Monday, August 23, 2010

"Bug Out" Time & What the Hell is the Government Doing with Food Regulations?

Our esteemed poet, stone mason and gardner, Rockpicker, with his exemplary cauliflowers

Rockpicker & Oldensoul's lush Montana garden

by Murph

Hmmm, ok ok. So I made a bad pun out of the title. You’ll see why coming up.

On Monday morning’s Urban Survival, by George Ure, he spends some time on bugs, or the lack of them. This has been a contention of mine for a good many years now, and I’m going to be mixing some personal observations and a few factual tidbits in with this.

First, some factual stuff. We have all heard of the honey bee problems going on for a number of years now. They are dying and not because of some truly obvious reasons. I have read that the fingers are pointing at some virulent bee-disease is at fault or environmental pollution or farming practices of spraying everything with insect killer chemicals or climate changes or, or, or. Those of us who have at least a marginal concern over this realize that is going to have some nasty consequences. Many agricultural crops (stuff for human consumption) depend on bees for pollination of the plants. Now bees are not the only pollinators but they are very near to 80% of pollination insects needed out there in agricultural land, noted for their efficiency in doing the pollination and the side benefits of honey in the hives. A huge business has developed around professional bee keepers trundling big trucks full of bee hives around to various farms and making money doing that. Many have gone under because of the fairly substantial die off of the bees. Around here in central Oregon, I am lucky to see 10 honey bees all summer. I have no idea where they have a hive. There are simply not enough flowering plants around here to keep a substantial amount of them alive. Now go over the mountains to the west and the ecology changes a bunch.

As a side note, this last weekend, Freeacre decided that we had to get away from the place for a while, drive the 70 miles to the west and go blackberry picking and save the money from buying from the commercial growers at the farmers market. After a 2 hour drive, we finally started to see some blackberry bushes along side the road, got off the major arteries to get us some “free” fruit of the vine. Now I got to admit that after going berry picking in the Midwest, (a lot of years ago now) this particular experience was a bit disappointing. The berries were very small, not in big clusters unless we wanted to figure out how to get into the middle of a patch that was 10 feet thick. (Ouch, the thorns I had forgotten about). So about an hour later and maybe 8 cups of berries picked by the two of us, we packed it in and headed home. Now I remember my mid west experience of going out by myself and picking a variety of wild berries and in an hour filling a 2 gal pail. (except huckleberries and currents of course, that like picking bee-bees and trying to fill a bucket). What the hell, is it the weather? Or our timing was bad? Lack of bees? Or what? Anyway, I found the yield was not worth the effort. LOL Made for some relatively expensive 8 cups of berries. Good flavor though.

Oh yes, where was I? The bugs.

I realize that most people are perfectly content to have fewer bugs around to annoy us. Sort of like the bears, coyotes, snakes, big cats, and all the other critters that get in our way and cause us discomfort. Try getting someone aside that hates bugs and try and convince them they are necessary. Good luck. The only good bug is a dead bug you know. At the Monday Urban Survival posting, one section that Ure talks about is peoples observation that there are less bugs about. So here is my observation on this.

When I was a kid growing up in the Midwest, mostly in small towns or fairly country living, the amount of bugs was stupendous. I had an extensive pinned butterfly and moth collection. I have not seen any of the large Lepidoptera moths for over 30 years now. Same thing with butterflies. Now I’ve moved around a lot in this country, lived most of my life in the Midwest in one location or another and now am in the Pacific North West. I think my observations have at least some validity.

Flat out, there are fewer bugs around. Even here with the wet cool spring we had, the mosquito population was way down. We have also noticed that there are a lot fewer birds too. Probably because there aren’t as much bugs for food. The last time I lived in Michigan, I lived on a small rural kettle lake. At that time I was amazed at the lack of bugs. Very few mayflies, hardly any crickets or grasshoppers, few frogs, salamanders or toads. The only thing we had in abundance then was the Gypsy moths for which there was extensive aerial spraying. Any connection do you suppose? Where we are now, there is quite a bit of mosquito spraying going on. This year we had very few bugs around, definitely not much in pollinator types, and far fewer birds. The only birds that seemed to be in normal populations were the wild doves and the coveys of quail. And we consistently put out wild bird food. Freeacre has a book of wild birds that extensively covers this area. It has post it notes all through it of species of birds we cataloged when we moved here. This year, hardly any of them are back. What the hell is going on?

