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from Freeacre

First, some photos of our simulated post collapse gustatory chemistry.

Homemade pizza with spinach and artichokes.

One of our garden salads

Some garden produce. Two kinds of carrots, a fennel root, white onion, and wax beans

Time to Man Up

As many of you know, Murph and I disconnected from the satellite TV a couple of years ago and now we just watch PBS and the local news with an antenna and order a bunch of movies from Netflix to watch in the evenings. We read and we blog in our time off from gardening, going to meetings, and preparing food, but we do watch a lot of movies. And, since we can, we often will get on some sort of tear and decide to watch All of the Quinton Tarantino Movies, for instance. Then, we’ll learn that his “Kill Bill” movies were based on his watching “The Lonewolf” series of Shogun Assassin movies and also the “Lady Snowblood” series of vengeance. So, we have watched all of those as well.

Not all the movies we watch are violent. We recently watched “Princess Bride” again. We love to watch “Secondhand Lion” over and over. We watch documentaries and quirky movies like “Lars and the Real Girl” or “Special.” But, many of the movies we watch depict characters who make a stand and fight for it or fight for their family or friends, like Clint Eastwood in “Gran Torino” or Bruce Willis in “Live Free or Die Hard.”

Last night we watched the third in a series of movies all based on the historic battle fought between the Spartans and Persians in the formative days of the Greek nation. The heroic King of Sparta, Leonidis, held off a force estimated to be between 300,000 and a million Persians with only 300 men at the pass of Thermopylae to protect his homeland. The 300 did die, but Greece was inspired by their heroism to unite as one country, and the Persians were demoralized and did not return to Europe. And, the battle was never forgotten. Tom Cruise refers to it in “The Last Samarai,” in fact, when he leads the fight against the evil arms dealers of the West and fights with the Samurai to the last man.

So, what is my point here? Is this a post on the history of film or something? No. It’s about gearing up for the struggle against those forces that have been kicking our collective ass. I understand that we need to balance our feminine and masculine sides of our natures. I think this forum, in fact, encourages the powerful love and nurturing that the feminine provides. I am devoted to Our Mother, the Earth. I turn toward the feminine face of God.

But, Buddies, it’s time to “Man Up.” Get a grip. Get balanced. And, this is coming from me, freeacre – the feminine part of the partnership of murph and freeacre. These movies help me to access my inner Klingon – the masculine side. Because we need it against the goon squads and shitstorm that is in front of us. Without it, we are going to get rolled and smoked like a Cuban cigar.

I’ll be watching with interest the speech that Pres. Obama gives this evening to the despicable congressional sell-outs regarding health care. I imagine that he is going to sound reasonable and in touch with people’s needs. He will be articulate and sympathetic and knowledgeable. And, afterward, the Republican goons like Limbaugh and Beck will stomp in and tear him to shreds. They’ll try to burn him like they did Jimmy Carter after his speech on oil depletion. They’ll say it’s not the “American Way” to think in terms of oil depletion – or real health care for all either. I’m not 100% in favor of the Democratic plan for health care. But, it is a good start, considering what factions Obama has to contend with. If we can get something going, it can be evaluated and tweaked later on as we see what works and what doesn’t. Any system can work if the people involved are truly motivated by an honest intention to help the citizenry. And, any system can and will be sabotaged if those in power are greedy bastards with no consequences for their misdeeds.

But, right now, It doesn’t matter whether the plan is good or not. They don’t care. They’d kick in his head or drag him behind a pick-up truck or lynch him if they could. Just because they are mean, spiteful, racist sons-of-bitches, who happen to also be bought off by Big Money. And, as George Carlin (God Rest His Soul) so aptly observed: “They don’t give a fuck about you!”. Even if Obama does, most of them (including the democrats) don’t. And, the bad side seems to have a lock in the balls department.

We have a collection of DVD’s on Peak Oil, financial collapse, and other anarchist or anti-war protest films, for instance. All of them present a very rational, well-thought out argument for organizing to make the changes necessary to survive the collapse of the civilization based on cheap oil. Or, they show the protests held in the Northern California rain forests to protect the Old Growth forests. They depict hand-cuffed college aged girls on their knees before cops. The cops then hold their eyelids open and spray them with mace, torturing them as punishment for their non-compliance to the logging industry.

Has this made anyone want to go out and join the struggle against the Evil Empire? Uh, no. Not that I have seen, anyway. Something is missing.

I remember one time while we still lived in Tahoe. Murph and I went to see “Signs,” the M. Night Shyamalian film about aliens who come down to take over the planet, produce crop circles, and raise havoc for awhile. We thought it was quite exciting. Our housemate, Steve, though, thought it was comical. Steve, a dear friend, is a white ghetto rat from Detroit.

“Boy, it’s a good thing those aliens didn’t land in Detroit, “he chortled after the movie. “My homeboys woulda had their ride stripped five minutes after they went around the corner. And, if they gave us any shit, we’d a put a cap in their ass.” Attitude. Balls – that’s what is missing.

I’ll tell you what, if that were my son or daughter maced while kneeling and handcuffed or my 74 year old mother tased by a highway patrol officer for not getting her license out fast enough – there would be hell to pay. Those motherfuckers should be maced or tased BACK. And their parents should be shunned for raising such a beast. And, their wife should be treated the same way for feeding and sleeping with the pig. (Their kids, however, should be left alone to lead lives that could possibly redeem the family.) I’m fat and I am old. But, if it took my last breath, I’d make those miscreants lives a living hell if that shit was done to my mom or kids. You aren’t going to turn them around by enrolling them in an anger management class. And, you aren’t going to re-direct congressmen with educational seminars on the issues. It’s going to take a dog fight.

