Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Political Circus

photo courtesy of Hot Springs Wizard

by murph

In the last few months Freeacre and I have been flummoxed over what appears as news these days. Since our TV’s won’t do anything more than play DVD’s and we can’t watch broadcast stuff, we are out of the loop on MSN. So we go to all our favorite Internet sites to find out what is happening, or at least to get an idea about current events. Our radio reception is so poor that we just don’t indulge in it.

I have also waited to put up a new post until the Tuesday vote on the new budget proposal in Washington.

We have periodically over the last couple of years commented on the seemingly escalating evidence of the deterioration of our society and government. Every day it is something new to get us upset. Cryptogon had a posting on the voter registration in Wisconsin that was very interesting. Seems that a person’s voting registration was linked to bank account activity. What the hell!? Now you have to show not only citizenship, a couple forms of identity docs, AND bank account activity? I wonder when they are going to start asking for documentation for how many times you have had sex last month and how many glasses of water you drank last week. I guess that might involve testimony before a judge (with oaths, swearing on the bible and notarization) by a person close to you to back up your claim so you can vote.

The July 17th posting from the Archdruid got on one of my favorite rants; education. I’ve talked a bit about it over time on this blog. A number of authors that I respect have spent time on the subject. I’ve had just a bit of experience pertaining to this subject; having spent 4 periods of my life engaged in some form of formal education and have done some teaching; about 3 years worth, part time mostly. It amounts up to 21 years of full time formal schooling, right around 1/3 of my life to the present. Economically, it has gained me very little and put me in debt such that I can never pay it off. I have commented before that going to school has changed a lot in the last 50 years. My last stint in the 90’s left me breathless in observing the changes, both at the university level and the elementary and high school level. Generally, formal schooling has devolved into primarily job training. It was not always so. The consequence is that we have people graduating from some school at whatever level in the expectation and dream of getting a well paying job. As the Archdruid pointed out; what job? Going to school does not create jobs. There are only a certain percentage of jobs that demand special training (schooling) and if the amount of people trained for these jobs exceeds the jobs available, more schooling will not solve an employment problem. On top of that, the jobs available are changing so fast that by the time you graduate, that particular area you studied so hard for may not even be available anymore or soon phased out. Plus, at a university level, the debt level to get that training is excessive and is going in that direction for parents at the grade school and high school level, more so at the college level.

What has happened in my opinion is a very drastic shift in the definition of what it means to be educated. We have shifted away from the idea that being educated means being able to integrate diverse information, being able to think critically, being at least functionally literate, having a broad view of trends and perhaps most important, being able to examine critically ones own perceptions and conclusions, and a good grounding in history. Instead, we have gone to a high degree of specialization, lack of knowledge of anything outside of a specific specialization, mostly memorization, little critical thinking and borderline literacy and little curiosity outside of the “job training” and almost no knowledge of history. The consequence is that we have a generation or two that has no idea of what has been done to us, what we have had to give up and why from the manipulations of the elites of this world. The changes have been relatively slow and what they currently experience is normal to them. Their lack of knowledge of history gives them nothing to compare “now” to the “past” and does not give them the ability to project into the future what is likely to be the consequences. Witness the popularity of the Tea Party and the radical groups that form, (politically and religious) reform and shift allegiances at the drop of a hat with no clear agenda and no understanding of consequences of what they do pay homage to. Blind obedience to ideology has taken the place of thinking and critical analysis for most of society. As a side note on this, in our area, the amount of people ignorant of local events is astounding, even though the local paper announces it well ahead of time. The excuse: “I don’t read the paper”. In fact, I suspect that they cannot read well, it is a chore and so they don’t. The old farts that have spent the time and effort to keep up with events in their life can explain all day what we have lost and it is for the most part wasted effort on the majority of the population that are the result of our famed American educational system. Technology uber alles is the chant in refutation. The attitude seems to be centered on the concept that “hard reality” is only a malleable variable in life. While the idea that “drill baby drill” as a panacea to our energy problems is starting to retreat it still seems to be the predominant point of view for most Americans. While the green energy advocates are still agitating for massive expenditures, some hard questions of its viability are starting to show up in the mainstream thinking.

Few people are willing to examine how our lives are going to change; our lives are going to become less efficient and more resilient, less convenient and more human energy output in living. Government services will decrease and become undependable. We are seeing that going on around us. For individuals and communities that are striving for localization and sustainability, government is becoming less relevant. And yet, government, in order to preserve their authority and perks are loading more economic burdens on the populations and increasing their harassment.

I’ve stated before that it sure appears to me that the internet as we know and use it today is not going to last. Free exchange of information, criticalness of government actions, criticalness of large corporations simply is not acceptable to a fascist, autocratic plutocracy. The internet also serves a function for like minded folks of whatever persuasion to exchange information and opinion, (and even to organize resistance) again unacceptable to the PTB and their minions, especially if it does not parrot the accepted positions within the elites.

The political circus going on for a while now over the government debt and the entitlements (that the republicorps hate) is so laughable that I can hardly stand it. No matter what your favorite political ideology is, flat out stopping or vastly reducing what they call entitlements to citizens is going to cause havoc. Notice that they also include SS into the category of entitlements. Pure unadulterated bull shit. It was a government sponsored savings program that all wage serfs contributed to with the idea that it would provide at least minimum living standards upon retirement. Give politicians and oligarchs access to funds and it will soon be gone, which is what has happened with that savings program. Also notice that the advocates of smaller government and balanced budget don’t say a word about corporate entitlements and freebies, nor do they want to talk about funding wars or the huge amount of money being made by the people that are supposed to be running the government. Hypocrites, all of them.

Some of the latest economic projections indicate a booming inflation coming our way. There is the contrary opinion for deflation out there too. Personally, I expect inflation big time. Not so sure of hyperinflation, but it is the only alternative I can see to the economic mess we are in. If, IF our government bonds are downgraded in value, inflation (or degrading the value of the dollar) is the only way to stave off default. Interest on the national debt takes all the tax money that is collected in one analysis I read. It sure appears to me that no matter what action is taken, we as a viable democratic republic are doomed. I rather doubt that starting ANOTHER war is going to keep things moving either, a tactic that has been successful so far.

Then I read and listen to the statements by the political candidates and I have the opposite reaction. Instead of being amused, I find my stomach churning. How did these idiots get into politics anyway? Lowest common denominator? For all those lovers of the smaller government put out by the republicorps propagandists and all their minions, take a look at these stats. Oh yeh, Ronny Ray-gun is the savior in economic policy and trickle down economics is a message from god. The Koch brothers and the Tea Party really need to get their heads out of their collective asses.

