Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lunatics or I’ll See your Conspiracy Theory, and Raise You Mine….


Steve Pizzo has a couple of really good posts up on his site, “News for Real” (see the link to his site to the right). He is basically railing against the Republican’s tactic of disruption of the town hall gatherings to give feedback to politicians. The meetings have apparently been turned into screaming right wing goonsquad fests objecting to Pres. Obama’s, or the Democrats’ health care plan. It seems there is a conspiracy. Hatched in the red-hued nests of the hated evil ones – Rep. John Boner, er, Boehner, former Bush speech writers and holy rollers, maybe even Darth Cheney himself – the too stupid to vote in their own self-interest crowd of grey haired, slack-jawed Republicans are outdoing themselves… all in the name of “We the People.”

I told you in a previous post that the WWII generation would be all over this one because it hinted at some fairness in the distribution of health care services instead of just benefiting THEM, didn’t I? So, now it seems that the hysterical oldsters are screaming that Obama is out to kill Old People because the bill supports patients going over a Living Will with their doctors every five years or something. And the corporate insurance lobby is feeding them full of lies.

From Pizzo, “….Kiss your granny and grandpa goodbye if the administration gets it's way with health care reform.

Because, even though America can afford a trillion bucks to fight two wars halfway around the world, we can't afford to keep geezers alive past their sell-by dates. (A date, by the way, which will be determined by groups of heartless, and apparently granny-less, government bureaucrats.)

I know this because I heard it from a GOP member of congress:
On the House floor yesterday, Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL) became the latest conservative to claim reform would kill people. “Last week Democrats released a health care bill which essentially said to America’s seniors: drop dead,” said Waite. Watch it:

For those of you guys out there hoping they are talking about your mother-in-law, sorry. There's not a syllable of truth in the charge. What the GOP has done is to glom onto a single clause in one of the bills that would simply allow Medicare (which largely covers the elderly) to pay for a once-every-five-year consultation with their doctor on end of life care issues, such as a living will and advance medical directives. Both of which anyone with half a brain has -- which might be a clue.

When confronted by this fact, GOP fear-mongers have a comeback:
“Yeah, they'll advise them alright. They'll advise them to die and stop costing their children and society money and bother.”

Oh, brother. God forbid that this country would be forced to extend health care to it’s citizenry like every other developed country in the world. OUR corporations aren’t going to stand for that crap – and their smug, pig-ignorant minions aren’t either. So there!

The problem is that with this kind of senseless “debate,” any opposition to the Healthcare Bill is lumped in with the message of the mindless ones and seen as part of the right wing conspiracy. So, what I consider legitimate objections to the plan, like that it will enrich insurance companies, as yet does not have a single-payer cost reduction element, and doesn’t negotiate cheaper drugs from the pharmaceutical companies, all fall by the wayside and are discounted by the Democratic “progressive” brain trust.

SO, WHOM DOES THIS SERVE? Is this another conspiracy? Hummm…

Pizzo identifies several more fear-mongering theories concocted from the Right – that of the scary terrorists from Gitmo who we should be afraid to put in our domestic prisons, as if these poor souls are (or ever were) a threat to any of us. Oh, then there’s “Satan’s right hand” – the Environmentalists who are trying to convince us of climate change or resource depletion or any other thing that might keep corporations from making a few billion extra bucks. Who cares if your kids are eating jellyfish when they grow up instead of Red Snapper? And, of course, there is always President Obama himself – the “anti-Christ, “ Muslim, non-American (read That Black Guy) who Hates Whites (despite the fact that his beloved mother and grandparents who raised him were white and he is half white). What is this? South Africa? No, it’s the good ol’ white supremist USA rearing its ugly head again.

. . . I sense a disturbance in the Force – yes, it is Carl Rove that I am sensing – the Evil Emperor and Darth Cheney behind all of this. . . .or is it the Bilderbergers or the Illuminati or the Knights Templar, the British Royal Family, or the Nazi Hitler clones? …. Pizzo, you see, is a nice and sensible guy. He doesn’t even believe that 911 was an inside job. He’s probably scoffs at the notion of an engineered Die Off, the FEMA Internment Camps, or the Bird (or is it Swine?) Flu gimmick to reduce the population and further enrich Big Pharma.

He’s no dummy however. He saw right through the complicated Keating Five scandal of the Savings and Loan banks back in the 80’s. Even got nominated for a Pulitzer with the investigative reporting and book he wrote about it.

So, why doesn’t he climb on board the conspiracy train? Are there no conspiracies? Was Kennedy actually killed by a loan gunman? Did those pristine terrorist passports really appear as if by magic at the foot of the Twin Towers?

Let’s define the term. What is a conspiracy? Webster’s Dictionary defines conspire – as to “join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or to use such means to accomplish a lawful end.”

Well, that doesn’t sound so unusual, now, does it? Hasn’t there been one atrocity after another committed by the landowners and power-mongers against the peasants and indigenous tribes generation after generation throughout history? Weren’t diseased blankets given to the Indians in order to wipe them out? Yes, they were. Weren’t women burned at the stake by the thousands for non-compliance and heresy by the Catholic Church? Yes, they were. Haven’t horrific radioactive and other poisonous medical misadventurers used unsuspecting citizens as guinea pigs? We know they have.

And, wouldn’t all these examples of misdeeds and countless more over time be legitimately called conspiracies? I think so. So why is “conspiracy theorist” used as a pejorative and dismissed in most cases today? I can think of a few reasons:

1) So that we don’t have to look into the matter. It’s a bucket of worms. Too time consuming or embarrassing to deal with.
2) Too dangerous to whomever is looking.
3) Too appalling to those who would discover the truth. We’d rather not know.
4) Too guilt inducing to those who would learn of and live with the knowledge of the atrocities.
5) Too frightening to think that things could be this bad. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch to live with.
6) Impossible to assess with accuracy whether the “conspiracy theory” is true or false.
7) The scenario itself is delusional, paranoid, or insane. Supported with a lack of verifiable information, it becomes a projection of our own hopes, hatreds, or fears.

The challenge, of course, is to know which it is. Almost impossible these days. That’s probably why Pizzo doesn’t support these ideas. He’s the old-fashioned journalist who likes to verify his facts before he sees them in print.

Now, back to those angry and unruly Republicans and insurance and medical industry shills confronting their elected officials and being so discourteous. I find myself thinking, “Good for them!” I don’t agree with their reasoning on health care at all. But, at least they are expressing their outrage, fear, and distrust of the government.

I wish the citizen Democrats were expressing outrage at the financiers, Blackwater, the banks, Wall St. criminals, FEMA, and the bought-off Congress. If the Democrats would grow a pair, they might be able to find some common ground with their brethren on the Right. We all need to eat, keep a roof over the heads of our families, and we’d like our children to have a chance to be healthy and happy.

With our false choices today of “left” vs. “right,” we may choose the brown collar fascist white supremist goons of the right, or the white collar fascist ruling class overlords running things on the “left”. Either way, the global corporatists, arms dealers, Big Pharma, Agra Business, and international banking cartel wins. This system doesn’t need to be reformed. It needs to be rejected.

If we listened to each other, we might figure out together that secrecy and misinformation from the corporate and government staffs have made us too suspicious and angry and frightened of each other. We might note that our culture and the neighbors in it have been damaged and driven insane because we have been systematically lied to for so long and the truth seems nowhere to be had. That can make one crazy. Sometimes I find myself seeking comfort or answers off world. I look for an alien connection or answers from Spirit or the Earth Herself. Is that crazy? I honestly don’t know.

The antidote to much of this is localizing as much as you can. Get centered in your mind, your home, your town. Grow food. Disconnect from the bullshit artists and propagandists on both sides. Get real. Recognize that grave mistakes have been made, but stop thinking the worst about your fellow man or woman. Be able to confront evil. Be ready to forgive those who sincerely repent. Put together some sort of alternative health plan of your own, like growing herbs or bartering with a naturopath. Make something better happen.

Hopefully to that end, I am including pictures of the celebratory moon/campfire gathering we had last week. We paused to be grateful to the plants in the garden and the flowers and animals at home. I know that some of you joined in as well. It felt really good.

Flowers from the yard

The campfire with neighbor friends

Custard pie with Rhubarb topping

Pasta salad with home grown fennel, basil, beans, peas, onion, garlic and pesto


Anonymous said...

hey sis,
i only have one thing to say in regard to your post because i cannot understand a fucking thing about the medical side of government, i try and end up blithering more then usual.

