Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Times Call for Jedi Warriors


I know that things are bad. From Smirking Chimp, Brent Budowsky writes,
“Washington remains in denial about the skyrocketing misery index that plagues more than half the nation. Leaders in the capital do not get it.
The president and Congress should continue work to produce healthcare reform, but must understand that to most Americans, ignoring the economic crisis that threatens their daily lives while focusing obsessively on a healthcare bill that voters do not understand creates worry, outrage and political revolt.
Even after shocking jobless numbers, voters do not see any fierce "urgency of now" from Washington. To voters, Republicans are on Mars, Democrats on Venus, while they are suffering on Earth.
The president and congressional leaders should convene an emergency jobs summit to develop a major bipartisan plan to create jobs in America and call on business leaders to join with government.
In an upcoming column I will offer new proposals. For now my message is that Washington is dramatically out of touch with the economic pain, suffering, worry, fear, anger and concern of the people.
Consider the misery index that plagues more than half the nation in very dire and immediate ways:
1. The misery index begins with the real jobless rate of 17.5 percent. This includes the official unemployment rate of 10.2 percent plus those who are so depressed they have given up looking for work, plus those who cannot find full-time work and are forced to accept low-paying part-time jobs.
2. The misery index expands to the husbands, wives, sons and daughters of the 17.5 percent jobless in America and, for a growing number of families, the parents and grandparents who now live with them. Do the math. The "family misery index" is a giant swath of America suffering extreme, devastating and immediate hardship.
3. The misery index includes those who are employed and deeply worried about the future of their jobs. Today they are employed. Tomorrow they may not be, with the next major layoff announcement. They are deeply worried, and should be. Add them to the high end of the misery index.
4. The misery index includes wages that have been declining for almost 20 years, while the cost of living has been rising relentlessly. People work hard and play by the rules but year after year, for two decades, they fall further behind.
5. The misery index includes those holding most of the 700 million credit cards in America, who have had major increases in interest rates and fees, huge jumps in their minimum payments and major cuts in credit lines at their time of greatest need, even though they have always paid their bills.
6. The misery index includes those who are employed but are desperately making mortgage payments to avoid foreclosure. They could be forced from their homes to the streets; they frantically pay their bills and their mortgages, cutting back on food and medicine, even for their kids.
7. The misery index includes rising costs of healthcare and rising premiums for insurance that are punishing Americans. There is nothing in the healthcare bill that does anything for them anytime soon.”
And, then there is the H1N1 pandemic as well as the concerns regarding the vaccines for the flu, which may be worse than the disease. Now, it appears that a super flu or plague that leads to a hideous death by drowning in your own blood has hit the Ukraine. The lamestream is suppressing information about it, but there are several articles on and Steve Quail’s site, among others. Is it a disease or a bio-weapon? I don’t know, but it sure looks dangerous.

Peak Oil is suddenly hitting the news. A whistle blower from IEA admits that they have been suppressing statistics for years about the dwindling oil supplies in order not to create a panic. The movie, “Collapse” is opening in selected theaters today. It features an 80 minute interview with Mike Ruppert on the oil and financial crisis that will end the world as we know it. What is amazing is that the mainstream is calling it riveting and thoughtful, rather than denouncing it. Jeez, if the powers that be are suddenly going to admit that the world actually has a problem with oil production, I hardly know how to act …”duck and cover” comes to mind.

The government is handing over 11.5 trillion dollars of borrowed money to the mega-rich financiers, insurance pimps, and Big Pharma drug dealers at the expense of the rest of us. It is the most breathtaking siphoning off of wealth into the pockets of the richest 1% yet, and it’s being done by the Democrats! Of course, if it were planned by the Republicans, it would be even worse, if that is possible.

Returning veterans and people thrown out of work and into the streets are going nuts and killing people. Suicides in the military are at the highest levels since the statistics began. The mayhem may escalate as the conditions worsen.

We are truly on our own here. Maybe, at least today, that’s why I am actually feeling better. Lately, I have been feeling a sort of “preparation fatigue.” We have been preparing for this collapse for so long that I’ve about had it. I don’t want to talk about it, don’t want to think about it, don’t want to write about it. Stick a fork in me – I’m done with preparing. Systemic failure is not coming, it has arrived.

Now it’s about dealing with declining resources, the dysfunction of our institutions, and the collapse of the economy. Happily, today, I got a sort of “shot in the arm” (the good kind) by going to see the new movie, “Men Who Stare at Goats.” I’m not going to ruin the movie for you by telling the whole story. But, suffice it to say, that it portrayed the power of the hope and vision of the movement that inspired the hippies and changed many of us forever. It also presented the weaknesses and flaws that in retrospect were pretty funny.

I feel energized, liberated. Free from the illusion that the government will be any help, we can take it from here. And, we can re-discover and cultivate a sense of enthusiasm, joy, brother and sisterhood, love, fun, and creativity in the process. Why not:? We aren’t bureaucrats. We aren’t machines. We aren’t consumers. We are not that stupid herd that the overlords have tried to turn us into. We are human beings, with all the untapped powers and potential that real people have.

I want to catch the wave of energy that almost was forgotten. I want to be a Jedi. I want to use The Force to quell the Evil Empire. I want to sing and dance and give stuff away to my neighbors, learn how to feed and take care of each other. I don’t know how much time we have left. But, let’s bring the best of ourselves to it. Once again I tell you, we were born for this! The beautiful picture at the top is one that Montana Freeman took close to his home. I think it truly represents both the deterioration and the hope that is here for us.


Anonymous said...

Right On. No more talking just get on with it. We are not going to see a return to anything we have ever known. We make our way a little at a time. The preparedness is a bunch of crap. It take you away from trying to enjoy what we have left and only leads to the dread and anxiety you now are feeling. The whole preparedness thing is about all things "Greed for a life we once lived." If you have made changes in your life before and adapted, you will be able to do it again. It's all about the journety and how you talk to yourself along the way.
Scrap Wood

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

It is a trite cliche but you can't make an omlite without breaking eggs and if the object of the exercise is to make a misery omlite then the the chef deserves to be on TV.

Anon That is what I was trying to say in the last post when I said I was dropping out of all day surfing.

My step daughter is seriously thinking of reinvesting in the future generation and my brother and sister in law have just ordered a new motor home. Everyone is so happy it seems so mean to take it away from them and would they listen anyway? In situations like this you acheive nothing and only come away being the bad one.