Also on the home and national front lines is the news about the giant egg recall for salmonella poisoning. Folks, I sure hope you realize how much of a scam this is. It is bull shit in the extreme, among many others. It has been a whole bunch of years since it was safe to eat a raw egg you know. Salmonella is everywhere dealing with poultry, on and in the eggs, on and in the flesh of commercially grown birds. It is very common, particularly in the flash of chickens. You just have to cook everything very well and it kills all them little critters that give you the runs and where you feel like hell for a few days. Now just what is hell is the FDA getting so excited about eggs and is doing nothing about the unsanitary conditions in the marketing of chicken meat? It’s the money honey, duh. I also presume you all realize that there is a push to get rid of organic truck farms, back yard vegetable gardening, selling of home grown produce and animal products. Hell, our local Grange has a potluck every month and we were just notified that we could no longer advertise that the public was welcome to these, because of food safety problems. Our Grange cannot sell non certified kitchen bakery products made at home because they are not commercially packaged.

Now lets take a look at this. Every year there is food contamination where a lot of people are sick from eating commercially grown and packaged foods. When was the last time you heard of someone getting sick from a potluck dinner? I haven’t ever heard of one. So just who is contaminating the food supply? It sure isn’t Gertrud’s fancy casserole for the monthly potluck.

It is the same thing here with our fight with the county over the “nitrates in the drinking water” fight. We have yet to see a documented case of sickness in all of Oregon from nitrates in drinking water. In fact, nationally, it is so rare that most doctors have no idea what methemogobinemia is and have never heard of it, but a huge amount of money is revolving around that very issue.

It sure appears to me that the big ag businesses are trying their damndest to completely take over the food supply. Remember back a bit where there was proposed that every single domesticated critter in the country was to be biometrically chipped? That one didn’t fly because big ag would lose too many bucks on it. So now they are creating bull shit food crisis’s to scare the beejesus out of everyone for more regulations that don’t cure the problems. After all, if you can absolutely control the food and water supply, you can make a whole bunch more money and have a whole bunch more power over peoples lives.

When in hell are the citizens of this country going to wake up on these issues and take some damned serious action around it? Welcome to the new world order.


Anonymous said...

According to our local Fruit Club prez and the founder, this past spring was a very cool and wet one. Bees do not fly when the temp is below 55 degrees. It’s the worst crop of fruit the director has seen since living here.
I too have not seen as many bugs, but we have had a lot of bumblebee activity and it seems, more than normal amount of butterflies. The skeeters are out and about, but seem smaller than in the past. We do have several frogs living in our rain barrels and no skeeters there at all. Also there are several garter snakes living around our garden.
Don’t know what the big ag boys are up to except like you said, control everything we eat and drink. To HELL with them and their whores in D.C. I’ll fight the sobs if they come around here and try to tell me I can’t grow food! I don’t think they have enough man/woman power to enforce their laws with the amount of people growing food these days. Interesting times we live in.
By the way, I’m in the Puget Sound area.
Thanks for your posts, enjoy reading them.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Murph;

You've brought up a number of great points for discussion.

I haven't kept up with national trends, nor can I inject any statistics, but from anecdotal observation in my locale, southwestern Montana, we've had an adequate population of pollinators this season.

I have a neighbor just up the street who keeps bees commercially, and I think his bees show up at various times throughout the growing months to help our gardening efforts.

But, also, we have at least two varieties of wild bumble bees working the catnip and borage right now, along with smaller gnat-like flies and wasps.

Today, I stood motionless for maybe twenty minutes beside a borage cluster, watching a ruby-throated hummingbird chase all comers out of the garden. I spoke to him, or her, in low tones. I held out my finger in invitation. He declined to light, but he did fly close, hovering inches from my face before dropping down to work the blue trumpets beneath me. I felt his wings like eyelashes flutter against my leg.

