Thursday, September 8, 2011


The build up in the fire pit during HSW visit in preparation to fire 3 of his clay heads. Sort of looks like a salad doesn't it? There were at least 10 different items in that fire for effect on the clay.


If you aren’t familiar with the battle of Thermopylae, Wiki will give you some of the background. The legend is that 300 Spartans defended a pass to stop the passage of a huge amount of invaders intent on taking over Greece. It was referenced at the last part of the movie “The Last Samurai”. In actuality, there were back up armies to the 300 Spartans, but a turncoat got them all killed. In the end, the invading hoards were repelled.

I bring this up as a simile to current situations. There is a huge horde at the gates, threatening the PTB and wanting to abolish their rule. The Spartans (an extreme warlike group) composed of the PTB and their minions are defending the status quo. They are vastly outnumbered but have the machinery of war and suppression at their disposal. We have been talking for years now about who will win this confrontation. How many of the defenders were killed? To the very last man according to the story.

Our problem as citizens is to survive until the conclusion of the battles and then deal with the aftermath. The question in my mind, are there enough bodies to oppose the PTB? At this time, it appears not to be although that could change dramatically as our living situations deteriorate. There does seem to be considerable rebellion going on around the world. How much has been instigated by the PTB is open to question and just what the agendas are we, of course, are not privy to.

Freeacre and I have been exposed to huge amounts of contradictory information concerning Libya and the uprising there. According to a couple of sources, Libya was in actuality a very open populace democracy wherein the government used its oil revenue for the benefit of the population and Gaddafi had no power at all, only as an advisor. The country supposedly had the highest standard of living of any country in Africa. The contradiction is that Gaddafi was a tyrant dictator that had to be replaced. It has been fairly obvious to us that a lot of the photos and news items concerning the rebellion has been spun and doctored. Preparing us for another damned war? Is the US determined to control the whole of mid-eastern countries? Considering how much hate is directed toward the US in that area of the world, it is going to take some pretty hefty military presence to do that. Who in hell is going to finance that? China? Japan? Germany? Not likely. But we shall see.

One of the big contradictions I see is over the worlds oil supply. Circulating around is the concept that the US has oil reserves that far exceeds all the other reserves in the world put together. Well, if that is true, what are doing fighting over oil in the Arab worlds? Make sense to you? Somebody is lying to us on a grand scale.

On the home front.

It sure appears to us that heavy criticism of the US government is coming under some pretty draconian suppression. In many ways, I approve of that. Nothing like suppression to get the adrenalin boiling up and rebellion started. At the same time, a lot of people are going to take it in the ass. Not justice, not pretty and with no real justification at all outside of the top people’s lust for power. This has led us to be concerned with what is being said on the internet, principally, the criticisms of policy and behavior of the PTB and their minions. How much of a crackdown is coming at us? How many folks are going to be made example’s of what happens when you criticize?

While this blog has a, relatively speaking, small readership and comments, it has tended over the years to be quite critical of the goings on nationally and worldwide. Will any of us be made examples of? We have quite a few examples of popular sites being discontinued. What was the reason? Pressure from some power players? Threats? We don’t really know. Small blogs such as this one are primarily composed of people with few resources to fight that kind of pressure or defend against threats. But, we do know that often when an example is to be made, it is mostly directed at those folks with the least ability to fight back. The family organic farmers and food coops are a prime example of the big commercial agricultural business taking on those without the power to fight back. Observe whom the IRS goes after. Same thing is happening at the international level. The US certainly is not taking military action against a country that has the capability to mount an effective resistance. Although I have to admit that Afghanistan is doing pretty good with asymmetric warfare. We sure as hell are not pressing those countries with nuclear retaliation capabilities.

So, Freeacre and I are contemplating whether to continue this blog. We are as concerned for you the readers and those that comment as we are for ourselves. Is it time to stop and become a bit more anonymous? Have we said all that is to be said? Do we now need to turn our attention elsewhere?