I am all for peaceful organizing, cooperation, community, and all that. But, maybe it’s because we haven’t drunk any fluoridated water in five years. Or, maybe it’s because I’ve watched “Braveheart,” “The Postman,” “The Matrix,” “V for Vendetta,” and the “Terminator” series multiple times – but there is a point when we need to “man up”, fight for what we believe in, and protect each others back.. We need to figure out for ourselves where to draw the line on how much we are willing to put up with. Rather than denying our anger, we need to use it to protect ourselves and our communities. Martin Luther King said that unless one finds something he is willing to die for, he has never really lived.

Let’s face it, we are all going to die. But, how is it going to be? Fear-filled and miserable, exhausted, confident, satisfied, grateful or what? And, how do we live? Intimidated, herded like animals, bought and sold, or free, strong, and courageous.

It is looking like the “hard rain” is about to fall. We gotta get tougher if we are going to get through it with a shred of self-respect, honor, or sense of our place in history. I’m not advocating futile gestures of armed resistance that will only end up being an excuse for additional tyranny. We have to fight with our heads, first, as was taught in “Braveheart.” Money is the only vote that counts anymore. And, money can be a powerful determinant in the struggle to be taken seriously. That is why we advocate being very conscious of where every dollar goes. If you don’t like the lamestream media, don’t pay for it. If you are appalled by Frankenfood and the atrocities of Agrabusiness – don’t buy into it. If you don’t like the resource wars – use as little of them as possible. If you despise the financial overlords – cancel your credit cards (or pay them off each month so you pay no fees) and don’t invest in the rancid stock market (that means no 401K). Resist, resist, resist! Be united and coordinated like the Spartan phalanxes – each covering the other with their shields and swords. Our modern equivalent might be offering a spare room and food to someone who will help to defend the perimeter, or helping to ensure that a full-time activist gets enough to eat. Whatever it takes. It’s going to be a monumental task to dismantle the corporate class war machine. Our idealism and hope and empathy for each other is going to need to be balanced and strengthened by our discipline, commitment, and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good of our children and our planet.

On the domestic tranquility front – here is a picture of Brie surrounded by a bunch of young chickens playing and trying to get a rise out of her.


freeacre said...

Feel free to continue on with the previous conversation, which has been quite fascinating. I just thought I'd put up a new post, which will be followed by one by Belgium. Fertile minds...

howcum my word verifications never make any sense? fingily

Pangolin said...

I'm going to beat the drum here for a friend and teacher of mine. Lin Jensen, buddhist, race-walker, retired teacher and tough as nails old bird has set a great example. For several years this small old man in his 70's sat daily Buddhist peace vigils on the sidewalks thru-ought my town. He writes about it in his memoir "Pavement."

So what, an old man sat down on the sidewalk with a sign. Try it.

For starters, even with a cushion and a mat it hurts like hell after 15 minutes and takes months to get used to sitting still for an hour straight People get in your face, people verbally abuse you, people threaten you with violence, they try to scare you by gunning engines, honking horns or screeching their brakes three feet from your ear. People have laid hands on Lin, all 120 lbs of him and although they never touch my 250 lb bear-framed self they bluster. I wonder on occasions if I will hit the pushy idiot or not when they get in my face; I hope not. Jail no fun.

Many, many, many more people thank him; or me, when I am out there. The MSM tells them that they are alone and crazy for thinking that war, waste, abuse, fraud, the police state and all the trappings of Mammon are wrong and evil. They are told to shut up for expressing doubts or compassion at work or at church. They are fearful and oppressed partially because they have no idea that there are alternatives. The alternative is you; if you let them know you are there.

You want to 'Man Up?' Make a sign, declare your goals, get out among your townsfolk and sit or stand vigil. If nothing else you will learn who your friends and enemies are. You will endure pain, experience, joy, boredom, disgust and all manner of other emotions.

I know all sorts of ways of rendering healthy people unhealthy. Spent years on tricksy ways to tear tendons off bone. Sitting vigil is tougher, harder, work that requires more bravery. Try it.

p.s.- Dang, you people eat good. I'm trying to persuade my local growers to grow fennel but they balk. I love it.

v-word: fulsful

freeacre said...

That's one of the most courageous things I can think of to do. I have to admit that I have thought of it for over a year, and have not had the guts. I salute you both with my whole heart.

freeacre said...

Folks - sometimes you have to see your thoughts in print before you realize that you have not thought this thing through. I just watched Dennis Kucinich's take on the health care plan, and I am aghast. He's right - this will be rewarding the Big Pharma and Big Insurance companies that created this mess. Gaaaaah!!
v word: moron (not really)

rockpicker said...

gotta link?

freeacre said...

Rockpicker, I watched it on cryptogon. It's from youtube, but I don't know how to find it there.

Baz said...

Freeacre, yeah but you have a slim mind—trimmed down of all excess. WV: makes sense, you're willing to finger the perps. Confess, put up a satellite dish last week. Now I can watch Fox news if I really wanted to—see what all the guffawing is about—lol. Freeview digital (crystal-clear reception)—now I can read sub-titles, credits, important intros to Sci-Fi that aids in contex, rather than hypothesizing near-distant-future scenarios. Discovered, as it turns out—all the same.

Rockpicker, just some fool using gasoline to spark his BBQ on the beach! OK—no, one thing's for certain—photo (trajectory) was taken from an aircraft. Analysis from millitary personnel looks to be correct—and who could argue with them anyway? Appear to be somewhat threatening to the woman activist—to shut it. Depleted Uranium is besides the point. All WMDs kill multiple—period. Either then, or later. Ditto for the Corporatised govt—haha, thought I'd just slip that one in.

Hell—man, just reading that article, and related made my skin itch. Mind you—my skin itches all the time anyway. DU or nay, all munitions are toxic one way or another in their effect. There's evidence in handling any of them for any extended period increases toxicity levels. My ex-wife phoned me the other night to inform me she has cancer of the uterus. Found myself saying sorry several times—can't entirely escape the thought I had something to do with it. Have tested myself with a voltmeter, and emit excessive current?

