Tuesday, January 22, 2008


By Murph

I guess I just am going to have to put out a request for someone to set me straight here. I’m really confused about some things and feel very frustrated about it.

Freeacre and I watched a documentary on the Afghanistan and Iraq war going on, it’s history and what led up to the invasions, “No End In Sight”. I felt that the information provided was factual and without propaganda value particularly.

I am left with the general question; what the hell is going on? Actually I have had this question for some time. It appears that there are 4 possible answers. If there are more, please set me straight.

  1. This group of people running our government are incompetent as hell and the people above them with a master plan are incompetent also.

  1. The stated aims of this government are not the same as the real aims.

  1. All that has been going on for the last 16 years is actually a master plan by someone or some group, including the complete cluster fuck that is Afghanistan and Iraq, the complete destruction of the American economy, the militarizing of the country and world domination.

  1. Absolutely no one or no group is any longer in control of anything.

If number 1 is correct, folks, they can’t get anything right. Everything they do is contrary to stated goals and any common sense by anyone with an IQ over a fence post. If this country decided to revolt, they couldn’t put down a Boy Scout troop determined to take action. If 2 million dissidents were fielded, they would be bumfucked. Let’s see here, hmmm, striking the keys of my handy dandy Japanese hand calculator with 165 functions that is now 15 years old, I notice that would be .6% or so of our population. Holy cow. Now there is a figure I can take home. Let’s see now, we have approximately 160,000 troops in Iraq, out of 1.5 million total worldwide, and Iraq had a population of 23,000,000 before we started to kill everyone we could get in our sights or just by bombing. Add to that the Blackwater contractors of about 50,000 carrying machine guns and what seem to be 13,000 troops from the coalition that Georgie put together. That means we had at the beginning, one soldier for every 103 citizens of the country. A country that from a technological perspective is somewhere between 1650 and 1920 in technological development. What the Hell? We have in this country a total police force of approximately 1.5 million. If we brought home every soldier from Iraq, including all Blackwater mafia troops, and put them all on insurrection suppression in the U.S., and taking for granted that every soldier, Blackwater thug and police officer did their job, that means we would have a total of 1.7 mil troops or one soldier for every 175 citizens covering a land territory approximately 20 times the size of Iraq. If we did what Ron Paul wants to do, bring all the troops home, every one of them, we would end up with about 3.5 million troops and police and Blackwater thugs. That’s one trooper for every 100 citizens now, and they have to cover 20 times the land area of Iraq. Hmmm. I hope you all see what I am getting at.

Number 2 is just as likely as number 1 and 3 I think. What we were told at election time and during the administrations smoke blown up our collective asses at news conferences has nothing to do with what is going on. Now let’s take a look at the possible agendas.

  1. They seem to be determined to crash our economy
  2. They seem determined to make everyone else in the world hate our guts
  3. They seem to be determined to utterly destroy our land base
  4. They seem determined to make us all subservient, or as an extension, kill most of us off.
  5. They seem determined to rule the world.

I imagine you can add more to the list, but that is enough of my own paranoia.

Number 3 is an extension of number 2, just different power players making the decision.

I sure would hope number 4 is the correct answer. If no one is in control, we have a chance of fighting back, or at least side stepping the worst coming down.

So ok people, step right up and let me know the truth of the matter. End my confusion so I can go back to a normal life.

Now, let’s take a brief look at the primaries. At this point, with what information I garner from the popular media and the internet, it sure appears to me that this is a truly rigged election, and everyone but Ron Paul and Kuchenick are playing it. At least in this area, on the popular media, mostly TV, there is no mention of the two men no matter how he does in the polls or the primary process. On the TV, I hear virtually no discussion of what any of the candidates advocate and or stand for. The pundits and talking heads are on the national news gossiping about them, giving no real information about anything. The consequence of these omissions is that we are not having any real elections at all this time around. While I admit that I border on indifference on this election, simply for the above reasons, it sure appears to me that it simply makes no difference who, of the front runners, from either party get the nominations. Those that just might make a difference are opposed by the elite, at all levels of society, and they aren’t going to have a chance. On top of that, it also appears that the vote counting is very seriously flawed and is not a reflection of the popular vote.

We are not yet in a position in this country to vote for a person who advocates a really big revolution against business as usual. So, if there is any push toward that, the elites will quench it post haste. Kuchenick and Paul are on the receiving end of this and the citizens be damned. Hillery and Obama certainly aren't going change much, despite the tidbits they throw out. Neither of them have even hinted that we need to end the world domination plans and dissemble the empire building.

Again, it is all about money. If a political player wants to get anything but gossip out there, they have to pay for it, and the American public seems more interested in voting on gossip issues rather than real policy. Any real effort to have a popular representative government looks long gone to me.

We are being royally screwed blue, every morning. Every morning when we get up, the elite are asking if it was good for us too. Any answer that indicates less than satisfaction is ignored or put down. This is not a good tactic at all. Somewhere down the line, there will be revolt. We are so toasted.


freeacre said...

Iceland. Bobby Fisher died in Iceland. He wasn't a dumb person. Maybe I should investigate Iceland...yeah.
You'll have to excuse me. Our modem went down during the weekend, and we couldn't get any help until after MLK Day. AAARGGH. Nothing but Brian Williams and Katie Couric for what passes for news - and the stock markets crashing in Asia. I was getting so glum, I had to sit down and watch "A Fish Called Wanda" to fight off the mental abyss, before I provoked the Murphinator to move into the garage with my incessant whining. Good grief. So much for being prepared to be off the grid... I missed you guys a bunch.
Personally, I think there are several agendas that are attempting to be played out and they oppose each other. You've got the classic old money power elites of the world. Then, the Neo-cons enabled by Carl Rove and his legions of Regency University graduates who are morons doing the legwork in Iraq. Then, there are the total greedheads who are war profiteers out for their own immediate profits. Then, there are the agendas of the rest of the world, which include Russia, China, and the Islamists - all with their own things going on while they buy up our financial infrastructure. Everything seems to be unraveling faster than an Irish sweater with a large hold in it. It would almost be amusing if so many people weren't dying. One thing I noticed is that no one mentioned what they think Martin Luther King would have thought about the war in Iraq and the state of the union. Lots of lip service to his vision, but little application of his ideals of peace and freedom for today.
Fourteen degrees below zero last night here. How are you guys?

Anonymous said...

langosta suggested that the next second be the first second of your life and that it bare no resemblance to the last one because the last one is a dream anyway.
also we both like peanut butter on our toast,you should see what she looks like with a face smeared with the stuff.when she blinks she looks like dog poo with eyes but i say nothing and she pretends to not know that that is what i see. wish i had her class.

each second?? fuck me how is such a thing possible.
make you walk in the sacred way,
may you walk in beauty every day
may the rain wash all your pain away
and may your friends that love you here in this sacred place come to know the love you have for them
we love you miss freeacre, and your brilliant side kick too.
they can destroy the world but they will never destroy this place of yes,,,,love./
mf & bug

rockpicker said...