''That can make one crazy. Sometimes I find myself seeking comfort or answers off world. I look for an alien connection or answers from Spirit or the Earth Herself. Is that crazy? I honestly don’t know.''

this part about seeking wisdom from mother earth,o yes, there is where i can relate,you are definitely not crazy, i personally talk out loud to plants, animals, rocks, trees, clouds, and there is a deep silence in the listening, for they are energy beings not unlike us they say,and they say if we seek them out with respect a connection will be made.whether we are open enough to perceive what they say is another thing, because it requires among other things a letting go of the conditioning that has been forced upon us since childhood, and it is indeed a strange feeling to actually feel a presence in your mind and body that you just know that it comes from outside via the sage people or trees or even rocks.
two days ago i traveled to the sage people's place and picked sage after seeking permission which was granted/ these ancient people have much to say and their wisdom is so profound it is almost to much to bare.
the one thing i gathered from them which seemed utterly insane from what is going on now was the picture of the future they projected,, it was wildly beautiful as the mind and heart of mankind aligns with the our mother. this was a certainty they said,even though it would be fraught with incredible sadness and the illusion of loss would be for some to much to bare, i asked what would happen to those people and there was no answer, only a serene feeling emanating from them and that was all they would say,
today i wrap smuggies from the branches of these beautiful relations and will distribute them to any that might wish to have one.
let any of you let me know if you would like to receive this gift of love from our sacred relations, and a way to get it to you, there is no cost to you/
peace and love

ps, i might also add freeacre that standing in the night looking at the stars and wondering just how long it will be before those that live among them will put aside the notion that we are alone in the universe, thats really funny in itself.
i have seen many unexplainable things in the skies including the best one right here in montana, last winter i think it was, most incredible it was, it seemed like one could almost touch it.
of course i send thought waves to these beings but receive nothing back at least anything that i know doesn't originate in my own mind;

pss, i have some questions for you p if you don't mind, but will get back to you later when the time might be more appropriate.
your comments really hit home with me especially about the lithium .

rockpicker said...

Great post, Freeacre, and oh, so timely.

I found a youtube presentation of Clif High's interview on Malitia Radio. It is a more user-friendly format, I think. Everyone should listen in, if possible.

Here's the link:

"With our false choices today of “left” vs. “right,” we may choose the brown collar fascist white supremist goons of the right, or the white collar fascist ruling class overlords running things on the “left”. Either way, the global corporatists, arms dealers, Big Pharma, Agra Business, and international banking cartel wins. This system doesn’t need to be reformed. It needs to be rejected."

I've never heard it said any better than that.

I am weary of 'tedious arguments of insidious intent.' Like Germany's jews in the thirties,
who could believe the fear mongers?
Their beloved Fatherland would never betray them.

Yet who will explain the presence of thermite in the 9/11 dust? And who will call General Partin a liar over OKC? Who will call out the Liberty's crew and say, no, they were all mistaken, it wasn't that way at all?

Friends write to say forget detention centers. I am already a prisoner of my own fear.

They say there is no reason to put toxic metals in vaccines, so the vaccines will be safe.

They call with good news concerning the economy.
"Collapse, it seems, is a hoax."

I feel like a small sloop adrift with a broken mast and a shattered rudder.

Baz said...

oye ~ ship aHoy:

"c'mon you mutha f@c%in page and load already." sentiments expressed, moreover—endured. I'm voting for all of them .. as being responsible—that is to say, avoidance—my course of action, for the moment. If someone believes a pile of steamin horse-shit, there's no stoppin them—they'll just find a way. People act upon what they believe, no-matter what a pile of steamin horseshit. If they believe it, — they infect the hive-consciousness.

As a wise man once said, ".. probably, a much better use of your time to get out of the way, while the great deluded masses kill each other over the bullshit they believe". Comrade—you are right! ~ nyet.

Notes from, 'The Last Samurai' — ".. apparently this is the only job i'm suited to do ... there is some irony in my life."—could be true, even 4 say, somebody who flipped burgers.

In the end—we create the worlds we believe in ; in spite of the 1s we claim 2b lieve. Be ready to forgive those who sincerely repent. Word verification ~ refulit—hahaha

rockpicker said...

this from the Clif High interview on Militia Radio. He's explaining the philosophy behind aikido.

"...the idea is you harmonize with your partner's energy, suck it all away from him, and you can use the force of a feather to move 10,000 lbs., as we say. And it's really a cool martial art because it's also called the 'way of peace', or the 'art of peace,' because there is no harmony, (aikido means simply harmonization with life force,) a way of harmonizing with Universe, if you will, and there is no harmony that does not exist in the face of conflict. In other words, if you don't have conflict, you have peace, but you don't necessarily have harmony. But as soon as you've got conflict arising, you've got the potential to create harmony out of that conflict. This is important because we get to a situation where those of us who are self-soveirgn individuals can say to ourselves,'I'm aligned with Universe and I'm out there helping people and I'm out there making a difference as much as I can, in every single way I can every single day, and because I'm aligned with Universe, I'm in harmony with Universe. Therefore, those people who oppose me in order to defeat me must first break Universal harmony, and that's a really tough job-- an impossible task. So even though I may not live to see it, anybody who opposes me, because they're opposing myself in harmony with Universe, is opposing Universe. And they will be defeated. And it gives me an interesting perspective on things..."

Anonymous said...

So why is “conspiracy theorist” used as a pejorative and dismissed in most cases today? I can think of a few reasons:

8. they just might be right!!


Anonymous said...


turn your little boat then
away from the toxic winds
let it be guided soul-ly
by that longing for home.

steered by the one true rudder,
inner guidence
and the gentle hand that sez
you're no longer alone

"This system doesn’t need to be reformed. It needs to be rejected."

iow... the only way to win is to not play the game.

baz... If someone believes a pile of steamin horse-shit, there's no stoppin them—they'll just find a way.

result... pig farmer eaten alive by pig pharma.


it would be my honor to receive your generous gift. may i offer to pay the post? suggest i send you a box which will contain bubble wrap and return post. how big? the sacred contents will go on our alter. toward the east of course. opposite side to the water from the glastonbury white well and be used for ceremony. just email your address.

?'s? don't mind at all. indeed, honored you'd ask.


Anonymous said...

hummmm.... i'd forgotten. its been 10 years. we collected the water from both wells. mixed together as they did in ancient time.

Baz said...

Steer clear .. of the mutha ship—they only have so many life rafts, anyway. Might have to make your own—better yet, jump ship!—it's goin' down anyways. Don't you 'believe' bruthas and sistas—in yourselve's. Ain't no-one more motivated / dedicated, with your interest at heart than U! F#c% the govt and their hellmonic temptations so difficult 2 resist. Poison fruit anyway! How many with scurvy? Just b'cuz the Captain knows how to play a violin, doesn't make him trustworthy to navigate the Styx straits. Ale, me matey's she's blowin a fierce knot .. it's goin to be ruff passage .. tie everythin that can be .. beware the shoals

freeacre said...

We listened to the whole interview with Clif on militia radio. Very good. I'm glad that the word does seem to be getting out to an assortment of people. Boy, not much time left to see all hell break loose. By the way, our bank got taken by the FDIC and sold this weekend. Yikes! More pie is called for.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

It seems to me like a case of divide and rule combined with heard mentality. Perhaps we would be better employed looking for the rulers who are directing the heard.

rockpicker said...

A Prayer For Humanity

Dave said...

You're right, the system needs to be rejected. I've been on that path for years.

Yummy looking pie, by the way!

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

Anonymous said...

squirm ye nutzoid conspiracy deniers. got copied on a blanket email yesterday from dan ellsberg's son, michael....

hammm... is whistleblower extrodinaire ellsberg getting ready to reveal more secrets?

"Dear friend,
Hello, this is Michael Ellsberg, Dan Ellsberg's son.

We have some exciting news. In the fall, after Labor Day, Daniel will be launching a new, insider's memoir of the nuclear era entitled "The American Doomsday Machine," chronicling his experience working in the highest levels of the nuclear planning system in the early 60's.

The Internet-based memoir will be coming out exclusively on www.Ellsberg.Net, announced on this list and on the site.

Here is a "pre-taste" of what is to come, Daniel's piece "Hiroshima Day: America Has Been Asleep at the Wheel for 64 Years"

Keep an eye out for an email announcing the launch of Dan's new insider's memoir."

click on the story link and this is at the top of the page...

"[After Labor Day, I will start regular installments of my insider’s memoir of the nuclear era, The American Doomsday Machine, an Internet book reflecting my earlier classified work and 40 years of research.]"

that story along with 3 more was posted on the 6th. preceeded by 2 on the 5th. abbynormal. could be setting historical background for this latest memoir.

this morning his site is down.

btw... wiki's entry on ellsberg contains this stmt re sibel edmonds...

"In November 2007, Daniel Ellsberg was interviewed by Brad Friedman on his Bradblog in regards to former FBI translator turned whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. "I'd say what she has is far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers", Ellsberg told Friedman. [22]"

and exploded she has. congresional names named in last saturday's deposition...

not a peep from MSM about it. CeNoNews... if i was turner or murdock i'd blow my brains out... p

Anonymous said...

those of us who are self-soveirgn individuals can say to ourselves,'I'm aligned with Universe

universe... the good, the bad, and the ugly! and then there's 'the matrix'!! and ellsberg!!! and edmonds!!!! and cheney!!!!! and carl jung!!!!!! and then that, oh, so nasty 'E' word... ego!!!!!!!!

and on and on!!!!!!!!!

anybody wanna take a shot at just what the hell 'aligned with U' means?

Anonymous said...

oooops.... that was me... p!!!!!!!

word verification... 'interna'!!!

Anonymous said...

will the real lunatic inhabitants of U please stand up? here's one...

eriK prince. a real prince of a guy eh? ya, with a K. XE know evil.

and then... there's that brand of twisted, playground justice. you know... the particularly pernicious kind the bullys dish out. ever wonder where they end up and what they're doing when they 'grow up' to be big boz? perfectly polluted portfolio for the prince parade... p

rockpicker said...

P, in answer to your question about harmony with Universe, Kerry Cassidy, of Project Camelot, is fond of making this distinction between human motivaters. Maybe it fits here.

Service to others, as opposed to service to self.

