Sunday, January 6, 2013

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 2013 Now What?

Here it is – the first week of 2013. I find myself crawling out from my emotional bunker as I realize that I have survived the much-anticipated assorted disasters of 2012.

Now what?

 We still seem to be facing the same challenges to our well-being: the globally orchestrated financial debacle, the corruption of the government, the burgeoning police state, the deterioration of the environment, never-ending resource wars, the failure of our healthcare system, disarming the citizenry, and on and on. I read a report recently that said if we add up all the governmental debt and include all the social security and Medicare obligations that have already been squandered, each man, woman, and child would owe over $180,000 – with interest. That puts us and our progeny in the “indentured servant” category. Slaves, essentially, since it is an amount that can never be re-paid.

We are living in a concentration camp without walls because they don’t need walls anymore. Our owners have drones, militarized police, unlimited surveillance, and have abolished our right to a free trial everywhere in the country. You can’t even characterize it as a reservation, since, even nominally, there is no place we can call our own. Much like a plantation in some areas, with the one percent living in the Great House, and the rest of us wage slave/consumers doing our obligatory debt shopping, while the old and disabled are fleeced by the medical and pharmaceutical industries. What the hell happened?

Charles Eisenstein has a good take on this progression in his essay on Reality Sandwich entitled “The Space Between Stories.” He writes,

“Sometimes I feel intense nostalgia for the cultural mythology of my youth, a world in which there was nothing wrong with soda pop, in which the Super Bowl was important, in which the world's greatest democracy was bringing democracy to the world, in which science was going to make life better and better. Life made sense. If you worked hard you could get good grades, get into a good college, go to grad school or follow some other professional path, and you would be happy. With a few unfortunate exceptions, you would be successful if you obeyed the rules of our society: if you followed the latest medical advice, kept informed by reading the New York Times, and stayed away from Bad Things like drugs. Sure there were problems, but the scientists and experts were working hard to fix them. Soon a new medical advance, a new law, a new educational technique, would propel the onward improvement of life. My childhood perceptions were part of this Story of the People, in which humanity was destined to create a perfect world through science, reason, and technology, to conquer nature, transcend our animal origins, and engineer a rational society.
From my vantage point, the basic premises of this story seemed unquestionable. After all, it seemed to be working in my world. Looking back, I realize that this was a bubble world built atop massive human suffering and environmental degradation, but at the time one could live within that bubble without need of much self-deception. The story that surrounded us was robust. It easily kept anomalous data points on the margins….”

Eisenstein says that we are between cultural stories. We are living through the dissolution of the story that we were telling ourselves about our reality and creating a new one. Hopefully, it will be a more sustainable one.
Unfortunately, our public educations do not include much history about the coping mechanisms people who were slaves used to survive. We have the enduring legacy of music –  the Blues, the dances, the slang terms used so the “massas” couldn’t understand what they were talking about. We have the eloquent prose of Frederick Douglas and Sojourner Truth. We also have the wisdom of the American Indian leaders of the day. It wasn’t all about picking cotton.

Today, as our collective consciousness is coming to terms with our vanishing liberty, a new movement out of (all places) Canada has emerged. Calling itself “Idle No More,” it is beginning to catch the imaginations of people all over the world. Here is an excerpt from an essay entitled “The Wild Fire of Idle No More” by Morgan Maher on Reality, 

“…Naomi Klein commented: “The #idlenomore round dances taking over shopping malls during xmas rush r the most subversive actions I've ever seen “
Klein's excellent article for the Globe and Mail succinctly maps the vast, complex details that fuel Idle No More
" … the time for bitching and moaning is over. Now is the time to act, to stand strong and unbending for the people, places and principles that we love.

… the Idle No More movement – its name at once a firm commitment to the future, while at the same time a gentle self-criticism of the past. We did sit idly by, but no more.
During this season of light and magic, something truly magical is spreading. There are round dances by the dollar stores. There are drums drowning out muzak in shopping malls. There are eagle feathers upstaging the fake Santas. The people whose land our founders stole and whose culture they tried to stamp out are rising up, hungry for justice. Canada’s roots are showing. And these roots will make us all stand stronger."

Idle No More is spreading like hurricane wildfire throughout the world. Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, Egypt, Palestine, Colombia... the list goes on.

I am wondering the escalation of the neo-con efforts to dominate and control the global masses, is leading to our recognition of our combined slavery whether we are on the “left” or the “right.” We are beginning to react in a way that encourages a more indigenous and human reaction to the despicable reptilian corporate abuses.

Whether one is by nature a warrior, a teacher, a healer, a techie, or simply a concerned parent or comedian,  seems to be a place for each of us in the generalized resistance.

Check out some of these links and let me know what you think.


freeacre said...

I forgot to include "by freeacre"

rockpicker said...

you rock

murph said...

To the unsigned anonymous from the previous post,

I just went back into that post and came upon your comments, the last two. I didn't ignore your on purpose. My apologies.

I have some short replies. If it in actuality is so hopeless (due to the existence of buttons) then how is Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, and Afghanistan explained? For years the most automated and dangerous military in the world hasn't subdued them.

I agree that the people are the problem. I've made that clear multiple times. We voted for them from the beginning. May be a bit late now to vote them all out.

I found your statements about commonality to be interesting. You center that commonality on the belief of some creator/benefactor. I'm aware that this appears to be so, but am unsure what that is supposed to mean.

I would like to think that mankind can rise above the suppressors and find his true potential. I just hope that Ray Kurzwel is not the ideal.

rockpicker said...

Idle No More, Missoula, Montana, 4 days ago. Thanks, freeacre, for turning us on to this.

This may be the spontaneous acknowledgement of the sacred feminine unfolding before us, a response by humanity moved in Spirit to push back against the bleakness of a dying age.

May the heart drum keep our rhythm. May the children laugh and dance.

rockpicker said...

Man, if we don't demand an explanation for this behavior from those who REALLY perpetrated the Sandy Hook whatever-it-was, well, then we deserve whatever happens...

Heard over the weekend that Eric Holder flew in and met in private with the first responders. What the fuck for?

