Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Stockholm Syndrome?

Do Sections of American Society, To Some Extent, Exhibit Symptoms?

From our friend in Belgium.

Most articles dealing with the Stockholm Syndrome usually start off with a brief description of what it is, so I will follow the usual path. Stockholm Syndrome is the name given to the identification some hostages have with their captors. Often the captors become regarded as benevolent and even admirable. This usually takes a few days to set in. After denying the hostages their liberty and threatening them with death, the captors then begin to offer small liberties and luxuries in exchange for obedience. For example, a person who does not misbehave can be given better food than the other hostages, or allowed more comfortable shelter. By extending a carrot in exchange for servility, the captor begins to be seen as the bringer of freedom to the hostage, and looked up to as a child may look upon a parent.

It was a letter to Joe Bageant which first captured my imagination, from a 70’s hippy lady Karen, who never stopped living the dream. She and her husband live on a small homestead in up state New York and over the years, have lost hope in a better world which has turned their back on them. Now they have become more isolationist, avoiding contact with those they see as having a disregard and lack of respect for their fellow humans whilst also exhibiting a personal lack of responsibility. It was their observation that society is suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome which I wanted to explore further.

It must be said from the outset that Stockholm Syndrome is a trend not a universal. Unlike the female hostages in the original Stockholm bank, one of whom became engaged to her captor and the other who began a defense appeal fund, in a later bank hostage situation two women lured their captor in front of a window so that police marksmen could get a clear shot at him. When he was only wounded the two women picked him up and held him against the window so the police could get a second shot in.

What is known about the groupings and conditions in which Stockholm Syndrome is likely to occur? The social groups in which it is more prevalent are:

Abused Children

Battered/Abused Women

Prisoners of War

Cult Members

Incest Victims

Criminal Hostage Situations

Concentration Camp Prisoners

Controlling/Intimidating Relationships

In the final analysis this type of emotional bonding is a victim’s strategy for survival and apart from the specific list above it can be found in any other situation in which one person or group exerts draconian authority and control over another.

There are several behavioral traits which can be attributed to the occurrence of Stockholm Syndrome. Some or all of the following may be present.

Positive feelings by the victim toward the abuser/controller

Negative feelings by the victim toward family, friends, or authorities trying to rescue/support them or win their release

Support of the abuser’s reasons and behaviors

Positive feelings by the abuser toward the victim

Supportive behaviors by the victim, at times helping the abuser

Inability to engage in behaviors that may assist in their release or detachment

Additionally, it has been found that four situations or conditions are present that serve as a foundation for the development of Stockholm Syndrome.

The presence of a perceived threat to one’s physical or psychological survival and the belief that the abuser would carry out the threat.

The presence of a perceived small kindness from the abuser to the victim

Isolation from perspectives other than those of the abuser

The perceived inability to escape the situation

So, what does the Stockholm Syndrome have to do with the State? First, the relationship between a State and its citizens is virtually identical to that of a hijacker and his hostages. A State can deny its citizens basic rights and freedoms, and uses force to keep them under its thumb, just as a captor does with his victim. If you are good and live by the State's laws, then you can enjoy whatever freedom it allows you to have without interference (note that what this amounts to is the State saying it will not take anymore of your freedom than it already has — for now anyway). This is analogous to a captor setting down the rules by which the hostages must live by while under his purview, and if they are good then "no one gets hurt." Good behavior is rewarded, and as the hostages continue to have their needs provided by their captors, much as a State provides certain services to its citizens, they are seen less as the criminals they are and more like benevolent caretakers.

Also, the rationalizations hostages give are similar to the arguments for the necessity of State action. Without the State, we are told, there would be no good or service and so the State is actually providing a positive benefit to society through its existence. Similarly, hostages say that those who held them against their will went out of their way to please and provide for them, and thus are not the evil people others see them as. As the State supposedly institutes law and order, and thus brings stability and protects life, hostages can see their overseers as giving and protecting their lives as well, simply because they do not take it from them. Can you identify any of this with the current situation in the USA?

