Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Something is Happening Here, but we don't know what it is...

by Freeacre

Did Hillary have an “Oprah moment” which tugged at the heartstrings of the women in New Hampshire so they changed their minds at the last minute and voted for her instead of Obama? Or, was there some sort of computer manipulation going on that switched the count in her favor? Ron Paul supporters are saying that their votes were not even counted at all in precincts that reported zero votes for Paul. Oh, Christ, here we go again. We’ll never know, will we?

One thing I am certain of is that the electoral process is compromised as long as those paperless machines are used. Voters should boycott them. They are unacceptable. Want more information? Google “voter fraud in New Hampshire.”

Update on our policy of no shopping at a grocery store for a month to see how the preparedness plans hold up: good so far. Only exception has been to get a gallon of milk so murph can still drink a glass with his cookies at night. In a true emergency he’d have to suck it up (or maybe that should be “not suck it up). We pulled a bunch of elephant garlic and some potatoes from the quasi-root cellar made from the buried garbage can, and I made some garlic potato soup from a head of roasted garlic, onions, potatoes, canned chicken, chicken base flavoring, and evaporated milk. It was quite good, if I say so myself. Depending on your taste, you can season it with salt and pepper, thyme, or some herbs de provincial, or any combination thereof. I’m still experimenting.

….OK, have we put the surveillance team to sleep yet? One can only hope. I doubt it, however, because of the Promus software the intelligence agencies are supposed to be using now that automatically scans millions of messages at once for suspect conversations, and automatically transfers people to lists of assorted dissidents. So much for free speech – now an antiquated concept in this “post 9/11” horror show.

Part of me would like to respond at length to Rockpicker’s question from the last post about what space based death ray machinery I was referring to from the last campfire conversation. I mean, here we are, at the beginning of a year that we pretty well know is going to be a ball buster. We have a pause between the next primary where it will be my pleasure to watch Romney bite the big one as the people of Michigan reject “The Uber Suit Man” despite the fact that they liked his dad a bunch. That is my expectation, unless they really have been taken over by the pods.

We have time to talk amongst ourselves, let our imaginations go wild, put on the tin foil hats for while. But I gotta admit that I don’t like the look of the possible consequences of pissing off the government boyz. So, I’m just going to share some selections of some reports that are available to read on other sites and let you connect the dots yourselves any way you want to.

Let me begin by saying that I have no military knowledge or experience of any sort. I can’t even throw a baseball, let alone a hand grenade. I’d probably set myself on fire if I tried to throw a Molotov cocktail. But what I am reading seems alarming to me.

From there is this long piece entitled “Cites in the Crosshairs” that seems to say that there has been a qualitative shift in the ways that cities are perceived. (Sort of like when the business schools began teaching that any money that could be made is counted as a loss when it is not made, has led to a ramped up ruthless greed that leaves no room for mercy.) Cities are perceived as targets as people are driven off the land and into or surrounding cities. The large barrios of the poor are relegated to the areas close to the garbage dumps. These areas are considered breeding grounds for ”insurgents”. Software has been developed that can target these areas for general evaporation, in spite of pleas from the Christian Children’s Fund for money to send little Maria and her baby brother some shoes. Apparently we are not all on the same page…. But, that’s a dot.

The regular neighborhoods, as in Baghdad, have proven to be very dangerous to soldiers attempting to pacify the residents as they go door to door due to asymmetric warfare tactics like IED’s. So, from the article, “A major response amongst U.S. military – “Programs with telling titles such as “Combat Zones That See” and “Visibuilding” promise to re-establish the dream of omniscient, distanciated and machinic vision for U.S. forces in cities, allowing them to once again withdraw physically from the killing power of their machines. Many dreams of robotized and automated high-tech warfare, permanently projecting perfect power into global south cities, are emerging here. The objective being to try and delegate the decision to kill to computer software embedded within networked weapons and sensors which permanently loiter within or above urban space automatically dispatching those deemed ‘enemy.’” OK, that’s a dot.

Featured on LATOC today, there is an article from the guerrilla news network. It is a piece that Michael Ruppert wrote in 2006, “The Military is Planning for The End of the Grid.” From a report to congress by the Dept. of Defense in May, 2006: “As Peak Oil & Gas drive energy prices through the roof, the military sees an opportunity to effectively monopolize grid energy when they need to by taking advantage of a deregulating energy industry preparing to sell energy to the highest bidder. Such a scenario will benefit the military above all else because no one could possibly outbid them.

With America’s commercial manufacturing sector packing up shop and relocating primarily in Mexico and China to cut costs, military installations and private-sector military-industrial-complex manufacturers in America are sure to have the deepest pockets to pay for grid energy with little competition as hydrocarbon supplies start to dwindle. People will be priced off the grid.”

The military and the elites have plans for those big alternative energy programs, like huge wind turbine fields, as well. They are building them close to their own homes and military bases. From Ruppert again, “Those who blindly advocate for big renewable energy infrastructure know not what they do. When big wind and solar farms supported by environmentalists come on line they are placed on the Pentagon’s map, and when that energy is eventually needed for one of their installations or industrial producers they will simply take it through a well-orchestrated alliance with gigantic private energy firms. This is yet another reason why the only sustainable energy motto for this century is think small, think local. All the big stuff is already on the Pentagon’s radar and will ultimately be exploited to their benefit, not yours.” That’s a dot.

So, by golly! What did I read on cryptogon a couple of days ago? “New Power Meters in California Can Ration or Cut Off Electricity by Remote Control.” The San Francisco Chronicle reports “… customers would get an electricity meter that can be switched on or off remotely, without a visit from one of PG & E’s customer service trucks. During a power emergency, the devices also could ration electricity to a home rather than blacking it out entirely….They can also be programmed with software that, in the future, could allow them to control home appliances, turning off air conditioners and washing machines or changing their power needs as needed.” There’s another dot.

Gee. Do you think that the military might anticipate some resistance to these and other invasive tactics? No problem! We have, after all, all this weaponry we have been using in Afghanistan and Iraq that we can always turn against domestic “terrorists” who may want to set their own thermostats. And, there’s lots of money in it as well!

Lets see…also from cryptogon, “Micro UAV Surveillance at Antiwar Protests.”

“I heard someone say, ‘Oh my God, look at those,’ the college senior from New York recalled. I look up and I’m like, ‘What the hell is that? They looked kind of like dragonflies or little helicopters. But, I mean, those are not insects.”

No, those are not insects. Those are surveillance drones that will eventually be able to identify you from centralized data bases while they chase you down the street and call in for cluster bombs, microwave pain rays - or worse.

Huh? Google “Star Wars in Iraq” and watch the video. Doctors and witnesses of directed energy and high intensity micro-wave weapons that can cut the heads off people sitting in cars without disturbing the rest of the body. Weapons that can shrink an adult body to 2-3 feet long while it burns it to a crisp. You can read the details on It’s a report entitled, “Horrifying US Secret Weapon Unleashed in Baghdad.” From the report, “Then to his amazement the tank suddenly let loose a blinding stream of what seemed like fire and lightning, engulfing a large passenger bus and three automobiles. Within seconds the bus had become semi-molten, sagging “like a wet rag” as he put it. He said the bus rapidly melted under this withering blast, shrinking until it was a twisted blob about the dimensions of a VW bug. As if that were not bizarre enough, an al-Ghazali explicitly describes seeing numerous human bodies shriveled to the size of newborn babies. By the time local street fighting ended that day, he estimates between 500 and 600 soldiers and civilians had been cooked alive as a result of the mysterious tank-mounted device.” The army just ordered 31 more of these weapons for use in Iraq. But, what happens in Iraq doesn’t necessarily stay in Iraq. That’s another dot.

