Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seduced by Curiosity

Things are pretty good at the homestead.

by freeacre

“I, too, have been seduced by the Intellect - obsessed with "understanding" and "knowing what is going on," I can while away hours, big hunks of days and years, trying to put it all together in my head, despite wrong information, lies, deception, with enough just enough truth thrown in to keep things going.” From freeacre

Zoner shared in the comments from the last post, that he has come to terms with not knowing, and now he has more time for his kids and his guitar. Somehow, a balance between awareness of the world and a subjective immediate immersion in one’s own life and location needs to be established, it seems to me.

I was mulling over the conversation regarding a “fast” or a “slow” crash as I walked around the property in my pajamas the other morning. I was checking out the garden and the greenhouses while being followed by the poultry posse. After all, it was upon reading Michael Ruppert in 2002 and 3 that we began to anticipate a fast crash. Ruppert nailed the timing of the real estate bust. It gave us time to take out a home improvement loan, pay off the car and the credit card debt and re-model the house. We figured that we had a year to fix up the home and sell it before the housing market tanked. I am grateful to that “knowing what is going on” fixation. As you all know, we sold the house in Tahoe, moved to central Oregon, and bought the cheapest acre with a mobile home in the local MLS listings in September of 2004. And retired.

That was seven years ago.

Anticipating the crisis that would manifest once Peak Oil became a household term (we figured around 2006), we began stocking up on food supplies, and began to compost our leftovers and planted a garden a year after that. It’s a good thing that peak oil has not caused the disruption that we thought it would. I mean, it has led to all sorts of political and financial mischief, wars, etc. But, so far the gas is still in the pumps. The oil barons are just pumping it now from deep waters where the damage will not only be to the land and air, it will now extend to the seas as well. I guess the big plan was to reduce our use of oil by getting rid of manufacturing. Americans can all be waiters, stockbrokers, bank tellers, ski-slope trimmers or whatever… Yeah, that was a plan. We can see how that one is working out. I guess it did buy some time. And the rich have been able to get richer, so their plan seems to have worked. I had a different plan. But then life hit.

That food we stored up is going bad now that the expiration dates have long since expired. I guess we were not as diligent as we should have been regarding the “rotating” of the canned goods. For openers, it took murph about two years to convince me that rotating the cans didn’t mean turning them upside down. Well, anyway, I digress…

I was walking around in my p.j.’s thinking about a “fast crash” with a sense of irony. If and when things ever really fall apart it might seem fast. But, it will be like the actress who works her ass off for years in small plays and bit parts, all the while learning her craft and making the right contacts. Then “all of a sudden” she gets a part in a film that puts her on a whole new star track for the foreseeable future. So, was that sudden or not? Depends on how you look at it.

So, for us, living in a way that anticipated coping with immanent disaster, has led us to the way we are now. We’re feeling pretty secure on the crisis front. We have not slacked in our efforts to cope in a post electronic and post petroleum world. The latest effort that murph is making with the help of this young couple who are our friends, is to build a well house over the well head that will shelter a hand pump installed in the well. I figure that if an EMP from the sun or some man-made weapon takes out our electricity, we had better figure a way to get water than standing outside in the winter dipping it out by hand with an Amish dipper. So now, thanks to the Lehyman’s non-electric catalog, we have the hand pump, and soon we’ll have the shelter as well. Just, you know, in case…

Peak Oil doesn’t seem to be the critical issue right now. But, after reading Matt Savinar’s blog for years (Life After the Oil Crash – Breaking News), there is no doubt that it is having an impact on our lives – and fortunes. It’s probably part of what drove the money mutants to ramp up the finance industry with real estate and assorted derivatives when they couldn’t depend on Oil anymore. So, The Rich have been squeezing it out of the The Rest for the last thirty years or so. They also have been enriching the military-industrial complex, running the international drug trade, and propping up the stock market with the laundered drug money. They’ve managed, world-wide, to centralize banking to the point that sovereign nations are secondary to the regional currency, as with the Euro. The plan to institute the Amero for us, Canada, and Mexico seems to have stalled after many of the neo-cons left Washington D.C. It’s probably still on the books.

A different warning that Ruppert, et al, also trumpeted years ago was about debt. He and many money gurus counseled avoiding being crippled by personal debt. But, back then they were really pissing into the wind. Advertising, media, and international corporations merged and became the communications arm of the globalist bankers. Computers, cell phones, desk-tops, iPads, television programs combined with social networking – all commercials for stuff and more stuff to purchase with a credit card, of course. And now banks are going to charge a fee for us slackers who do not maintain at least a $1,500 balance of debt!! It’s like a pimp telling his lady to not come home without at least five hundred dollars. What a pimp job.

Most of the kids growing up didn’t have a chance. Everybody told them they had to go to college at all costs if they were to have any chance at all to jump onto the gravy train. Many even signed up for the armed services just to get the chance to someday go to college. Now, on average, they are graduating at least $25,000 in debt at an interest rate that most of them will never be able to re-pay and from which there is no bankruptcy recourse. Debt servitude. That’s slavery without the housing. With not near enough jobs in site, for them, the shit HAS hit the fan. And, on top of that, the country just put them in the position of footing the bill for the trillions of dollars of national debt – all owed to the same detestable douche bags (Yes, that’s you, the Federal Reserve). And there is no real promise of any social security or any other help from the government for them.

Engineered or not, this is getting pretty close to the spontaneous combustion stage. If you think back to most of the rioting in the world, it’s mostly youth who feel that they have nothing to look forward to or to lose. Who can blame them? School loans and growing up with no medical and dental have taken their toll on a lot of them. With the “take over” movement, maybe the oldsters will stop whining long enough to take a look at what young people’s suffering looks like, what families are going through, Reminds me of the poem by Langston Hughes,

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?

Well, here in my backyard, I’m not sensing any explosions. Even the comets and asteroids, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, earthquakes, planetary alignments, stuff falling from space, the marching magnetic poles of the earth, and the alignment with the Galactic Center seem to be managing to hold things together without my help. One of my biggest problems is that my pole beans only produced two beans in the greenhouse. Why? Why?
But, still we build a hand pump onto the well. By now, it’s not so much for the Crash – fast or slow. It’s because more and more it feels good to be connected – to the land, the water, the garden, the animals. It tastes good to eat mostly stuff that is not contaminated with godknowswhat. We like the neighbors and friends we have developed here. We are on a first name basis with our city and county commissioners, as well as the DEQ and the planning commission’s steering committees.
Sometimes I have to remind myself to tear away from all the things that are sick and wrong, and focus on what’s around me that has worked out right, even though it was not a well-controlled event.
But, once again, I think the Overlords already have a plan to deal with the troublesome Useless Eaters. Take a look at Clif High’s most recent post. He anticipates a Shock & Awe event around the 15th of this month if I am not mistaken.
There goes that Compulsion to Know thing again. Rats!







rockpicker said...

Freeacre; Great post!


Beware the ides of October?

Anonymous said...

its probably all coincidence so nothing to be curious about here... p


rockpicker said...

Jeezus, P, another great find! Wow!


murph said...


Don't get me wrong. I like a lot of what Ventura says. However, I presume you caught when he said that he loves Wall Street and participates in it. In other words, he feels no problem in feeding the jackals. Hypocritical I calls it.

murph said...


That link is so complicated to follow as to be next door to meaningless. Hell, half the names I didn't recognize. The basic idea I agree with, everything and everyone at the top is linked up to pursue a common goal, fucking us and owning everything and everybody.

murph said...


I really liked the way Hedges handled the smuck OLeary. Notice that Hedges said that this was the last time he would do this. LOL Not much percentage in trying to reason with a fence post like OLeary.

rockpicker said...

Murph; Anybody playing the stock market now deserves to be shafted. Ventura probably said that so as to not alienate the patriotic, naive, but honest, hard-working Ma and Pa listeners who are the backbone of this crippled nation.

On the contrary, I thought this is a truly great piece of journalism. I'm planning to save it, and go back to it for reference. Hell of a bunch of work went into that little piece.

RAS said...

I think that, historically speaking, this is a fast crash. We're still in for a slow decline (from our viewpoint) but not as slow as many collapses.

We've been decline since, what, 1970? Greer and others have pinned that as the peak; I would argue that historians will place it at 1969 for the obvious reason. So, that's one generation; I figure it will take another two to complete the collapse. Three generations total.

Rome took 7 to collapse. The Maya took 5 or 6; ditto the Anasazi.

But I still think the slow/fast crash debate is misplaced. It will happen in different places at different times to varying degrees. The only solution is to be ready.

I expect riots in the U.S. inside of a year, but I could be wrong.

rockpicker said...

