Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rough Week

Sky Collapses On The Passamari
by Rockpicker

Winter sky drapes the land, like a canopy
dropped by unseen hands upon a cage.
Farm ground blurs between houses
at an imprecise place, over the creek,
beyond my neighbors' spruce. Past
what we can see spreads
the topography of an uncertain age.
Fence posts pitch and lose themselves
in fog, like stick men heading off
to evening chores, or the dutiful poor
marched off to kill the poor in forgettable wars.
What I took for granted and thought I knew
when sunbeams slanted through
transparent pain, seems now
untenable and untrue. Still, rockslides
and dying forests loom, like deficits
we must assume in this obscuring air.
The looted vault gapes it's open mouth.
Herefords steaming under willows birth
their calves. The little town rubs
its knees beside a flame and tunes
its set for a prompted reassurance.
I kick the empty streets in muffled gloom.
I bounce solid hopeful notes off walls
of unsold homes. Kept birds balance
in dim rooms, each night, a new deception.
With sky this low it can't be clear,
the honest and naive are always tools.
On the Passamari, the dog star fluxes, red
to green, whether occluded or seen.

by freeacre

It’s been a rough week. I thought I’d begin with Rockpicker’s latest exquisite poem, which captures so beautifully, the “muffled gloom” that is so apparent. It’s like he has a way of looking at things as if through a mental kaleidoscope and is able share a glimpse of things from his eyes. The Passamari, by the way, is the Shoshone word for the Ruby River in Montana. I looked it up.

With Murph so sick with some hellspawn virus, I could have won a gold medal if there was an Olympic category for racing back and forth rinsing and returning barf buckets. But, we were not alone in having life get in the way of our blog posting. Charles Hugh Smith was late due to the death of his friend’s mother. And, Nina, lost her dog to a mountain lion, and we extend our heartfelt sympathies. But, although personal tragedies and difficulties may have put off folding the laundry, vacuuming the house, or scouring the tub, as well as delaying postings on the web, it’s nothing compared to the dysfunction of the government.

The ruthless partisanship between the Republicans and Democrats seems to be eclipsed only by the corrupting influence of lobbyists and the arrogance of Wall St. and the central banks. Barely noticed between the entertaining coverage of the Olympics is the inability of the government to govern. The Republican overseers seem to be totally indifferent to the suffering of the tax-paying masses, despite their lip service to the “Tea Partiers.” They vote as one against anything and everything, even extensions of unemployment insurance just to spite the Dems. So what if the people starve, live in tent cities, college grads and young families move back in with their parents, careers are destroyed, 401Ks are lost, half of the children are qualifying for food stamps? They continue to boviate their litany of never-ending trademark campaign messages of disinformation, character assassination and misdirection as if the election never happened. The worse everything gets, the better for them. On to the next election and it’s millions of dollars … let’s focus on Sarah Palin and Glen Beck, shall we? How about joining in and working to reduce the deficit that you are continually complaining about? Ahhh….. no. I didn’t think so.

And, then there are the Democrats. This disappointing collection of numbnuts still mouth the words of their idealistic intentions to help people with health care, jobs, education, peace, etc. etc. But, they are still unable to deliver a single thing, having been bought off or intimidated by the same K Street swine that rule the Republicans. Sweet Mother of God! They remind me of the despicable Muscular Dystrophy campaigns with Jerry Lewis. Ever since I can remember, Jerry Lewis has been hauling out some poor crippled kid and begging for money to make him walk again. And, year after year, people send in their money – and forty years later, muscular dystrophy is worse and audits find that the majority of the money is siphoned off the top. What a frigging rip.

It’s gotten so bad that even the senators are bailing. Republicans and Democrats are refusing to even run next time, pretty much admitting that they’d rather pound salt than serve in the houses of corruption and ineptitude that the U.S. Congress has become. Three thousand more banks are on the brink of failure, according to Elizabeth Warren, one of the very few courageous voices in the government. The L.A. Times is predicting four million new foreclosures this year. That will, of course, drive the prices of homes down even further, putting even more mortgages “underwater.” The next bubble of commercial real estate is beginning to burst, the billions of toxic derivatives have yet to be dealt with, and now China is dumping our Treasuries. Many of our states are on the brink of bankruptcy. Oh, yeah, and the European Union is looking about as attractive as a bouquet of elbows. Despite the delusional rally of the stock market this week, I’d say this is the year that the wheels come off the financial cart.

But, then, it’s only money, right? Well, no, it’s debt servitude, ill health, homelessness, desperation, lost lives. But, in the end, if it wipes out the globalism that has relentlessly driven the working class into the ground by having us all conform to the lowest common peasant denominator, it might get their boots off our backs. Whose boots? The scum-sucking rich bastard financial criminal overlords, that’s whose.