Met a younger fellow the other day that said that he is bored most of the time. Sheesh, bored? With all the shit going on today? Freeacre and I are as busy as we have ever been. Her son has arrived and that takes some time to get everything set up. Garden and greenhouse finally growing well, hope there is enough growing season left to get some harvest. The guy that in previous years has had a farmers market here hasn’t even shown up this year, yet anyway. We kind of depended on him for stuff we couldn’t grow enough of or couldn’t grow at all. I actually saw 4 honeybees yesterday out working some of the garden blooms. I wonder where they live.


freeacre said...

I'm going to go out and pick a bunch of rhubarb and make a rhubarb pie. we may need it this weekend. George Ure is predicting the possibility of a "Black Monday" type crash when the stock market opens. When it happened in 1987, I was so involved in my own story that I never even noticed it. I guess that's one good thing about having nothing to lose... Additionally, he gave another review of the expanding earth theory and is also cautioning that the earth might expand due to the increased gamma rays being emitted from the Sun right now. (E=MC2 works both ways). So, a large earthquake very soon might also be created due to this. Or, it could be due to the alignment of elenin, or whatever, in the solar system. At any rate, pie might be extra good right now.
Apologies to my dear husband, murph, in case I sound like a great example of the under-educated dumbasserie blabbing bullshit on the net. lol Just kidding, My Love.

Anonymous said...

Murph, wow, what a great post! I'll be sending that one to my bro Dane :-) I don't know how you and Freeacre consistently put together such great appraisels. It keeps reminding me of why when I first came across your blog after Carolyn Baker did a piece some years back about you guys regarding people's various ideas and responses to the great changes we are witnessing, that I thought, there is something special about the Trout Clan Campfire :-)

And Freeacre, these comments you made in the last topic speak to me of the kind of person your are:

" I am holding you all in my heart. At this campfire we have expressed what is important or true for us. We have learned so much from each other ",

" I can't tell you all how much you mean to me. I'd be here all night ",

an honest, thoughful, caring, intelligent, generous, etc, etc, human being that I am very glad to have come to know :-) I could say more but you get the idea :-)

Regarding my photo in this topic, there is a really cool face in it occupying the upper middle area of the pic. A hint, its neckline starts at the foamy white water. It reminds me of some ancient earth being that has been enveloped by time and nature :-) I will describe it in more detail in a later post :-)

Here is a missive which I think will be of interest from the Excavator Blog:

Whether It Is The Terror Crisis Or The Debt Crisis, The Solution Is Always A Super Dictatorship


murph said...


Thanks. Glad you like the post. Lately I have had trouble coming up with something to talk about again. With what appears to be an acceleration of events, they have been surpassed within a day or two by something else to get us upset. I suppose that is one reason I tend these days to write in generalities.

But, it sure appears to me that the whole national situation is coming to a head. We may see all the atrocities and stupidities and greed get kicked in the ass yet.

Pangolin said...

Your young male friend is bored because he has almost no agency in his life. His options are to work as an automaton for somebody else at wages that will barely provide him with the sustenance and shelter needed to maintain the job or to drop out and be forever pursued, harassed and demonized by law enforcement while also having only bare sustenance.

Marriage or long term relationships for most young men under 30 is out of the question as they are unable to commit to providing for another nor are they able to honestly certify that they won't become an undue burden to their possible partners.

They have no access to land, water and shelter so they cannot garden, farm or tinker and produce real goods to exchange.

They cannot self-educate as the employment value of education is now solely bound to certificates from institutions demanding lifetime indentures in exchange for a dubious product. My sister spends $40k/year to send one of her scions to college. The scion is to all appearances, a nitwit, with no common sense or judgement after three years of this "education."

No, nobody is going to shut down the internet because if they do society will explode in 24 hours. The internet is a safety valve.

Holding pattern continues until nature swings her bat.

rockpicker said...


I love your assurance. It's a strength we sense in your voice, like when William Wallace and the Scottish boys stood waiting on the lines for the English charge, and the Irishman tells Wallace, "I had a talk with th' Almighty today. He says He thinks He can get me out of this."

"But He says, He thinks you're pretty much fucked."

And Wallace just has no reply...

"...When Nature swings her bat.."

Aye, then, I assume you are referring to the comet Elenin and other celestial harbingers about to enter the roobish lexicon.

Are we human beings having a spiritual experience? Or spiritual beings having a human experience?

Anonymous said...

So the ancient being in the photo is looking left, but it is not a complete profile. It begins as a neck line moving upward and leftward to a strong, broad chin. The mouth is just above that as a long horizonatal crack. The nose begins at the small dark shadow above the mouth line, at the left end of it.

The nose line above the shadow moves a bit to the left, then the crack goes upward from the nose tip representing the continued nose bridge. At the top of that crack, on the left side is a wider and short dark crevice line which represents the left eye which is closed. The right eye is a smallish area of bare rock just left of the middle of the the thin tree trunk, another closed eye.

The green moss moving across the top middle portion of the photo represents the brow/forehead.

The being is in a long sleep, it is very wise, and has been here for more time than we can imagine. Its extended Clan the ORI exist in many natural forms and they are everywhere, hiding in plain sight.

They are in harmony with universe, and they are one with it, not seperate. They can teach important lessons, for those who care to listen. We do not worry them because they know the sorrows of our ill deeds, is an ephemeral passing shadow that is so brief in time as to be hardly noticed.

They are part of a much grander scheme of things which began in the Singularity, the source, that from which they were born. They live within the Circle of everything, a construct that is immeasurably vast, complex and beautiful. They are the eye that watchs all, they are the truth. It brings me peace of mind to know they are with us :-)

So, what do you see?


Pangolin said...

Rockpicker_The comet leaves me with a "meh" response. Not a lot we can do about if NASA is blowing smoke about it's trajectory.

I'm actually thinking about the transition from relatively predictable events to sudden transitional states mentioned in Dmitri Orlov's latest post.

Anyone who isn't aware that the weather has going totally bonkers at unpredictable intervals is living in a cellar. We're also getting wild swings in oil prices. All this is contributing to the political thrashing we see in D.C. mentioned in the OP.

Anonymous said...

On a funny note, my wife showed me this Dilbert comic the other day.

There is this guy in a white shirt and tie holding a paper/list, and this gal with pyrimid shaped hair in a room with a coffee maker on a counter nearby.

The guy says " I'm preparing for the complete meltdown of our financial system "

and " I've got six months food and water "

and " I have batteries, flashlights and gold coins "

then the gal says " I'm prepared too "

and " I have your home address "

then " and I noticed that your preparations are light on defensive weaponry "

Then in the next scene they are both just standing there saying nothing.

Then lastly the gal says " Can you add some protein bars to the shopping list? "

So for all of you hardcore survivalist prepared people out there, you are someone elses plan B when TSHTF :-)


freeacre said...

