Thursday, January 3, 2008

Election Season Begins… break out the popcorn


So, the nice white people of Iowa who are happily bringing us higher food prices now that they are all getting rich converting corn to ethanol, are going to the voting booths today. Well, er, not exactly. The Republicans are going to talk amongst themselves in caucuses that could be held in homes or schools or firehouses or whatever and discuss the candidates. Then, they will write the name of their favorite on a piece of paper. The papers will be counted, and the winner will win. That means that the one who gets the most votes will be the candidate who the delegates to the Republican National Convention from Iowa will be expected to vote for, at least on the first round. It’s a fairly straightforward procedure.

However, on the Democratic side, the people will gather. Groups will form in clusters – Kucinich supporters, Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Dodd, and so on. If there is a candidate with less than 15% support, those people’s choice will not be counted. They will have to merge with some other bunch, or go home. Anti-war candidates like Kucinich, Gravel, and Dodd will be dropped like a hot rock. That’s why Kucinich is telling his folks in Iowa to merge with Obama supporters if he is hosed right off the bat.

Speeches will be made, caucus goers will be exhorted by neighbors and friends (and perhaps bosses or wives of bosses, pastors, etc.) to vote for their candidate. Then, they will have to physically stand with the group they want to vote for. So much for secret ballots. Everybody knows who you vote for. This pretty much leaves out those who don’t want to offend the boss or the neighbors by voting for someone less popular. No wonder a lot of people choose not to be a part of this cockamamie system and won’t attend the democratic caucuses. Anyway, the votes are counted by a raising of hands, I guess, and the winner is declared. Now the delegates to the Democratic convention are supposed to vote for that candidate.

What about the support for the other candidates? Or other parties? I think it just evaporated, at least as far as the media is concerned and the money machinery that backs it. Given the fact that a paper ballot could easily be sent to every registered voter and they could send it in to the state, is this fair? In fact, do we even need the stranglehold of the two political parties?

I think not.

Oh, yeah. And, just to add to the high weirdness, the Democratic votes will be tallied by the Israelis. What?? Yes, apparently an Israeli Defense company located in Orlando, Florida will tally the votes by this process:

1. Final body counts from each precinct are sent to a central state Democratic Party headquarters. These numbers are never revealed, either to the press or public ... or, one assumes, the Secretary of State. Remember, the Iowa caucuses are not government-run elections, but party-run.

2. A formula is applied to the results in each precinct that yields a number of delegates assigned to each candidate. It is weighted via a formula based on precinct turnout (Democratic) for the previous two general elections. Confused enough yet?

3. The results reported--i.e., the percentages--are percentages of delegates that each candidate has received, based on the body count adjusted by the formula.

This seems like a very opaque process, with two uncomfortable contingencies: (1) a candidate could win the "popular" vote (i.e., the body count) but fail to come out on top in delegates, which is what is reported; (2) the assignment of final numbers is not transparent--in fact, it is done totally in secret--so we could have questions as to what goes on in the closed rooms. Maybe each precinct can confirm or deny the eventual result. But it's hard not to feel that hanky panky could possibly go on at the state party level, if so desired.

“Isn’t that special,” as the Church Lady would observe. Hummm….

But, in case you think the process is only egregiously manipulated by the Democrats, you could look into what the Republicans and the media are doing to squelch Ron Paul.

There is a virtual blackout of coverage of Ron Paul’s run, despite the fact that he keeps winning straw poll after straw poll, and he’s raised more money than anyone from individual citizens through grass-roots efforts over the internet. If he manages to muster a decent amount of votes in the caucuses, it really will be a “revolutionary” event. His appeal is to the independent voters, the ones who usually don’t vote at all, and those who are serious about ending the war and the military empire that the republicans as well as the democrats have created. Both he and Kucinich are their party’s worst nightmares.

Ron Paul wants to get rid of the Patriot Act, bring the troops home from not only Iraq, but all the 130 military bases we have all over the world and dismantle the empire. This is because he actually supports the constitution of the United States of America which all those congress people have sworn to defend. Horrors! He wants to get rid of the departments like Education that has systematically dumbed down the schools of the nation and others that the framers did not envision, and transfer a lot of the power of the central government to the states, where there would be more hands-on involvement by the local citizenry. He wants to end the Federal Reserve and the income tax which basically goes to pay the interest we are charged on the money created by the Federal Reserve!! He would fund the social security program from money saved from the bloated military, the bogus “War on Drugs” and the demonic “intelligence” services renditioning prisoners and provoking everyone to hate us (except the globalists).

I have reservations about several of his views, but they are minor in comparison to the support I give to the rest. Also, the real power of his program is in the grassroots supporters. His official staff is hopelessly inept in terms of the slick, professional marketing teams the other candidates use. I think that he is enough of an advocate for a weak executive branch that there is a lot of wiggle-room on his policies that could be dealt with later. He is also aware of resource depletion and will fight the creation of the North American Union. That’s plenty to chew on.

Kucinich is big on peace, but lax on individual liberty. Once in office, the first thing he’d do is end the war. The second thing, I fear, would be to disarm this country’s citizens so they have no self-defense against the forces of fascism. Maybe that’s just a fear of mine that is unfounded. He is innovative, though, and seems to genuinely be motivated with a concern for the people, not the financiers. He also is aware of resource depletion and the environment, and does not seem to be in the pocket of Big Business. I don’t know for sure, as I have not kept up with his campaign much. One thing I do know is that he’s about as popular with the Democratic establishment as a tick at a dog show and they will do just about anything to get rid of him. I have more hope for Edwards.

Anyway, this nominating process will prove to be about as satisfying and hard to ignore as picking a scab, until the official candidates are chosen and the real race begins. By that time, serious shit will have come down that can no longer be avoided – like the perfect storm (sorry to use such a by now hackneyed phrase) of inflation (outrageous food prices), energy crunch (gasoline at $4 per gallon), serious climate change related problems (hurricanes and floods), the real estate melt-down (foreclosures), and the wars (endless) – all of which will be at the forefront of the voters minds, as they lose their jobs as well as their homes and their neighborhoods start to look like Baghdad. Candidates won’t be able to babble about “change” vs. “experience” and ignore the suffering all around them. Well, maybe the Republicans will just continue to focus on the Apocalypse and the “family” (a rich white banking family, with no gay kids.)

If people don’t hit the streets this summer and demand that their liberties be restored, protest against the loss of privacy, the threat of military cyber weaponry poised against them, the domination of the corporations and advertising invading their lives, the lock-down of the media’s hold on information, the complicity of the Food and Drug Administration with Big Pharma, and the corporatization of the government as a whole, then I think it will be too late. The long range tazers, the robotic listening devises, the micro-wave ray guns, the detention camps, and all the horrifying new weapons and rules that have been created to force us into submission will be in place to insure that the vision of the neo-cons is established. You might want to counsel your children to learn Chinese.

We will be sharing the conditions of the Third World people and the animals on the Most Endangered Species List that we have been complicit in exploiting and exterminating, and we will begin to know the truth of the slogan, “What comes around, goes around.”

Far be it from me to advise who to vote for or whether to vote at all. Carolyn Baker suggests that voting only lends itself to the illusion that voting matters. Perhaps voting for a third party, like Cynthia McKinney running for president from the Green Party has merit. At least, it would demonstrate dissatisfaction with the two party death grip. As an anarchist, I truly believe that one should look within and do what is in keeping with the truth inside. Collectively, all those truths taken together will probably be the wisest way to go.


murph said...

hmmm computer being quirky this morning. testing, testing testing.

Anonymous said...

What we need is Neo, "the one" to show us the way out of The Matrix, man!

But...I don't see that happening. The sheeple are totally locked into the system. They think that American Idol, Survivor, Amazing Race, Brittany, and O.J are actually REAL things to worry about. I see it every day in the work lunchroom. They're all talking about crap they've bought, Angelina Jolie, God, J.C or what party/club they're going to get wasted at this weekend. And, they have no idea that their vote doesn't count. Fools.