Here panes glaze thick with ice
and faucets dribble rusty snoose
down porcelain to keep pipes
free. Sky's a disputed history,
and dull. Only a few chickadees
come for the seed I spread.

Raised beds resting under leaves
and light snow look like graves.
A dead man, naked, hero or thug,
expects girls with flowers in the spring. Woe, what bloody Mars
and Orion might bring.

murph said...


From your comment on the previous post. Lady, why you think we went to the boonies of Oregon? lol. We are just far enough out that the next major town to us all think we're all just a bunch of Tobacco spittin' hillbilly dumb shits.

rockpicker said...


I'm glad you ask these questions. And I'm glad you posted when you did, because I was feeling like we must have all been so over-whelmed by the recent economic news as to be rendered speechless in our sadness.

Freeacre, I commisserate with you. What is happening is truly outlandish, astonishing, unbelievable and disheartening. Yet, as we all know, none of it comes unexpectedly.

The other night, Oldensoul and I hit a cow in the road just after dark. It was the incarnation of a rural drivers' nightmare, except we were extremely lucky. We didn't get hurt, and the vehicle suffered only minor damage. (Cow's head took the driver's outside mirror.)
Oncoming lights suddenly blacked out at the brink of a hill by two Angus heifers, with just enough room between for us to slide through. When approaching lights disappear on open road, it takes a long instant for the brain to process this new information and send the braking foot instructions. This is the movie we replay in slow motion.

Scaling up, aren't we as a nation speeding in the dark to an uncalculated end most cannot imagine?

Who and what might be behind our eventual demise I cannot say. My personal 'unified field theory' is still in developmental stages on this. Yet, there are elements that can easily be identified as culprits in establishing aspects of our impending collision.

The darkness in which we travel is the result of our national media refusing to do their jobs. For example, take the Sibel Edmonds case. If you have looked into her story, (and it's a quick read, since she's been gagged from saying much of anything,) then you know that woman has a bunch to tell the American people. Where the fuck is the Press? No mention. Black out.

Same with Kucinich. And Paul. Can't get coverage. Can't debate.
Not even on the ballot.

The ptb are only able to carry out their plans for us in so far as they have purchased the loyalties of the press and the government.

Look up in the sky any clear day and see the dome of heaven criss-crossed with spreading contrails. Those aren't normal condensation trails. NOAA and NASA both say, in order to produce contrails, air temperature must be -70 F or lower, and, relative humidity must be above 70 per cent.
How often do you suppose those conditions are met? Yet our Big Sky in Montana is regularly marred and purposely occluded by aircraft obviously manipulating the atmosphere, with no comment from the 'legitimate' press.

On the economic front, all one needs to do is 'follow the money,' to see who might be behind the seeming chaos. Once history is explained without the sugar-coating and bullshit, it becomes obvious, even to Joe Sixpack, who are the fuckers and who are the fuckees.

And, have you noticed, how the same names keep popping up throughout your research on widely varied topics? Man, I keep running into J.P. Morgan, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and, more recently, Brent Scowcroft all the freaking time. What is it with these pricks?

Rockefeller and Bill Gates are building what has been called the Doomsday Seed Bank on Spitzbergen, an island north of Norway. An underground facility, with three-foot concrete walls, controlled environment, double air-lock, puportedly to house 30,000 species of seeds, or some such. What do these people know that we aren't being let in on?

It's not difficult to see Earth is over-populated. And the logic of how declining population frees-up resources for those remaining is easy to follow. The question then becomes, just how diabolical could these elites, who, at least, appear to be in control of things, be?

And what could be their motivation?

Like Aaron Russo asked Nick Rockefeller, "you people are already wealthy and powerful, what more do you want?" Nickie answered the question by asking another. "Aaron," he said, "What do you care about 'those' people for? Take care of you and yours."

In a way, it seems too bad that we are all so spread out across this trembling globe, unable to comfort and protect one another physically in one defensible location. If there is a reason for our disbursed
attentiveness, perhaps it is that we are each walking, breathing antennae, pulling in the signal like human repeaters and relaying our understood truths.

freeacre said...

Rockpicker & Oldensoul,
I, too, once encountered two cows in the road in the middle of the night. A momma cow had been previously hit and was lying in the road, dead. Her calf was standing a few feet away. As it came into view, I swerved to avoid the big cow, and slightly grazed the little one. Scared me to fucking death. I can relate.
And, that fear is kinda what I felt when our internet went down. No chance to know what is really going on, no chance to touch base with our tribe who have all become so important to my emotional well-being. It is so staggering to realize what a lock the mainstream media has on information and the shallow and false spin they give to the economy and the candidates. Like driving at night with no headlights at all. Kunstler points out that Bush's "economic stimulus package" proposes to give each of us about a half a mortgage payment's worth of money to run out and buy a new HD TV and a salad shooter. I think it will be as helpful as buying a prescription of Viagra on your credit card after your wiener has been cut off. (Now there's a visual I could live without, but I think it makes my point.)Futile gesture.
Each morning I check the gold prices, review the tanking economy, and look out my window at the array of chemtrails over our house. Once in awhile I'll see a real contrail (one of those high, short, narrow, vapor trails like the ones we've known since we were kids). But the chemtrails are lower, broader, hanging heavy and spreading out and lasting for hours. They used to be in tic tac toe patterns, but now they are just parallel lines. I suspect that they are part of the HARP project, but who the hell knows? Is it a coincidence that my fibromyalgia began at the same time that I first noticed chemtrails over Tahoe? Hummm....
I like your poem, Rockpicker, a lot. And, Montana, I've been visualizing Langosta's face, and now I see it with peanut butter all over it. Makes me smile.
In the midst of all this carnage, I feel so grateful.

rockpicker said...

Take heed of the timing of chem-trails observed. It has been my suspicion, and now I've read it from an independent source, that the chemical spraying is done on the leading edges of weather systems.

Bearden says scalar longitudinal EM waves are being used by the 'KGB' and others to directly effect the weather. He claims man can create both high and low pressure cells at whim in the atmosphere, and is doing so.

Nothing would surprise me anymore.

I guess it makes a weatherman's job a lot less troublesome, if you can predict changes in the weather and have them appear 'on cue.'

