Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Space Doom?

by Freeacre

Okay, okay. Forget the fact that most of the more well known predictions in my lifetime have all turned out to be duds. Let me think: Haley’s Comet was supposed to be the event of a lifetime. They told us when we were kids that we’d grow up and see it. Fifty years later, it was just kinda cool. All these Harmonic Conversions bringing change and higher consciousness… haven’t noticed. The Age of Aquarius… and now we live in perpetual warfare. Mars was supposed to be HUGE, closest it’s ever been and whatnot. Obama was going to change all the bad stuff… And now I am reading that they plan to arm police with robot helicopters that can taser you from the air. And the new head of the FDA used to be Monsanto’s lawyer. I fear that someday I am going to find my entire personal worldview on Snopes.

But, good things do pop up like mushrooms in times that just seem like dirt. In fact, it happens a lot. It’s just that those things are most often unanticipated. They are most welcome, none-the-less. There is no disappointment when something that you don’t expect doesn’t happen. There’s no money or time lost. There’s no reality that jars your sensibilities. No ego investment. No anything.

So, there is a lot more energy involved in a prediction - to make a prediction as well as to act on one. We need more than inspiration to make a prediction. We need some facts to back it up. Some numbers. Second opinions… a visual. More than a visual. Verification. And, even then, maybe only your kids will get it. Especially if it’s bad news.

It’s even worse when there are several reputable and not so reputable sources that make contradicting calculations and conclusions. It seems almost impossible to sort out.

With all those qualifiers in mind, let me tell you what the hell I am talking about: Mr.2tuff and his prediction that our heavenly sphere may suffer serious disruptions at any time and especially on Oct. 28th of this year. He has made many fascinating videos showing info from NASA and other official astronomical sources. He goes out into his backyard and you can see what his telescope sees. And you can verify it on googlesky or googlespace or whatever it is. And he has this amazing, down home, favorite uncle voice that betrays a really keen intellect. You have to judge for yourself. http://www.youtube.com/user/Mr2tuff. Or look into it further. Not everybody is coming to the same conclusions. NASA, for instance. And most of the folks and scientists who study the comet Elenin and the possible dwarf star, Nibiru; Patrick Geryl’s work on the Sun, etc.

As I understand it (and feel free to enlighten me), mr.2tuff says that we are in a binary star system. This system comes close to our solar system periodically, about every 3,600 years. It’s not just a planet that comes relatively near us, it’s another solar system. What the ancients thought was Nibiru was actually Jupiter and it’s moons when it was exceptionally close. It would be good to view the two DVD’s available on http://www.thunderbolts.info/home.htm regarding the cataclysms and their aftermaths.

As solar systems approach each other, they spin faster and contract like an ice skater who pulls in and spins faster. In times like these, Jupiter is closer and looks bigger. Go look at it. It’s the bright planet near the constellation Orion. It’s ‘way big. As it approaches, it effects the Sun as well as all the planets, including earth. It has a big belt of hunks and pieces around it, just like our solar system does. No, naturally, lots of these in the form of asteroids or comets or meteors can be hurled at us in increasing numbers, ergo, Elenin (and the asteroids).. So, “Heads up,” as he says.

This is not necessarily an extinction level event. After all, it has happened before and people did survive. They may have wandered forty years in the dessert or suffered a great flood, but they survived. The species, at least. But he further contends that our Overlords have known about this for years and years, and have been preparing for it. The privileged few plan to carry on without the riff-raff. The riff-raff would be us.

So, that ‘s why they don’t care if the world economy tanks or not. They didn’t care if they poisoned the oceans and the air and sucked the resources from the world. They don’t care that people are sick, disabled, and dying. They don’t care that our government is a zoo and we are living in a feed lot. They prefer it that way. I am paraphrasing now – expanding on a theme, as it were.

On any given day, a case can be made that between the global central banks, the stock markets, the pharmaceutical companies, the big agricultural corporations, the complicit congress, and the nuclear power industry, there is a race going on as to who can kill or exploit the most of humanity. I am not exactly certain why they need the money, since logically money would not matter anymore in the event of a real cataclysm. But, you could consult the people of Haiti, and get a different perspective.

He says that all this divisiveness and hostility being fostered between differing factions of our society (Dems and Repugs, immigrants vs. locals, Fundies and infidels, gays and straights, Muslims and everybody else, etc.) are all reinforced by the media, et al, so that “when the lights go out” we’ll be fighting amongst ourselves and the rich will slide into their shelters and wait to pick up the pieces, basically. Personally, I am not entirely convinced that TPTB are so smart. This clusterfuck may just be the result of our collective flaws.

Mr2tuff’s prediction is that despite all that we are concerned about, this second solar system is approaching now. It’s time to get out of cities and into the country. Hopefully, people who are awake have already prepared. All hell is about to break loose and there is absolutely nothing that we can do to stop it.

Well, we might not be able to stop the relationship with a binary star. But, we could react to the predicament like the Irish and the Scots did at the battle of Sterling (in Braveheart) when they joined forces and refused to fight each other. We could drop all the bullshit and watch each others backs. That would be a step in the right direction. Or, we may take the opportunity to die well, if it comes to that. All I can say is that if this is a time of transition into some sort of “higher” consciousness, we better fuckin’ well get to it. We may be almost out of time, at least in this incarnation. Or we could just declare ourselves to be up to the job and get on with it. Let’s hope the kids figure a way to keep the internet up.

We have been kicking around assorted doom scenarios for years now. And we have created a supportive cyber tribe who have helped many of us work towards surviving and maybe even thriving in the event that the Matrix breaks down. So, we are probably more prepared than most to ride out this storm and be of service to our neighbors. We might just have been born for this. It helps me to think so. Like Charles Duvall said in Second Hand Lion, “Some things you believe in because they are worth believing in.”

