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showing the Samarkand plaza. 

Belgium has graciously submitted this post concerning some history of Russian politics.   You can't imagine our relief.  There is a part 2 that will go up with the next post.   Lots of maps and explanations.   

Thanks Belgium aka SAS

The New Great Game in the Old Russian Empire -

Why the Russian Empire is Different From Other Historical Empires

All empires have existed for economic gain by the dominant country over the subjected countries. Sure, they said that their purpose in killing people until those left decided to give up, was to bring God to the heathens or to educate these poor unfortunates to our own high standards. Well, that was in there too, once the ones who were left over, knew who the bosses were and the resource rights had been secured. In fact, once the dominant country had such a tight hold on their economy that they could trash it from one moment to the next and trade agreements were in place to secure the mineral and other export rights, there was no reason not to give the countries back and let the subjected countries have the illusion of ruling themselves. This is what mainly happened in countries that had conquered by sea invasion, Britain; Portugal; Spain etc. France, being France, tended to be a bit more possessive about these things. With land based expansions like Rome or the Ottomans, for example, the centre stagnated whilst the vanguard was moving forward to a point where the middle ground could no longer be held.

What was so different about the Russian empire? What if they do loose a few economic trading partners, there is still enough of it left for themselves. You only have to look where their empire was for the answer. This may seem strange but Russia's sheer size is its vulnerability not its strength. Russia is mainly steppe crossed north to south by four major rivers, the Volga; the Ob; the Yenesei and the Lena together with the impenetrable mountain range of the Urals. These would represent a fall back position if anyone really took a fancy to the frozen swamplands of Siberia or God forbid, actually captured Moscow. During WWll, Stalin relocated some major manufacturing facilities into the Urals – just in case. None of these rivers and mountains protect Russia from invasion from the periphery, nor is there any natural barriers or defences of any kind to its heartland. Their empire was a buffer zone which contained many natural defences to be worn around the heartland like a girdle. Compare this to the United States. There are two great oceans, one to the east and the other to the west. To the north there is a friendly country which is mainly densely forested which then gives out onto an Arctic wasteland. No one would attack America from this direction. America's southern border is the Rio Grande, not that much of a river, I will grant you but one non the less and it is now complimented by a rabbit proof fence. Russia's empire was primarily and fore-mostly its defence. All economic considerations were secondary to this.
Although this is an ethnic map, the outline of the Russian heartland can clearly be seen in red and how other national groupings formed a barrier around this. For all of Russia's size, the yellow areas are virtually uninhabited. Not shown is Finland. Russia maintains a no-mans-land of between 3km – 10km between itself and Finland. The three Baltic states can be seen top left in brown coming around to Poland (not shown) and Belarus to protect itself from attack from Germany and the rest of Europe. Ukraine's southern border is the Black Sea. Its northern border is formed by the barrier of the Carpathian Mountains which also extend across Moldavia and into Romania. The Caucasus define the land bridge between the Black and Caspian Seas. The blue swathe is the great steppe of Kazakhstan. Before anyone could get into Kazakhstan, they would have to cross the high mountain plateaus of Uzbekistan; Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, collectively known as the Tien Shan. Together with Turkmenistan these formed part of the old Russian empire and it is definitely in Russia's interest to keep friendly relations with these. Finally to the east we get around to Mongolia with its great Gobi desert and then its border with China itself.

When communism fell in 1989 Russia lost control of all fourteen of these buffer states. The new Great Game revolves around Russia trying win back its influence in these states and the USA trying not to let it.

We are now going to have a look at the current situation in Central Asia and briefly at what is going on in Europe.

The Kyrgyzstan Revolution

Kyrgyzstan (Dark blue, lower central) at first sight, does not appear to be much of a prize for anyone. It has no economy, no resources and it relies on its neighbours to feed its people. It does have one thing that is unique, its geographical position. To understand why, we must first discuss the Ferghana Valley. As we have already seen the Tien Shan Mountains divide Northern Asia from Southern Asia and prevent an attack on Russia via the Kazakhstan steppe. Russia lost this protection in 1989. Kyrgyzstan; Uzbekistan and Tajikistan all meet in the fertile valley of Ferghana which naturally is the home of the majority of peoples from this mountainous region. To stop any one country having overall control of this important region, the former CIS divided it up between the three states. Uzbekistan owns the valley floor. Tajikistan owns the entrance to the valley and Kyrgyzstan owns the surrounding mountains which protect it.

For years in Kyrgyzstan, there had been smouldering unrest against the then government of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev. Within 24 hours on a day in April 2010, discontent escalated into full blown revolution and a new government installed which immediately had the approval of Moscow. Of course Russia was using the techniques of the Arab Spring. There is nothing like
backing a winner when you pick the players and offer a tad of friendly assistance. The success of this has given Russia back one of its natural defence barriers earlier lost. Kyrgyzstan does not benefit economically from the Ferghana valley but it does benefit from encircling it. Control of Kyrgyzstan equals control of the valley and hence control of Asia's core. Kyrgyzstan (read Russia) now has the ability to monitor Chinese moves in the region. Its highlands overlook China's Tarim Basin which is part of the contentious Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.
With the exception of the North European Plain, Russia’s expansion strategy focuses on the importance of mountains — the Carpathians, the Caucasus and Tien Shan — as geographic barriers. Holding the land up to these definable barriers is part of Russia’s greater strategy, without which Russia is vulnerable and weak. One part is now complete. Russia is on a time scale. It knows it must act quickly whilst the USA is preoccupied in Afghanistan and with the Muslim world. It will not always be like this and as much as possible must be gained before the USA's gaze returns to containing Russia and troops are redeployed.

Whilst Russia is in Disarray, the USA Will Play

The Soviet disintegration did not guarantee, of course, that Russia would not re-emerge in another form. The West, and the United States in particular, thus saw the end of the Cold War as an opportunity to ensure that Russia would never re-emerge as the great Eurasian hegemon. To do this, the United States began poaching among the states between Russia and its geographic barriers, taking them out of the Russian sphere in a process that ultimately would see Russian influence contained inside the borders of Russia proper. To this end, Washington sought to expand its influence in the countries surrounding Russia. This began with the expansion of the U.S. military club, NATO, into the Baltic states in 2004. This literally put the West on Russia’s doorstep at one of Russia’s weakest points on the North European Plain. At their nearest point, the Baltics are less than 100 miles from St. Petersburg.
Before the USA had its attention diverted towards the Middle East in 2003, it had already put plans into operation for the so called colour revolutions which bore fruition in Georgia 2003, Ukraine 2004 and Kyrgyzstan 2005, thus taking out Russia's main defensive barriers. Then one of those rare things happened, America blinked, or rather it averted its gaze towards the Muslim world. Realising that the USA was militarily stretched, Russia wasted no time in trying to restore the previous status quo. It has done this country by country using whatever techniques were appropriate for that particular situation. In January 2010, Moscow signed a customs union agreement to economically reintegrate Russia with Kazakhstan and Belarus. Also in January 2010, a pro-Russian government was elected in Ukraine. And now, a pro-Russian government has taken power in Kyrgyzstan.

As it seeks to roll back Western influence, Russia has tested a handful of tools in each of the former Soviet republics. These have included political pressure, social instability, economic weight, energy connections, security services and direct military intervention. Thus far, the pressure brought on by its energy connections, or disconnections, as seen in Ukraine and Lithuania, has proved most useful. Russia has used the cut-offs of supplies to hurt the countries and garner a reaction from Europe against these states. The use of direct military intervention, as seen in Georgia, has also proved successful, with Russia now holding a third of that country’s land. Political pressure in Belarus and Kazakhstan has pushed the countries into signing the aforementioned customs union. And now with Kyrgyzstan, Russia has proved willing to take a page from the U.S. play-book and spark a revolution along the lines of the pro-Western colour revolutions. Russian strategy has been tailor-made for each country, taking into account their differences to put them into Moscow’s pocket, or at least make them more pragmatic toward Russia.

Thus far, Russia has nearly returned to its mountain anchors on each side, though it has yet to sew up the North European Plain. And this leaves a much stronger Russia for the United States to contend with when Washington does return its gaze to Eurasia.

Next time the Caucasus. With four major players, three minor players and sixteen independent autonomous regions all with their own agenda, this is akin to playing three dimensional chess.

Looking for Trouble by Lauren Goodrich Reprinted from STRATFOR
The Joshua Project


freeacre said...