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


Re the first half of your post, my take is that the object in Afghanistan was to win and the object in Iraq was not to loose. There was never a bin Laden running from cave to cave, that was just a bloody nonsense dreamed up by the CIA as an excuse for going in. Afghanistan was about drugs and Iraq was about oil and territory. Colombia only produces about 5% - 10% of opium that Afghanistan grows. Bilderberger’s, especially the British Royals are the high rollers in the Afghan drug trade and unfortunately the Taliban variety of Muslim zealots, were not in a mood to take their turbans off to them. Not only did they not get the deference they thought was due, the Taliban burnt the whole poppy crop, twice in succeeding years. This really pissed the big players off. It is a well established fact that military might is no match for guerilla warfare especially when the Afghan terrain has seen off the best armies in the world over the last 200 years. I think Tony Blair was put under pressure to ‘do something’ to restore the family business at much the same time as the present US Admin wanted to take Iraq. Reading between the lines it sure seems that both countries decided to help fight each others wars and that is how Blair came to be regarded as Bushes lapdog.
If the US really wanted Iraqi oil they could have just bought it as they do from Saudi Arabia but Saddam was a belligerent ass and he wouldn’t give the US his country when they wanted it so he had to go. Now remember the general who recently said “There are no failed policies in Iraq, what you see is the plan”. This certainly gives credibility to belief that the war is being fought for the backers of Big Arms. You can’t even say it is a safety valve for preventing over production at home since there is not enough production to have over production. Probably the original thought, if it had been a feasible one was to quickly take Iran in 2004 – 2005 and sweep around both sides of the Caspian Sea. After Iran was out of the way, the Stans would offer no resistance. With India and Pakistan as allies, the US could defeat China by cutting off its oil supply as it stood at Russia’s gate. Once the US occupied all to the South and East of Kazakhstan and with its nuclear defense shield on the European, Russian border the US would be poised to take the really big prize. I don’t know if Iraq proved to be too difficult or if the US was psyked out of land invasion of Iran. One way or the other the US has up to now demurred from taking on Iran. That is the reason for all this Iranian nuclear nonsense.
Anyway, back to the British; with the Taliban successfully sticking a finger up at the western insurgents and an Iran adventure looking uncertain, business was looking glum. They therefore decided to cut their losses and move poppy production into the rest of the Stans to the north. Now I guess they don’t want the clumsy Americans running their tanks over the following year’s production. Such a plan is really quite clever since it has the Stan members of the SCO with a foot in both camps. This now leaves the US running around in circles in Iraq until such time as they run out of soldiers.

rockpicker said...

In answer to the question, "Who's responsible, the American people or the Press?:

"We did this. The press. America tried to give us a real race, and we turned it into a bag of shit, just in the nick of time."

--Matt Taibbi, Rollingstone.com

rockpicker said...


I concur with your historical record and your assessment, as far as you went. I also appreciate your clean and blunt style of telling the truth.

As far as drugs are concerned, I read recently that opium poppies are now showing up in Anbar Province, being planted between other cash crops, such as oranges, for cover. And the article mentioned Afghani technical assistance has been introduced to get the first crops off to a good start. Didn't read about that in the 'legit' press!

Impeachment, my ass! These fuckers need to hang by the neck until dead, their bleached bones rattling in a cherry-sweet breeze off the reflecting pool. Fuck them.

Let them hang and rot. Let all the smart guys see what happens to traitors. Let those who would be tempted to dishonor their sacred oaths and covenants with the people they've pledged to represent look out on the putrifying remains of these scoundrels, and beware. Let the stink of exposed corruption lie long and dank over the cool lawns of the Capitol. Scare the living shit out of those who idolized David Rockefeller. Let them come pay homage to reflected bones. Let the bones fall away, unattended.

We can not bargain with this evil. It is plain to see, those who wield power now intend to remain powerful. All impediments will be removed. Thus the camps, the signing statements, the dissolution of habeas corpus and posse commitatas. Soon, martial law.

War was declared on the lower and middle classes in this country years ago. Many of us misinterpreted the signals. We naively trusted the memory of a beautiful system as it morphed, undeniably, into something so ugly and heinous, no one could speak its name, yet here it is, and all of us are, dumbfounded, at its mercy.

And it offers none.

Another thought has occurred to me, and I'd like to know what the rest of you think.

Do you suppose it is a coincidence that these hard economic times have arrived about on schedule with the first of the baby-boomer generation attempting to collect on their entitlements? Man, the synchronisity of it all...

Anonymous said...

OK,is this something anyone else is tuned into yet?


synchronicity indeed,
its coming on so strong,
is it coincidence or is it minimax

rockpicker said...

whatever you are smokin', I want some

rockpicker said...

Oh, yeah. As regards the question. It's real, man. Like Joseph Brant, Cornplanter, and Mary Jemison, all
of this is real. We must have the wherewithall to remember, to ask, to stand brave and full faced listening and aware, and record, in our tremulous brains, what is being said.
Listen to these old ones , who are saying, perhaps, for the last times, what the truth really is.

Now, what is this about peanut butter and a bug?

rockpicker said...


Can you help me here?

rockpicker said...


I love you

forget what I intended to say

we all need you

and hokahey

rockpicker said...

I come from the land
of the Ho DE Ne So Neh.
No one else in my family
would recognize that group
of syllabeles for what it means.
I know the land where I grew up
is sacred. It marks a declination; should I say silly half-truths to occupy Cataragus deputies while the real impossibilities flicker
over the Niagra?

rockpicker said...

Real trouble is real, of course.
Please contact me for help.
I have nothing else to offer. 'Cept, fuck them!


Anonymous said...

did anybody know they were running a caucus in louisiana? certainly not if you're only listening to lame stream media....


ron paul takes 2nd. again!

and another 1.85M in the coffers from monday's bomb.

rp... i'm with you, fuck them. 'til i look in that mirror mf keeps reminding me about. then its... fuck me!

... p

Anonymous said...

Rockpicker,my guardian to the south,thank you for the good understanding you bring to the council,your words along with the other members are a delight to the ears and i feel closer to all of you then ever before as it closes in upon us, our strength is in one another and the dark shall never touch us except as a shadow that scurries away in our presence. this is ordained, and will not be denied,even s.a.t.s as far away as he is is here and now. can't you feel the energy of us as a unit? what am i saying,how could it be otherwise,
the sacred herb has new qualities for sure but the truth is stronger still. that worn out saying actually is true, it has set us free.
thank you my brother.
o yeah, peanut butter,it was a joke that happened in an email to m&p i will forward it to you,i use to get embarrassed by school girl humor but no more. we flow with the milky way,