For those who have actually looked at the data produced by Intellicast, what Dutch calls scalar squares and HAARP rings, and wondered, if Dutch's interpretation is bogus, then just what IS being shown, here's another bit of information, presented by Dutchsinse, to help you do your own investigation.


And as far as the fast/slow collapse debate goes, I think unforseen events can alter timetables with remarkable speed. As Tarpley and Chossudovsky say in this tape, the OWS rallies have yet to make substantive demands. The longer they wait, the less force they will have to effect change, and the more exposure to being co-opted, as we saw happen to the Tea Party by the Republican Right.


If Occupy Wall Street takes Charlie McGrath's advice, seeing the collapse as a struggle between the haves and the have-nots, rather than a red- team/blue- team contest, then I think the true scope of the problem, which is international, becomes apparent.

Their can be no solution to the mess we're in without a naming of culprits and revolutionary action to taken the victims of those culprits.

There is no getting around the fact that the fractional reserve banking system must be changed before social equity can be achieved. You can't support a system that requires the majority of homeowners to pay three times the nominal cost of their homes to the banks just to secure a roof over their heads. If affordable shelter from the elements isn't a basic human right and a reasonable expectation of corporeal souls experiencing life on this planet, then what is?

Usury has to go.

Anonymous said...


My Freeacre, that post went up in record time, I guess that is the difference between writing from the heart and researching. I expect that is your journalistic training showing, I on the other hand tend to get round to things - eventually – when the mood takes me;-) God, I am at odds with myself today, I think most people have that now and again. I bought the wrong printer cartridge and have opened the sealed packet so now I can't take it back. The fan on my laptop cooler has stopped working – just stupid little things like that. I think the Gods are angry because even therapeutic cooking doesn't seem to have worked especially since my oven thermometer just bit the dust so let's hope this comment does the trick, or not as the case may be.

It is because of the sentiments that Zoner expressed that I dropped out of commenting for almost half a year. Then I came back and got into the game of chasing the links and bang, you are back again. So I said okay, the computer is for rainy days but we all know it doesn't really work like that and anyway, sunny days tends to do your (my) cash ;-/

I guess what you are saying Freeacre it the old adage of hope for the best and plan for the worst. It sure seems to have worked for you. There comes a time though when the preps are done and you think what else can I do with my life now? That's when you get into the Zoner philosophy and it is not a bad one. It is a balancing act between living and being informed. The Oregon move was good for you and you have come the same opinion that relationships are more important than stuff.

Btw things in tins and metal, not plastic, vacuum packs will last forever so long as they don't get rusty. The manufacturers are legally obliged to put a date on so this is one instance where the reality is better than what the food industry says.

I think the PTB are pushing for a riot or two so they can try out their shiny new toys that are still in their boxes. That's why I have recommended just ignoring them and their stuff in malls.

I have to tell you that I stopped reading Cliff High years ago. I couldn't call it if he was a charlatan or well meaning but wrong but every month he leads his followers up the mountain. I never hear about him coming down but the next month he is at the bottom again heading up.

Only two beans Freeacre, it looks like you have offended the Gods too.

I hear what Ras is saying about her definitions of fast and slow crashes. The one thing that is different this time around is that we now have over 6bn people that have got used to living with oil and suddenly being without it, I feel, will precipitate things a lot faster then on previous occasions.

Btw freeacre, that food looks good enough to eat;-)

Feeling a bit better now.


murph said...


Looking at this slow vs fast crash has internal problems for definitions and perspectives. Right off the top, what is fast to me may be slow for you.

It does appear to me that we are into some kind of crash mode on several fronts, financial being one of them. It also appears to me that there is a small amount of people that figure they can gain from it, financially and power wise. I also think that the speed of the crash is being controlled to some extent. How much control the lever pullers actually have is open to speculation. How the crash will proceed and its end point is also open to speculation. But, I am convinced that a decrease in general standard of living is in the process and going to get worse.

If, on a personal level, this viewpoint is predominant, then it becomes the responsibility of individuals to prepare for this. The full court press may not happen in our lifetimes, but then again, it might. I'd rather be currently prepared as well as I can than to be caught with my pants around my ankles.

The problem I see with individuals making preparations is that some amount of convenience has to be given up. Apparently not an easy thing for most folks to deal with. Of course, if the crash manifests itself fairly suddenly, folks will most assuredly be confronted with a lot less convenience than they are used to and are going to be really angry. Keeping this low level anger contained is what I think the PTB are trying to do while pushing the majority of the population into poverty very gradually while they loot whatever they can get their manicured fingers on.

As has been pointed out numerous times, Rome's collapse took around 500 years. How long did it take for the Soviet collapse? Or the Argentinian, or the Venezuelan? A lot less than 500 yrs for sure. If the US has been in collapse mode since the 70's, (as some analysts advocate) that's about 40 years, about 2 generations. In that 40 years, how many folks are preparing for harder times? Typically, very few. I think it takes a very peculiar personality to be in that space, very out of step with the rest of society. That poses problems for the individual in that space.

Interesting times we live in.

LOL WV ingelie =? some kind of bastardized English?

RAS said...

I see this as the collapse of Western Civilization, not just the U.S. Countries collapse on different time frames than civilizations; the Russia collapse was the disintegration of the empire. The standard definition of a generation is 30 years; alternative definitions run from 30-45 years.

It has thus far been a gradual decline, which is why most haven't noticed. There were some rude shocks in the 70s, but then things stabilized during Ronnie "Morning in America -Let's blast everything from space!" Reagan and then started to come unglued again at the end of the 90s.

Despite the fact that there are 7 billion people on the planet, some areas will remain relatively untouched, while others will be decimated.

As I said before, the collapse will affect different areas and locations differently at various times. Maybe this teetering house of cards will keep going for a bit longer, but if YOU (generic you) lose your job and never find one again, the collapse has occurred for you.

I sometimes think that civilizations collapse one personal or small tragedy at a time, until the total is just too much and overwhelms the system.

We're off to spend several days working on the house, so I won't be able to check in again until Sunday. Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I have just thought of a hail storm analogy for these economic shenanigans. The rain is supposed to get heaved up and down through the atmosphere, freezing in the process until it gets too heavy for the atmosphere to support and then it comes down with full force. Most of us have heard of the so called Lake Bykal, an international PTB owned pool of money so deep it can shoot markets up and down so fast people who are not in the know can't follow it fast enough. They make money when it is on the way up and then on the way down. They were supposed to be behind the south east Asia crash and the far east crash leaving enough behind for it to recover before they did it again. It doesn't matter what work sector the majority of people are in, if they have money to spend they are good enough to be a target. I think it is more than likely they could have economically crippled the countries permanently but there is a bit more to be wrung out of them yet and anyway debility is easier to cope with than complete paralysis.

The Russian communist system was in place for less than 90 years, not long in the history of empires, a quarter of the time it took for Rome to fail. The Ottoman Empire was shorter than Rome so things are speeding up.

Europe is falling apart, more poor countries brought into the fold that the richer countries have to support until the rich countries can't afford the expense and get poor too. In order to keep the dream alive Europe goes cap in hand to the same people who started the whole scam off and we all pay for another ride on the magic roundabout.

I must get more tinned stuff next month, I didn't do it this month. So far as the rest of society being out of step with me goes, I think most people see me as being amiable but odd so now I take it like it comes.

rockpicker said...

If anyone is having trouble determining who exactly the enemy is, this should help:


wv= skeram

i'm outta here

Anonymous said...

Dang, what IS that you made, fa? It looks absolutely yummy! It's making me want to hit the snack machines in the break room. Get some narly "Corn Nuts."

-eeewww, maybe not.

Yeah, Zoner's got the right idea. When I was in Zion National Park last week, sitting next to a stream, looking up at the monoliths of multicolored rock,

all was right with the world.

It was relaxing, to say the least. And, I actually thought that Utah was THE place to be!

Then, then, I had to come back to civilization and it seemed like I couldn't keep myself from indulging in the "Doomage." It's like I'm semi-addicted to


But, it's hard not to be. I look at the front page of the local paper and "WHAM!" This redistricting (gerrymandering) slaps me right in the face. The liberal/progressing baston of Salt Lake City is to be split into tiny pieces so as no democrat/progressive will ever -EVER be elected again. Not that elections mean anything, mind you, but it just pisses me off just the same.

I still vote for fast crash -and I'm hoping it does go quickly because that way TPTB won't have the time to crate a more suped-up Left vs Right, Liberal vs Conservative, Obama vs Perry war for the sheeple to fight.

I think the quicker it is, the more people will come together and work together. I don't know. Maybe.

-Ok, gotta git.


rockpicker said...