We're doomed, man -"but in a good way." Maybe if they economy crashes, the sheeple will wake up from their media-induced stupor. Maybe some real change will happen. Maybe these people will come together and work toward improving their communites instead of screwing-over others so they can buy more crap they don't need. Maybe, maybe... nawwww... that's probably not gonna happen. I think what's next on the agenda is "Mad Max" baby!.

Man, I wish I had the bucks to get outta Dodge. Later-


...p said...

well wadda ya know! one of the whitest, and arguably one of the most conservative states in the union, elects, for the first time in history, a black candidate for president! and by no slim margin. all the hoopla and hours and hours of lamestream media would have us believe the american peoples have surely healed their generations long racial hatreds and animosities and have finally evolved toward acceptance for one another. if it can happen in iowa it can happen anywhere. iowa is proof positive!


it works like this... the caucuses are party run. thus either repug or dem. all voters, repugs, dems, and independents, are divided into physically seperated meeting places sponsored by one or the other of the 2 parties. there is no provision for independents to maintain their... well, indepencence. to vote, you have to decide to go one way or the other. just as it is in the general election, it matters not how you are registered. you can be registered one way and go fuck with the other side. last night, only 114,000 went to the repug rooms where the majority voted their "values" and elected the surrogat jea-zus.


while this was going on, well over 200,000 went to the dem rooms and elected the black guy.


this in a state where 93% of registered voters are white and the majority of those are registered repugs. this in a state where conservative values are the mainstream. this in a state where racial hatreds run rampent just under the surface of the lovey-dovey presentation face. this in a state that has never before in its entire history, elected a black candidate. for anything. including dog catcher.

the implication, in the wake of the voting results, jumped on by everyone in lamestream as well as the candidate hisself, is that the heart of whitie in the heartland is finally living up to its name. finally warmed to the idea that we are all one in blood.

i grew up there and i don't think so. they don't have a race problem in iowa because there is no race there other than whitie.
and i have a sister who still lives there, is caucus active, and watched the whole thing go down. what happened here is that many repubs went to the dem rooms and voted for the black guy so the white girl wouldn't win (not that i blame them). how many? hard to say. but, another thing... some of the women voters... on both sides of the fence... went to the dem den and voted for anybody but the girl because they believe politics is no place for any girl who's main mission in life is to stand by her man and do what he tells them to do.

so what we're getting from lamestream media in the aftermath of last night is not the real story. the real mission of the voters in iowa was successful beyond their imaginations. in spades!!! no pun intended. what we saw in iowa was no proof that the heart in the heartland is real. what we saw and will continue to see in the coming months is a relection of a seriously polarized and divided nation.

...p said...

more bullshit from the iowa caucus.... the change claim. both winners of last nite's primary are claiming their wins to be proof positive of the voters' demands for change. and the media would have us believe the claims. i've already presented in the previous comment where that claim by obama can be seriously questioned.

but what about the huck-sters claim? from my view... ditto. the hucksters win is no proof of change. it is proof of the status quo in the repug party which has been hijacked by the born-againers and evangelicals over the past 25 years. over 80 million of the population are loosly aligned with this highly polarized, special interest group who now control the party with their seriously extreemist and anything but loving, self proclaimed god-like, views.

further, michael moore, over on the raw story (, claims this morning that the rejection of the girl is proof positive of the voters repulsion for the war. this is about as valid as the claims by the winners that the results are proof that the people want change. the evans could give a shit one way or the other as long as jae-zus gets elected. that the hucksters win in this state is somehow some proof for change is no more valid than obama's claim that his win was really a win.


freeacre said...

I gotta admit that I have no idea what really went down in Iowa. You might be totally right, Rockpicker. But, whatever the reason, this event might morph into something better than what those honkies intended.
As jaded as I am, I found myself moved by Obama's victory speech. He reminds me of Kennedy, whom I dearly loved in my formative years. The man can truly deliver an inspiring speech. I have to keep reminding myself what a hopeless sucker I am and my history of being betrayed repeatedly.
Whomever the president will turn out to be, the situation he will find himself in is going to be horrible. This year is going to be a real monster. While the people are distracted by the elections, the corporations and the banks will continue to run things to their advantage under the radar. We need to keep our eye on the ball and prepare for what is really going on. Dude is right about the Matrix.

freeacre said...

sorry, p, I said RP instead of you. Well, you know who I mean... jeesh.

...p said...

fa... being an old softie from the jfk era, i hear ya. even one of cnn's talking heads for the repug side framed it this way... "huckabee's speach was excellent. obama's speach was extraordinary." but, for some yet unknown reason, i haven't been moved to put obama in the jfk bin yet. don't know if i ever will. for that matter, had i known then what i know now, i doubt i'd been as taken with jfk. what was it george carlin said... scratch a cynic and underneath is a deflated idealist?

it remains to be seen if my analysis of last nite was significant enough to qualify as significant factors. one thing's fer sur... the dynamics were in play. but to be fair about it, the number of first times and the age demographics is encouraging for anyone who thinks the system can be fixed within the system. final #'s aren't out yet but it looks like well over 350k voters. thats way up over 04. according to a media survey taken at the doors, 57% said it was their first ever caucus making up 60% of the dems and 30% of the repugs. the crosscheck don't shake out exactly right but its close. overall, 17% were under 25.

dem voters outnumbered repug voters by over 2 to 1. over 240k turned up in the dem dens. though we can be sure some were there who's alligences lay across the hall, thats still nearly double the 04 turnout. since bush was unopposed in 04, that years' repug turnout is a moot point. of those 240k+, 1 in 5 was under 30 and, like the fundies, are much more inclined to vote according to idealogy. and, though certainly not necessarly the same 1 in 5, 1 in 5 were independents. of those indies, 41% stood for obama and just 17% for hillary. of the first timers, obama got 56%. clinton got 10. and get this... 65% of obama voters were first timers. so clearly, more than usual have had enuf and ready to make their voices heard. 56% in the dem rooms were women. obama got 33% of them while clinton got 30%.

60% newbies of the 240k is 144 thousand. just an insignificant coincidence or is there some chilling apocolyptic irony here? jes kiddin!!

rockpicker said...


We're only four days into the new year? Seems like six weeks already!

Having trouble getting excited about politics this season.

Every one of the front-runners is a member of the CFR.
Change, my ass!

Wanting to take over from our current boob should automatically disqualify any candidate, on the grounds of mental incompetence.

Good chance the confluence of perfect storms will make all this razzamatazz moot, anyway.

I stood in the back door early this morning and watched the burning embers of stars fall in on our collapsing world.

freeacre said...

Hey, Folks, this is off subject, but Bill Herbst, the writer/astrologer/ philosopher whom I respect very much had a stroke in November and needs some help. Check out his website (linked on the front page of our blogsite). If anyone can spare a few bucks, that would be a good place to send it. What passes for a health care system in this country is a virtual crime against humanity.

murph said...


Boy do I agree that the chance of meaningful change with this election is about nil. Bucking the CFR is going to be tough, and if you got elected and then tried to buck them, it's Kennedy time again.

As you say, probably doesn't make much difference anyway. If things get rough this summer we shall see martial law, and then it will really get interesting.