Damn, Belgium, that's more Russian history than I have learned from a lifetime of mainstream education! And, I'm lucky because I've already read the second part. Really good stuff. Not your same ol' same ol' doom. I have never thought of Russia trying to defend itself against attack. If anybody managed to take it, how in the hell could they ever hold it? And all those ethnic groups with different languages and customs. Christ! We can't even deal with Detroit. Both Russia and China seem to be trying to move in on Africa and South America. But, rather than using their militaries, they seem to be offering schools, and making business and cultural alliances. We are using drones. I wonder who the countries will welcome more.
So, I can see why it is important to not have Iran fall and be taken over by the West. Are we TRYING to provoke Russia or something??

Anonymous said...


Yeh Freeacre, Amongst the top down club, which come to think of it is all of them now, there are two basic philosophies. The is the one world government view which is being promoted through America and there is the multi polar world view being promoted by the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation ( Russia, China, Various of the Stans but not Pakistan, with Iran and India as observer status). Then there are the so called BRICs Countries, Brazil Russia India China and South Africa. Trouble is the USA cannot be ignored as a trading partner and life for the proles in the more enlightened countries is still far from ideal. The SCO countries cannot boycott economies controlled by the banking power elite and so are drawn into the economic web. Time is always the enemy, as things seem to be coming to a head before life for the workers in the SCO /BRICS countries can be significantly bettered.

Africa seems to be shaping up as Russia and China versus The gates Foundation :-)

I know there was a bartering arrangement between Chavez and Iran but I don't know how this is going with Venezuela's new guy. There was lots of farm equipment turning up in Iran but I can't remember what Venezuela was getting in return, I know it wasn't oil.

As for drones versus schools, I really don't think the West cares any more. After the deliberate 2008 trashing of the economy, the gloves came off and naked power was exposed. Obama was the velvet puppet glove to make it all seem more acceptable.

I have also heard the view expressed that why does Russia need mountains when both sides have missiles. That depends whether it is going to be nukes until the last man standing and it comes down to the Dr Strangelove scenario where USA's general staff are arguing about which side has the biggest mineshaft gap. Maybe that is the meaning of the so called DUMBS, who knows. Other than this there will always be a need for ground forces to secure the situation and that is where the mountains come in. Remember, Desert Storm started as a land invasion. And how smart are smart bombs? How many times did Rummy have to apologise for his boys hitting the local hospital instead of the military installation two blocks away? Near to where I live there is an express way with a speed limit of 100km/h. On each side there are large business premises and large stores of the Ikea type. A service road on either side of the express way provides access to these. The speed limit here is 50 km/h or 70 km/h depending where you are. The point of this story is that if you drive in the centre lanes at 90 – 100 km/h then a GPS in your car will pick up the lower speed limits from the side lanes and give you a speeding warning. So satellite navigation is good but it is not perfect and it can be deceived.

Whilst different ideologies exist I think there will always be a bit of stick prodding going on.

murph said...

Palooka, or anyone else,

I have a question for you. In the eventual time I will spend renovating tools that haven't experienced extreme heat and are made useless, they are of course covered in rust. My experience with rust removing chemicals is restricted to Navel Jelly which is a very old product for such. Do you have information on anything else that can be used? Like, paint remover? Or......? At this time local availability of Navel Jelly is restricted to 1 pint containers. Would have to buy a lot of them and they aren't cheap.

Anonymous said...

murph... some dead can rise. some call it a miracle. i keep a bottle of CLR around to perform minor miracles but its not cheap either. about 30 bucks a gallon. what's cheap? soda. ie, pour a can of coke on bat terminals to clean em up. u prolly no that trick and no it don't work to good on rust. for rust, it needs a little help. actually, a lotta help. ya gotta plug it in. its a process called electrolytic de-rusting. try it on any metal as long as its ferrous. u've prolly got some things that don't contain an appreciable amnt of iron so b careful. if it can be given a bath its a candidate. if'n it ain't sposed to ever have a bath i'd go for it anyway. cuz, its dead anyway right?

operative phrase... sacrificial anode. aka, a piece of scrap metal. like rebar. a few years ago i wrote a piece on my blog called... die to live is an imprint. iow, sacrifice. lots of us got it and the whole JC story revolves around it. die. in the name of life everlasting. never made much sense to me. and down there in the darkness, somethin stirred. and then growled! real loud!!

the upper escelons of what amts to the dark side of our military counts on it. its rev-ed up in every way imaginable. we've fallen for it cuz it goes straight to the imprint and activates it. we call them heros and heroins. the fallen gurnts that go out and sacrifice themselves in the name of freedom in wars that make no more sense than the sacrifice. and then there's the whole religious dogma around it.

but, as it is in U, there's always at least 2 sides to the story and what's not so good for the goose in one context is exactly what the goose needs in another.

all that's a long way round to get to this...

i've never tried this but it appears to be a case where scacrifice has a place. the idea of give and take has just been expanded!

probably some things prohibited from that process. for those, give em a CLR bath and scratch their backs with a wire brush. i've got a product we use to seal back rust on fasteners when we finish old decking. especially if we're painting instead of stain. its called zero rust. we just spray it on and cover it up. no rust bleed thru. this is for once you've got the loose stuff off. it a protectant and keeps the rust from spreadin. ain't cheap either but don't take much usually. they've got a prep but i've never used it. might be jes the ticket for somethin valuable you can't do the de-rust trick on. check it out...

and... i hear you've struck gold so to speak. but its nasty. liz has a process for that. details forthcoming.

sats... will get a good readin done. fa's comment enforces my expectations... p

Anonymous said...


Murph, Commercial rust remover is 50% phosphoric acid and 50% water with a small slug of ethanol or methanol as a stabiliser. I don't know where you would get phosphoric acid, from the drug store maybe? Other than that perhaps a metal pan scrubber, or maybe:

Can't vouch for any of these as I have not tried them but then back in the day I could always get the phosphoric acid.
Lemon and lime rely on citric acid, vinegar is acetic acid which will also work. This tends to be a bit runny unless applied as a spray or you could soak the tools in a plastic container of vinegar overnight. A more convenient way to use vinegar is as ketchup. Ketchup can be used to clean all manner of household things. These are a few ideas, hope they help.

Anonymous said...

I am excited. My girl on the east coast called and said that my generator for our cabin will be here tomorrow. They floated me a loan that I can pay back in small increments out of each paycheck. It is a 5000 watt Homelite and they are sending a UPS and a surge protector. I will be going to Harbor Freight as soon as I can Afford it and will purchase a small inverter, a small
Solar panel charger and 2 enclosed batteries. I am rolling ideas about water, but haven't come up with anything definitive yet. Getting my ducks in a row for the coming winter. Lots of deadlines to still overcome, but this signifies a great leap forward.
Says; I have to use the rest of the day to move some things up to the cabin,but I will set aside time tonight to read your offering. It looks really interesting and thought provoking. Looking forward to diving in. Seeker

Anonymous said...

This doggone machine. I meant to address the last remark to Sats.seeker

murph said...


It was raining a lot today so I took some time to do a bit of research on rust removal. I was blown away by the pure amount of different products and home stuff that is supposed to work. Haven't heard of any of them before besides Navel Jelly (phosphoric acid jell). Supposedly a watered down molasses solution works too, and molasses in bulk is not all that expensive. So, I now have a bunch of ideas on tool renovation and see how a couple of them work. That won't be happening for a while for sure. I sure thank everyone that had suggestions on how to approach this.

We are supposed to get 3 more days of rain, so the cleanup is held back, drat it.

Some of the tools will have to be heated up to get the melted plastic off them.


I wish you well on the move. Hope things turn out as expected.

Anonymous said...

Murph: you can get >90% Phosphoric acid pretty cheap at hydroponic stores, but TBH I'd go with a wire brush and an oil cloth, if anything has lost it's temper (chisels etc) it might be worth taking a bunch of tools to a blacksmith who can re-harden/temper them again, should be good as new with a bunch of new wooden handles, course you could re-temper stuff yourself with a makeshift forge, I can't see as things got too hot to lose too much carbon from the steel, so it'd only be a case of getting the right colour (straw colour) to the steel before oil quenching rather than case hardening required, I bet the old tools would still be better steel than is available these days new.

SATS good post, goes well with what I remember from the Brezezinski book about the "Sickle of influence" looking forward to part 2. I find the blog useful in this area too. Gd.

rockpicker said...

Well, over the weekend, Monsanto was able to achieve what the One-Worlders can, as of yet, still only dream of: unification of the planet.

rockpicker said...