I usually view the white cabbage moth as an arch enemy, but this year they seemed to be more interested in pollinating than egg-laying.

They especially liked the mustard flowers and the dill. We have lots of dill and catnip volunteers in the spring. As I dig my raised beds, I strategically transplant small clusters of catnip around the garden, so that now, when the tomatoes and peppers and tomatillas and squash are blooming, there are plenty of attractants spaced around to draw in the neighborhood pollinators.

One thing I learned this spring from a woman who runs a native plant nursery is that mason bees, a native American pollinator, are something like thirty times more efficient at pollinating plants than honey bees. Of course, they don't make honey, but they do "screw" with your vegetables, which is worth a lot in itself.
It's easy to promote them, too. Houses for them can be easily made from blocks of 4x4. Just drill out a bunch of holes side by side,
3/32 diameter up to 3/8 dia., depending on which species you're attempting to attract. Cut a slope on the top of the block, tack a small board, with an overhanging lip, for weather protection, and hang it in a tree near the garden. There's a little more to it than that, but it's pretty darned simple to encourage these beneficials. Here's a website that goes into it more thoroughly.

We have at least two toads this year in the garden. (Big headline, slow news day,). But, really, that's encouraging. Imagine how many pests a big, fat toad needs to stay happy. And he likes the place, which means that gardening without chemicals is paying off. We have worms, we have toads, we have ladybugs, (we have aphids, that's why we have ladybugs.) But, we have plenty for everyone, so it's layer upon layer. The interconnectedness feels good.

The other night, while I was pulling Metechis, and Oldensoul was watering the winter squash bed, a robin swooped low over the garden fence and brushed her hair with it's wings.


Anonymous said...

what government?


Hotspringswizard said...

The family and I had a barbeque with Mauro ( maker of website )and his family recently during a trip we did to Northern Cal a couple of weeks ago. He owns forty acres and after we first arrived we walked around his land and he showed us the super abundance of Black Berries this year growing all over the place. They were everywhere in big clumps with the individual berries being large and plump.

He is thinking of beginning to harvest them to sell around his area for added income. His kids would get a big handful of them and put them in their mouths all at once, calling this a " Black Berry Crush "!

Around our home here in the So Cal high desert we used to see lots of Coyotes about five years ago when we first moved here. Hardly see them anymore and haven't seen one in a long time. Also the Red Tail hawks used to hunt the hillside all the time when we first moved. Rarely see them now.

My brother knows a biologist with 35 years experience who lives in the town of Mt Shasta up in northern cal and he has documented that the insect life that live in the streams and creeks up there is down 95 percent. They think it has something to do with the aerosol spray programs causing toxic elements to run into the streams.

Nice garden you got there RP :-) Reminds me of the big gardens I did with my Pa many years ago. We had a very large one up near Glide, Oregon on his 4 acre property back in the early eighties and we had to put up an 8 foot fence to keep the deers out of it! We were bringing wheel barrels full of vegetables out of that garden :-)

Well I'm off to Burning Man. Hope the weather stays fairly tame so I don't have to use my dustmask to often. One of my favorite past times there is sitting at Center Camp watching all the myriad human " species " move about and play :-) What a kaliedescope of interesting folks that visit Black Rock City every year!

Murph, I don't think we will be seeing any large awakening that will be turning us ( humanity ) away from the dire course our run-away train is on. The very nature of the human brain and how it works meant all along that we would doom ourselves this way. Each succeeding generation basically as a collective whole acts out the same old sad story.

These days, with so many of us, the repercussions of what we do are now wrecking this ol home in space we live on at a frightening pace. The world turned out to be finite after all and has not got any bigger since our hunter gatherer days best I can tell :-)

We have created far to much complexity in the ways we think and live, and there is no way our caveman brains can control what we have wrought. Could we realistically say that we are truly a " successful species " in consideration of the speed of which we are wrecking that which sustains us?