Those lasers and pain machines could probably make short work of herding thousands of people right into the boxcars that can take them to the 230 domestic internment camps now completed here in the USA. (Google those.)

Now go back to the rense site and go to the middle column. Down aways is a box with the headline “Stunning Discovery.” It has several parts. This is the wing-nut fringe area. Take a look at the mystery space stations or mini-death stars or whatever they are that this guy has been able to capture pictures and video of. I would suspect that maybe they are just space debris. But if that’s all it is, why is the military harassing him with helicopters over his home and taking pictures? What the hell is this? A hacker in England is currently threatened with prosecution (or rendition) for having hacked into the pentagon and read information regarding technical space personnel that are not astronauts.

So, Boy, Howdy! That could be some serious crowd control! Or some sort of mind f__k that unites the world against an event that makes 9/11 look like a picnic at grandma’s house. You connect the dots. I really don’t know what the heck is going on.


Palooka's Revenge said...

more dots to consider....

somewhere in a remote pristine monestary perched precariously on the cliffs of a tibetan mountain top, priests are levitating. have been for 5000 years.

how do they do it?

while that is going on, psychotic psyops and black ops weaponry are being developed. have been. for at least 50 years and some would double that.

i've said it before (in lotsa different ways) and i'll say it again... the space between things is NOT empty. and.... the assumption that our inner experiences... what we call thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs... have no affect on the world beyond our bodies, is FALSE.

the exact opposite of that is recognized as commonly accepted academic scientific assumption. has been for years. for 300 years.

academic science is just now starting to agree that space isn't empty and inner experiences are in play and influence outside events. go check it out for yourselves. now they're wondering what the hell to do with it. the boogie man has not only figured out what to do with it, they are doing it. in any way other than life sustaining. and don't even think about loving.

journal nature, vol 326, aug, 1986, pg 590... "silvertooth, under the auspices of the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE (empansis added) reproduced the nearly 100 year old experiments done by michelson and moreley."

greg baden... "the results of his experiment show that there is in fact a field of energy that connects everything in our world and the field was found to exist within the same parameters preedicted 100 years earlier by michaelson and moreley."

so while monks levitated and mainstream went nowhere in a pissin contest about what's science and what's pseodoscience and what's bullshit, the air force, et al, saw opportunity. now we'll all seeing it.

who put the field there? that's sure to feed another pissin contest... the one about who's god put the field there.

i got news for all of em... the field IS god.

oh c'mon, how can that be? how can something so twisted up, so fucked up, so psychotic, so anti-life, so evil and being used in such awful ways, have anything to do with god?

well let me ask you this... what do you 'spose god in a state of denial might look and act like?

RAS said...

Stalin, SOB that he was, made a damn good point when he said (and I'm paraphrasing here): Those who vote decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything.
That is naturally, what's going on in NH. Thank Diebold.
It's things like this that make me want to move to a yurt in the woods. What is going to happen to this world of ours?

Which reminds me. I've been trying to make a decision about what to do about the living situation, etc, and getting absolutely nowhere. So yesterday afternoon I took a break from the work I was doing on the computer and took a walk in the woods to seek the advice of Hawk and Wolf. I don't normally do this; I'm the sort who depends on her own skills and resources and only looks for advice beyond myself when I'm at a loss. And that was where I was at yesterday afternoon. To my surprise, it was neither Sister Hawk or Brother Wolf that answered my Call, but Spider Woman herself. And the answer was: Wait a month before deciding. And this also: There are many strands in the web of life. When one is destroyed another can be spun to take its place. If one is disliked, a new one can be created. The Pattern is ever-moving, ever-changing. Now is a time when the change is noticeable and rapid. There are no wrong choices, only different patterns. If a choice -or a pattern -is disliked, one can change the weaving. Such is life.

So, I will wait a month before making any decisions. My first class of the semester is today. At least I have good professors this semester, but strangely, I'd rather stay home and write!

murph said...

Some discouraging and interesting news. Read this morning;

City Bank credit cards can no longer be used for anything dealing with firearms, in any way.

Bush signed firearms restriction bill

NRA has sold out and is supporting further firearms restricting legislation.

A number of Halliburton camps that have no inmates are now fully staffed.

Investment advise is to go into weapons stocks, only thing that is going to lead to profits in short term investing.

A gun maker is supporting anti gun legislation.

When I look at those dots, it sure appears to me a planned crackdown and very restrictive time is staring us in the face, and our ability to resist a restrictive government is going to start to go away also.

Indeed, I think this year is when the SHTF.

freeacre said...

So, Palooka, are you implying that there is a divine fabric of the universe that makes all things One (or at least connects everything). And, then, it follows that we are a part of it (as is everything else), so we are all part of the Divine. But, we deny the knowledge of our sacredness, so we act like jerks? I go alone with that.
But, then, are you saying that All of God is denying it's sacredness? I don't see how that could be true and have any semblance left of the greatness of God.... hummm.
Thanks for sharing your profound experience, ras.
The murphman and I are pretty low in spirit today, I am afraid. Things do not feel good. I wish I were with those levitating monks in Tibet.
Maybe this crap is giving us the opportunity to reject it, change the channel, "put our hands on the hood and step away from the vehicle ". It would be good to feel powerful and safe and beautiful and sacred and loving, rather than vulnerable, fearful, and fucked. At this point, though, I don't know which is more delusional. Rats.

rockpicker said...

George has demon strated a predilection for pre-emptive strikes. You think we'll have a 'catastrophic emergency' soon, followed by troop deployments, martial law declaration and citizen round-ups?

Kudos, Freeacre, on that great post! How do you find time to shovel all that snow and keep up with all the bad news?

Think I'll wander down town and pick up a couple more boxes of shells.

Will the home boys in the military follow orders when they're told to lock down the country?

It's going to take one heck of a big "shock" in order to numb the population into complete subservience and also, to override the natural patriotism felt by the average American soldier, isn't it?

Please say I'm not crazy for believing at least a faction of the military will refuse orders to detain and transport their own countrymen.

murph said...


You bring up an interesting speculation. How many indeed? Let's see, how many of the military people went along with the Nazi program? How many said no way? Looking at other countries in a state of revolution or military crackdown. How many in the military have stepped away from the orders? Are we unique at all in this respect? I think we are going to have some of those questions answered pretty soon.

freeacre said...

I have hopes for National Guard troops, but friggin' FEMA uses Blackwater mercenaries and some sort of black shirted UN troops with slavic accents or some shit. Not a lot of hope there, I am afraid.

This is off topic, but my only New Year's Resolution is to learn how to make those blue link things, so people can click on them and be linked to the article that I am referring to on a different site.

I don't even know what that is called and so can't find it on "help" columns. Very frustrating. Will someone e-mail me and give me at least a clue?

rockpicker said...


In 15 minutes it will be 1/11.

