Tuesday, September 1, 2009


from Freeacre

Before I get on with my rambling thoughts, here are a few pictures of the projects we’ve been working on lately…

Tiny frog in a squash blossom looking for a meal to come in.

Ingredients for jerky

Glazed beets and carrots, fresh bread and tabuli salad


Normally, I try to write a post from some sort of sense of clarity. But, when the comments begin to go beyond 60, and clarity still doesn’t happen on any topic, I just feel compelled to write something anyway. So, this is what’s been on my mind lately… questions, not answers.

Just where in the hell is the anti-war movement in this country?

How come Cryptogon can quote this article written by Glen Greenwald and taken from salon.com, and people aren’t in the streets, shutting down traffic in front of recruiting stations:

“The fact that we are not really bothered any more by taking helpless detainees in our custody and (a) threatening to blow their brains out, torture them with drills, rape their mothers, and murder their children; (b) choking them until they pass out; (c) pouring water down their throats to drown them; (d) hanging them by their arms until their shoulders are dislocated; (e) blowing smoke in their face until they vomit; (f) putting them in diapers, dousing them with cold water, and leaving them on a concrete floor to induce hypothermia; and (g) beating them with the butt of a rifle — all things that we have always condemned as “torture” and which our laws explicitly criminalize as felonies (”torture means. . . the threat of imminent death; or the threat that another person will imminently be subjected to death, severe physical pain or suffering . . .”) — reveals better than all the words in the world could how degraded, barbaric and depraved a society becomes when it lifts the taboo on torturing captives….”

When you read additional sources that give details on prisoners kept in shit-filled diapers for three days at a time, fathers threatened with being forced to watch while their young son’s testicles were being crushed, women prisoners begging their male counterparts to kill them to put them out of their misery, anal rape, despicable humiliations of all kinds to people who may have only been guilty of being in Iraq or Afghanistan and standing on the wrong corner, one wonders just what sort of monstrous people Americans have become. Finally, Attorney General Holder seems like he will be looking into at least some of these atrocities. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is contemplating running the man probably most responsible for the culture of torture, Dick Chaney, for President in 2012. Un-fucking-believable. If he were to win, we’d deserve that asteroid hit.

This is worse than Vietnam. Worse than Mei Lai. Condoned by the top echelon of the government on a people who didn’t even do anything to us. The 911 perps (if they even were perps) were all from Saudi Arabia, not Iraq or Afghanistan, after all. And, even if they weren’t … so what? Is this what we do?

What I find ironic is that every day, I get 3 or 4 e-mails from practically ecstatic Christian neighbors who let me know how filled with love they are, and what a difference their religion makes in their lives. Oh, how the angels are with them at every moment. Oh, what a comfort it is to know that they are all loved and cherished and assured a comfy place next to Jesus in heaven when they die. It just seems OK to them, I guess, that none of this celestial host seems to be whispering a word about the fact that they should be standing up for their fellow man and working to end the wars, the torture, and the profiteers. Where in the fuck is the Council of Churches? The ACLU is the only one doing anything. And, they are thought of as Godless communist Jewboys by the faux-news-reading- knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers.

Oh, shit, there I go again. Name calling and stereo-typing these miscreants as I read about the Mayan prophecies and how we are on the verge of a wonderful transition in consciousness. All we have to do is cultivate a sense of unity and unconditional love toward our fellow humans, and we will all transform into something wonderful. Which leads me to my second question:

What if aliens really exist and the world as we know it is really going to end?

I gotta admit that I’ve always been inspired by science fiction and visions of Star Trek and their world no longer based on the profit motive. Or the Star Wars movies and their idea of The Force that binds together the Universe. The amazing works of indigenous peoples from the Hopis to the Mayans and the Maoris, Sumerians, and the aborigines who say that they hearken from star stuff, and say that our real home is in outer space or the fourth dimension. But, now that even NASA scientists are telling us that our planet is approaching the plane of the galactic center (“Hanab Ku” to the Mayans), and measurable waves of energy are washing over us emanating from it, the tangible reality is starting to set in. The magnetosphere is wildly fluctuating, the pole shift might actually be in process. As our galaxy bobs up into the plane of the center, our chances of getting hit with a bunch of big rocks or the Planet X go way up. It wouldn’t be the first time. (see http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=8441 )

On the one hand, I’d like to see Tim Geithner, Ben Bernake, the entire staff of Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve, and Dick Chaney put in stocks and set out on Wall St. as targets for rotten vegetables before they get frog-marched to prison. Then, I’d move on to the executives and scientists at Monsanto Corp., creators of the Frankenfood that is poisoning us, Big Pharma, and the Council of Foreign Relations. And, that’s just for openers. I’m not even going to go into the Health Care fiasco.

But, then I remember a line from “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” “You can be mad as hell and rail against everything, but in the end, you have to let it all go” (or words to that effect). Maybe it’s a case of working out the timing. I want to react in real time with real emotions and all I can bring to the table to the outrageous insults to our humanity while I am here and functioning. But, at the same time, I want to be cultivating a sense of wonder as to What Else Is Out There.

I don’t want my reality to be confined or defined by what suits the corporations and the overlords. I am sure that they would love us all to feel like powerless pawns on a chessboard that they own. It is great for them if the best thing that we can imagine is a trip to Disneyland and all we can feel is impotent anger
Maybe instead, I’ll start to imagine that we ARE all star stuff. . . that they, too, are changing frequency and are unable to continue to be the miserable scumbags that they have been. I’ll imagine that they won’t be able to lie anymore. I’ll imagine that employees will walk away from factories making pain rays and depleted uranium anti-personnel weaponry. I’ll imagine that people come to their senses and stop doing jobs and making decisions that ruin people’s lives and make us sick. What if the opening bell in the stock market stopped ringing because nobody showed up to ring it? Maybe I’ll open the door of my mind that has been closed to accepting that alien beings really do exist, and that some of them might actually be attempting to help at least some us survive the cataclysm that is to come.