...and global corporatism fights back. Pathetic...

freeacre said...

I ran across this today. It goes along with background info. that SATS provided regarding Russia and it's neighbors. No wonder things are so much a clusterfuck. Artificial countries created out of political/corporate agendas instead of traditional ethnic, tribal, language historical ties are a set-up for eternal strife.

Concurrently, I am finally reading the last of the "Children of the Earth" series by Jean Auel. I love the series, starting with "The Clan of the Cave Bear." It is such a pleasure to immerse one's self in the naturally grounded lifestyle of the hunter-gatherers. Good medicine.

Anonymous said...


That was interesting Freeacre, I am learning tons here although I think you are jumping the post a little bit and confusing folks a tad :-)
Yes, Lawrence of Arabia took Aqaba for the Arabs. I have never noticed before but Google Maps nowhere give credence to the nation of Palestine. They talk about the West Bank and Gaza and the borders are called the 1949 Armistice Agreement Line and the 1950 Armistice Agreement Line but not one mention of Palestine even though this is now recognised by the United Nations.

On the subject of historical documents, I completely missed this sentence from Obama's last State of the Union Speech:

"There is one point … to which I ask a brief attention. It is the effort to place capital on an equal footing with, if not above, labor in the structure of government. … Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration."

Well, I am sure that if it was not tucked away in the third paragraph from the end whilst I was dozing off then those few words would have had me sitting bolt upright. Or maybe I was dozing for a bit longer than I imagined.

rockpicker said...

SATS; That statement may be just rhetoric to continue the pretense that Obummer stands with the 'little people.'

Check out this video of Gerald Celente in which he quotes the Toilet Paper of Record, the NY Times, as saying Miss Christine La Garde, head of the IMF, has become a quasi head of state.

There it is, in our faces, the banks are now running the show, out in the open, not elected but self-appointed. Assholes.

begin around 3:40

Anonymous said...

glory, u guys are on top'a things... kudos, kudos, kudos... p

Anonymous said...

I just got through reading, for the first time thru, your first instalment about the power shifts and underlying strategies and power struggles going on in Russia proper and all the satellite states. But who, are the manipulators behind the scenes. The government's,the individual defense systems. The money makers, or the power behind the thrones,so to speak. I am trying to understand the long term premeditated and cold blooded approach to maneuvering,using all the varied modern tortures to the countries without power, with the long term goal being in a strategic position for the start of a war when it is politically right for the few powermongers that will benefit against the gargantuan losses that the disenfranchised will suffer in this twisted tug of war between two super powers.At least that is what I have got out of it so far.seeker
Woollen rereading it again so that I can get my mind properly wrapped around it. Thank you again sats. You are making my mind wake up.

freeacre said...

On a completely different note... you guys gotta see this! "Our Responsibility to Awe." Enjoy.

rockpicker said...

"GMOs are a uniquely American form of corporate arrogance and genetic pollution. Nowhere in the world is agricultural imperialism so foolish yet so strongly backed by government gone bonkers."

Learn more:

Man! This is BIG!

Anonymous said...


Hi Seeker,

I understand and empathise with your difficulties of sifting through the layers of bullshit and trying to make sense of it all. Everyone here has been where you are now. That is not meant to be condescending just honest. During my time on this planet, I have been more or less, every political colour there is and every time I really believed I had found the answer. Nearly every college kid starts life as a pinko (slightly red), until they get a mortgage and learn the realities of life. Later I had a business in England for eight years. That was the period when I believed I was a love child of Thatcher (well that IS gilding the lilly just a tad) :-) Now, thanks to the internet and communities like this one I have learned what is really going on and I have realised that the top down system of government, which nearly every nation on Earth has, is essentially flawed. The only system that can work and be sustainable is a bottom up system. How can we carry on without an overarching State to look after our needs? How can a bottom up system work above the tribal level? You will just have to take my word for now that it can and has. I feel another post coming on but since I have two in the system already, I will work on it slowly. All I will say for now is that when early Americans raced across the land in their covered wagons in the initial land grab and set up homes and communities in unknown territories, they didn't need a State to provide for them or tell them what to do. They knew what they had to do and got on with doing it.

In the meantime, how can I help you short cut all this and help you with the question you posed?
Here is a piece which is not too long and captures the essence of the times we live in.

“Modern politics can be hard to fathom, a bizarre mix of mind-bending complexities and bone-stupid banalities coming at us in a howling sandstorm of chaotic noise. How to sift the relentless, contradictory arcana of current events and make sense of it all? I find that a simple phrase helps thread the labyrinth – four little words that capture the grand, overarching political philosophy of the age:.......”

I hope you will not be offended by it.

You are going to realise when you read it that this is where I got that quote from Abe Lincoln, which just laughs and giggles and a bit of mischief, I passed off as coming from Obama.

There are two words or phrases you may not have come across before, apologies if you already know them:

Provend: I had to look this one up . - The daily rations allotted to monks in a monastery.
Provender: Dry food for beasts of burden – seems to go well with the nutrition-less GMO theme.

Means of Production: A concept of Karl Marx – It means tools, machines, factories and raw materials. Whatever is needed for production but without human labour, capital or finance.

Btw, if you think that Russian piece is mixed up, wait until you get onto the Caucauses:)

Aho Sats

rockpicker said...

SATS; Maybe this little clip will help stimulate and focus direction for a future post. Charlie McGrath lives in Bozeman, Montana.

rockpicker said...

And here's a little more grist for the mill...

Anonymous said...

Sats, thank you for helping me. I stumbled on this by accident. Please, download this if you want to get goosebumps on your arms and a well done to the socially disenfranchised of this earth. I wanted to stand up and cheer. It brought tears to my eyes.
Opera Duo,Charlotte and Jonathan.
That is all you need to get there. Please, take a moment out of you day and hear pure beauty.seeker.

Anonymous said...
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rockpicker said...

This didn't take long.

rockpicker said...

Copied this comment off the website listed below, thought it was a damned good question.

"Walter Acuña · Works at Los Angeles Superior Court
So. If Monsanto is able to sue farmers who have evidence of Monsanto seed genes which they are licensed to sell on the open market, does this mean that farmers can sue Monsanto for theft of clean genes for inserting the genes of seeds that Monsanto is not legally licensed to sell? Those genes can't come from anywhere else."

I am, at present, attempting to find out what were the sixteen states in which these open-air tests were conducted, from 1998-2005. And how could it be that this contamination is just showing up now, if it was connected to these tests? Something doesn't pass the smell test on this.

rockpicker said...

Well, duh, what does she think people like G. Edward Griffin, Aaron Russo, Edwin Viera, Alex Jones, Sherri Jackson and Joe Bannister have been talking about all these years?

If you haven't seen Aaron Russo's movie, "America: Freedom to Fascism," I recommend it.
/economics/item/15473-world-bank-insider-blows-whistle-on-corruption-federal-reserve (Russo's film)

rockpicker said...

I love it...

Anonymous said...

Sats, I finally read Chris Floyd's opinion on the elite and the remainder of society. Why would I be offended?With our cultures across the world in historical, cyclical ,spiraling decline,etiquette can be put aside. If one has been screwed,blued and tattooed, against one,s will and through no fault of their own. One is allowed to cry FUUUUUCK YOUUU!!! And shake their fist at the skies that have brought down poverty,triage ethics and morals and marginalized existence stretching endlessly into the ether,regardless of effort or hard work . People cannot feel as if they are tied,spread-eagled on a mountainside with vultures tearing out their guts with a lackadaisical gluttony. My,my,my, I'm in a dour mood tonight. At times, anyone gets tired of putting their shoulder to the wall and pushing and getting nowhere. I am tired and that article nailed how I feel about our
world society.
My whole belief system is based on .the premise that if you do right and good ,to the best of your ability, that the ripples will spread outward and affect the larger picture .I am tired of the whole big picture anymore,because I am a romantic. I want to believe in altruism and the good guys winning out against incredible odds. I am bone tired of meanness and lies.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



We all seem to oscillate between moment of relative calm and outright rage. There again it is worth taking the time to know what it is that you are actually raging against.

Over the years I have read many articles and seen many videos but even now, I think the one that gave me the most insight into what was going on is this video called The Money Masters. Most regulars here have already seen it. If the previous article was the crash course then this is the in depth study. You will have to set aside three and a half hours to see it out or you can divide it into bits. Others including Mike Rivero have done similar in an hour but this one has a lot more depth.

