Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Season of Twilight

Homemade goodies from the Grange market

Wonderful soaps made by ras

by freeacre

With the comments from the last post reaching into the 80's, I am feeling compelled to put up another post, just to keep it from getting stale and unwieldy. It's a little more difficult, as I have had to put the mouse on the left of the keyboard, as I have spent so much time at the computer lately that I'm starting to experience carpal tunnel. But, that's just me.

My thoughts in the last few days are revolving around opposing collapse scenarios and responses to the holiday gift-giving season. Happily, we took part in two craft fairs last week. One was a community Christmas craft fair that our Citizens' Action Group uses annually for a fund raiser. The other was at the Grange, which allows locals to secure a really inexpensive booth and sell their homemade or flea market items. We figure that both these events exemplify good ways to support the people in our community who are trying to make ends meet, are creative, and produce pleasing products that don't involve globalist commerce. There are several couples making a business out of homemade salsas and sauces, sauerkraut, apple and apricot butters, jams, and jellies – all canned at home. Then there were baked goods of every sort, from breads baked in a brick oven to scrumptious bascotti, muffins, cookies, fudge, and caramel corn. Knotted hats, scarves, booties, and holiday decorations, lovely soaps, wooden carvings, paintings, jewelry, and on and on. Not the Lexus or the diamonds featured in the television ads, but nice, unique and personal gifts as expressions of affection for family and friends. None of it goes on credit cards, so one won't have to suffer the New Year depression that so many people set themselves up for each January.

The more we can set up the infrastructure for local vendors, the easier it will be to transition into localized survival mode commerce when the dollar crashes or the wheels come off the cart as oil goes to a hundred bucks or more per barrel and life as most know it grinds to a halt.

Speaking of that, Alternet has a story up now entitled, “4 Scenarios for the Coming Collapse of the American Empire” by Alfred W. McCoy ( It makes a pretty much iron-clad case for the demise of the privileged status the U.S. Has enjoyed and exploited since the end of WWII. He lists four possibilities, each more depressing than the last on what it would look like as peak oil is no longer deniable, the economy is gutted from military over-extension, the crippling effects of the great transfer of wealth, the wasting of money to save the banks while not supporting critical infrastructures like the railroad system, debilitating wars that we lose, and the rise of nation states like China, Russia, India and Brazil who come to dominate us. Well, it's not like we haven't talked about all this for years, but when you see it coming from places like the Council on Foreign Relations and given a time projection of something like fifteen years, it is sobering.

I was surprised that he didn't have anything positive to say. I guess that is because he was writing about the demise of the Empire. The Archdruid, on the other hand, has a good post up now as well. His is part of the Green Wizard series he's doing that offers tangible ideas to cope in the post collapse communities. This one is called “In the Wake of Victory.” He writes about the challenge that the peak oil and doomer collective has now that peak oil and impending bankruptcy and all the things that the doom-o-sphere has been warning about for years is actually at hand. It's “put up or shut up” time. It seems to me, at least, that if we can't come up with some good alternatives, we will be stuck with the dismal corporate reptilian response of control and ruthless fascism.

The challenge is great and there is a lot to do for the foreseeable future. Personally, however, I find myself getting tired. I am haunted by p's and Charles's comments on the last post about busy-ness being a form of violence and denial. Hummm... I don't know about violence, but feeling compelled to respond to every need out there is exhausting and, perhaps, damaging.

I feel lucky that we have been able to prepare and be a part of this transition for the last five to eight years. There is no doubt that it is a lot of work. But, most of us work hard anyway. So, at least we've been working for ourselves rather than working to feed the squids and further their agenda.

But, I feel like we need to shift gears. For one thing, we've had food stored up for so long that the expiration dates are coming due on a lot of it. Time to seriously start eating it and replacing it with fresh stuff, not just storing it. Also, the alarming escalation of the police state and it's surveillance of the internet and just about everything else (Homeland Security snitches at Wal-mart, even!) is making me wonder how vulnerable we want to be to the goon squads potentially threatening all those marching to a different mental drum.

At our advanced age, maybe it's time to haul out the bucket list and tick off some of the more fun goals that we have not accomplished yet. Or, maybe it's time to just relax and not feel like we have to do much of anything. Winter is the season to kick back after the harvest, take stock of things, and plan for the new year. We all need to take some time and mull things over while we sip our eggnog and, while they are still on, enjoy the colorful lights of the season.


freeacre said...

Rats! Three comments on the last post went up as I was posting this one. Feel free to copy them and put them up here so they don't get overlooked.

freeacre said...

Holy Cow! Hackers supporting Wickileaks have taken down Mastercard and are going after Visa & Paypal!! Sen. Lieberman's site as well as the prosecuting attorneys' sites are all down! Amazing!! This is huge.

Hotspringswizard said...

In the last thread I wrote that Obama was Spineless.

Actually, more acurately my opinion of Obama is that he has always been just another scumbag, lying piece of crap politician, and that all his blather about " change " was just him spewing BS like politicians always do.

Republican, Democrat, just two sides of the same evil coin. They are all just the puppets of the real people who run the big show, the corporation leaders, big finance, and all the other inhuman elite players ( Bilderbergers, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commision and such ) that weild the true power which manifest itself in the humungous, ridiculous sick play of the theatre of politics.

Obama was always going to continue the " business as usual " practices that are bringing us to this dire time in human history. You name it, Obama has not accomplished anything that he said he was going to do, and this gigantic give away to the rich elites is another vivid example that the REAL powerful groups and people that run this place are getting stronger and stronger, and us working class scmucks are going to get continually screwed by these human monsters.

So no I don't think Obama's problem is just a case of a lack of " spine ", he is just simply One Of Them!

Freeacre, sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel problem from too much computer activity. For myself, I have a genetic defect in one of my lower vetebrate so when I do long spells of research on the comuter I lay down on the couch and put it on my belly to take the pressure off of my back. My spine is curved because of this problem. Fortunately as long as I am careful about certain things my back doesn't yet give me too much trouble.

You mentioned feeling tired, well then maybe its time to dial things back a bit in your life, take time to enjoy simple pleasures. Of course its a personal assesment as to what an individual feels that they are up to regarding how " busy " they make their lives.

As usual in your peice you covered the same material that I am also looking at too. Just read the piece about the four collapse scenarios recently. Things sure do seem poised for another major stepdown pretty soon. We shall see, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from it all!

Hey Rockpicker google " What In The World Are They Spraying " to find oodles of info on a new Geo-engineering related video that recenty came out that has a segment in it showing my brother discussing the issues of how his area is being affected by these geo-engineering programs.

They are really getting alot of exposure with this one. Mike Murphy who did this DVD was up in Redding, Cal last week doing a showing and he, my brother and others did a question and answer session afterwards. About 500 people showed up. Mariah Carey's brother Morgan Carey ( he's very interested in this issue ) has been communicating with my brother Dane alot and is now taken on the task of re-working the above mentioned DVD to polish it up a bit.

freeacre said...

You know, Wizard, I agree that both parties are in the pockets of the banksters and global corporatist devil spawn. But, given the congress that he has to work with, how else was Obama going to keep the unemployment checks coming to those millions out there who are counting on it to feed their kids?

I lived in Chicago and have heard Saul Alinsky speak and know those who have worked with him. I just can't believe that Obama came from that background and has completely turned to the dark side. He could be the Dali Lama and still not be able to beat the criminals who really run things. Of course, I believed in Clinton, too. So, I would not exactly bet the farm on my judgment.

If they would only tell us the truth. But, they run from it like a vampire runs from sunlight. Just look at how they are reacting to WikiLeaks. Transparency, my ass. The chem trails drive me nuts. Maybe there's a benign reason for them. But, maybe they are like the "showers" promised to people in the concentration camps... It's maddening to live in a world full of lies. I'll watch the links. Thanks.

murph said...


Seems like we can make a couple of assumptions about Obama.

1. Yup, just another slime ball politician that said the right things and the media sold him.
2. Had honorable intentions and when he took office, he was sat down and told how it is and to remember he has a wife and kids and remember Kennedy? ie, the dark forces took him over.
3. some combination of the 2 above.

In reality, no matter what he wanted to do, if it was to improve the lot of the population, he'd have to fight with ALL of the big money and power people, which one man is not very potent against. Hell, even his own party couldn't get 100% with him. They've been bought off too.

I think a real populist honorable president would be stymied, no matter who it was. What really pisses me off is that he is trying to justify all the shit that he has signed into law. Would have been more honest of him to just say that "I don't like the bill but I had to sign it, I've had my arm twisted" and leave it at that. He probably wouldn't have lived through the night. Some tragic accident you know.

Got to admit, by his actions and what he says I lean toward just another slim ball politician.

We are so doomed. But I reckon that's just my conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Official press release from Anonymous:

MLK once said that the arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice. We are here. We are your friends, co-workers­, family members, and neighbors. We have no political affiliatio­n. We have no national affiliatio­n. We are the sum of the world's intellectu­al capacity made manifest in the desire for liberty. We are Anonymous.