I refuse to believe that this twisted, sick and wrong culture of crap is the best we can come up with. Nope – unacceptable. I’m going to make a peach streusel and contemplate a better world.
peach streusel, oh yummmm


Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Well as the saying goes, I don’t think you will get an argument out of me on that one. Good is bad and bad is good and… oh.

Smart money is on Israel for perping 9/11 but what is the home of Zion’s relationship with Saudi and Pakistan? And for that matter why should it be any of our concern, we are obviously not in the Need to Know circle. My brain is starting to hurt again, best to stop with this.

Meanwhile, whilst trying to fill the block gap, this spider’s web idea of a post of mine gets bigger and bigger every time I try to cut it down. Will it ever see the light of day and will it make any sense if it does, who knows.

I appreciate the post Freeacre, your writing gets sharper as you go on, even when you haven’t anything to say :-)

Palooka's Revenge said...

How come...people aren’t in the streets, shutting down traffic in front of recruiting stations:

because my dear we're living in a country that is far from how it presents itself to itself and the rest of the planet.

a country where unevolved, unresolved rage and terror are woven into the mortar of the silent majority of its peoples. so they DEMAND of those they put in place to do their bidding; their leaders, their military, their mercenaries, their police, their guard, their weaponry, their trigger men, their bullies, their sociopaths, their psycopathic killers, their shadow... HOLD THE LINE!! at all cost. against anything and everything feared or imagine feared.

and in the process? don't give a shit how its done. just make sure you kick em when they're up, kick em when they're down. kick em all around. teach em a lesson. get revenge. get justice. get even. just make sure whatever it is don't get ME. with god on our side. besides, we're the good guys.

The Dudleys - Craig & Lane said...

well said, unfortunately

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

p: :-)

Seriously looking to change my image this month, do you think a white hat would be a good disguise for me?

verification thingy - affist

Publius said...

wow - beautiful post.
Nice photos of food I want to eat.
My rather small garden has done OK this year, considering the rather cool weather and the weird fungus or rust that hit the squash. I applies some copper soap on Saturday, and will see how that's working today... I want lots of winter squash to store.

Thank for your inspiring rants... a good mix of righteous anger and hope.

Anonymous said...

Lucretia here--

I just have to say again how wonderful it is to meet someone who feels the same way I do on all these issues! This last weekend with you really helped me to realize that sanity is not as distant and rare a commodity as I was fearing it to be.

Why aren't there more people against the war, let alone the atrocities perpetuated against our "enemies"?? People are too busy, too distracted, too tired, too hypnotized, too indoctrinated, too helpless feeling, too narcotized (thanks drug industry) too scared, too weak-- to face this reality head on. It's as if everyone's just waiting for someone ELSE to take care of it for them.

Meanwhile, its hard to say what these visiting Beings from another place might be up to-- but I suppose I'm up for the adventure of finding out. I guess its difficult to imagine, given how humans can behave, that alien life-forms can be much worse than we can be, huh?

Now that I know your food tastes even better than it looks, I drool even more to see your photos.

Mmmmm... food porn! =^D

Anonymous said...

Yummy streusel ya got there! Mmmmm.... gonna have to get to the candy machine soon.

I think I've watch each and every "Star Trek" -numerous times and I always asked, even when I was pretty young at the time: why do we need all of these things? Things like car insurance, home insurance, money, car registrations, car repairs, jobs, fishing lisences, income taxes, sales taxes, more taxes, etc., etc., and more etc. -in triplicate! I mean, WTF, over? Like, why can't "...to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before" be real instead of the crap we call "civilization?" Because I gotta tell ya, this society, this world we've conjured-up kinda sucks der big vienerschnitzel.

But with any luck, China, Russia and the rest will dump the dollar and the mouth-breathing, nuckle-dragging, NASCAR, brain donors will maybe -maybe wake the fuck up. Maybe.

I wouldn't put much stock in Holder doing anything like -his job or anything. He and his injustice department will squawk a bit, but nothing will come of it.

I think I read that what ended the Vietnam war was an all-out mutany, which might explain why, in that famous war footage, they pushed that Huey off the flight deck and into the ocean. They weren't going back. What I'm hoping is that they'll mutany again pretty soon and it's made public to the point where the laimstream media won't be able to suppress it.

Hey, there's a movie out on DVD that you might be interested in called, "Knowing" with Nickolas Cage. Aliens, man. They're the ticket!

Gotta git. Later -


Anonymous said...

I second that, Lucretia. I have two brothers who are smart as hell, but they have no idea what's happening around them. They're up at O:Dark 30, work 10hour days, come home late to kids, watch a little trash TV or read a bit till they collapse in bed. And they do it all over again tomorrow. Weekends are for kid things or lawn projects. They wouldn't dream of getting on the internet to get information on this degrading, terrorist country. One who came to visit us recently drank diet coke constantly. I told him that aspartime was toxic and he looked at me with a total suprise and disgust, like "are you nuts? The FDA approved of it so it's gotta be good for me." Geebus!

People are just way too busy trying to stay alive or they just don't want to think about bad things or they just can't fathom that their goverment might not be the do-good entity they've grown up to believe. Or all of the above. It sucks.