The wife of a friend of ours is in Portland taking care of a sick aunt. So, we invited him over for dinner. He needed some eggs, so we gave him a couple of dozen. Then, he offered us a rick of firewood. There's more to survival than stock up. We need to reach out and share what we have. That's how one needs to live in order to survive...that, and plenty of firepower to protect against those that just don't get it, I figure.
Pangolin,nice to hear from you. I feel a little better for the younger ones. I think that they are coming up with new stuff and ways of dealing with their world, which is so different from the one that we grew up in. Spending 40 grand a year to send a dipshit to college is money down the drain, especially if one has to borrow the money to go to school. That's just human bondage.
Hardship is not all bad. Honest-to-God hardship, where the tv is off and you have to focus on reality and grow a pair, is going to be good for a lot of us eventually. The kids are going to do more than go to the mall and dink around.
The older ones are who I fear will have to answer the question of whether they are having a spiritual experience, or a human one. Probably sooner than they'd prefer.

whitewater fraggle said...

Humanity is subject to ecological principles and will be reduced in numbers through time. I am skeptical of religious like moments where humanity is saved by an outside force from a terminal decline either by enlightenment or quick destruction (Elenin, 2012, Aliens, Christ, Shiva. But regardless of some difference in opinion, I believe this guy has some interesting views on reality:

freeacre said...

Good to hear from you, Whitewater Fraggle. I like Clif High, too. I've got all of his reports. I like the way he thinks. Lately, though, I wonder if all this stuff is getting to him. I hope he gets to spend more time on his boat. I didn't listen through the whole interview because the sound kept breaking up too much for me. Rats.
I dunno. I often feel torn between wanting to attain a clearer, spiritual, "higher" perspective - yet some sort of voice within says, "Honor the incarnation that you are in." I take that to mean "Be as aware as you can to what is about you, and react with the appropriate emotions and deeds."
Interesting happenings on the financial front. More zillions lost by the masses and probably siphoned off by the 1%. What happend to all those digi dollars if the grid goes down?

rockpicker said...

I meant to post this link with my comment above. It explains my question, are we spiritual beings having a human experience, or vice versa?

According to Jet Propulsion Laboratories and NASA, comet Elenin is not conjecture. It's real. It's coming. And it's 200,000 kilometers across.

On or near Sept. 26, it will pass between the earth and the sun. It will appear to be as large as the full moon. Also, earth, elenin, the sun and mars will all be in alignment. At that point elenin will be .3 AU, (the distance from earth to the sun,) from earth. When Fukushima happened, there was an alignment with elenin, but then it was 2 + AU away.

So, what I'm saying is, isn't it about time to start discussing the ramifications of all this?

Screw the economy. These coming events are the real game-changer.

Pangolin said...

Just trying to understand this. Easily double the mass of that comet shifted off the Himalayan plateau in the form of lost glacial ice in the last year. Quite a lot more in Greenland and some huge chunk from Antarctica. All shifting the balance of the earth's spin just as if you moved some magnets around on the rim of a bicycle wheel.

And you blame the earthquake on a comet 2+AU away? You might want to review the math of gravitation.

freeacre said...

There is a plethora of info about comet Elenin or maybe it's a dwarf star, Nibiru. Much conflicting information that is very frustrating. I kinda like this one:

And, this one is brings up some issues if it is a dwarf star:;_September_16-26,_2011.html

Additionally, there is Geryl's work that predicts that the sun will emit progressively stronger and stronger solar flares and CME's until Dec. 2012 when it will fry most everybody and shift the magnetic poles and the earth's crust.

In terms of the stock markets tanking and gold going sky high, maybe the 1% really did suck as much money as possible out of the total so they could finance a survival plan of their own (underground facilities, or off-world bases, etc.) While the majority of us get to experience the Die Off. If the news from Fukushima continues to be as dire as it is lately, we all might be dead men walking.
One way or another, we ought to be able to figure it out over the next few months. I agree, Rockpicker, everything else pales in comparison.

murph said...


On the surface, your skepticism is legitimate. A couple of things to consider;
1. If the electric universe boys are correct, there is a lot more than gravity to deal with.
2. So far, I have not seen data on what effect planetary alignment has on gravity. Is it additive? Or cumulative? Or maybe a multiplier?

I am a real advocate of being aware of possibilities and their consequences. Of course, possibilities are just that, not for sure events. Some possibilities we cannot plan or prepare for, some we can. Differentiation between the two is the object of preparedness. If indeed a comet is going to have disastrous effects on this planet, not much we can do about it or make preparations for the event. Different for the economic crap going on. Can't change it, but can make serious preparations to survive it. I figure that it depends on just how much damage will be done and figuring the chances of surviving it.

Anonymous said...

Regarding this proposed comet Elenin, Nibiru, etc and " everything else pales in comparison ", that would depend on the actual merits of these claims. From what I have seen of the various info on these subjects, I'd bet no dramatic events from space are going to come along to create havoc here on earth in the next few years, or for the period of our lifetimes either. Events like that in the larger scheme of things are exceedingly rare.

I think 12-21-2012 ( and the Mayan endtimes/transition prognostications ) will come and go, and the overall patterns ( in space, the econmoy, world, etc ) of things as we see them occurring ( dire albeit ) will contine. I've seen over time various such predictions made, but when those " dates of occurances " come and go it gets quickly forgotten as the " predictors " move on to their next sure vision of what will come.

Its like the Pisgah example I recently discussed here, I'll bet all that info with multiple associated links is still up at Dutchsinse but the reality is, nothing has or is going on there.

I guess if we are all still here and kicking in October, and Elenin hasn't rocked our world, we can scratch another false prediction off the list of things to worry about. I don't mean any disrespect but I think mis-interpretations are being made.

There are some things we can alter about our lives, some ways we can prepare for what is to come for each of us in our futures, but on the other hand there is a whole lot that is completely out of our control. We can only do so much, but if we are planning on sticking around we might as well spend time on doing what we are able, or are willing to do.

Regardng that Dilbert comic, I thought it was pretty darn funny, but that does not mean I endorse the robbing of people's preperations. I told my brother about the add and he said " let em try ". In his case they would definitely be dealing with a well armed Wolverine :-)

On the other hand I agree with Freeacre that dealing with the crumbling of society will importantly involve working to help eachother where possible, and where its reasonable to do so.

Lastly, I have been watching the 1PM Dylan Ratigan segment ( 8-09 ) on MSNBC and at the end of the first half of the show Dylan has thrown down a heated rant ( holy cow ) you might want to check out on google video if its available. Its a sure sign of the rising anger being precipitated by the big circus of corrupt mayhem thats ripping so many people's lives apart.

Unpredictable days ahead. We shall see what unfolds.


freeacre said...