We are interested in what others have to say on this subject. Let us know.

A Note from Freeacre –

Personally, I don’t want to end our association with the tribe. But, the blog site gets about two thousand hits a month from all over the country. Most of the people who read our site do not make comments. That’s been fine with me during the time when we were attempting to raise awareness of peak oil and other resources, provide alternatives to the corporate injunctions, learning to produce our own food, organizing the community, etc. But, now it seems to me as well, that we have written about preparing until we are practically blue in the face. We thought it would have all crashed and burned years earlier. Who knew they would come up with the wild assortment of mitigating factors that they have – trillions in “bail outs,” never-ending wars, creating a suffocating police state, and God knows what all? It looks as if they are going to string this crap out forever.

I’m about done with preparing. Now, I want to accomplish some things on my “bucket list” while it’s still possible. We may not even plant a garden next year. We may take a year off and travel a bit. I’d like to be more artistic. It seems that many of you have moved on as well.

The earth changes and possible asteroid, comet, or dwarf star approaches mostly either will or will not take place within the next couple of months. Frankly, I’d like to keep holding each others hand awhile longer at least. Somewhere down the line, I think we should close down the blog and the “regulars” continue our friendships through e-mail, phone calls, or visits.

The grid could go down at any time – whether through natural or man-made reasons. I guess that’s the last thing that we need to prepare for.



freeacre said...

This just in - seems there is a massive power outage in both San Diego and Orange counties in So. California. The cause has not yet been determined. Naturally, homeland security is looking into a possible "terrorist" threat. Maybe is has to do with the multiple CME's coming our way from the Sun? I dunno...

Anonymous said...

Do whatever you need to do to be safe. Even though I am not in the US, I firmly believe that people like you will be needed direly after whatever happens as soon as US finishes their gambit started with Tunisia and Egypt.

On the other hand, I would be more than happy if you keep posting, you people seem to have the head well on your shoulders so your insights are very good to have in a day and age when all we hear from US through the official channels is : "All is fine, all is peachy, don't worry, it's fine".

Hopefully, a friend.

Anonymous said...

2,000 hits a month? wtf? who are these people?, be nice if they would be willing to take the talking stick for an introduction at least? humm that is spooky to say the least when there are only a dozen or so that actually comment on the issues presented. but damn that also is a sizable tribe if all are regulars or even a portion thereof.
as to taking down the site, is there an off chance that it could stay around as a message board for folks?
don't know what it takes to keep one of these things running but if its money we could all chip in and handle that for sure, im sure it involves a signifiant amount of personal time to make it happen? as in constant monitoring ? could that be done anywhere with a laptop? and could the site be taken care of by any members as in taking turns? as in one week for me one week for someone else? that sort of thing.. (excuse me but i am embarrassingly stupid about blog site execution and maintenance) bet everyone thought i was a college graduate huh?
hey wizard that was a most spectacular photo of murph and sis at the solstitial ceremonial simi=anual take off all your clothes and dance around the camefire event and i missed it, damn! fuck all the good shit happens while i stay in montana taking care of the nubile almost legal virgins running around the mountainside just up the road from the village. yeah i know its a tough job but someone has to have the guts to do it..

so wildfires are burning texas to the ground and that fucking pervert ''nice looking hair rick asshole perry '' is performing as the '' mother of all flip-floppers'' juggling his act between killing little girls with the mandatory infamous gardasiil vaccinations and heading up the federal law against same sex marriage.. (one of my best friends ever was a faggot, i mean gay person, forgot there are still people that worship words in this world) how in the hell does someone like that get into a position of power in a supposed freedom loving state like texas?
and fema telling the firefighters to take a hike and handing out hotdogs and marshmallows while the fires rage on. man it could only happen here in the land of oz.

but i digress.
i know it has to be a strain on murph and freeacre to bare the brunt of post after post and researching all the shit that it takes to pin one up..but i think that subject matter could be a lot simpler, like for instance a topic of any pertinent happening that other clans/persons might be curious about and just added up as a link like rockpicker does, and a mighty fine job he do if i say so my own self..

anyway i would be sad to see it go away totally as it feels more like family then anything else.
but then again i am not in the pilots seat and subject to flying this site with all the rough weather that is encountered keeping it aloft either.

anyway it falls it will be one of the neatest things that have taken place in my life just being able to hang out with all the wonderful folks that attend this most sacred place and all are blessed that attend here.


nina said...