Julian Assange's only crime is in turning on the kitchen lights to watch the cockroache­s scatter. Now those same cockroache­s have made him a prisoner of conscience­. This is unacceptab­le to Anonymous. All informatio­n, be it secret or public, sacred or profane is the right of every seeker in pursuit of truth. This pursuit was left to the roadside when the United States imposed it's self inflicted wound on the rest of the world as an excuse to crush free thought.

We do not want your corporate spoon fed talking points from your official 'news' outlets. They have no credibilit­y with us any more. All of those who have a desire for truth have a friend in us. Julian Assange is one such friend. And for him we make this stand today.

Unlike the misguided, misinforme­d, and under educated modern "tea party" movement in the United States, we are here in the name of liberty, freedom of thought, freedom of informatio­n, and government­s that are beholden to their people and not the those who buy their elections.

We are Anonymous

(copied from Huffington Post's blogsite)

Anonymous said...

Read the "4 Scenarios..." and I was a litte dissapointed. He's talking about 10 or 15 YEARS from now. Man, that's WAY too long. I was thinking more like 10 to 15 MONTHS. I mean, the speed at which "Big Sis" is taking this country to "Your papers, please." -is amazing. Brown shirted, goose-stepping TSA mutherfuckers will be on the streets in no time.

Ok, there I was, a few days away from election night '08, chewing my nails thinking that THEY are going to put the KY-Bosh on Obama some how. Can't have "Change," "Hope" and shit -no freak'in way! But, he made it to November. He didn't get the ax. He got elected Pres. and, I got a small injection of this "hope" and "change" into me -and sooooo relieved that Crystal Palin wasn't going to be dancing in the White House.


Gitmo is still open for business.
Illegal wars have escallated.
Illegal wiretappings continue.
Bagram has expanded.
More drones are murdering more Muslims in other Muslim countries.
Bansters got another bailout.
Israel continues their genocidal actions.
Healthcare reform bill didn't happen.
Financial reform bill didn't happen.
The Gulf of Mexico is dead.
... and the list goes on ...

That hope of "Change" I had is long dead. Obama is just another tool of the oligarchy. Nothing more. This is more like George W. Bushe's third term. Nothing's changed. It just SOUNDS like something's changed.


Yeah, I'm pissed.

And why shouldn't I be?


steve said...

Good Morning all "Campers" I agree Murph, Obama has probably done what he could to stay alive with his family over the next 2 years. So sad, I really thought he could bring some effective change to this circus act we call congress and the senate. Meanwhile our communities down here are doing most the same things as yours up North, lots of craft fair and farmer market activity, fishing season has been pretty good with fresh salmon from the rivers and crab from the sea blessing our families. Need to find some farmers on the east side so we can develope a good source of grains on a sustainable basis from them, gotta have that bread and brew ya know!! Hope all you folks are having a good holiday season, you are in our prayers :)

Anonymous said...

you know guys, i listen to all the stuff about who has the power and the powers that be and how they are in charge of everything and then i look around and wonder about how this personally effects this one and come up with zilch.
i gave almost all my stored food to the food bank months ago only because its so easy to stay alive in montana if one knows how to hunt the deer in the back yard; and then cook it.
as far as being able to shop at the nazi store called wallyworld, well,
whats a mother fucker to do.?
this one thing sucks,kinda,

about bringing in a little spare change for useless and useful and apparently necessary items is this,.. montana is flooded with marijuana because of the rationality of its people in allowing the ''stuff'' to be grown,smoked and ingested in a dozen or so different ways,,, i love this fact even though a few of us ole fucks that have been working in that direction for... lets see now since 1967 for this one..anyway,now that as a side way to bring in a little fiat pesos is almost gone....gasp!
i mean every fucker and their dog seems to have pockets full of the stuff.
don't get me wrong, the old hippy saying that ''its easier in hard times to have weed and no money then it is to have money and no weed''certainly rings true today as it did 40 some odd years ago.

what is nice though is the fact that it is still a very tradable commodity and also is the fact that there is a micro-market like micro-beer for connoisseurs of the sacred sacrament and appetite building stature of one of its truly in some cases life saving qualities.
as in cancer people that have no taste of food.
but i regress,
in all actuality there is not one goddam thing in this little village that would led one to think that there was anything out of the normal that has not been going on for at least a thousand years, or at least the last 11 that i have been here.
so to wind up this malarky i got to say that i refuse to allow the stupidly of the two-leggeds to follow me around like the ghost of christmas past and really could give one shit whether the meteor
hits today tomorrow or yesterday. it will not rain on my motherfucking parade.
the tragedy that seems to permeate among the two-leggeds is just that, a tragedy. and if we are to stupid to learn from it then so be it. i say bring it on in new speak.
the whining smells to fucking high heaven and if thats the best we can do then piss on it.
i got chihuahuas to feed.
aho and much love to all that care and sorrow for the ones that don't/.
ps mighty fine post sis and also ras the soap looks really nice and how do we go about gettin some, trade?
probably not a good idea these days..
anyway let us that do bath wonce a week or so wheather we need it or not wouldn't mind trying out the mighty fine looking stuff you make. .

wv imistimm me too.
wv2 uncehi me too

freeacre said...

Sorry to not have included the ras soap site. It's

Good to hear from you, Steve. What state do you live in?

You sound happy, Montana. Good for you. True happiness seems to be a revolutionary act nowadays.

Bush III. What a bummer. And, NOW, Katie Couric talks of taking 3rd parties seriously. Where were they during the election? Blocking all references to third parties. The scum queen.

wv: underoid
Ha! Good word.

Anonymous said...

First, a link to some entertainment:

Now, a relink to DeGraw's exceptional piece, which I posted too late yesterday and some may not have seen.

I have yet to read anything by anybody that lays it out any clearer than this.

Randy, I'm in complete agreement with you. Obama has fulfilled all of my expectations too.

In response to 'arm-twisting,' FDR was considered a traitor by members of his social class and the fascist corporate elite who openly embraced Hitler in the thirties, yet his empathy for the middle class led him to think outside the box, challenge the status quo and promote policies that would eventually raise real hope and prosperity for millions of down and out Americans. If you want to read about real arm-twisting, look up the fascist plot to overthrow FDR on YouTube.

Nothing has changed, except that those in power have grown more sophisticated in their methods, while the mesmerized masses are just beginning to awaken to the mortal danger they're in.

Anonymous from December 8, 2010 12:17 PM, I hear you. My condolences. I am expecting that same knock any day now. Solidarity, my friend.

Ever look at the back of the canceled check you paid your federal income taxes with? Me neither, but I read yesterday that if you do, you will see that it says "Pay to Federal Reserve."


Palooka's Revenge said...

on the obamanation... fuck, i cringe in mimic of that fuck that came up with obamanation. not because he came up with it but because... well, he's otherwise, a fuck!

anyway... back to me point... its a normal human reaction to defend our allegences. especially when we're emotionally attached to them when, in the face of overwhelming evidence, its now clear that we've been betrayed. i.e., randy's laundry list just for starters.

i'm wondering... did he really have to play lets make a deal? he's the prez. does't a bag of tricks come with that? one of which is called executive order? or did junior abscound with it when he left town?

mf... keep rollin' dem goodies. the double entendra is intentional though to say so is of course, redundant. which is a strange way of sayin what your sayin' is worth reading twice. and more. i'm still rollin' in delight of your words! cheers... p

Palooka's Revenge said...

ras... i like that one on the top left. no, not the one in the soap dish! the purple marbley one. what is that and how do i get some?


Palooka's Revenge said...

but feeling compelled to respond to every need out there is exhausting and, perhaps, damaging.

FA... its the mother instinct in you. honorable? absolutely. commendable? indeed. enviable? without a doubt.

but keep in mind that the mother of all mothers is the inventor of the the going-past-one's-self trap.

others that witnessed that... namely, her 'ole man' saw it and said to themselves, fuck that, i'm goin the other way.

from there rolled out the 2 extreems. somewhere in between is the balance point. if we can ever turn around to head back there... p

wv... broidst. is that german for something?

Anonymous said...

you know it does me no favor but the very first thought out of a twisted apparatus bound by ears was that mr obama was going to be the house nigger for those cocksuckers that think they are god.
it saddens that this is true, because anyone that even remotely knows the mind set of the conquerors is that this is there chosen enigma agenda,

personally after eating some forbidden fruit this morning and suffering an incredible belly ache for the dance
i arose from the bed upon which i was trying to recoup and looked out the bedroom window and there setting on the ledge of the new feeder was a pure white mourning dove, we just looked at each other for awhile and then began winking at each other.
seriously i had not toked yet this day and i got the feeling that it was trying to tell me something about the stomach ache and finally it dawned on me that this was spirit saying have a nice day.!
it then just nodded its head at me and flew off.
its these little miracles and gifts that make it what it is.
there are no mistakes except for what it is.
and wonce again.
''catch and release''

thanks for ras's site place sis,will get some of her fine soap.
aho folks
and good hunting.
peace,we are perfect
ps, p you really know how to show a guy a good time;)

Anonymous said...

Of the two whistleblowers to come to light recently, Assange and Bernanke, which do you think spilled the more pertinent 'beans?'

Is it any surprise the press focuses on the 'sexy' one? What's the right hand hiding, while the left juggles the 'rapist' for distraction?

We've been robbed of trillions by an international cabal that truly thinks they'll get away with it.