Anonymous said...

Ok i see it coming, the meteor is i'd say about three miles away and heading straight at us, i stand ready and will shoot at that sumbitch with my BB gun till it hits. Man there just ain't nothing like a good finish.
I stopped the booze about three years ago but by the gods i think i might just track randy down and ask him if i could buy him a beer and have one with him.
Posters are right, fuck doom and glum, the sun is shining and my little dog just had two beautiful little babies and my legal marijuana is coming along fine, i think i might get laid this week, one son is coming home soon for a visit i have not seen for a long time, (he's learning engineering at some college in arizona. i can tell ya this, there is so much good things happening in this ones life that i could go on till i didn't have anymore ears to hear.
the picture or pictures i took was one of several taken on a magical day here in montana a week or so ago.
a friend of mine and i drove the twenty six miles to a spring that comes down off a snow topped mountain to gather the sacred water. an outlet sits right by the highway 2 just out of Paradise put there and maintained by homesteaders long ago. the rain was coming down in fine misty droplets and the clouds were resting upon the mountains like giant puffs of cotton and the wind swirled it around our faces as we filled our containers with the precious elixir, it is widely know by the locals and people from many miles away come here to praise the one that made it so and to drink and be healed of old wounds.

there is much substance here in montana, more then i would of figured on, yesterday i came across info that 90,000 deer are taking each year to feed the people,! thats not including the zillions that end up on the front of peoples cars that love to come to montana and drive fast, either that or through the windshields, its our way of keeping the tourists on their toes. just kidding.

Anonymous said...

continued ;;;;;; going berserk over the various futures is really futile ain't it? we have prepared and prepared and now stand at the crossroads of what next, well for this one today is the next. fuck tomorrow, there is no such thing anyway, it just another looney tunes idea hatched by some looney tune to get us to piss down our leg for no real reason. hate to say it but its straight out of the book of evil. the scourge that just keeps on giving.

you know guys, some of us have been given the most excellent opportunity to discover what lies buried within us even though the journey has been long an arduous, not everything of course, there may be no end to that, but enough to know that what is seen here in this place or on this plain or however it is presented is but a portion to something that is perhaps beyond the ability for the two-leggeds to comprehend at this stage of the trail we all walk more or less. but when i look around and see the absolute beauty of our incredible garden or what's left of it it just makes me grasp for breath sometimes, like watching a new baby coming into our beat up mother earth, it is the renewal that is constantly issuing forth for us to be amazed at, including our own understanding of our own natures and the wondrous things that are available for view if one has been sufficiently water-boarded enough and then discovering that he or she is actually a fish in disguise, well you know what i mean.

the native americans, some of them, not the ones that have apparently lost all connection to our creator do not pray and beg for shit, we instead give thinks and are grateful to that which has been given, not all the time, after all when one is born into evil some of it just will cling to ones skin until such time it is healed off. we also know that our mother which provides that which is needed, yeah i know there are people starving, and sickness is loose on the earth but think about it, how did this happen? i'm pretty sure it was not from eating to much buffalo, or dancing to the heartbeat of a sacred drum all night, and loving and caring for the elders, making sure there needs are being met, not locking them away out of sight with tubes dangling from their broken bodies till they die.
even this is sometimes at the seemingly impossible. care of ones relation as in my brothers case, the month before he finally joined creator i found it to much to bear to watch him kill himself,, this weakness in myself still rides with me to this day, it is guilt and intellectually i can understand it and come to know that it is actually a broken sense of self that is to blame and it is all bullshit denial, however it changes nothing, the way he died sucking on one cigarette after another, and drinking alcohol from morning till night looking like a hollywood night of the living dead, wellll this one could not watch without being sucked into that illusion, he and i put fifty winters behind us together and my love for him was one of something i never ever thought about, it just was, and here in the supposed to be world was something that could not be grasped, so i waiting a few blocks away with mind holding all the light my mind could muster set and waited until he decided to give up his broken,diseased body.
our together plan for each other was to be ceremonially placed on a small platform in a tree and allow the spirit to take its time lighting the final torch and breath of life to leave.
of course this was denied by those that will control, and a funeral fire by cremation was substituted instead.

jeeze! more continued

Anonymous said...

continued 3
so guys and gals, brothers and sisters, we here at this sacred and it is sacred place, it is a healing of willing hearts place and even though we are separated by physical distance the energy that connects us to one another is real and very much alive i think.
i can almost feel the minds that come here to drink together the goodness that issues from this place,
there are troubles here, there is much misery, there are folks that are bound by all the upbringing that has been fashioned about them since birth and maybe before but there is also a silent place of united hearts and the tears that are shed here running from those that hear of one another's anxious moments.

to be this close yet so far away seems to me such a miracle,that we can share moments together even though i know there are some disparaging of opinions it makes no difference, this is truth, this is the way of brotherhood/sisterhood, this is the way we are bound to one another in friendship.
its not a i'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine, hell i'd scratch your back even if you didn't even have one.

freeacre, thank you for this voicing of thoughts that are probably dancing around in many of our minds already,putting it on paper only solidifies it.

i am so grateful for all of you,it is one of my most uppermost thoughts that we could all camp together sometime and share the gifts that spirit has bestowed upon us, someplace by a clean river with the children swimming and playing in it, and there i will wager are many children, offspring among us to bring together.
to dance by the fire, to celebrate the fact that we are just alive and able to do such a thing, to roast a nourishment and feel the energy of creation, to watch children play as if there is no tomorrow, old saying, old truth.

enough blithering for now, but as a thought, how many children are there among us, i mean the little ones, after all we are all children, even the old foolish ones like myself.

peace and love to all of you,
we abide.



Anonymous said...

holy crap, sorry for holding the stick for so long, going way past it were.

freeacre said...

Always a pleasure, Montana. And, Scrap Wood - welcome to the campfire. Belgium, maybe you could take up hydroponics on your deck as a "hobby." :)
wv: rednes

freeacre said...

Just for fun, I wrote the following letter to Rep. Nancy Pelosi and sent a copy to each of my state's Senators.

Rep. Pelosi,

Even though it would have been unconstitutional, I probably would have supported extending Medicare to all the people. It is a proven system that provides at least a minimum health care and reduces costs. I would have appreciated a group discount on pharmaceuticals as well, like they get at the the Veterans Hospitals. That is a system that makes sense.