It has been suggested murph that control is the grandest of illusions beheld by the son of god mostly,.... women are more practical in such matters and think men are idiots except on special occasions and i happen to agree when its all said and done, that does not mean that we have no place in the scheme of things, we just fail to realize just what exactly is our place in the scheme of things.
this requires considerable self assessment and will be clouded by nothing more then a ride on a black and white horse.
our self value guided by the helping hand of society at large is such a hinderance to the coming storm's understanding she says and must be seriously taken into account in order to survive the psychic deluge that is taking place.
and will not be easy at times but help in the form of spirits,...these are manifestations that humans have unconsciously brought into form or unform to guide them in times of stress or whatever, the main thing is is that they are real and are known in the world as helpers,or invisible companions,spirits or energy assistance beings,or just relaxers at large.
the various religions are all based upon such truth but it is a person thing, not something given to one by another, this is impossible she says, this is part of the grand plan and was created by,. guess who she says,? i give up i says and she says you.
this makes no sense whatsoever and i say so,she says you have to have a sense of humor and allow the essence of discovery to flow through you and you will see,,,so i'm looking for a flow and suddenly there it is right in front of me, not exactly in front, kind of just on the edge of vision,,,,she says this thing will grow if it is allowed and will show you many wonderous forms of what you call reality,and you know that they are just waiting for you to arrive when the ability to perceive them takes place'

so control is death,and he who seeks it seeks death and this death is brought about by self loathing and a result by the initial program of a disasterous occurrence which came about as the illusion of control was brought into being by.... well it has many names and they are well known and scary mother fuckers for sure, however they are sorta real and sorta in charge but not really.
within each and every cell there is located a watcher, a piece or part of the cell that makes the cell behave in a certain way and this piece is called the controller,,well it has its place but at some point it drifted over and became the psychological equivalent of absolute insanity and a destroyer of creation rather then just an energy to keep out invading bacteria, ..thats fucked up i says, are you sure ,? she sighs,lowers her antenna and says in a tiny voice "yes"
so human behavior is guided and keep in place by one god damn cell that got drunk and decided to become king?
sort of she says,but that is rather simplistic you know.
are we doomed i say? and she says yes,you are actually,,,but not in the way you think you are. it would be very naive on your part to welcome such a egotistical solution to your situation of unrest, to put it mildly.
this really requires something so unlike what humans have become as a means of discernment that it defies description. so what next she asks?
i am lost i say and she says you are correct,but so is most of humanity, however there is a way out and that leads back to the start of the investigation and the facilitating of a solution to the crumbling of what you call reality.
i am agog, this is really taxing to my three cells of which constitutes the avenue of what the fuck is happening trail, so what is it i says, she says remember when the word reverence was brought up? that word and its definition is the beginning,and is not something to be acquired like a new wally world special, it is sought by men of faith the world over and is the door of which the creator is felt and seen by the senses that the creator has given you, ok? the native americans were raised in this way and the world was our mother in the truest meaning of the word, she gave us life with the energy of father sun and brought forth all that you see about you, this is something that you might bare in mind also but has not much to do with this council , the relations of which we call all beings other then our selfs are in the crudest sense of the word "our toys" even though it is necessary to eat them upon occasion at this point of evolution, they are there to enhance the world and to marvel at.. the ongoing creativity that brings new species into being daily, some day you will also design these wondrous toys,what with your new tray of water colors, she giggles. i think she is just bullshitting me and say so, she shrugs her bug shoulders or whatever and continues to smile that strange ass smile.
shit why couldn't i have gotten a condor or some such for a guide,
just kiddin langosta, you are the sweetest thing i have ever known. she says yes i know, jezzes what a bitch i says and go to bed.

Anonymous said...

RAS,are you afraid to run? let your guide guide,they are never wrong and your path is certain of one thing, that wondrous place called uncertainty and freedom from fear of the known, how can one fear something that is unknown,?.. adventure is your ally and is waiting i think,,trust in your guide to take you there safely, look at the fear,its there for a reason.
i am glad you found your way here to this beautiful place.we are with you sister,come to the north west.
you will find welcome.
peace and love

ps the weather out last was only slightly below zero, but then again the skiing is excellent with about two feet of powder at big mountain.

Anonymous said...

RON PAUL to the mindless, spineless, oatmeal brained wannabes,


sorry just had to throw that in thanks to p

mf (:

fuck if this don't go down in history as one of the most hilarious episodes of human folly what will?

freeacre said...

so control is death,and he who seeks it seeks death and this death is brought about by self loathing ..." Funny how the teachings of Langosta are dead on with the things that I have been reading. I just finished a book entitled, "Original Wisdom" by Robert Wolff. He is pretty old, so I don't know what is currently going on with the aboriginals in Malaysia. But, back when he visited them and studied them,they seemed to have a non-controlling life style that is simply staggering to people like us. No sense of private property, no regular meal times, no individual homes, no written language, no hierarchy and on and on. They were mostly guided by their dreams, which they shared each morning upon rising. You would think that their non-system would be untenable, until you remember that they have probably lived that way for 50,000 years or so.
I, for one, am in awe. I want to choose awe and reverence and gratitude, rather than fear and disgust and anger. But, given what we have to work with, I think I'm stuck for now with both ends of the spectrum.
Additionally, I think that Ron Paul is going to pick up the tab on the NH recount that Kucinech could no longer afford. I want a bumper sticker that says, "Screw the Lamestream Media - Ron Paul in 2008." I think RP supporters should all get lawn signs, since the media won't cover him.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


As you know I have just finished reading Derrick Jenson's "A language Older than Words". Do you remember the part about the 'funnel' and 'syphon' societies also known as trickle up and trickle down societys. The ones where wealth trickles up to the highest levels become unstable whereas the ones where wealth trickles down to the lowest levels become stable for centuries if not millennia.


I am passing this on to you because it has worked for me. I have found inner peace. The way to achieve this is to finish the things you started. I looked around this morning to discover these things which I have started and then I finished the vodka, the whiskey, the baileys and the red wine. Then I finished the valium. You have no fucking idea how peaceful I feel:-)


Anonymous said...

Hej freeacre & murph,

Hanging is too good for those guys. Instead, they should be set free on the streets of Baghdad and tell the mob to "have at 'em". The only condition being they don't kill them quickly. I for one would love seeing Cheney waterboarded!

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


They very nearly got Rummy in France a couple of months ago on some sort of international gnocide charge. Someone tipped the wink ahead of the police arriving (probably the government itself who didn't wan't the embarrasment)and he was quietly slipped out like a thief in the night.
Even though he got away it is still good to tarnish the facade of invincibility.

Anonymous said...

fa... one of these dayz we're all gettin a wonderful gift... realizing that no system is a system.

mf... i bang the pans about the mirror as loud as you my friend. we shall stand together and take the heat which is really no heat compared to whats looking back at us eh!

RAS said...

Mf, I'm not afraid to run -just not certain of the timing/logistics. I was told to wait to make the decision, so I shall. I don't think I would do well in the Northwest; I don't do well in the cold. I'm a Southern girl, after all, and ever since arthritis set in my knee after my accident a few years ago (when insurance refused to pay for the surgery) I like it even less.