A biology experiment from Hell is underway in the Gulf of Mexico, with the blessing and cooperation of the US and the UN, but we don't need to know details?

Somebody's shooting missiles off both our coasts, and the military that sucks up 50% of our annual budget for defense shrugs and says, "It wasn't us."

Winter slaps us a month early with a cold fist out of the northwest and the Gulf stream eddies out unnoticed in the mid-Atlantic.

And what's NPR's big story today? Obama's selling a two-fer. Avoid civil war by extending unemployment benefits, (again,) and re-up the tax cuts for the rich. How can he lose on it?

Pay for it? Shit, we'll just print more money. Nobody can fathom 14 trillion anyway. Go back to sleep...


wv=reavedic (even points us where to go read it's all happened before)

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Got your e mail Freeacre but just lately I have been busy and away from the computer. Sometimes I leave it running for days with open tabs so it looks like I am here all the time but it is not always so. I will try to knock a few posts together so you will have a reserve to slot in when the comments race ahead of the posts. Have you noticed on that point that sometimes the comments get stuck at about 16 for best part of a week and other times they get to about 80 in three days. I guess there is no calling it. It was Chris’s birthday today so we went to town and had something to eat then we fed the beast a little bit but not enough to make him greedy.

On the subject of spending I am going to tell you what I have been buying lately and what is on my wish list. After the second TV which I told you about and sweet talked into a justification but was actually an indulgence I have been stocking up on canned goods. That is coming along nicely but not yet where it has to be. I decided it would be good to compliment these with frozen veggies but there was no freezer space left and I couldn’t justify another freezer so long story short, I threw out the old caravan fridge and got an upside down fridge freezer (freezer on the bottom). Now we have an about two foot cube freezer; a fridge for the drinks, beer water and soft drinks with a tiny freezer on the top and this new one for food and frozen veggies.
I am thinking of putting up a two meter run of cheap wall cupboards for the store room for extra food and the cooking things which I don’t use that often but I am loath to throw out. Chris is a very light sleeper and complains about the light even in the winter so I will price up an external roller shutter just for the bedroom but this may default to blackout curtains. The last thing on the list is good quality pump action water filter. Ideally this would go to 0.2µ and if finances allow be silver impregnated to get rid of the harmful organic buggy woogies and have a separate activated carbon filter to improve the taste. This has been brought to the fore again because the road bridge I told you that nearly got washed away the other week has a textile mill nearby. In times gone by this was driven by a water wheel but not since the advent of electric motors. Anyway this burned down on Monday / Tuesday last and the fire brigade used so much water to put it out they drained the reservoir and stirred up all the filter beds on the bottom. Tonight the water authority were round with loud hailer vans and handing out leaflets door to door telling us not to drink the water until further notice. We can get free bottled water from the local town hall. A water filter is a good thing to have for future bad times.

Anonymous said...

FB Pt 2

Changing the subject, I think p and Charles were telling you not to confuse activity with action. There again too much doom is incapacitating and sometimes you just have to take a break away from it.

When Obama took over as the pres, the new veep said that he would have a one year honeymoon before the rot set in again. This has stretched to two which can only be put down to Obama’s charisma or guile.

I am going to make myself unpopular here, even maybe put myself out of the warmth of the campfire and tell you that I don’t do drugs not even soft ones, not even cigarettes. I guess I was always a good boy. Either that or I realised that if the PTB could stamp out a black economy they could also get rid of the drugs problem if they wanted to but it was in their interests to have a dumbed down dependant nation so I decided not to play their game. I guess reality is for those who just can’t cope with drugs.

Final point here, I know that the Protocols of Zion were discredited as forgeries but alas only by the Jews. This week the following appeared as part of a comment on a different blog and I wanted to ask you guys who live in America if it is factually true and if so is it just paranoid thinking in your opinion or does he have a point?

“Note that all of our federal agents have a six pronged Star of David (badges) and no one says a word. Our law enforcement in the cities are one by one changing to six prongs (badges).
Our ambulances rather than having a red cross (see old photos) they are one by one having a blue Star of David, nonchalantly crossing out the cross.
Most hospitals are going for blue and white uniforms.
I am sure there are other takeovers that I haven't noticed.”

Anonymous said...

Hey, SATS, I quit the holy smoke years ago. Rock dust and resin just ain't a good mix. And I'd rather beat on rocks.

check out this video


wv= aphiests (those who deny the existence...of aphids?)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Oh, and SATS, Helen Thomas Rocks!


Anonymous said...

But, of course, no one says it more succinctly than Anthony Lawson. part 1
part 2


Anonymous said...

Wow! And the hits just keep on coming.

And the word is that wikileaks obtained its initial funding from a Soros entity.


Anonymous said...

Hotsprings, What's Dane got to say about this? I believe he knows Rosalind.


Hotspringswizard said...

Rp, Dane has known Rosalind for some years and they have talked in the past in long phone conversations on the Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering issues, as well as discussions of many other things.

Dane and his Geo-Engineering activist friend Mauro who runs the website a while back became bothered that Rosalind felt compelled to call Chemtrails, persistant jet contrails, and Dane and Mauro did not agree with this term she used which they felt carries with it the implication that the trails could be somehow just natural products of jet exhaust.

Anyway there was some disagreement that insued and I don't gather that Dane or Mauro has been talking much with Rosalind these days. I don't think its a case of him or Mauro not respecting her still, but they are concentrating strictly on the Geo-Engineering issues. Dane and Mauro know of this subject of the navy testing that Rosalind is focusing on but for them its not something they are focusing on.

Murph, regarding this you wrote " Got to admit, by his actions and what he says I lean toward just another slim ball politician ", I think thats what we got here with Obama, just another lying politician, with his promises of change just BS talk to get himself elected.

I mean if he really was sincere about all of the change promises he made during his campaign, there is no way he is not smart enough to have made a real dectectable showing of truly trying to accomplish that very change. Randy, your list speaks to the truth of what he has actually done which is nothing in terms of what he promised.

The changes he " promised " if pusued of course would mean he would obviously have to do battle with the PTB. If your not willing to put yourself or your family on the line to do this, then don't bother running for this office, don't bother making all of those meaningless promises.

Of course the elites could take him out ( like Kennedy ) for challenging their status quo like that, but if your going to raise hopes by painting yourself to be almost something akin to some new messiah thats coming to save the masses from the corrupt US system that is looting and pilligaing the working class in merciless fashion, then you better be ready to be looked upon with utter disdain when you fail completely to make any kind of real efforts or progress toward the kinds of changes you suggested you would be impementing.

It makes no sense other than he was just a player in the rigged game from the start. If he somehow was sincere in his promises ( I can't see it in his actions ), then he has turned out to be a monumentally spineless coward. Either way it has turned out the same, he has changed nothing.

I think at this point the only real thing we can hope for is to be the change we hope for and value in our own small lives, and somewhere down the road the combination of these efforts in many peoples lives may alter the greater reality in some positive way. Its the way we can at least live worthy lives while we cope and adapt to all of the negative alterations that will be changing the landscapes of our lives. A great ally in these endeavors from my perspective will be to do all you can do to simplify your life, and your expectations. And in doing this you may come to find that a golden sunset is worth far more than diamond ring or a huge power boat ever was :-)

Palooka's Revenge said...

re RP's late entry to the last thread of ref to citizen betraying their fellow... i hope all heard this warning loud and clear and prepare to heed accordingly cuz its REAL.

i recall... 2 years ago last july 4th i believe it was... we went in to town to join community in festivity. nothing out of the ordinary of the usual annual event. arts. crafts. curly fries. antique car display. an all day street celebration capped with fire works display at dusk. normal. except for one thing... a huge display of the county's security protection forces of various specialty. all sporting BRAND NEW vehicles. all equiped with the highest tech and all w/all hands on deck, proud patriotism in crisp uniform. delighted to show and tell. unless answer to question would "compromise security". all doors of all equipment open for all to see and tour. it amounted to a small army.

the display hit me with such force that when we got home i jumped on the county's web site and there it was... a whole list of various courses about to begin. offered to citizen with a liberal dose of rah, rah, join the citiizen corp. all dressed up in and presented as 'disaster preparaton' in cooperation with FEMA. the volunteer force. a damn good idea on the surface. but something co-opted into police force when condition calls for goliath to circle the wagons.

i would like to have taken a couple of these courses just to see if any indication could be detected in the undercurrent that lists are being formed. anything to indicate some profiling is going on behind the scenes. with us, against us. but could not work it in at the time. i could visualize in the not too distant future, headed down the road to get a loaf of bread and when i get to the first crossroads... there are my neighbors, log and radio in hand, manning the gate to beyond. where i'm headed and why? and its written down. whatever goes beyond, better return. and better have a loaf of bread with them. i could imagine, standing in front yard in casual conversation about the 'current state of affairs' and saying something in passing that might be construed as counter. or worse, treasonous.

was this display brought in from elsewhere? hell no! every vehicle and person was sporting the county emblem. and, discreetly displayed somewhere on everything was A FED emblem. FEMA? nope. DHS.

be careful out there. betrayal is real. when the colletive survival chakra gets triggered... and its coming... all bets are off. what happened in germany had nothing to do with germans. it has to do with people. everywhere. goliath will not have to circle the wagons. many will seek out goliath to pledge alligence by ratting you out. be it true or not... p

wv... cullumet. as in, the agenda to cull u is being met!