Strange how little in-depth forecasting has been around concerning the fragility of the grids, especially when it is so obvious in climate chaos, drought/extremely high temps plus constantly increasing populations = too many entities on the grid and too many air conditioners bleeding energy all at once. This can only get worse.

Consider keeping the blog, if nothing else, 1) it improves the quality of life to know for certain we are not alone and 2) comparing notes, expanding concepts, sharing possibilities keeps us aware and involved. I know how you feel and you've expressed it very well Murph. So much time and effort, so little progress, make that no progress ... When you are really ready to quit, you will. You won't put it up for discussion.

The fire pit looks like a wonderful raku pit. Yes, I would have sworn it was an elegant freeacre salad. It would be neat to see how HSW's works came out.

And, yes FA, the sun explosions have been some of the few realistic warnings we've heard. It was predicted, explained and happened. The part that is left out is the part where it continues to happen and power simply cannot be restored because of too much demand. At some point, there will be dreadful nuclear disasters from aging, overburdened US infrastructure. What a nightmare come true.

Anonymous said...

I am a frequent reader and enjoy being at the campfire w/ all of you.
I resonate w/ your thoughts about keeping the blog as I recently quit a 10 year column in our local paper for pretty much the same reasons. The thing is though, that I miss everyone. And sometimes you just need to be able to put something out there that you just read or learned about. I'd sure understand if you folded, but I kind of hope you stick with it a while longer for my own selfish reasons.

From rural Wisconsin,Jean

Burnie said...

Briefly I would miss you, I understand the thought. They will come after anyone viewed as intelligent, free thinking, and rebellious. They always do if you read history and I am sure you do. It is not unreasonable paranoia.

Maybe nature will take care of the problem, I would hope for all our sakes that that does not happen.

Your thoughts on Libya being something other than what we are fed I have come across too. I will ere on the side that speaks of Gaddafi being not the monster portrayed. I have seen too many stories in my life like this. It always begins with demonetization and ends with death.

We will always survive as humanity here or somewhere. That is the thought carried always.

I read or heard a statement that in the coming age people would look back and cry in anguish at the realization of what they had done.
I don't expect I will survive but hope for my children to shed those tears.

We are humanity at its finest, not perfect. that also means something no money or words can quantify

Now that I have met you I would say what Nina said including the raku pit.

these words come listening to Bach,

Your words matter, even if they seem not to.
all the love in the world.

Burnie said...

that wasn't so briefly ha ha

Burnie said...

And Glenn Gould is a great pianist

murph said...


Thanks for the comments. You tend to be more optimistic than I.

murph said...


Your comments concerning this blog are valid. And yes, when we are ready, it will happen.

We will put up pics of the clay heads on the next posting I imagine. LOL That is if we don't forget to.

It sure does feel like the crisis is eminent doesn't it. But, we've been disappointed/surprised before.

Anonymous said...

well my little comment got washed up on the beach i guess, either that or i just hit the wrong button, wasn't much anyway but reflects what is being said a bit also,,

Zoner said...

As one who frequently visits but has simply run out of things to say, let me take this opportunity to wish you safe travels and all the best no matter what you choose to do or what fate befalls us.

Thanks for this haven and for being so incredibly cool.


nina said...