Particulate effect of uranium aerosols—some disturbing facts re-inforces the glaring truth about the global village aspect of our borderless world we all inhabit, and share, for better or worse.

Los Angeles Power and Water Company—measuring uranium in drinking water in LA since 1998 - EVERY source of drinking water in LA. It is clear from their sampling results that uranium contamination DOUBLED in 2007, and that it came down in rainfall. Dr Pepper's about to bottle it's tasty carbonated uniqueness, and on-sell it to the unsuspecting masses—Snapple, 7-up, Hawaiian Punch—yum, from the Mojave desert. Watching Kalifornia burn on digital TV, it's crystal clear from my neck-of-the-woods, place is a godamn death-trap. And what, they're dancing out in the desert with their painted tits—like that's goin' to help ... ?

Kind of reminds me of, Adviser to the Atomic Energy Commission—Robert Oppenheimer's famous quotation, quoting from the Hindu Bible—“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”—site of 1st nuclear explosion at Los Alamos, 1945.
Accusations of disloyalty led to a government hearing that resulted in the loss of his security clearance and of his position as adviser to the highest echelons of the U.S. government.—“a tissue of lies.”

Trying to resolve the moral problems that arise from scientific discovery, he became the victim of a witch-hunt. He spent the last years of his life working out ideas on the relationship between science and society. Implications concerning political and moral issues relating to the role of scientists in government.

Published Poet also!

WV: phsanul — sounds like a godamn drug from GlaxoSmithKline ... which doesn't work !

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Great post Freeacre, but I would say that wouldn’t I :-)
Notwithstanding that it happens to be true.

Well we are in the part of the year where the skier is on the downhill slope with no chance of stopping. Anybody else think that there is any significance that today is 9/11/09 ?

Anonymous said...

fa... you were speaking rage's pov and in this case it is key-rect demanding justice for fellow man despite that it is a cash cow for big pharma and insc ind no matter the outcome. i haven't seen dennis k's analysis but i have read others that say much the same as you've noted.

fwiw much of the rage we're seeing defending positions at town halls is rage protecting terror. the ones who have insc, despite the reality they can barely afford whatever their portion of the prem is, look around and see their fellow with none or their neighbor get sick to then have care costs denied and are scared shitless the same is going to happen to them.

i saw a girl yesterday... teen, maybe 16 - 17, comment on fox. you know, one of those viewer reality segments msn runs now. she was commenting on the senator who called oblama a liar. siad the senator is a hero for having done so. used the term... 'users with puppydog eyes with hands out'.

baz.. suspect a fun exercise around the ole campfire would be a pool to see how long you can go before you can't stand to watch the fox anymore.

pan... good 4 u. i have a bud who retired from the base after 30 years of re-calibrating gyros for the AF. this after nam where he learned to kill people. he once told me the story of the first one. he was on a small recon mission when they came under fire. cat 'n mouse for hours. turned out to be a sole sniper he'd found in his sites about 3 hours in. then sat under the full moon til morning. waiting, looking, listening. finally ventured out just before dawn and drew no other fire. worked his way over to the body of his victum. rolled him over to find a kid, maybe 15. hell, he was only 19 hisself. told me how he felt about it. taking a life. and how suddenly there was no nam. no war. no us and them. no cultural difference. no political dif. no social dif. just 2 human beings. 2 kids in some godforsaken corner of a no-name jungle. one dead at the hand of the other. how all he could do was look into those big brown dead puppydog eyes and scream to those dead eyes, over and over, through the flood of tears coming from his own... why didn't you stay home, why didn't you stay home.

came home to become one of the founders of the black flag and promoters for the wall. worked with vets ever since trying to help each other deal with their personal tramas. he's always been a pak rat and these daz he plays around with buying and selling stuff dug otta peoples attics and left over yard sales. calls up street people and homeless whenever he needs grunt help or a crew to do an auction. many of 'em fellow nam vets. whats left of 'em.

i said, homeless? wadda mean you call em up? hell, he said, they might live under the bridge but they all have cell phones. bank accts too. and, oh ya, if ya 'been there' yerself you can look straight through the facade right down into those.... puppydog eyes... p

Anonymous said...

baz... witch hunt. another form of rage defending terror. once again! ...p

RAS said...

Hey everyone. I spent 6.5 hours at the hospital last night with my gf. Her heart was acting up. She's going to be okay, luckily, but you wouldn't believe the # of people there with the flu -and this was the small hospital. The main one downtown has overflow triage and waiting areas set up, they're getting so many cases. How come I'm lucky enough to be the one to live in the epicenter of the pandemic?

Anonymous said...

I think I slide "Braveheart" into the DVD player once a month. "The Last Samari" and "Gladiator" about every two months. And my wife and I watch "Signs" every few months, although we don't buy the "destiny" thing 'cause we're both atheist, agnostic, heathen, unsaved, heritic, infidels 'n stuff.

Now, if this was my post, I think I'd change the title to "Cowboy The Fuck Up" And as far as resisting TPTB, well, there's no way in hell I'd put up with the crap that some people do as in your examples and from what I've been reading lately. I'd either bug-out entirely or... There was one Special Ops dude I came into contact with a few times in the ME, when responding to the overly used phase, "Let's kick ass and take names!" they'd spout before a mission , he'd say, in a slow Clint Eastwood-type voice, "Fuck the names, man."

But, to kick ass and take names around here? I don't know, FA. The only people I know (know as in knowing their names somewhat) here are the Mormon lemmings who sit in the break room either watching Faux Noise or sticking their faces in The Book of Mormon and waiting for someone to tell them what to do and how to think.

Naw, there's no way in hell I'd stick my neck out for them, when I know that the "Mountain Meadows Masacre" is a secret sacred holiday for them and they'd just love to see people like me leave their precious Zion.