HSW, if I were really convinced that there was going to be a cataclysm from space of some sort, I think I'd be maxing out my credit cards on a trip around the world. Note that I am still going ahead with the chicken coop celebration dinner tonight at the Grange, and we are still watering the garden.

rockpicker said...

It has happened before, and it's happening again. Many will find
lots of good reasons to discount
what our elders say is coming.
The blue kachina and the red kachina.
The two nephews, escorting in
the end of days. To not recognize
what is happening, (that what is happening is unique to man's recent
experience,) is to be in denial.
Yes, ice is melting and crust is rising but crust is sinking as well
and tectonic rebound does not explain wildly increasing vulcanism
so let's admit that events are
occurring we cannot anticipate,
stuck in our old-world
infinite- growth, rote-known
regurgitated -science mind.

There is a good possibility
the big questions we've learned
to avoid for survival
in a usurious world will loom
like glacier-licking waves.
Who am I? Are we one?

I lived with a woman who remembered
the last time. She sat on a slope
on an island in the middle earth sea, and held hands with friends
as the great wave came in.

It has happened before. It will happen again. It is the secret
hammered in gold in the Labyrinth
Herodotus told of, the great hall
dismissed as illusion Geryl's proved lies buried in Hawara's sands.

It's happened before, and it will
happen again, because it's a cyclical event your professors could not tell you about because
their professors were on a need to know basis, and no clear need

was shown. This has all been known
for a very long time. Hancock
dove the sunken sites of drowned
cities to prove we've faced
this ultimatum before.

Let's not argue the merits
of preparation. Let us face
the tipping wave
with some semblance of grace.

freeacre said...

You make a beautiful point, Rockpicker. I am thinking on it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

RP, Denial? I am disagreeing with some of the prognostications, conclusions being suggested here. I think some people like to use the " denial " word/concept when contesting others that disagree with them as an easy way to say, " I'm right, your wrong ". I really think the " denial "word is mis-used, often.

Like for example RP you wrote " wildly increasing vulcanism " as related to world volcanic activity I presume. I don't agree with that at all, based on consideration of a wide range of info. I don't think there is reasonable case for any noticeable change in the overall pattern of volcanic activity worldwide.

So you might refer to my disagreeing with you on that issue as denial, but in my opinion its just a case of two people drawing different conclusions and disagreeing on what is actually occuring.

One argement in accordance with truth however will have more merit than the other in my opinion, thats of course if there actually is in this universe such a thing as solid discernable truth as determined and filterd by the human mental artchitecture.

The actual merit/truth of things is important for us to try and discern to the best of our abilities. Some say things that show no reason, but cite, just have faith, it does not have to make sense. If your manner of interpreting the world does not require reason, it does not have to make some sort of sense and have any sensible pattern to it, it just requires that you believe it, then, sensible paramerters for interpretation are said to be not important, and in that case, anyone can say their truth is " accurate ", all thats needed is that you suspend reason, have faith, just believe.

But without reason, the moon can actually be made out of Green Cheese, and the Urantuns are really hiding in their spaceship behind the Hale Bop Comet.

For me, I choose to work on a system of interpretting the world that seeks as much as possibel a sensible framwork to build futher understanding upon. Without reason, ideas/opinions can all be said to be right/truthful, its just points of views built on sand.

Freeacre, My point is that myriad predictions get made by various people, and when they don't pan out, I do take notice of this. Alot of the " predictors " seem to easily forget when their predicitons end up not occurring. Its like the previous predictions made by them never happended and don't matter, and do not alter their credibility, and they then move on to their next prognostications. So a date of Sept 26th is supposed to produce some earth changing event. We shall see. I think there is no reasonable basis for such a claim.

Now that is just my point of view on this particular subject so hope no one gets miffed about me " speaking my truth ". Disagreements are always a prodigious part of the human experience. Like the line in the old Pink Floyd song, the important thing as that we " keep talking ", and through this we come to understand eachother more, and things are definitely learned along the way :-)

Regarding that Dylan Ratigan Rant I mentioned, here is the You Tube link:

Here's The Epic Dylan Ratigan Rant That Everyone Is Talking About

Yesterday Dylan Ratigan went on an epic anti-Wall Street, anti-money printing, anti-Congress rant that we hear blew up on his Facebook page like never before.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics, HSW

Whoa- the DOW is taking a dump.

So, ya'll think this is the bigee? Is it time to get to get my ass to Costco and stock-up on 5 gal. drums of cheese wizz? I think I might -and some kitty food, too. Got to keep the "Attack Kitties" fed or they might want to naw on my Hush Puppies -or my toes!
Dang beasties.

"News" from the MSM? There ain't no such thing as real, non-BS news from the MSM, Murph, so you not missing much. Hell, I stopped watching PBS "News" a long time ago. NPR? The hell with that shit. I was somewhere last summer, can't remember where, but they had NPR on in the place and on this "news" program they were discussing Osama Bin Ladin. Like, where he might be hiding, his future terrorist plans, etc. -for an ENTIRE HOUR! So, NPR wasted an hour of supposed "news" time talking about the activities of a DEAD DUDE! Jebus!

One of my nieces is starting college this month. Man, I'd sure like to tell her to blow it off. Granted, I had a total blast at college, but that was when it was a lot cheaper and things didn't suck as much as they do today. My brother's going to shill-out a butt-load of bucks so my niece can work at a $10/hour job. Maybe.... if this DOW dump doesn't get the collapse ball a-roll'in, she won't be going anywhere, except maybe to the back of a cheese line.

Garden Update:

Things are a-grow'in. Finally.

Cucumbers are totally yummy. Cabbage is ready for "slawing."
Raddishes are hot as hell.
Onions are keeping people away from me.
Beans, carrots and mellons are move'in up and out.
And the other day, we picked an orange tomatoe, an orange Woodle, its called, and man! It was totally tasty! Hopefully we get some more ripe ones soon.

Ok, gotta git.

Ya'll hang-on now.


Anonymous said...

Geez, sorry, I forgot to type this:





rockpicker said...

Ha! The Devil DID make them do it!

Hot Springs, not many would argue that vulcanism, both on land and under water, has not increased dramatically in the last few years.

On the other hand, until the last decade, we really had no idea of the extent of undersea volcanoes. Turns out there are shitloads of volcanoes and vents going off all over the world under the oceans, and only the US Navy and a few private research institutes even have a clue. BTW, Mt. Cleveland in Alaska blew yesterday. And, the USGS announced that underwater volcanoes have been errupting intermittenly off the coast of Oregon since April, when Dutchsinse said as much, but was denigrated for the call. And as far as Pisgah Crater goes, it was not compelling footage, but someone got a video shot of what appears to be a white plume of smoke, dust, steam, something, in the Pisgah area, along with about twenty other possible venting images in the same time period throughout California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington. And as far as seismic movement, the ground under you, south and east of L.A. is quaking like aspen.

rockpicker said...