But, this monstrosity that you passed is absolutely unacceptable. FORCING people to BUY health insurance from the very companies who have ruined the lives of millions and who have driven up the costs of health care to an absurd degree???? You have to be kidding. That's as bad as giving our money away to banks! Oh, yeah, you did that, too....

I live in Oregon on only social security. But, I am not eligible for Medicare for another five years. I have fibro-myalgia, arthritis in my spine, and high blood pressure (controlled). But, I go to a nurse practitioner for care and she charges much less than most physicians. I can afford to go to her. Oregon gives us a wonderful reduction on the cost of pharmaceutical drugs, which also makes them affordable to me. I can also supplement those with medical marijuana for pain relief. If I get a terminal disease like cancer, I will take that as "my time to die" unless it can be cured by some natural means, like a detox diet. Hopefully, you won't make vitamins illegal next.

The country is on the brink of collapse, and it is because the government has melded with the global banks and corporations. Together you have run the working class into the ground, and thereby the country. Shame on you.

I had such high hopes for the Obama administration, but that just shows what a hopeless fool I am, I guess. Just another pawn of the Overlords. I am so sick of you all. In the next election, I'm writing in "Lou Dobbs."

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Mf, you say the same thing a new way every time – wonderful
Hey those were wonderful pictures you sent: I now have one on my desktop. Did you get my latest e mail?

I referenced Kay Griggs on the previous post and now the content of her story has been confirmed from another source; spent several hours today reading a court deposition. Rather than explain it I am going to reproduce the comment where I found it.

“James said...

Here's an interesting court deposition from the daughter of Col. Al Carone who worked for (concurrently at times a la Col. Griggs) the Military, the CIA, the NYPD and the Mafia!
People mentioned are GHWB and Clinton together with Oz's favourite boutique bank, Nugan Hand. The main point for me was that it backed up Kay Griggs' assertion that the various orgs and agencies are co-mingled personnel and operations-wise. Cash is the glue and sex and drugs is the fly-paper

For a brief intro and link, scroll down to "Carone Deposition"


Zoner said...

mf, thank you for that - what a beautiful dream, all of us camped out watching the kids and surrounding ourselves with the Mother's beauty.

I'll hold that image as I try and make it out again.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm gett'in a bit burned-out with all of the info I take in everyday from the blogsphere. And, I know I'm nowhere near where I should be preparedness-wise when things get totally dodgey. But there aren't enough hours in the day for me to do so. That's why I can't wait to see the movie "2012" I think it'll give me that "Fuck-it! Who gives a shit what happens now, man" attitude which'll release a lot of stress I inflict upon myself after a full day of reading all things doom and gloom.

What pisses me off about those misery indexes is that those in the higher misery catagories blame themselves for their company sending their jobs to China. Geez, and the lemmings here? Hell, they're lining up and fighting for the toxic Swine Flu vaccine.

I used to work as a theatre usher when "Star Wars" came out. It was great to come in to the back of the theater to hear the audience "oooh" and "aahh" during the show. And, I always wished that life could be more like "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." cause I thought back then that the things we think are important: money, car insurance, the electric bill, mowing the lawn, memorizing barf in school, celebs, the latest styles, TV shows, etc., etc., are just crap. Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Evil Empires -now THOSE are more like real life worries, I thought.

Whoa, wait a minute! Hmmmm... It looks like I might be getting my wish. Oh well, at least it'll be real.

Oh, they polled a good many UK Bobbies a few months ago about their religion affilitations and about 10% said they were of the Jedi faith.


Later -


Anonymous said...

From Belgium

The usually restrained language of the GEAB is reacting to the volatility of the World economies. Here are some examples:

“Everyone has now realized that the United States is being swept into an uncontrollable spiral involving widespread insolvency of the country and gross incompetence of the U.S. elite in implementing the necessary solutions… only the name of the liquidator and the recognition of the bankruptcy are still missing.”

“The decisions taken by the EU will define the role the Europeans will be playing in the post-crisis world: either they start to appear as key-players in recasting tomorrow’s world and bring forward their own vision of the future, seeking the partners they need with no exceptions; or they remain the willing victims of a sinking Western Bloc, blindly following Washington's descent into hell”.

“The leaders of the Euroland would certainly prefer to go on with their « business as usual », but History is very ironical in calling the US “allies” bluff: sinking now with Washington or swimming without Washington.

We are surprised to hear various « experts » describing Robert Fisk’s article entitled « The Demise of the Dollar » (7) - where the author suggests that the Russians, Chinese, French, Japanese and Gulf oil-producing countries would be discussing the idea of pricing oil in a currency other than the US Dollar within nine years - as eccentric. According to LEAP/E2020, the only surprising element in this analysis is in the nine year delay.”

And so on; the general message is that the US leadership has served those they represent but in so doing has screwed the people.!-Global-Systemic-Crisis-The-European-Union-at-a-crossroads-in-2010-an-accomplice-or-a-victim-of_a3885.html

Writing to Nancy has a feel good factor but I am afraid it is out of her hands now.

Over to Randy for the Doomed message :-)

VW pailin

freeacre said...

lol... yes, Belgium, the letter to Pelosi is definitely in the "feel good factor" column. I think I have admitted before that I am partial to the adolescent futile gesture - sort of the John Belushi Animal House response to implacable Evil Empire. But, as Montana has so often astutely lamented, "what's a motherfucker to do?" It would take something akin to a mass corneal ejection from the sun with a direct hit on Washington DC to have an impact on those sons-of-bitches. So, I guess we can wait and see if the Universe has its own plan.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Nobody is talking about an oil crisis, what they are talking about on the news is a congestion crisis. Holland keeps building new autoroutes (freeways) and as soon as they are opened they are full, so from 2012 Holland is going to charge motorists three eurocents per kilometre. It’s lucky I have a free bus pass and a half price train pass, but only in Belgium, but that will do me. If this is the shape of things to come then bring back the horse, I say. I wonder if there will be lane discipline when the autoroutes are full of horses?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Looking at it again it was an unkind throw away line although it was not meant maliciously but I think you know that. Apart from the go betweens of Henry and Ziggy the ones who need a direct hit from the sun choose to live in chicer places than America or Israel for that matter but they are so secretive how would you recognise them on the street?

rp any news on the Ukraine situation?

Anonymous said...