Anonymous said...

goddam it fa how come you get to be really smart and i get to be a dumb ass? i don't understand government, politics, economy,voting stuff,money issues or almost anything else that is discussed here,but am trying. actually i do not think that is my purpose because you guys seem to have such a good handle on these things that i trust you to guide most outcomes of the discussions into channels that this one could take on faith,and i do.
there, so in the vernacular of this council fire it comes to mind that the things that really light up my enthusiasm here can be said in one simple word,....yeah right,anyway its love,(of course)love of self,love of all of you,love of truth,love of both sides of the legs that stand in two worlds and love of the creator and a really special kind of love for my sidekick langosta whom lifts the spirits when the overwhelming bullshit reaches cataclysmic proportions and is always just there..just there,not where..there.
anyway the acceleration of events that are unfolding in the world of insanity are reaching a pitch of unparalleled significance,the race between light and dark is about to be decided and the makers of death and the makers of life are eyeball to eyeball and the outcome is not a hatched egg yet,this is according to you know who. the antenna waver amongst us,bless this bug
for her heart is the heart of mother earth and is the hand that shakes our minds and allows us to see the beauty in one another as well as our selfs,she says the love of mother earth for her children is incomprehensible to most but that is soon to change she says,even the most dullest of the children will feel the love through their brothers and sisters as the spirit moves among and through us,the ones that seek that lost connection with our creator with the recovered furor of our inter most spark of awareness.

tripping through some history with howard zinn this AM reminds me of how far we have not come,but the roots or seeds as it were have been sown and the growth of these seeds of promise are at this moment being nurtured by us the caretakers of our mother,our creator of all that is.
the bounty of this promise is fulfilled in the touch of one human to another and the slow dawning of awareness that we are each other and thats that.

my brother dude, suddenly finding the key to running another browser side by side (finding out some things seems to take so long for me)i just read your comment and my mind agrees with you but my sidekick would have this one to believe that the spectacle (political)presented before us is made of straw and will burn with the rest of the nonsense,
all of this hocus-pocus which is filled with every imaginable self interest of me me me me is a doomed view as you suggest but the bug says to me stay a little closer to home and you will be fine,its the little lights here and there that will soon blaze into an inferno without us trying to hold the world on our shoulders,we are meager in that area and we only need to create our own small bubble of freedom and nurture whatever needs to be nurtured, thats all, i will do my part, how about you?its really easy dude,i think we have been programed to believe that we are responsible for all the misery in the world and thats partially true, but fuck!not the whole mother fucker, know what i mean? just our back yard thats all.and you know what i do? i lean over the fence that keeps your dog out of my petunias and ask you how to grow carrots and my main squeeze shares recipes with your significant other and its all so simple, when you come right down to it, mutual respect and that just means paying close attention to what is actually real,not some made up make believe story that was handed down with the rest of our bullshit education which looks to this one to be almost 100%.the struggle to achieve independence of thought is laced with a quagmire of poison in the form of church,parents,schools,
and the infinite sources of intimidations that force us to conform to some insane idea of what should be instead of what is and makes our lives the hell holes that most of us live in.
you sound young and to me,, thats a good thing to know that so many young folks are growing aware or maybe its just being born into this world with a tool bag with more tools in it then we were, it makes no difference in the long run as long, as the world must find its way or die. not much of a choice is it? but there it is,us ole codgers will be history not to far down the road and personally i feel that we have done as much as we can to set things right,how ever we are not done yet by a long shot.there is still much to do before we stand before our creator and it might be a good idea to know and experience this before we die.
for this one the world of the spirit is becoming more and more the only world that this one stands in and i can tell you this much its a beautiful and fun filled place,even with all the drawbacks of our primitive notions of reality.

so "We're doomed,man-but in a good way." is right on brother.but you don't need Neo,you have it all already.

thank you p,outstanding
same for you rp,fa,and murph we read you loud and clear.
peace all

i would like to say something that bug says about being ass deep in a swamp full of fucking alligators, but will wait for an opening later because i still haven't fooled myself into thinking there is understanding in what i consider deciphering her words that are not actually words but are only a close? proximity as near as i can tell.
shit this is fucked up already,
she says that we on the one hand are kind of like a computer,only that we are both the program and the programmer and that we are actually just AI,
artificial intelligence in the making,! at this point i told her i was getting out the raid,she just winked and smiled that knowing smile that makes the world so bright,(crickets can smile,sorta) (:

rockpicker said...

Oh, boy;

There's a new post on project camelot, and it's a doozey.

Anybody got anything to add to this one?

rockpicker said...


Is the weather freaky or what?

Windy for two days, and now the sun feels like mid-March.

What's the weather like in Oregon?

Murph & Freeacre said...

In Oregon,there is a huge weather system of rain/snow and wind that spread from Mexico to British Columbia. Super windy on the Oregon coast, lots of snow in Northern Cal. Here in Central Oregon, we seem to be sheltered from a lot of it. Some winds and some snow here, but nothing severe. Yesterday it was warm enuf to actually have rain. Getting colder now, another storm coming in pretty soon, I think. Chickens are hesitant to walk around in the snow, however.

rockpicker said...

zey ah guhlie shickenz, no?

freeacre said...

That's right. Girlie and proud!

rockpicker said...


Here's another one of those synchronisities we need to be on the look out for.

Dude mentioned Neo, from the Matrix.

And Freeman picked up on it.

I just came across NEO while reading a link in the Project Camelot story about the South Pole Telescope. It's an acronym for
near earth object.

murph said...

Freeacre and I just watched a very interesting movie that is sort of a fictitious documentary, hmmm interesting contradiction. It is called "After the End Of The World"

It is a really low budget film made in the form of a documentary by some young guys that wanted to record what it was like after a huge die off and there were 186 people left in all of San Frisco. It is well worth the view. Has no Hollywood stuff in it at all, much more realistic about what it might be like.

Anonymous said...

rockpicker, do you think this is the reason for the unreasonable amount of rat packing going on?
i have lived a very sparse existence my entire life and now finding myself in a house that is slowly filling itself to the brim as if there were to be a sudden cut off of items for whatever reason,and i am not the only one,everyone i know is experiencing the same thing on some level or another. i have always had an abhorrence to having anything around that was not absolutely necessary and never understood why folks would fill their lives with such clutter,now it seems that there is a part of the mind that knows that a catastrophic event of some kind is on its way and that we are doing all we can to escape the consequences of this even, ... is this part of our discovery of the mayan calendar and also the cherokee calendar which is similar in regard to the end of a cycle which brings great disturbance to the human race and an acceleration of what is normally called time? it seems like we are being blessed with this info in order to prepare a place that might survive more then just the insanity of the world governments and their own extinction plans for us the people.

RAS said...

The two party system is a scam created to give us the illusion of choice. Each party has different rhetoric but they have the same allegiance -and it isn't to us; it's to the big business interests and the bankers. Voting is pretty much a waste of time, though I still do it anyway. Stalin was right -it's not the voters that count, but the people who count the votes. The system will never be changed from within; whenever a rebellion arises the system tries to merge with it, channel its energy into the ballot box, and then give some superficial reforms to make it look like something has changed. When in reality, nothing has. Only when the system comes down, will real change happen.
Anybody know where the switch is?

All of that said, I too was moved by Obama's speech. All of them, actually. But then, I'm a sucker for a good orator and always have been. I also don't think that the Iowa results were manipulated too much inside the block boxes; it was too overwhelming. My generation was what gave Obama the edge; we seem to be waking up and taking action. Which is a good thing, if it really leads anywhere. At least, it was enough to wipe the smirk off Clinton's face. (While I would like to see a woman president, I really, really do not like that woman. Don't tell my grandmother.)

Whoever the next president is, nothing will fundamentally change unless it is forced to.

One of my professors last semester has given me a C in his class for some reason (I shouldn't have had worse than a B) and this might make me have to retake the class -on my own dime no less. Which I couldn't do. But I've been told by many other students that they rig it so that every student has to repeat at least one class, to get them more dough. It wouldn't surprise me; this is the most corrupt school in a very corrupt system. I can't afford to repeat anything, so I may be stuck. The weather is wacky as hell. One of my brothers called and left me a message the other night, which sent me into depression. (I don't deal with my birth family; serious abuse issues.) Things are just really, really dandy all around right now.

Anonymous said...

RP and all.... part 2 of the the current report came in last nite accompanied by an email from clif's side kick, igor. clif's the main guy with the web bot project and usually it's voice. since accompanying emails from them do not include copyright, i have no prob quoting them. here's what igor wrote....