Baz said...

"I bought a car .. turned out to be an alien robot. Who knew!?" — Transformers (2007)

Non Biological Entities (NBEs) ; c'mon—keep up with the acronyms ~ they hide among us in plain sight .. watching us , waiting ..

just advances another piece of the puzzle. These bureaucracies are huge .. cogs

acrita n (zoology) animals without a central nervous system.

U gotta know when 2 hold 'em .. know when 2 fold 'em .. and when 2 walk away. U never count your money when you're sittin at the table .. there'll be time enough 4 countin .. when the dealin's done.

Herd of cows .. Yes thanks, heard of chickens?

Baz said...

Insanity is a reasonable response in an insane world —

Man .. know thyself, and thou shalt know the Universe ~ Oracle at Delphi

Even though the moon dies, it comes to life again each night.

rockpicker said...

The Powers That Be
shove the material world
in our faces,
steaming heaps of greed
and 'me,'
hoping we will not sense
or see
the light,
the nurturing spirit force
of earth
and all-embracing life
that is ours free
for the taking,
for the simple turning away
from darkness and deceit
compounded quarterly
in distant capitals
to ensure we twist
and fret
in self-applied bonds
we accept as debt.

Anonymous said...

p you can reach me @

where to cut this note in two.?

montana freeman
box 212
hot springs, mt.

and that is also for anyone else that might be interested in experiencing this clearing,healing,connecting sacred herb.
there is no cost for this because mixing money and sacred cannot be destroys the other she says/

the energy is really hot right now,
langosta is telling me that there has to be a kind of mind death to take place in the consciousness of humanity in order to facilitate the spiritual mutation that is in process right now. this death will bring those that experience it into the world of now. those that do not receive it will... this is vague, i grok not in fullness on this yet but it will become clearer as the mutation takes place she says.
so, to die is to live, this statement reveals much she says because it is a trigger that will set in motion the energy necessary to bring about the salvation of mankind, it is ancient she says but few have ever understood it.
however, now the seriousness of events taking place has become a matter of concern for survival as a species ,
this dying is a dying to all the things that are corrupting mankind, it is not just a good idea, it has to take place! not as a theory.
this is scary to me, for what am i if not who i am? you are a product of your conditioning she says, nothing more nothing less,when this is understood in its fullness the mutation will begin, actually she says, its already begun, can't you see/feel that? around the edges i say.
the two leggeds are magnificent jewels perfect in their creation she says, the corruption that took place to change them into what they are today is hidden within the depths of the human psych,and will be revealed,
this is arduous and to worry about making your ''Blackberry payments'' will make it impossible she say.
for it is a quest and it will involve leaving all you know behind., this includes everything, your loved ones, your books, all your possessions, your ideas about everything, even your ''Beloved Blackberry''she says, this is the death that must take place, it must.
after all she says this will happen with the death of your bodies anyway,so to know and become, no, not become, because to become is a mental abomination , there is no becoming because becoming is to have and not having is the living death that scares the two leggeds senseless, this is the bondage that is lived in from birth till physical and mental death.
so as your life experience is written on the membranes as corporal dust,this will be taken with the physical death.
scooping out a portion of this dust with a pair of scissors will put an end to your illusion of being someone so is it possible for this to take place before the body dissolves back into mother earths skin?
This moist dust is responsible for the misery that is so comfortable for the two leggeds she says, because without it it would be a freak show in which they have been trained to believe with all their hearts, which by the way will be restored to its pristine condition also.
part one

Anonymous said...

part two.
further more another thing that is necessary is to purify the body as much as possible, because the stuff that is consumed as spiritual nourishment is anything but, because it has been manufactured out of greed and is what is being eaten on a daily basis.
return the body to its ''default'' settings she giggles.
this is a fun quest she says, a really happy funeral, it is salvation,it is what might be called ''the big awaiting'' she giggles,
the fear,, that drives the two leggeds on endlessly to perform the most hideous acts upon first them selfs and then of course their brothers and sisters can be scooped out but is it really necessary she says?.
this can come to an end, completely
and permanently , psychological fear is an illusion disease and the controller which holds it in place is our old friend denial , it makes for a bag of lies, tattered and torn by this garbage we wallow in it, some in fun, some in abject misery and starving for the truth which has been reserved for those that only think they have the keys, but they do not. the innate truth lies within each
every one of the two leggeds'and cannot be bought at any price, it cannot be given because it is already there only to be allowed to reveal itself.

ok thats pretty plain i say, but i will not go without my 'Blackberry'' can i take it?

maybe, but thats another story she says.

with much love for all of you.
my brothers and sisters.

freeacre said...

I, for one, feel very privileged that you are sharing the messages that our winged, six-legged sister in spirit is telling you, Montana. I think that the cleansing that you have been doing is allowing you to hear her messages more clearly as well. Her message about dying to the things that have been corrupting humanity is pretty much the same one that I am reading in Carolyn Baker's book, "Sacred Demise."
There is a lot of "dying" going on right now as people lose their jobs, their mortgages are upside down, their 401K's have tanked, and they find themselves suddenly poor just about when they were all set to cash in the chips and be set for life. We have a friend who is a retired executive in that position who just accepted a position in a fast food restaurant. Boy, that is going to be a spiritual exercise as he wrestles with all the issues involved.Much gnashing of teeth and loss of identity and changing of time-structuring and getting into the here-and-now, and learning what real friendship is all about. Lots of good could come out of all this re-alignment and collapse of this sickassed civilization.
Much turbulence in the earth as well - recent big earthquakes and more on the way. Hang in there, mrs.p! and any and all close to the perimeters of any of the earth's plates.

Anonymous said...

mf and bug... it can come in many forms i suppose. i have experienced this... this death of which you speak. or i should qualify this to say it was confined to a... a particular... nemesis. possession might even be a better word. if words can even describe something that seems to exist non-verbally. something that has to be experienced to grok. to feel. to know. beyond words.

or... i think i've experienced what bug has described. and yes, death may not be the right word. out of it came birth of sorts. a better word would be freedom. what 'it' was became a non-issue. along with all the tertiary baggage that came with it and the form in which it was manifest.

'it', in my case, was obsession. except i didn't experience it as if it were some foreign entity as in a possession. it was me. or a piece of me. and the rest of me was truely a prisoner to it and it a prisoner unto itself. for, while it was operative, i could choose no other path for myself. i was bound to its spell. the condition. it literally transformed overnight. it'd been active for 27 years, 24/7. well, maybe it wasn't that in the beginning. but it soon grew to that and took over. so i know amazing things are possible in a very short amount of time. what became a non-issue was the power this obsession had over me. the baggage took alot longer to deal with. and i'm still dealing with it. but thats another story.

anyway, when it was over and i could look back on it i actually thought for awhile that this part of me had died. this part of me that was hooked into this. and then i'd struggle with it saying... no, i still have this part of me with me. but its transformed. i could feel that too. what this part of me was was all still here. but... FREE! i was free. to be me. no longer powerless.

behind the swinging doors of the brotherhood of the empty chalice they say... once, always. it ain't true! ...p

Anonymous said...

p it sounds like a very fortunate experience took place for you, the ways of the spirit are many as there are two leggeds bug says.
the catalyst necessary for us to get the fuck off our lazy asses and git on down the road to the truth might just be different for each of us, that is good to keep in mind when the judger sticks its nasty nose in other peoples business.
the straightforwardness of good heart and intent is enough she says.
the spirit knows the ways of our heart better then we know ourselfs so its not a matter of becoming a mental giant to learn the ways of the self, its quite easy she says.
it sounds like a catharsis took place in you p, same thing happened to me if i read you right, something so profound and maybe instantaneous and of such strong flavor that that was it.!! no going back. the wedge that separates the truth from beautiful or ugly illusion is of grand design she says, and it matters not one whit, what illusion that manifests,, it will fall back into the bottom from which it came.
the two-leggeds are all prisoners of their own making, abet, borrowed from the previous bunch of borrowers, and maintained by the wall of illusion we look at every day,also 24/7 , this is really important, she says, this wall is almighty,it is the only thing we know, what's on the other side of this wall is unknowable, this is the death she speaks of because without this death, this actual mental death the other side of the wall cannot, cannot be perceived.
why should anyone care i ask, she says because you have a really really shitty life even though you have every thing that the clever two-legged mind can produce you are still scared shitless of making a mistake. and this so called hidden part of you is not hidden at all, its in plain sight for anyone except for yourself to see.
is that not a little spooky? that your actions are so plain, and all along you thought you had everyone fooled?
these games must be seen for what they are, they are cruel and if there is anything describing evil that might be it.

clarity of mind comes with the release of the illusion of responsibility she says, this dreadful nightmare has been imposed from outside and is artificial, no good heart will stand and let something starve but those that work their brains and bodies to death in useless endeavors just to have food and shelter will.
is this not strange? she says.
to slave away five or so days a week for 20 years or more just for a roof and some food and clothes?
for gods why? because we have been told to thats why, and no other way for the most part has been available, the wonderful consumer attitude coupled with ostracism and a good background in the jesus debacle will just about take up most of a two-leggeds trip through this plane of existence she says.
also the hellish childhood ''education''should be included.
the question then is how does a working stiff find the necessary time to try and uncover the truth about his or her own incredible, magical existence?
Because this is absolutely essential to understand, we simply must allow the inner workings of our being to explore ITS own nature., i am tired, but the energy is good.
in peace we come, in peace we go.

ps checked out the Cliff interview Rockpicker, very cool.

rockpicker said...

from Cryptogon this morning;

"Stagnant unemployment, shrinking tax revenue and a struggling economy threaten to quadruple the size of last year’s federal budget deficit, raising more questions about the timing of costly proposals to overhaul health care."