After you have seen it “Get Mad” as Howard Beale would say and then tell as many people as you think will understand it. That's how knowledge gets around. ;-)

Anonymous said...

seeker, u r right of course. as right as any romantic would be who holds to such a belief. a belief that appears to be true only onto itself in the face of madness. and so, i stand beside you as do all here around this wonderful campfire of ours. this haven of safety in the midst of the madness.

so what of it? this condition wherein the perp appears to hold all the power over the victim? where could there possibly be any deliverance from such horror? is it all hopeless? is it all the madness of some twisted scientist in the sky? who has lost all power over a paychopathic part of himself that got loose and now runs to show? enticing, capturing, devouring, every soul? as a pirate might do? gettin off on the misery?

or, could there possibly be some semblance remaining of a loving god who is at wits end just as much as we over the horrendous scene that is playing out?

it is said that if there is a god, this god is all powerful. a perfect entity admiring his creation. the great I AM. and holding the power of the last word. the final judgement. and if we play our cards right, in the end it will be the beginning. of what?

but, what if. what if such a god IS what is looking back at him? and what he is seeing is his denails being reflected back to him. that, perhaps, could lead one to assume that any deliverance lay in his hands alone. such an assumption would have missed the point...p

Anonymous said...

To Murph and freeacre,
It is a beautiful day,in Montana,weatherwise at least. I hope the weather is similar in your direction so that things can get moving. This interminable rain can put a glitch into lives. I have a beautiful piece of fossilized coral that I picked up at the Crystal Limit the other day. It is about the size of a hockey puck and has a peace sign on it, formed by nature.
Maybe it could sit in a window sill interspersed amongst the plants. I always picture your environment with a lot of green. I saw your address back in the posts a bit, but wanted to ask before sending it.seeker

Anonymous said...

I have a boon to ask of the Clan. My son passed on June 11 2008.starting today and every day following through the 11, I will be going to all the waterways that we explored and experienced and putting portions of his ashes into the currents. I am also putting in small quaking aspen branches,for other sons and fathers gone too soon,and Montana lilacs for missed daughters and mothers.
If each of you on the coming days, do one act a day of kindness(words of affirmation towards someone's actions or state of being, plant a flower or tree.Anything, no matter how small, and dedicate that act to all those we have loved and lost,) would be appreciated.
Prophetically, I finally got a copy of the book, Right Use of Will, this morning by CeAnne DeRohan. Maybe it will help me on this journey of trying to find my way.
Sats, I will access that 3 1/2 hour reference you gave to me and watch it in increments as you suggested so that I can get a letterheads of the underpinnings of power on this world.
Montana Freeman,you and Langosta are in my thoughts.
Gd on the subject of water movement and storage, I might need get some avenues that I can go down concerning the cabin.
Thank you all for letting me interact with you. It has brought goodness into my life.I hope that the day is bringing you good things.
Songs to listen to...
Lowell George solo album,Thanks,I'll eat it here
Bonnie Raitt album,Sweet forgiveness

murph said...


It is ok to use our email address for communications also. Many at the campfire do so.

rockpicker said...

So, as I suspected, gmo wheat has been knowingly introduced into the British food supply, and very probably, into ours here in the US, only without disclosure. Time to demand labeling, and boycott any food producer who balks.

wv= consider EBlues
(P, it's happenin again)

Anonymous said...

Seeker, check out this 8 min video Rainwater Harvesting and find more resources here

I don't mind helping with design advice. Simple questions I can respond here on the blog, but if you want site specific design advice I'd need to know a lot more about the site, this can get very wordy both ways, so would need to be email I think.

rp: GMOs and other poisons in processed food, who'd a thunk it! (rhetorical) When it comes to food, I have some rules of thumb to avoid most pitfalls: if it's advertised on TV, don't buy it (which goes for anything really). If it's processed food, don't buy it, if it doesn't say organic on the label, don't buy it, buy local from known sources where you can, or grow it yourself. Gd.

rockpicker said...

SATS; Can you give us a run down on what happened in Ossetia, and is Sakashvilli still running Georgia? Why did Putin let him live?

rockpicker said...

Wages are not income. The supreme court has so ruled. Income is derived from investment. This point is explained in Aaron Russo's movie.

What a great place to start cleaning up the fucking corruption this government seems unable to exist without! Look at the change it would make in the average working class stiff's life if the IRS had to actually define "income." In Russo's movie, the ex-tax commissioner arrogantly asserts what the supreme court says is irrelevant to the IRS.

rockpicker said...


Can anyone verify this biometric stuff?

Anonymous said...

Thank you gd for the direction that you pointed me on concerning rainwater harvesting. I visited several sites and brainstormed a bit. I believe I have a system that I can put together with things at hand. I don't have any capitol to work with, but I am extremely good at improvising with what is at hand.As a single parent,by choice, of 4, the saying,"Necessity is the mother of invention",has stood me in good stead. The cabin is built three feet off the ground,and the rain gutter ends 2'past the edge of the porch. I can have an enclosed storage reservoir on a platform,even with the porch.I can rig up a filter using the premise of an aquarium filter set up with a nylon over the PvP pope to hold the filter in place and a sleeve that can be removed so that the filters can be cleaned as needed.and a gravity feed for the release of the water. I also have a creek running parallel to the other side of the cabin, but I have to check on existing water rights before I use any but negligible amounts.Water and horses are both sensitive territories in Montana,so one should always be sure to know and never assume. Anyway, one step closer to a viable territory. I am still in limbo between both places and the weather has not been helping but I just try to take it one day at a time and go as hard as I can. I sent off a soil sample to my sister,who is a plant soil scientist. I am at least get the design and garden beds set up,but again, there is so much to do and my10 year old and I have our plates full. It will be easier after school is out. Any way,thank you again.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you gd for steering me in the direction of harvesting rainwater. After accessing several sites, I did some brainstorming and have been able to come up with a viable system using things at hand. I have no capital so I have to improvise. Being a single parent of 4 by choice, the saying "Necessity is the mother of invention", has stood me in good stead. The cabin is built 3' off the ground and the rain gutter ends 2'past the edge of the porch. I can put a storage reservoir on a platform ,even with the porch.and rig a filter on the same premise of an aquarium filter.I can put a nylon over the flow pipe to hold the filter in place and have a sleeve so that I can clean the filter as needed. I'm going to use gravity for access. I sent a soil sample to my sister, who is a plant soil scientist, so that I can at least get the beds of my garden design set up. My 10year old and I are still in limbo between the two places,but we take it a day at a time and go as hard as we can. It will be easier after school is out. There is a creek running alongside the other side of the cabin, but I can only use negligible amounts until I check out the water rights. Water and horses are touchy territory in Montana, so one does not assume.
Anyway, thank you again gd. I am one step closer to having a viable living area for my child and self.
HOPE everyone had a good weekend, mine was..challenging, for lack of a better word. I am tired and tomorrow, the work week begins.
Take care seeker.

Anonymous said...

I give up. The machine has won the battle tonight. I thought that I had erased a post, so I rewrote it, only to have the first post pop back up. After trying to erase one with no avail, I give up. I yield the field to this device. Sorry about the repeat.

rockpicker said...

Contempt of court? You bet!

freeacre said...

Sorry to have been out of touch lately. We've been a little busy. Things are getting cleaned up. Finally got the dumpster and nice weather.
Thank you Seeker, for thinking of us with the fossilized corral. It would look nice in our window, and it would always remind us of you. Our home has several things on display that have been presents from our Trout Clan, and they are prized possessions.
Today I planted some lettuce and thought of your son. I have lost 2 step-sons and a husband to cancer. Planting things in their name is a nice idea.
Let's face it, we are all romantics. If we weren't we probably wouldn't be so appalled at the way things are.
Right on, people of Turkey! Seems to be a genuine expression of outrage over their government being too heavy-handed and controlling. Love to see it happen over here regarding police brutality, false flag events, the IRS, resource wars, surveillance, and Frankenfood. Will it ever happen? I doubt it. Retaliation would be swift and brutal.
I guess that is why I look to the heavens to level the playing field. Our Great Mother, the Earth, seems to be fighting back lately.

Anonymous said...

Freeacre,thank you for your kind words and deeds. I cried when I read your post and had a hard time stopping. Things have been hard and I am soul tired. I wish this rain would let up.
I am glad that things are rolling in good productive ways over in your territory. I will have it in the mail, in the next couple of days. Seeker

rockpicker said...