Hello. Igor here.
Clif is sick. He has the flu.
He has been able to post Part Three. It is there
now, I just checked the links.

Spoke with clif earlier before the coughing fits
shut him up. We both are hoping our California,
and Oregon readers have come through these
winds/rains ok. The rain gauge that my wife has
for her class was blown away so we don't know
how much water came down. The winds got up
over 50mph here in Lacey, and even higher down
the road a ways in Yelm.

We will probably see more flooding here. But
snow is first starting tomorrow.

Igor out.
Your access codes are below.

(note: igor misquoted. its actually #2. if they stay true to past form, there are at least 4 more to come. i haven't read it yet.)

MURPH... thx for the email about the STANG articles re the potential assasination of DR NO (ron paul). i think you ought to turn everybody here on to them. in my mind, its proof positive of the "revolution" meme that has been building and building in the bot reports. and proof positive that that old cliche... a rollin stone gathers no moss.... has seen its last day. maybe it was never meant to imply the same for rolling one through a shit field!

i don't know how much credibility some of you may give to these reports. i have given my reasons why i do and the STANG articles bear witness. the amount of data collected is massive and, in my mind, reflective of what is going on in the collective minds, both conscious and subconscious, communicating with one another out on the web. from time to time i've mentioned here things that are showing up in data space that i think you might be of interest and i can say in a way that doesn't violate copyright. there are probs inherent with this kind of work. its certain (and acknowledged by the publishers) that some interpretations are off. but its also certain that consciousness is always in flux and what may appear to be accuring evidence of particular form of manifestation based on the linguistics now or at any given point in space time may or may not manifest later. not to mention the dynamic of form change which is severly misunderstood and even unrecognized by most. but thats a whole 'nother story!

MF @ 12:19... astute observation!

...p out.

freeacre said...

Sorry things are so tough right now, ras. I can identify. My first year of college, I dropped out without doing the paperwork (ex-husband problems). So, from then on, I had to deal with 21 hours of 0 that wouldn't go away. Had to get 21 hours of A's just to get to a C level average. Aaargh. Then, I had to drag it up from there. Any chance you could challenge the grade? Take an easy class and get an A to average it out? Regarding your birth family - know that there is a part of you that no matter what you have been through,is still whole, perfect, and complete. That is the part of you that has been so strong, has gotten you to where you are, and is powerful enough to heal the rest.

Rockpicker, is that Camelot thing the Jump to Mars video? It took forever to download, then I managed to lose the darn thing before I could watch it. Is there a transcript?

And, hey, has everyone seen the news this morning about the flooding of the town of Fernly, NV? (predicted flooding by the webbots, I'm pretty sure.) Anyway, it seems gophers took out the levy, and Fernly looks like New Orleans. Gophers. They're fighting back....

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

I have tried to stay a little bit out of this one since it is not essentially my call. Well not in the first instance anyway. I too was sent the STANG report dealing with this particular method of addressing descent. My reaction was that first Dr No has to win something before he is a threat, up to now he is just a bloody nuisance. But his supporters are right, they are going to have to put a lot more effort into passive action otherwise they will be forced into active action and this is not a show that many want to see hitting the road. The real event organizers want to pick their own time, not work on somebody else’s time scale but both sides are going to have to be prepared for the undesirable – nearly said unexpected.

Ras is also right, both sides of the same coin. You can’t go into the shop and say I only want to spend the front half of my dime. And I will tell you another thing; if every member of Congress put a dime on the table, and then you came into the room, I will bet you anything you like, that you couldn’t tell which dimes came from a Democrat Lobbyist and which ones from a Republican Lobbyist in this political opinion shop we call representation.
Originally I believe that the Founding Fathers were in favour of a Republic where people voted in the same way but which gave the real power to the Legal Branch and was harder to subvert than the Democratic concept of power in the Executive Branch. If you think about it, an en executive is someone who executes something which has been decided somewhere else. Somewhere along the line the waters got muddied by immediate issues of which side was in favour of whupping niggers and the niceties of administration fell by the wayside.

Everyone knows the free world is in favour of democracy. To question it is like making a stand against apple pies and babies. Many are also aware, although they try not to bring it to the fore, that democracy can be molded, remodeled and reinvented to mean anything that somebody wants you to support. It can even be democratic to have your vote counted contrary to your wishes. Just suppose that you want to be an electrician, for instance. In order for you to practice as an electrician you have to be qualified and you have to join the Electricians Union. Suppose some economic factor hits the country which will impact on working people as a whole and is to be debated at the Trades Union Congress. The top ‘executives’ of said union will decide their stance on the issue (not your stance) and vote their membership. This must be so because if there were any descent then they would not be united and if they were not united they would not be a union. So you could have two brothers living in the same house belonging to different unions and some remote persons may have decided that they had different views on the same issue no matter what their real opinion was. Whether you are in favour of Clause IV or against Clause IV by way of example, your opinion is what somebody else says it is. And this is quite democratic.
The union block vote was one of the things which Thatcher stood against and is one reason why she was hated by the left. But left and right were in favour of democracy. To question this would result in you being told very quickly to “Go and live in Russia”.
This is an extreme example I have cited here but at least the unions have said out front “This is what we are about and this is what we are going to do” the situation in the US Congress seems to be less transparent.

I really have no idea where the answer lies. Direct democracy seemed to work well in tribal situations. As nations get bigger the ‘peoples will’ gets more confused and open to interpretation (hijacking). I don’t know if they still exist but a few years ago in the UK there was a “Referenda Party”. They said that if every household could have cable TV, then every household could have a series of buttons to register your choice on some national issue. You could register you social security number to make sure you were not voting more than once followed by your choice. Good or bad, they never managed to break the two party system of the UK.

Murph or Anybody
In the past you have given indications of the type of system you would like to see in some future society but never got around to saying how the nuts and bolts would work. Can anybody express how they would see the mechanics of representation working?

rockpicker said...

Oh, yeah;

Freedom video, blogs, Jan. 5. This one will be a very good one! I'm having trouble loading it, but I suggest you check it out.

rockpicker said...


Sorry. I responded to your question, but my comment has not appeared.

Go to the Project Camelot home site and click on what's new. You're looking for a letter from a Norwegian politician describing how the governments of the west have, for some time now, been preparing for a close encounter of an approaching mass, (5 to 20 times the size of Jupiter,) that is projected to reach its perihelion, (closest point) to the sun in 2012. This person says underground bases have been constructed around the globe to insure a small, elite group of earthlings survive the expected cataclysm. Also, look up south pole telescope and see what you can find out about it. Rumor is, it's existence verifies existence of 'planet X'.

Here's the link I use to access PC;

If that doesn't work, try this. Well, try this site, regardless.

Click on the Q, and then the second story of the day.

RAS said...

Here's a poem I wrote today. Any thoughts?

This I Swear
I will live to see
The Highways fall silent
The strip malls vacant
Wal-mart roofs cave in
Tangled growths smother fast food stands
Tree roots crack the pavement
Saplings grow where cars once parked
The sick culture die
The corporations fall
Seeds of a new culture
Of healthy ways of living
In newly fertile soil
Begin to grow
In the waiting child
By all that's Holy
This I swear
So help me Goddess

Oh freeacre, it won't help me to get an A in another class. Before this I had a 4.0 average. The problem is that this is graduate school and a C isn't good enough. No, I'm not kidding.

rockpicker said...


When shit happens to me, I get pissed. I usually get verbal, until my steam is vented, (and all those who might have helped me have been driven away.) Then I accept what has happened as reality and try to figure out how to deal with it. Always, acknowledged privately, though not always apparent in my actions, is an unswerving faith that things happen for a reason. Reasons often aren't explained until later. But, with time, you look back and you see why this or that had to happen how and when it did. It's difficult to make sense of a snafu at the time. But things work out.
What is your graduate degree in? Who will you work for when you complete schooling? What conditions will you be expected to put up with in order to have employment?