Apart from the relationship between a state and its citizens, are there any examples where a citizenry seeks appeasement from perceived threats other than directly from their own state? The one which has the greatest risk to world stability is the relationship between the ordinary people of Israel and their Arab world outside their door. Not withstanding the ‘My dad can thump your dad’ posturing of the leadership, sixty years of living on the edge of their nerves has left its toll on the population, particularly the Ashkenazim business class. They have looked inward on their situation and like an abused child have concluded that they must in someway be responsible for their lot since bad things happen to bad people. Most want a permanent settlement of the situation which acknowledges their right to exist but they are trapped by a feeling that by lowering their defenses they could make way for a Trojan horse. Whilst throughout history this strategy for survival has worked well for European Jews with Christian overlords, this hierarchy held no personal threat to the Jews existence. Mizrakhim Jews from the Eastern (Arab lands) Diaspora, see a jahad as a quick route to paradise, so have no such reservations. The present situation with Jews now in their own land, experiencing a permanent internal and external, seemingly insoluble conflict is vastly different, particularly since some Muslim elements do not respond well to groveling; a fact that can only lead to an increase of pressure in the boiler.

By direct contrast, the inhabitants of the Israeli prison camp known as Gaza show no such Quisling characteristics. They have Hamas representing them and like the women hostages who held the gangster to the window, they are not going to dissemble. Hamas are gentle and benevolent towards their own but fierce and resolute towards those who would do harm. If they are afraid they do not show it.

The guiding principle which served President Nixon throughout his Terms in office was “People react to fear not to love”. Keep people afraid and you can control them. The message has not been lost on those who followed. And what was good for a president is good also for the advertising industry that taps into our mental insecurities and supplies us with symbolic substitutes. If this fear which is now paralyzing us, suddenly turns to panic then the tables may suddenly be turned on those who now have control.

What are the things we should be afraid of? Many are afraid of social rejection, to be outside the ‘in crowd’, to be out of step with their respected peers, to be smiled at slightly disapprovingly and kept outside their inner circle. Perhaps we should also fear Satan; the Pied Piper; bird flu; chemtrails; WMD, the militarization of space, Earth’s collision with a dark Sun, terrorists and anyone who hates our freedoms enough to want to take them away. The three most common fears this administration uses against its own people are:

1) Fear of a foreign threat (Communists, Terrorists, etc.).

2) Fear of a domestic threat (Minorities, Crime, Poverty, Drugs, etc.).

3) Fear of some sort of decay in moral values (sometimes referred to as 'family values’), which are to be used if the first two don’t do the trick.

I saw a two or three minute You Tube spliced video of Bush in different suit and ties and on different podiums just saying the words “Terror; Terrorist or Terrorism”. It reminded me of a soap powder commercial, if the word is repeated over and over, it forms a bridgehead in the mind and nothing will make it go away. We have fear by proxy and it is our protector who is promulgating this fear within us. Here are two quotations from President Bush which will serve as examples.

“There will be no going back to the era before September 11, 2001 – to false comfort in a dangerous world”.

“Our security will require all Americans to be forward looking, to be resolute; to be ready for preemptive action”.

The response to this fear is to remove the freedoms of which our adversaries are so envious, for our own protection, of course.

Here are some of the ways we are now being protected:

By intercepting and scanning for trigger words, any piece of electronic communication entering, leaving or being passed internally through the USA.

Ripping up the Geneva Convention and allowing US representatives to torture any others it feels so inclined to do, without any reason, so long it is not done on Mainland USA soil.

Repealing the Posse Comitatus Act, and thus allowing the military onto the streets, in place of the police, for the purpose of controlling US citizens.

Disallowing any persons right to ‘habeas corpus’ so that they can be held in custody indefinitely without ever being charged or brought to trial.