Awesome photo Montana

Only thing missing is a White Buffalo like the one shown here

standing proudly next to the old house. Of course it would have to be taking a crap. LOL

Hotspringswizard said...

I did make it to the Saturday 7:30PM ( 11-4 ) showing of Mike Rupperts documentary Collapse. I had given myself two and a half hours to make the trip there and just barely made it, hitting LA traffic. It ended up being a 280 mile round trip. I walked in just as they were showing previews, just in time.

Probably shouldn't tell you too much about the film since many of you probably want to see it for your selves. I figured that I would already know completely the subject matter that would be discussed in the film and this was correct. If you have been researching diligently on the various topics of our degrading world situation then you too will most likely not find much if anything to be new information. To those new to this field of info Mike's Collapse does a pretty thorough job of presenting the background of Peak Oil and the precarious nature of the modern economies.

As " societal collapse " documentaries go I thought What A Way To Go was excellent. The best one thus far in my opinion. In that documentary many peoples differant outlooks on collapse are shown, offering a variety of perspectives of the problems. In Mikes film a good deal of time is taken describing his history and how he became involed with the various aspects of his life like FTW, writting the two books etc, and the views of collapse are all his own. I think its better to get insight in films like these from many source viewpoints.

Still I'm glad to have had the opportunity to see this documentary on the big screen. Mike did about a half hour Q and A session inside the theatre after the film was done. Then after that he said he would continue to answer any question people had for a time outside of the theatre since another showing of Collapse was about to begin.

I went outside and listened in on the questions and Mike's answers and at one point when most people had left asked Mike a question about what he though were the pro's and Con's of owning Gold or Silver. I even gave Mike a little gift, a small token of my appreciation for all he has done. It was one of my small natural clay sculptures that I make from clay I find in the local mountains. I had given it to him inside of the theatre and the small skulpture was wrapped in a sock and in a plastic ziplock bag to protect it. As we were walking out of the theatre I heard Mike just behind me talking to someone else and he said something like, " some guy just gave me a sock ". I found that quite amusing :-) I did talk to Mike again out side of the theatre to remind him that the present was inside of the sock :-)

One of the things I noted in the film was that Mike sure does smoke alot. I've sent you three photos Murph and Freeacre which I took of Mike Ruppert while down there at the film, and as you see in one of them Mike is smoking. I'm sure that ( the smoking ) as well as other things have taken a real toll on his health as I could see. People's eyes can really show you alot in this regard.

Anyway I wish for Mike the best. He said he's done, no more research, books, films etc. He wants to now concentrate on his music. He lives in Culver City and is basically broke at this time. He did mention that he has obtained his rent money for this month. Unfortunately his new book A Presidential Energy Policy did not see much interest as evidenced by the book sales numbers and realistically his movie Collapse probably won't either, except in the small cirlces of people who follow and reserch this kind of info. The greater masses will just continue sleepwalking towards the cliffs, thinking that resurecting the business as usual scenario is the way to save ourselves from all that we have experienced of collapsing conditions lately.

The film Collapse is an interesting look into the thoughts and feelings ( he even breaks down and crys in a couple of instances in the film ) of Mike and how he has chosen to present the issues of coming societal breakdown to the world.

Great information in your entry above Freeacre and appreciated the many thoughts of the other posters here.

Hotspringswizard said...

My mistake, that showing I attended was yesterday, 11-14.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Hi HSW, that was interesting; it seems like it was worth the long trip. Did anyone ask Mike the abiotic oil question?

Anonymous said...

thx for the review HSW. i'd read on the FTW blog his stmt some weeks ago, just after the book hit the stands, that he's done. has no more juice left for it and wants to just hang out and focus on his music.

to this i find an interesting parallel with our friend DAVE MCGOWAN. if you all remember SATS did an excellent post on MCGOWAN's reporting on the biotic/abiotic pissin contest.

i'd think MCGOWAN's ongoing saga, 'inside the LC: the strange but mostly true story of laurel canyon and the birth of the hippie generation', would be just the sort of work that MCR would be drawn too. especially given his musical interests, his being from LA, his connection to LAPD drug unit back in the day, and then his subsequent work as an investigator into the dark shadows.

BUT, as it turns out, he and MCGOWAN got into a big fat gap over the oil issue. too bad actually as i'm guessing they could have helped each other tremendously.


well, MCGOWAN could have broadened MCR's work. but i'm guessing MCR likely concluded the possibility of abiotic would render his PO argument impotent and thus, had to defend rather than consider that the possibility of abiotic could actually lead him to the look into the gap and expose nefarious goings-on involved in the oil issue. had he not been so threatened by it his life would be far different today i think. instead his denial here created quite a backlash and, as we can see, has nearly killed him.

and as for MCR helping MCGOWAN? well, MCR's experiences from back in the day would likely have added credibility to MCGOWAN's questionable conclusions re the LC saga... that there's a direct connection between the birth of the hippie gen and what we would call 'occult happenings'. and his suggestion that the evidence indicates the whole direction was enforced by manipulations employing mind control. and - and this is my own speculation - that these tactic were enforced and enbedded by using drugs and the vibrations of music. which is not to say rock n roll is demonic at all. it has to do with embedding commands using sound vibrations, drugs, and sex under the influence of specific intents on the part of the conductors.

personally i view MCGOWAN's work as, potentially, a seminal work. it stands as an example of the nefarious goings-on, the state of energies operating just below the level of consciousness of the masses yet, operating on a consciousness all its own. this is what i refer to as the gap.

iow, when we begin to see, almost as if parallel universes are operating right in front of our noses - in plain site so to speak, that realities are operating on these planes just below the surface then, so much of what appears to make no sense when viewed on the surface of it - the presentation of it - begins to make some sense. and it ain't pretty!!!

to put it another way... if MCR could have seen into the gap around the oil issue as MCGOWAN has seen into the gap that is the mind control involved in what became the drug subculture/hippie gen story then things would be far different for him today. and frankly, he wouldn't be viewed as a crackpot anymore more over taking that position than he's seen now.

interestingly enough he did see into the gap around the 911 issue. as demonstrated in RUBICON. but, for some reason, couldn't make the same connection re the oil issue (though perhaps he does in COLLAPSE - i dunno, i haven't read it). he found himself so invested in his argument for PO and could not see abiotic as anything but a threat to that pov. such has not served him well.

and such is my knee-jerk analysis of the sad case of MCR. that and, though he's been exhonorated by the courts, i suspect there's more to this story. much more. ...p

freeacre said...