Anonymous said...


In line with your warning, I came on this new warning passed along by Deborah Dupre, a writer who's been reporting on the Gulf of Mexico for the Examiner. Here's a link to an emailed warning she received from an FBI whistleblower, concerning Assange and those who would defend him.

I noticed Rosalind Petersen and Alex Jones have put together a film on chemtrails and Jones is offering it as a bonus to new subscribers.


Anonymous said...

FBI Knocking on Scrap's door

Anonymous said...

"What if the greatest scam ever perpetrated was blatantly exposed, and the US media didn’t cover it? Does that mean the scam could keep going? That’s what we are about to find out.

I understand the importance of the new WikiLeaks documents. However, we must not let them distract us from the new information the Federal Reserve was forced to release. Even if WikiLeaks reveals documents from inside a large American bank, as huge as that could be, it will most likely pale in comparison to what we just found out from the one-time peek we got into the inner-workings of the Federal Reserve. This is the Wall Street equivalent of the Pentagon Papers."

-Wall Street's Pentagon Papers: Biggest Financial Scam In World History
$12.3 TRILLION in taxpayers' money.

by David DeGraw


Hotspringswizard said...

RP, Alex contacted my brother early on about being part of his new Chemtrail DVD but at the time Dane was feeling like he didn't want to be in the fight anymore and declined the offer. Since then Dane is back at his Chemtrail activism again, having recovered from his temporary funk. He is once again communicating with lots of people within the US and in other countries who are active in trying to get the awareness raised on this issue.

RAS said...

Sorry I've been out of the loop. I've been really busy and the past two days I've been coping with the stomach virus from hell. I missed two days of work, and naturally, because I'm an "independent contractor" I won't get paid.

Things are coming off the wheels out there. Has anyone seen the vids of the London riots? Oh, and I went to the grocery store yesterday and guess what? The price of eggs has doubled in the past year -both the cheap eggs and the expensive eggs. Other prices are going up too. Canned black beans have gone up between 3 and 6 cents a can in the past month, frozen veggies are up by 20 cents, and so on and so forth.

P, the one in the upper left hand corner is lavender oatmeal. I sell more of that one than any other. If you want some you can email me or go to the website.

Anonymous said...

wanna live to be 108?
check this guy,

Anonymous said...

electronic pickpocket,

amazing it is

Palooka's Revenge said...

hey wild man... that mercola guy is the shit! freely shares good stuff daily! he teamed up in a recent interview w/david 'avacado' wolfe, probably the highest profile proponent of raw foodism, superfoods and longevity in the country today. they both really know their stuff. the interview is really worth the listen...

may have to subscribe to get access. what you can expect is mercola's daily newsletter but you won't be bombarded with ads.

btw sats... wolfe and other health activists teamed up with fellow hearth motivator and longevety strategist david vitalis to put together a data base of public access, no fee, natural springs of the world... maybe there's something in the data base near you... p

rp... knock, knock. who's there? send any details you can share to offthewalls at bellsouth dot com.

wv.. forse. may it be with you.

Anonymous said...

Palooka,what county were you talking about--Fulton? Cobb? or other? You said this was 2 yrs ago. Anything similar since then?

Hotspringswizard said...


Ignorance and courage in the age of Lady Gaga

.....Some Americans believe we can collectively triumph over the monolith we presently fear and worship. Others believe the best we can do is to find the personal strength to endure and go forward on lonely inner plains of the self.....

Anonymous said...

''But one thing is certain. The only way out is in.''
joe bageant, man i love the way this brother lines it all up in a neat little understandable package.
no wonder he ran for his life,i would too.
and speaking of which, has anyone thought of leaving this godforsaken place called land of the slaves and home of braindead?
after reading of hitler's rise to insanity and the folks that became aware of this and fled with their lives i look around and have seriously considered emulating this behavior.
i mean i''m an old fuck and have not a shred of
worth in staying in an atmosphere of decay and spiritual death and thinking that there might be one little whisper of meaning in remaining.
old fucks are supposed to or at least use to in an age long gone spend those old fuck years looking to see what kind of underwear god trots around in and trying to understand all that god stuff.
well, this i think needs something a little more then trying to outrun the cocksuckers with kevlar vests and fast bullets flying and a little less then a monastery filled with the walking dead in robes.
sooooo have been investigating southern places and looking in particularly at Ecuador and its fine looking everything or what appears to be on the surface.
ones pesos are worth much more as far as being able to live there as expat, and older folks get a little extra for just being older folks.
the climate is great and varied depending at which elevation one camps at, i love snorkeling and scuba diving and live very nicely on speared fish and rice and beans and fresh fruit and veggies.
apparently there are quite a few expats there already and so finding them on the map and avoiding them like the plague would probably be first on the list.i mean come on now, how ya gonna sweeten up yo spanish living among a bunch of gated communities, what a shudder just went through my deplorables.
anyway at this point its just an idea and still needs more inquiry.

so wizard, thanks for the link, this guy is really super hero in my book.

Palooka's Revenge said...

uncuga... cherokee. r we close?

Palooka's Revenge said...

pbs remembers the 30th anniversary of lennon's death w/2 bio docs.

lennon naked. starts in '64 and ends with john and yoko flying to ny in sept. '71 w/john, never to return again. powerful story of his abandonment at the hand of both his mother and father and the influence this had on the shape of the man. stuff you probably wouldn't know unless you've looked into the back story and surely the painful inspiration for the primal scream song, mother...

watch online through the 21st...

lennon, nyc. picks up where naked left off and goes through his death in 1980. watch online...

both excellent, excellent, excellent docs of arguable the most incerdible artist of our time... p

Palooka's Revenge said...

on bageant... thx wiz. i'm w/mf... big joe hit de nail on de head... "the only way out is in." and on the way highlights a laundry list of evidence... aka, reflections... for the loss of consciousness that leaves us "essentially a public vacuum that is moral, philosophical and spiritual." the last of which, as he points out in parens, is instantly hijacked by fundamentalism... yet another reflection of loss of consciousness and the imprinted interpretations of automatons... p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

mf, depending how good your Spanish is depends on how excellent an idea the proposed relocation is. Most of Uncle Sam's back yard has a more liberal attitude to personal gardening projects and as you say the weather is better. On the other hand, why did Mike Rupert come back; was it the language or did he have a fitting in problem? It is worth knowing and avoiding the same. If that is a no goer then the European Grand Tour is always a possibility, there is always room for a brother. On the down side shop prices are gradually moving northward by the week, we have given half of our petty cash to Grease and Ireland and if we gave the rest to Portugal and Spain then the tin is empty. Not only that but the mighty Germany is beginning to look dodgy and there are street riots in France from time to time also. Iran is strangely quiet on its Euro oil exchange and Russia is trading oil with China in Rubles and Yuan. Still, if you want to get to Ecuador by the long route you should consider this as a long staging post. Hope you choose the best solution.

Hotspringswizard said...

MF, I was also thinking of Rupperts experience after reading of your interest at a possible relocation. When Ruppert went to venezuala he was also suggesting that others that could, should get out of the US too. His time in Venezuala was rough to say the least and he came back to the US with a new point of view, that being stay in familiar turf, with culture you are familiar with.

For some of course making a move like you are considering does work out. I read a comment on one website where a guy indicated that he was a US citizen that left the country and had lived in many parts of the world, but that in his experience all the places he went to had their own difficulties, many of the same as what people experience in the US.

Its of course appealing to think of leaving the travails of what the US is degrading into, but with all of the converging catastropes of our time, I would think you may find that you will have traded one set of problems for another.

Even so, people have their differant capabilities, personalities and such and clearly there are those who would find residing in a differant place the way to go and better than the life they left.

Good luck with your decision. There is alot to think of with something like moving to another country.

Hotspringswizard said...

Justice Department Prepares for Ominous Expansion of "Anti-Terrorism" Law Targeting Activists

......The Court distinguishes what it refers to as "independent advocacy," which it finds is not prohibited by the statute, from "advocacy performed in coordination with, or at the direction of, a foreign terrorist organization," which is, for the first time, found to be a crime under the statute. The exact line demarcating where independent advocacy becomes impermissible coordination is left open and vague.....

This is the Obama administration supporting and continueing this attack on free speech and all of our abilities to speak the truth to others.

Hotspringswizard said...

Obama: Servile Facilitator and Protector of the Political Establishment

....Obama’s Orwellian embrace of all things corporate and politically rightward has been deliberate, forceful and consistent throughout his career; not the product of cowardice, weakness, incompetence, naïve idealism, or bad timing. This is Barack Obama, as he has always been....

.....For Wall Street’s billionaires, the Pentagon’s warmongers, and Washington’s most shamelessly corrupt, there has been no greater gift than Obama and his presidency. Obama is doing the job that was given to him, and he is as haughtily pleased with himself as George W. Bush was......

freeacre said...

I've been daydreaming about Ecuador daily for months. But, I would not move anywhere without a good, long visit first.