From Kerry's blog, at Project Camelot

"October 11, 2011

From a Source re Soccer Fields and Future Event Planning

..."As both the Canaries evacuation process and the Military's food packing process at Cheyenne Mountain in Denver get rolling along I just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know what the US Army's Civil Affairs (Special Operations) units have been training on since March of this year. They are training on locating and re-locating "DISPLACED CIVILIANS". There is a write up on it in this months issue of "Warrior Citizen", The OFFICIAL magazine of the US ARMY RESERVE. They make no attempt to hide what it is they're doing now. The write up is on the 450th Civil Affairs Battalion based out if Virginia but I'm sure this is MOS wide. Anyone who is paying attention can easily start putting these pieces together.

I don't know about anyone else, but where I live here in the [removed...] California, there have been a lot of sunken-in "Soccer Fields" being built. They are sunk in the ground at about 10 to 15 feet, outfitted with mono pole stadium style field lighting and are surrounded by cyclone fencing with gates on them. One of these fields unparticular has a small 6X6 area that is fenced in and inside of this fence is telemetry equipment and an electronic wind sock. (The type that has, and looks like 3 spoons spinning around on top of it) Directly across from this "Soccer Field" is one of those new fancy highway bulletin boards that light up and tell you to report drunk drivers etc. And on top of this electronic bulletin board sits a camera that likes to swivel around, not only looking down the highway, but it likes to watch the "Soccer Field" for some reason. I know because I drive by this field and a couple of more just like it every day. These aren't "Parks", and our city has never, nor will they ever have, at any time enough soccer teams that would justify or even constitute a reason to build so many of these types of concentration camps, uh,.. I mean soccer fields.

Its blatantly obvious to those of us who are AWAKE AND AWARE and watching what is being put into place around us. The question is, is it a planned event, or are they preparing for a natural one?

You'll be amazed at how BIG these new "fields" are. It's obvious to any body following all of this stuff what these places are. You'd have to be an idiot to not recognize what you're looking at. Buckle up."

Anonymous said...

Hi, Saw that you used to frequent the late great LATOC; a lot of those posters have moved over to a blog called "Hubbert's Arms" or Llamedos.. here's the link:


Lots of good minds and posters over there. :)

Anonymous said...

the challenge for me is to not throw the baby out w/the bath water cuz curiosity sassifies a certain... well, curiosity.

that has brought value to life that was mostly hopeless and the answer to the question, what makes love stay?

this is kinda long but makes the point... p

rockpicker said...

Palooka; As an aside, and complement to the Collateral Damage report, here's an audio of Tom Fife describing to Jeff Rense the first time he heard of Barack. Moscow, 1992, about the time the Russian economy was being taken down.


rockpicker said...

Murph, Freeacre; Dutch reported 11 hrs. ago a 5.9 off the coast of Oregon. Did you feel it? USGS has downgraded it to a 5.3

murph said...


Yup, we heard of the shaker off the coast this morning, Thursday. Didn't feel anything.

freeacre said...

Yeah, Belgium, posts go a lot quicker when based taking advantage of quiet time in the middle of the night combined with the herbal remedy (prescription, of course). None of that pesky research... lol.

Thanks for the compliment, Randy, on the food. It's a simple dish of tomatoes, summer squash, and onions sauted in butter and olive oil and coated with Progresso Italian Crumbs. Salt and pepper to taste. Speaking of food, I am going to make up a bunch of snacks to bring to the Occupy Bend demonstration tomorrow. Take a look at the comment that Pangolin made on Nina's site (Deep into art life west). Time to pay back for the support of the old-timey Quaker and Socialist ladies from the old days. This should be fun.
Thanks for the link tip, anonymous.

freeacre said...

Anybody got a good "protest food" suggestion? I'm afraid that my experience from the anti-war protests in the 70's only included cookies, white bread sandwiches and drinking schnapps out of a paper bag while standing around a barrel with a fire in it...

Anonymous said...


The Belgian caretaker government has bought the failed bank Dexia for 7 billion Euros. Depositors savings will be protected. Well good for them but who else will be protected along with the depositors and how many banks will the government finish up owning. In my view it is not the government's job to buy up failed banks. A system should exist to protect depositors savings operated by the national bank in a similar way that holiday company's have a group internal insurance to bring back holidaymakers if their tour company fails whilst they are abroad. The rest of it should be allowed to fail as with any other business.

In the meantime a steel making company in the French speaking part of Belgium is closing two blast furnaces with the loss of an estimated 600 – 1000 direct jobs but this could double with the cutting back or failure of subcontractors businesses and people further down the line such as harbour workers. There is world overcapacity in steel which is now being described as being in free fall.

rockpicker said...


Got chalk?


rockpicker said...

From Rob Kall @ OpEd News:

Will OWS Protesters Target Brookfield Properties, Zuccoti Park Owner Forcing Cleanup
Brookfield Properties, the company which owns Zuccoti Square, has ordered that it be cleared and cleaned, with new rules that prohibit laying down or using sleep bags to follow. The question is, will activists in the many cities where Brookfield Properties rents office and retail space, launch actions against the company that seems to be launching an attack on the Occupy Wall Street movement.
I intend to stay as close to the action as possible.
I'm posting this email and article from a nearby McDonalds with WiFi.
There's more.
Across the US, as more and more Occupy/ OWS communities emerge, the police and municipalities are striking back. Tonight or tomorrow, OWS communities in LA, San Diego, Clearwater, NYC, Trenton NJ are threatened with police actions-- battles in the class war. Go to them. Be with them in solidarity as witnesses.
This is not a camp out. It is a manifestation of the class war and we must be steadfast.
Rob Kall

freeacre said...

Well, I went to Bend today with my sign, all ready to join in the demonstration. Turns out there was one guy outside a Bank of America with a sign. So, I joined him for a couple of hours. Bend does not, at this point, appear to be a hot bed for the revolution.

Anonymous said...

What kind of filters are working here?


Interesting at what is taking place on the Internet. Seems that tptb just can't leave things alone. Always in there manipulating something or the other.
Nice pictures of your produce.

The Bexar

freeacre said...

Wow, Bexar, that was a great link. I did not know that so many of the websites I visit for new was being filtered to "my" tastes. Jesus, that really sucks.

Anonymous said...

We got back yesterday from our trip to Northern Cal. There was some pretty substantial rainfall early in the week then pleasant temps and sunny skies the rest of the time :-) A couple is currently building their new home on the ridge where all of our properties are. The home is atop a high hill with great views including of Mt Shasta to the north.

I had never met them yet and my long time friend ( he lives up there now ) who I worked with for many years in home construction is the general contractor for their home project. Their parcel is about a half mile down the road from ours. We all got talking when we first met them and the conversation eventually went to current affairs and interestingly it happened that they follow the Trout Clan Blog. You can imagine my supprise at that :-) I found them to be very aware of such things as we talk about and they follow many of the sites we refer to on occasion here.

The man works with iron and makes amazing ornamental pieces for sale. They moved up from the Carmel area of California ( if I remember correctly ) and were looking for a good piece of land for a couple of years, traveling all over northern Cal and Oregon to find what they wanted. It happened that they saw an add in a San Fransico paper about some property my brother was selling and thats how they ended up buying up there. They said it was just what the were looking for.

They have a real nice large shop building seperate from the house. The home will be powered by solar and they have piping in the floors for heating which will also be mostly powered by solar, a good well for water and a wood stove for additional heating purposes which the man said he will build himself :-) They are up to speed on the changes coming and are doing their best to prepare. Good to know those kind of folks are up there as neighbors :-)

Mauro of geoengineering.org headed down this last Friday to join the San Franciso occupy wall street protest. I want to get an update from my brother on how that went for him. During our drive home on Saturday my wife was reading me reports off of her work phone ( internet access ) about the protest occuring around the world that day.

My brother during the week was giving me reports of the nonsense assasination plot that Amadinijad ( Mr A, it easier )supposedly was plotting. Dane said the MSM was making such a big deal of it while most of the rest of the world were laughing at how ridiulous it all was. Just the thing to take the limelight off of the occupy wall street protest.

Another fine post Freeacre :-) Regarding curiosity, what would life be without it, not near as interesting for sure :-) As Sats wrote, " a balancing act between living and being informed ", learning and trying to understand better what goes on around us is only natural, but there must be time for living and experiencing the good people and places of this world too :-)

Nice to see the bounty from your garden Murph and Freeacre, and that dish looks real tasty :-)


Anonymous said...

Great post FA, it resonates with our journey on so many levels that I can catch the harmonics :)

I liked the concept of the "filter bubble" in that TED lecture, it explains so much in a nutshell. I don't just mean the electronic bubble, it extends/originates/mirrors into real life if you think about it... my sister working for the tax man, paying the extended mortgage for the oversized house, paying into savings bonds for the kids university education (they're only 7 and 9yrs old) while taking weekend "breaks" to Spain with the girls for some downtime that the nightly two or three large glasses of wine can't seem to achieve...

definitely in a different bubble to me!