But, it will take more than the collapse of the digital money house of cards to remove the misanthropic stranglehold on the productive class. The rich bastard parasites (RBP’s) are backed up by the intelligence services, the military, and FEMA. When the television programming and the commercials no longer are enough to funnel the populace into the feed lots, then they’ll call out the goon squads.

But, you know what? I have a strong feeling that’s when they are going to lose. What’s going to happen when we all start painting ourselves blue?


Publius said...

Great post. and you seem to have written it before news of the kamikaze attack on the IRS came out...
Just saw Collapse last night, and met Mike Ruppert. He says that the wheels are almost certainly going to come off this year.

Hotspringswizard said...

Who needs all the other websites I go to Freeacre, when you summerize everything so well :-) Gave me a good belly laugh a couple of times too :-) Looks like since the supreme court decision which gives our country to the corporations that Obama has suddenly changed his tune about saying anything bad about the Banksters and the High Finance Hucksters. He said that he's " agnostic " now about all of that!

I was watching Thom Hartman on Free Speech TV today and he was talking to the guy that brought that issue up that the Supreme Court decided on. He said all he was trying to do was be allowed to advertise his documentary, which somehow I guess the way things were before had dis-allowed him to do. But Thom pointed out that along with getting his right to do that, everything else it has now allowed the corporations to do toward controlling now our political system, as well as much else, is disasterous for whats left our so called democracy. Can he not see the devilish circumstance that have now been un-leashed due to his efforts.

The guy kept talking about the idea of " free speech ", like that was all this is about. He clearly doesn't realize the monsterous qualities of what his pursuit has created. His logic was like my Mom's, saying that corporations are people too who deserve to speak their minds ( and of course the zillions of dollars towards that end kinda help too! ).

Well after reading your entry Freeacre I think my brain needs a break from the ongoing world mayhem, so I'm off to sleep to let what you have talked of stir dark images in my dreams :-)

Which brings to mind a small snipet of a bizarre dream I had recently. There were these three giants standing in a pool of water, much like incredibly strong and muscular wretched orcs, like in the lord of the rings trilogy. They all had hair that was like dreadlocks.

They were kind of swaying back and forth and were emenating a sound like I heard in the recent movie trailer of " Clash Of The Titans " in the part at the end where you see the Kraken ( which had a turtle looking head ), and its bellowing out this very loud, rumbling, roar like some huge beast from the belly of the earth.

Anyway the dreadlocked orcs where rocking around, standing in the water, and they had huge cavernous mouths ( much like the Kraken did ) with a liquid swishing about in them ( their mouths ). Then they would lean over and pour this liquid into my hands and I would drink it ( I did this several times ). Thats about the time I woke up, thankfully :-)

So what does it all mean, drinking the Kraken Koolaid perhaps :-) I most always only remember very small pieces of my dreams just before I wake up so I'm wondering what else was going on in that dream before the part I remembered. I'm sure it was quite interesting to say the least :-)

This Saturday I will be down in San Diego with my brother and many of his friends ( along with other folks who are going too ) where they will be protesting the big meeting of Geo-Engineering scientist who are meeting there. Hopefully I won't have to report back to you guys from Guantanamo after the Dark Forces round us up, or maybe they will just blast us with their cool Microwave Weapons :-)

freeacre said...

Publius, yes. I had no idea of the attack on the IRS. Can't help but wonder if this or somethings like it will become a trend... lots of people out there with not a lot left to lose.
After reading Rupert's post today, we are wondering if we can arrange a speaking engagement here. What did you think of the film? Murph has read the book, but lent it to someone before I got to it. Rats.

freeacre said...

Hot Springs - maybe that Kraken water will empower you folks. Power and protection to you. Come back and let us know how it went.

Hotspringswizard said...

I think Andrew Joseph Stack got a healthy dose of the Kraken Water himself ( the guy who flew a plane into an IRS facility today ).

Read the words he left behind to explain why he did what he did here:

Article Title: The Insane Manifesto Of Austin Texas Crash Pilot Joseph Andrew Stack

Excerpt at the end of the manifesto:

.....I know I’m hardly the first one to decide I have had all I can stand. It has always been a myth that people have stopped dying for their freedom in this country, and it isn’t limited to the blacks, and poor immigrants. I know there have been countless before me and there are sure to be as many after. But I also know that by not adding my body to the count, I insure nothing will change. I choose to not keep looking over my shoulder at “big brother” while he strips my carcass, I choose not to ignore what is going on all around me, I choose not to pretend that business as usual won’t continue; I have just had enough.

I can only hope that the numbers quickly get too big to be white washed and ignored that the American zombies wake up and revolt; it will take nothing less. I would only hope that by striking a nerve that stimulates the inevitable double standard, knee-jerk government reaction that results in more stupid draconian restrictions people wake up and begin to see the pompous political thugs and their mindless minions for what they are. Sadly, though I spent my entire life trying to believe it wasn’t so, but violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer. The cruel joke is that the really big chunks of shit at the top have known this all along and have been laughing, at and using this awareness against, fools like me all along.