Yes Murph, it feels imminent. I base this on another mental chart showing again, highs and lows, this one indicating secular activity. The election circus attempts to blot out that we have three hurricanes at once in the east, Katia, offshore, has put much of DC underwater, its been raining cats and dogs for a week. I would only know that because relatives there tell me. Additionally, lawsuits against the big banks and laying off their employess en masse is the antithesis of the recent past for them. The Eurozone drags its heels, still deliberating over Greece while Libya has broken down into no rule, no system, complete dysfunction and regional takeovers by thugs bearing weapons riding around in pickup trucks. If the tipping point isn't close, I cannot imagine how they can possibly keep up the lid on because more people know than don't, thanks to technology where every one who signs on, gets Welcome News on their way to social networking, like it or not.

I watched an interview with a young lady today who's mother died in the towers. The interviewer was hot to get her response to the bin Laden death non-event. Her response was telling. She didn't give a damn. It made no difference at all. It didn't return her mother to her.
Obama may well be out and whomever gets in will have to deal with the crash, while the climate interferes and Europe crumbles. It doesn't look like a lasting situation, but they may have something far worse in mind like those camps everyone used to talk about. To keep us safe... right?

freeacre said...

Thank you, Jean, for commenting. It's nice to know that we have real people out there who attend the campfire but who are unintroduced. You are probably right. I don't know if we could actually quit the conversation. I would like to hear from more of those who may not have spoken up before.

Nina, things are seeming almost surreal. Go to Huffington Post. You'd think you're at The Onion. Dick Chaney, the zombie prince of the undead, endorses Hillary Clinton for President. Hillary - Bride of Frankenstein. Our foreign policies are more and more blatantly like flat out looting. Congress full of mercenaries. The Earth in smack-down mode. The wheel turns, the Universe chuckles. Payback is a motherfucker.
The only things keeping me semi sane are the garden, the two hens that have gone broody, and the conversations at the campfires.

freeacre said...

Z - I never actually thought of us as "cool." But, I like that you think so.

Burnie - I love the hat. I wish you were still just up the road. But, I'm glad for you.

Montana - I'll check to see if you got spammed.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd mention Nina that while Katia as a huricane did come near the east coast all it produced in effects there was an increase in shore wave heights. The east coast in the last week has received intense rains and consequent flooding first from the remnants of tropical storm lee, then a basicaly stationary low roughly over illinois kept pulling ( due to its spinning ) great amounts of moisture laden air from the Gulf of Mexico region all the way up through the east coast states which has been producing additional prodigious rains and record flooding, including in the DC area.

Also Nina I noticed in the last topic Freeacre referred to the three heads that I put in the fire of desert materials as being " ceramic ", which is why you may have assumed it was about some sort of Raku process. In this case the heads were made from red clay I found in the San Bernardino forest area. The clay will take on various burn markings dependant on their various exposure within the fire but other than that they are redish brown when they are done. I generally stain them afterwards by putting them for a couple of days into a vessel with grape juice which makes them various dark brown colors, like is the case with another head I made for Freeacre and Murph some time ago. I did three heads in the desert fire, one for each of us to have as something tangible to remember our visit and good time :-)

Murph and Freeacre regarding your thinking of the possible discontinuance of your blog, of course you will decide whats best for you, but I would concur with the reason's Nina posted as to why it would still have benifit. I don't think the PTB would really go to the extent of targeting you guys or the commenters specifically because of what we talk about at the Trout Clan Campfire. I think their moves will be more general in nature regarding further draconian measure they may/will implement further down the road. But I understand your concerned so you will choose the path that seems best for you :-)

Well is 2Am so I'd best get myself off to bed. I'm getting caught up with things here after my 10 day road trip so I'll have a chance to check the comments here more often now :-)


Anonymous said...