Anonymous said...

murph... p here. didn't intend to leave unsigned. got thrown off by the robot thing i spect.

my best answer to your ? is this: they don't wanna subdue em. at least, not to that extent. they're needed. any part of a culture, community, social group, etc that can be captured and then used is needed in the same respect. call it, 'extend the game'.

we can't vote one out anymore w/out votin another right back in. thats how pervasive this is now i sense. even if we could, say, 'luck up' once (and we do... well, sorta), it wouldn't solve the human condition issues which are the causal dynamics.

i hate to sound like i'm on some damn soap box but denial really is the operative dynamic here from my view. not only with this subject but just about every damn thing. in this case though, where we've come to call the bad guys TPTB right?.... that power, for the most part, does not belong to them. it belongs to us. its a collection of our denied, personal power. probably an oversimplification but its at the core of the prob from where i see it. but fuck, thats jes me.

anyway... i'd intentionally tried to emphasis the historic record on the god point and de-emphasis any stand i might have. but as far as that goes i made a decision, i'm all in on the man thing right now and will be til proven otherwise by myself, to myself. w/a little help from the man a'course. and me peeps too. i figure what the hell have i got to loose that i ain't already lost.... p

Anonymous said...

oh ya, almost forgot murph... what does it mean? hell, i dunno. thats what im tryin to find out. like, is it possible for us to keep ourselves safe without overiding somebody else? energetically i mean? but be able to manifest that safety. literally. is that within the realm of human potential?

maybe not so much a question of rising above to find or realize human potential as it is the other way round. kinda like success ain't somethin out there runnin in front of ya that ya chase and if u catch up w/it then yer... well, successful. success is something that follows. its a result. in that sense potential is a result.

but hey, i might be all upside down. i hear its an expanding u. so far science is comin down on that view anyway. so i spect that includes an expanding possibility field moving toward infinity and probably contains its own proof. if we can ever catch up with it.

how was it FA put it?... catch the waaaave........... take a chance and see what it can teach us. the lesson's in the doin... p

Anonymous said...

btw... murph, FA... have u guys been hijacked or is it me? i'm seein adds all over the place. live links. anybody else sein 'ads by browse to save'?

and a little while ago, the word missoula in RP's 10:49 was hyperlinked. i rolled my curser on it and that activated a pop up from instant checkmate dot com... p

murph said...


I know that the "extend the game" goes on. I suppose we could speculate on how some folks might need to extend the game. Definitely the war industrial complex would benefit. And it does appear that the poppy fields are being protected in Afghanistan. Then there is the oil resources in Iraq but it appears that the American companies didn't get in on that act so they pulled the troops out? hmmmm

LOL I recognize the soap box your standing on, seen it plenty of times. Need to repaint it? I agree that denial is no less than part of the deal, but I also think reductionism to the point of a single attribute goes a bit far. I see other dynamics also in the pot with perhaps denial rising to the top. In most cases of social dynamics, I think there are multiple things going on. Some of the other stuff taking place could be mind conditioning through well done propaganda. Medication messing with the brain function. Neither of these can I put in the basket labeled denial.

LOL not sure what you are referring to as "the man".

There is lots more any of us, no matter the circumstance, can lose, right up to our life. I think it would be legitimate to label that the last of what we can lose. Of the lessor, living in a complete lockdown police state we will lose more.

What I find interesting to speculate on is at what point will most folks say: I'm not going to lose any more without a fight. Then it will get really interesting for living on a day to day basis.

freeaccre said...

I really enjoyed that video from Missoula the Idle No More showing their mall drumming demo. It gave me goosebumps. And, p, I like your idea of TPTB as a misnomer that gives our power away to the asshats. You are right. We are the many, they are the few. If we took responsibility for ourselves and accepted the power that we innately have, we would no longer feel powerless.
I feel better already.
Remember when Abby Hoffman announced that hippies were going to surround the Pentagon and levitate it? The fuckers freaked!
I think I will refer to TPTB as The Powers That Were. Or, the asshats that be.

Anonymous said...

Sniff, sniff, clear throat, blow nose - finally done with this cold, cough, sinus infection and whatnot -and ready to tpye shit! Woo-hoo!

I thnk that although there are glimmers of activism growing and some people seem to be waking up, the majority of the people (agreed, people ARE the problem) are still being sheeple. They're still captured by the Left vs Right, Dem vs Repub, Liberal vs Conservative paradigm. They can't break free -their miserable 60 hours plus a week they work at their two jobs along with raising children and other distractions prevents them from aquiring any information other than what they hear from Brian William's or Rush Limbaugh's mouth -if they even get that much. They think they're being properly informed. Or,they think that "being informed" means knowing the lastest sport scores and statistics. Plus, while the sheeple are watching their favorite team via "NFL Ticker," ESPN, ESPN2, NBC Sports, NFL Fantasy Team stuff, etc. they're unknowingly inundated with
taxpayer funded US miltary commercials, Air Force 'fly-bys', "we-are-the greatest-country-on-the-planet" and other "you need-this-gadget-or-car-right-now!" stuff.

The other day we were invited to a friend of my wife's place to watch an NFL Wild Card game. I didn't want to go, but we hadn't seen them in a good long while and... well, BEER was involved, so, you know....

Anyway, there were others who were also invited that I didn't know and a commercial for "60 Minutes" came on with a snippet of an interview with Gen. McCrystal and everyone in the room got quiet and the converstion switched from sports to how great this guy is and then someone piped-up about their nephew joining the military and wanted to get into the Special Forces ASAP, etc. The conversations them went into how great the country and our military is, how they're all going to the gun show next week to buy as many guns as they can afford, etc. (yes, the game was boring).

When I walk on campus or anywhere, everyone and I mean EVERYONE is plugged into something. iPad, iPod, iPhone, iSheeple and I'm sorry but Kindles, I don't know.. reading a book from a Kindle or something other than a REAL BOOK just seems wrong to me.

This past Fall, I took a walk along the Jordan River -it's really nice, park-like with miles of bike paths and walking paths, etc. Two women were walking along in front of me and both are plugged into something and I wanted to stop them, take out their ear buds and ask, "What the fuck did you come here to walk TOGETHER for anyway?"