Its the grey stuff between our ears thats the problem. Put a chimp brain in all of us and things would be still fine on this blue orb in space, not all Fubar like what we have done :-)Well when it comes down to it our politics, our economics, our technology, our mental diversity spinning off into myraid differant directions will not solve the mess we are in. Nature will scrub us back down to size, back to controllable limits of realistic sustainablility. But until then it looks like our ride back down the mountain we have built is going to get real ugly.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

That was a thought provoking post Murph. And a traffic garden there too rp. My garden tanked again even though I tried to improve the soil a bit. I think it was partly due to neglect in July when I was helping family to move house and too much shade from the big trees it us under. I see other veggie gardens in the locality and the results are totally different so unless I take a chain saw to the ancient willows I think this particular spot is doomed so far as table stuff is concerned although it has no trouble at all with nettles. I had a thought to try something like sprouts in buckets against the house as an experiment.

Here is a thought which may rank as blogger BS since I do not have enough tech in this particular field to know for sure. Quite a few years ago botanists put some white flowers under UV light and miraculously they sprang into ‘coloured’ patens from which they concluded that bees and other pollinators can see in a different electromagnetic range than humans. With this in mind maybe it is not the aerosols which are affecting their populations but the HAARP radiation which follows the spraying.

On another point, don’t forget that Codex Alimentarius kicked in at the beginning of 2010. Some time ago we had a conversation with Baz I think where it was commented that for most of us, meat is what comes in polystyrene trays and cling film tops.

freeacre said...

It looks like bill S510 in the Senate is attempting to control gardens, even for purely personal use. The sponsors of this odious bill are:

Sen. Richard Durbin [D-IL]hide cosponsors
Lamar Alexander [R-TN]
Jeff Bingaman [D-NM]
Richard Burr [R-NC]
Roland Burris [D-IL]
Saxby Chambliss [R-GA]
Christopher Dodd [D-CT]

Michael Enzi [R-WY]
Kirsten Gillibrand [D-NY]
Judd Gregg [R-NH]
Thomas Harkin [D-IA]
Orrin Hatch [R-UT]
John Isakson [R-GA]

George Ure thinks it will evolve into a power grab for FEMA. This bill must be stopped. Those sponsors must be run out of town on a rail.

Have fun at Burning Man, Hot Springs! Hard to believe it's been a year since the last one.

Anonymous said...

Wow -Excellent garden, Rockpicker! My wife loves cauliflower so I guess I'll be trying my luck at that next year.

MAYBE. If it's not against the LAW by that time. If they do pass this mess and outlaw my garden ("Freeze, you dirty gardner! Drop the tomatoes!"), well ladies and gents, I'd say that's bug-out time. No point on sticking around Murika if they pull that shit. But where to go would be a big problem. I'd love to live in New Zealand, but I doubt if they want Murikans in their country -and I wouldn't blame 'em. Geez, I went to Sam's Club to get a big-ass bag of cat food and ohhh, man, the tremendously large, narly lemmings in their motorized chairs stocking-up on 55 gallon drums of cheese doodles -oh awww oooooo oh nooo, I'm gona hurl.....

I was thinking on the Carribean, but now that BPGovernment turned the GOM into one giant toxic oil slick, that's pretty much nixed. Might have to go deep -hermit-like. Maybe. If the wife and attack-cats are up to it.

My Ma was all in a tizzy over the rotten egg hoopla. I told her to calm down and have a few beers. The way I figure it, the bad-egg company is probably a major competitor to Tyson or some other filthy rich company and so they pay for bad press and pay for a few congresscritter's/senatwhore's hookers and durgs and "presto," the competitor is bankrumpt and Tyson takes over their market share. AND, it mesmerizes the sheeple into wanting MORE regulation to the point of outlawing evil (terrorist Muslim/Taliban/North Korean/Iranian) gardens.

Haven't been bothered by flys much this year. Maybe it's due to all of the shit that's congragating in D.C. But I think the CCD is due to Monsanto's toxic seeds/plants screwing with the bees DNA. They have GOT to be the most evil mo-fo's on the planet earth. I bet the CEO of Halliburton and the CEO of Monsanto get together every week to shoot skeet and instead of clay pigeons, they fling people into the air. Bastards.

As to the sheeple waking up to the madness... ain't gonna happen, Murph. If we had a free press, maybe. But we don't. And, once they "regulate" the internet, game over, man.