I saw it written once that the definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over and expecting the outcome to suddenly be different. I am finally ready to stop this insanity. Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well.

The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

Joe Stack (1956-2010)


And you have to wonder at all the comments to the article shown as deleted with this reason given: This comment has been flagged as offensive. I get the impression that they were comments supporting Joseph Stack.

The title of this article terms Stack's words as an " insane manifesto ". Sounds like an apraisal that would please the PTB, the perpetrators of the evil greedy deeds of Stacks complaints. The corporate spin miesters will be working overtime for sure trying to paint this guy as some tin foil hat wearing, Edward Kazenski type lunatic. As far as I'm concerned, Stack experienced what has become all to common for the working class of this country, at the hand of the elite who are pillaging them for everything their worth, and even the shirts on their backs.

Stack saw a completely corrupt system that in truth will not allow any real change to be foisted upon it, because those corrupt powers who pull the strings, will always rig the game in their favor, which over time has once again ( as many times before in history ) created a monstrosity of imbalance and inequity between the working classes and the elites.

A reckoning is coming, and I think its safe to say this represents just the tip of the iceberg of the tidal wave of angst that will be blossoming as collapse deepens. Is Joseph Stack insane? I don't think so.

Hotspringswizard said...

Oops, thats Joseph Andrew Stack. Got it wrong at the top of my last entry.

Hotspringswizard said...

I spent a little time and read some of the many comments to this article ( the ones that were not deleted of course )and it appears that they are mostly understanding of the reasons for anger that precipitated this incident by this man.

I mean with all of the crazy corrupt crap thats been going on at the hands of they elite in this country, who wouldn't be damn angry. So I'm still wondering about why there are all of the deleted postings saying that they were eliminated because they were " offensive ".

Check it out, its like the first 30or so post were pretty much all deleted, with many more also after that. Just makes you wonder what was the actual content of those comments. When I was reading the material there were almost 800 comments already.

RAS said...

Good post, fa. You summarize the situation so well.

I've been wondering when something like that IRS incident was going to happen. It was only a matter of time. Yes, I think this may be the year when the wheels come off.

I got a rejection letter for one of my works yesterday (the one murph and fa have read) and it was downright insulting. The snootiness made me sure the agent is going to drown the next time he goes out in the rain. And get this -the letter was printed on a piece of paper smaller than an index card. I guess I should be thankful I got a reply at all; most of these places don't even bother replying.

fa, do you need someone to write a post again? I'm still willing to write that post on food.

freeacre said...

Yes, ras, any help in the posting department by one of our own is much appreciated. Sorry about the rejection notice. I have every faith that it will eventually be accepted. It is really, really good. Just got to find the right publisher. Have you tried Archdruid's publisher of his Druid stuff?
I stayed up last night reading the "suicide note" that sounded more like a short manifesto to me of Joe Stack. Pinned against the wall by unfair provisions by the IRS and having his livlihood and any hope of retirement killed twice by the ruthless IRS was a horror story. I don't blame him for snapping. I have a dear friend who is in an untenable situation and has been for years with the IRS. Years ago, a former husband of hers got into some sort of IRS bind and died. So, the IRS transferred the debt to her. Since then she has worked her butt off and paid and paid and paid, but can never get ahead because of compound interest. She will never own a home, qualify for a small business loan, or be free from the debt. Ever. If she misses a payment, her wages will be garnished. When she is forced to retire, even her social security can be taken, I believe. She is a complete debt slave to the IRS - and it wasn't even her debt in the first place!
I'm sure that we all have stories about the draconian policies of the IRS and how they routinely destroy lives and go after the least able to defend themselves. In contrast to the bailing out of the elites on Wall St. it just is too much. I think we should at the very least barrage our government with our stories of bullying by the IRS and support a national strike on April 15. And, don't buy into using 3 names for Joe Stack. They always use 3 names for serial killers, terrorists, etc. to make them sound suspect.
All this makes me even more nervous that TPTB need a big diversion to quell the revolution meme. Duck and cover, Vancouver.

rockpicker said...

Hey, Hot Springs, have you seen Cryptogon on the Joe Stack story?

Anonymous said...

vancouver... by now everybody's heard how the people on the street are pissed cuz the flame is fenced in. joe six pac has to gaulk and gander through chain link while the press and muckie mucks can walk right up and french kiss it. can't even take a pix of it without it looking like either you or it are behind bars. they already moved it closer but it still looks like a pen. so yesterday they have a press conference where spokeswoman renee smith-valade sez...