Went to a coffee shop and observed a couple taking two comfy seats across from one another. I don't think they said more than two words to each other the whole 45 minutes I was there. They just tapped away on their iPads and iPhones.

It's getting to the point of becoming rediculous. But, becoming the normal. And no one seems to notice. No one seems to care.

Sad, man.

Oh, I was wondering...

This whole gun control vs record number of guns being sold across the nation... could it be that TPTB will now have MORE information on those that do have guns thus knowing whose door to break down when they want to do a crack-down? OR, TPTB are setting the country up for a war within the country? Saw a video hightlighting a series of Federal raids - 50 agents busting in on a water bottling company in Arkansas, the Gibson guitar company, Rawsome Foods and it seems like the government has plenty of goons ready to inflict harm on the population, so... ?

Hey GD, did you decide to get a Zagdrum ?


Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot...

Loved your book, FA. A fun read!


Anonymous said...

Hey -the asteroid "Apophis" is coming!! Woo-hoo!

Here's a creepy thought. Has anyone else read Stephen King's book, "Cell?" Maybe all the push for everyone to be plugged-in is a bit more sinister than just money. Just think'in, man.


murph said...

I came across this link this morning that I find very interesting.

Randy, I think your observations are right on, but also suspect it depends on the location of the observations. While I see people plugged into something a lot, In our area sure is a lot of folks not plugged into something on a constant basis. The big difference I think is population density.

Anonymous said...


This is a tough one to call. Sure Idle No More has a good name and they do capture peoples attention and maybe their imagination with their Infectious tribal rhythms. On one level I was pleased there were no preaching speeches at the end but disappointed that what people will take away with them is no more than a temporary feel good factor with no lasting commitment. Do the onlookers and the on-involvees in those shopping malls, really know why those 'instrumental' (sorry about that) in Idle No More are doing what they are doing and what their message is?

To pick up on the end of the last discussion and this one too, it seemed to me that it was one of those weird situations where everybody was right and everybody was wrong at the same time. We were the gullible that were duped and we should have called a stop to it a lot earlier. We also know that those who were responsible (nearly said orchestrating) these things had adopted the Fabians principle of change by infinitesimal steps over a long time period. Each step is assimilated into the 'norm' before the next is introduced. In that way it looks as though nothing significant has really happened. Anybody who stands up and fights tooth and nail over any single encroachment on their liberties is going to look a complete fool for making such a fuss over a trifle. It is only when we look at the situation in retrospect we are able to identify a starting and finishing point and see what has been lost in the intervening period. It appears that the PTB are becoming impatient and since Bush ll these incremental steps are no longer being assimilated into the norm before the next are introduced. Perhaps they thought that owning all the media was equivalent to holding a royal flush but now it is only equivalent to a pair of jacks. The PTB may have to make their play before the non-sheeple reach a critical mass.

I hope the momentum created by Idle No More can be sustained. It would sure be a shame if this mass awakening went the same way as yo-yo s and hoola hoops.
Btw I don't hear much about the occupiers these days.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in


Anonymous said...

murph... i just had a big long chat with my sis last night who is in the throws of codependency. its eatin her alive! and her family!! she's heard of it so she knows all about it. and concluded that, because she's aware of the term she's no longer a victim to it.

i think we've had this conversation before. if we were able to run causality down and tie a string around it thus reducing it to an original causality would that be a positive or negative in the war between good and evil? would it be advantageous or disadvantageous to mankind in his journey to know hisself if he knew the original causality to his shortcomings, limitations, and vulnerabilities?

apply the same to the creator question. if we could run god down and tie a string around god and thus know that such exists, by this simple act of reduction would we then know god?

likewise denial. the opposite of which is unconditional acceptance

who's the man? jes a common figure of speach. i don't like reducing god to a he but such is the common meme. now there's a reductionist view i'll stand with you on as not in the best interests of mankind! and actually, its not really reductionist. its serpertatist!

fa... the power i'm talking bout here is the power of the will. we've heard stories of how phenominally powerful, super human in fact, that the will can be when translated into physical strength in body. humankind has lost most of what we started with. and what we started with was nowhere near a full deck. there's an original causality to that that started with the man in the original creations. allowing there was such a thing a'course.

to borrow a sacred mantra of our sacred campfire brother, RP... This may be the spontaneous acknowledgement of the sacred feminine unfolding before us, a response by humanity moved in Spirit to push back against the bleakness of a dying age. May the heart drum keep our rhythm. May the children laugh and dance.

and may she rise to her right place along side her right mate and may he unconditionally accept her and she him for the first time and for all time henceforth. and may we all rise with them. but may they take their time. perfection is highly overrated!!... p

Anonymous said...

this one might comment up with that ishtar's gate thread FA linked to on the front page...

god? could that be what they look like 'out there"?

here they are again. 'down here'...

what's the commonality? ...p

Anonymous said...

sheesh! lets try it again... this one might CONNECT up with...

rockpicker said...

Here's an interesting twist...

Anonymous said...

in an email this morn c a fitts employs an excellent analogy to forward her analysis of the fiscal cliff. i assume the analysis is only available by subscription which i don't have. but i found the 'tease' worthy to paste here...

Imagine that your Government, your Economy, and your World was a house. Imagine that it was an historical mansion in a large, privileged family on a fine property - rich with good land, good water and natural resources that your ancestors originally acquired through surreptitious means.

Imagine that the mansion and estate has serious structural problems that accumulated over many years. The reasons are complex.

There is enormous distrust within the family. As the vigor of the generations dissipated, expenses rose and numerous members have turned to activities that are unproductive at best, or fraudulent and criminal at worst.

Those in charge of family finances were highly distrustful of the collective family intelligence and wisdom, and have mortgaged the estate and cut reinvestment in infrastructure to liquidate as much capital as possible to reinvest abroad - albeit in hidden legal forms. They have engaged in numerous criminal activities, including ones that had significantly harmed the neighborhood economy.

Almost no one in the family objected as allowances continued to be funded, even increased and promises continued to be made. As long as everyone was getting his or her check, most everyone was willing to ignore the deterioration of the real human and physical assets and equity on the family balance sheet. They were also willing to ignore the harm done to their neighbors.