"...the State Department has actually been caught funding Monsanto’s marketing and overseas ventures. In fact, this has now been admitted by Reuters following data leaks. It’s absolutely outlandish, but it’s reality."

We are going to have to make this happen, if we want labeling mandated by government. We will have to demand it!

rockpicker said...

Couldn't help throwing these two links together. "The horror. The irony..."

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever try dandilion tea? We tried it once, although we called it dandilion coffee, dried the roots in a cool oven crushed them, and steeped in hot water, not exactly palletable, kind of a barbacue taste, nothing like coffee either LOL chickens love dandilions, mind you thats no endorsement, chickens love slugs too LOL maybe tea is made from the green leaves.

freeacre said...

It turns out that both the roots and the leaves, as well as the flowers, may be used for dandelion tea - depending on what you want it to do. Roots for anti-cancer, leaves for stomach ache, etc. Looked it up on
Has just about everything about dandelions, I reckon. Cute video of a guy making tea for his wife over a campfire. It seems like everywhere I turn lately, I see things that remind me of my beloved hunter-gatherers.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh man, been a while. Sorry for the loooong absence. Been freak'in busy at work AND at home.
Jeez, I need a vacation -from everything!

Cool post, SATS. Another strike against Russia's size is that it has, what -16 time zones and a butt-load of different languages within its boarders? Don't know how the U.S. would fare with that kind of demographics. But then again, I used to live in South Carolina and I swear, I needed an I/T (interpreter/translator) to figure out what the hell they were talking about.

You know, the Russians are really good at chess. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the Syrian standoff. Ok, maybe "interesting" isn't the word for it, more like "frightening," but I'm wondering who's going to blink first. I'm root'in for Putin! Hey -that rhymes. Read also that Kyrgyzstan is making big CIA bucks being the main opium gateway to the world. Jeez, where ISN'T the CIA NOT fucking with people?

And Brzezinski -I've read that the man just totally hates Russia. Do most Poles hate Russia or just this dude?

I think I've read all of the "Children of the Earth" series -the first two being the best. The rest in the series, I don't know, it just seemed like all the characters were just having a bunch of prehistoric sex with each other. Not that that's bad, it's just that the wholly mammoth hunts were few and far between.

Anyone protest against Monsanto this past weekend? I wanted to, but... what the hell for? I'd rather protest with my bucks. I do all I can to buy organic....
but, sometimes I wonder if that "USDA Organic" label on it is just as compromised as everything else in Americastan. If Monsanto can buy "The Monsanto Protection Act," then maybe they've already bought everything else concerning food.

Ut-ohh.... better stop.... "doomage" is creaping onto the keyboard -OHH NOOO!!

Ok, winter is finally done here in Mormon HQ and most everything is in the garden, which has doubled in size this year due to the old, beat-to-shit-never-producing-anything-edible apple tree being taken out. I thought about planting cabbage in the new space in the shape of "the bird." Just so I get the fist lick in when Monsanto's satellite takes a gander at my backyard looking for heirloom contraband. Fuckers.

Thanks for the dandelion intel. Think I'm gonna let them grow next year even if Wifeepoo gives me grief about 'em.

I think they're Purdy, dangit.

Later -


rockpicker said...

Hey, Randy. Have you tried Pako's IPA, from Jackson Hole? Not too damned bad!

The flying cabbage bird. I like it.

Anonymous said...


Rp, I am responding to the question you posed the other day re Georgia and Ossetia. Life here suddenly got busy and I have also been fighting off a bronchitis, only managed an hours sleep last night so I am having a quiet zomboid day today.

Yes, Mikheil Saakashvili is still head honcho of Georgia.

Here is a rough breakdown of what went on. Firstly Ossetia is probably the most Georgian of the Caucasus autonomous regions. The vast majority of Ossetians live in the mountains of North Ossetia but there are Georgians in Ossetia and Ossetians in Georgia. North Ossetia is an autonomous region (Oblast) of Russia, South Ossetia was an independent region inside Georgia sharing a common border with North Ossetia. Even though Georgian and Ossetian peoples get along with each other there are hot heads and trouble makers within South Ossetia who want an internationally recognised South Ossetia. These trouble makers were doing what they do best when Georgia decided to respond with overwhelming force and make a grab for both bits of Ossetia. Reading between the lines Georgia was egged on by the Bush Admin who wanted to indirectly increase its influence in the area and annoy Russia at the same time. To that end Georgia totally over reacted and in a night and a day they reduced Tskhinvali (South Ossetia) to rubble. Russia complained, with some justification, that members of its peace keeping force had been killed by the Georgian forces. Russia then over reacted to Georgia's over reaction and sank the Georgian navy in its harbour and destroyed its air force on the ground. Between South Ossetia and Abkazia, Russia now has indirect control over about one third of former Georgia. Russia maintains that these are independent regions within Russian borders and has offered Russian passports to anyone in these regions who wants one.

This is one of those occasions where the Wiki article gives a blow by blow account rather than a broad overview.

As to why Putin didn't whack Saakashvili directly, heads of state tend not to do this on the grounds that what goes around comes around. The way it usually goes is that the aggressor country destabilises the target country and brave freedom hotheads do the job for them whilst the aggressor can sit back with clean hands. This is essentially what happened to Gaddafi in Libya. Even leaders who practice genocide against their own people are not taken out by another state, for example Pinochet in Chile and Hisan Hibre in the Central African Republic. An exception seems to have been made with Saddam Hussein although it wasn't the real Saddam Hussein that was hanged. It was rumoured at the time that the real one had got away to Belarus but that is conjecture.

Palooka's Revenge said...

Let's face it, we are all romantics. If we weren't we probably wouldn't be so appalled at the way things are.

broken hearts that will search forever for how to make life inside of love stay and wills that will never rest until we're all free. thats the spirit of this clan. thats why i love u guys and find comfort here around this fire. a fire of safety midst this fire of hell that surrounds us.

fightin fire with fire... p

wv... true selfbei.

be true to self. yer right rp. its back!!

Palooka's Revenge said...

and actually... its more like fightin the fire with tears that are real... p

Anonymous said...

No, RP, I haven't. It's tough to get different brews here in Mormon HQ -oh, although they do get this Deschutes beer from Bend, OR once in a while and that's pretty good. But, I'm lucky that there're two, count'em, TWO (2) brew pubs within walking/biking distance of our abode. And, now that it's warmer, I'll be riding my bike to one -or both, to down a few pints on a semi-regular basis. Yeah, I know there's such a thing as a BUI (biking under the influence, but if I walk it, then by the time I get home, the beer buzz will have worn off.


rockpicker said...

P; I just read a fascinating piece, reprinted in the Sun magazine, August 2009 issue, by Jane Roberts, excerpted from "Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity Of The Soul." Thought of you. Ever heard about this woman?

SATS; Found the link to this article on Steve Quayle's site. Sounds a lot like the US and its partners in crime are prepping to do to Assad what they did to Gaddafi, even if al ciada "rebels" are used as proxies to do the dirty work.

Quayle, coming from his religious (Christian) point of view, sees this war game drill and collection of international forces that is under way in Jordan as we write, as the lead up to what the bible refers to as the Gog/Magog war. He predicts a terrible defeat for the West, based on his reading of scriptures. Any comments?

Randy; Big Sky Brewing, outta Missoula, makes a good IPA. We are blessed with a large number of micro breweries here in Montana. If you get up this way, we'll have to get together. The Bale of Hay Saloon, in Virginia City, holds a brew fest every summer. Might be a good weekend for a getaway trip. According to official calendar, looks like July 20 is date.

Anonymous said...


Rp, the only thing which has stopped the USA finishing the job off in Syria is Syrian Russian defence pact. If Russia steps back here it will want its quid pro quo somewhere else. Maybe they are after swapping Syria for Georgia – maybe.

Libya is now a failed state, the Muslim brotherhood are not impressing too many people in Egypt. Maybe it is the USA's meaning to fail all the states in the middle east? Who knows?

rockpicker said...

SATS; Tim Rifat said , last night, on Rense, that as of yesterday, Russia had decided not to deploy s300 missiles in Syria. I missed the announcement via lamestream outlets, if that indeed happened. That would be a big bit of news, like the scent of blood in the water, I'd suggest.