The building and staffing of in excess of 800 detention centers each capable of holding tens or hundreds of thousands of inmates.

More stringent passport control so that US citizens can no longer enter Canada or Mexico without these documents, even though Mexicans with truck loads of furniture can freely enter the USA.

The Department of Homeland Security’s operation End Game whereby all US citizens must be within borders by 2015 and all non US citizens outside.

It would appear these are the freedoms that the terrorists hate you having.

But no, these are the measures the US Government is taking on your behalf, to protect you from their evil. Like the handle from the book and film ‘Breakheart Pass’ stated “No one is who you think they are and nothing is what it seems”.

By feeding a constant war footage and collusion from a compliant media who serves us a diet of toxic news we are taught by rote and repetition to be afraid. And what do people do when they are afraid? As Marilyn Manson so astutely observed, they consume and by consuming they make big business even bigger. Whether it is the teenage girl who is led to believe the boys won’t like her if she doesn’t use this brand of spotty cream or the politician who tells us that if the terrorists break through the line in Iraq, they will come to the West and take away the few freedoms we still have left, thereby keeping Big Arms nicely ticking over.

Does this make us bond closer with the Muslims? I suspect not. Does it make us bond closer to our protectors who are pushing the fear agenda at us? Probably for a significant number it does. Even though Bush has the worst popularity ratings of any previous president, there are still a third of the population who think he is doing a great job. Many will be died in the wool Republicans who follow their party, right or wrong but I suspect not all are from this camp and some are looking for personal appeasement from those who are holding them in fear. These are the ones who are exhibiting the Stockholm Syndrome.

Society is a complex business and although the Stockholm Syndrome is likely to exist in significant numbers, it is not the whole story. A more probable likelihood is given by Derrick Jensen in his book “A Language Older than Words”. He describes an unhappy childhood at the expense of a mentally disturbed father who would routinely beat and rape his wife; himself (Derrick) and his brothers and sisters. What was the boy’s reaction when his father stood up and dragged his brother across the dinner table? He was just a child, not able to go ‘mano a mano’ with his father. Just like soldiers going over the trench top and seeing comrades fall as they charge the no mans land, they were thankful it wasn’t them. Likewise the small boy on the dinner table was thankful it was not him. He kept his head down and carried on eating. But just like the soldier on the battlefield who sees his comrades fall, it does not mean he is excused his turn.

The Stockholm Syndrome appears to be a real effect on society however a probable greater effect on the dumbing down of the people is the hope that keeping your head down and hiding in the crowd will be enough for you to be passed over. Deep down, most Americans know that their turn will eventually come and the possibility increases with each passing day. As King Solomon noted in his famous song “All the world is vexation and vanity”.

What response should be offered to this inevitability? Should we form some sort of alternative breakaway self sustained grouping and leave the present ways behind? Should this group defend itself, if and when its time comes and maybe suffer the fate of so many other indigenous peoples at the hands of the Europeans? Should it rage against the passing of the light? Should it collectively put its head through an open window and shout “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”, or should it adopt a more pragmatic approach and calmly wait its turn?


Karen’s letter to Joe Bageant

Definition and relation of SS to the State

Conditions necessary for appearance of SS

The Jewish Connection

Fear and Consumption (1)

Fear and Consumption (2)

Derrick Jensen – A Language Older than Words (Intro reader)

Bush Ratings

Quotation “Rage against the passing of the Light”

Quotation “I’m as mad as hell”

From the film “Network” spoken by character Howard Beale


murph said...


Your questions at the end of the post are timely and significant. On a personal level, when the line in the sand has been crossed, then I have to make the ultimate decision. I think that everyone will be in the same boat at one time or another; what to do when the violations of yourself becomes so odious that it cannot be tolerated. I believe history will comment that most times they sit and wait for their turn.

rockpicker said...

Interesting take on Americans' inexplicable docility.