I had advance warning by e mail that this might happen, but I wasn't that much ahead of you guys. I am going to tell you what I told the Murphs and it more or less reflects what Nina said. If my wife is out shopping or having a nap on the bed and I am at home, I haven't a worry in the world but if she visits her kids for several days then I start to feel lonely as time passes. It is the same with the campfire. I dropped out for several months for much the same reasons as are being said now but I always knew it was there. If it wasn't there at all I would feel at a loss. There again there was no pressure on me to get another post up and when I felt ready I came back in. If Murph and Fa dropped out it would be very hard to get even a few thousand hits a month back again say six months down the line. Of course, I will respect whatever decision is made. Much of how I view this depends on where it is they intend to travel to but I already know where it will probably not be, especially with a pooch in tow :-)

So far as tooling up for a fight goes, don't you get the feeling that the greater we, are being prodded with a stick. I remember when I was back at junior school I came home one day and said to my mum, “My cousin won't play with me anymore”. She said “Well then, don't you play with him”. After several months of not playing with him he came and asked me if I wanted to be friends again so I guess she knew a thing or two. She had this little phrase she trotted out about ignoring them cuts them worse than a whip. If this is true then I guess what I am saying is to engage the PTB by not to taking part in consumerism. I know, even for me it is harder to say than do and trying to get the greater population to play this game is near impossible although I expect those who have lost a house in the last few years don't have the same need for stuff.

There are bloggers who have dropped out in the last months. It is hard to say whether this had more to do with being leaned on or just a feeling of peeing into the wind. It is typical of our twin chiefs to think more on the tribe than themselves. All I can say is do what you feel and believe is right.

whitewater fraggle said...

I am a daily reader and twice a year commenter, but I want to say to Murph and FA that your campfire has kept me spiritually warm and mentally sharp as all this craziness has unfolded around me. I am more grounded because of the words of all here. Mostly, this site, along with my other preparations, has me at a point where I can say I am truly unafraid of whatever lies ahead.

Whatever you all do, I wish you the best.

freeacre said...

I found two comments in the spam box - one from montana and one from "a friend." Sorry, guys, but they are up now in positions 2 and 3. Thank you, too, Friend. Nice to know that all the ones who have been silent are not federales.

It's sounding like the consensus is to keep throwing logs on the fire. The light does seem to be a comfort from the darkness for all of us. I wonder what would happen if the day of rage demonstration includes things like breaking windows or spray painting all ATMs and surveillance cameras, etc, or some other physical or hacking actions. The ante would very likely be increased and the repression would escalate.
Maybe it's time to lose the fear.

freeacre said...

Rioting and protests are happening in Greece due to the austerity measures imposed by the IMF. BBC reports,
A huge, central banner displayed by marchers in Thessaloniki read: "We owe nothing, we pay nothing, we sell nothing, we fear nothing."

rockpicker said...

Here's just one example of how important this venue has been, and will hopefully continue to be.

rockpicker said...

Wonder why William Rodriguez wasn't interviewed on NPR today?

Anonymous said...

There is a new DVD that just came out from the Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth. My brother said he will be handing out lots of copies of it to various people he meets. Sounds like a real good one to share at this time when the MSM is reinforcing at hyper speed the Big Official Lie with the war crimminals like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld showing up in " specials " about 9-11 for the 10 year aniversary today.

9-11: Blueprint For Truth
The Architecture Of Destruction

And, Chriss Hedges " Calling All Rebels " speech on DVD is definitely one to check out if you can get or view it. I'm not sure if its available yet for purchase besides getting it through the Link TV donations route as seen at the link below, but it is airing this upcoming week ( the schedule shown within the link ) on Direct and Dish TV if you have it. My brother is trying to get a copy to share with people. Chris Hedges is great in my book and I respect him greatly for the message of truth he is trying to get out to folks.

" Chris Hedges speech, "Calling All Rebels," hit me like a thunderbolt! "


Anonymous said...

Day of Rage, October 6th:,_2011.html

And RP we just got ( finally ) hooked up to high speed wireless yesterday. Freeacre and Murph while I was visiting with them convinced me that it was time to lose the dial up :-) The first video I watched this morning was that link you ( RP ) recently posted about William Rodriquez the janitor who survived the Trade Towers collapse. That was excellent and I passed the link along to my brother too :-)


Anonymous said...