Anybody know about the 11:11 coincidences and synchronisities? Greatdreams has some stuff on it.

Singapore, didn't you mention Jan. 11 as a significant date? Banks make loan payments, possible market collapse?

I just read a comparison of the Iranian gunboat incident and the Gulf of Tonkin fraud. Let's hope not.

I hear what you're saying Murph, but in the case of the Nazis, those soldiers were conditioned to believe they were rounding up the enemies of the State. In such, they were doing their patriotic chore.

You think Bush will grab up selected elements first, those who pose the greatest threat, like liberal editors, columnists, professors and bloggers? Maybe he'll declare them enemy combatants and put them away to be 'not tortured'.

Sibel Edmonds case is really, really a big, fucking deal for George and Dick. How are they going to deal with it? They have a shitload to lose if she's allowed to continue. US media ain't going there, but the foreign press is all over it. You guys see the pictures she posted on her website?
Richard Pearle, Douglas Feith, Brent Scowcroft, etc. Man! We are talking selling nuclear secrets here. This is huge!! They fried the Rosenbergs for less than that.

'Bout time for a damned big diversion, I'd say.

Better batten down the hatches...

rockpicker said...

6.4 off the coast of Oregon Thursday.

Palooka's Revenge said...

fa... All of God is denying it's sacredness?

no. we could say that parts of god denied other parts. yet all those parts are parts of the one. we can also say that the part that denied is parental to the denial. thus responsible for it. clear as mud right. to muddy the water even fruther, the denying part could be, but not necesarly is, parental to the denied part.

on the one hand its simple and on the other its not. its infinite actually. there are many layers of the cake so to speak. from one layer we can say that since we are differentiated essence or aspects of the one, everything we see going on in and around us is a reflection that can be traced back to the godhead and the creations and the stories that rolled out from there.

i don't know about you but i'm aware there are parts of me. some are closely aligned, some loosly, some are in conflict and some are at war with each other. and remember, its in flux.

to give an example, before i got sober i could always feel a part of me that wanted to drink. if i went out for a loaf of bread and didn't come back for 3 days cus i got strung out on a bender, most all of me would be in remoarse. i'd swear to never drink again. but in the midst of that i knew damn well i was going to. cuz i could feel the presence of a piece of me that still wasn't done, that still desired, needed, to drink. the night i got sober ever bit of me aligned. i could not find one place in me that wasn't ready for it to be over. i didn't realize it then but i know that now. i can still feel that 20years later.. that was the dif between that nite and the hundreds of other times. along with that came freedom from the prison of 24/7 obsession that had gone on for 27 years.

here's another way to think about it... there's electo and magnetic right? like poles of the one. plus and minus. him and her. in the divine those poles are pops and mom. the divine spirit and the divine will. together, or gaped from one another, they are energy. and the energy plays out. we are of that energy.

you're a woman. you know how denied the feminine is from your own experiences. the feminine expresses as feelings. she's the emotional body. hes the spirit, shes the will. he denied her input. iow, he denied his feelings which were her. and her is him. his feelings. so he denied himself. the original denial... denial of self. and we all got it!! not all was denied. but alot. feelings is how she communicates to him. he didn't like the way he felt. he denied her input. we don't like the way we feel. we deny her input. whatever's denied is lost. but it can be recovered and evolved. that's the beauty.

the key is intent. that and a feeling sense that thats what one needs to do for themself. that thats their right path and inside of love feels good and right place. there are many paths. if god is infinite then god can adjust infinitly and if the intent and feeling of right place is to be inside of love, then there are many paths to get there. each seeks their own truth, right way, right place. other wise we can kiss the idea of freedom and free will goodbye.

having said all that, the divine light also denied parts of its own light. iow, the spirit denied parts of its spirit. thats where this lucifer fella and denial spirits and asuras and so on comes in. so there's denied light. unloving light. and then denied will. lost will. the will denying it own feelings and the spirit denying its own feelings. not to mention the wills denial of spirits input. its a huge can of worms. and its all tangled up cuz we're talking electro and magnetic here. phenominally powerful charges.

the will. misunderstandings lead to misinterpretations. if the spirit has one way of understanding and the will has another, then any understanding that might come from the will is lost to us as long as the will is lost to us. we don't understand that we don't understand because we have little experience from both understandings, from both points of view interacting with on another and moving along. the spirit has had some evolution because there's been acceptance for the spirit. the will hasn't had this evolution because its been denied. we can understand in our heads but we can't understand emotionally. and if we can't do that then we don't really have understanding of heart because thats where the two balance. and thats part of what lay before us. the birth of true heart. with that comes true compassion. true love. and joy. we haven't got a clue what that is. we think we do. but we wouldn't be seeing the refelctions we're seeing if we did. if we haven't experienced it and understand it from both the spirit side and the emotional side and allow those 2 to interact and move along in a state of unconditional acceptance, each for the other, how could we know?

its not all lost but alot of it is. its not all lost because we've all had those times when we just knew. so there is input and interaction. we might even not be able to put it in words but, by god, we know. thats what i'm talking about. thats the way it could be if we had a healthy will. but the will
is not healthy. its been denied and conditioned. so its fucked up. just like a child that was denied freedom to develope as a soverign entity. conditioned instead to respond to its environment in controled ways. if the spirit knows that certain habits are gonna kill it, why do the emotions continue to desire these things?

one of its jobs is to reflect back to the spirit. likewise spirit to will. so if will gives a feeling response to spirit to some experience in the form of fear and the spirit holds a judgement that it should have no fear then the will not only got denied, it got conditioned to give a no fear response to the next real fear event. thats oversimplified but an example of how the dynamics work.

if we listen to our own self-talk we can get a read on what we think about the ways we feel. someone triggers a seathing rage feeling response and consciousness sez, i'm so fuckin pissed at so and so i wanna kill the fucker. follewed by, oh, i shouldn't feel that way. so generally speaking, that could be a clue that theres a judgement there about rage. how could an emotional charge that wants to kill somebody be loving? if we can let ourselves move with the charge, let it vibrate and express in sound and body mnovement, both of which are forms of vibration, we might find the answer because the movement is going to bring us its understandings. the charge might have a chance to expand its pov along with releasing the judgemets. the vibration might get the unloving light that is the rage to kill released. thats change. thats the charge evolving. allowed to go to completion, more than likely what started out as seathing rage ends up as compassion. in between will likely be terror, grief, heartbreak. not only as issues pertinent to the details in the rage but as the normal process of transformation and release.

like mf sez... catch and release. the trick is whats in between. if we catch it and move it we can release whatever feels like isn't ours and whatever feels like its not ready to come inside of love and ask god to put it in its right place in universe. it we catch it and throw it back we probably denied it again.

then there's guilt. thats another whole piece of the cake. nasty one too. guilt is one of the things that will be moving off earth as guilt and love cannot exist in the same space at the same time due to vibraional differences and now is right time for love on earth. but what we're gonna go thru to get there is going to look like anything but because thats whats being held in magnetic centers.

which brings me back to unloving light. its not that the will, at its core, is the bad guy, the fucked up one. its what the will is holding. all the denied and unloving light energies that are entangled in the unmoving magnetic centers. those centers are the will manifest in body. yours, mine, earth.

look for an email re the mysterious blue thingie.