The occasional relative who demanded a financial accounting of what was happening, or was not satisfied with petty bribes of various kinds, was sent packing or to work abroad, or even occasionally dealt with in a way that we pretend never happens - they developed diseases, were admitted to mental institutes, were said to have committed suicide or just disappeared.

So now the day has come when the deterioration in the management of the estate, the growing debt, the structural problems in the mansion and the diminution of the family trusts has necessitated a dramatic reduction in allowances.

The house, the assets, the wealth is slowly burning away. Find out where it all began, where we are now, and where the Fiscal Cliff is leading us here.

the last 6 words hyperlink to the analysis i can only assume based on some familiarity with her site but when i click on it i get a gateway error. maybe you'll have better luck... p

Anonymous said...


Read that Zerohedge piece and found also found it interesting. There is one slant of emphasis that this and other such pieces always fall into. The assumption is that the PTB always want more and more but surprisingly, this may not be the case. This begs the question of how much is enough? We have kicked this one around before and more or less decided that anything beyond what is necessary to maintain their extravagant lifestyle through several future generations is more than enough. But still they persist and the obvious question is why? There is the thrill of the game of course but since they play with loaded dice, this must cloy after a time. So again why? It seems clear to me that we have misinterpreted the purpose of the game and the true meaning is not for them to have more but for us to have less. When it is realised that it is a zero sum game and the means by which it is played is a war of attrition then the true intention becomes clear. We will soon be in a house with no more food supplies and all the exits blocked. It is at that point that most will accept any deal just to stay alive.

freeacre said...

I almost hate to bring the subject of the shootings at Sandy Hook up, but even Yahoo News notes that there are discrpancies as to the facts of the case and provides some links to Global Research. Here's the link:
Astoundingly, this horrific tragedy seems to have been contrived or at the least, taken advantage of to further the agenda of disarming the American citizenry. Most of the "facts" of the case seem to have be changed multiple times. Absolutely nothing in the case can be taken at face value. Even that photo of kids coming from the school in a line holding on to each other's arms turns out to be a photo taken of a separate practice exercise! There were messages on the web regarding the shooting days and even a month before it happened! Somehow, the Feds were there at the time the first 9//11 calls came through. The "long gun" wasn't, then was, the primary weapon in the shootings. But, a shotgun was removed from the trunk of the mother's car. 3 shooters were suspected, now it's one. Mom was first a kindergarten teacher, then a retired stock broker and now a paranoid prepper. WTF?? Somebody's got some big s'plaining to do.

Anonymous said...

Something I saw on a video on Greese.

"The system by which we live our lives is fake. It exploits us as long as it wants to, as long as it can and has a need for us and then disposes of us and calls us unemployed."

As for the Sandy Hook and other shootings, how many of the sick people were on psychotic drugs? the people pushing this crap are nothing but human WASTE!!
T following video brings this into the open. Glad I do not take any drugs.


rockpicker said...

Attorney General, Eric Holder, flew into Sandy Hook and met privately with the first responders.

Film of the weapon being removed from the trunk of the vehicle shows the weapon to be a shotgun, not an assault rifle.

The person removing said evidence from said trunk handled it without gloves.

We still know nothing about the other persons of interest arrested at the scene. No names or what happened to them.

Idaho Picker found a page offering condolences to the families of the victims that was put up on the internet on Dec. 11, 2012. Shooting occurred on the 14th.

It's all bullshit, folks.

Obama's going to goad the country into civil unrest by executive orders criminalizing everyone who refuses to register, which is just about every gun owner. When the violence intensifies, he'll call on the U.N. for help.

Better make plans.

As I watched the Piers Morgan/Alex Jones show, it occurred to me that the liberal intelligentsia would reject Jones' argument, not for the product, per se, but for the packaging. Alex was mostly correct in what he said. But, he wasn't cool. He was frustrated and angry and loud. His packaging wasn't good. But his product was right on. In the end, it was Morgan who flubbed badly, though. He erred by asking Alex, "Okay, who do think was responsible for 9/11?"

I wish I could have seen Dick Cheney's face then.

rockpicker said...

It's on...

Anonymous said...

the story revealed in B's vid is so appalling i can't find words to equal it!! i'm still on my soapbox (got any invisible paint murph?) and from that position here's what i see... i see one more major potentially helpful thing thats been taken way past the balance point into what we might call hell on earth. allowing that everything is energy interacting, and allowing that the greater cosmic forces are constantly seeking balance, and allowing that we are are energy and common to those forces, then we can conclude that, not only is everything seeking point of balance, so too then are we.

can we allow this? well shit, we gotta start somewhere!! so why not there? just for the hell of it?? wadda we got to loose we ain't already lost???

this is a gross oversimplification but look at it this way... imagine a line drawn on a piece of paper. it has a point at one end we'll call discovery. we'll call the point at the opposite end hell on earth. in the middle there's a big fat dot. that represents a balance point. for our purposes here this is the point where ability of a person to function is... well, functionable.

something is discovered that came to be called mental illness. as we begin to know more about it, it begins to move from its discovery point, along the line toward that big fat dot in the center. something that highly likely started out as a genuine desire to help others crying for help. the vid shows whats happened since. somehow it blew right on past the balance point to the other extreem and gone so extreem that its as if if hell on earth made manifest.

lets take it a bit further... lets say you (i'm using 2nd person here in effort to get all of us to connect with this profile) struggle with functionality. you're so chronically distraught life is hell on earth. you're so dysfunctional you can't hold a job, often struggle with simple tasks like not being able to tie your own shoes, can't find your way from one room to the next. when you finally get yerself ready for that appointment with your T-doc to which you are already late, you can't remember which way to turn off the street your house is on. you know where you're going cuz you go there every week and this IS the street you live on. but something just don't click right. next thing ya know you spiral down into hellish voices in yer head telling you you're a piece of crap and just plain evil so you might as well kill yourself.

there's a whole lot more suffering for you in whatever this malady is that i can only seek to empathize much less, reduce to words. but i can surely see that for you, life is if hell on earth. out of nothing but a simple desire for some peace of mind and the ability to achieve some semblance of functionality, you seek help.

