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Let's Get Real About Going Green

Homemade California rolls - still eating with Fukushima in mind.

from murph

On Saturdays post (June 26) from the Charles H. Smith blog (Oftwominds), has a guest post by Kevin Mercadante, who Charles referred to as a fellow blogger. The post is very interesting to me as it summarizes most of the arguments for renewable energy production, particularly wind and solar. He didn’t present anything I would consider new information on the subject, but he did put it all together into a comprehensive argument. However, he did leave out some of what I would consider very important details.

At the same time, the latest posting by the Archdruid from June 22nd also talks more on this subject. Greer has been hitting on this subject for quite awhile now. This particular posting is a rather scathing rebuttal to the renewable energy advocates.

I am going to summarize some of the problems with Kevin’s advocacy.

I am assuming that Kevin is speaking from the position of keeping society running pretty much the way it has been for the last 100 years; Continuous growth, plentiful and cheap energy availability and the life styles that enables. He never addresses the availability of raw material to make this happen and does not address the “gorilla in the room” of total energy in vs total energy out (TEITEO), also called EROI (energy return on investment) involved in any system where one form of energy is converted into another form.

Most of the studies I have seen compare alternate energy systems to oil and its conversion to another form of energy. At this point in time, the studies indicate that the extraction ratio for oil varies anywhere from maybe 1.5 to 1 ratio to 40 to 1 ratio, from a low of tar sands to easily available sweet crude. (That ratio is a reflection of how much oil it takes to pump oil to the wellhead from a reservoir.) As the availability of the easily available sweet crude diminishes, the over all ratios also decrease. As the technology now stands, it appears that the conversion ratios for wind and solar vary from about -3to 1 up to +3 to 1 ratios for TEITEO, (how much energy it takes to generate the output). It would seem rather obvious to me that some huge technological breakthrough would have to occur to do this conversion from oil and also keep our present standard of living. Even if the ratio for alternative electrical production went up 10 to 1 we would still have a decrease in the standard of living. In other words, at our present state of technology, it is a pipe dream to expect no decrease in standard of living arrangements if oil production declines or becomes prohibitively expensive. We simply do not have any technology at the present to make up that difference. We also must keep in mind that generation of electricity is not a cure-all anyway. An example is plastics, no other way to make them other than with petroleum products.

Now lets examine what happens if we have some kind of wild ass technological breakthrough that does makeup the difference. Right off the top, we got a scalability problem. Individual home units have to be either cheap enough to make it available to nearly every household in the world and work flawlessly, or, it has to be able to be up-scalable to the extent to run the majority of the electrical grids in the world. The other problem concerning the grid is that a whole bunch of new infrastructure would have to be put up; alternative wind and solar generation is not going to be located where the infrastructure is currently located. It’s a big investment problems: not insurmountable, but a problem.

Looking at increasing wind energy, take a look at this study linked from Archdruid. Remember I talked about this a couple of years ago.

Solar conversion to electricity has another set of problems, not only with efficiency but also the availability of raw material to make it happen.

This is my often-repeated conclusion’s.

Sustainable growth is an oxymoron on a planet with finite resources.

Unless we want to try and negate some of our “laws of physics”, conversion of one form of energy to another always incurs losses and involves consequences we neither understand nor can we adequately predict.

Oil supplies are not infinite, despite the abiotic advocates, With the worlds present and ever increasing use of oil, the replenishment rate of availability simply isn’t there to either claim sustainability or infinite supply.

There is simply no currently known energy source to replace it on a worldwide basis. Therefore standards of living WILL go down, if not tomorrow, then sometime in the near future. If the effort was going to be made to substitute for oil, it should have been started 50 years ago, and that is assuming there is a solution.

Since our society and most of western culture runs mostly on oil and the oil companies are the primary controllers of the political systems in western society, there is no incentive to make a change.

Going to individual systems to provide electrical power is not going to work for most people in this world. The problem of cost and availability of the materials and the gearing up of the manufacturing infrastructure to supply a system of this nature are insurmountable within any kind of time frame to ameliorate a reduction in amount or high price of oil, it appears to me. Plus, I rather suspect that such an effort is politically a non-starter at this time. Yes, individuals can either put up the large amount of capital to produce their own electricity or cobble up and experiment at low cost for themselves and as a consequence, decrease their use of this energy drastically.

Neither wind nor sun produced energy is flexible enough to be used everywhere. The cities, where the majority of people in this world reside, are not going to become giant wind and/or solar farms.

Whatever amount of reserves of energy in the form of oil and gas that exists within the boarders of the US, its extraction cost is going up, its environmental damage will increase, and it will be put on the international market to be sold to the highest bidder.

Even if we developed some kind of substitute for oil and what it represents in living standards, that only means a further increase in world population and a subsequent increase in demand for energy consumption, which implies exponential growth which is impossible to maintain. World population increase that we have seen in the last 100 years was only possible with the use of oil. Take that away, or limit it severely and population has to go down, not up, until we reach some kind of environmental equilibrium. Since it appears to me that “green” energy supplies cannot possibly fill the gap of oil decreasing in availability, something has to give. Sadly, this seems to be ignored by the advocates of supposedly sustainable energy production.

All of these conclusions are based on the assumption that oil will not be readily available at its now relatively low cost and that “green” energy is not cost/benefit doable. We will only know this after the fact, which will then be too late to take effective counter action.

As a side note, Freeacre and I have been introduced to the idea that the tilt of the earth on its axis has increased enough that the sun no longer rises in the east south east and sets in the west south west in the northern hemisphere. Now it is slightly north in both cases. This will, of course, affect the intensity of different types of energy entering earths atmosphere. This certainly has the ability to affect weather patterns and intensity. No wonder our garden isn’t doing near as well this year and could explain the weather anomalies that are so obvious.

Hmmm, does this mean I need to relocate the greenhouse?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Murph, here we are at solstice time, and last week the setting sun was shining in our north-facing window, making it difficult to see the computer monitor before dark.

Your discussion about oil brings to mind the repressed use of hemp oil as a substitute for petroleum. Didn't Henry Ford build a plastic car in the thirties using hemp oil? I believe he also fueled the car with synthetic gas made from hemp.

My guess is that if we didn't have the millstone of the banking industry hanging around our necks, if we could see the disastrous ramifications of usery, (interest,) in a clear light, we'd all be a lot better off.

Interest is a vehicle enabling and legitimizing slavery, and slavery is on the rise.


ps- some news regarding chemtrails here:

murph said...

I understand and know about using plant material to make oil and consequently also plastics. Yup, seen articles on Ford doing the plastic car from hemp and the synthetic gas. The problem as I see it is scalability, could we possibly grow enough plant material to make a direct substitute? We have tried that with corn ethanol and I think we can all see the results of that experiment, decreased vehicle performance, damage to two cycle engines and increased price of corn products for food. I recently read about 3 ethanol plants closing because it was not profitable. Oregon is agitating at the state level to eliminate the mandatory ethanol addition to gasoline. Too many people bitching about decreased millage, damage to small engines etc.