Truthseeker said...

Hi Guy’s

Very Belated Seasons Greetings to you all and a Happy New Year!

Sorry I haven’t commented of late. In fact, I haven’t commented since October. Freeacre and Murph, you are doing a great job so far with this blog site. Loads of good stuff here, as ever, together with the friendly camaraderie that is so evident here amongst the regular posters and commentators.

As you may have gathered, I am somewhat intermittent and unpredictable as to when and how often I get around to writing comments. Basically, I have to be in the right mood (Cancerian Sun) and sufficiently motivated (Taurus Moon, slow to get moving) to write in some detail (Strong Mercury, in Cancer conjunct my Gemini Midheaven, and an Ascendant & a Pluto-Mars conjunction in Virgo) and depth (Pluto-Mars conjunction again).

Anyway, I have continued to follow the posts and comments at Trout Clan Campfire over recent months. There have been a number of occasions over the last months when I have really wanted to comment, but somehow the moment has passed before I get around to doing so. So I thought it was about time for me to make yet another, probably lengthy, contribution. Apologies in advance if this does not seem to directly relate to either the last post on the election season in the US or the current post on connecting the dots. However, may be I supply some more dots that need connecting here. All I have to say on the US election season is that it all seems like a bit of a year long media circus, involving ridiculous amounts of money and resources that could be much better directed elsewhere. I think our British elections are bad enough, but they are minuscule as compared to what goes on in your country.

Now some responses to some stuff that various members of the trout clan have bought up over the last several months. Firstly, one of my favourite topics, the Mayan End Date in 2012. I have been recently reading loads of stuff, on and off the Internet, regarding this now increasingly discussed calendar date. There is so much out there now, that it is really hard to discern the ‘forest for the trees’ or the ‘wheat from the chaff’, and boy, there is a hell of a lot of ‘chaff’ circulating on the ether. It is enough to confuse anybody who has been exploring this subject material for some years, let alone those looking at it all for the first time. There are multiple errors that are repeated over and over by so-called researchers that have not checked their data and sources thoroughly, or in many cases at all. Even some of the best researchers seem to make some basic mistakes. So lets try and sort out the fact from the fiction and fantasy.

I shall refer to various web pages here rather than attempt to define and explain this complex subject matter in too much detail, which would take a book or two! John Major Jenkins website ( is my primary source for this. His website and books (‘Maya Cosmogenesis 2012’ and ‘Galactic Alignment’) are the best referenced and most accurate sources that I am aware of. I strongly recommend a close study of Jenkins website as a definitive introduction to all the Maya Calendars (yes there are more than one). I also recommend Geoff Stray’s website ( and book (‘Beyond 2012’) for perusal. He covers anything and everything (the Maya and beyond) relating to 2012, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Firstly, it is important to remember that the current ‘Age’ is either the 4th or 5th in a series, depending upon which Mesoamerican tradition (e.g. differing Mayan and Aztec groups) is being followed. Thus, the implication here is that the current Mayan Long Count Calendar is the 4th or 5th in a succession of Long Count Calendars that are each of the same length in years and days (i.e. 5125 years, 133 days). So the end of the current Long Count Calendar does not necessarily mean the end of the world, as some would have us believe. The end date thus represents the end of an old ‘Age’ (the current one) and the beginning of a ‘New’ age (the next one).

When translated into our own Calendar (the ‘New Style Gregorian’ as opposed to ‘Old Style Julian’), the current Mayan Long Count Calendar commenced on 11th August 3114 BCE and is due to end on the 21st December 2012 CE (see for a discussion on the history of the correlation issue). In fact, it appears that this calendar was created by a Pre-classic Mayan civilization from Izapa in south-west Mexico, probably somewhere around 100 BCE (for details about the monuments in Izapa that support this see

Various erroneous beginning and end dates have been given by various authors and writers over the years. For example, sometimes you may see a beginning date for August 3113 rather than 3114 BCE. This error appears to be rooted in writers not realizing that there was never a year zero between BCE and CE (AD) dates. Basically, the year 1 BCE was followed by the year 1 CE. By adding a year zero date you get the erroneous 3113 BCE date. Other writers have got this wrong in the other direction, coming up with a 2011 end date instead of 2012. However, I do not believe this is the explanation for Carl Calleman’s 2011 end date, which I will explore in a minute.

Other smaller errors in terms of the actual beginning and end date (e.g. whether the end date is the 21st or 23rd December) can at least in part be explained by the two most dominant correlation theories (see again The now most commonly accepted beginning and end dates are 11th August 3114 BCE and 21st December 2012 CE respectively. The latter is the winter solstice date of that year in the northern hemisphere. The other correlation hypothesis suggests beginning and end dates of 13th August 3114 BCE and 23rd December 2012 CE (2 days after the solstice) respectively. The latter hypothesis is, of course, two days removed from the former. This may explain some of the differing dates quoted for the Mayan Calendar. However, it does not explain Carl Johan Calleman’s date of 28th October 2011 CE.

As far as I can understand, Calleman’s end date has no basis within Mayan Calendrics. It appears to be a creation of Calleman himself, which others such as Ian Lungold and Barbara Hand Clow (a well known astrologer and proponent of the New Age) have taken to heart. I believe it is based on Calleman’s own explorations of the past to seek out key historical events that he can equate with his own version of the calendar. This erroneous end date is the primary reason why I find Calleman’s version of the calendar highly dubious. Jenkins states that “the idea of conceiving the 13 baktuns of the Long count Great Cycle in terms of seven days and six nights is Calleman’s own, and it serves Calleman as a template for modelling history (see It is these same ‘seven days and six nights’ applied to his ‘Nine Underworlds of Creation’ that Calleman uses to correlate his calendar end date. According to Calleman we are currently in the 8th of these 9 underworlds, the ‘Galactic Underworld’, which is 12.8 years long. Each underworld is 20 times shorter in historical time than its predecessor, beginning with the ‘Cellular Underworld’ of 16.4 billion years and ending with the ‘Universal Underworld’ of 260 days (11th February – 28th October 2011, according to Calleman). All end on his proposed end date of 28th October 2011.

Though I find Calleman’s calendar rather dubious, I do find the general concept of accelerating time toward a singularity or novelty point in the era around 2012 quite an interesting and attractive one. It certainly reflects my own subjective feeling of time speeding up as we approach that time. However, this concept of accelerating time is not a new idea unique to Calleman, though his chosen end point and the speed and momentum of the acceleration do seem to be his own invention.

Terrence and Dennis McKenna suggested something similar back in the 1970’s in their book “The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinations and the I Ching”. This was based upon the McKenna brothers shared hallucinogenic experience in the Amazon jungle in 1971. Their hypothesis is known as ‘Timewave Zero’ or ‘Novelty Theory’, which they base on the 64 Hexagrams of the King Wen version of the I Ching. I can not pretend that I understand the math behind this theory, as mathematics has never been an easy subject for me (however, see if you are really interested), as lots of graphs, statistics and numbers tend to befuddle my mind. The theory allegedly synchronises the 64 Hexagram I Ching with the 384 day, 13 month lunar year (i.e. thirteen 29.53 solilunar cycles, as measured from one new moon to the next), the precessional cycle and 11.1 years, which is the average length of each sun spot cycle.