Sometimes, a blessing is difficult to recognize...


Please state again, what's the weather doing down there? I thought you folks were dying of drought. Now you are flooding?
Oy, oy, oy...


BOOM, boom, boom, boom
BOOM, boom, boom, boom...

Haa yeh....

murph said...


You ask; Murph or Anybody
In the past you have given indications of the type of system you would like to see in some future society but never got around to saying how the nuts and bolts would work. Can anybody express how they would see the mechanics of representation working?

First off, a representative government is out. Direct participation is in. Can only be accomplished in relatively small autonomous groups. Large groupings that become civilizations is the problem. It is difficult to think in those terms. We have never experienced different than what we have, or at least very few people have.

Nuts and bolts. There are some interesting observations about some of the small (and what we call primitive and uncivilized) societies that are still left if we take the time to look for them. Freeacre has a book called "Original Wisdom" by Robert Wolf. In this book there are descriptions of small societies that operate on completely different assumption about life and relationships.

As I understand it, it has many similarities to many of the North American Indian tribes and how they were organized. At least these groups maximize freedom as we understand the word.

The problem we are going to have in talking about nuts and bolts of a completely different social organization is the references. If we reference to what we are living in now, it can't really be talked about. We have to get outside of our current reference to talk about how it would work. As an example; It would have to be direct personal participation, not representative run. All would concur on a decision of action or it is not done. There would be no power struggles, no hierarchy. Hard to envision those conditions from our backgrounds.

murph said...


You do have the bucks to get out of Dodge. It mostly depends on what you are willing to give up and the manner of leaving. If you were facing a major natural disaster and had to evacuate, could you do it?

freeacre said...

Good vision poem, ras. You gotta see that docudrama "After the End of the World." I think you will really like it.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


Thanks for the reply. I thought that you would say something along those lines. I guess in small communities everyone is able to see what the problems are and ideally there should be no real descent in agreeing a way forward. The thing I foresee being clunky in practice is the 100% for the decision otherwise nothing happens. Would 67% or 75% not be better? How do you deal with the person who is professionally belligerent or the ones who are mentally in the slow lane? I will try to see if I can get hold of the book and see if it provides any of the answers, it sounds like an interesting read.


I empathize with your problems. Many years ago I qualified in chemistry at a type of college known as a polytechnic. I don’t know if you have a similar structure in the US so I will describe it. It was not a university so it did not award academic degrees. It was for people who did the exams of professional trade organizations, in my case it was the Royal Institute of Chemistry although there were other bodies for different subjects. Students could do their education either full time; a sandwich course which was six months college and six months in industry or day release which was four days working and one day college. Many employers preferred to take people with an ARIC to a qualification from academia since the standards with university was equivalent and they had experience of the real world. I got the basic qual and was going back to do the fancy add on bits but then two things happened simultaneously. Firstly, the rules changed and suddenly the Poly was able to award degrees in its own right. They took the view that they were not going to be some second rate also ran uni, their qualification would be one that was sought after by employers. The way they were going to achieve this was not by asking more taxing questions but simply by failing 60% of all entrants whether they had achieved a pass mark or not. The other thing that happened was that Big Chema who I was working for at the time said that anybody could go and follow a full time course but that they would not guarantee anybody their job back and likely wouldn’t. On balance, I decided it was better to have a regular income than a bit of paper that said I was clever so I never went back.
I have always maintained that unless you want to spend your life in academia, the only purpose of a qualification is to get you your first job. After that it is what you have done that counts. You did mention some time ago what you were following and some famous person whose lectures you had attended but I can’t remember it now, something in the social sciences I think. Is this just a subject that you like and are good at or do you have an overall plan of the direction you want your life to take?

Good poem btw, straight from the heart.

Anonymous said...

dude.... i'd add this to what murph said... every dollar in your pocket when you get on a plane to quito is worth at least 6 when you get there. thats if you need to live behind a gate and have domestics to wipe yer ass. so you can stretch that factor with modifications to lifestyle and become one with the people. ecuador is a great country with beautiful people and mucho opportunity. the hard part is the language barrior and finding a way to transition your skills into the local market to support yourself. what you need is some home cookin when you get there. let me know if you want some details.

and i'd add this... a little birdie told me central and s. am will be spared the extreems of the earth events already in play here and about to get worse... alot worse.

rp... i was quoting igor who lives in washington or oregon. i don't know where the towns are he mentioned but probably wash since he works close w/clif and i know clif lives there near the pueget sound.

as for georgia, we are in extreem drought though we've had a respite lately. after setting several high records in dec we started to get some seasonal rains just before christmas. enough to raise smaller bodies and stabablize the big reservoirs. i just checked lanier and its at 1051.28. last time i checked, which is at least 2 wks ago. it was just below 1051. they're holding. but they sure as hell ain't gaining. if this seasonal stuff continues they should begin to gain. but we got a long damn way to go. 20 feet to reach normal summer pool... p

Anonymous said...

Yo, thanks for the advice. I heard of Central and South America being cool places for ex-pats, but I'm lucky to speak English!

You know though, I might just stick it out here in Mormon HQ. There could, maybe be a few places in the mountains around here where my wife and I can hold-up when TSHTF. Maybe. Gotta start looking into some land.

But, my wife thinks I'm a comspiracy nutbag and doesn't want me to even utter a sharp edge that could pop her going back to school to get her MFA bubble. Maybe if the stock market turns into doodoo, Bush/DICK attack Iran and marshall law is the new buzzword, she'll want to know what I think -and possibly listen to what I think we should do. Maybe. Until then, I'll keep up with my candlestine purchases of dehydraded food, water filters, butaine cans, matches, warm clothes and of course, toilet paper! 'Cause when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. Later -


Anonymous said...

B..... "Can anybody express how they would see the mechanics of representation working?"

i can. but not in the context of the current paradigm cuz such highly likely does not exist within that box. i'm talking about something that speaks to bringing to manifestation the true potential of human life form. the opeartive factor in manifesting such a bizarre idea, which is to follow, is vibration. by that i mean manifesting form that is in alignment with individual desire and a feeling sense of right time by adjusting one's vibration accordingly. doing that from one's own personal power and in such a way so as to not over-ride another in the process. most would dismiss this as pure utopinan fantasy at best. or gibberish. or the machinations of a crazed imagination. one thing's for sure, it couldn't be anywhere near reality.

the best way for me to explan the potentials here is to give a very basic example. say you want to take a dip and you desire the water to be cool and refreshing. so you do. and it is. but in the same pool right next to you is someone who wanted to take a dip but they had a deisre for the water to be warm and cozy. so they did. and it is. so there the 2 of you are. literally in the same space, but with completly different experiences of that same space. the space hasn't been manipulated. the individual adjusted their vibration so as to experience the space in subjective manner and to their liking and fullment of their desire and needs. if the idea hasn't tilted you yet lets take it a bit further. lets say your floating around in the pool in your exstasy and you're struck by a desire to explore the depths. as a fish might. so you shift your vibration and manifest as fish-like form complete with gills and off to those depths you go on your adventure. if this isn't far fetched enough, imagine you are then struck by the desire to fly. so you head for the surface and just as you break through it you shift into the form of a bird, complete with wings! and off you go to frolic on the airstreams.

sounds like the stuff of cartoons today or legend and myth of yesteryear at best eh? centars, satyrs, giant ogre, mermaids, fae, lepricons, talking ducks, and dancing flowers. maybe those legends are the ghost of earth past and much has been lost except as faint memory lingering in the imaginations of the cartoon makers and the dreamers.

it is being said by many now that we stand on the threshold of a new paradigm. some (read langosta) even grace our presence with their wisdom here around the campfire. (do we realize how special that gift to us is?) i sense a huge factor in the formation of the coming new paradigm will be the coming into its own of the subjective experience. realities that have been mostly seen and dismissed as... well, too subjective to be of any benifit to... well, objective reality. and such will become the value points from which we draw our understandings and form our future.

reality or fantasy? it all seems so hokey and there's no place for it! we have bigger fish to fry!! like, electing the next president to take care of us.