As for the setting sun and north facing windows. Until this year, it never occurred to me that the sun would shine at any time from the north when living in the northern hemisphere. It was always slightly south in the summer and way south in the winter. To the best of my knowledge, this is a very recent thing that can only be explained by having the earth tilt farther north on its axis in relation to the sun.

We came up on this web site;

I got to admit I blinked a couple times over this one.

It is possible that some kind of "out in left field" technology or engineering feat will substitute for oil in electrical production. But I'm not about to bet the farm on that tooth fairy event. Even if it became a reality, the consequences are not understood nor would they be planned for since production of electricity by other means would not stop the use of oil, just decrease its usage, and we would still have the problem of eventual unavailability. Keep in mind the the US alone is using around 7 billion barrels of oil per year. For a substitute to be effective on a world wide basis, electricity would have to be produced entirely from alternate means, which would cut world wide usage by around 3%, that is the amount of oil used to generate electricity in the US. Since current oil usage is around 85 billion barrels per day, and we plug in 3% of that is electrical production, that only eliminates around 250 million barrels per day usage. While that would drop the price of oil of course, how would it affect it's usage? I would sure speculate that other uses for the 250 million barrels saved would be found in a heartbeat, probably in military usage. As far as I can see, eliminating oil to generate electricity as a panacea for excessive oil usage is sheer nonsense. The preponderance of electricity is generated by coal. Now if we had a way of eliminating coal fired generation plants, that would be a significant change.

freeacre said...

Personally, more and more it is looking to me as though there is only one way that this oil depletion is being addressed: demand reduction. Between the debilitating effects of on-going radiation from nuclear plant meltdowns and depleted uranium weaponry, autism in the young caused by contaminated vaccines or whatever, Alzheimer's Disease for the elderly, cancer for anyone ... we are going to sicken and die and be so overwhelmed with care-giving that the society will be staggering and broke. I don't know how people are going to live, but you can bet they aren't going to be shopping at the malls, eating at food courts, and up-grading their electronics every other year.
And, that doesn't even factor in the natural earth disasters that are happening at an increasing pace. Earthquakes, wildfires, drought, flooding, birds dropping out the sky; fish, turtles, penguins, in massive die-offs; huge cracks and sinkholes opening up all over the planet... famine, war, pestilence. The smartest thing a young person could do for him or her self is get their tubes tied.
I'd like to think that my dismal forecasts are stupid, paranoid projections. But, when the frigging sun begins to come up in a different window and there is no mention of it on the lamestream news, when "hot particles" are included in the dust falling on us from Fukushima and that also is not on the news but a senator having phone sex is - I know we've been red-lined and it's all over but the shouting for many of us.
The suffering is going to increase exponentially all around us. It will be an opportunity to exercise our capacity for compassion. We are all going to experience death eventually anyway. So, maybe we'll learn to do it with some grace.

Anonymous said...

Man! War, and rumors of war! Something's up. Stocks up, gold and silver down. Investors must think the munitions manufacturers are going to do well in the near term.

Rumors are that dams along the Missouri are stressed and may be blown with explosives to prevent total collapse and loss of power generating equipment, as the mountain snowpack run-off proceeds. I'm at the top of the drainage, in southwestern Montana, and our little earthen dam, Ruby reservoir, is full-pool. All our streams are rolling, and there's still lots of snow in the mountains.

People are reporting troops and equipment being moved all over the country. Under water body bags have resurfaced in the dialogue. Too weird.

Nightime temps hovering around 40. Time to transplant tomatoes and cukes.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to send this post and Gree's to my borther-in-law. He seems to have this undying faith in a technological fix for all of our energy problems -'cause we HAVE to keep ALL the bloody cars on the road don't you know! Geez. Kinda frightening because he's so dang smart. Matt Savinar's site went into the nuts and bolts of oil - that's there's just no substitute.

Yeah -I thought something was weird in when I noticed different shading going on in the backyard from previous summers, "Wait a minute, I grew beans in this spot last year -WTF?"

Things are getting pretty 'dodgee' lately, man. Fort Calhoun might just blow a gasket, Los Alamos is burning, FUCKUsheema is still spewing and dumping death, Obama is waging war against the entire world, Wall Street is having a good 'ol time and I'm sitting here in a building that sits directly on a faultline. Oh, and the #1 meteorologist in the world is predicting a MAJOR event this week. Bloody Hell!!!

The garden might be a semi-washout this year. Got a few things going, but it won't be nearly as good as the last two years. In the summers I ride my bike to a local farmers market to get fresh local goodies: veggies, breads, honey, etc. and it usually starts up about now, late June, but this year, due to it being the coldest and wettest spring on record, it isn't supposed to start until maybe, MAYBE mid August. And now that it's in the 90's, we're having record floods thoughtout Northern Utah.

Each day I wake up wondering what's gonna happen today...


Anonymous said...

My wife mentioned that the sun seemed to be setting further north as well here on our island in Puget Sound. I wasn’t paying that much attention, as my eyes were on the ground, looking at the plants that seem to be growing in slow motion. Lots of rain and cool weather too. I will say that my garlic and potatoes seem to be doing well. Everything else is s-l-o-w.
I checked into P.V. panels, way too expensive for my pocket book. The pay back I believe I was told, would be 25 years. Our daily kw usage is 13. We heat with wood, use a solar close dryer, wash dishes by hand and use hot water from the wood stove when it’s running. I have one gallon and five gallon TLUD’s I can use in the warmer times of the year to heat water on. We just try to live simple and keep learning new ways of doing things.
I’m going to look into wood gasifiers that power generators to make electricity. There is a young man in Vancouver, WA that is making them. I have plenty of wood around my place to keep it going.
Thanks for what you all are doing.

freeacre said...

Happily we had covered the little bush and soy beans, potatoes, and other little stuff before we got a deluge that included lightening and hail the size of shelling peas. So, not much damage, if any. Dang, this is a very weird year.
Good to hear from you in Puget Sound. Sound like you're living a lot like we are, so thanks to you as well. You better give us a name to call you, or you're just going to be known as "Puget Sound." lol
Weird-shit-o-meters are pegged again, rp and randy. Iran set off 14 "practice" missiles, looks like we could be on the brink of WWIII, and the nuclear plants in Nebraska are looking worse and worse. And, then their is the wild fire at Las Alamos. Geez!
Where's that Prozak?

Anonymous said...

Forgot to post my user name, sorry.
Yep, looks like all sorts of interesting things going on around the country. Each day seems to bring something new and challenging. Looks like the nuke folks could be in over their heads with the flooding. The Army Corps of Engineers are too. Saw a news video of a farmer flying the news guy around and the farmer said the floods are all caused by man, with the dams and building in a flood plain. Will they ever learn?
The Bexar

Shadowfax said...

I looked at the sunrise on the solstice and thought"gee I don't remember it being so far north!"
If the earth's tilt has increased would not the star positions have changed slightly?
Any one with telescopes out there that could compare star positions from a few years ago to now?

whitewater fraggle said...