Anybody able to explain this?

rockpicker said...

This is from May.

Holly Deyo keeps track of vulcanism. Check out her stuff.

freeacre said...

Regarding Rockpicker's link...

Pangolin said...

Rockpicker's link isn't much of a surprise. It actually has a lot to do with the global political flailing. What will be interesting, in a watch the forest fire kind of way, will be the crop production reports in November.

Right now we're staring at dead corn in fields and video clips of farmers auctioning their best brood cows. Come November we get to see which portion of 6.8 billion people gets to eat in 2012. (hint <100%)

It's that bad.

murph said...


Yup, it's that bad! And going to get worse. I figure that those people that are putting their hopes into a return to normalcy anytime in the near future are going to be very disappointed. I wonder what the death figures in the US are going to be in 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a return to normalcy shouldn't be that difficult, especially since Obama said this is the US of A, and just because some rating agency gave us a downgrade, that is just BS since we have always been a AAA country and always will be AAA. Pretty much par for the course as the standard mantra in the MSM these days, american exceptionalism as per Chris Mathews recent commercial. All we have to do is whip up a bunch of jobs and put everybody back to work ( easy enough ) and wer'e all back livin it up again! There all friggin nuts!

I wonder sometimes as a percentage, how many of those idiots actually believe what they are spewing, and how many know what they are saying is full of shit, but realize thats just how you have to play the game to be in the mainstream of politics and MSM these days.

RP, Regarding world vulcanism, more recent technology has begun to allow humanity to understand in much greater clarity certain things going on below the surface of the deep ocean. Of course lots of new features in those great depths are then are found like volcanic venting and such that were never known before.

So some people say hey, the scientist are finding more and more volcanic activity in the sea, and then they erroneously assume that it must mean there is an increase of activity when what is there is just normal features that humans were not able to detect before. No increase, just new discoveries.

As far as land based volcanic activity, I only see fringe websites claiming some massive increase, but just looking at whats going on around the world in general, and referencing any kinds of main scientific info I have not seen anyone making these claims.

So a " massive increase " in volcanic activity would mean to my mind " very noticeable " since surface volcanic events get alot of press, especially when they first get noted.

So where are these massive amounts of events occuring? North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc, etc? We have 24/7 news and anyone really see anything regarding volcanic activity happening on an increasingly massive scale? I don't.

I realize the earth has gone through great changes regarding vulcanism in its history, but referencing my lifetime, I don't see anything out of the average normal pattern occurring.

And regarding Pisgah, I realize that for some people it really doesn't matter if literally nobody in our area, no agency, the nearby marine base, no media, no one has noticed anything happening there, the persons suggesting this event/events still are determined to stick to their call, almost like you just have to take their claim on faith. Their evidence in my opinion doesn't add up on any level. And as I said even if I went out there and confirmed that absolutely nothing was going on, they would just say, it was there, and now its gone, or something like that.

Aside from that I think we will all be trying to cope with much more grave issues that are unfolding now in ernest than chasing down ghost eruptions in remote desert areas :-)


Anonymous said...

rp... maybe its the ghost of things to come? actually, it starts out looking like its a flying biscuit. maybe even the same one the flying biscuit restaurant in atl named itself after. never known it to land though. and never known it had a face, clearly visible emerging from the right end at 50 seconds and reminiscent of the sphinx. in fact, at that point the whole form of the thing is reminiscent of the sphinx. and then the head proceeds to fall off and on to the ground. and then, headless, the damn thing stands upright. spooky!!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comet Elenin RP you wrote this:

" According to Jet Propulsion Laboratories and NASA, comet Elenin is not conjecture. It's real. It's coming. And it's 200,000kilometers across "


" On or near Sept. 26, it will pass between the earth and the sun. It will appear to be as large as the full moon "

This from the NASA site:

" You'll probably need a good pair of binoculars, clear skies, and a dark, secluded location to see it even on its brightest night "

Then RP you wrote this clearly referencing Elenin's impacts for Earth:

" So, what I'm saying is, isn't it about time to start discussing the ramifications of all this?

Screw the economy. These coming events are the real game-changer "

From NASA:

" Comet Elenin will not encounter any dark bodies that could perturb its orbit, nor will it influence us in any way here on Earth," said Yeomans. "It will get no closer to Earth than 35 million kilometers [about 22 million miles] "


" So you've got a modest-sized icy dirtball that is getting no closer than 35 million kilometers," said Yeomans. "It will have an immeasurably miniscule influence on our planet. By comparison, my subcompact automobile exerts a greater influence on the ocean's tides than comet Elenin ever will "

The sources of the NASA info:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

And regarding this reference by RP to Elenin's size:

" it's 200,000kilometers across "

I think this is implying that the actual comet body itself is 200,000kilometers across, which sounds really big and I think we can read between the lines, dangerous because of its " immense size ".

I'll have to check this out further but I'd bet this distance references the comet and its visible debris tail, not the size of the actual oomet body.

I think the above once again highlights how information on many subjects is regularly mis-interpreted. Sometimes these mis-judgements are caused by eroneous conclusions, and also there are cases where the prognostications are actual outright lies to promote some agenda. I think the former is the casual factor in this case.

And referencing this date of Sept 26th RP wrote:

" On or near Sept. 26, it will pass between the earth and the sun "

NASA says:

" Comet Elenin should be at its brightest shortly before the time of its closest approach to Earth on Oct. 16 of this year "

So the closest approach is Oct 16th.

And lastly regarding this:

" my subcompact automobile exerts a greater influence on the ocean's tides than comet Elenin ever will "

There are millions of Sub Compacts on earth, maybe they are the " true danger " we should be worried about, the REAL game changer :-)


Anonymous said...

The Homeland Security Spam Filter has struck once again Murph and Freeacre :-) Why it does what it does, one can only wonder. My

August 13, 2011 1:08 PM

post has been abducted :-) I have some follow up info to the disappeared post but I'll wait to post it till the missing one shows up. The subject matter, Comet Elenin.


murph said...


So, do we believe all that comes out of NASA concerning this? For that matter, just who is giving us the real facts on the comet?

I'm thinking that since I have no physical means of protection against such a cosmic event there is absolutely no sense in getting in a panic about it.

I do admit that I wonder about what is in the future for cosmic events though. My curiosity running amok.

That statement you quoted from NASA about the sub compact car sure smacks of political agenda though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Murph :-) Regarding this you wrote " That statement you quoted from NASA about the sub compact car sure smacks of political agenda though ", I don't see any political agenda in the NASA guy just making a simple comparison of what the cars gravitational impact would really be as compared to the comets impact at its 22 million miles closest point to earth.