However, the most important fact relating to the Mckenna brothers theory, to my mind, is that they independently came up with a 2012 end date to the timewave. This was well over a decade before the Mayan End Date became widely known, largely through the publication of “The Mayan Factor” by Jose Arguelles’ in 1987 (famous for his idea of ‘Harmonic Convergence’ in 1987). The McKenna brothers initially came up with a zero point of 17th November 2012. However, in a later edition of their book in the 1990’s, when they had discovered the Mayan End Date, they adjusted this to 21st December 2012 (actually 22nd December first and later still the 21st December, when it was clarified that that was the Mayan End Date). This adjustment might perhaps raise some suspicions about the McKenna model, though, as far as I know, they were open and up front about this change.

The earlier zero date of 17th November 2012 was the end result of the fine tuning of the timewave to a chosen historical event that the McKenna brothers chose as of the greatest novelty within the 20th Century. They chose 6th August 1945, when the first atomic bomb was released upon a human population, in Hiroshima, Japan. This was certainly an exceptional, not to mention both tragic and murderous, event. Indeed, perhaps it was the most significant event in the 20th Century. However, it all feels far too subjective to me to base a theory on this singular, though important, historical date. If you are interested see for a well grounded and sober critique of the McKenna ‘Novelty Theory’ by Peter Meyer.

Whether this model of accelerating time is any more valid than Calleman’s or not, I really can not say. However, the use of hallucinogens by the McKenna brothers to receive their proposed pattern of accelerating time theory, is clearly Shamanic in orientation and may well reflect a similar process utilised by Shamans over 2000 years ago, when the Long Count Calendar is believed to have been first conceived by the pre-Classic Mayan people of Izapa, in current day Mexico, very close to the Guatemalan border.

There are still other accelerating time models that seem to focus, very broadly, upon the era of around 2012. I will not go into depth about these now, but they include the ‘Auric Time Scale’, written up in a paper authored by Sergey Smelyakov and Yuri Karpenko. The former is a Ukrainian Professor of mathematics with an interest in astrology. Geoff Stray critique’s this model in his book, “Beyond 2012” and also at his website. However, if closely examined the end point of that model should in fact terminate around 2037, rather than 2012.

A fourth expression of accelerating time is the ‘Logarithmic Time Scale’ proposed by astrologer A. T. Mann in the 1970’s and 1980’s. His ideas were rooted in the theories of Rodney Collin, who was a student of George Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky. Initially Mann applied this idea to the individual life cycle (in his books “The Round Art” and “Life Time Astrology”), in relation to our subjective experience of life going faster and faster as we get older. He later adapted this to history (in his book “The Divine Plot”), his focal end point being the year 2000, as it was for so many before that year passed without any epochal life-transforming event. Maybe there is a lesson there for all of us, as we approach 2012? I have attempted, in the past, to apply this same model of logarithmic time to the 2012 end date. I have never completed those explorations, but did seem to get some interesting correlations.

However, to my mind, the truth is that which ever model and/or speed of time acceleration one chooses, whether Calleman’s, McKenna’s, Smelyakov’s, Mann’s or any other, one will inevitably discover significant historical events and prehistoric epochs that will support a given model. However, there will also be other significant events and epochs that will not. Does this invalidate all or any of those models? I know not. Maybe by creating and applying our consciousness to such models we make them real and manifest, especially if a critical mass of people apply themselves to such a model. Maybe this explains why prediction and prophecy within and outside mainstream religion can often seem to work?

So if enough of us believe something positive or negative will occur in 2012, then maybe such will happen? If so, it might be a good idea for us to focus on positive, rather than the negative, manifestations of our near future. There is, in fact, growing scientific support for the idea that mass positive or negative attention can effect the physical and manifest world in which we live, both on a personal and a collective level. However, I will not go into this now other than suggest that folk check out the following websites of Lynne McTaggart ( and David Wilcock (

Now we have looked at the Mayan Long Count calendar and the 2012 end date, lets take a look at the related phenomenon of galactic alignment. Among much else, John Major Jenkins suggests that the 1998 galactic equator-solstice alignment is the same phenomenon to that which the civilizations of Mesoamerica alluded to when they calculated the end of the current age to occur in 2012. Jenkins explores much within Mesoamerican mythology, astronomy and calendrics to support his thesis. The 14-year difference between 1998 and 2012 is considered negligible within the greater expanses of time covered by these ages and alignments. So, is this a reasonable suggestion?

The current alignment of the December Solstice Point and the Galactic Equator is an unquestionable fact. The bigger question for each of us, is whether or not such an alignment is either meaningful or important? To the materialistic society in which we live, which is based on a reductionist science that tells us there is no meaning in the world and everything happens by chance or luck, this alignment will have no relevance whatsoever. However, for those of us who believe we do live in a meaningful universe full of signs, symbols and synchronicities, such a rare alignment will indeed seem to be significant. This will be the case even if we feel unable to fathom exactly how and in what way it is relevant to our lives and the world in which we live. I am sure you have already realised that I reside in the latter camp of a meaningful universe. I suspect most who read and comment on this blog are also in that camp. So, assuming it is meaningful, lets just define exactly what this alignment is from our perspective here on Earth.

The December Solstice Point (DSP) is a fixed point in the sky along the ‘Ecliptic’. The latter is the great celestial circle around which our Sun appears to transit each year. Of course in truth it is the Earth that is orbiting the Sun. More roughly, from our view on Earth, the moon and the planets also appear to transit this same great celestial circle. The ‘Ecliptic’ thus represents the plane of our solar system. The DSP corresponds to the Sun’s location each December 21st or 22nd (the presence of leap years in our calendrical system varies the day). The Galactic Equator (GE) is another example, like the ecliptic, of a great celestial circle, this time derived from the location of the ‘Milky Way’ as it appears in the sky from Earth. The Milky Way Galaxy, of which our own solar system is a tiny part, appears in our sky as a broadly linear phenomenon along which many stars and constellations appear to conglomerate. Its appearance, on a clear night, away from the artificial lights of civilization, can be likened to a ‘milky cloud’ of subdued light stretching across the sky.

The GE is, in fact, an imaginary circle that marks the centre plane of the Milky Way. It crosses the ecliptic, at an angle of approximately 61°, at two opposing points along the zodiacal belt. The first of these, as viewed from Earth, lies in the direction of the Galactic Centre (GC) between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius. It currently aligns with the December Solstice Point (DSP). The second crossing of these to great celestial circles lies in the opposite direction, toward the Galactic Ante-centre (GA) and is located between the constellations of Taurus and Gemini. It currently aligns with the June Solstice Point (JSP). It is the first crossing point that is most important here, largely because of the location of the GC, which lies along the GE just 5° (or thereabouts) below the ecliptic circle.

As stated earlier, this alignment was exact in 1998. However, owing to the fact that the solar disc is almost exactly ½° wide, it will eclipse the DSP on the December Solstice of every year from 1980 until 2016, a period of 36 years (see It is also worth remembering that the Sun also eclipses the JSP at the June Solstice over the same time period. Really this is just the other end of the same alignment. In both cases it can safely be said that the alignment is exact throughout the 36 year period, which of course includes Mayan Long Count end date of 21st December 2012 CE.