Hey Bexar,

Im located in the south salish sea. do you have any contact info for the wood generator guy in Vancouver?

murph said...


According to the Inuit Indians the star locations have changed, and so has the sun location. But, since that information hasn't been approved by NASA or some other govt agency, it can't be true.

The earth currently, is in the slightly tilted direction of the north geologic pole pointed more toward the sun. If it has tilted more than normal, then why has the south pole area been reported as having more sunlight? As far as I know, can't have both conditions at the same time.

There is so much strangeness being reported lately that the contradictions make no sense of any of it.

One of the situations I have observed, and some other writers have talked about is the deliberate effort to make what appears as fact questionable. This is done by hiring "scientists" or "experts" in some manner or another to dispute the data, not actually prove the data wrong, but to just cast doubt, make it a controversial issue rather than a statement of facts. The latest example of this is the dispute over the danger of radiation from Japan and Chernobyl. The one before that and still ongoing is global warming. One that appears to be warming up is the dispute over DU munitions dangers. Same thing appears to be going on in the medical fields.

Those of us that make an attempt to be at least a bit informed about current and past issues are in a quandary: What set of data do we use to establish our own stance on any issue? I doubt that anyone that frequents this site has the time available to thoroughly investigate the data of any issue. If we did, we would be one of the experts called upon to testify.

Another problem is the interrelationships of what appear to be separate sets of data. Western science tends to compartmentalize data, rather than look for how it relates to anything else. This is done primarily by establishing relationships by statistical analysis. The sad thing is that statistical relationships are used to formulate public policy. I say it again "statistical relationships is not a means to show causation". Just because 98% of cancer patients wash themselves at least twice a week does not show causation. I'd imagine that damn near 100% of cancer patients wear shoes 99% of their waking time, but is there a causative relationship there?

The field of physics has much the same kind of problem. You can run an experiment 100 times and have a 80% consistency of outcome and never explain why some of the data is way out from the norm. Most of the time, the way out of norm data is simply discounted as inadequate controls. Maybe, maybe not. Too my knowledge, there is no such thing as an absolute 100% statistical correlation. Even such areas that have accepted as absolute fact are now in question, such as the decay rate of ionized materials.

As you can see, this is one of my favorite rants and can go on about it to the everlasting dismay of the the current listener or reader.

Anonymous said...

Murph, along those lines, aren't physicists having similar problems disproving or proving, for that matter, the cold fusion claims. As I understand it, the original experiment done carefully yeilds positive results about thirty per cent of the time.


murph said...


It would seem to me that a 30% success rate in physics would mean that the concept was null. After all, if the exact same steps are carried out every time, in the physical world, shouldn't you expect identical results? If these results were charted out as clusters of data, it would be considered an anomaly and discounted as such. Got to admit, that until they find the deviation in set up from the successful (or non successful for that matter) it looks like a faulted concept to me.

Again, if it is finally worked out to actually be successful, what are we going to do with it? Boil more water?

Anonymous said...


Here is his web site:

You can also see his work on youtube.


murph said...


I took a look at this generator stuff you linked to. Interestingly there is not even a hint at the web site concerning cost of the standard units. Is this a case of where if you have to ask the price you can't afford it? I would have to have some kind of idea what this stuff costs to bother to even investigate it further. Do you have any information on this?

Anonymous said...

3 yrs ago this coming winter solstice i planted a plumb pole down by the creek. in the trades such a device is known as a preacher or story pole and is used to, amoung other things, determine if something has moved. at high noon i sank a pin at the tip of the shadow cast by the pole to a point where is was level with the base of the pole at grade. the tip of the shadow and the top of the pin were in sync. this in the trades is referred to as a benchmark.

its no use to us now but come 6 months it will be. if the tip of the shadow doesn't land on that pin then we'll know either the sun has shifted or the pole has shifted or the pin has shifted. or perhaps some conbination of the three. i don't recall the ht of the pole but i think i wrote it on the pole. what's of crucial import is the length of the shadow. iow, the distance from tip of pin to base of pole. seems to me that distance then measured 30". but i think i wrote that on the pole as well and can be verified by re-measurement. if the pole is plumb and assuming the pin hasn't been disturbed, then any differentiation is in the location of the sun at high noon. if the sun is indeed rising further northward then the shadow should land away from the pin in a counter clockwise direction and be measurable and convertable to degrees as the circumferance of a circle with a 30" radius is
188.5" with each inch representing .5235 degrees. thus if the new shadow is 4" from the pin the change is 2.094 degrees.

the area did flood once but i doubt the pin was disturbed as its top was less than an inch above ground. it could have been steped on by an animule but observation should allow for reasonable accuracy. likewise with the pole. unless it got hit by a floating log or something or a deer used it as a rubbing tree it should be reasonably reliable too. the ht and plumb of the pole as well as level line from base to top of pin can be verified and in the case of plumb, adjusted with no negative impact on the methodology.

i think my assumptions and methodology hold water but i'm open to correction. any body?

had no idea at the time why i was sinking that pole but its becoming clearer... p

Anonymous said...

and btw... there are many such story poles/benchmarks created in antiquity where the sun rising or setting on the summer or winter solstice is in direct alignment with something. i.e., tulum situated about an hour south of cancun on the yucatan coast. aka zama. supposedly meaning city of the dawn. however, the entire site is also supposedly a monument to the decending god which, to me, this implies the setting sun which seems a bit of contradiction to zama.

this ancient mayan ruins contains several structures but one in particular called temple of the frescoes was used to track movements of the sun. seems to me the caretakers of this site would be able to verify anything that might be going on if willing to cop to it. among other things there are openings where the full sun can be seen rising or setting on the solstices.

if i'm not mistaken there are similar benchmarks/story pole locations at chaco canyon. likewise stonehenge, et al...p

Anonymous said...

Bravo, P! It will be great to hear what you discover in December. Good job!

Here's a good piece by Alan Sabrosky that illustrates what Murph was saying about deliberate attempts to misinform and confuse.

Murph, The guys who first claimed to have discovered cold fusion were chemists. The first debunkers were nuke physicists. Apparently, they did not replicate the experiment properly, and so, their results did not concur with the original findings. Others now have reproduced the exact experiments and sometimes it works. Other times it doesn't. Interesting question is, how come?

What we'll do with cold fusion, if we figure it out, I don't know. But I read a piece in the New Yorker recently about quantum computing and the article stated that when the concept of the computer was first expressed in the 1800's, no one could envision a use for the silly thing. Go figure.


murph said...


Had to chuckle over your last paragraph on your last comment.

In the 80's I was going to a tech school in electronics. A lot of the curriculum involved computer control systems. Of course, due to the newness of the computer technology, home units were extremely expensive. I met people that somehow had put up the money to buy home computers. When asked why they did, I got all kinds of replies, things like balancing bank accounts, playing games, keeping track of checking accounts, etc. None of them mentioned the extensive use to indulge in pornography. I was appalled. That much money to balance a check book? How insane is that? I vowed that I would never allow one of those things in the house. lol. You had to be nuts to spend that much money for so little return.