Our mayor and town council voted themselves a pay raise last night -nearly doubled their all ready exorbitgant pay. Corruption is profitable, huh?

Anonymous said...

The PDB aren't confused. It's all part of culling the herd.

Later -


Anonymous said...

this is rather long and if need of edit or delete is needed, feel free to do so i won't be offended .
Yer right as all gitout p, but its hard for most folks to realize that the way in is the way out!
this path must absolutely be walked,the great unmaker is alive and well and is about to lend assistance to all, even those that think that there is someplace to hid, there is no place to hide!! i know i've looked like a mother fucker,and it is just no use!! one of those strange misunderstood books even says something like no stone unturned or some such shit and its true!
we are not talking about the latest up in smoke stone are we? we are talking about that stone of all stones and boy is it a whopper!

but she whispers to me and says "but wait mf, just look at whats on the other side of the other side of the stone, the face of the great spirit is smiling and looking back at you through all that which was hidden and now is clear and the song that plays is a tune that all can dance to if ....... and that is if,,,, a big if because the words get lost in the untranslatable language of the sound of the color blue, and that requires something that becomes available as the stone is over turned and the look begins.
not right away ,,,yep right away because that which is hid becomes unhid and behind unhid is the brilliant light of understanding and the sound of blue is so clear and wonderful to the new arrived ability to perceive,,,just to perceive with the eyes of a newborn child where all is new, and would stay new if left unmolested by society.
we must become as children to finish this phase of your path she says, it worries me some to hear this and i say so. her kind face smiles at me and says i know.

it would be nice to talk with someone without antenna for once ,the confusion is real and sometimes the desperation just overwhelms one as the solitude drags on without that other voice.
catch and release
what to leave in what to throw out
preparation is useless because where you are going nothing you have has any value,and is actually a hinderance to the miracle that awaits you she says,
what is it to understand i asked her once and she replied (like much of the time with a question of her own) what do you think understanding is, i have no words for this and ask her how can a synapse be measured? the leap of an idea which never existed before in the human experience suddenly appear as if from nowhere? what is a nowhere?, where is a nowhere?, has this to do with something called quantum physics as another term of expression? where in the world of energy there are energy beings (us) and are being born into that world and able to perceive it and to be a part of it ,, no,,, to be it?,,,no to just be? unseparated? whole? such a thing as an individual whole? how can that be? to be separated and still be the whole,? what a wonderful thing, langosta thinks i drink to much coffee and get excited like a school girl that has just dropped an ice cream cone on her dress up shoes.
shit! and then i just have to agree with her, and that sucks.
i tell her i 'm glad she's not a mormon cricket, i can just imagine having two of her around, she says ditto !
this is the next day and i search for the email i promised to forward to rockpicker and can't find it, piss, and its not because i'm popular either, in the beginning i signed up for every thing on the internet and now there are over a thousand unanswered emails clogging up my inbox,so with the new computer (to me) email will be for friends and family and not much else cause i'm to lazy to go through all those used every kind of once in a life time offer deals and delete them, and to stupid to i might add,if any if the folks that visit here wish to chat with the unhinged you can reach me at montana.freeman@gmail.com.
my main spirit guide , langosta is capricious but is playful and always gives me answers that i do not understand, this bothers me a bunch but to suddenly find out that after so many years of loneliness and searching for answers that only brought more questions her appearance last, or was it year before last,or even before that,,,anyway whenever it was life is gaining strength and a new joy just at being alive and to be able to witness the incredible events that are taking place on our home,our mother.
there is so much confusion and peoples lives filled with bullshit up to and including the eyebrows that it is easy to become discouraged as a witness when with only a little bit of understanding it becomes a thing of joy,
of course there will be pain in the process but so what! there is already so fucking much pain that a little more with the possibility of becoming free of it is i think worthwhile. maybe not, cause one of the things that langosta mentions is the fact that becoming free of pain is just to much to ask of one!!! can you fucking imagine that?, afraid to become free of pain?, man are we fucked up or what?.

p knows of which i speak,he walks more or less the same path and we have crossed many times the path of discovery of this issue i think, we are speaking of human behavior of course and the insanity that drives us to go to the moon on the one hand (if that even happened) and fucking someone's else's wife without formal permission, (see what i mean?) on the other hand. we are just plain assed NUTS!!!
and it doesn't take a genius to see that now does it?
so what's a mother fucker to do?
ok here it is , find out the fuck what it is that makes us do the things we do!!

all the religions of the world i think have tried and failed to make good decent people out of us,( at least that is the formal used car pitch) and have failed big assed time to the bone! right? thats pretty easy, and then come all the excuses of to why it has failed, to ad nauseam, and thats that, the end.
thats it!!! fuck that, that is not it! there is a world of reasons and that is not it either, just ask the psychologists, RAS attends that world she says ,.. she knows, so how to cure a person who's brain is filled with the unspeakable trash of human so called knowledge and fucked up human priests fucking little boys cause god says its ok to do this shit and multiply that by six more or less billion lost assed souls and you end up with a world that is the most cancerous place in this known galaxy.! and that is going to be healed by the shrinks?. very funny, if either of those paths had any success what so ever we would know about it. wouldn't we? and fuck that ( but what about bla bla bla?) fuck that, thats bullshit too.
so back to the whats a mother fucker to do/.
thats enough for now ,

Anonymous said...

ras. the first thing when i eventually get on the village council is, i will give myself a raise, how can one live on $75 dollars a month?
i just have to get me a book on how to become corrupt for idiots.
thats a joke ras.

well if the north is to cold there must be some people of good heart somewhere in the warm south,
when i talk of mind healers i speak not of you and the good intended people that empath with the lost but wishing to be found folks that you are naturally going to join with in the greater search for meaning.
it will probably not pay much other then the feeling of doing something sweet with your young life in a bid to alleviate some of the pain that governs most peoples lives.
pain is a cruel mistress isn't she ?
from what you have said here at the council it seems like the many problems that you face are some sort of a beginning to a much bigger picture that you are destined to encounter and the satisfaction you receive in doing the thing that you love as love rather then to seek the status quo and the misery that lives in that direction, things as diversions are cute, like wal mart cutouts but are so, you know, the box is much more interesting then what useless assed bullshit that came in it was.
forgive me ras but i am old in body but young in heart and two things that old people do well is
1.give useless advice and
2. tell the same old stories that young people sometimes listen to for god only knows what reason.
you are loved sweetie.
ps follow your guide and your heart, its eyes are your eyes and they see all.

Anonymous said...