I find it more than a little irritating that many writers on the Mayan End date imply that this alignment only occurs on the December Solstice of 2012. This is clearly not the case and gives a false impression of that particular December Solstice being more important than any other. If we want to find the most significant December Solstice for the period, then that of 1998, would be the most obvious choice. However, I feel this is all missing the point of the alignment as a whole, which is clearly evident from 1980 to 2016. So folks, if a transformation is going to occur, we should be in the midst of it right now. I think most of you reading this now would agree that we certainly are in the midst of some pretty mind blowing global changes at this time in history.

The other quibble I have with many writers on the galactic alignment and 2012, is their claim that the December Solstice Sun is both conjunct and eclipsing the Galactic Centre (GC) on 21st December 2012. Firstly, the GC-DSP conjunction will not actually occur until around 2225 CE, over two centuries from now. Secondly, the solar disc will never eclipse the GC, as it is 5° below the ecliptic right between the sting of the Scorpion (Scorpio) and the arrow point of the Archer (Sagittarius). Remember, the ecliptic is the apparent path of the Sun, which is just ½° in diameter, so it could never reach a point 5° away from that great celestial circle. This GC-DSP alignment in over 200 years will be, I believe, as significant as the present one. Indeed, I think the whole period between these two alignments is going to be significant for both the human species and the entire planet upon which we live. It remains to be seen as to whether we can actually survive that period of time at all.

Anyway, back to the current GE-DSP alignment. It really is a unique alignment within the known history of humanity. The last time it occurred was one full precessional cycle back in our past, somewhere between 24,000 and 26,000 years ago. However, between then and now three comparable alignments have occurred at 6,000 to 6,500 year intervals. The last of these involved an alignment between the September Equinox Point (SEP) and the GC end of the GE somewhere between 4500 and 4000 BCE. This seems to tie in nicely with the rise of the Sumerian civilization in current day Iraq. It is interesting to note so much activity in that region during the current alignment. Before this, somewhere between 11,000 and 10,000 BCE it was the JSP that was aligning with the GC end of the GE (i.e. the opposite to the present alignment). Many believe that it was around that time that the legendary civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria came to an end as a result of some kind of cataclysm. The two alignments before that are well beyond our current historical record, so I shall say little of them here. The GC end of the GE aligned with the March Equinox Point (MEP) somewhere between 17,500 and 16,000 BCE. It’s last alignment with the DSP occurred between 24,000 and 22,000 BCE. One can speculate endlessly about those time periods, but I will not go there at this time.

So, what of the current alignment period? Is it the end of the world as we know it? Is it the end of humanity as a species? Do we evolve into a new species? What is happening and what will have happened by end of 2016 when the current galactic alignment comes to an end? Indeed is that the end of the alignment?

When astrologers work with fixed stars in astrology, they generally allow 1° of orb for a meaningful alignment. The Galactic Equator Points and the Galactic Centre (GC) traverse the sky, in relation to the solstices and equinoxes, at a very slow speed that approximately corresponds with the precessional rate. This is precisely the same for the fixed stars. A 1° orb for the current GE-Solstice alignment would give us an alignment period from 1926 to 2070 CE, thus most of both the 20th and 21st Centuries. The same orb for the GC alignment of 2225 CE, would begin and end in 2153 and 2297 CE respectively. That would actually leave only 83 years between the end of the GE and the beginning of the GC alignments. Such long periods of time for alignments are very difficult for us conceive of. No single historical event can mark such lengthy conjunctions, so we would have to look at the whole historical period for trends that will presumably come to a head around the time when the alignment is exact (i.e. the 1980 -2016 era with the current alignment).

This then brings me on to all the other diverse subjects that interest me in our current era, some of which I would like to explore here in future posts, if the trout clan is interested. To my mind they all relate to the current galactic alignment and the 21st December 2012 Mayan end date explored above.

The areas that particularly interest me at present include resource depletion, most notably peak oil and its consequences for humanity. Related to this is the subject of alternative science and technologies that appear to suggest that there is an energy that could already be freely available to us, but is not because certain elites are for some reason hiding this knowledge from us. Why might this be? I know this subject is of interest to some of you (e.g. Rockpicker and Palooka).

Next and possibly relating to the latter is the basic question of “are we the only sentient beings in our solar system, galaxy or the universe?” Have we been and are we being observed and/or visited by sentient beings from other worlds and/or dimensions? The evidence, from where I am standing, presents a clear ‘yes’ to the latter question. Some of you will agree with me here, whilst others of you are much more sceptical. However, if they are among us, why is this information also being kept from ‘we the people’, whether that be by our governments, the elite groups behind them or the sentient beings themselves? How long have such beings been observing or visiting us? What might contact with such beings mean for the future of humanity and the Earth? Are they benevolent, neutral, malevolent or a mixture of all these (depending on race and/or species) in their intentions toward us?

I also want to look much more closely at global climate change and its causes. Is it human activity that is in fact the primary driver of global warming, or is something else going on here? Until relatively recently I was convinced that we are the primary cause of global climate change. However, I am now coming across increasing evidence that suggests that it is our solar system as a whole that is changing, not just the Earth.

Finally, relating to all the above, how relevant is all of this to the evolution of a more spiritual consciousness involving us, the Earth and all its other occupants (animals’ plants, etc.) plus any other beings (physical or ethereal) that might exist in this part of our galaxy? It is the potential for a collective spiritual transformation that seems to me to be the most important opportunity for all of us during this 36 year window of time as represented by the current GE-DSP alignment. Only nine years now remain until the end of 2016, when this short window of time could be closed to us for hundreds (maybe the GC alignment in 200 years or so will be another window of opportunity), if not thousands of years. Our window of opportunity might go beyond 2016, if my suggestion of a 1° orb for the alignment is allowed, but can we afford to take that chance and not act before then? If we succeed in some kind of transformation of consciousness, then we may be able to leap a head to another level of being. If we fail, then we may well go the way of Giant Sloth’s, Sabre-toothed cats, Dodo’s and Passenger Pigeons.

That will do for now as I have probably bored you all to tears by now.

Best Wishes


P.S. Freeacre, an interesting synchrronicity relating to the present post is that I have just completed reading a book entitled "Connecting the Dots ... Making Sense of the UFO Pheomenon" by Paola Leopizzi Harris.

freeacre said...

lolo...Nice to hear from you again, Truthseeker. Glad to know that the world is probably not going to end in 2012. I think I concur that we are in the middle of a transformation right now (or maybe it's a deterioration), at any rate, it's a big change.
While we all have our slide rules out, we may want to apply our mathematical brain cells to something a tad easier to make sense of: the results of the hand count in NH for Ron Paul. It sure appears to me that "we was robbed."

Hand Count Shows
15% For Ron Paul
From Devvy Kidd
By zooamerica

Ron Paul needs to get his attorney to file an injunction today to stop certification of the vote.

This would have placed Dr. Paul in 3rd place, just as the polls were showing before the primary

The computer counted votes are the problem.