According to NPR, the recession is over.

Zoner said...

This fire is so very warming. I hang out here and a few other places in the "virtual" sphere more than I would care to admit, but don't feel compelled to pick up the stick much - too many people voicing my own deepest feelings and doing a better job than I could, so it is enough to sit back and feel the warm glow produced and just smile and nod my head.

I felt moved today to at least say thank you to our hosts for providing this space, this nurturing community, and for sharing freely in the manner that you all do.

mf, I am in awe of the relationship you have forged and sent you an email yesterday about it. Going out and speaking directly to nature has been a new effort of mine, and I hope to make some new friends in the process. It is definitely time to seek alliance with the Mother rather than continuing to struggle against and fight, and do harm to her. After the bitterness and anger of being so deceived for so long has faded, now comes the opportunity to embrace what is being shown as worth giving up everything (that is fleeting and hollow anyway) for. Stop fighting! Let go!

To that end plans continue toward my family leaving our comfy suburban cul-du-sac fairytale and we are almost ready to have my wife give notice and hang the "for sale" signs up on the remaining "assets" we have.

You want to be called crazy and be ridiculed? Tell a bunch of people you are walking away from a high-paying, secure (yeah, whatever that means) job, giving up your health bennies (wait, aren't there some chronic issues you are facing?), and taking the kids out of school to just road trip around for a while and see what's out there. Crazy, I tell you.

What's crazy is having to even think about forced vaccinations, FEMA clowns (clowns have always scared the shit out of me, just like "deeply religious" types that have that certain "look" in their eyes), or what my armed Christian Fundie type next door might do if things get froggy and she and her insane son don't get whisked up to be with Jesus right away and they get impatient or something. My wife's answer to "what to do if evil comes knocking on your door?" Don't have a door.

I also wanted to say that I, too am an example of a sort of "miracle" - the removal of a thing that was said to be there now and for the duration and could only be managed and held at bay with a certain amount of diligence and through a specific ritual or 2. I'm going to simply call it "mismanaged desire". p, this removal can happen, does happen, and is probably only denied because it messes with the part of us that is trained to see hierarchy as the natural way (I'm not playing that game anymore). It challenges the notion that we are small, weak creatures needing each other and a complex "system" to get anywhere. I call BS on that, too. I don't claim to know anything, but evidence is mounting and experiments are being run.

I have held the stick for too long.
Much love and enduring gratitude to all.


murph said...


Good to have your comment. Glad you stick around.

Giving up on all the 'good' stuff will be a bit of a shock I assume. Hope it all works out for you. Head our way for a visit if you are inclined when you hit the road.

Divorcing oneself from the system will be a shock to most people. Well, if our predicament gets as bad as we anticipate, they too will be joining the disconnection, just not voluntarily. We elected 5 years ago to disconnect, at least to the extent that we are able. Total disconnect is virtually impossible in all reality, and some connection does have advantages. We really do try hard to not contribute to the corporative structure and get sucked into the fantasy life it offers. But, it is hard not to indulge, we have many years of propaganda and mind numbing advertisements to overcome and I always wonder just how successful we really are. The final test will be on successful survival when the really big SHTF scenario occurs.

Our food production this year has far exceeded our expectations. Satisfying stuff for us. Meanwhile, friends and acquaintances go on week long camping trips or week long visits to friends and/or relatives. We stay home and put up food. Shall see how that all works out in the end.

murph said...


Great comments sir. The clarity of mind, being able to see what really is out there is always a question for me. Are we really successful? I'm never quite sure that this mental activity, self realization and mental clarity is just more conditioning or not.

I like the comments you relate from the bug. Good ruminations.

Anonymous said...

z... if following your nose leads you anywhere near the atlanta area i hope you'll stop in. think of us as a roadhouse along the way. we have space here and you are welcome.

and speaking of space and your decision, one extreemly difficult, especially with a family... the only thing i can say is that such conscious decisions is the stuff that leads to opening space. when we can look through the darkness within that amounts to what our very unknown future may bring and find the glimmer of a candle faintly glowing in the belly of that darkness and feel it calling as a lighthouse might in the storm... well, this is the stuff that opens space to move along. toward what? into the unknown. but a road is there even if we haven't the faintest idea where that road may lead us.

i know damn well this is what happened to me in that story i just told. intent is the starting point and alignment is key. which is not to say that if one is not completly alinged within themself that to move forward is a mistake. from this layer of the cake there are no mistakes. i tried and tried to move forward. to move beyond the prison i was in. not even seeing it as a prison at the time but realizing how my behavior ravished the lives of others, particularly of those close to me, and how it could only ultimately end for myself as it eventually did, many years later, for both my brothers plagued by the same malady. i might go for a loaf of bread and not come home for 3 days. i can't tell you how many hundreds of times i vowed to change. and every time there was this part of me that just wasn't aligned with the program. i could feel its presence. and despite what the rest of me was saying or how awful i felt in the moment i knew this wasn't over.

that night it all changed? i didn't know it at the time but looking back i'm absolutely convinced that that part of me aligned with the program. i can still feel it to this day. and to this day i've never had another obsession or complusion. i can look back at key events that preceeded that night and see where i made conscious decisions that opened the space for that night to happen. i had abolutely no idea that this is was what i was doing or what the future would bring or that this is really kinda how things work on some mysterious, yet sacred level.

langosta has given us a rare glimpse and a most important understanding... 'we simply must allow the inner workings of our being to explore ITS own nature.,'

and i only share my story to say there's wisdom in dem der words. and to say never forget the wisdom in mf's words as well... 'the road to the truth might just be different for each of us'. ...p

freeacre said...

Have I mentioned lately how much I love all of you, and what a blessing each of you are to me? You open my heart and often make tears run down my cheeks.

rockpicker said...

what good writers we are.

Anonymous said...

somehow, in this moment, this strikes me as appropriate...

IZ is. there at the end. in the urn. and... IZ IS! ...p

Anonymous said...

langosta says that self-deception is waiting right there to take a bite out of your best sandwich,so how is one to know if one is deceiving oneself?
this is really important because we have been trained like god-damn monkeys to perform exactly this scenario since being of young age. hardly ever ever being what it is that we feel,what we think,what it is that is coming from the depths of ones own essence,the beautiful singleness that is your own special gift to join in with the rest of humanity as part of it completely.
thanks go to the Christians for this and there is no escape from from these monsters, they control everything from the pages of the very ''sacred'' book that allows, nay, commands them to kill, steal, commit every kind of nasty abomination that their clever little minds can dream up.

don't get me wrong, this is not a judgment, it is simply the truth, and this goes for all the rest of the forms of self-mutilation that these tragic belief systems brings to bear on the innocent.

so, how to recognize this despicable nastiness in our own mines,? she says one must be vigilant to the bone.

issue the intent to see this fraud that is your shield for survival by acting either a smart fool or a dumb one, they are the same phony construct she says.
at some point the innate intelligence which resides within all living things, (and maybe even rocks) will begin to emerge as a force that will burn the burden of illusion from your precious and magnificent being.
this will happen if the intent is strong enough, maybe not strong,.sweet, that's the word,,sweetness,allow the sweetness to ferment. hummm .

this came in at #31 but freeacre snagged my spot! hehe

and rockpicker snagged #32

shucks, ok having a go for #33
fun and laughts today, you guys are just to cool for words.


Anonymous said...

shit p got #33 before i could even deposit my note,
ok #34
man its getting crowed at the end of this post , energy is just going crazy..

wheeeeeeeeee ok guys


Zoner said...

Thank you for that beautiful musical interlude, p.

Needless to say, it was not what I expected when I saw the man performing this version of a wonderful tune - looks can be deceiving!

It brought a tear to my eye. Then I read the comments posted by a badly damaged individual, and I had to shed another tear.

How can such simple beauty exist next to blind hatred? Are we even the same species? The division is DEEEEP and growing I fear, and as we spin off ever more into small and fractured groups based only on what makes someone the "other" (to begin justifying that which can never be justified), a tipping point to this imbalance would seem inevitable.

There needs to be a correction of some sort. I will not mourn the death of this "civilization", and open my heart to the possibilities that exist in the changing of a thing that needs changing.

"Remember the good old days?"

How about "Remember the good old ways"?. I'm not talking about the 50's here, either.


Hotspringswizard said...

Freeacre, We sure are on the same page regarding your Aug 9 entry. I contacted you a while back in reference to your thoughts at Carolyn Baker's site. Also interesting musings by the others here at your blog. I like the photos of all the good food you and Murph are preparing and producing. All the vegetable photos remind me of the big garden my Pa and I did at a place we lived at for a time in Oregon ( in 1980 ), at a tiny little place called Peel, not too far from Glide. We got wheelbarrels full of vegetables from that garden. Well I'll have to drop in to your campfire from time to time. Places ( internet havens ) like this always remind me that there are still some sane and thoughtful people left out there :-)

rockpicker said...