"...perhaps we underestimated the degree people would want to get closer to it than they are..."

say what? sheesh!!

so here's a possible scenario... they tear the fence down over all the criticism and then blow up the cauldron as the ff event!

want tickets to the hockey final? 750.00 and 550.00 a pop!

we're hearing lots of stories about how fucked up the venue is. exacerbated by the weather. but they have a long way to go to get as low as atlanta. that was appalling. and what an embarrasment to the city. mostly a result of a crooked mayor and exec committee. the world has no idea about how bad it was. and then there was the commercialism, coke, home depot, and mcdonalds were the major players. remember, the torch looked like a blown up micky d's french fry container? and that wasn't the only thing blown up! when ali lit it - finally! - it looked like it was full of dancing fries. now its parked downtown right off the connector for all time.

great post fa. as usual. and rp? damn!! the man can wax w/the best of em. including the moon!! you really ought to submit your work rp. the world would be a better place for it... p

Anonymous said...

it is certain we as a people, as a planet, are in trouble. there are, in my view, causal factors. factors that each of us can do something about in our own ways. and in the process, empower ourselves in ways only dreamed of. here is a 15 minute vid that sez in the first 3 minutes what i've stumbled around this campfire for 3 years trying to say. and she sez it a whole lot better! listen carefully because it goes much deeper than the obvious...

POWERFUL!!!!!! ... p

wv... escess. baby talk for essence.

Anonymous said...

rp... thats quite a professional pedigree the man had eh? and the manifesto is anything but the musing of a nutcase. note he signed it joe stack. pissed ya. but nutcase?

note he signed it joe stack. yet he was id-ed as joseph andrew. some say the use of formal first names along with a formal middle name is a modus operandi of a set up. as in conspiracy where the named is either an operative or a patsy. not necessarly. vast majority of people have a middle name. i've used tom instead of thomas michael for years. EXCEPT on my drivers license and tax filings. why? because thats the name on my birth cert. somewhere its written in the tax codes that, when filing for a SS #, one must use the name as stated on BC under penalty of law. this is the case unless one legally changes their name. name on SS card then sets precident for all official bid'ness. iow, when they pulled the tail # up it was listed as joseph andrew.

which is not to say there ain't something funny going on here. but at this point i'm leaning toward this being exactly as it presents and joe stack will be regarded by the open-eyed as a martyr... p

rockpicker said...

Not only a martyr, P, but very possibly a flag-bearer.

We may be collectively so tired of all the bullshit lies foisted on us that no one will listen to the media on any subject.

Maybe soon everyone will decide not to play the game any longer.

Check out this audio file on Project Camelot.

Oh, and thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked it.

rockpicker said...

To add to the post subject, look at this list of vip's who have had enough.

Hotspringswizard said...

RP, I took a look at the Cryptogon site and what they had on the Joe Stack incident. Is there something particular you wanted me to take note of?

And regarding this you wrote RP " We may be collectively so tired of all the bullshit lies foisted on us that no one will listen to the media on any subject. ", the main news media is just constant BS and lies these days so I just get on the internet whenever I have the time. I do watch Free Speech TV and the Link channel which both are viewer supported and have lots of great documentaries and other important content.

Regarding Joe Stack, I would imagine that most of you have seen the documentary by Aaron Russo, From Freedom to Facism. FSTV has been showing that one ( once again ) in the last couple of days. I saw it back when it first came out on DVD. It illustrates very well the complete fraud that is the Federal Reserve, the IRS and income tax, etc.

The PTB will not stop perpetrating their economic carnage on the working class and they have no intention what-so-ever of negotiating with those who they would make their serfs. Only enough masses of the US people rising up and stopping the maddness by force will cause any significant change.

The PTB are counting on the majority remaining complacent, expressing their dissent only thought meaningless channels like limited protest, writting their officials, complaining, complaining, complaining, etc.

They don't mind the " saftey valve " benifits of letting people think there is the " possiblility " of change, as long as they are in complete control in the meantime, dis-allowing any " real " change to ever happen ( one example, the supposed health care reform ).

But you can bet if anything starts to really threaten their casino, their rigged game, that they will bring down the hammer to snuff the fires of revolt out as much as they are able.

The change we all wish would happen would in truth require a very extreme price for those who would pursue it. But then what is the alternative as we more and more become slaves/serfs to a political, governmental, and economic system that is actively working to put/keep us in that position.

You might think that you would choose to just avoid all of this and try and stay out of the mayhem, hide away, but if the " masters " are just left to their own devices in this way, the evil that is their stock and trade will find you anyway, sooner, or later.

All of these things are of such grave consequence, with so much to consider. Each will have to decide in their own time ( even though time is seemingly short for these decisions ) what they must do, decide what course they are compelled to take to address all that is going wrong on some many fronts.

Joe Stack made his decision.

Angela said...

Okay. I'm starting to "get it." Discovered Carolyn Baker and Derrick Jensen and you in two days. Desiring to go off the grid and learn permaculture in Montana. I will continue to visit. Thank you for the beautiful poem and the excellent information. Keep up the good work!

freeacre said...

Alright, Angela! Carolyn Baker, Jensen and us in two days!! Take precautions against exploding cranium. You're welcome to come join us at the Campfire anytime. Permaculture in Montana! Yea!

murph said...