On an issue like this, yes I would give creedance to the NASA info and feel it will closely aproximate the actual impact and parameters of what this comet will do. But the proof will be forcoming rather soon. Will Elenin really be visible as big as the full moon, or barely visible on the clearest of non-moonlit nights with a good set of binoculars? I think the later will be the case.

Will the 26th of September produce a cataclysmic worldwide game changer event caused by Elenin, or will the actual closest point of Elenin ( Oct 16th ) come and go with nothing of note occuring? Once again I think the later will occur.

Regarding Elenin's size, remember RP wrote this:

" it's 200,000kilometers across "

Which would make one think this really huge astronomical object is what we are talking about. For those really concerned about Elenin you should read this article in full to understand the actual ( in my opinion ) truthful details of what is really going on with this comet:

Comet Elenin: Just Passing By

Where you will find this excerpt:

" Some of the doomy-gloomy internet sites have been mentioning the size of Elenin as being 80,000 km across. This is a scary, exaggerated number that may be referring to the size of Elenin’s coma – a hazy cloud of icy particles that surrounds a much, much smaller nucleus. The coma can be extensive but is insubstantial; it’s akin to icy cigarette smoke. Less than that, in fact… a comet’s coma and tail are even more of a vacuum than can be reproduced in a lab on Earth! In reality most comets have a nucleus smaller than 10km…that’s less than a billionth the mass of Earth (and a far cry from 80,000 km.) We have no reason to think that Elenin is any larger than this – it’s most likely smaller "

Actually NASA feels that Elenin's size may more likely be around 6KM, and note that its coma and tail which may aproximate 80,000KM in size consist of, for all practical purposes, just empty space, with no gravitational conderations regarding it at all. How much gravitational influence do you really think a 6KM comet would exert at 22 million miles distance?

Yes there are myriad lies and misconceptions being spun all the time in this ol world ( the PTB come to mind ), but drawing from my life experience and all the various sorts of info I've ever been able to consider, media and documentation of all sorts, I'd put my money with the NASA guys on this one :-)


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else here get spammed like I do? I'm really excelling at it I must say, kind of an honor of sorts :-)

My, August 13, 2011 10:20 PM, response to Murph got scooped up my the Spam Monster :-)


freeacre said...

This Elenin thing is a perfect example of the conflicting information that proliferates on the Net. Speaking of amateur astronomers, Mr.2Tuff has a good video of him looking at Saturn through his telescope and searching for elenin. Can't find it. The title is 200,000km = no way! So, maybe elenin has been blown out of proportion. Now, for Nibiru.... and the CME's.

I just became aware that Bill Herbst has some new essays posted. Even though he is an astrologer. I think his thinking about history and what looks to be ahead is some of the most "grounded" out there.He is still making predictions for 2040 and 2050, etc. so maybe we do have more of a future than some would lead us to believe. He has not factored in Nibiru. I have asked him about that, but he has yet to answer. I'll let you know what he says about that when I hear from him. You can click on Bill Herbst from our home page, if you want to. He's really exceptional IMHO.
As usual, it looks like we're going to have to wait to see things with our own eyeballs before we know what is happening. And, even that might be wrong. Jeez.

freeacre said...

It's horribly sexist, but that picture of Bachman eating a foot long corn dog deserves a

rockpicker said...

I am reviewing the Quickening movie, by Keith Wyatt, that I mentioned last week and gave a link to.

According to the film, Hopi prophecy says the Blue Star Kachina, (taken to be Elenin in the film,) will be accompanied by two nephews, Poganghoya and Palonghoya, who were present at the earth's birthing time.

NASA, (Never A Straight Answer,) says that two other smaller cometary bodies are fixing to transit close by earth in the near future. Could these be the 'nephews' the Hopis predicted?

The film says comet Honda, Poganghoya, (if I've got this right,) will cross Earth's orbit on the fifteenth of August. That's tomorrow. If Ive got it right, it's coming in from the south. I don't know enough about astronomy to tell you where to look in the sky to see this phenomenon, but from the NASA animation I can say that Honda's passing appears to be a near miss, crossing earth's orbit directly behind earth in what I would describe as a 'grazing', so it should be noticeable. I would think we could easily see it tonight.

Hot Springs, it's the NSA and the Israeli hackers fuckin' with you. It's a way of sending a message to all of us that they're watching and listening. They said they were going to do it, and they're doing it.

Sorry if some of my facts were garbled in previous posts, as I had only seen the film once and wrote a comment based on memory.

I have since taken notes and can say, according to the film, three alignments with comet Elenin have occurred, and each coincided with severe seismic events on earth. Pangolin, I don't know what else to say. Maybe you can find some more to add to this.

Ist alignment was Feb. 23, 2010. That's when the big quake hit Chile.

Second alignment was Sept. 4, 2010. New Zealand.

Third, March 11, 2011. Fukushima By then, Elenin was only 2.155 AU from earth.

Fourth alignment will be Sept. 26th, or thereabouts. As it slingshots around the sun , it accelerates, so timing is a bit fuzy.

This time, four celestial bodies will be involved. Mercury, the Sun, Elenin and the Earth. And this time, Elenin will pass between Earth and the Sun, at a distance of only .396 AU.

(AU is astronomical unit, the distance from Earth to the Sun.)

Not tryin' to scare anyone but NASA has been changing its story so often, you can't tell what's really going on. I listened to Kerry Cassidy talking to John Waterman on Project Camelot and I was more confused after the show than before...

I watched Mr2's video of Saturn and Elenin, where he couldn't find the comet, and I can't explain it, unless NASA is giving bad information. That would be unprecedented, of course, so we can rule that possibility out. Right?

Anonymous said...

Now in consideration of the info I have posted about Elenin and it not presenting us any danger, I know the universe is full of big things going on. The cosmos is awesome beyond words ( which is the inspiration for the circles I make ) and it will always contain mysteries, and of course it will produce dramatic cosmic events in the course of long range time.

Something drastic could come out of the blue tomorrow, but the general patterns show that extreme events are very rare as compared to human lifetimes. With our electric infrastructure worldwide I think a significant CME event would be one of the more likely problems from space we might actually be here to witness, with its associated problems, blown grids, satelites fried, etc.

I've really enjoyed a series running on the science channel called " Through the Wormhole " which is hosted by Morgan Freeman. What they talk about just boogles the mind. The more they peel back the layers of how everything works, the stranger it gets :-)

One time my family and I were camping up at Lake Mojave along the Colorado River ( south east of Las Vegas ). It was night and our two daughters came running up and said there must be a fire the sky was all red. It ended up being a solar storm creating a northern lights effect in the sky above us ( not often seen that far south ). It undulated back and forth like they do and there were also these long whitish faint lines pulsing from a central point out in all directions from it. That was very interesting to see :-)


RAS said...