Well, here I am, spending hours per day on these contraptions. The price per home unit has come down to pretty much availability to most anyone. The next question then is just how much has it contributed to our lives? How essential is it to our lives? Has it become just another tech gizmo to eat up time better spent elsewhere?

I find it interesting that on the several occasions where my computer wasn't available for a week or so at a time, the first couple of days I missed it, then I found other things to do with that time. And yet, here I sit, day after day clicking a mouse and pounding on a keyboard.

Our TV has not been able to work for a couple of weeks now. I find it interesting that I don't miss it at all.

I keep telling Freeacre that we (and probably mostly me) are tech dinosaurs. And yet, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to communicate with all the great people that frequent this blog site without it or been exposed to so many new ideas and perspectives.

Anonymous said...

"New ideas and perspectives," that's the key phrase for me too.


Anonymous said...

Better add 'warnings' to that list. Check out Mr2tuff today:


Anonymous said...

I finally found a price.Here is the info for the Hotwatt.


Anonymous said...

Quoting Mr2 now, "stranger by the day,".

I come home
to find a poem
left on the front seat
of a beaten Chevrolet
that ran good and hard
when things were good,
and now is done running,
(because rings are worn
and deserved slop
is cheaper to replace
than correct).

The poem says,

'Earth is not a gift
given us by our Old Ones,
but a loan
offered us by our children.'


Anonymous said...

excellent also... especially for those that are newbe's to survival needs... this one should definitely
get cha moving to a higher enthusiasm to case..


Anonymous said...

o hell ok here it is i hope


Anonymous said...


hook um together, they will not go as one in the comment for some fucked up reason, this is good..worth finding it

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cool "prepper" video, mf.

Gonna have to find the nukaphobia dude's hide-out since he lives in my area. If there's a nuke flash, I might have to knock on his bunker door -with a jackhammer! Problem is, I know this guy and his brood are probably Mormon, so he probably won't have any beer stashed in his bunker, so I'll have to pass on looting his hole, I guess.

Hey Stoney, that farm with the two families' looks like it might be in your neck of the woods (literlly). You might have to go on a recon mission, eh? But you might have to don full body armour just to ask to borrow a cup of sugar.

I did like the farm, though. My thing isn't to prep for TSHTFF stuff, it's being self sufficient so I can have real, tasty non-GMO food and NOT to be pay'in "The Man."

I think I might just stock up on beer making supplies. That way, when TSHTFF, I could maybe trade brew for essential stuff like, ah,



freeacre said...

I just ran across this video on Godlike Productions. I had never heard of the movement to Republic America. Long, but compelling video:


Anonymous said...

Oh -forgot - the "prepper" in Phoenix, well, I used to live in Phoenix (left in '06) and if you're not living in Scottsdale, a good portion of the rest of Phoenix is like a demilitarized zone. This guy and his kids are definitely...



Anonymous said...

Hey, MF, roll a fat one and listen to this:


wv= muckeden, as in, ah, muckeden

Anonymous said...

Murph, speak of the devil...


murph said...


Interesting website on fusion. It appears that my sarcastic remark about boiling water would be the application. If it were possible to direct substitute for coal plants, that would indeed be a breakthrough.

Ummm hmmm. Let's see now. Normally most breakthroughs similar to this take around 10-15 years to become practical. Some take even longer. After the development of fission reaction didn't it take nearly 20 years to provide electrical generation on a commercial scale?

So if this is viable, and be scaled up out of a test tube, how long will it take and do we have the investment money to accomplish it? Do we have enough time to do it?

Certainly an interesting development and article on the subject. The existing technology will fight it tooth and nail, too much money to be lost I think. It would effectively shut down the worlds coal industry and a large amount of natural gas too. Not that I wouldn't be in favor of that of course. I do wonder what the state of the resources are to accomplish it.

We shall see I reckon.

Anonymous said...

omg freeacre, is this what we been waiting for ?
starting saving 1964 coins over ten years to make colloidal silver if shit went bad, never ever thought of this though.
this is exciting, finally...

wv pergula, pergula? you betcha

murph said...


Man, do NOT use pre 64 coins to make colloidal silver, it contains impurities in sufficient amounts to be not good for the body. You want no less than 99.9% pure silver and the old coins are far from that. Contain nickle, chrome, copper and probably a bit of lead. The pre 65 coins are only 90% silver.

Anonymous said...

rp, checked the site after firing up a fatty and yep , got my groove on and watched my mind float gently down the stream of fantasy delux... this video is great i thought, or maybe it was the gmo (great motherfucking offal) stuff i have come up with as a treat and substitute for the lackadaisical crap offered up as smoke nowadays..
us old timers still got it when it comes to innovative skin taggin the plants and moving them out of the realm of psychoslush and into the rubber tree haze of sticky icky and freeze dried corn pone.. now thats where the new shit is out.... one toke and its all over..lala land.

hey murph the original purpose for the coins to make silver was for antiseptic reasons, i knew about the other ten % but didn't realize they were harmful if swallowed.
thanks for the info. on that..


murph said...


For antiseptic use, coins will work. It's the internal use that's a no-no. I haven't done any experimenting with making antiseptic poultice yet. I suspect that glycerine as a base would work. How to make it into more of a thick paste would be the question. The old time drawing poultice was made thick using tar. Bees wax, Carnauba wax, soybean wax might also be other alternatives. Take some experimenting to figure that part out. Also have to make a real dense concentrated solution of the colloidal silver to be effective I think. Interesting problem.

Anonymous said...

you know murph i think that is a fabulous idea! colloidal silver salve! probably already on the market somewhere but i have had so much amazing luck with this incredibly simple substance that putting in in a paste would really be sweet... will talk with friends that make salve already and find out if its a viable idea..

Anonymous said...

hells bells,just checked and there is a multitude of sites that sell the stuff. ,,,o well its still a good idea and it would be really cheap to make and give to friends for gifts... i sell the silver .9999 stuff for $20 a quart and have never had anyone complain about it..and if one checks the health food stores and the internet its a fantastic deal...
actually i take it all the way to gold which is mega silver content, don't know exactly how much but i can tell by how fast my silver wires get eat up that its mucho..

murph said...


Silver as a topical antibiotic is still being used in limited applications in the medical field. It seems like I remember seeing that burn victims respond to it well. I've used it a bit for a wash for cuts, sort of like hydrogen peroxide with good results and with no deterioration of surrounding tissue that you get with H2O2.

Anonymous said...

Gotta see this:


RAS said...

Hey everyone,
Yep, we're not switching over to green power and continuing to run the BAU economy and the hyper-consumerist lifestyle. Of course, no one wants to listen to this, do they?

There are a number of ways to keep small scale electrical power going indefinitely, and I hope some of them catch on before everything goes black.

As for the axial tilt changing, it does happen. Earth's axial tilt is not constant; it varies from 22.1 to 24.5 degrees. The tilt has been gradually decreasing for years. The moon's orbit can even produce noticeable changes in the tilt.