The friggin dollar just dropped 48 cents on Yeow!

freeacre said...

Disturbing update on the sickness in the Ukraine:

Hotspringswizard said...

Hi Belgium :-)No one asked about Abiotic Oil inside or outside the theatre.

I wrote the questions asked in the theatre down:

How is book differant than the movie?

Why did AIG get so much money?

A man in the audience apologized for the " hit job " on radio of Mike by David Corn and some other guy ( Mike cryed a bit ). The man apparently had some sort of involvement with this incident.

Mike said in all of his predictions he batting 800.

Question about wind and solar - could it work to save us.

Question about buying gold and silver.

Why is Warren Buffet buying into the railroads?

Question about the CIA, the drug trade, and Afganistan.

Question about LA only having a 5 day supply of resources and what would Mike do if things went bad and he felt the need to get out. Mike said he'd sail away :-)

Will the goverment take our gold? Mike doesn't think so.

How can I find FTW docs?

What is Monsanto doing in Cuba?

What are you feeding your dog?

Question about the broken computers in Ashland.

Someone thanked Mike for all he had done, saying he had opened their eyes.

Question about the viability of local currencies.

A woman said thank you for your courage Mike.

Will there be martial law. Mike said no way.

Then the Q and A went outside. A couple of people asked Mike about why he is turning his back on the 9-11 truth movement. Mike talked to various people he knew. I didn't happen to write down the questions asked outside. I left after asking Mike about his views on gold versus silver since my brother had recently changed out his gold for silver being concerned about the possibilities of government confiscation in collapse conditions. I have a pretty large amount of gold too but don't know if I really want to go through the trouble and expense of trading it into silver.

And Belgium I did feel it was worthwhile do the long drive to see Mike and his film. I figured it would probably be my only chance to meet Mike :-)

Baz said...

Amen—Welcome to the free world—“Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition”—hahaha Better yet, let the Lord eat his own shit ... he reveled in creating, at the expense of serfs. The wheel turns. His time has come. To every thing there is a season. 'Tis time. Survival time—when man will come to learn, he can't eat his gold—worthless. This is only for the intelligent to understand. All others—fools. They just don't know it yet, while they prattle on about their precious bullshit. I would puke if it wasn't so damn funny. The old prophecies are waiting. Learn to live fool, while you can. Time's a wasting.

Hotspringswizard said...

So Baz says, " Survival time—when man will come to learn, he can't eat his gold—worthless. This is only for the intelligent to understand. All others—fools. They just don't know it yet, while they prattle on about their precious bullshit. I would puke if it wasn't so damn funny. The old prophecies are waiting. Learn to live fool, while you can. Time's a wasting. "

Yeah, if only all of us were so damn smart and smug like you Baz, living in New Zealand eating pig all day. You remind me so much of the style of one " lone wolf " who used to post at the Survival Acres Blog, loving to rain his special form of derision down from his place on high on all those " stupid humans ".

I'm an intelligent, thoughtful and caring human being who is doing my best, trying to learn and find ways to cope with the changes that are coming for us all. And yet, you in your un-questioned, pervasive beyond measure wisdom offer up the thoughtless and nonsense statement of labeling someone as being a complete fool, simply because they may be invested in gold.

People like you with your over-the-top self righteous manner are one of the main reasons I usually don't even bother posting anything on various blogs. Maybe there are no mirrors in New Zealand, but if so, take a look in one and maybe you will learn something about who you truly are. Better hurry up, times a wasting!

Of course none of this applies to the other thoughtful people here, and their helpful comments and insights.

murph said...

I want to step in on this altercation between Hotsprings and Baz.

First off, let's take a look at how human societies exchange goods and services. A complete barter society may work ok for small groups of people, but for large complex societies, it don't work so good. So humans have tried all kinds of ways to do exchanges. The longest lasting ones in recorded history have been relatively rare metals, mostly gold and silver. With this long track record, I don't expect the usefulness of these metals as a substitute for direct barter to just disappear, and probably not in my lifetime.

Paper money comes and goes in time depending on who is backing it. Right now, paper money is king. That could go the way of the carrier pigeon relatively soon depending how how long it can be propped up through military and political maneuvering.

The argument that metals can't be eaten is true. However, as long as it can be exchanged for what you need, (food especially) it has value. Throughout American history, an ounce of gold would buy you a good suit. I looked into this and the statement stands as mostly true. That means that as paper money decreases in purchasing power, gold buys pretty much the same things for the same weight. This is called a hedge against inflation of the paper money. As long as we have enough people living in a complex enough society wanting to buy stuff and as long as gold and silver remain relatively scarce and or desirable, it can be exchanged for either paper money or directly for goods and services. In that aspect it serves the same function as paper money, although being a bit heavier in the pocket.

For people living in a primitive enough environment, those metals have not much more of a function than for decoration. Makes lousy tools too. For the most part, it would become relatively valueless, and definitely not have the same value as a pig or cow or some chickens or even garden produce.

However, as long as humans value the metals it will serve for exchange. Until or if society breaks down far enough, I would expect that to remain true. So unless people are either willing to divorce themselves completely from the greater society or until that break down, gold and silver will be used and does serve as a means of living under extreme inflation of the paper money. The gold I bought at $250/oz will now buy over $1100 in paper money, enough to get my teeth fixed.

Anonymous said...

if its any consolation i'm pretty sure baz was not talking about you personally, he was talking as a generality and your sentence only brought it up to light.
right baz? bro? ;-)
anyway baz as a native on the hunt and having a keen eye for the rascals that get taken in for trade and then found to be worthless, wellll . pig will put a man in a round about way, i know cause i be eatin a fair amount of sow myself in me younger days, and it just gets better with every meal, know what i mean?
although a good weenie roast is always a treat if you can spare some mustard for the bun.haha

freeacre said...