It is a good time to figure out for ourselves just what is worth believing in. And it is a good time to take pleasure in the great gifts of this lifetime. If this prediction turns out to be another dud, all the better. At least my attention will have been on these issues rather than “Pippa’s New Hairdu,” “Kim Kardashian Will Always Look Like a Midget next to her new husband”; or “Demonstrators for Peace Now Considered Terrorists.”



freeacre said...

Rockpicker, would you please copy and re-post your last comment or two? I don't want them to get overlooked. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thank you sis for the inspiring words, i showed a friend of mine who lives a across the ally the mr.2tuff video last nite and about half way through she asked me to please turn it off.
this gal is a new age type, educated in the traditional mode and fairly hip to the goings on but on a superficial level that i think might be an example maybe of that age group, 60 +/- or thereabouts.
maybe not but there are others in this little hole in the space time continuum piece of montana that also are just so into positive thinking it makes me gag a dab.. not that there is anything wrong with seeing the good and beautiful in creators garden and the creatures that inhabit it (other then politicians) but to be so embossed that it protrudes right through the hairline is just plain goofy i think and denotes a less then actual when it comes to realizing what the fuck is going on even on a surface level.
that being said i have no room to squirm either and this brings me to a point where with the admonishment from murph about whining constantly about the horribleness of the system as in out of control rage and a predilection to pick up my beanie flipper and shoot something brings in a deeper source of maybe what he means.
and it is this,when i rage i understand now that it is not rage against anything other then rage against my own inner conditioning and the self ignorance and blame for something i had no ability to understand at the time of its inception, beginning with the first grade of the death machine called christian education and indoctrination.
so now with that vision standing out clear as a crisp fall morning i realize also that all of the ills of contemporary learnin's are nothing but a headful of trash and that to even give it one inch of authority is to wallow in the grave of stupidity.
therefore instead of self-bashing or trying to find relief with a rope and a tree i will do as suggested by sis and get my own house all tidy and fuck those that have not the appropriate experience or outright arrogance to think that they have it all together and when the shit hits the fan come begging for nourishment/\.

this sounds harsh don't it?, but consider the alternative, to allow oneself to be dragged into hell to me is a sort of un/entered state of mind akin to mother Teresa and her dedication to the walking corpuses, fine if thats ones purpose but i will not be fooled into martyrdom by the fucking christian guilt syndrome that so many millions/billions? have been sucked into and have this as their bread of life.

i find that i still can love even though every effort to keep that from happing was applied with every kind of evil device by those book thumping mother fuckers it is amazing to say the least, and you know what?, i know that i am not alone in this either...
in love

Anonymous said...

ps thank you murph, it so good to be in the company of those that share through the talking stick and not be stomped upon for doing so, it makes the light shine so bright sometimes it hurts the eyes to look, but look we must if we are to see the oneness of the universe we live in and the reality and the possibility of self and other love for it is indeed one and the same.

rockpicker said...


a little 'Twilight Zone' do-do-do-do, if you please.

Freeacre, you took the words right out of my mouth. Good post! You deciphered Mr2's comments quite well, believe.

Now, check this out.


freeacre said...

Reports are cascading in at Godlike productions from Eastern Seaboard that earthquakes are being felt in Virginia, Washington DC, upstate NY, New York City, Toronto, Montreal, No. Carolina, Ohio, and central Pennsylvania. And, Colorado. Duck and cover.

Anonymous said...

Robert Duvall.

rockpicker said...

Freeacre, You took the words out of my mouth on this post. Good piece!

Here's a link to Dutch's video post about decentralized communications. We need to consider this.


Also, check out this video made in Carmichael, Ca., a few days ago. Don't look like balloons to me, either.


Rense has a picture up on his main page showing the Washington Monument leaning.

freeacre said...

OH, Geez. Robert Duvall. How could I get that wrong? Thanks.

rockpicker said...

opied this info off the Project Camelot page, Kerry's blog.




LINK TO LIVESTREAM: http://www.livestream.com/projectcamelotlive

No pw needed free event


PART ONE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFKJiSF1tic

PART TWO: http://www.youtube.com/user/jagbodhi?feature=mhee#p/a/u/1/hMsuH6wEc58

PART THREE: http://www.youtube.com/user/jagbodhi?feature=mhee#p/a/u/0/uo3NQjYPqRM


She's doing a follow-up interview with Dutch this Thursday.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for all the genuine concern guys, it's much appreciated. I just realised that there may be some new folks through the door in the meantime who don't know who I am.

The original plan was to just take a few weeks off from the downward cycle of doom and gloom. I got to realise, at least in my own reality, that we were being being treated like a mouse in a maze that can smell the cheese but can't find it because it isn't there anymore. I felt that we were just being bounced around the awareness maze of earthquakes; tsunamis, Japan; Egypt; Libya etc, etc, all the time looking for the connecting piece of cheese that was now hidden. I am not saying that these things are not important, they really are but sometimes you need to peek over the wall of the maze to take stock of what is going on, on the outside and that was my original meaning. Then there was a few weeks help here and then there followed by no computer and longer no e mail and so on. Anyway, enough of this self indulgent stuff, I am back now.

Who is looking after the country now. Essentially it is the old government minus the party that walked out and precipitated the present mess. They keep the functions going and have done a budget because they had to but they don't do any long term planning which might be controversial to a new administration. Our two nuclear power plants are already past their use by date and new windmills do appear from time to time. They kind of left it until there was no other option than more nuclear available to them, then Fukushima happened. But we haven't got a government to make that sort of decision so now I don't know.

Mf, you sure have ways of putting ideas into a person's head ;-)
For her birthday I am going to get Chris a turban with the words Computer Terrorist on the front.

HSW & P, thanks. Yeh, nice Libya with all its oil, it should be easy to make friends with, I guess now the bogey man seems to have disappeared. Then there is nice Syria with no oil to speak of but its strategic position. An annexe with room for expansion maybe?