Yeah, FA, we had some MAJOR winds here in Mormon HQ the other evening and our power went out for a few hours. But, the storm brought in some nice cool weather, so the wife and I opened the windows, lit some candles and played Trivial Pursuit for a few hours, which was tons of fun. Oh, but the next day we find out that it wasn't the winds that caused the power outage. It was some asswipe hitting a powerline with his BFT right outside his driveway! He probably told the cops, "It wasn't my fault,man. I beeped."



murph said...


Cool comment man. As for Muricans waking up to what is being done to them, I think that it will happen when they get miserable enough and no help on the horizon. Nothin' like pure-de misery to get a person motivated to do SOMETHING. Maybe that something will be raping and looting on a local level. But in a lot of localities that will mean a rapid thinning of the gene pool. Frankly, where I am now living, that would be a very bad decision.

As for regulating the internet, I expect some form of it at any time. Depending on what shape that takes will depend on who/how many bloggers (including us) will be on line. We are going to have some really awful smelly shit coming at us in the near future I figure. Where one draws the line in the sand is important I think.

I have been looking at the bug-out to other lands for some time. Places that looked promising have all of a sudden started to look not so good according to the people that either did live there of do now. I've come to the opinion that unless you're young enough to go extreme remote, forget it. Have to stay and fight the good fight I guess.

I too suspect that the GOM seeds have something to do with decreasing bees and perhaps other critters as well. Perhaps when it's all said and done, the roaches will be the inheritors of our folly.

freeacre said...

Somewhat good news on the home front: I was invited to be interviewed on our little local radio station about local gardening and the advantages of growing your own food; then I was invited to attend a "Food Summit" in Bend with many local agencies and experts to be held next month; and last night a friend called me from this organization called F.A.C.T. (Families and Children Together). They want me to come and speak in October about possibly running a workshop for them to teach children and parents to grow their own gardens. So, damn! Looks like the idea may be finally catching on around here!

Wouldn't you know, though, that next year may just be the worst year to try to grow anything since the Ice Age? Halfpasthuman predicts that winter may extend into July 2011. That would suck.
Store rice, wheat, beans, quinoa, seeds for sprouting, dried fruit, etc.
Just watched "The Book of Eli". Now, there's a glum scenario...

I'm going to go and bake some nice whole wheat & flaxmeal bread with craisens. Yum. I've not made the chocolate run yet, but plan to shortly.

scroc said...

Hello Murph & Freeacre and a hearty Hello to each and everyone of you good folks willing to read and comment here. Our bee population here in the coastal valley, Brookings /Crescent City is pretty healthy due to many folks keeping hives in the backyard. DearWife and I keep lots of houses for our Mason bees throughout our place, the late wet spring slowed all of our gardens. One project for my shop will be to build and place a few bathouses within the next few weeks, the bats seem tired of living under the tin roof in the heat the past few weeks. Our native and migratory bird population seems pretty much the same as always, the jays, both scrub and Steller act as 2 legged composters for kitchen scraps. Coon and bear population seems average but the highway is hell on the deer and foxes, they just don't understand cars and trucks. Bottom fishing has been good but the crazies want to outlaw where we can fish with their proposed marine sanctuaries. They just don't get it that many of us are fed up with the leeching, parasitic, and cavalier actions of this nations elected crew. Our local Sheriff seems like a pretty solid person and if push came to shove would back us locals from state or fed thugs, at least that is the words from him, but of course ONLY what they DO in crisis time is what counts.
Keep your tools well oiled and as I said before develop SOLID relationships with your close neighbors, they are much better than 911 when trouble brews.

freeacre said...

Good to hear from you, scroc! Interesting about your local wildlife. We used to have lots of Stellar and Mtn.Jays, but this year I have not seen one Stellar and only two Mt. Jays. No bats, either. We'll have to look into building some bat houses.

Sounds like you've really got it going on there! Excellent advise to make good friends with the neighbors.We have made friends lately with some young folks who needed some help and now they are going to barter some of their brown organic rice that they can buy with food stamps for some of our fresh veggies and eggs. Also made friends with some formerly questionable looking neighbors. Gave them some eggs and stuff and they came back and gave us some nice houseplant starts. Not so scary anymore. Been picking up a lot of hitchhikers, too, which lends itself to a less paranoid atmosphere.