You know, before 2000, I really wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to our political parties games and BS. Then, all of a sudden (it probably started with the Republican Revolution in '95), it's "Conservative VS Liberal!" on all and every media outlet. "Red States VS Blue States!" "Liberals Should Die" -Ann Coulter, "Right-Wing Nutjobs!" etc., etc., etc.

It looks like "Divide and Conquer" is happening, but, who is doing the dividing and conquering? Is it Israel? AIPAC? PNAC? The Illuminati? I mean, SOMEBODY spewed out the tons of disinformation about 911 on each and every news outlet for the sheeple to gobbled up, hook, line and sinker. To destroy that entity is probably the only way to stop the dividing and conquering. How to do that, well....

Since I'm only one dude who knows no one "amongst de English" here, "Cowboy the fuck up" might be suicide. Total bug-out might be a wiser choice. I think I'm more like "Oddball" in the movie, "Kelly's Heros." I think I'll hold myself back in reserve just in case TBTB fuck with my favorite local brew pub.



rockpicker said...



rockpicker said...

those who brought you 9/11/01
also brought you the utter implosion of the world financial system,
pandemic disease
and total worldwide warfare

follow the money

Anonymous said...

Your frustration is showing
Your impatience is growing
Your problem is knowing

Zoner said...

Thanks for the encouragement to "man up", it comes at a very timely moment for me.
Things are about to get realer (I just made that word up!) around here, and I wanted to just pop in and thank all of you for keeping the fire going and providing a warm place to rest when the bones are weary and the mind tries to take me places I know I don't need to go.

p, thanks for your time and for the great conversation. mf, thanks for the gifts and for the support. Murph and Freeacre, thank you for your hospitality and for the inspiration. Thank you Nina for pointing me here. Pangolin, I want to thank you as well for, well, you know what so I'll leave it at that. BAZ, I still haven't figured out what your prize is, but yeah, you saw it too, eh?

I'm lurking constantly, but have been keeping as quiet as I can since I'm no longer sure about much of anything, including what I really feel or think (so I'm trying not to). My wife gave notice today, so the clock has begun to tick very loudly and part of me is scared shitless, while another is brimming with excitement. The time is now for us to make the virtual a reality, and I hope to get the chance to shake some hands and dole out a hug or 2 as we go around this country and see what's shaking and where we might want to land next.

Man up?

Man, I hope so.


wv; silli

Anonymous said...

jim traficant... the guy who pretty made a career of being very much the MAN UP profiled by FA is back! released a week ago and already kickin ass in this 3 part interivew with greta van susteren...

is he takin names? if the number one target of the american/israeli public affairs committee and the number one traget of the justice department since 1983 and the only person to ever win a ricco case while representing themselves sez 'the israelis own this country' then, you betcha... p

rockpicker said...

Just watched Trafficant's 1st part interview. Couldn't agree more.

Remember the USS Liberty.

Remember the 5 dancing Israelis.

Scriptures say, in the end times, Israel will have no friends.

Alan said...

Before 9/11/09 becomes 9/12/09, I'd like to say that, here on Soleil Farm, my wife and I have been both "manning up" and "womaning up", as quickly as we can match up with like-minded people and kindred souls. Not so much "Noah's Ark" as a bunch of life boats roped together.

I once read about communities formed as the Roman Empire devolved to dust. A carpenter, a blacksmith, and so on. Arks or oases, at the circumference of a shrinking, militaristic, despotic state. We live in similar times. Build wisely, choose wisely your boat mates!

freeacre said...

What a bunch we have - already got our own "arc" of sorts. Zoner, I know we all wish you the best. Lurk on as much as you want. We are always happy to hear from you. You can be our eyes and ears, too, on your travels.

So much to watch. Can you take one more? This is a very good documentary on 9/11. Better, I think, than Loose Change. I think we owe it to the ones who died and all of us who have had our world diminished and our freedoms destroyed to watch this:
... just in case we forget who we are dealing with.

(Thanks, Dude, re: the pizza. If you ever visit, I'll make you one!)

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Talking about Arks, I sort of watched Evan Almighty last night, well it was on in the background. It built up to the concept that all that was necessary to save us all were Acts of Random Kindness (get it?).

Good luck with the adventure Zoner, I hope all works out good for you. If you ever swap the wheels for a propeller you are very welcome to swing by our way. You never know, on your travels you may even run into David Cassidy. God forbid, I think that might even be worse than what is in store for us.

I don’t mean to be unkind here, just critical but does anybody know what any Tarantino film was ever about? Sure they have great scenes that everybody remembers and the scenes somehow link together but can anyone pick any of the films and tell me what the storyline was about?

I didn’t want to come out and say this because I know it is a personal favourite of so many but am I the only person that didn’t get anything out of Signs. I thought it was an idea that was rushed through scripting with no real thought behind it just to make an impression at the box office whilst crop circles were in the news. Apart from the one big name, I didn’t think it had anything going for it for me at least.

murph said...


Concerning your comments on the movie "Signs". Taking into account our friends comments that Pam iterated, my own take on the movie in the first viewing we had included being appalled that here was a guy with his kids living in the country and had not a single firearm on the property. That impressed me as totally unrealistic, taking into account the lead character had been a Christian pastor. I got to admit that I personally do not know a single resident of a farm/country type of household without a single firearm in it, even if it's only grandpas old shotgun. I can imagine there might be some, but I sure don't frequent their social circles I guess.

I also agree with you that the film doesn't seem to have a real point to it, and was mostly just a shocker type of film featuring some evil alien attempted take over.

Then again, even with these criticisms, I enjoy the film.

As for Tarintino films, I can come up with at least a few points on them. But, whether or not one can come up with a 'point' of a film or not, I think entertainment factor must be included. "Pulp Fiction" is one of the films I haul out once in a while to look at. To me it emphasizes how things can go wrong at the most inopportune times and that the bad guys can be multiple faceted and not just one dimensional.