For us, it's probably a no-go. For one thing, the homestead just decreased in value by almost 50% in the last year, and nothing is selling anyway. So, we don't have the money to move. Plus, I could not leave my son here and leave the country.

Plus, I'd probably get there and then there would be the pole shift or the asteroid or the sun eruption and I'd be fried or drowned anyway. So, shit, I guess we'll just have to make a stand here. Wish I'd have stayed in Canada back in '67 when I had Landed Immigrant Status. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

That’s the spirit Freeacre!

“Here we will stand and fight. There will be no further withdrawal. I have ordered that all plans and instructions dealing with further withdrawal are to be burnt, and at once. We will stand and fight here. If we can’t stay here alive, then let us stay here dead. The great point to remember is that we are going to finish with the chap Obama (Rommel) once and for all. It will be quite easy. There is no doubt about that. He is definitely a nuisance. Therefore we will hit him a crack and finish him off.”

From Field Marshall Montgomery’s first speech to his senior officers after taking over the North African Campaign at El Alamein WWll.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think about leaving Murika all the time. But, where to go? Well, I went to New Zealand in the 1995 and absolutely loved it. It's fantastic! The scenery is majestic, the few people who live there speak English with a really cool accent, it's easy to get around and -and, I really liked the beer.

My British friends moved/emegrated there last January and they absolutely love it. They've told me it's a dream come true and they're sooo glad they're not in Great Britian.

I'd like to get some specifics as to why MCR didn't make it in Venezuela. I'm lousy at learning langueges so I'm not sure I'd want to go to where there's NO HABLA English. I'm too much of a gringo, I guess.

But, like FA said, housing values have dropped to the point where there's no way we could sell to even get what we paid for. So, for the first time in my life, I'm dug-in. And I don't like it much. Kinda closterfobic-like. Trapped is more like it.

What to do.... what to do....? Thought that if TSHTF, we could possibly get an RV and get outta Dodge and into a remote area, etc. But, I just saw a report where they evited this guy in GA because he was living a super-simple life on HIS 37 acreas in the middle of nowhere. I guess if you're not paying the electric company, water company, phone company, insurance company, you're now considered a "domestic extremist" or something.

Looks like there's no where to hide from the sons-a-bitches.



freeacre said...

Maybe you guys have already seen this, but Jesse Ventura's program on the BP disaster is amazing, since it incorporates just about every aspect of all the conspiracy theories in one place:
It was linked from, to give credit where credit is due.

Gotta admit that this is putting a crimp in the holiday spirit I need to put presents in the mail and decorate the house. Maybe I'll have to just drive murph nuts by putting on some Christmas music... lol.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like THEY are just itchin' for a civil war. In fact, I believe THEY are scracthin' THEIR heads, wonderin' what the hell is it gonna take to get the useless eaters to riot? THEIR fluoride and aspartame campaigns have been more successful than THEY ever could have imagined, and now THEY'VE gotta come up with something really spectacularly in-your-face malevolent in order to agitate the masses into a state of actionable dissidence. Incidentally, extending unemployment would appear to be counter productive and out of character for the CEO, (criminal elite oligarchy,).

My home's in Montana and I loved
Rosanna Rosannadanna. My chainsaw
is sharpened. My pick-up is red.
Can't get unemployment. Garden
mostly for enjoyment. Figure I'll roam under this Big Sky until I am dead.


wv= woriess

Anonymous said...

Quantitative Easing explained:


Cynic Aloptimist said...

Yes, from here on the rainy coast of Oregon, it looks as though Obama is doing the bidding of the war & other stuff you don't need machine... I never really had "hope" in voting for him, but I sure as hell didn't want Citizen McCane and Caribou Barbie/Bible Spice running things... Wish at this point that I'd written in Paul or Kucinich... At least then I wouldn't feel guilty over it.

I have been reading Dr Mercola and on his email list for some time... It's truly amazing what people with their eyes and minds open can learn and share with eachother in spite of the whole damn system being set against it.

I have recently begun taking colloidal silver daily, a brand of which is made right here in oregon, and I have not gotten the normal winter congestion and sniffles that I attribute to mold spore exposure here on the coast. No colds either, or at least none that affected me for more than half a day. Colloidal silver is safe as long as the particle sizes are "correct" (ie VERY small) but not reactive ions, (silver atoms with a missing valence electron) so make sure you do some reseach before you imbibe...

Another fun fact I learned recently, from my wife, who has found a job this year in the booming business of bankruptcy trustee work, is that she is encountering folks who have gotten behind on their mortgages such that the bank has initiated foreclosure proceedings, and then tried to send in payment at the last minute to get caught up, only to find that the bank has shipped the handling of their forclosure to a law firm specializing in such. Then, no one seems to be able to stop it, with them getting the bureaucratic run around. The banks getting TARP money to cover their "loss" are unmotivated to stop it, as they get to collect the TARP funds, while still claiming that the debtor owes them whatever the amount of their "loss" is that exists after the short sale in this dismal market...

Just sickening info that confirms my long held feeling that those who run the big banks are evil and devoid of humanity...

Be well, all of you...

freeacre said...

Hey, Cynic Aloptimist,
Welcome! Sounds like you fit right in with the little cyber clan. If you ever get this way, you could stop by and murph will show you how to make colloidal silver. Sure is cheaper that way. We swish a slug of it around in our mouths before we swallow it. Keeps the gums in shape, too.
The foreclosure tragedy just keeps on getting more horrific by the day. The squids rule.

murph said...

Hi Cynic Aloptimist,

Another Oregonian joins the fray, welcome.

About the colloidal silver comment. I've been reading, studying about the stuff for over a year now. I have set up and am making my own. Here are some of my conclusions.

If indeed it is made correctly, it probably has no adverse affect on the body, and probably has a lot of beneficial effects. As a method of killing off one celled critters, it seems to be well enough documented to believe it. It also appears that a lot of the commercial self serving claims are bogus.

I've gone over and over the claims about ionic and non ionic silver colloids and keep coming across more and more contradictive claims about the ionic. It does appear true that if the colloidal material is less that 10 microns in size that there is no problem with body accumulation and turning blue.

All of the processes I can come up with for making it revolve around electrolysis stripping of molecules. Exactly how that process can produce both ionic and non ionic particles I have not been able to ascertain. From what I can find out, if the solution is ionic silver, the solution will appear clear, if it has true colloidal silver it will be anywhere from a very pale yellow/brown to a dark yellow/brown in color and a focused light shown through the solution will form a cone. Further, a concentration level can only be determined by lab analysis. Further, if the product lists a protein additive, stay away from it, ie bonded to a protein molecule.

I can attest to it's being effective for gum disease and the consequent gum receding problems.

Most of the stuff I have seen about home production I think is bogus. It appears that a dc voltage of at least 30 v and no less than room temp is necessary for home making. One of these days I am going to experiment with high voltage production.

Bet your paying a tremendous price for the stuff from the health food store. Can be made at home for pennies per gallon.


murph said...

Hi Cynic Aloptimist,

Your statements by your wife sure do confirm what we have been reading concerning this whole foreclosure scam.

I have a tendency to take with a grain of salt broad health claims by anyone, including Dr Mercola. I haven't set myself to research his stuff yet, maybe one of these days. I have found that panaceas are just not true in my life and are generally a mixture of truth and not true statements, are unsubstantiated suppositions and sometimes worse. With the crappy weather we are having and can't get work done outside, stay tuned, I may get around to it yet. lol

murph said...


One more time am going to mention that Blogger is throwing some comments into the spam folder and not publishing them. I just checked the spam folder because I put up a comment that was put there. If you make a comment and it doesn't appear, drop us a line. We check the spam folder periodically anyway and if the comment is not spam, put it back in.

mrs p said...

Hello fa & murph and everyone. As always, your posts and photos are beautiful. I think I can smell ras's lovely soap. We'll check out the web site. I've always wanted to learn how to make soap and it's another one of those things to put on our bucket list. The other night "It's a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart was on the TV and I was thinking of all of you and our lives in this world. (It was annoying though with all the commercial interruptions...made me remember we should get that movie so we don't have to put up with commericals.) It's a Wonderful Life is timeless and same with the Grapes of Wrath. We're in Potter'sville and if we leave it will never get changed. The recent whistle blowing "truth-telling" just proves you can't hide the truth and it will sooner or later come to light. Meanwhile we must continue to chop the wood and haul the water with Merriment. Love & Festive Holiday hugs to all, mrs p

Anonymous said...

30 FACTS EVIDENCing the rothschild league of bankers planned the gulf oil crisis

"In defense of ourselves and Mother Earth, We The People now have no other reasonable choice but to neutralize mass murderers, their lethal intoxications, and environmental destructions."


Anonymous said...

The Death Of Common Sense

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.
He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

- Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
- Why the early bird gets the worm;
- Life isn't always fair; and
- Maybe it was my fault..
Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death, by his parents, Truth and Trust, by his wife, Discretion, by his daughter, Responsibility, and by his son, Reason.

He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers:
I Know My Rights
I Want It Now
Someone Else Is To Blame
I'm A Victim
Not many attended his funeral because
so few realized he was gone..
If you still remember him, pass this on.
If not, join the majority and do nothing.

- author unknown


Anonymous said...