I keep in mind that there is no one right way for all of us. Each of us comes from differing experiences, different places, and may be in differing stages of life. May have dependents, may have lots of different things. Personally, I can no longer go out and hunt to eat. My gardens and chickens are a delight to me and lend themselves to my security and a healthier relationship with the land that I live on. I don't think it is an example of "greed for a life once lived." Personally, I am attempting to provide a lifeboat not only for us but also for my son and his eventual family. Somebody will find it useful to my way of thinking unless we get toasted by the sun or some such shit. If I were younger, perhaps I'd prefer a lifestyle that was more flexible. But, I've already started over many times in my life, and I'd had enough. If we had not taken heed of Ruppert's advice years ago, we'd be in deep shit right now. Tahoe's unemployment rate is 25%. The paper has one reporter with a camera and only prints three days a week. I'd have lost the house and be totally fucked right now.
So, let's just hearken back to the ethic that we share our own truth and be respectful to each other's perspectives. That is the strength of this site.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Well said!

To change the subject, has anybody else noticed that Obama is not his usual charismatic self since the Chinese have been politely looking the other way and kicking stones?

Hotspringswizard said...

Well there is no doubt in my mind that Baz's comments were directly drawn from what he read when I, in the post before, was speaking of owning gold. If Baz thinks gold will be of no value in the future, not something that can be used as a medium for exchange, thats fine, I respect that he views this subject differently than me. But his intent was to call anyone who thought gold held worth, or someone who owns gold as an un-intelligent fool, and that without a doubt is not showing respect for my opinion. Yeah, he ticked me off with that.

I was going to post a comment along the lines of what Murph did above, but he beat me too it, and he made the same points I was going to, doing a fine job in the process I must say.

I won't dwell on this further, as I do consider it worthwhile for the discussion to be something that brings varied ideas to the table, rather than being a setting where people just bag on eachothers ideas.

And Baz, I just traded 15 ounce gold coins for a big brand new 30 foot travel trailer that has already come in real handy up at our northern cal property. I've lived in travel trailers a few times in my life and am glad to have had the experience since one day, I may be living in one again if things get really bad. Its true you can't eat gold ( yuck ), but as long as people think it has value, then you will be able to trade it for more practical and usable things.

RAS said...

The only problem with the Jedi analogy I see is that the few Jedi had a rather large rebellion behind them in their fight with the evil Empire and any "Jedi" here well...wouldn't. Everyone is too tied to the Wii. Sad, but true.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. The lemmings wouldn't lift a finger to hang with the Jedi. They'd be more like, "Hey, get out of the way, I'm trying to watch Survivor, Idol, CSI, NASCAR, Dancing with the Stars, Biggest Looser!

I think if I was a Jedi, I'd train myself to talk like Yoda, backwards style - "Kick your ass, I will." Ha!


freeacre said...

ras & Randy -
A point you have.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Have any of you guys been taking lessons in Dutch?

Hotspringswizard said...

Regarding Obama, what has he really changed? His demeanor is certainly less boyant than the heady days after the election. Too me he has shown every sign that he is part of the greater " borg collective " of TPTB. I know my brother once thought that maybe he was perhaps just trying to go about any changes slowly, not trying to rock the boat to big, to fast. My bro has changed his mind about that, as time has gone by, and no real change is forthcoming. There will be no change coming from this monsterously corrupt system. These horrible people with no conscience will do everything within their power to keep their position, at the expense of the rest of us.

On another subject, I've been thinking for some time as I watch the months long circle jerk of BS about " health care reform " and its my impression that its all such a perfect distraction to get the angry masses focused on it, instead of on the humongous pillaging of the public coffers that occurred over last winter and into this spring. TPTB have no plans of changing anything of any benifit for the greater public regarding this, its just a tool to re-direct the focus of the sheep.

Of course the US health care is structured such that it is gigantic rip-off of the greater public itself, and a totaly corrupt and broken system, but I don't see thus far anything meaningful coming to fruition in whats being offered up as solutions from our so called government leaders. In the end it looks like the medical industry crooks will actually be better off with what looks likely to pass.

I mean look at how all the building anger at all the finacial rip-offs has been co-opted by the health care crap. Well it looks like soon enough, more huge financial trouble shoes will start dropping, and the simmering public anger will begin to boil again. Lots of talk about commercial real estate beginning to tank severely soon as just one of the possible sparks to send us further down the rat hole of finacial armegedon.

RAS said...

I think Obama may just be responsible for more heartbreak than every other person in history, combined. Thank about how many people have placed all their hopes and dreams in him, only to see him turn out to be yet another politician.

Anonymous said...

I second all that.

Here in the reddest state in the country, Obama is considered to be the anti-Christ. Then there's my wife and a few of her friends who think he's just totally awesome -but that's because she's so freaking busy with finishing up her degree, starting an art gallery and displaying in another gallery, she has not one ounce of time to actually look into what is actually happening in Murika. She has a few minutes in the morning to do the crossword puzzle and that's about it. I can't wait for her to finish her schooling. Maybe then she'll open her eyes to what's really going on. Right now she thinks she's being informed via NPR on the way to school.

But you know, most people's situations are like this. They work, eat, sleep, do house projects or hobbies on the weekends and if they have kids, hell, they probably have NO time to do any clicking around on the internet. In fact, they're lucky to open a newspaper to get their MSM propaganda BS -and then they consider themselves informed!

Recently my older brother came for a visit and said something like "the economy will probably start getting better now, it's just that jobs lags behind the stock market" -straight from the CNNABCCBSNBCFOX horse's mouth. Then I told him that he was dreaming, things are going to get much, much worse, the $3 trillion commercial realestate market is going to go Tango Uniform (tits up), this country is broke and you can't spend your way out of a depression, etc. and he looked at me like he just got a shot of novicane.

And he didn't believe a word I said.

I'm hoping more people will take the red pill and escape the Matrix, but I'm not holding my breath. As long as the majority of sheeple hold the notion that the MSM is telling the truth, the only change this country will see is change for the worse.

Which means.... drum roll please.....

We are doomed!


freeacre said...

You just can't believe the bullshit the so called "Christian" Right is spewing about Obama. I mean I have serious problems with him, but DAMN! I am just getting over a two day e-mail fight with an old friend over her sending me this putrid shit. Now they are selling T-Shirts and coffee mugs and mouse pads with this Bible reference to "leaving his children without a father and making his wife a widow." WTF?? Man, I just pray that nothing happens to him. A shooting war would break out. Maybe that's what some on the Dark Side are hoping for. Just think of what they could get away with then. This country is so polarized that we can't even agree on what time it is. It's a pitiful shame. We do appear to be doomed.
... Just got back from the movie "2012." Yup, it WAS the Mother-of-All Disaster films. Wipe it all clean and start over. That's probably what it would take to make things right. Anybody see that big fireball over Colorado, Wyoming, and other places in the West?