I've contended for a long time there may be a lot of good reasons to pay taxes, but remittance to avoid government's reprisals is not one of them.

Check out this short film.

freeacre said...

I think you have helped us to focus on a really important dynamic in our perceptions, Belgium. Having grown up in an abusive environment, it has historically been difficult for me to make the call whether someone is "good" or "bad," "trustworthy" or not. I've gotten better at it over the years, though. The problem for me is that people, as well as countries, are not all good or all bad. It would sure be easier to figure if they were.
It took Jensen's writing for me to better see the same dynamic at work with my relationship to the country as my relationship to my father. Part of me wants to believe that if I just do the right thing, pay my taxes, vote conscientiously, be a good citizen, do my part, etc. that the government will respond by serving my best interests, be fair, and all that. We tend to focus on the good things, deny the really bad stuff, because it is just too painful to think that maybe they really don't care, really don't "love" us. I know that makes me sound like a case of arrested development, and it is probably true.
Take the election process, for instance. We know that the Diebold machines were hacked. The last two presidential elections were stolen.New Hampshire appears to be more of the same. Why are we not in the streets kicking and screaming? I think it is because we have been systematically taught to be fearful, intimidated, and overwhelmed on the one hand, and because the Big Lie is always out there that our country punishes those who get out of line and rewards those who don't. We find ourselves just hoping that the abuser don't turn on us next. And then, it's our turn. It's horrifying on a really intimate level, and rather than responding by being angry and empowered, we paralyze ourselves.So, we look for a savior, a person to rescue us, some sort of miracle, or just some new product or food or activity that will make us feel temporarily better. Sad, isn't it?
Ultimately, I don't know what will heal the situation on a mass level. But, I think it begins by deciding individually that "the abuse stops here." I will not be an abuser or an exploiter. I will not pretend that the abuse does not exist. I will not close my eyes, shut my mouth, or "be a good girl." I will not give you my children to ruin. I will not pretend that things are OK. I will not be grateful for the crumbs that you throw. I will resist your tyranny fight to defend my self and my brothers and sisters.
I will not be afraid that you will kill me. I am going to die anyway.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


Becoming a boat person seems to have its advantages. Yes, I know it is black humour but when everyone saw those sad pictures from the end of the Vietnam era I will bet you never thought anyone would make that suggestion to you. Fight or flight, everyone must make their personal choice but don’t leave it until it is Hobson’s choice.


I have seen that small video before, I thought I had commented here but I went back four posts and couldn’t find it so it must have been an e-mail. My response was that I had seen similar footage from both Seattle and Miami and that it does not mature with age. You know, for the alternative media to get hold of footage like this there must be some cops who don’t like the turn of the world but who see the economic meltdown coming or they believe they should really be defending the first amendment rather than presiding over its demise. On a personal level, maybe they see the best way of looking after their family is by not screwing their pension and find themselves in the camp of unpleasant alternatives.


If I have shone a light in a dark corner then my job is done. Whether you want to take a step farther is a personal decision, it is not always easy. Storm clouds are gathering, it is time to prepare for bad times ahead, maybe they just blow over. I keep asking myself what is the point of having an election if there is not going to be a new administration and if there is then what is the purpose of the fear agenda? Perhaps it is to give an illusion of normality whilst maintaining a society in servility. Check out the link in ‘Sources’, Fear and Consumption (1), I think you will like it. It does however make the point that if people are asked to name a famous Native American Chief then you will probably get answers like Geronimo; Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull but who remembers the peace makers and there were more of them. It is a pity these guys could not realize the death of the dominant culture.

I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain,
I’ve seen sunny days that I though would never end,
I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend,
But I always thought I would see you one more time again.

(James Taylor).

rockpicker said...

Will Thomas has a new piece on the connection of the Vatican to the Federal Reserve. It's long, but it's good, and a lot of background info into who makes things go.