Palooka's Revenge said...

rp... on seth and/or similar... i'm prolly gonna have more to say on this in time. in the meantime, the first para of this wiki analysis explaining 'the nature of the self" in seth terms pertty much describes the DID liz i live with as my wife and confidant... ( )

and, this might sound crazy, or offensive, or even pejoritive. but i'll roll the dice and say it anyway... from my view of the larger and deeper layers of the cake, such dynamics apply to all of us in our own differentiated forms. thats how fucked up we are in what might be called our lower selves. to say we have lower selves is correct in context. but not the context to which in refer here. what could be, in and of itself, a major judgement against these asects of the so-called lower self by the self-procliamed higher self. higher, at least in its own eyes. and the eyes of the masses influenced, led, by our assorted and assumed to be loving, gurus. we need look no further than the reflections of the macro we can see 'out there'. as within, so without.

the only thing i would add goes to the interpretation of the ego. not from seth's view cuz i really don't know what that is/was. but from my view of the overall condition of the human condition which has been conditioned over and over and over that the ego is the bad guy and something to be shed of... this interpretation is counter intuitive to individuality and differentiation among manifested spirits. the ego IS this differentiated self.

so... i pass no judgement on the seth ideas one way or 'tother. but thats how i see the twisted interpretation of the ego as held by the masses. yet, it is right in that the ego seems to have caught narcicism by its short hairs and embraced it. in this case a line from lyle lovette serves as appropriate analogy... redneckness is like a disease, you catch it on your fingertips and it just crawls right up yer sleeves.

which is just another way of sayin... one more thing, one more piece of evidence of a mother earth and her peoples stretched way beyond the balance point. and she's movin to do somethin about it that ain't neva been done b4. i can feeeeel it. and it ain't gonna be pretty cuz we highly likely ain't wakin up en masse. not until this baby reaches ignition anyway. and then, all bets are off. but right now? i'm all in. and this includes the idea that the will reflects back to the spirit that which the spirit holds the will to its most frozen points of view.

but then, it could be such will only happen in my own little universe as a teeny, tiny spec in a quantum multiverse.. p

wv.. sprson cackilin. yeah, dats wha' i be doing. cacklin!

Anonymous said...

I've been walking a road of grief,major transition,moving territory and heartbreak. I am up against the ropes,taking body blows,despite my best defensive blocks and so, I turn to music and this blog to pull me back from the edge of the envelope.
As I go through my work day,which starts at 5:00am and ends about 10pm to12am( the work that pays my wages and the work that moves my life.), different music rolls through my brain, trying to heal myself through lyrics and melody.
My sub-conscious becoming my therapist so to speak.
Yesterday,"Can't Find My Way Home"(version Raitt and accompanied by Lowell George), and Vienna waits for you, by Billie Joel, running through my brain.
Today, all the songs from Across the Universe. Beatles redone
It was one of my son's favorites.
Blackbird runs through my head.and I try to let the essence of my son move on to his future existences, but I am not strong enough and so I hold tight to the metaphysical bond that connects us and ask him to stay near us a while longer to ease this unrelenting pain.
On a more prosaic level, I got news yesterday that brightened the financial burden appreciably.
My beautiful east coast girl and her man made the generator a gift to my youngest and myself.
It was predicted aged by the man ,in an act of generosity.
I told my girl that he had given her a gift of love and that Ryan and I were the lucky side effect of his regard for her.
My trio of brunette beauties. I love them so.
I too, was once a brunette. To this day, I get a moment of disconnect when I look in the mirror and see my white hair. I am brunette in thought and feeling,if you can attribute such things to a color.
I am going to finish on a separate post so I don't run out of room.seeker

Anonymous said...

Yesterday,I was so pre-occupied and wound up, that in parking my van in front of my truck, I misjudged the angle, on automatic poison pilot and scraped the passenger side all the way back to the rear wheel well.
I stopped and backed up,keeping the tires in the same position so as to minimize the damage and just sat there and realized that I didn't't even care. The van is on its last legs anyway and I fully expect a rod to blow through hood any day.
When I finally got out to inspect the damage, both doors still open, so I consider that I got off lightly. The truck has a cattle catcher on the front and escaped unscathed.
So, I get into the truck to go get some fence posts that I lucked into.
I drive around the block and repeal the truck because it is making terrible noises. I think the worst and picture broken drive shafts etc.. I get out and, voila, the passenger side rear tire is flat.
I look at it and feel the stereotype of female.
I have no Jack that is big enough for the truck,sooo... I have to call in a favor and have one of the guys I used to roof with come over to change out the tire.
The weak side of being female indeed.
After that, I mistreated against the side of my truck and stared at my lifesized driftwood sculpture of my son. I figured that I had been given enuf signs and called it is day, only to go in and feel stressed because of all the added deadlines that I have to acheive today.

Sats, I have been unable to view that site yet,but it is on my to do list. I was intent on the new info that you gave in reply to RP's query. I am BLOWN away by the comprehensive grasp that you have on this subject and others that have been broached. My knowledge is growing in New areas. Thank you.

What does wv mean?
World view, wild voles, wandering Vikings?
I can not follow the cryptic statements, and am curious.

I have coral at hand and will be sending it on way home from work tomorrow.

Rp: I am trying to keep up with all the info that you are putting out there, but have a page and a half of notes to catch up on.
Anyway, I checked out that GMO .ORG site that I accessed thru our good food store and it is pretty good.
Am heading out to get fence posts,,, again. Wish us luck. Seeker

Palooka's Revenge said...

the wv is the word verification police we must bow to and submit to its version of truth before a comment will be published.

i'm assuming you must do this too but something tells me you may have special dispensation.

anyway, most of the time its jes a scramble of nonsense and then, other times is so synchronicitous or ironic that one cannot help but suspect guidance. from what or where? ahhhh, that is the question.

i hope your able to get some rest. and, oh yeah, the sub-conscious is the best therapist. as its said, it takes one to know one. and our sub-conscious knows us better than anything... p

Palooka's Revenge said...

and btw, seeker... been on one of me own of those auto pilots which has no concept of how to drive. my usual response is... whats my name, where am i at, what am i doin? to which it has no reply except for more of the same. i've been so undone, which was/is a good thing. but at the same time, fuckin impossible nearly to get my chit together around the daily grind. i'd like to say that this part of the daily is anything but a grind. more like a spiritual experience. but that'd be lyin. but then, i been havin a spiritual experience right in the middle of the poison pirate.... err, i mean pilot. tiz its way me thinks. and thats a good thing... p

Anonymous said...

Success! The truck is loaded to the gills with posts and a plethora of beautiful 8' long 2 by 6's.Cost: just the effort it took to load.
The van has the generator in the back, so, after work tomorrow, I will load more rocks around the generator; top soil and Nick's dismantled sculpture in the middle seat and head up to the cabin.
I have 8 years of rocks that I have picked up all over this great state and a ton of nice multicolored river rocks that are all over this property. I'm transferring them all up to the cabin for inventory for my business that I will be starting next year. Victory Belle Gardens, and my existing shoestring endeavor, Infinity Landscaping and Yard Services. Can not make a go of it this year because of the cards that life dealt me. Already have a small loyal customer base, but have been unable to build on it for obvious reasons. My neighbors look on in curiosity as I dismantle the landscape I created, rock by plants, by valuable,composted topsoil. I'm harvesting the suckers off the lilac bushes,The three year old quaking Aspen that I planted for my son.The iris,dahlias and lilies of every hue. The roses,Mardi Gras daisies; the purple come flowers, deep blue delphiniums,the mango potentilla
Bush;our prolific strawberry bed. The beautiful list goes on. My son and I created this space,year after year. I will take it all and create something new out of our old.
There is a language of flowers. I think that that is what I will research and offer to Murph and Freeacre to see if they would want to put it out for the Clan' s perusal. I have decided that my offerings to the Clan will be ephemeral and life sustaining. An offering of water and earth. An offering of hope. I want to offer things of beauty to counteract the terrible razor edge of imbalance that we are existing in. And so it is done. I have decided on a course of action. I hope that my offerings will be accepted in the spirit that they are given. I think that I will swim cross the river this weekend. It is time that I reenter my adopted element. It was a tradition that we,as a family did every year. It is time to integrate it back into the fabric of this life. I have to go help my girl with her end of the year project.Be well,seeker

Anonymous said...

Looking back over the posts. What does wv really mean,? It only shows up on p's and Rockpicker's posts with one exception after freeacre. I can infer that it is appearing in other posts of communication also. Please tell me what it really means unless it is a closed communication code between a few . If it is that, just tell me that it is none of my business.seeker

freeacre said...

Wow, you guys have blown me away!