Anonymous said...


you don't even know what functionality is cuz its not in the realm of your experience. never has been despite the fact that in some respects you've been able to shine. like that masters degree you were able to get. but generally, your head don't operate like most when it comes to functionality. all you know is that whatever it is that allows others to do what they do that the society you live in recognizes as 'normal', apparently you don't have it cuz you can't do what they do. worse, not only don't you undersand why yer so weird nobody else seems to either. and some of those think you and everyone like you (turns out there's lots of yous) are just a schemin, manipulating bitch. yer jes makin it all up. so not only do you have your own demons to deal with you have theirs too. but you don't know they're being a heartless asshole cuz they're mirroring the judgements yer holding against yourself. its kinda like the other side of the mirror that freud called projection. hell, you don't even know yer fucked up till the society you live in mirrors it back to you AND defines it for you. and then along comes the mental health meme and offers you deliverance.

and hey folks, that just one profile. they're thousands! so what do we have here? we have people with mental health problems and then we have people who have a genuine desire to help those people that were unaware of unintended consequences. mixed in with all that are a whole buncha sharks feasting on their fellow man. well, maybe these sharks are not man themselves. but thats a whole nother layer of the cake.

lets use another analogy.. the you and the mental health profession along with big pharma, etc, in the above scenario along with you the reader and me the writer combine to make a we and we're as if an onion. if we peal this onion, which is to say reduce it layer by layer, down to its core, we might find a commonality that amounts to an imprint in the DNA of each that might best be described as a collective system that does not believe it possible to overcome certain obstacles and improve the human condition. not nearly all obstacles cuz there's also a belief we can overcome obstacles and better ourselves. but core limitations have been placed upon it. if for no other reason but by the limitations placed upon ourselves in the form of judgements that amount to interpretations of our own humanness. which is of course, separate from godliness. or so we believe. and so we are. until we change our belief we can't change that imprint in the DNA. that belief is bound to us emotionally. therein lie the commonality... EM. so we have to start at both ends at the same time and work toward that big fat dot in the middle. some people call it heart... p

Anonymous said...

Hey RP, there's a professor in Florida that's calling the whole shooting a bunch of lies.

TPTB must have predicted the response of the masses -buying as many guns as they could in fear of government crack-down/confiscation, which makes me wonder if Newtown was conjured-up to instigate such an action so as to access MORE information on who has guns and how many.

And YES I'm paranoid! This is Murika -a post-constitutional republic decending into who in hell knows what!


rockpicker said...

P; I heard recently the heart muscle is many times more powerful, electromagnetically- speaking, than the brain. Signals from the heart can be detected several feet from the body.

Randy; Obama reneged on promises and signed NDAA, again. Indefinite detention of American citizens arrested on American soil is ON, so beware!

As Palooka mentioned, it's a lawless society we've devolved to, and as such, it's become much more dangerous for all of us.

rockpicker said...

Rense said last night that, as a result of the last election cycle, 96% of incumbents were re-elected.
Since we here at the campfire seem to be in unanimous agreement that things in the west are beyond fucked-up, and devolution seems to be accelerating, then, from our perspective, the majority of voters must utilize denial, (unwittingly?), as a coping mechanism for plodding forward into the 21st century. Of course, re-hiring the same people who fucked things up, and expecting them to fix things sounds a lot like Einstein's definition of insanity.

I agree with Palooka's contention that denial is probably the most significant disease niggling humanity. It manifests, both on the personal and public levels. Some argue that the evolution of collective consciousness depends on the awakening of the individual, and some data exist to certify the validity of the morphic field/hundredth monkey theory Rupert Sheldrake and others espouse.

My feeling is that, in this country, today, we have a majority of adults reeling, confused, stupefied, too busy attempting to maintain an eroding standard of living to properly inform themselves or to recognize their plight. All their information sources, excluding the internet and Twitter, filter out of, and are controlled by, the military/ industrial complex. Corporate media--the manna-- malnourishing our perceptions and emotions, often in the background, while we scurry about dousing fires in our personal lives. Soon, the internet will be co-opted, unless we're vigilant.

I see the mesmerized majority as an elitist tribe, unwittingly doing the bidding of the true Elite, going along to get along, offering their treasure and their progeny in dutiful sacrifice to a master class they have no real hope of ever joining. Their elitism is in their minds, quite literally. They are intellectual snobs. College -educated, they hold degrees, they're professionals. They think rationally. They discern. They communicate in civil tones, debating the minutest details of policies conjured by liars and thieves, with no comprehension of the larger picture. Nothing offends them more than pointing out their astounding ignorance. Conspiracy? They can't go there. Their polished shields of willful ignorance fend off all rumors and conjecture. Piers Morgan is a shining example.

We who huddle about this flickering blaze, gaze, captivated by illusory shadows dancing on our cave walls. We observe anomalies in behavior and speculate as to motives. We are the fringe, the shamans, the storytellers, the singers and the dancers. We are the drummers, with our persistent hearts.

freeacre said...

Guys, I have a confession to make. I just watched the whole documentary on anti-antidepressant drugs that Bexar linked to. It was really infuriating and frightening. You guys know that I have been fighting the pain of fibro-myalgia for over ten years. Well, they began to give me a hard time refilling my norco prescription for pain, and substituted some medicine that was originally prescribed for epilepsy! That didn't work at all and made me feel crazy, so I wouldn't take it anymore. So, then, they prescribed Cymbalta for the pain. But, it is an anti-depressant. It is real expensive, so they offered to give it to me for free. So, I have been taking it for over a year. I told my doctor that it was not doing any good, I am not depressed, and it doesn't work for pain. WEll, she said that I might not think so, but if I stop taking it, I'll notice how much worse I feel. WEll, I did try not taking it, and I did feel worse, so I continued it. Until now. That is my confession. I got talked into it and now I realize that I have been a moron.
So, today, I am putting myself on a program to get off this stuff, as I have been up late last night researching the addictive properties of Cymbalta. Not good. I'll let you know how it is going, if you are interested. I told murph, he may want to put away all the sharp implements in the kitchen for awhile.
I gotta feeling this is going to be a tough month for me. Send me some good vibes from the HEART, okay? I apologize for getting myself in this stupid situation.