Also, on, click on the 'Q', and click on prep of the week. Rifle instructions from a Marine trainer.

Freeacre, your belligerance lifts my sodden spirits and quickens my reticent heart.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's that story -the one about the frog in the pot? Let's see, I think it's... -if you toss a frog in a boiling pot of water, he'll jump out, but if the frog is placed in nice cool water, and the water in the pot starts getting hot. And hotter. To boiling. But the frog just sorta stays and eventually becomes frog soup.

Well, that's what I think is going on here, Sportsfans! I really don't think the frogs/sheeple will do much of anything unless they were to actually SEE their friends or loved ones being dragged into the street and wasted by Blackwater homeboys. I realize that the sheeple are sorta blinded by American Idol, Survivor, Nascar, X-Box360, kid's soccar games, Jesus, etc, but I really don't think I want to stick my neck out for those who strive to stay ignorant or those that are just plain, fucking stupid. Sorry, no can do. "Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged from the system" -"The Matix."

Later -


RAS said...

I think the Stockholm Syndrome itself is a bit oversold, and I'm not sure I'm comfortable applying it to a whole country either. I think brainwashing or programming might be a more accurate concept.
Either way, the results are the same.

The Moron in Chief is talking about giving each taxpayer an $800 rebate check. I sure hope they do -there's 40 million of us or so who could use the money to buy groceries and heat!

Meanwhile, back in the Lands of the Southern Sun, our state and city are having financial problems while our local mayor and council are blathering about wanting a pay raise. How much do they make a year? Only about $90,000. That's right, a 9 with four zeros. I know a lot of people who'd kill for a one time payment of 9,000 much less ten times that! And yet they want a pay raise.

The game goes on -where it stops, no one knows. What I want to know is, where is the plug so I can pull it?

rockpicker said...

check this out.

rockpicker said...

Jan.18 For a laugh, check out the annoying BBC report from Tikrit.

For something a bit more serious, the full-length documentary on the new world order is a must-see.

murph said...


If this guy is right, better be tightening the seat belt and putting on the crash helmet and locking and loading. Here it comes

Anonymous said...

SATS,i love your post,it hits right exactly where my interest button on where world affairs lies and the how it got to be the way it is.

personally in understanding anything anymore i run straight to the mirror accompanied by the mostly ever present these days, the bug,
that is my foundation and that is where the answer to all things as far as this one is concerned is found because what is the world if not that which i see in the mirror?
what or who is responsible for the condition in which we find our selfs?
i do not stare into the abyss, i am the fucking abyss,.....this has become both a relief and a quandary for a mind raised on lies,deceit,maliciousness,fear,favor,deception,programmed responses,cruelness,and outright hatred for something innocent, as in jealousy of a new born and the occasional person that has seen through the bondage and baggage of most peoples minds as it sees through the bag and bondage of its own, and how we stumble through the self imposed hell that even a snake is better off then us because it can shed the old and take on the new.
i will look no further then the bathroom mirror for the answers i seek in regard to the eternal question of who and what am i.. .
we were imbibed by the initial imprint to savor and enjoy the freedom from the mindlessness of being simply reproducing, eating, shitting machines, but boy have we managed to fuck that one up.
from an old man with the clearest blue eyes i have ever seen and as he ate from a tin can in the campground we had put together along side the colorado river he explained to me that we are methodical programmed to bow,scrape and grovel before authority,...that hit me hard and it still remains fresh in my mind nearly 40 years later!

so as i see it the basis for our existence is fear.. fear of doing or fear of not doing and this includes thinking. that is pretty concise to me and seems to fit each scenario as it has arisen .

bug says we lack reverence ,

not the reverence given to the baby raping catholitcs but just plain ole reverence,

to stand in awe of, the dictionary says.
ok, i says how do we get this so called reverence in its deepest meaning?
can i buy it at wally world,?is it made in china? maybe.who knows?