Hotspringswizard said...

I saw some video this evening on MSNBC I think which showed the bright white flash of a very large meteorite in a night time shot with trees in the back ground. Is that the fireball your talking about Freeacre?

On another subject, I got an e-mail yesterday from a gal ( Suzy ) who runs the People's Press up in Redding, Northern Cal. They put out a publication every once in a while. I wrote them an article about the dire world energy situation a while back for one of their issues. Here are some of Suzies thoughts in her e-mail:

........Corporations are doing business as usual. But now, after two 9/11s under Bush, (first the Twin Towers and then the economic crash), the military and financial industries have emerged as the equivalent of corporate entities on steroids.
In fact, since the year 2000 a full corporate takeover of the American government was successfully achieved, facilitated by these two catastrophic events.

The shift of wealth and power from the people to the corporations is stunning. I'm still reeling from it, trying to grasp it. Still feeling fresh outrage with every new and arrogant corporate rip off.It's not terrorists that are a threat to America, it's Goldman Sachs, Enron, Merrill Lynch and Pfizer. The financial, military, energy, insurance, health care and government institutions, originally designed to work in full partnership with the people, now privatized, are doing what corporations do: working for themselves.

In my life time I've seen many changes. Corporate fascism in America is the hardest one to accept and to cope with. It's like an eerily prophetic science fiction plot: Planet Earth is invaded, dominated, and gobbled up by insatiable wraith-like beings, ruled from a distance by a handful of living men, crazed and insane with greed, and lust for power.

Hotspringswizard said...

Suzies thoughts continued:

That's what corporate fascism feels like to me. Wherever there is mindless social or environmental harm being done anywhere on the planet today, a corporate entity is there. Where human rights are being violated, where the earth is being ravaged and lands are being stolen; where people are being harmed and lives are being lost, where the few are getting richer while the many are getting poorer, where justice is thwarted and injustice thrives, where force rules and war is never ending; a cursed corporate entity is always there, making an obscene profit.

These fake beings are wrongly made human by US law, in the 14th Amendment. The Monsantos, the Dow Chemicals, the Wells Fargos and Citibanks, the Wal Marts, the Lockhheeds and General Electrics of today are America's highly privileged persons enjoying corporate socialism financed by the public, thanks to this bogus 1886 Supreme Court ruling. Having purchased the government, (rather cheaply, all things considered) they use the nation's symbols of freedom and justice as their logos for doing business. But these oddfellow citizens have no allegiance to the nation or its people. None at all.

It is these inordinately privileged nonhuman-humans who are making life altering decisions for us all. About war and the economy. About health care and energy, about global warming and about new laws for the people, to replace the old laws.

It's why we're forced to pay for wars we despise, even fuel them for years to come with our children's lives, because of economic depression brought on by the wanton, uncontrolled avarice and irresponsibility of huge financial corporations. It's why we also subsidize banks too big to fail and now a sick, unjust pro-corporate healthcare-for-profit system through health care "reform".

Everything we were writing about in the People's Press, from chemtrails, to clearcutting, to global warming and sexual politics is in some way a reaction to the toxic corporation's omnipresence in human and planetary life and affairs. I believe the biggest challenge humanity faces today is to muster the massive political will to stand up to the corporations and neutralize their power.

Lately I have dared to look into the future and ponder the life we will be leaving to the children, if this doesn't happen. Like you, I cannot abide the thought of the painful, catastrophic, sad, violent, hard, dying world we will be leaving to them if something isn't done to bring the dragon down. If we don't, the beast will eat us alive and carry off all our treasures. Every last one. Corporate personhood and the 14th Amendment to the Constitution is the chink in the monster's armour.......

murph said...


I most surely agree with that analysis.

Anonymous said...


I LOVE your phrasing: "lamestream" and "To voters, Republicans are on Mars, Democrats on Venus, while they are suffering on Earth."

Amen, Sister.

I know what you mean about "preparation fatigue"-- and here's my phrasing for that: Man cannot live on dread alone.

Heh! Just thought of that. But its true- if you'll excuse the dated sexism of it. You'll notice my own blog waxes and wanes a bit as I go from "keen eye" to running away to fantasy for awhile as a respite.

Loving you, always, Mom!

Hmmm-- I need to call you up and have a long talk with you soon. Sometime next week I think, right before Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

The newest far-right craze is an anti-Obama slogan that is making its way onto t-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, and even teddy bears: “Pray for Obama: Psalm 109:8,” which reads, “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.” The meme is also taking off on Twitter, with conservatives calling it “hilarious.” Commentators have noted that it’s unclear whether the intent is to hope for an end to Obama’s time in office — or an end to his life. But a look at the lines in the rest of the psalm hint at the latter:

Let his days be few; and let another take his office.
Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.
Let his children be continually vagabonds, and beg: let them seek their bread also out of their desolate places.
Let the extortioner catch all that he hath; and let the strangers spoil his labor.
Let there be none to extend mercy unto him: neither let there be any to favor his fatherless children.
Let his posterity be cut off; and in the generation following let their name be blotted out.
Let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered with the LORD; and let not the sin of his mother be blotted out.
Let them be before the LORD continually, that he may cut off the memory of them from the earth.

now is this not the epitome of so called christian love in practice?
i on the other had am not a christian so/
i say. at least i am not pretending to have a heart full of love for the bastards/.

mother fucking christians, may they all rot in there own created hell.
obama is a piss ant and i have always had that opinion but the son of a bitch is a human (i hope) and this garbage out of the piece of shit bible that is probably the greatest scourge that hit the planet really shows its ugly head here don't it?

time for the annual bible burning ceremony once again. hey everyone has their little part to play and this and the kids that gather around the thankless fire pit with me for a spirit of cleanse forthcoming for all the evil that has ever manifested itself and seeing its end. we rejoice that a few might be saved from the slow mind death of the ''born again''.
guess who?
yep you got it

Anonymous said...

MF... once again, touche! ..p

freeacre said...

... We've got a fire pit, too. May just join you with that exercise this year, Montana. Those knuckle-dragging, hate spewing, self-righteous hypocrites. Thanks for sharing the whole quote.

Larissa - "Man cannot live on dread alone" LOL! That's a keeper.

freeacre said...

Oh, HSWizard - that was an outstanding quote from Suzi.

Anonymous said...