Anonymous said...

Hey RP,

Agreed, but Diebold might have had a hand the 96% of incumbants returning to do more political malpractice on us. Most people (me included) just go vote and go home and watch "Survivor," "Idol," "Dancing Witht the Stars" (me NOT included) and maybe the next day they're looking at the paper and wondering, "How the fuck did this dick-weed get re-elected?" But then grabs his lunch, kisses the wifeepoo bah-bye and heads out to slave away at work. And by 6 p.m. when he gets home, he's tired, the kids (Attack Kitties) need his attention, something's wrong with the toilet (got to fix the dang thing this weekend) and all of this election thingy is history. Can't really try to figure out how the "dick-weed" got re-elected 'cause he's gotta go to work tomorrow, and the next day and the next and the kids have to go to the dentist, etc.

I think that's one of the reasons why we don't get any time off in this country, why things cost more all the time without pay raises so we need two jobs and the wifeepoo has to work, why the healthcare system is totally messed-up -
so the people have no time to worry about what the government is doing or if they did, would have no time to do anything about it or loose their jobs if they tried to.

I love this line in the movie "The Abyss" ...

Mrs. Brigman: "Hippy, you think everything's a conpiracy."

Hippy: "Everything is."

That'm me, man...


rockpicker said...

Freeacre; Same thing happened to me and my first wife when our little boy was five or six years old. He wouldn't sit still in class and was disruptive, so the teacher and the "system" recommended a behavioral psychologist, who recommended imipramine, with an ADD diagnosis. The first psycho-active drug caused his heart to race. The doc's response was to prescribe 'something' to slow his heart rate, to which we said, uh, no. So the doc switched the medication to ritalin. He was on it for several years before we finally wised up. I will always feel guilty for not following my heart and protecting my kid from that highly-respected quack.

rockpicker said...

The government's plan is to take out the mouthpieces first...

Anonymous said...

Over at George Ures site, he has info on guns and drug use. The video he links to is a doctor in the long video I linked. She brings in interesting facts about drug use in the last twenty years. Also Survival Acres has a good post on guns.
Seems like both sides are beginning to come out with their information.


freeacre said...

Oh, and thanks, Randy, for your wife's lovely little book. I plan to give it to my son. He just got dumped by a girl who stole his heart.

Anonymous said...

FA... compromising perhaps but a stupid moron put herself in a stupid situation? you were trying to help yourself weren't you? thats anything but stupid. intent matters m'sister. its the startin point and sets the energetic space for what follows. lotsa things can influence that. but that simple, sincere intent to help one's self in a safe way for yourself? that's inside of luv girl. and i'm layin odds that was your intent. and ya can't go wrong inside of luv. otherwise, yer outside of luv. by default.

in context of safety, a sincere intent to simply help oneself makes for a much harder time for what we might call energies with a case of the nasties to co-exist in that same space. they're moving faster. thus a more positive charge. or maybe its vicie versie.

anyway, there's more... the intent is not only a blocker of sorts it also exerts an influence on the energy field of those intruding nasties. maybe to the point they might reconsider comin back inside love even. but they'll probably be some work to do. no prob, its good work. like i said, intent is the starting point. but only the starting point. there's the magnetic side too and its got somethin ta say in this. it works both ways. it's a back n'forth interaction. EM interaction.

anyway, not to the advice, thty was from the heart. only that it was unsolicited do i apologise. luv ya girl.. hang n there & keep me posted... p

freeacre said...

Jesus, P. After all these years I think I'm beginning to understand what the fuck you are talking about! Thanks. I will keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Hope the little book helps him, FA.

A while back they gave my Mom Lexipro (she couldn't stop crying due to her house being contaminiated by a company that sprayed tri-sodium phosphate all over the house to get rid of some mold) and once I took a look at what Lexipro is and does, I told her to get off it pronto. She only took it for a little more than two weeks, but it took her a month or so to get over the aftershocks. And stopping it cold-turkey was probably not the best way to go about it, either.

... ah, are you sure you just can't drink massive quantities of beer? Just ask'in. Hey -I remember this poster showing some dude sitting on some lifting machine pulling up his shirt showing his 6-pack abs with the slogan underneith, "No pain, no gain." But the poster I had on my wall was some other dude sitting on a keg, pulling up his shirt to show his big belly and the slogan on it said, "No pain.. no pain."

Man, the DOOM is really getting hot and heavy these past couple of weeks. I wonder what TPTB are planning...? I'm thinking after the "Supahbow?" I wonder if Wifeepoo and the "Attack Kitties" would be up for a road trip -
-to New Zealand.


rockpicker said...

Check out the list of drug-crazed perps Noveske put up on his last Facebook post.

freeacre said...

BTW, I just ran into this update on Idle No More on celestial convergence:

rockpicker said...

Idle No More: The eagle and the condor

Anonymous said...

woke up to an email from a friend that came in last nite. said...

Hey hey hey -- did you see what CNN's saying right now? anderson cooper is talking right now about a guy who's claiming the sandy hook shooting was a false flag!

anybody see this? ...p

murph said...


Yup, been seeing stuff addressing this concept for over a week now. Karl Denninger on Market Ticker has a really good commentary from the 11th on drug use and percentage of the population that would go nuts on them .

rockpicker said...

P; Here it is. And I find it infuriating, the way in which the skeptical are dismissed.

How's about the journalist do their fucking jobs, and tells us what happened, in a plausible narrative?

What about the other suspects we know were apprehended?

What about the footage showing Robbie Parker getting into character?

And the big question no one from the MSM will ask. What the fuck is DHS planning to do with over a billion rounds of hollow-point ammunition?

Anonymous said...

rp... thx. expected nothing but from it. i can't put the whole thing into a word or words but infuriating is at least in the general direction... p

rockpicker said...

Let's inaugurate this guy, instead...

rockpicker said...

Aaron Swartz supposedly took his own life Jan. 11, 2013.

rockpicker said...

"...So here, in plain English, is my plan for “disabling the purveyors of conspiracy theories.”