what will cause something as miraculous as reverence to occur in the human mind, i mean The state of reverence, not just reverence for one thing but all things, a constant state of something that seems to be missing in most of the people and is desperately needed more then ever in this time of possible complete destruction of the human race. GOD DAMN IT we must find this thing folks,it must be part of us don't you think so? i mean what in the fuck is it that is more important at this time if not to find out what and who we are ?
i would sincerely like to know. i get no relief from langosta,she is adamant about this and says it is either to shit or git off the pot and she don't mean smoking a joint. i says she is heartless and to leave me alone,she laughs and calls me a freak of nature or some such and that i should get in touch with reality. i reach for the RAID.
in peace'

Palooka's Revenge said...

i couldn't get murph's link to load. if you have same prob go to sinclair's site...

click on the jan 17 article on left side of page titled "the panic starts"

freeacre said...

Yesterday, Montana, I found myself contemplating the Bug. I was lying in the tub,soaking my bones in hot water and my mind drifted to Langusta, and I felt much gratitude for her blessings on our tribe, through you. I bet she thinks that all this goofy drama that is going on with the stock market and such is just so much dumbassed unnecessary fabrication. And, why not focus on the sunset and the wind in the trees, and the love that holds the universe in place? Wondrous things surround us, and I surely hope that when this deterioration of the clusterfuck manifests, we will be more able to see what is truly real. She really is some bug.

Palooka's Revenge said...

mf.... to stand in awe. for once the dictionary got it right!!

and you my friend are dead on about the mirror.

as for the bug, like wisdom that knows the only way one can know is to know for oneself, she leaves us to our own devices and to learn from our own choices and experiences. which is way one-up on most eh?

and so it is. until such time as the alloted time runs out. which is determined by a distance so far past the balance point that universe and even life itself cannot be further risked and thus, it becomes right time for intervention. i highly suspect universe and the bug is about to teach us all what we've refused to learn on our own. awesome!!

b... thx for another of your always well researched and always well written entrys.

freeacre said...

For another thought-provoking look at the demise of the empire, read the January Archdruid Report, if you haven't already. It's really good, I think, to look at it from a more dispassionate historical approach. Sometimes, when looking from a closer perspective, we can tend to be more hysterical than historical (and for good reasons).
It sure would have been nice if the journalists had done their jobs and informed the citizenry of what has been going on with the war and finances, resource depletion, etc. Now, the sheeple are going to be sucker-punched and the suffering is going to be magnified beyond what it might have been.

Dave said...

I agree that American society is suffering from some kind of psychological disorder. I've tended to assume it's denial - denial that we're rushing toward a police state, denial that those in power are evil. Granted, acknowledging those truths would be extremely troubling to most people - I'm certainly troubled by them. So most people would rather ignore such evidence and go shopping.

I think the Stockholm Syndrome could well be one psychological disturbance afflicting American society.

I recently wrote an essay titled,

"What Would It Look Like If Civilization Had A Nervous Breakdown?"

in an effort to explore what's wrong with our society.


Anonymous said...

This may fit in with this discussion. It’s been haunting me for a week now.

I was talking with a woman I’ve known for a number of years and we got onto the public school system. We agreed it dumbs kids down so that many become drones. BUT she thought that was fine because our society needs to be mostly drones in order to function and that they were perfectly content with their lot.

I disagreed and was shocked that a woman who fights for the health of rivers and fish would not be concerned to get the best for people. I cannot believe that we should not be helping children to develop as far as possible whatever talents and intelligence they have.

But then it occurred to me that a good part of my shock was that she, an admittedly intelligent person, doesn’t see anything wrong with our society! How can you not see it?!

stoney13 said...

Great post, Belgium. Pretty much spells the whole sad scenario out!

This isn't even a new one, either! What was it the Roman philosopher said? Something about "bread, and circus"?