The "occupy everywhere" thing made the main BBC news Sunday night, for around 13 seconds, before the latest political scandal took over it for the next 10 mins, and the rugby for another 10 mins to finish it off...

building a new pen for some new arrivals, Indian runner ducks! they love to eat slugs and snails so will be the latest recruits in the garden... also trying to source as many edible perennials as I can over the winter for spring planting...


Anonymous said...

...forgot to mention the beanz...

have a look in the rootzone, if N.fixing bacteria are present the nodules on the roots will be red inside, if not present they will be white ;)

if it's not a lack of N. fixing microbial symbiosis, a soil sample from inside the rootzone might be interesting under the microscope!

I imported some Pearl Lupin seeds (can use instead of soya- no alkaloids in the seeds) which did not set much seed at all, root investigation showed I should have imported some local soil too as there were no N. fixing bacteria present ;) I am currently taking as many soil samples from as many legumes as possible to make a soil mix that might just have a compatible N. bacteria present for the Lupins.


freeacre said...

Thanks for the bean tip, GD. We'll look into it. And, yes, this "filtering" issue is prevalent on many levels. We do it to ourselves and create the world-view that we are most comfortable with. But, it's even more alarming when it is done TO US by some invisible hands that we didn't even know were there. I had no idea that the "home page" I am reading at Huffington Post, for instance, is not the same page that you would read on your computer. WTF?
That is so cool, Hot Springs, that your No. CA. neighbors are Trout Clan. Hope to hear from them one day.

Sorry to have to break BAD NEWS... but our dear Spirit Across the Sea (AKA: Belgium, or FB) has suffered a bad fall which has crushed his hip. He is in the hospital and is awaiting hip replacement surgery. I will keep you updated as I receive reports from his family. Supportive and healing thoughts and prayers go out to him and his wife, Chris.

rockpicker said...

HSW; Did you feel that? Dutch is reporting a 4.0 centered at Pisgah Crater, half an hour ago. (3:14 pm, mst)

Here's an excerpt from a new Chris Hedges piece:

"...All hope lies now with those in the street.

Liberals lack the vision and fortitude to challenge dominant free market ideologies. They have no ideological alternatives even as the Democratic Party openly betrays every principle the liberal class claims to espouse, from universal health care to an end to our permanent war economy to a demand for quality and affordable public education to a return of civil liberties to a demand for jobs and welfare of the working class. The corporate state forced the liberal class to join in the nation's death march that began with the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Liberals such as Bill Clinton, for corporate money, accelerated the dismantling of our manufacturing base, the gutting of our regulatory agencies, the destruction of our social service programs and the empowerment of speculators who have trashed our economy. The liberal class, stripped of power, could only retreat into its atrophied institutions, where it busied itself with the boutique activism of political correctness and embraced positions it had previously condemned..."


Together, we're too big to fail.

The smug mouthpiece jeers
the stammering mob, as if derision
will jam the great blade
and save them all.

rockpicker said...

Belgium; Sorry to hear about your accident, pain, surgery, etc. But, silver lining, now you won't be tempted to take to the streets and maybe get truncheoned or arrested by your local constabulary.

Anonymous said...

Thats terrible news about Belgium. I certainly hope his surgery and recuperation goes well. I am going to miss his input here as he recovers. Life and its curve balls of challenge many times come along when we least expect it.

RP, I see on the USGS California earthquake site that they are showing a 4, 3, and 2 level quake today in the same location, which does look close to Pisgah, or perhaps the small town of Ludlow. The USGS map is not clear enough for me to tell exactly where it was. There have been quakes there before, like one some years ago at level 6 just north of Ludlow that I felt in the early morning while camping at the time out at the Colorado River on the shores of Lake Mojave.

That one shook quite a bit out there and I was woken up from hearing rocks rolling down the ravine walls of the big wash canyon nearby. I was in my home watching CCTV at the time that you gave RP for this 4.0 quake and I did not feel anything. I'll see if the paper tomorrow discusses it and gives a better description of its location. I would point out that quakes out here in our area are not uncommon, and one should not assume that just because a quake occurs then it has anything to do with a volcanic event/eruption. Level 3 and 4 quakes happen pretty often down here in So Cal. But RP, if Pisgah erupts, then just think of how much fun you will have saying " I told you so! " :-)


rockpicker said...

That's the problem. Young people just are not thinking critically enough today.


Hotspringswizard said...

RP, Regarding that last link you put up for Hedges, he really has my respect for the ideas he presents, and for what he does.

Anonymous said...

so sad to hear of B's accident. and in no way is this story that is emmanuel meant to diminish. in fact, strikes me as perhaps in perfet timing... p


rockpicker said...

Another good analysis by Charlie McGrath.


rockpicker said...

Pretty cool, P.

HSW; We agree on Hedges being an important voice.

Charlie, too.

Their message, together, we are too big to fail.

rockpicker said...

More alarmist video; radiation in St. Louis rainwater.


Sean Hannity wants to hear OWS's demands, so how's about we begin a nice long list for him?

Prosecute the wall street criminals who engaged in fraud. (Obama, do your job!)...

rockpicker said...

What can we do about Fukushima?


freeacre said...

We could invite the Japanese to move into Utah, Wyoming, Nevada - places with lots of extra space Bring their manufacturing companies. We could initiate a world wide collaborative effort to learn ways to mitigate the effects of radiation. But, if they are smart, they'll say "no thanks," and move south of the equator. Have you read about the vicious virus that is killing the wild salmon in the NW? Radiation weakens the immune system, which makes one more vulnerable to viruses and infections. So, they also would have no reason to move to a country that has such a pathetic healthcare system.
I don't think there is anything we Americans are going to do about Fukushima. We will get sicker and weaker and they will blame it on anything but radiation.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they'd like Utah much, fa. It's almost as polluted as Fuckyousheema and if the Mormon legislature continues with Prohibition: Part II, they might not be able to drown their sorrows with Sake.

This past weekend we went out to eat with a few friends of my wife who think that Obama is doing an "OK" job -geez, man, my jaw just dropped. I'm thinking... "Have you been freeze dried? Doing hard time these past few years?" Wifeepoo gives me the side-look, "We're in a restaurant -please don't let a rant explode." So, I bit my tongue, shook my head and continued drowning my sorrows
in beer.


rockpicker said...

OK, here's a good example of Dutch's relevance. I suggest Palooka and Ras may wish to pay special close attention to this particular clip, and tell us if Dutch is making this stuff up.


It has occurred to me, that if Dutchsinse IS on to something, then would not charges of pre-meditated murder, and/or crimes against humanity, be warranted, assuming some interested party cared enough to find out who is doing this?

Anonymous said...

I've added a link to amazon for a book that I read when it came out five years ago. It was an eye opener and after 9/11, the companies mentioned in the book went into hyper drive. Take a look and get a copy if you can, it's worth the read.



rockpicker said...

Jesus Christ, look at the earthquakes in Hawaii!


Hotspringswizard said...

2011 October 20 00:10:04 UTC

And that suprises you RP, a little quake like that on an island that has an active volcano?

Well, I hope it ( Mauna Loa ) doesn't erupt, blow just yet and wreck the timeshare resort on HAWAII, HAWAII that we will be staying at in July of 2013. Of course, what am I talking about since the world will end this month, its the 21st according to that one guy, or, it will end Dec 21, 2012, or, maybe Pigsah will blow first! Its doom either way you look at it so I may as well write that 2013 trip off :-)

Dutchsinse needs to take a basic weather course and learn about stuff like high and low pressure systems, jet streams, tropical warm and wet air colliding with early fall cold fronts which consistently produce troubled weather like hail, lightning, and even the occasional tornado's. The answer for today's weather in the south east lies within those casual factors.

One thing you need to remember here RP is that air moves, all the time. If you think not then just look at the latest water vapor images for any area you wish. So, these rings ( whatever they really are from ) appear at one point three days previous to the weather, and all the air/climatic conditions that where present at the time of the rings, is completely gone, moved on and replaced by what ever new climate factors that moved into the area/areas in the meantime.

I have seen these rings before on some satelite images. They appear breifly then disappear, like in seconds. What is assumed by Dutchsinse? That somehow the ring imprinted some aspect/quality within the air mass that remained intact for three days, even despite the reality that eveything climate is moving, all of the time? This claim defies any common sense or logic, the way he describes it as occuring.

Maybe RP you should pass along to Dutch that Pigsah has not and did not erupt, and if he thinks so he should get on a plane, come out here and show some solid, real and undeniable proof of his claim. But of course he wouldn't do something like that because he would be shown to be wrong. Just easier to move on to the next " prediction " like the previous ridiculous ones never happened. Greer spoke to this idea of various " predictors " finding it all to easy to just forget their wrong prognostications, and will just move on to the next one that " wows " the crowd.