The "Kill Bill' two part series is a favorite for me. First, it emphasizes female competence and the the mental focus on revenge for a very great hurt. And, again, it also shows the multi dimensional aspects of the bad guys.

The Hannibal Lecter series didn't have much point to me outside of the horror of a depraved mind until the last film came out that showed how that kind of mind can be formed by circumstances. Then the rest of the series makes more sense. And with all the depraved actions that Hannibal committed, he still showed some traits that I could approve of. He seldom killed anyone that didn't deserve it did he? He did admire competence and thoroughness in the people trying to stop him.

LOL at least this is why I like some of those stories in movie form.

freeacre said...

"Acts of Random Kindness" - it took awhile, but I got it. I agree, it's something we are going to need a whole lot more of if we are to establish any sort of community or change.
LOL - now you've done it. Opened up the box of film criticism, which has always been my secret ideal job. One probably has to be somewhat twisted to enjoy Tarantino's films. I'm not certain, but I think he developed a somewhat encyclopedic knowledge of film by being a total nerd and holing up in his room watching movies for ten years or something. I like the way his movies pay homage to different styles of film, especially Asian martial arts films. He can actually choreograph the fight scenes himself if he wants to. I also like how he uses a small group of actors over and over in his movies, sort of like Bergman. Sometimes actors will play more than one character within the same film. Like, in Kill Bill the actor who plays the Southern Sheriff also plays the Mexican pimp father figure for Bill. He's just so good, you don't recognize him, and that has a lot to do with the director encouraging his actors to bring as much as they've got to the table. Additionally, I like the way he captures the clever and humorous as well as profane dialogue of the street person underclass. He presents them as people, not just goons. Having had some measure of exposure to ghetto life when I was younger, I think it runs pretty true. As to plot, the Kill Bill series is your classic avenger movie for the most part. As for Pulp Fiction and the others, perhaps they are more character studies. How many of us have a "plot" to our lives? Maybe we just try to make it from scene to scene, scrambling, for the most part. And, Pulp Fiction has unforgettable characters. The musical scores are always exceptional was well.
As for "Signs" I agree it was a disappointment. Shyamalan's first two films were excellent - The Sixth Sense and then Unbreakable. But, after that, I think he kept trying to come up with another good idea that includes popular imaginative themes like crop circles or plants fighting back, or fanciful beings like mermaids or whatever, and his writing just wasn't as tight. He could have used some help. But, he's determined to do it all on his own,apparently, which I think is a mistake
Well, sorry for this self-indulgent screed on movies. But, it's Sunday morning, and I don't go to church and I can't stomach the talking heads on the news shows anymore.
At least we made it through 9/11/09. Jeesh.

Baz said...

FB, You asked—anyone. Should not even seriously attempt this really—it's 4am, and I've been watching Aljazeera. Already sick of Fox—haha. Pulp Fiction—favorite Tarantino movie. Years and years since I saw it, so rough analysis. 2 main characters—for me, memorable—two somewhat bungling Hit-Men, played by Samuel L Jackson, and John Travolta, as they discuss and argue a range of trivia (value of cheeseburgers) 'on the job'.

Nothing is sacrament as they engage each other in lengthy discussions, often oblivious to surroundings—politics, philosophy, religion, morality, even as they go about their work ! Funny on many levels—deeply revelatory of the human condition. Analogous etc. of modern society. Unusual use of un-chronological sequences, helps to create the contemporary juxtaposition. Attractive love interest (forget her name), combines to form a tale of confusion—which, for me—very aptly describes Mankind's present dilemma. Brilliant !

WV: scrack

nina said...

Worse than a horror flick, worse than web porn, are the Un-Men masquerading as representatives of the people. This guy definitely isn't the first or the last to expose his psychopathic masculinity in ethics reform. What we have here, writ large, is a mass infiltration of polar opposites to that which they portrayed themselves before achieving office beholden to the people. Do note his female lobbyist is another layer of untouchable scum.

murph said...

Ok, for all the people eagerly awaiting the refutation of the conspiracies concerning 9-11, here is a good one:

sent to me by the same web site that sent the original film we liked to. It is interesting that the Poplar Mechanics article does not deal with how the investigation was conducted by the government and the many witnesses that were not allowed to testify. Considered irrelevant?

I think there are too many question concerning this incident that are not adequately explained by this article. But that is just me. I thoroughly believe that the nature of our government during that time was entirely capable of being, at the least, complicit in this event. I also find it interesting that with the amount of controversy and anger over the incident that the government has made no further effort to squash the conspiracy theories.

Oh well, maybe we shall never know the truth of it.

murph said...

Crap, that is supposed to be "linked to" not "liked to"

rockpicker said...

Is there anyone out there in southern CA who might be interested in attending the Awake and Aware Conference being hosted by Project Camelot in LA the weekend of Sept. 19 and 20?

These people who will be speaking and gathering call themselves the 'ground crew.' They have been talking about many of the same issues that we discuss here, and have also been trying to prepare for, what appears to be, a stormy future.

Whistleblowers who have experience in black projects working for the government and related industry have been coming forward to expose what's been going on behind the scenes for a long time, both in this country and abroad.

Many of these witnesses are scheduled to speak at the conference. To find details, go to and page down.

I consider this site to be one of my major news sites any more. Bill and Kerry have a radio program you can access free on American Freedom Radio, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

These folks have assembled witnesses who can shed light on diverse topics that, at first glance, may not seem related in any way. Upon closer inspection, what ties them together is how these subjects have been misrepresented to us by academia and the mainstream media.

I guess that's enough said in way of introduction. If you've looked at their stuff and think they're whacked out, I guess you'll just have to try and make sense of your world on your own terms. For me, I find it helpful and exciting to listen to these voices, and consider what they are telling us.

Anyway, I would love to attend the conference, but circumstances will not permit. Yet, if someone close by could attend, and report back, I feel certain such investment of time and fortune would prove incalculably important for this entire campfire clan.