Personally, I only have three sources of news: Alternet, Kieth Olbermann, and Amy Goodman. Everything else is corporate propaganda, or even worse a bunch of Bush apologists mumbling stale platitudes to the masses, while backing the present administration in all things behind the scenes!

Intersperse this with wild tale of daring do concerning whatever celebrity decides to get drunk and drive like an idiot, or fill their exalted personages with every sort of drug known to man, and ignore their children/ spouse/ career/ mother/ fill-in-the-blank.

Blend in the "Horror De Jour", followed by simpering law-and-order types telling us how great it would be of we just gave up all our guns, and let them do the leg-work, (yea, RIGHT!!) and that pretty much covers news in the "Corporatacracy" that this nation has become while we were all watching "American Idol"

The scenario that you put forth is one where the people have to surrender to the corporate interests, and the rise of Nazi Germany, has shown that people WILL do that very thing, if you get them desperate enough!

Right now, the PWB need us fat, and stupid. They need America for the global market that it is! They need America to be the place where you can sell anything to anybody at any given time!

They need "Joe Six-pack", and "Sally Saddlebags" at the mall stuffing deep-fried shit in their faces with both hands, and buying all manner of "consumer goods"!! The fact that they aren't is why we have President Pork Pie on the "telly" doing what ALL American presidents have done since "The Federal Reserve" took over the monetary system of The United States, and that's to throw money at the problem!

Of course there has been no money thrown yet, and they hope the promise of it will get the brain-dead populace in a spending mood!

It, however seems that the populace has been lied to, and fucked over enough, that there might be a glimmer, (albeit a very slight one), of hope that they just might, (i said MIGHT!) see this for what it's worth, and that the band-aid will not help the bullet wound, and a tourniquet applied to the neck is seldom a treatment met with success!

RAS said...

There is not one, but two, mega shopping centers going in within a mile of me. There's also a hugh subdivison of McCastles going in right down the road.

Everybody but me seems to think this is a good thing.

I have the urge to light out for the 'territory' -or at least somewhere a little less 'civilized'. Can anyone else relate?

rockpicker said...

Here's something to ponder between checking the market updates.

This is from Tom Bearden:

"Now we are ready to see into weather engineering.
Focus the interference zone (IZ) on the other side of the earth (beam right through the earth and ocean) to a given desired area in the atmosphere. Bias your transmitters positively. You produce atmospheric heating in the air in the IZ, so that the air expands and you have produced a "low" pressure zone. Now use a second interferometer biased negatively, and place it at a distant IZ desired. In that IZ, you cool the air so that it shrinks and becomes denser, and you have created a "high" pressure area. Now place several such IZs, with the desired highs and lows, near a jet stream. The jet stream will be deviated toward a low and away from a high. By varying the transmitted energy and the iz location (just move it gradually along), you can entrain and steer the jet streams, and therefore effectively "steer" the resulting weather.
Want to spawn tornadoes? Just make several sharp bends in the jet streams, and also speed them up a bit. The additional angular momentum imparted to the air masses will spawn off littler rotations (tornadoes). By focusing the IZ underneath the ocean, one can heat or cool the water in a selected area, over a period of time. So you can aggravate or ease El Nino, e.g. By proper steering and coordination around the earth, the KGB is able to create a great deal of rain in an area, a drought in an area, storms and tornadoes, a powerful El Nino, etc.

Want to really mess with the troops? Just focus the IZ in a large fault zone -- say such as the San Andreas fault in California. Use the exothermic interferometry mode. You deposit energy slowly in that fault zone. The stress increases. Eventually the plate edges shift, and you have an earthquake. If you want a very powerful quake, put the energy in gradually, so that a sort of "overpotential" or "overpressure" builds up, past where the rocks would normally slip. Then when they let go, you've got a real nice big one. You can see what might happen if one also toys around with a sleeping volcano.

On July 4, 1976 the KGB began its massive and continuing weather engineering over North America. It continues to this day. So the anomalous weather..."

Find article here: