Monday, August 24, 2009


Now the gardening is really getting tough in this area. Here it is in August and we are getting frosts in the early morning. Now the challenge is to keep the sensitive plants alive long enough to produce some goodies. Even with our frost blankets we are getting damage it is so cold. Had one early morning registered 22 degrees, in August for cripes sake

Squash plants with lots of blossoms and showing frost damage. I have pruned a lot of the totally black dead leaves.

Young squash bulbs. Now if we can just keep them alive to maturity

All the gardeners in this area we have talked with (including us) are complaining that the tomatoes are maturing late and not very much production. Probably has to do with the cold wet spring, but I’m guessing on that.

Bush wax beans and really healthy brussel sprouts.

Cardoons are doing very well, haven't tried harvesting yet. Supposed to get really big if you let them go.

So far we’ve harvested bush wax beans, peas, chard, some carrots, kale, lettuce of course, a few cucumbers, a few beets, all the potatoes, and some onions. The walking onions are doing superb, as well as the red and white onions and garlic. Won’t be harvesting them until later in the season, should have a good return. The cardoons and Brussel sprouts and carrots also come later.

We are having to purposely concentrate on getting older food out of the freezer to make way for new stuff. Butchering rabbits today also. More jerky and a couple for the freezer.


Reading list for those interested or have not seen these articles.

Charles Smiths 100 page book for an analysis of how economics, government and the agenda of the PTB work, called: Survival+: Structuring Prosperity for Yourself and the Nation. This is available as a free PDF download from This is well worth the time to read.

The final chapter from;

Plus, all the side reading and press releases found on Cryptogon and LATOC and numerous other sources.

In Smith’s book, one of the subjects he talks about class warfare. He puts the economic middle class in the middle of it, battling with the PTB and the underclass. He further postulates that this is a direct result of the PTB fomenting this warfare. In this argument, he postulates that the underclass is siding with the PTB because of the entitlements the PTB hand out to the underclass at the expense of the middle class productive people. While I think this is happening, I think it is not the whole scene. In the first place, I’m never really sure just who comprises the economic middle class. Is the middle class anything above the average income level, which I think is right around $45K per year now? Or is the middle class everything above average income and below $100K per year?

( From;

$45 K to $100K is a really big disparity in income and purchasing power. So, I want to know just what income level is middle class. Or is it legitimate to divide up the middle class into low, medium and high. Smith further maintains that the middle economic class and the economic underclass haven’t the political clout to change much of anything, even if they wanted to. With this I agree whole heartedly.

If that analysis is true, it further points out that not only isn’t there any long range effective planning or vision for the future not available at any economic level, but that for the long term, all efforts are counter to survival. I would postulate that until the underclass and middle class understand what their long term interests really are, this artificial division on who is fighting who will continue. One of my contentions is that slapping all of the middle class into a compartment called productivity is tired and flat out not true. Most of the middle class is engaged in pushing paper, which is no production at all. Most production we can point to is from the underclass, the blue collar, the working class. Historically, the actual productivity of a society is always the working class; it is not predominantly the middle or upper economic class. I assert that in the final analysis, it is the working class that supports a society, not the PTB which are just leeches on the productive part of a society, but also the merchant class or middle class that has for the most part, dissolved into paper pushers and yes men for the PTB along with the working class.

What should be taking place is a battle of 99% of the population against the 1% elites. But, I suspect that Smith is correct in that the vast majority of the financial underclass will not rebel as long as they can keep the goodies emanating out of the PTB governing class.

In all the discussions I am reading, but for a few exceptions, the mirage of problems that society is experiencing and concerned with are treated as discreet entities. is one of the few sites that attempts to really integrate how all of our ills are interconnected. Charles Smith’s book mentioned above, also strives for this integration.

For example, liquidity in the market place is treated all by itself by throwing more money into the hands of the people that control most of the money already, further separating the wealthy from everybody else. Liquidity is not a discreet problem, but is a symptom of a vast and underlying attitude concerning prosperity, business, personal happiness and all the other attitudes and paradigms that permeate our society. Our debt ridden society and government is not going to recover by more debt, and particularly at the levels the state and federal governments are attempting to use. Obama’s attempt to get the working class folks back into jobs is so woefully inadequate that, IMO, is a sad, sick, silly joke. You do not create prosperity by ‘make work’ projects, you create prosperity by producing goods and services that people actually need for a life that is worth living. Latest figures I have seen indicate that there are about 39 million unemployed right now. Obama bragging about creating 3 million jobs with the stimulus package to the states is a farce for the overall health of the society. So, one in 13 people get jobs. Big deal. Supposedly there is about 155 million people who compromise the work force in this country and right now, today, if the stats are correct, 1/4 + have no means of income to support themselves or a family, that’s around 25% of the workforce and Greenspan long time ago said 4.1% unemployment indicated a healthy economy.

The fact is, that with the restrictions on resources, focusing more and more wealth into the 1% of the population (which garner 45% of the total wages paid out in this country) there cannot be an economic recovery. Until the population unites as a whole (minus the 1% of course) and demands significant changes (not just more feeding off the trough of federal budget) there will only be more degradation of the society as a whole, until this evil mess that has been created comes apart at the seams and something new takes its place. I’m not holding my breath in anticipation of that coming about in the near future.

Of course the question is still in my mind whether this is just pure greed and incompetence at work, or whether this is a planned fall down. The super wealthy just can’t seem to be satisfied with enough, it has to be more and more. I assert that this drive for more is gonna kill the goose with the golden eggs, the middle and working class parts of the society, and when it is realized just what has been done to them, I expect all violent hell to break loose, at least if the majority of citizens in this country haven’t been castrated.

I recently was sent a big report drafted in August this year by the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery Alabama. It is a blatant apology for the crack down on ‘terrorists’ by the government and a straight forward attack on what they call ‘right wing extremists’. It claims that the militia movement is back in full force. It puts down harshly all the stuff that questions 9-11 government involvement, Ruby Ridge, Okalahoma bombing, Waco Texas and dozens of other “conspiracy” theories out there. From my position, the report sucks big time. And that is admitting that a lot of the right wing conservative movement is composed of nuts and people that don’t think much about anything but guns and violence against those they don’t like, you know, anyone who is not just like them. I also know that a lot of the militia movement is made of hate groups that must have had their brains scrambled at birth by being dropped on the floor. Instead of the burlap bag and the closest pond, they were raised up to be what they now are.

Before any readers that are sympathetic with these movements want to get on my case, know that I think that civilian militia are important and a good thing. It is the principle and thinking that drives a lot of them that worries me. I am sympathetic with the idea of going back to constitutional intention and law and being armed to take on forces that would take it all away. But railing against blacks, gays, Muslims and the godless among us is going to get my dander up real quick, the attitude that if you ain’t a Jesus lover, I am an enemy of the state. Besides, IMO it misses the point entirely and only foments more divisions and antagonism when we should be uniting against the PTB.

To top it off, instead of creating some sense out of the health care problems, there seems to be just more sucking at the tit of the citizenry’s pocketbook. What I think I understand about the health care reform that just might pass into law, it sucks. Not only that, but the health care industry, including drug manufactures, have swarmed into Washington with lobbyists, to the tune of 6 lobbyists to each lawmaker. And we are putting up with this. I hear the old saw “they will figure something out to our benefit”. Get real, those folks don’t give a shit about us. Live with it. If you have access, Matt Taibbi has a new article on the health care reform in Rolling Stone September Issue. Remember, that is the guy who raged over the financial institutions. You can read it also at,

Everything, and I mean everything, is being monetized, Every single thing that humans need for survival is being put into a category of how much it is worth in dollars and there is someone out there that is going to make a fortune from doing this. I expect a breathing tax, or breath tax to show up at any time, or some giant corporation to declare ownership of the atmosphere. The government and corporations are already doing it with water. For christs sake, in some states it is now illegal to collect rain water off of your roof or to have water storage of any kind that is not sold to you by a corporation. States are now declaring that they own the aquifers and surface water within their borders so they can tax usage. In many areas now, the state can put meters on private home wells and tax that usage.

Went to the Grange meeting last Tuesday. One of our state reps came. We got to talking about the taxes being proposed in the state legislature. I asked if the proposed tax on bird seed was approved. He smiled and said no, that they considered that one of the dumb things submitted to the legislature. We got interrupted when I was about to ask him about some of the other 150 taxes proposed.

Aww nuts folks, sorry to get off on a tirade like this. I guess I had one too many cups of coffee this morning. I need to get back to the serenity of gardening and talking with the chickens.


murph said...

My analogies,

The first government link works but is nasty to get right, at least when I try to access it from the blog. You may have some problems with it.

The second link which is 4 lines long is possible.