There is only one way to stop the conspiracy theorists, once and for all.


Some will question whether the Constitution permits the “Unitary Executive” to have Americans killed and eaten without due process of law. But since 9/11, it has been clearly established that the Unitary Executive can indeed have Americans, or anyone else, kidnapped, indefinitely detained, tortured, or killed, without any due process whatsoever. After you have kidnapped, tortured, and killed them, eating them is a relatively minor matter; and since nothing in the Constitution specifically prohibits the Executive from eating his victims, I believe that devouring the people at will must be regarded as one of the prerogatives of government.

Once we grant the government’s right to promote cannibalism in service to the greater good, we may extend that right in such a way as to permit the government to wage an effective war on conspiracy theories. Here are some specific proposals for government programs aimed at devouring the conspiracy theorists who threaten our great nation..."

-Sass Cuntstein

Anonymous said...

Randy: I got bogged down trying to find the right scale for me, it's not like you can pop into the music shop and play about until you find the right tones, so I started looking at making one (I have a pretty well equipped workshop) this research led me off at a bit of a tangent to here

In a separate conversation with a friend I have who makes audio woodwork (speaker cabinets type stuff) we were discussing the audio qualities of different woods, he mentioned Poplar has particularly good resonance for audio applications.

Since I had been planning to reduce the height of my big trees this winter, half of which are big Poplars, it seemed serendipitous :) I have been employing a climber here for the last 4 weeks, only one tree left to do, I have some great big chunks of Poplar to go at, I'll let you know how I get on! Gd

murph said...


That article you linked to on stopping conspiracy folks is great. Maybe a good reason for folks into conspiracy theories to start immediately accumulating lead, arsenic and aluminum and other heavy metals into their muscle tissue? Oh crap, forgot, chemtrails are already doing that. Hmmmm any other ideas?

rockpicker said...

Can't hardly believe how far we've fallen...

"... Such was the case with Florence v. Bd. of Chosen Freeholders of County of Burlington, which attempted to challenge the practice of forcible strip searches by government officials, namely jail wardens. Albert Florence, an African-American man in his mid-thirties, was on his way to Sunday dinner in 2005 when his then-pregnant wife, who was driving, was pulled over by a New Jersey State Police trooper. Asked to show his ID, Florence soon found himself handcuffed, erroneously arrested for failing to pay a traffic fine, and forced to submit to two egregious strip and visual body-cavity searches at two different county jails. After spending six days in jail, Florence was finally able to prove his innocence. Outraged, Florence sued the jail officials who had needlessly degraded his bodily integrity.

It took seven years for Florence’s case to make it to the Supreme Court, and a year later, in April 2012, the Court handed down a 5-4 ruling which struck a blow to any long-standing protections against blanket strip searches, declaring that any person who is arrested and processed at a jail house, regardless of the severity of his or her offense (i.e., they can be guilty of nothing more than a minor traffic offense), can be subjected to a strip search by police or jail officials without reasonable suspicion that the arrestee is carrying a weapon or contraband.

However, all the while Florence was making its way through the courts, law enforcement officials were playing fast and loose with the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on searches and seizures, especially as it relates to violations of bodily integrity and roadside strip searches. Examples of minor infractions which have resulted in strip searches include: individuals arrested for driving with a noisy muffler, driving with an inoperable headlight, failing to use a turn signal, riding a bicycle without an audible bell, making an improper left turn, engaging in an antiwar demonstration (the individual searched was a nun, a Sister of Divine Providence for 50 years). Police have also carried out strip searches for passing a bad check, dog leash violations, filing a false police report, failing to produce a driver’s license after making an illegal left turn, having outstanding parking tickets, and public intoxication. A failure to pay child support could also result in a strip search..."

-John Whitehead

rockpicker said...

Murph, Maybe spike their condiments?

rockpicker said...

Anonymous warns Obama and the gun-grabbers:

rockpicker said...

Karl Denninger, via Brasscheck.

Anonymous said...

On Cryptogon this morning there's a post that goes to a youtube video that someone made hightlighted the inconsistancies of the Newtown, CT shooting.

Crazy shit, man -and Obummer just announced tons of gun control stuff..

Read some other stuff on Swartz being "suicided" by the gov...

Here in Mormon HQ: a couple of weeks ago, the outgoing AG put a stop to an investigation on a company -that he'll be joining soon AND, the new AG, who was sworn in last week is now being investigated in a bribery scheme. Then the new Liquor Control cheif is citing restaurants who serve beer or wine BEFORE food is ordered. So, now I'm not allowed to sip my brew while I'm looking at the menu. Wonderful. Also, The Eagle Forum is raising a ruccus about how the Sundance Film Festival is totally immoral and should be bannished from the state.

Jeebus! This world is going nutzoid!


rockpicker said...

Randy; Trust me, I feel your pain!

freeacre said...

6825This may cheer you, Randy.

Sadly, I can't drink beer.. stuffs up my nose and gives me a headache. So, maybe I'll just double-up on the brownies, in solidarity.

Anonymous said...

Randy +1

Have you seen what the WSJ calls
poor people my how they must be suffering! /sarc

What planet are these folks from? Gd

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a single mother of two making $260K? A retired couple raking in $160K? Bloody hell -they think we're all bankers or something.

Saw that video, FA. and it made me realize that everyone on the planet is being screwed by the banks. Wonder when the entire world is going to just stop everything and say "Ah, no."

Probably never. TPTB have succeded in "divide and rule."


murph said...


That web site is astounding. When I first glanced at it I simply could not believe what I was reading. I thought it must be some kind of joke.

Yup, I actually know a couple of retired folks that are having a hard time living on over $100 grand a year, off supposedly investments. They also seem to be in the space that "they got theirs and if you didn't get yours your just a dumb shit or too damned lazy".

What a world

freeacre said...

Well, guess the WSJ (as well as the Huffington Post) is just shocked, SHOCKED, I say, regarding how "the other half" in the lower six figures is having to struggle. Fuck, man, it reminds me of "Hunger Games." They are wearing designer clothing, driving trendy cars, vacationing at resorts, etc. while I am eating rabbit from the backyard and shopping at St. Vincent de Paul. We are not even on their radar. I think the guillotine was invented for those people, as I recall.

rockpicker said...