"Do not fear the enemy, for your enemy can only take your life. It is far better that you fear the media, for they will steal your HONOR. That awful power, the public opinion of a nation, is created in America by a horde of ignorant, self-complacent simpletons who failed at ditching and shoemaking and fetched up in journalism on their way to the poorhouse."

--Mark Twain

rockpicker said...

“There is a single theme behind all our work–we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it…." “Our program in El Salvador didn’t work. The infrastructure was not there to support it. There were just too goddamned many people…. To really reduce population, quickly, you have to pull all the males into the fighting and you have to kill significant numbers of fertile age females…." The quickest way to reduce population is through famine, like in Africa, or through disease like the Black Death….
—Thomas Ferguson, State Department Office of Population Affairs

You can read a list of similar quotes here:

Anonymous said...

a tipping point to this imbalance would seem inevitable.

you've nailed it z! and inevitability has arrived!! so why does it look so bad and getting worse and worser? these divisions? these extreems? the operative word is reflections. we are beginning to see in physical manifestation the war thats been going on in the shadows. in the gap. to put it another way... the deepest denials are surfacing into consciousness. the state interacting energies are in at any given time is always in play. its just not always visable.

mf gave us a huge clue in his latest comment... 'hardly ever ever being what it is that we feel,what we think,what it is that is coming from the depths of ones own essence,the beautiful singleness that is your own special gift to join in with the rest of humanity as part of it completely.'

those are incredibly wise words! for that special gift IS there. it is woven in the mortar of our very being. our very core. it is our redemption.

but wait a minute... we still feel, we do think. so why this fuckedupedness? what we need to know is that it has been under attack for eons. our magnetic feeling centers. our electro thinking centers. manifest as the body politic, its literally twisted and compressed. conditioned as bug sez. and so, it 'reflects' this conditioning back to us. as responses to our experiences as we move along. its job so to speak. perfectly too i might add!!

who's the perp? anti-life forces notwithstanding, we are! we're both our own victum and our own perp. we experience. we feel. we think. and then we conclude... this is fucked up! so i better git rid of it. not!! what we have to do is first, accept it for what it is. however we feel. however we think. its a reflection. then clear out the conditioning. the judgements against. the blame. the vessel knows its own process for this clearing. even assuming this as a fundamental understanding, letting it lead is the hard part.

the concept of understanding is kinda like success. most of us view success as something we chase. its not. it follows. its a result. i might understand that i drink because i'm an alcoholic. but i can't think myself out of my next drunk based on that. how did you put it?... "I'm going to simply call it "mismanaged desire".' exactly. so well put. but what we do so often is to blame desire for it. its not the fault of desire. its the conditioned state its in. what its holding. feelings and thought give movement to creation. without them there is no desire and without desire vibration would stop. so it follows we must have desire to have life.

baz... did the oracle really say that?

Anonymous said...

rp... damn!! now thats what i call anti-life forces!!!

murph said...

Welcome to the camprife HotSprings Wizard.

The garden for us this year was astounding, especially considering where we are doing it, on the other side of the mountains in central Oregon in the high desert area. I've mentioned before on this blog that when we moved here, all the 'experts' advised us that vegetable gardens are impossible here. Being a pair of cynical old farts, we said to ourselves, "we'll see". Admittedly, growing a garden here is a lot harder than in many other locations, but it can be done, with astounding results, at least this year and last year. We have encouraged a bunch of other people to give it a shot and told them our experience and how we did it. Lot's of varied results throughout the community. We have a relatively short growing season here and our big advantage was we got a very early start, which means we were protecting against frost for around 75% of the evenings for 2 months. Some plants are a waste of time to try here, corn is one of the biggies. Outside growing of tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans, and usually squash is almost a complete waste of time, although this year, with much effort, if the squash get a chance to mature the fruit, we will be drowning in them. Of course, I had to hand fertilize them because we don't have the insect population to do it for us. A bit of a pain in the ass, has to be done daily when the blooms are coming on.

Again welcome, hope to see you often on the comments.

Zoner said...

I know nothing of "cleansing" in any real sense - could anyone shed a little light on what this involves?

Changing diet is obvious, and has been researched and is being implement, but I suspect there is more to it than what you put in the body in the literal sense.

mf, I am inclined to accept your generous offer, but admit to being clueless and would not want to waste a thing in improper use. I know sacred traditions are often co-opted and "played at", and I am not down with this practice.

Please no funny hats or donation links (chuckle), but I am genuinely seeking allies here.

Thanks and love to all.


pie crust said...

you might find this link astro turf. looks like it flows both ways.

Hotspringswizard said...

aThanks Murph for your welcome :-) After having gone through some measure of your blogs more recent entries and commentary I would say that as much as I have gleaned thusfar from your thinking, that my thoughts on what is the nature of what we are all facing is aligned with you and Freeacre. I also would add that I find the civility and acceptance engendered at your blogsite regarding commentary very refreshing. There is a real atmosphere of people trying to understand the challenges presented by the coming changes, and suggestions to offer up substantive possible solutions to various problems presented. I like you blog concept of the campfire and the passing of the stick. I've always loved campfires and we heat our home with a woodstove.
Regarding you great success this season with your garden, my brother lives off of HWY 299 in northern Cal, near the end of the Pit River arm of Lake Shasta. He has a real nice off the grid home ( solar, wind, hydro ) and he told me recently that their garden is doing really lousy. He has up till recenty been quite the activist in the Redding area regarding his concerns about Chemtrails as related to their use in possible government controlled weather modification programs in his area. He has been working with Rosilend Pertersen ( lives in northern Cal )who has been a decades long activist regarding Chemtrails and their negative affect on agricultural soils.
My brother along with other interested parties have done quite of bit of water sampling in northern Cal which has shown consistent very high levels of Aluminum and Barium ( off the scale in many cases ). He feels there is a direct connection with the substance coming from chemtrails entering the soils and interfering with the its biology, and the productive ability of these soils. Rosiland Pertersen has much evidence suggesting that this same problem has been affecting and killing trees in the northwest, as well as affecting other agricultural soils.
We have 20 acres near our brother and have done some developments of this land in case we find it necesary to get away from bad things happening regarding possible collapse. Contaminated soils would be a real problem if we couldn't grow a decent garden up there. You can google Dane Wigington to see info on this subject as it relates to my brothers efforts and concerns.
My brother said that other people he knows in his vicinity are experiencing similiar issues with their gardens of late. Whatever the cause it would clearly be a big problem to have these issues at a time of serious collapse when you really needed to depend on what you could grow on your own.

murph said...


That is a hell of a story man. You are right, if the soil will not support the growing of food, it can be a supreme problem. Where we live, we see chem trails very frequently. Of course I have no real idea how much of the crap is falling on us. lol Although it is easy to blame the chem trails for almost anything we experience as negative, from sniffles , tiredness or the tomatoes not growing as expected. I think it would be difficult to extrapolate most of it. Our soil here is terrible for growing anything but bitter brush and pine trees unless you own land that has an excess of water then you can at least grow pasture grass.

I have read where people are covering the whole garden area to prevent contamination from the chem trails. My figuring is that if the soil will support a variety of plant growth, as long as barium and aluminum are below threshold levels, it shouldn't prevent growth. You didn't mention what kind of soil your brother is dealing with.

I hate to tell you how much soil amendment we have done. In our 1200 sq ft garden I have worked into the soil over 5 full pickup loads of horse manure, plus chicken manure from our flock and in the last year, rabbit manure, plus our composting and the 3 truckloads of clean grass clippings to get the organic level up high enough to support growth in a total of 4 years. We are literally sitting on over 40 ft. of volcanic ash. We use no chemical fertilizers nor chemical insecticides. We are going as organic as we can. Last year was a good garden year, but this year is superb.

If indeed the soil has been sufficiently saturated with metals to inhibit the biology of the area, that presents a problem I would have no idea how to deal with it. Has there been an effort to test the soil for these metals? Would seem to me that would be the first thing to try if suspected. And if there is a high concentration, then what? Try suing the government for level 3 contamination?

Keep us informed about this problem.

Anonymous said...

could anyone shed a little light on what this involves?

well... if you're referring to my reference, you're right... it involves more than what is or isn't put into body as in diet. so, by default, we're talking more on the metaphysical or spiritual layers of the cake here and thats a BFD. pose the question to a representative sample of the melting pot and prepare to duck! this is actually a VERY controversial topic. one that inevitability triggers people at very deep levels. we fignt wars over it. kill each other.

ask the question in a setting where one is preaching to the choir and you'll get their version. i.e., bible thumpers will give you some version of what amounts to baptism. ask a new age-er and you'll get one of myriad versions on how to balance. many of them will be some version of getting rid of the 'negative' chit. this boils down to 2 things... thoughts and feelings. it goes on and on.