I'll even reimburse your cost of admission, so certain I am that this is an event of historic proportions.

rockpicker said...

Oh, and check this out.

rockpicker said...


I wanted to say thank you for actually looking into Lauren Moret's piece and getting back to me in a serious manner.

Also, I'm sorry to hear about your ex's troubles. I do not take such unsolicited and unwarranted woe lightly. I presume you are already familiar with Moret's work. If not, she has written extensively on the subject of du poisoning.

freeacre said...

Nina - Yes, what a scumbag. What is offensive to me is not so much his adolescent sexual activities, but the hypocrisy of his actions as well as the unethical relationship with a lobbyist. It seems to me that the more these people brag of "family values" the worse they are. The more you deny your sexuality, the more attractive the "badness" of it becomes. This, of course, then lends itself to blackmail and manipulation. I imagine that is why all these Skull & Bones type of initiations that include sexual acting out and humiliations sets up these people from the jump to be in a fraternity of the wicked. Same goes for the Vatican, military mercenaries,and whatever else. Pathetic. If our culture would finally make sex OK, we might learn how to have happy love lives, might be able to get beyond it and learn how to establish loving, respect-filled relationships as well. Then, maybe the government and the whole citizenry might mellow out and mature into people who can do some good things right. Man, we have a long way to go...

rockpicker said...

Here's a good piece of writing from someone who seems to know of what he speaks.

rockpicker said...

Here's a good piece of writing from someone who seems to know of what he speaks.

rockpicker said...

Oops! Sorry about that double-up.

This is from Henry Makow's "The New World Order is Communism":

"...We must ask ourselves why, when America is teetering on financial collapse, Obama would focus his energies on expanding health care? This is like a bankrupt man buying a Mercedes instead of getting a job. My friends say it is a diversion. It certainly fits the pattern of increasing government control..."

Freeacre, by some accounts, the type of sex preferred by members of the Upper Brethren has little to do with love, (pedophilia and blood sacrifice), unless it is the love of power and material gain.

It's the connection with quantum physics and 'dark energy' that I don't quite get.

RAS said...

I don't the only kind of manning up that might have a chance in this day and age is dropping out -which I'm doing my best to do. We live in the era of the Fall of Rome. Time to find a lifeboat.

My job wants me to start full-time hours tomorrow, without full-time pay or benefits, because it's 'temporary'. Growl.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Ras, rp We wanted to give you all free health care, you know we really love you but unfortunately the pandemic beat us to the punch. Pity most of you are dead but shucks guys, that’s just the way the mot flops.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I went to a technology park with step daughter and son in law today. There were lots of halls dealing with machinery, the body, Antarctica, even world finance and money laundering. In the nature hall I came across this little tip for a do it yourself fertilizer, supposed to be as good as anything you can buy in the shops. I have only just come across it so I don’t know if it works.

I kg (2lb) nettle shoots
Pour on 10 litres of water (a big 2 gallons)
Leave for 10 days
Mix through, decant and dilute 10 : 1
Apply to plants with watering can.

Well, I thought that looks pretty simple I will give it a try it next year.

Anonymous said...

"If our culture would finally make sex OK,..."

FA... PRECISELY!! you've hit upon one of the fundamental dynamics that keeps us as a species stuck in this primative state of evolution. as long as we hold onto judgements that hold sex outside of love we will have reflections of sex outside of love! we can't change this in others to much extent but we can sure take a good hard look-see into our own personal chit around this which does have an effect on the overall, collective.

and this particular judgement goes to feeding the larger judgement that the physical dimension is one to rise above. as if it itself is 'outside of love'! this is being reflected even more-so now with all the hullabaloo about accension. for some somewhere other than here may be their right place. iow, home for them. in which case, thats a damn good thing for those of us who feel this rock is home for them.

RP.... "These men, if the word is appropriate, killed that kid. Jacobson just caught them in the act." EXACTLY!!

"It's the connection with quantum physics and 'dark energy' that I don't quite get." think, RITUAL! and energies moving along well established lines. energies. both so-called 'good' and so-called 'evil' as well as 'light' and 'dark' operate on the same fundie physics laws. the difference outcome lay in the significance of choice. the big 'O' is one of THE most powerful energy exchanges in U.

DUDE... "Divide and Conquer" EXACTLY

NINA... i'd still like to know how to embed a hyperlink

MURPH... i would be one of the 'unrealistic' then.

BAZ... so sorry about your X. and... when RO's bomb went off, everything changed. on a cosmic level even.

Z... you know the door is open if you find yourselves in our neck of the wood

B... looking forward to your essay. always well done.

ALAN... do you know the guy who runs the raw milk coop there? lives by the park in NC

MF... smells good! thx again.

HSW... amazing pix of an amazing event

RAS... GL w/the new pub.

ALL... anybody been following 'The Colony' series on the discovery channel? tuesdays, 10 edt... u can probably find these on the web somewhere... p

rockpicker said...

When pigs fly?

Swine flu.

The protests we are seeing in Washington this weekend are the beginning of an unstoppable wave of consciousness-raising.

It isn't just about healthcare anymore, though I'm sure the PTB wish it could be contained to that issue.

No, they've gone too far. What we are seeing is the initial collapse of unconsolidated deception. The cornice of lies has grown too heavy. It's dependence on inertia is exposed to light on every front. It's brutish weight has overhung our lives for long enough.

Look up! Hear the first faint rumblings of protest like far off guns, in deep woods, at the headwall's foot. Wake, out of panic. There is nowhere to run.

Still the press attempts to frame dissention in terms of parties and colors. The old 'them against us' elixer is but a polished, poisoned fruit.

A lifetime, a snowfield of deceipt, careens upon us.
Can remorse carry us back
to safety? Can karma be undone?
And how might we atone?
My legs won't run.
My soul seems frozen in this bone.