If you want to calculate the Earth's axial tilt for yourself, you can. All it requires is a sextant and a few measurements over a couple of months.


murph said...


Yup, it is true that the axial tilt of the earth does change. The difference is that in my lifetime, I have never experienced sunrise and sunset coming from in from the north. Now maybe it has happened before, but I sure don't remember it. According to some interviews with the Inuits in northern Canada, they don't remember it in their lifetime either and it is causing some severe problems in their societies.

Besides just being a bit weird, the implications for weather change is huge. In this years observations, for the sun to set and rise to the north during the summer means the tilt with the northern axis has to be tilted more to the sun. If this is indeed what has happened, and if it stays approximately the same for a few years, the northern latitudes should be warmer in the winter and much hotter in the summer. I'll leave it to the meteorologists to talk about what this implies for weather changes and melting of northern icecaps and glaciers.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap three days in a row without a single chemtrail!
the sky is blue and the puffy white clouds are just fabulous to look at, i took many pictures just in case it goes away again and i can put them on as wallpaper,
on another note today the storm from hell came ripping through and tore about half the giant maple that covers the from yard, one friends car is extensively damaged and with limb abuse and an rv of visiting relatives barely escaped damage, i was working about half a mile away on a friends house and saw the storm coming, it looked like a solid purple wave coming over the mountains to the west, i jumped on my ATV with two chihuahuas on the back and headed for home, never made it. the storm hit us with dirt, hail and fucking rain like i never saw before... one dog got blew off and ran for a neighbors porch, i drove under a tree which was no good whatsoever for shelter as the top of the tree snapped off and landed right behind us, so i just gritted my teeth grabbed the hound and made a run for it, the streets were almost instant rivers of ice and water and tree pieces , a fucking cop just blew by and hosed us down with debris and an avalanche of muck and didn't even slow, i guess he had other fish to fry,,, well we road on and finally beat up by the hail and soggy to the bone finally made it to the house,,, this was only about four blocks!!! we arrived and the whole front of the yard was covered with broken limbs piled as high as my van and laying on the rv..
fucking intense i can tell you that,,, i feel like we were really lucky to even make it in one piece .,,,
this was so sudden and in like maybe 15 minutes it was gone...
really strange..

Anonymous said...

rockpicker, amazing video, i had so many kneejerks i didn't even know where to start,mostly i really wanted to find the fucking dudes that encroached upon those peoples land cut them up in little pieces and feed them to whatever there was around that was hungry, and them cut myself up in little pieces and throw my pieces in the river.. mind is a funny thing huh?
will the fucking white people that do this kind of shit ever learn? i really doubt it..
the ego is so full of itself i'm sure the justification for going into those folks reality and google eyeing them with their walmart crap made them feel mighty superior..almost godlike i imagine..
sorry for the mini rant but this shit hits to close to home for me to smile and say well done you pricks./.

rockpicker did i ever say that i loved you, ? i do..

RAS said...

Wow, MF -I'm glad you're all right!

Allright, murph, let me take this one by one. I'm so glad to find other people who can have a reasonable discussion!

Okay, first I'm going to talk about how the arc of the sun changes over the year. We're taught in school that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west; this is basically true, but not totally. Due east and due west only happen around the equinoxes.

For the rest of the year the arc of the sun changes as the seasons change. In the winter, when days are short and the angle of the sun is low, it rises in the southeast and sets in the southwest.

In the summer when days are long and the angle of the sun is high, it rises in the northeast and sets in the northwest. (It always tracks around to the south.)

What this means practically speaking is that any window that is not due north is going to get some sun in the summer -possibly a little bit even if it is due north.

I'm a pagan, remember. One thing we know is how the sun moves!

Now, about the axial tilt change. First, if the tilt had changed by more than a fraction of a degree you would know about it; no one would have to tell you. All you would have to do is go outside at night and notice that the stars had changed position. The North Star and the others around it would have shifted.

Second, if it had tilted but not that much, and the scientists were covering it up, there would be millions of amateur astronomers clamoring to know why. Every telescope in the world with a computerized mount automatically calculates the Earth's tilt whenever you turn it on -and a basic such telescope starts at $200.

Third, every navigation system in use on the planet depends on knowing the tilt of the axis. If it changes, the navigation system must be changed or it becomes useless. I don't hear millions of sailors, woodsman and others who depend on these systems complaining that they no longer work.

Even GPS systems would quit working correctly after a short amount of time. The next time the satellites had to make a course correction (which is done automatically by the on-board computer) it would get off-course.

Yes, the earth's axis changes over time. Over thousands of years. If it had changed suddenly we would know about it -there's just no way to cover that up. All I could find on the subject were some conspiracy websites harping about it.

Sure, the weather is screwy this year -but I think it's due to climate change. I also think that some people are claiming axial tilt or what have you because they want to blame natural forces instead of owning up to our responsibility.

freeacre said...

Wow! Glad you made it through that storm without injuries! Yikes!

It's been HOT here now for 3 days - no chem trails, blue skies with puffy clouds, etc. Then, yesterday I noticed a funny-looking front coming in from the East, which is unusual. It started to cool down and last night it froze. Ice all over the roofs of the cars.

I was touched by that video of the tribal people seeing the "white man" for the first time. It was filmed in 1976. I wonder what effect being introduced to matches, mirrors, plastic utensils, cameras, tape recorders, etc. has had on them since then. Hope they aren't all screwed up by now.

Anonymous said...

Hey MF/RP, me and the family ( wife Darcy and our two daughters Amber and Lea ) are now residing for a week in Whitefish, Montana, staying at the Crestwood Resort right by the southeast corner of Whitefish Lake ( The Lodge just a few hundred yards down the rd, it sits on Whitefish Lake ).

We just got in this morning ( 7-8 ) flying into Kalispell. The lady who checked us in at the resort said they had a heck of a storm yesterday. Maybe that was the same storm that you ( MF ) reported hitting your area ( also yesterday by my reckoning ). MF, I think I remember you said you live in Hotspring, Montana, which someone told us was about a couple hours drive from where we are ( I'll have to check it out on the map ).

I think we flew over Missuoula. Doesn't RP live somewhere around there?

So beautiful up here, just amazing! All of the farmlands in the broad valley between the north side of Flathead Lake and Whitfish were so colorful, especially highlighted by the bright yellow fields of Rap Weed ( someone told us thats what it was ). Well we got a week of exploring ahead with Glacier National Park definitely on the to do list! Looks like the weather will be real nice with sunny skies predicted and 75-85 temps throughout the week :-)

MF/RP, my e-mail is ( which I will be checking in on daily ), or my cell is 760-265-0664. If you folks arn't too far away maybe we could hook up for a visit, or maybe we could all meet at some common point half way between all three of us :-)

I'm pretty bushed right now since we got up at 3:30 AM in the morning to catch our flight out of Las Vegas. We will be getting a good rest tonight :-)


Anonymous said...

hey wizard, were you guys in hotsprings today? met some people who asked me for someplace to eat and were visiting someone in whitefish,a couple of girls or so and two others i believe. i was on a yellow four wheeler with two chihuahuas on the back.