Freeacre wrote: "It's horribly sexist, but that picture of Bachman eating a foot long corn dog deserves a Pulitzer."

Lol. Who knew there was someone worse than Palin waiting in the wings?
I wonder if the 2012 GOP ticket will be Perry/Bachman? God help us all if it is.

Regarding the comet Elenin and the gravitational effects of it vs. a compact car, the NASA guy is correct. I once had to calculate the effect of a small asteroid vs. a station wagon for class. The station wagon won by several orders of magnitude.

The food supply situation is looking grim. EVERY agricultural county in the southern part of the United States, save for a couple in Georgia and Louisiana, has been declared an agricultural natural disaster zone.

Anonymous said...

Just received this video on controling nature. Very interesting to watch. At about 7:45 there is a comment what looks to me like the use of chem tarils.

The Bexar

Anonymous said...

Life In An Age Of Looting

....Oligarchic rule has always been a system defined by legalized looting that leaves a wasteland of want, deprivation, and unfocused rage in its wake....

....Accordingly, the most profound act of selfless devotion (commonly called love) in relationship to a society gripped by a sociopathic mode of being is creative resistance. Submission is madness. Sanity entails subversion. The heart insists on it; otherwise, life is only a slog to the graveyard; mouth, full of ashes; heart, a receptacle for dust....


Anonymous said...

Man, the "DOOM" is getting thick!

The SEC illegally destroyed important docs highlighting the illegal activities of the banks.

President Teleprompter just appointed a Monsanto VP to the FDA.

AND, he wants Assadh to step down -like Murika RULES the freak'in world or something. Damn dickweed.

Irahell is bombing Gaza,
Murika is STILL bombing the shit out of Lybia, and...



Geez, man...

I wish I could leave the country. Right now, I just hate it here -especially here in Glenbeckistan.

Can't wait to go home and play my drum.


Anonymous said...

Oh -hey fa,

any inside info on a comet or, ah, big-ass asteroid headed our way?

Man, as the joker once said, "This country needs an enema."


Anonymous said...

Randy, I forgot to say thanks for your comment about my pics :-)

Regarding Nibiru and " The Destroyer That Cometh Behind Elenin ", I think the type of information discussed in the article below will show itself to be representative of the truth involving Elenin/Nibiru. Notice thats its discussed that Nibiru was " supposed " to bring its doom originaly in 2003. It will be interesting to see what the " end of the world " date will be reset to once we reach 2013 and we are all still mulling around, disussing the ongoing worldwide circus of mayhem here at the Trout Clan Campfire :-) If I'm wrong, well, then it won't matter :-)

2012: Beginning of the End or Why the World Won't End?


freeacre said...

Good links, Guys! Man, I wish I had "inside" info. The more I read, the more frustrated I get. Interesting announcement from NASA today. Seems they are trying to get their heads around new electronics and plasma, etc. Our friend, an amateur astronomer, says that 2012 will not be a big deal. Go to Godlike Productions or Before It's News and you'll want to invest in an underground bunker while the herd is culled. Just trying to cultivate a sense of peace despite appearances.
Glad to hear that your garden is doing so well, Randy.
mrs.p, you catching that weird smell that people are smelling in your area?
Kinda funny watching the big banks try to come up with Chavez's gold. Now maybe we'll find out whether the bars are loaded with tungsten.
Fukushima seems to be the hotbed of doom today, at least. Bad news regarding possible melt through and radioactive steam rising from earth cracked from recent earthquakes. Good grief.
Didn't experience a gigantic Elenin-related earthquake today - although there was a 6.2 off Japan which probably didn't help matters there.
One day at a time, people. Love and service to others and preparedness are still the coping mainstays, I'd say. And, pie.

Anonymous said...

speaking of pie, check out the speedometer of this slice of solar plasma pie...

yup, that tiny blue dot on the left margin is us... p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Hi Guys, I went away but I never left.

Sometimes it seems a real pain that I have not been in for so long. Circumstances plus the feeling that the longer you leave something the harder it is to pick back up again. This time I am not giing to comment on the post, it is more in the nature of howdy doody to my old friends and an update on a few things that are going on over here. The last time I came in was just beore Japan but I guess we are all turning Japanese now.

On a personal level, I am sitting here with my third lung infection in six weeks. The house doctor cured the first one. The second one I put myself on the ER (A&E; Spoed take your pick). The only reason for this was so that they would give me an X ray and they said the lungs were clear but it was mucus lodged between the outside of the lung and the plura and was a body reaction to the first infection. Simple medicine cured it but now it is back again. I will follow the same proceedure but if it comes back again I will demand some real action.

The only other personal stuff I have to tell you is that wifey, God bless her, managed to blow up the old desktop computer. She took out two hard drives simultaniously. I put it down to class, I couldn't have done it. After being computerless for a while I bit the bullet and got another, this time I have gone laptop. The modern ones are getting flashy – this has got 6Gb working memory (shared with graphics card) and 2 X 500 storage and no cables all over the place, so that should get me by. Btw, the techie at the shop installed Thunderbird but could not get it up and running!!! I had to wait for my Son in Law who is really good in these things to do it for me but he is busy and you do have to wait your turn. If any of you have been trying to get in touch with me, the address with my last name does not exist anymore but the one with my first name only still does. There is another new address which I will be passing around the Murphs shortly.

As to what is going on over here, we still don't have a government – 400 days came and went. The Vlaams party with the majority of votes couldn't reach agreement with anybody else, particularly the French who he needed to make a quorum. The Vlaams Social Democrats siezing the main chance defected to the French provided their demands were met before the Government formation. There is another snag though, there is a tiny but necessary French party who are back on the old theme of a political corridor between Brussels (which is landlocked in the Dutch bit) and the French bit. Could be interesting.

I read Ras's post about the huricane, it must have been tuly terrifying, I hope everyting is a little more back to normal now. I didn't comment, didn't want to be churlish really but April May and June the temperature was bouncing around between 70 & 90 °F. Farmers were on the news walking over cracked earth saying the crops should be two feet high by now. July and August have been more normal. I saw Murphs post on going green. My idea of that was letting the heat of the sun filter through the slices of cucumber on my eyes. Just joking guys although we did have a cucumber scare. 24 deaths through eating cucumber and they couldn't find the problem. It was mostly Germany that was affected with a scattering in the border countries. Why does the word experiments come into my mind.

We have switched the autoroute (freeway) lights out of a night to save money but now the motoring organisations are complaining about the dangers of driving (fast) in heavy rain and want them back on in bad conditions – predictable.

Anonymous said...