'...In the heat of the sun
a man dies of cold.
Keep on runnin',
don't ya stand an' wait
with the sun so hot
and the hour so late...'

How far back must we go
to put things right?
In Alexandria the fires burned
so brightly, to an end, men did not see the darkness of the age

Skull fragments, body bags,
the dustification of belief.
A new tide sweeps us
from our grief.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

P. the Murph’s kinda gulped and blinked when I handed them a 7000 word monster so I have left it to them to fit to an appropriate length. This one can’t be split in two so I’m curious myself about what is in and out although I have had a sneak preview. It might be a little bit timely because the subject crops up in the comments now and again.

Anonymous said...

yup, pigs too.

and i must say... you are an absolute phenom wordsmith. makes that long fellow not so long, ernest not so earnest, and poe not so poetic after all. all and their peers roll over in the face of it. yet again. the rest of us get the gift.

b... extreem circumstances call for extreem reactions. i'm confident our fire keepers will find a most appropriate way. they have a way of finding the balance point that never ceases to amaze me.

quadesm... p

murph said...


Uh, don't know what you referred to about being unrealistic. Looked back through the comments, couldn't find the reference. sigh.


Not going to get to the post till first of week. Today is putting up garden produce. Just picked a peck of carrots.


It appears to me that the tea party protest started by Ron Paul have been subverted away the the essence of change. I suspect that the original movement got too close for comfort for the PtB. We shall see how this pans out.

...p said...

rp... more... ever wonder why we always find s e x involved as a 'conditioning' tool in the training of mind controled operatives? remember our old friend perkins, the economic hitman guy? he don't go to much detail in telling the story of how he was brought on-line in the beginning except to say... "she" knew how to push my buttons and play on my weaknesses."

Anonymous said...

murph... next time u view signs think of me. i have no kids living w/me but...

rockpicker said...


Just came in from spreading compost around the apple trees. Next a layer of rotten hay. Then tarps, (real ones, for catching apples,) then, a whole lotta shakin's goin' on. Got to, the cowbirds are whackin' 'em bigtime.

You're right about the rally in D.C. But how ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm, when they've seen what went on in D.C.?

Pissed- off is insidious.

Let them heard cats!

freeacre said...

In Bill Herbt's Sept. newsletter, he presents how the astrological energies for the country are leading towards a unification of the "right" and "left" dichotomy. If that were to happen, and the left JOINED the "tea party" the Congress would be the rightful target, not the factions. I hope this will be the case.

Pangolin said...

Anybody who thinks the "protests" yesterday in Washington were anything more than a no-sheets Klan rally should look at these pictures. (dial-up warning flikr slideshow)

Half of that crowd is old enough to be on Medicare which is pure socialism at it's finest. Social Security is socialism too if you actually do the math. Most people collect far more from Social Security than they put in in taxes due to inflation.

Oh, yeah. Lilly white crowd. Anybody who thinks there's a 'white's only' solution to the worlds problems or the US economic mess deserves a serious, reality-in-your-face, spanking. My Hmong neighbors are the best neighbors on the block.

I'm not against all government; I'm against bad government. Anybody who wants complete government meltdown should take a trip to libertarian paradise.

Belgium_Just put the greens in a blender with some water. Use a separate blender jar or somebody will be upset. I use comfrey 'cause that's what I have lots of.

v-word: tieck

murph said...


Went through the slide show. What a hoot. Half the signs made no sense and one woman I guess didn't want to use the word 'whore' and tried 'prostitution' and got it wrong, no spell check for signs I guess.

I guess it's a good thing I don't live close to Washington. Might have been tempted to go and see what was going on. Probably started laughing and open my big mouth and gotten beaten to a pulp.

Of course I have to also laugh at some of the signs I've seen at liberal rallies and protests.

Lets see, where did I put "V for Vendetta" now?

Pangolin said...

Murph_Stupidity is an infinite resource. I laugh at some of the liberal signs at rallies too and I'm at those rallies.

I'm sure there were people with well though out issues they were trying to get addressed at that event. I just can't find evidence of those people on a quick scan.

The US government is flying with the left and right wings of the corporate party. Until we fix that fact left and right social issues are simply background noise.

v-word: suffliti (?)oh, suffer the little...

rockpicker said...

I have no problem with socialism. It is how the tribe survives. Every tribe. Always and everywhere.

I have a problem with a federal system in league with an elite class of international banksters who drive the despised masses like beasts of burden, arranging their futures as if expendable pawns. Their wealth derives from the workers they loathe. When capacity exceeds demand, fortuitous wars grease their machines. And 'useless eaters' are obliged to fight their wars.

For what we've wasted on war and the bailout this century, we could all have had free homes, free college and free healthcare for the rest of our lives.

Instead, we've allowed a tiny handful of corrupt politicians, conniving idustrialists and lying bankers to convince us we're powerless, that they really do have our best interests at heart and that you owe them 4 months of your life every year just for taking up space on this little patch of earth they allow you.

Murph is exactly right. The original tea party platform has been subverted. Now they're screaming about too much federal spending.

But many of us understand it goes deeper than that.

We need to kick the living shit out of the federal reserve system and it's collection thugs, the irs. We need to destroy the concepts of fractional banking and interest. We need to develop a rational, sustainable lifestyle that is not dependent on exponential consumption.

But it may take a pandemic and nuclear winter before we come around to seeing the beauty of simply living in peace.


Zoner said...

"But it may take a pandemic and nuclear winter before we come around to seeing the beauty of simply living in peace."

Or maybe just do it ourselves.

Or maybe die trying.

Or fail miserably, but at least know we tried.



Zoner said...

By the way, Rockpicker, I agree with everything you just said.


Pangolin said...

Fictional money to support a zombie economy.

We could have restarted the economy by paying off mortgages and student loans, installing solar panels and ground source heat pumps, converting Detroit steel to plug-in hybrids and otherwise freeing Joe and Jane six-pack from the tyranny of utility bills, banks and oil companies. They'd then have money to spend.