I will get back into the posts shortly.


Anonymous said...

There's a "Whole lot of shak'in go'in on!" My brothers live in Northern VA and MD -near Fredrick, MD and both had to evac their building and boggie -but, since the trains and metros were shut down due to no one knowing if they were weakened, they didn't get home till 8pm. Man, getting out of work is great -if, you can get home early. Earthquakes suck!

Yeah, saw the pic of the "Leaning Washington Monument." Might be apropos, donchaknow! Our nation is leaning and might just fall down any minute. If only...

I haven't checked-out the videos, fa, but how close does this solar system get to ours? Close enough for the Hubble to get off a few good high-res pics of some of the planets? Hmmm... THAT would be cool.

Gonna have to learn how to pickle stuff 'cause I got cucs coming out of my eyeballs. Finally, FINALLY getting some tomatoes, too. Which means....

IT'S TOMATO SANDWICH TIME!!! Woo-hoo! I'm snarfing a pink one tonight, bay-bay!

Ok, gotta git. Later-


Anonymous said...

"Keen intellect?" C'mon - gimme a break! I happen to believe that the sort of preparations this guy recommends are a wise idea for the times ahead. But don't ask us to regard this ignorant rube as an authority.

freeacre said...

anonymous, Your words are an enrichment to the conversation. If you are new to our campfire format, one need not agree with anyone. But, it is customary to know to whom we are speaking, at least a blog name, so we know if we are being spoken to by the same person or a different one.
aho ("I have spoken, the stick is passed.")

Anonymous said...

Randy, regarding this you wrote " Yeah, saw the pic of the "Leaning Washington Monument." Might be apropos, donchaknow! Our nation is leaning and might just fall down any minute. If only..."

I was thinking the same thing and wish it would have fallen down. Wolf Blitzer always has an image of it on the back screen right behind him, like he's wearing it as some sort of rocket, a WMD supreme that only he controls!

In the latest MLK commercial about the new monument to him that evil obelisk shows up numerous times. At the very end you see the MLK monument, then the image pans over to the right to " make sure " that power symbol of the elites comes into view.

I hope another aftershock knocks that sucker over :-)


rockpicker said...

Hey, Hot Springs, I was saying to Oldensoul tonight, what if all three obelisks, the one in Washington, the one in City of London and the one in Rome just happen to fall over? How cool would that be? (Etna erupted again over the weekend).


What a crock of shit to target the truthtellers! Fuck the mainstream!

Long live Charlie McGrath, Leonor, 108 Morris 108, Mr2Tuff, Dutchsinse, Patrioticspace, Michele Chossudovsky, Webster Tarpley and all the rest who bravely defy the operating paradigm. We salute your heroism.

Chris Wallace, Bill Mahr and the rest of you sleaze-balls, kiss our collective asses!

rockpicker said...

Here's an interesting theory concerning seismicity.


murphy said...


I took a careful look at that last link you put up on seismic activity related to planetary alignments.

That paper I find interesting. Not only does it include relationships in statistical data (which as I've mentioned before has noting to do with causality) but also deals with a possible causality he terms planetary resonance.

I'm going to have to send this info to some astronomy friends and see what they have to say about it. It sure sounds cogent to me.

rockpicker said...

Murph, I had no idea there were so many alignments. Wouldn't it be great if some predictive enabling came of this research?

rockpicker said...

"A Nuremberg level crime"


rockpicker said...

Enjoyed the comments on this one.


JW said...

We can only prepare for the unknown. I agree with JMG that trying to pinpoint the final straw is futile. Who knows how it will go down. If I am among the lucky, I'll be ready to pick up the pieces.

murph said...


The Nuremberg article is explicit enough. You want the U.N. to have the last word in world affairs? While I agree that it sure appears to me that it is an open and shut case in war crimes since WW II, it also has ramifications that weren't talked about.

The second link impressed me as fluff and the comments not much better, but that is just my view of it.

rockpicker said...

Murph, As suspicious as I am of the United Nations honorable intent, I don't think it is prudent to jettison enforceable international law, unless we have something better to take its place.

murph said...


I would think that it is obvious that international law is NOT enforceable, especially when it is to be put on the leaders of a country with more fire power than all the rest combined. Are we to also assume that the UN is not corruptible?

In my view, any strong governing body, national, international or word wide is going to be run by elites. I don't think they have general populations well-being in their minds much of the time. Do you? It sure appears to me that they have a whole different way of looking at things than we do and a whole different agenda they follow.

I presume that you know that before the UN right now is an international treaty that will restrict all firearm ownership to police and military. Its ostensible purpose is to restrict illegal gun running. You believe that their reason for the treaty is valid and true?

I simply do not subscribe to strong centralized governments being benign.

Anonymous said...

It's Friday -so I'll post something funny.



whitewater fraggle said...

6 - 12 feet of flood water at ground Z. Does anyone else get the feeling that when the lights go out in New York there is going to be riots?

freeacre said...

I think that just maybe the New Yorkers might just surprise us with great acts of courage, calm, strength, and civility. It's just whether the "news" could cover it or not. I think they are doing everything they can to turn us all against each other, while they take off with the goods. You'll find the real looters on Wall St.
Sorry, I didn't mean to come on so strong. Where is the leadership to be brave rather than fearful? Nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

If there was some natural traumatic event, or series of events, related to a 3600yr cycle, it would have shown up in the geological record IMO. There's nothing I can find with a c.3600 yr frequency, nada.

If tbtb were aware of this, and lets say controlled the 'history' of the geologic record to erase any research which might alert those of us with enquiring minds, wouldn't they just abandon the chess pieces all together? Seems to me they are very much following a multi decade game plan, a la grand chessboard etc. rather than slink out to their bunkers. -gamedog

Anonymous said...


