Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today we have some pictures of Rockpicker and Oldensoul’s fall garden. Killer frost evidently has not hit their area yet. Our garden is about done except for the onions and garlic to yet be fully harvested for the winter.

Rockpickers fall garden, look how it has grown!

Rockpicker and Oldensoul's end of season rock planter with ripening tomatoes.

Squash fest from our garden, an no, we didn't grow all of them. Frost killed off many fruit that were started.

Squash custard with resberries

From Murph

I’ve got to admit that I feel like I am reaching an overload on information. Among all the web sites on the internet and various books and periodicals we try and stay up with, I feel saturated right now. Most of the subjects I am concerned with and some new approaches and ideas I read about are written so well that I wonder what I can talk about on the blog nowadays. One thing that sprang out at me was a new post at the Archdruid blog. He has been on an extensive examination of all sorts of perspectives on the current economic situation and economics in general. Very scholarly stuff and well written.

By now I am sure you frequenters of this campfire are aware that Freeacre and I have unending contempt for most of what our society, government and civilization is and has been doing as long as we have been alive, and before, if our reading of history has any validity at all. We have been anticipating a fall/collapse/revolution so long and have been preparing so long for something along this line to happen that we are sick of the waiting. Let’s get with it on is our frequent mantra.

However, the universe seems rather perverse in its determination to thwart our projections of events. Charles H. Smith recently put up a post that examined the possibility that the dollar will not collapse. Oh darn! The PTB aren’t going to allow that, bad for business. I have a lot of respect for Smith and his perspectives on what is happening financially and socially in this society. His 110 page e-book that nicely condenses his analysis is an excellent read. This can be found at:

When we picture what a collapse would be like, we are mostly projecting fantasy into it. Our fantasies around this determine what we do in preparations. Inevitably, collapse/revolution will be different than what we fantasize. It might just be so different that what we do in preparation has no significance at all. And, that conundrum is what I am continually scratching my head over. For the most part, I realize humans are damned poor at future projections. That is not even assuming how many unforeseen consequences can and will happen for any scenario we dream up.

Without some drastic change in thinking, I have little faith in humanity’s ability to make decisions for the good of those living or to be born yet. It sure seems to me that a very large proportion of decisions have these niggling unforeseen consequences that are harmful. Cripes, look at what the indigenous people did on this continent when the white man came, they helped them overcome starvation and look at those consequences.

Among my favorite conspiracy theories is the one of shadow governments; some elite PTB that is controlling events throughout the world for their own nefarious purposes. Unless they aren’t human, are they subject to the same problems in future projections as the rest of us? Are all of their plans going to have consequences they haven’t planned for? I’m sure the elites were not planning to have to deal with a national uprising during the French revolution. Will we have something similar in our case? I am also reasonably sure that the English aristocracies were not figuring on the surety of an American revolution since the Americans were facing such an overwhelming force, nor took into account the tenacity of the rebellion.

So what I am banking on is that the PTB have done a magnitude of overreach, and are doomed to ultimate failure. But then again, maybe not. Much science fiction from the 70’s dealt with the ultimate takeover by some elite group and the consequences. What these novels did not take into account for was the need for vast amounts of non renewable energy to do so. Will that apply today? Does the shadow government have technology that we can only dream of in SF novels? Are they indeed at a point that their ultimate control of the world is at hand? If so, what do we do about it? Bend our knees and pay homage to the bastards? Even so, would humanity be better off or not? It sure seems to me that a vast majority of people are willing to live that way since societies have been doing so for most of recorded history. If freedom from autocratic control by a few is not desirable, when are we going to do what is good for us on an individual and group basis and end autocratic control? Again, without some serious and drastic mind shifts, it is not likely. My observation is that most people want that control, and in some cases, feel it is necessary. Considering the emotional/education level/mental states of the population they might be right.