Not a single hand count township showed less than 10%

Supposedly, Ron Paul got 8% - this does not make sense.

richmond is hand count 34% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

lyman is hand count 28.7% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

Orange is hand count 25% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

Harts location is hand count 25% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

wentworth is hand count 24% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

goshen is hand count 17.68% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

marlow is hand count 16.6% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

cornish is hand count 14.8% for dr. Paul - 100% reporting

Rumney is hand count 14.5% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

croydon is hand count 14 % for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

dorchester is hand count 13.89% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

effingham is hand count 13% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

albany is hand count 12.9% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

antrim is hand count 12% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

south hampton is hand count 12% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

sullivan is hand count 12.61% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

troy is hand count 12.21% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

mason is hand count 11.88% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

newport is hand count 11.45% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

charlstown is hand count 11.3% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

Allenstown is hand count 11.16% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

bristol is hand count 11% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

warren is hand count 11% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

Strafford is hand count 11% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

washington is hand count 11.02% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

lancaster is hand count 10.9% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

springfield is hand count 10.6% for Dr.Paul - 100% reporting

wilton is hand count 10.37% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

Northfield is hand count 10.3% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

mont vernon is hand count 10.25% for Dr. Paul - 100% reporting

Palooka's Revenge said...

fa.... sent email this morn re the blue thing. did you get it? sent one on the 8th and later got this notice....

Delay reason: SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:>redacted<451 The originating mail server is hiding it's identity (DNS is broken).

rockpicker said...


Went looking for news about Bush signing restrictive gun laws and manned-camps. Where'd you find that info?

rockpicker said...

Tom Bearden has put out a new piece called "Rapid and Decisive Solution of the World Energy Crisis and Global Warming." T. E. Bearden, Dec. 2007.

Steve Quayle's website,, carries a daily update on some precious metals prices. Rhodium hit $7,000 yesterday. What do we do with that stuff? Besides catalytic converters for automotibles?

rockpicker said...


Here's a must-see.

Page down on Jan. 12 page to article entitled "Secrecy, UFOs & Government Coverups, by Martin McCain.

Now, page down to video clip that says Ms. Donna Hare--The Disclosure Project NASA Airbrushing

Whataya, whataya, whataya???

murph said...


Here is link for Bush signing bill.

It's an Oregon gun advocate site that I get regular news from.

murph said...


The news about the Halliburton camps Freeacre came on. I will see if she remembers where it came from

freeacre said...

Staffed camps from LATOC who linked it from Global Research 1/10:

freeacre said...

I just read a neat article on Carolyn Baker's site entitled, "Celebrating Collapse: the Coming Adventure." It is quite encouraging. I needed a more positive spin, since I have been overly sad lately regarding the suffering and loss and scary stuff going on. The writer, Juan Santos, puts a different spin on things that perhaps will help to assimilate what is going on. See what you think.
Ten more days to go on our post collapse menu. I have not gone to the grocery store since 12/26 (with the exception, as I've said, of milk to go with cookies). Actually, I realize that we are eating pretty much the same way we've been eating for a couple of years. Tonight we had cheese and mushroom soufflé,'
small russet potato quarters with butter and chives, mandarin orange cup, and some sweet potato pie. A neighbor brought over some minced elk today and I gave her a dozen of our eggs.
I plan to order 3 years worth of seeds tomorrow, just in case the supply or the money doesn't make it in 2009 and 2010.
I'm starting to wear out my pants , so I guess it's almost time to drag out the dreaded sewing machine and see what I can come up with to resist the sweatshop/slave labor complicity clothing. Can't decide if I want to go medieval peasant, Asian tunic and pants,Amish calico dress thing, or what. It has to be easy, though, because I suck as a seamstress.
I am realizing that I don't have to justify our lifestyle because the collapse is coming, and if it doesn't we look foolish to one degree or another. We can just choose to live the way we do because we want to. Period. Shun the "English" because we can.

Palooka's Revenge said...

mf... santos is a light in the darkness....

"That’s what collapse is good for. The promise it holds: To Return us to ourselves, to one another and to the Earth."

that is the humming beneath the surface of our awareness. down deep in the core. and i agree with him... thank god its coming.

that is what this that we face now, is all about. we believe we can't be both... ourselves as soverign individuals who are truely free and together with one another and the earth at the same time.

thats a big part of the reason why socialism has gotten such a bad name and there's such a big fat gap between the socialists and the democratists. socialism, or at least the way its presented by its perveyors and seen by its opponents, has gone way past the balance point to the opposite exteem. bring a cookie to school and you MUST share it with everybody.

inside, the socalists feel the calling to be one with the all.

inside, the democratists feel the calling to freedom... to individual soverignty.

both judging from their frozen views that they can't have one without the other.... that they can't have the cookie and eat it too.

here's something else you might take some comfort from... you can find more like stuff here...

i'm on board with the goals but i'm afraid they have no concept of what lay between here and there. we cannot avoid whats been shoved out. santos said it... "the sheer reality of being in a world that is out of human control magnetizes us to one another." i wonder if he knows how literally true this is. and as we are magnetized to each other, we are magnetized to what we've shoved out. and because of that santos is also right about this... "the shock may be too great when the walls come tumblin’ down". but i'd put it another way... when the gates of hell open.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

fa,you are not going to believe this, a few days age while in a small town down the road on checking out land for a friend, i visited a thrift store, purchased a few things (love those places, you find treasures for cheap and the people that run this one gives the people they consider retarded or whatever, jobs to do and its just plain fun,sort of a highlight to the day to visit with those good folks whom i think,think that we might be mentally challenged, i mean exactly who is it that is eradicating 200 species a day? not me for sure i only killed five,and the heads are hanging on the wall, i'm just kidding) o yeah the story, well i was leaving the store and noticed two large garbage containers in the back and about that time (it was closing time, and one of the more understandable folks that worked there came out and told me that after five PM what was in the containers was all mine and not to make a mess! fuck me!!i thought i had died and gone to heaven, i threw back the lid and told my companion to hold my legs as i dived into the can (it was huge) and came up with (get this ) seven, count um ,seven almost new pairs of levi's that fit my lard ass perfectly perfect!!! hah!!, top that you garbage can specialists! wantabes.
looked further and just could not believe the stuff that was going to the land fill. god what a waste.sigh...

any way thanks for the turn on to Carolyn Baker',there was a quote there that says it right good that says ,

"Reverence requires that you have some self-discipline,
and you pull yourself back and wait for another entity
or power to establish a relationship.”

—Vine Deloria, Jr. (Lakota)

call it what you may ,we call it spirit guides and they are sought after by the people ,sometimes it takes a while even for the natives that are raised in this manner,i have been blessed with several including one particular ancient pine out by eagles nest and while i sat on a stump near it one day a few years back i made out a likeness of an owl in the bark and it spoke to me right out of the blue, freaked the shit out of me and as i looked around there was no one else there, and since then that spot is a power spot to go to when things are really in need of peace, it is truly amazing at the absolute quietness that overcomes one when at that place and the stories it tells are ones of silence except for the winds in the upper limbs and the chipmunks that live there and scold people that invade their space,really i think they just like to make their presence known,its just around the bend from a large colony of prairie dogs that the two-leggeds use for target practice on the weekends. they are surrounded by the sage people that mourn for these fine individuals that live in harmony with everything else in the vicinity .
to watch them is a treat and it takes a long while of sitting quiet for them to come out of their underground homes to forage among the sage people and the ones that stand guard by the entrance are very watchful for danger, however they cannot outrun a 22 bullet at this stage of evolution.
this area is sacred to me and i come there less often now that the gas it takes to get there is being used less and less so some other means of transportation is in the works for sure, horse would be great,having one in the village would be somewhat of a challenge, same as chickens.