Anonymous said...

re the haarp speculation, if they were increasing storms at all, wouldn't it show up as an increase in "stormyness"?

Seems they can't spot an increase in the last 5000 yrs data...



Anonymous said...

Zanesville Escaped Animal Tragedy: Officials Call Off Hunt

The hunt for dozens of exotic animals that escaped from a private preserve and put an Ohio town on lockdown has been called off after officials said they are confident that the final missing monkey was eaten by another escaped animal.

A total of 49 wild animals were gunned down by police with pistols and high-powered rifles after escaping from a private preserve in Zanesville, Ohio Tuesday. The animals were moving into nearby neighborhoods, forcing residents of the town of 25,000 to stay indoors.

You mean to fucking tell me that they don't have any such thing as tranquilizers in Podunk, Ohio?!!!! That they couldn't dart them in Lala Land and transport them back into their cages?!!! WTF!!! Oh -And yesterday I watch a video out of NZ showing some mutherfucker running over a 2 year old and now one stopped to help!


People SUCK!

Damn. I think I broke my keyboard.


rockpicker said...

Gamedog; I sense a storm of protests brewing...

rockpicker said...

Not that we didn't already know this intuitively...


Anonymous said...

jesus h fucking christ, let you out of sight for one minute and you get drunk,smoke some of that righteous amsterdam indica and think of lady gaga all at the same time, fall down and crack your frame,,,?!
sats, you need to come to montana and hang out in our world famous hot springs and boutique to let your new bionic hip set up nice and tight so it'll last for the next twenty, or end of world whichever comes first.

so goddam sad to hear of this my brother, but i have had both my hips replaced and can sprint with the best of them for at least a hundred feet or so. then just lay down and cry for awhile..

so get well and know you are at the heart of everyone that knows you here at the gathering place for the chronically optimistically (sept for our doom dude) who by the way always gets it right in spite of the suds capability thingie,
you are light to us you know same as all the other good folks that crowd around the fire to speak their truth.

but i got to mention that there are couple of fire ingredients that attend here that are sounding like a married couple,
god i love this place.

frost is on our pumpkin here at the wind it up and watch it freak out and mushroom eaters paradise. the fall colors are enormous and just knock your socks off, what a harvest the mother has laid on us this year new friends and a community that is still trying to get in touch with whatever it is that keeps us all apart, but i can tell ya this brothers and sisters it is goddam sure coming on and will absolutely not stop even if hell freezes over.
the end is getting so close it stinks like good and the love energy is melting some minds that are clouded with the illusion that what seems to be reality is slowly falling apart at the seems of its demise.

p, your story is really great, never did the rapids thing in a boat but it looks like something a feller could get wet in a hurry doing, the idea of separation as just that, an idea, was well presented, very nice.
drinking water that some person had pissed in at some time is kind of strange to the mind but it serves as a reminder that we actually are all one, the water in my body keeping it alive is the exact same h20 that was keeping someone else alive at some time in their body does ring of sacred don't it? it really would make us water brothers that some one said somewhere back in some old SF book,and sisters to of course, we are of the same water, the wonder of it all though is that it does not have a meaning in any of the rags called religion, maybe it does, but i don't know that.

the post is most good sis,as always, don't know how you pull together such neat shit and turn it all into a really excellent read amazes me, every time..

got the 93 together almost
perfect and the urge is upon this one and hope to be on the road before the snow flies, god i really need to get the woolies a new place to hand out wanted posters, soooo

much love and inspiration to all that attend the sacred fire, we are i think approaching that abyss where the full meaning of love will manifest to each of us that care about such things.
peace and love

sats, i love you man, be well and hope to hear from you soon.

Hotspringswizard said...

The Drones are coming:


The scary prospect of global drone warfare

....Those who are conducting these raids operate in secret beyond the restraints of military discipline and are not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice...

Like the guy that is a regular at Deep Creek Hot Springs that I frequent, who opperates drones out of Adelanto here in the So Cal desert, and talks about it like its just another day of video war games. Just so easy to grease those suckers, war made easy!

Three US citizen assasinated by drones. Who's next?

Anonymous said...

What is this coming to? These people have no souls. I looked at Adelanto on goggle earth. Looks like a junk yard for aircraft, but the runways look in good shape, must be for the drones.
We used to camp out in the desert around Ajo, Az. Back in 2003 or so, locals would tell us to keep an eye open for low flying unmanned craft. They were conducting the truing at Fort Huachuca, Az., and fly them at Barry M. Goldwater Airforce Range. Never saw one, but I bet they were there.
Here is an interesting video. It's older, but informative.



rockpicker said...

Lock and load, folks, or kiss your collective asses 'good-bye.'


Hotspringswizard said...

Bexar, the drones this guy operates are the ones violating the sovereign territory of Pakistan. The drones are over there with the operators like this guy here in their operations facilities. I have seen articles however discussing various uses for drones here in the US, of course not to target US citizens here, at least not yet.

That air field you saw is the old grounds of George Air Force base which was closed many years ago. Now that airport area is used for various commercial and some military purposes, and it could be that there are drones there too. With the way things are going it wouldn't supprise me.

rockpicker said...

Got this today from David Swanson.

"Unable to Get Simeone Fired, NPR Drops "World of Opera"
By David Swanson

Yesterday, NPR's PR flack was haranguing me on the phone about how NPR had nothing to do with getting Lisa Simeone fired from an independent program called Soundprint. This was despite NPR having gone public with its concerns over Simeone's "unethical" participation in democracy, and Soundprint's referencing of NPR's "ethics" rules in firing Simeone. It was also despite NPR's clear intention to get Simeone removed from our airwaves.

I have no evidence that NPR contacted Soundprint, but "World of Opera" is a different story. Today I read that NPR has dropped distribution of "World of Opera," a program produced by WDAV which contracts with Simeone to host it. NPR's original frantic email and blog post had read:

"We're in conversations with WDAV about how they intend to handle this. We of course take this issue very seriously." (The issue of participating in a democratic society and not backing a corporate agenda like bigshot NPR hosts who opinionate on Fox, in op-eds, and at big business speaking events for big bucks.)

Lisa was told to be on a phone call with NPR and WDAV Thursday morning, but NPR canceled the call without telling her, as she waited by the phone. NPR's Anna Christopher Bross tells me that NPR spoke with WDAV about how to handle Simeone. She says they went through many possible scenarios, and that NPR has been completely transparent. I asked her what any of the scenarios were, and she refused to say. I asked if one of them was the only one anyone has discussed, namely firing Simeone, and she wouldn't say. But the announcement by WDAV was "Ms. Simeone remains the host of World of Opera." The decision was not to fire her. NPR announced "Classical public radio station WDAV says Lisa Simeone will continue to host World of Opera." The decision was not to discontinue her.

Now, unable to get Simeone fired, a decision which NPR would have carefully blamed entirely on WDAV, our public radio thugs have taken the only approach left to them if people who condescend to supporting the political efforts of the poor are to be kept out of public sight: NPR has dropped the program.

Clearly Soundprint deserves its full share of condemnation in all of this, and WDAV merits strong support. WDAV will be distributing "World of Opera" on its own and should have our backing. But NPR has lowered itself to the bottom rung of our communications system. Mara Liaason can opinionate on Fox News while providing an objective god's-eye view on NPR. Scott Simon can publish opinion columns in corporate newspapers while reporting the facts. Cokie Roberts can take corporate speaking fees that could cover most people's mortgages without being perceived as in any way tarnished. But Lisa Simeone cannot introduce operas while having taken the unforgivable step of supporting a nonviolent movement on behalf of the lower 99% of us. Despicable."

-- I suggest pulling the plug on NPR, even though KUFM in Missoula, Montana is one of the best public radio stations in the country, bar none. NPR has been shamelessly complicit in promoting the government's agenda, regardless of the party in control, since before 9/11.

Hotspringswizard said...

Just google " dutchsinse is a fraud " and one entry among the many there says this:


Who is dutchsinse....


Dutchsinse is Michael Yuri Janitch! Hoaxer, Disinfo, Fraud who claims to be a expert on secret government projects like HAARP. He was investigated thoroughly during February and March 2011 and it was discovered that he has no credentials whatsoever. The fact is, he claims to be mentally ill in order to receive Social Security Disability, is obviously un-employed, and asks people who watch his YouTube videos to send him money! It was discovered that dutchsinse created several fake blogs and YouTube Channels illegally impersonating people by using their Facebook bios and pics. The videos he creates are based on info he finds on other websites and videos, he then copies and takes credit for other peoples work. He also 'back dates' info he posts in other peoples names to give everyone the idea that he predicted a event that happened. He is a total loser, a fraud. Don't waste your time.