Anonymous said...

Hotsprings, MF, folk festival in Butte tomorrow and Sunday. The National Folk Festival was held in Butte for three years running. This year, Butte decided to continue the tradition. Sounds like a good line-up of musicians and such. Starts at noon. We're going tomorrow. Runs Sunday as well, 'til six.

HSW, I live down south of Butte, closer to Yellowstone, really. Used to live in Missoula. Another life.

Ain't it nice here? We have two seasons. Nine months of winter and three months of road construction. Some say it's three months of relatives and friends visiting. Whatever you call it, the wild flowers are beginning to bloom in the higher elevations, and man, they are intense. Many of us feel we put up with the rigors of our environment through tough winters because summer is so damned good here!

I know you've got a lot to see and do in a short space of time, but we'd love to get together if that can be worked out. Oldensoul and I are both working next week, but weekends are open.

Have a great time at Glacier! It will take your breath away...


Anonymous said...

MF, No that wasn't us. We had a connector flight from Salt Lake City this morning straight to Kalispell, then we drove from the airport 10 miles or so up to the place we are staying at right by Whitefish Lake. We had a wonderful lunch at the Sunrise Bistro in town. Tomorrow the gang wants to hit the Zip Lines at the ski resort, check out some bears at another place, and the list keeps growing of course :-)

I looked at the google map to see were Hot Springs is, down southwest of Flat Head Lake. Do you know how long it would take to drive to Hot Springs from Whitefish Lake? It doesn't seem like it would be that long, maybe a couple of hours, just guessin. Would be fun to meet up with you and your clan :-) I think RP is down in Missoula which I see is a pretty good distance further south. MF have you ever got in a visit with RP?

Anyway you got my contact info in that last post of mine here, so if you want to maybe meet up somehow just get ahold of me and will see what we can work out :-)

The beauty of the lands up here is sure a treat for the senses :-) We are looking forward to all the things we will get to see during this week. In Glacier National Park, specifically that " sun highway " that goes through it has been closed later in the year than ever before ( a new record ) because of the wicked winter. Luckily for us its just been announced that the highway will be opened on Wednsday next week, thankfully while we are still here to check it out :-)That Flat Head River ( I think thats what its called ) is sure running bank to bank!

Take care MF and maybe we will get a chance to see you. Would love to meet your Chihuahua's! Cracks me up those stories you have told about them here at the Trout Clan. We have a little Miniature Pincher thats lots of fun :-)


Anonymous said...

RP, good to hear from you :-) That festival sounds like a fun time for you guys. I'll check out the Google Map again to see more clearly where your at, south of Butte. Darcy my wife, Amber and Lea are already putting a growing list together of stuff they would " like " to do. We shall see how much we can fit in. First on the list is to get a good rest tonight :-) If you want you can call me and we could talk over the possibilities of a meet up, thats of course if your not busy with other things ( like your working next week ). Would enjoy meeting up with you and oldensoul :-)

Oh Yeah you got that right, it is stunning up here :-) The front desk gal at our resort was telling us about the long winters up this way, especially this last one which she said was really brutal, starting in Sept and going thru June this year. But in these summer months it all really looks like something out of a movie with magnificent vistas everywhere :-)
And of course you and MF living up this way know I'm not exagerating! You guys are truly fortunate to live in such lands :-)

We have heard so many great things about the Glacier National Park and I have no doubt our eyeballs will be popping out of our heads seeing its magical landscape!

Well you and Oldensoul take care RP :-)


Anonymous said...

hey wizard, good to hear from you, well rp, oldensoul, murph, and freeacre and a friend of mine all met at the Arlee powwow i think it was four years ago,? it was right after i had my first hip replacement, we had a great time and rp and oldensoul came through on their way east on the train to where exactly i forgot one time and stayed at my house so it is good that we stay in touch,
rp and i have talked of heading out west to visit murph and pams place but its always such a mess of responsibility to really put it together so far,, still waiting for that moment to be just right and zing on over for a visit with those guys...would be a ball for sure;
right now i am ass deep in alligators dealing with the damage that was done to the property where i live after the storm from hell blew through, my landlord lives in seattle and can't get away so i am a busy dude... and to top it all off one of the limbs that came off the big ole maple in the front yard landed on one of my friends car and totaled the fucker... she is upset..

i know you will enjoy your visit in montana, there is so much beauty and so many breath taking vistas its unbelievable, you should also see some of the amazing wildlife to...
saw one chemtrail today, after five? days of clear blue sky and pure white clouds..what a gift,.. that the insanity of some people would destroy this sacred place is just incomprehensible ..
good hunting on your visit wizard.,

Anonymous said...

Thanks MF, I kinda thought you might be pretty busy with all that storm damage you mentioned. Maybe at some point in the future we shall cross paths :-)

We are already having a great time in these beautiful lands where you live! We went to a place just east of Coram to see some " not so wild " Black Bears. They are in this fairly large area of fenced forest and you drive into it on a dirt rd to check them out. I'd of course rather see them in the wild where the belong but our daughters did enjoy seeing them.

One time on another trip we traveled all the way across the highest rd through the Rocky Mountain National Park ( over 12,000 foot summit - highest paved rd in the nation ) and the whole time we were in the rockies we never saw one Bear :-)

Tomorrow we are going to do a white water raft trip down the Flat Head river. The water is more chilly ( and much higher ) than normal because of all the snow runoff and the extended spring chilly days earlier this year. Because of that they are putting everone in wet suits :-)

RP I was looking on the google satelite info last night and you are farther afield from our location than I thought so a " meet up " would be a bit too time consuming of a drive for us. Amber and Lea got a Bucket List of stuff growing all the time of things they want to do so we will be working on those adventures each day keeping us quite happily busy :-)

RP next year about this same time we will be staying for a week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming so we can check out Yellowstone. Maybe you are closer to there which might work out for getting together. When I told our daughters about our Yellowstone trip they looked at me kinda funny and said something like " we are going to Yellowstone, in 2012? ", this not too long after we had seen the 2012action Movie and they figured we might end up trying to escape the volcanic mayhem of the Yellowstone Super Volcanoe in our rental car! I told them we were going in July and it wouldn't be blowing its top until December 21st :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh and we also did a hike this afternoon to Avalanche Lake which is a trail off of the Glacier National Park highway. The rd is currently closed at that point where this particular trail begins, just a ways east of the McDonald Lake ( very long ). Magnificent vista of the magestic mountains as seen behind the lake. Felt like being someplace in the Alps! I sent Freeacre and Murph a photo of it this evening :-)


Anonymous said...

bears? i saw one this morn. spent my sunday-go-to-prayer-meeting in the blackberry patch over on the edge of the hundred acre wood. had just about filled the 4th 1/2 gal bucket when a bear came out of the woods, grabbed one up and stole off back into the woods. it wasn't pooh but it mighta been his brother. pooh told me that when they were cubs his brother got his leg caught in a muskrat trap. their mom had to chew it loose and he's had a gimp ever since. and this guy had a gimp. i figure there as much his berries as mine or yours but i wish he'd pick his own... p

freeacre said...