S.A.T.S i have tried that remedy and it worked all the way up to and including my last D.U.I and high blood pressure, so had to put away the fun and go to work and found myself way behind in the hid and seek game.
however it is all coming back like a swarm of locusts and the cattle prod of life is in the fully charged condition if you know what i mean.
time is of the essence for this one and the straws that one draws in life continues to be the short one, ...now this puts one in a really tenacious position and if the frog does not become aware of just how warm the water really is it will end up frog soup and this could really suck the big one,and i have no intention of becoming soup de jour in this life time thats for goddamn sure.
so as near as i can tell its one of two things, shit or git off the pot,
i have chose to shit.
i am so glad the this council allows the crude and lovely to attend these meanings/and for what its worth i find the crude just as appealing as the lovely for some reason, the bug says "look out for the people that worship words, they will kill you" and in my experience i have found that to be true, ....once in my misspent youth i was attending a religious meeting for other fledglings of christ fervor and at some point said "fuck your god!!" whoa... i thought they were going to nail my ass to one of their sacred crosses they love to worship with their pain love. so much for the (is it the first amendment) bullshit, people are people no matter what the fuck they read or adhere to , if one is raised in bullshit one becomes bullshit, how simple is that?
o yeah there is divine intervention of some sort they say, and i have seen actual clinical evidence of such a happening and also experienced some of that good stuff my own self, especially since encountering the bug.she loves to spring synchronicity (thank you mr. Jung) at various times of the day and its becoming so obvious nowadays that taking it for granted could become a real problem maybe, maybe not, shit we can make a problem out of anything huh??
any mother fucking thing to keep the mind in a perpetual state of self delusion, christ do we even have a chance of developing enough self awareness to slither past that nasty assed habit?
i hope to god someone does, and lives to tell about it. i will buy the first ticket at ticketsrus@bullshit.com.

there is a gentle spring rain falling on the foot or so of snow and standing on the back deck the coyotes are howling like crazy only it seems right across the way and the village idiot dogs are answering in kind, i guess one of the coyotes tricks as tricksters is to call out the dogs for a hoedown and then eat the mother fuckers, told you they are moron city type dogs, only the males though, the females get tribaled from what the old wise ones say. makes it clear if one had four legs which sex to chose in the scheme of things,huh?
anyway good to hear your solution as one of lives relaxers s.a.t.s, your advice is an honor to listen to.

freeacre said...

Jesus, your convoluted stream of good humor, unsanitized observations, and spiritual insight are just what I needed to read this morning after mistakenly sending the post I sat up until 2 a.m. this morning to write into the ether of unretrievable electric land. Sonofabitch!! It was good, too. Damnit! Even the Murph can't find it. Gone. Rats. I could spit.
I became inspired after watching a really well-done documentary by National Geographic called An Arctic Tale, I think. I thought it was going to be a feel-good cartoon movie. But, it wasn't. Afterwards, I sat in a chair and cried over the loss and suffering going on right now due to our warming the earth in our limitless desire for salad shooters, cheese doodles, bombs, and other bullshit.
The same degradation that is going on in the arctic is going on in the oceans and in the forests and everywhere. The polar bears drowning in the swim to islands of ice that no longer exist are in the same situation as the native people who crawl to watering holes that have dried up and people drinking from streams full of toxic waste.Take a stroll through the pediatric cancer wards of hospitals and you'll see evidence of just how much the chemical plants (and their investors) care about our children.All this horror and suffering is just so painful to comprehend...and yet.
At the same time I perceive so much love, comfort, wonder, beauty in those around me who care and who have a vision of what may be. Self-sacrifice is the message that I think Christ was trying to teach. To be willing to die (or live) for others may be what is necessary for us to get to the next level. Of course, they still don't get it, and think that his sacrifice did it for all the rest of us and those who don't believe it will rot in hell forever. But, that's not what he said. He said, "Love your neighbor as yourself." I guess I believe enough of what he actually said, so that I can never be considered a "Christian."
Well, enough about Him. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Buddha, lots of teachers got it and told us about it and now we are at the point where it's pretty crucial that we do something different, and most of us are still clueless. We are going to die. But, then, we were always going to die.
Once we are a wave instead of a particle, then what? A wave can be in more than one place at once. It is more influential and hooked up than a particle. It may not be constrained by time or place. Maybe we are on the verge of something wonderful and miraculous. I don't know. This is going to be a big year that tests us with how we react to major difficulties on the physical plane, that's pretty much for sure.
Well, I am going to respond to my immediate computer disaster by turning to an exceedingly low tech alternative, and go to a quilting party. Later.

murph said...


It is so true that as we get older, time takes on a new meaning for most of us. There always seems to not be enough of it. However, I think this perception is a result of our culture. Been reading of more (what we call) primitive cultures and how they live(d). A loosely organized group called the Sng'oi of Malaysia are really very interesting. From what I read, they don't seem to have to deal with this time perception as they age. Maybe it has something to do with statistically, they are not as long lived? I rather suspect not.
I think all attitudes are really culturally reinforced. Those that break away are also generally not socially acceptable. At the least they are viewed as kooks.

I cruise around other blog sites, some better than others, but this one is unique compared to what I have found. We do encourage all kinds of views and observations. It is a very anarchistic camp fire we have.

Oh yeah, delusions, they are plentiful aren't they? I always wonder how many delusions the undeluded carry about.

Just finished this morning, tearing down and rebuilding a small air brush compressor. About 40 years old now, guess it was about time. Interesting how long some equipment will last if it is taken care of. I hate throwing away things that can be made useful again. lol. It has been the bane of every woman I have lived with.

A very wet dense snow is coming down. As if we didn't have enough of it. Dog comes in looking like the abominable snow dog. Can't get a towel fast enough before she shakes it off, making everything close really wet. sigh.

Anonymous said...

murph you really got it right on as far as i am concerned about making things last a long time, there is just nothing like finding an article of some kind or another either at the thrift store or especially the dump where so much really good stuff gets land filled! i have pulled out 7 space heaters this winter and all are repaired cleaned painted and put back into use at various locations around the village. the cost? almost nothing. those suckers at the local hardware store are anywhere from $20 on up! you would not believe how many bicycles go into the metal dumpster! i pull them out fix them and give them to the kids.
they end up at the recycling (i call) dump (they call) and the reward of taking something that basically was much better built then the stuff made today in china or some other faraway place and fixing it to hum is just really a sweet experience, course being retired i don't have to make a living doing this, its for fun. but at some point this skill will be a valuable one i expect.
hummm, last night after disassembling my 12 year old water distiller,cleaning it,oiling the motor and reassembling it i took a look at my compressor i use for construction projects and decided to service and change its oil today,
just goes to show how great minds are in the same groove even when separated by physical distance.
i take my computer apart and blow it out every once in a while,its amazing how much shit accumulates inside them and that goes for most stuff, clean them,oil them and they last a long long time, goes for people to huh?