...p out.

rockpicker said...


Thanks for that clarification on the flooding. Oregon and/or Puget Sound, I can understand. We in southwestern Montana, near Yellowstone, have had a dose of high winds, temps in the twenties-forties, and little precip. Other places I've heard about have been fairing far worse.

Chile has an active volcano erupting now, and has had several hard shakes of late, so be careful
about where you escape to.

Sibel Edmonds! Hurrah for Sibel Edmonds! Maybe Congress will demand to hear her testimony! Maybe Mukasey will do the right thing and lift the gag order. Alternet's got a story on her latest revelations.

Anybody got anything to say about planet X, or the latest from the Disclosure people?

Anonymous said...

freeacre, sorry to hear about Bill Herbst. You are so right about the healthcare. Big crime and big criminal business...and I think most Americans (even though they can't seem to focus on who the bad guys are), would completely agree with you. It is absolutely a crime. There's so many parts of it that are corrupt and dysfunctional. I have healthcare insurance but it's next to worthless. So many docs aren't very good either...just going through the motions. Once a chiropractor told me if your doc doesn't answer all of your questions and doesn't teach you anything, they're not doing their job. I will visit the site for Herbst today. Keep on keeping on. BTW have you seen SICKO? I thought it was alright. Everyone should see it. mrsp

RAS said...

I'm majoring in psychology, studying to be certified as a therapist. It's not bad work, the pay is decent, and once I get my license I can work for myself. The downsides are the liability and the insurance companies. Without my degree the best job I can get is as a secretary or go back to cubeland. I'd rather eat dirt. I want to spend my life helping people, which is why I started down this path.

But ideally, if I had the option, I'd probably spend my time as a part time farmer and a full time writer, with volunteerism and social activism on the side. I dearly love all that, but I'm not good enough at writing to make a living at it. (Who is, these days?) I've been doing a lot of that these past few days, though. Not only did I write that poem yesterday but just a few minutes ago I (finally!) finished writing a short story I've been working on for just about, well forever. I'm happy with it too. Now I'm trying to find people to review it for me who like High Fantasy and will give me an honest answer.

FA, where can I get a copy of that documentary? Is it available online? I might just (evil chuckle) watch it at school on their broadband if it is.

freeacre said...

ras, we got the film from Netflix. I love that outfit because it seems to have just about every documentary there is. Don't know where else to get it, have to Google it.

This Planet X thing is a mind fry. I have a question, though. If it is so huge, why can't we see it by now?

Anonymous said...

ras... don't count me among the qualified critiques but i'd love to read your story. p

Anonymous said...

RP....planet X, sitchin's super shadow! agree with fa but i pretty much hold with it being in the mix. lotta jockeying and positioning going around this issue. sure is a subject that's been everything from pimped to whored to drug through the bullshit of whaco's and frauds peddling pretty far-out and twisted agendas. and then further whored by theorists who i find to hold to a unique view thats highly likely a valid piece of the puzzle but then go completly whaco trying to prove their views and nearly completly discredit themselves in defense of the pov. i find that perplexing which is a pretty weird reaction given how far out of the box i'm generally willing to go. in my mind, its stuff like that that validates the whole idea of a war being played out in the ethers in the first place and we're a part of it.

an example of the various characters involved here is james mccanney. i'm a kinda sorta supporter of some of his theories and he's on the X bandwagon. mccanney's the comets-are-NOT-dirty-snowballs guy who holds their interactions with the solar system and particularly the sun is a charged interaction and thats the kinda stuff that tends to support the whole idea of an electric universe in theoretical physics. he's done some brilliant work but made terrible judgement mistakes along the way in defense of his ideas which has the unfortunate result of brilliant work being therefore given no validity.

i'm definitly on board with that idea of an EU but i'm highly disappointed in the subserviant-status role given to the magnetic by the theorists who, wheather they'll admit it or not, mostly hold that magnetism is a result of the electro. which its not. if they're poles of the one they hold equal status. when it comes to bridging the gap between physics and metaphysics many of them dance around the idea of a higher intelligence but in no way could their beloved electro and magnetic actually be that intelligence. so there's little point in suggesting that twisted interactions of those polarities could actually manifest aspects of those interactions on a cosmic, energetic level, much less physically manifest as actual players in the war. there are phenominal, beyond imagination, charges involved here and we're a part of it.

as for PC, i'm aware of them but i can't say much cuz i haven't been a follower and done much due dilligence. i have reservations but that may well be me own shit rather than something rotten over there. having said that, something's rotten everywhere.

btw, speaking of polarities of the one, we heard the poles of sol reversed last year and now this... i haven't drilled down into the back story on casey to try to get a read on him. have you done anything there? the SSRC is getting to be a real pain in the ass for the ones using the unmoved fear involved as a power play to peddle special interests. some of those interests make about as much sense as the fed peddling debt as credit and consumerism as patriotic. and then there'll be big oil and multinationals hijacking the whole thing when the time is ripe. and we think georgous george, the neocons, TPTB, and the MIC are the only ones using the war on terror to further their own sinsiter agendas... p

Anonymous said...

p, high fives all around from the bug,you are right on target and its on its way for those that have.....something to do with ..something ancient ..within DNA ..unlock..vibratory release..connection with..and nothing to learn or unlearn,its rain on a seed that knows not from where it comes from but makes no difference to the seed...just hang on its on its way,from invisible to manifest is just ,, starts leg in both worlds and finally two worlds are one world and finally no need for legs, this is all allegory because words can not go there she says.
sounds a little scary on the surface but it is our place in this universe and created for us by the great spirit.
your words created quite a stir in the bug.
what you say is beyond comprehension pretty much at this point but she says that as one flower withers another grows and the withering effect is in place at this point and is growing stronger with each passing day.
you can see this as the lack of fear in the other creatures on this planet as they are approached by us and watch us watch them,its through the eyes she says and we will fly.
the putting away of the things of the mind as having importance is very good practice, what to leave in what to leave out, catch and release and get ready for the arc she says. whoa!!

ras has anyone told you how beautiful you sound today,?they have now.

dude you sound like you have it altogether, she will come around, there is no place else to go.its coming, the end and the beginning.
good idea get to high ground and dig in if you intend to remain here in this survival challenged country.

fa planet x is part of the package i think,the triggers that are being pulled are forcing all of this stuff FOR us, not against us,its time is near.

sats, good to hear from you, how will you be able to stay in touch with us if the internet goes down, will ham transceivers still work for us and do you think it is a good idea for us to acquire them and learn to use them by us to stay in touch?
it seems like a good idea somehow,i know when i was a kid we had to learn morse code in order to get a ham license, don't know if that is still a condition but who gives a fuck about those assinine rules anyway, i'm going to check it out and see about getting one, also CB radios will be good for short distance if phones go kaput and i think you can get more then five watts transmitting power out of them if you know how to do it.

i'm with you rockpicker time is really hurling by at an accelerated rate it seems don't it?
the string oldensoul sent is fabulous,thank you beautiful creature.

good to hear from you mrsp,hope things look up for you,these days are truly amazing ain't they,but we will make it ok.

murph am finding out about that thing you mentioned and if successful will ship the info.

peace clan

rockpicker said...


As I understand it, planet X, or Nibiru, or whatever it is called, is shrouded in dust and does not lend itself to observation using standard optics. Despite its size, (5 to 20 times the size of Jupiter,) it is not large enough to be considered a star. Yet, it does make heat and it can easily be imaged with infrared telemetry. Thus the construction project taking place at the south pole. Google 'south pole telescope' and see what you get.

Saw a picture of Fernley, Nev. today on Steve Quayle's site. Looks like "the Corps of Discovery
enters Levittown."