She (carolyn)is also coming to grips with and being blessed with a spirit guide it seems,the bear, a powerful entity that is feared by the two-leggeds as well as it should be for the near extermination of some of their kind. i hope she listens real close to this guide for it will be truly a great blessing for her),the kids chase them here in this village and think its great fun and i think the bears just laugh at them.
o hey get this, after feeding the wild birds that come to the feeders in the back yard yesterday and as i was doing some stuff out there a family of regulars that come here daily were sitting in the giant old maple that inhabits the front yard,and as i looked up at them and whistled to them the whole flock came straight down and started squabbling and pecking away at the feeders that hang in the apple tree there.!
and it only took two years for them to finally lose their fear of me to be allowed to be in such close proximity while they seed peck.

the wind is howling to night and the rain from earlier has frozen into crystal drops that you can sweep up with a broom,whoa! what next,so much new stuff happening,

as the great spirit invites one into the sacred house of mystery it becomes clear that what constitutes reality is truly individual in nature and what a thing to perceive,it really lets people off the religious hangman's noose that we have been subjected to for most of our lives in this god forsaken so called society.
this morning just after waking up i had a vision of someone coming through the back door being pursued by something called evil and i sought out langosta for meaning and she told me that evil is a word and a word is an image in the human mind and that image carries enough power to do massive damage and that the way out of it is to acknowledge its presence and move on, i light incense and allow the light to blaze through the darkness of such a twisted thing.

so i hope everyone is enjoying the new year that began on dec 21 when the decaying light began to return to the earth for a brand new season of potential, the rain has melted the snow and the green grass lying beneath it is a banquet for the deer that live here year round,plus they did not dig up all the beets that were planted last spring so we feast also.

ras,your spirit guide the hawk has great vision to share with you, at some point if it has not happened to you already you will actually see with the eyes of your guide,amazing,i try to but myself into the tiny little body of langosta and experience what it feels like to be a bug,with antenna reaching out in all directions,pulling in information about her surroundings, this is the path that has been chosen for us that seek these things because creation is vast and this is only the beginning for us, a stepping stone into something that only maybe the sacred mushroom or the mind food LSD,or maybe peyote could bring one into this miracle of existence, i mean just look at what you are looking through right now!!
what the fuck,is this not a miraculous occurrence? who could imagine such a thing? i sit here looking at this computer screen and my mind just gasps for breath at the wonder of it all, it is a long way from whittling out stick figures with a pocket knife as a child thats for sure, and thats just the crude physical manifestation.
sometime i might get the courage to tell you of a airplane trip i took over mexico ripped on LSD , but not now, suffice it to say i held that rickety piece of shit Boeing 707 together with what was left of a mind that was soaring with the universe trapped in a junk pile of modern civilization at thirty thousand feet !!! now you talk about something to really get your earthling teeth into,that fucker looked like it was made out of bailing wire and glue!! heaven help me i just knew we were all going to die if i let go of keeping it (the plane) together for one second, i looked around and the other passengers were just humming away like everything was peachy keen and all the while theirs and my life was hanging by a drug induced thread.
for future reference i would not recommend it for beginners,as i was and did not know it at the time, and what a laugh the great spirit got at that one.
fucking joker sometimes i can tell you that for sure.
who says the spirit does not have a sense of humor?

p, i am working on something in reply to your comment on the last post but it is word challenged to say the least, like how is information to be exchanged when each word is subject to the past imagery regarding each word? that seems to be the crux of the matter according to the bug and is overcome, no not overcome as something to be conquered ,,,see what i mean? what is the state of mind that sees things clearly? without the hinderance of past association ? jesus, even to say this reveals to me just how people are so alone trapped in a mind that is filled with the artificial useless baggage of the past, like a rose by any other name bullshit is still a rose, thats a bald faced lie. the past is a lie and a betrayer because it promotes death and destruction among the people, easy to see that for sure,
and what would it be like to face each other without the past to fuck up the face look? would we see our selfs each and every mother fucking time we looked at another person in completeness? as a mirror to our own souls? that there is not one single iota of difference between us,? not one single thing!! and thats that. sure we wear different costumes we call bodies but thats not even meant for consideration in these words.
strip away the body and the mind as the past and what is left? now that is who and what we are says the bug. now, like to have a set of wings to fly with?
i'll take a set thank you.

"somewhere in a remote pristine monestary perched precariously on the cliffs of a tibetan mountain top, priests are levitating. have been for 5000 years.

how do they do it?"

rp, good read,and the outer space shot really hit home as to the microscopic spot we call home really is ,our earth mother ,so tiny and so beautiful,just the place to set up camp and destroy it as fast as possible. some call us vermin.

vermin |ˈvərmən|
noun [treated as pl. ]
wild mammals and birds that are believed to be harmful to crops, farm animals, or game, or that carry disease, e.g., foxes, rodents, and insect pests.
• parasitic worms or insects.
• figurative people perceived as despicable and as causing problems for the rest of society : the vermin who ransacked her house.

peace all

Palooka's Revenge said...

mf.... i was taken by the aho. should have directed my comment to fa. i saw the aho at the end and you, being the true resonator of the aho and all the rest of us being the wanna-be's... well, you get me drift. appologies to both you and fa... p

Palooka's Revenge said...

mf.... it is word challenged to say the least,

fer sur!

but i suspect we're on the threshold of the long lost secret of how to expand the limits that are the imagry of the past into the fabric of the future. something up to now confused by form change and misinterpreted as evolution. north meets south and sez... okay, i give up. what wisdom have i missed in your insanity? and south cries its godforsaken heart song and they roll together in new grasses and meet in the middle where they sing a new song from the heart thats been so lost to words.

Anonymous said...

p i'm sorry about the confusion, this comment was in regard to your comment on the last post, sometimes i could just pull my hair out for the lack of being able to communicate, your words really make me dig for the gold that lies within them.
my brother ,

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


Shun the English because you can – tut- tut, I’ve never heard such a disgraceful thing in all my life.

Your proposed wardrobe reminds me of a comment made by a war correspondent when talking about Colonel Gadaffi of Libya. He would promise the press an interview and then keep them waiting sometimes for days in a stuffy tent in the desert. They used to while away the time by placing bets on how he would be dressed when he walked in. Would it be in a pinstriped business suit or as an Arab Sheikh or in full military uniform or some other bizarre get up. Seems like an interesting game callers to your homestead could play:-}

freeacre said...

"The English" is meant in the Amish sense, Spirit Across the Sea, as in all the contemporary death culture soul-sucking rip-off artists and technocracy all over the place, not those just relegated to your island. You have expanded my mental horizons...Maybe I should open my possible wardrobe to previous lifetimes as well...I've always thought I might have been Tibetan and Egyptian...hummm. Once you realize that you are never going to have to work at a paying job again, and your neighbors are all as retired as you are for the most part, you can pretty much dress or say or do just about anything. Murph could probably dress like a mountain man in leather shirts with fringe and a coonskin cap all the time and nobody around here would say anything. He'd have me chewing the leather, though, and that would not be good.

rockpicker said...