And I should mention that Freeacre's son Micah also played a big part in proding us to get the high speed. He had his laptop hooked up to Murph and Freeacre's big screen and was showing me all sorts of things, like TED talks which I had never checked out before because of our dial up connection. We watched a really neat short video about the amazing features of the Fungi community, and some others too :-)


rockpicker said...





Anonymous said...

Yeah RP the high speed has made a big differance and I'm really enjoying it :-) So I'm " Free At Last " until the Brownshirts Goons decide to turn off the information highway switch :-)


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the TED talks I saw Paul Staments lecture on TED, but I also went to hear him talk live in Olympia, WA. What a treat, he spoke for one hour and forty five minutes without any notes. After his talk, he received a standing ovation.
I too hope the campfire keeps burning. It's one of the better sites on the net. I say keep the fire lit if you two can do it, and to hell with who ever messes with it. Some day things will chang and I believe mother Earth will probably be the one who does the changing.

The Bexar

Anonymous said...

ALL THE FERERALES SAY, THEY COUDDA HAD HIM ANYDAY. so.... in the meantime, keep the home fires burnin!!! .... p

Anonymous said...

and hey... i'm w/mf on his various suggestions to help take the load off you 2 including just throwing up a couple links or whatever. but i must say, i'll miss your essays cuz you are really damn good at it. both of you... p

rockpicker said...



Anonymous said...

Willie, a true revolutionary. Keep the fire lit. Long time listener, first time caller.

S in the Minniesoota north woods

Anonymous said...

and a damn twisted kindness at that eh. no supposin about it! ...p

Palooka's Revenge said...

not to be critical of a long time listener, first time caller but, when it comes to that song, gotta give credit where credit is due... willie and merle nailed it like nobody else coudda but couddn't-a if townes van zant hadn't wrote it.

townes... one the best damn writers of song to ever put pen to paper and a true revolutionary in his own right. townes was magic in shoes. i ran smack dab into it one glorious night at blind willies...

here, have a listen. maybe he'll rub off on you too...

great to hear yer voice there friend comin from the deep woods of minniesooooduhh... p

freeacre said...

Well, that was a treat. Been going from link to link of outstanding music. Thanks to both of you, p and Minnesota North Woods. I ended up with "Knockin' on Heavens Door." Guess I'm feeling melancholy today.

rockpicker said...

Gee, I was ponderin' on how to fix the worried state we're in, and what came to me was...

"They're selling postcards
of the hangin'.
They're painting the passports
brown. The beauty parlor's
filled with sailors.
The circus is in towne..."

freeacre said...


Palooka's Revenge said...

"I have even gone to the website to see if they just aren’t telling it right. I last about 10 minutes and then it’s legalize dope or stop all wars and I have to leave."

"He and his followers are lunatics. Bat sh!t crazy."

typical of reactionary comments at free republic on ron paul being booed at the tea party debate last night. the issue of course was paul's stance on u.s. foreign policy being causal to 911... p

Anonymous said...