Dave Eriqat said...

There are plenty of bugs around here!

To answer the question of when are people going to wake up, I've concluded that they won't ... ever.

95% of people just want to be subservient drones, to be told when to get up, when to go to the bathroom, what to eat, what to think and when to die. Just give them their junk food, their cable TV and their electronic gadgets and they're happy.

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
Murph, not sure what you mean by a
"large Lepidoptera moth" but I think I saw one once in grade school. It was on a garden wall at my elementary school just a foot or so up the wall. It was the biggest moth I've ever seen in my life and since. (probably been watching too many Japanese Mothra movies) right about then but it scared the living crap out of me. It had about a 2 ft wing span. Well maybe not quite but almost. We ran screaming down the hallways because we thought it might decide to come after us.

But it's true there are fewer bugs. We used to have a ton of "June Bugs" around here. Big ones. eeeeeh. Last two summers there haven't been very may at all. Fewer "Orb Weaver" spiders too I've noticed. But every yard is different. We have plenty of birds here. One thing I know, outdoor kitties eat a ton of birds, sometimes two a day. (they can't help it). I put a bell collar on our neighbors does cut down on the number of birds he's able to catch. But I also feed him now too to make up for him not getting the birds.

Could maybe all the blinking cell phones' signals have anything to do with killing the bees? So many "wireless" signals bouncing everywhere, computers, phones, modems, cars, radios, headsets, etc.

Seems like our food supplies have already been taken over by big ag and small farmers are being taken out and under every day by the likes of monsanto--they must be running the gov's ag dept also!

I see where M. Ruppert is warning (on 8-25) that we're "going over the cliff" right now. He says the market could be way down by the end of the year. Well good riddens I say. It's a big ponzi scheme anyway!

We've noticed a spike in food prices lately around here too. Rice will probably spike again soon. We've just rotated and updated all the canned food supply and grains,(about 3 months worth). mrs p

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time listening to a guy prophesying the end of the world based on other peoples comments, who is consistently asking for money to pay his rent, and offers "lifetime" memberships at a $1,000 a pop. Gee, if were going over the cliff Ill stick to my ten dollars a month plan and bet we don't make it ten years.
Not saying were not, but don't get scammed in the process. Its called doom capitalism.

freeacre said...

lol...anonymous, you gotta point there! I assume you are referring to Mike Ruppert's site, Collapse Net. Makes no sense to me, either, to pay $1,000 for the "lifetime" reports when he forecasts doom of the internet in the not-to-distant future. I don't read his site much anyway because it won't accept my frigging password anyway. I'd rather pay for Clif High's reports at Half Past Human, George Ure's Peoplenomics, and try to toss some money to other sites that deserve it when I am able.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI: That economic forecast warning at Ruppert's site was a free video. It might still be there or he may have done a new one by now. I don't think one has to join to see those videos.

Some people do take him as a doomist and he does come off that way because he's connecting many serious events together (a bigger picture), and attempting to bring a lot of "lifeboaters" with different skills together so that when and if the "net" goes bye-bye or becomes too expensive those like minds will be able to hook up and deal with the storm in their areas, their backyards, so to speak. The lifetime membership thing was most likely requested by some of his "bigger" supporters (some of whom are obviously higher up the food chain than us), who wanted to help launch the whole concept.

Keeping a 24-7 eye on the "storm" is a huge undertaking. We have to agree when you pull all this info together the obvious climate of it all,...hangs in quite dark. The diciphering, forecasting and presentation of all the insanity and grimmness of it can hardly be joyful. Sometimes I think it scares him more than us because he knows so much stuff and how that stuff works and he's been operating on a much larger scale for a much larger audience for a very long time.

There's no question I think, for any of us that we,(humans-planet earth), are at a seriously pivotal time in our history. Knowing what degree of insanity is rolling towards us can be a positive thing. The Joy can be in how we deal with what happens to us.