Hotspringswizard said...

Another prediction bites the dust:


No Word Yet From Harold Camping On Why The World Didn't End

....The world was supposed to end yesterday.

It didn't....

murph said...


I presume you have seen this rebuttal from Dutchsinse?
I AM dutchsinse from youtube... Michael Yuri Janitch .. I DO NOT LIVE IN CHESTERFIELD .. lol .. but I do live in Saint Louis Missouri. I started making videos about 5 months ago.. today being june 3 2011. The description of me here is 100% false except for my name. I am not a hoaxer, as I have provided ALL the links to watch the same RADAR I am showing.. I have NOT computer animated or generated ANYTHING .. therefore NOT a hoaxer. 2nd.. I have NEVER claimed to be an "expert" on HAARP 3rd.. I have NEVER claimed to be "mentally ill" 4th.. I have NEVER tried to apply, accept, or receive ANY government money AT ALL .. the only check I have ever received from the government is a tax return 5th.. I am NOT unemployed, I have a job 6th.. I have no fake blogs or other youtube channels and can easily prove this, and have never copied facebook anything... 7th.. I have never copied anyones work, since there was NO work on HAARP rings causing weather before I came along 8th.. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BACK DATE A YOUTUBE VIDEO ONCE IT IS UPLOADED !!!!! I state the time and date IN THE ACTUAL VIDEO ITSELF ALSO !!!!! -------------- So , now ive addressed this CLEAR SLANDER of my name. Who am I in real life? I was born in St. Louis, went to school on unrelated subjects to HAARP, or meteorology --- information systems hardware design to be specific. I started a computer company out in Denver, worked for IBM for a while, and also worked in the Cellular phone industry.. I eventually moved back here to St. Louis Missouri after we lost everything in the housing crash ---when I lost my job working for the Cellular phone company, and we couldn't make the payments on our new house, had to sell at a 100,000 dollar loss.... all my life savings.. everything I put in etc.. Now I'm back here in St. Louis rebuilding my life from the ground up. I have left the corporate tech world--- and now, for the past 5 months as of june 3, 2011.. been making youtube videos on subjects that I find intriguing . I make NO MONEY from my videos.. I have only recently put up a paypal donation option for my viewers to help if they wish.. but this drew SUCH critique from my devoted naysayers.. that I have taken it down.... youtube itself has TURNED ME DOWN for ad-sense advertisements on my videos.. so I can't even generate revenue on my own content!!! So I work for free, I don't make up the information, all the things said about me in this "article" are false, and the people agreeing with it are wrong too... but I won't even begin to address the additional lies down below from these "other commenters" ... and strange isn't it that we can't click on the "contact us" button down below here.. just a blank URL.. So you can't contact the website owner to remove incorrect false slanderous content. hmm --- sincerely, michael yuri janitch aka dutchsinse from youtube dutchsinse on twitter http://www.dutchsinse.com http://www.youtube.com/dutchsinse
Contact E-mail: dork2door@yahoo.com
2011-6-2 22:38:20 PST

rockpicker said...

Planting garlic, what doomers do while waiting for the signal, but I needed a break, and a laugh...


murph said...


That Max Kieser bit was cool. However, is Obama helpless in the face of this banksters take over? Regardless of how he views anything, I think he has been told to keep hands off, Remember the Kennedy family?

It sure appears to me that the president is only a figure head now, virtually powerless for the important stuff. Until these crooks are taking off line, nothing will change for the better.

Had to laugh, yeh, we are preparing for winter and lots of stuff to take care of. I got the garlic in a month ago and got it all covered with mulch. Same with the winter over onions.

freeacre said...

Jesus! What the fuck is going on? From Karsai declaring that Afghanistan would go to war on the side of Pakistan against the U.S. (not that I blame them); the military says that all the branches of the service are infiltrated by gangs; 7.2 earthquake in Turkey (right on time with the CME energy arriving from the Sun); fuckin' Obama saying the atrocities committed on Wall St. were not illegal (yeah, right), the Republican presidential candidates sounding more and more like a drooling freak show (except Ron Paul). And then some asshat cops in Utah pepper spray a soccer team doing their haka dance - is everybody just going nuts?
Meanwhile, us doomers are happily in the garlic patch and securing our places for the winter onslaught of weirdness. I guess happiness just happens when you spend a day dancing around and listening to Jerry Lee Lewis, Credence Clearwater, The Blues Brothers, and Tina Turner. Good ol' Rock 'n Roll... :)

rockpicker said...

Seems like a good time to revisit this one...

Waiting For The Signal

These pages that bring us together
are the fire in the cave above the stream,
no dream we move in and out of, faceless,
expendable, waiting for a burst of wings
to spill our pooled bones like coins
over the chilled and silent ground
we fell in love with so long ago,
singing the green hills homeward
under that shovel-shouldered sun.

Fatigue works grim the stone of souls.
No talk is needed to believe the bleeding
will be ours all too soon. Needled dust,
that settled itself in honest lungs, cut
with each rasp, yet the bleeding
wasn't stemmed. Quick, black tongues
flicked from windows, floors below dustified
slabs, while the Street slumped with peanuts
and a beer, cheering each new diversion.

In our rush of voices a stream curses
the murmur of pines. In our names,
what we begged for never to be done,
is done with no shame. And the day
drags its blindered self to toil. Night trades
whiskey pete for oil, while down slope,
death-drummer birds with blazing eyes
ascend the holy crags to kill dissent
before we waking innocent arise.

rockpicker said...

I think this is old hash for most of us, but it's a great refresher, and it may help you verbalise what the real fucking problem is to those who still don't have a clue...


Hotspringswizard said...

Well RP, I read this rebuttal from Dutch you posted, but then this is the same Dutch who said regarding his claim of a Pigsah Crater eruption something very close to or the same as, " I am right about this ", when he is and was dead wrong. He states in his rebuttal that he " went to school on unrelated subjects to HAARP, or meteorology ", and makes no claims to have any expertise in these subjects, but claims that supposed haarp ring ( his interpretation of the circles ) causes weather events three days after their appearance ( nonsensical ), as if he is some sort of expert in these subjects.

What it comes down to is you RP give his work creedance, and I have not seen anything of his precictions that I would give any merit to.

Moving on, Hillary Clinton was her usual disgusting self with that video showing her " supposedly " getting the first news about Ghaddafi's death, then stating with a big smile " We came, we saw, he died! ". I find interesting too that she was in Libya the day before this " assasination ". That video of here is so ridiculous and looks clearly staged.

Hotspringswizard said...

I'd say the most likely candidate for the circles Dutch misinterpetes as Haarp Rings are really Doplar Radar ground scatter rings. I mentioned before that they appear and disappear quickly, I said in seconds, but more precisely they appear and are gone in split second timeframes, just long enough to be barely noticed. These Doplar Radar rings do not impart anything to the atmosphere being just radar projection anomolies, glitches with the weather technology which causes them to show up at times.

rockpicker said...

Right, and the fact that time and time again severe weather just happens to hit the epicenters of said rings within a twenty-four to forty-eight hour schedule is just frigging coincidence. Yeah. Okay.

Hey, you know the companies advertising weather modification services? What the hell are they all about?

rockpicker said...

Hotsprings, I realize you got a problem with what your brother believes, but c'mon, man, that kid you see at the springs flies drone attacks into Pakistani villages, and his uncle has a contract to spray nano-particulate aluminum and barium wherever the 'client' calls for it. What's so hard to understand? Have you looked at any of the H.A.A.R.P. patents? Sheesh! My advice, go to Pisgah and turn over some rocks. See if the ground is warm underneath...There's photographic evidence of a white plume at Pisgah Crater, taken at the time Dutch made his claim. People in Ft. Benton, Mont. saw it, and so did I.

Hotspringswizard said...

Well Rp it would be interesting if one could get a tally of all of those " rings " that show up across the country in a given month lets say, and compare that to any noteable weather that occured near them in the timeframe you suggested ( 24-48 hours ).

Various differant types of weather events are always happening across the nation and certainly there would naturally be times of coincidence just by chance. I'd say that Dutch is looking for just these types of occurances, and then citing that there is some sort of corelation.

So explain to me RP exactly what these " supposed " Haarp Rings do to the atmosphere, that specifically could cause weather events as much as three days later as per what Dutch cited in that video link you put up. Since you appear to believe this is the case so strongly you should be very clear in a precise way scientifically just what is occuring, and how it occurs.

Regarding weather modification services, sure there are companies with assorted " techniques " which they tought as working which have nothing to do with ideas involved with chemtrails, haarp rings or anything like that. Just because weather modification efforts have been around for decades, does not mean Dutch and his haarp ring mis-interpretations are therefore somehow correct.