Nullification, now there's an idea...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the input guys, good points to consider, the main one of course is how would i handle being in this spanish/english/and other speaking country.
well i have traveled extensively in mexico and loved it! i had no problems whatsoever and the people were incredibly nice to me.
an invitation into their homes was not unusual wherever i went. also opportunities to earn pesos on occasion would come up and one in particular time after having my diving tanks refilled at a dive shop
i was asked to be a guide taking tourists out on day trips scuba diving off the west coast because none of his other divers spoke english, also after hanging out in this or that little fishing village for a while it would always come down that
the surfers coming through were always looking for the sweet mexican sativa, of which montana as a natural sniffer out of this sacred sacrament would inevitable access a source that would involve trades of various natures among the surfers, and would further facilitate the length of my stay in paradise.
what i am getting at is i think that if a person is of the persuasion of feeling comfortable with oneself and can forget the bullshit horror stories that inevitably pop out almost anywhere you go its a snap.
now, on the other hand i have watched smart asses come into the country thinking that they were somewhat superior to the locals with their shiny this and that and have seen them lose their shiny crap to the police and others.. and sometimes even taking a trip to the local carcel (jail) for an attitude adjustment, this was rare however.
point being though is this, if going even no further then mexico at least and one takes an open mind of just exploring and meeting folks on the common side it is truly an eye opening experience of which in this country i cannot remember of having much of , except for the brief period during the heyday of the 60's and early 70's.
it is sad but the ''society'' that has grown out of the very first colonizing of this country has finally came around full circle and the truth of how it was done seems to become more evident in these days as
the genocide has not just gone away, it is apparent in the actions of the people here (with exceptions of course)in the daily attitudes of the conquistador mind set,
this is simply chickens coming home to roost.
no big deal.
but i regress.
one thing i came across about ecuador is that after the usa spent mucho pesos building a military base at Miami on the pacific coast to ''win the war on drug traffic'' the president kicked them out.
he also said if we renew your lease to have a military base here you will not mind ecuador building a military base in miami will you?
i'm thinking that went over like a fart in a divers helmet.
i also think the usa program of ramsacking other countries is getting tiresome to at least a few.
i have a friend here in hot springs that is also thinking seriously about going to ecuador, he is a chinese herbalist and works through the internet so he asked me to give him an account of the place if it actually turns out that the situation plays out to that end.
of course i said.
again thanks for the response to this potential dream becoming a reality guys.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love what the Ecuadorian Pres. said to Obamanation administration. I'm hoping the rest of Latin America gives US the finger.

You know, the only thing we hear in Glenbeckistan about life south of the border is how poor everyone is, how dangerous it is -30 kidnappings a month, drugs shootouts, ect. Is it all BS? Do you speak any espanol, mf?

I lived in the Middle East for about 6 years and I could barely order hummus at a cafe! No, it wasn't that bad, but my defective grey matter just can seem to grasp other lingos. Maybe I've consumed WAY too much cervesa. Naw. Can't be that.


Anonymous said...

mf... i was going to opin to not put much stock in the suggestion there might be some remote parallel between mcr's aborted journey southward and any one else who might brave sameward. but, knowing what i already know of you, i should also have known the unnecessity of that. dumbass me sometimes!

i recall... off the plane in quito, thru customs to the street in front of the terminal. there gathering up were familar, albeit briefly, faces. the one across the asile, the 2 directly behind, a good couple dozen and growing in toto. faces that were on the plane with me. but with backpack, claimed from customs, now securly straped to torso. mostly young faces yet no more familar with one other than i but all with common goal... strike out on tour in unfamilar territory. the stuff of internet sites and travelzines, curiosity and dreams. coming true. right before my eyes. there they were, complete strangers except for this shared common goal. greeting, meeting, forming alliances. 4 or 5 hooking up to head north. 5 or 6 south. and so on. all in the course of about 10 minutes. most planning to ultimately tour the whole country. i was jealous... p

wv... mazerso.

Anonymous said...

yep,thats what i's talkin about p, backpack and just hit the fucking trail, now man that just gives me goosebumps thinking about it, why i ever left mexico i'll never comprehend even though i rationalize it several times a second.
i think the usa for most of us is one giant polluted stagnant tit, horrible but you know, its familiar and we just grow use to it which, is not for some like rp and others whom
express a true joy and a creative satisfaction out of caring for mother earth and watching stuff grow from her for lifetimes at a time.
i love this to but the urge to just get the fuck out of dodge sometimes just makes me grab like joe bageant says,''big handfuls of hair and yanking it out'' or some such.
now for some really
neat stuff.

''The fact is there is nothing that you can trust; and that is a terrible fact, whether you like it or not. Psychologically there is nothing in the world, that you can put your faith, your trust, or your belief in. Neither your gods, nor your science can save you, can bring you psychological certainty; and you have to accept that you can trust in absolutely nothing. That is a scientific fact, as well as a psychological fact. Because, your leaders – religious and political – and your books – sacred and profane – have all failed, and you are still confused, in misery, in conflict. So, that is an absolute, undeniable fact''.

so whats a mother fucker to do?
catch and release?
aho and good feelings brothers and sisters

Anonymous said...

ya... i guess we be readin' each others mail bro. the jealously was quickly erased. byyyyy... something. some lingering longing to wander? an ancient, unrequited desire to adventure? sureal at first and then... clearing in vision across the mind as clear as the clear blue ecuador sky at 5000 ft. and then free bird flew in. flyin' upsie daisies and downsie daisies and loop de loops all across that scene. forming... what? faint at first and then, as if touched by the wand of the wizard, exploding into a single word spread across that clear blue sky... FOLLOW!

as FA might say... YEOWZA!

but then, just as quickly, the clouds of committmet came a'creepin' in. casting mind in shadow. obliterating the scene. reminding. the crew. the mortgage. the import/export seminar up the road in cotacotchi i'd glued myself to with a 300 dollar bill.

in another word FA would be likely to use in similar circumstance... RATS! ...p

Anonymous said...

p,. commitment, god how i despise that fucking word, this concept with its beginnings in guilt just drives me nuts, and it took so long to figure out what exactly it meant, to me it is the antipathy of love,it seems a thinly disguised ox burden and the carrot dangling out there that totally fucks up any chance of actually looking at something with clear uncluttered eyes and then allowing the truth of any given situation display itself and also the energy derived in such a manifestation be granted and the truth fruit itself.
fuck guilt and all its little multitude of evil bitches.and this has nothing to do with sisters. in prison there were bitches and... o to hell with that, i regress.

thanks p, you bring the think of worthiness into sweet view.

Anonymous said...

Any more regression, and we're gonna have to pull the couch up closer to the fire.

Anonymous said...

mf... i've said it before but so what? it bears repeating over and over if for no other reason than to remind myself... love and guilt cannot co-exist in the same space at the same time due to vibrational differences.

who said it? pops. as in the big guy in the sky. and he otta know cuz he invented both of 'em... p

Anonymous said...

check this out...

Funding illegal Israeli settlements? Priceless.
December 14, 2010 by legitgov

Funding illegal Israeli settlements? Priceless. By Bernard Keane 13 Dec 2010 Visa, Mastercard and PayPal all enable donations to be made to US-registered groups funding illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank in defiance of international law. It appears at least one of the major credit cards also enables donations to an extremist Jewish group that has placed a bounty on the lives of Palestinians. All three have in the last week ceased enabling donations to WikiLeaks... This is the third occasion on which PayPal has suspended payment services for WikiLeaks.


Hotspringswizard said...

Speaking of getting out of the US, there is a new documentary film released on DEC 3rd about the life of Wavy Gravy, activist, poet and clown. I was watching Free Speech TV today, the Grit TV segment and they had Wavy on with the producer of this new film. He has done a whole lot of traveling in his day and he remarked that the people of Nepal treated he and his compadres especially well. It was really interesting to see all the old clips of what he has done and all of his travels. You can tell he has always pursued keeping a positive attitude in his activist activities, as well as with the many other things he has accomplished. What a fascinating man. I put it on my list to check out this film and if your interested go to the website below for more info:


The Wavy Gravy Movie

Apparently people who are seeing this film are just loving it, finding it inspirational and quite entertaining. The producer said at showings people did not leave when the credits started showing at the end and were actually singing along with the theme song that plays with the credits :-)

Hotspringswizard said...

For Trout Clan Belgium,

Eurozone debt crisis spreads to Belgium on rising political risk

Europe's debt woes have moved closer to the core of monetary union after Standard & Poor's threatened to downgrade Belgium over the failure of Flemings and Walloons to form a government....

..... The International Monetary Fund said Belgium 'urgently needed' to control spending as public debt pushes above 100pc of GDP.....

Any thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...

sats i cannot still to this day understand high finance but i do understand this and if this doesn't squash the terror of mexico then there is no hope.
a little long but you wont regret it.

Anonymous said...


I will get around to replying tomorrow morning, in the meantime seen this

mrs p said...

So Cal heating up again with earthquake activity. About 300+ small tremors since last wk. in and around the Brawley area of So. Cal. I think the cat feels em more than we do. mrs p

mrs p said...