No Gamedog I am not buying into this one either. First planet X and now Solar System Y, come on Give me a break,. I do appreciate that we are learning new things all the time but most of the new info, as I understand it is coming from the near edge of the known Universe , not from something that comes around with frequent regularity.. Do they think we are all like David Icke?

It has been said that the Sun is sick and I find this entirely normal, moreover I expect that will become worse in the coming years. To make a simple analogy, most of us have at some time or other blended a big pan of soup with a staff blender (stick mixer). We know that it forms a deep vortex in the middle but at the edge frictional resistance causes it to rotate very much more slowly. You can trace the progress if there is say a small piece of carrot at the edge. That we can compare to our own sun in the heavens It is on the edge of the galaxy and moving much more slowly than the axis of the Milky Way. If we are in the slip stream, the slow lane if you like, then what is the mechanism by which another Solar System rotates around us or we rotate around it every 3200 years. Maybe a bit of edge turbulence but personally I can't see it. We have been enjoying a relative period of calm from the heavens but we are approaching a time when the central axis of the galaxy spins past us. There will be much increased gravity and cosmic waves during this period from the cumulative effect of millions of stars on us causing some to use expressions like “The Sun is sick” but this happens every two times the galaxy does a full circle relative to us. For all that has happened through history we are still here and there is little likelihood for this to change for something that has happened many times before.

So far as the PTB go, I have a personal feeling that with their perchant for obfuscation, they will mop up what is left through 2012 and bring the show to a close at the end of that year to coincide with ancient predictions. Then they can blame it on the Myan's and of course it is then nothing to do with them.


rockpicker said...


According to lore, Nibiru, whatever that turns out to be, sometimes swings by when earth is on 'this' side of the sun, passing between our planet and the center of our solar system, (worst-case.) Sometimes earth is on the other side of the sun when the 'destroyer' reaches perihelion, (best-case.) So Noah's Ark biblical catastrophe, they claim, was worst-case, and Jewish Exodus from Egypt was best-case.

Emanuel Velicovsky, in 'World's In Collision', describes a plethora of physical evidence for global catastrophism in the recent geological past. His work inspired both Wallace Thornhill and Dave Talbott to look beyond accepted scientific theory for better explanations for what appears to have happened here on our little rock.

The Big Wobble website, linked to above on the post page, is currently supporting a short video by Marshal Masters discussing the comet Elenin, if you're interested.


I share your extreme skepticism concerning the United Nations, but I don't know what viable alternative there is for the seven billion have-nots to turn to. Maybe if each "nation" were to straighten itself out, we could then come to the table and deal with our problems fairly and openly.

rockpicker said...

This ought to lead to an interesting exchange...


rockpicker said...

Dutchsinse is reporting 14 inches of rain in North Carolina. Can you imagine? That's more than we get here, in southwestern Montana, on average, in a year. He found a strong radar return out of Raleigh, N.C. last night, and predicted severe weather in the Raleigh area 24 to 48 hrs. hence. I suggest, in this case, what the radar map showed might have something to do with lessing the storm's impact, or an attempt to steer it out to sea. That doesn't seem to have been the case, or it failed. Man, it's been unusually hot up here. Garden is loving it.
My tomatoes are developing a Joisey accent.

murphy said...


I was not familiar with that last web site you listed, nor the links that are there on "junk science".

The "junk science" rubber ducky awards I found amusing at the least. I have over time brushed up against "junk science" quite a number of times in the last 20 years or so. The latest personal exposure involved the local politics in our area. I read several of the articles they had listed in the rubber ducky awards. I came away from those article thinking these people are just as whacked out mentally as the rest of the 'foam at the mouth' folks they are criticizing. All of it sure appears to me to have either political or economic bias, one way or the other.

This poses a problem for people that do not have extensive training and experience in any controversial area that involves "science"; namely, whose data and experiments are valid and whose conclusions are valid?

My observation is that both sides of these issues write and talk interminably trying to convince an audience of a particular point of view and conclusion that both have political, economic and social policy consequences. The writers on both sides know full well that the general public has not got sufficient background to judge either position for its validity. And even if an individual has the background to judge one issue, it sure does not mean they have background so they can judge the plethora of issues swirling around us, and that includes the writers that take a hard line position on anything.

This leads to the problem that every citizen has. What to either believe or not believe on an issue that is important to our well being; which set of experts can we, (or should we) believe have the best available information. Leaning on the old saw of "having plain old common sense" doesn't work either. My "common sense" positions may have no relationship to yours.

I frankly have no real idea on how to solve this kind of conundrum. More of the kind of "education" we tout so expansively today sure doesn't seem to have any relationship. Trust in the "authorities" doesn't work. "Good science" (whatever that means) isn't working.

Jesus, sometimes I just want to get off planet and start over.

freeacre said...

This is my outrage of the day:


The completely fabricated "news" of the "liberation" of Libya pre-filmed in Qatar with fake buildings et al - a phoney set. Outrageous! The CIA seems to be running the media - even Al Jazeera. This is shocking, even to me.

rockpicker said...

Gotta kick out of the comments at the end of that Gael article. Thanks.

wv= nutsidis

rockpicker said...


Gotta see this before the Rothschilds take it down.


Anonymous said...



Murph has expressed beautifully what I was trying to capture in my above comment. Although you were the one who introduced the subject of the new solar system into the conversation, my response was not meant as a personal attack on you. Moreover it was skepticism at those who propound such things and was grounded in gut feeling. How long have we known about Andromeda, and the Crab Nebula and all manner of things that are in the heavens around us and many more that are not and we have only just found another solar system that is not even light years away from us. As you have read, I am also skeptical about planet X. To paraphrase Murph “You call them as you see them” As I remember planet X was first introduced to the public through the Henry Deakon character in the Project Camelot blog. Right from the beginning there was something that didn't feel right about him and I had him down as disinfo. Especially when it was hinted but never out-rightly said that chemtrails were to protect us from the effects of planet X passing by. There are many other things that I do believe, the electric universe to pull one out of the hat. Although Standard Theory is clunky and full of holes, when the solution is eventually found it will be relatively simple. The maths for Einsteins theory of relativity is frightening but it eventually falls out to E =MC^2. Similarly with the Schrodinger Wave Equation which I did at college (and am not going to get into here) except to say the maths is frightening and the solution is simple. I have a general principle that the simpler the solution, the more likely it is to be right. But hey, who is to say that my prejudices are any more likely to be true than yours, or the other way round.