I wanted to include some of the sources for the stats in the post.

Publius said...

thanks... I always look forward to your rants, photos, and ideas.

Things could "collapse" or enter crisis fast...well, when that happens, it is always unexpected to most.

Most serious thinkers seem to believe that the decline will just go on grinding us down slowly. If so, we'll have more time to prepare and in the meantime intelligently evade the bastards.

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys! Your photos are fantastic, I just want to jump in there and start eating up your garden raw and right off the bush. I saw this thing (below)posted over at fromthewilderness and I thought of you two. Maybe not your cup of tea but I know you've been involved in your community in addition to all your hard work on the garden...and I know you've got a lot of great stories to tell! See below. Stay warm. love, mrsp


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As you may know, our Senior Fellow, Richard Heinberg, is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost educators on the perils of a global oil economy. Right now, Richard is starting his next book about how individuals and communities can build resilience in the face of uncertainty and rapid change caused by economic collapse, peak oil, climate change, and other crises.

In short, this book is about you. So, you see, Richard wants to hear your stories; the stories of what individuals, families and communities are doing to transition to a post-carbon world. Please contact us with your stories. Tell us about your inspirational efforts, or maybe about those of someone you know. Are there any businesses, communities, or families who inspire you? Not only is Richard looking to illuminate these efforts in his new book, but we’d love to feature them on our soon-to-launch, brand spanking new website.While we hate deadlines, publishers seem to derive great joy in imposing them. Meaning we have to your stories by September 18, 2009.e-mail us at:

freeacre said...

mrs.p - Cool. We could do that. :)
Nice to hear from you. We were getting concerned after not hearing from you after the earthquakes.

Anonymous said...

Ok, got the title wrong, fa. It was "Frontier House" on PBS a few years back. Here's the link.

My tomatoes are finally ripening here in Mormon HQ -woo hoo! Getting some onions, raddishes, beans, peppers, potatoes, broccoli and cabbage also inspite of the cool, wet spring/summer.

The $45K to $100K disparity is due to geography. If you're living in, let's say, NYC, LA, Boston or Chicago, $45K is poverty wages. But, as long as they keep brewing Bud, televising cars going around and around in an oval and keep preach'in the good word, the masses of knuckle-dragg'in, mouth-breathers won't do a dang thing -except go kick sum of dem librals asses!

Heard about MA criminals (legislators) thinking-up some draconian laws requiring all residents to obey any and all disaster perparedness orders from Der Fatherland Security or be fined $1000/day plus jail time. Geez! -and that's from a somewhat liberal state with a lot of dang smart MIT-type people loitering about. Wonder what the reddest state (UT) is gonna enact. I doubt if the lemmings in this place will buck the system, though. In fact, I read a story in our local paper about the "dreaded" swine flu and they highlighted a few lemmings lining up to be test subjects -I shitjunot! A quote form one lemming with 4 kids (which is average around here)

"I've been blessed with good health," said Griffith, 46. "If I can be a guinea pig or help out in some way, I'm happy to do it."

Oh my HECK! Somebody give me a six pack!!! I wish there were a vaccine for STUPID!


nina said...

Here we are, on the nonsense choo choo train, shoveling clean coal full steam ahead into Climate Chaos and the people are so debate-inured no one wants to stick out their neck and have the corporatocracy masquerading as deniers rip them apart. Then there's the great hoodwinking further undermining whatever scraps of a decent existence would have been, should have been, left for our children and their children's survival. It is all connected, very tidy and smooth, and perfectly impenetrable. I realize it was long in the making and evident before the Bush admnistration, but they had the chutzpah to "Bring it on." Nothing is going to happen by way of revolt, either. If it was going to happen, there's certainly been enough to have seen a revolution already. No, the people are waiting it out, marking time with a little slumming, so sure its only a matter of time, inspite of concrete evidence to the contrary. You must have seen This Isn't a Recession, It's a Planned Demolition, speaking of articles on Latoc. My theory is they have become even more emboldened and arrogant from knowing the people are dazed into utter complacency, pidgeonholed on their laptops where anything goes and nothing happens.
Yes, its going to be a hard winter. Already got out the blankets and quilts. Anybody checked the Farmer's Almanac lately? August 2009 Avg. Temperature: 64° (1° below avg.) However mathematical models are presented, on the ground interpretation says we had a mere 7 week summer.

Pangolin said...

First, harvest some of that cardoon early and simmer in lamb or beef broth for thirty minutes; heaven.


I think you way overestimate the number of people actually producing in this country. Everything used to be produced at the household level except metals, spices, dyes and some medicines. The primary producer is the earth which provides food and everything else is secondary to that.

Most people who have something they call work never risk getting dirty, exposure to weather, lifting moving or modifying any object other than office paper or risking themselves by any measure other than emotional stress and obesity.

Seventy percent of our economy is attributed to "retail sales" which makes one wonder how many televisions, trampolines, kitchen gadgets and bath sets we can buy. I'm pretty sure I was twenty before the first giant towel store opened. It's garbage and make work a lot of it to keep people busy.

Since your neighbors will hide when the sheriff comes to evict you they play along and beg jobs. What other choice do they have? The open air Auschwitz that is homelessness? They'll wait quietly.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I think that the higher up the chain of command you go the less those people need to know of how things work on the micro level. For instance the directors of GM do not need to see electronic formulas or circuit diagrams to decide whether to install electronic ignition in their vehicles. All they need to know is what it costs; what market advantage they can expect and how much money they are likely to make. Similar is probably true for society as a whole with the higher echelons being less concerned about the lower echelons although all classes are being manipulated to some degree.

The working class in general, makes things. That is why they are called working. But a strange thing has happened, the US working class has now become the Chinese working class and those in the US that are left are now mainly shuffling paper or flipping burgers.

In the sense that classes are groups that have a commonality, is economic delineation enough to represent a particular class. For instance, where would you place the police or the fighting military that choose civil order responsibilities? For a distinction between the functions of the Government and the State, see my reply to HSW in the comments of the previous post. It therefore seems to me that the only effective means for change is by non co-operation with the system. In other words taking back the system to for the benefit those it is meant to represent even if this is on the micro level.

IMO the bale out money was never to improve the economy and thereby the lot of working people. If the plan is to deliberately bring the system to its knees then in the final stages there must appear to be an air of normality until the plug is properly pulled. Construction projects which will never be finished must continue to be funded and the bale out money represents compensation for loss of profits on these projects. In the meantime there is thriving stagnation but if Greenspan regards 4.1% unemployment as healthy and it is currently running at 25% then one can only conclude that the economy is 600% healthier than it needs to be.

Again we come to the old chestnut of how much is enough and the answer again comes down to who you are. After a certain point, money becomes meaningless especially to those who print it. Its only function becomes to regulate how little of it you have not how much of it ‘they’ have. Money is used as a measure of control and with control comes power. Those with ultimate power will not be content until they own every human being; every animal and every blade of grass on the planet. What will happen in the vacuum after their effort of completed? Will they wish for better times? It is when my thoughts run along these lines that I think we would all be better off talking to the chickens.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Murph wrote: “I recently was sent a big report drafted in August this year by the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery Alabama.”……..

That is interesting and you should find this equally interesting.

Also read the two embedded updates.

RAS take note!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nina and Belgium, it's very definately a planned take-down and not the evolutionary result of too much greed and stupidity. Giving the banks all the cash in the Treasury and hoping for a 'good' outcome, instead of giving it to the people to pay off mortgage debt, thereby actually rescuing the economy, was predictably irrational, if the intent was to solve the problem.

The PTB never had any intention of rescuing the middle class. In fact, the elites declared war on the middle class long ago. Shipping our manufacturing base overseas so that we could not possibly produce ourselves out of the hole was only one step along the way to our collective demise.

It could not be any clearer. We as a nation are in debt beyond our ability to avoid default. We have acted irresponsibly for decades, and soon we will find ourselves adrift, crippled and sinking, with no lifeboats, no engines, and the crew has already abandoned and pushed off.

The elites have kept the country's attention focused on partisan debate, to their diabolical advantage. While the dems rejoice in the hope only they can believe in, and the repubs regroup for another assualt of the Hill, an increasing number of aware Americans sense we've all been took by a masterfully planned and executed deception. This phony pandemic, with its lethal vaccines, may rip a fatal gash in our listing bulkhead.

It is way past time to act.

It is very probably too late to save our asses, but I "will not go gentle into that good night."

FDIC issues its second quarter statements today. Fasten your seatbelts, and if you have not already run to the bank, better run now and take out all you can, today. Tomorrow may be too late.

Kirwan and Perlingieri are advocating a week-long general strike. I say it's about fucking time!


murph said...


Not to belabor the point, it appears to me that when a person actually does some kind of physical action that directly benefits other people or even himself, he is being productive. That would include the service worker that is traditionally the lowest of the low paying jobs. Filling out forms, shunting paperwork from one person or department to another I assert is not being productive except in the broadest all inclusive sense used in business today. Doing time studies to determine how many forms you can fill out in a day as an indication of productivity is nonsense to me.

I agree, money = power over other people, but, in the final bottom line, that is only true because people envy the control and want a piece of the action themselves. The few times in my life where I had the circumstances to exercise control, I walked away from it. Probability of why I never made a lot of money?

I presume you have noticed that when a business lays off people or automates thus laying off workers,its stocks go up.

I reckon the main point I am trying to make is that the whole pyramid is based on the working class, the blue collar people that have the least amount of compensation for what they do. Some notable exception are the heavily unionized jobs that in comparison do quite well for their labor. And yet, in comparison, the executives of the same companies are currently making 400 times more than the workers. Remember when that ratio was around 40 to 1? The middle class was thriving in comparison to today and the working class was not steeped in poverty.

I agree that the question of how much is enough is a big one. There is virtually no discussion about that on a national level. I also agree that after a certain lever (whatever that would be), more money becomes meaningless. Then it is only a matter of how much control over peoples lives it represents. And that is where the top 1% to 5% of the pyramid comes in. For, the control they exercise over the lives of people is indifferent, and the emphasis is on retaining that control, regardless of the consequences to the people being controlled. ie sociopathy.

Remember way back a couple of years ago, maybe longer, when you and I had a discussion about this? You were very defensive about Bill Gates and his fortune. I insisted that there was no justification for extent of acquisitions and his methodology of acquiring that fortune.

As long as the society finds a rational for for the unending acquisition of power (and money) it will continue. Any kind of an attempt at a more egalitarian society is impossible under that value system. I would assert that this is the result of elitist propaganda extreme. This is what we must turn away from.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm one of the only campers around these here parts that have spoken in favor of Bearden and his 'new' physics, (electrically, anyways,) but ya'll oughta check this out, since he is, of course, correct in his assertion that there is, and has been, a nother and better way to produce electrical energy, we just learned from the wrong people that there was only one way to make electrons serve us.

J. P. Morgan? Where have I heard that name before?

Oh, yeah. Didn't Aaron Russo say Morgan was one of the founders of the federal reserve, in America: Freedom to Fascism?


Anonymous said...

From Belgium


Sure we can push papers around between one another but it is my belief that this cannot exist in isolation. You can play a musical instrument for pleasure but if you want to do it professionally then the people who pay to see you must obtain their money from somewhere, presumably by some form of work. I maintain that say an island economy that does not import or export cannot exist by service industries alone. Ultimately however far back you go something must be made to support the service sector. There are two special sorts of production or manufacturing in addition to what we normally think of by these terms and these are construction and farming. Something physical has to come into existence that was not there before which can be sold or exchanged for something somebody else has made or brought into being. This is what Murph refers to as ‘The base of the pyramid’. If you then have more than enough to support life then the excess can be spent on seeing an artistic performance for instance or some other form of service. The point of this ramble is that with the export of manufacturing jobs from the west to the third world then a point must be ultimately reached where the service sector becomes unstable. If you then ask where the vast amounts of money that is ‘traded’ on the derivatives market comes from, that is ultimately derived from banking activities and is a zero sum game played outside the normal economy. Some of this artificially manufactured money is gradually introduced into the real economy in the form of devalued dollars which keeps the game going for a little longer.

Murph wrote “I presume you have noticed that when a business lays off people or automates thus laying off workers, its stocks go up.”

I know it is a long time ago now but do you remember this one:

“Once upon a time it was a mark of shame to fire your workers en masse. Today the more workers a company fires the more Wall Street loves it and the higher its stock price goes”. In recent times transnational corporations have gotten basically everything they wanted: the collapse of communism; free trade agreements; deregulation; lower taxes; the weakening of trade unions and the pushing down of wage rates. Yet while profits and the stock market soar the standard of living for most Americans is plummeting. It should be remembered that it is now commonplace for a CEOs package to be partly made up of stock options so they are financially benefiting from decisions which inflict suffering on great numbers of American families.”

Anonymous said...

Part Two

I honestly don’t remember defending Bill Gates but I am willing to acquiesce to your better memory. It must have been a long time ago when I still believed I was a love child of Thatcher :-) I am sure that all of us have played the gradual increments game at some time or other. You start off with a hypothetical situation such as, a guy hocks his house and opens a garage under the railway arches and after a few years he has paid off his debt. Does he now have ‘drop dead’ money? No? If he then opens a quick fit tyre and exhaust place on the ring road - and on and on maybe he gets a Ford dealership then an area agency then State agency then becomes the CEO of Ford. Of course the average guy finds line drawing difficult which tends to let the line drift.

The point about Gates is that he invented a product which became adopted as the industry standard and in a capitalist economy he was entitled to certain rewards. He eventually became so powerful largely by screwing his corporate customers that he was able to largely disregard their problems; buy any company perceived to be a threat to him and squash them if they wouldn’t sell. Whether you regard this as good or bad largely depends on how much money you have (Love of money and all that). Incidentally, when my computer starts up I have to click off a screen offering me Microsoft’s Genuine Advantage. I really can’t bring myself to let his product scan my hard drives for adequately working software designed by companies that are not giving Bill gates a kickback.

Incidentally Word counted the characters in both of these pieces to be 4082 characters but Blogspot knocked it back for being longer than 4096 characters. Obviously their software does not have a genuine advantage.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Rp I haven’t checked the link out yet but I never disparaged Beardon. In fact it was Beardon who said that although he couldn’t prove it he suspected that it was Tesla who caused the Siberian explosion in a fit of pique when J P Morgan stuck a finger up at him over his free source of electricity.

murph said...


I have seen that article before, don't remember how or why, maybe you had linked it before.

It smacks of such tin foil hat stuff it is hard to take in, at least for me. If the Yakusi stuff is true, there sure is hell nothing we can do about it, and all preparations are for naught. If it is true, then I see no way it can be nullified.

As for the over unity electrical energy, I am still looking at information and haven't made up my mind about it's legitimacy. To date, I haven't seen any discussion about scalability. Have you?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

This is all getting too confusing. Who exactly are the Yakuza and how do they relate to the KGB. Why should the KGB let such an ultimate weapon escape into the hands of ‘others’. How does all of this relate to the 12 bloodline families and what is the relationship of the KGB to Russia and Russia’s relationship with the rest of the SCO of which Japan is not a part?
I think I really have lost the plot.

Hotspringswizard said...

Nice entry Freeacre. Keep drinking that coffee :-) Lots of good commentary too. Was listening to CNN this morning and they had this " expert " economist on there saying that its not the economy stupid, its our attitudes! If we'd only think happy thoughts all of our economic worries would melt away! I'm with Kunstler on his latest entry on Monday. This pervasive mania about all the " positive signs " is lunacy.

Rockpicker, I'm with you on that rant. I already got basically all of our money out of the banks. My mom keeps trying to fool me into telling her where our cash, gold and food rations are hidden :-)

On another subject for Freeacre and Murph, my brother and I climbed this cool pointed mountain ( Mt Thielsen )up in Oregon in the early 80's. It was close to Diamond Lake which is up at the east end of the Umpqua Valley ( very scenic river ). When we climbed it the skeeters were killing us so we had to run up the trail till we got above the treeline. This mountain has a real steep drop off on its north side, pretty much straight down for many hundreds of feet! Is that mountain and lake anywhere near you guys? On that same trip I went fishing at Diamond Lake with my Pa for the last time. My Pa died within a year of a heart attack and he is burried at the VA cemetary in Roseburg, Oregon.

Anyway we were fishing out on the lake and all the other boats were getting jinxed ( including us ) except for two guys on this one boat that just kept pulling them in. Later that night at the hotel restaurant my six foot six Pa happened to run into those fisherman and smooth talked them to given up their secret. The next day we rounded up some of their " special bait " and hit the jackpot. And what was their secret weapon, Dragon Fly larvaes :-)

Well sorry to hear about the cold weather hurting your garden Freeacre and Murph. We live in the High Desert and I have various drought tolerant plants, bushes and trees I'm growing outside. We also have this beautiful rocky mountain just behind our home and I joke that it is a Varmit Hotel :-) We've got, Jack Rabbits, Cottontails, squirrels, desert chipmunks, Kangaroo Rats with long tails, big giant rats, little mice with big giant ears, gophers and more varmits that all think what I plant is their personal Salad :-) You guys have much trouble with the animals in your garden up there?

rockpicker said...

No, I've never read this piece before so I didn't mention it until today. I hadn't even read the whole thing when I decided to offer the link, so mention of the Yakuza was news to me. BTW, the Yakuza are Japanese mafia, as I understand it.

My intention, by submitting the link, was to bring attention to the early comments Bearden makes concerning the mutilation of the Maxwell equations, as this appears to be one of Tom's clearest and most concise explanations for how we got to where we are.

The MEG that is mentioned in the heading of this piece is the motionless electrical generator, for which Bearden's design group has received a patent and which working models the group has been successful in constructing and demonstrating.

What Bearden says is we need to make a relatively small investment in human capital, hiring the "brains" to isolate the complex signals in a dense signal environment and sort them out, and actually build the hardware, and mankind could have plenty of 'free' energy. We live a virtual 'sea' of potential electrical energy but we don't understand how to tap into it, due to how and what we've been taught in our colleges. Bearden's saying that Heavisides' equations minimized and altered Maxwell's mathematics, to our ultimate disadvantage. My intention was to merely underscore Bearden's assertion, as I've heard him say this on several occasions, but never so succinctly.

COP>1 is real, it's here, now, and to quibble about its potential is, I think, silly. It's time to get on with the work. It is precisely this information, these discoveries, that a portion of the illumined ones do not want us to possess.

freeacre said...

Well, I don't know shit about any of this, but Clif at Halfpast Human says that Beardon's free energy work has the potential to change everything eventually. Such that we could all have small free energy devises of our own and live anywhere we want and do anything we want. Just live for art and for enjoyment and fulfillment, sort of like the ideal in Star Trek. Wow! For "wonce" (give a giggle to Belgium) something positive in all this! It will be something to look forward to in my next incarnation
I'd have to get a map to find Diamond Lake, HSW. We are 26 miles south of Bend in Central Oregon. We've got CD's strung up around our strawberry patch to ward off birds and chipmunks, and fencing around the garden to keep the chickens from eating everything. The big dog keeps away the deer, raccoons, etc. So, we have not had the problems that our neighbors have.
Pangolin - gonna try that cardoon tip, thanks!
Nina - nice to hear from you. Missed you.
Randy - hey, GREAT news of your garden. You should send us pictures and we will post them.
Got to go cover the garden, so that when Larissa and Jerry get here there will still be something for them to see...

Hotspringswizard said...

Freeacre Diamond Lake is just north of Crater Lake, and Mt Thielsen is just east of this lake. From your digs you go south on HWY 97 Then west on HWY 138.

I kinda thought you might be near Bend. Can be pretty cold out there in the winter. When I moved to Oregon in 1980 with my Pa and his fourth wife we actually looked at land around Bend as a possible spot to settle.

I went to college in Salem Oregon at Chemeketa Community college that same year and got my Fire Suppression degree there. I lived for my first three months of school at the Salem YMCA. $50 bucks a month for a room and use of all of the facilities. Interesting memories of that experieince :-)

The moisture on the west side of the cascades is really something. I remember when I first started college in Salem, I put all my stuff in a storage facility. I had a straw cowboy hat that I put on top of some boxes. A couple of months later I came to get something and that hat was a big piece of mold, having absorbed moisture right out of the air in the storage room.

I also remember lots of big green slugs crawling all over at my home up in St Helens Oregon where I was a city firefighter. It rained so much even the big ground worms had this curious habit when it got to wet. They would come up out of a hole in the grass and drag little bits of leaves, small sticks, etc around the hole in a circle. Seemed like they were trying to keep the water out of their holes but if so it wasn't too affective :-) Never seen ground worms do anything like that before.

Pangolin said...

Free energy is my worst nightmare.

Imagine five hundred thousand chinese junks roaming the world with no range restrictions scooping every living thing out of the sea and freezing it for the home market. Imagine giant technical trucks roaming the African savanna with shooting towers and deep freezers killing every moving piece of meat that is not human. Imagine the Gobi and the Tibetan plateau, and the Siberian arctic stripped of caribou and reindeer by hunters secure in Hummers with infinite range.

Sorry people but humans weren't smart enough to deal with the really cheap energy of oil without getting close to wiping the planet of all life except people, cockroaches, rats, coyotes and seagulls. The jury is still out on that b.t.w.; just google: "methane siberian permafrost" and you will see why human bones might be the T. Rex exhibit of some far future.

If a neighbor announces he just invented a free-energy device and proves to me that it works.....I'm killing the bastard and burning his house down.

Baz said...

Titiro i nga iwi, ki nga mahi o te motu, runanga te whenua, aue e! ~ native song

I hereby claim the sky 1st, for the baz-corporation—haha, look I'm not attacking anybody, just talking to the sky—OK

OK—Who was it that put the unauthenticated content on here? I should really be out there cutting some iron to sheath me Outlaw construction, but the allure of the machine is strong, and cybercommunity—haha. Plus it looks like it's about to dump anyways—haha, rationalization. "I was a love child of Thatcher :-)" ~ FB, hah—I knew it! Don't understand Bearden's physics, but have saved $thousands over the years, getting free electricity from a washing-machine motor bolted to some 6x2s over a stream.

Economics: Have read so much already—can't do all of it, and it keeps pouring out of the crevices. Look I'm no Economist, but I am a keen observer of nature. In my neck of the woods—NZ, this Economics Professor with a PH fuckin D, who lectured others in Economics at a godamn (sorry about the bad language, but argh) University, Ishitjunot, stabbed his girlfriend (1 of his students) 216 times! Now, I'm no Economics Professor, but I ammo Pig-hunter, and Know 1 would have done it. In my way of reasoning this was Over-Kill, and most un-economical. And he was authorized / qualified, sanctified by the State to teach others his ah, craft—haha

Now, just to head ya—off at the pass, I hear ya—all saying, but baz, they're not all like that. But my contention is, huh—huh, YES, they fuckin are! Greenspan, after presiding over his empire for, how long was it—30, 50—years? admitted post-credit-crunch, he'd got it all wrong—experimenting with our lives !—Thank-You Alan. So I guess this is all a long-winded way of expressing ; thus far, I'm not overly impressed by any of them. Example, Model—Whatever. Don't overkill, I mean overlook the fact, it's the goddamn experts which have got us to this point in time. What's an Economist anyway, but a fuckin pencil-pushin Pin-head !?

♬—and the joke was on uuuuusssssss—♫

freeacre said...

Pangolin, of course you would be right about what we'd do with free energy if our consciousness did not evolve along with the technology. At this point we are like cancer - unlimited growth devouring the host. Clif was talking (it's the radio interview that Rockpicker refered to)about a replicator devise that makes food and construction and all that out of thin air. No more using up the resources. No more commercial fishermen or factories to make stuff. And, we'd become travelers into space. It's all predicated on the remote possibility that we can evolve beyond hierarchy, nation states, overlords, etc. and learn to appreciate what a wondrous gift the planet and the universe are. No, not a gift. It is not ours. We are It's.
At this point, of course, it's not feasible. But, I don't want to completely close the door on the possibility. Maybe if some of our species manage to survive the permafrost melt, the poles reversing, the plates of the earth making a big move, the oceans rising, peak oil, an asteroid hit, giant solar flares and/or nuclear winter - it might make some people look at things a lot differently... lol
Here and now we can just console ourselves with pie. I've always liked random acts of futility, name calling, and obscene gestures as well...
Small world, HotSpringsWizard. Maybe you could come and see us sometime.

Pangolin said...

Down here in California our seasons are Fire, Flood, Mudslide and Earthquake. I learned the value of fighting the impossible early in life.

It's not about winning every time. It's about standing up and pushing back. Suprises the hell out of you when you do win.

Makes the fight worth it.

Hotspringswizard said...

Thanks for the invite Freeacre :-) If I'm ever in your area I would love to stop by for a visit. Me and the family ( my wife Darcy, and our two daughters Lea and Amber ) are heading up to our property in northern cal in late September for about nine days. Beautiful country around there with a mixed forest of various pines, big Manzanita stands, varieties of oaks, Madrone and more. Fire danger is a constant summer time threat. Last year my brother spent six days ( much of it on a big dozer ) fighting fires that had been started by a highly unusual storm that put down something like 8-9 thousand strikes as it went through northern cal. He was successful in his battle and only about 30 acres of his land got burnt. Unfortunately on the other hand I know from my experience as a forestry firefighter ( near Mc Cloud, northern Cal ), that the longer these lands go without burning, the worse it will be when it does go up.

My brother owns about a couple thousand acres there ( backbone ridge near the end of the Pit River arm of Lake Shasta )a few miles down the road from our land, and he has done what he can to keep the poachers out and protect the local wildlife. Lots of black bears, deer and wild turkeys around. While working on his property he has found numerous indian arrowheads and signs where they made them. He is doing what he can to develop a small community of good people, something that could prove benificial given the tough times we, from all appearances, are heading into.

Point well taken Pangolin on the free energy stuff. I looked into Bearden's site some time ago, pretty complicated concepts but somehow I get the feeling its not going to be realized for various reasons. Its like some folks get all ga-ga over the many alternative energy systems, like its really going to make a big differance in preserving the world's economic systems as they have functioned. But I think anyone who really looks into the details of them all will find they are never going to come even close to providing the mass level of energy that cheap abundant hydrocarbon energy offered ( a good thing for the planet, or whats left of it ). I think the " Long Emergency " and an ongoing ( with some fluctuations ) contraction of grand proportions is well underway. How it all will play out is certainly a subject for ongoing discussion. I try to keep an open mind and consider all the possibilities. Specific predictions are so many times proven wrong.

Palooka's Revenge said...

seems to me we had a good go of the free energy thing here on the blog some time ago throwing around names like bearden and laviolette and mills as well as several others. some of us came to similar conclusion... stick yer finger out and hook up! what lay between here and lightin the bulbs is probably the stuff of bearden, et al. one things fer sur... it ain't the stuff of classical physics. and i don't know if heavysides was the heavy but somebody sure twisted the work of the likes of maxwell.

randy mills of black light power is another one on the cutting edge and if his work proves out, which so far it does and by peer review even, then einstein's relativity will no longer be relative. we're talkin 5th force folx. as in a force that is in opposite direction to gravity and is of much larger magnitude. both related and caused based on the dimensional curvature of particles. how much larger? Initial calculations demonstrate that the fifth force can be utilized to provide vertical propulsion orders of magnitude
more effectively than conventional rocketry as well as providing for
effective horizontal propulsion.

so there's some pretty cool stuff going on in the way of tapping into the field. BUT, we came to the conclusion here that the neighborhood ain't ready. not even close. when i say hanging out with this nobel crowd can definitly broaden yer views i'm speaking from experince cuz i was beating the drum for it when we first started talkin about it.

how not ready are we? hell, we got fundamental flaws all over the place. the economy system is just one example. fa, you made some great points in that rant darlin and i agree with your observations. thing about it is, we forget that corps have a fiduciary duty to make money above all else. thats their legal obligation and if i own even 1 smidgen of 1 share and i catch em defering to matters of the heart over matters of the bottom line i can sue em. and WIN! that is if i have deep enough pockets to play the whole damn thing out and take on their high powered legal dept the likes of which might be scadden and arps, for example. ya'll know about that crowd don't ya? thats one of the highest grossing law firms on the planet serving mostly high roller financial industry clients. formed in '48 specifically to specialize in representing hostile takeover sharks. most notably our old pal j p morgan. in fact, its rumored he organized them and funded them behind the sceenes. the old man figured out the best way to steal is use lawyers.

baz... sounds like your econ prof turned monster mighta been related to one of our hogs... http://theunseenroleofdenial.

murph said...


Somehow missed your pigs in space post. I liked it.

rockpicker said...

Wheeeee! I'm ready, let's go for a ride!

rockpicker said...

This MUST be one of those whistleblower stories Clif High was predicting would explode like Tunguska late August.

better download it before it disappears

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Rp C&p'd it into Word then transferd it into my e-book folder.

I have to tell you though my reading is pretty backed up at the moment.

rockpicker said...

Anybody seen the missing FDIC 2nd Quarter report?

rockpicker said...


I bet we'll be kicking this one around for a while, (Bollyn's piece.)

Pangolin said...

We all know by now that following such links puts you on things like do-not-fly lists. Click that link at your own discretion. A family member with three letter security clearance has complained to my about my blog postings with great detail. I never use my given name. He shouldn't even know my avatar.

Anybody who's ever fired their own kiln or worked with steel at a smith's forge knows that the official 9-11 story is bullshit. An open kerosene fire simply will not melt steel I-beams of that size; period. Pour a whole bottle of kerosene onto some office paper in your weber barbecue, stand way back and toss a match in. After the smoke clears you will simply have a greasy weber. It won't melt. see: (a torched but not melted swamp cooler.)

We have firestorms in California and the cars don't melt and neither do the steel beams on motor homes. Even the thin sheet metal of appliances will survive a kerosene fire. It takes an enclosed fire or explosives to do the kind of damage that took out the WTC buildings.

Physicists and engineers learned very quickly in 2001 and 2002 that to speak up about what was obvious undergraduate physics flaws in the Twin Towers destruction was to become suddenly unemployed, unemployable and/or worse.

My hypothesis is that certain people among TPTB believe utterly in Peak Oil and Climate Change and KNOW that they will have to evacuate a distrusted ethnic group of 12 million people from an area suffering increasing desertification. That will require massive amounts of hard, tradable assets that are not subject to inflation. That means, gold, iridium, platinum, niobium, rhodium, and the like. A large amount of cash needed to be secured and converted to hard assets and the transfer records destroyed. Think of a certain well connected Wall Street figure that vanished billions of dollars. What if that was just seed money for a project.

Without oil, modern military machinery and logistics collapse and troops in boots outweigh technical advantage. The drone wars will increase but western technical advantage has been minimally useful. Other nations will have drones equal to ours. Cheap drones can overcome fancy drones with numbers. A nation dependent upon imported goods and foodstuffs can be starved out for pennies on the dollar by drone based shipping blockade. The people of that nation will have to surrender or evacuate.

Everything else follows.

confirmation word:pards

rockpicker said...

I say fuck the no-fly list, and fuck the assholes who brought down the towers!

Baz said...

Economics of Pig-hunting

Palooka, Man .. you've written an Encyclopedia on .. the heart .. of man, and country, with rivers, and Pigs! Eating our own, thinking about it, may have something to do with space (but then I would say that as someone who suffers from claustrophobia—hah), and captivity, but then I have no experience of farms, at least not the animal sort, only human.

Hey, incidently, although relates .. to everything, your synopsis (most recent Post) of the Markets is the best I've read: "..form of saying... I approve the scam! Ignorance is.." You've succinctly encapsulated the kernel in a nut-shell. I concur. The (small—thing) only thing I would have altered, for fun, and perhaps further elucidation is to have inadvertently called Goldman Sachs, Goddamn Sacks, just to be irreverent.


Yah—know, not to harp on too much about economics like a pig-hunting dog that refuses to let—go, but, the more I've studied the subject, the more difficult it is to reconcile glaring contradictions, that the economists themselves rationalize away as 'evidential tensions'*. Or some other or another, or a mutha gobbledygook, I smell is merely designed to purposely obfuscate truth, in order for them to retain their Privileged positions, they're unwilling to give up, and get a real job. Like killing someone, for example, in order to secure real wealth, that you can stick—into your tank of your Dodge Nitro SUV, which enables you (and them) to drive to .. ah, work.

*Exotic Collateralized Defective, and his sister mistress—Collateral Damage. Why don't we call it by it's real name: Incest!

When you look at the History of Economics, it's just one disposed theory, implemented after another, each preceding one viewed in retrospect by it's successive as flawed, and probably will be .. until the end ; of economies as we know them. There is an inescapable impression of experimentation. Occasionally, if you read carefully, the Architects even use all of the words or terms I have. Well, most of them—hah

I noticed recently the C.I.A. were recruiting freshly—redundant Economist types—Stockbrokers, for ah, Secret Shit. Now I'm not making any moral judgements about what Criminals in Assholes are goin' to do to, ah, with them, and we're talking tens of thousands of engineered lay-offs here for the purpose of .. well, what the Millitary does to/with it's employees you're better off not knowing. It's a job afterall .. gotta eat, pay the mortgage, Dodge Nitro pymts, children's private edn, extra sunblock .. utilising unique set-skills. It's the economy stupid.

What's an Economist anyway, really ? .. but a fppph—huh !? Aarghh—P2TP!

Pangolin said...

Baz_even in Kentucky they know not to drink directly from the drip pipe of the still. Did you cook some mushrooms with that pig? Nobody tell you not to eat the ones that bruise blue?

The CIA managed to fuck up so bad they signed off on invading Afghanistan. Now they're hiring economists? I could get more work out of the tribal tat and nose-bone crowd down at the shelter.

Expect rampant stupidity pronto.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Hey Pangolin

The tribal tat and nose bone crowd down at the shelter :-), your irreverence inspires me!

I have always maintained that blogging handles are for privacy and not for security. If porno sites can do a pop up telling you how many ‘young ladies’ in your (or my) particular little village want to get laid by you tonight and those with an interest in knowing such things don’t have your land address then they are not really trying.

I agree with your analysis of the steel not melting in burning kerosene. During the 80’s and 90’s I used to line ceramic kilns and steel furnaces for a living and kerosene does not have the calorific value to get the job done. Steel melts at 1550C (apologies if you are a Fahrenheit man but I think in °C). Reheat furnaces say for rolling car body strip run at 1300 sometimes 1350 and these are fired usually on something called ‘bunker C’ oil which is the pitch which is left at the bottom of the fractionating still. It is fired in a semi closed tunnel type furnace from above and below with slightly over stokiometric excess air at pressure to get an even temperature throughout the slab. Even in these extreme conditions it will be near impossible to get up to steel melting temperatures. Nobody in either industry uses kerosene to my knowledge. The nearest to this in calorific value is propane (LPG) and at that time I made small propane fired furnaces for mobile horse shoeing blacksmiths. These would get to temperatures of 900 – 1000C which is good enough for small forging jobs. So the conclusion is that in an open office environment with no forced air it would be difficult to get even to steel softening let alone melting temperatures. But here is the question that needs to be addressed. How did such conditions as I have described on the 90th or so floor manage to sever the main stanchions in the basement all at exact 45° angles?

I reckon that those who perped the job thought that most observers would be Joe six pack types and those who were not would be overcome with shock and awe. They believed they were so invincible that they got sloppy. Lack of attention to detail is the string that pulls down the whole house of cards.

In these times of economic uncertainty the firm of Umocore is thriving. They reduce ores of precious metal oxides and other complexes to the metals. They are the only company in the world to my knowledge that does this with nitrogen padded hydrogen at temperature and pressure. Their customer list is however quite another thing. I would add this comment though, when your little group are masters of the world and you have total control of every living and non living thing, what use is a stack of platinum?

As for vanishing cash, when Rummy was boss of the pentagon, did you hear him announce that they had lost a couple of trillion dollars, they just didn’t know where it had gone! Everybody thought ‘Black opps’ but maybe not only this?

Baz said...

Serve the government, Bankers, Economists, Brokers ...

Pangolin, nuh—no shrooms baby, no fun—send some: c/o—baz@NZParliment. Tell you the truth, yeah—hit the brew, but only after I hit Publish—honest. Blue meanies are the bestest. GoldTops OK, but Afghan Kif—"to die for".

Laid off from Wall Street? The CIA wants you ...
recruitment and retention at the CIA, Salaries starting at around US$100,000 depending on level of experience .. different use of their skill set. They're expecting to receive 180,000 resumes this year!

Cut'n'paste this into your search engine > CIA recruiting on Wall St <— for immediate gratification.

Hotspringswizard said...

Pangolin, I have inside information that says your already on the governments watch list so no need to be so secretive :-) Did you see them when they GPS'sd your front door recently?

Anyway I agree that the official accounting of 9-11 is a ridiculous whitewash, a made up farce. In their report buiding seven isn't even discussed, for obvious reasons. A couple of really good books on this subject which most of you are already probably familiar with is a superb one by Michael Ruppert, " Crossing The Rubicon ", and one by David Ray Griffin in its updated version, " The New Pearl Harbor Revisited ". I've read both. There is just so much solid information from a multitude of sources out there that show clearly that entities within our own government facilitated to one exetent or another this horrific event. Definitely the controlled demolition of the WTC buildings.

But the 9-11 movement is getting no traction despite all the valiant efforts. You have a general public that just cannot face this truth even if its put right in front of their faces, clear to see. And the movement is being constantly bombarded with dis-information created puposely to hide this ugly truth.

My brother called me last night and told me there is an upcoming program on the dish National Geographic channel that discusses issues supposedly debunking the 9-11 government involvement issues. He said that Amy Goodman of Free Speech TV and Matt Taibbi are a couple of the people in the group doing the " de-bunking ". These people should have the intelligence to see the truth in this matter. Like Pangolin said, are these people also just saving their positions to do what they do, knowing that to side with the 9-11 truth movement would be a death nail, taking them out of the limelight of any more mainstream public discourse?

When you think about what the PTB have perpetrated just in Iraq and Afganistan on nothing but made up lies and deception, killing many hundreds of thousands and destroying the infrustructure in large part of those countries for these lies, I don't find it hard considering just that to know these same sinister parties would have no qualms about oblterating a few thousand innocent Americans ( 9-11 ) to speed up and enable all thier agenda wishes of control and power.

And I can certainly imagine that as the world situation degarades due to the long list of various ills pressing on humnity that dasterdly deeds like 9-11 and illegal occupations of other countries will be ramping up in intensity as the PTB attempt to maintain their positions and control the masses by various nefarious means.

Welcome to the real world. So much for Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy :-)

On a happier note I'm off to Burning Man Sunday morning :-) On the way up ( HWY 395 ) I'm stopping off at Buckeye Hotsprings ( 9 miles west of Bridgeport ) for a soak with my friends who are camping there currently. Nice way to start my adventure before getting to the dusty world of Black Rock City :-)

Zoner said...

Baz, thanks for that job tip.

My brother's girlfriend just graduated from school this simmer after 10 years of post secondary education, now sporting a shiny new degree from a very prestigious Economics school based in Chicago, IL. She is now an MBA qualified to dispense the same wisdom brought to us by those currently "in charge" (and commonly believed to have directly cast us into this spot we are currently in), but I'm pretty simple so it's ALL BS/VooDoo/religion to me, nothing like REAL science as it was taught to me before I bolted from the Public Indoctrination System. I keep looking, but as far as I'm concerned if it doesn't have a direct representation in our natural process (nature) it is something unnatural and I'm skeptical of it's value and see it as a potential threat. I have yet to see anything that resembles actions like fractional lending, being O.K. with using stuff you don't have yet (deficit spending) or derivatives (alchemy -and BAD alchemy at that!), so it fails the test so far, and the direct threat seems very real and imminent.

If a squirrel spends all day gathering his nuts and then entrusts the safe storage of said nuts to another squirrel (who sees an opportunity to "provide a service" that also keeps him from getting his paws dirty while still piling up a big stack 'o nuts to roll in), assuming they will all be there when need arrives, there might be an issue when he discovers that the squirrel entrusted with all those nuts has given nearly all of them away and only has a tenth of them on hand at any given time. Who's going to go hungry this winter? It could get ugly. Quit playing with our nuts! It's all BS.

Zoner said...

Just like the official 9-11 story is. Again, I am a simple person, but I remember standing in someone's living room with their brand-new leather couch in my hands watching the first tower free-fall on their giant plasma TV, and my immediate internal reaction was "there is no reason for that building to be totally disintegrating and COLLAPSING from being hit by a plane". The words came out as "You've got to be @#$%ing kidding me -it fell down??"

And of course, that internal BS filter worked as it always does - it NEVER bullshits me; that process happens in a different place in my anatomy, and it is more persistent, but the stronger, silent one has never been wrong. And now the evidence is beyond any doubt for anyone who cares to see. I just don't know if many do, anymore, but it is an immense gate that waits to be swung open and can lead to a very different mindset to be sure if the dots all get connected.

I should send the CIA link to my bro now - I know that his girl's student loan payments are going to kick in soon since she's done with school and the monthly on a $250,000 loan balance must be substantial. I know that her prospects were looking pretty bleak there for a while, but this is cause for new hope! I mean, shouldn't all those big-money firms be hiring newly-minted financial wizards, what with the economy being on the upswing again with unlimited growth just ahead?

Get that paper spinning again, eh?

I appreciate the science-y angle to this discussion, but get real twitchy when people see technology as being the white horse that our "civilization saver" rides in on. "If only we could invent some new shit to make ourselves dependent on so we don't have to stop and consider what we sacrifice or leave behind to go further into........"
wherever that path leads. I read recently about the notion of a "singularity" with our tech, and it just made me shake my head in disbelief. Hopefully someday we'll realize we had everything we ever NEEDED a very long time ago - we just forgot to look around and say "stop, this is perfect". Some of us are seeing what that point really looks like, and for many it is not by choice as the arc is a downward one of a certain type of "de-evolution" to a simpler way of living being forced on them by circumstances. It is good or bad depending on one's orientation, though. That's why Baz can appear as an eccentric "wild man" to some and as a hero to others (like me).

The campfire is very warming today. Thanks for allowing me time with the stick.

Love to all,


rockpicker said...

What are the chances of eight earthquakes occurring at almost exactly the same depth on the same day? Take a look at what's going on in NORTHERN QINGHAI, CHINA

rockpicker said...

Below is from an article on Steve Quayle's site called

"Racketeering 101: Bailed Out Banks Threaten Systemic Collapse If Fed Discloses Information"

by Tyler Durden on 08/27/2009 10:35 -0500

"And here, in plain written Times New Roman, you see what racketeering by a major bank consortium looks like:

If the names of our member banks who borrow emergency funds are publicly disclosed, the likelihood that a borrowing bank's customers, counterparties and other market participants will draw a negative inference is great. Public speculation that a financial institution is experiencing liquidity shortfalls - which would be a natural inference from having tapped emergency funds - has caused bank customers to withdraw deposits, counterparties to make collateral calls and lenders to accelerate loan repayment or refuse to make new loans. When an institution's customers flee and its credit dries up the institution may suffer severe capital and liquidity strains leaving it in a weakened competitive position."

Hotspringswizard said...

If your not concerned about Swine Flu read this article:

Here is a small excerpt:

" The United States of America is devolving into medical fascism and Massachusetts is leading the way with the passage of a new bill, the “Pandemic Response Bill” 2028, reportedly just passed by the MA state Senate and now awaiting approval in the House. This bill suspends virtually all Constitutional rights of Massachusetts citizens and forces anyone “suspected” of being infected to submit to interrogations, “decontaminations” and vaccines.

The entire population of the USA is now but one pen stroke away from being subjected to mandatory swine flu vaccinations at gunpoint.

It’s also sets fines up to $1,000 per day for anyone who refuses to submit to quarantines, vaccinations, decontamination efforts or to follow any other verbal order by virtually any state-licensed law enforcement or medical personnel. You can read the text yourself here:… "

What will you do if these same policies go nationwide? Does the ongoing work of getting GPS coordinates of the residences of all US citizens have anything to do with this? Could the Haliburton created ( empty ) detention facilities have a real purpose as being used as possible quarantine facilities for those who would reject the vaccination? I have some real concerns about just what is " really " going on with this WHO declared level 6 Pandemic.

If an economic meltdown of even greater proportions could be realized in the near term future ( as alot of information suggest ), then how useful indeed to the PTB would be the control tools created and implemented by threat of a Pandemic. What a perfect way for the PTB to get the general publics mindset used to greater clampdowns on all of our freedoms, in preperation for the real big show to come, the possible greater collapse of the economic system itself.

Or, maybe my new Tin Foil Hat is making me see things that arn't really there :-) We will find out soon enough.

freeacre said...

Personally, I'd be happy to go along with a quarantine at home. That's one of the things we've got food, etc. stored up for. If they insist on a vaccination, then we'll have a real problem on our hands. I don't think it will come to that, however, as Oregon is already apologizing for a shortage and saying that health workers and children will be first to get what is available. HPH predicts that there will be huge resistance to the mandatory vaccinations. One hopes so.

rockpicker said...

This is an exchange of comments below the Racketeering story.


by AndItsGone
on Thu, 08/27/2009 - 19:46

I usually cross out Federal Reserve and write PYRAMID SCHEME in Sharpie on my FRNs. Y'all should join me.

* reply

by Anonymous
on Fri, 08/28/2009 - 06:59

Have the US government issue its own fiat and cut all ties to the Federal Reserve Bank and then watch what happens.

* reply

by Anonymous
on Fri, 08/28/2009 - 13:03

Skull fragments.

Palooka's Revenge said...

pan... i 'spose we all have some concept that not-so-friendly forces are reading our mail but when it comes from close to home it takes on a whole deeper meaning eh?

wiz... have as much fun at the roast as you can have without us. in the meantime, i'm jealous! look forward to your pix

nina... how the hell do you do that link embed thing in a comment?

rp... lets paddle

baz... i just followed up on taibbi's work with the only obvious conclusion. but thx

murph... thx to u 2

b... u 3

fa.... i'm hungry

mf, ras, stoney... where the hell are u?

Palooka's Revenge said...

on taibbi, goddamn sacks, red buttons, and pigs in space...

my guess is that somewhere, someplace... probably near to the core of the onion... there exists simple, yet fundamental, explanations to complicated questions of causality including how seemingly contradictory factoids and realities can appear to exist in the same space at the same time.

like why the likes of goodman, taibbi, and palast who appear to be so damn right-on about some things can then be so blind to others. like who, how, and why nine double one.

and whats in the goddamn sack that feeds the ilk of goldman sachs.

and why it is that self proclaimed forward thinking, spiritually advanced, concerned individuals haven't got the balls to push catherine austin fitts' red button.

and how it is that the condition of the consciousness of the human condition that is still conscious has significantly evolved all the while emotionally we're still pigs in space.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

p I put this comment on Pigs in Space but then realised the post was two years old so no one would go looking for it:-)

I have heard it said that pigs are just horizontal humans - as near to us as monkeys.
That part about concious / unconcious inversion was interesting.

Palooka's Revenge said...

b... i saw it. comments are moderated. thats why i said... u 3.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I know it may be regarded as heresy but I have to come clean and say that Michael Jackson’s music never really did it for me. After all these years of trying to be an honouree white and when he financially fell on the floor everybody just walked away, then after he died we found out that he was a serious junkie and then every shrugged their shoulders and again walked away. Well it seems now that he finally grew up, discovered his own people and was about to become as much of a pain in the ass to those in authority as John Lenin was in his day. Have a look at this and see if you think he was about to crawl across the floor and peg out if he didn’t get his next fix.

Palooka's Revenge said...


but good luck you ole bastard! wishing you rest in peace is like wishing john gotti the same because he bought turkeys for the 'hood every thanksgiving!! i don't know what it is about us as a people folx but we just can't stand the truth. we gotta white wash everything. and i ain't really sure what it is about me but there's something... something inside that wants to believe. no matter what. but i just feel like i gotta write about it today. if for no other reason but to cop to it. to expose it.

you see, i watched part of the coverage. hard to miss if you turned on the tube. and if you tuned in you mighta turned on that place inside too. that place that just wants to hold on to the fantasy. unless you've evolved beyond being taken in by smoke and mirrors and i sure hope you have. cuz this is bullshit!!

the last patriarch of camelot is dead. and got a send off fitting of the title. hours and hours of coverage. and in the background? crowds! thousands and thousands lining past the coffin. lining the streets. and ya, watching the coverage. wolf blitzer said he hadn't seen anything like it since bobby fell. 'cept maybe reagan. but he was a president. like bobby, teddy was just a senator. all those thousands let me know i'm not alone here.

and the coverage? fit for the title bestowed to the man. the lion of the senate. the forever optimistic crusader for the common man. and the uncommon. the poor, the sick, the elderly, the downtrodden, the immigrant, the homeless, the minority races, women, children. and so on. thats who he fought for they say.

and he did actually. dedicated. to the job. and to family. hell, he never missed a birthday, baptism, graduation, confirmation, wedding. with 2 slain brothers he'd been dad by dic and default to a number approaching 20. something like 60 nieces and nephews. it toto? an extended family approaching 100. and he never missed a...? not with all the other altrurism, compassion and caring he displayed. several fellow senators recounted... when i was this and such ted was the first to visit. when i was that ted was the first to call.

all that and a rep as the most prepared legislator on the hill. how much time is there in a day? a year? okay, so the man had a big heart. but, bullshit! not enough days in the year!! once you start to embellish, the fish generally gets bigger.

but thats what they said.

all that coverage showing only the light side of course. but thats what this country does. and hey, having watched some of that including the burial yesterday and the 3+ hour long 'celebration of life' at the library friday night i gotta admit, it goes straight to someplace inside that wants that fantasy to be true.

but bottom line reality is, if its in the light these daz you can pretty much bet its bullshit, smoke, and mirrors. don't make much a shit what it is, if u want the truth u gotta look in the shadow under the belly. and when it comes to the kennedy clan there's plenty of underbelly...

okay, so not much of that summary of seymour hirsch's '97 tell-all bestseller 'the dark side of camelot' actually profiles the lately departed teddy. but there's enough there to drive the point. straight through the heart glued to the TV and hooked into the part that still wants to believe the smoke and mirrors.


no disrespect to the departed meant. and no desrespect to wanna-be believers. and certainly no disrespect to the big hearted and the consumate romantic which teddie was. hell, i consider myself to be one meself. maybe a letter to the pope confessing to shortcomings is worth something on the cosmic scale. the man said he fought for justice. what i wonder about is the karmic variety of justice! and who's payin!!

freeacre said...

I sympathize with ya, p. The Kennedy's were the epitome of our hopes and dreams for "Camelot." A better, more beautiful, more just and prosperous world for everybody. I mean, just look at the difference between Maime Eisenhower and Jackie Kennedy (or, for that matter, Ike and John). Enuf said. We like to see ourselves and our country, and therefore, them in the best light. This is the land of the Frank Capra and Walt Disney , not Bergman films. I loved the Kennedy's. Just hard-wired that way, I guess.
But, maybe there is hope for us yet. Because we probably didn't so much love them as we loved the dream, the vision of what will hopefully come. The Age of Aquarius, the consciousness revolution, Camelot, or whatever you want to call it. We were having a fascinating conversation last night around the campfire with our new friends from Portland and another local friend who is an astro-archeologist. He was telling us that as our solar system is entering the center of the galaxy and, we are being washed with waves of energy and the frequency of the earth is changing. Thus, we are experiencing mental, emotional and physical changes that can be measured. So, maybe the dream persists, dead Kennedys or no.
It was great, by the way, to be visited by these 3 fascinating, articulate, intelligent, and helpful people for the weekend. They read about us at the Baker site and wanted to come and see what we are doing here in terms of sustainability and local food production. A truly great time was had by all. We hope to see them again real soon.
With younger people like them coming up, it gives me a renewed hope for the world.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Yeh we got all that about Ted man of the people, the democrat who believed in democracy. We even had Obama’s eulogy on VTM. The only quote I can remember about TK was at a meeting at the big Chema company I used to work for. In the early 80’s when GM became the quite the thing, the company erected a big greenhouse and started experimenting with cereals. The meeting was arranged to allay fears of where GM was heading and was the company getting into toxic organisms or even if in runaway enthusiasm it could lead to experiments with homunculus. The guy in charge of the project became totally exasperated and blurted out “More people have died in Teddy Kennedy’s car than as a result of genetic engineering”. Well we are not too sure about that anymore but it was a good line at the time.

Baz said...

Zoner—hahah, the financial analysis just keeps getting better. Only not on the NYTimes! Glad to be of assistance in recruiting for the CIA. 10% finder's fee applies: c/o—baz@NZParliment. Be aware family and friends will be vetoed.

Hey FB, wild pigs sometimes stand up on their hind legs—I kidd you not ... and even walk, on them, and talk, go to fast-food restaurants ...

ah hell, just wanted to say somethin', and I don't know jack about Kennedys, apart from, I heard a rumor there was a curse over the family.

RAS said...

Hey all,
Sorry I checked out for a bit. I've been really busy and I spent several days last week sick. I'm still getting over it. I think it was just a bad cold though and not the flu.
As far as the flu, I don't think they'll call for mandatory vaccinations. They can make things so much easier on themselves by turning up the hype and then announcing there's a shortage, so hurry to get yours now!

Palooka's Revenge said...

'...and the dream shall never die'. thats the tail end of a famous ted speach and thats the part of me that gets triggered. which is kewl with me. i've fought and died for that dream i don't know how many times. and i'll never quit fightin but i'll never die for it again. at least not consciously. die to live is a fundamental contradiction i never discovered until about 20 years ago and its woven into our conditioning and belief systems in so many ways.

as for the kennedy bros, whats not to luv when u listen to what was said publically. its the dark side thats disturbing.

as for what's comin as "The Age of Aquarius, the consciousness revolution, Camelot, or whatever you want to call it" and might fit right in with you're little campfire gatherin, check this out...

14 parts about 10 minutes each. which makes for about 2.5 hours. but could be the best 2.5 hours one could spend right about now!!

ras... good to hear from you darlin. get well soon.

freeacre said...

Well, with my damn server, it was more like 6 hours - but I really found it captivating. Still thinking...
I'm glad you're feeling better, too, ras. Stoney and Montana have been in tough shape this month, too. Hope everybody gets to feeling stronger for Sept. and October when the shit is really supposed to hit the fan.

Palooka's Revenge said...

baz... ever hear of the waitaha peoples down there? indiginous tribe.

Baz said...

<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ~ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Palooka, sure, I'm the last 1. Sorry couldn't resist. Jeez—ask me an easy one why don't yah! OK, surprised Google have entries. Here's what I know:

Maori: the collective name given to all the native tribes by white people who settled here, to make it easy for them to facilitate the acquisition of lands—hah <—That's pretty good, and it just flowed—out, stream-of-consciousness. Man, I should start writing history! Oh, yeah, and goddamn missionaries, thieving sonsabitches.

Much of the truth of 1st peoples (native) has been obscured by colonizing liars specifically for the above mentioned reason. My mother was beaten for speaking Maori at Colonial School, and then beaten again for speaking english at home (the Oppressors language). Such was the racial hatred at the time, and to a more insidious level today.

Maori was, and really still is, an oral language and custom, hence lost under the auspices of the thieving sonsofbitches. Maori have done their best to preserve and resurrect what little that remains, under the circumstances (colonization).

Much history, especially in my mother's era, and is still around today, was written by Propagandist Merchants. The later material (by Maori) does it's best under the circumstances.

Yah know—as I type this, it occurs strangely to me, the white race have done the exact same thing ... to themselves. Jesus—funny that eh.

Excerpt from The Coming of the Maori by Te Rangi Hiroa — Professor of Anthropology, Yale University !!!—I'm impressed.

... in the hunting period before cultivable food plants were introduced by the Fleet, the South Island was more attractive to hunters than the North Island.

During the first settlement period, probably, the moa was exterminated in the South Island but the moa hunters and their descendants had become acclimatized in their southern homes and they continued to find ample supplies of food in other birds, fish, shell fish and indigenous native plants. It may be that the early tribes of the south referred to as the Rapuwai and the Waitaha were the unmixed descendants of the southern moa hunters. Both these tribal names follow the descriptive terminology applied to the North Island tribes descended from Maruiwi and his contemporaries. After centuries of isolation, the South Island was invaded by the Ngati Mamoe and later again by the Ngaitahu, both names conforming to the later form adopted after the arrival of the Fleet. The Ngaitahu pushed the Ngati Mamoe further south into the Murihiku area. The Rapuwai and the Waitaha were absorbed mostly into the Ngati Mamoe but some elements of the early Polynesian culture of their moa-hunting ancestors have survived in the local culture of the extended Murihiku area. Some of the tools, hooks, and ornaments of the early Polynesian culture have been preserved intact by Mother Earth and the moa remains associated wth them have conclusively proved that they predate the various stages of intermixture which resulted in what we now know as Maori culture.

OK—so now I know. Some proverbs ~ Whakatauaki:

He moana pukepuke e ekengia e te waka ~ A choppy sea can be navigated. (Persevere.)

Papatuanuku te matua o te tangata ~ Mother Earth is man's parent.

Hokia ki nga maunga kia purea koe e nga hau o Tawhirimatea ~ Return to the mountains to be purified by the winds of Tawhirimatea (God of the wind).

<<<<<<<<<<<<< Hei aha ~ So be it! >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Palooka's Revenge said...

" the moa remains associated wth them have conclusively proved that they predate the various stages of intermixture which resulted in what we now know as Maori culture."

the piece of info i have is that they came to the islands from lemuria (a place and civilization many accept only as legend). the above certainly doesn't confirm but at least it doesn't preclude it. my info sez this is preserved in their oral history and painted on the ceilings of their ceremonial houses. we're talkin 500,000 years here. they would be to nz what the maya are to the americas.

supposedly they thrive in the auklands area. that'd be near the conjuct of the 2 islands? if they're that old and if they've preserved ancient traditions and prophecies they likely went underground with them.

"Mother Earth is man's parent."

from my reading they take it alot further than that. apparently they are a matriarcial peoples. i don't know if they elevate the mother to the godhead where she otta be or not but they're damn close. most can't even begin to consider the thought much less the implication that that would mean pops and ma had sex! me? i'm like, well duh! where the hell do y'all think y'all came from all ye children of god?

and just about everything this guy sez in this interview parallels with my own info...

speaking of mothers, your mother has suffered a wrath similar to the indiginous tribes here. damned if ya do, damned if ya don't. can't drink, can't not drink. can't speak one, can't speak the other. can't BE one, can't be the other. i'm sorry for her man. sucks a big one. i know what its like to be young and alone. was no fun but as it turns out, it had its advantages.

"it occurs strangely to me, the white race have done the exact same thing ... to themselves. Jesus—funny that eh."

yup. occurs to me too. and whats even sadly 'funnier' is the finger that should be pointed at oursleves we point only at others. we ought to be ass-kickin pissed over what our parents and educators have robbed us of justified and rationalized as for our own good.

baz... i really appreciate your research and comment. thx alot bro... p

oh ya, almost forgot... been thinking 'bout your earlier comment... "..form of saying... I approve the scam!.." relates .. to everything," damn good point! cuz it does actually. everything. including where we live and how we live. a personal challenge you've obviously reconciled. me? not so. at least as to the where part. mostly, i guess, because i hadn't thought the whole thing through. but now i am thx to u.

Anonymous said...

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