Where in Montana are you located?

freeacre said...

I continue to be haunted by the thought of Joe Stack's action against the IRS. When I first heard of it, I thought, "Well, the IRS must have fucked over the wrong guy!" and I was quite appreciative. Then I learned of the people who were burned and injured in the building. I could allow my antipathy toward the IRS to dominate my feelings and dismiss the injured as "collateral damage." But, after considering it, I think I would be wrong.
The world gives it's respect to those who are willing to die for what they believe in. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Tich Nat Hahn all led movements for liberation where people got killed. Tich Nat Hann was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for leading the effort of Buddhist priests in Vietnam to end the war by setting themselves on fire. But, that's the difference between them and Joe Stack. They didn't kill anyone else but themselves.
If he had gone to the steps of the IRS and blown his brains out to demonstrate that he couldn't live with their intolerable policies any longer, it would have been a clear message of anguish that would have been staggeringly compelling. But to burn down the home of his wife and child and inflict pain and suffering on others was the act of a "disturbed individual" that is too easily dismissed. Plus, it's just wrong.
I sympathize with Joe Stack and all others who are tormented by the IRS. I support actions against property. But, I believe that the only person I have a right to kill in protest is myself.
But, then, one can think of other scenarios: like what if I was in a room with Adolf Hitler during WWII? Would it be wrong to kill him? I think not. What if I were in a room with someone who had molested my child? Would I kill him? In a heartbeat, probably. Shit, I don't know. Sometimes it seems you go with your gut, and other times I'm looking at myself from a higher perspective and thinking that I am only here to forgive.
... Tilt.

Anonymous said...

I tell you one thing – if you want peace of mind, do not find fault with others. Rather learn to see your own faults. Learn to make the whole world your own. No one is a stranger, my child; this whole world is your own.
– Sri Sarada Devi

When we get even the slightest glimpse of the unity of life, we realize that in tearing others down we are tearing ourselves down too. When you sit in judgment on other people and countries and races, you’re training your mind to sit in judgment on yourself. As we forgive others, we are teaching the mind to respond with forgiveness everywhere, even to the misdeeds and mistakes of our own past.

From Words to Live By by Eknath Easwaran |

Scrap Wood

baz recon said...

The american Jihadist Joe Stack (1956-2010)—R.I.P.

freeacre said...

I think there are spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional aspects of ourselves that should not be denied. Being non-judgmental and forgiving are good, and important. But, when an infant cries, the mother lactates. It's an automatic response, and a life preserving one. And, when the child is threatened, the parent uses his or her superior power to protect the child - even unto death. I consider that a part of honoring the incarnation into which you are born. A mature adult, it seems to me, also has the obligation, or duty to use their might to not bully, but to protect their friends, family, and community. To only extend understanding or forgiveness when your child or neighbor is being harmed is being part of the problem, not the solution, it seems to me.
Now, there are some who are by nature more the warrior types, and some more teachers or healers or parents, or whatever. I think we just need to know who we are and be as much of it as we can.

SingColleen said...

It seems it is time for many of us to lose dear friends and family - maybe it is to help us see how much others mean to us, to give us something to fight for when the time comes. But then I really don't want to fight; I don't want to hide, either - I just want to show everyone I meet how easy it is to love and support one another, our communities, our world.

As for Joe Stack: the comments I read on HuffPost were split between sympathy and some interesting judgments of the choices he made when dealing with the IRS. I personally identified with his feeling of powerlessness, due to the inability for 99.9% of citizens (including accountants) to understand tax laws. I would never have chosen to end my life in such a violent and destructive way, but somewhere, deep down, in a place I usually prefer not to acknowledge, I understand.

The quote from Yeats' "The Second Coming" has been thrown around a lot lately, but it rings true in these times. "Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;" It keeps banging around in my brain. I feel like we are so close to something enormous, and even though I don't know if we're ready for it, I wish it would just happen...

RAS said...

If Joe Stack had done that in the middle of the night and not killed anyone I would be more behind his actions. As I said before, I wasn't surprised. I've been wondering when it would happen.

For the last three or four weeks now we've had someone snap in such a public fashion that it's made the national news. How many more people have snapped in the past month and just taken it out on themselves or their families? We have definitely entered the next phase of collapse.

And check this out: now you have to pay for 911 calls in this town in California.

fa, give me a week or so and I'll get that post to you. How's murph?

murph said...


I seem to mostly be over this flu bug, but still have minor signs that it is not completely gone. Over the years I have found that certain body signs indicate I am fighting off something invasive. Chapped lips, gums and teeth not feeling right, a type of fatigue are some of the signs. I still have those signs but to a lesser extent. So, we shall see.

rockpicker said...