I also gave a put down to David Iyck. I have no idea if you like him or not but I find you have to read his reports with double spaced lines so you can read between the printed words. The problem here is that he buys into every lunatic theory doing the rounds without being discerning and it dilutes the good stuff that he does. If I got the Murphs to put up a post and quoted say Pravda as reporting that Russian probes had found black sheep living in caves on the dark side of the Moon I am sure David Iyck would have it up on his blog in double quick time. Okay, this is silly but therein lies the problem. You can't go to school to learn common sense and everyone's common sense is different. Then there are all those who don't have it at all and all shades in between. It sure makes a field day for those who want to play mish mash with the truth and a difficulty for those who are trying to drive a straight line through.

All in all, I believe we are on the same side but just disagreeing about the fine details.


freeacre said...

I'm about ready to throw up my hands on the whole issue. Happily, there are dates by which things either will or will not happen. If we get to Christmas and things are all still in one piece, I will quit focusing on anything further away than my back fence.
Hot Springs Wizard just left for Burning Man. What a pleasure it was to have him visit. He planned a fire ceremony, brought all kinds of pods and plants and different woods to fire some ceramic heads in the campfire. He really is an artistic personality. Such a treat for us. Thanks again, Wizard!

Anonymous said...


"SO MUCH FOR DOOMSDAY: Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1), widely known for inaccurate reports of its threat to Earth, appears to be breaking apart. Observations by amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzo of Castlemaine, Australia show a rapid dimming and elongation of the comet's nucleus akin to that of Comet LINEAR (C/1999 S4), which also disintegrated when it approached the sun in 2000. Comets are fragile objects, so this development while unexpected comes as no surprise."

Anonymous said...

Looks like the prez is selling folks out again. Seems like the banisters just keep on winning.
Don't know how you feel about Max Keiser, but he sure seems to hit it on the head.


The Bexar

rockpicker said...


I was well along into a response to your comment last night when a thunder and lightening storm rolled in and temporarily shut off the house current. Needless to say, I lost all my unsaved text.

In a nutshell, no offense taken. I too look for reasonable explanations for observed phenomena in my world, though I do readily admit that my science background is not a strong suit. So, in order to understand the causes for strange happenings, I have to rely on those more 'educated' than myself. But sometimes, there appear to be inexplicable inconsistencies in the rhetoric of 'experts' that really gives me pause, and makes me wonder if there isn't something else going on.

Take Stephen Hawking's curious 180 on aliens, for instance. Five years ago he was denigrating anyone who claimed to have had contact, or anyone who claimed to have observed an unidentified flying object. He did this publicly and ruthlessly, with utter distain and derision, on TED.

Then, suddenly, in the last few months, he reverses himself, saying, "why of course there is the possibility of alien life forms roaming the galaxy. Look at all the solar systems and planets we know to exist in space. Why, you'd have to be a nut to believe we humans are the only intelligent life in the universe. And, we need to be fearful of these other beings we're almost certain exist because they may not be friendly." I paraphrase Dr. Hawking here, but essentially, it's the gist of what he said.

No preface. No apologies to those demeaned in previous statements. Just another arrogant high priest, with the global court's ear, and purse strings, demanding humankind's obedient acceptance of unproven theory as fact and law.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Big Bang theory was first proposed by a Catholic Theologian/astronomer, and red shift was offered as proof of an expanding universe. Aren't both now questioned by credible astrophysicists?

I think what we 'know' to be true often has changed through history, mostly because of incorrect conclusions drawn to explain observations.

And, we are lied to, with deceit being the original intent.

The shameful episode initiated by the organized scientific community to threaten Emanuel Velicovsky's publisher into abandoning publication of 'World's in Collision' is just one example of non-sectarian religious fundamentalism which seems to pervade many disciplines.

Remember how everyone 'knew' the world was flat? Until it wasn't?

The current medical community's stance on cancer treatment is another prime example. The AMA strongarms governments to pass laws making any treatment other than accepted AMA-endorsed alleopathic medical practices illegal. Meanwhile, many simple and effective 'cures' are being reported by thousands of cancer patients daring to seek alternatives.

Tell you what, I'm as confused as you about the truth of the times we live in. I don't buy everything I hear, not from the alternative press, and not from the mainstream, either. Works both ways.

18 months ago, Gadafy and the West were buds, if you go back and read the papers. No problemo. All of a sudden, Tunisia and Egypt errupt, and Moamar's the bad guy.

Pure bullshit spoon-fed us by a collusion of governments, military/industrial interests and the media.

The media. Biggest whores and traitors on the planet. Most guilty of all the conspirators because they do what they do and they know better. They all went to school and learned ethics of their trade, then went out into the world and sold their integrity for thirty pieces of silver. Fucking scum enablers.

I have to go pee.

freeacre said...

Speaking of the "scum enablers," it's pretty fucking sad that one has to go to Russian TV to get the Max Kaiser Report.

rockpicker said...

Ah, that's better.

Where was I? Oh, yes.

Concerning Elenin. What do we know? There's something out there coming towards us. Confirmed to be a comet by Jet Propulsion Laboratories, complete with animated orbital projections, (keep changing.)
Now, official word, via NASA's Spaceweather website quoting an amateur astronomer from Australia, sans any documentation, is that the 'comet' is breaking up based on apparent 'dimming.' I ask you, is this any way to run a catastrophe?

Doesn't the astrophysical community usually make a big fucking deal about comets? Like what a great show it's going to be and make sure you get out there with cameras and binoculars. Don't miss it, this is going to be fantastic, and all that rigameroll?

Like one speaker says, most of those big, famous comets make their closest approach over 400 million miles from earth, and NASA is jumping up and down about the show. This thing, whatever it turns out to be, will pass between the earth and the sun, on Sept. 26, at a distance of 21 million miles from earth, (current projection.) Mr2tuff is now saying that if it indeed is breaking up, it poses a bigger threat to earth now than before.

I don't know what to think, except that the truth of the matter may involve something beyond Newtonian physics.

I'll leave you with a quote from Kerry Cassidy's blog:

"August 30, 2011


...."No time ... and actually, a bit of an oxymoron:

How can an artificial object -- demonstrably NOT an "ordinary comet" now -- physically "disintegrate?"

We have NO actual images of this "disintegration," only Internet claims -- endlessly repeated (of course) ....

Those claims, in fact, are based on ONE "iffy" observation the last couple days, by a SINGLE ground-based, Australian amateur astronomer -- trying to view Elenin "one last time" before it gets too close to sun ... as seen from the Southern Hemisphere.

The statement is based on his perception that "Elenin seems to have dimmed."

Basing his claims re "disintegration" on the fact that ORDINARY comets dim when they disintegrate, he (logically) ASSUMES that this is what is going on with THIS "comet!"

Of course, in the artificial scenario, such dimming (if it is real ... a BIG unknown) could have MANY other causes -- not the least of which, Elenin's ARTIFICIAL release of internal atmosphere, designed to initially capture astronomers' attention beyond the orbit of Jupiter, has now served its purpose--

And, the "next Phase" of its Mission (in our model) is about to begin ... as it approaches its September 11th Closest Approach to the Sun.

And, the key September 26th CONJUNCTION, just a couple weeks later ....

Based on the NUMBERS I cited last night, I expect "surprises" in the days ahead ....

Stay tuned. :)"


Note: I am currently checking with other sources on this as well. More soon...--Kerry"

That's Project Camelot, for those who aren't familiar with Kerry Cassidy.

Is Hoagland a nut, or what?

rockpicker said...

Freeacre; Ain't he a breath of fresh air?

rockpicker said...



rockpicker said...

You'll appreciate this!


Anonymous said...


Rp Thanks for that, who is to say what is going on. Elenin is dimming and breaking up as it approaches the sun but how can this be if it in not a normal comet? Personally I think it is Bin Laden's corpse. How many times has he died now? Once in Islamabad in 2005 of kidney failure. Then after everyone laughed at the plank impersonator that the CIA had authenticated they finally threw the towel in two years later but at that time he died in Afghanistan of jaundice or some such. Finally Obama's boys got him for sure earlier this year. That's one life and two deaths more than Jesus. Makes you wonder doesn't it. Or maybe it was Scotty doing a final fly by, it makes as much sense as anything else.

Then there was your reference to cancer. What causes cancer? Radiation. What do we use to cure it? More radiation. Makes you wonder doesn't it. I wrote half a page tonight for a new post that may appear sometime. Lost the save, reconstructed the page and then lost the save again. It is probably a controversial subject so am I being hacked in real time or am I just being incompetent – makes you wonder doesn't it.


rockpicker said...

Sats; Have you listened to the latest interview with Michael Tellinger on the Camelot site? Just turned it on a bit ago. Looks good.

Oh, btw, wasn't it Zacharia Sitchin who introduced the concept of Nibiru to the English-speaking world?

murph said...


You're right, that video is interesting. Wish I could validate or repudiate its claims.

rockpicker said...

Finally, someone has called the progressives' bluff. This guy makes some really valid points.


rockpicker said...

Seen this?


rockpicker said...

Another great piece of clear-eyed truth-telling by Chris Hedges!


rockpicker said...

by W.H. Auden

I sit in one of the dives
On Fifty-second Street
Uncertain and afraid
As the clever hopes expire
Of a low dishonest decade:
Waves of anger and fear
Circulate over the bright
And darkened lands of the earth,
Obsessing our private lives;
The unmentionable odour of death
Offends the September night.

Accurate scholarship can
Unearth the whole offence
From Luther until now
That has driven a culture mad,
Find what occurred at Linz,
What huge imago made
A psychopathic god:
I and the public know
What all schoolchildren learn,
Those to whom evil is done
Do evil in return.

Exiled Thucydides knew
All that a speech can say
About Democracy,
And what dictators do,
The elderly rubbish they talk
To an apathetic grave;
Analysed all in his book,
The enlightenment driven away,
The habit-forming pain,
Mismanagement and grief:
We must suffer them all again.

Into this neutral air
Where blind skyscrapers use
Their full height to proclaim
The strength of Collective Man,
Each language pours its vain
Competitive excuse:
But who can live for long
In an euphoric dream;
Out of the mirror they stare,
Imperialism's face
And the international wrong.

Faces along the bar
Cling to their average day:
The lights must never go out,
The music must always play,
All the conventions conspire
To make this fort assume
The furniture of home;
Lest we should see where we are,
Lost in a haunted wood,
Children afraid of the night
Who have never been happy or good.

The windiest militant trash
Important Persons shout
Is not so crude as our wish:
What mad Nijinsky wrote
About Diaghilev
Is true of the normal heart;
For the error bred in the bone
Of each woman and each man
Craves what it cannot have,
Not universal love
But to be loved alone.

From the conservative dark
Into the ethical life
The dense commuters come,
Repeating their morning vow;
'I will be true to the wife,
I'll concentrate more on my work,'
And helpless governors wake
To resume their compulsory game:
Who can release them now,
Who can reach the dead,
Who can speak for the dumb?

All I have is a voice
To undo the folded lie,
The romantic lie in the brain
Of the sensual man-in-the-street
And the lie of Authority
Whose buildings grope the sky:
There is no such thing as the State
And no one exists alone;
Hunger allows no choice
To the citizen or the police;
We must love one another or die.

Defenseless under the night
Our world in stupor lies;
Yet, dotted everywhere,
Ironic points of light
Flash out wherever the Just
Exchange their messages:
May I, composed like them
Of Eros and of dust,
Beleaguered by the same
Negation and despair,
Show an affirming flame.

Anonymous said...


By God Auden was good, hardly appreciated at the time but now stands out like one of those points of light in the dark.

Written at the start of the war, and probably cast aside in the euphoria of peace but how immortally prophetic.

freeacre said...

Here's a quote from the Chris Hedges essay. He's so good. I wish he would be the next President.

... "Most important, we must stop being afraid. We have to turn our backs for good on the Democrats, no matter what ghoulish candidate the Republicans offer up for president. We have to defy all formal systems of power. We have to listen closely to the moral voices in our society, from McKibben to Noam Chomsky to Wendell Berry to Ralph Nader, and ignore feckless liberals who have been one of the most effective tools of our disempowerment. We have to create monastic enclaves where we can retain and nurture the values being rapidly destroyed by the wider corporate culture and build the mechanisms of self-sufficiency that will allow us to survive. The corporate coup is over. We have lost. The trolls have won. We have to face our banishment."

rockpicker said...


What's with the tropical storm down there? Since Macondo has blown up again, I presume that means they're out spraying Corexit agin. Any sign of that falling on the landscape near you?

rockpicker said...

Here's a link to a website showing radiation dispersion simulations for Fukushima this summer.

I wondered about the strong differential appearing in ocean temps due east of the plant, until I noticed what appears to be a cool-water whirlpool north and east of Fukushima. That appears to have acted like a brick wall in deflecting the warm southern waters to the east. Quite dramatic effect. Is that natural?


Burnie said...

I just wrote a really good reply and my hand on computer wiped it out.''ok second try.

Great post thank you.

The illuminatic, satanic, nazi, freemasonic, nwo conspiracy oh my,
h/t Celti Rebel, is raining down..they want to steal our popcorn.

Bur before your very eyes to see our freedoms lost to Pharisees. heh.

Last night I watched Jupiter rise, the horns of the Bull tipped with the Pliedes. Uranus, Neptune were there too. As night raced to dawn Orions belt had risen. Lower down and SE of me the dog star rose in majesty, bright, flickering. And in the day with sun bright high I shielded its glow for glow of Venus seen.

The greatest richest show on earth is missed by most including I. No longer will I blind myself with shiite brought forth by man.
There is not much we have, most of us, but this richness and if we keep our honor and humanity through trial and loss we win, feel sorry for the blind. Your empathy will be noted in the book that lives inside your mind.

Think of you both with my mind where I hold what is worth holding.

Burnie said...


+1 Chris Hedges. Do you have anything good on the stove I can drive there for dinner or cookies ha ha.

Burnie said...

Thank you for the poetry..what we all are thinking.

I am always in awe of those who put it in words for the rest of us..it is our connection and brings me to tears of frustration. That it would be so simple, beautifully simple to be kind.

rockpicker said...


China to attack the U.S.? What better cover story for a ten-year anniversary celebration false flag event we all can share in?

Boom, ba-boom, boom...

Burnie, In the beginning, there was the word...

rockpicker said...

One can only hope this is real.


freeacre said...

Hey, Burnie and Rockpicker. Happy Labor Day, even though there are no jobs. Obama's big idea is to build more roads. Brilliant, what with peak oil, etc. How about a railroad? I think we will all be laboring, though, in new ways - like growing our own food and starting local projects.
Market Ticker has a good article posted. I'm looking forward to the Days of Rage on the 17th on Wall St. and all over the country. It should be fun to tell them what we think of them. The tune, "Jump, You Fuckers" comes to mind...
Dutchsinse's YouTube account has been shut down. Disturbing. Wonder if they are planning to shut down all our alternative sites?
Hang tight everybody. The next three months should prove to be pivotal. If not, I give up.

Anonymous said...

"Jump, You Fuckers"

You crack me up Freeacre :-) Well I am safely back home from the Burning Man Extravaganza! Great weather this year ( no giant dust storms ) and the Playa conditions for riding the bicycles was perfect, a hard packed surface. There was a record attendance, the count presently put at almost 54,000. The Temple this year was the largest Burning Man art structure in BM history, with a 45,000 square feet footprint, it stood 120 feet tall, and it was all burned on Sunday :-)

It was a wonderful experience to visit with you guys, Murph, Freeacre and your son Micah :-) I'm glad the ceremonial fire worked out well too :-) Thanks so much for all of your hospitality and I really enjoyed the tour of your place, and of your amazing garden that the locals told you was " not possible " when you moved there :-) Brie your 150 pound pooch was great fun too and I was just telling my family about her. Just want you guys to know your always welcome to stay with us if you ever make it down this way :-)

That Chriss Hedges does such a great job in his writings and the quote you posted Freeacre really resonates with my feelings too. Well I'm still catching up with things on the internet sites, reading about whats gone on during my road trip.

Thanks once again Freeacre and Murph for all the fun and companionship of our recent visit. I love you guys :-)


rockpicker said...

Here's a link to a video channel Dutchsince is using for the time being. In this video, he explains what has happened.


Anonymous said...