'getting rid of' was a point i brought up in previous comment. here's one place where so many otherwise diametrically opposed can find commonality. this, more often that not, is more likely to be a form of denial. especially when we hear the reasons, which amount to judgements against, for getting rid of. fear holds a place maybe one notch above the devil hisself. and rage... hell, that is the devil! and don't cry about it either!! :-)

i can give you my opinion on what clearing - or cleansing as you said - amounts to for me but its just my opinion. which is based on my own experiences and a loooooong damn way from where i was taught and conditioned as a youngun. but in the end, it comes down to what mf said... the road to the truth might just be different for each of us. probably no 'might' about it. iow, there are many paths.

my path to clearing involves movement. primarily on the emotional side of things. but first, i would refine the words 'cleansing' and 'clearing' to 'evolving'. and follow that with this personal observation... on a collective level, human consciousness - the awareness side, manifesting as the thought side - has actually done a pretty good job of evolving. can we say the same for the emotional side? we don't have to look very far to know the answer to that. at least from my view. example, racism. consciously we've come a long way. we've even enacted civil law. emotionally? ha!!

there's a big difference between acting out and 'movement'. acting out is what i did for 27 years. movement is what i did that night. acting out is what we're seeing at the town hall meetings. movement is allowing the energetic charges - aka, the way we respond emotionally to our experiences - to come up and vibrate without acting them out. and in an environment of accepting them as they are. best done in private btw. : - )

evolve is what that obsession... fundamentally an emotional dynamic... did that night. iow, obsessive thought and behavious are emotionally driven. and the current state of our emotions is still frozen in the past. thats why we're still acting it out. thus, your comment about mismanaged desire was, based on my experiences, pretty darn astute. one that goes to the very core of the condition of the human condition.

i could unpack this further but i don't know if this is necessarly the place for that. and besides, i'm sitting on the edge of my seat to hear others weigh in on your querry as well... p

rockpicker said...

maybe it's time for this one again.

Waiting For The Signal

These pages that bring us together
are the fire in the cave above the stream,
no dream we move in and out of, faceless,
expendable, waiting for a burst of wings
to spill our pooled bones like coins
over the chilled and silent ground
we fell in love with so long ago,
singing the green hills homeward
under that shovel-shouldered sun.

Fatigue works grim the stone of souls.
No talk is needed to believe the bleeding
will be ours all too soon. Needled dust,
that settled itself in naive lungs, cuts
with each rasp, yet the bleeding
won't be stemmed. Quick, black tongues
flicked from windows, floors below dustified
slabs, while the Street slumped with peanuts
beside its beer, locked on the game.

In our rush of voices a stream curses
the murmur of pines. In our names,
what we begged for never to be done,
is done with no shame. And the day
drags its blindered self to toil. Night trades
whiskey pete for oil, while down slope,
death-drummer birds with blazing eyes
ascend the holy crags to kill dissent
before we waking innocent arise.

Pangolin said...

I just wave my cell phone at them, tap it a few times and say real loud.....

"Goddamit Jim, here's another one with a bad control chip. Take a picture and zap it to the office will-ya. My battery's low."

Then laugh my ass off when they run.

The real conspiracy is that Medicare will keep your old ugly ass alive years after your brain resembles a rancid cube of butter to keep Big Pharma happy. The Pharma-sales-whores don't reward M.D.'s who let their alzheimers addled patients die of 'natural causes.'

Next time a high class call girl with a black briefcase breezes past you into your doctors office you know what's up. You're getting another scrip.

freeacre said...

Z - I am not nearly as sophisticated in thought as p is. But, in terms of baby steps toward "clearing," "cleansing," or opening up to the messages that our earthly relations and Universe has for us, I can suggest a few things:
Go ahead and accept the sage people smug sticks that Montana offers. Light them on fire then, use them to go around the periphery of your body and also to inhale. The smoke has an antiseptic effect on the physical level and on the spiritual level, the smoke helps to "cleanse" the aura of negative vibes. One person does this for another with intention. I think that the intention is an important aspect of the process and the sage responds. Or maybe we respond to the sage.'s a dance.
Then, take some time to quiet your mind. Focus on your breath going in and out and stop thinking in words of the Ten Thousand Things. Just be quiet.
Let the place between your in breath and your out breath be a bridge between you and Spirit. Eventually, when this becomes pretty easy to do and you have longer and longer times of having your mind be silent, you will be able to "hear" ideas, messages, or thoughts that don't seem to originate in what you think of as
yourself. This is where it gets very individualized. You may hear a voice that is not your own. You may see a totem animal. You may hold a rock in your palm and seem to get a thought from it. You may just find that you have vivid dreams that are meaningful to you.
Meanwhile, you try to eat healthy and rid yourself of toxins and crap. That tunes up the instrument that is your body.
One thing you'll notice right off is that there is more to you than you might at first think. There is the you that sat down in the first place, and also the You that observes you and reminds you to be quiet when you forget. This "Higher Self" is who you want to become more familiar with, and eventually to identify with. To my mind, that is the path that makes sense to me to become more clear. From this stance, it is more productive to speak your word and have it be creative, or to hear or understand what is going on on different levels, or on a grander scale. It kinda depends on who you are and what you are here to do or learn. Beyond this I don't pretend to know. Oh, I know one more thing - drumming together in groups and then falling silent together feels really good. Anyway, that is one of probably many ways to begin. I'm sure that others at the campfire have other things that work for them. Keep your eyes open. You might notice that just the right people or things show up for you just as you need them to. You may find that "the way is made straight" in a certain direction. This may be interpreted as Divine Direction. When this happens, it's like you are dancing with the universe instead of trying to slog through it.
Or, if you are me, oftentimes an appalling, unacceptable bullshit thing comes along (like shitloads of aluminum and barium in the ground or air), and you get all pissed off and have to start all over again... gaaaah!
Welcome, Hotspringswizard and Pie Crust. You've come at a time when we are at our most esoteric. I have to assume that it is the right time for you.
That poem is spot on, Rockpicker, as usual... amazing how you can create something beautiful from pain and horror in front of us.

freeacre said...

HA! Ain't that the fringin' truth!

Baz said...

ahh, ...P (I think—U don't always sign your name—haha), Yeah sure, and more besides .. many paths up the mountain, but the view from the top is still the same .. ahh—I love those 'old' songs .. for me, the (circa) 70s. Modern music just ain't got no soul! Give—me those old—time .. Ah—shut the f .. nostalgia—indeed!

Bit of a student of mythology if you haven't figured it already. Why? The answers sure as hell don't reside in Politiks—if you haven't figured it already. Without meaning no offense—haha, it's an Uncle $cam! No—sense in beating your head against a wall about it .. Bernie & Co. have got 300 years—to be served consecutively—haha, what a relief! Now, what am 'I' goin' to do with my life?—f#c% the Captains of industry and their whores.

mf, the christians only have as much power over you—as you are willing to give them. Otherwise—side step them. Maybe leave a leg—out. This is known in Judo—terms as Taiatoshi—haha, if it'll make you feel any better. Hell, if you get into any grief for doin' it—just say baz says it's OK—haha

While we're on this note: I think many spiritual teachers would (if they were still terrestrial), be absolutely repulsed to discover how bastardized their truths have been employed to decieve so many—for mammon, eh?

Zoner, I think .. read so much, fairly quickly and .. ah, difficult goin at times .. specially you injuns .. and I'm one—though you may have trouble believin, never-the-less, I is!—and can prove it—aarghh, what'll you need—a scalp? OK, raised a white—man—hahaha

Z .. I like that sound—Zen—like, ah food—yes, average person has no clue! Dumbsh*ts—calorie counting and all manner of BS—akin to the religious industry .. a fool and his money, are easily parted—haha You may notice I laugh alot—buddhist? ah, no—maybe. I make my own—liquid, some grapes (Kalifornia red, grown from Supmkt pips! now have whole vines), leaves—very important—lots of nutrient—rich goodness from mother—earth's bounty, and some sugar—that's all—voilà. Could even get my own sugar—have a bit of cane growin—out back. My point—much better than store—bought .. no preservatives, coloring, lysergicacidyethylimide or whatever the FDA, DEA, or CIA approved chemical is this week—well you get the point.

Man, I wuz goin to say somthin about baggin your own meat, also, but all this talk about veno .. ah, briefly—chasing the food is good for you—even if you don't get it! Especially if you don't—wouldn't even harm in our present over—consumptive age. The diet books don't even .. or even know! ah, all this talkin—kinda leaves the throat parched. Later dude—Les paul's—skyward.

HAHAHA—verification: cleste

Anonymous said...

I am not nearly as sophisticated

ha!! that stmt does not fit w/what followed FA!

many tunes to which to dance and many ways to hear the beat but FA's one is an oldie but goodie and remains at the top of the charts. exactly as it should. sophisticated by its simplicity. and by its diversity. both the hearing/feeling of the tune and the dance, like on the floor, is as diverse as the dancers. each dancing one with the music, the energy. the real melting pot. the candle within, the guides high and low, the mother earth, father sky. grounding with her. opening to below, opening to above. to receive the light. to give the light. opening space. run it down. run it up. the sacred circle. connecting the energy stream moving along the well established lines. plugged in. running energy.

many say ask for protection. maybe good idea. U is as diverse as the dancers. and not nearly so gentle and innocent. the likes of aluminum and barium and boogiemen come in many forms and boogie too except not so sweet. but not to be mistaken for what might first appear as the scarie ones... the bug coming up for the kitchen drain... crawling, cutting patch through the runnie egg muck 'mongst the dirty dishes. bringing what? wisdom to the open ear. the hawk, the eagle cutting winged path on the thermals, the tail of the bengal tiger. the deer on the ridge. the sage. the rock. the stream disappearing around a downstream bend. they know the tune. curiosity cannot resist. thank the mother... p

Pangolin said...

Dig charcoal and chickenshit into your garden together (google:biochar) and you can quit all that hauling of horse manure. It, really, really, works. Don't forget the chickenshit as the charcoal hosts beasties that take dibs on nitrogen before doing soil magic.