Whether humanity is ultimately destined to be ruled by an elite few or live in some other manner, I think it would behoove us to carefully examine what we really want and the ultimate consequences of it. I am reminded of the million moron march recently on Washington. What I heard in interviews and read on the signs they were carrying, my impression is that they had no idea about what they were advocating. A very large proportion of the idiot marchers were against socialism and sure looked like they were either in or near retirement age and able to collect social security (a socialist agenda). Didn’t see one sign that advocated ending that or Medicare or ADC or end taxes to support public schools, or military expansion overseas or any or a hundred other “socialist” programs. All they seemed to be concerned with is government control over who their health care providers were. Geez! Don’t they realize that is the case now, except instead of government control it is controlled by the insurance industry? I guess they figure that big corporations know better what is good for us better than the government. Frankly, I don’t buy into either concept.

I reckon we will just have to watch and wait to see how this all works out.
For Belgium from Freeacre


Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Well cool Freeacre, when you actually see it for real it is pretty good although nothing like you have it in your imagination. I always pictured it as standing on its tail twisting its body as it was hauled out of the water. As well as being part of yourself it is also part of your past and the fishing memories which inspired your book. I never got into permanent ink although if we formed a real community in a location I would probably change my mind. Talking of that, a long time ago you mentioned that someone was going to take the plunge and asked if you would join them. The town of buffalo seems to stick in my mind. I guess that one fell through the cracks in the floorboards.

Point taken Murph about the French and American revolutions but the so called PTB have a formidable armoury to choose from – so much more than before. The directed microwave beam weapons have never been used in earnest but were merely put on display to say don’t fuck with us, a bit like the yearly Russian October parade during the cold war. And this is just one weapon chosen at random. If you go along with Beardon’s speculation that the (1912?) Siberian explosion was a fit of pique by Tesla that his work had to be dismantled because J P Morgan wouldn’t fund it then there has been nearly 100 years in between in which to develop these and find new technologies all of which are kept well away from public gaze. On hidden technologies you hear so much stuff you don’t know what to believe. Tsunamis and earthquakes triggered by directed infra sound beams which make nukes obsolete. New weapons are being given to the police in order to blur the distinction between them and the military. The people who direct these things are nothing but smart. With so much secrecy it is hard to know your enemy and use their strengths as a weakness. One of the really big unknowns is how the grunts will interpret their Oath of Allegiance and if they will stand against their own when push comes to shove.

According to Bryce Taylor, the show was intended to be brought down for millennium year but for whatever reason it didn’t happen and what wasn’t figured out was the internet information revolution during the intervening ten years. Then there are the talking heads whose job it is to muddy the waters. And again the million moron march must have given those in power renewed hope. Do you figure we should try to save everybody or cut Joe six pack and the million morons loose and let those in power wither and die by just ignoring them and surviving with our centuries old technology. Here is what Bryce Taylor has to say about the weaponry of the future. The paragraph before deals with the PTB’s trading drugs for weapons. “While money was made during those days from the sale of weapons, the Council said guns and munitions would be obsolete by the year 2000. The frequency warfare technology they possess will make guns and munitions powerless because those wielding guns will have their brainwave frequencies altered by the new weaponry to such a degree that they won't be able to think to commit a violent act. Society is being kept unaware of this until these self-appointed overseers of our world have completely stepped up the mind control within the populace. Then the people won't care about having obsolete weapons because they will be under the total lull and control of specific, targeted electromagnetic frequencies. Individuals won't be able to commit crimes against the populace. My controllers spoke about this as, "creating peace on earth, contemporary style." (For more information on this still classified technology read: Angels Don't Play This HAARP, Nick Begich Ph.D.)”

So there you have it, dumbing down is part of the pogram.

murph said...

I am putting up a comment that was in Cryptogon Sunday morning. Sort of reflects how I see it also.

"G20 Post Mortem / Open Thread
September 27th, 2009

A few people seem surprised that the U.S. is a police state.

Oh the cops. Oh the poor students. Oh boo hoo, we just want to wave our signs.

The don’t taze me bro generation is obviously going to have to figure this one out the hard way.

My position has always been that people who wave signs at fascists are clinically nuts; holy roller, speaking in tongues, batshit crazy nuts.

Sign waving is not resistance. Sign waving is part of the problem in the same way that voting is part of the problem. How’s that Change working out for the Obama supporters? (Some of those bozos are already talking about how they’re going to get it right in 2012…)

In the few video clips of the G20 protests that I watched, I saw a bunch of zombies with iPhones, running around like chickens with their heads cut off, as the Legion of Doom tested out its new sonic weapons and tear gas lobbing skills.

WTF is the matter with these people? Where does someone get the idea that the way to deal with Darth Vader is to wave a sign at him? Maybe a few, “Fuck the police” tweets will do the trick? Send out invites to join revolutionary sign waving groups on Facebook?!

The Twitbook aspect of this is, frankly, bizarre. Maybe I’ve been out here in the bush too long, but it looks like powerlessness is manifesting itself into a sort of flaccid, me-too technophelia, crossbred with a hamster wheel. This is more embarrassing than anything else.

The U.S. is no longer a country. It’s a company town. If waving signs at the company’s goon squad just makes people look stupid, what does twitbooking about it amount to?

Here are some other ideas:

Eliminate your debt. Take your money off the table. Stop buying stuff that you don’t need. Live well on very little. Grow your own food. Participate in alternative and/or outlawed food economies for what you don’t produce yourself. Barter, or use cash. Support people who do good work. Finally, draw a line in the sand. Don’t tell anyone where that line is, or what the consequences will be if it’s crossed. Don’t wave a sign about it. Don’t twitbook about it. Let the fascists figure it out the hard way."

freeacre said...

I'm afraid my trout tattoo is fading, the details lost. I got it, after all, in 1993 or 4 after watching Schindler's List. It was my rather odd way of protecting myself against getting thrown in with a bunch of Holy Rollers the next time they decide to round up a bunch of people. I figured I would rather be with the Trout People. Fifteen years later, I have not changed my mind...

I guess the corporate overlords would love to see us all wearing whatever they tell us is fashionable and living lives as though we live in Disneyland while spending their play money and pretending that it all is real. Personally, I think I will invest in multiple rolls of aluminum foil and wrap myself in it from head to toe. Aluminum will be the new "black." Pain rays, my ass! Somebody has to pull the plug on these monstrous miscreants. Guess we are going to see real soon how much resistance there is to the flu vaccines or if we are turned into compliant drooling zombies. Stay tuned.

Palooka's Revenge said...

b... just as y2k didn't happen taylor's post 2000 hasn't happened. yet. there's a pov within the ufo community that would say... there ya go, evidence that friendly forces are at work to intercede.

murph... Sign waving is part of the problem in the same way that voting is part of the problem.

i agree.

and... Don’t tell anyone where that line is,

i agree. mostly. there are exceptions like your work against the local power mongers. ie, the septic issue. but remember the discussion we had about airport security? i put that in the don't tell anyone box.

uncuga... thx for the info. thomaston. the town where i got my first dui! letters... i can imagine!!

rp... yum!

5 more gallons of chantarelles harvested last week. yum yum! ...p

Anonymous said...

Dear Freeacre

Something you said last week about how you would kill anybody that messed with your children stuck in my mind and popped out when I was viewing this ,

Now I can't seem to get that comment out of my mind.

The question "Where are the MOTHERS" of those kids, is tormenting my mind. Their kids were terrorized and then brutalized by a pack of mindless idiots that have taken the Nazi role to its nth degree.

Where are the MOTHERS and for that matter the Fathers???

One would think that they would be tearing down the city of Pittsburgh looking for that idiot police chief and his boss and bosses boss. I would not be amazed to see them hanging the "basturds" from the nearest tree and then stomping their remains into slime on the steps of city hall.

But nothing has happened. No indignant parents rioting to protest police brutality. No MSM coverage. Not one outraged "Mother that would kill to protect her child" has been shot down storming the city hall front door. Nada, nothing !!!!!!!!

I haven't found EVEN one indignant women that is married to those Nazi bastards, declare that she will be withholding affections (no pussy for you, you bad boy) for at least a week or two. And I have searched Google in many ways to find her.


Hope you are happy YOU, YOU, MOTHER.

Cal :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a garden! Gives me an idea to do some more annexing of flower patches next year.
If there is a next year.

Things are winding down around here. I just have a few onions, radishes and beets to pull out and some green tomatoes to pluck to hopefully turn red. The Pink Brandywine turned out to be the best tomatoes this year. We're suppose to get a narly storm that'll drop the temps and give us some snow in the benches around the city. Winter sucks.

I know what you're talking about, Murph. My mind has turned to mush from all the stuff I read all day long. Can't figure out the truth from the lies and back again. The Banksters are stealing us blind, Gitmo is still going stron and Bagram is being expanded, Israel is getting the US to attack another country (Iran), we're going to be sending more troops to Afghanistan, we're poluting the entire world -for money, but what am I to do about any of these things? Yeah, holding a banner or sign is going to do whole lot -right. The G20 summit -shit, the laimstream media makes the demonstrators out to be evil terrorist, yet Iranian demonstrators are corrageous demoncracy lovers who are being tortured by the Iranian goverment.

Man, this country sucks.

And then we have the manditory swine flu shots coming to a state near you. Fucking great. I work in a health care facility, which means I'll be out of work soon due to refusing to get the toxic jab, which also means that my wife will probably divorce my ass because she thinks I'm a paranoid conspiracy nut and the gov'ment would never harm it's citizens. Geez.

Oh, and to top it all off, Penn State lost against Iowa on Saturday! Shit! Iowa always seems to knock us out of the top ten every frigg'in year! The bastards!

But, all is not doom and gloom. Ken Burns, "The National Parks" is on PBS all week long. As Carl would say, "So, I got that going for me."


rockpicker said...

Friday I queried USGS about the 10 km depth question. This is the response I received.

"FAQs - Realtime Earthquake Information

« Previous FAQ | All FAQ's | Next FAQ »
Q: Why do so many earthquakes occur at a depth of 10km?

A: 10 km is a "fixed depth". Sometimes data are too poor to compute a reliable depth for an earthquake. In such a case, the depth is assigned to be 10 km. In many areas around the world, reliable depths tend to average 10 km or close to it. For example, if we made a histogram of the reliable depths in such an area, we'd expect to see a peak around 10 km. Thus, if we don't know the depth, 10 km is a reasonable guess. We used to use 33 km. Increased understanding indicates that 10 km is more likely. Some areas, like subduction zones, are known to have many earthquakes much deeper than 10 km. In those areas, probably a larger fixed depth would be appropriate.

The most common reason for having to fix the depth is that the earthquake occurred too far from the nearest seismic station. A useful rule of thumb is that a reliable depth requires that the distance from the epicenter to the nearest station must be less than the depth of the earthquake. Modern computational and theoretical advances can now produce reliable depths at greater distances from the nearest station, so the rule of thumb does not always apply nowadays. However, the rule of thumb does illustrate one conclusion: fixed depths are more common for shallow earthquakes than for deep ones."

freeacre said...

I have been thinking about your question, "Where are the mothers?" It is a question that reverberates through me. Where, indeed. When I look at pictures or videos of unarmed, peacefully demonstrating kids being maced or tased while being hand-cuffed by police goon squads in paramilitary armour, I just want to jump up and attack them back. I feel a protective rage that seems to be instinctual. Like a mother bear protecting her cubs.
What is going on with our whole culture when so many of our children can be killed, incarcerated, beaten, tased, and blown up (in wars)and so few righteous parents seem to be responding. Cindy Sheehan is the one major exception.
I think that in addition to the corporate-led disempowerment that the lamestream media feeds us all the time, it also points to the disconnection we have with the power of inner feminine (as well as masculine) sides.
Of course we should be up in arms! It's a disgrace that we don't seem to be incensed by it. Abuse should not be tolerated. It should not be excused. It should be avenged.

Anonymous said...

You know, there could be hundreds of parents going crazy, screaming, hollering and demanding an end to their child's incarceration/abuse,

but, you're not going to hear about it in the laimstream media.

The idea is to project to the Murikan sheeple that these protesters are evil anarchist who's parents are nowhere to be found or are hippie, commie scum like their unpatriotic kids and SHOULD be tasered by the "protect and to serve (the state) police." You know those in "Glenbeckistan" are sitting in front of Fox Noise sayin, "Damn hippie-commie kids, kill 'em all!"

We're doomed, man.


Baz said...

ahh, computers, TVs, or for that matter SUVs that require oil ... and then of course, Work—that matters! But who can distinguish? Gross assumptions, much which passes for Warning—euphemism, Work. ALL of so-called work in western countries (so why only pick on western countries baz), convenience—they're running the show. Dictating to the whole world what is permissible and what is not. ALL of it is mismanaged / misdirected / mis-spent / exploitative, ironically to everyone! A HUGE percentage of it is concerned with deception. Mostly by deceptors themselves deceived, ignorantly busy with the work of deceiving others not yet deceived, yet questioning / resisting, but alas about to be pummeled / beaten into submission, indoctrinated into the party-line. Punished / rewarded accordingly, for their aptitude / willingness to allow themselves to be deceived in order to continue to deceive futher themselves, their children ... on and on into the future. The herd is comforted knowing there is safety in consensus ... until the cliff appears at the end of the road. Then the herd universally cries WTF! astonished with the bullshit they'd been programmed to believe their whole lives was in fact exactly what they'd secrectly believed all along, but were too afraid to say so for fear of upsetting someone, least of all themselves.

Multiple lies at every crossroad—corner of Wall and broadway. All the way to Washington and Vine. Biggest liars get paid the most—TRUTH. Unethical, but true. A moral quandary—stuckedness. Which way out? Even the ambulance driver is a fool—driving you to the morgue absent-mindedly, deceived, and you ain't even dead yet. Well that's what you think, you just don't even know it ... yet.

WV: abstin — hah! I kiduknot

murph said...

If you still think that protesters have influence on policy, see this link.

Anonymous said...

Dear Freeacre
I woke up this morning and that "Mothers" question was still dominating my consciousness. So powerful was its influence that the first thing I did was Google "women's lib". Go figure. Very boring story on Wiki. A picture of women marching down the road dressed up like old fashioned Barbie dolls waving flags, and another of women with their heads covered with rags protesting their rights, but still allowing their heads to be treated like towel racks. Sheeeit, I thought, no beef here.
Since then I have searched for "Mothers that would kill for their children" and the first link cited was something about "Mothers that kill their children". Damn that is scary! Searches along the same vain "mothers that defend their children" served up answers almost as disappointing.
My last Google was for "Mothers Love". WOW at last something that got some more relevant responses. I quickly clicked on the first link and was show a poem written by Helen STEINER "Rice". In light of current events this beautiful piece of poetic prose appears to be talking about someone else. Does not seem to be talking about mothers today.
I just have to ask again, "Where the hell are those once proud Mothers that would kill to protect their children".
What the hell are they going to protect them from if it isn't police brutality.
And the plot thickens when you read stories about the police posing as violent anarchist and inciting the kids to follow suit. Check it out. The plot thickens and the stench gets stronger!


Baz said...

anyone who knows me, knows I'm not particularly enamoured by wankers with Ph.ds. I'm not fooled by their smart talk. In fact I view them as dumbshits intent on deceiving the unwitting populace, impressed / mesmerized with ... crap. Mothers love for their children to become them—smart dumbshits, responsible for bringing the whole world to the brink of destruction. Yes, yes—Doctors, Scientists, Economists, Politicians, Statesmen, Senators, Bankers, Brokers, Educators—everyone a Ph fucken d. If the whole f..... lot of them were so smart, then why do they need hundreds of thousands of dumb soldiers to kill on their behalf? Why can't they f..... go and do it themselves?