Building roads when the economy tanks has a curious sort of logic about it but in this case it largely doesn't apply. It is what Marks called compensatory spending. Theory goes like this, manufacturing industry makes things (stuff), until everybody has enough stuff then the price falls because there is no more demand. Government fiddles with interest rates and such measures to get the economy jump started but if this doesn't work then workers are laid off putting pressure on government by paying out unemployment benefit without collecting taxes. Building roads gets workers into employment without creating surpluses of stuff, so putting money in their pockets which they then go out and spend on stuff thus re-stimulating the economy and getting the government off the hook with the unemployment benefit. The cost of the building project is partly financed from the reduction in the unemployment benefit. Problem is that USA's manufacturing base is now in the far east and with the virtual demise of the middle class and a largely service economy this stunt is going to be a lot harder to pull off. I guess the construction workers, being loyal Americans, could always ask an insurance agent to call around and fit them up with more medical insurance. Similar happened in the UK towards the end of the Thatcher era but in this case they had enough roads so they constructed shopping malls instead. There is nothing like a bit of optimism.

VW invest (I don't believe this).


Anonymous said...


I guess you guys realised I meant Marx and not Marks :-/

rockpicker said...

SATS; During the '30's, the Civilian Conservation Corps was created by the Roosevelt administration to put masses of unemployed people to work building and maintaining infrastructure. We need something like that program again, but I don't hear any calls for it. No one in the media will even admit that the unemployment situation is as dire as it is. Seems like everyone is just biding their time, waiting for the next false flag event to mushroom.

On another note, Dutchsinse.com is back up. Apparently, enough YouTube community support for him swayed decisions at YouTube. Gee, the empowerment rush is almost intoxicating...

murph said...

RP and SATS,

We've got at least two strikes against any kind of CCC project being initiated at this time. First it is Socialism and no conservative worth his salt in ideology would ever suggest such an abomination. Second, the country is at least figuratively(if not in actuality)completely broke. A third reason it will not happen is that the private contractors wouldn't make out like bandits, ie the corporations couldn't make enough money out of it. I don't see it seriously presented as an alternative to the present policies.

Remember that in the 30's the US had a large industrial base, and a large eager work force to draw on. I don't know what the figures are in actuality today but I suspect that the amount of folks that would engage in something of a similar program would be diminished from back then. Just too many folks (right now at least) that cannot fathom getting their hands dirty and doing actual physical work. I've had a bit of experience with inner city kids that actually have no concept of going to a regular steady job.

Another aspect of this is that the CCC back in the 30's did a lot of work in re-forestation and other ecological preservation jobs. The disconnect of our society from the ecology today is dramatic. Government people are just as disconnected. Where would the emphasis be if such a program were instituted? I would suspect it would emphasize support of the present social paradigm, which in my opinion would be self defeating. The grip of the corporations are just too strong at this time for meaningful reorganization of our life style and consumption.

Personally, I would like to see such a program on the line of the CCC come on line, but I don't see much hope for it.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if there was some new CCC-type program tasked to build a local and national high-speed rail system, but you're right, if the corporations and their paid stooges (congresscritters & senatewhores) won't make TONS of money off of a CCC-type program, it won't happen. Plus, we can't have unemplyment go down -where would the Pentagon get more desparately unemployed people to become cannon fodder for the future war with Syria?

Man, we are soooo doomed.


freeacre said...

Well, there is so much obfuscation going on regarding the comet, Elenin and whether is has broken up or not, it's seeming rather obvious to me that something big is up. I mean, if it were just a small ice ball headed our way, there would be all kinds of pictures from NASA on it, given the interest in it. Elenin reaches parahelion (closest to the Sun) on Sept. 11. Oh, dear.. the anniversary of the Twin Towers turning to powder after being on fire for an hour, also the day that the President will be in Denver (home of the new CIA facility and airport with the huge underground whateveritis). An X flare with coronal mass ejection just happened on the Sun that is headed toward Earth, which might screw up some electronics (especially satellites) and NASA is talking about abandoning the International Space Station. Hummm... is it just me, or does there seem to be more than financial problems at hand?
Oh, btw, The Alien Project is up and running again. Andre Heath has put together a huge new compendium of earth changes and space stuff.
Welcome home, Wizard! Glad you had another good time at Burning Man. We enjoyed your visit so much. I'd love to have a Trout Clan Pow Wow - maybe next year. That would be cool.

Anonymous said...

I was speaking with a retired aerospace engineer yesterday and many subjects came up about space. I said that I had read that the International Space Station was to be dismantled in 2016. He sort of laughed and said “it will be lucky to last the next two years”. It seems that there are all sorts of problems with the ISS that we have not been told about, according to him. He has worked for a number of different aerospace companies as well as NASA on the space shuttle. Even though he wasn’t a big fan of the shuttle, he thinks the nation is going backwards as far as space is concerned. There is nothing that is able to handle the large payloads to take up to the ISS, like the shuttle did.
Interesting conversation with the fellow. I just don’t see how the nation can afford another program like the space program, the way things are going. I have been a big fan of space for most of my life and I have to admit, that I can’t see any way humans can travel to far planets or other systems under current conditions.

The Bexar

Anonymous said...

im with y'all on some form of the CCC concept but such no longer applies to infrastructure projects. i.e., back in the day it took grunts to build roads, bridges, utility grids, railroads, communication systems, etc. lots of em. today not. today machines do the work of hundreds and thousands. ya, we had machines back then but nothing on the scale of today. and we're not far from the time when you'll look over at a road project with dozens of machines moving about and there won't be anyone on them. computers linked to GPS systems and software programs will run the show. we're aleady doing it. all thats left is that final leap that takes the operator off the machine.

i agree w/murph and the antidote might be CCC type projects that will shift minds on a paradign level while they go about the bid'ness of... ?????????. what? thats really the question ain't it? but i don't see it happenin either while the masses remain in the grip of elite power-over broakers of all stripe. which leaves me to draw one single conclusion: align with what history has taught us. that is, every damn such system has orchestrated its own demise. and while we move toward that demise fueled by the unseen denials of all and unseen cosmic forces seeking balance, in the meantime do everything possible to disconnect ones own personal essence from power-over agendas... p