Congress, Reps. and Dems., didn't even look that way. The radio guys who promoted that march didn't give a rat's ass if those people were fed, housed or ever received appropriate medical care. Their checks were signed by the same corporations that own congress; both houses.

pirate rick said...

freeacre you are so right. Unfortunately Joe Bageant nailed it here what the real problem is:

"The real question is this: When are we going to rise up against our government and the criminal cartel that owns it?

And with each passing day I am more convinced that the answer is -- never. That takes true inner convictions and ideals, not to mention courage. The real thing, not political rhetoric and ideology. Convictions are measured by actions. And true convictions are arrived at through the clear-eyed self-examination and deep questioning and personal sacrifice of individuals. And defining one's self as something necessarily other than the state. We failed to do so too long ago. We are now state property...."

On a side note I have shutdown my blog After Armageddon and gone on to other projects. You might want to remove the link from your page as it no longer exists. Best to Murph.

Pangolin said...

Pain works.

Yep. I can tell you that ongoing pain will change your mind about all sorts of things until the pain goes away.

One of the things it can change your mind about is whether the bastards can make you fear them. I believe deep human programming says that if it hurts you bad enough; take it down with you.

A man with nothing to lose is a dangerous beastie.

v-word: bacut

freeacre said...

Pirate Rick - I was hoping that your site was down temporarily. It was an exceptionally good one and we will miss it. Thanks for your very fine efforts. We wish you well on your next projects. We hope to continue to hear from you at the campfire.
Regarding the Million Moron march... the lamestream probably focused on the dumbest bunch and ignored the objectors to the Fed Reserve, IRS, the bailouts to the banksters, the wars, etc. It always just kills me that the very ones who came home from WWII and went to school on the GI Bill, got a break on their mortgage with a VA loan, get a discount practically wherever they go, get their medical care at a VA hospital, collect Social Security, and have Medicaid are the most vocal in their appeals against "Big Government." What a crock.Then there are the racists, the ignorant, and the dazed and confused.
And yet, if everyone who despises the government for whatever reason stood together to express themselves, it might just demonstrate just how alienated the citizenry is from the government and overlords for a startling variety of reasons. First, though, we'd have to work on being all together and not beating the shit out of each other. That would take a lot of work and I don't know that we have the time.
I often wish that we'd separate into different regions more or less based on world view. The South, the Northeast, The Midwest, The Lacota Nation,and the Northwest.If we started from there, it would sure be easier to come to a consensus that could be effective.

Pangolin said...

Uh, freeacre.....

who gets stuck with Los Angeles? The Pacific Northwest doesn't want 'em and for damn sure the Desert Southwest don't want them either....They can't feed themselves and they're water thieves.

The rest of what you say makes a whole lot of sense. Demand the next person gets as fair a break as you got and things will go a lot better all around.

RAS said...

I think the healthcare reform thing is both a distraction and a means to jumpstart the economy, which could have been accomplished much easier with the bailout funds, but no...the bankers had to be paid off first.

That slideshow looks like any Saturday afternoon at a southern park, except for the signs. Why couldn't they at least have been honest and worn white sheets?

I'm having a hard time not being depressed right now. Between the world, my stupid job, and my ear, which is swollen and so filled with fluid I can't hear out of it, I'm about to go nuts.

freeacre said...

Pangolin - uh, maybe we could give L.A. to Mexico.

Pangolin said...

Ha!! Like a neighbor's lawnmower left out all winter.

Remember, that bit of California you used to own? It's out of gas and the blades a bit rusty and the wheels don't roll...... could you get it out of my backyard?

rockpicker said...

"...Do not be confused, my friends. You are immortal. Put your mind at rest. Don't even discuss it. Take comfort in any belief device you choose to use, and remember that many different lands use many different words that all say the same thing. But know this: Religions only try to sell you something you already own. You are in possession of God at any time with no intercessor needed. Free access, you might say. It's a proven fact. You will always be safe within the confines of your own dreams. Don't accept someone else's counterfeit version of them..."

-from Anesthesia And The Components
Of Waking Up
By John Kaminski

rockpicker said...

Will they accept the challenge?

rockpicker said...

Catharine Austin Fitts is on Jeff Rense right now, for the next hour.

Anonymous said...



~~ Larissa

rockpicker said...

Uh-oh. I sense another skirmish coming in the peak oil wars.

Pangolin said...

How can I make this clear........ If oil was free and could be pumped from your personal backyard as clean, sulfur-free, light diesel you shouldn't be burning the stuff. If the continents floated on oceans of oil there would still be a point where the production of oil would peak.

There are several measure of Peak Oil. One is the point where per-capita demand exceeds per-capita production. That point is irreversibly past. Another is the point where average daily production irreversibly declines. Many say we are AT that point or close to it. Finally there is the point where the energy cost of further production exceeds the energy value of harvested oil. A point that is approaching with increasingly deeper drilling.

In any case. As long as we are limited to one, rather small, planet. Peak Oil is a FACT. We are just arguing about dates.

Back to "can we burn all the oil we find?" Only if you don't mind your kids joining cannibal hordes. Increasing levels of CO2 are disrupting ocean food webs. see:

Burning fossil fuels is killing ocean life; which is the foundation of all life on this planet. If the ocean dies, or even gets a bad case of the sniffles, humans are going to have a bad time of it.

Anonymous said...

"Folks - sometimes you have to see your thoughts in print before you realize that you have not thought this thing through. I just watched Dennis Kucinich's take on the health care plan, and I am aghast. He's right - this will be rewarding the Big Pharma and Big Insurance companies that created this mess. Gaaaaah!!"

you and he are obviously RACIST for your comments and views. You just hate people. why won't you listen to the ONE??? you are part of the lynch mob!!!!!!!!