Duh!—baz, maybe that's only as smart as they is—huh? Smart enough to get somebody else to do the dirty work for them. Well hold on genius, he who attacks will be attacked back. Simple immutable law of engagement, until one side cancels the other side—out. Civilians are always considered psychologically / physically weakest—also responsible for financing troops deployed, therefore primary target. Presidents always obfuscate this fact from citizenry. Employ an army of media specialists / propaganda merchants to barrage unsuspecting masses in surreptitious / ingenious ways / means. Nobody's the wiser. Fooled again, everyone receives bonuses. Well, not everyone. Problem is children who witness the deaths of whole family become scarred by shrapnel and is embedded physically / psychologically, not academically by warfare. Knows nothing else. Primates with Ph.ds flinging shit at other Simians with Ph.ds, by proxy—everyone's a genius! Of course actual purveyors of Ph.ds hide behind immoral lies ignorantly self-imposed of damage caused. Worst—insistently display arrogant entitlements—ugghh

Eventually civilians become endangered minorities, as more and more children enlist from necessity—student loans or some other propaganda bullshit dispensed by a f..... Ph.dumbshit. All with Mothers' loving approval / encouragement. "There you go now Johnny, become a nice biologist and administer weapon-grade vaccinations developed by the military to subdue the enemy."

Funny how Gaddafi—Libyan President, invited to speak at the U.N. General Assembly mentions this. He knows—and is ignored / not taken seriously. Interesting but not unsurprising, he's the only one with anything intelligent to say. F...... dumbshit PBS newsreader constantly refers to him as a pariah—hah Yes—media specialist, well-rewarded for performing chimpanze brain-disseminating role, we obey your cue. Yes, yes—both the Swine flu and the cure, both biological-weapons developed by the U.S. military, along with sonic-frequency weapons designed to be employed domestically—hah, shut that pariah up! So why not have Bush's and Blair indicted for War-crimes, inciting global terrorism, bio-terrorism, under their own legislature ? Oh no, that was only minted for Saddam, their old business partner, to get their licentious paws on, and loot his gold from under him, not them. Too sensible, I guess. Too ... west. Conceit and arrogance, is what it is.

Weapons have always been biological. Propaganda inflicted / inculcated upon / within, the mind. Guns don't kill. People kill. And all those holding facilities / camps, whatever you want to call them—concertina wire, angled fences turned inward from outward .... Now all those flat-footed, reservists / National Guard militia, rejected for one reason or another, poor eyesight, psychologically unfit—itching to be deployed to some battlefield, will finally get their chance ... on american soil. Brother against brother, son against mother, sister ...

To reiterate, education has clearly failed civilization. And the Protestant Work Ethic ? Ethos—whatever, whadda-I-know. I don't have a Ph.d. Just a simple guy tryin' to survive amidst / in spite of, goddamn geniuses hellbent on global domination, or worse—some religious trip!

rockpicker said...

The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner
by Randall Jarrell

From my mother's sleep I fell into the State,
And I hunched in its belly till my wet fur froze.
Six miles from earth, loosed from the dream of life,
I woke to black flak and the nightmare fighters.
When I died they washed me out of the turret with a hose.

rockpicker said...

what a concept,
like a waterfall
in the mountains,
pure, inalienable

rockpicker said...

Holy ShaMoly, 7.9 just now, Samoa Islands region.

Hey Baz, ya feel that one?

freeacre said...

Wow! I wonder if it's going to generate a tsunami? Yeow!

Cal, I don't think we have much of an idea of what a natural male or female even is anymore. We've been so conditioned, adapted, floridated, disenfranchised from our true natures as males and females, that it will take some time and effort to re-discover ourselves. The women's movement was exploring this concept when it was co-opted by the corporates and twisted into the "right" to act like men.

Actually, I think you have hit on a very significant aspect of what is wrong and what needs to be healed. Because, whatever system of economics or government that we have, nothing will really make things better if we are still disconnected from our real natures. Men will misuse their strength to dominate rather than protect their families, women will be passive-aggressive. If we had healthy, sane and free people, we probably would have a functional government without the need for corruption, manipulation, slavery, and war. These are things that are reflections of our collective insanity. And, it's most every country and most every economic level as well. I think we have a really long way to go before we heal this thing and create a new paradigm. The question becomes, "What does a fully functional human being with both their masculine and feminine natures accessible, look like? What would they do?" You can probably bet that they aren't going to allow their loved ones be used and abused. I'd like to see a lot more emphasis on freedom and equality rather than finance and business. Yeah, good luck on that.

Cold is coming your way, Rockpicker. Raining now - will probably snow tonight.

rockpicker said...

Don't read this. You're wasting valuable shopping time. And stop laughing. Laughing is bad for the economy. You must be serious. And you must stay frightened...

Baz said...

Rockpicker, nuh—too busy typin'—hah, feelin' the tremors of me own brain-activity cascading over and through me, slightly overwhelmed—tryin' to get a handle on me new satellite television setup. Turnin' the nite-time into the daytime. Thoughts best crystalized—0400 'til dawn. 8-)

RAS said...

Hey fellow fire-attendees. I am really, really PO'ed right now. Remember that job I mentioned that I had a shot at, but I had to volunteer for first? Well, it was as an administrative assistant for a local non-profit. I did the volunteer work Monday and Tuesday and I'm not getting the job. Why? The director didn't like my smile. No kidding. She only met me once -Monday morning. So these fuckers got a lot of unpaid labor out of me AFTER they decided not to hire me. Furthermore, I'm the third person they've had in for this 'job', which I didn't know when I agreed to 'volunteer'.

Where the hell is the reset button? I am not having an easy time of it here, folks. This has been a really rough week for me.

Anonymous said...

And you know Ras, they'll probably have more people coming through the door to do work for free for months -or years. I saw Michael Moore on some talk show and he said he saw some of the TV crew who were on the set when he was on the show a year earlier and who complained that they temps. They told him they were still temps, calling themselves "permatemps."

Hey Rockpicker, this town near you?


freeacre said...

What a pimp job, ras. I'm sorry. Send me the name and address of that non-profit and the administrator. I'd like to write the bitch a letter...

Did you view that site that Rockpicker referred us to showing the guy who makes a scene with a megaphone? Great fun. Perhaps you could do something like that outside the non-profit's office. Just a thought.

murph said...

Geez Raz, I am going to have to state that your restraint far exceeds my own. I'd probably be pulling a couple squares and a cot in the local pokey by this time. I've heard of people in mostly government jobs that continued going to work after they were furloughed in hopes of getting the job back. But this, wow!

rockpicker said...

A gasoline engine that runs on 80% water was unveiled at the Barcelona Conference this summer. Project Camelot has just posted this video.

rockpicker said...

Sept. 30. Supposed to be a big day for the world economy. End of the fiscal year. Banks have to come clean concerning losses and toxic assets, as I understand it. Can anyone add to this?

Oh, and tomorrow is my birthday!

murph said...

Happy birthday Rockpicker.

rockpicker said...

Thank you, Murph. Yes, each year, me and the feds sit down with a good Cab and drink a toast to the coming fiscal annum.

freeacre said...

I'll drink to you, Rockpicker. Fuck the Fed.

Hope you guys are catching the PBS Ken Burns documentary on the National Parks. Wow. They probably really are our Best Idea.

rockpicker said...

Here's lookin' at you, kid.

No tv. But my monitor screen shakes everytime USGS registers a temblor over 5. It's been shaking plenty, so I just checked the listing for 9/30. 28 quakes listed at 10 km depth. I believe that's some sort of new record for a single day's recordings. I think what that designation means is that the areas moving are so remote, there's no recording equipment close enough to figure a proper depth. Why don't they just assign a question mark to it if they don't know how deep it was?

Anonymous said...

happy b-day rp! think they're really gonna mark to market? poor babies. a taste of their own medicine. they damn sure wasted no time callin the loan on the farm.

fa... i think the natives had a better idea. the whole country was a national park. but ya, i'm watching it when i can. as w/anything by burns.

started reading carl sandburg's lincoln, the prairie years. fascinating. liz inherited this 2 vol, 1K pgs set along w/the 4 vol set of lincoln, the war years. i think sandburg was awarded a pulitzer for the latter. what a writer! ...p

Pangolin said...

Superweapons my ass. The combined forces of the kick-the-shit-out-of-Iraq alliance were getting their asses handed back to them by virtue of a cheap little device called an explosively formed projectile. A hundred bucks worth of materials allows johnny reb to destroy a million dollar tank. Look it up.

That's when the US had to revert to simply handing cash to anybody who was fighting them until they agreed to stop. We're still getting our assholes handed to us in Afghanistan because the locals aren't getting bought off as easily.

Sign waving doesn't do shit but tell somebody who thinks they're alone they aren't. If you watch television it's very easy to get the impression that all of this crap is perfectly normal and the proper solution to everything is more police, more prisons and more little blue pills to get the emasculated populace back up to working speed twice a week. You're not alone. I'm out there. Every week. Waving my pointless sign.

Oh, the Po-lice are scared shitless. Random police killings are way up. Google: "officer shot while sitting in patrol car." Chickenshits, it's still safer than being a logger.

TPTB are fucked and they know it. California is slipping out of their hands. They are being forced to allow program-breaking hallucinogens in the back door because the program is rendering so many people useless it's breaking the bank. The war on some drugs is a total failure and everybody over twelve knows it. The midden continues to hit the windmill and that is fertilizer for change. Getting the good seed in first is important in politics as well as the garden.

Palooka_ five gallons!?! of chantarelles? In a week? Count me green with envy. Remember those mushrooms started from a spore you could barely see.

v'word: hesses see:Siddhartha

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Have a good one Rockpicker, it doesn’t seem like a year since the last one but it never does when you are travelling on warped time:-)

I haven’t seen the program yet but first impressions without knowing anything much about it is that if they can put casinos on reservations then how safe are the national parks? Handing out great dollops of largesse to stop the fighting used to be Kissinger’s job until he started doing other things. And the only thing sign waving does apart from the illusory feel good factor is get your retina distance recorded on film.

Btw, Telenet is down in our area during the working day for today and the next two days so they can install three new digital TV stations. I sure hope it is going to be worth it.

Anonymous said...

pan... yup. bounty from the storm. the 5 gal weighed in at 15 lbs. actually, it was more than that. went for a walk in the forest out here carrying an umbrella with as the rain was petering out. surprise, surprise. there they were. popping up unexpected given the lateness of the season. but nothing to carry them in. so i used the umbrella turned upside down and gathered as the rain gently fell until it started to turn inside out under the weight. 2 days later i went prepared. i got some pix i'll send to fa. yellow gold... p

freeacre said...

Awesome! Can't wait for the pictures! We'll post them with our next post. Yum!

Pangolin said...

I'll have to make do with pomegranates, gleaned almonds and black walnuts.

The black walnuts litter the streets and scare the hell out of you when you bicycle at night. You hear a big POP and your front wheel lurches but you don't see a damn thing. We get used to it.

Still no rain here in NorCal, the fire bombers rumble overhead and the wind is blowing field dust. Monday the weather was 95 degrees and Tuesday it was 73. That was summer to fall overnight. Bang.

v'word: purropo

freeacre said...

"...pomegranates, gleaned almonds and black walnuts", mushrooms, grapes,apples - whatever anyone is harvesting - send pictures and we'll all celebrate together! They all sound good to me. The harvest moon is coming up on Sunday. Let's take some time to be grateful for it all.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Belgium. This one's for you. (thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone, btw.)

Upcoming Conferences:

10-11 October
Groundcrew Conference
featuring Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, with additional presentations by Stephen Bassett, Jane BĂĽrgermeister and others
Click here for details

from homepage,


Anonymous said...

On the up side

Nice story

freeacre said...

Oh, dear... been snowing almost non-stop for two days. About a six inch accumulation so far. Forlorn chickens trudging through the snow. I think I'll make some spaghetti and Italian bread to warm us up. Sold 5 dozen eggs at the Grange Mkt. yesterday. Whatdaya think? Black Monday tomorrow? Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

baz... go here

te he


ha... now i'm dangerous!! thx baz!!!

Anonymous said...

hummm... i guess not!!