Grow a little Prairie Bundleflower as a legume. Dry the roots and offer as smoke to the gods.

Beets. The Russians survive on beets, cabbage and potatoes. Beets also clean the system something fierce.

Small god woke me an hour early today to blog before greeting the sunrise. Time to go outside.

Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

baz... many paths up the mountain,

and the oracle's is unique. her day, once thought to be here, rises from the pain and the torture. she survived. panacea on a panoptic stage lit by the sun that just strolled in at the upper end of the deep, dark, shadow-ie canyon.

wv... coman. ...p

Hotspringswizard said...

Thank you for your welcome also Freeacre :-) I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts here at Trout Clan Campfire :-) Regarding " cleansing ", we certainly are facing a long list of dire issues that will be affecting us all in very challenging and negative ways, and it all can become quite overwhelming to consider in its full extent, a great weight, a burden to bear. I find great peace and content in spending quiet time in beautiful pristine natural settings in my local. For example a place I love to visit ( for 25 years now ) is Deep Creek which comes out of the San Bernardino Mtns in So Cal near where we live. I put 14 photos from my most recent trip there at my Flickr photo site: ,
which you can also find if you google " hotspringswizard ". First I would point out that I am a member of the Naturist Society, a clothing optional group. For me the experience of spending time in Mother Natures beauty in my simple unclothed form like all the rest of the living things around me is an expression of my appreciation of the idea of " simplicity ", and of being connected to a part of the natural world . I hike regularly to such places ( also in the desert Mtns nearer to our home )and during these experiences I purposely leave behind the troubles of the greater world and focus on quiet thought and musings on subjects that inspire me. Its not that I am seeking to disregard completely the need to prepare, understand, and address the great challenges that lay before us, but I think we also need a space for our essence were such troubles do not intrude for a time. There are many individual paths towards inner peace and above is one that works for me. Living as much as possible a simpler life is an important endeavor and learning experience that will provide many benifits for us in our complex world/societies that are beginning to falter with increasing severity.

freeacre said...

...Beets. Yeah! My son just visited us for 3 days and he shared a way that he made up to eat beets. Combine beets and carrots. Boil with chopped up fresh cilantro and some brown sugar, reducing the liquid until it is a little thicker. Then serve with the liquid as a sauce. Yum.

murph said...


Yup, according to what I have read, the Mayans used charcoal to augment their soil. Problem is getting enough of it cheaply. All we have is pine here and it contains too much resin for the garden, too acidic so that is mostly out in trying to make it myself. But, sure would like to try it sometime for sure.

Generally I like the horse manure to sit for at least a year before using. I have used it fresh to no visible adverse effects and it is plentiful around here. Mixing it with the high nitrate chicken manure seems to work well.

Anonymous said...

zoner,this is not a mystery,the traditions of my people which came about as heartfelt realizations into the magical world that they lived in had a basis as a celebration in discovery,these functions are as reminders and renewers of the sacredness of our world.

heres the deal, it is hidden from the eyes that would use it for personal gain, and it is being used for personal gain, as in the city people that attend the functions of native american ceremonies just to learn the utterances and the shaking of rattles and the dances and then go away thinking that somehow they have become shaman, then put on their own shows charging the naive money for this dismal nastiness..
so, the sage people are glad to give of their leaves to share with those of hearts that seek knowledge through the burning and the inhalation and maybe just putting on some nice native american music,tapping on a drum or just setting in silence.
you might just be amazed at what happens,
so the offer still stands zoner.
you can just use it as incense as i do on occasion just to purify the vibes in the house/it is of the sweetest aroma, very distinct/
freeacres take on this is most most goodly, she sums it up to the t/
one thing i might add is the wordage of the word clearing or cleansing, to me the word cleanse is maybe not to much different then clearing, anyway to cleanse,
this to me in the spiritual world is to seek the doorway to the world of the spirit, the native americans use the sweat lodge, the sage, sweetgrass, cedar, drums, chants and other items to set the stage and gradually lead the mind to the place where the mundane world is left behind and the world of the spirit is entered, this is big medicine and is not taken of lightly.
sometimes the sacred herbs are ingested as food to help when the world of nasty has so encroached upon our minds that its strangle hold upon us will not let go.
i have maybe foolishly ventured into this world without council and have paid dearly for it.
so i would advise if this is something that you would consider as part of your path to ask the great spirit for guidance to those that would surround you with the love that is required for such a journey.
i myself do not have the gift for such a quest, it is paramount to seek ones that do though. i think on one of the reservations you might find such an ally and companion ,just ask they will know you are serious.,


o fuck i almost forgot, i acquired two empty honey bee hives to late in the spring to fill with bees but come spring next year i intend to for a couple of sacks of bees and the queens to go with them and eventually end up with several, i am a honey freak and go through about a gallon a month,
just a thought, that m[ght solve your pollination task.

without this sentence i have 5365 characters so out with the lopper.
to be continued.

Anonymous said...

other part

Big welcome to all those that have decided to join this sacred fire of safety and brother/sisterhood,

it seems to be growing greatly,this is good for this is a place for input and you more then likely have something
to say that would benefit not only yourself but those here that hear your excellent words.
i was very nervous when i first came to the fire even before the fire was lit, because being placed in the white mans schools i never learned the ways of the talking leaves very good, there was to much anger and frustration coming from those that were there to educate, they instead took all that anger and pent up fury and directed it at those that were slow, i was one of those that were slow, so i never learned to speak the language right, spell it right, or, and still do not know how to make a sentence be within what is called correct,
however after being introduced to the computer about four years ago i realized that this was a place where one could find people of like notions, and wala! came here, i still do not remember how i stumbled upon this most excellent of places.
anyway, with the help of starting off with a big assed dictionary i tried to reach out to those that i came in contact, let me tell you something, it was not easy, it was fucking ridiculous, i could not understand my own goddam words, so i just tried and tried and with the help of the great spirit it started coming together,well enough that i became unafraid to express the things i though might have some value, but more then that being in the company of all the beautiful brothers and sisters that accepted this one without criticizing, except wonce when i was kidding about balling Ann Coulter and man did i get some shit then, hell i didn't even know who in the fuck she was, i do now!
So now thanks to the great spirit for spell check and the sentence structure software some of the shit i write makes a little bit of sense i am told by the brothers and sisters, course non-judgement is why i think most of us come here in the first place, so if you think you are special in your fear of being ridiculed, your not.
it took me forever to write one single word in this place/ and now look i just blither all over the place and no one cares one hoot.
so jump in newbies, the waters just right!

rockpicker said...

our cups runneth over

murph said...


The reason we don't have bees in this neck of the woods is that there isn't enough flowering plants to sustain them. Weather may have an influence on this too. We had a hard freeze last night. Damage was slight, we went out and blanketed everything and had a fire in the greenhouse.

Montana, your expressions of your thoughts and feelings are valued by the caretakers of this blog. You put your wisdom and thinking out there and we are free to accept, be skeptical, or reject. But your value in my humble opinion , is great, sentence structure and spelling not withstanding. As long as a reader can grok your meaning, who cares if the grammaticists do not approve. I value your friendship and presence.

rockpicker said...


Have you got mason bees? Or bumble bees? Masons are wild, native bees. They can be really handy to have around, and you can encourage them by taking blocks of wood, 4X4 scraps, for instance, and drilling a series of 3/8 holes about 2" deep. One bee will occupy each hole. Hang the apartment complex in a tree near the garden. Also, if you can get some catnip started in the garden, it will attract all the pollinators big time. It's rank. Once you get it started, you'll find it volunteering everywhere, but that's good, because you can place it strategically around the plot in spring. I have two flowering tomatillas at the end of the garden, backed by catnip in full bloom now. The neighbor honey bees, as well as wasps, bumbles, masons and white cabbage moths all love the catnip. And a friend makes stuffed toys as Christmas gifts and sells them locally to cat lovers.

rockpicker said...

I think I've mentioned Max Keiser before on this blog, but for anyone unfamiliar with this guy, here is a link to his site. He is an American ex-pat living in Paris. He does a show each Friday called On The Edge.
He's a truth-teller, and a needed gust of fresh air. Enjoy!

Zoner said...

mf, you hit on the very essence of my hesitation to embrace what attracts me so strongly - I do NOT want to co-opt something that I am not entitled to. All I can say is this: in casting my gaze about at all the organized religions, I see nothing but lies, distortions, and hypocrisy (and lots and lots of revenue streams), and it leaves me with no alternative but to wander off into nature to consult with that which made me. I am not going to claim to have studied all religions in depth, and know that there are many paths, but even a tiny dipping of the toes into these waters leaves me running away as fast as I can. I have been told I walk the Dancer's path, and so it goes.

My children take part in a program through school called "Indian Ed". They gather to do crafts and to engage in various functions intended to preserve the traditions of our local Native Tribes. When my oldest daughter found a friend who is a member of a Lakota tribe here in Minnesota, she was asked where her name "Winona" came from, and she replied that it was a family name. The facilitator of the program invited both of my kids to participate and I had a tough time dealing with it since the percentage of Native heritage in our family is quite small. I am about as white as can be, being mostly Norwegian, and my wife's father is about 1/4 Cherokee, which makes it hard to rationalize my kids as being "Native American". But they were welcomed and I finally got over myself.

When I go into nature and speak, I ask for guidance and to be shown the true path. The first time I did so, I struggled with how to address this Source of my life, and could not get the words "God", "Heavenly Father", or "Lord" to come out of my mouth. The words "Great Spirit" came to my lips and it felt perfect, so that is how I speak to whatever it is I speak to. I see now that in asking for some vision, I have been led here to share and receive the gifts offered here. I know they are genuine, and am deeply grateful.

I look at "my people" and have no idea of our ancient traditions, as they were swept away and replaced by lies. We are here in a New World and we came as conquerors and takers. We are insane and will destroy ourselves. What can be done? Who are the true savages in all this? I have no traditions to pass on, no elders to learn from, so it is square one again. My "culture" saddens me more than almost anything on earth, and so I reject it and look for the true way.

I know that the Great Spirit sees my heart and knows the degree of my sincerity. I will gladly and with great appreciation accept the gift offered by the Sage People. How should I make this happen? Can I send a small box with return postage to the address you listed above? Do you have an email I can contact you at, or should I just hop on my bike and come find the green bus?

Much love to all,


Pangolin said...

In California, if we don't like the culture we see around us....We INVENT our own. From whole cloth if needed.

(which b.t.w. is why you can read this)

It can be annoying, shallow and self-serving. It frequently is. OTOH some seriously fun and durable institutions have come from such starts.

There is a tendency for such groups to dissolve into micro-breweries, costume shops, and hippy-disneys but no matter. Another crew of misfits is inventing the next bloom.

At some point in the near future you may owe your continued freedom to the Burning Man event. You can be sure that every major government in the world watches that one like a hawk.

Lucky for us they can't understand what their perception refuses to let them see.

rockpicker said...

Adrian Salbuchi is a patriot from Argentina. In this clip, he speaks for us, the little people, all over the planet. I like this guy.

2 parts

rockpicker said...

This is from an article on Carolyn Baker's site, AWARENESS OF REALITY SEEN AS DOOMSAYING, By Dave Ewoldt.

"...Now, I fully understand that people who are working hard, for noble purposes, on "change" don't want to hear that cash-for-clunkers, ACES, and the public option for disease care are just reshuffling deck chairs; that sustainability initiatives that enable continued growth on an overdeveloped planet are anything but sustainable; that the natural world imposes real limits on both population and resource extraction that we ignore to our--and all other forms of life--peril.

But, there it is. And until you figure out a way to connect with a parallel universe, you're going to have to deal with it in a manner that is more effective than telling people to shut up when they point out the Emperor (regardless of ethnic background or which wing of the Corporate War Party he or she represents) has no clothes.

Until someone can explain to me the advantages of compromising with evil (that which doesn't support life) I will continue to hold moral actors accountable for their actions based on the way that natural systems principles contribute to healthy, vibrant and resilient--that is, sustainable--ecosystems. Which we are perfectly capable of duplicating. Right now."

Pangolin said...

But I can't get laid if I don't destroy the planet...for cash to keep the chicas happy.

And THAT, my friends, is why we are all truly fucked. Men are like bower birds left little pieces of shiny uranium with which to decorate their bowers. Look at all that pretty-shiny honey, can I get some now? Funny thing that none of the eggs are hatching this year.

It doesn't take a teen boy very long to figure out the path to true happiness and maybe a pizza afterwards. The message gets reinforced hundreds of times daily with advertisement and by the time they are 25 most men don't question for a second WHY they have to bust their humps in life-threatening, humiliating and/or boring jobs.

Save the planet or get dipped? The chain saw pays for the bar tab; too bad that tree was 2K years old. When those are the choices the planet loses. Then we lose.

Hotspringswizard said...

Referring to Pangolins 8-13, 9:37PM post, in which is written, " At some point in the near future you may owe your continued freedom to the Burning Man event. You can be sure that every major government in the world watches that one like a hawk.". I seems you may be implying that the Burnng Man gathering is factor in preserving freedoms for our future, or perhaps its representative of a sustainable model community that also could be a guide to what our future could hold. I realize I could very well be reading your intent wrongly Pangolin but I would make these observations about BM. I have gone to Burning man for the last seven years in a row. I find it to be a fantastic place of creativity and freedom, and I have greatly enjoyed my experiences there, but Black Rock City is not a sustainable enterprise, not a model of self sufficiency in any realistic way, and the TPTB wouldnt' tolerate for a second those kind of freedoms being spread to the greater society at large. Regarding the sustainability of Burning Man, it only exist with complete and massive inputs from the outside world. Its funny that I've heard people at Burning Man on many occasions suggesting that if only the model of Burning Man could be spread to the greater society, the world would be such a fantastic place. Well admitely that would be great fun in ways, but its never gonna happen.
One of the big themes at Burning Man is self sufficiency, but if you look around yourself at Burning Man, the idea that this event is self sufficient is laughable. Everything from start to finish, everything, comes from the greater society which many burners speak of with such disdain. Now I fully except that the world's greater societies are wreeking havoc on the viability of the biosphere and the well being of all peoples future, but Burning Man and its magic, creativity and structured model will not in my opinion have any measurable impact on the many dire converging catastropes ( as Kunstler would put it )of our near term and long term future.
In relation to Burning Man's freedom of experience, TPTB have the iron fisted power over politics, economic, military, technology, etc so thoroughly that any real threats to their thuggish paradigm is easily dealt with if it becomes too problematic. You want to protest in the streets in the hundreds of thousands about this or that your upset with, thats fine with them, lets you feel like your doing something while you blow off steam and then fall back into complacency seeing no real results. If you start to make any headway, then TPTB use the many tools at their disposal to neutralize your threat to them. Anyone thats been to Burning Man knows the place is full of Law Enforcement so even at this most amazing event freedoms are limited. So my observation on this freedom thing as it relates to Burning Man is no significant portion beyond very tiny isolated pockets of the greater society will ever be like Burning Man.

Another way to look at Burning Man as a supposed " sustainable community " is what does this event produce. You can't eat creativity and fun. You can't make a living with whats produced at Burning Man, well maybe for Burning Man staff :-) Burning Man as a community realistically produces nothing that could allow itself to continue apart and independent from what is brought to the place where it exist. The people who come to that special gathering still go back to the real world, to real endeavors of activity which provides the resources for this great time of Burning Man that the various burners enjoy. The visitors to one degree or another are still very fully engaged and dependent on the greater system, and as such, they are part of the greater world society which is showing itself as a whole to be completely unsustainable itself.
So none of this means I don't love Burning Man. I won't be attending this year and am already missing the place greatly :-)

Zoner said...

I've never been to Burning Man, but the idea of that number of people meeting up with a shared ideal and the opportunity to network and experiment with the IDEA of the intent of self-sufficiency seems to have the potential to create something of value. It may not be realized yet, but often "things" are created that can't be seen or don't necessarily have what we call now term "value" attached.

Just because you can't pack it up, sell it, or take pictures of it doesn't mean it isn't there and quite priceless.

Just my initial observational $.02 worth.


Pangolin said...

Zoner_ Call me humbled. I was working on some long detailed post to say exactly what you just did.



freeacre said...

Probably should get a new post up, but I'm out of ideas. Anybody else got anything? The conversation has been first rate, but it's getting lengthy. Really do appreciate you guys carrying the ball.

Pangolin said...

What can you tell us about how to make families work. Or how to build a family when our blood family is totally beyond redemption. There's something important about supporting a family member that is separate from agreement with every family member that seems to have gone by the wayside.

Every homeless person has a family somewhere. I don't care if there is a second or third cousin that's family too. I keep hearing about people who have shattered families that only see each other to bury a member. My mom has friends who've died because nobody even knew they were feeling sick and they dropped too fast to seek help.

I got nothing on making families work and it used to be the foundation of human life. Still is once we leave this cancer we call the US.

Hey, my brothers and sisters all say "I was raised by wolves."

Baz said...

aka haunting ghost :
"Let me tell you something about freedom — lose the watch."

Murph and Freeacre: Check your email: for your perusal ?

Hotspringswizard said...

The comment format is differant today. The box for comments is tiny and only fits a few words at most from side to side. Is there any way to make the comment box bigger? Anyway, I agree with the point you made about Burning Man Zoner :-) I had a dream about Burning Man ( really ) a couple of weeks ago, and in my dream I was thinking that I wasn't going to Burning Man this year, but in the dream I ended up going after all, and I was quite elated about that. Well last night I thought I should make the dream come true so I am going to Burning Man this year after all :-) BM is such a wonderful cauldron of creativity and freedom of expression. I'm looking forward to the new adventure :-)

freeacre said...

Pangolin - hold that thought. New post going up. Much more needs to be explored on the subject of family, I am certain.

Hotspringswizard - don't know what is going on with the box. Maybe try turning your computer off, then on again. Or maybe the new post will help. When is Burning Man, anyway?

Anonymous said...

*nodding thoughtfully*

~ Larissa

I can tell we're going to have some very interesting discussion when we get together at the end of the month! I find your take quite refreshing.

Also? Your pics make me hungry!

Hotspringswizard said...

Hello Freeacre :-) Burning Man this year starts 8-31 and goes through 9-7. The event is held in the Black Rock desert, at a location about 9 miles east of the town of Gerlach, Nevada. Its an area of many flat expansive ancient dry lake basins surrounded by scenic desert mountains. Lots of info and pictures ( look for sitemap, then BRC year round, then gallaries for photos ) regarding Burning Man at their official website,

PS, The comment box is back to normal for me now.