fa thanks for the up, sorry your post got cyberized,bet it was a good one,they always are,
you know it is truly depressing to think about all the insanity that prevails about us in the form of exactly what you speak of but w'samftd? if i try to encompass more then what is in the line of sight i tend to lose a little more of what is left of a semi-brilliant,ok more or less average mind. and thats not going to solve anything as near as i can. so localize and create something worth while is what this one tries to do.
another member of the immediate blood family has helped purchased a place here in hot springs and that makes me feel good. the new granddaughter is now walking all over the place and she looks as if she has sprouted wings.
god the simple things that give meaning to an otherwise hopeless earth experience. just the sweet smile of this little energy bundle is overwhelming and the fact that the vampires in charge (or so they think) would kill her in their ruthless pursuit of money and or power just leaves me speechless,(imagine that?).because as near as i can tell most everything that comes from our democracy is designed to sicken our brothers and sisters, from producing poisonous products that we eagerly suck up to the health practitioners that give us every thing under the sun to keep us from feeling our bodies and the pain in them that tells us that something is terribly wrong,this is big money folks, and when we are dead the evidence is buried with us and the fact that we were murdered by the wonderfulness of a pill pushing pharmaceutical,big mac, gas guzzling suv,driven by ego damaged dip shits that somehow think it makes their dicks bigger by having one parked at their mcmansion bought and paid for by standing on
someones neck or going into debt is somehow just a ok. whoa,! got to take a breath on that one. and let the dance go on and on until there is not a speck of air to breath or a clean drink of water to quench ones thirst.
so yes freeacre i stand with you sister,but w'samftd?
ok rome is burning and i can't seem to find my goddam fiddle, but that will not keep me from loving everything in sight and doing what i can to make things sweet for us, the brothers and sisters that care for one another

RAS said...

Beautiful, mf. Just beautiful.

Sharon Astyk wrote a post I really like about collapse: http://depletion-abundance.blogspot.com/2008/01/let-her-go-down-on-collapse.html

$75 a month? I'd vote myself a raise too. Do you want to know how much those bloodsuckers will be making a month once that raise goes into effect? Almost $12,000. A month. No, that's not a typo. Meanwhile, I'm getting by on less than a tenth of that, we have seniors going without heat, and we have young men about to go off to Iraq (again) because they can't find jobs. I agree with Sharon: Let 'er go down.

I'm sorry about your post Freeacre. I'm sure it was good; they alway are. Can you rewrite it?

freeacre said...

Thanks for the kind support on my computer malfeasance. I'll try to come up with something... anyone else can jump in here, too....
This is a non-sequetor, but that's what we do here: anybody else notice that their dog watches more TV? We put on a Netflix at night, and our 1/2 St. Bernard, comes up and sits on the couch with me (taking up most of it). But, if there is a dog in the movie, she'll jump off and run to the tv set and jump up and try to play with the dogs. She's been doing that for a long time. I have to keep cleaning the nose prints off the screen. But, lately, she's been really paying attention to the movies. She got really excited over An Arctic Tale, loves most National Geographic movies with animals in them of any sort, and went nuts last night over "Ratatoullie" - an animated movie with no real animals in it, or real animal sounds.
What the hell?? Now when we watch a movie, she sits right in front of it and stares into the tv, and we have to look around her. Are other dogs doing this? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I have just got back from a weekend away, more in the nature than where I live now. It was one of those places with little groups of self contained bungalows scattered here and there in open woodland. Well it was not a hermitage but it was relaxing and hardly any thoughts about the extinction of the race, except for one evening with my son in law when we did manage to speculate on the enormity of the task of putting the world to rights over a few beers. Still, a few days bonding with the four year old grand daughter and her getting old and rather smelly dog did wonders for the well being of my soul. At one point over dinner I brought up the subject of the possibility of communicating with non-human life forms. The jury is still out on the more radical aspects of this one but there was universal agreement that humans have lost an empathy with mother Earth since we began studying nature instead of being a part of it.

Murph’s observation about our group of active and non active members is so true. It is the general respect for the diversity of opinion which gives us strength. By way of example, I am a little skeptical that a dark star/planet is going to come around the corner right on cue for the end of the Mayan long count but I don’t disparage people who do see it that way. For all I know it could be so. Similarly if someone thinks that the Stockholm Syndrome when applied to society in general is taking a step too far, that is ok too. Actually I liked Dudes example of frog soup even though mf made light of it. Society is on the rack and having its arms stretched by one notch until we have got used to the pain, then it is the turn to have the legs pulled one notch tighter and then the head and so on until society eventually falls apart. What is important is that we, as a group, all want to move forward in the same direction whilst maintaining a diversity of viewpoints.

Freeacre, commiserations over the post; that is something that has happened to most of us at one time or another. It is a real Grrrrrrrr!!! moment. Best to do these things in word with frequent saves then C&P it into the blog. It is not my intention to be a smartie.

Mf, if literature is the mark of a cultures true development, in times to come someone will find your efforts and say – wow! Communicating with bugs when others were in a mental straight jacket, but hey, what did that guy have against frogs?

Ras, thanks for the heads up on the article on survival it has many valid points, I have bookmarked the site. One point she touched on obliquely but didn’t really develop, is whether US style collapse will be similar or very different to Russian style collapse? With good leadership (and oil), Russia has really dragged itself up off the floor. Will it be so in America? The Russian people had less to begin with and therefore had not so far to fall as their counterparts in the USA. Is it the sudden impact as a result of falling from a greater height the thing which will do the damage? Even if the USA manages to carry on in some form, the population problem still remains or will others give nature a helping hand?

I read an article recently which asserted that Putin was the PTB’s good cop. When you try to think beyond the double game you really start to loose it. This is probably one of those things it is best not to apply the mind to and just take it for what it is for the moment.


freeacre said...

Happy to have you back, Belgium! Your vacation sounds lovely.
The only thing worse than imagining the collapse, is imagining no collapse. There is a new article on cryptogon today that says that there is a new way to get oil from shale that is more ecologically sound and affordable and may provide us with a shitload more oil. Fuck me - that's even worse. Happy Day! Now we can kill the earth even faster...
I give up.

rockpicker said...

Before you give up, totally, take a look at the latest at Project Camelot. An interesting set of possible scenarios to consider, I think.


What's New, The Future is Now

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

I don’t want to pour cold water on anyone’s hopes but Albert Bartlett reckons that all the known reserves of shale oil will only give us two further years of bliss. Most of you have seen this one before.


Click on Streaming video link.

Palooka's Revenge said...

fa... sorry bout the poltergiest.

mf... your words are time capsule worthy!!

langosta... meet Anastasia...

A phenomenon has been sweeping Russia since 1996. With the translation of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series of nine books by Vladimir Megre into English the phenomenon is spreading to America. The phenomenon is HOPE. Hope for a better future.

The eighth book has now been translated and the contents are aimed at restoring American faith in the promise of America.