Regarding my brother, there are some various issues that I do not share his outlook on, specifically realated to weather modification. Mostly though we agree on world events. While I think its entirely true that people are operating drone strikes from operations centers here in the US, regarding nano-particle spray programs, I am still looking at and considering the information, that is to say I am not convinced as to what really are the more accurate and trueful scope of these described/projected activities. Its certainly a very complicated subject with myriad facets so I will leave it at that since its time consuming and lengthy to express what I really feel about that subject in general.

Sure there are Haarp patents, but as I have made the point here before, just because there is a patent for something, it doesn't mean the patent is being acted upon. Now this being said in my view based on the information I have seen I do think there are active Haarp projects, but beyond that it gets real murkey I think as to just precisely what effects of note are being caused by them.


Hotspringswizard said...

Regarding the Pigsah Crater, it has not been active for many thousands of years, there is literally no evidence by anyone who frequents the area, including regular visitors/rangers/OHV enthusiast to this crater that anything is going on. There is only a mis-interpretted radar where Dutch cites seeing a plume.

What did you see RP? You saw the image that Dutch presented. How do you know it is a plume that has anything to do with volcanic activity? Since you think this is absolutely the case, what is that so called plume made of? Provide the scientific solid proof of what it is and how you could know this for sure. Even Dutch does not pin down what it consist of, and yet you think you can?

I would not waste my time chasing down erroneous claims about this Pigsah Eruption by driving all the way out there to go in that crater when there have been plenty of people, including rangers there already and if anything was going on ( warmth, etc ) it would be in the news as that would be a very unique event around these parts.

So on to other more important matters, while I would agree with much of Mr Ickes ideas about banking, interest and such, regarding his ideas of the " one world government ", the BRICS countries who have formed for the reasons of countering the Western Powers various moves economically and militarily are certainly not nations that are on board with teaming up with the US, Europe, Australia, etc for a " one world government ". And South American leaders in general are very much adverse to the meddlings of the US specifically. Africa is a big mess and the Western Powers are certainly trying to move into that area in their controlling ways.

But back to the BRICS which are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South America, they compromise almost one half of the world's population so this mono-lithic one world government dream of the western powers will not happen, because just the BRICS alone won't cooperate with it. The US, Europe, Australia, etc are in economic dire straights and thus there ability to projet power will be waning quickly as the years roll by. A wild card in all of this is the nukes and what nations like the US or Isreal might do with them in despertate times, and this of course is something of great concern.

And of course you already know I would think Mr Icke is dreaming about the Global Warming is a Hoax thing but we have gone through that quite alot here so I won't be diving back into that, and will just post what I deem to be further evidence for anthropogenic climate change when I find it.

Hotspringswizard said...


The non-eruption at Pisgah Crater: The dangers of untrained interpretation of real-time data

....the main problem with these stories is there was no eruption at Pisgah - no matter how badly many people wanted there to be....

RAS said...

I'm so sorry to hear about SATS's accident. Best wishes to you for speedy healing and a full recovery!

Re: the Pisgah crater thing. I can't believe so many people will take 'internet evidence' over local evidence. Some dude on the internet says that it's erupting because of a plume, while the locals say 'huh?' and a lot of people believe the internet dude. Jiminy Crickets, if that mountain was erupting, the rangers would be heading out of that park so fast they'd be lucky not to have a head-on with the scientists going in.

As for the HAARP stuff, no, I don't really think it is happening, but if is, so what? What are we supposed to do about it? There's nothing we CAN do. I've go so much else to worry about -things that I KNOW are happening and that affect me personally and some of which I can affect -like the on-going financial mess, the political system, etc, that I can't spare the time to worry about stuff like HAARP.

Did you know that the TSA is now at all weigh stations in Tennessee and is inspecting all trucks? It rolls out nationwide soon. Louisiana just banned people from using cash to purchase secondhand good. And on and on.

murph said...

Hot Spring Wizard and Rockpicker,

I am reading your arguments with each other with interest. I think a review may be in order.

Dutch is in effect using statistical data to try and show a causation. This is impossible, especially without 100% correlation which he does not show. Specifically, he takes an anomaly in the atmosphere, keeps track of it for some period of time and if there is a weather change, assigns HAARP as the likely culprit. In the first place, I'd sure like to know how he is able to assign HAARP to it. Now there very well can be some amount of statistical correlation to the events he describes, and weather change, but that does not assign a causation. That is dreamed up in his head.

The second thing to consider is that science findings seldom do not have an error in them. Because we cannot find a scientific reason for an event does not mean the event doesn't take place. Whatever significance we place on an event that can't be scientifically valuated is so much human speculation. Fun to engage in, but holds no conclusions we can stand upon.

We know with some degree of certainty that there are events and anomalies that take place for which we have at best tentative (or at worse, false) explanations. Maybe indeed Dutch saw some anomaly at Pigsah crater. So what? It would seem obvious to me that his interpretation of it was erroneous. There was not a volcanic eruption that was observed.

By the way Wizard, I was the one that put up Dutch's statement in defense of himself, not Rockpicker. Also note, the internet is alive with predictions for the future, few of which seem to actually happen. So what? Mankind has been doing this for as long as recorded history and probably before that. We do it everyday in our lives. It is called anticipation of consequences from the mundane to the serious.

I have stated before that humans are mentally unable to live in the absolute "now". We constantly draw on the past in our memory to project future actions and events. None of this is with certainty. Although I will admit that if I jump off a 20 story roof top, I can project the likelihood (the statistical probability) of not surviving it (it is not 100%). For that matter, no statistical analysis that I know of shows 100% correlation.

How does this apply to Dutch? I find his stuff interesting, but do not attach a lot of importance to it. In the first place, I can't do a thing about it, as Ras said. All I can really try and control is my immediate needs and desires and even that has a lot of "maybe's" to it. He, and others, may or may not enhance my understanding of events outside of my control, which I do view with interest. Time will maybe tell whether he has a good handle on some particular events. I do however find it self defeating to argue over the accuracy or non accuracy of different web sites. Perhaps we all need a bit more analysis and cynicism over what we read and hear.

Anonymous said...

Whoa -hey wait a minute there Murph, you know, I'm not too bad in predicting the future. That's right, man.
And it's pretty darn easy....




Ok, ok, yeah, pretty stupid.


We pulled a butt-load of carrots of carrots this weekend -yep, even wifeepoo got into it. It was like digging for treasure and what we pulled up were all different kinds of carrots (from rareseeds.com) that looked and smelled fab! It was the first time I've planted carrots with any success. Eventhough summer started late this year, Fall has also arrived late so I did pretty well.

Chopped-up the carrots and put them into the solar oven with some potatoes -yuh uuh mee!

Later -


Zoner said...

Wow. Just put a fresh set of Phosphor Bronzes on the '65 Texan, and she's a keeper for sure. That longer scale length really makes the notes "pop" more and the balanced tone form spruce made into a sounboard darn near 50 years ago is intoxicating.

Wha?!? Oh sorry. We're doooooomed!!!

Bets wishes to our brothers and sisters going through it right now. I love you guys!


vw; grati exactly my point!

RAS said...

Here's some info on the TSA thing:

Your papers, please!

freeacre said...

Those carrots sound great, Randy! I was doing the same thing today - blanched and froze about ten baggies of carrots - orange, red rocket, and yellow ones. Very pretty - and healthy.

Ironic, isn't it, that the TSA is checking "papers" on highways, and at the same time, Mexican nationals are not allowed to drive their trucks in the USA. Mexico is now practically a narco-state. Gangs of staggering influence run all sorts of things, including trucking probably. Anything could be in those trucks.

And, how about NATO? I suppose we are all supposed to feel safer now that Gaddafi has been sodomized and murdered. President Kennedy, Saddam Husein, and Gaddafi all were attempting to go up against the central banks and go back to the gold standard. They are all dead. So, who's next - Ron Paul?

"Waiting the the Signal" - Thanks, again for that. I'm printing it out and hanging it on the wall. Shun them. Shun them all.

freeacre said...

Oh, rats! I said
"Mexican nationals are not allowed to drive their trucks in the USA." when I meant to type are NOW allowed to drive... darn.