Geez, p, you were lucky that he was only after the berries.
Montana is a very big place. I've always wanted to take the train trip to Glacier Nat'l Park. Thanks for the pix. Maybe we'll use it for a post picture next time, if I ever sit down and write something.
Been having out of state relatives for a visit. It was great to see them.
Goodnight, All...

Anonymous said...

here in hot springs the bears were a common sight when i first moved here 11 years ago, the kids chased them from time to time but as the years rolled on the bears became less and less for reasons i think that as the new people moved in the thought of a bear on their front lawn was just to much to bare.
they would then complained to the tribal game wardens and that meant capturing them or in more then one case shooting them..
one instance which got my blood boiling was a newcomer who swear up and down that a bear had eaten his dog, the guy was frantic about this and as he was looking for his dog he came to where a friend and i were having a morning chat and he was screaming about the bear, we tried to allay his fears to no avail, he called the game warden who came treed the yearling black bear and shot it.. the guy now satisfied with this revenge killing went home... his fucking dog was laying on the front porch happy as a lark,
it took some time for me to forgive this ignorant fuck but eventually did and he now lives across the street from me and we are good friends..
the end..
ps there has never been one single recorded attack by a black bear in this village..

murph said...


Your story about the bear and the dog is a familiar one to me. I have experienced several similar episodes in my life time. You state you forgave the guy, I was never able to be that forgiving on an issue like this. Sort of like the trophy hunters that kill an animal, cut off its head to mount on a wall and leave the carcase to rot or for scavengers. To me, that show disdain for the animal. Your example is just plain stupidity IMO.

In Tahoe, there were example of coyotes snatching small dogs off leashes while owners were out walking them in the woods. German Shepherds seemed to be immune.

Too a large extent, humans seem to have lost their ability to distinguish what is actually dangerous and what is not in the environment.

Burnie said...

I won't boor you with my take. I just wanted to say hello to two good people. I disappeared on purpose but have not forgotten anyone. So Hello, I think of you guys on a regular basis, fondly with love.

And as far as things go, "This is a war zone. Speak to the general, he doesn't know shit either."

Anonymous said...

MF, we will be checking out the Kerr Dam on Friday. People say that spillway running full is amazing to see right now with all of the snow melt coming out of the mountains into Flat Head Lake. That will be the closest we will be getting to your area MF, just before we fly out of here late in the day, just in time before the US defaults on its debt, maybe :-) Hope things went well for you cleaning up that storm damage.


Anonymous said...

wizard, what time do you think you will be at the dam? amazingly my old toyota pickup has a rod knocking, the car toyota has a bashed front end from my youngest who just turned (21 yesterday ) learning to drive in a blizzard and the DODGE van has electrical problems with the power supply module after a gas pump failure was replaced so i am in real polite terms fucked for transportation.
however my friend of whom a branch of said tree that blew to hell and back landed on her car and totaled it but is still drivable, might be persuaded to let me borrow it for a drive to the dam on friday. it still runs but looks like it came from hades garage and used parts department.
would love to see you guys and chat a bit about stuff so if i can arrange to borrow the car that my tree fell on i will see if i can rendezvous with you then wizard.
however if i can't make it i will wish i had and have to let it go at that..
ps glad you guys are having such a good experience here in the land of oz.

freeacre said...

Thanks for checking in, Bernie. We were wondering how it is going with you. E-mail us with details. Hope all is well.

Good luck, Montana, with possibly borrowing your friends car. That would be cool.

Anonymous said...

sis,i asked her if i could borrow her car to go see a friend and she said, and i quote''the tree that you were in charge of blew over and smashed my car and i have no insurance to fix it and you ask me to borrow it?, yes i said very excited, she replied ''if you were in the middle of the sahara dessert and and the nearest water was 100 miles away i would not let you even look at my car, even though it is now a piece of junk'' i was stunned at her selfishness and begged without any sense of pride,on my knees i begged without any sense of pride, i told her this was a long lost friend i hadn't seen in years and that we might of even had the same father, she just looked at me with complete disgust and said that she never wanted to see me again and to give her back her porno dvd's. man i was fractured to the bone, so i copied her excellent porno dvd's and gave them back and now i sit in shameful prideless mortification because i know by tomorrow it will be all around the village what a scumbag i am and unfit to hang out with lepers much less regular people..
maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

MF, too funny, man. Tell yer neighbor to take it up w/ Universe.

Oldensoul says harvest 2011 has begun. She canned 20 quarts of stewed rhubarb today, with a pile of garlic scapes next to process and broccoli soon to follow. Peas are heavy with pods and still blooming. Raspberries have set fruit and promise a bountiful yield, if the elements don't interfere. Days have been warm and sunny. Things are growing well here. Warm nights help a lot. Today it rained most of the day, and now it's cool, like New York weather.


Anonymous said...

Hey there MF, sorry to hear that the possibility of using that car has not worked out. We have to be checked out of our digs up here in Whitefish by 10PM and figured we would drive straight on down thru Big Fork to the Kerr Dam to check it out ( the gushing spillway ).

So what does it take roughly to do that, cover that distance, an hour and a half, maybe two? If something changes you can contact me at the number I left in my July 8, 2011 2:32 PM post above in this thread. Also you can use my wifes number, same area code then 861-9222.

We need to be back at the Kalispell airport at 3PM, to get ready for our 5PM flight. I don't think we would have enough time to do the dam and drive over to Hotsprings then back to the airport in time. But on the other hand, we might be able to fit in just driving to Hotsprings and back if we didn't go to the Kerr Dam ( we already checked out the Hungry Horse Dam, quite amazing itself ). I'll talk to my wife and daughters in the morning to see what they think about that idea.

If they say lets do it then I'll need a way to find where your at. I'll check here at the Trout Clan and at my e-mail ( also listed in the earlier post ) in the morning and see if you left a message, or like I mentioned you can just call us too. Maybe you have a contact number that we could get a hold of you with.

We went across the " going-to-the-sun " highway today over to St Mary's Lake and back. Holy Cow, that whole area is just stupendous with such magnificent scenery! Got alot of great photos along the way :-)

Well maybe we will get a chance to see you tomorrow MF if it all works out :-)


Anonymous said...

holy smokes, yep they are ya know.
wizard and his beautiful family rolled in today and we had an excellent chat over pizza at the local bar and grill, what a surprise and what an incredible synchronicity event.
i would not of been at home if not for the platform belt on my rider mower exploding and sailing off into the breeze where i was working. no one knew where i was, my friend was at my house doing computer work but she does not answer the door or answer the phone when i'm not around, (thats just how she rolls) so the timing was perfect, i had only been home about five minutes when the doorbell rang and there they were on my front porch and yard. man it was great, if they had another day to stay we just might of headed on down to rockpicker and marge's house.. amazing stuff whats going on i can tell ya that for sure my brothers/sisters.
wizard blessed my friend and i both with one of his hand created heads naturally fired that to me had the look of ancientness and from a really long time ago.. drawing on akrashic memories it feels to me, i thank you so much for those gifts wizard and they go on my shrine along with other sacred objects provided by our trout clan whom i know as star people.