There is a woman in Siberia named Anastasia who has caused a stir in Russia. Some claim she is an invention of Vladimir Megre. Some claim Megre has created a cult but whatever Anastasia is or whoever she is, a wave has been stirred and thought has changed. A tsunami of love has lifted the tortured soul of Russia.

In Book One "Anastasia" we are introduced to the Siberian recluse. She lives in a glade in the taiga near the Ob River. Her roots to the land go back many generations even before the Tsars. This is the same area of Siberia where Rasputin was born. Anastasia's ability to survive in the wild is remarkable. Her clarity of thought is a miracle. She has full access to the akasha as an adept, and many ways she is functioning beyond adept levels.

In the first book Vladimir Megre learns how to write. He tells a story so improbable for fiction that it most certainly is based on actual events. A 550 year old Siberian Cedar is ringing and two grandfathers travel the Ob to find men to fell the tree. The qualities of the Siberian Cedar, its wood, its nuts and its oil are researched by Megre the entrepreneur and he returns the next year to the same shore of the Ob to find a woman waiting for him. She knew he was coming. Over the next days Vladimir's view of himself and the world is changed. Ancient truths are brought forward.

Vladimir is part of Anastasia's plan to change the gloom and doom scenario that may arise if those who claim to control the world succeed in their plans. She is battling those I have written about in "Four Crows Remain". She is winning. She is the reason why just four crows remain.

We learn of her beloved "dachniks". In 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed, the whole banking system and state controlled apparatus was in disarray. Tens of millions were out of work and there was no money to buy food. Millions of Russians applied for land and were loaned 300 square meters of farmland in which they could grow vegetables. These gardeners called "dachniks" fed 186 million and created a love that rekindled the spirit of "Rodina" or "Mother Russia". Anastasia tells that the Russians reconnected to "Mother Earth" and the strength of the "Sacred Grove" was rediscovered.

In Salmon Arm we have witnessed the miracle of Anastasia in an 85 year old woman named Pat. She was bedridden and grumpy. Reading the seven books available her attitude changed. She is walking. She is not grumpy. She is planning a garden and in spring she will warm seeds in her mouth before planting.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


rockpicker said...

Thanks, P. I now know what we'll be reading, after we finish Cold Mountain. That sounds great!

There's an important story unfolding I think all of us should be aware of. Take action if you feel the need to, but at least inform yourselves.

You already know I feel Sibel Edmonds has something important to tell us since July, 2002. The fact that she has been gagged by the DoJ, using the pretense of sensitive national security issues, should be a dead giveaway. Insiders familiar with the case say the government is simply attempting to cover-up misdeeds.

Turns out the misdeeds involve the "selling" of nuclear secrets to Turkey, money laundering and drug running operations by government officials and representatives. Also, there's a connection to Valerie Plame's CIA operation. According to Edmonds, a high-up in the State Dept. tipped-off Turkish contacts about Plame's cover company, Brewster-Jennings, compromising both Plame and her operation. This is serious treason, folks. But that's not all.

Bush, apparently last week, 'quietly' announced his administration has decided to transfer nuclear technology to the Turkish government. Congress has 90 days, from the time of the announcement, to oppose the deal. If nothing is done to stop it, it goes through.

That's it, in a nutshell. Read the whole enchilada here:


The clock is ticking.

Why is the Bush administration interested in giving Turkey nukes?

Could it be to cover-up the fact that it's already taken place, illegally?

We need to PRESS the press on this one, folks.

(Ed note: Senate Foreign Relations Committee includes Joe Biden (Chair), Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Russ Feingold, Barbara Boxer, Barack Obama and Jim Webb for the Democrats, and Richard Lugar, Chuck Hagel and George Voinovich for the minority. Hopefully one of them will stand up on this important issue. The House side looks more difficult, the Chairman is Tom Lantos who was listed in Sibel's Rogue's Gallery, which apparently identifies 18 of the guilty parties in her case, so that might be a problem. Ron Paul is also on that committee, he might be a prime target for this campaign.)

If the US press can be urged into doing it's job, Sibel's small flicker of truth could rage into a mighty cleansing.

Ain't it about time?

Anonymous said...

Of course it's about time! It was "about time" years ago.

Sorry Rockpicker, but I'm afraid that it's a done deal no matter what anyone says or does. I mean, we've had a butt-load of investigations since the Dumbs took over congress last year, but the unitary Presidency flips everyone off and does what DICK says.

The Dumbs yell and scream about this and that, then they say their sorry for telling the truth, DICK gets his way and the Corporate Media puts it on page 25 -behind all the Brittany barf.

Which means, we be fucked again, man. So, what's there to do? Get more beer, frozen pizzas -and some more ammo, eh?

Somebody put a fucking fork in this country, it's done.



rockpicker said...

Prep of the week, here:


covers evading thermal imaging and radar detection.

Better get yourself a space blanket, and a wool blanket as well.

EM weapons have the ability to confuse and make apathetic their human targets.

"As a further benefit, the space blanket also has the effect of providing protection against weapons utilizing micro-wave and electromagnetic technologies."

With all do respect, Dude, what do you suggest we do? Bleeding on them has been considered, but rejected, as woefully insufficient in effecting meaningful behavioral modification among the opposition's morally- bankrupt leadership. Other ideas?

murph said...

Yes, it is about time something happened. I suppose it depends to a great extent on how you view the process of decision making in this country. If you stand firmly on the side of working within the system, you sure are going to have a hard time convincing me it works. I see some minor changes in the last 50 years or so that you might point to. The really important stuff just does not get addressed, at least in my opinion. The elites have to throw us a bone once in a while to keep us convinced that we have a say in things.

This administration has sewn up almost all of the power available, the press, the rest of the media except for the internet, they have the exclusive use of power to enforce their decisions and have instituted policies and laws that strip the citizens of their ability to hold government accountable. Those running for office that advocate some real meaningful change are marginalized. This country and most of the 'civilized world' are in the grip of short term gains, money and power brokering. Personally, I cannot conceive of anything taking hold that will every bring us into the position of accountable government. It is the nature of large complex governments to screw the population. Depending on what you feel is important, will influence how you view possibilities. Personally, I stand very wide on the side of personal freedom, and my observations tell me that is an anathema to government.

Anonymous said...

Got me... my clue-bag is empty. Living in Mormon HQ is like living in "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers." I mean, like I'm afraid to open my mouth about anything for fear of a Donald Southerland-like, mouth breathing, finger-pointing-at-me-to-homeland security zombie around every corner.

Hell, check this out -you can't even protest anymore.




Anonymous said...

Or, how about this one-


Let's face it, man. They own it all and the Halliburton camps are ready to be filled.



rockpicker said...

"Never, never, never, never, never
give up!

-Winston Churchill's
famous commencement

rockpicker said...