Freeacre and Murph have given us a great deal by sharing all they know in the garden and in life. The issues they bring up are thoughtful and poinant. The "network" of people in here has certainly changed us and our outlook on things. It has reaffirmed our convictions and moved us further along a path that will help us to survive the doom in the best ways we can.

It's too bad life doesn't come with an owner's manual - we have to create our own. Whoa...I just saw a little fat black feebie bird eat a big green knat or was it a moth? Good job!

Anyway thanks to freeacre and murph for a wonderful free troutclan campfire. mrs p

murph said...

Anonymous, Friday 11:05

I agree with Freeacre, you have a point about Ruperts site. However, a cautionary note here. The guy has supposedly had his share of of elite tromping all over him for some time, he got out of the forecasting business and has come back in. He has exposed a bunch of shit and some powerful people would like him to just disappear. I am a bit amazed that he hasn't been "heatt-attacked" yet.

As for predictions based on other peoples comments, how many people that are on the inside with hands-on the current policies and actions are making doomsday predictions? Almost everything we read or hear about is at least second hand and often further down the line than that.

That $1000 life time member ship reminds me of the 1970's guy who was putting out books on "how to do revolution" stuff. "The Anarchists Cookbook" was one of them, his name was Powell. He made the offer that if you bought his book and during your lifetime and his "how-to" didn't work, you could have a full refund. Now there was a real doomer with a sense of humor. (oh my, it rhymes) lol.

In Freeacre's and my world, Rupert has been shown to be pretty much right on as time flows by. Have you read "Crossing The Rubicon"?

In any case, putting up a grand to be a questionable member of something puts me off too. His life boat thing is in serious question with me. I am not about to publish for all to see all that I know how to do nor what I have, as small and unimportant as it is. No reason to give the minions of the PTB more excuse to fuck with me.

Once more I state; I would like to be able to live long enough to see how some of this all works out. Interesting times we live in for sure.

Anonymous said...

"It's too bad life doesn't come with an owner's manual - we have to create our own."

many say it does. ie, gazillions of thumpers of the various 'good books'. many of which at this very moment are in their 'houses of worship' thumping. chasing some god to give themselves up to. and what have they been doing to each other for millenia? killing each other and this planet over them. which, in my view, is clear evidence these so-called owner's manuals, in one way or another, attempt to hijack the individual's and/or someone else's right to soverignty.

so i look at it quite differently. to create our own manual is utopia. the sacred gift to claim from which true empowerment and freedom are not only possible but are our birthright. i go so far as to say mandate even. and therein lie the perfection of creation. choice. one being intent to search for true understanding and balance within self as a soverign entity and self as a differentiated part of the sacred ONE. with that comes a phenominal personal power bridled only by what? once again, choice. many believe such power to be sacroscanct to themselves. and so they give it away by denying it. many believe this utopia to be only a work of fiction. or worse, illusion. therein lie another form of the prob.

its all energy interacting. a thought is energy. a feeling is energy. the state energies are in as they interact has eveything to do with manifestation. my wish for all around this campfire on this sunday morn is for what you seek to become what you've found.

I have been looking at the bug-out to other lands for some time.

FWIW murph... "Ecuador’s new constitution is the only one in the world that has declared the earth to be a living entity that should be protected." ...
once again, great post. you and FA are the best ... p

stoney13 said...

Oh, they'll get Senate Bill S510 through! The Government has us all well broken with The War on Drugs! Or so they think!

You see, what the down side of The Government's scenario is, that while The Drug War has made us a humbler bunch who will accept Big Brother's rude intrusion into our lives, it has also made us a sneakier bunch who consider laws against our own interest okay to break!

As an example, when the German Government rut speed limits on the Autobahn for the first time, The German People obey them completely! Then at the next election everyone that voted for the Autobahn Speed Limit was soundly voted out of office, and replaced with those who got rid of the speed limit!

In America, when that same 55 MPH speed limit was put in place, people bought CB radios by the thousands! They discovered a popular breed of outlaws in over the road truckers! They invented a brand new form of communication, complete with fresh buzzwords, and snappy numerical lingo for big business to exploit with movies, television shows, cartoons, toys, and breakfast cereals!