Sats 2

We have all heard about the people who steal car's but we had a guy over here that stole trains, makes an interesting variation. A couple of minutes before the train was due to leave he would jump into the drivers cap an clear off with the train. They cought him of course and the first two times they let him off with a warning but after he did it a third time, they banged him up.

There was a woman who was walking in the woods one day whan she came face to face with a snake hanging out of a tree. Instead of staying calm and backing off slowly she reacted like some people do when there is a bee buzzing around their head. The results were predictable and she spent a long week in hospital, not because of the venom but the snake deflated one of her implants and she suffered the effects of silica poisoning. Isn't life hard.

On more recent news yesterday started off fine but in the late afternoon the weather broke and a storm tracked the country SW to NE. It was particularly viscious over the site of a pop festival. Most people took shelter in a hugh marquee when suddenly the wind uprooted a mature tree and sent it crashing onto the roof of the marquee resulting in five deaths.

On that sad note I will bow out now but I will be keeping in touch.



freeacre said...

Geewhiz, Belgium, we were getting real worried about you. Hope that lung infection clears up. Sounds like pleurisy to me. Maybe lots of concentrated liquid garlic would help. Just ignore that letter that will be arriving any day now by snail mail to check if you are still among the living.
So, who's running everything since you don't have a government? The staff? The corporations? The lobbyists?
I didn't think our elections could get any worse, but the corporate shills and fundamentalist Dominionists really lowered the bar even further this time! It's more like a circus side show.

Anonymous said...

sats you old dog i was having visions of you hooking up with some young babe and heading off into the wilderness and learning how to score good pharmacy grade viagra on the side to go with it...
whee!!! glad i was wrong with that one, really miss your good words around here brother, and sorry to hear chris turned out to be a computer terrorist, its the ones close that ya gotta watch you know.
anyway need your physical address cause i got something been saving for the day you would reappear.
love you brother and so good to know you are ok, give chris hug for us too as well as your self.

Anonymous said...

how many times have i read the term guillotine in the same sentence with politician today?
damn it all, whats the matter with those young unstarts these days, don't they know what a fucking rope is for?
the lone ranger's sidekick

Anonymous said...

Well that answers one of the questions I was going to ask Freeacre and Murph when I see them next week " Where has Sats been? " :-)

Glad to hear your ok and hope your lung problem gets healed up soon! I remember that last topic you posted here ( if I recall it correctly ) to the Trout Clan about the PTB working the Arab Spring stuff towards their nefarious ends. Alots gone on since then ( Libya,Syria, etc ) with Ghadafi maybe being ousted soon as per todays news discussion and the Pres tellin Syria's leader, he must go away now!

Oh well, on the bright side gold hit a new record today reaching as high as $1855 :-) Of course when you go to cash them thar shiney coins in for good ol USA dollars, what the greenback will buy, will be the real telling of the merits/benifits of owning some of the yellow metal. Like some people say, you can't eat gold ( or paper money for that matter ). Better to own a bunch of Vodka, Ammo and Spam :-)


rockpicker said...

Heads up, gang. The plates are again rocking.

freeeacre said...

Rats. I can't open that nasa link, p. Quicktime always crashes my computer. What was the upshot of it? Nice to hear from you, too. It's been awhile.

By the way, there's a money bomb fundraiser for Ron Paul today. Just sayin' ...

rockpicker said...

Part one of an interview with Dutchsinse conducted by Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot.

Anonymous said...

good interview rp, the last few minutes although broken the fuck up sounded like he had some really good shit as far as i could tell.
to bad about his friend, can't believe the dude didn't die with five bullet holes from and ak47 in him.
lot of good stuff going on, there is something i have always wondered about, how it all started to where we are now and this link explains as near as i can tell how some of it happened and how we can regain this particular piece of freedom in a fucked up rotten to the bone society.

these guys make it so clear but who would of known this? it definitely isn't something that is taught in any classroom joke i ever attended. man i despise this society so much there are just not enough words to describe how i feel about it;
how can anything so out of balance maintain its structure for so long without dying? o excuse me it is.finally.;
other then that trivial bullshit,
have a good day folks.

rockpicker said...

Might be on the look-out for aurora borealis tonight. Might want to protect your high-tech electrical gear as well...

wv= emetn (emittin'?)

murph said...


IMO, it is a little redundant to hate our society. As far as I can tell, the same values have been going on for thousands of years and has permeated all western style countries. Go to this 13 min. film called "The Story Of Your Enslavement" at

It talks about where this all began and where it is going. IMO again, pretty much lays it out.

Problem is it seems that there is no place to escape to. Pretty much all countries are completely corrupt to some degree or other, some just worse than others. But they are getting there one way or the other it seems.

I think that the best we can do is draw our personal line in the sand and try and educate (wake up) more people as to what has been done to them. It probably only takes 10% of a society that has some heavy commitments to a point of view to start changing most of the rest. Although I am finding that frustrating.

freeacre said...

Ron Paul raises $1,700,000+ dollars from small individual donations in 24 hours - yet there is a total blackout on the news in the lamestream media. Even the Republican Party doesn't mention it. If it were Perry (the porno king) or Bachmann (the brain dead Dominionist) accomplished the same goal, it would be all over the news
And, it's starting to look like one big reason to go after Gadaffi is gold. Who woulda thuk it? Total propaganda.
These mutants are getting on my nerves.

Anonymous said...

fa... picture a youtube screen. somewhere beyond the right perimeter at some unknown distance is the sun. opposite that and visable at the midpoint of the left perimeter is the earth. its a tiny blue dot no more than 1/4" in diameter. in between is space. and a significant segement at that given the size of earth relative to the screen. there's a speedometer in the left lower corner. no numbers on it. just a needle and a half circle meter. when you play the vid waves of plasma move across the screen from right to left. kinda like an aruora borealis only in shades of gray. the needle pegs in the process.

sats... been concerned. really, REALLY good to hear from you my friend... p

rockpicker said...

Never heard em are too sound so emotional before. He's pretty upset.

Also, if you haven't been following what's happening in Libya, Rense has been carrying reports by Lenor and Morris 108 that tell a completely different story from what the lamestream is reporting.

Apparently, last night NATO small craft landed groups of mercenaries and special forces by the hundreds along the beach near Tripoli, and they're gunning down anyone on the streets. What a humanitarian effort. What brave freedom fighters these 'rebels' are! With their air strikes and their DU. Blowing up a country's water supply. Until this effort to get Gadafi began, Libya had the highest standard of living of any country in Africa. We, as a world community, need to see that those responsible for this atrocity hang.

rockpicker said...

As the shit IS hitting the fan, it might behoove us to consider just how we intend to stay in touch with one another, ( other than comparing arm tatoos in FEMA camps, I mean,).