Well, like I said before... gotta git.


freeacre said...

Lucretia ..."food porn." Now, there's a concept. LOL. Yes, it was a real pleasure to meet you three. Nice to know that there are great people who attend this campfire in person as well as in cyberspace. It sorta flatters us that you drove here to see what we've got going on - and enjoyed the food and stuff. The door is always open.
White hat? I don't know what you are going for, Belgium. How about a trout tattoo? I think it would be nice if we all had one, of course. Maybe I'll put a picture of mine on the next post.
The Dudley's. Welcome to the Campfire. Good to hear from you.
Publius - nice to hear you've got a garden going. We just got our first eatable squash. It is a white scallop summer squash. Looked really different, though, from the store bought ones. Like a firm avocado - tasted like butter. Wonderful. I love squash.
Randy - yeah. We've seen "Knowing" twice already. Loved it. That one may just be truer than we know. Poor you and that puissant candy machine. You gotta start packin' a kick ass lunch. Or maybe turn a store-bought turkey into some really good jerky for a snack. Disinterested families who refuse to entertain the notion that the shit is hitting the fan are a pain that most of us share.
And, p, I guess you nailed it.

Pangolin said...

Well, beam me up Scotty. The local weekly peace vigil consists of about 12 participants with 6 of us present on any given Saturday. I'm the youngest regular attendee in a college town. I'm 44 years old.

The kids are waiting for something, god only knows what, before they engage with the world. The best of them that I can see excell by not being complete drunks or otherwise wallowing in hedonism and debauchery.

verification word: farquit

freeacre said...

I just got introduced to Terence McKenna through youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuxSC0DfBUk&feature=related
He seems to have some relevant observations to the conversation. "Culture is not your Friend" is a good one, too.

Pangolin said...

McKenna has some really nasty things to say about sugar in his book "Food of the Gods." He also had lots of interesting things to say about how the food and entertainment options given to us tend to suppress thought and control emotions.

It's interesting to note this bit from the Wiki page on him:

On February 7, 2007, McKenna's library of rare books and personal notes was destroyed in a fire which burned offices belonging to Big Sur's Esalen Institute storing the collection. An index maintained by his brother Dennis survives, though little else.

It's well known that Dick Cheney supervised an assasination squad that killed or neutralized enemies of the Bush administration and their corporate overlords. There is very little that would be more damaging to corporatocracy than the information in McKenna's personal library.

Here's a hint. Chocolate can be activated by other common herbs into something far more powerful, satisfying and transformative than MDMA or LSD. The secret of the Aztecs was they weren't afraid of death at all. They KNEW better from direct experience.

And that's too much said about that already.

word: inaggram
Damn AI is mocking me

Pangolin said...

Something completely different:

"Sustainable fertilizer: Urine and wood ash produce large harvest"

"Results of the first study evaluating the use of human urine mixed with wood ash as a fertilizer for food crops has found that the combination can be substituted for costly synthetic fertilizers to produce bumper crops of tomatoes without introducing any risk of disease for consumers. The study appears in the current issue of ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, a bi-weekly publication."

Which backs up the work of this guy: http://e-terrapretarooftopexp.blogspot.com/

So you farmer types might want to set a terra cotta pot a discreet few steps out the back door and fill it with the ash from your wood stove. Modify as nature calls.

Crossposting on my blog.

verification word: bedopodi (I swear, I even have a screen shot)

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

In the 60’s my dad used to go to the local chemist shop (drug store) and get a couple pounds of urea. Same stuff in crystalline form without the need for the outdoor potty. Just mix with water and apply with a watering can. It gives the plants a short term nitrogen hit but since it is not retained in the soil long term you do need to repeat the application now and again.

freeacre said...

It is so ironic that we are advised to add nitrogen to the soil to make for healthy gardens, and yet our county has been attempting to mandate each rural household in Deschutes Co. to install individual $20-$40,000 ATT nitrogen-reducing systems to replace classic septic systems. And, these ridiculous things will not even treat for pharmaceuticals and chemicals that really are a health hazard. Additionally, they require a dedicated phone line, yearly maintenance fees (hundreds of dollars), a license to run, and fees for inspections, etc. And, they break if you run them part time for a vacation rental or second home. That's what we've been having this dog fight with the county over. If we lose, the plan is to go national. There seems to be no limit to what these greedy bastards will try to do. And, when you oppose it, the dumbass Liberals will label you a right wing jerk who doesn't care about water quality. Gaaaaaah!

Pangolin said...

Freeacre_ It looks like somebody took a real problem, groundwater nitrification, and decided to make it worse by strapping it to the profit motive. Of course we all know that the majority of nitrates in ground water come from things like lawn chemicals and domestic animals. Only a tiny percentage comes from human waste. So that means that there is simply no chance of eliminating the sale of nitrate fertilizers or regulating farm animal waste in your county.

Too bad the biggest way to ensure fat profits for contractors was to blame the problem on the human waste stream and dictate complicated, sure-fail, systems.

The cheapest solution to the human waste issue would be to hand out composting toilets. They could even go outside where people don't have basements and folks could just use them in good weather. Cost: ~$2k per household.

The next cheapest would be to set surge tanks next to existing septic tanks, fill them with a mixture of wood chips and charcoal grit and pump from the septic tank 4-5 times daily. Tie in with a smart electric meter would only run the tank when electricity use runs above some threshold. The honey truck could come round once a year and replace the chips with fresh after they vacuum out the old. Charcoal does amazing things to composting systems due to the surface area. (see biochar). This might cost about $5-10K/household but they're not using it because it's just too freaking cheap.

The complicated bioreactors I saw on a google search are pretty much sure-fail systems. I used to work in residential building maintenance and anything that complicated crashes. Most people can't maintain a sprinkler system on their own. Thus ensuring fat and continuing profits from the "licensed contractors" with exclusive rights to do this work.

Follow the money and you will find the source of your problem.

V-word: autabou

murph said...


Since we have been involved in the fight with the county over this water quality issue, a vast amount of information has been brought to light. In reality, nitrates, even in pretty hefty concentrations, is not a generalized health problem, period. I have too many studies on the issue that will verify this. The biggest bugaboo over nitrates is the accusation that they cause methemoglobinemia (blue baby syndrome). Flat out not true. Plus, that syndrome is of such rarity that few doctors even know about it. The other supposed health hazards from nitrates are only statistical data points with no causality being given. Fresh vegetables have more nitrates in them readily absorbed by the body than all but the most high concentrations found in some locations. Plus, nitrates are a marker when testing water to indicate there could be other contaminates present that need to be checked for. These ATT systems for nitrate decreasing take away those markers and does nothing for the real contaminates that could be there that do affect public health.

There is now new research concerning using iron filings to decontaminate ground and surface water. It takes all foreign substances out, nearly 100%. Very cheap low maintenance systems too.

While I will be the first to agree that this country in particular, has a huge problem with ground water contamination, these expensive hi-tech systems for single family dwellings are not the answer. All they are is money making opportunities for licensing bureaucracy.

This whole drive on water quality with the bad stuff being nitrates was begun at the federal level back in the 90's. Massive studies were financed to prove nitrates were a huge problem. Want to guess who/what organizations were pushing for this stuff?

freeacre said...

Thanks for that surge tank tip. Im sending it to all our people.

Pangolin said...

Given a nice source of carbonaceous material to chew on bacteria will convert the wood and nitrates to critters, methane, CO2, water and nitrogen but......To really make those surge tanks clean up nitrates they need to be placed in a greenhouse with the tops of the tanks planted with a fast growing annual.

Some kind of 'grass' is what I'm thinking. Every hydroponic gardener knows that grass just eats up nitrogen. But even an empty surge tank with a high surface area media will support bacteria that will convert nitrates to ammonia. The ammonia floats off the water drains back into the sump and life goes on.

With a slight change to your states laws Deschutes County could rival California in the production of home-grown, organic, grass which would certainly pay for the septic systems conversions. Heck, there are whole counties in California that do nothing else.

nice link: http://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/aquaponic.html

Home-made surge tank device: http://tinyurl.com/lkhnmki

Palooka's Revenge said...

BP strikes oil 7 miles deep. this goes back a couple blog entrys to b's review of dave mcgowan's biotic/abiotic analysis done in 04... http://www.adn.com/money/industries/oil/story/920416.html

no mention of the a/b pissin contest in the article but general concensus is for the abiotic claims to be coming from very deep wells. 4 miles of gulf waters is deep. cold too. 7 miles deeper into the earth is hot. very hot. and apparently very oily. at least in this particular location.

murph said...


The time scale we are dealing with,millions of years, for biotic oil, also means we are dealing with massive movement of plates. We have rather ample evidence of very high mountains that used to be under water, and evidence of places now under water used to be dry land. So it is conceivable that areas that contained pools could be subducted to very deep depths. I don't see that as a necessary condition for support of abiotic oil. Could be, but certainly not conclusive.

Palooka's Revenge said...

murph... i agree with you.

rockpicker said...

Much information might be garnered by knowing the age of the rock in which the new discoveries were made.

Pre-Cambrian means before sophisticated life. Remember my little story about the Belt rocks.



rockpicker said...


a message from a light worker to all of us pulling for the Light.

Pangolin said...

Rockpicker_ Not to offend you but something about "Channelers" with super-detailed story lines makes me reach for cold steel; and hone the edge.

I can't say that I've seen the followers of these people develop the kind of solidity, flexibility, humor and compassion of any of the meditation oriented spiritual practices. They generally seem strangely vulnerable for all the professed confidence in the message.

Lot's of fluffy purple clothes and breathy voices; yes.
The ability to throw sandbags for twenty hours straight; no.

I'll take a pipe smoking Tibetan lama any day. Even if their pictures make my head spin. Or a Franciscan friar. I gotta go with somebody I can trust at my back.

v-word: ragnetin

rockpicker said...


Maybe it's time to get in touch with your feminine side.

Pangolin said...

Huh? That IS my feminine side. My Sifu is 4'9", maybe 97 lbs. and while us men are still posturing she's already tapped our ribs with the blade. Talk to her about the "channelling" of this entity or that and she just smiles. It's the smile I see before I find myself staring at the ceiling.

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

The Female of the Species

WHEN the Himalayan peasant meets the he-bear in his pride,
He shouts to scare the monster, who will often turn aside.
But the she-bear thus accosted rends the peasant tooth and nail.
For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

When Nag the basking cobra hears the careless foot of man,
He will sometimes wriggle sideways and avoid it if he can.
But his mate makes no such motion where she camps beside the trail.
For the female of the species is more deadly than the male. .....


v-word: laveia

Alan said...

Like a lone, lonely wolf at the dawn of Time, hunger besting intuitive fear, I seek sustenance by the light of the campfire. An exaggeration, for we have equally kindred souls in our parts. Still, I write a comment, reaching out, for I could have expressed as well every single sentiment in your posting, "More Questions Than Answers". Had you also mentioned "chemclouds", which even now, this bright sunny morning, pollute the skies over the Sierra Nevada foothills, I would have declared absolute, true congruence without further evidence required! There are, I know for me, at least 12 spokes of anger, each of which I strive to transform to avenues of peace. Thank you for maintaining this forum! Soon I will contribute an introductory essay for your consideration. Alan, Soleil Farm, Nevada City, CA

freeacre said...

What a heart-warming sentiment, Alan! It's great to hear from you! We'd love to have your post. Chem trails in the Sierra NV Mtns. They just started up again here as well, after a lull of a couple of weeks. Murph and I have been busy the last couple of days working with our citizens group at our annual fund-raising yard sale. Made a few thousand bucks to add to the legal fund to fight the county greedheads.
Max Kaiser has another outstanding "On the Edge" episode. He is becoming a real favorite of mine. Thanks for the tip, Rockpicker.
Gotta run again.

Baz said...

Questions, yeah? Was trying not to comment—give everyone else a turn. But! Ahem, been doin' some hippy construction, outside! Fuckin bruised knuckles—bit out of synch with the hammer. Too much typin'—haha. Decided to knock off early today—been thinkin', sorry can't help myself. Get myself into all kinds of trouble when I do that. But, what the fuck ahh! Yeah, yeah—even hit the brew—haha, but the words are flowin' The missus reminded me Ernest Hemingway wrote all his sh*t under the influence. Grapes of Wrath, etc.

OK—so disclaimer done! I can say what I came here to say. We're all under the thumb, baby! That's right—it's a catch 22. Now, I haven't even read Joseph Heller's famous book, only familiar with the concept—damned if you do—or don't. Seems like a catch—phrase for the 21st century, and the 20th, come to think of it. We are in a bind. So—What to do? Good question! Should I do good, or should I do evil? The question itself is a complicated one, because we're genuinely in a quandary about it all. For the most part, we abdicate responsibility to our leaders, who in turn, make decisions on our behalf—which we then in retrospect find to be repulsive. But we elected them, didn't we, or did we? There's evidence it's all just a charade. A smoke and mirrors show. And our leaders aren't so much Statesmen, as magicians—which is to suppose deceivers. We go along with the show, for the most part—have to. It's in our interest also.

Jesus—I always say that, when I don't know what else to say! Kind of an unconscious invocation of the stars. I'm guessing all the anti-war movement, ironically are probably in Afghanistan. I know it's not the answer you wanted, but Berkley College ain't what it used to be. Yeah, yeah—monsters etc. But you—know, being the simpleton that I is, and having lived just over 1/2 a century of life's experiences on Mother Earth (some might argue debatable), I've concluded; there are only 2 kinds of humans—soldiers, and civilians. Now, the soldiers do what is required by the elected representatives of the people (the civilians). The civilians, for the most part, are kept in the dark (for their own national security), about what it is the soldiers must do to ensure the safety / survival of the civilians. Never the twain do the two, even meet. Except, maybe in hospital, but certainly not down at the V.A.

Jesus—haha, the soldiers don't even know what's goin' on 1/2 the time, no sir-ee, nada, Kaput, nyet. Allahu akbar! Well, you get the picture, I hope. Doesn't really matter. You've already paid your taxes, filled out your union credit card. It's a done deal. Now just sit back ... and be prepared, to be bedazzled, fla-zoomed into the outer cortexes of your mind. Yes, yes—torture, rape—nuthin' to be done. Just pay the Man. Work hard, get a good job, son—you'll go far. Hell is only a bus ride away. Fuck—I don't even know what it is I'm saying?—anymore.

to be cont ...

Baz said...

Went pig-hunting last night, in the full moon. The best time to go, at night. You can see them, but they can't see you—aha. Sometimes we choose not to kill. Observed 3 at 12 yards and closing, just doin' their business—didn't even know I was there—ha! Such a pretty night, moon-rays through the trees an all. Freezer's already full anyway, just wanted some space—man.

The amazing works of indigenous peoples from the Hopis to the Mayans and the Maoris, Sumerians, and the aborigines who say that they hearken from star stuff—hahahah, yeah, kill them all. Tell them their backward. Educate them. Send them all into the godamn millitary—front-line, to exploit their natural native cunning. Who cares, if they don't even make it back. And when they run out, do-it to your own, as well. Then maybe, you'll pay attention.

Quinine, Mogadon, Thorazine, Halcion—triazolam, Ospalot, Neulactryal, Prozac, Tryfleuraperazine, Stelazine, Tegratol, Lithium, Closapine, Valium—Diazapam, Temazapam, Pimozide, Vicodin, Benzodiazipine, Pinkies, Calm-U, Major tranquilizers—doesn't even fuckin work! Has the exact opposite reaction in some patients—fuck you very much—Pfizer, Novartis, Roche, Honeywell—JDAM U! Jesus.

Koyaanisquatsi — Hopi Indian word, means crazy life. Said to be a prophecy of the time near the end, of mankind. As if, we're kind ? So there's the baz-answer, in a nut-shell. Kernel, the whole Chalata, from Farah, to the Ghor valley, and beyond! Thx Amerikaan-led coalition—Once, always—Semper Fi.

WV: scaut

RAS said...

Why won't people wake up? Why won't they do anything? Why don't they even care? I would say it's a combination of things ranging from a lifetime of indoctrination to just being too busy to pay attention. We no longer live in a republic anymore and haven't for at least 50 years.
I would also say it's a symptom of the decay going on around us. Society is slowly falling apart. I've come to the conclusion that there is going to have be a crash before things can be reset. This society is too corrupt and degraded to be reformed.

As for the aliens...I think we're on our own. We created this mess, and we'll have to pull ourselves out of it. Sure we can be right assholes -as people are proving everyday -but we can also be good people and saints. For every villain, for every devil, there's at least one good person who's stood up to them, and those are the ones *I* prefer to think of. People like to bring up Hitler as the worst of the bogeymen (though that is certainly debatable) and use him to show that we have base natures and can't rise about them. When they do that I immediately think of Schindler, and the man who organized the Kinder Trains and rescued so many Jewish children, and Anne Frank, hiding in an attic and still determined to enjoy life, and every resistance fighter who fought.

Beyond that, you can see the good in humans everyday in the firefighters and EMTs that do their jobs even though they can die everyday. THEY are heroes -not the police.

"We are luminous beings, not this mortal flesh." Yoda, paraphrased.

This world was given to us to make into heaven or hell. Just because one side seems to be winning is no reason to give up.

Now, where did I put that reset button?

RAS said...

PR, that 'huge' oil find in the Gulf was, maybe, at most, 1 billion barrels. The U.S. alone uses 25 million barrels a day so that's what, 40 days of oil? This is what amount to a large find these days...

In other news, I have finished my new novel. As in, finished, ready to go out. I'm going to print it this afternoon. It goes in the mail on Tuesday. This is the one where I mention a Trout Clan. ;-)

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Randy, I found Deer Hunting with Jesus today. If you want it, get my e mail address off Murph or Freeacre, send me a postal address and I will put it in the post for you.

murph said...


LOL it would cost more to send it from your location than it can be bought new or used from the online bookstores.

murph said...

Here is a piece of information for all you gardeners out there.

from a comment on Cryptogon"

1. sharon Says:
April 14th, 2008 at 8:14 pm

Awhile back I was looking for an organic product to use to provide trace minerals for garden soil. I was trying to find something available locally, and someone at Wal-Mart directed me to a product called Ironite. It looked like it had what I needed, but I told the clerk that I wanted to research it–to find out if it was a good organic soil amendment–before buying.

Turns out the stuff is mine tailings and contains high levels of arsenic and lead. There is at least one lawsuit by ELF (Environmental Law Foundation).

The allegations of the complaint are as follows: The Arizona-based Ironite Products Company’s signature product, “Ironite,” is made from mine tailings from a proposed Superfund site in Humboldt, Arizona. Ironite contains high levels of lead and arsenic – heavy metals that are known to cause cancer and reproductive harm. The arsenic and lead levels in Ironite exceed California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) regulations, and labels on Ironite omit information about the contents of heavy metals as required by California law. Ironite is promoted by its manufacturer as “environmentally safe” and recommended for use on vegetables, flowers, lawns, potted plants, shrubs and trees.

Be careful what you choose to fertilize lawns and gardens.

Pangolin said...

Murph_ re: Trace minerals. It is my totally unresearched and wild-haired belief that one of the environmental functions of migrating birds and fish is to spread trace elements inland from the sea where they get washed out by rivers.

I recall something about the dead bodies of salmon providing nutrients essential to the health of forests where they spawn. Likewise mulberries, pyrocantha, haws, crabapple, manzanita, and nuts are nutrient vectors. A quick google search confirms that nutrients move through ecosystems in birds.

There is lots of information on green manures which accumulate certain wanted nutrients that can be grown on marginal bits, and harvested for the compost pile. Comfrey is one of my favorites for this as it seems to thrive in some truly awful soil once established. Roses also have the ability to defy conditions of abandonment where other garden plants simply die.

Assuming I had a garden I would plant a berry hedge on the uphill side and let the birds bring me those trace nutrients. Why do the work nature wants to do for you? Otherwise; kelp always works.

Zoner said...

Reset button.




RAS said...

I mailed my manuscript today.

I've no idea on earth what I was thinking.

Hotspringswizard said...

Well I'm back from BM 2009 :-) There was a wicked dust storm on the burn night last Saturday. It got so thick that you couldn't see the neon lit Burning Man from a couple of hundred feet away. Finally the strong winds let up and the Man burned around 10PM to the rousing cheers of the many thousands around him :-)

The rest of the weeks weather was real good except for some short dusty periods. I left Burning Man just around midnight after the burn and drove down to Travertine Hotsprings near Bridgeport. Not a soul there when I arrived at 3:30 AM and had the great pleasure of moonlit soak in one of its great hotpools. Man that felt refreshing since I was pretty much a dusty desert rat after enduring the burn night dust storm ealier that evening. Camped that night close by these springs and woke up to beautiful vistas of the eastern sierras in that local.

Got a lot of photos and will begin adding them to my Flickr site:


fairly soon. I will be posting the pics in smaller groups since I have so many. Still need to get some 35mm rolls developed. Did most of my shooting with my digital cam.

It was another fantastic time at Burning Man and my brother-in-law also attended this year, his first time to BM. Looked like there may have been close to 50,000 attendees this year. Its a mezmerizing experience to be sure :-)

Caught up on the recent entry by Freeacre and comments here at Trout Clan. I agree with your thoughts Freeacre. Regarding aliens, I think wer'e on our own in dealing with this worldwide FUBAR meltdown, but I don't discount that its highly plausible for there to be other entities out there in that big OL infinite Cosmos :-) I just don't think they/it would have any real interest in us for various reasons, at least not in saving humanity from its many problems.

Fall is coming fast and there's lots of talk of many shoes to drop, big things happening so we shall see what develops. Once again good to read all of your thoughts on various subjects. Still getting " decompressed " and adjusting to the " default world " as many burners like to say when we " re-amerge " from the BM adventure :-) We can wish things were gonna make a turn for the better regarding all this crap thats going on in the world but I'd say that isn't in the cards. Still there is much in life to enjoy and be inspired by the way I see it, and I always allow significant time for myself to relish the good in this life.

Our lives are fleeting, ephemeral, and before you know it all we could be and are angry/worried about will wash away as we transform once again back to a simpler form, the basic elements. There are so many things that can bring us a greater feeling of content, a smile to our faces, like a little frog in a big yellow flower, or a trip to Burning Man :-)

freeacre said...

ras - I don't understand what you meant by "I don't have any idea on earth what I was thinking." What is your process for getting published? Do you have an agent? That was always a stopper for me. Are you self-publishing? Is it a form of Kindel (which I have heard of but don't understand)? What gives.
Whatever it is, I hope it works. I loved your last story. I keep remembering it. I hope it becomes a movie eventually. I am looking forward to reading your new one.

Anonymous said...

well, there is just so much info coming from the comments and links for this one to grasp in one breath, so i'll just say this about what happened last night , a good friend of mine and i were standing in the back yard watching the stars and a reoccurrence of something that i wrote about several moons ago happened, and this time there were two of us to see it,
yep, and also this time there were two of these milk like spheres traversing across the sky coming from the southwest to the northeast, only a little further south.

they came very slowly one behind the other, hummm how far behind, shit
how to measure , hold up three fingers at arms length,? yeah about that, the one in front was about half the size of the one behind, the one behind was more luminous. they traveled in a straight line, almost to the horizon, the one in front suddenly just disappeared and a couple of minutes later the big one did the same, whoosh, gone,
we were really gaga over this, and also to kind of put it in perspective a passenger liner came over them slightly to the north as they disappeared, you could see the blinking red lights on it and the chemtrail gave a great idea as to their location and speed, they were slow, just like the last one, seemed to be in no hurry, god damn i want one. at least go for a ride in one.
does the military have globes that just float across the sky,?
these things were just beautiful,
i had told my friend about the one before and here standing in the moonlight light two sailed over, they looked the same except for one was smaller.
made no sound whatsoever.
man i don't know whats going on but it is a thrill to see these beautiful globes. and really a thrill to have someone else to see them also to know i'm not just having lsd flashbacks or whatever.
strange they came from the same direction, disappeared in the same direction.
moonlight in montana.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Belgium, but I just got the book from the library last night. We have an absolutely huge and gorgeous library here in downtown Mormon HQ. It's 7 stories tall and shaped like a sail. Pretty cool.

Yep, the blogsphere is going crazy these past few days with all sorts of doom and gloom in the near future. Like, in today'a date: 9-9-09! Anybody read Smoking Mirrors yesterday? According to Les, tons of shit will be hitting huge-ass fans purdy darn quick-like. We shall see.

I'm a tad bit worried about possible mandatory swine flu jabs. I work in the health care industry and I'm worried they'll fire me for not submitting blindly to the Rockafeller's latest and greatest eugenics project, which means, no more money, benies and beer. Shit.


rockpicker said...

mf; Oldensoul and I saw the same sort of lights as you describe coming over the Melrose bench last night, about half an hour after it was too dark to read.

There's a new interview on Project Camelot, Bill Ryan talking to "Pete" Peterson. Ryan's been talking this guy up for weeks. Just got permission to go public with the tape.


Richard Gage, from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, was in the Bozeman, Montana area last weekend, on a speaking tour. He has a movie he's promoting that deals with the facts and unexplained anomolies surrounding the events at ground zero on 9/11.
The central fact, and big news, of course, is that LOTS of super-thermite was found in the dust by Steven Jones. Gage is raising a grassroots movement to demand a new investigation. He's encouraging everyone who gves a damn to purchase his movie and play it at public gatherings. (If you haven't seen this guy's presentation, look him up on YouTube and watch it. It'll be time well-spent.)

Movie is titled 9/11: Blueprint For Truth

Available here:


rockpicker said...

Just looked at the clock. 9:11 AM

RAS said...

Hot springs, I agree with you. I believe there are aliens out there, but I don't think there going to help us with this.

MF, cool!

FA, it went to an actual publisher this time. Not all of them require agents to submit. I just can't believe I did it. My stuff is not exactly popular material.

rockpicker said...

Van Jones was green jobs czar?

And he's had to resign for wanting a real investigation into 9/11?

Belgium's right. Up is down. Left is right. Truth is bad. Especially for the compromised Press.

what's this 'czar' business all about, anyway?

It allows the President to appoint advisors who are not subject to congressional scrutiny.


Obama has appointed 32 "czars" so far.

freeacre said...

Good for you for getting to Burning Man, Hot Springs Wizard. Sounds like it was good for your soul. Gotta take time for the wondrous, the beautiful, the magic - or why bother at all?

Pangolin said...

Interesting talk about night lights. About three weeks ago I woke up early in the morning and in the eastern sky at 4:30 AM were two very bright stationary lights. Brighter than anything but the moon.

Unlike aircraft these did not move at all relative to the star field for over 20 minutes. The westernmost light was brightest followed by an eastern light that was about half the magnitude. The biggest one was almost the brightness of a small white LED but very pure
white. When I went out the next night to watch for them they were gone.

I have several times seen a paired set of satellites in polar orbit that orbit in tandem formation. I believe these are ultra-sensitive gravity field detectors that I have read about. They were the usual satellite pinpoint though and moving at the fast, low-orbit speed.

Ian Banks has some interesting science fiction about a galactic culture that observes but does not interfere with primitive planets; except when they do. The results are usually quite bloody and pointless. Which is the overriding moral tale. Interference with lower-development cultures is bloody and pointless.

v-word: prest

odd, I was de-pressed earlier and i'm feeling better now. AI again.

Baz said...

We've all had similar experiences. Witnessed identical happenings in differing, and comparable circumstances—culminating in varying interpretations of understanding. Jesus—didn't mean to sound like .. Donald Rumsfeld—haha OK—typin' and flyin' here—I've got real work to do! But, couldn't resist—haha

Collecting thoughts now ... U.F.O. Yeah, saw one, couple of years ago now .. and even identified it—hah. Standing on my deck, gazing up at the solar eclipse. Slowly moving through my field of vision, luminous triangular—shaped object, a fuckin' B-2 Spirit Stealth, United States Air Force—originated from the Advanced Technology Bomber (ATB) black project that began in 1979—"low observable" stealth technology designed to penetrate dense anti-aircraft defenses and deploy both conventional and nuclear weapons.

Originally designed in the 1980s for Cold War operations scenarios, B-2s have been used in combat to drop bombs on Serbia during the Kosovo - Serbia Conflict in the late 1990s, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The bomber has a crew of two and can drop up to 80 500 lb (230 kg)-class JDAM GPS-guided bombs, or 16 2,400 lb (1,100 kg) B83 nuclear bombs in a single pass through extremely dense anti-aircraft defenses. The B-2 is the only aircraft that can carry large air to surface standoff weapons in a stealth configuration. The program has been the subject of espionage and counter-espionage activity. Because of its considerable capital and operations costs (several $billion in '97 per craft), the project was controversial in Congress and among Pentagon brass.

No sh*t! Well, maybe a couple, but hey genius—can you tell me why the U.S. millitary has square miles of Top Secret millitary grade (yes, you heard correct) marijuana growing in top secret locales (you know, the large black rectangle on Google Earth), in Texas? And how come, it's freely available on Laguna beach, Ca.? Oh, and why I think of it; the why and wherefore of the Stealth. Perhaps a link-up interception with NZs, US Secret Spy base at Waihopai?—on their way to hunting seals in the Antarctic.

No offense to Captain Kirk and the crew, but I've lived in the real world for far too long, to readily dismiss reality being stranger than fiction. That's all, Cheers folks! And have a spliff for me. I've run out .. again.

WV: kateepr — ahem, I'm not one to trifle, but I suspect Google has become self-aware.

rockpicker said...


You might find this article by Lauren Moret interesting.

Can you help her identify that bomb explosion?


rockpicker said...

excerpt from:


"...The American Elite Shoppe carries several varieties (not available in Walmart): Elites in Power, Elites in Towers, Elites in Flowers, and Elites in Choirs.

The Elites in Power are much of the Congress and many with powerful positions in the administration or as government bureaucrats. There they proceed to coerce the rest of us since they know better than us how to run our lives. The Elites in Towers (otherwise known as intellectuals) are in university humanities and "social science" departments or think tanks where they make the irrational appear rational, turn black into white, and take theories which have never worked and spin them into golden dreams. They hold a mysterious "wisdom" known only to themselves which invariably is contrary to common sense. They provide the ideas for the Elites in Power. Elites in Flowers curse mankind for not bowing before nature. Elites in Choirs sing from their media posts the praises of the other elites and their ideas."

Pangolin said...

Yeah, we wouldn't want anybody looking at anything those university elites are saying would we? Let's just go with The American Thinker's across the board Republican Talking Points. Those talking points that originate and are issued by our corporate masters residing in Washington think tanks like the Heritage Foundation. (no Ph.D's serving coffee there, just telling you what to think)

So next time you've got your anti-elite dander up just take away Grandma's car keys when she wants to drive on those socialist funded roads to her appointment with a socialist Medicare funded Doctor. Show some balls man and tell her you're going to use the mail order, no-elites-needed, rural hip replacement kit and take care of her at home. Hell, she might even survive the operation if you practice on a goat.

See, the nasty thing about some of those ivory-tower types is that they keep resorting to facts to support positions on things like socialized medicine. The nastiest fact being that it simply costs less and people live longer where it is used. They also get to stay in their houses, unlike my grandparents, because they don't have to sell them to cover unfunded medical costs. They don't have to divorce their spouse if one of them gets cancer to save the farm. They don't face homelessness, like me, because of on the job injuries that insurance companies refuse to cover. Nothings too good for American citizens and sleeping under the stars is mighty healthy, until winter rolls around.

So, a little picking and choosing which elites you listen to might be in order. Me, I think somebody's trying to keep you stupid.

v-word: listivai

Hotspringswizard said...

An excerpt from the last part of Kustler's musings today at Cluster.... Nation:

" Some theorists out there say that economy follows mood, not vice-versa, and that the anger and sourness on display around the USA, in events like the weekend Washington march, is a clear sign that tectonic shifts in the structures of everyday life are sure to follow. There are too many truly good and intelligent people in this country, to leave our fate to the Palins and the Glen Becks. But the good people had better man up and start telling the truth with some conviction that the truth matters.

So I'm wondering, does Kustler read Trout Clan Campfire in regards to the " man up " reference? Of course coincidence is likely in this case :-)

Anonymous said...

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