Found this just now on Quayle:


"Timed just right Reply:
February 19th, 2010 at 4:25 am

the pilot flew into that building so that they could find out who he was, find his “manifesto”, link him to his house on fire, a “stolen aircraft”, and the “tea party” movement – all in record time -mere hours

somehow – the authorities were able to pull what was left of the guy’s body from a mess of obliterated burning airplane and concrete building, find his ID (somehow intact and not burning -of course he carried all is IDs on his last day), verify that the ID match the DNA of the unrecognizable body found in the wreckage, go on to find his “manifesto”, which authorities are 100% certain belongs to the obliterated body in the wreckage …

in time for all major media to research, write, broadcast, print, post on internet – just in time for prime time!

yeah – right.

interesting how these terrorists always do their plane crashing first thing in the morning – to better fit the day’s “news” cycles!"

mrs p said...

RE: IRS attack: The drama that unfolds from swinging pendulums is in part the responsibility of the pendulum swingers. However I do not condone any acts that hurt innocent people who are just trying to keep a job that puts food on the table. We all have to work somewhere, somehow, when we work. Can you blame the landlord if your job These thoughtless, UNCONSCIOUS acts are a byproduct of insanty that we certainly have plenty of these days but most definately do not fix the problem and never will. Beautiful & Loverly words from Rockpicker by the way. mrsp

Anonymous said...

P.S. Freeacre I hope you don't mind I loved your suggested link so much I made a post of it at the mom's blog and mentioned the Trout Clan as well. x, mrs p

murph said...

If you haven't seen some recent articles at:
they are worth reading.

Matt Taibi has a new rant out in Rolling Stone mag. As usual, it is a great article. Latoc has a link to it as well as Cryptagon.

Hotspringswizard said...

I'm back from the " mini " geo-engineering protest that my brother, his friends and other interested parties did in front of the San Diego Convention Center. No dramas, no micro wave weapons and I don't recall even seeing a police man anywhere around the protesters :-)

My brother got a press pass and attended the conference with the main geo-engineering scientist speaking. He did get an opportunity to ask a few questions about what testing they had done regarding any possible impacts of the aluminum that they would be dispersing with their proposed plan.

My brother said the scientist finally admitted that they had not done any testing for this, and the the possible repercussions could be " horrible " or something like that.

This exchange was video taped by one of the other protester people who attended the meeting and I'll try and find out if its up on You Tube yet. If so I'll list a link here for how to find it.

The protesters set up on a street corner on Harbor Blvd just in front of the convention center. There was some people speaking including my brother and his freind Mauro who created the website, as well as some other folks.

Had a nice visit with my bro and also got to visit my wifes three brothers who live down there too. One of the brothers lives on a sailboat in the harbor near Sea Port Village and we had a nice sail out in the bay on Sunday under blue skies and big white puffy clouds :-)

rockpicker said...

For more insight on the IRS controversy, check this out.

stoney13 said...

Hi all,

Been working on the old '83 Ford Van for a while. Got the old girl running again. Rewired half the interior, and rebuilt the entire fuel system. Alternator comes in tomorrow, and then she'll be fit for duty!

Took a break to check in at The Campfire. That Stack Attack was some thoroughly heinous shit! Sure he had a legitimate beef with the IRS, but you don't go snakeshit, burn your house, fly airplanes into buildings, and kill people because the IRS gave you the shaft! The IRS gives us ALL the shaft! Sure we need to do something about it, but our government isn't scared of us any more!

Want an example? Alright! I'll give you one! Right now over 55% of Americans want marijuana legalized across the board, and 87% want it legalized for medical purposes. Not only that, but billions could be raised if it were taxed, and billions more saved if it was taken of off the polices little list of things to do.

With all these good reasons to legalize, and none to continue the failed policies of the past, you would think that Congresspeople would be climbing over themselves to get the legislation on the floor to do just that!

Want to know why they're not? Alright. I can do that. See there's this big government bureaucracy called the DEA that is full of all sorts of buzz kill types that want to kill your buzz!

They get fat money from keeping marijuana illegal, and they are going to go to any means, and tell any lie to accomplish that very thing!

It doesn't matter that keeping marijuana is the wrong thing to do, because bureaucracies exist to serve no one but themselves! They don't care about you, they don't care about me, they only care about what is good for them! Marijuana is their cash cow! They are no more willing to send it to slaughter than they are to jumping into a brush chipper!

They also have something else going for them! They know that the highly pissed off citizenry with pitchforks and torches scenario, will probably never happen!

Well here's a little trick to beat them at their own game! When you are called to jury duty, and you disagree with the law the defendant is being adjudicated on, HANG THAT SUCKER!!! That's right! It's time to employ that good old stand by called "Jury Nullification"! That's what REALLY did away with Prohibition! It's also the reason for the old "Untouchables" radio show to try to drum up support for Prohibition, because the jurors at the time would sit quietly and listen to all the evidence against the defendant, then quietly go back to the jury room, and vote him not guilty! They could not get convictions on Prohibition cases, so the police, and prosecutors started avoiding them. Finally Roosevelt came along and did away with it!