it has always been somewhere in the back of my mind as to how the complete disconnection between the rulers and the people that they rule has come about and how it keeps itself in place, i come with the idea that they are beyond starved for attention, insatiably forever starved without compassion for anything, in fact compassion would be a subject of absolutely no interest to these people.
as incredible as this sounds and how it is passed on to their children as a genetic flaw seems to be included also.
when i say insatiable i mean as a drug addiction or any other habit carried to the n'th degree and incurable. there is just never enough power to satisfy this inner need.
same as people that are bulimic and starve themselfs to death, so is it only a matter of self-image?, or something deeper or a combination of other factors that allow a person to care absolutely nothing about the well being of another person outside of what their immediate groupies have to offer them in a joint effort to fuck over other folks to increase their unending urge for more power, because we all know money brings power and power brings attention to oneself, and the disease is the need for others to focus upon the one with the power, as in look at me i am god or some such shit, preachers have this same lust along with any politician or anyone seeking the limelight, actors come to mind.
i say this is a mother fucking mental disease that affects all of us to one degree or another and is the main ingredient in why we could give a shit about what happens to our neighbors,except for what they might have to offer us that could expand our own quest for the more, whatever that more might be, after all in the truest sense of the word we are what we have whether it is things, ideas, beliefs, opinions,money etc.
because without exterior or interior attachments we are nothing. we are nothing and that sucks they say, because i have to be something don't i?
and one test is is just try to take away a persons belief in christianity or any other belief system, doesn't matter which or what, some of them have been known to burn at the stake or be eaten by a big kitty rather then to consider doing this, orrrrrr will kill you just for suggesting that there might be a little something haywire with their belief.
this is power ain't it? that a person could live a life completely devoid of interest of what it is that constitutes what their life actually amounts to.?
i think we are walking talking zombies and don't know it.
or as p might say we are in various states of denial, right p?

rockpicker said...

Speaking of Dylan,...

what the hell's happened to dutchsinse? his site is filled with music videos!

rockpicker said...

"We hold this truth to be self evident that Israel attacked the United States on 9/11 and blamed it on the Muslim world..."
-Dog Poet

wv= equals

Anonymous said...

More background here:

Anonymous said...


Rp More likely the Rothschild's and their cohorts dragged the USG along with them to do it to themselves with promises of trinkets and shiny beads and such or more virgins in heaven than the Muslims. They probably lent them Mosad (the Cosha Nostra) to do the grunt work. Israel is a confusing term because it groups dissimilar entities under a common banner, not unintentional in my view. I am not having a pop at you btw there are many well respected authors who fall for this one. Israeli Jews have arms placed round their shoulders and sunshine blown up their ass's from those above but in truth they are as much part of the cohesive entity as any other goyim. Patsy's is probably the word used for them by their fraternal betters.

Anonymous said...

Noooo-the fire can't go out, man! What will I do? I might have to get a life!!! Fuck that shit. I'm jumping off a bridge!

No seriously, you two are great -and your writings are very informative and thoughtful. Oh, and I read your responses in the kultureCritic blog the other day -good stuff.

I can't write for shit. Wait, cratch that -the only thing I CAN write is shit. Probably due to drinking WAY too much beer. Wait, scratch that also -you can NEVER drink too much beer.

I'm not sure that the prepardness part is what everyone here sits around the fire for. I think we're all attached to this warmth and flicker for various reasons, but the one I think is important is the feelings and ideas we share about the coming shitstorm.

As for me, well, since
it's comforting to know that I'm not the only one who's privy to such insight -HA!

Ok, enough of my crap. It would be nice if you guys kept throwing more logs on the fire, but if you want to let it smolder, no prob. It was fun while it lasted. Really.

And thanks.


freeacre said...

Aw, shit, Randy. We can't leave you all alone in Glenbeckistan. Especially since WE'RE ALL DOOMED ANYWAY! lol

Anonymous said...

The Arctic ice extent has now achieved a new record low ( since satelite records have been kept ). Google the subject to find out the latest. The worldwide ice melt continues.


Anonymous said...

rp, they shagged him,he made the in crowd of clowns look bad i read somewhere.

wv deurp huh?

rockpicker said...

"Ignorance Is Strength!"

rockpicker said...

FB; No offense taken.

One thing Israhell has been consistent on throughout its brief history is that all its major leaders have been Ashkanazi jews. That means, as Helen Thomas pointed out, that the people who run the show in Israhell are directly, or indirectly, jews of eastern European descent, (ie. Khazars), and share absolutely no common DNA bond with the ancient race of semitic jews who inhabited the biblical lands of Israel at the time of Jesus and before.

Anonymous said...