It makes me nervous when all the dogs in the neighborhood start barking at once. Is it the UPS guy or is it the big one coming?
Time to restock the 1st aid kit.
mrs p

Anonymous said...

This one goes along well with Belgium's gem.


Anonymous said...

It starts with the rumblings "of a low, dishonest decade."


Anonymous said...

Mrs. P; Wow! Ido watch the California map everyday and have noticed the number of quakes slowly climbing. The flurry this afternoon is an anomoly. Something's underway. Notice how it's both ends of the San Andreas, with not much happening at the 'hook', north of LA. Where the east/west fault meets the north/south fault, aren't there deep-seated granite mountains the SA curves around? That's what keeps the Pacific plate from sliding north and relieving the strain. Hotsprings, you know about this?


Hotspringswizard said...

RP, I'm not sure what you are asking with this question " Hotsprings, you know about this? ". We have not felt any quakes here in quite a while. The San Andreas Fault goes through the Cajon Pass which is about 30 miles rougly southwest of our home in Apple Valley. The fault passes up though Wrightwood a mountain comunity around 6000 feet where there are surrounding mountains up to 9 to 10 thousand feet. That part is probably the highest mountain area that the SA passes through before it heads out to sea above San Francisco. The Big One could come any day since this fault is overdue for a big slip in our area, maybe 8 point and above quake.

Anonymous said...

lined up against the wall and shot? wtf?

i hope the unsigned comment i sent was readable, it is the mexico i've always known.

adios amigos,


Anonymous said...

How do you keep oppressed people from venting their rage?

Outlaw protest.


Anonymous said...

Hotsprings; From looking at the Ca.-Nev. map offered by USGS at the Quayle site, the juncture I'm talking about is where the Garlock fault and the Big Pine fault meet the San Andreas. Is that Cajon Pass? Can't read it clearly on the map. Could be Tejon Pass. Anyway, just north of there, and east, is there a granite mountain range that runs east/west?


Hotspringswizard said...

Rp, sounds like you are describing the Tejon Pass where I-5 goes through the mountains between Los Angeles and Bakersfield. The SA goes through that area and that is probably where those other faults you mentioned intersect with it.

Many years a go there was back to back quakes called the Landers/Big Bear Quakes in our area. The first occurred around 4 Am roughly and the second happened 4 hours later around 8AM. I just happened to be staying overnight at my brothers property up in the mountains near Big Bear ( around 8,000 feet elevation ) and as it turned out I was only about a mile from the epicenter of the second Big Bear area quake.

I was sleeping by myself in a small travel trailer when it started rocking back and forth very vigorously. I looked out the window while it was going on and in the first light of early morning I could see the tops of the tall Ponderosa trees outside waving alot back and forth.

During the time between the two quakes and after them while I was in the trailer I could feel constant small after shocks. The second quake hit and since I was basically at the epicenter it was much stronger. I went outside the trailer and began to listen to news reports about the quakes on my truck AM radio. I went up on top of a large granite outcrop to get a better view of the area when a large aftershock hit and I could actually see the huge boulders I was standing on rubbing back and forth against eachother at the point of a large crack that split them.

I then saw big plumes of what I thought was fire smoke coming up from behind the mountains south of me which would be looking towards the direction of Palm Springs. The apparent smoke rose up then the prevailing wind pushed it towards where I was. When it got to me after some time I realized that it was dust and that the plumes I had seen were actually from large landslides that had occured in the mountains.

The road home back toward Big Bear was closed due to landslides and it took road crews some hours to clear a path for vehicle travel. The whole thing was quite and experience :-)

freeacre said...

mrs.p, You guys might want to keep the tank full and the bug out kit in the trunk... something sure seems like it's about to give.

Anybody else having electrical gizmo troubles? Murph's computer is in the shop after two days of the blue screen of death, his monitor crapped out, and my kitchen tv DVD also died. All in a few days.

Are you really going to hit the road, Montana? If so, via con Dias (sp?), My Brother. And keep in touch. I loved that story. Maybe you could head our way before you go south?

Cynic Aloptimist said...

Thank you to whoever posted the reddit comment page with the wonderful story from here in Oregon that brought me to tears, thinking about all of the racism I hear locally from ignorant and downtrodden white folk about those "damn illegals, stealing all our jobs..."
They always scratch their heads when I say "Oh, you mean the corporate raiders who shipped all the living wage jobs out of the country to cheaper labor markets so they could increase profit margins?"
"Today you, tomorrow me..."
What a wonderful and empowering way to look at helping another for nothing tangible in return... And so true that those who have the least always seem to be those most willing to share.

@Murph - I have a pretty solid understanding of electrolysis and the how's and whys of colloidal silver... the reason it turns gold or wheat colored is that the silver molecules in suspension at the right concentration repel eachother and, evenly distributed, produce optical absorbance of the rest of the visible spectrum.

this is an excellent youtube vid on how to make the "golden" colloidal silver, with an explaination that you should only use distilled water to make it, and that heating the water close to boiling helps the process along.

I would love to communicate directly with you about it and share with eachother what each of us has learned about it, because I don't want to hijack the comment thread with a bunch of stuff others may or may not be interested in.

The only email I have that I am on regularly has my full legal name in it so I hesitate to post it here, so if you're interested in communicating more on the subject and sharing what weve discerned as real as opposed to marketing fluff, let me know where I can send one.

M on the coast (a name I posted under previously that I lost the google account info for, and just ababndoned)

murph said...

Cynic Aloptimist,,

Our email address is in our profile here on the blog.

Anonymous said...

"A maul splitting air this time of year is clearly sound. I hear cheering when the blade comes down..."

check out who's calling for the guillotine:

-rp wv= dizesse

cedar said...

Hllo FA & Murph, Live in the state of Jefferson on the coast, at the border of CA & Oregon. Can't grow much in the way of grains here so am looking for a source in the eastside of Oregon or WA. Lots of comments on this last post. posted before as steve but should be cedar, still learning this blog thing :) Have a great Christmas.

Hotspringswizard said...

The climate change conference in Cancun has ended and in reality nothing of any real consequence was achieved. Instead this circus has provided non-binding aggreements with target goals that will never be achieved.

As the world's economies continue to melt down there will be less and less motivation by all the large industrial countries/economies to try and achieve the severe measures that would actually be needed to even have a chance of slowing down the dire climate changes that we are on course for now. Bolivia is the sole country who spoke this truth at the Cancun conference.

Cancun Agreement stripped bare by Bolivia's dissent

.....The story is a rather apt parallel for the Cancun climate agreements that were signed last week. Only one dissenting nation, Bolivia, dared to voice its dissent with the agreement. Yet their voice was silenced by the gavel of the Chair and by the standing ovations of 191 countries. They, like the Emperor, must know that the deal is naked and without substance, yet they march on proudly regardless......

Anonymous said...

cynic... please cc me. offthewalls at bellsouth dot net

thx mucho... p

Anonymous said...

Hotsprings; Check out this link. After listening to these guys, you may not feel bad. Maybe, by it's failure to agree to decisive action, maybe we all dodged a bullet.


Hotspringswizard said...

RP, regarding that web link you posted " iceagenow ", I am not inclined to believe that we are approaching an ice age any time soon, or that the earth is cooling overall in this time we live.

I do think that man's massive burning of all things and most importantly hydrocarbon fuels is the reason why atmospheric CO2 levels have risen from 290 PPM as was the case 150 years ago before this burning began on an ever more gigantic proportion, to above 390 PPM as it is now.

In this same 150 year period to present its roughly estimated that this buring of hydrocarbons has produced 5,000 gigitons of greenhouse gases. A gigiton is one billion tons. This year is on track to be the warmest year globally on record.

Massive fires burned in Russia also this year, the Amazon is experienceing a prolonged and intense drought right now the likes of which the locals have never seen. In Australia many important rivers are drying up.

Unprecendented flooding has been occuring all over the world in recent years, and in winter around the world ( like in the US ) extreme cold and snowfall events of historic proportions have also been occuring.

More and more CO2 in the atmosphere increases evaporation from water bodies. Increased atmospheric moisture is one of the central components that drive weather around the world, meaning with more moisture there will be and increase in the amount of storminess, and their intensity will rise too.

The term Global Warming is prone to being mis-construed. Climate Change is the term better suited to describe the situtaion of the ongoing changing weather conditions that the earth will be facing due to increased CO2 level ( Methane is also adding to this problem ).

As the overall earth temps rise, the climate will become more extreme and eractic in all its forms as the normal weather patterns become greatly disrupted. In the last couple of years massive intrusions of cold air are plunging southward out of the artic region to an extent that is not historically consistent with past patterns.


Hotspringswizard said...

Still, the Artic multi year sea ice base has dimished to less than half of its thickness as compared to measurments taken just decades ago. So even though as we have seen this season thus far, we have major snow and cold events occuring around the world, the Artic ice cap by volume has continued to dimish each year.

The melting Artic ice cap is a sign of the larger world trend of general global warming temps. The extreme and unusual cold events are the repercussions of dis-rupted weather flows all over the world, because of how our planet is responding to the increased heat and moisture in the atmosphere.

Regarding any attemps by humanity to try and mitigate this worldwide dire problem, like Carbon Capture, Carbon Credits etc, I think these measures will not actually solve anything, make any differance to stopping the trend of climate change.