Anonymous said...


my friend also says to say thank you greatly and was very much impressed with your wife and the girls also as well as i.
i can tell you one thing about my friend after knowing her for 11 years, i still don't understand hardly a goddam thing she says but the mystery of what she says leaves me in a place where i wish i was a wiser person and thats a fact because the feel of her words coming from some other worldly view leaves me in rags and tatters.

it is my hope that at some time and place we of the trout clan can all gather together at some location and spend some days meditating the various experiences we each could bring to the campfire face to face so to speak, because i think it would be beneficial to each of us and to the world for such a gathering to take place.

i feel truly honored to be among those that crave a deeper design for the two-leggeds and for the understanding that must take place for this to come about.

at this time the fever of intensity hangs in the air and the ''outcome'' not as and ending and a beginning but as a state of mind would be put in place by the hand of the great spirit.
this mutation being brought about by the sacred intention of universal, dare i say love? is here and is shaping the future as sure as the astroid belt that will soon infold us will be welcomed as the uplifting that is so desperately needed.

the two-leggeds after a millennium of servitude, worshipping the gods of war and destruction are being brought to the edge of extinction in order to smell the sweet kiss of final death, the ultimate death, the death that brings the wholeness to the human heart, that death where there is no denial of anything,
that death where at one time was the master of evil and called the wonderful, the so called self. the treacherous frankenstein conglomeration put together by the threads of a mystery so far back as to be located in obscurity and best not even dwelt upon as the flavor of the beast is as a rattlesnake bite and should be given wide berth.
this is unfortunate a beginning for the two-leggeds me thinks but so be it. it is the truth, or not.
so much for the words of a de-arranged mind using the english language as the second unequaled in nourishment for the heart for it is malnutrition and starved also for the love that hangs in the balance of the universal pride that falls like scales of a reptile, no scales you say? then what are those flakes of inedibility laying around the innocent?
we have much to learn she says and the time of it is now for there is no other as everyone knows but does not know. humm, this is the beginning and it is always a beginning as there is no always there is a beginning without the always being only the active present and the heart rests there among brothers and sisters and the urge to merge. the lost is no more, for it was never found.
the peace we seek is among us, i relish it, it weaves as incense smoke and fragrance hangs in the nostrils.

murph said...


I am so glad that the Wizard made it to see you.

We too dream of a time when the trout clan can assemble in one place. We have stuck together for quite a few years now.

freeacre said...

SWEET! I knew it would be good if you and The Wizard and his dear family got to meet.

Yes. I think it would be very good to plan our own little pow-wow. Good for you guys!!

freeacre said...

Thank you, Montana Freeman and Bug (Langusta). Your words empower us all.

Anonymous said...

MF it was truly a treat to get a chance to visit you and your friend Souln :-) We just got home from our trip this afternoon. It was a wonderful ending to our adventure up north to get to see you guys just before we flew out! We made it to the airport with 20 minutes to spare :-)

Yes it all worked out like it was meant to be :-) We were figuring on driving to Hotsprings and leaving a couple of heads with one of your local businesses so you could pick it up later after I posted a note about it ( and where to pick them up ) to the trout clan so you would know I did make it too your fair town :-)

Then when we got there I remembered your various stories about riding your quad around town with your Chihuahua's on board. I figured its a pretty small town ( pop 500 ), maybe if I asked around someone would know you, me thinking that would be unique, a guy riding his quad with Chihuahua's as co-pilots :-)

Well after making some inquires, at the store on HWY 28 and Rd77, the Town Hall trying to find Bev who knows all but not there that day, talking to Chad the law enforcement guy, a few patrons at the local watering hole, another guy who rides his quad too with pooches aboard, the quad guy said follow me and I'll take you to the place where the person you are looking for may reside :-)

Glad you and Souln suggested the Pizza place for food and more visiting. My family and I all agreed that was one tasty Pizza! As you MF and Freeacre have mentioned above it would be fun to get together for a Trout Clan Pow Wow :-) Something like that I think would be pretty tuff to pull off given people live far from eachother and have varying abilities to travel, with problematic scheduling difficulties. But like MF finding me greeting him at his front door, sometimes things happen that you never expected, but you are glad they did :-)

Well we thorougly enjoyed or visit to the Glacier National Park and its surrounding area. I was using the Google satalite images to see the terrain from Glacier all the way through Canada up far into Alaska and its amazing just how much incredible mountainous lanscape there is in those vast areas.

So much troubles on many fronts coming for humanity, but clearly there will be many strong and resilient people who will continue to make lives for themselves in those remote lands.

Well there will be varied ways to " make it " and adapt to " the Great Crumbling " as I saw one person call it, many differant types of landscapes where we will do this.

We will all face many challenges, but it is good to know that we will be journeying into this unknown future with many, many good and amazing people. MF I consider you one of them and am very glad we had a chance to meet :-)


stoney13 said...

Montana Freeman,

We've had the same bear that comes through here every year for the last fifteen year! The only thing she's ever hurt were two bird feeders!

I was watching one of those viral video shows on the "One-Eyed Monster" once that had a bear sniffing quietly at a stump, and doing bear things in a place that looked like a pretty good place for bears to do them!

Unfortunately some idiot had consumed a sufficient quantity of his favorite alcoholic beverage to make him think, that running up behind this bear, and kicking it in it's nether regions with enough force to lift it's hind paws of the ground was an informed decision! It was the first of many to be found sadly failing!

Bears run 35 MPH. Drunks dont!

Bears skilfully, and rapidly climb trees! Drunks don't!

In fact the bear, in my opinion showed remarkable restraint considering the unwarranted attack that lead to the situation! It just bit him about three times, and swatted him over, and into the middle of a monstrous blackberry thicket where it left him, after a few roars, and snorts!

Usually bears take a dim view to this kind of assault, and eat those who perpetrate them on their person without taking a lot of time about seeing if they're dead first! This one just walked off slow, and cool, looking over it's shoulder ever now and again.

All through the running, the climbing, the biting, and the swatting, this guys so called "friend", kept the subject matter in perfect focus, dead in the center of the screen, and giggled to himself from behind the camera, like a school girl!

The worst part is, when the talking heads came back on, to explain to us poor ignorant peasants what we had just seen, THEY BLAMED THE FUCKING BEAR!!!!!!!

stoney13 said...


Of all the plants grown today, hemp seems to be the only one that can even begin to knock a dent in the oil thirst!

Hemp oil is a byproduct of the milling process of grinding the seeds, so it won't be taking anything from the table! Hemp seeds grind down to a a fine flour, which is incredibly nutritious.

Plus the stalks make excellent paper, and fiber,.