Murph, re the post and the US oil reserves. I guess I don't know. I have heard unconfirmed reports of huge reserves in Alaska. As for the rest of the USA Mexico and Canada however an old report claims that there is only natural gas, water and air under the ground. Usually natural gas and oil go together but not always so you take your choice.

So far as whether various Arab leaders were good ones or bad ones there are conflicting reports of how their own people viewed them. One thing I do know is that there is not one of them who ever put a force into Palestine to oppose the settlements, so in that respect they are all Israeli's whores. Hamas did what it could but its main effort went into looking after the people. The last thing US adventurism needs, God forbid, is to prevail when the object all along is to continue the conflict. When was the last time you ever heard of the greatest military in the world ever winning anything.

One thing I have not heard anyone talking about is that if the hordes at the gates eventually turn the lords of the manor out in the street, what are they then going to do about the population problem? I know, first things first.

Rp I knew about the different races of Jews but not that the Ashkenazi's were the top dogs. I always imagined it would be the Zaphardim's. Thanks for that.

S said...

I like your blog. I've been visiting for over a year since I found it...though I haven't commented. Keep least that's what I'd like. ;-) When the grid goes down..the grid goes down and we'll all do what we gotta do.
You're both good writers...engaging, worth reading. THANKS for putting it out there. IF you do decide to travel and pursue the bucket list, I say go for it....regardless of asteroids, alien invasions, and government craziness, life is always short...GO LIVE! :)

Anonymous said...

b & rp... i don't know a K from a Z but there was an extensive thread on the bot forum a while back going in to lots of history about it that made for a very interesting read and came to the same concenses as helen put on the table. you could probably find it pretty easy on the site by searching key words...

wv.. fertsi. maybe they're all fertsis.. p

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Forgot to mention that the political system in Belgium is getting serious. The French guy trying to form a coalition with eight parties minus the one with the most votes who took their ball home has reached an impasse and can't continue. He has called the king back of holiday. The king is pissed and given them one day to sort their ideas out. In the meantime Yves Laterme who is heading up the interim government has announced he is leaving politics to become VP of OCED by the year end at the latest.
Watch this space.

murph said...


Tks for the comment. Looked at your blog site, left a comment.

One of the problems I find for the more serious blogging community is that we tend to treat what we see going around us as discreet entities or events. They aren't. All the stuff going on is interrelated, and that is very tough to write about. IMO, there are a few that do pretty good on this. Matt Tiabbi, Greer, Survival acres, the no longer with us Joe Baggent, etc. I wish I could measure up to them.

Anyway, thanks for being around. Hope to hear more from you.

MURPH said...


LOL so when are you going to pack your bags and go somewhere else? I have to put in a Randy piece here, WE ARE SO DOOMED. lolol

Anonymous said...

When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors,classes,creeds,and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again.
They will be know as the warriors of the Rainbow.
Old Naive American Prophecy

i think that means us.

wv megalot

rockpicker said...

Ya think we can trust old, naive, Americans?

wv oushamb

Anonymous said...

...ah, I think mf forgot the "t" in Naive there rp.

Hey fa, where are you two hanker'in to git to? Tahiti? St. Petersburg? New Delhi? Punxsutawney? Well, if you're passing through Glenbeckistan,


Ha, just kidding. Really, if you happen to be near my 'hood in your travels, send me messgae and I'll take you two to a place that serves...

beer. (shhhhhh)


rockpicker said...

Ach, aye. That's it, then

Three quakes today so far at magnitude six or greater! Another big one not far off?

rockpicker said...

Hey, check out this photo on Kerry's blog. Is this a lens flare, or what?

Anonymous said...

No matter where your journey takes you, I hope to be able to read about it in your blog. I don't always have the time to comment-- but I read EVERY SINGLE POST. Just so you know!

Enjoy your life and feel good knowing that you have "prepped" and are able to fall back on to a safe living situation. You're ahead of the game and kudos to you for it! You are a source of inspiration to many of us. Thank you.

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