I spent the early hours of my day with a representative of Roto-Rooter, who was kind enough to share with me colonoscopic imagery of my dysfunctional septic system. Fascinating.

Mid-day saw me tending a brisk, but small, bon fire, (of the vanities?), built to thaw the frozen earth surrounding what my visiting specialist had, with modest aplomb, diagnosed accurately, (yet with an underestimating optimism characteristic of the season,) as a "knicked line."

By mid-afternoon, the fire was removed to the dump-salvaged Weber we use for significant celestial observances, (and minor, sacrificial entreaties,)
and in short order, the offending wound was exposed to the open air.

Preparatory to a thorough cleansing of the rupture, (knick, my ass, the ditching device that had laid- in the fiber-optic cable last July had clearly severed and utterly compromised the house's rigid bowel,) the services of a weighty, hand-held cutting tool were required. It had long, (3 foot,) handles, and what appeared to be a gigantic bicycle chain with sharpened disks that would, with applied pressure, bite into the cementicious sewer pipe and slice it most cleanly.

Suffice it to say, by day's end, a temporary repair was made and my grey water is again flowing. The toilet is still standing, untried, at its new post, askew to the tub, while we await the plumbers' return calls. Stay tuned.

Elsewhere in the news, gold has jumped 42 per cent since August and bankruptcies on consumer debt are up 40 per cent in 07.

And it's only the end of the first week of the new year?

murph said...


Yup, only first week of new year. Like I am predicting, this is going to get rough this year, probably by summer if not before.

Septic systems, oh boy. We and most of the community are fighting with the county on this issue. I've written about it before. Still ongoing.

murph said...


Your septic system tribulations reminds me of my Christmas in 1979 in Michigan. Living in an 150 yr old Victorian house that used to be in the 1800's the local whore house. It was Christmas morning, 20 below zero with a stiff wind and snowing like hell. A water line out in the yard froze and broke and we had a small mountain of ice in the yard. I had to find someone to come out and shut off the main, and then dig up the busted pipe and cap it off. Had a friend helping and it only took 5 hours to get it done, then had to get someone to come out and turn the water back on. Altogether a most memorial Christmas. sigh.

freeacre said...

Damn, Rockpicker, we extend our sympathies. That would be bad enough in the summer, let alone having to deal with it in frozen ground. Yuk. Keep us apprised.

Well, there's gotta be a balance. On the one hand ya got a fucked up septic line, and on the other there's rum cake and Kahlua fudge.

Have you been looking at those stationary space stations or whatever they are in space on the site? Between those and this Planet X thing and all the other stuff, my weird-shit-o-meter is getting pegged again... If this keeps up, 2008 is going to be like living a season of The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits.

Good thing I can take comfort in the sage teachings of the cricket, so things don't seem too weird...

...p said...

FA... "spose your old stompin grounds are still there? ...The National Weather Service recorded wind gusts up to 165 mph on mountaintops northwest of Lake Tahoe on Friday.

that from a great disaster watch link...

MF... words can not go there she says.

tell her i got the picture. i tip me 'tenna to da bug.

Anonymous said...

link truncated. try this...


Anonymous said...

ras.... a 4.0 and now you get a c? i'd go have me a little chat with the board of regents at the fine institute of higher learning over there. anomalies demand explanation... p

Anonymous said...

rp... more from norway over on PC this morn... p

RAS said...

Thanks MF!
P, I sent the story to you this morning. It's from a yahoo account with the subject line 'Story'. Let me know if you don't get it.

freeacre said...

Just for fun: take a look at this video! A crowd of Paul supporters CHASES SEAN HANNITY DOWN THE STREET shouting "FOX NEWS SUCKS!!"
It made my morning!

freeacre said...

I have to apologize. The docudrama that we have been referring to is actually entitled: "Ever Since the World Ended." Sorry for the misinformation.

stoney13 said...

The Presidential Elections! Just love 'em! Watch the least disturbed lunatic take the prize!

Yep! That's what the name of the game is! Don't believe me? Alright! Let's review!

The Presidency of The United States of America has preceded to a point where the only person the would ever want the job would have to be stark, raving insane!

At the same time we can't have nut-cases scampering around Washington DC with their grubby fat fingers on the thermo-nuclear button, so a stable individual is desired for the post.

What we have here is a job that the very act of applying for, proves inconclusively that you are unqualified to fill it!

So the results w8ill be the same! Some nut will get the job, and the best we can hope for is that said nut will be better than the last nut we had!

Time for a joint!

rockpicker said...


Checked out Project Camelot. Where is the new stuff located?

I had my mind wrapped around global warming. Now this Casey offers us global cooling? I'm cornfused.

165 mile an hour winds in the Sierra's? Hope it don't come this way.

Fa, I'm planning to look-up Rense soon, but the plumbers just showed up. Would go, if I could.

Anonymous said...

I'm cornfused.

ya, me too. maybe thats the general idea!

the "new" stuff may not be new. i see its not dated. so maybe new to me is old to you. i was led by the note that starts out... since posting it less than 24 hours ago... etc. i dunno. its the stuff of more details about the trains and how they're powered and so on... p

... p said...

quote the bug.... "...something to do with ..something ancient ..within DNA ..unlock..vibratory release..connection with..."

mf.... the bug's been trying to tell us that one of the operative factors in the coming "shift" is on the dna level right? i absolutely agree. "words can not go there" notwithstanding, would you ask the bug something for me?

but first i gotta do some backstory... we know shifts must be taking place on a dna level by the shifts that have taken place in what is most commonly referred to as darwin's theory of evolution. change on a dna level by way of natural selection. i seriously question the word "evolution" as most of that is really no more than form change. but thats another story. certainly dna shifts from natural selection happen veeeeeery gradually over very loooooong periods of time in the context of darwin's theory and i'm getting, and i hear the bug saying, that the coming dna shift will be quick. very quick. that implies there is outside influence on the dna structures. and that implies a sorta hierarchy in that form answers to the dna structure but the dna structure answers to some outside influence and this influence can happen in a very short period of time. sorta like sandpile theory.

i know this from my own experience. i had a shift take place literally overnight. i don't know what may have happened on a dna level that could future influence but i know that one day, and every day previous to that day for 27 straight years, i was a prisoner of the obsession of having to have alcohol available to me 24/7. and the next day i wasn't. that was 20 years ago. and i haven't had an obsession since. so i know something very special happened and it happened in a damned hurry. and i seriously doubt it was a shift in dna that brought this about. if there was a shift in dna it was a result of whatever happened that blessed night.

so, in my mind, my take on what happened to me is more the stuff of a paradigm shift. and because it happened overnight, its proof that such things can happen overnight. and i suspect there are lotsa things floating around in the ethers that are universe that amount to the makings of paradigm shifts that are just waiting in the wings for something to happen. something, some series of events, or some point in the building of energies that triggers an event. something like right time. or emotional bankruptcy where "freedom's just another word for nothin left to loose". or that one grain of sand to fall that shifts the whole pile. and we think the form the new pile takes is purely by accident but there are all sorts of things in play that influence that new form.

some refer to such influences as architypes. and architypes are the stuff of ancient rumblings.

there's a highly controversial concept forwarded by a guy name sheldrake that fits the idea that architypes are the stuff of ancient rumblings. sheldrake doens't take it that far but i do. i call these ancient rumblings the greater cosmic forces seeking balance. sheldrake calls them morphic fields, a concept that springs from his hypothesis of formative causation. many of his peers throw his work into the pseudoscience box. i don't really give a shit about that cuz all it is is a micro gap running amouk amongst a bigger, macro gap. you know, one foot stuck in the mud over here and the other foot stuck in mud over there.

being a proponent of causation to the point that i think the onion can be peeled all the way back to the point of original cause, i think sheldrake's on to something. he proposes that there is a field within and around a morphic unit which organizes its characteristic structure and pattern of activity. and he calls that field of influence morphic resonance. this is a feedback mechanism between the field and the corresponding forms of morphic units. the greater the degree of similarity, the greater the resonance, leading to habituation or persistence of particular forms. So, the existence of a morphic field makes the existence of a new similar form easier.