"Leaders in the capital do not get it."

Hah! Let them eat cake!

Politicians do not care about the people. This is a myth that needs to die.

Follow the money, it will always lead you to the truth. Who profits from who?

If you're going to fling you light saber around, I've got a few names for you. But I suspect that is not what you really had in mind.

Ok then. How about this: it's past time for the people to obey, listen or even pretend to hear what Washington is doing. We should just ignore them -- entirely.

It's not doing any good -- and never will.

We need to setup our own economic model, based upon fair exchange and cooperative communities. The people need to turn their backs (and their support) to the politicians and banksters.

Since most of this is considered "illegal" (setting up your own bank for example) and too few are willing to be outlaws, then "money" cannot be used in the traditional sense.

But that does not stop barter, or digital credits.

We also need our own media sources and news outlets. In addition, a skills bank of members. With these things and few more, we can learn to live without these bastards.

Hotspringswizard said...

Check this article out:

15 Signs American Society Is Coming Apart at the Seams

Here are a few of the points:

......As the Senate continues to strip meaningful amendments from a health care bill that wouldn’t even take effect until 2013, it has become clear that, despite the media hype, the health care bill is going to fall far short of meaningful reform and continue to rig the game in favor of large insurance company profits at the expense of the U.S. population. With the highest cost healthcare in the world, current trends will continue and much needed change is not on the horizon.

Never before has the United States had so many citizens with so little means, little to no income and heavy debt. Debt and costs of living have now shackled U.S. citizens just as they have shackled people throughout the world. The economic hit men have now hit the United States as well and millions of American citizens are now effectively sentenced to a slow death.

Economic Imperial blowback has hit the mainland.

And the clock is ticking louder by the day…

And here’s two more facts for you:

14) The gun and ammunition manufacturing industry in the United States has over 200 companies producing billions of dollars in annual revenues. This huge manufacturing base cannot fulfill demand quickly enough. The demand for guns and ammunition has hit a record high and the gun industry cannot produce enough bullets to keep up with orders.

Americans are arming themselves to the teeth!.......

Hotspringswizard said...

And this:

15) In the past year, 100 new armed militia groups have been formed, as militia members have doubled in numbers. Federal authorities are gravely concerned about the “uptick in militia activities." One federal authority recently said, “All it’s lacking is a spark. I think it’s only a matter of time before you see threats and violence."

So let’s break down these numbers.

You have a population of 50 million people who are in desperate need of money, they most likely have no health insurance and can’t afford to get health care or help of any kind. Part of this population probably also has loved ones who can’t get life sustaining medical treatments, or loved ones who have already died due to lack of costly medical treatment. The clock is ticking loud for these people and they are running out of options fast, and time delayed is time closer to death.

While the richest 1 percent have never had it so good, a significant percentage of the U.S. population now has firsthand experience in this. Millions upon millions of Americans are poor, broke, struggling, starving, desperate… and armed.

We are sitting on a powder keg!

We are now witnessing the critical unraveling of U.S. society.

murph said...


Don't recall your name showing up in comments here before. Welcome.

In principle I agree with your comment. It is a tad tough though to ignore the PTB when your house or car is being repossessed or you haven't enough money to go see a doctor or---- fill in the blank.

The problem as I see it with shunning the PTB and not actively opposing them is they then get to do whatever they wish with no opposition at all, and we would pay heavily for that. An absolute autocratic state is no fun at all according to what I am reading.

What I see that might work is stopping all consumerism, but there is no way that is going to happen at this time. The society as a whole is not ready to even consider that, and it would create even more problems anyway.

My reading of history says that active rebellion is the only way out of being suppressed by any kind of dictatorship or autocratic central government. Protest, or working within the system is obviously not working. The bastards have to be taken out of the power and money circle, every last one of them.

When the local government imposes unreasonable taxes on the citizens, shunning them will not make the taxes go away. Neither will it stop enforced chipping, forced inoculations, unreasonable fines or fees, police brutality and property confiscation. And that is just at the local level.

I have been insisting for a very long time now that each individual must first understand what is being done to them and the nature of the people doing it. When a significant number of people have this realization, then maybe they will get off the sofa and get active. I have little hope of that coming about though. And while I approve of the shunning as you suggest, it won't change a damned thing.

murph said...


Have you been seeing the articles that say that instead of the U.S. govt disarming the public, they are turning it over to the international groups like the UN?

I agree we are setting on a keg of powder,but for how long. I got a feeling that if there was an international organization that pushed for complete disarmament of the public that at least half of the armed citizens would comply. What the other half would do is open for speculation anyway. The armed 'patriots' have been bitching about taking away their guns for many years and threatening rebellion. Ain't seen it yet.

freeacre said...

Welcome, Sales! I think there is an important type of shunning the bastards that is very important - like you said, "turn your backs on them" and form alternative systems. Stop looking to them for emotional support. Look to your friends and neighbors. We have set up quite a network here over the years. Started with gifting muffins, breads, produce from the garden, eggs, etc. Neighbors started to reciprocate, and now stuff is traded back and forth like crazy. Joined the Grange as a fraternal organization that is agriculturally based and helps to provide for the working class. Donate to the community kitchen, etc. Write a local column in the little community paper about growing one's own food. All these are working out real well, and I hope will be a real help next year when things get even tougher.We've got a registry at the Grange Hall where anybody who has a service or a business who is open to suggestions of bartering or trading can sign up. Once you accept the idea the we are on our own and can't depend on the govmint to help, we can come up with all sorts of alternatives. It's true, though, that when they come after us with all sorts of intrusive shit, those things are impossible to ignore. But, we can starve the beast by not buying bullshit stuff, paying off credit cards each month so you don't pay credit charges, cancel the cable and the satellite dish, don't shop at Walmart, etc. We need to free ourselves, not wait in vain for anybody to do it for us, most especially politicians.

Hotspringswizard said...

Murph, I have not seen articles that discuss the UN taking over the task of disarming the public.

With all that amunition and weapons being stocked up on by the populace, I think it does not bode well for the the scenario were considering of severe economic times with its consequent serious social stress.

Myershcuo said...

It isn't only about them liking you, they need to be a good fit for you, as well. Before choosing to take them to a nursing home, make sure you pick the right facility for them. There are feedback sheets and many hospitals want to know how their nurses are performing the unspoken duties of caring for patients. Any resident, at any time, has the right to refuse anything.

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