In Germany, if the Government does something they don't like they get rid of the government, and vote in a new one! Germany learned the hard way what happens when the wrong government goes unopposed! You get Adolph, and the Happy Holocaust Boys! Pretty grim shit if you have to live through it, and even wore if you have to clean up after it! Needless to say, Germany learned the hard way!

Here in America we have a country made up of rebels! We LIKE a good rebellion! Our ancestors were sent her because we started a bunch of shit in England! We didn't come to the New World seeking religious freedom! We were sent here because we were being a pain in the ass in England! Look at The Mayflower! The Mayflower was never meant to arrive at her destination! It was a leaky tub that got turned into a barn after it made it back to England! England was glad to be rid of us!

So here we are. A bunch of rebels born of rebels in a country which we seized from England in a rebellion! We LIKE rebellion! It's the whole reason settlers left England in the first place! We accept the laws that gnaw away at our freedoms! We just fight against them, and the ones that fight best are lifted up as heroes!! Jesse James, Billy The Kid, and The Clantons were outlaws, to be sure! But because of the romantic love that all Americans have for rebels they are also heroes!

As far as when We the People wake up, grab our garden tools, and head to Washington, well it happens all the time! The problem is, that here in the Good Old US of A, we have a two party system which lumps everything into left and right! There is no middle ground! You either love freedom, and want to poison The Earth with whatever you want, or you love Freedom and want to have abortions, and Gay Marriage Ceremonies! No middle ground! NONE!

The insane battle around the Second Amendment is a perfect example! The amendment contains two sentences. JUST TWO!!! But the battle over those two sentences has been going on for a hundred years!

What would happen on the left if the First Amendment was treated like they want the second treated! What if before you could join a religious, or spiritual order, you had to go to the local constabulary, and pay for written permission to join! What if the local constabulary could deny your request for any reason! THEY WOULD RISE UP IN MASS!!!

So basically The Second Amendment has been changed by The SCOTUS from an unalienable right, to a licensed privilege! If you meet a certain criteria, you may exercise you right! If you go and get permission, you may own and enjoy a firearm! THAT'S NOT HOW RIGHTS ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK!!!

stoney13 said...

On the other side of the coin, The Right wants everybody to have all the guns they want! But if you want to have an abortion, smoke a joint, or if you happen to be gay and want to get married, then YOU are UNAMERICAN!!!!! Your behavior will destroy our hallowed country and all the endeavors of right thinking people everywhere, and if you had better repent, GLORY HALLELUJAH!!!

BOTH the left and the right have the same problem! They BOTH love freedom, they just love DIFFERENT freedoms! They BOTH want to take certain freedoms away, they just don't want to take the freedom away that they happen to like! Well guess what! It just doesn't work that way!

Basically what I'm trying to say, we as Americans have become rampantly selfish! until we stand up for EVERYBODY'S freedom, we stand up for NOBODY'S freedom!

freeacre said...

" wish for all around this campfire on this sunday morn is for what you seek to become what you've found."

Thanks, p.

And, Stoney, thanks for the additional reminder of who we are...have garden tools, will travel!

murph said...


I really like your last statement,
"Basically what I'm trying to say, we as Americans have become rampantly selfish! until we stand up for EVERYBODY'S freedom, we stand up for NOBODY'S freedom!

I would add the tag ending that; and your freedom ends at the point of my nose.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

For those of you, who thought the GOM crisis was all done and dusted, think again.

Here are two articles, the first on how BP’s explanation of what happened doesn’t fit the observed facts; link to the diagrams half way down the piece to make more sense of the text. The second is on who owns BP and more interestingly the relative size of people (the second link is embedded in the first).

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Some updates on the Belgian Politics

If the clip about the bus strike comes up scroll down the rhs until you get the article entitled BHV Simple or Complicated.

Anonymous said...

Watched a great documentry last night "Berkeley In the Sixties" A must watch because it made me wonder what ever happened to us and why we can't get our shit together.

Why are their no longer people like Mario Savio (deceased. Where are the protests and why do young people just sit on their hands and do nothing.

We are the majority.

Check it out Murph and Freeacre. It's even better then the "Chicago 10"


RW said...

OOOOps I posted bad directions to the info about the framers.

Look here:

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