What nobody understands, or seems to have forgotten, is at the end of the day, WE THE PEOPLE have the final say as to who goes to prison in this country! If we as jurors refuse to convict, then the cell goes empty, and these types of cases get fewer, and fewer!

rockpicker said...

Hey Stoney, good to hear from you.

Maybe this is why Cheney was panicking over the weekend.

Hotspringswizard said...

Matt Taibbi nails it again in his latest:

Wall Street's Bailout Hustle

Goldman Sachs and other big banks aren't just pocketing the trillions we gave them to rescue the economy - they're re-creating the conditions for another crash....

I've been thinking alot about people's comments regarding the Joe Stack incident, citing that it was wrong because " innocent " people got killed or injured.

With the rampant fraud, corruption, deception, evil deeds, raping and pillaging of every manner and sort that goes on in human constructs like Wall Street, in the Bankster Casinos, in the halls of High Finance, in the Military Industrial Complex, completely engulfing our political system, throughout the nations medical system, etc, etc, etc, just who within these systems can reasonably be called innocent, and who is guilty.

There exist all manner of levels of involvement within these systems, from the highest in power down to the the lowly minions. How does one decide just who is to be held to account for the carnage that these various systems wreak, usually at the expense of the have nots, by those who wield great power and advantage that is in most cases ill gotten.

For example, the US is now occupying Iraq after having started a conflict there based on a complete fraud, and has destroyed much of thats countries infrastructure, killed many hundreds of thousands of Iraqi innocents as well as shattering the lives of their extended families, brought great environmental degredation, and on and on.

Now an Iraqi man stands holding his daughters brains that have been blasted out of her head by some US soldier ( or Blackwater Mercenary ), he and her just being innocent bystanders targeted for reasons that have absolutely no merit.

Who should this man hold to account for what has happened? Should the very soldier who fired the shot be given a pass, should he be considered " innocent " merely because he simply is a " worker " within the greater corrupt system. If so who then above him should receive the blame, the Leutinent, the Captain, the General, the Military Commander in charge, the President of the US?

Doesn't everyone involved in the system have a responsibility to not do the things that are so blatently and clearly wrong, to do whatever is within their capacity to remove themselves from that corrupt system, to not participate?


Hotspringswizard said...

Like in all of the economic bullshit that is discussed in Matt Taibbi's latest piece, who that is involved with any of it ( countless people ) could be considered innocent of the fact that they are actively involved in massively ripping people off.

The IRS is a completely fraudulent system who purpose is to transfer in illegal fashion wealth from the working class to the elites. A gargantuan system of smoke and mirror, lies and deceptions are created to enable this huge scam. So who within this humungous fraudulent system is really innocent?

The IRS ( like many of the other myriad systems that bleed the poor of their wealth ) is like a gigantic Octopus gripping its victim. How do we ever wrestle ourselves free? Its clear that these many systems ( Octipi ) that are bringing much of the mayhem to this world will never let go of their own accord.

I think its true that in most cases the people being affected can not get to the source of the behemouth's strength, the body and head of the beast ( those who hold the highest power within the systems ). But we do have the capacity because of our vast numbers to start taking little chunks out of the tentacles.

Like millions upon millions of little Pirahna bits we can eat away at the arms of the beast to the extent that it will eventually have to let go.

These bites are the many ways one can bring " force " to issues such as these. One form would be to remove yourself, through your lifestyle, from dependency on what the beast offers. Develop and learn to appreciate a simple lifestyle ( very differant from what these fraudulent systems want you to live ). There are a vast variety of ways to apply force to create the change we seek. And the PTB will be doing everything within their corrupt power to keep pushing you and your children, and their children's children, etc, etc, down, as they raise themselves further to the giddy heights of sickening excess and greed.

Concrete actions are whats going to count in all of this. Joe Stack struck out at the construct of the IRS, a monster that is fraudulently pillaging vast numbers of people, destroying their lives in many, many cases.

Look at history. You will never take down these massively corrupt systems by playing nice, writting your congressman, sending letters, going down to the corner with your protest signs, saying I'll turn the other cheek and let you smack me again because that would be the humble thing to do.

In all great change innocents die, its very unfortunate, but there will be no great transformations to remove the shackles of the corrupt on those who they prey on, in a way where " only " those who are not " innocent " are the only ones affected.

Its all very complicated of course. The choices before us on just what we should do will be very hard to make. As collapse deepens the growing problems on so many fronts will force us to decide our course before we feel we are fully ready. This is a main reason I try to learn as much as I can ( if the internet goes down this will be much harder ), try to consider many people's points of view, so hopefully I will make intelligent and well thought out decisions on how I will proceed, what path of action I will choose to address the many challenges happening to me now, and those of my future. Of course its what we collectively decide to do that will shape our future in the end.

Hotspringswizard said...