As usual, p, I don't probably know what exactly you mean, but I feel like I am "all in" with ya. I follow metaphysical thought a lot, but, I, too, question the disparaging of the ego. It seems to me we have a "higher self" that is a constant in our lives and a bridge between the realms. And, we have an ego, that is the culmination of our karma and the influences that we were born into in this incarnation. The choices we make are important through time, and influence more than just ourselves. The Buddhists teach non=attachment. But, I think there will be plenty of time for non-attachment when I take my last breath here. It's like we put the ante in, so now let's play the cards.
Meanwhile, music is good. Beer is good for Randy. Montana is good. I wish I were there.
Oh, by the way! The clean-up is finished! Two 30 yard dumpsters worth of charred stuff is all gone. The re-build will be more fun.
I think you post is very timely, Spirit. We have to get the 2nd part up. Things seem to be heating up. And there are earthquakes and volcanoes all over the place. Putin is good at chess. Xi has the whole history of Lao Tsu's "The Art of War." And, we have a Sears and Roebuck catalog and a bunch of IOU's.

Anonymous said...


Seeker, there is nothing esoteric or mystical about VW, it just stands for 'verification words'. Before you post a comment there are usually two words you have to type in for the post to be accepted by blogspot. Sometimes it is a word and a number and mostly it is just a jumble of letters but occasionally you get a random real word which seems to compliment the spirit of the comment and people think it is a bit of fun to share this semi joke with others. There is no big deal about VW and we are not trying to hide anything from you. ;-)

The two verification words I have just typed in are 'epurpox rendered' If I had written a comment about someone being rendered to Guantanimo Bay. I might have thought it significant share this coincidense with you.

Anonymous said...

Thought you guys might like this song. I've been playing the Oasis version a while, but only just started playing this slower acoustic version by Noel, hope it resonates with you guys, it was still rolling around my head when I read seekers post. Gd

WV= was onsomate (on something!)

Anonymous said...

Nick left behind three guitars. The electric, I gave to his bio-father. The acoustic, to my east coast girl.His violin that he toyed with to my west coast girl. I kept his traveling guitar. It's a Washburn rover and a wonderful instrument with nice tone and timbre, despite its size.
We used to sit on opposite edges of the couch,tossing variations of riffs and picking variations back and forth. We both used to write songs. He had a notebook with all his workings in it. I don't know what happened to it.
I listened to Wonderwall. What evocative apt start to my day.
It's funny, I have always really liked that song, but would always hear it at odd times,when I was Rollin hard and unable to stop and track it down, so it was an "Ahhh" moment of satisfied discovery when he started to sing and I sat back and let the music roll over me,several times.
Thank you ,gd

Palooka's Revenge said...

seeker... i hope sats explanation of wv sets you free.

on a far more important note... hang on tight. hang on to nick. you'll know when its time to let him go. besides, a lot of this is just as much about him as it is about you. and there's a process to be gone thur. you've called for it if'n i been readin yer mail right. so you both can be free yet still connected forever in the most sacred of bonds that is that of mother and child. cuz you are. and you know it... p

btw... see that little arrow pointed in a clockwise circle just to the right of the box where you type the two words to prove you're not a robot? i'm about to press it because it will change the 2 words. cuz i can't make hide nor hair otta the scramble i'm lookin at that i'm sposed to type in there. putting cursor over that arrow and clicking changes the words. try it. you'll see what i mean i think...

Palooka's Revenge said...

jeebus!!! i jes listened to it too! all the while reading the lyric line. cuz i have trouble in the ear.

but it ain't nothin compared to trouble in the heart.

apt eh? if i may embellish... chillingly apt... p

Anonymous said...



Kleenex at the ready

The Promise

rockpicker said...

Woke to chemtrails this a.m. Have had a huge halo around the sun for hours today.

Anonymous said...

The Promise made me go still inside, like a deer in the headlights.

My daughter brought home her poetry.I thought I would share a bit with you.
Hooves thunder on the ground. Never stop!
Openeyed! Amazed! Fast as lightning!
Running. Breathing
Stunning. The feel of the muscles.
Everything but slow.

Oh August.
When I'm with you, I feel so safe.
When I ride you, I feel so excited.
I feel so loving inside, when I know we'll be together forever.
Your beautiful splash of black and white.
My best friend forever.
Augustus,August Rhapsody.

When I look outside, the leaves are crinkling.
The birds are resting in the trees and the deer nibble the grass.
The wind whistles through the peaceful, quiet world.
The sun shows like a reflection of my future...Bright...Warm...Loving.

I used to be a cocoon and inside there is a surprise,but I know I am a butterfly.
I used to be a horse,but now I'm a little bay bouncing puppy.
I used to be a book, but now I am a fire.
I'll soon be something else, but for now, I will have to be these things.

Anonymous said...

I think that everyone should listen to Baz Luhrmann's- Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen at least once in their life. It is a combination,mantra and mission statement that I go to when things get rough. It 're-boots me, so to speak. I'm pretty sure that you can get to it just by his name and the title.I think that many of you might really like it.

I am treading water slowly,with just enough movement to keep me afloat.
Not a breath of wind or breeze. The gray pewter of water,absorbs all reflection and stretches endlessly to the horizon. My momentum is stopped. A vague malaise of spirit is all round me,but I cannot suss out its origin and so I wait, still and quiet, hoping that this harbinger of coming storm passes by and leaves unscathed, those I am connected to by ties of love and community. Family, clan, animals. All beings of my tribe. Opened boxes and doors ripped off their hinges. Has this repressed knowledge come too late to nudge the warp and weave in a different direction? I draw in upon myself, stay still, and gather my strength.

Wv- Scotland avowty(a vow to you)

Anonymous said...

Seeker, some synchronicity here, I was thinking of that exact same song yesterday, after reading the waking times piece I will link below. Here's info you may find illuminating...

Baz Luhrmanns film "The great gatsby" was described as a "ghastly Illuminati prank" by author Bret Easton Ellis. The score was produced by Jay-Z, another outwardly proud elite insider of the satanic cult.

I mention this for some context about the background to the song "sunscreen" which was likely promoting an elitist eugenics agenda meme. Gd.

It’s Time To Ignore Every Single Message You Hear About Slathering On Sunscreen

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your eye opener on sunscreen gd. Wrote down organic recipe for sunscreen as both my daughter and I spend a lot of time outside. Still, I think that the piece is a lovely mission statement. I believe that it was written by a woman,but I can not jump back and forth on this machine yet to get the specifics. I am sure you can. I believe it started out as an editorial,somewhat like "yes,Virginia, there is a Santa Claus".

Funny thing,synchronicity, when sats recommended Tracy Chapman's the "The Promise", It through me back to time lived in Bozeman loving the granola,cowboy life. Quite a balancing act but I managed it.My sister and I lived in a16' teepee outside of Bozeman. Lots of skiing,biking,running,swimming,hikin
Tracy Chapman, Eric Clapton Jackson Brown,Bonnie,Emmy Lou Stevie Wonder Fogelburg, Paul Winter Wonderful times. Seeker gotta run, just looked at the time.

rockpicker said...

Hagman and Hagman, father and son, do a radio talk show. Check this out...

Anonymous said...

Murph and Freeacre,
Got your sceptarium
fossilized coral off in the mail. They said it should arrive by Monday. Give me a heads up if it's not there by Wed.
Have not been out to the horses for a week and a half. Missing their medicine. I do not believe in ownership of my fellow creatures but instead have a relationship of mutual respect, trust and love.

My girl is exhausted and curled up next to me on the couch asleep.
Last day of school,long days and late nights have taken their toll.
Go to songs of day: Home by Phillip Phillips. Nights when I am Sane, Mickey Newbury, Hurt, by the great Johnny Cash,Moondance by van morrison and I can't stand the rain by Lowell George. Oh yeah,..I can't make you love me by the diminutive wonder woman, Bonnie Raitt.
I have a wonderful,free music app on this kindle fire. It is called Music Unlimited, and you can access any song including new releases by just writing them down.I put both wonderwall and the promise on my playlist, thank you GD and SATS.
I wish that I was right in the middle of a newly set up teepee laying on the ground in the center and staring up thru the smoke hole, feeling all that circular energy swirling around me. What a life this is.
Want to curl up beside my girl, but the truck and van sit fully loaded so I'd better get moving, before this free floating anxiety immobilizes me.
I am still planning on swimming my river the beautiful Clark Fork tomorrow. Nick will be at my side and my girl will wait on the bank upstream with a friend. Maybe it will spark something creative and healing in me.I lost my confidant, so I am back to trying to find a way through alone, back to a base of belief and wholeness.Rollin the dice and gettin there the hard way,against the odds.seeker

Anonymous said...