Anonymous said...

on the on-going dutch pissin contest... that is, what dutch calls haarp rings and HSW suggests are simply doplar anomalies. a bot forum member caught one yesterday while observing google earth focused over a geographic area that just happened to include the new madrid area. she posted it on her blog... http://astrochik.blogspot.com/2011/10/freakish-weird-green-circles-on-google.html ... and sent the data to clif and george. george, vis a vie his backgrouund in radio, commands a fairly sophisticated understanding of the 'science' of same and weighed in on it this morning from his pov... http://urbansurvival.com/week.htm.

george's best guess so far... "moire` patterns caused by different screen painting rates... a kind of digital noise."

moire` patterns... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moir%C3%A9_pattern

dutch is far from the first to insist that sat images of anomalus radar rings are a dead give away signature of haarp. we had one on the bot forum that took it a step further by insisting haarp was imprinting clouds and turning them into signature tea leaves for EQ predictions. doing so and calling her work as advancing science. oddly, she had several supporters and would go absolutely ballistic whenever anyone would say... well, maybe there's something to it but you can't claim what your doing as science. she left in a huff.

what about scientists? in her book "planet earth, the latest weapon of war" rosalie bertell states that in just one type of experiment haarp transmission towers will "... combine to emit a giant beam, of such power that, 'in a burst lasting more than a few minutes - it will slice through the ionosphere like a microwave knife' producing a long incision in this vital layer of the atmosphere. However, the main aim of HAARP is, she explains, to heat sections of the ionosphere until they bulge to form a curved 'lens' which will 'reflect' HAARP's massive energy beams back to earth to destroy selected targets - presumably without leaving even a trace of what caused the devastation.'

a curved lens eh? hummm... lemme see here, sats would be looking down on the planet through such a lens right?

as to ELF's pulsed into the earth... "...Bertell says that both HAARP and installations in Russia - on which America has, remarkably, collaborated - can also create pulsed, extremely low frequency (ELF) waves which have been directed deep into the earth itself, potentially disrupting delicately poised tectonic plates of the earth's crust, such as those of California's San Andreas fault. Given the little understood interplay between tectonic plates, volcano's and the earth's molten core, to call this playing with fire would be an absurd understatement."

bertell is a nun trained as a physician and epidemiologist. she's best know for her work in ionizing radiation. i wonder if she and helen know one another. here's a good peek into bertell's book published over 10 years ago... http://www.bariumblues.com/bertell_reveals_many_new_weapons.htm


Anonymous said...

note that george included his interpretation of clif's interpretation of the way U works, at least as applies to what is regarded as the materium aspect of it...

"Just to push you down that path a bit, I assume you've followed from Clif's various discussions that "reality" is sort of like a wave from which we're all surfing down together. And the way the materium works seems to be these wave-front "stuffs" we ride (reality) have to do with the kalapas which pop into existence at a rate of several trillion times per second."

materium.... a word taken from the good and evil war game? http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Materium

kalapas... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalapas

personally i ascribe to the notion that everything is energy but the jury is still out as to what would be technically referred to as the phenominology of manifestation. not that its not known somewhere in U but that human science hasn't evolved to that point of sophistication yet. my best guess is that manifestation has a direct correlation to the frequencies of interaction of energies. and, its all scaleable.

one things fer sur in my little corner of reality... we had weather before we had means to physically attempt weather modification and we had shakers before haarp came along. it follows that the planet would still be experiencing these naturally. but it also follows that something capable of producing waves of frequencies, particularly in the ULF & ELF ranges (which have been attributed to be particularly active in natural EQ events), on a massive scale (that haarp appears to be capable of) could be capable of shifting what would otherwise be natural outcome and possibly be even sophisticated enough to not only trigger such events but be consciously directed toward a specific area and outcome. particularly if such includes propriatory information as to an understanding of the interactions of energies (i.e., tesla) of the cosmos unknown to most or at least a working theory (conjecture, aka educated guess). the last of which i'm more inclined to suspect is at best approached willy-nilly.

so, is there some mad scientist sitting at the switch of haarp? obviously dutch thinks so and so does bertell. and so do i. seriously, i think its not only legitimate to question but we're nuts if we don't. i just wish dutch would present it that way.

but of far more import i wish the haarp folks would tell us just what it is they're up to. when you possess the capability of producing massive wave frequencies and introduce them into the atmosphere and ask me to trust that you know what youre doing and that your intent is good and innocent and i should not concern myself that you diddling around with the very thing upon which the energies of the universe may likely fly and for that matter, life itself may hinge, is no concern of mine then, as far as i'm concerned i believe the bastards are insane and anyone supporting them can go to hell! ...p

Anonymous said...

on science and eveything that ain't... until proven by sicence itself, scientific theories are at best pseudoscience. as murph points out, thats just human conjecture. that without real science to confirm we're just sorta guessin. if we ever get to such a point of sophistication in science to know how manifestation happens beyond subjective experience we ought to be able to run a fart down and tie a string around it eh? personally i ascribe a whole lot more meaning to such guessing than conjecture. why? simple. if there's anything to this beyond chance then the frequencies of conjecture could well be the genesis of science.

but that, at best, is just circular thinking right? ironically however, it brings this full circle to the blog subject... curiosity. which i highly suspect plays a role in the grand scheme of things! assuming there is a scheme of course. which would mean there is such a thing as causation along with fundamentals upon which energetic forces operate. what could only be at the bottom of such a rabbit hole? original cause??

i don't know why it is but it never ceases to amaze me that those who demand the test of science to prove validity are the first ones to raise hell about suggesting there are fundamentals upon which the universe sings and causation.

one other things fer sur in my little corner of the WHAT IS... my realities are filled with manifestations of both the physical and non-physical. such things as manifest thoughts and feelings may ultimately manifest into some form of physical realities. though science itself owes its self to conjecture in the first place many scientists dismiss anything and everything that cannot be tested by it as metaphysics or pseudoscience at best or magical thinking at worst. the only thing sacrascant to them is what can be fit into their very narrow little box. they should recognize this in the face of knowing that, for example, they can't even explain electricity! a damn limited way of approaching the great I AM. while astrophysicists test with complex mathematics on blackboards magical thinkers dream. guess which one changes the world? ... p

freeacre said...

Wow. You said a mouthful, p. Now, on to Wikipedia...

Oh, Dear, I'm on the internet, and it's the 28th. But, I'm not spending any money!

Anonymous said...

hi guys, its the end of the mayan calender today and i am trying to feel different in some way and it seems to be working, not.
what is working is a realization so deep and dark and utterly profane as to the evil that has been introduced into human species and how right down to the little sperm seeking out its new home and bursting forth into the slave that it has become.
yes, it began with a noose around its little neck at that miraculous point in creation where handcuffs and water-boarding are to be its faith one way or another because a free being is such a dream state as to boggle the mind into the oblivion of rabbitholeness
we are so chained to our predetermined existence its fucking awful in its exactness, we will not be allowed to wiggle or wobble without which the chain will cinch up a notch and pull us back in line. like randy says we are so doomed and there is no way out of our destiny.
the illusions that have been thrown about like bones for a hungry dog are the stuff that illusions are made from and it keeps the mind from going insane for a little while but as the human spirit reaches out for some kind of release there is only the bones of darkness waiting for the outstretched hands.
we wither in agony and try to make sense of it all and there is nothing forthcoming for the game is so rigged that the vanity of the try is caught in the vanity of denial and the self recoils at itself in the artificial make-believe and the hopelessness drives the wagon we are riding in heading for death and the goodness that might lie there.
for what is life but a collection of old memories and the telling of them as we snaggletooth and drool out our remaining songs long mostly forgotten in in the ages past.
we are dust and there in lies our salvation, to lie down in the dirt and become once again that which we will be walked upon by the doomed children we have provided the darkness with.
the spark, o yeah, i forgot about the spark, that small infinitesimal fire that swims up from the depths of creation and seems undeniable in its longing to know the love that evolved from that black whole and made us crazy, the singularity, o yeah that, ok so there is a little something along the way that rarely speaks for it has lost its tongue, ripped out by those that own the book and keep it close to their evil hearts so as to not allow the chains even a smidgin of release, none, none is allowed,.and for good reason, good? ha, not good for there is no good in the evil ones..

on this last day of the great calender we feast and sing the songs of love and shout back the darkness into which it came and remind one another that we are in love and it is there in which we have our being, not the dusty catacombs that society has designated for us , the children of the stars, yes our homes are in the stars and soon the way to travel there will be here.
thank you fellow travelers, my brothers and sisters my companions of thrown off despair my fledglings with wings of rainbows and silence of loud hearts, we fly together this day.


freeacre said...

I hear your heartfelt despair and horror at what appears to be a clusterfuck on all levels out there, my brother. One can hope that the mess that is apparent is like opening up a cocoon before its time and being aghast at what it looks like before becoming a butterfly.

I dunno.... as we approach the galactic center, I feel some sort of changes within me. Stuff like not enjoying coffee anymore, not being particularly hungry at dinner time, being more than usually grateful as I go to sleep at night... Changes feel subtle, but real.

Anybody else noticing any changes going on with you?

If anybody wants to answer my question, you might want to wait until I post the new post. I'm planning to do it real soon.