as an aside, such is the basis of the web bot stuff.

the whole thing leads me to my question for the bug, if there is something out there that amounts to a whole larger than its parts, do we, as individuals, play a role in this that matters on an individual, soverign basis? or are we just parts of a whole? are we in charge of our own destiny or are we just along for the ride?

and if my little example about vibration created a stir, what wisdom, of this idea of original cause, might the bug be willing and able to say?

i don't wanna put the bug on the spot. i'm perfectly willing to be content to wait on whatever she chooses to download when the mood strikes her and be grateful for it. so if all these words upon one who knows that some things cannot be understood on the word level causes her to turn tail and run, i'd certainly not judge her for it.

rockpicker said...

in the darkened recesses
of my youthfull,
collegiate experience,
wasn't there
a famous insect
who typed editorials
late at night,
after the presses
shut down?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Re planet X, I keep coming back on the same thing. When they found Pluto they were a bit miffed it turned out to be a lot smaller than our moon but the astronomers said that fits the bill, we were hoping for a bit more but there is definitely no number 10. How come they missed something three to ten times the size of Jupiter, especially when they compare time lapse pictures of the night sky with a blink viewer to see what has moved? I am not saying that it is not true but I am having a hard time coming to terms with it and why now, did somebody miss out on Halloween? And the end of the long count too, synchronicity or what? Any opinions on this one Truthseeker?
Did anybody see Michael Palin’s travelogue from a few years back called Pole to Pole? He wanted to circumnavigate the globe but also do something different that no previous explorers had done so his wife suggested he did it vertically down the 30° long line instead of the usual horizontal way. Yes I know Shakelton went to both places but not in one hit. When he got to the South Pole the Americans had the barriers down to one of the most remote places on earth so he scuttled off to the Ceremonial South Pole with all the flags about 400 – 500 yards away. There was definitely something going on there that was eyes only.


I sympathise with your plumbing problems but I think you missed a trick with your hole digging. Dead people still get buried even when it is fifty below and somebody always manages to dig the hole. You should have seen the verger from your local church and offered the hole digger a bit of cash on the side – next time huh. Btw a pick axe works a hell of a lot better than a spade but change tools when you get near to pipe level.


rockpicker said...


Thanks for the heads-up to the Rense site. Y'all gotta see this!

Military/whitehouse must be freaking!

(I am so looking forward to this year's state of the union speech.)

double clean-out ports successfully installed. Excavation to be closed after lunch. out.

rockpicker said...


No problem with the digging. The guy representing the cable company went, on my suggestion, to a local log cabin-builder and got a pick-up load of waste slabs. I promptly started a fire over the "wound zone," and by two o'clock we had the afflicted area exposed. Dug it all out with a no. 2 roundpoint. Had a mattock, but didn't need it. Thanks, though. BTW, how WOULD the verger do it?

freeacre said...

Well, you can stick a fork in me, because I'm done... nothing exotic, but Murph and I both had to go out and shovel the foot of snow that fell last night on top of the 3 feet that was already there. Shoveled our butts off, and now it's starting to dump again. Snowballs the size of baseballs all stuck to Brie's fur have to be removed as she goes in and out. Tahiti is looking better and better to me.
Yeah, RP, those pictures of stationary space stations (or whatever they are) combined with the article on LATOC about cities being military targets by death ray weapons is really scary...and who knows who's they are?

rockpicker said...

Sibel's posted some interesting mug shots.


This will warm me as I dig...

rockpicker said...

Send me some of that white stuff. And, hey, we're a lot closer than Tahiti. Almost as warm. Have you felt the heat in the sun? It's spooky.

Didn't hear about the death rays, but I do know that the Disclosure Project folks have cautioned against US governmental propaganda demonizing an ET presence as menacing. We have no reason to think that the ET's are malevolent. But, of course, a common enemy is always useful to have lying around.

freeacre said...

The cockroach who used to type philosophical missives by jumping down on a key one at a time in the night and who typed in all lower case because she couldn't hold down the capitalization key and type a letter at the same time was Mahitabel, from the book, "Archy and Mahitabel." A classic.

rockpicker said...

Aye, then.

I was counting on you...

rockpicker said...


I would never presume
to stick a fork in you...

open-handed acceptance of the talking stick is plenty good for me...


rockpicker said...

All seriousness aside,

What LATOC article about death rays on cities were you talking about, just out of curiosity?

freeacre said...

I'm trying to find the related articles. I read so many sites per day that after awhile, they sort of meld together and I think I know what I know, but can't find out why I think I know what I know...ya know?
Good question.

rockpicker said...


rockpicker said...

eh, eh, ah doan get it, ya know?

Ah mean, maybe ahm not gettin' all the oxygen ah need, ya known? but ah,
why's Gene Hackman tryin' to interview Obama in the first place? that's what I wanna know.

Ah mean, I jus' doan get it. Why's ee even in New Hampsher? He's a fuckin' actor. He should be sipping gin n tonics poolside. What da fuck duhs he care about a interview wid Obama?, ah mean, ah jus doan get it...

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


The verger would tell you where the grave digger lives.
Btw if your hole gets much bigger you could find yourself in Tihiti but thats more diggin than trying to find out what is going on back home. I have also heard it said that the only people who complain about workers leaning on their shovels are those who have never dug a hole.

...p said...

rp.... the question that comes to mind when i read about all the massive BB projects (like what we read about over on PC) is, where's the money to finance it all been coming from?

the question that lingers in my mind when i read catherine austin fitts story about all the missing trillions from the coffers of govt agencies is, where'd all that money go?

you think there could be a connection?

RAS said...

As it so happens, I got an offer in my mailbox for a free trial of Netflix, so I will be watching that documentary. I doubt I'll keep the service after the free trial, even for 5 bucks a month, but hey, I'll get to watch some movies in the meantime!

The Ice Queen's win in New Hampshire last night prompted me to write a rant on my blog this morning -not about her, but about our broken system. I feel much better with that out of my own system!

Anonymous said...

ras just read you post and the thoughts seem to encompass the general feeling of how many of us relate to the system, the talking heads lyrics are great form sue also, love those guys,

if no one passed these on to you you might like to look at them;

glad to see you at the council fire again.

went to missoula last night to pick up my brothers daughter rolling in from georgia and was pleasantly surprised to see her in reddish-pink dreadlocks down to here chest with body piercings galore, several tats(body art)?, clothes covered with homemade patches calling for the destruction of the government,religion etc, and an old army pack containing her stuff and man you should see the other people that got off the bus with her giving her plenty of room, i laughed my ass off right there and caught it all on my new digital camera, brought me right straight back to the sixties when my brother and i would enter a restaurant with shoulder length hair and peoples mouths would just open gape at us,
absolute anarchist, and almost 22 years old despising the system she is!

so its good to see that maybe the spirit of the young people is coming around again and will grow along with the thoughtful of us that are hold overs from an era when making love in the tall grass was as normal as breathing good clean air.

god i miss those days sometimes..,,,,,

Anonymous said...

i don't suppose any of this email from a friend will surprise any of us here...

Listening to Alex Jones today, one town in NH had 31 votes for Ron Paul, but reported ZERO votes for Ron Paul! A family of 5 had voted for him, saw NO votes, and raised a ruckus…Bev Harris ( (I think)) is on the case now as well.

Highly UNUSUAL that Hilary won when polling showed Obama with double digit leads going into the election. IMO, all electronic voting can be easily manipulated and is likely to be fraudulent. NH is Diebold based. It is highly probable that the election results were manipulated in NH.

... end email. p out

freeacre said...

lolo...Sounds like your little niece could use a pair of combat boots and a megaphone for her hope chest! Praise be that she has loving support.