And on the other hand, we may just as well continue to swirl down the toilet bowl, no matter what course of action we collectively decide on, considering that there are so many dire things converging at once. Here is an article that discusses another piece of the ongoing mayhem that is our worsening economy:

FDIC Opens A Massive New Office Near Chicago Just To Handle The Coming Tidal Wave Of Midwest Bank Closings They Are Expecting

Is the Midwest about to see a massive wave of bank closings? That is apparently what the FDIC is expecting. The FDIC is opening up a massive new satellite office in the Chicago area that will be dedicated to managing receiverships and liquidating assets from failed Midwest banks. This new facility will occupy 7 floors in an 11 floor building. The office space that the FDIC is leasing is well over 100,000 square feet and will employ approximately 500 temporary employees and contractors. This is a huge expenditure by the FDIC. So will there really be so many bank failures over the next couple of years in the Midwest that a 100,000 square foot facility is required to deal with it?

Apparently someone at the FDIC thinks so.........

rockpicker said...

I agree with you, Hot Springs. War is war. I didn't declare it. Nor did I want it.

The Elite declared this one on the working classes, and they appear to be deadly earnest. Their tactics may be camouflaged with civility and 'the law,' but the laws they so brutally enforce are of their own design, enacted by their owned lackeys.

We have no say. Our representatives long ago switched their head phones off the public channel.

They provide us a free speech zone on a treeless bench, where we may shout our grievances through razor-topped fence to an indifferent wind.

Innocent people die every day.

Their spirits hang in lower Manhattan and Gaza, waiting to hear their killers named.

Who will mourn the dispossessed under bridges? And who approved this apportionment of pain?

Sometimes thugs get broken noses.

Get your weird-shit-o-meters out.

freeacre said...

Great to hear from you, Stoney! Glad you got the old girl running! Would that be an auto that could run even if the sun puts out a major solar flare and knocks out the electrical system? I'm wondering because on, there are pictures of a mega-huge magnetic "filament" that is like a million miles or something long that could prove to be very eventful...

And, that link, Rockpicker, to the article about the thousand architects who are demanding a grand jury to investigate the impossible powdering of Building 7 is very exciting. Could see why Cheney landed in the hospital... Boy, things seem to be coming to a head right now on every level.

Oh, yeah... I know we are all kicking around the events and how to respond to things, etc. But, if anyone decides that now is the time to go for armed struggle or anything, DO NOT announce it on this blog. If you do want to discuss it on a blog, perhaps you should create your own blog. You know what I mean? Just sayin'....

Murph and I took a nap this afternoon and I had a cool dream that I thought I'd share with you guys. I can't remember the details as to why we were at the Columbia Gorge, but there we were. And, Murph was telling me to watch for these "spiney whales." He said they were really cool. So, I am looking in the water for them and I see that this concrete and wire barrier has been laid across the river to stop anything from coming across. Then I see these amazing, huge whales coming in pairs toward the barrier. They are long and wide - all bulked up like a rhinoceros or a armor-clad pre-historic animal, but still long and fast. As they approach the barrier, they raced faster and faster, and then they JUMPED right over it, no problem! It was real thrilling to watch and I woke up. Been feeling much happier ever since.

Hotspringswizard said...

In reference to our discussing this Joe Stack incident, and his flying a plane into the IRS building, this evening in my e-mail I get a solicitation for the services of a private jet, on call within 24 hours.

Never got one of those before, and the timing makes one wonder. So is it Homeland Security looking for a fool, or just a coincidence? No worries Freeacre and Murph, I won't be declaring war on the PTB on your blog, and I seriously doubt that anyone else here is dim enough to do that either.

But on the other hand, its clear that with the way things are going, with the massive shafting thats been doled out to the US general population, its highly likely in my opinion that increasing social disruptions and violence will be part of the landscape of events before us. Thats reality.

rockpicker said...

I went to space weather to understand the origin of the image artifacts, but found there was too much defraction on my occulter stem.
Yeah, that was it. Way too much defraction, coupled with bad cosmic ray detection.

freeacre said...

... lol. Well, it seems the gigantic magnetic filament has popped. They say they don't know which way the rays are headed, but if it does come our way, it should arrive on the 27th or 28th. Can you say, "surge protector"?

Anonymous said...

Larissa here~~

wow. How did I miss this post? 8^o

It goes without saying I agree with you. I also agree that this year is most likely when the final breakdown begins. I could be wrong, naturally-- as delusion could sustain the status quo a few months longer than that-- but it's doubtful.

Nods as well to the idea that by the time they have to call out the goon squads, it'll be over for them. The Great American Empire falls at last.

Not that I'm looking forward to it. It's going to hurt a lot of people. Things will never be the same. We built paradise and then shit all over it, to fall back into the simpler technologies of our past.

What a waste. We're going to lose everything, and those of us who understand this will not be heard. By the time enough people get it, it'll already be too late. (Hell, it's too late now, but the more time we have to prepare the less of a hell we have to go through.)