These programs to my mind will show themselves to be vehicles by which the rich continue to plunder the poor, precipating more transfers of wealth to the elite, and all the while the climate situation will continue to degrade, these " attempts " at world action showing themselves to be a failure in terms of solving humanities unfolding climate crisis.

That my perspective on this subject, one that is clearly fraught with much confusion and disagreement. The way I see it what we have in store for us is more and more out of the ordinary and extreme weather, and any human efforts to try and stop this will be just frittering away at the edge of the problem.

The world's large industrial societies will try to continue to extend the economic pardigm they have become accustomed to, following a BAU path in every way they can. The endless growth system of course is beginning to falter and crumble and declining world energy will also be putting the economies into drastic contraction.

This will take some pressure off of the production of greenhouse gases but there is so much warming components already in the world's weather system that we are in for huge climate problems for generations to come, at the very least.

Anonymous said...

rp--i think you're right about that granite at the NE end of the SA. The USGS might have some further info on that.
Wow Hotsprings you were right there in the intense part of it...that would probably do me in.
Wrightwood area is beautiful. Hubby has taken some trips through there and Cajon Pass also.
Seems like all the activity is down here though (South end). Some newscasters say the Baja stuff is just aftershocks from the Easter Sunday quake. I wonder how far north they'll go before they start calling it something else. Anyway I'm such a chicken little your epicenter experience would have cooked me. For someone who doesn't like earthquakes you'd think I'd get out of CA. But where do you go,...they're everywhere. mrs p

Anonymous said...

Hotsprings; I didn't give you the correct link. Listen to these three guys talk science you probably have not been exposed to. It was an eye-opener for me. Sure provides another perspective.

wv= dizabl

Hotspringswizard said...

RP, I went to that second link and read all of the comments. Since I am on basic phone modem for my computer the podcast would take way to long to download. Maybe you could just cite here briefly what ideas these folks are proposing as to why they think we are or may be entering into an ice age soon.

Clearly Earths weather is influenced greatly by cycles of the sun. But I think the factor to focus on is that the CO2 levels have risen much faster than what is shown to be usual in previous earth warming periods. Its not that the Earth has not experienced CO2 levels this high before, but the past flucuations bear no resemblence to what has occured ( rapidity of the rise ) in the time man has been burning gargantuan quantities of hydrocarbons.

When one considers for example that according to the Weather Channel the record highs in the last ten years in the US have been twice the amount of the record lows, that illustrates a clear trend at least for that measurement period. Information like that does not make me think that the earth is cooling.

Also the levels of CO2 that the atmosphere is now aproaching is akin to periods in earths history when the climate was such that the basic environment of the earth was far more hostile than anything that humans have ever experienced in the last 10,000 years of what has been shown to be very unusual, stable and consistent relative weather conditions on earth as compared to the evidence of what has actually occured in the millions of years leading up to this point.

Of course people have wide ranging points of view about this contentious subject. The basic thing for all of us is that if Earths weather becomes more chaotic and extreme, irregardless of the casual factors of this climate change we will still have to deal with the many hardships these changes will present.

Whether the increased loading of the atmosphere with various greenhouse gases is representative of the greater part of the weather changes now occuring or these alterations are being precipitated by other factors as described by other peoples theories, in either case I think we in our small lives will just have to endure what may come weatherwise the best we can, and realize that humanity will not be capable for various reasons of altering this course of drastic weather change we are on.

freeacre said...

Holy Cow! I just finished listening to that latest rainmaker link, rp. Maybe we should all move to Tennessee with ras.

I gotta think... Thanks Hot Springs Wizard and Rockpicker. Listening to your conversation over your shoulders has been illuminating.

Anonymous said...

ok here is what i think might be representative of usa mindless sets.

destruction of montana national forests,via the new cocksucker voted in by the voters to be senator with integrity,goddam politicians !!

comments ''SIX''

12 year olds getting their vaginas waxed
comments ''TWO HUNDRED SIX''

let me see now, meteor or no meteor,?
fuck it, meteor

Anonymous said...

our brother stoney 13 had a little something and in top form to say about senator jon tester of montana at the forest destruction, listed above in my comment.
nice rite stoney.

Anonymous said...

Hotsprings; I don't mean to in any way diminish or negate your environmental passion, as I too believe protecting our home planet and all the species on it is our collective duty, as humans. But I think there are other important factors, layers of the onion, if you will, involved in the climate change debate, and I'm not sure the anthropogenic crowd has been playing nice with the microphone. Ultimately, what the scientists are saying in this taped presentation, which took place October of 2009, is information that has largely been left out of the public debate, as relayed to us by the mainstream media.

I strongly urge you to get on-line somewhere you can access this and listen to the discussion. Even if you don't buy everything that's said, they throw out a lot of components worthy of further research.

Felix explains his theory that precession of the equinoxes, from ice core data, appears to have a correlation with magnetic reversals, mass extinctions and ice ages. He draws on geologic data, claiming two miles of ice core samples indicate that every twenty-three thousand years Earth experiences a severe ice age, with shorter-lived excursions, or mini-ice ages, occurring at 11,500 years, or mid-way through precessional cycles. Extinctions line up with these ice age advents, as do magnetic reversals, following diminishment of earth's magnetic fields, allowing increaased radiation which has triggered evolutionary changes in DNA among terrestrial species.

More important than elevated co2 concentrations acting as greenhouse gasses to warm the atmosphere, he says we know for a fact that the oceans are warming from the bottom up, and the cause is geothermal heating. He says NOAA now estimates there are as many as three million volcanoes underwater worldwide. Vulcanism, as a source of ocean warming, and solar sunspot activity aren't even factored into the public discussion on global warming.

Felix, and Tim Ball, agree, the Earth's temperature is already low enough to produce another ice age. It's only a matter of more moisture. Felix says, with increased on-land vulcanism increasing aerosols in the atmosphere, which both cool the air and provide "seeds" around which moisture droplets can form, and warming oceans putting more moisture into the air, we have a dangerous situation developing.

This talk was recorded over a year ago now. It will be interesting to view events in Europe this winter, with these factors in mind.


Hotspringswizard said...

Rp, I appreciate that you are respectfully citing information about our unfolding Climate Change situation that you feel may offer more valid assesments of just what may be occuring, and why. We are reaching into the greater world with our ideas and the tools at our disposal ( various media, the internet, etc ) to try and understand this vastly complicated issue of world weather, with all of the many differant complexities in play that from all appearances when put together are altering the world's weather in such ways that will definitly be highly problematic for humanity.

When I consider my interpretations of what I think of the goings on in my life ( climate change being just one aspect ), I always keep in mind the idea that as one exposes the myriad layers of knowledge/understanding that new insight/information does come along all through your life which continues to transform the way you judge what is, what is truth, what is valid.

This is my way of saying that I do make it a point to not make absolute conclusions about things. To think to yourself that your ideas of things could not be wrong or eroneous on this or that concept is a sure way to close yourself off to new conceptual possibilites that could very well help you understand more clearly just what it is that your are trying to interpret.

I appreciate and respect RP that you take your time to share your ideas and thoughts here on these various issues we discuss. With all of the many developments of concern for us that are going on in this quickly changing world I know we are all just doing our best to figure out just whats occuring.

So with that said basically what I see in simpler terms is average world air temperatures that have been warming. Increased CO2 which will increase this heat as its concentration rises. Increasng ocean temperatures. Overall melting ice structures around the world. Increased fire activity because of the hotter conditions.

And its information like this for example that imply to me that at this time our world is warming, which will be increasing atmospheric moisture, which will mean greater energy to drive more eratic and extreme weather.

Its reported that if things proceed on this course, the Arctic could be ice free in the summer, in as little as 5-10 years. It doesn't strike me that in any ice age events you would see this being the state of affairs in the Arctic. But I also consider that the short time frame that man has been able to study world weather with any depth does not nesecarily provide humanity with definitive truths about what could be actually possible with the greater long term trends with climate. Weather could have the capability of changing states in ways and at speeds that we even now have no ability to predict.

It certainly is very complicated stuff and what is to unfold I think we will as humanity just have to try and adapt to rather than think we can somehow alter its course in some way.

freeacre said...

I just want to add that even if CO2 is not the primary cause of global warming, or climate change, pollutants are, nevertheless, dangerous. At least the corporate/industrial detritus spewed into the atmosphere that we breath, that falls into the oceans and onto the land and poisons and acidifies all that it touches. Temperature is not the only problem. Toxins are killing us, the oceans, and other species as well.

Anonymous said...

You absolutely deserve the right to rest during winter. Have some fun. Eat some stored food. Play. You have the enviable position of having earned some well-deserved me-time and we-time by thinking ahead and making sure you are more secure.

Indeed the holidays was the "post-harvest rest and recreation" time historically. So enjoy the Winter Solstice period without regret!

Ideally, once you get a basic stored stock of food, you just keep adding and taking away from it as you go and its not so hard to keep up with as it once was to get started. Any extra will be welcomed by hungry people in your community increasing good will.

And precious time to enjoy life during moments of peace and relative security. Our ancestors knew to make merry and enjoy things in-between all that hard work. That's what makes life worth living!