white mans greed. i correct that, to the greed of man period.

as usual the thing most dreaded is the thing we love the most as near as i can tell, and conflict in the attempt to communicate is certainly the sometimes torturous path we that have chosen to walk upon it call the red path.

the red road, the red path, the journey the native brothers and sisters take to reach and join with the sacred spirit, once it was comparatively easy, not so now, the corruption that is society has brought much more to the path and the mind has become entangled with the new meaningless drivel that falls from the teachers of death and is mandatory to any child born into it.
(compulsory sterilization is still alive and well in the native american people, soon genocide will be a distant memory of these once proud brothers and sisters, the history books will say they just succumbed to the inability to sufficiently adapt to evil)
like Stoney says the communication of words with one word having said it all where another word of fifty meanings says nothing.

so it is.
the coming week the clinic will be filled with children with snotty noses,caughing,chills, fever and other symptoms of a sickness brought about by the instant degrading of the immunity system from sucking down a ton of poisonous refined sugar on a holiday that meant something once,(not sure of what it was) but now is a bonus for those that care nothing about the children or their ignorant assed parents.
its all about money, money,money and fuck the kids, they are just a commodity
to exploit, a resource to mine and turn into mind shit, and dollars for the new yacht.
yep, the pharmaceuticals,the doctors,all those that accumulate cash in trade for the children's health. like the greed that drips from a diseased christian's lips reading how he loves god but hates people.

the fucking nightmare one finds at the core of ones being, this is who we are, this is the great denial, this is the offspring of a christian upbringing, or any other campaign to infect the new mind with the image of self as a worthless non entity we are new born and raped at birth stoney, many actually have the end of their little dicks cut off and the screaming means nothing to knife wielders and their proud parents, the good doctors salving the mothers fears with ( o they are to young to feel pain!!!) and its just o so much cleaner this way,! what in the fuck has gone wrong??
are we completely insane to allow all the obvious out of balance shit to continue?

it seems so, at least for the majority, and can you please tell me how all of this is to be remedied ?
it can't can it? only for the individual. thats it/

randy i am with you, we are doomed.and fucked/

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

mf my friend, it is good to hear from you again.

Swine flu seems to be a massive over reaction to a none event. Well most of us secretly suspected that anyway but now it is official.