Poor old Marat, in you we trust.
You work til your eyes turn
as red as rust. But while you write,
they're on your track,
their boots mark the staircase,
the doors thrown back!

Poor old Marat, we trust, in, you...

Anonymous said...

just filed my tax return, working on £1 = $1.6 we made $16k as a couple, and managed to save $6,4k of that; I have a feeling the MSM definition of "austerity" differs widely from mine! And in lifestyle terms, we've never been so comfortable/happy, especially comparing to 10yrs back when we were pulling 6x that wage! Gd

rockpicker said...

More on Sandy Hook, from Brasscheck and the Power Hour.

rockpicker said...

If you think the government is corrupt and tyrannical, you could be an anti-federalist.

"...The West Point center typically focuses reports on al Qaeda and other Islamic extremists attempting to gain power in Asia, the Middle East and Africa through violence.

But its latest study turns inward and paints a broad brush of people it considers “far right.”

It says anti-federalists “espouse strong convictions regarding the federal government, believing it to be corrupt and tyrannical, with a natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civil and constitutional rights. Finally, they support civil activism, individual freedoms, and self government. Extremists in the anti-federalist movement direct most their violence against the federal government and its proxies in law enforcement.”

Read more:
Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

Notice how this report confuses "belief" with "violence." I 'believe' that is no mistake.

freeacre said...

Just because it demonstrates how differently we live out West from those "back East"...

The mayor of our little town keeps chickens. We can have 12 per lot within the city limits I think. Anyway, his wife was gathering the eggs last week. Upon entering the hen house, she saw a bunch of dead chickens and a bobcat was bracing at her. She called the mayor on her cell phone and told him to come quick - there's a bobcat. He grabbed a rifle and ran to her. The week before 3 in a family were hurt while trying to defend themselves against a bob cat. Anyway, he shot and killed the bob cat before it attacked his wife. Only one chicken remained alive.
Murph wants to know what he did with the hide.

rockpicker said...

"...The destruction of logic is a conscious strategy, a game plan. Its goal is to pervert rational thought at its core and insert ideology masked as insight..."

rockpicker said...

Army embeds pysops soldiers in news industry.

rockpicker said...

"this kind of information is so negative, I just can't go there..."

Right. Like every facet of your reality isn't inside- out and upside- down, taunting you with grotesque inklings of your inescapable future...inevitable, unless you will it away...

rockpicker said...

George Carlin, on "bullshit"

freeacre said...

Well, Rockpicker, I just read the zen gardener's long history of the Rothschilds. I think it would take something on the order of an Extinction Level Event to dislodge those fuckers from power.

Meanwhile, I guess we just play the hand we are dealt. I'd rather be in our game than theirs.

We watched a thought-provoking movie from Netflix last night: A Handmaid's Tale. It was actually made in 1990, and was about a society where the Right Wing has won the cultural wars and the mainstream has turned Nazi. But, most people by then are sterile, so they conscript the few fertile women left to become "Handmaids" to the ruling class.
It portrayed an active resistance movement. One interesting aspect was that once the rulers had their way making up the rules for everyone, they didn't live by the rules themselves. The world they set up for everybody else was too boring and restrictive for them (as well as everyone else). So, it was a flawed program. Good movie for Bad Serfs.

Anonymous said...


Freeacre, don't forget that according to popular belief Orwell was an insider so 1984 was based on what info he was privy to and believed to be true in 1948.

On the Israeli elections, people who are aware of these things have been saying that leaders of the leading Likud Party are insane, a lot longer than they have been saying Obama is insane. Obama has been given a mandate for another four years and yesterday Likud again won the greatest number of seats in their parliament the Knesset. The have received 31 of the 120 available seats and must now form a coalition. I know parliamentary seats don't equate to popular vote but since I don't know what the popular vote was I am going to assume seats mean the same thing. It is no good claiming that the Likud Zionists are a fringe that have nothing in common with the broad population of Jews since 25% of the people have voted for them. Other parties that form a coalition Government will be culpable in Likud's excesses. Likud's main objectives are firstly the eradication of Palestine and secondly the eradication of Iran. Now we have two major world powers which are both claimed to be insane working in concert with each other.

In Belgium there is a party called Vlaams Belang which is essentially racist and separatist (They want to split the relatively prosperous Dutch speaking north away from poor but snooty French speaking south). The party which won the greatest proportion of the popular vote was NV-A which is separatist but not racist. They did not have a majority of seats and no other party wanted to be culpable in taking an irrevocable step that could not be got back sometime in the future so they all stood their ground and said “No”. NV-A then formed the official opposition. That is the reason we got to over 400 days without a government. I fear that the power hungry Israeli minority parties will not be so resolute and must take a share in whatever combined insanity is to come.

The MSM has been showing Israeli school children doing pro Iran projects and one boy who wrote and performed a pro Iran song. As admirable as these pro Muslim projects are I fear they will have much the same effect as the European penchant of singing for the climate.

Anonymous said...

where did I put those plans for a tinfoil hat? (only half joking!) Gd

Anonymous said...

Yeah, GD, it's hard trying to figure out what scale to get. I went onto the website for the Zen Tambour ( which are beautiful tongue drums and which are expensive, but, he's got a bunch of scales you can listen to that are played on his tongue drums.
Yeah, I tried making my own tongue drum a couple years ago from a 20 gal propane tank. Busted a half-dozen jigsaw blades, the shape of the tongues looked more like elephant ears and the one or two notes that DID look like tongues, sounded like a broken Chinese gong. So, I did some saving and worked some OT and splurged on a Zagdrum. And, since it's made in France, it's kinda like exotic 'n stuff. People ask, "What is that and where did you get it?!" and I say, "It's a tongue drum and it's from France." And they say, "Really?" and my response is, "We."

Meanwhile... Oblahblah spewed out more blahblah, we're attacking EVERYONE, the world is circling the drain and Morman HQ looks like Bejing. Jeez.


freeacre said...

Wow. It seems the gauntlet has been thrown down:

This could be good.