I looked up the provenance of wear sun screen.
Essay written in1997 by Mary Schmich in Chicago Tribune. Urban legend grew around essay and was falsely attributed to an MIT commencement speech given by Kurt Vonnegut,which he didn't even give.(Kurt Vonnegut likes it also)
Legend started by misinformation put out on the internet.
Full disclosure can be found on Wikipedia under wear sunscreen.
In my opinion it is a good peice of writing, filled with good lice advice, and I personally like the way Bad Luhrmann did it.

Anonymous said...

Life, not lice.

Anonymous said...

Seeker i liked the song on face value too, but all the good advise in it might as well have been spoiled by repeated "smoke cigarettes" mantra style Neuro-linguistic programming instead of the sunscreen thing, it equates to the same thing in my mind.

Thats how they work, twist good wholesome things into evil to forward their agenda. Gd.

Palooka's Revenge said...

so all we gotta do is make a choice. me, i choose the good guy version and tell the bad guys to go fuck themselves. now if i can jes figure out which is which... p

wv... which atemalm. what's a atemalm??? fiik!! but the witch... i mean which... poppin up blew me mind.... sats, help, i need to borrow some of your sanity...

Anonymous said...

Gd, am taking off for the day with my girl to reconnect with our horses,go to the river and swim it,if I am brave enough and then up to our sanctuary.
We will take another walk up the mountain, with our kindle playing wonderwall, and search for the elusive Terrapin man that we have yet to meet.
My west coast girl gave me a beautiful
Recycled green journal with a yin/yang symbol on the front to put my wanderings in,poems,songs and other things that are of value to me
I wanted to know if I could write down Dizzy in there. Will not do it without your permission.
Rp, was asking permission from you also for the first poem that was on the trout clan blog a couple of months ago.Please get back to me on this.
Murph and Freeacre, I wanted to send a picture of the new green space that I am creating around my son's sculpture to the Clan when it is finished,but I don't quite know how to go about it. The kindle takes pictures and I have figured out how to send it to email addresses, but I don't know how to send it directly to the Clan.
Hope this day finds everyone in a good mind space. I am working on mine. The weather in Missoula is beautiful here today, and that certainly helps
songs to go to...Carrie Underwood,see you again,dedicated to my eternal confidant.hear my cry,Nick and tina,And last but not least,Come as you are,nirvana

Anonymous said...

seeker: no problem, glad you liked it enough to keep a copy of the story :) re posting pics/video, upload to or similar then post the url here ;)

Seems we here in the UK will be having enforced demand destruction via smart meters in the not too distant future, gov sneaked in an amendment to the energy bill requiring a 27% rising to 40% reduction in generating capacity over the coming 6-16 yrs, not to mention whirlygig subsidy rising the cost of energy we are allowed to use beyond the means of mere mortals. This is policy driven peak energy, aka energy/economic suicide. Link I'm quite sure you will see this in legislation near you soon, if not already. Gd.

Anonymous said...

Gd, I have a cloud icon at the top of my photo place on the kindle kindle, maybe that is the equivalent. I will experiment.
Was able to get to the link and read article about coming energy restrictions. I am not that familiar with your parliamentary system. Is it a done deal or does it have to go anywhere else for full approval?
If it is in place, how are they possibly going to enforce such a blanket law?...Turn off whole grid systems? Put individual monitors on each energy drawing entity with an automatic shutoff once level has been reached? Have energy running on different grids on different hours on different days? When is this supposed to take effect? If they go the route of shutting down systems, the energy draw for turning them on and off is greater than leaving.g the systems running. It does seem like economic suicide with ancillary effects shooting off in a multitude of disastrous directions.A perfect definition of a juggernaut if I have grasped the concept correctly. Terrifying.seeker

Palooka's Revenge said...

2 things to report this morn...

an hour and a half with joe bonamassa last nite. his 09 acoustic gig at the vienna. i'm still floatin!! pure exstacy and i'm still floatin. i'm too tall, too tan and i got too much money! i'm like the jockey drunk on bourbon...

could it get any better?? you betcha. in spades!! this could be way off but it feels dead on to me... liz connected the dots last nite. the GCE is HERE. already started. can u guys feel it all movin?? clif had it right. he just missed on the form/s. and, maybe he didn't miss a damn thing. cuz maybe, jes maybe, it would have manifested in the various ways he's predicted. the big eq this time. the ice shelf fallin off its bearings next. etc, etc, etc. not to mention all the human created crisis.

the caveat is this... all over this planet folks are movin with what is movin. many, most even, still in major denial. others, by themselves and in small pockets scattered here and there are moving along with it. with intent to bring their denials and their unloving light infused lost wills otta the gap. and this movement is why clif looks to have made so many predictions for the end that have not manifested. this is our power folks. embrace it and hold it in your hearts. infuse it with your intents for life inside of love. this is gonna be some ride!!amen... p

Palooka's Revenge said...

and 1 more thing... the most important thing... ask mfgh (mother father god heart) for their guidance and loving presence as we seek to know our truth... p

Palooka's Revenge said...

oppps... no i didn't.. p

wv... Venice onacPau. (no offense sats but this is anything but coincidence. somebody pinch me...

murph said...

Gd and all,

I am curious, how many folks have tried living without electricity (or even a greatly reduced usage) in their daily lives for some significant amount of time?

When we come right down to it, electricity is one of the greatest "convenience" power sources civilization has ever had, right up there with hydrocarbon extraction.

Until we come up with some method of producing usable electricity on some kind of personal methodology it is going to be more expensive and probably rationed since at the present its generation is ultimately dependent on cheap fossil fuel.

IMO, you can bet that any reduction in usage or rapid increase in price will not significantly affect those at various levels of power and influence.

Read novels and diaries from the late 1800's when electricity first became publicly available, particularly beyond the Buffalo N.Y. area and we went to AC power transmission.

Obviously, if electrical power is rationed or made very expensive, western life styles will change rather dramatically. A great deal of the worlds populations are currently living with no electricity or very restricted amounts of availability. Again, it is all very much dependent on infrastructure (which is deteriorating and/or failing at a predictable level) and also entirely dependent on fossil fuel. I expect at any time to have more brownouts and restricted usage of extended duration.

The UK is not alone in this problem. Every country that depends on cheap abundant electricity is experiencing this problem. Passing that law will solve nothing. It only reinforces my contention that we are going to have to learn to live with less of everything whether by governmental mandate or circumstances over which we have no real control. The only thing that is in doubt (again IMO) is when reduced usage will be felt by the majority of the western populations. Those folks that that have the resources to generate electricity for personal use will only be extending the time line for reduced usage. Unless, of course, we find some miraculous technology development that by-passes all of this, not likely IMO because the concept of "free energy" is an oxymoron. Everything has a cost either in currency and/or resources.

My big question is whether I will live long enough to see this reduction in usage of power.

W V coronation alertyk (coronation alert?) LOL

Palooka's Revenge said...

there's a flip side to every coin... in this case it goes like this... leave em alone. leave em to move in misery and heartbreak. in rage and terror. we, i, am inclined to take others out of their chit. out of their movement. ie, don't cry little girl, its gonna be okay. the boogie man is not real.

why do we do this? cuz i don't wanna feeeeeel it!! and guilt sez... i don't wanna be causal to pain. i jes want everybody to feel good and i wanna feel gooooood.

and we will. meantime, it is what it is and we are where we are. which is, in a word, hell.

all things in right time. the momma in each of us knows.

ok.. i'm off me soap box now. preachin's over. gosh, i luv u guys! where else could i come and it be safe than this campfire. growin up, i never had that... p

Palooka's Revenge said...

electricity? electricity? thats what we ARE!!

fuck, i said i was done preachin for the day! sorry murph. carry on... p

Anonymous said...

i see now there is a comment i made that is missing. i thought it had posted but its not here in the string. it fell between my 735 and 746 comments. i thought i'd put up the wrong link to jockey full of bourbon and was attempting to correct. that comment is missing in the thread. thus the confusion the 746 may have caused. hope this clarifies.. p

wv... muft rowdIo (yup, i mufted the rowdio)

Anonymous said...
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Zoner said...

So glad to hear that there has been real progress Murph and FA! I do hope the weather (internal and external) are allowing as much toil as you wish to embrace from day-to-day.

Been reading. And learning. And laughing and crying too. Thank you all for contributing to this place of Love.